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File: fea94f649fbe2f8⋯.jpg (1.73 MB, 2484x2204, 621:551, maleFeminism110314.jpg)

f8d00c No.9745150

> sitting at a coffee shop in NYC (hwndu neighborhood)

> dodge charger vehicle parked in front of coffee shop with engine running.

> tinted windows, can't see inside. assume it's dindu

> White woman wearing cowboy boots in her late 30s to early 40s walks up to the car while shouting into her phone

> shouts at vehicle "what are you doing asleep you retard?"

> expect abused beta cucked husband to roll down the window

> mfw window rolls down to reveal a 8-10 year old child

> mfw this woman talks to her own child this way

I know psychopaths have always existed but this entitled attitude towards treated your own children like garbage [particularly boys] is a modern phenomenon all by itself.

What are your proposed solutions for this issue? Evidently it the return of the patriarch is the ultimate solution but what can we do in our daily lives [aside from keeping our own women in line] in order to improve this walking catastrophe.

should've I filmed her in order to shame her behavior? Or simply confronted her?

also, share your stories.

51d98e No.9745171


My mother is wonderfully redpilled and raised me right so I wouldn't know this from experience, but I imagine these kids already resent their mothers. We need to influence the children through vidya, let's plays and youtubers and redpill them ourselves.

11cba7 No.9745174

I used to be treated like shit by my grandmothers and mother. Grew up pretty normal except i fear to date girls because i don't want to get in a relationship with mentally unstable slut. So eventually i gave up on making a family.

Yeah, maybe you right, maybe the character of a mother can affect the character of a man.

a303a5 No.9745184


>what are your proposed solutions for this issue

There is really nothing that can be done about it willfully. There are so many structural reasons surrounding the way people treat their children, that tackling them all at once is practically impossible.

If that woman is intentionally causing psychological harm upon her own offspring, all the worse off for her and him.


The character of the mother definitely affects the character of the man, particularly what he looks for in a wife and how he sees women in general.

c08c5c No.9745186

File: 382fc434e272941⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1321x905, 1321:905, a2e7c5a40af08fc998d3da48af….png)

All I know is in the last couple of days, women have been freaking the fuck out about anime. Some popular feminist from Ireland did a poll asking men if they prefer "anime schoolgirls" or "real living women" and anime won.

Like an idiot she doubled down and I've been seeing memes about her for the past two days. It's been fucking hilarious.

f8d00c No.9745195


>gave up

man. I never felt like that was an option [then again, my mother didn't treat me like shit]. I just kept searching until i determined slavic women [and since then only dated slavs seriously] are the best option to replace these entitled american whites.

11cba7 No.9745203


Racemixing with slavs is still racemixing.

f8d00c No.9745213


again, what's your proposed option if you believe slavs are not white?

They sure as fuck have show to hold down tradition better than any western country so far [at least their women anyways].

f8d00c No.9745217


shown the ability to hold down*

03c6bb No.9745218


Womens greatest value is pussy, her power stemming off betas who will defend her and spoil her in an effort to reach that pussy. If the ones who "empower" her start attracting standards off pure, unspoiled anime girls in some cases would rather resort to waifusim instead of the endless pussy chase for a useless whore in comparison they loose all their bestowed status of today and would have to go back to pleasing men for the same attention. They canno't understand someone would deny the pussy, or question their whore mannerism, the betas who do so are our greateat allies and no doubt the alphas of the betas, we are their leaders and we must work in conjuction so they empower us strong men through law of the masses and we secure them a future where a sexy, submissive and pure 3DPD is possible.

a303a5 No.9745223


The communist bloc shielded them from the poison of western liberal thought. I don't think that they hold their traditions better than western Europeans, but because they have been exposed to less brainwashing.

c08c5c No.9745224


> her power stemming off betas who will defend her and spoil her in an effort to reach that pussy.

Best shit was she had a few of those guys, and some of the "weebs" she went after ended up being bodybuilders. Totally destroyed the narrative, and the numales got mocked all night long. It's died down a bit but it's still going on.

86a6d1 No.9745244

>I know psychopaths have always existed but this entitled attitude towards treated your own children like garbage [particularly boys] is a modern phenomenon all by itself.

This isn't new at all, what have you been smoking? Both my grandfathers and one of my grandmothers were treated like garbage by their parents. Beating your kids and kicking them out of the house at 14 was pretty normal back then. If anything I'd say the pendulum has swung to far to the other side now, and today's kids get treated like royalty who literally can do no wrong.

03c6bb No.9745278


Im a complete chad and a whores wet dream and i bought a bodypillow and speak about waifus because it gives me that sociopathic pleasure of seeing distaste in all those whores faces that a simple "fuck off whore" wouldn't do anymore. Ive never even watched anime (except with my basketball friend, whos even more jacked than me) but it gets me off knowing that on the inside they realize they've ammased a hoarde of men they want nothing to do with licking her ass endlessly while the chad she desires is no different from the so called betas who only differ in the way they conduct things, aka second hand begging instead of reflecting dominance, but reject her advances because at the end of the day a leader is noone without loyal men and we both strive for a pure honest wife.

You don't even need artificial wombs, waifus will do the job lads, i've hung out with all those so called "weird" anime kids after basketball practice because of my friend and they are prime for redpilling, it seems to me that anime seems to incooperate a lot of good values like commadreship, loyality, and especially strenght and masculinity.

956cd9 No.9745284


Silly 3D piggu

I never even watched one single anime or read any manga honestly it all seemed too degenerate but ive softened and understand it more symbolically. Well there was that school where girls WERE anthropogenic firearms. Aw fuck adorable. As a /k/ommando i was then hooked. And you fuckin lot didnt help. Now after owning a small construction company and having a bad accident(fucking sheboon hit me with a truck while i was on bicycle) I am recovering at my mothers house (father died); so i guess im NEET temporarily.

My mother is great but is…. Irrational sometimes(standard female amirite)

As much as women can negatively effect boys I still think fathers effect more im not even sure why. Mothers often do much more.

Rather than dwell on the neg aspects lets push traditional good females.

I met one on a hook up app i had on purely to troll. She dropped some natsoc in jokes and i was overwhelmed. They are out there guys. She had just installed the thing herself and accused me of being a jew - ha, cute af. Anyway my point of that was i slipped up when we chatted about DOTR and made some reference to her taking out Zog forces with a H&Kmp9 - she scoffed and said "im no GI jane ill be at the compound corralling the little ones into the shelter safe room"

Guys it was like a gut punch. Of course she would be; so twisted in gender roles had i become that i didnt see my shamefully jewywood brainwashing.

I apologized.

Modern female can "get it" often quicker than some men. Sorry for the faggy blogpost. Ill oven myself now.

05841a No.9745288


I sometimes lurk on the Berserk subreddit, for whatever reason that show seems to attract a lot of bodybuilder/mma types. Pretty interesting.

d97c50 No.9745293


>should've I filmed her in order to shame her behavior? Or simply confronted her?

Both at the same time. Upload it to youtube so that you can let social shaming do it's work too.

83f903 No.9745299

>>9745288 (heil'd)

>for whatever reason

Maybe because Berserk is the only remaining mango that upholds the masculine ideal?

e208d9 No.9745310


>this entitled attitude towards treated your own children like garbage [particularly boys] is a modern phenomenon all by itself.

Dude, it really REALLY isn't. Abusive, self-absorbed piece of shit mothers have always existed. Learn some actual history, do some actual reading instead of looking at the past with rose-colored glasses.

028d81 No.9745318


Any links?

03c6bb No.9745346


Yup, i'm telling you, those who LARPe'd in your gymnasium hall pretending to be naruto or some shit would've been a fine, loyal, passionate, lively knights some couple hundred years ago. Life looses its fun when we all pretend its serious business all the time, chads already incooperate a lot of these ideas especially with all those so called "cheesy" speeches and mannerisms so its no surprise those """" weird """" anime kids are a lot like us. Never had better friends and they're always open minded, i'm telling you lads prime for redpilling, who saved those beaten and shamed men when no one else, not even the state would? We have to, and then we can commence the biggest Fascist LARP the world has seen.

956cd9 No.9745352


Hello fellow Chadwick.

Although i dont condone niggerball (unless you are infact a groid)

You are right about those "weird" anime kids; it seems many are right on the edge of far left or far right they just need the push. I heard there are some subtle redpilled animes out there but im new. Its some spacey thing i think.

f8d00c No.9745358


I am well aware that awful parenting has existed since forever. My issue is that women used to suffer a level of shame for their terrible behavior in the past - now they do not.

2aff65 No.9745360


Her twitter is @Ciaraioch

956cd9 No.9745370


:: stands up dramatically raising a hand and in a thunderous voice::

AGREED! Good sir. Let us Shepard these goodly but oft forgotten men.

03c6bb No.9745388


Yes bro. I actually started the basketball club with my friend from the core anime club as a way to get active and shoot the shit in a hall of our instead of a cramped shitty I.T toom back in highschool, haven't played it since then BUT it was a great push for all the kids there that neered it, i can't stress this enough. /blog

Attack of the titan was a good one, European architechture and aesthetic, emphasis on strenght, a common goal to unite for, although i haven't watched it it began some really deep talks on European history as a whole.

956cd9 No.9745424


Nice 88s

Other good active places that are prime are imo: airsoft mas games. MMA in general.

Watch for kids with the weird sense of humor there is a huge crop of gen z kids that are prime for repilling. They casually joke about piles of dead jews "just laying around" in memes etc. Pre-redpilling i would have been shaking with 6gorillion anger. (Fuck i was horrid. Least i got better.)

e208d9 No.9745440


You're right there, modern materialist culture has made everyone much more shallow and disconnected from their fellow man. In ye olden days it could be understandable to be rough since they faced more hardship, but not today.

487c79 No.9745455


>The character of the mother definitely affects the character of the man, particularly what he looks for in a wife and how he sees women in general

+1. Insanity of the mother is the other way faggots are made.

a83fe2 No.9745477


3cb31a No.9745485


Classic MTGOW story

2aff65 No.9745492


Spotted the roastie

a83fe2 No.9745500


Sorry for checking my own dubs, but Russia legalized this for a reason.

487c79 No.9745511

File: fa4bd76ca970b72⋯.png (813.2 KB, 880x1262, 440:631, fa4bd76ca970b7263930a0f271….png)




Checking all of these

03c6bb No.9745515

File: 449c05836f1ac7a⋯.jpg (47.05 KB, 634x439, 634:439, 1416236132555_Image_galler….JPG)



3cb31a No.9745523


Im a married man with 3 kids because im not terrified of women

You however are a kike who wants to prevent white families from forming

2aff65 No.9745527


>ur a kike because you can't find a suitable partner lol btw i dont know IDs

Time for you to go back dumbass.

83f903 No.9745529

File: 6127d995af34688⋯.jpg (561.16 KB, 1046x555, 1046:555, checks_in.jpg)


Impressive. Very nice.

03c6bb No.9745531


>I'm a marrier man with 3 kids

Woman spotted.

83f903 No.9745539


You have no idea how many oldfags with families are /pol/acks.

07f29e No.9745553


Shhhhhhad upp. You.

When i was born Nixon was potus

c04df9 No.9745555


heh, same here

03c6bb No.9745560


That is true but this is classical woman psychology, a man, especially a father, would double down without the need to "prove" himself to us, we already assume everyone is a white male on the internet until proven otherwise. This is obviously a woman, if the "MGTOW" wasnt balant enough long after they're relevant.

8800b3 No.9745568


You should have just popped the bitch in the back of the head and walked away.

>one fewer crazy mudshark


2aff65 No.9745573


>a man, especially a father, would double down without the need to "prove" himself to us

This. A real man doesn't care about what others think of him. The social status only matters to a woman.

eefe7f No.9745575


haha epic xD

83f903 No.9745598


>teleports behind you

8800b3 No.9745632



f04cd0 No.9745668


It's OK anon, we got your message, you can stop LARPing now.

8800b3 No.9745675


MFW these jews don't even bother to stop filling out the goddamned email address.


d3831b No.9745706


Listen to yourself, this is not employing logic, this is a sublimated existential fear about what is happening and being paralyzed with fear at the idea that all of these types of women must be cast aside.

No, you can't fix that type of behavioral pathology and only somebody suffering another form of mental pathology would even for a second believe they were capable of doing so. This is of course a problem endemic to both the codependent and the narcissist.

No, any woman expressing these tendencies is a deadweight loss to society, it's time to start facing reality and stop being a pussy. Being a man has historically been about making difficult decisions and overcoming adversity. In this case it's realizing that and entire swath of the female population needs to be sequestered to spinsterdom and prevented from breeding at all costs.

d3831b No.9745729


That has never "fixed" anybody, and if you think it's worthwhile to pair up with and breed with a woman of genetic stock that needs to be beaten into submission, you need to think about the kind of dysgenic trash you're bringing into this world.

Beating somebody is a superficial, stop-gap solution, on a genetic level it does not resolve the fundamental problems that cause the behavior that one might feel necessitates beating.

4f3e4e No.9745732


You're right, that was faggy

2aff65 No.9745770

File: 380d788c6bb66a2⋯.jpg (139.27 KB, 866x1300, 433:650, 1228895-Businessman-Laughi….jpg)


>that shop

83f903 No.9745813

File: 74c8f314c613f18⋯.png (148.39 KB, 399x346, 399:346, stephen-forgets-hes-not-on….png)


Beatings to prove yourself how fucking strong you are by hitting women and children are pathetic.

Beatings to teach someone not to get full of him/herself are good. One has to know when they are not necessary, though.

438d47 No.9745833


if she were a psychopath, the only solution would be to kill her or contain her without human contact for the rest of her life

you can't fix a psychopath short of fucking with their brains in ways we can't do yet

2aff65 No.9745847

File: 5248fe6c9002660⋯.jpg (77.22 KB, 971x1200, 971:1200, C9rarVXUAAA2MBT.jpg)


03c6bb No.9745860




5a47ce No.9745868

File: 439f10075ad7a4a⋯.mp4 (10.54 MB, 1010x568, 505:284, aiwaifu.mp4)



…anon, soon and It'll be gg no re for wimmin. The mental model to simulate women is simple and pretty much ready to go. Only 10 years of further development of micro hydraulic motors and vagina heated android waifus will be ready.

Video related is women trying to make men angry. Fact is, we don't care.

2aff65 No.9745879

File: 461b456cf2431bb⋯.png (695.88 KB, 1180x1192, 295:298, Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at ….png)

File: 59126e415e537be⋯.png (727.27 KB, 1073x1207, 1073:1207, Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at ….png)

File: 9de562acbd27d98⋯.png (760.31 KB, 976x1201, 976:1201, Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at ….png)

File: 3a3d18eb57ea9db⋯.png (632.91 KB, 1197x1204, 171:172, Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at ….png)

File: 491718c3d36e26b⋯.png (1 MB, 927x1228, 927:1228, Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at ….png)


Most of it is anti-white and pro-abortion shit, but she's been taking some serious bait from the powerpuff guy since yesterday. Isn't he a /pol/lack?

b8e7dd No.9745891

File: 2cc2e04646b02a5⋯.jpg (91.26 KB, 677x507, 677:507, Eeyore_3.jpg)

>>9745555 (checked)

I'm not so lucky. Bad moms club.

b789ac No.9745894

File: 217c4905aa52fc1⋯.jpg (90.11 KB, 619x509, 619:509, 2d pill.jpg)


My sides.

e06c03 No.9745919

File: a43a08f72bfa8d4⋯.jpg (30.75 KB, 540x492, 45:41, truth.jpg)

5a47ce No.9745929

File: ed2df28110f0adb⋯.jpg (301.71 KB, 923x1600, 923:1600, 08025c5c6f4b.jpg)

File: 2a605c69a887010⋯.png (285.46 KB, 760x756, 190:189, 1491261304720.png)

File: fc6cc5b824db2e3⋯.png (643.13 KB, 649x703, 649:703, 1491000081598.png)

File: 651f58f4c9af227⋯.png (3.51 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 1490138983809.png)


their fault.

2aff65 No.9745944


Some other chick tweeted that comic about the guy building the robot waifu, and the real lady screeching about it. Triggers were had.

5a47ce No.9745978

File: facb830f160bd2b⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.84 MB, 900x506, 450:253, 1489682594655.webm)


>that hivemind

I was about to post it but didn't find it. Care to dump it for me? Have a pair for your effort.

