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File: cb36ea9695005e5⋯.jpg (247.57 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, IvN9YCe.jpg)

d06c35 No.9756067

Does anyone have the communist spongebob GIF?

It has manray, and a wallet.

8c15c4 No.9756179

File: 1160ee59a6a73bb⋯.webm (11.32 MB, 512x384, 4:3, ZigzagDamagedBarracuda.webm)

No, but I have a video.

Anyone got a study of what mixed raced kids' IQ is? Can't be by Rushton, Lynn, Gottfredson or the likes.

749fd1 No.9756382

Should I just ignore my girlfriend when it comes to her liberal ideals or is it worth redpilling her? Before you go on to say just marry a conservative girl, you are completely unaware of how right-wing I truly am. Evola/Spengler/Guenon/de Gobineau tier red-pilled.

96a764 No.9756417


A woman doesn't need to care about politics, she just needs to follow orders.

fab580 No.9756418


749fd1 No.9756442

File: afb6ad4818af1c8⋯.png (176.96 KB, 237x425, 237:425, eJwFwVEOgyAMANC7cABKsQPxNg….png)


While I agree, I still need her on-board with the entire raising a family of over-man thing…

fa1003 No.9756472

File: 44b2a5288b0abd7⋯.jpg (68.13 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 9cc645dc6670eee64115fb4b26….jpg)

File: b58fae245839153⋯.jpg (95.71 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 967938844327ade0d57dffc1ca….jpg)

I'm not quite sure what my mom's side of the family is in terms of race, they say they are Portuguese but I am concerned that they are ethnically Portuguese rather than racially Portuguese, I wouldn't consider her black but she def has Moorish descent and I'm not sure if I would be considered white because of it.

I have two pics of myself

96a764 No.9756491


If you are having such trouble you need a new one/need to break her.

f59383 No.9756523


>that fucking hair

Go full skinhead.

fa1003 No.9756530


i dont really take care of my hair much, it could be really good if i had the patience for it

749fd1 No.9756537


cleanliness is a virtue.

620625 No.9756584


Crypto Jew looking there.

Shave your head as that anon said

Also…become older

416fbb No.9756602

File: 60472574864ef44⋯.jpg (90.2 KB, 712x938, 356:469, 60472574864ef44ca7b7db3d56….jpg)


Don't get too caught up in debating if you're white or not. Shave your hair off and fill in those eyebrows, also work your traps


Try to redpill her on the kikes first. Watch TGSNT with her. You have to take control of the relationship and tell her how to think and act. Become an Alpha while she views liberals as betas

526dc9 No.9756615


Even if they are Portuguese its likely they have some 'Moorish' blood…

and the 'Moors' were predominately Berbers, the invading force was largely made of Berbers, only the ruling class were Arabians.

676b26 No.9756928


Look White to me.

f59383 No.9756951

File: 318b2e49a88c19b⋯.jpg (88.48 KB, 914x1386, 457:693, b yourself.jpg)

f093ce No.9766387

fcfd01 No.9766396

File: bb5facb9a6fd465⋯.webm (10.75 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 20051007512.webm)


Why do the Jews keep getting away with it?

4c23b2 No.9766554

what's the exact term for a system that works on majority votes like a democracy, but the only people with voting rights are a minority of natural citizens that fit all the very strict requirements outlined in a constitution, and said reqs are unmodifiable and not possible to bypass in any way?

4a541f No.9766579


isn't that technically a democracy

voting rights in ancient greek city states up until the 19th century was extremely limited to only male landowners ie stakeholders in the development/preservation of the community

4c23b2 No.9766610


where is the "demo" part if the election is decided by a tiny group of elite citizens?

b0a869 No.9766633

File: 73ff33defa47894⋯.png (139.85 KB, 474x360, 79:60, altrightleftymeme.png)


This bootybattered /leftypol/ so much they made an edit.


Top fucking kek

49e799 No.9766636


tripdubs confirm, leftypol is so uncreative they have to steal their memes

e4bf86 No.9766713

File: e5ae427618696fd⋯.gif (3.18 MB, 320x240, 4:3, e5ae427618696fdf0826586196….gif)


And the .gif

6e5835 No.9766789


If you have $100 to spare you could give a saliva sample to 23 and me. It's not unusual in southern europe to have a bit more non-white admixture. My family is from the British isles and Scandinavia and somehow i'm 0.1 west african. Ancient blanda'ing up I suppose. (At first it also listed some ashkenazi heritage, but 23 and me apparently occasionally reassigns how their categorize genes. So take whatever results you get with a grain of salt.)

17b253 No.9767123


I don't know if there's a catch all term, sectarian democracy is the closest I can think of that's actually happened. Directorial suffrage? Olicracy?

5511ee No.9767141


>she def has Moorish descent

>that hair

you are a nigger and you must go

d086dd No.9767183

File: e4168587e4f7212⋯.webm (2.28 MB, 510x382, 255:191, venezuelamusic.webm)

195aa7 No.9767493

File: 9eef2504c872f66⋯.jpg (14.41 KB, 337x150, 337:150, images (1).jpg)

Useful idiots come in many kinds of shapes, sizes, and are in almost all domains.

Ashly Birch is a perfect example. Just take a look at her twitter.

Do people like her truly believe in the things she says/tweets/retweets? She's clearly helping push a narrative in a way her followers guzzle like king's piss, and it gives off the impression that its an organic and totally not the result of buzzword catchphrase verb the adjective noun.

People in the MSM are one thing, 'comedians' like Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah are friendlier versions of that. So do people like Ashly Burch truly believe what they espouse?

On a related note, I am worried Hotline Miami 1 & 2 will be coopted due to murdering Russians being central to gameplay. Hope it doesn't help prop up 'Muh Russia' part of (((their))) narrative.

