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File: 797e6b97251ad5f⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1024x537, 1024:537, Nian Hu.png)

3de3e8 No.9758318


Feminists are feeling the pressure mates. Don't give up now.

Why are they STILL buttblasted about gamergate in the current year tho?

I thought the neckbeards lost that one? why is it still relevant and/or scary?

358bf4 No.9758355

>Why are they STILL buttblasted about gamergate in the current year tho?

>I thought the neckbeards lost that one? why is it still relevant and/or scary?

Gamergate is their Holocaust

4e2007 No.9758406


Not true. GamerGate actually happened.

9e13da No.9758414




Was it really that big? I can see it as a huge influx of fresh blood to the anti-feminists but still

814a2e No.9758417

File: 9a78a09dab87efb⋯.jpg (48.64 KB, 637x343, 13:7, mission accomplished.jpg)

>why is it still relevant and/or scary?

Because it was the first time someone not only said no to them but actively went against them, the same people that steamrolled comics, movies, sci fi books and Hollywood lost video games to someone that they truly consider to be subhuman.

They will NEVER get over it.

358bf4 No.9758420


>Was it really that big? I can see it as a huge influx of fresh blood to the anti-feminists but still

I don't remember, I left them when they started PRcucking and shittalking /pol/ even though we were the only ones who actually did any heavy digging. I think it was bigger than you'd expect, but smaller than the (((game journalists))) made it seem to be.

c41ea0 No.9758433


I've met so many people who's final straw was gamer gate

I Unironically think gamer gate led to trump getting elected, because the mist meme savvy people were pushed from being apolitical to our side, who then worked for free to shill for trump for months

2aca82 No.9758435

GamerGate started the Overton window shift to the right… Even if it failed to achieve most of its major goals, for that alone, it's a winner to me.

c41ea0 No.9758440

9e13da No.9758460


ah thanks. that was around the time I learnt about 4chan. Anti-SJW stuff became the mainstream in my school.


Yeah i kind of see that now in hindsight. Even this guy: https://youtu.be/7u3uhKxNPNg

Seemed to be somewhat neutralish but he was definately enjoying our memes a lot more.


This was my perspective. GamerGate kind of failed it's stated goals but seems to have immunised a large number of men against the kind of sjw trash that ruined the Occupy movement.

I think that even if GG failed they came out a lot stronger and their opponents hadn't really won.

02f711 No.9758462


>I have nothing to lose, and I am not going to silence myself out of fear of harassment or violence.

female privilege is to never have experienced real harassment or violence. otherwise she would keep her piehole shut.

89757f No.9758470


>faggot goons are slowly realizing their mistake

Kek, too late faggots.


Can confirm. I would orbit /pol/ for nigger maymays or if something was happening, but GG was when it became my main board. A lot of my vidya friends have similar stories. Three years ago some were hardcore lefties, now they're cracking jew jokes and giving the roman salute.

9e13da No.9758471

File: dc8ff9c65be792a⋯.jpg (22.35 KB, 188x233, 188:233, Uhoh.jpg)


pic related?

166cec No.9758472

File: 891ce1b3b38b78d⋯.png (607.46 KB, 1051x501, 1051:501, why_gamergate_failed.png)

4e2007 No.9758475

File: 437f8d588a5f06c⋯.png (516.52 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 82980d17105cc4575ff3f3ca73….png)

Reading the article now. I've barely begun and I'm already reeling

>The importance of speaking out, even though there are real repercussions


Yeah, you dumb cunts. You wanted to turn civilization on its head and smash the patriarchy. You wanted a fucking fight, didn't you? When you act, there are consequences. You learn this shit in pre-school.

>In the past, I have criticized some feminists for being too moderate, too conciliatory towards men.

This is how you get feminists who turn anti-feminist. They get the worst from people who share their ideology and then realize that they are on the wrong side of the conflict.

>And I still believe that feminism should, at its core, be a revolutionary, intersectional, and unapologetic movement.

What did I just say? You want a fucking revolution, but you're shocked by the consequences.. Don't you faggots worship revolutionaries who got people killed and destroyed nations?

>Gamer and actor Felicia Day made her first public statement about Gamergate, a group of anonymous people on the Internet, many of whom are presumably men, who have made it their life’s mission to harass women and female gamers online.

Wew lad. That's not even remotely true.

>And yet, minutes after she posted her statement, Day’s personal details were posted all over the Internet.

They weren't. The address that got posted once was a publically listed address from her own site.

>former NFL star Chris Kluwe wrote an inflammatory piece against Gamergate…

>But, as he pointed out, none of the members of Gamergate tried to release his private information

It's almost like GamerGate wasn't doxing people and it was actually feminist professional victims doxing themselves!

>White feminism is a real problem, and watered-down feminism that does not address structural power dynamics and intersectionality fails to have any real revolutionary potential.

Holy Buzzword salad, Batman!

>But sometimes, white feminism is the only form of feminism that is safe to peddle at all.

"We need to be intersectional.. But fuck white people amirite?"

>…back when I was fairly conservative and didn’t even really identify as a feminist, much less an intersectional feminist.

I sincerely fucking doubt it. No one is ever only "moderately feminist" while talking about racism and using phrases like rape culture.. And no one who is fairly conservative goes on to become a more extreme feminist who blames white people for not being revolutionary enough while whining about the consequences of their actions.

>So I can understand why women are scared to call themselves feminists, scared to call men out for their misogyny, scared to be more radical or intersectional or loud in their beliefs. It’s scary to be a feminist.

Most women are not feminists because feminism is a cancerous antagonistic ideology that exists to empower bitching and whining by adding some faux-academic gravitas to the words of idiots… and the reason that no one wants to be a feminist is because idiots like the author demand people by more radical and intersectional (how the fuck do you even be more intersectional while demanding more equality?!) while they cry about all the mean dudebros who told them they don't want anything to do with a feminazi extremist?

>But, at the end of the day, it’s scary to even exist as a woman in this world. I am already afraid. I already live in fear when it’s late at night and a man is walking behind me closely, or when a car full of men drives by and they jeer at me and follow me down the street. Even when I am silent, I am afraid. Silence will not buy me safety.

And there it is. She's a paranoid, nervous trainwreck of a person and she thinks her insecurities somehow justify her fanatical devotion to the cult of feminism.

>And while I understand the real risk that women take every time they speak out about gender inequality, I hope that it’s a risk that we are all willing to take.

u wot cunt? You just illustrated that the risks were mean comments and guys saying they wouldn't date you. That's the fucking extent of the consequences of your moronic actions… But you're so damned brave, aren't you? Going out there, every day.. on twitter.. Whining about intersectionality and misogyny. SO BRAVE.

19cc40 No.9758482

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Why are they STILL buttblasted about gamergate in the current year tho?

Because videogames were the last escapism left for the demoralized western man, and they miscalculated. They kept whipping the lion into submission constantly, confident that beating it harder would make it submit to their authority completely, only to realize they had accidentally driven it into a corner and with nowhere left to run the only choice left is to match violence with violence.

They will never it go because they made a monumental mistake and it haunts them.

9e13da No.9758495

File: b57352f6ccb4a3b⋯.jpg (500.34 KB, 1304x942, 652:471, Vostok_spacecraft.jpg)



Bombing muslims, Anti-Nigger racism creates more dangerous radicals but slandering white males doesn't somehow?

89757f No.9758498

File: b57e95985726a2d⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 717d7c7d237595b0ff23ad221a….png)


So the whole article is just trying to make them seem like edgy rebels under attack by the system, maaan.

9e13da No.9758509


Jesus christ what a fucking wordsalad.

This thot is genuinely unsavalvagable.

4e2007 No.9758515


What the fuck is with asian feminists being the most cancerous lunatics?

02f711 No.9758524


>Most women are not feminists

you are right and wrong. they might not identify as feminists (and most women actually hate other women more than radfems hate men) but being the egoistical creatures they are, they will always be willing to pick it up if it suits their desires

9e13da No.9758531


I have no clue.

I know that asian males are actually predjudiced against more than even the white boi in college entrance requirements so that might be related somehow?

32e15c No.9758536


Damn. Now I want to make a game starring Vivian taking down massive, big-nosed giants. It'll be like Shadow of the Colons or something.

19cc40 No.9758537


Because asian cultures are very traditional and authoritarian. Therefore, they need to rebel harder.

561f5f No.9758569


The public is waking up to the fact they are histrionic and annoying, so they are doubling down with their dwindling cucks base.

b2d92c No.9758574


My need to actively resist SJW bullshit (though more accurately, to defend video games as a whole from any and all threats) was manifested in part as gamergate. The realization that most of those problems have extremely deep-rooted causes is what led me to politics as a whole, something that I still detest, but a sword that I must take up.

I am still fighting my original battle. Nothing about my original goals or motives have changed. I just realized the scope of the enemy.

c2c494 No.9758575


Whats the story behind the pic you posted?

Why has that lad got cheese on his nips?

967c38 No.9758576


Actually being from a racial minority group they can partake in Cultural Marxist/feminist identity politics without the walking-on-egg shells self-hate of the white girl feminist. Also they're probably smarter and more driven on average than white female femininsts because of their upbringing and family culture and being smarter and more driven makes you more of a cunt when you get infected with a cult ideology.

561f5f No.9758581


What happened was they pissed off some very seasoned political activists who were just trying to escape the (((world))) by playing vidya.

They still don't know what hit them.

5a6303 No.9758594


>Thought neckbeards lost that one

Not even close.

561f5f No.9758599



We live most connected erase in history and these idiots still think that no one listening to your idiotic shit is (((bring silenced))).

I used to say Napster did more for naming the Jew than Jesus Christ but I think GG did it a hundred times better.

561f5f No.9758610

File: a7d21503e3b4144⋯.jpg (134.19 KB, 720x540, 4:3, IMG_2176.jpg)



With similar results.

02f711 No.9758635


in asian households women usually are the ones in control of everything (especially finances) despite men being the official head. with dwindling marriage numbers they are losing a comfy source of income and are mad about it. this leads to two different reasons for more feminism.

1. i am to stupid to understand that doubling down on a mistake is not a solution.

2. fuck men, the gov will replace them if we push further

b761fe No.9758652

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>race that conquered 78% of the earth's landmass and ruled 85% of its population at the height of its power

>never defeated by non-whites on the battlefield

>only laid low by a massive two-part civil war instigated by kikes, commies, and libtards

>white men still produce 77% of the USA's GDP despite being 33% of the population

>white men account for 96% of those employed in agriculture, manufacturing, or resource extraction(ie actual work)

>white men are the ones with all the guns and ICBMs

>successfully distract them with bread and circuses for 60 years rather than fight an unwinnable battle against them

>whelp now that the US is 35 mud time to take away the bread and circuses and shove pozz down their throats

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? *implying kikes actually think or plan rather than just naturally act like duplicitous faggots*

4093e4 No.9758672

File: 8a3e9ee77108436⋯.jpeg (191.99 KB, 1503x1000, 1503:1000, spergsters.jpeg)


>What the fuck is with asian feminists being the most cancerous lunatics?

East Asia = 2 billion Autists. Whether they break left or right, it's always gonna be MMMM…DAT EDGE.

89757f No.9758673

File: de4e8e1f406e37e⋯.png (205.6 KB, 396x408, 33:34, postmodernism.png)



814a2e No.9758680



>an actress with publicly available info

Wew laddie.

02f711 No.9758689


b-but it's such a scary buzzword

c5699b No.9758718


What about where he's married to a psycho dyke gweilo?

d8928b No.9758723

File: 9b3d1a464baf1ff⋯.jpg (57.27 KB, 288x499, 288:499, d7062916c7f6215a46bfabaa74….jpg)


Confirmed. GamerGate was a ride, tbh. I already hated all the feminism bullshit, and I had checked out /pol/ a few times, but wrote off what was there as edginess, mostly sticking to /b/. It wasn't until GG and getting a peek into the rabbit hole that I really started to hate. I only came to /pol/ again after the PRcuckery, and even then, I was sure most of you were insane or having a laugh. I just wanted the dig threads.

In under a month, I was losing friends explaining why jews would deserve the gas. Redpills are the most destructive, addictive thing in creation.

