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File: 3c097e9399f87ce⋯.jpg (55.58 KB, 606x768, 101:128, avgNWBW_700b.jpg)

File: 737056cdb9f746a⋯.gif (3.23 MB, 445x247, 445:247, laughinggirls.gif)

05067d No.9752486

Well, we're not going to war with Syria, so the shills and their failed D&C, concern trolling campaign needed to change strategy. Apparently, now they're telling us in every thread that North Korea, despite being the most (and shittiest) communist nation on Earth, are actual crytpo national socialists, interpreting a completely ironic best Korea meme seriously. Let's be honest, the shills lost the long game again and now they've completely lost their shit and don't know what to do anymore. So I think we should just have a good laugh at how pathetic these faggots are. Point and laugh at them!

96ce97 No.9752506

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength

b87894 No.9752528

what the fuck i love interventionist wars now

05067d No.9752572


I don't think you know what the word interventionist means.

05067d No.9752623

File: ec92539bf53137c⋯.png (401.67 KB, 600x337, 600:337, 1487035824999.png)

bfa192 No.9752637

File: cadf0b147cfe10d⋯.jpg (91.11 KB, 450x413, 450:413, 111219_2p02_photo.jpg)

But, but Patton was the devil Communist who defeated brave Aryan Korea and blocked Stalin's white knights from providing a block against Jewish American power!

China is the dragon of Indra!

China is the wolf of Odin!

China didn't do ninnnting!


It was a war? That's funny

587c96 No.9752663



7ac0df No.9752668

This is good. If they're meming that communism is evil, that can be turned around BTFOs antifa and lefties.


bfa192 No.9752715


Communists never know what Communism is. That's why they're Communists. It's like Christians, then never read.

05067d No.9752751

File: b2a3c4efea99346⋯.jpg (21.39 KB, 749x494, 749:494, bugs-bunny-as-stalin-from-….jpg)



444159 No.9752756

I like how they interpret me calling DPRK shit as me wanting to go to war with them. Who cares if they hate Israel, so do dunecoons. There isn't only two sides in the world.

3a6967 No.9752761


North Korea is an enemy of the jews, the ideology they follow doesn't matter.

3b9998 No.9752766


>lol i’ll just expose myself as intl

a1acb1 No.9752771

File: 4b6009cebd88ca1⋯.jpg (131.49 KB, 800x815, 160:163, TrumpKIKE neocohen.jpg)

I understand this shit, it's just a reaction to Trump engaging in the kind of interventionism we voted for him to try and prevent. NK opposes Israel and that lends a lot of people to believe they aren't shithead commie faggots because Israel's end goal is one-world communism after achieving the yinon plan and securing their "holy" land

Also Juche is nod real gommunism :DDDD:DD:DDDDD

a1acb1 No.9752785


>being anti-commie and anti-christianity(which is proto-bolshevism and goes directly against Christ's ideal)

Christ spoke against organized religion numerous times and effectively wanted everyone to fuck off to the desert and become wizards - this was all on track until that kike saul went to rome and started preaching modern commie-cuckianity

a1acb1 No.9752787


>>being anti-commie and anti-christianity(which is proto-bolshevism and goes directly against Christ's ideal) makes you a goon

fixed, forgive any typos

47079c No.9752811



Whoever wants to destroy jewery is someone I can tolerate.

444159 No.9752829


>Juche is nod real gommunism

Yeah but DPRK fanboys take it in the opposite manner - it's not communism, it's something actually great, almost like National Socialism!

Most of them are just stupid and delusional, but my favorite is the tiny minority that loves North Korea for Machiavellan reasons thinking they'd be living in opulence like the Kims do.

3b9998 No.9752833


>this will totally work; i can just repeat the same shit that has been disproven 6000000 times in the last three years and no one will call me out

05067d No.9752921



These are the pathetic arguments that shills think will work here. Communism is the work of jews, you fucking retard.

decd43 No.9752924

It never really had anything to do with communism or capitalism, per say. The most cursory glance at history will show that jewish money power has found itself able to subvert either system when given the opportunity and sufficient lack of resistance. It's all about whether you're anti-jew, anti-usury, anti-cosmopolitan.