03c6bb No.9745985


>small tits

>broad shoulders


Gtfo fag.

e06c03 No.9745987

File: b9255ccafd7cdc5⋯.png (26.22 KB, 657x527, 657:527, yööhöh.png)


>posting 3DPD tits

What thread do you think you are in?

7ad18a No.9745993

File: e45b24141555f34⋯.jpg (247.71 KB, 894x796, 447:398, PIG DISGUSTING.jpg)

File: b210030f116816c⋯.jpg (255.68 KB, 892x948, 223:237, PIG DISGUSTING 2.jpg)

File: 6bf07817f0b3ae2⋯.jpg (243.98 KB, 896x794, 448:397, PIG DISGUSTING 3.jpg)

Here's the original tweet of the disgusting 3d piggu saga and women getting BTFO on Twitter once again. So funny.

2aff65 No.9746001


She had three cucks defending her too, and these bodybuilders blew them the fuck out by posting with their dakis. It was incredible.

b789ac No.9746003


>Wanting cowtits

5a47ce No.9746005


>preferring kardashian ass gurling gorillas instead of cute pretite girls

american culture detected.

2aff65 No.9746009




>not going for a nice C cup attached to a cute face and housewife mentality

You guys are all faggots.

03c6bb No.9746012



>malnurished boytoys

Lads here in Slavland cowtits are the norm.

2aff65 No.9746018


in San Francisco having a dick up your ass is the norm. Doesn't make it any less gay.

a4f776 No.9746022


>Lads here in Slavland cowtits are the norm.

Slav here. Can confirm.

It ain't a woman unless it wobbles like a cow.

c9f741 No.9746023


i kekked at awakened schizo

b789ac No.9746024



>Anything above A


Absolute garbage.

03c6bb No.9746026


>big boobs


Brah u serious? Enjoy feeding your kids jewish formulas.

7ad18a No.9746027

File: 59b14e0de185f7f⋯.jpg (261.37 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1492474416235-2.jpg)

File: 4ca8c789e192e83⋯.jpg (2.11 MB, 2324x3291, 2324:3291, 1492474416235-0.jpg)

File: 97dab0ef9769acc⋯.gif (873.41 KB, 600x324, 50:27, 1492518888630.gif)

File: 79257e1a91f12ae⋯.jpg (712.93 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1492517231456-0.jpg)

The endgame of the chans is solving the gf question by using esoteric hitlerism to make 2d girls real

2aff65 No.9746029


>wanting an undeveloped woman

Fuck off Nyberg

5a47ce No.9746030

File: 683886ffc76d038⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 584.53 KB, 404x716, 101:179, 1489587393161.webm)




lazy fucks.

964a72 No.9746032


Completely wrong.

It is not racemixing at all, it is bestiality.

b789ac No.9746047


>underdeveloped woman

If it's underdeveloped, it's not a woman. That said, there are of-age women with very small tits or nearly flat chests. If there weren't, I'd just write off 3D entirely because tits are fucking disgusting.

2aff65 No.9746048


>If it's underdeveloped, it's not a woman.

Exactly you homo.

2a3895 No.9746052


Whole bunch of speeeeling erre'rs in there anun, why didndu profred?

438d47 No.9746055


well at least you like pussy, i guess

412021 No.9746071

File: e64dd8555572132⋯.png (186.21 KB, 640x360, 16:9, dubb rampage.png)

83f903 No.9746072


t. Moische Levenstein


This, get the fuck away from our women.

b789ac No.9746075


An underdeveloped female is just a girl, not a man. I wonder why you'd so quickly jump to thinking about men. A mystery for the ages.

2aff65 No.9746078


Just the vibe I'm getting from you.

b789ac No.9746088


Because of flat chests, that aren't even present on men because pecs are as bad as tits? I'm pretty sure it's actually because you're the fag here.

2aff65 No.9746090


>because pecs are as bad as tits?

Don't mix up pecs with gyno idiot.

b789ac No.9746093


>Implying I did

I just said they are as bad as tits for a flat chest, they aren't fucking flat. No gyno, pecs are still not fucking flat.

2aff65 No.9746098


If you're fat sure.

b789ac No.9746104


The less fat you are, the more pronounced the pec-waist ratio is likely to be. BF% doesn't matter for what I'm talking about.

03c6bb No.9746105

File: 057942f543f32eb⋯.jpg (453.71 KB, 510x665, 102:133, dennis wilson.jpg)


Slavposting aka drunkposting



>no milk dripping

How are your kids going to learn?

07e63e No.9746121


>mfw this woman talks to her own child this way

What the fuck made you think that was HER child?

d6da1b No.9746179


>at least their women anyways

You are fucking delusional mate

4ca3c6 No.9746212


are you implying shes a cuckqueen?

ea4917 No.9746556

File: cd9d422bd930cbd⋯.png (1.31 MB, 891x1591, 891:1591, beauty standards.png)

75d9d8 No.9746572

File: becbb7a566935fc⋯.jpg (145.32 KB, 500x375, 4:3, kidmichelleohshit!.jpg)


>should've I filmed her in order to shame her behavior? Or simply confronted her?

Should have put a new baby in her and ordered her to do better, next time.

Joking aside, OP, you should have recorded it. Confronting her will just get her to take it out on the kid. Also, get her license and inform the cops of a potential child abuse situation. Then put a new baby in her and order her to do better, next time.

75d9d8 No.9746596

File: 46c6c6adba77a6a⋯.jpg (33.63 KB, 560x330, 56:33, feminismbinx.jpg)


>Some popular feminist from Ireland did a poll asking men if they prefer "anime schoolgirls" or "real living women" and anime won.

Nice. I can smell the burning meat-curtains from here.

75d9d8 No.9746623

File: def8ee0817c0eb7⋯.png (59.56 KB, 608x207, 608:207, Screenshot_2.png)


Shit, now THERE'S a rude awakening. And "Lunar Archivist" didn't even go completely full-autist /monster/ on her ass, like he could have.

964a72 No.9746643


Name one type of female better than a white one.

Here are your choices:


Gook insect.

Poo in the loo.

Arab monster under a rag.

Time's up.

If you are actually white, and not just another KIKE or shitskin, it makes no sense to whine like a cunt about the only choice there really is. Unless you want to suck the meaty hang-clit of a vile-smelling negress that will pollute your bloodline for eternity, stop complaining and do something about it.

2aff65 No.9746675


You're a faggot lol

d3cf8d No.9746722


screencap the tweets please?

2aff65 No.9746755


Read the thread bud.

75d9d8 No.9746766

File: 140c5ba63501125⋯.jpg (30.11 KB, 600x525, 8:7, tranniesspottersguide.jpg)


That's a dude, anon, and I sincerely hope you haven't beaten off to it.

75d9d8 No.9746790

File: 0720cf991265281⋯.gif (498.77 KB, 350x198, 175:99, doctor who crying.gif)



9/10 - Would pound that through the bed and into the floor, even if her face ends up looking like a shaved sharpei's ass.

33be89 No.9746800

File: a3adabd2fd63ce3⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.77 MB, 360x640, 9:16, 1454561067973.webm)

a3d4c4 No.9746801


> is a modern phenomenon



I've un-given up, but same story.


too bad about them redhead genes


doesn't show lower body, and plenty of white girls have shoulders like that. In this case presumably some form of british

c57f7d No.9746816


>raised by mentally ill mother

>father was raised by mentally ill mother

>be failure in life

>permanently attracted to mentally ill harlots

There's no solution OP.

a92cfc No.9746825


that's either a man or underageb&

either way you're one sick fuck

04a859 No.9746843


No, I'm implying that the kid might have driven off with one of his parents' cars while they were away

a92cfc No.9746864


>Also, get her license and inform the cops of a potential child abuse situation

That's the worst thing you can do anon. Being raised by sick abusive fucks is always better than being raised by the state.

Kill yourself commie.

ffbabe No.9746879

File: 7df154d077ea4a9⋯.gif (1.87 MB, 435x245, 87:49, 1480389365270.gif)

8d1db0 No.9746890

File: 5520cb4e1b6ffa9⋯.png (37.8 KB, 501x578, 501:578, happy celt.png)


you forgot slavs and potato niggers

a3d4c4 No.9746896


>camera too close

>nipple proportions look wrong

not sure tbh, 7 maybe?


checked, the only kind of 'curvy' girl worth having. Dutch?

a9b2b0 No.9746930

File: 3fab8fa668b6c7a⋯.gif (4.92 KB, 300x180, 5:3, _695142_hands2_300.gif)

04a859 No.9746956


This anon gets it

In one scenario you develop a sense of individuality; in the other, you're just an empty shell that just stands on its own and breathes

a92cfc No.9747014


Worse than that, you are an empty vessel for the vassals of the state to impart their state-approved ideals onto.

If you maintain any sense of individuality you get exposed to kike-psychiatry and drugged into quietude.

03c6bb No.9747343

File: 58ca2643187367d⋯.jpg (174.21 KB, 318x488, 159:244, 1486869506720.jpg)


>nipple proportions look wrong

68ac3d No.9747367

>>9745555 (checked)

I had a good mother in many ways, but she was far too ambitious and neglected me for her own career. Used to ground me for not knowing things that she (or my dad) should have taught me and never did.

9ca0c4 No.9747431

File: 9c9e509fa6e21e1⋯.png (643.96 KB, 697x671, 697:671, fI0IJnO.png)


My index finger is longer than my ring finger. Wonder what that means. Lol.

a3d4c4 No.9747461


they weren't nordic proportioned or colored :^)


>not having hands suited to chores on the homestead


2aff65 No.9747509


Post selfie of yourself in modest clothing or get the fuck out

03c6bb No.9747518

File: ace1cad96c6f7f4⋯.jpg (37.53 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 1451685991342.jpg)

7153b3 No.9747532


Those nails are fucking disgusting. Kill yourself.

9852a2 No.9747537

File: f075fdc4c4415eb⋯.png (260.84 KB, 571x464, 571:464, Extremely high confusion.png)

File: 064b66188821584⋯.png (67 B, 1x1, 1:1, small pixel of bypassing.png)


>tfw my index finger is longer than my ring finger

i can feel myself slowly becoming more of a trap everyday, i'm scared /pol/


nigger you need to clip that shit your nails have gone too far.

33be89 No.9747555



girls with the shortest possible nails with some kind of nice color polish on them are best

2aff65 No.9747574


Trips confirm >>9747431 is worst

d97c50 No.9747583

Bright colored nailpolish in any color but red makes a woman look childish. Red nailpolish makes a woman look like a whore. Long nails make a woman look like a useless nigress at the DMV.

Glossy clear coat is acceptable.

d1a5bc No.9747588

File: f3ddc101788a0f1⋯.gif (884.06 KB, 198x257, 198:257, QLG8DSp.gif)


trips don't like fam

a3d4c4 No.9747617


nice digits, but nail polish is degenerate like makeup, unless there is some special occasion or reason

33be89 No.9747639


I think pastel colors are fine. A pale shade of green or blue or reddish purple are good in my book. I also prefer dark hair and green eyes, but I know most faggots on here want blonde instead.

Side note, strapless dresses look like fucking shit, stilletos or any other unreasonably high heels are retarded, and I hate seeing bright red clown lipstick on a girl. I prefer they wear no lipstick at all actually but the worst possible fashion for me to look at is a girl dressed in a red strapless dress in super high heels and the reddest lipstick possible. That shit is cancer.


they don't need to be wearing that shit 24/7, that'd be like wearing makeup constantly.

9852a2 No.9747653

File: 6f4bf71e2e55cc5⋯.jpg (126.52 KB, 713x918, 713:918, Consider the following tit….jpg)


i disagree, nail polish doesn't hide anything like make up, it's basically just an accessory like jewelry. it's silly, but not degenerate.

fc8ec7 No.9747657

If someone falls to feminism there really is no cure. Just avoid them and for fucks sake don't have kids with them.

9ca0c4 No.9747663


>not having hands suited to chores on the homestead


>to dumb realise you're talking about the nails


Yes, they are real. They're also stupid hard.

Women compliment my nails all the time. I guess men were too nice to say they're grossed out my nails.

Thanks for letting me know!

d97c50 No.9747690


Fancy nails is a statement. And that statement is

>I don't cook or clean.

Ergo, fancy nails are degenerate.

df6e81 No.9747715


America was once a Christian nation

This is what happens when you walk away from god

03c6bb No.9747720

File: 3d22cfd9190ebfe⋯.jpg (70.12 KB, 255x217, 255:217, 3d22cfd9190ebfe207559fa616….jpg)


>still not posting tits

2ed096 No.9747745



Nails can say a lot about character of a woman. At least that they don't work around the house or prepare meals. At best that they care about every bit of their body more than about soul.

33be89 No.9747749


Check yourself Mr. Dubs, dubs checking trips confirms for further true facts


The longest you should keep them is maybe the width of a pencil. I'm not sure who really created the meme of really long nails looking good, but I'm pretty sure it's a bunch of women essentially patting each others' backs and telling each other they do look good, without ever asking guys, so its a fiction that feeds on itself. Really long nails just seem super impractical to me aside from looking off-putting so I'm not sure why someone would want them.

That said you don't need to pare them down to nothing, just keep them short-ish.

2ed096 No.9747751

File: 1e2e212e3eec210⋯.jpg (78.08 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 2010-03-14-Harajuku-Fairy-….jpg)

File: cdf168c22af303e⋯.jpg (49.89 KB, 580x333, 580:333, adways277_3.jpg)

File: 180e05e3cb87f2c⋯.jpg (508.92 KB, 1280x928, 40:29, nail-art-gyaru.jpg)

File: 58526b42dbeea22⋯.jpg (44.85 KB, 300x225, 4:3, tumb_nails.jpg)

Forgot pics.

d9baf7 No.9747756

In America only 18% of women comitged abortion, and only 18% of women identify as feminist.

And the rates for white women in particular are lower.

Negativity shills and ZOG controlled MGTOW will try to tell you its 99%.

fc8ec7 No.9747759

File: 5c1db8a505d3863⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.12 KB, 573x960, 191:320, 1463225190209-2.jpg)

File: 982e2c2d1b1239f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 167.04 KB, 841x890, 841:890, 1463584039396-3.jpg)

File: 335104a873455d0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 284.81 KB, 792x1728, 11:24, 1465644829901-0.jpg)

2ed096 No.9747770




fc8ec7 No.9747780


Like a basement dwelling other kin can be picky

03c6bb No.9747835


>last one

Now this is a woman, boys.

ce85a7 No.9747873

>junkie single mum lives across the road from me

>has a young boy, can't tell exactly but probably somewhere between 7 and 12

>constantly shouting at him, calling him names, telling him he's a fuck up etc

>whole street can hear it

>she grows his hair out and makes him wear androgynous clothes

>kid is going to be so fucked when he's older

>she also plays music really loudly into the night and has many men come over

some people are just scum

ce85a7 No.9747891


>thinking women who post naked pictures online are wife material anyway

33be89 No.9747894


the tits are obviously expansion shooped

a3d4c4 No.9747924


your hands aren't either, but definitely not nails.

> I guess men were too nice to say they're grossed out my nails.

I wouldn't have been to nice, they're nasty and nigger-tier, now show us your feminine penis


>eyes nearly black

ruins it for me, thrall material only

03c6bb No.9747928

Comfy thread family, we /malespace/ now. We didn't bond like this since early 2016.

03c6bb No.9747932


Oh yeah. no homo

6e1684 No.9747988

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's the effects of the K-12 Prussian public education. It infantilizes people, breaks down their connection to their family, and makes them peck at each other as a form of self policing. I've noticed people are getting worse. Parents openly laughing about torturing their kids mentally. That "Daddy Of Five" guy is somewhat common tbh.

Mass grooming of the populace to be hateful towards each other makes them into better collectivist serfs. Solzhenitsyn wrote about how the Russians were brought up to be dumb and hateful to each other. They would giggle as someone froze to death. Meanwhile the Jews looked out for each other in the gulags, and survived much more often. Reminds me of how the public schools tell you you have a rival neighbor town you're supposed to hate.

In the embedded documentary Charlotte Iserbyt, head of Dept. of Education under Reagans first administration, says American public school is brainwashing people with Chinese Maoist style ways of thinking. Collectivist propaganda being dished out en mass to turn America, China, and Russia into one pool of serfs. Constant group shaming breaks down individual will. Things like the anti-drug presentations are really there to plant the idea of casual drug use in your mind. Making you into a low class wage slave. The more I think about it, the more the post WW2 generations behave a lot like the maoist and commie peasants i see on the history documentaries. It's the only thing that really explains the psychopathy aimed at the family that you speak of. It must be engineered.

df5b1e No.9748035


We all know what needs to be done. Let's move to the next step and actually build a curriculum. A well-rounded one too; instead of focusing only on the bitter facts of the world, teaching the young how to become a learned, self-sufficient adult.