287c3b No.9758726


I see it this way: the sjw clique pissed off gamers enough to get them to fight back, and gamers s-ranked their asses and it just happened to coincide, overlap, and extend into an election cycle. They were a significant part of a libertarian uprising but one of many significant parts, they may have pushed Trump over the line just by utilizing social media and pointing out the MSM's faults. Then they went back to gaming. It was an ass whopping. I don't think the left will ever get back into power until they clean house.

19cc40 No.9758730

File: a15bdbd442a0be5⋯.jpg (102.47 KB, 722x349, 722:349, 1488167311749.jpg)

Anyone have the "THIS ISN'T A BOYS CLUB ANYMORE!"-comic? I feel it's relevant to this thread and the topic of gamergate.

a852e8 No.9758753


>Also they're probably smarter and more driven on average than white female femininsts because of their upbringing and family culture

And, you know, genes.

eabec6 No.9758756

File: ab2e0dccad92df3⋯.png (346.81 KB, 516x369, 172:123, asian women sjws.png)


Same reasons most feminist shjeboons are light skinned.

Higher IQ = greater exposure to marxist kike brainwashing at universities

b48fb2 No.9758763


>I already live in fear when it’s late at night and a man is walking behind me closely

>…when a car full of men drives by and they jeer at me and follow me down the street

She's really talking about spics and niggers, isn't she? except when she's false flaggingi.e all the time Yet she can't say that so she paints all men wth the same brush.

>Even when I am silent, I am afraid. Silence will not buy me safety.

top lel, talk about empowerment :^)

aebbea No.9758769


>I don't think the left will ever get back into power until they clean house.

Leftism is based entirely on envy and making excuses to avoid the responsibility required to maintain civilization. They must never be allowed to rise again. All leftist narratives must be revealed for the lies they are.

8130b7 No.9758803

File: 4814f47419f4670⋯.webm (272.04 KB, 480x360, 4:3, whatthefuckisthisshit.webm)


>asian american women

>a black and white woman are in there too

9e13da No.9758809


I think we've won america, france, russia and maybe britbongistan at the very least.

That should be enough. We've got the most powerful nationalist military forces on the planet.

de30ad No.9758811

File: 82b6f28a27e78d7⋯.gif (855.73 KB, 384x259, 384:259, 67a23e802efbb9c1774877d01e….gif)


Hard to believe this slope is in harvard.

420be6 No.9758813


What do you call a white "transracial" woman? Coke-a-hontas?

89757f No.9758823


>all those 4s and 5s

>"we're NOT the cure to your yellow fever"

Kek, they should meme responsibly. Same with obese chicks. The only reason you're getting any dick is because of fetishes. Don't look a gift cock in the deferens.

43111f No.9758824

does anybody have some rare vivians?

72a975 No.9758866

File: 0073b503b19531d⋯.png (338.37 KB, 652x478, 326:239, loli memeomancer.png)


>"Scared to Be a Feminist"

The natural order is restoring itself.

a852e8 No.9758895

File: 1d6e4d275cafcbc⋯.png (369.09 KB, 516x369, 172:123, ab2e0dccad92df35ce4d8d5945….png)

d8928b No.9758905


>Rating a Sheboon as 5


Unless those are their IQs

358bf4 No.9758914


I think you were being a bit too generous with those scores, anon.

72a975 No.9758915


That purple hair in the center is a 4 at most.

02f711 No.9758917


did you just add random numbers between 3 and 6?

>nigger a 5

>ting on the left more than a 2

>boy in the background a 3? are you a fag?

a21e7d No.9758935

>Why are they STILL buttblasted about gamergate in the current year tho?

Gamergate was the first organized movdment against them.

And I dont understand where you get the idea that it failed…. Mother Jones?

32e15c No.9758939


These are IQ scores.

c993e2 No.9758942


>I thought the neckbeards lost that one

Necbeards lost nothing

The ones who lñost were teh femitards who, up until GG had the neckbeards eating off the palm of their hand, then GG happens and everysingle neckbeard began lurking on /pol/ and shitting on femitards

89757f No.9758964

File: 6d102735bd5570d⋯.png (317.3 KB, 516x369, 172:123, rate.png)

e2fd52 No.9758973

File: 10abd656f462d10⋯.png (455.81 KB, 633x1139, 633:1139, Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at ….png)

Daily reminder she got butt blasted three days ago after trying to go after anitwitter for liking anime and she's STILL angry about it.

2b39fe No.9758981


Gamergate will go down in history as the turning point. The lesson: don't fuck with autists' hobbies.

2b39fe No.9758989


What really pissed them off is that gamergate exposed the media. Same reason they get pissed at Fake News. Their power relies on credibility, so if you destroy their credibility they lose everything.

598b5c No.9758994

File: 29e42ac521d5db4⋯.png (461.89 KB, 576x1007, 576:1007, this isnt a boy's club.png)

a21e7d No.9758998


And we dont even need media anymore.


c5699b No.9759004


The 2014 midterms got their attention.

72a975 No.9759005

File: fc8d5dc1cf06af8⋯.jpg (74.49 KB, 740x864, 185:216, some cunt from symphogeer.jpg)


>Billy Mitchell hair

2b39fe No.9759013


The amount of white knights and fagboys on her twitter comments is disgusting.

What are we ever going to do about the white knightery plaguing our society lads?

7bbecf No.9759014


GG was the first time the regressives stepped on the snake and got bitten instead of crushing it, it did not kill the whole corrupt media, but it did more damage to them than anything else other than Trump's election

88f22c No.9759018

File: e8ae22ff918bcfb⋯.jpg (120.97 KB, 900x797, 900:797, Niggers beats teacher.jpg)

File: b263f0c002f4ea8⋯.png (907.52 KB, 798x720, 133:120, Beeing_a_Teacher_is_Racist.png)

File: 0fe7f1d406bcdcb⋯.jpg (63.97 KB, 742x960, 371:480, Low_intellect.jpg)

File: f2b067c5f52bda8⋯.png (124.32 KB, 1077x1300, 1077:1300, Poor_Schools_Sestemic_Bull….png)

File: bcc55a3d5e0175d⋯.jpg (353.28 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Muh_Privilege.jpg)


A 11 year old boy, a classmate of my cousins sons, came up to me while i was picking up my nephew and said the teacher was mean to him. I asked him why he though that and he said she always favors the girls, she always forbids us to play while the girls get the play. In the car back home to my cousins house i asked my 12 year old newphew about his female [feminist] teacher and he confirmed she was always mean.

I told my cousin, but yeah he told me he knows but they can't even do anything here since even the director is fat dyke. I looked into it here in the Netherlands. Turns out 91% of teachers are woman in this country. Education has been completely feminized. Competitiveness is discourages, project based work is encouraged. This also comes from the State itself. Boys can't be boys, if they are they usually get referred for ADHD or the old ritalin medication to make them calm or they get dumped the autism label even though nothing is wrong with them, they simple can't fit into that shit feminized environment. At this point it would be a great improvement if boys and girls were separately educated but we can't have that in 'Diversity la-la land'.

Let alone not mentioning all the subhuman sand nigger garbage that requires much more attention that devalue the education our white children are getting. These brain dead idiots can't even admit the differences between races because that might cause Hitler to rise again or some shit logic.

Getting really sick of this world.

c5699b No.9759021

File: 04cbf69575227ad⋯.jpg (31.4 KB, 500x372, 125:93, angry manlet.jpg)


>Their power relies on credibility

And they love to project their lack of it.

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."

a761c3 No.9759023


There comes a point when white flight doesn't work because there is nowhere else to go.

Once cornered, we fight back ruthlessly.

They are so dumb that they think we are dead when we are just resting.

If they had just left us just one place where we could be left alone to thrive, they may have got away with ruling the rest of the planet.

Now they are all going to die.

89757f No.9759024

File: 89fb9c9ac2bc08b⋯.png (113.5 KB, 587x556, 587:556, whiteknights.PNG)


Wow, you're not kidding. She and her white knights have been tweeting about cartoons all day.

e84ee7 No.9759032


All white knight orbiters need to be shamed mercilessly until they realize their own faggotry, or die.

72a975 No.9759045

File: ae6f681b2401884⋯.png (284.74 KB, 788x756, 197:189, feeler and commander.png)


I wonder if a woman will see that picture and poll and actually interpret it as "men want modest feminine well-mannered women" and "nose-less ink girl", but I somehow don't think they're up for it.

13713f No.9759046

File: f374ce4d3a98086⋯.png (390.45 KB, 667x1006, 667:1006, Leigh-1.png)

B-but gooblergate had ZERO power, those mysogynyst pissbabies terrorists did NOTHING

c5699b No.9759047


My mother was actually trained by Turing and she is probably why I hate these histrionic whiners so much: my female role model was competent!

e2fd52 No.9759050


>bitch ass sub tried to take my phone

I'd have taken more than their fucking phone.

e2fd52 No.9759055


>I wonder if a woman will see that picture and poll and actually interpret


a761c3 No.9759059

>it’s scary to even exist as a woman in this world. I am already afraid.

It would be a lot less scary if you had a strong man as a husband to protect you from the shitskin hordes your fellow women voted into the country.

72a975 No.9759060


and *not** "nose-less ink girl" I mean

7bbecf No.9759061


I still wish we had broken her harder

ff9454 No.9759062

e2fd52 No.9759068


if Chris Chan is proof of anything, it's that there's no point in which we have to stop.

32e15c No.9759083


The ride never ends.

13713f No.9759084



It's a shame that she didn't took the Shia LeBTFO path

7bbecf No.9759086


I miss old chris-chan

He was a lovable disgusting human being

He is just "disgusting" now

e2fd52 No.9759090


Of course not, she's a woman. Even a broken man accomplishes more than a woman in a first world country.

7bbecf No.9759106


Any updates on the cabin stuff by the way? Last time i checked we got false info on the location

89757f No.9759110


Subconsciously they realize it, but it's easier to brush it off with snark. A wise anon once said "Men climb the mountain to reach the top. Women complain there is a mountaintop and declare wherever they are to be the new mountaintop."

e2fd52 No.9759115

File: f5dd837c6f0ac70⋯.png (170.1 KB, 630x629, 630:629, Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at ….png)

File: 5a0537a56e453f5⋯.png (122.21 KB, 636x651, 212:217, Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at ….png)

They're still mad about the other day and now anitwitter is calling them out as sluts. This is 10/10.

72a975 No.9759118


I still have hope for him somehow. Maybe when Barb dies he'll actually man the fuck up to survive. Though it's more likely he'll try to sell his body and wind up in jail.

7bbecf No.9759136


Even if he returns to being a glorious lolcow it won't be the same without Sonichu

32e15c No.9759138


You're giving them WAYYYY too much credit.

a957b1 No.9759183


This, basically the only real achievable goal of GG was to highlight the level of pernicious infiltration happening in one of the last industries not totally co-opted by these influences.

Remember wikileaks thought it important enough that a corollary was drawn from the coordinated infiltration of the left to other actual political entities running the same slimy game in international politics.

All that shit about DiGRA and DARPA? Yeah, that shit was fucking REAL, the neoliberal establishment was trying to turn the electronic entertainment industry into hymietown (hollywood) 2.0

Gamergate could never have prevented anything, what it did accomplish is force people to realize there is a huge problem with nasty politicized elements trying to ruin things for the average person and for the SJWs gamergate was the equivalent of discovering Rumplestiltskin's name. They were found out and once that happened, it was game over and they know it, which is why they're still utterly buttblasted to this day.

c993e2 No.9759215

File: ff653d290d8c5ea⋯.png (435.7 KB, 1142x482, 571:241, samuray is the oposite of ….png)


>Because videogames were the last escapism left for the demoralized western man

my theory is different

Most of the old media is populated by older men

Men who have been beaten into ideological submission by every single kike made entretainament for decades, men who have been thought the horrors of war and want to avoid a new conflict, men who already fought and lost enough

Vydia on the other hand is populated mostly by youths, revelious youths who want to be edgy. people looking for something to live for and something to die for, people eager to join their first big fight as some sort of initiation ritual, and mostly people whose main source of entretainament was made by a race that hated the kikes and wanted them destoyed

These youths were unpozzed and eager to fight back, they knew the good things in life and did not want to relinquish them to kikes, then the jaded cinical old men who had alrready lost enough fighting remembered what beauty was like and joined their youths to protect said beauty, they remembered why they fough, and they realized they had never won as they've been told wich is why they just kept loosing everything they ever fought for

The youth's vigor remoralized the old folk

And all it took was for one of them to find untainted beauty worthy of protection

a957b1 No.9759226


That's right, gamergate was only the beginning, now you will see blatant, desperate escalation not too dissimilar to the dire acts of the israelis when it was obvious the syrian war was drawing to a close and they just wouldn't have it.