France is an exceedingly "liberal" society with lots of socialist programs, libertine media propaganda, plenty of hyper-capitalist entities driving core centers of the economy, and jews are exceedingly comfortable there. They are even beginning to drift "right" because their anti-White Muslim invasion is beginning to blow up in their face.

Jews were the primary catalyst to the Bolshevik revolution and were all over the ranks of the NKVD. All good little commies right up until Stalin started purging kikes. Then comes the Doctor's Plot and the ensuing decades of kike media aspersions against "Stalinism" [but never a blanket condemnation of communism – that's the important tell and how they signal each other].

Senator McCarthy had a couple kikes working with him on his communist investigations [including Roy Cohn, Trump's pedophile "mentor"] and they of course held up low-hanging goy fruit for the media shit storm and then used their press monopoly to annihilate McCarthy when he tried to move on the concentrated mass of yid Bolsheviks in the government and military.

North Korea is anti-jew and so it's a target.

e20094 No.9752929

File: 59a4e8ce4c33e8e⋯.png (843.01 KB, 750x494, 375:247, ClipboardImage.png)


>thinking they'd be living in opulence like the Kims do.

To be fair they probably would be, the Kims are straight up fucked in the head and put anyone who looks different in high ranking positions - probably to keep them under their thumb. They do shit like pic related on a regular basis. If some NatSoc type ever ended up infiltrating DPRK's party and was down to uphold the party line(which would involve renouncing NatSoc ideology becuase NORKS MASTER RACE) he would probably get treated well.


Are you implying Christianity isn't proto-bolshevism or that Christ didn't speak out against organized religion?

c65bf4 No.9752934

>you either think NK is super aryan qt best allies or think you need to unnecessarily involve yourself with gooks near China

Sure is shabbos around here.

e20094 No.9752937


How about "norks are fucking shit but interventionist wars are even shittier"

Bet that makes me a kike - go die for israel in some commie race-field.

e20094 No.9752940


c65bf4 No.9752976


The only reason to get involved in (((US values))). There has been no affirming mention by the Trump administration that there exists racism against white people, nor that there is a white genocide happening.

There is positive affirmation he's not just a steinleight plan kike representing a Zog attempt at slowing down the escalation of our genocide so it doesn't become too violent too quickly.

So, yes, I'm not dying in some chink rice-field for a (((multi-cultural))) and (((diverse))) and (((pro-zionist))) administration. One that puts out only the POSSIBILITY of Trump not being a zio-shill while he constantly and openly promotes 'anti-racism' and pro-kike shit. Everything about Trump's support for actual white people has been PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY. That's not enough to die for, ever.

The whole country and administration would need to change direction fast.

anyway, chinks aren't a fucking ally and they aren't an enemy except if they're financially pushing marxism shit on US soil like the Chinese are and did because their openly Mao communist rice-niggers.

c65bf4 No.9752983


get involved is (((US values*

there is no positive aff*

3a6967 No.9753008


Of course, but that doesn't mean every single communist is under the direct control of the jews. North Korea is clearly their enemy.

Things aren't as black and white as your autistic mind would like them to be.

60cdef No.9753025

Hey, didn't that Strike carrier group went to NZ?

05067d No.9753026


Says the shill trying to push a retarded narrative that isn't being bought here at all.

c65bf4 No.9753036


They're not an enemy any more than they're enemies of China. They're just a useful country to demonize so commies can distance themselves from contradictions in their narrative about communism.

f9444d No.9753038

Fascist Communists!

c65bf4 No.9753044


not an enemy to communists*

3a6967 No.9753052

File: cc303e161834c02⋯.jpg (174.28 KB, 800x436, 200:109, Military Threats to Israel….jpg)

File: 27dddfdb18962ec⋯.jpg (275.56 KB, 1241x1716, 1241:1716, North Korea Israel.jpg)


What narrative is that? That we shouldn't fight wars against Israel's enemies?