195aa7 No.9767502

File: 302b3b5f48c901c⋯.png (71.01 KB, 500x483, 500:483, 302.png)



My bad.

e2d7d6 No.9767873

File: a61ce5a30930899⋯.jpg (4.25 MB, 3024x3756, 252:313, 20170421_104452.jpg)


The key is to look bad ass AND like a school shooter all the time.

Also r8 m8.

17b253 No.9767905


Why do you have that on your head? Are you of the homosexuals??

a34cd7 No.9767960


I do it to for a french foreign legion style look

bfa943 No.9767997


I like that you are very open about your sexuality. You are a very brave soul to come out, especially on a site like this. We need more brave people like you.

a34cd7 No.9768020


Thank you. I'm so happy that sites like this and TRS can support gay alt right activists.

195aa7 No.9768023

File: 3e396dc5a30e90c⋯.png (81.69 KB, 388x325, 388:325, 170313_103845_590.png)



>Different IDs

Did you post on a computer and reply on your phone?

Your justification for the beret is pretty cringe inducing. Makes you look like an art school homo with the velvetine touch of a modern dandy fop.

bfa943 No.9768037


Also, clean your mirror and fucking crapper bowl. Your bathroom is disgusting, and I don't imagine the rest of your house being much cleaner either.

a34cd7 No.9768040


Yeah actually.

I like it though. Plus walking around while wearing it feels badass, even if I look like a retard doing it.

b3666e No.9768041

File: f7bd6e0915b3384⋯.gif (3.27 MB, 320x240, 4:3, socialism.gif)


gotchu fam

What's a good documentary or book on MKUltra? I watched the 1979 abc documentary "CIA mindcontroll" which had some pretty crazy shit. Going so far as to say the CIA was directly responsible for the 60's hippie movement. But a lot of info that was declassified wasn't released until the 2000's. What's a good modern doc or book that takes this newer info into account? I've heard they tested shit on kids but the 1979 one didn't mention anything at all about that.

a34cd7 No.9768051


Actually thats a good question I've been meaning to ask. Whats a good substance to use for cleaning that. I've two toilets and trying to clean them with (((toilet cleaner))) takes 3 or so hours and even then its not that presentable.

bfa943 No.9768063


It would not have been this hard to take that dirt off your toilet bowl had you cleaned it regularly.

195aa7 No.9768070

File: 25a8e2f98f18d3e⋯.png (872.14 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 25a8e2f98f18d3e211b3a21624….png)




I'm so sorry for your parents.

a34cd7 No.9768081


You'd think. I just don't wanna fucking die from the fumes after being over the toilet for 3 hours, again

b477cf No.9768095


Is there a place I can find his book for free? It's fucking expensive on amazon.

a34cd7 No.9768101


Have you tried library genesis? They have damn near everything.

17b253 No.9768104


White vinegar with water does miracles.


The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and Mind Control: The Secret History of the Behavioral Sciences - by John Marks

I can also upload congressional testimony to /pdf/ if you're interested.

195aa7 No.9768125


(((toilet cleaner)))

Hello fellow /pol/ack, 1488 amirite?


I think Maps of Meaning can be downloaded from his website.

a34cd7 No.9768137


1488 my fellow nazi! I'm 100% ashke—I mean Polish 👏

195aa7 No.9768191

File: a8060dabca8f8f0⋯.gif (846.93 KB, 347x195, 347:195, 170313_103835_402.gif)


1/10, would filter again.

4ee21a No.9768203


Jew nose, (((Portuguese))). -They forced (((people))) to convert after the reconquest.

-Or maybe a result of the genetic experiment called the USA

47b231 No.9768226

Is now the time to start producing Trump shields and battlegear for the legion?

066ba3 No.9768227

05378d No.9768465

File: 47a65602034e53a⋯.jpg (27.02 KB, 600x315, 40:21, 558cab38305381b916919bd806….jpg)

File: 2051d2d347a8d36⋯.jpg (44.6 KB, 670x409, 670:409, POT-SMOKING-KID.jpg)

File: b10f53e36ed988a⋯.jpg (134.04 KB, 422x437, 422:437, b10.jpg)

How do I get my parents to quit smoking weed? They are fucking retarded almost-boomers, but I thought better of them than this. A few years ago my mom almost divorced my dad because she found his huge stash of weed in the garage. Now, everywhere I look in their house I see packages for edibles, rolling paper, and they leave vapes charging in the power outlets.

They moved to California soon after I left home, and they took my younger brothers with them. I honestly wouldn't care if it was just them. It's my brothers I worry about. They are 17, 14, and 9. The two older ones smoke weed everyday, with SUPPORT from our parents, but the 9 year old seems as disgusted by it all as I am.

They used to actually take their weed away and ground them and actually try to be good parents.

How do I get my parents to stop encouraging my minor brothers to smoke weed?

b477cf No.9768516

File: 3c2c3f0533770ad⋯.jpg (48.11 KB, 396x350, 198:175, 1453368219771.jpg)


That's fucking bad, man. Using weed on a not yet grown-up brain can do serious damages.

Have you yet tried talking to them and explaining the dangers of teenagers using weed(schizophrenia, panic disorder etc.) to them?