GG was proof that when we decide we've had enough, their efforts aren't sufficient to stop us, and when we finally hit a point where they've poked and prodded us into further action they'll see again, and again, and again why their aspirations are doomed.

89757f No.9759228

File: f6d7ad78db44661⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.77 KB, 385x346, 385:346, ea713d62c8895fa582a1e9d527….jpg)


All over a butthurt cuck and a stinky cooch.

f20722 No.9759233

File: 32faf0afcdf7c1c⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 85.11 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 32faf0afcd.gif)


>Was it really that big?

Are you Implying the gamergate didn't happen!?

9e13da No.9759242


Oh boy.

Women depend on male tax dollars.

Shits going to get really interesting down the road lads. Expect shitloads of cosplayers imitating anime girls to get some of those male dollars.

Gunna be really funny

43111f No.9759245


how can you look at the anime skirt picture and says that's "modest and well mannered"? the other two, sure.

c993e2 No.9759254

File: 5011381fa597933⋯.png (843.71 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, i pledge my life to vivian.png)


>i just wanted to have fun

>i just wanted to play games

>i just wanted to enjoy beauty

>i just wanted some ecapism

>Now all i want is to gas the kikes

9e13da No.9759260


nice sense of humour that conor guy has at least.

I'll gas him last

39b412 No.9759271


>Scared to Be a Feminist

good, but they should be scared of being alone, feeling useless and unhappy, because that's what feminism does to a woman, I mean only muslims actually attack feminists for being feminists

72a975 No.9759275


It's incidentally immodest instead of sLuTLyFeXD. Additionally her posture is closed and tight in such a way that signals submissiveness. All of that combined with her covering her face with the controller is why that girl is cute even if she's inadvertently showing her delicious thighs.

9e13da No.9759287


Necessity is the mother of all invention.

If men refused to help women unless they meet their standards (happening with anti-feminism amongst girls) then they would climb that mountain.

f20722 No.9759295

File: 2c7fd576b74a158⋯.png (228.75 KB, 422x335, 422:335, 2c7fd576b7.png)




9e13da No.9759305


It's conservative values at least.

Sex sells for K selected people too. They just want cute, submissive, kind, pure women.

e2fd52 No.9759318


Anon lemme break this down for you:

Sure, anime women look slutty as shit, mostly because they're drawn to have the ideal bodies, and they could wear a fucking burka and still look like sluts. The difference between them and real women is the fact that while they sometimes act horny to an autistic degree, they're loyal as shit to the guy they like.

f20722 No.9759332

File: 07b057a1d365dd0⋯.jpg (6.61 KB, 231x218, 231:218, scared.jpg)


>>white men still produce 77% of the USA's GDP despite being 33% of the population

Guy's… are we becoming Jews..?

da9656 No.9759338


>Expect shitloads of cosplayers imitating anime girls to get some of those male dollars.

It's already happening though.

e2fd52 No.9759343

File: 80272099255daa1⋯.jpg (113.9 KB, 500x398, 250:199, f5ed8b61442b291ce583d3c44b….jpg)


>white men are adapting and becoming better at being jews than the jews are

>mfw we have one of those white men as our president

9e13da No.9759351



The jews have hoovered up the capital of an entire technological revolution on par with the agricultural and industrial ones so they have huge reserves of capital.

Our one advantage is that they need us for their longevity. We are too dispersed to kill, too truthful to allow and every time the fire a gun we are already pointing at the culprit.

It's like a guy with a rocket launcher backed into a corner.

66c5e7 No.9759367


If a woman actually gives attention to something, it's because it bothers her. If she responds to a comment or insult, it's because she has ALREADY been BTFO and is now looking for a way to prove it doesn't bother her without giving away just how much it bothers her. Literally all that women can do is ignore what they don't like. If for some reason they decide to leave their totally unassailable position of ignoring the entire fucking world around them, their attempts at hitting back are pathetic. That bitch's feels got hurt so she will now have to spend entire days not ignoring the issue but definitely ignoring it by paying constant attention to it to prove her point about how unflustered she is.

Women have one strength, and that's complete apathy. If that apathy is broken it means she is broken.

c993e2 No.9759383


Jews are parasites, they produce nothing, they only steal other people's work through usury, they corrupt society and destroy cultures so that they can control them

the only reason the world hasn't collapsed on it's own yet is because white men are still capable of producing more than kikes can leach, but that rate is declining

kikes need their host weak so i can't fight back, but not so weak that it dies of malnourishment

66c5e7 No.9759400


>kikes are rich

I've been thinking about this. Kikes are actively destroying our wealth while hoarding money. Living through usury while destroying the white man's skill. As time goes by, their capital will rot. They will own dystopias populated by rusty machines.

c993e2 No.9759447

File: c4336645f7a2ccb⋯.png (31.39 KB, 640x266, 320:133, pepe lovelly day.png)

File: ffd102b6bea63a7⋯.jpg (68.21 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 80s Pepe.jpg)


>kikes are trying to make the 80's postapocaliptic future irl


7a3d82 No.9759480


Jews don't produce though.

526912 No.9759497


but anon, what about those white privilege camps?

7a3d82 No.9759503

File: a8953a1301315be⋯.png (196.41 KB, 1340x420, 67:21, kikes gonna kill themselve….png)


Yeah, and hoarding "wealth" means shit when your capital is credit and you are pushing the only productive stratum of society to extinction out of spite and envy.

Kikes might be intelligent and scheming but they are also too short sighted and irrational for their own good.

c1f16b No.9759582

File: a363f322c91c884⋯.jpg (67.28 KB, 500x456, 125:114, Sam I need more feels.jpg)


I've actively made two of my friends more /pol/ since GG started, they were both center-left before hand.

Two years later, one drinks every day, and the other is a shut-in with a persecution complex.

I don't think the redpill is for everyone.

9e13da No.9759623

File: 10ee46776dc5b2d⋯.png (19.25 KB, 1227x206, 1227:206, gen z.png)


Reminds me of this one i posted on 4pol a while back tbh.

It was regarding this autistic little shit on some tv show being a full on /pol/lack


d68d31 No.9759662

File: 915d699d035cb59⋯.jpg (240.47 KB, 900x600, 3:2, It Rises Brother.jpg)


>And I dont understand where you get the idea that it failed…. Mother Jones?

It failed in the sense that it was destroyed and subverted before it got too far.

We were mostly left alone until the DiGRA threads dug too deep, and found the connections between Globalist Jews, DARPA, and their Cultural Marxist social engineering project.

Once that happened, we got hit by shills hard, but we still held on. But the killing blow was when Reddit started getting involved.

It was the participation of Reddit that began pushing /pol/ out of Gamergate. The plebbitors were not willing to tolerate the ideas of Globalist conspiracies or deliberate cultural engineering. They aggressively converted the whole affair into a lukewarm Lolberg-lite rebellion against free expression. Eventually, those of us calling for organized boycotts and spreading the awareness of the political (and racial) nature of our enemies were kicked out of /gg/ (you can thank that Antifa mod Acidman for that), and the few of us left made /ggrevolt/.

But the schism had already destroyed Gamergate. /ggrevolt/ was not a revival, simply a holdout. We steadily lost traffic at a slow trickle. After a few months of posting there and bumping news threads, one day I just walked away and never came back.

Gamergate was a failure because we never managed to leverage our massive userbase to organize a boycott, and because we were ultimately subverted by Milo-loving cucks and other similar wannabe e-celebrities.

But I still count it as a victory, because I know many former shitlibs and lolbergs are with us today because of it. Gamergate was not the spark of the revolution. But the snuffing of the movement by higher powers was a glimpse behind the curtain that a large swath of the non-liberal internet population will never forget.

Gamergate started the fire.

They will regret subverted the black parade of bread and circuses.

b7caf2 No.9759695

Gamergate continues to be the 2nd biggest thing winning, besides the Trump election.

9e13da No.9759699

I think GG was the last semi-succesful shill attack.

The kikes won GamerGate but at an unforgivable loss.

Before GG they were able to rely on the mayonaise identifying cultural marxists.

After GamerGate they had to use real arguments. Real facts, Real information.

They won at the cost of redpilling a generation.

The real fight is underway. All the smoke and mirrors have been torn down. We occasionally disrupt their narratives before they even start to build them.

02f711 No.9759706


most important it was an invaluable lesson on how subversion works.

makes me wonder if the are more pissed that they showed their hand or that they did it for free.

524dad No.9759738


Fucking faggot, I was drinking something. Goddamn my phone is all wet.

2b39fe No.9759747


There is always this problem with mass movements because the majority will always be bluepilled normies faggots. There was a core of redpilled people at the start of gamergate, but as more people joined and it spread on reddit, they diluted it until it became about "ethics" rather than focusing on attacking the left wing leaning parasites using the medium to push their social agenda.

83f41c No.9759754

I'm not american but was forced to see some retarded commercial who don't represents people of my country because the media is usually owned by left-wings who copy and paste the next narrative trending of manipulation, identity politics, race baiting or anything made by the vermins of DNC who are also in wikileaks hacked emails, remember in the past when the narrative was racial anti-white male race baiting and vote for nigger male and Obama attacked Hillary Clinton and all characters were around anti-white mlae shit and nigger against white men being trashed for nigger and white women against men of own race? And them the democrats party industries, everything controlled by them, changed all characters for white women against white men, instead of race baiting and identity politics being nigger, was changed for only white women being feminists (Like white women being opressed or some bullshit in comparison to nigger women, arab women, asian women but the democrats party never will attack them because of votes of racists of other races and is just their manipulation as always trying to use the most politically correct target who is shiting in every white kid who born being white and man and is trashed and racially attacked by every manipulation of the vermins of democrats party industries made for years), tried to push this narrative in the hope of try to meme vote for the corrupt vermin of hillary clinton for being woman in the same way they tried to guilt trip in vote for Obama for being black and pushed in the media and industries controlled by them this narrative?

Democrats party is evil, is disgusting anyone who vote for them are vermins, piece of shit, I'm not even from USA and i have my country have few poisoned influence of these disgusting vermins manipulation for years!!!

, why American racial commercials usually manipulated by the next manipulation and narrative of demoncrats race bait identity politics party.

They push the meme of opressed "WHITE WOMAN" feminist, the commercials, movies, propaganda are made only with "WHITE WOMAN" characters and "WHITE MEN" is the representation of trash, basically like Niggers are better with black women, arabs are better with arab women, asians are better with asian women, since they want to demonize and shit in the most pampered women of all races in 100% of commercials, movies, media and comics and everything because the democrats party default choose white men as scapegoat of race baiting and racial attack and are desperate trying to create divide and conquer and try to brainwash WHITE WOMEN to think that is part of OTHER RACE or OTHER TRIBE and WHITE MEN ARE THE TRASH of DEMOCRATS PARTY RACE BAIT MANIPULATION EVIL IDENTITY POLITICS WHO TURUNED USA IN A FREAK SHITHOLE AND IS COPIED BY LEFT-WING MEDIA IN OTHER COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD

Wolkswangen commercial, put the "WHITE WOMAN" being a firefighter, put the "BLACK NIGGER" as bussness man, and them show random side kick nigger women, white women and when they include white men is white men being gay with each other.


It's just because the narrative of democrats party, support racists only if they are of other races, wanting to scapegoating and racially attack white men and desperate want to divide and conquer white men and white women for years trying to pretend that white women the most forced women of all races in everything for years and the only race used in mainstream american corrupt criminal race bait evil media trying to racially trashing men of own race for the democrats party narrative and social engineering manipulation

The democrats party want to get vote of all others, enjoy racists of other races and since they need some white people to win, the democrats party are shilling and baiting hard for years anti-white male and white women shit.

Die American media disgusting vermins of democrats party.