444159 No.9753060


In a communist inner party you are always at risk of being purged and replaced unless you're at the very top, and sometimes not even then.

Rising to live well with Western standards in the inner party in old Eastern Bloc countries not only meant being a complete sociopath able to sell out one's family and close friends for a couple of shekels, it also required that non-paranoia about the aforementioned replacement.

09696d No.9753063

Free North Korea?

I'll take two.

f7c40c No.9753072

Eat shit, nigger. The Norks have rejected the jew, which is why you have made this thread.

7b2dd6 No.9753083

File: 4be1434a1d79e65⋯.jpg (39.76 KB, 298x381, 298:381, serveimage.jpg)

File: 9026ccca8d82446⋯.gif (6.9 KB, 200x480, 5:12, with the rest of the musli….gif)

Anyone knows what Juche is? Besides the obvious like nationalist, strong state, leader is a divinity.

0cd021 No.9753090


Of course they are going to do that they are JIDF. To them its one extreme or the other. Either you love and accept all muslims or you hate the jews. You can't possible dislike both. Its not possible to hate muslims unless you are also a communist who hates all religion.

0cd021 No.9753099


So what are you going to shill when Trump doesn't do anything to North Korea and instead gets China to peacefully stop trading with them until they stop making nukes.

There is no good reason we should allow these commies to make nukes. Why haven't the norks signed a peace agreement yet?

820473 No.9753113

>laughing girls

Hey, its that Brazilian monkey. Long time no see.

05067d No.9753121


How does a North Korea with nukes that just released a video about glassing the US secure the future for white children, you fucking retarded shill?

0cd021 No.9753130


>north Korea is a threat to Israel

>selling its advanced technology

>North Korea is selling weapons to anybody

>implying they're capable of trade with anyone other than China.

Whats next? Communist China is the best place on earth, they fight the jew. Fuck Japan and those capitalist pigs.

05067d No.9753141


>no one has ever saved a reaction image on an image board before, so everyone who posts it must be the same person

>t. Autism

820473 No.9753163


Post a picture of your hand, m80.


0cd021 No.9753164

File: 594d981f8604682⋯.gif (1.02 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 1466734405950.gif)


Remind me again why Norks haven't created gone into a peace agreement with South Korea yet? This whole thing would be a lot harder for the jews if the norks were just a little more friendly and stopped trying to build nukes. Its not as though we would allow South Korea or Japan to build nukes. Allowing NK to make nukes is about at retarded as allowing the Congo to build nukes.

00c57d No.9753194

File: 0f044e9d9b5f5f8⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Jew-step.jpg)



e20094 No.9753215


>Remind me again why Norks haven't created gone into a peace agreement with South Korea yet?

>led by an inbred freak who gets off on seeing explosions

I agree - subhumans should not have n00ks. Japan should though.

5434cb No.9753233

Top jews are above the law. Take Arnon Milcahn for instance.


24eaaa No.9753283


k y s



4bdb2b No.9753292

this board looks more and more like 5th grade

7b2dd6 No.9753302


>Remind me again why Norks haven't created gone into a peace agreement with South Korea yet?

Being at war makes for easier population control. Remember the Patriot Act? It only passed thanks to the external threat created by Mossad.

If they're at peace there's no reason to have such tight borders. And with that people will see the other side. Guess how many would stay. almost all because SK doesn't want millions of ignorant NKs

>stopped trying to build nukes.

NK needs something to prevent an invasion. That something used to be China, but China hasn't been too friendly with their unpopular neighbor recently.

9577ab No.9753623


If norks were NS they'd be doing far better than they are now. Nope, they're acting like gommies subsisting off of welfare from China. Just like a megakike, their Boy King is not a leader and has no concern whatsoever for his People even to the extent he is creating a race of super midgets. Everything is designed to exalt his image. For months now /pol/ has been infiltrated by shitlibs trying to mold NS into something resembling gommunism, but the results of Norkland speak for themselves. It's the Cuba of the East.

05067d No.9753631


> It's the Cuba of the East.