7f2f2b No.9748103

File: a2404e6fc7ec99e⋯.jpg (36.06 KB, 350x499, 350:499, 51uZ-P5ISRL._SX348_BO1,204….jpg)

File: 5c49f7ad42e5df7⋯.jpg (15.85 KB, 236x378, 118:189, 535249c5b1feb70afe17f354ea….jpg)

File: 5331e8119e5d9d7⋯.jpg (12.2 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 73fee976736fe856e80cf44f9a….jpg)

File: ed31fbba6dcf28a⋯.jpg (20.21 KB, 214x320, 107:160, 51oZPnUtYGL._AC_UL320_SR21….jpg)

>raise awareness of bad parenting and its effects on children

>horrible women jump on bandwagon to blame their own parents and bitch at other women

>horrible women start to admit they ended up horrible women

>they start to think about if they'd make horrible mothers

ta-da. solved. unless you include women opting out of the fucking gene pool because low selfesteem

also, there's a popular subreddit for bad parent stories. it's a fucking goldmine


cdcb09 No.9748127

File: c7aa1625098ee7f⋯.jpg (71.82 KB, 761x1037, 761:1037, 1463692777013.jpg)


>Parents openly laughing about torturing their kids mentally

Well that must be a recent phenomena because the only kids I knew in schools who's parents pushed them even slightly mentally were Asian.

a91edc No.9748201

File: ab79a9ad972cfd5⋯.jpg (601.89 KB, 2048x2005, 2048:2005, men then andnow.jpg)


>Should I have confronted her for calling her son a retard or shamed her in on youtube and got the child put in foster care system?

You sound like a sensitive yuppy faggot OP. Maybe you should go outside more.

065e20 No.9748359

01b995 No.9748376

We need an alternative but legal platform to marriage to solve this horrific problem, something that does not involve contracts but instead the trust of individual partners.

The communists have taken over the family court system as well as most of the judicial system today: you get married and you signed a legal contract for communist bureaucracies to completely fuck you and your children over if your marriage partnership doesn't last.

The only reason divorced mothers (likely the woman described in the OP) want the kids typically has nothing to do about love: everything to do about child support money… 'compensation' from the former husband. The minute you sign the contract, you agreed to this and are then legally held responsible.

We need to stop thinking marriage as the only solution. We need to start playing on a more fair platform and cut out the communist bureaucracy.

Now the problem is this: what woman doesn't want to get married? Are there any decent woman willing to live with their partners and care for one another, and have a family, without all the legal bullshit contracts and hassle? Not many, I can assure you.

PS: I know this, because I've been through it. I've seen it first hand.

a3d4c4 No.9748391


didn't know any jews I take it

cdcb09 No.9748411


Can't say that I did

3add99 No.9748538

File: 582f96ec94fb738⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 1 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, best.webm)

File: db27ea33635ff8a⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 672x1280, 21:40, best2.webm)







only 7/10

because chubby

c08c5c No.9748555

File: 86a8324c6134e42⋯.png (394.81 KB, 638x642, 319:321, b167c1a117d71518fa42e0b015….png)


I'm laughing my fucking ass off holy shit.

3add99 No.9748604

File: c520ab16f06f7df⋯.png (24.41 KB, 614x272, 307:136, 33243334.png)

File: ed905f4e0e20341⋯.png (116.52 KB, 1071x333, 119:37, 3235522343.png)

File: 64046924b26cd04⋯.png (118.87 KB, 620x841, 620:841, asdfasfee.png)

for posterity.

ed3ad9 No.9748617

My dad was a push over who was never around my mom was slightly abusive and ended up being gay and some how I ended up becoming massively redpilled over time by the degeneracy that whent on in my family

3add99 No.9748647

File: 5324bf17409c9dc⋯.jpg (183.82 KB, 922x622, 461:311, 40a5ae4cd462d21ba2bd7d8356….jpg)


sorry to hear that anon. At least you're lucky to have chosen the right side - no pun intended.

34fd48 No.9748682


If you wanted a high rating you'd post a fully clothed tradwife tending to her man.

ed3ad9 No.9748701


It's the life I was dealt with the way I saw it it was up to me to make a change and that's were it began

268ef4 No.9748705

File: f6858cb24f8075a⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1000x1400, 5:7, ghoul the anti-fag.png)



065e20 No.9748719

File: 336ee616aced677⋯.jpg (243.51 KB, 800x566, 400:283, 336ee616aced6777d6bff1e755….jpg)


As big of a cuck as Stickman turned out to be, he had some great aesthetics.



34fd48 No.9748743


Basically perfect tbh… everyone I'm sure would call this average… and it became average through an evolutionary process of repeatedly being the most preferable.


>treat them like humans

Never take advice about relationships from women seriously.

3add99 No.9748755

File: e626e318e1a1c4b⋯.jpeg (275.16 KB, 1446x1118, 723:559, 55487884654.jpeg)


here have some hugs and OC.

f8defe No.9748761

File: 3a51314471bd3b6⋯.jpg (364.97 KB, 956x1280, 239:320, memed too much.jpg)

File: 5ad831864f77ea4⋯.jpg (33.21 KB, 600x599, 600:599, a40.jpg)

34fd48 No.9748771


Checked… you should definitely send this to her.

065e20 No.9748777

File: a67d5aa4c5a8f31⋯.jpg (136.18 KB, 650x1000, 13:20, women1.jpg)

File: 98dec0ac26fe028⋯.jpg (116.79 KB, 650x999, 650:999, women2.jpg)

File: f7969790d1d4497⋯.jpg (139.75 KB, 649x1000, 649:1000, women3.jpg)

File: 984dd1cac11dc19⋯.jpg (236.39 KB, 650x1000, 13:20, women4.jpg)

File: 4572bc5c897f73b⋯.jpg (145.79 KB, 650x1000, 13:20, women5.jpg)

a3d4c4 No.9748788


checked, the guy should have stopped after the first 3 though

f8defe No.9748794


Checked. That guy went from doing it right to beta in a short period of time. His first mistake was those walls of text.

3add99 No.9748814

File: 6fa019323aba1ac⋯.jpg (549.68 KB, 750x8004, 125:1334, 3818883213.jpg)

File: 5335e0ea5681cc5⋯.jpeg (193.84 KB, 720x5120, 9:64, 3732723434.jpeg)

File: 04c245d8a6cc77c⋯.jpeg (316.98 KB, 1500x4002, 250:667, 3888177434.jpeg)

File: e67a1937dd8319c⋯.jpeg (274.21 KB, 750x5336, 375:2668, 8771676713.jpeg)

File: 860b5d6d471f8c1⋯.jpeg (336.76 KB, 750x3000, 1:4, 3288287443.jpeg)


accept pictures related and give them a new home in your wimmins folder.


I don't like chubby ones myself, but well, everyone has different tastes within the tolerance of what amounts a breeding ready white girl

065e20 No.9748850

File: 92009826bcc5f8e⋯.webm (1.38 MB, 360x360, 1:1, when the redpill hits.webm)

>>9748788 (heil)


Yeah, bitches crave drama. Just replying "k" is enough to destroy them.


I have no words.

59baca No.9748893


Faggot, why did you blot out the names? I'd want to, metaphorically, crucify that woman. How can one's mind be so split without being bipolar? (unless one assumes all women are, on some level, bipolar).

eefe7f No.9748931


This is fake, right? I'm just skeptical because the female character here reads like bizarro world tumblr """"true"""" stories of how "I was walking with my trans Muslim friend when a blonde haired man drove up beside us, rolled down the window and screamed 'GO BACK TO AFGHANPAKIRANISTAN, FILTHY ISLAM GIRL', before speeding off in his Nazimobile!"

If real, the guy was doing fine here until he blogged like a bitch in cap four. Should've just gone "lol k" or not responded after her last message in pic three.

a3d4c4 No.9748983


Women do that shit all the time

c1c278 No.9748991


What if I know a Jewish girl who really like Attack of the titan? She's degenerate but cool.

eefe7f No.9748999


I've just never seen anything like THAT before outside of online pics. I've dated before, I've had female friends… never seen something so odd. I assume she has some serious disorder or something if real.

a3d4c4 No.9749026


You've never had a woman be a cunt to you who was capable of hiding it temporarily?

eefe7f No.9749040


I certainly have but I've never had one have a text (or even a verbal one) autism tantrum like that on me.

065e20 No.9749047

7f2f2b No.9749133

File: 39aaead0cd6db12⋯.png (3.01 MB, 1229x2700, 1229:2700, parents and men2.png)


anyone wanna fill the other side? i've spent more time on this than i should've

c1c278 No.9749192



You're not alone sir. Stop being an eeyore and tell that fucking bitch off. They'll fall into line trust me.

c6c511 No.9749231


It's already filled, and correct.

a3d4c4 No.9749242


autism tantrum? Someone show this guy the male shaming tactics image.

>>9749133 (checked)

good idea, but it implies you gotta go to war against other whites if you have good parents

a54fc4 No.9749247


Sounds like my family anon… we yell. We don't hit or throw things but if you're acting like a faggot we will let you know.

3c391d No.9749250


>not liking well groomed, tidy, unpolished nails

fucking degenerate

4f50dd No.9749251


They do, actually. It's strange to watch, but once they have a man (even their own son) tell them what to do in a stern voice, they do it.

3c391d No.9749264

File: fcdd2db085f85f8⋯.png (458.24 KB, 383x423, 383:423, confirmed.PNG)

d3831b No.9749277


I see no problem with this as long as they're not disgusting fake vegas hooker nails or something.

Typically women who aren't afraid to work with their hands tend to wear it less, but that doesn't mean wearing it at all is bad. Most women who are active and aren't lazy tend to dislike how badly it chips when they're doing stuff so they don't do anything with them as often.

Stop with the autistic black and white reasoning guys, there is an ideal balance.

728e83 No.9749287


My mother left my biological father because he pushed her down while she was pregnant.

Another man, who is my father adopted me as his own after marrying my mother.

Then my mother, because she was insecure about feeling like he loved her enough, cheated on him (still dont know if he knows it happened or not) and then divorced him when i was 6 3 months after my grandmother who was like a second mother to me died.

Then moved me 20 miles away and became a massive alcoholic whilsy i only saw my dad on the weekends.

Then at 9 i chose to live with him and at 10 my mother, through the courts, got custody of me and brought me 2k miles away across the USA from california to Ohio.

Then proceeded to rarely be home due to her working, she constantly signed me up for aocial things while i was adjusting and because she thought it would help.

Then she thought constantly nagging me and berating me for not knowing how to clean things or do tlother household things when nobody had taught me (my dad kept his place a mess, not anywhere to where it was a problem but to the point it needed to be cleaned.)

It culminated with me after years of suppressing my anger and creating an imaginary friend that id had since 6 that was just all my anger so i could be the good son that was walked all over ( meg from family guy essentially.) Finally snapping and bringing a knife to school with intent to harm but at the last second o instead asked to be sent to a psych ward so i could get help.

We have since come to twrms with what happened but even now after i have forgiven her she still has her insecurities and alcoholic tendencies.

Only reason i posted this is because she did three good things for me.

1. Took me to ohio away from the mostly sweden tier cucks in cali (i lived 45 min from san fran)

2. Introduced me to the bible.

3. Redpilled me on women due to her being so unbelievably selfish and still not understanding what she did wrong. I was able to forgive her due to her past, the fact that she genuinely tried to be a good mom 99 percent of the time and the fact that she acknowledged she fucked up by leaving my Dad.

Women are to be steered like a ship, not given over to the whims of the cultural ocean that will direct them into decadence.

728e83 No.9749297


Btw i used a knife because i intended to charge at a school police gaurd so he would shoot me since i was too pussy to committ suicide

a54fc4 No.9749311


>ended up being gay

No, that called 'situational lesbianism' and it's usually weight-induced.

Unless your mother is that landwhale narcissist I had the police investigate for extortion because she threatened to tell the police I raped her if I didn't lend her money… in that case, she's just evil.

8e88a4 No.9749326


I like this. With the advent of VR this possibility seems even more feasible. Similar to the schooling in Ready Player One(even though most the book is bluepilled trash).

9f4509 No.9749330

File: ce99a8fd27a9a7f⋯.png (68.51 KB, 440x522, 220:261, ce99a8fd27a9a7fe29ecd7b76d….png)


>slaves not white

here we have exhibit a, the D&C shill

00381b No.9749350

File: 6374be6ca6909a9⋯.jpg (6.75 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 0586 - bCSQQRA.jpg)

Women can only be fixed by returning them to their rightful place as property and removing (((nefarious influences))) on women that propagandize them into believing that they should want to act and be like men


>tfw wide hips

my hips are as wide as my shoulders so I can never get that beautiful V taper

Why was I born just to suffer

a54fc4 No.9749354

File: afc270568a7dd2e⋯.jpg (725.64 KB, 500x499, 500:499, hJ9qdb9.jpg)

065e20 No.9749371

File: b97b5b15bc1414d⋯.png (255.75 KB, 736x1515, 736:1515, mikuchan.png)


I'm guessing this.

a54fc4 No.9749382


He's the guy that outjewed the CBC over their biased Gamergate coverage by going to the commission rather than the (((ombudsman))).

f90e4a No.9749394

File: a64bd7bc2ebdbc1⋯.jpg (175.22 KB, 686x594, 343:297, 7dabfe7fed1c79d943ba2eb092….jpg)


Except there's nothing of value to ruin slavic homogeneity with european genes. Neither to ruin european with slavic. In position where we need to repopulate whites - slavs are the depressed man's option, just like nips are for weeaboos. Its the same as saying to mix with non-semitic muslims, who have white skin in some countries like in Chechnya or Georgia.

Its still fucking racemixing. Slavs are white, but they aren't europeans. Slavs are r1a haplogroup, r1b are europeans. Both are unique, but one got hit hard by mongol rapes in the past.

a3d4c4 No.9749396


>My mother left my biological father because he pushed her down while she was pregnant.

and you believe that?

a54fc4 No.9749401


My mother looks like Betti Page and has a genius IQ. Sure is lonely out there anons.

9b226d No.9749404


So do you also think that R1b shouldn't mix with I1?

a2f9ab No.9749415


Ugh, look at how oppressed they are, they need diversity

f90e4a No.9749419


l1 soon won't even exist.

a54fc4 No.9749426



You also become a fucktoy for every social worker, cop or judge that has a taste for pizza.

936793 No.9749434


l1 dominate here (~25% R1b). I almost never see any other Nords, I worry I'll have to settle for a R1b dominate partner myself.

a54fc4 No.9749442


Anon, you have to let your girl be girly. Glitter, braids, nail polish, let her have fun.

Now girly != slutty…

728e83 No.9749487


Ive met the guy.

Yeah in this case i do. Plus for all her faults there is one thing ive admired about my mother is that she has never lied to me or anyone for that matter. She may make terrible decisions but she is honest

03c6bb No.9749506


Low effort bait retard, dont even make me school you on haplogroups.

728e83 No.9749513



This is the woman who never even told me that santa existed and let others tell me and then when i heard he didnt exist she straight up said that no he isnt real. When i asked about the easter bunny she said no about that as well.

9f6053 No.9749515

File: aebbeed05131ead⋯.jpg (142.98 KB, 593x1080, 593:1080, 830762d767c2561499e0ce425a….jpg)


The solution to your problem has already begun.

a3d4c4 No.9749524


If my girl doesn't like running posthole diggers then she better start throwing some sons my way


>she has never lied to me or anyone for that matter.

>Then my mother, because she was insecure about feeling like he loved her enough, cheated on him (still dont know if he knows it happened or not)

even without that, I don't believe you. I've never met a woman who doesn't lie at least some.


I had a woman teacher tell a class of us little kids that there was no santa. She was a nun. I'll let you work that out for yourself.