Why the democrats party corrupt vermin media is not trashing the nigger with nigger women, the arab with arab women or the asianmasculinity with asian women, but always try to baiting the white male, trashing the white male to not hurt their racist and trash voting base and desperate for years trying to create racial social engineering between people of same race, between gender, of white women and white men just because the vermin evils of democrats party want to get votes of white women since they can't win with the votes of horrible disgusting niggers and all these horrible people you see in USA results of freak and evil manipulation of news, media, narrative, propaganda, everything owned by the vermins of democrats party?

Die democrats party!

83f41c No.9759759

Also, it's not about feminism, the democrats party want to be non-triggering for niggers, beta asianmasculinity, terrorists from arab countries, and use everything to mix race baiting, identity politics and scapegoating and trashing only the white, were the single nigger women, nigger women beaten trashed, same for muslim women, same for asian women with the betas of asianmasculintiy and the americans trying to manipulation anti-white male shit, and create only racial manipulation with white women against men of own race, because the democrats party are desperate to make everything to white women be against men of own race, give votes, money, power for evil vermins manipulators of democrats party and this is why only the white male is racially trashed and white women is the only race of women who in all these evil industries, vermins corporations, everything owned by the piece of shit of democrats party, tried to manipulate this narrative and create this in their desperate hope of make white women betray white men and fantasize about themselves being poc, part of other group, part of other tribe, and the bias and manipulation in democrats vermin party media commercials, propaganda, videos, everything, and their evil vermim corrupt media for years manipulating the chosen news, the narrative, the propaganda, proved even more in 2016 who all the corrupt media owned by democrats party was exposed for more people around the world with their manipulated videos, editing, audio, fake polls, partisan, emails, everything and are even in wikileaks too.

Volkwasvagen piece of shit, it's not different or change, shill for the evil manipulation of democrats party, race baiting, identity politics and always put some white women as the "feminist" always put a nigger male instead of nigger woman or other race, don't put nigger woman against nigger male, asian woman against asianmasculinity, muslim woman against arab men, you don't change, your whole narrative is in the hope of scepagoating and trashing white men only, pretend that white women is opressed and the other race of women are fine, because it's the social engineering manipulation vermin evil strategy of democrats vermin party to get money and power and turned USA a freak country and democrats party is the party of freak candidates based in identity politics, race baiting and who try every kind of cheating, dirty tricks and manipulation

I hope the vermin corrupt media owned by DNC and all their disgusting lobby is destroyed

c5699b No.9759766

File: 223a8157ef52c09⋯.png (776.62 KB, 580x550, 58:55, silversting in kits.PNG)


>We were mostly left alone until the DiGRA threads dug too deep

That's where you're wrong, kiddo. Some of us kept digging and kept out mouths shut.

524dad No.9759768


And hillary was anti-vidya worse than jack Thompson and that jew fuck (((joe liberman.)))

The old media was fucking with boys. Now they are men and remember their champions who hated on vidya.

c5699b No.9759801


>We occasionally disrupt their narratives before they even start to build them

Actually I do this professionally and have been for many years. There is a science to this.

Unfortunately, if I told you, alchemists' dilemma and all.

814a2e No.9759803


I'm scared fam.

88e083 No.9759812


>White feminism is a real problem

Friendly reminder to exacerbate this sentiment to its logical extreme.

9e13da No.9759830

File: dab52a360e4049f⋯.png (1.43 MB, 998x850, 499:425, WE WIN.png)


Don't worry buddy. I've been working on a mathematical model of basic geopolitics and globalist narratives for the purpose of dismantling them.

You aren't the only one either. Robert Mercer is pretty much /ourguy/ in that regard

a4fe93 No.9759890

File: 9c19f094ec47a38⋯.jpg (89.61 KB, 637x900, 637:900, Ci12donWgAESHKK.jpg)


Good, press the attack.

>tfw gamergate may very well have been the turning point that saved the West from the left

Let this be a lesson to never interfere with peoples hobbies, especially not when they're overwhelmingly white, educated, middle class, males with a bone to pick.

e2fd52 No.9759906

File: 6c8f9bb4eeab907⋯.png (396.75 KB, 600x776, 75:97, 708.png)

Post yfw you're not one of the retarded liberals that had your entire (((narrative))) destroyed by vidya and anime tiddies.

4bcbe0 No.9759920


Confirmed that feminists are asspained about gamergate in LE_CURRENT_YEAR + 2. I work with a (((yid))) graduate student who teaches one of those intersectional classes. She was telling us about how she's teaching her students about gamergate. She frames it as, "A bunch of problematic toxic white males don't want girls to play video games. Aren't they so chauvinist and problematic?" These are the same academics who actively participate in antifa protests, "resist trump" intellectual gatherings, and protests du jour.

End my life, btw. Just kidding, kek lives in me. I am one of kek's many temples. I will protect kek with my life.

85b963 No.9759962


Anon, if you ever get hard evidence of her participating in antifa violence… just saying.

b1201e No.9759994

File: b530eb04cb37211⋯.png (514.24 KB, 672x372, 56:31, 1477860801323.png)

>>9758318 >>9758355 >>9758435 >>9758475 >>9758482 >>9758433 >>9758723 >>9758730 >>9758935 >>9758981 >>9758989 >>9759183 >>9759226 >>9759662 >>9759695 >>9759699 >>9759890 >>9759920

GG TL;DR v0.81

> 2012-2014 Gaming journos go full SJW

> Gamers are now shitlords. Games are now sexist. Game devs now guilty of all sin

> Years of incidents and baiting

> Journos get caught sleeping around with female devs for favours

> Gamers find out, go nuts



> Doesn't work. Gamers won't let go

> Game Journos declare "Gamers are Dead"

> Even Fence sitters are pissed

> Gamers go all in, write Advertiser emails. Literal 6 figures sums lost by media outlets

> Censorship/Shilling campaigns continue. Sites shutting down/covering up/deleting left and right

> Even moot shuts it down

> Gamers still not letting it go.

> Gaming media increasingly desperate. Finally launch batsignal.

> Mainstream Media drafted in (this finally happened about two months in)

> Three week MASSIVE MSM anti-Gamergate shilling campaign. Think the Trump assaulting women stories, or Russian spy shit. Gamergate was actually more sudden and heavier handed than that.

> Gamers are ISIS/Internet Terrorists/MRA Misogynerd Racist Bigots/Mario is Sexism/Video games are Rape Culture.

> Assault on this scale would have worked to shut-up, knock-out, demoralise any other group

> But this is vidya

> Literally all a lot of these autists ever had

> Gamers just don't let it go. SJWs can't have their games, and they've heard it all from the media before anyway

> Gamers (and the devs) wear out the storm.

> MSM gives up after a month, declares victory and leaves

> SJWs left to "mop up". Fail. Every hugbox they have, from twitter to tumblr is overrun with pissed off gamers with gigabytes of dirt

It was the SJWs Stalingrad.

It was the Media's Vietnam.

GG TimeLine: http://thisisvideogames.com/gamergatewiki/index.php?title=Timeline/August

e2fd52 No.9759998


This is the visual representation of a stroke jesus christ

a4fe93 No.9760021


Remember the law & order gamers episode? Hahaha.

dc9a6e No.9760025


Holy shit those dudes are ugly.

02f711 No.9760050



oh man that was funny.

i guess producer dick wolf wanted to please SJWs cause he's scared since the penny arcade dick wolves-'scandal'

9e13da No.9760063


I couldn't even watch it i was cringing so hard.

Eventually I did half a year later but still.

e2fd52 No.9760064



The best thing about it was the female gamer admitting defeat to the ebil gamers, only for it to fade onto the title card for Dick Wolf.

85b963 No.9760112


The memes

d68d31 No.9760144

File: 1bf1c8bda926281⋯.png (538.2 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, The Ride Never Ends.png)


>That's where you're wrong, kiddo. Some of us kept digging and kept out mouths shut.

I would have been disappointed if you didn't, brother.

aef898 No.9760177


great idea for triggering

>get fake tattoo that says Maxine Waters is a stupid, filthy nigger

>post pic on her social media

>harvest salt

3edf27 No.9760228


GG is what mainstreamed the term "SJW" as a peroration.

/pol/ mainstreamed "cuck" as a perforation again

5c1f57 No.9760236


Reminder that cuck being a meme once again was popularized by M00t making an enemy of his userbase on 4chan over faggotgate, and getting cucked by his girlfriend afterwards. He became the ultimate cuck, and brought the meme back to life.

2daf76 No.9760253


Social Shaming works lads. Its why the left is so effective. They understand psychology and sociology

e2fd52 No.9760286


Effective at losing maybe.

e2ad45 No.9760297


Moot got triply cucked.

First off his "girlfriend" was a connected sjw used to manipulate him into allowing sjw control of boards on 4chan.

Second, she had him wrapped around her little finger following her around like a little puppy.

Third, she LITERALLY cucked him with a chad.

All documented and on full display for ALL of 4chan.

How embarrassing.

Even Ben Garrison got in on the joke with pic related.

Poor luggage lad.

e2ad45 No.9760299

File: cc30f1beb90cadc⋯.jpg (73.68 KB, 500x500, 1:1, cuck_a_duck.jpg)

8a0eab No.9760307


Social shaming only works on people that hold their social status as important.

The others don't care and do their own stuff.

4c15f9 No.9760309


>Feminists are feeling the pressure mates.

nah, it's just that leftists and critical theorists like the one who wrote the article, have to depict themselves as the underdog fighting against an oppressive superstructure or something like that.

it can become uncomfortable trying to explain how you had the upper hand for decades and clearly won the culture war and the world is kinda worse.

9dc89d No.9760317


Let's not forget the OG anthony burch

08205b No.9760318


>Why are they STILL buttblasted about gamergate in the current year tho?

>I thought the neckbeards lost that one? why is it still relevant and/or scary?

Society as a whole noticeably changed. It has had a rippling effect for conservatives, and libertarians, giving a rallying example on how to stop SJW's, and liberals cold in their tracks.

8e1c72 No.9760365

They're not scared to be a feminist. That's a lie on their part to manipulate people. How do I know it's a lie? When you're scared, you change your behaviour. If you're scared of your abusive husband, you have that fucking roast in the oven when he walks through the door at night, and when he wants his dick sucked your only response is "On my knees or on my back, honey?" You don't go "Ugh, I'm just not into it, go jerk off."

They're not scared, they're just going to the well again: using the apathy/kindness of the masses to propagate their stupid shit. Just like ""scared"" minorities who go and act like idiots at protests, etc. If you're scared, you lay low and stop your behaviour. Only a fool would believe their lies.

eb3523 No.9760407

File: 2bd24b8234b16f5⋯.jpg (108.58 KB, 605x709, 605:709, vintage-ads-that-would-be-….jpg)


>we're not your mail order brides

>not the cute to your yellow fever

>not your fantasy sex toys

>not your subservient housewives

So…you're irrelevant?

e2fd52 No.9760412


This anon gets it. We're not seeing the fear stage, we're seeing the denial/outrage stage.

33311a No.9760463

The Ivy League is just an overpriced poz playground that shows most degrees aren't worth the paper they're printed on.

Miserable looking chong there too. She's probably there on daddy's money like all corrupt imports.

de1317 No.9760474

File: 101baff2ff63dbe⋯.png (262.84 KB, 600x362, 300:181, LaughingKOBS.png)

59ee16 No.9760478



r/hapas explains it pretty well. Asian women think themselves second only to whites and are enamored with the idea of being honorary white. Because of it they will follow white women even if it means following them off a cliff just to validate that belief.

62453e No.9760524

File: bfdbe089cd80705⋯.jpg (102.26 KB, 400x400, 1:1, absolutely subversive 1490….jpg)


>Why are they STILL buttblasted about >gamergate in the current year tho?

GamerGate shined a light on everything the left has become.

Massive levels of censorship(reddit comment holocaust)

Establishment media (((bias))) and corruption

Feminism infecting everything, propganda studies from academia laundered through the Lügenpresse

(((Corporate))) funding of ideologues to indoctrinate, a blink away from Soros.

Degeneracy of the sjw/left

Exposure to levels of bad faith, irrationality, treachery, and general immorality, breaking the narrative of the left as the well intentioned in society. Vox days words, "social justice warriors always lie" was hammered into peoples heads by every despicable and underhanded move the sjw's made.

Faith in the silicon valley left as merely technological hippies was destroyed. Revealed as little more than orwellian globalists who cared not a shred about personal freedom while they built their stasi databases to control the populous, for "social justice".