066c9b No.9754394

There is no reason for the North Korean people to be so deprived and oppressed other than as a method of control from the state. There is no reason for starvation to exist in NK with modern farming and food production regardless of their lack of arable land. Even ZOG feed their cattle in order to reap the benefits(usually). It's insanity to pretend NK are in any way shape or form admirable merely for existing outside of Zionist control which in this case is worse. If NK loved their people children wouldn't get malnutrition cataracts and men wouldn't be five feet tall. Disgusting

630795 No.9754531

Let's say north Korea is communist, fucking so what?

What are the point of these threads? The ones in support of NK actually further the narrative that we shouldn't go to war with them.

Why would warhawk shills be pro NK?


Unlike you they see self sacrifice for the integrity of the state(which in turn protects their purity) is considered good in North Korea. If you knew anything about the country you'd be aware of this. People who escape NK return their because they miss their communities so much.

>Inflict artificial sanctions on a country

>Bitch the people are starving




You stating to see a pattern? The kikes feed their cattle so they can work. I would rather die. You fucking cunt.

1d8fcc No.9754754

If you want to understand Korea from a historical context via an easy to understand TV format I'd suggest checking out it's timeline, and related historical TV dramas


Of particular interest to me were the parallels between 1910-1955 Japanese occupation and the The Jingbirok: A Memoir of Imjin War granted 500 years had passed but conditions were similar, political corruption of the south, the reliance upon the Chinese for support in fighting off the invaders, fleeing to the north of the country to wage a defensive war.

OP is a war mongering shabbos goy neocohen or an outright Kike.

1d8fcc No.9754836


check out:

Six Flying Dragons (2015) 720p Complete

Great King Sejong 720p Complete

Deep Rooted Tree (2011) 720p

Dae Jang Geum(Jewel In The Palace)2003

Yi San (2007) 720p Complete

Dong Yi (2010) 720p Complete

Jing Bi Rok 징비록 Complete (2015) HDTV 720p

Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire (2013)

These are some favorites but I've just listed over 1000 hours of historical TV programing. This is 600 years of Korean history, most Koreans know it by heart. These shows in South Korea have been widely popular. In comparison, John Adams the TV drama about the founding of the United States is 3 hours.

f889f9 No.9754983


>implying North Korea is communist

A rose by any other communist.

f889f9 No.9755000


Think of how poor and shitty china is. DPRK is even poorer and shittier, so much so that they're a client state of China.

Whatever trade they could participate in with the rest of the world has been completely cucked due to sanctions, and now they rely on methamphetamine manufacture and counterfeiting as a significant portion of state revenue.

a935e3 No.9755050

File: a0e8366cdf2a30d⋯.jpg (56.64 KB, 1402x259, 1402:259, 2b3e470e7bd7bc5616794e80f3….jpg)

File: 9a3c44eebe1074f⋯.jpg (131.37 KB, 964x619, 964:619, 1492390279416.jpg)


As much as NK are commie chinks, they are powerless and only a threat to global jew business, and the idea of war with them must be opposed, so people won't accept it in case it occurs.

dcfb4d No.9755132

Fuck the Norks. Never cared about em and never will. There's zero connection to them, not politically, not racially, nothing. I almost wish we'd nuke them just so I didn't ever have to hear about them again.

05067d No.9755226


>Let's say north Korea is communist, fucking so what?

>goy, why do you have a problem with communism? oy vey!

162934 No.9755741


>Fuck the Jews. Never cared about em and never will. There's zero connection to them, not politically, not racially, nothing. I almost wish we'd nuke them just so I didn't ever have to hear about them again.

7f5d0e No.9755806


I'm fucking glad someone else has realized.

dc63fc No.9755815


>goon trying to shill his long debunked D&C shit in an anti-commie thread

>desperately trying to link the two together

You faggots are falling back on strategies from 2-3 years ago. You are completely fucking devastated.