Honestly, if nothing helps threaten them with social services(probably not a good idea to actually do that though, foster homes can be much worse than your parents weed habbit).

ec90bf No.9768535


Maybe you figure out how much alcohol kills yearly and how much weed kills yearly, maybe if they see the statistics they get afraid for the kids. Dude didn't you learn from /pol/ to just use statistics to educate yourself and the ones around you?

c1dd1f No.9768668


>not quite sure what my mom's side of the family is

100% Jewish

47b231 No.9768709

File: 8b4b94bbef791d2⋯.jpg (4 MB, 1849x1917, 1849:1917, ph1218.jpg)


I actually smoke weed semi-regularly you'd never notice though. and I wanted to tell you to kys… but it is simply irresponsible to give children weed. Kids do not need weed except for in serious medical conditions. Please do not blame the plant, you just have shitty parents. I would consider this child abuse on par with turning your kids into alcoholics. I could understand sharing a bowl with a 16-17yo on new years or such to teach them how to be responsible and not a giggling retarded stoner, much as a parent would allow their maturing sons to have a glass of champaign on new years an occasional beer or glass of watered down wine with dinner to teach them how these things are consumed, but allowing this kind of degeneracy is appalling, and that's coming from an anon who hangs out with deadheads and hobos.

I really wish we could stop (((hollywood))) from portraying weed as an excuse for degenerate behavior. It is a useful medicine and a social lubricant. There is NO EXCUSE for bad behaviors, and if you allow a substance to act as such, you are not mature enough to have access to it, whether it alcohol, weed, or anything else.

e2c95d No.9768773


you look like a kike

9507a1 No.9768826


>you'd never notice though

>I wanted to tell you to kys

You're not as stealthy as you think you are.

05378d No.9769096

File: d4266bb6eae1471⋯.gif (652.78 KB, 365x400, 73:80, 814562350_132868.gif)



I've tried before, talking about it with the parents is worthless. They don't have any arguments or care about any statistics. The worst part is that they think it is actually bad, but just don't care.

>I know its not good but it helps me relax

>it helps me take my mind of how fucked the world is

>there's a problem that I could actually do something about?

>thaaaaaats fiiiiiiine, just smoke weed and forget about the problem.

The brothers on the other hand think it is a magic perfect plant that can't ever be bad in any way. It's like they hear guys like >>9768709 and then think that it cures cancer and the world would be perfect if we could all just put aside our problems and pass a joint. All their friends are doing it too, so it can't be bad right? They still pretend their edgy though, even when their parents think its hot shit too.

I have never experienced Marijuana doing anything besides making people lose their will to confront conflict.

>that's fine

>forget about it

>chill out bro, don't think so hard

It's quite a (((coincidence))) if you ask me

b477cf No.9769157


>The worst part is that they think it is actually bad, but just don't care.

That's fucked up.

>The brothers on the other hand think it is a magic perfect plant that can't ever be bad in any way.

Was like that too, back when I was pothead faggot. Dad would always tell me about how it was a drug for lazy people and dulled you from all the good things in life, but I never listened.

59d463 No.9769179


cannabis is more aryan than beer. But encouraging children to do it is wrong. Maybe you should put your energy in starting a family of your own instead of trying to fix your broken existing one

b477cf No.9769193


>cannabis is more aryan than beer.

How so? Alcohol use has been around for far longer than weed in europe and it's also more integrated into our culture and rituals.

05378d No.9769239


>back when I was pothead faggot

What finally made you change your ways?


I personally don't want any mind altering substance in my body, cannabis, alcohol, or even excess sugar or caffeine. So I don't think one is "better" or "worse" than another. What's the difference between a drunk/high nigger and a drunk/high Aryan?

I am definitely putting energy into my own family, but my brothers are literally my closest volk, and I just can't give up on them.

b477cf No.9769372

File: 772494e6b131fb1⋯.jpg (82.68 KB, 1274x709, 1274:709, long story.JPG)


Saw some people I considered friends at the time spiral into being basically druggy neets.

One person got fucked in the head after a while and then he finally lost his car license and job, when he drove to work in the morning being both drunk and high. Also, my personal life and relationships suffered, which made me reflect on it as well.

Haven't touched anything but the occasional beer since then.

05378d No.9769444


Well shit, that sounds exactly like where some of my "friends" (and maybe brothers) are headed. Good on you though, man. You're proof that it's not hopeless.

47b231 No.9769701


Did you even read my post? I was saying that anon's parents were committing child abuse by teaching them degenerate behavior.

b27164 No.9769830


>I am concerned that they are ethnically Portuguese rather than racially Portuguese

There is no "Portuguese race". It's a people, a nation, perhaps an ethnicity, but it's not a race.

29ca49 No.9770028

I'm going to see a SS veteran tomorrow. What should I ask him?

Mind that I'm going with a normie conservative buddy and can't go full Hitler.

9bcedd No.9770074


Why the fuck did the homo mods bumplock my thread? Actual discourse was occurring.

9bcedd No.9770079


Play it cool, ask compelling questions that you already know the answer to, act all intrigued by them, when you're done act like he completely shattered your worldview to your friend and behave as if you are going through transformation or some shit. This might be your chance to have an open conversation about natsoc

29ca49 No.9770154


Like what would be questions that would shatter my worldview?

He won't remember much of Weimar, because he was 14 when NSDAP came into power. That would be the most interesting part to ask tho.

9bcedd No.9770282


That's why you ask questions that you probably know the answer to. When you're done pretend to have doubts about your current worldview and bring up such doubts to your friend. Old people can talk your ear off. Start from the beginning. Ask how he got into the SS and the NSDAP, get him to share his story, then ask the more controversial questions, like about the holocaust. And actually, I sort of want to hear about your encounter. Do you have a contact of some sort? I'll most certainly never get the other side of the story from anyone around during that time. Especially not an SS officer.

29ca49 No.9770329


>And actually, I sort of want to hear about your encounter. Do you have a contact of some sort?

It's my buddy's grandpa, who lives in the countryside. We're going to pick up some things for him. It'll be a short visit, I'll probably just get a coffee or a beer with him, but if everything goes alright I'll tag along when by buddy visits him in the summer.

I'm kind of just looking for a right thing to ask to either redpill my friend or just get some info you won't get anywhere else.