Cultural marxism was exposed. The facade of legitimacy created through their hegemonic control of the institutions has been shattered.

When the SPLC is labeling gamers a hate group, the scales fall from the eyes, the labels used by the left to silence, and "other" no longer work, as they have exposed themselves as corrupt monsters who destroy every society they manage to control.

e82cd9 No.9760530


We acyually produce value, they consume it by usury

62453e No.9760538

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It all dovetails together into the current year.

2f9bb7 No.9760544


>33% of the population

What the fuck is this bullshit number?

ebd093 No.9760641


checked for keks and nigger salt

2f9bb7 No.9760686


You'd think one day these faggots will stop doing this and giving us meme potential.



I refuse to call these people anything other than non-player characters.


see >>9759503

They aren't rich. They have the illusion of being rich. Money is a symbolic representation of human labor, or at least it was until usury and fractional reserve banking. Now money is literal theft of labor.

Inflation, as far as currency goes, is only possible through theft. Real money can only be destroyed or used up. Sure, you could mine more gold for instance, but it would require more work thereby increasing the value.


>Actually I do this professionally and have been for many years

I'd like a job fam.

83f41c No.9760708


r/hapas is owned by a full blooded ugly try hard asian loser beta male called tyger of euroasianwriter larping and projecting all your jealousy, shilling and anti-white male garbage.

83f41c No.9760712


Not your, it's their, sorry.

Basically, don't fall for thousands of anti-white male memes made by the passive agressive losers from asianmasculinity.

d9a4a6 No.9760734

File: ef870c7ac6a2255⋯.png (2.52 MB, 1249x8613, 1249:8613, Geopolitcal Censorship Gam….png)

File: 11474eb760b43da⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1280x5314, 640:2657, gg.png)


Dropping caps on DARPA in case anyone doesn't have them.

There's such a shocking contrast between (a) people who were born in and molded by GG and (b) people who have never heard of it.

19bd39 No.9760770


l to r

1 = ugly, generic asian

2 = white woman

3 = thai ladyboy

4 = mongolian horse archer

5 = rachel dolezal

6 = bruce lee

7 = another ladyboy

8 = boomerang nigger

a716a0 No.9760772


Asians are autistically dedicated. On the best notes, it gets us massively sprawling fanwork communities that pump out industry-quality work.

On the downside, here we are.

8e1c72 No.9760773


Nigga, raise your standards. I'm someone who gets accused of "He'd fuck anything" by friends, but god damn.

From left to right:









099fb2 No.9760780


Gamergate destroyed media credibility for most internet news sites. That was pretty big.

Even if GG didn't seem a big deal to the person, it still affected the topics they talked about as evidenced by how many know what clickbait and SJWs are now.

c29ecb No.9760810

File: 0c333003b294428⋯.mp4 (6.59 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, e4c06f007fd097278227427d18….mp4)

814a2e No.9760814




e2fd52 No.9760815

File: 4f83491ebb37d8b⋯.png (193.24 KB, 600x413, 600:413, meme queen.png)

Fresh OC

814a2e No.9760824


Those are some pretty low energy squats.

72349e No.9760852

File: 1044874244e137b⋯.jpg (22.38 KB, 400x267, 400:267, tmp_16411-Learned Nothing-….jpg)

099fb2 No.9760868


Part of the criticism is from people coming up with fantastical goals for GG like it could end entire corporations or make feminists not throw money at people as hipster welfare.

9c1962 No.9760873

Do fags from the GG thread in /v/ plan to come into /pol/ every month with these threads? It just seems so fucking obvious. One of the things I hate about those people is they view their selves above other anons despite the fact they came from reddit. Thus the dynamic of talking shit about /pol/ in their own thread versus having to come here to try to raise their profile again like some kind of pity-party after Trump took all their attention away. Just get some more class for fuck's sake.

Also GG memes are cringy as fuck and I'm so tired of seeing them at this point. The only time they are ever posted is when these threads occur where it's obviously outsiders posting them.

e2fd52 No.9760877


>t. former game journalist

569d96 No.9760884


If it's true whites are down to about 60%, then half of that would be males.

9dc89d No.9760886

File: 1ab5b1ff5dd2e8d⋯.webm (2.96 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, y u lying.webm)


>talking shit about /pol/ in their own thread

This almost never happens and when it does the anon gets told to fuck off, stop lying faggot.

a716a0 No.9760894


>oy vey there's no way the two most popular boards on a site that was primarily populated by an event that combined the interests of the two have legitimate crossboard posters that have been here for more than a couple minutes

I'm not sure if you're trying to fool somebody else or yourself.

9c1962 No.9760913


>This almost never happens and when it does the anon gets told to fuck off, stop lying faggot.

Fuck you, I was in that thread for like a year and a half. If I got back today, I'm sure you're doing the same thing. Your narrative is that /pol/ was only good before the 2nd exodus and everyone here is some kind of shit head who ruined /pol/ for you. Also you still tolerate that pedophile communist named Val. Since he's the only namefag in your thread, he may as well be your leader. This is the problem with the /v/ arm of GG, they refused to get rid of their own garbage.

2daf76 No.9760926


they need the green pill next

e2fd52 No.9760929



>year and a half

Three guesses how I know you're not from here.

6f8005 No.9760930

File: a942ccbff8a8484⋯.jpg (65.68 KB, 341x1200, 341:1200, gamergate sark presentatio….jpg)

File: a8443a17e07238f⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 2160x2250, 24:25, gamergoy.jpg)


>Was [gamergate] really that big?

SJWs used every weapon in their arsenal - all media contacts on websites, media contacts on tv (some series even made a episode about bad goymers), even political contacts on the UN, everything. And they still lost. It was a huge, humiliating, defeat for them.

099fb2 No.9760931


It's kinda incredible how most right wing news outlets ignored it which led to Breitbart getting all that readership. Now even tons of liberals read Breitbart as rage fuel.

a716a0 No.9760933


Val? You meant the faggot that ruined Singfag September?

>he's the only namefag so he's the leader


2daf76 No.9760950


this, many of us have been involved in quite a few things, starting with jet fuel can't melt steal beams

620474 No.9760956

File: d4abf80d2cc7266⋯.png (363.59 KB, 648x1109, 648:1109, here comes the snow.png)


We nuked ourselves and they dared not enter the area of radiated fallout.

9dc89d No.9760958

File: 00a141b0ff3ace0⋯.jpeg (9.01 KB, 240x219, 80:73, 1468536528668.jpeg)



>Some faggot who often gets told to "get trucked" and is mocked for his shit view on politics (like le pen = french hillary)

This is your last (you)

a716a0 No.9760966


Game about Pops' young idealistic days when?

9c1962 No.9760967


>Val? You meant the faggot that ruined Singfag September?

Yeah, that guy. He's a pedophile who got caught hitting on Lt. Corbis, a 11 year old, and was exposed as being a pedophile on /cow/.


You tolerate him, and becuase he has the name there, he gets the most attention. So a pedophile is the person most associated with the thread. If you gave a fuck, you would have forced him out of it. He's a touch, insecure fuck, it wouldn't be that difficult. But he's in with you fags, so you keep him there. You're not better than Ralph or any other faggot you hate imo, because you did the same shit. Same thing with Acid Man's ridiculous autistic war against other people.

be3879 No.9760973


Except they did. Have you not paid attention to GG when it was relevant? GG completely fucking lost because the movement was subverted by moderate cucks. The end result was what you see nowadays, vast majority of western AAA games are leftist propaganda. That was pretty rare before GG happened. Losing GG directly resulted in the increase of propaganda in games.

099fb2 No.9760979


Western games have been seen as shit for years in comparison to Japanese games. These days people actively look for how a western game will fuck up like Yooka Laylee did.

a716a0 No.9760983


1) I've never seen anyone approve of Val, ever. Complain to Mark if you want the namefag banned.

2) I left GamerGate immediately prior to the Acid Man drama because I found better causes deeper to the root here rather than on /v/. I only even know of Val because I'm personally acquainted with the other guy who was trying to make Singfag September work, and got an earful about his fuckups.

9c1962 No.9760984


>Except they did. Have you not paid attention to GG when it was relevant? GG completely fucking lost because the movement was subverted by moderate cucks. The end result was what you see nowadays, vast majority of western AAA games are leftist propaganda. That was pretty rare before GG happened. Losing GG directly resulted in the increase of propaganda in games.

I agree with you. The problem is that GG without /pol/ is lazy as fuck. They went from a viable operation to a bunch of cringey fags in /v/ jerking each other off and taking credit for things they had nothing to do with like a Hulk Hogan lawsuit. Then after Trump won, they came in here and tried taking credit for that as well.

be3879 No.9761007


>maximum ass wink

Disgusting performance, she would be in snap city in no time if she used such poor technique with weights.

0/10 would not fuck.

9c1962 No.9761010


>1) I've never seen anyone approve of Val, ever. Complain to Mark if you want the namefag banned.

People talk to him in the thread constantly. Mark refuses to ever ban him other than for a few minutes as a joke. He was also involved in operations off the thread with other identity whores like Marche, Acid Man, etc. I've been in other places where namefags were removed. Whenever the namefag replies, you never correspond with him other than telling him to go die. Eventually it leaves. That never happened in the thread because they have retards there that consider him a friend and cover for him.

be3879 No.9761016


Yeah I saw that too, goobergayters claiming Trump won because of them. How the fuck can they entertain such a thought? They did absolutely nothing, I have not seen a single meme from them during the election. /v/ are pretty sad.

c5790c No.9761027

File: 8436e889965faee⋯.jpg (741.56 KB, 2476x2468, 619:617, .jpg)


Yes. They are ramping up the (((news))) cycle again, presumably for all the bobblehead summer intern j-skule bimbos.



>It is not just Internet trolls. These days, it is often not safe for women to speak up anywhere - online, on air and in print. What can be done about the barrage of intimidation, threats, and abusive comments that seem determined to silence our voices? In the lead up to International Women’s Day, we tackle online harassment against women in media.

>Manisha Krishnan, senior writer for VICE Canada; Heather Mallick, columnist with the Toronto Star; and Janet McFarland, business reporter with The Globe and Mail, discuss the hazards of being a female journalist online and the policies and resources that can help make newsrooms and online communities welcoming to all. This discussion was moderated by Piya Chattopadhyay, host of CBC Radio’s Out in the Open.

This is why I just ignored that Airplay bullshit: I knew it was a scam from the start.

a716a0 No.9761033


Well, then, fuck them. But you keep saying 'you' like I'm still part of that group. I don't know what your problem even is. GG has a shared parentage between /pol/ and /v/, so there's nothing wrong with some mild GGposting here on occasion. But calling all of it Reddit transplants is disingenuous to the rest of us who helped get it off the ground and then moved on to bigger targets.

2a2cdb No.9761058


Hell before GG I was an alcoholic NEET living with my mother and smoking pot with a scot raised and molested by Jews. Now I shutdown Tribe.net, troll libshits on twitter, live on my own, and shitpost in public, hell I'm goddamn clean of addictions now.

You guys saved my life with the hidden truth!

f9809f No.9761062

I am confused so can someone please explain this to me like a child? I thought that the feminist thing is to protect family values, motherhood and femininity from the corruptions.

d8a5ce No.9761064

File: 48b6ee440f88304⋯.gif (24.06 KB, 400x480, 5:6, nightlandsoldschool.gif)



Yes, GG clearly lost by any objective standard, but leftists are still butthurt about it years later. Why is this? It's because it proves they haven't yet won.

Before GG, leftist scum were striding from triumph to triumph, virtually unopposed. They honestly thought the culture war was over, and their only opposition was old soon-to-be-dead white males, wacky cultists living in compounds in the Mountain West, and a handful of pathetic resentful basement-dwelling virgin nerd pissbabies. They moved against the pissbabies, met far more resistance than they expected, and it scared the hell out of them. They thought they had the whole thing in the bag, but it turns out, the war rages on. This is why it triggers them so badly.

GG is like the Tet Offensive: a military failure, but a propaganda victory, because it shows that the enemy is still capable of fighting on a scale they claimed was no longer possible.

c5790c No.9761067

File: 2e3135e07dc3ed4⋯.png (150.17 KB, 395x399, 395:399, CRCj7m9WwAAspE2.png)


>All that shit about DiGRA and DARPA? Yeah, that shit was fucking REAL

You're damn right. This was the canary. Sargon may be a cuck but he found this.