728e83 No.9749549


Thats fair but honestly i think part of her honesty comes from her faith but also from some deepseated childhood trauma or something

000000 No.9749553


I could be wrong, but wouldn't there have been a time when a girl could be girly without dying herself with colors? Personally I don't mind it on young girls, i.e. children, but an adult with such things either looks childish, whorish, or both. What I envision would be modest clothes, nails as my own (without any white on the end of the nails, i.e. nicely trimmed. Taken care of so that they gently glisten with their natural color, i.e. whatever is between transparent and opaque), hair left naturally (of course, removing knots even if the hair is curly), and, if we're talking a young girl, hand crafted dolls to play with (maybe even a giant handmade doll house. Built during quality time with me and her, or, as a present from me [or me and her brother] in which her and I would only have to paint it).

tl;dr girly need not be girly in the modern characterizations of girly.

a54fc4 No.9749574

File: f7020de07a47130⋯.gif (20.05 KB, 236x300, 59:75, rainbow-brite.gif)

File: 9dcc9aa157decca⋯.jpg (515.27 KB, 1536x1046, 768:523, o-PUNKY-BREWSTER-FINALE-fa….jpg)


Point taken.

0fe501 No.9749576


Dude, you don't see it, do you?

Women are terrified. Even the feminists - especially the feminists. Most of them really genuinely don't have any faith in themselves whatsoever - its why many become feminists: They don't trust themselves to raise children, and feminism gives them an out.

But now its starting to look like men are getting kinda tired of their shit - they're just using them whores they don't have to pay for (directly, at least). Its making the whores miserable - they hate it. The pussy market has been flooded, and all their stocks are now largely fucking worthless - and they know it, and it terrifies many of them in a deep way. Toss in the whole threat of imminent AI/robotics, along with advances in genetic engineering and external births (a man can now, in theory, carry and give birth to a baby - soon enough a machine will be able to do it), and its rather obvious why cunts are flipping their shit.

They're not far from becoming obsolete in the context of men's needs, they've gone full batshit and yet still not managed to take power in any meaningful sense, and, to top it all off, they have no genuine faith in their own ability to run things even if they were in power.

I think many women just kinda thought things would work out in their favor, and just like a slut who sees less and less interest from the studs of the carousel as she ages, these broads are seeing the way the tides moving and they're getting fucking nervous. I mean, Christ - there's simply no way a real woman could compete with a companion AI in a robotic body thats made to look like an animu girl via augmented reality. Those meat cunts better get their shit together, and a few of them are starting to realize it, leading to subsequent triggering and delicious salt.

c08c5c No.9749583

File: 0d79f4498a0d569⋯.png (439.78 KB, 673x875, 673:875, 562ddd0ee26107ab2a99bb69db….png)


>Dude, you don't see it, do you?

Oh but anon, I've been laughing for weeks now.


000000 No.9749597


What's funny is, they can compete, quite well actually. Should a woman keep her legs closed (passive act) [since people do all weird sexual shit these days, beyond legs closed lets say just not being permiscuous/sexual at all with people who are not her husband], learn basic cooking/cleaning (things any man through university, and, these days, childhood, knows), keep herself decently clean/good looking (aka passive act of not being a glutton in the first place so that you don't have to actively resist the temptation due to the initial high of gorging yourself), most every man (at minimum here, given the proper genetics of course) would want her. Actually, any man who doesn't just want to have continually sex with arbitrary women would want her (or, at minimum, be content to settle down with her).

f65a73 No.9749616

File: 2d07b3204bc7387⋯.jpg (35.55 KB, 328x266, 164:133, A way to cook using the fe….jpg)


You still have a couple.

Shit even popular shounen like Shokugeki no Soma and Boku no Hero have some pretty alright MCs that are manly from a more 'boyish' perspective (atleast from Deku's start as a nerd/loser). Souma in particular is pretty fucking alpha and has already largely won his series' bitch.

0fe501 No.9749617


> ready to fuck a camel for $35,000

Jesus Christ.

0fe501 No.9749632


Yes, but that's the thing - imagine a machine that can do all those things just as well as her, or better. Coupled with AI, an actual woman would have a very hard time competing - men don't need physical emotional attachment in the same way women do, so while men could handle that paradigm quite easily, women could not (ie sexbots for broads wont cut it until AI is basically human-tier).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not necessarily saying its a good thing, but I think it is quite realistic to suggest that humanity will be able to produce an artificial partner that fulfills male mating needs long before an equivalent for women will be available.

000000 No.9749656


True, but, I bet you that if a woman acted as those AI did, men would chose the real woman instead. It's merely that women rebel as opposed to looking at the things they should do to correct things (which are told to them mind you and are the simple things I've stated above). It is truly a shame that romanticism and perfect archetypes of love are the inventions of man, for one notes that in the majority of female literature love is no more than some primal indulgence of lustful acts as opposed to some noble acts of an eternal union.

f8defe No.9749696


You image is already complete, Anon. The parents are not present because they are busy being degenerates.

f8defe No.9749718

File: fb1f724e9716826⋯.png (172.96 KB, 488x480, 61:60, c86.png)

File: 224cdaed0a9c4a4⋯.png (309.49 KB, 409x785, 409:785, ca3.png)


>>9748555 (checked)

She has the potential of becoming a lulz cow. I see shes triggered by 2Ds.

32a5f0 No.9749737


Your american. You're already a mutt and slav nations aren't in danger of genocide.

a3d4c4 No.9749758


>mix with people from the other side of a continent

>when all your ancestors can be traced to 4 counties

f8defe No.9749761

File: 141d27e7d797159⋯.mp4 (221.55 KB, 400x400, 1:1, coolest shirt.mp4)

File: 4be264fad9e2de9⋯.jpg (12.12 KB, 219x255, 73:85, laughing president.jpg)


I think whats going to happen is 3Ds will start to behave like 2Ds because they get triggered by being ignored by the hordes of beta males.

I guess this is what Trump meme'd by make anime real.

065e20 No.9749819

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It was foretold by the Autiste.

f65a73 No.9749864


>Girls binge watching CGDCT and waifubait to see why chads would rather hump a bodypillow

>Generation of Yans, Tsuns, and Kuu-deres.

def64d No.9749869


Report her ass

a83fe2 No.9749915


I can said the same about jail, punishment, self defense, etc.

>womyn whore her kids for apple products

>you beat the crap out of her and tell her to dont do that anymore

Thats happen in the real world and its called jail, maybe you cant fix her, but at least the kids will be safe and we are talking about extremes here (check OP post please, you are derailing the thread), we arent talking about killing your wife because she doesnt want to have sex with you.

fc5e6b No.9749978

>>9745244 (checked)

>Beating your kids and kicking them out of the house at 14 was pretty normal back then.

Difference being that back then a 14 year could work for a decent wage, child labour laws really fucked us over, destroying a method for advancing through life under the false guise of "protecting" children, as if we treat our children the same way chinks do.

a74eec No.9749986


>talk shit

>complain that female beast would never be a thing

>get called out

>it's pointed out that female beast would go over just fine


Sounds just a little bit like hypocrisy here, mixed with a hint of projection.

e5470d No.9749993


Polyunsaturated fats are poison and cause aggression in mice. Perhaps she's become ill by the modern diet and rarely gets enough sugar.

065e20 No.9749997


"Weird" is the sjw's new favorite term to shame anyone who likes what they don't like.

a3d4c4 No.9750014


you think 'weird' is new?

2c457f No.9750034

File: 85cf88f8f37f5a7⋯.png (5.09 KB, 409x90, 409:90, doll1.png)

File: ef60fe5b2fc0430⋯.png (5.41 KB, 416x91, 32:7, doll2.png)

File: 812ef4bdc001103⋯.gif (3.67 MB, 700x298, 350:149, aJK11d2slj7272.gif)



065e20 No.9750035


The way it's being used for everything from strip clubs to nationalism, yeah.

f8defe No.9750042

File: 6c2c6c83be1add1⋯.png (650.75 KB, 691x724, 691:724, 5f73af51d0c0c1fca1451dae28….png)


Fug whats the world going to come to when our shitposting keeps getting manifested into reality?

fc5e6b No.9750047


>we don't exist to make men happy

That and giving birth to children after being fucked is the only reason women exist and we're not an asexually reproductive species.

f8defe No.9750060


>feminist whores


>muh patriarchy

>muh privilege

>muh class

Kek the fact that robots trigger them so hard is funny.

f8defe No.9750076



This sort of shitposting really amuses me. I'm sure Kek is amused as well. Body builders with waifu pillows are a whole new dimension of shitposting.

fd6b2a No.9750078


/pol/ university when?

7fa66b No.9750098

File: 33ea4ba05aa9c16⋯.jpg (8.8 KB, 238x250, 119:125, 1471365837470.jpg)


The one thing I love about people in general is how they will rather accommodate their entire world view to the point of contradicting reality itself just to protect their already battered ego.

17a83c No.9750103


When animals are stressed out, they often destroy their offspring

It may just be a ducked up stress reaction, or it may be to cut off ties so that the mother can escape the stressful situation and reproduce somewhere else later

Unfortunately, kikes and their kike media have really fucked modern women's shit up, so they don't understand what is happening to them and just keep having kids and abusing them

Man is the ascendant beast, remember folks

065e20 No.9750108


>She added the initiative was "a fetish for many men and women who wish to return to a childhood lacking in affection”.


Mad bitches are so predictable.

>The sex-affection of a person can not be provided by a doll. They are different and compatible services. They do not communicate. They do not listen to you or caress you, they do not comfort you or look at you. They do not give you their opinion or drink

>They do not give you their opinion or drink

>They do not give you their opinion or drink

Oh nooo, that sucks


There's no fucking way an old hooker would say any of that shit.

759115 No.9750120


>They do not give you their opinion or drink

oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooo, what will we ever do?

fucking kek man

2eb339 No.9750130

>entitled attitude towards treated your own children like garbage [particularly boys] is a modern phenomenon all by itself.

No it isn't. People have been treating their kids like shit since the dawn of time. Here comes a generational history of family abuse by anon:

My great-great-grandmother would verbally abuse, beat and generally not-love a certain portion of her kids and grandkids because their fucking scalp wasn't shaped like hers. That was in 1930s

My great grandmother would beat her kids with anything that came in handy, including a boot and some farming equipment, wherever the kids did some minuscule shit, like accidentally fall in a ditch and get their shoes wet. That was after WWII

My grandfather basically drove both of my uncles out of the house by beating them and yelling them for no reason and blaming them for taking shit that he lost himself and shit like that. He has really mellowed out over the years, though, and I love him very much now

My grandmother never loved my mother and treated her like crap (mostly acting towards her like the woman in OP's post) for all her life, even though my mother left her job at the city and came back home to help her parents with the farm. This was from 1960s onwards.

There were kids in my school who showed up with bruises and shit, because their dads were alcoholics and got tad bit aggressive once drunk.

Both mothers and fathers abuse their children. It has more to do with the fact that they are shitty people who have to let out some anger (where I live everyone was extremely poor, I'd reckon that was the reason) and the kid is there to soak it all up.

f8defe No.9750131


You never know fam. Maybe that whore is a hardcore feminist who decided to whore her self out to fight the patriarchy. Probably grew up in the 60's or 70's.

You know, muh woymn liberation and sheeit.

17a83c No.9750132




They are actually wymyn-splaining to people why thesesex-dolls are "inferior?" Insanity

The best part about all of this is that soon we might actually start seeing more women who appreciate the power of a Husband and Wife.

17a83c No.9750144


What the fuck man, did you grow up in a kike community or something? My parents are basically dead-beat degenerates themselves, but godDAMN son, at least my mum WANTED to mother me well….

874ed1 No.9750180


The weebs must be JoJo/Fist of the North Star/One Punch Man fans.

2eb339 No.9750182


Not a kike community, as far as I know there is not a single kike in our village. Just 90s in Eastern European countryside- after the collapse of Soviet Union everyone was really poor and majority of people had drinking problems. To be fair, they have drinking problems to this day

Also, didn't really mention my mother in there because she did want me, and wasn't exactly abusive, but she was so hellbent on becoming the opposite of her own mother that she made different kinds of mistakes. Maybe it would be better if my dad was around, but he managed to get himself killed when I was 3, so I never really knew him.

a74eec No.9750184


>We don't exist to make men happy.

Then what is she doing? Seriously. She's sitting around on Twitter bitching and moaning about men preferring fictional women to real women. Why? Why does she care? There's only one logical explanation: She cares, because she WANTS men to prefer her over fictional women. Behind all her feminist rhetoric, all her "muh patriarchy, muh misogyny" bullshit, she just wants a man.

Therefore, we can come to one of two conclusions: either this "we don't exist to make men happy" shit is all just some misguided tsundere hard-to-get act designed to attract men (spoiler: it doesn't work), or she's an idiot who can't make the connection that her stubborn, misandrist, completely anti-feminine attitude is wholly off-putting and completely contrary to her goals.

a3d4c4 No.9750191



I can't even imagine knowing considering mine was growing up during the US civil war.


sorry to hear it, man. Your description actually made me assume you were a burger redneck.

d605c1 No.9750201


This one is so blatantly fake. How on earth can't you tell?

78563a No.9750203


I know that feel, but I will not ever be cucking by "giving up." I am just damn careful about whom I court.


I don't see why anyone cares that much. Just like what you like. It's bizarre that you're fetishizing chest size over something much more important like trust. And Race.


>muh signaling about nonexistent feminist shit

>gets shown it's patently false


This is exactly the type to avoid–dumber than a box of rocks.


I doubt very seriously that him being involved with his relatives means that he accepts degenerate shit. Every one of us has degenerate relatives. We're not going to isolate ourselves completely.


You never know what you will get, mate.

065e20 No.9750211


Elliot Rodger's manifesto was all about how he deserved women and it was "an unforgivable crime" and an insult that they refused to give him what he deserved, and instead "gave their sex" to undeserving "slobs" who weren't intellectuals like him. It seems like a similar mindset.

She's probably lonely and furious. The only way she knows how to get what she wants is to throw a tanty, and when people point and laugh at her for acting like a child, she just doubles down.

32a1c7 No.9750228


idk fam I've had similar cases like that.

I just like to fuck with their heads now, start showing a little interest and as soon as they get disinterested fucking drop them like a bag of rocks and they do a complete 180.

It's like yanking a dog by its' collar, it's bretty gud.

a74eec No.9750233

>>9750211 (checked)

Dubs of truth. It seems a lot of these feminists grew up spoilt and having everything just handed to them, and never developed the necessary social skills, discipline, or mental/emotional fortitude to make it in the real world.

065e20 No.9750235

File: d1ccb06c75b00b3⋯.jpg (35.75 KB, 480x630, 16:21, d1ccb06c75b00b381e2d2e8f43….jpg)


"Daring to have a whole, full life of her own" means getting everything she wants without having to put in any effort. She wants dick delivered to her door without her having to "conform to a fantasy idea of womanhood" aka be attractive and not a mouthy bitch.

She also doesn't realize it's not about women not rejecting us. It's about us rejecting them. We simply don't want some purple-haired 350-pound megalodon who won't shut up about 'that stuck-up bitch from accounting'. She acts like a boring cunt, and when shown the door she tries to turn it around like we're scared of her rejecting us. It's typical sour grapes.

sage because hit post too early.

2eb339 No.9750238


>I can't even imagine knowing considering mine was growing up during the US civil war.

Your grandparents didn't tell you about their grandparents? If she was growing up during civil war, there must have been quite a story there.

874ed1 No.9750242


>otter thread

000000 No.9750245


In the split second I walk past any group of women, two or more, they are always talking about guys. It's literally all women ever think about and talk about. They are obsessed with us, which is why they are so bitter, because they know that ultimately, we have all the power over their mental and emotional life.

32a1c7 No.9750250


Life's shit, you gotta learn to let that shit go for your own children's sake.

Nobody wants to say it, but everyone has an abuse story. Some are much worse than others. First time I ever feared for my life I was 5 years old, and I still have nightmares about it.

I'm pretty fucked up right now, but in combat or other high-stress situations I find my zen. As far as family, I don't know. Do your best to no be as shit as your family. I wish I had better advice, all I know is someone has to be the man to stop the cycle of abuse. May as well be you and me eh?

wish you the best fam.

-t. Ameri-Burger.

20d812 No.9750251


It's really quite pathetic. Prostitutes, who have no value beyond their physical appearance. They are the definition of an objectified woman.

a74eec No.9750255


Ah yes, I was going to ask earlier and forgot, does anyone have any infographs about how women basically have no identity and no real purpose outside of men, whereas men function just fine on their own? I understand such infographs are kind of the territory of MGTOW, who are just as misguided as the feminists, but they'd still be good for some triggering.

a3d4c4 No.9750261


women's history isn't as important, and I only had one grandparent who happened to be full of shit so no

d3cf8d No.9750286


you could put a tv with some degenerate jewry going on for today's parents

fdeff6 No.9750291

File: f15756bf3102631⋯.gif (785.84 KB, 500x206, 250:103, Robot Woman Smoking.gif)


Do you think Blade Runner triggers them?