9bcedd No.9770392


The conditioning is too strong for normals and your friend probably already knows what to expect from a nazi. I'm not completely sure what questions to ask, so I'm giving you strategy so you can move your friend closer towards the truth.

3e8f47 No.9770591

File: 6b1c415d06adea5⋯.jpg (194.62 KB, 1023x1325, 1023:1325, p0kwC1d.jpg)

Does anyone know where I still download KulturKampf episodes? I only got up to episode 17 before it got taken down off SoundCloud.

a4f618 No.9771117

File: 7c4a91031df6084⋯.jpg (64.1 KB, 780x589, 780:589, 1487279016226.jpg)

>Have good relationship with younger sister

>Can send her memes of holohoax or hitler or something and she'll get a laugh from it, stupid stuff but hey

>She still lives with our parents

>Dad demands to see all her texts and history and whatnot, sees the stuff I sent her

>Flips his shit at sister and I

>Says, among other things, he'll set us in front of 3 jewish officers he knows and we can explain to them what's so funny about the six million

Could I get another take on this please, I'm not going to just say no since that would leave my sister alone for what's technically my fault, but goddamn this is so stupid.

354027 No.9771156

Did anything ever come out of our "MSM are faking their traffic with Chinese click-farms" threads? I feel something bigger should have happened.

4cef09 No.9771439

in theory if you can build infrastructure in some african countries, make those countries economically successful with all the gibs and benefits that come with it, might you be able to persuade blacks in america to go and live there?

96909a No.9771768

File: 8c186f98bfc6ba7⋯.jpg (590.04 KB, 2576x1932, 4:3, IMG_2548.JPG)

2 questions:

Do I look like a "dirty" white? Iberian with Irish namesake.


Why are weebs so associated with stormfag-y stuff, I don't understand it.

>grrrr white nationalist movement

>keep the west western!

>but my asian cartoons are okay!

>even though it's full of tasteless sex and gay shit

I feel the same way about the daily miscegenation threads about asian women here too.

96909a No.9771784

File: 02b1aa99ccceeaf⋯.jpg (26.05 KB, 271x271, 1:1, IMG_1896.JPG)


No, Nigeria is fairly prosperous and not even the biggest afrocentrists want to go back because Africans don't see African Americans as brothas.

a7b354 No.9771837

File: e123e7a8f88b6c4⋯.jpeg (32.68 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 29ffb8b34ae95716dea486956….jpeg)


Tell your father to get a better sense of dark humor. It's been more than 70 years since the end of the war. Almost everybody effected by the war directly has died of old age, and if he doesn't like those kinds of jokes call him on ==ANY== jokes about dead people from then on forward, and call him a hypocrite. Hell tell him Jews aren't anymore special than any other group in that regard.

4cef09 No.9771860

is there and 8pol archive?

the last holocaust thread was really good and i'd like a copy of it

e7e6f1 No.9771870


Shave your head and you'd look like a mexican gang banger.

4cef09 No.9771871


what if its white

e7e6f1 No.9771898


Bring up the holodomor, Stalin's great purges and the great leap forward/cultural revolution of Mao's China. Add in the Khmer Rouge's killing fields in Cambodia. Shove it in his face that more people have died on this planet from communism in the last century than from anything else.

2aed61 No.9771918

File: a89239b5e402899⋯.jpg (52.02 KB, 876x493, 876:493, 7685685678567.jpg)


Jew lad

023156 No.9771925


Self-hatred or people living outside the first world who understand to some degree the benefits of a more homogeneous nation.

8a659c No.9771948


unofficially you can search on archive.is and see if someone archived it.

4cef09 No.9771994

anyone got that image mocking welsh nationalism that lists English and Scottish achievements then has laughable welsh ones in comparison?


they did, thanks

884964 No.9772023


Non white here, I don't want globalists to win, I am not in a white nation, I don't want your culture won, because let's face it, negroes will go zimbabwe on their own devices should they reign, latinos are manlets with chestbeating issues prone to violence, chinks will sell us plastic rice and toxic pills for cheap and then hide. Out of all the possible outcomes to this timeline whites have more foresight and morality to handle the world, I am more than willing to fade away if it means fixing this world in the long run.

884964 No.9772031


*gone instead of won. See, in all possible systems theres only death and explòtation if anyone else wins, meanwhile you have better chances not to screw things, just supervise borders and make ethnostates, except for the fucking jews.

84e791 No.9772048

anyone have the webm of the doctor saying his new weight loss method is 100% effective, every single time. by EATING LESS

023156 No.9772097


The thing though is that you shouldn't want to fade away just for being a nonwhite or because your people aren't like whites. You should be looking towards improving yourself and your environment the best you can. If you or your people are going to disappear, it ought to be because you tried your hardest to make sure that you and others are as intelligent, moral, ethical, capable, and strong as can be and received a respectable defeat. Granted a nonwhite world is likely to result in just about everyone dying horribly until only a patch of brown mongrels exist, but still the point remains. Ideally the world shouldn't need the elimination of any people in order to be fixed, but making the case for that is becoming more difficult each day.

I wish it wasn't so easy to think that nonwhites are a lost cause.

f02d01 No.9772268

File: d5ddf2f08f041ec⋯.jpg (80.02 KB, 630x355, 126:71, 439435.jpg)


Non-white here. I'd say it is because this whole thing is interesting. Hearing about Hitler and Trump is really interesting, specially that one thread about how you guys were about to fight the left. This whole thing is one hell of a ride, its like I'm staring at history.

I came here because I wanted to learn the things that not only affect you whites, but also the entire world as not only is America getting attacked with the cultural marxism, several latino countries are currently fighting against ((their)) efforts and somehow succeeding

>Pic related

That and I'm pretty sure that if you guys end up losing, we'll be next and oh boy are we going to get buttfucked. You cucks better not get your ass handed by Soros You might very well be fighting for the sake of the world, not just white countries.