>Chess, Shira and Adrianne Shaw. (March 2015). A Conspiracy of Fishes, or, How We Learned to Stop Worrying About #GamerGate and Embrace Hegemonic Masculinity. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media.

b6a2a4 No.9761087


Saved, going into my "rare Merchants" folder

a716a0 No.9761104



Emphatically this.

All I wanted to do was play my fucking videogames. I knew something was wrong with the world, but not what. I knew I shouldn't just start trying to incite change without understanding why. GamerGate was the bridge that launched me from my self-containing escapism face-first into an example of what was wrong with the world. Without GG, I may not ever have become a regular on /pol/ to begin with.

9c1962 No.9761105


>Well, then, fuck them. But you keep saying 'you' like I'm still part of that group. I don't know what your problem even is. GG has a shared parentage between /pol/ and /v/, so there's nothing wrong with some mild GGposting here on occasion. But calling all of it Reddit transplants is disingenuous to the rest of us who helped get it off the ground and then moved on to bigger targets.

A lot of it was reddit transplants. How can you not see that? People first got pissed off at Ralph, I believe, because he called Brinna Wu a tranny instead of making his comments more PC. Then you had Kotaku in Action which banned bad comments about trannies. Not that I like Ralph, he's a sperg, but there's a connection there. I mean I really don't give a fuck about trannies that much, but it was obvious on some level that liberal-light people wanted to push it in a certain direction, and that did not come from chans. I'm glad GG happened and was part of it for a long time, but political palace intrigue of the people who wanted to leaderfag it was pure fucking cancer. That cancer killed GG, and then the people responsible for that cancer declared victory after they weren't operational anymore and could just take credit for the right's momentum.

017151 No.9761133


sorry, you're wrong. neutral spine, solid footing, proper depth, just some minor knee valgus. lumbar flexion at end of ROM may be a tad excessive but not necessarily problematic, and proper footwear would fix that immediately. obviously with a barbell involved it would change the center of gravity but really proper depth, a neutral spine, and a warmup will prevent the majority of squatting injuries.

2a2cdb No.9761147


That's not even the best part, he sold out the largest, angriest, meanest, most sick-in-the-head contingent of folks on the net, True Final Boss of the internet for a whiff of Jewish cunt, just a whiff though. And shekels for a new website venture that failed due to millions of anons sabotaging it to oblivion out of spite.

He did us an unknowing favor, now literally millions of us have a shared common bond of his betrayal, and common cause brought us together.

8fecff No.9761154


we really do need to start getting back into magic again.

lets see if we can curse some antifa with demons.

be3879 No.9761196

File: 76e8342a054acd4⋯.jpg (77.61 KB, 417x600, 139:200, wtf am i reading - jap edi….jpg)


No, you're wrong. You can't be this fucking retarded. Seems like you took time to learn all the terms related to lifting yet didn't actually learn any information about proper technique you fucking moron. Look at her when she does the final squat so we can see her from the side. Really bad ass wink. She would destroy her lower back if she was doing actual sets with a bar and weights like that.

Terrible form, and so do you if this is how little you know about squatting you faggot.

9c4a0d No.9761213


This. GamerGate was legit a major catalyst for this political change/backlash. There were a lot of stupid shit and cucks involved, but I was definitely inspired by it to go full 1488 and wish for jewish extermination. Saying "GamerGate failed" is pretty dumb, imo.

2daf76 No.9761222


Its even deeper than that, this all has to do with reducing overpopulation.

Your just identifying the method of control.

6d734a No.9761252


They want to make the boogie man irreverent again because they lost the fight for globalist agenda in video games and possibility more with their political circle jerk.

9c1962 No.9761261


>This. GamerGate was legit a major catalyst for this political change/backlash. There were a lot of stupid shit and cucks involved, but I was definitely inspired by it to go full 1488 and wish for jewish extermination. Saying "GamerGate failed" is pretty dumb, imo.

It wasn't at all. It was a symptom of a larger thing. Claming GG was responsible for Trump and /pol/ and everything is so fucking cringe I don't know how you can say that without feeling embarrassment.

b6a2a4 No.9761271


GG was a catalyst to reveal corruption in Gaming journalism. Remember Zoe Quinn and how she had to be a slut to get good reviews?

6d734a No.9761279

File: 533ffc9a2b9aa4f⋯.jpg (22.59 KB, 213x325, 213:325, Itsaconspracy.jpg)

9c1962 No.9761285


>GG was a catalyst to reveal corruption in Gaming journalism. Remember Zoe Quinn and how she had to be a slut to get good reviews?

This is the problem with GG. They took the ethics in video game journalism seriously. You were NEVER going to reform journalism. You had to force the SJWs out by force.

6d734a No.9761302


Her game Depression Quest is the reason why everyone hated her so much.The game is so bad she had to go and suck some dude at Kotaku off just to get her game noticed.

9c4a0d No.9761315


You seem really upset about GG. What else was happening that actually got people politically motivated?

2a2cdb No.9761321


Jews are tapeworms in the Gastrointestinal tract of society. Theres 40 lbs of parasites in the average person's gut, they eat your food, don't pay rent and sicken you if you try yo remove them.

As above, so below.

Time for diatomatious earth to cleanse the gut by dehydrating all the intestinal jews to death.

2daf76 No.9761325


It has to do with the Hero's Journey anon.

Vidya, still has the unpozzed version of the Hero's Journey in the story because its not run by kikes (yet) so the youth has their spirit awakened.

017151 No.9761328


>learn any information about proper technique

you ever seen how much buttwink some weightlifters have at the bottom of their lifts? its not insignificant, and in this case it even appears exaggerated, because she's going from a position of extension (do you see how extended her back is during decent?) to a neutral or nearly neutral bottom position

as long as pressure in the discs remains relatively even she wont blow anything out. tuck on its own is not a problem, and squatting flat footed with long femurs is going to force you into that position anyway. throwing any weightlifting shoes on this girl would eliminate her (minor) buttwink

stop visiting /fit/, that place is shit. i recommend you go watch brett contreras video about buttwink as a primer to this issue, and generally stop acting like such a faggot

d7f430 No.9761350


>I thought the neckbeards lost that one? why is it still relevant and/or scary?

Whoever had more fun won

Guess what feminists are incapable of having?

550546 No.9761354

File: fc26ce856cc43ce⋯.png (17.52 KB, 757x743, 757:743, IMG_4903.PNG)


Asians for the most part put 100% into everything they do because they're just as autistic as everyone on this board. It's also deeply ingrained into their culture to give 100%. Just look at the Japs at, well, any point during their history. They had no source of iron on their little island chain besides what washed up on the beaches. So what did the magnificent little autists do? They folded that shitty pig iron 6 gorillion times until they got usable weapons out of it.

If the white man falls, I just hope I live long enough to see the ass-whooping the chinks and nips hand out to Schlomo. Remember, he can't blend in with them like he can with whites.

cc2340 No.9761391

File: 0858bd2443bc08d⋯.gif (1.65 MB, 250x250, 1:1, 1422982143228.gif)

File: 87e96c8ed9a87d1⋯.gif (2.65 MB, 255x197, 255:197, 1418337217562.gif)



there's that fucking buzzword again. You feel smart saying that shit? Like anything you say suddenly has more meaning and importance because you pepper it with overused marxist jargon? Fuck.

>But being a feminist, even a watered-down feminist, comes with repercussions.

Yeah, imagine how it feels to be a straight, white male who isn't ashamed of his race or the proud testament his ancestors left him and his peers. That shit comes with much harsher repercussions you sheltered cunt. Now imagine being an actual NatSoc

>Gamer and actor Felicia Day made her first public statement about Gamergate

Good fucking god, GG is kryptonite to these fucks. They will be salty until their deathbed, what a grudge. Can't believe they still cling so feebly onto the old narrative about what it was, too.

>White feminism is a real problem, and watered-down feminism that does not address structural power dynamics and intersectionality fails to have any real revolutionary potential.

Alright fuck this shit, I'm done.

Asian bitch in a white country complaining about a million different things that are actually problems formed from fucking nothing rather than solutions to problems that actually exist.

550546 No.9761399


Chinks too, of course. Mongols raid them into the ground - do they pay tribute? Do they surrender? No, they build the greatest wall in the history of this planet, the only manmade object visible from space. I'm not too familiar with who Chinese Trump was, but I bet he'd have some pointers for President Trump.

8fecff No.9761423


shame mao ground all that into the dirt and turned chinks into the niggers of the east

691963 No.9761439


>Feminists are feeling the pressure mates. Don't give up now.

Don't be so sure. With any normal thing, people saying they are afraid of doing it would be a bad sign for the future of that thing. With feminism or any other victim ideology, though, saying you're afraid is just part of getting in the mindset for it. Why be just a feminist when you can be a courageous feminist?

b045fc No.9761462


It really is. They're climbing back up now though. One more thing for their race to be proud of.

Maybe one day they can rule the world beside us, when we've put the kikes to bed.

Sieg Heil.

11aaf0 No.9761479

File: 95e5473023322ca⋯.jpg (6.41 KB, 180x212, 45:53, god1.jpg)


>Communism killed all the relatively worthy chinks

>We're stuck with the shittiest of the bunch

Strange to think that the old chinks and today's chinks might as well be different species altogether

d7f430 No.9761491


It's quite simple: restore our world to a strength-based meritocracy

They will not survive.

964ec7 No.9761508

File: b61f07744287729⋯.png (622.09 KB, 569x802, 569:802, 1489374307149.png)

I worked at a small mom and pop Chinese restaurant for 5 years. The boss man got his balls busted by his wife every fucking day, despite him being a really smart and competent workhorse of a man, and his wife being the stupidest inept person I have ever met, the broken english barrier had nothing to do with it either.

Women stomp all over men in the East

d7f430 No.9761510


When a movement's foot-soldiers are fragile, spoiled retards, any kind of resistance is a brutal spanking

cc2340 No.9761521


I sometimes wonder what arguments the left could possibly conjur up to argue against meritocracy. That right there is true "equality": no matter your race, sex, age, etc etc, if you can fucking do something well than you can do it, if you can't then you can't. It's so fucking simple. I can't imagine there's a single rational or logical way for them to argue against it, even though they'll do intellectual backflips endlessly to try and justify it somehow being horrible.

d7f430 No.9761552



that just sounds like a really juvenile coping mechanism. I worked with kids throughout my life and learned a whole lot about how kids operate, which basically turned into understanding how leftists operate.

I quit working with kids though. Being a single, good-looking white man around kids is stressful as fuck. Especially when the women actually abuse these kids in brutal ways, but nobody gave a fuck because they "have a maternal instinct."

9d0e31 No.9761568


Current generation chinks? Not a chance.

Maybe the japs, and at most tolerate them and keep them at arms distance. At the end of the day there's plenty of space out in space and we'll have plenty to colonize.

30dfb4 No.9761580


Hey, if japs are good enough for Adolf they're good enough for me.

11aaf0 No.9761590


>what arguments the left could possibly conjur up to argue against meritocracy



The issue is that they unironically believe that theirs is the "actual" meritocracy, while meritocracy is merely putting someone in a position based on menial things like race (read: literally just skin color, the left's idea of "race"), sex, etc. Since they believe everyone is equal, any position not having equal parts means that the part dominating it is overrepresented, not that it has any better skill allowing it to dominate. The left is a walking contradiction due to its belief system based on emotion alone. I've found that most arguments I hear from leftists are either two things:

A) An argument coming from the conclusion, the reverse of most arguments. IE they claim something is true and try to argue as to why it's true, regardless of it being true or not, because they believe that what they believe in is true in the first place. The argument starts with the condition that X idea is undeniably true, and the arguments appear to prove it true no matter the cost. If it can't be proven true, next resort is to shout down anyone daring to claim it false and discrediting the opposition by shouting sixty octodecillion 'ism's his way.

B) An argument from an actual intelligent person who was merely misguided. 99% of the time the person either concludes that he doesn't know as much as he thought he did, or accepts the reality of the situation through hard facts alone rather than emotion. The classic example of someone being bluepilled and getting repilled.