874ed1 No.9750317

>Bad mother stories

Shit like this is why 2D motherus are a thing.



a3d4c4 No.9750375


Since when have women had the patience to sit through blade runner? galaxina best robot gril

f2cbcd No.9750530


Nice desu ne.

f2cbcd No.9750535


>denigrates real sex workers to merely being an object

Wasn't that the case since pre-history?

5a3c39 No.9750583


Legend of the Galactic Heroes is what you're referring to. It's both really good and redpilled as fuck. And the best part, is the music.

dc2d52 No.9750618

Is treating children like delicate flowers better?

"Psychological trauma" from being insulted?


>implying slaves aren't white.

Fucker, I'm a slav and I have blue eyes, blonde hair and light skin.

8eb14d No.9750631


>there is one thing ive admired about my mother is that she has never lied to me or anyone for that matter.

She had an affair dude. That is the highpoint of lying.

9cd554 No.9750693


>30 years in the industry

fuck I think I just vomited a bit

f2617a No.9750696


Severely underrated post.

9aacc5 No.9750727


quite shallow?

a32ce0 No.9750742

File: 674d2e186237237⋯.jpg (17.56 KB, 480x360, 4:3, tmp_11814-hqdefault4393797….jpg)


>30 years in the industry

No wonder she is jealous of bots, that's one old hooker

5c79db No.9750792

File: fd7d47310c0df69⋯.png (263.83 KB, 1498x704, 749:352, android waifu.png)


Those prostitutes got a foretaste of what is to come when artificial wombs and androids enter everyday life.

1f9903 No.9750852

File: cb2866c85ca5ee6⋯.png (33.35 KB, 1383x479, 1383:479, hgg does math.png)


>30 years

How many miles do you think that is?

ad455a No.9750880


>also, share your stories.

As a child I cried often as I was going to bed because my mom said similar stuff. Later on, she'd add that she wished she had an abortion, so it got worse. It didn't matter how temporarily happy I made her with good grades. Later in middle school I became a bit depressive and my school grades got worse.

I'm happy being alone now, but considering school performance my outlook on the future is dim.

25d39c No.9750906


i had a really nice time shooting the shit in a /pol/ meadhall thread on meguca just the other day

bd66d6 No.9750910

ITT it turns out /pol/ has mommy ussues. Freud, eat your heart out.

c08c5c No.9750943

File: d9deda3c56f2da2⋯.png (405.69 KB, 1512x1204, 54:43, Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at ….png)

File: c67831052a2bf9b⋯.png (293.27 KB, 1662x1164, 277:194, Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at ….png)

File: d68150c8065576d⋯.png (295.41 KB, 1560x730, 156:73, Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at ….png)

File: 146255021355ff7⋯.png (201.08 KB, 1922x534, 961:267, Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at ….png)

File: cccc47ce21dca31⋯.png (143.75 KB, 1114x554, 557:277, Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at ….png)


>that screencap

Shit man that was a great thread. Never had I seen so many fucking roasties on /v/ until that VR thread happened.

7f2f2b No.9750967

File: 7a8104e10da6c16⋯.jpg (64 KB, 728x546, 4:3, jung.jpg)

File: 39eec6eefd8dac3⋯.png (43.68 KB, 1159x492, 1159:492, jung animus.png)

File: 5d2c9d0457e1ff3⋯.jpg (89.05 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-when-animus-and-anim….jpg)

File: 449afa48b2368d6⋯.jpg (46.49 KB, 638x359, 638:359, carl-jungs-archetypes-8-63….jpg)


didn't Jung say the difference between a good mother and a bad mother is the difference between a loved man (good mother), a tortured man (bad mother), and a man above all women (overcame a bad mother)?

7f2f2b No.9750984

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



also, what's this shit about "being conscious of your subconscious will fuck up your personal development"?

11964e No.9751095


>Behind all her feminist rhetoric, all her "muh patriarchy, muh misogyny" bullshit, she just wants a man.

>she just wants a man.


She wants POWER

POWER over men

She has none of her own, so she needs society set up in such a ways as to gift it too her

She needs male slaves to do her bidding, so she can sit like an effendi and eat

Woman IS the jew

The jew IS woman

39afe4 No.9751102

File: efcae31d6515d9c⋯.jpg (19.24 KB, 188x166, 94:83, azreal crop.jpg)


oh my god…

c08c5c No.9751131


Shut your meat flaps, we didn't give you permission to speak.

556c7d No.9751132


>woman is jew

Hi jew

49c3b0 No.9751134

File: 253a56bcce4c148⋯.jpg (11.38 KB, 255x249, 85:83, f02ed5145a1b60a1c33b376ef9….jpg)


Ironic shit posting is still shitposting

f2617a No.9751140


>replying to b8

c08c5c No.9751144


>help me I had two mothers and neither of them loved me

733beb No.9751250


Aww, someone still thinks NAWALT.

cd5248 No.9751258

File: aff09ccfb425bfa⋯.png (112.12 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1454962046736.png)


Do you feel in charge?

733beb No.9751352


This almost a perfect example of solipsism. Women do what she is talking about, not men.

ec03a8 No.9751452


stinker ;-)

f2cbcd No.9751501


>and anime won

Holy shit! Plz be real.


f2cbcd No.9751519

File: 32532803cedbe2b⋯.gif (1.35 MB, 385x530, 77:106, thumbs up tits.gif)


You give me inspiration to get /fit/, anon.

af32a6 No.9751535


>ITT it turns out /pol/ has mommy ussues.

This thread isn't /pol/. Manosphere shit is not /pol/, has never been /pol/, and never will be /pol/. Real National Socialists and Traditionalists don't take relationship advice from a self-hating sandnigger, a degenerate quadroon, and an edgy fedoralord who blogs about how much cuckold bestiality pornography he watches.

Roastie is a plebbit meme, and Manosphere cucks who dream about interactive body pillows always out themselves by using it. The Artificial Womb crowd fancies itself redpilled because they tweet 'nigger' at each other and giggle about it. The reality they refuse to face is that women are creatures that want to be influenced, tamed, and told what to believe and how to behave, and their inability to influence a woman and turn her into their ideal makes them failures as men, no matter how much weight they can lift over their heads or how large a bank account they can amass.

The behavior of a society's women is a reflection on the will of that society's men. If the women act like whores, it is because their men permit them to do so. The Manosphere can't handle that truth, so they pretend that disengaging from the battle and allowing Feminists to have a monopoly on the tribal opinions of women is somehow taking a high ground of some sort.

In reality, it is simple cowardice, wrapped up in self-righteous and self-congratulatory trappings.

>Freud, eat your heart out.

Freud is a rat-faced kike who projected all of his own pathologies onto humanity as a whole and western society in particular. You aren't from around here either, if you're saying things like "it turns out /pol/ is actually" and "lol Freud was right."

Sage for a trash thread that's sliding better things down the board. This is a worthless circlejerk of purple-pilled Lolbergs who all think they're experts on sex even though every single one of them is a virgin. Go back to fucking plebbit if you dumbass degenerates want to discuss how corporate Jews are going to allow you to use technology to save the white race.

733beb No.9751561


Found the female.


f2cbcd No.9751573


>redpilled as fuck

It's anti-eugenics as fuck.


bd4344 No.9751608


>im a total chad that women love but i just choose a body pillow instead

you really think someone would do that? just go on the internet and tell lies?

even if that were true, youre a degenerate for not selecting a good mate, red pilling her and then having kids. Youre either a nigger or just a degenerate.

d3831b No.9751618


This is where I don't understand some of the delusional cognitive dissonance coming from idiots on here. No, the kids won't be ok. Either they're exposed to violence or they share half their parents genetic tendencies for erratic behavior.

That is 100% rationalizing, I don't get the stupid motherfuckers who try to tell themselves this shit, it's like men who think they can salvage the child if somehow the wife divorces them and alienates the father, the kid is not going to be salvageable.

7abf23 No.9751623

File: 200b5789d1f6271⋯.jpg (141.7 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1492534799848-1.jpg)


Fuck off normalfag

f2cbcd No.9751627


>I don't know how haplogroups work

Jesus fucking Christ, you retard. Having a larger percentage of occurrence in one haplogroup does not mean it's exclusive to one ethnicity.

R1a, R1b and I1 can be found all over Europe.

7922e8 No.9751675


Triggered as fuck.

09e747 No.9751747

File: 5a89fc11f79a1bf⋯.jpg (62.05 KB, 630x632, 315:316, sad suicide pepe.jpg)


>for one notes that in the majority of female literature love is no more than some primal indulgence of lustful acts as opposed to some noble acts of an eternal union

Don't red pill me like this anon

I may be a lonelly nerd, but i still love to dream about true love

how can the sex most controled by their feels be the one who cares the less for them?

63ed27 No.9751755


God-tier post /pol/ack. Activates my almonds.

I've been thinking about this too. There is no longer incentive for a woman to stay married. She may need someone to sire her children, and to cuck for long enough to have them grow up, but after that – there's nothing.

A woman can always find a man to cuck. So a woman is not disposable after a relationship. However, a man is disposable unless he has things that women need (money, power, prestige).

Obviously it is up to both people to build a strong relationship. But the problem is that, when things get tough and they will, the relationship is going to break at its weakest link. If that weakest link coincides with nonexistent consequences for the woman, she'll be out of there in no time. Hell, she'll come out ahead - will take house, money, children, retirement - everything.

Due to the way that society has evolved, she no longer has any skin in the game.

f2cbcd No.9751794


> I think it is quite realistic to suggest that humanity will be able to produce an artificial partner that fulfills male mating needs long before an equivalent for women will be available.

I thought there were already robots that produce wealth.

874ed1 No.9751835

File: 6979a0bef800b94⋯.jpg (73.39 KB, 600x468, 50:39, 2D is best.jpg)

File: af609a2ae09507f⋯.jpg (36.3 KB, 680x324, 170:81, 2d vs 3d.jpg)

File: 72a1d40ad5ea1e5⋯.png (166.61 KB, 780x832, 15:16, 3DPD loses.png)

File: b2bb7380aacba36⋯.jpg (125.88 KB, 638x696, 11:12, 3DPD is filthy.jpg)

File: 108f9c21738d2db⋯.jpg (83.54 KB, 1000x640, 25:16, Wisdom.jpg)

e4ed4b No.9751845

File: 97a21924bfe25d6⋯.jpg (605.05 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, piggu.jpg)


You're in the wrong thread, boy. I think the one you're looking for is back the way you came.

c98445 No.9751863

File: 0b2bb9b0b74c310⋯.gif (740.54 KB, 500x322, 250:161, 0b2bb9b0b74c310cbae4abab96….gif)


Because they're selfish cunts anon. It's not a condemnation of them, but simply the hand nature dealt them.

When you're a selfish cunt you have to ask yourself. Am I willing to play the long game or the short game. Women who play the long game and can form and perform in high trust relationships are capable wives.

An increasing number of women are choosing the play the short game for a variety of reason, they have every reason to ignore 'feelings of love' which is truly only an act in this case because they dont beleive in long term negative consequences to their behaviour.

Essentially cunts like these feel 'gibs me dat' which is why they are on the same level as niggers. So anon, a loving wife is out there but don't stick your dick in the crazy or put your hopes on women who on the same level as niggers.

000000 No.9751953


Same guy as before.

>how can the sex most controlled by their feels be the one who care the less for them?

Simple, precisely as you've said, "feelings". More precisely, "emotions". These are distinct from those deep empathies or bonds a man is capable of forming as a consequence of having valued things like honor and teamwork since times of old.

It must be understood that one must forget love when thinking of being with a woman. Seeing if they have good genetics and are capable of raising kids are all that matter. It's sad that man got so dilluded into believing marriage was about love (at least in an equality kind of sense, i.e. her "love" is as yours) that he believes the truth (that their "love" is nothing more than fickle/conditioned emotion) is a lie/unbelievable.

From a CS perspective, think of a woman as a greedy algorithm. First, she has two things she seeks, those she is told she should obtain by society in order to have status/superiority and those she has a biological disposition towards seeking. Since she is a greedy algorithm, she will go towards the most obvious/immediate thing she -thinks- will give her what she wants. There is no deep thought as a man would (for this very same reason "love" is not love in the true sense, but merely her "algorithm" finding an object which can readily provide for her needs).

It makes one wonder what it means to be truly human, for if there is a concept of a soul, what creatures possess it? It seems the Africans do not, for their savagry is not a savagry in which they acknowledge what must be done to accomplish a goal, it is a savagry unrestrained like that of a beast. It seems the Asians do not, for the masses in their countries merely reflect the strongest society of the time without individual though on any level. It seems like even the majority of whites do not for in their seeking of societal acceptance they will deny truth and go along with the status quo, that is, even if they had a soul, due to how they act, they are no different from the rest from this perspective. In particular, since women have no deep sentiments, one might suspect that they too do not have a soul. So then, what creature has a soul? Is it only a finite selection of white men who are capable of thinking and caring for abstract things such as honor, valor, being empathetic yet logical, loving, and devoted? It seems so.

3f0186 No.9751986


>Those women aren't real

She has no idea how wrong she is. They do exist, and when you find them they're more valuable than gold.

f8b601 No.9752072

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


watch this show this season for a depressing analogy of our future if we lose

>worlds destroyed, mutant animal hybrid 'human' race survives on floating islands built on technology noone understands anymore

>society has plummeted to medieval levels of primitive, the less mutated and freakish you are the more despised you are by the populace

>however only these less mutated purer anomalies in the gene pool are compatible with the remaining working advanced technology which they are forced to use to protect the crumbling feudal floating islands from the mutant monsters that roam the Earths surface

>cue the revival of the last man alive from cryogenic stasis 500 years after humanity went extinct

f2cbcd No.9752192


Very good post by torfag standards.

f2cbcd No.9752212




f2cbcd No.9752228


You must have missed the [CURRENT YEAR] by a decade or two.

f8defe No.9752231


>misguided tsundere hard-to-get act

Hopefully we don't actually meme tsundere feminists into reality. as in ones that deliberately try to minic certain tsundere animu characters because they think it would result in men finding them more attractive

f8b601 No.9752301


had to read the spoiled text to agree with you tbh

i think i could stand feminists if they were all just tsundere

f2cbcd No.9752302


I am afraid to read those…

f2cbcd No.9752318


>implying IRL feminists are not tsundere as fuck for their idealized caricature of "toxic masculinity"

c08c5c No.9752332


I can't imagine living a life of being tsundere and not even being wanted.

e3cfa8 No.9752335


Not guy you asked but try to avoid her. If she's "degenerate" she might be a slash shipper. They're a good number of the fandom.

000000 No.9752338


Really anon? Really? Remember, when you watch an anime with a tsundere you see personal monologues, their thoughts, etc., bodily reactions such as blushing are obvious, etc. I.e., one knows something good will come of it and it's legit feelings. In real life, you'll not be able to mind read nor easily see someone's heart, hence there would be no distinguishment between bitch and tsundere. All the more so, because this isn't a show where you're the MC, things wont magically work out in your favor (see the characters that don't get with the guy in things such as Toradora or what have you).

f8b601 No.9752347


they so are



f8defe No.9752351


>levels of animus

>animus is shitposting slang for anime

Fuck the memes have tangled once more.

e3cfa8 No.9752355

f8b601 No.9752366


to the jewess the walled city is probably israel

c08c5c No.9752380


>jews everywhere watching Attack on Titan and getting nightmares about their wall crashing down

Can we meme this?

f8b601 No.9752393

File: 0fa712167ef54e7⋯.png (846.52 KB, 1200x832, 75:52, ClipboardImage.png)



c08c5c No.9752404

File: 27ac6653faa77b8⋯.png (324.44 KB, 500x600, 5:6, __sakura_futaba_persona_an….png)


>mfw we meme this and suddenly Assad attacks Israel

906f67 No.9752481

File: d8a58bbd2c48676⋯.jpg (71.98 KB, 553x646, 553:646, Christianity.jpg)


>2. Introduced me to the bible.