7f5d0e No.9755816



>it's either suck them off or gas them, goy

It's not black and white you filthy fucking kikes.

dc63fc No.9755826



Also don't forget that Holodomor is the real Holohoax, goy. Blaming Soviets is is blaming whites, goy. Jimmy Dore and Tulsi Gabbard are based, goy. I even got one, "leftism isn't real, goy." Part of me wants them to fuck off, part of me is enjoying the show.

4fab22 No.9755842

A war with the Norks benefits zero people. It would just be stupid and cost money. Sticking our dicks in that blender might be the last mistake """America""" will make.

281a86 No.9755855

>north korea falls in a day

>surrounding areas plus USA are flooded with refugees

>america is now home to hundreds of thousands of hyper-conservative pure-blooded asians who have never known anything outside of their country for their entire lives

>yellow fever neets rejoice

Trump is obviously just fulfilling his promise of making anime real. I don't know what everyone is so worried about.

4fab22 No.9755876

File: 00f41cbd88ca5ba⋯.jpg (64.01 KB, 925x561, 925:561, 00f41cbd88ca5ba8d9290397ea….jpg)


Will they also greet us as liberators?

7f5d0e No.9755917


If this is /leftypol/'s finest, I'd actually be surprised; They're not immediately spotted and laughed off, and are capable of turning the chaff's opinions here.

dc63fc No.9755973


I agree, one thing they actually are good at is creating false consensus, you'll usually see it at the very beginning of their shill threads until they run out of steam and normalcy takes over. But at the beginning there are usually 4 or 5 of them in on it and very active.

7f5d0e No.9756068


Come to think of it, the normal, retarded lefties probably serve as a distraction, something to keep normal /pol/acks focused on while the actual subversives push pro-communism under the guise of ethnonationalism.

I'm not advocating for interventionist shit like boots on the ground on the norks and stuff; just pepper it with MOABs and "quarantine" it or some shit that leaves them without another roth$child shekel dispenser, as unrealistic as it sounds.

As for a unified korea…

a677a8 No.9756131


Gooks are not anime.

dc63fc No.9756168


I honestly don't care what happens in North Korea. Something tells me China is so sick of them they went to Trump and said, "we can't openly deal with North Korea, but you can, so let's get a trade deal going and let's get rid of North Korea in the process." I really don't care either way, if we go full war on them or don't ever mention them again, North Korea wouldn't even crack my top 50 list of issues I care about.

cf9f40 No.9756305

File: 8c261ffe0d18b0e⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 441x384, 147:128, shhhh.gif)


OP, we already know all of this. You'd be wise to not actively reveal to infiltrators how we detect them so easily. I'd actually seriously advise you to get rid of this thread, lest one of them spot it.

TL;DR: Don't tell the enemy how we're spotting/beating them.

cf9f40 No.9756343

File: 389cee4f654cc78⋯.gif (7.86 MB, 406x300, 203:150, what 4.gif)



>Fuck Commies

>Cold War relic Commies that keep their populace in a starving, rusting, Soviet style police state…

>Well that's just fine because they don't have any Jewish banks

Are you actually saying it's preferable to be starving to death in a Soviet era Communist holdover because they don't have any Jew banks? Are you actually that pants on head retarded?

f31045 No.9756432

Everything is jewish, kill self to continue.

7c751c No.9756449


>muh interventionism

>implying the consequences would in any way be tantamount to going to war with germany

>inadvertantly implying that north korea is in any way worth as much as 1914/1934 germany is

Muh "based norks" shills can fucking die.


So you want them to continue spreading pro-communist propaganda, that of which might actually influence the users here? I'm very sure at least half of the board here is "wtf I love north korea" now.


This is a legitimate talking point that most of these faggots have; That, and their "muh korean natsoc" meme. These gookfuckers are so fucking deranged that they are willing to twist and bend facts about Norks to make them seem "based". They're even worse than the original gook supremacist anon, zon, and fucking rachposter not just because they're intellectually dishonest, but because they're blending in easier.

949720 No.9756478

File: 31a205e45079f6d⋯.png (82.68 KB, 1400x1400, 1:1, 2dc37f34d4e8171571b6b1ac1d….png)

I've been noticing that instead of liberals saying that communist are not real communist they label anti-Fa as Fascist.