63cc5c No.9772295


Just explain to the jews why the holohoax wasn't real. Duck give a fuck if they're offended, but watch for their jewish word-tricks.

b53ef7 No.9772739

File: 93c6fb4a4951910⋯.jpg (94.63 KB, 616x668, 154:167, Something nice for once_cf….jpg)

This isn't really a question but it doesn't deserve it's own thread.

263511 No.9772750



Is this the caliber of people I am interacting with here daily? Jesus…

4e5252 No.9772785


Well then looks like it's time to tell him and the Jewish officers about how long it takes a modern crematorium to burn a human body and how Hitler somehow managed to surpass the time by a degree of 120

c988c7 No.9772963

File: b235ae83aecf1f3⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 1000x1399, 1000:1399, 壱 - 殺戮兵器の涙は冷たく.jpg)


>looking up to your dad is now a bad thing

7fa76f No.9772976


Probably more like a sick Frank Underwood thing of looking dad in the face each time he gives the order to bomb someone, "who will never amount to shit now asshole".

c85320 No.9772980

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Seems liek a lot of people are looking for those.

c988c7 No.9772983


The fuck are you talking about, faggot? As far as I know he had a really good relationship with his dad.

c85320 No.9773034

How do I quit coffee?

Recently gave up alcohol cold-turkey. It was easy for a couple weeks but now I drink a lot of coffee and always wake up with a headache.

fcfd01 No.9773091


Just remember:

You will never leave this place.

fcfd01 No.9773105


Because it's a brown person's drink?

So force yourself to get a schedule where you don't need the coffee, you're trying to use a stimulant to add more time to your day and now you have an addiction to it. Sleep along with limiting the stress which caused you to start drinking should allow you to end it if you were able to give up alcohol so easily.

3e8f47 No.9773118


Well in the mean time, I'm uploading the first 17 18 episodes to https://mega.nz/#F!EwwwDYYZ!Z4drfNvce9CvDIhE7eOPYw

78c49d No.9773156


He probably keeps his photos of his wife, kids and grandkids in his wallet.

fcfd01 No.9773216


I wonder where he keeps the picture of his brother?

01702b No.9773227

File: 160ab90655e937f⋯.jpg (53.25 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, 1.jpg)

File: eb1a4665258abb7⋯.jpg (37.11 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 11.jpg)

Is there a story behind the Pepes that look like this? I love them.

a6d9ad No.9773257


>posting your face on a *chan board

>on 8/pol/ of all places

you'd be be deleting that before someone you know irl sees those pictures

a6d9ad No.9773273



what is WITH all these guys posting their irl faces here

do you people not know the rules of *chan boards?

go back to reddit sheesh

c85320 No.9773288


I doubt it's them. They're probably posting some retards they know irl in the hope they get torn to shreds.

If that really is you guys, you look like faggots.

555ca0 No.9773442

File: c0a2a19d5d469ef⋯.jpg (25.95 KB, 351x349, 351:349, 1473956934807.jpg)

If the Holocaust didn't happen, then why (according to (((Wikipedia)))):

>The arrests of Jews in France began from 1940 for individuals, and general round ups began in 1941. The first raid (rafle) took place on 14 May 1941.

>Deportations began on 27 March 1942, when the first convoy left Paris for Auschwitz. Women and children were also targeted, for instance during the Vel' d'Hiv Roundup on 16–7 July 1942, in which 13,000 Jews were arrested by the French police.

>They [the French police] carried out the measures ordered by the Germans against Jews, and in 1942, delivered non-French Jews from internment camps to the Germans. They also contributed to the sending of tens of thousands from those camps to extermination camps in Poland, via Drancy.

555ca0 No.9773453


I mean why would an event such as the Vel' d'Hiv Roundup happen at all?

78c49d No.9773496

b6bd32 No.9774463


No one argues there were no camps, they just weren't death camps. No genocides took place there. They were work camps.

Better question: why would you move jews to camps to kill them? Just move them barely out of town, dig a hole, and shoot the fuckers. Camps only make sense if they're used for labor and (re)education.

c85320 No.9774602

File: f3f1ce95e847b20⋯.jpg (101.3 KB, 605x537, 605:537, dentalfacility.jpg)

318d4d No.9775508

Hi, i'm looking for some /pol/ pdfs

Elders of Zion

Anything on group/mass psychology

Thanks in advance.

867f96 No.9775843


there is a whole board devoted to influence stuff


318d4d No.9776331


tyvm, didnt even know that board existed.

ca3f8d No.9776447

What is the jewish version of taqquiya called? The act of lying about the Talmud I mean.

17e8ba No.9776486

File: 1f57b6bbd2ff0d5⋯.jpg (54.9 KB, 960x540, 16:9, shia lajew.jpg)

File: 4be0163858676b7⋯.jpg (102.62 KB, 720x540, 4:3, african american duck.jpg)


Ashkenazi kike through and through.

Also, have there been any similar memes like this one? If not, enjoy my OC.

f6e46d No.9776503


I certainly hope you mom had a C section. Your Jewfro looks so coarse that it can cause rug burn.

7c7503 No.9777052


Well you're not wrong, since white countries are the civilized world, and all nonwhite countries were bolstered or set up by whites

63f0f9 No.9778227

785434 No.9780221

What happened to Uncuck the Right / Walt Bismarck?

www.you tube.com/channel/UCLziPZRfH3CZEozrVBo7BKw/videos

4c23b2 No.9780348

Help me construct effective and solid arguments to crush these shill talking points:

>Trump is a jew puppet of Kushner because he let him marry Ivanka

>LePen is owned by zionists

>Bombing one Syrian airfield proves Trump is a zionist

>Trump has deported less than Obongo

>he won't deport any illegal children

>NK is natsoc

785434 No.9780532


>Jew Puppet

Any action I've seen is a necessary concession to the zionists, he's far less of a jew puppet than any alternative

>Bombing in Syria

IMO any action that destabilizes the middle east is ultimately to our benefit; it decreases their power and moves us closer to DotR

>Trump deported less than obongo

8 years vs <1 year?