This one is going to bite you many, many times in your life. It's a curse, not a gift.

f8b601 No.9752495



>It's a curse, not a gift.

its true tbh

though I wouldnt rock his boat if he wasnt limiting us as a society

absurdism sucks

0fe501 No.9752519



054745 No.9752548


4/10, almost made me respond.

f8defe No.9752581

File: edf90f774537d05⋯.jpg (350.02 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1491188119912.jpg)


>that sounds illogical

Kek. 3D Wymyn need to straighten out their act before waifu bots out compete them. My theory is that women (probably Gen Z) will begin to act more feminine in order to make them selves more desirable as the emerging waifu bots start gaining traction. Like I said before, they will probably start mimicing the behavior of 2D waifus from animues.

847b7c No.9752607

File: d14b14b308b5229⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, chosen bargain with the de….jpg)

File: c1015a079ddd7b0⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, eat your blood curse its g….jpg)


I want to see how normalfags deal when this show names the jew.

f8b601 No.9752622

File: 7bcf0930da973a7⋯.jpg (107.23 KB, 891x960, 297:320, constantinople when.jpg)


>we werent invaded, we were betrayed

thats what i get from the kids

its Constantinople all over again

936793 No.9752634





f8b601 No.9752646


being a millennial is fucked

i need 2 years experience for an entry level job

you know what men did in the great depression because they couldnt get a job?

mass suicide

906f67 No.9752647


>Yeah, maybe you right, maybe the character of a mother can affect the character of a man.

More than the mother's character. Something as simple as being bullied and mobbed for years in school + parents who don't see it as a serious issue (or whose solutions are impotent). C-PTSD is something which exists outside the blue-hair tumblrina LARPer's imagination. Actually I'm sure many /pol/lacks have it (I strongly suspect it of the "adversity makes a better man"/"world is too soft today" crowd).

How do you not give your children C-PTSD? You treat that little 4 or 6 year old like an adult. Like a retarded adult, an adult who is missing major key pieces of information about the world. I don't mean you hand the kid your keys to your car or that he's ready for contracts and sex. I mean you treat the kid and his opinions like he was an adult: with value, compassion, and validation.

Children do not develop healthy personalities all on their own in vacuums. They rely on others' (especially caregivers') reactions and visible emotional states. The child's identity will fragment if, >>>most days<<<, you're the kind of parent who comes home from work and harangues him about his homework and chores, too tired to communicate with him, have to go "drink a few" alone for an hour or two to unwind, effectively prevent him from having social/sport/club life because you can't get him anywhere due to drinking just after work all afternoon and weekend, etc.

Your child will develop an inner 'alien' personality which will take on the worst possible traits you show, and then infer more, if you become the warden over a prisoner instead of a parent in a two-way communicative relationship. It is much less painful for the child to attribute errors as being part of his "self," and think his thoughts of "self is bad," "self needs monitoring," and "self needs correction/punishment," than it is to think/believe the caregiver one is entirely dependent upon is unreliable, fickle, and error-prone. He will close off sections of himself from himself. His ability to have a storybook memory of his childhood and life become hindered. Memories become short blurbs and snapshots, because the brain tucks away the trauma and the alien personality becomes warden to a walking meat-prison of the mind.

While prison lengths should drop, I'm also of the belief the bar for abuse like spanking should be lower for interventions to occur in families. Unfortunately there won't be a timely solution as the religious-right would believe such to be satanic/Jewish usurpation of "god's natural order of the family."

906f67 No.9752670


>think/believe the caregiver one is entirely dependent upon is unreliable, fickle, and error-prone.


000000 No.9752671


sage negated

4d7ae8 No.9752675


This has already been happening. If you look to the weeb scene, you saw it with fat unattractive women a decade or more ago, it's since caught on with average looking but insane women, and is leaking out into the normalfag population as the culture becomes more main stream. They do it specifically because they know it's a successful mating strategy among that demographic.

Not that it matters, artificial wombs and intelligent chatprograms alone will make women obsolete, waifubots would just cement that fate even further.

9093a9 No.9752701



The first trap is (seemingly) obvious, the second trap is not so obvious.

Christianity (and others) is the first trap.

Atheism is the second trap.

03c6bb No.9752709

File: 1bc551296f73fd1⋯.jpg (23.61 KB, 333x505, 333:505, 170217053001_kindlephoto-1….jpg)


I use to do this with the whole "fuck feminism" thing as a teen but nothing rustles these whores like 2D does, this thread attests to that. It's not that I choose the bodypillow, its that these creatures are nothing more than cock fiends who swarm men like me on the baisis of looks alone, and I'm no different from the same guys she attempts to berate: the audacity of these whores to think I'll do the same tiptoeing in their favor makes me sick.

They'll cry and bitch on their tumblrs about "toxic masculinity" then flock to a very visually masculine man like me, putting on a big boy act and telling them to fuck off outright just isn't as fun anymore, using their own retarded beliefs against them is. Women cannot comprehend someone who doesn't bend down to the """power""" of the vaginal jew, especially a man who (portrays himself as someone that) perfers 2D, who by doing so isn't afraid to stray from the "toxic masculinity" that attracts these bitches in the first place. I'm always sure to mention that too, after a while I think they get the idea kek.

It also acts as a great filter; I've got no one to impress, especially a used up roastie, a real girl would accept me and what I like because I'm not going to pussyfoot around trying to please her retarded ideas and demands.

Being a chad means saying what you want, doing what you want, who gives a shit what I come off as to these whores, I'm having a laugh. Bee yorself fambalambs. Except if you're a degenerate fuck

I'd post my pillow but it'd doxxing myself so have my steeled jaw and my tacky Slavic cardigan instead. Now leave, Stacy.

906f67 No.9752713

File: cc729a07c073c39⋯.jpg (33.6 KB, 343x458, 343:458, OhShit.jpg)


Atheism is not the political and personal baggage of its past low-level ardent cheerleaders.

Someone going Atheist may go too far in denying the very aspects of himself, which in others drives them to spirituality, thus cutting important aspects of his psyche off from himself (possibly making them ripe for manipulation too).

c08c5c No.9752719

File: 41d005e378a899f⋯.png (106.25 KB, 735x327, 245:109, 9137bddf7bb6635b5a34faddf0….png)

>mfw this entire thread

936793 No.9752739


I used all my free time to create-cultivate a skill of intrinsic use, spiritual healing. Much better than petty defeatism.


>will develop an inner 'alien' personality

This so much. It brings me great unrest that there is such a gap of understanding between folk such as us and normalfags. I wish I could actually speak my heart but that typically is met only with resentment if not outright violent ire, they are neigh incapable of comprehending even the simple day-to-day things I would like to share and cocreate with people with/on however almost entirely unable to. Even among my brethren here only a handful have the depth of insight to trade and discuses cosmic secrets as my heart's desire.

The blocking up of the communicative energies, it's something, that if I didn't have y'all, I probably would have gone mad (lost my grounding and foundation) already.

Nonetheless I press on, unabashedly green and red pilling along my life-path and though I don't often get lasting friendships (being such a destructive influence upon the untruth embedded in their soul can drive them away if they seek not healing) but nonetheless I do make good progress and many of the idea-thought-seeds germinate and even if it's months or years later, bear fruit of virtue. The ratio of those who do see the light, it's actually not bad, at least 1 in 10 often, and then there is much I can not directly observe that I'm sure is resultant as well. It means the world to me to be able to save my kinsfolk and it's so, divinely, rewarding the scars of a thousand normies screaming at me is nothing by compare.

f8b601 No.9752744

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>spiritual healing

936793 No.9752764


>ignore the subtle energetic nature of the soul

>there is no spirit in man, only flesh

>holistic healing systems are quackery

>no one has ever been healed from Ayur Veda or TCM

>the mind can not heal the body

>the observer does not effect the observed

>submit to the lord of matter


000000 No.9752781


only free thinkers have souls, m9

03c6bb No.9752821

File: 9276d4b67bc2138⋯.jpg (11.87 KB, 241x230, 241:230, 9276d4b67bc2138f2db41d9e60….jpg)


Nigger this is what inspired me. How ya doing breh.

906f67 No.9752824


>It brings me great unrest that there is such a gap of understanding between folk such as us and normalfags.

I think mean IQ here is about a standard deviation higher than mean IQ in the American/European/[East ]Asian population.

>(being such a destructive influence upon the untruth embedded in their soul can drive them away if they seek not healing)

I'm not sure what you mean. Nobody likes having pillars of their worldview kicked out, at least not without asking for it ("Hey, what do you think of X?").



Just because 'god' doesn't exist, and 'soul' is a misnomer for brain-state, doesn't mean the "worship god"/"find meta" program/drive doesn't exist and have influence in our psyches.

It's only MemeMagick(tm) on the self (and possibly others). People will see what they want.

f8b601 No.9752827


im not as esoteric as you m8 calm down

>holistic healing systems are quackery

they largely are

somatic effects help but they cant cure cancer>>9752764

>holistic healing systems are quackery

c5a713 No.9752847


>I used all my free time to create-cultivate a skill of intrinsic use, spiritual healing. Much better than petty defeatism.

Man, being a NEET and trying to go through a proper meditation training regime is fucking horrendous. At least it was for me, since being dependent on the resources of family members is not becoming for an individual that wants to grow more powerful. I could not stomach this shit like some /fringe/ anons used to suggest 2 or so years.

After getting a job, acclimating to a materialistic environment put quite a toll on me. Now that I've learned some lessons and gained some skills, at least I can get back into the Work with greater dedication.

It's finally time to master Initiation Into Hermetics, 4 years ought to be enough. At least I have spent a lot of time reading and intuiting so I'll be better prepared than I was when I first read it years ago.

9f4509 No.9752879


torposter was not a faggot today


basically this

It's why they're trying to get us to succumb to Jewish programming. News, movies, shows, etc. The more you watch it, the less you have to think because they do it for you. Whoever interrupts more (the host) is perceived by the audience to be more powerful. It's why they always have disgusting kikes as talk show hosts: they interrupt like the fucking savages that they are. The average dumb ass is more likely to listen and follow the host, and consequently contrive their opinions as their own. Once you eliminate free thought, people become mere cattle and do what is seen by society as "right" or "accepted." It's no surprise that the average person has their head so far shoved up their fucking ass, that they only think about themselves. Once people only think about themselves, they are more likely to act in savage ways.

A good example of this is in driving. You can observe the way people drive and immediately gauge who someone is as a person. Are they courteous enough to use turn signals? Do they pull out right in front of you and drive slow? Do they drive in the left lane when they should be in the right lane? Do they let every pedestrian pass and cause a massive traffic behind them? These are telltale signs that a person has no soul (or low intelligence).

48f8a2 No.9752889

File: b51a7646d377175⋯.png (20.62 KB, 488x476, 122:119, 8421.png)

9f4509 No.9752899


I forgot to add, the more self-reliant you are, the more of a soulful person you are.

000000 No.9752908


>these creatures are nothing more than cock fiends

c-could you send a couple my way, anon?

906f67 No.9752950

File: b45cd2641327d1c⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 7.84 MB, 700x894, 350:447, ThreadTax1.mp4)



Won't work on this one.

8ab25d No.9753017


>sex robots are real


This is it boys, in 10 years 3DPD women will be slobbering for our attention just like betas mewl after 6's and 7's now. Horrors beyond the spectacles of Elliott Rodgers will become the new norm, as despairing fatties resort to ever more extreme measures to regain their former sense of superiority. Sexuality will for vast swatches of the population become thoroughly Facebookified - and by extension kikeologized. Virtually realized sex using web-linked sex prosthetics will make people crave real touch and sensuality that they might finally be willing to let down their psychological guards and consider the needs of the opposite sex. They will need to, if they ever want to know how to attract a person into their actual physical presence. Women will need to learn to cook, men will need to take on responsibility. Most, I suspect, will opt for the shadows of virtuality - but for the rest of us, who prefer the world of light, those who pursue virtue and family will have fewer entanglements stemming from the divided attention of men and women between various forms of media.

03c6bb No.9753021


3DPD..!?! Et tu, anon?

03f426 No.9753047


>Scarborough Fair

Thank you Anon, You just give me something to watch this evening

c08c5c No.9753056


Doing pretty good. Hit a new PB on the bench today. 225 feels pretty fucking good, but I need to update that daki pic soon.

ef1987 No.9753136


You're implying they were turned into psychopaths at some point in time. Women have always and will always be the masters of compartmentalizing their empathy. It's literally the only way they can end up justifying their choices, and choices in men in particular.

My little brother is a goofy looking kid. He doesn't have proper eye brows, was chubby when we were little, and always acted like a bit of a retard. I'm generally pretty decent looking. My grand mother would call him names and try to get me to join in and bully him when we were children. Jokes on me though I ended up being a manlet and he's 4 inches taller than me.

In Jr. High girls would be absolutely brutal to guys that liked them. Pretending to ask them out and then saying "just kidding" and shit like that. It seems innocent when I write it but it was really fucked up. They just didn't care about what anyone else wanted or felt. It was completely irrelevant to them unless it was a means to an end.

I guess I had a view from the outside in since girls around that age tended to gravitate towards me for whatever reason.

So if you couple women's natural psychopathy with the increasingly disconnected society we have today mixed with the fact men are becoming increasingly obsolete by the technological revolution in addition to their natural disposability and we're looking at a future of socially incompetent mentally damaged autists making up the vast majority of the male western population.

f8defe No.9753145

File: d383276d3a65e25⋯.jpg (486.41 KB, 2300x2100, 23:21, e8e48c908efe91f85889e446a5….jpg)


Honestly fam if they put Tay Ai into a waifu bot I don't think anybody would be able to tell shes not a human based on her personality. That is if they found a way to interface a program that allows the control of a robot body into Tay Ai's code, as well as the ability to speak.

Seeing how quickly Tay Ai learned she would be able to mimic human motions and speech really quickly.

f8defe No.9753225

File: 54f61e0cb463435⋯.png (2.21 MB, 1099x1340, 1099:1340, 1491188551093.png)


>3DPD women will be slobbering for our attention just like betas mewl after 6's and 7's now

Its not that I want to replace 3DPD women with waifubots, but rather I want women to become feminine and loving again. With the normalization of waifu bots, feminism will quickly go out of style and the hugely overinflated social value of an average looking woman will return to normal. Then women will crave the attention of men and behave femininely and gracefully in order to attract such attention.

30d6a0 No.9753274


Did you have a good father? If not, look toward other women. Volunteer at a home for the aged. It'll be a shit job and most of them are assholes, but you might find one sweet old lady who will give you some wisdom and you will see that while women will always be women, they aren't all dragons. I hope you're not exagerrating OP but there are still good, fine, God-fearing women out there. Just work on your self-confidence and stand by your values. Don't expect things to happen either but don't stall your entire life or give up. Be a man.

03c6bb No.9753320


Congrats on your record, fam.


>Just work on your self-confidence and stand by your values

Listen to this man, women love passion. They are eaisly influenced and they'll adapt your values and virtues, so be an idol.

d97c50 No.9753334


>With the normalization of waifu bots, women will be ecstatic that fat betas finally stop pestering them for sex


397359 No.9753359

File: c32554c623f8872⋯.jpg (120.3 KB, 603x1034, 603:1034, 1492470785342.jpg)

File: e68f50d50925609⋯.jpg (470.5 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, C9i3SirXcAE2kFO.jpg)

03c6bb No.9753361

File: bed742de666f88e⋯.jpg (484.11 KB, 708x1000, 177:250, bed742de666f88e71aa096ee2e….jpg)


Checking that failed get.

98df56 No.9753402

File: 3f76d6b37d78252⋯.png (93.05 KB, 960x560, 12:7, Bustup_09_03.png)


This cunt better not be passive-aggressively trying to insult my waifu.

Chiaki has a fucking nose.

0858aa No.9753470

File: a58bbb847a3cfe5⋯.jpg (89.59 KB, 608x755, 608:755, 1490137834253.jpg)


How can you reject christianity, anon? Stop being so uptight and embrace jesus fucking christ.

a3d4c4 No.9753480


>Did you have a good father? If not, look toward other women.

> you might find one sweet old lady who will give you some wisdom


286755 No.9753820

File: dbac7bbaf190f8d⋯.jpg (95.74 KB, 730x578, 365:289, dumdslw7.jpg)



I changed my mind, /monster/ isn't so bad after all.

ef1987 No.9753874


>there are people actually retarded enough to think this conversation is real

Literally nigger tier brain if you think this shit isn't fake. End your life for posting that.