7a6b2f No.9756484

You sure love making threads OP




























05067d No.9756578


You mad you didn't make this one, /intl/ faggot?

8e63e7 No.9756595


I fall into the classical liberal category and I fucking despise communists, antifa, anarchists, Soros and his ilk. Your image describes it perfectly and I'm perfectly content in seeing commies being smashed.

8408ed No.9756596


As usual the_donald doesn't understand the nuances of what's going on here. The term best korea is tongue in cheek, just not in a way that justifies your zionist wet dreams. Everyone knows and understands fully that best korea is a degenerate shithole.

It's just that it's slightly less terrible and degenerate than states like the US. Which is why everyone rolls their eyes at you, when you with your neocohen brashness, proclaim that it's somehow right for JSA to keep picking on them.

They just want to be left alone to eat dirt and live in caves and be mean to each other. So leave them the fuck alone. Yes, they are more nationalist than you.

05067d No.9756680



> neocohen

Shills are still repeating the same talking points and buzzwords like bots reading a script even a week after it was pointed out they all say the same shit repeatedly.

62992c No.9756698


>I'm another anti Kim (((shill)))

Sage & hide

dc63fc No.9756720


>muh interventionism

>implying the consequences would in any way be tantamount to going to war with germany

>inadvertantly implying that north korea is in any way worth as much as 1914/1934 germany is

>Muh "based norks" shills can fucking die

Agreed completely. It's very obvious what they're trying to do, now that they've been btfo on Syria, they're desperately trying to paint US military action against any country as being the same as Syria. They're basically scraping the bottom of the shill barrel at this point.


They're stuck on Phase 1. Don't expect shitskins and drugged out liberals to have any sort of coherent plan. Remember what the VietCong did during the Tet Offensive, they stood there on the front lawn waiting, not knowing what to do. All they had to do was advance, the Americans were overwhelmed, they didn't know how to proceed past Phase 1, that's where the shills are now. Standing aimlessly on the front lawn after the first operation.

8408ed No.9756956

File: 4e3c8542fcd150d⋯.png (169.31 KB, 1564x900, 391:225, 4e3c8542fcd150d008ff40c65f….png)


>muh buzzwords

That's because you act and talk like redditors and neocohens. Gotta call a spade a spade when the_donald invades.

>after it was pointed out

by (((you)))

c4ab46 No.9756974


"Pavlovs reaction" the post.

590b34 No.9757378

ITT people who don't know what Juche is

7c751c No.9757460


What's disgusting is how effective they've became; The difference between these shills and others is that these premium shills know how to hit the right notes. Shariablue's working overtime.

e812a5 No.9757672

> Anyone who disagrees with me is a


Typical shilling tactic, ironically.


Picture of OP.


> Lack of arable land.

> That shouldn´t be problem



If North Korea is so weak, why should we care? Why are you so desperate for us to share your hatred of them then?


They are not really human…


Explain, why would JIDF support NK? You can´t. -)

e661d0 No.9757675

File: 42e15423c2c6fce⋯.png (13.05 KB, 500x195, 100:39, cuck.png)


This is a cuckservative talking point. They define people like Mao and Stalin as "fascist" and call National Socialism a far-left ideology because it isn't all about deracinated muh freedoms atomized individualism + capitalism.

pierce and rockwell wrote about this. it's a very old con.

e658d6 No.9757960


Third Reich was interventionist you know… they intervened and attempted to force other countries into National Socialism

f042f9 No.9758060

File: afc46057f52d4a6⋯.png (454.92 KB, 690x450, 23:15, kim-jong-un.PNG)


>despite being the most (and shittiest) communist nation on Earth

worse than Cuba ever was

e812a5 No.9758154


> Hello fellow Polacks, fellow Natsocs.

> You should hate NK, they communists!

> Hitler wanted to conquer teh world.