>won't deport children

Not sure of the sauce on this but children will/ought to go with their parents.

0b2283 No.9780570

File: 1d76d18180490c1⋯.png (167.66 KB, 450x410, 45:41, 1d76d18180490c1df34e3bd0af….png)


>IMO any action that destabilizes the middle east is ultimately to our benefit it decreases their power and moves us closer to DotR

It certainly does not decrease a certain groups power, genius.

5bee26 No.9780612


I'd like to destabilize Israel specifically. Would they do the Sampson option if things got shitty?

0b2283 No.9780706

File: 5194c9d3570f92a⋯.jpg (34.22 KB, 492x435, 164:145, isis-chan.jpg)


Honestly, I think we only need to wait for it to happen. Birthrates of orthodox jews(who don't work, mostly don't join the military and leech off of the working population) are much higher than the average Israeli.

Birthrates of muslims and christians are also higher.

It will collapse eventually. Not to say we can't find ways to hasten its demise.

785434 No.9780724


Sure, if we had our 'druthers Trump would bomb Israel off the map.

All I'm getting at is that racially there's really no difference between Assad and your average rebel, they're just sand niggers.

So - any dead sand niggers is good.

64907c No.9780749


Time to get dem sweet EXIF data.


Also this.

0b2283 No.9780761

File: fef7d08de50d0b7⋯.jpg (51.44 KB, 402x584, 201:292, 1445092506069.jpg)


That's a fucking oversimplified and idiotic perspective. There is a large cultural difference between Assad and the average islamist.

It is madness from a geopolitical perspective not to back secular powers in the region and just let the people, who put all their energy into agitating against us, planning and promoting terror in our homelands have all the territory and oil.

This is not about being emotionally attached to sandniggers, I don't give a shit about them, but we should use them best we can.

Just letting everything go to shit in the region doesn't serve our interests, when we could make allies that hate both the sunni swine and the kikes.

785434 No.9780775


Sure that sounds good in theory, but how has that gone for us in the past? How many times have we armed rebels, only to have them turn on us once they get power?

0b2283 No.9780807


I'm not talking about arming rebels, I'm talking about working with Assad and Iran(though that's not really an option for the US I fear).

In the past the US has always armed Sunni tribes to fight against baath(is it written like that?) regimes, when we should have supported them.

If we back military dictatorships they probably won't turn on us, because they don't care much about what we do, there is no ideological reason to hate the US.

Same shit in egypt: They were more or less neutral until Obama decided to work with the muslim brotherhood. That's why they supported Trump. They knew Clinton had links to the mb and Trump talked about declaring them a terrorist organisation(has he done that yet btw?).

785434 No.9780823


Interesting, I hadn't thought about it that way (backing military dictatorships vs arming Sunni tribes). Admittedly I'm not as informed on the subject as I'd like to be.

Thanks, anon

de7e19 No.9783577

I saw an infographic posted on the board several days ago where an Atheist author who teachings medieval history basically refuted point by point the meme myths that shilib Atheists use to attack Christianity, and in particular the "le 500 years of anti-progress Dark Ages" idea. He also did a pretty good job debunking a lot of ahistorical myths used by liberals and Atheists to attack conservatism as an ideal and Christianity as a system of belief.

But I have no idea what thread it was in. It's probably still on the board, but I can't find it. Does anybody have the infographic, or at least know which thread it was posted in?

06be38 No.9783769

File: ae9b54cabebdf55⋯.png (243.67 KB, 295x353, 295:353, ae9b54cabebdf55a6375a14369….png)


>What's the difference between a drunk/high nigger and a drunk/high Aryan?


ea9770 No.9783851

File: 697c7ce6835f748⋯.gif (25.78 KB, 450x339, 150:113, confused link.gif)

Can we replace Kampfy with WT Snacks?

d06c35 No.9784154

File: db4dee46c2c9e7d⋯.jpg (142.9 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 45-70_0031.JPG)

Is there a stormfront for Indians who want to wipe out the Pakis?

0b2283 No.9784354

File: ed9e07b41dd8150⋯.jpg (26.77 KB, 352x360, 44:45, 1453442538230.jpg)


Probably. I'd like to take the opportunity to say that I fully agree with that notion and that the territory of Pakistan should be divided up between India and China.

525a90 No.9784389


>wanting a pedophile to mod /pol/

Snacks has always been a degenerate retard. So much so that even moot kicked his ass out.

f15ba0 No.9784405

File: 621f44580b18e0a⋯.jpg (158.41 KB, 645x877, 645:877, amy-schumer-instyle.jpg)

I didn't know if it was worth making a new thread about this, so I'm putting it here. Look what greeted me at the cash register when I went to the grocery store, today. Nearly tore the fucking thing in two. Why the fuck are the juden pushing this ugly, disgusting cunt so hard. There are much more talented/better looking jewesses with which to subvert.

576788 No.9784485


Back during gamergate Snacks showed up on 8chan and was offered a mod position. He turned it down because he's too busy with his radio show Midnight Snacks.

so, no

0b2283 No.9784519


Are we talking loli or real pedophilia?

f4109a No.9784547


You look like a gross pozzed mulatto.

Don't breed.