TL;DR they couldn't give a shit about arguing, it's only a means to an end, as is everything else.

d7f430 No.9761591


Reading this made me think that the whole Ramsey-Theon subplot was basically a microcosm of how kikes have treated Neuropeans

And what will happen in the end? The women the kikes used and abused will come back to us, begging. We will return to our roots, forge strong alliances with the other based ones. The kike will find himself bloody and broken in a basement dungeon, beaten into a pulp by a man of the north. Sure, the show might try to twist this up, but I found these parallels very interesting

d7f430 No.9761637


Fucking beautiful

d7f430 No.9761683

File: a419eaa7ba05d01⋯.jpg (33.04 KB, 500x333, 500:333, Happynosjwgf.jpg)




>tfw Loki has been feeding us the secrets of trickery all this time

>tfw Ragnarok is on the horizon and we are the ones who brought it

I'm actually stoked, Valhalla seems fun as fuck

1c2094 No.9761695

File: d640132706a8cfa⋯.jpg (35.93 KB, 350x350, 1:1, create_strong_family_bonds.jpg)

File: 9d78703f1f95f1d⋯.jpg (67.33 KB, 579x453, 193:151, coal burner badge of honor.jpg)

It's too late for white American women. More heroin to put them out of their misery is the best solution.

c29b4a No.9761730


>we're not your mail order brides

Good because I'd want my money back

>the cure for your yellow fever

actually … you are

>your fantasy sex toys

You're no-ones fantasy, petal

>your subservient housewives

and you never will be

866c43 No.9761740

"Students Should Demand That the Administration Start Treating Them Like Adults"

lol yeah, when they start acting like adults.

eafd10 No.9761790

File: 54d0d2b521c29eb⋯.gif (690.91 KB, 400x400, 1:1, image.gif)

File: c7117f575a560ec⋯.jpeg (283.36 KB, 739x734, 739:734, image.jpeg)

File: 6542a29f930f2e4⋯.jpeg (220.35 KB, 2092x1179, 2092:1179, image.jpeg)

File: d1781f9895883a0⋯.jpeg (58.35 KB, 333x500, 333:500, image.jpeg)

File: 7a8bfe992f0d7f4⋯.png (690.83 KB, 600x849, 200:283, image.png)


feminism is a shit test

these same women are getting approached at uni and are on their knees sucking cock 10 minutes later at a dorm

4fe17e No.9761804


I wasn't really part of gamergate, and I only really viewed the whole thing as an outsider.

But I think gamergate awakened something inside people they had all along, and it was a terrible mistake for SJWs to go after games.

I think so many of our generation saw how fucking awful our society is, but were perfectly content to retreat into their videogame fantasy world.

When the SJWs went after that, and tries to take away the only refuge so many of us had, we were like cornered animals and began to fight back.

b6a2a4 No.9761810


>having STD's as a badge of honor



There is no redemption.

d7f430 No.9761814

File: 7aa34d66c1da1fb⋯.png (287.53 KB, 317x475, 317:475, TREATSTUDENTSLIKEADULTSLOL.png)


>Loki is "not like the others" and comes from somewhere else

>He's known for pissing people off

>He takes a joke too far

>Dad throws him in the basement

>Poison dripped in his eyes

Hold the fuck on, I think I'm on to something. Autismal Research mode engaged. Will return with information. May make a thread if I get anything.


Pic related, this fucking idiot and her friends are throwing a tantrum since their university has announced another tuition hike. When will they learn that around Jews, you lose?

d68d31 No.9761827


>I sometimes wonder what arguments the left could possibly conjur up to argue against meritocracy.

This is a stupid question. You already know what arguments they will use against it, because they have already used them.

Systemic Racism (and other assorted and various -isms) is their counter to it, and it worked beautifully. The natural merit-seeking instinct of the Anglo-Germanic peoples was subverted through the infliction of an industrial guilt complex.

That is how it is done.

66ab4c No.9761830


>Those scores

White altruism strikes again. Do it again and rate them honestly this time.

b6a2a4 No.9761838


They are all binary.

One's and Zeroes.

eafd10 No.9761840

File: d2518a8ea8bda99⋯.jpeg (96.3 KB, 423x380, 423:380, image.jpeg)


>those badges

university really needs ro be more selective

d7f430 No.9761867


GamerGate brought me to /pol/

All I wanted to do was play vidya, work as a slightly above minimum-wage security guard, and hide

But no, those mean-spirited bullies had to follow me even to that corner of the world

In the wise words of an innocent creature that, if used and abused too much, will destroy it's abuser: "YOU NO TAKE VIDYA"

Once that all happened, I woke the fuck up and learned the joy of excellence, of pursuing my potential, of recognizing and appreciating my own innate value, ,and how nice of a dude Uncle Adolf was

25ca98 No.9761874


Oh. You mean the useful part of the race.

d7f430 No.9761884


She's in psych. I fucked her a couple of times. She liked to be choked.

She used to be ok looking, but decided to get a dyke short-hair cut and got gross, plus she's just getting fatter and fatter

b6a2a4 No.9761890


If they don't want a tuition hike, maybe they could get off their fat, lazy millenial arses and at least try for a scholarship.

Except scholarships are only given to students in fields of merit, like STEM fields.

b6a2a4 No.9761915

File: 952e29900c14dc6⋯.jpg (40.68 KB, 680x793, 680:793, what the fug.jpg)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.jpg (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, bypass.jpg)



d68d31 No.9761929

File: f6397976ee9fa53⋯.png (409.01 KB, 516x369, 172:123, WEW LADS THO.png)


I fixed it for you.

8d98d7 No.9761944


>one drinks every day, and the other is a shut-in with a persecution complex.

Minus the persecution complex and the everyday drinking, that's me. I drink on the tough days, but I don't get blackout shitty. I only leave the house when necessary (college, internship, etc.). It's hard to go out in the world and see mulatto babies and shit skins everywhere. I think this will pass because I've only been redpilled for a couple years, and it was ongoing over that time. It's just hard to digest, but eventually you have to or you will an hero. The only 2 options I see honestly.

d7f430 No.9761959


The best part? Vidya has almost entirely recovered from this shit though the fallout of left-over retards in dev positions and "indy" devs is still a thing

>Non-pozzed Warhammer game in Total Warhammer

>The Witcher 3

>Bannerlord 2

>Overwatch just caught some of the last of it, and has been left alone since

>PlayerUknown's Battlegrounds is meritocratic as fuck

>Darkest Dungeon

>Even MOBAs are getting decent thanks to Heroes of the Storm which is strangely cool except I'm pretty sure Uther is deliberately made to be short because he's a bad-ass white man. Just try bringing it up on the reddit or un-game, you will get harrassed by people for even mentioning how short his model is

eafd10 No.9761964

File: 8820926cabc9d6c⋯.jpeg (23.13 KB, 210x240, 7:8, image.jpeg)


exactly, its my way to unwind after a day at uni.

pickup 1 girl fuck her take a selfie with her for my scrapbook of lays, then stream 8k mmr dota on twitch while listening to south korean rap, mid juggernaut. hue hue. dont fuck with it or i am going to replace it with making your life hell.




eafd10 No.9761987

File: f7fa5cc333880c8⋯.png (232.75 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, image.png)



meme degrees need to fuck off and die honestly

but then their would be no women on campus…

hard life boys

f56890 No.9762000

File: f8c49958c21484e⋯.gif (428.33 KB, 200x183, 200:183, 1415411113864.gif)


>tfw I actually played Depression Quest by chance years before GamerGate all the scandals happened

I, more than anything, am impressed with her incredible effort to ruin her life, career and image for such a shitty creation an actual programmer could design in 1-2 days tops. This """game""" was literally text with a TV snow background.

Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

83f41c No.9762048



Why /pol/ have the habit of use old anti-white mlae cuckold pictures? This pic is from 2013 or before, when the beta asianmasculintiy started and they tried to keep the narrative of asian loser men and trashing white men because of the increasing relationship of white men and asian women even with the left-wing media of democrats party and white women shilling against this while trying to force white owmen and niggers and white women and asian masculinity in buzzfeed, comics, media, movies and everything

The problem never was race mixing but destroy the anti-white male cuckold loser american culture trashing white men to be non-triggering against niggers, asianmasculinity and keep white women racial status while trshing racially white men

Even the stephen molyneux who browse cuckchan make a larping fake video pretending someone keeping the asianmasculinity anti-white male narrative

This video was made around 2012/2013 when the democrats party think that all young whites were cuckolds for democrats party, larping and trashing white, trying to push white women shit and anti-white male shit, bias, double standard, manipulation

And people seeing the whole feminized american cuckold racial social engineering culture around racial worshiping of white women and racial trashing of white men, since the democrats party wanted these other races voting for them and white men being trashed and also white women against men of own race

d39d02 No.9762090


>Why /pol/ have the habit of use old anti-white mlae cuckold pictures?

It doesn't. That pic has nothing to do with "anti-white male cuckold", and the only people who do post such memes are shills and leftshits.

d7f430 No.9762109


I know :(

She's the definition of a retarded SJW too


>Perpetual complains about her "abusive" parents for being "narcissists" while still living in their house, eating their food, actually having normal conversations with them when she doesn't shit it up, and basically them being great to her

>Fucks chicks and dudes

>Lost her fucking mind when the chief-betacuck actually dumped her and got a qt3.14 sexually healthy Neuropean gf

She's just insane

d7f430 No.9762127


Brother, I live in Winnipeg, Canada

Going outside, you could swear it's Nigeria except a portal to a California campus opened up in the middle of the city

cbe9bb No.9762141


Indie dev here. Making a historical game, posted on greenlight two days ago. Highly based off successful franchises. Sprite art for animations that actually do not suck. Realistic battle sounds. Historical languages.

If you dont play game with the gaming media, your game is going to bomb. Ive posted it multiple times on forums, had a couple interviews about it. Its just not very catchy nowadays to talk about that in an industry that requires you to be a sellout for the ideology to join in. Or have tons of cash to barge in anyway.

eafd10 No.9762153

File: 3f7db719d7b21b9⋯.jpeg (14.13 KB, 77x95, 77:95, image.jpeg)


>She's just insane

i mean "destroy capitalism" & the marxist logo should have tipped you off tbh

dad035 No.9762159


this. I don't make games from the ground up, but I do make mods for stuff like Skyrim and Fallout. On the Nexus, projects that don't really get off the get swept under the rug faster than people realize.

fbb12d No.9762178

File: 1c89d0e8e019e75⋯.mp4 (7.75 MB, 640x360, 16:9, huffpost_white_feminism.mp4)



>White feminism is a real problem, and watered-down feminism that does not address structural power dynamics and intersectionality fails to have any real revolutionary potential.

For anyone who's not aware of this "white feminism" bullshit, it's a great way to turn off white women with left-leaning tendencies to feminism.

Like >>9759812 said, exaggerate the shit out of this. If done correctly, you too can have a qt3.14 3D Aryan waifu.

d7f430 No.9762191


Have you tried Heroes of the Storm? I get accused of shilling for it often enough, and I guess I kind of am, but I really fucking like that game.

It's way less spread-sheety than DotA, but after you get used to the changes, I find it's just a really fucking excellent game, if you haven't tried it, I recommend you do also there are fewer Russians and gooks shitting it up


What the Nippon fuck did I just read?

eafd10 No.9762201

File: 37a09bba22d7218⋯.png (216.95 KB, 501x648, 167:216, image.png)


its just business buddy, without marketing you will fail. basically you need to craft your product for the market, make it addictive and monetize it.

even if that sounds sellout, if you want to make at least 6 figures its what you have to do these days

f56890 No.9762204



Which ones? I've been planning to get Skyrim for a while now, might as well play it with some /pol/ack mods now.

8d98d7 No.9762214


Urban centers need to be destroyed, they are fucking tumors in our land.

d7f430 No.9762219



Make the game to cut even, not make huge profits

A significant misunderstanding of capitalism is that success means massive profits. A true capitalist understands that a little over cost is absolute success

eafd10 No.9762222

File: f743583ef460f86⋯.jpeg (665.64 KB, 1536x2302, 768:1151, image.jpeg)


honestly i have been playing dota for over ten years, it has million dollar tournaments and valve is handling it.

i am pretty much stuck on dota

98c6f9 No.9762249


> vast majority of western AAA games are leftist propaganda

Not entirely true. When they try and lay it on too thick these days, they get mocked to shit and sales suffer - just look at mass effect: androgynous. Huge swaths of consumers call this shit out on metacritic and places like that and the disparity between the shitty journoscum sites and the actual gaming public are telling. Its definately caused a shift.

cbe9bb No.9762255


I am sure i can do everything you say, but nowadays marketing is all about making people talk about your stuff. And that involves buying the media. Without the media, you are a nobody. The islands of people in the internet are just too far away from the reach of the john doe.