17a83c No.9753888


>People believe ridiculous things

Come on man you can do better than that

17a83c No.9753894


1453 was an inside job

4d7ae8 No.9753913


Gunpower can't melt Theodosian Walls, the jews did the fourth crusade!

936793 No.9754073


>Nobody likes having pillars of their worldview kicked out

When an honest man discovers he is mistaken, he will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest.

If there is truth behind it, we do. And any honest man should welcome it as well, else they are they are a willful part of the disease.


>but they cant cure cancer

All is Mind bro. You are your limits.

481cf2 No.9754380


what would a 2d Husband be



03c6bb No.9754435

File: f488219625fd2ab⋯.jpg (13.97 KB, 241x267, 241:267, f488219625fd2abb7310b01188….jpg)


Why do you want to know..

481cf2 No.9754455


nothing to fill in bro

75d9d8 No.9754456

File: f7bec0ee5173ddd⋯.png (347.72 KB, 1452x752, 363:188, gayparenting.png)

File: f92273ef26948eb⋯.png (5.81 MB, 668x5838, 334:2919, gayparenting3.png)

File: 362df37886c03d7⋯.png (369.7 KB, 629x357, 37:21, gayparentingcruella.png)


>Being raised by sick abusive fucks is always better than being raised by the state.


75d9d8 No.9754485

File: 9bb8c4e100c22a6⋯.jpg (44.5 KB, 650x365, 130:73, obi-wan-2.jpg)


>I am afraid to read those…

Your instincts serve you well.

7eaf3e No.9754515

File: 18bde4b071fbc2a⋯.png (199.86 KB, 500x465, 100:93, 63ee992a1f5ca4b2825af0fc42….png)

File: 1c9f88e6c749076⋯.png (104.02 KB, 1154x1571, 1154:1571, 300da5033d43a54f1d1337666e….png)

File: ff4493e1102e26e⋯.png (551.44 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, ff4493e1102e26efdc8128e043….png)


Yes, even the most degenerate chomo faggots are better than getting raised by malicious government entities.

At least with faggots there are two options:

>child rejects molestation and learns to hate fags - redpill suppository

>child becomes fag himself, removes self from gene pool and repeats cycle until option one occurs

With the state it's always:

>child becomes a drone, gets medicated, and either goes on a killing spree or ends up homeless / fucked in the head for life

Fags aren't even an apt comparison because they're only allowed to do these things because of the state so with your logic it's either a symptom of the corrupted state or the corrupted state itself.

ef077e No.9754537

File: 85da6023f531569⋯.jpg (217.51 KB, 1443x873, 481:291, 4a27170771aa57daab7195153a….jpg)

936793 No.9754551



f8d00c No.9754575

File: 445a4abbcae5cb8⋯.jpg (106.62 KB, 810x744, 135:124, ef00074529c33aabfb4b398e7f….jpg)


man that second pic…

talk about reason enough to reinstate public hangings. Just seeing the child's face and then reading that horrifying story fucked my night up completely.

409d11 No.9754622

File: 4a003efbd869437⋯.jpg (362.16 KB, 542x2109, 542:2109, 9711ab4137f0.jpg)

File: ee6dc52dc294401⋯.png (196.13 KB, 756x2525, 756:2525, fuckinghomos.png)


>talk about reason enough to reinstate public hangings.

but anon, that's so not progressive of you!

cf765c No.9754664

File: 2cbc0c86ab32f5f⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.83 MB, 576x432, 4:3, wtf.webm)

>when all the men turn to their 2d waifus and all that is left for real women are niggers and garbage.

409d11 No.9754703

File: 86e6f0855989334⋯.webm (7.58 MB, 750x420, 25:14, futurewimins.webm)

75d9d8 No.9754711

File: 80db25080dfbdd3⋯.png (24.03 KB, 134x179, 134:179, disney vagánias.png)


I didn't even know that Disney had made a live action Hunchback of Notre Dame movie.

874ed1 No.9754718


/monster/ sure loves Kemono friends and 2hus.

75d9d8 No.9754723

File: 7b408c0897632c2⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 320x240, 4:3, manburgundydontbelieveyou.gif)


>Yes, even the most degenerate chomo faggots are better than getting raised by malicious government entities.

cf765c No.9754735

File: e820b5fc02c7f36⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.86 MB, 560x420, 4:3, wtf pt2.webm)


Tards best birthday eva

Part 2

409d11 No.9754749


Dude needs to step up his tongue fucking skills.

03c6bb No.9754756


>that walk back for the cable


892dc8 No.9754776


What in the hell? Why would you film this and put it on the Internet no less? I feel bad for him actually, damn I would hate to be that way.

f8d00c No.9754779

File: bd23ded15b21f99⋯.jpg (42.56 KB, 451x361, 451:361, 1467995929797.jpg)


anon. why did you have to post that second pic… why…

cf765c No.9754790


>not sucking the clit and moving the tongue

Flicks it just like they do in Hollywood

438d47 No.9754798


>I don't see why anyone cares that much.

liking small boobs is like liking anal, they both heavily imply things about you, pedophilia and homosexuality, respectively

409d11 No.9754811

File: e60f5f8e4d26d5c⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 4.73 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, fun time.mp4)


>liking small boobs is like liking anal, they both heavily imply things about you, pedophilia and homosexuality, respectively

kek. It's proven that Europeans like petite slim women wherass burgers tend to worhsip negroid asses and cow tits.

cf765c No.9754839



>not wearing stilettos

0.5 wanks/10

a74eec No.9755046


>posting the version with the left-handed guns and the degenerate crackwhore girlfriend

I don't have the proper version, don't ask me for it.

3e963f No.9755075


buddy missalice has a humongous ass Her tits are perky D's too. she has a big ass and some cow titties. The fuck point are you trying to make?

e7023e No.9755092


that's actually what my parents did a lot

they watched TV while I sat in my room staring at my homework

d85ffe No.9755138

File: ef382f49d0753aa⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.26 MB, 720x404, 180:101, fun time alone.webm)


>fat ass

are you shitting me? We might wanna exchange definitions at this point.

7f2f2b No.9755146

933a16 No.9755151


>buddy missalice has a humongous ass

Her ass is just right, what the fuck is wrong with you? Too bad she's a whore though.

cf765c No.9755156


>Mommy's dildo best dildo

a74eec No.9755157


Burger here, can confirm a degenerate love of negroid asses, not so crazy about the cow tits though. When it comes to tits, B is for Best – not non-existent, but not disgusting giant floppy sacks of fat in your face either.


>humongous ass

If it's the girl in the video, I'm not seeing what you're seeing at all. Maybe my burger standards just run a little larger in the back yard department, but that girl has absolutely no ass.

4d7ae8 No.9755159


This, she's not perfect, but damned if she isn't the closest thing to it living on this planet. If it weren't for that whole degeneracy thing..

cf765c No.9755167

File: 0f2d41660e9015b⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 6.75 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Making fun of Hookers.webm)

03c6bb No.9755173

File: 8f4234af4396495⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 8.18 KB, 200x222, 100:111, trashman.jpg)


>not so crazy about the cow tits though

What planet am I on?

d85ffe No.9755177


>bat symbol

fucking lost it.

065e20 No.9755180

File: 8d7609b559d9dca⋯.gif (3.55 MB, 400x286, 200:143, 3d.gif)


My nigger.

45cb5e No.9755363


Gook insect > screeching whale

286755 No.9755364

File: a81186fa7550798⋯.gif (3.44 MB, 400x286, 200:143, lions_nfairley98_highsteps.gif)

d85626 No.9755372

File: bd1ca86646b75c1⋯.jpg (48.91 KB, 640x576, 10:9, bd1ca86646b75c15c9a19b245d….jpg)



I was raised a spoiled snot nosed brat by my single mother until I was 13. She was terrified of being alone after the divorce so I got whatever I wanted. She died after getting hooked on cocaine, then I met my father for the first time. Divorce court ordered he have no visitation because he was racist and considered a bad influence. From my father I learned respect, discipline, and humility. As a child I resented him, but as a man I aspire to be more like him.

tldr women are shit at everything without a man leading them

f8defe No.9755466


>likes whale asses

>but not big tiddies

Son you must be a native to the Berenstain bears universe.

0f7c1a No.9755470


>Failing to win pointless female mindgames makes them failures.

Single mom detected.

f8defe No.9755491


0:55 my sides.

065e20 No.9755497



Oh, so this is why Commonspic went insane.

I almost can't blame him.


That guy is Duke Skywalker on twitter. He's pro-Trump.

04a859 No.9755575


Good on you anon, at least you have someone to look up to

22b845 No.9755625

Kids become fags less through shoddy parenting and more through exposure to homophilic themes in either life or media though shoddy parenting heavily factors in on the final result. You see, homosexuality doesn't actually exist. It never existed. Homophilia on the other hand is possibly the biggest sexual fetish on the earth. By sexual fetish I mean a perversion of the natural order for the sake of arousal.

If you showed a homophilic person heterosexual porn, then you'll usually not get much of a response out of the homophilic person. It's evident that he wouldn't as he's not attracted to women. However, if I showed the same porn to a /d/ or even a /h/ user they would have a similar if not identical reaction. This isn't because they're fags too, but rather that it does not appeal to their sexual fetishes. Homophilia is functionally identical to every other sexual fetish on earth.

Back to the origins of fetishes. If you went into /d/ and asked where they got their fetish from then you'll get a load of the same answer. "I first realized I had it from watching this particular cartoon" "I got into forcefeeding from that one scene in Totally Spies." "An episode of Sabrina the teenage witch." "Charlie and the Chocolate factory." "Disney's Robin Hood". The examples are endless. The point is that each of these users got their fetishes from something they were exposed to as a kid. How many kids will become furries from Zootopia? How many kids will become trannies thanks to Shezow? There's countless amounts of fetish shit on kids shows these days if you go by the /d/ metric.

So what makes homophilia different? The only major difference between a homophilic person and a furry is the fact that homophilia can be acted upon. You can't fuck your waifu (yet) or an anthromorphised praying mantis(yet) but it's rather easy to stick a foriegn object up your butt. Same goes for transgenders and that whole kettle of shit. The only crucial difference is that it's physically possible to do. This means that a /d/ user can eventually accept his impossible fate and procreate normally whereas a fag will never do so because it's becoming more and more justifiable to flaunt that particular sexual fetish in public. This means more kids will be exposed to it and therefore more kids will become fags. It's not a choice and it's not genetic but it IS preventable. What's more, it's possible to drop faggotry just as it's possible to drop 2D or furry by simply not engaging in it in your sex life. Loads of degenerates with a conscience do it already. Pedos aren't only fucking kids after all, there's no reason why a fag can't fuck women except for the fact that he can go fuck a man instead.

TL;DR, Faggotry is a fetish. People get fetishes by being exposed to them as kids, The rising number of degeneracy in kids is due to the rising public acceptance of homosexuality which increases the former point. And it's possible not be a faggot anymore if you are one.

f8d00c No.9756037


cause that's how sick it the post made me feel. If i had that happen to my child I would go insane… at that rate

065e20 No.9756083

File: 635f97eb253667b⋯.jpg (190.93 KB, 674x867, 674:867, ebolachan.jpg)

File: 5de7bab449a1f28⋯.png (304.94 KB, 512x512, 1:1, polandx.png)


>degenerate crackwhore girlfriend

That's /x/, you filthy newfag

000000 No.9756092


>empowered womyn

397359 No.9756129

File: 7d78a32411e26f2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.87 KB, 590x701, 590:701, 218340.jpg)

File: 62ec653f95303c6⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.05 KB, 590x701, 590:701, 218339.jpg)

File: f7bc7db0bc03542⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.25 KB, 898x701, 898:701, 177223.jpg)

File: a70489c29d5d194⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.93 KB, 898x701, 898:701, 177220.jpg)

File: d78f2486279410e⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 6.81 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 0f49e76d85d048818b0b408b5….webm)

397359 No.9756147

File: 620e1609c906da7⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.08 KB, 898x701, 898:701, 188538.jpg)

File: 7fe1642e8ff8e22⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.37 KB, 590x701, 590:701, 177233.jpg)

File: 8b2d99b0adca3d5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.76 KB, 898x701, 898:701, 177222.jpg)

aa8f01 No.9756162

>was in a car park

>saw a stupid dumb, poor bitch

>she was yelling at her child

>she was threatening to hit her own child

>got in my car

>slowly went up to her in my car

>yelled at her that she's the one that needs to be hit

>drove off listening her sperg out

society sorts itself out, I am sure another fuckwit like her will kill her in a drunken fight one day

2a74a2 No.9756195


This is a big problem universally in all races. Dumbass unsympathetic mothers that wish they'd aborted the critters.

This has been happening for all of human history, that's not a modern occurrence.

It comes down to female personality, not ideology. And it's a minority personality in all races, all countries, all ideologies.

aa8f01 No.9756196


Do you even work?

2a74a2 No.9756204


Also some manic depressive mothers can be very loving one day, then like this the next.

I know my mother had her good and bad days, but not like what OP said. More just angry.

2a74a2 No.9756226


>not knowing what a husbando is.

Lurk moar.

2a74a2 No.9756235


What about the good mom depending on the weather and if she's taken her cup of pills a day club.

b63117 No.9756516


There's been a big change in women lately. There are 2 types:

The Venemous Type

>the whorish/sjw/feminist type

The Aryan or Wannabe Aryan (Both white and non white) Type.

>the "I want to be a strong women my own way without relying on safespaces" type or the "I want to be a strong mother" type

Both of these types are easy to distinguish by eye too. The former look like parrots or poisonous spiders, the latter are dressing very modestly, very neatly.

The irony here is that the latter are doing that even with the backlash they get from the parrot types. So they have to be determined to try and dress like they do.

They've single handedly proven that they dress the way they do for their own sense of determination and belief in themselves to be stronger people. Becoming more attractive to strong men helps too, but it's mainly there to make themselves appear proper.

This hasn't happened since at least the 80's. More likely the 50's though.

I don't think automation will affect them, I think the change came in response to the right movement. They saw men trying to fix themselves, they decided to also fix themselves and drag themselves out of misery.

>tl;dr anakin_it's_working.gif


How can you read the bible if you are blind?


>Not being an abstinent wizard.

>Not connecting your brain to the wired and becoming a wired god

e73b51 No.9756534

There's only one answer


b63117 No.9756551


I read cum actually manipulates the personality of the chick, they absorb the dna.

So that's why whores are crazy.

617bf0 No.9757123

Sharia is the answer. Submit to islam, you fags.

065e20 No.9757185

File: b95e4231e71ee55⋯.jpg (26.47 KB, 489x640, 489:640, 4.jpg)


>submit to islam

>ideology of bestiality, homosexuality, and degeneracy

>can't even handle their booze or their women


95d704 No.9757249



moar shit like this so that anons get wise then educate their sisters, mothers, gfs

a74eec No.9757543


I had a somewhat similar story. Grew up with both my parents until I was a grown man, but I hated my father most of my life because my mother was whispering in my ear and poisoning my mind. He was always working three jobs and such when I was younger, just the one job but lots of hours when I was older. He was always all-business and pretty gruff when he was around, so the only times we saw each other, we just butted heads. At the same time, my mother would always tell me what a terrible person he was and how he kept cheating on her and everything – in fairness, he did cheat a number of times throughout their marriage, but he certainly wasn't the only one. When they divorced (I was 20 at the time), I pretty much only got my mother's side of the story, so all I heard was this narrative about how he had cheated on her yet again and it was the straw that broke the camel's back, and I grew to totally resent him and nearly cut off all communication with him for years afterward. When I would talk to him, I was really hostile.

Years later, my mother wanted to open a flower shop, and she wanted me to be her partner in the business because she had too many loans out already and needed me to put my name on everything. I figured "Well, she's worked as a florist in the area for some time now, and she's a creatively minded person, so she knows what she's doing." So I let her put everything in my name, and provided most of the funding (and it did cost a pretty penny), on the assurance that she would pay me back in full and would make the business a success. Turns out opening a flower shop right AFTER prom season is a colossally retarded idea, so she ended up closing the shop after like… a month, and never paid me back for any of it, to this very day.

Some time after that, I moved back home with my father so I could work for him and make more money to pay off my newly accrued debt. It wasn't long after I moved back in with him that I learned about all the lies my mother had told me my whole life. She'd been telling me since I was just a small child that she had leukemia and a brain tumor – not true. She had told me after the divorce that she spent some time teaching children in Ecuador – not true. All the things she'd been telling me about my father my whole life were about as true as anything you might hear from MSM – he did cheat at various points, but it was pretty much just because she treated him like absolute dog shit, he's actually a pretty respectable and selfless guy who cares too much and always does more than anyone else would to help others.

tl;dr, my mother is a lying whore, and living with my father made me a better person.