525a90 No.9784573


Real. He was revered as a god by Anons on /b/ because he was also a mod and would post that shit. Moot was complicit in his being a mod and his posting for many years, until something happened between them. Snacks decided to "hack" the front page of /b/ and posted hundreds of spinning moot heads. When the moot heads were removed, he replaced them with spinning dicks. That was the last I knew of Snacks, didn't know he had a radio show as >>9784485 said.

8658f3 No.9784600


She's a kike herself Anon. They want us to praise the (((chosen people)))

b64763 No.9784601

File: 648015d6ebb52e7⋯.png (166.38 KB, 427x296, 427:296, 1b306f99682f97905ec7fc816d….png)

Why is there so many faggots and non-whites on /pol/ and why does imkikefy allow them?

0b2283 No.9784675


Say what you want about the good old days on 4chan, but one of the positive things about present image boards is that the possibility of seeing kiddy porn has dramatically decreased in comparison to the earlier days.

587634 No.9784677


kampfy is just as degenerate tbh fam

525a90 No.9784735


4chan was fun, but always degenerate. The degeneracy served a dual purpose for me, though. Seeing all the gore and porn eventually made me question it all, and inevitably led me to /pol/.


It's hard to say who takes the lead in that race. Snacks was a pedo, but he also would rarely delete any posts, if ever. Kampfy deletes posts all the time and is basically an SJW who larps as Rachael Maddow.

You're right, it's a tie.

007970 No.9784804


Right. That and they claim Nazis did that shit anyway in enemy towns as practice. Doesn't make sense.

But the official story is that Hitler first used it merely as Jew storage but then was convinced by some Muslim that he should kill them instead of deport.

Actually it doesn't matter what the official story was because all the stories which affirm it happening are considered valid by people.

007970 No.9784813



f17c6c No.9784852


the photographer tried so hard to hide her big fat broad shoulders.

15f699 No.9784860


I was disheartened during all that hwndu drama. Seeing all of those shitskins and autists made me feel so alone. I feel like im the only white American poster here that isnt a weaboo neckbeard that has a replica buster sword and shit, isnt a half breed. That seriously depressed me. Im sure someone is gonna call me trs for saying I dont really like anime. I dont mind the anime posting, but its like being a social outcast is encouraged. And everyone seems to post about not having a gf, its kinda pathetic and its never brought up. Sometimes its like all the weaboos are the shills and they are scaring off anyone that isnt as autistic as they are.

Why do non whites even post here by the way? whats the point?

0b2283 No.9784950

File: 555ad2e6950f287⋯.png (308.34 KB, 480x355, 96:71, Ian Smith.PNG)


>I dont mind the anime posting, but its like being a social outcast is encouraged.

>watching chinese cartoons means you have no friends :(((

>And everyone seems to post about not having a gf, its kinda pathetic and its never brought up.

Never mind people constantly complaining about their girlfriends and wives, or the occasional family father asking for advice.

>Sometimes its like all the weaboos are the shills and they are scaring off anyone that isnt as autistic as they are.

Sure, it's not the unbearable cuckchan faggotry or two-fold shilling regarding Trump, nah, it's the chinese cartoons.

c85320 No.9785069


They spent a lot of time and money building her up to be a role model for girls. Now she's a laughing stock but they still think they can salvage it.

587634 No.9785100


Beyond the CP and Gore and general insanity, every user during the early days of 4chan wanted two things: lulz, and to be a little anime girl

c770ab No.9785113


>Why the fuck are the juden pushing this ugly, disgusting cunt so hard

Because the jew hates beauty and will do anything to subvert and destroy it

80a934 No.9785365


The degeneracy on /b/ lead me to /pol/ too. I was a liberal commie faggot around 13 or 14, but I liked mean jokes. Eventually I moved to /pol/ when I realized it was basically /b/ but without 'rate my dick' threads and close-ups of assholes.

6cd96d No.9785486

File: 6f311d39ae288b3⋯.jpg (47.81 KB, 447x312, 149:104, niggerchicks.jpg)

I'm confused about Putin and Russia. They oppose the globalist jew by cockblocking them in Syria yet it's apparently illegal to question the holohoax. Is Putin and the Russian leadership just part of a different jewtribe or is there something I'm missing?

3dfbbf No.9785569

How much should I try to read per day of educational, historical, or philosophy books?

587634 No.9785579


I never gave a shit about politics until /new/ came about, before that I was just some dumb teenager watching anime and playing zelda all day

b93e9f No.9785603


>looking up to your dad == wanting to outdo a dead corpse in a coffin for your own mental satisfaction

you have some serious family issues with that level of projection buddy

also, stop watching tv channels with kike CEOs

b93e9f No.9785628


go back to reddit

42c7d8 No.9785715

I want to enter meme warfare. What plataform is the best to spread gnatzee memes to normies? Instragram?

f6a6b1 No.9785847


>Jewish officers

Where do you live? Germany? I'd be honest with the officers, and tell them that kikes are a cancer on society.

f6a6b1 No.9785929


>Honestly, I think we only need to wait for it to happen. Birthrates of orthodox jews(who don't work, mostly don't join the military and leech off of the working population) are much higher than the average Israeli. Birthrates of muslims and christians are also higher.

Can I get a source on that?

f6a6b1 No.9785956


>Cannabis is more aryan than beer

You better be fucking joking.

0b2283 No.9785966

File: 53758018f1d716c⋯.jpg (141.41 KB, 611x783, 611:783, Unbenannt.JPG)


Just use startpage, lad.