Of course it is, OP is one.

c8d641 No.9758209



86d67f No.9758221


koreans are the disgusting apes of the asian rim

do not want

684b4d No.9758225


>As a (((White Guy))) i take offense to that

74be9d No.9758752


What's more retarded is dumbass American right wingers who have thoroughly taken over the online far right and fall in line soon as your political masters beat the war drums. North Korea is a fucking totalitarian shithole, but it shouldn't be our business to get involved there no matter our fucking history playing world police for internationalist Jews and WASPs. It should be up to China as the local hegemon to fix it, since they've constantly supported it for well over 50 years.

I thought Donald "Lord of the deals and 1488D chess" Trump could somehow be able to force China to do something, rather than us sending people to die again in what would be an actual fucking war with millions dead, since Seoul is within artillery range and much of NK initial bombardment is based on negating the initial precision guided munitions through tunnel warfare. Funny how Trump's alleged skill at strategy doesn't seem to happen on this issue. Instead, we see the tired same old American war machine revving its engines yet again.

d3a6bf No.9758790


>fix north Korea

If ain't broke, dont fix it

492668 No.9758995


Ethno nationalist authoritarian state, however, it has no capitalistic and profit based mechanisms, there are no private companies, there are no contractors, there are no profits at all. I dont even think they have money, do they? Its not National Socialism, but it is an ethnic state which is nationalistic. The reason they are so shitty is because they are forced to make every effort possible to defend themselves from foreign aggression, and have many sets of embargos on them. Im pretty certain the whole 90s famine was caused by food embargo's (along with the government probably trying to elevate its victim status by letting people starve - which is bad if true)

NK traditionally would milk the international community for money and resources, and then would not actually give those resources to the people. Stuff like that has no place in a National Socialist society, but in the end, they actually are the victims - people and government - and should really just be left alone. They arent communist, and they dont want to spread their ideology to your land. I say let them have their ethno-nationalist state.

I cant find the image, but theres a quote about how no country has a more pure people than NK, them bragging about their racial purity.

492668 No.9759057

File: 8c8efccf5a952ff⋯.jpg (419.89 KB, 1279x1385, 1279:1385, hitlerdindu.jpg)


Actually, everything beyond Poland was a war Hitler had no intention of fighting, and the whole thing was over the Danzig corridor, an extraterritorial highway/railway with rest stops. Hitler offered all of Poland back, except for his initial demands, and a referendum for the formerly German territory which Poland occupied, but only for 70%+ German areas.

Churchill refused on behalf of the Polish government, who were occupied and in exile, forcing Hitler to go beyond Poland, locking him into a war. FRANCE declared war on GERMANY. Not the other way around. Hitler was forced to invade France, by France. They had no intention of forcefully converting anyone to National Socialism, but they did intend on stopping communism, and rightfully so. NK is not communist though, they formed their own ideology based on hermitism and self reliance, Juche.

492668 No.9759117


To be fair, its a communist offshoot, but its so different from actual communism that you can hardly call it "communism". Its like calling syndicalism the same thing as Fascism, when really its actually getting pretty close to the other end - as far as my understanding goes.

162666 No.9759649


We just don't care about them and don't want to go in a war for the kikes. Got it?

6e0f96 No.9766436


>getting caught is part of their plan

You're giving them way too much credit.

cd101f No.9766510

File: 13f807c03aaa1df⋯.jpg (28.49 KB, 345x500, 69:100, 1987-flat-signed-autograph….jpg)

All I see is Trump using N Korea to cuck China, getting them to refuse coal shipments, cutting of oil to N Korea possibly and getting America to provide these things for China

cae9ac No.9789998

File: 2e76592efc55d60⋯.jpg (405.37 KB, 1900x1047, 1900:1047, avg korean on the street 0….jpg)


China has been using NKorea to be a belligerent in the region for years, and, Trump just gave China concessions to rein NKorean in…… how is that the art of the deal???


27f8be No.9790142



Its kek as fuck watching this latest consensus cracking attempt by them. It is so fucking pitiful.

27f8be No.9790204



>you send those korean ships back and buy our coal

Pick one

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