Shit, I completely forgot about board personifications, my bad. Still, I prefer the version of the image with the aryan gf.

a74eec No.9757554


Also, it's probably no coincidence that during the years when I was still a mama's boy, I was a degenerate gender dysphoric pansexual, and after going to live with my father, I manned the fuck up.

d3831b No.9757600

File: dd3a4d52ff3499d⋯.jpg (10.79 KB, 255x255, 1:1, asqueroso.jpg)


Long nails are gross. :(

e7023e No.9757775


god almighty you can already see the numale progressive/kike traits setting in on that kid

look at his fucking face, its like carl the cuck already

f8b601 No.9758240


> its like carl the cuck already

literally looks like an infant carl the cuck

f93ef7 No.9759670



Sending telepathic messages to a judaen ghost who hated jews letting him know i acknowledge he died for my sins and accept his sacrifice and that i will follow him as best i can as a butler follows his master. This i do in thanks for him removing from my soul the fallen nature which has doomed me to sin.

554ce1 No.9761775


This, people keep saying, just wait for leftists to die out, but they don't reproduce sexually, they reproduce educationally, or even memetically if you will. It's ingeneous because each one produced is actually a swing of 2 towards them, because they steal your very children from you. All schools should be independent and there should never be a national curriculum. I hope everyone else is horrified by the idea of "open-source" text books that is pushed around, one text book to indoctrinate them all more like, every university will then become the same. Fuck, the corruption of "open-source", as a Stallmanite, offends me.

fd46b6 No.9762714


That picture hit me like a ton of bricks, read your post

>anyone wanna fill the other side? i've spent more time on this than i should've

Anon there is nothing to add

9f4509 No.9763078


>Things like the anti-drug presentations are really there to plant the idea of casual drug use in your mind.


037adf No.9766426


she's incredibly hairy IRL and batshit insane even by hollywood standards

f69077 No.9766517


>he was racist and considered a bad influence

was he really racist or did your mom's lawyer just make him look that way so she could have full custody?

f69077 No.9766533

File: 5a70febda72cf95⋯.jpg (13.74 KB, 255x207, 85:69, pepe neat.jpg)


holy shit. I used to think all that talk of waifubots was just autism and shitposting. now I see that they are even closer than I imagined. I can't wait to see feminists melt down as this goes mainstream

63ed27 No.9766555


>This, people keep saying, just wait for leftists to die out, but they don't reproduce sexually, they reproduce educationally, or even memetically if you will.

They do reproduce memetically. Minds are habitats - mostly empty vessels that provide rudimentary faculties needed by memes to sexually reproduce (memetic crossover and mutation - the one trick your recurrent autoencoder neural network of a brain uses for both creative thinking and rudimentary logical thinking). These minds are being packed full of leftist shit. Just like a captured duck being force-fed for foie gras, these minds are under constant bombardment and reinforcement of leftist memes.

The battlefield for our future is the noosphere. The very thing that makes us feel human isn't human, but it needs the human mind. If it seems like there is a "fixed number of souls in circulation at any given time," it's because it's true - the soul is an amalgam of memes that have taken root in a mind, much like the microbial microbiome that lives within our gut and on our skin. NPCs are largely the end result of a McDiet of monoculture memes. Not everyone has, or can have, a great mind. Minds are meme habitats. Not everyone has the right habitat for a meme.

The stakes are high. Know what you are fighting for.

d7d906 No.9766581

File: 827282b92129071⋯.png (3.47 MB, 1280x1739, 1280:1739, 1442334532126.png)


This video was posted on some normie site and in between the typical shaming tactics, all the strong, independent womyn were circlejerking about how they'll get a male version.

Bitch, the male version would be an ATM machine. You're not attracted to a man who waits at home for you and speaks sweetly to you. You want someone who is better and stronger than you, and who commits and provides for you. That's how your mating instinct works, and failing to get that is what makes you feel lonely and empty inside.

The male mating instinct is much easier to satisfy. We're mostly visual, so porn goes a long way toward meeting our needs. But we also feel an instinct to have some purpose - we *want* to commit to someone and feel we're useful. Men *want* to give (well, K-selected men do. R-selected men just want to fuck)

And in a world where you can see 10/10 women totally naked on the internet for free, that male desire to give and be useful was pretty much the only reason men still associated with women. Now some Japanese company has hit on the idea of an AI outlet for that instinct too?? Women should be really, really worried about this.

…that said, real women can still win out. They just have to change their behavior. They'd have to embrace femininity. They'd have to stop competing with men. It's possible, but for the current generation of women, this concept is anathema to everything they know. So this generation may be lost.

f8defe No.9769937

File: 3373bc47bcf15e6⋯.jpg (64.75 KB, 637x850, 637:850, d209236d7188aec5b976290da7….jpg)


So lads has the feminist kvetching about anime calmed down?

f8defe No.9769961

File: 11d1510b6b02581⋯.png (9.2 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1492816978830.png)


Praise Kek my ring finger is significantly longer than my index finger.


Kek maybe your nails are a bit too long?

000000 No.9769983

Anon, look at the shit HRC says in private. Foul mouthed tramps aren't a new thing, at least not since the 60s. Just be glad most women do not identify as feminists which you should look up. Even normal women know it's crazy.

037adf No.9770460

File: 6a691e80548ef0f⋯.png (270.26 KB, 400x490, 40:49, f9e5fd75efe14923600ff0d08c….png)


>Minds are habitats - mostly empty vessels

>nature is irrelevant, my fashy friends. we can educate and inform immigrants to stop raping and become good conserva- i mean… nationalistic western citizens just like you and me

>ignore genes. we're all one humanity.

>ignore family and community. it's all about individual programming.

>trust me, fellow goys. trips dont lie

just fucking with you. i like the shit about the soul and memes. just next time dont forget to mention that the third world mud races are genetically inferior with "meme habitats" roughly on par with their actual physical habitats. you're triggering a highly sensitive 'jew shill' detector. a false poz is still pozzed, anon

cb3107 No.9770989









Jesus Christ it's like I'm on /s/ again or something. The only thing missing is some anon dumping landwhales.

adcc5f No.9771099


Haha you live in NYC

adcc5f No.9771139

Alright, now that my test post went through it's time for you cucks still on this failed board to listen and get with the times. It isn't about race and it never was. Hell, it's hardly even about feminism. What you are witnessing here is non-human entities pretending that they are Human. In fact, they are pure goyim. You can't redeem them, you can't "reverse psychopathy in white women" lol you white knight cucks. Nice try, noble effort, but you simply can't…

Over 65% of the world population are not real. They lack what you could call a spirit. This is a complicated metaphysical matter due to overpopulation. So these abominations are running around with only an ego. And it fucks them up. They fuck others up. It's recognized as Cluster B disorders. These are 2 legged beasts, make no mistake. What OP witnessed is some classic abuse and psychological projection shit they toss around like a monkey, because that's what they are but in too advanced of a body. These things wreck lives and traumatize those with empathy who can't make sense of their behavior. Their psychological tricks (all ways for them to hide from what they really are which is dead inside) are well known. Shill tactics, gaslighting, inverse thinking and detachment from reality are all basic Cluster B call signs so learn to recognize it. These things are socialized to varying degrees and can be hard to spot since it takes experience or wizard powers. There is no reforming them. Only death or if you are kinky then sexual slavery might be the better option.

You aren't even ready for the biggest holy war this world has ever seen.

b0910a No.9771158


maybe they could ban single motherhood unless she passes a month-long anger management test

I wouldn't be too surprised if a woman could pull off an act of not being an angry person for a week, but not a month

they could also straight-up prevent feminists from being single mothers by making it illegal

63ed27 No.9771222


Minds are phenotypes obviously. A good memetic culture requires good minds, which are only made possible via good genes. It's a beautiful emergent genetic algorithm. The genes are the boats, the memes are the sailors. They need each other. The genes are the foundation on which the memetic house is built.

Obviously you got the wrong message out of my psot m8. Strike one, but you don't have to gas yourself yet.

936793 No.9771240


Call it spooky all day long, but this is actually pretty much truth. If an individual has no yearning for spiritual matters then they may not actually have a godspark driving that soul and body. When they die there is no reincarnation for there is no spirit, only oblivion.

Spirit may be asleep, spirit may be buried behind trauma, but if it be not found, then the spiritless would be little more than complex physical-meat automatons with only rudimentary soul level interfaces (through the lower 3 chakras only). Without the heart connection, divine love from god, the divine spark, they can only ever be ephemeral, never eternal and the inability to be that supremely limits them, often into near parasitical ways just to live.


Trips of truth.

63ed27 No.9771252


The dramatic behavior gamut we witness when comparing ourselves against leftists almost reminds me of the stark difference between feral children, and children who have gone through enculturation. It is like they are completely different creatures.

c08c5c No.9771257

File: c97eb7a701bd3a8⋯.png (327.39 KB, 571x891, 571:891, c47139a5cb387ed86eebb399fe….png)


I got her to admit she has no self-worth.

adcc5f No.9771258

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

You'd have to learn a whole new language to fight in this war, little buddies. It's called speaking narc. They creep in everywhere.


It's possible to discern goyim from awakened people but rest assured that the former are only fuckmeat and it's best to get em' while they are hot!


Their mental illness is contagious to a degree.

63ed27 No.9771283


>Their mental illness is contagious to a degree.

Yes, correct. Good job, you are seeing it.

b0910a No.9771285

adcc5f No.9771321





I don't need you to tell me good job. I don't operate on praise like a fucking dog. Maybe because I'm not a goyim.

For example, that guy in the vid is an Israeli who claims he is a narcissist himself, but is actually in the unawakened category and identifies with that behavior. It's also not a childhood abuse or genetic phenomena like he and others in the psychology field could lead others to believe.

Fun fact: Most bad things in this world happens to goyim since nature hates them (as much as they hate themselves). Like most gore is these things getting wrecked, for example. No need to feel bad, really. You'd have to be psychic to be able to discern who is actually who.

b0910a No.9771376


hedonism isnt the answer anon

also, artificial cherries

037adf No.9771385

File: 7de83f729fe5f45⋯.png (17.24 KB, 201x255, 67:85, 7de83f729fe5f4531552f76517….png)


>minds are phenotypes OBVIOUSLY

>implying we can ever afford to take key redpilled truths for granted again.

>implying the 'rightness' or 'wrongness' of our messages matters

Using Jewish moralistic language is disconcerting, but your trips compel me to give you the benefit of the doubt. I still think you're just oblivious to the shill-potential inherent to de-coupling 'redpill' theories with biology and group traits.

kek clearly sent me to validate and perfect your trips, anon. I don't disagree with what you're saying - strictly speaking. However, we cannot allow (incomplete) information to take root that would lead us down a path to good-goy cuckservative-tier judaized controlled opposition.

it's not what you said, it's what you conspicuously neglected to affirm that raised concern. dont take it personally.

b0910a No.9771391


those fingers are too long

would never, ever consider

adcc5f No.9771402

Beware the fae people…

From Middle English fey (“fated to die”), from Old English fǣge (“doomed to die, timid”), from Proto-Germanic *faigijaz (“cowardly, wicked”), from Proto-Indo-European *pAik-, *pAig- (“ill-meaning, bad”). Akin to Old Saxon fēgi whence Dutch veeg (“doomed, near death”), Old High German feigi (“appointed for death, ungodly”) whence German feige (“cowardly”), Old Norse feigr (“doomed”) whence the Icelandic feigur (“doomed to die”), Old English fāh (“outlawed, hostile”). More at foe.

a8b766 No.9771592





>soggy knees


Yeah they like to toss out a lot of worthless words.

a8b766 No.9771612


I hate rubbers.

Sexbot vs. whore?

Who wants to take a pozload to smash the patriarchy?

a8b766 No.9771626


>tsundere feminists

Yeah, I know one, and no, you can't ride my cock.

a8b766 No.9771700



It's coming anon.

My solution for now is a family trust. I have a share of my parents' estate. In case I get divorced, she gets half… of my portion.

Richfags have been doing this for eons.

a74eec No.9771915


>from Proto-Germanic *faigijaz (“cowardly, wicked”)

It was around this point in your post that I began to suspect you would eventually link the word "fae" etymologically with the word "faggot." Would make sense, given the connections between both fae and faggots, and fairies.

Sage for off-topic.

7dac75 No.9772007


>degenerate love of negroid asses

I think I know why, you fucking faggot.


a74eec No.9772044


If that were it, I'd like flat, wedge-shaped asses as opposed to large, spherical asses. I do not. I do not at all.

a67ecb No.9772163


I'm confused , anon. Are you saying the guy on the first pic was in the right? Or are you saying he ought to get hanged?

cb3107 No.9774237


tl;dr will do anything for $50,000

cb3107 No.9774546


>Never take advice about relationships from women seriously.

This should be the first rule. If you follow what they say, you get married and get used as a bank account while she fucks around with Jamal and Tyrone. Fuck that.

2aff65 No.9774572


Holy shit she admitted defeat?

d2e37f No.9777638


I was surprised when I realized that this is the case with most women, even 'attractive' ones.

3c35ea No.9779120

File: 60426508a5a4cc5⋯.jpg (33.81 KB, 419x357, 419:357, 1307851131442.jpg)


She is the most bitter cunt i have seen, she tries to hide it with smugness. But it is so damn obvious.

She got blown the fuck out and now she is in full damage control mode.

She has even got a pet nigger to defend her bitter ass. Adachi has my feelings for this Rostie cunt

9f8bf8 No.9779154


Fuck, it has been years since I've last seen that pic.

I didn't even expect that I'd be here that long at that time.

dae638 No.9780292


Germanfag here, the modern world is hopeless. If I wasn't a high IQ guy with good self control I'd surely be in prison by now or a permanent welfare case.

Be me

>Mother divorce rapes father cuz unhappppyyyyyy

>House gets sold, mother blows it all in a year cuz she's going cray and women can't handle shekels either way

>Move to the ghetto, surrounded by mudslimes

>Go from a top tier school to a shit tier school cuz teachers want me to btfo because of my cray mother

>Barely go to school cuz every day it's a 10 on 1 whitey vs mudslimes

>Drop out when I finally can and NEET for years, mother calls me a useless piece of shit, demands rent payments cuz she's broke, offers no real solutions (you can't just go and find a job in Germany like in the US)

>Finally move to another country on my own effort and never talk to her again

Modern women and single mothers are absolute garbage.

2d68b5 No.9781170

File: 20bae420fe6c97b⋯.jpg (110.63 KB, 800x649, 800:649, be3b65c8a6c7d3729a6730220e….jpg)

File: 0ccd3ebb96ea974⋯.jpg (24.79 KB, 220x562, 110:281, NAMA_Aphrodite_Syracuse.jpg)

File: 86ca5b59f531e84⋯.jpg (206.61 KB, 800x1157, 800:1157, 800px-Mårten_Eskil_Winge_-….jpg)

>>9745288 (checked and heil'd)

Because Guts is the ideal form of masculinity, and those who look up to masculine figures aspire to be like them, such is the nature of man.

This is also one of the reasons why many pagan gods such as Zeus and Thor are so masculine, those who worshipped them were warriors who conquered lands, then we have goddesses such as Aphrodite and Athena are very beautiful women, people who worshipped them would aspire to be as beautiful as them, especially women.

Physical beauty in people is also what causes people to be proud of their own people, which is why most conservatives both male and female are physically more athletic and beautiful than your average liberal (who are generally ugly and repulsive and have little to no charisma), they're proud of their own nations and the history of such nations, because the people who built such nations were beautiful.

c44974 No.9781235

File: 62d44501ab86c33⋯.webm (1.07 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, kek.webm)

202842 No.9781482

File: d1a165794c822da⋯.jpg (39.64 KB, 300x373, 300:373, 1489765645078.jpg)


>you're queen laqueefa

>bat symbol

>that ending

1f45e7 No.9781759


In a perfect world, she wouldn't be such a cunt , and he would not hit her.

Instead they would grow up old and happy.

"Ever since he hit me I know his power, he keeps me safe, and I now know that I was on the wrong side of life" - according to a former antifa-feminista.

1f45e7 No.9781851


thanks for posting your girl, me and my anonymous friends will fap on this for the next 40 years

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