I'm too lazy to make archives right now.

f6a6b1 No.9785976


Yea, his position confuses me too. Apparently he wants to be as neutral as possible, by shutting down nationalists and kikes alike.

f6a6b1 No.9785982

>>9785966 (checked)


f6a6b1 No.9786001



IMO, don't bother with philosophy. It's just a bunch of people asking questions, and then suggesting 50 answers without figuring out which is right. As for educational, and historical books, read as much as you can until you have a firm grasp on most of history.

b64763 No.9786086


He's a horseshoe centrist. He thinks liberals and nationalists are both bad because "muh extremism." I wouldn't trust him, you should never trust KGB.

b3666e No.9786642



>The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and Mind Control: The Secret History of the Behavioral Sciences - by John Marks

>August 1991

Still doesn't look at new information but I guess it's better than nothing. Also CIA lied, talked around the truth or took the 5th for the congressional testimonies after burning quite a bit of evidence. Seems like it wouldn't yield much.

1e826c No.9787359

File: f6e6599494ce409⋯.jpg (69.68 KB, 500x598, 250:299, 1431885171797.jpg)

How does one become altruistic without becoming a beta male cuck?

71423c No.9787385


Why would you want to be so altruistic that you become a beta cuck. To quote Hitler;

>Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice.

There's nothing wrong with maybe giving some sod a dollar or something but there's a big difference between the level you're talking about and everyday altruism.

1e826c No.9787388


More specifically I want to avoid going into pathological altruist territory. I've tried the Ayn Rand tier embrace selfishness meme, all it does is turn me into a slothlike shitbag.

Good for those who can pull it off I guess but it's not for me.

0839f8 No.9787392

File: 2bf07998209bd48⋯.jpg (15.01 KB, 450x329, 450:329, d0d69ae2f94e5ca7823dd5e7c1….jpg)


>use startpage

>get censored and obfuscated results thru google

f6a6b1 No.9787712


I'd like a source on that quote. IMO, Hitler WAS a humanitarian.

71423c No.9788340


Mein Kampf

f8c1c4 No.9788691

File: ae863c7b5a50c9f⋯.jpeg (62.07 KB, 626x460, 313:230, 26f132be0d56583212cb81fbc….jpeg)


>doxxing your own face.

all the proof you need that you didn't get the smart genes.


You have surpassed your goals.


It really puts it all in perspective huh?

872376 No.9789067

so, weird question. i guess the best way to ask it is to just be as direct as possible and hope someone know what i'm saying.

does anyone else have some kind of paranormal figure giving them frequent visions of elysium(or something looking like it) and offering guidance in the form of dreams and exceedingly bizarre coincidences?

does anyone have any lore on this/these figures? i'd like to figure out what their aim is

b1ffc2 No.9789318

Should I be dating a woman two years older than me? I'm about to be 24, and she just turned 26. We've been together for over five years, but it seems like we're not moving any further to growing the white race together. Should I take my 1/8 spanish ass away and find some other, younger mischling to be with?

cd4841 No.9789351


Yes, probably. I don't fucking know. Nobody here does.

You're after an answer you want to hear. What DO you want to hear? Invest in real estate, always eat breakfast?

Do whatever the fuck you think is best for your brood. If you want kids and she doesn't, end the relationship based entirely on that. Because otherwise you're wasting time.

b27eff No.9789359


You can be halfbreed and still hate jews and corrupt politicians anon

ab9971 No.9789360


t. alberto barbosa

5f7c1c No.9789369

Is there a way to efficiently archive an entire facebook account? How about a way to archive linkedin at all?

b27eff No.9789372

File: 5e79591444c801c⋯.jpg (66.21 KB, 780x461, 780:461, 5e79591444c801caf2e2d46902….jpg)


linkedin you can sceenshot

41af6f No.9789381

File: dc94bfd5064dd1b⋯.jpg (29.12 KB, 507x505, 507:505, budan.jpg)


Am I a morning person /pol/?

233c62 No.9789404

File: 734a37070e01582⋯.jpg (230.96 KB, 2311x2927, 2311:2927, bismarck.jpg)





If you stupid halfbreeds could stop posting pictures of yourselfes that would be terribly kind.

b27eff No.9789416


If that is the case they need to go to >>>/baphomet/

2edcc2 No.9789417


give them the same saliva sample again under a different name i bet you a $100 the results will be different . record it to show the world the 23 and me scheme . im talking out my ass right now but as far as the world of shady businesses go i wouldn't be surprised if you gave the same sample a hundred times a hundred times you're result would be different

giving your DNA to a privately owned company what could go wrong

233c62 No.9790157

File: 37b18c31cdd2335⋯.jpg (122.32 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, question.jpg)

Does someone have the pictures comparing niggers and apes proving that apes are more noble creatures and that it's unfair to call niggers apes?

587634 No.9790409


You mean the a wyatt mann cartoon with the monkey protesting or the one with koko the gorilla and the sub sahran africans?

233c62 No.9790466


There were several pictures like this, but I'll gladly take the cartoon if you have it.

587634 No.9790706

File: b0983342875d12b⋯.jpeg (79.09 KB, 434x507, 434:507, image.jpeg)

b89048 No.9790728


Enviromentalism > limited human population > well then who stays > only the best of course > race realism > your gf now hates niggers to save the planet.

You're welcome.

233c62 No.9790730

File: 06ea10ffe00eb21⋯.png (69.14 KB, 414x431, 414:431, happy elf slut.png)



b89048 No.9790744


Make him follow through with his threat and then utterly anally devestate three kikes with the truth. Reduce them to hysteria and tears.

897c0b No.9790755

Is anybody here keeping a log of the happings since July last year?

I need to borrow your notes.

b89048 No.9790758


Then you look your father in the eyes while three grown men cry down their noses onto his floor. You look at him at say "Look at me. I'm the Fuhrer now!" Then you sieg heil and goosestep out the door.

3ab7a6 No.9791072

File: 1011aac872ac8d1⋯.jpg (187.47 KB, 831x1080, 277:360, 02.jpg)


… and on a similar note.

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