I wont surrender, though. You fuckers complain about indies sucking. But its just like independent movies; there are more of the extremes, on both sides. Im on your side. I need people on my side to spread how rich Europe's history is, on a period of time very little is known exactly because it is put outside your reach.

I want to live out of giving people back their history. But i dont need fucking six-figures. Jewing my community would only hurt my prospects on the long run.

d7f430 No.9762271


Hey man, we do this shit to have fun. Whatever you find fun, do!

I just find HoTS the most fun myself, so I shill for it at every opportunity :)


Urban centers are the only place a kike can actually get away with living the parasitic life-style it prefers

Obviously. unless the slave are properly controlled and forced into producing goods in rural areas and transporting them to the urban areas, those centers of kike indulgence will collapse

Best way to destroy a city? Stop sending stuff to it. It's that simple. A few roadblocks, some control over where produce goes, and BAM, city collapses in on itself. It's quite beautiful how easy it is to destroy dense population centers like that.

Take the produce, take the infrastructure and distributes it, take the power.

eafd10 No.9762310

File: d5140ffbbb38f7a⋯.png (1.22 MB, 972x1323, 36:49, image.png)



the quality of the game suffered because of the diversity hiring and sjw shit tho. if you want to push your propoganda you need the basics taken care of


i used to think like this, and then i got old and didnt want to be poor. life is shit and if you have the skill to rise up above everyone and life a good life you should. you dont want to be indied deving in your thirties dude trust me.

8d98d7 No.9762346


Absolutely true. This is why I prey for this system to finally crash. A large enough depression and cities will be the first to go, and any that try to migrate can be dispatched easily.

d7f430 No.9762351


>life is shit and if you have the skill to rise up above everyone and life a good life you should

Look out for other people AFTER you look out for yourself, otherwise you'll run out and be able to look out for NO ONE.

eafd10 No.9762423

File: f06101b6211317b⋯.gif (6.56 KB, 200x200, 1:1, kefka.gif~c200.gif)

File: 38dc4e7b2e91f62⋯.jpg (49.64 KB, 900x900, 1:1, johhnySINS.jpg)


sage advice

though pretty sure i read that somewhere b4

8d98d7 No.9762452


It's a common sentiment. I used to say it in the military when our CO would tell us to put ourselves last. I would always ask how we could be of any use if we always put ourselves last. You need to put yourself first if you want to be worth a damn.

83f41c No.9762487


johhnySINS is hot

011650 No.9762519


it's communismkills, the note is satire

She's some libertarian jewess, tumblrinas stalk her because anything she does makes them freak out. It's strange, she is occasionally good but mostly her post are just mediocre

eafd10 No.9762547

File: f30c579ee5af16a⋯.jpg (82.2 KB, 768x960, 4:5, cuteASIANgirl.jpg)


your CO just wanted you to put yourself last so you would throw yourself on a grenade and save his ass tbh

but yeh if you want to effect meaningful political change you are going to need to amass power first. money and fame.

902e4c No.9762805

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


you could say that feminists feel that they're in the danger zone.

2685bd No.9762824

File: 3cfc44c6c269569⋯.jpg (91.02 KB, 666x828, 37:46, 1491357903997.jpg)


Hey, that's how I got here

daf51b No.9762862

File: 77297afc71f2a8d⋯.png (36.61 KB, 149x168, 149:168, 0b63ce295b77f42193a715511b….png)

087547 No.9762941


>I thought the neckbeards lost that one?

Shortterm yes

Longterm it might have helped elect Trump.

630133 No.9763156

File: 6ee1c50488c152c⋯.png (710.31 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, burning asura.png)


>I've met so many people who's final straw was gamer gate

I was pissed off by all those "strong wymen of color as good as white males" bullshit, all those double standards, all those anti white and anti male propagandas. But I was still playing video games, far from anything remotely political.

Gamergate is what convinced me I had to do something to stop the SJW cancer. There were more and more explanations coming from /pol/ who made me open my eyes on this feminismo-post-modern shit.

I came to 8/pol/ following the 4/pol/ 2014 September exodus, a few months after Gamergate began.

I just wanted to play video games. Now I vow to destroy all SJW ideologies and see them suffering the rest of their life, watching every belief they have in humanity be utterly destroyed.

You shoud have never touch my video games.

982a2e No.9763240


Hit them now that they're already scared. This nation will be great again.

eacf97 No.9763281

File: b9792bef1c76d42⋯.jpg (51.53 KB, 620x320, 31:16, soros the vision.jpg)

>I am not going to silence myself out of fear of harassment or violence.

Stay strong,girls. Freeze your eggs so you can work harder at work. Keep banging the niggers. Keep eating grass like rabbits instead of human food. Listen to your nice, jewish doctors. Victory over ebil whitey is near.

982a2e No.9763341


Mate, I didn't even know until half of reddit and 4chan got censored. It was big enough to drive a bunch of people here. Nothing had ever been this big before in the history of the internet… It split 4chan down the middle, 4chan of all places.

982a2e No.9763372


This was me.

d4d6de No.9763487


>scared to be feminist

>literally done fuck all yet IRL

I wonder what they'd feel if we truly did become an islamic shithole? Or if white men really did start to beat them, etc.

Just be thankful it's a Euro equivalent and not an islamic shithole.

They are literally spooked by internet memes and it's hilarious.


I want to bully megumin.

40e6f3 No.9763525


>Or if white men really did start to beat them

it's like they don't realize women's rights are whatever men are willing to let them have

women are the symbiotic members of our species, they need us far more than we need them.

33b8d8 No.9763549



Similar here, and I left during the first exodus and clear message that the (((mods))) were compromised, including after the (((fappening))), which NSA and other intel agencies have near limitless access to their collective data banks for all the CP and celebrity, and non celebrity nudes around. To me it seemed that was the turning point and gate breacher after 4chan decided to trigger the fuck out of tumblristas, and what coincided with GG and the rest was history. I occasionally looked at /pol/ back in 4chan in '09, but again wrote it off as edgy humor to come look at and laugh. Then further on down the road, I turned to /pol/ for a more accurate analysis during shit like the Boston Marathon bombing, and just lurked. At that time I frequented /v/ more, but after GG and especially from the start of the election primary, I now frequent /pol/ the most, eyes full of contempt for the jews that not only have endowed me with high functioning autism and the asperger's, but for what a menace they are to the entire world. They delay mankind's manifest destiny to reach for the stars. and starting 2010 I was already getting disgusted with political correctness, but it ramped up in 2012

1d9c38 No.9763566


GamerGate taught us that PR is useless, that lolbergs are eternal cuckolds, that e-celebs are cancer, that trannies and faggots are psychotic, and most importantly, that a (((cabal))) exists that wants to control, corrupt, and subvert.

d4d6de No.9763604


>that a (((cabal))) exists that wants to control, corrupt, and subvert

I disagree. I see GG as bait to get people digging into the systems that run the planet, hopefully with the intention of getting new uncorrupted and more unapathetic blood into those systems.

That's what I would have done tbh.

5de6c3 No.9763619


I find jewy looking women really attractive. Am I a schlomosexual?

d4d6de No.9763621


That's just a scat fetish.

33b8d8 No.9763633


Get back in the ICE van, Carlos.

cc2340 No.9763637


>t. Jewess

Not a single self respecting white man would ever utter those words. Kikes have some of the fugliest women I've ever seen.

9dc89d No.9763672

File: d32821fb13d19d0⋯.jpg (16.97 KB, 288x288, 1:1, 325987289243658934.jpg)


After all this time of mixing some have gotten attractive traits, shit like pic related is still more common though

40e6f3 No.9763691

GG was when, imo, most people realized that it was no longer a matter of opinion or stance or views, you HAD to agree with the feminists/leftists or else. And people don't like that, Americans HATE moralists more than we hate communists, and this is when the left became outright moralists.

GG was when the left lost the game

gg lefties


cf0514 No.9763711

File: ebeaae5ffd0a8ba⋯.jpg (5.92 KB, 179x180, 179:180, index.jpg)


They usually have big tits, it would be more accurate to say you like butterfaces if it makes you feel better.

5de6c3 No.9763744


That one's fuggin revolting but >>9761695 kinda does it for me.

a8c9e1 No.9763752

File: 3acbbfe013e7f8a⋯.png (360.19 KB, 473x675, 473:675, Question animuu.png)


You can get paid to fuck with Jew narratives?

Can I get a job?

eacf97 No.9763775

File: 2a2861ae2c89324⋯.mp4 (3.94 MB, 640x360, 16:9, post modern judeo-feminism.mp4)

>scared to be a feminist

Feminism has sucked since the 60s. Everybody should be terrified of what it is now.

89757f No.9763779


>most people realized that it was no longer a matter of opinion or stance or views, you HAD to agree with the feminists/leftists or else.

That's why Jontron said he recently came out against all this bullshit.

/pol/ will call you a bluepilled faggot when you disagree, then post a hitler gif with twenty reasons on why you're a bluepilled faggot. Disagree with the nuLeft and they'll attack your person, try to dox you, try to ostracize you from friends or family, and act like they're morally superior for it.

I first started coming to /pol/ for racist jokes because I like comedy. I was still a bit left, and every now and then I'd find myself in an argument with a /pol/ack. Every single time I'd leave defeated but laughing. There's something charming about your average anon, and eventually I started conceding points and reading their suggestions.

It's a complete opposite experience with lefties. They'll demand you read shit before you've even begun arguing because "you're not equipped for this conversation". Then they'll get emotional, angry, and shut down when you say they're wrong. Even when I agreed with a lot of what they said, it's all or nothing. If you step out of line even a little bit it puts their entire cult ideology in danger.

a8c9e1 No.9763782

File: 09ccb0ff28f2724⋯.jpg (951.03 KB, 2400x3600, 2:3, Mercer Family.jpg)

File: c5fb8ed4456c186⋯.jpg (132.65 KB, 950x944, 475:472, Peter-Thiel (1).jpg)

File: 5e6c6d090d3f65c⋯.jpg (227.08 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Palmer Luckey.jpg)


So we have the Mercer's, Peter Thiel, the Trump family, and Palmer Lucky?

Honestly i'm happy that we have anti-Soros figures at all.

b8106d No.9763786

> Why are they STILL buttblasted about gamergate in the current year tho?

> I thought the neckbeards lost that one? why is it still relevant and/or scary?

They did loose. Just look at the Wikipedia page: they totally lost the narrative. Why is it still relevant? It's a boogeyman.

There was a time when I would have attributed it to a neurosis. I thought Kazinsky was right: progressives need to be oppressed. They need to be the underdog to fulfill deep psychological issues.

Now, I attribute it to power. It's like the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, or the Castro Regime: the revolution can never end. That would mean an end to their power and influence. The only way that the revolution can be sustained is if the enemy is made into a boogeyman. The enemy doesn't actually exist, but every once in a while it can be paraded around to show everyone the Ominous Forces Of Darkness that is why Big Brother is still in charge.

86d4ac No.9763788



a8c9e1 No.9763810

File: 11c448e70cee6cc⋯.gif (244.97 KB, 500x281, 500:281, Vivian a cute animated.gif)

File: bd73ec09d6b97bb⋯.gif (61.81 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Vivian is a cute.gif)

File: 632dae5c2564531⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 3004x1567, 3004:1567, Vivian art.jpg)

File: e6d7d529eed4aa8⋯.jpg (26.43 KB, 599x625, 599:625, Vivian playing with Red an….jpg)

File: 9e278cc0ded2084⋯.gif (307.14 KB, 500x300, 5:3, Vivian GIF.gif)

Daily reminder that Vivian is our daughteru and is cute and adorable.

What ever happened to the metroidvania flash game anyways?

40e6f3 No.9763826


it's because the left are commies (actually fascist does fit here), but they don't even see how they're authoritarian

at least /pol/ admits it.

It's funny, it's like most people are actually okay with fascism as long as it backs their own ideology. They're all for censorship and control when it suits them and their narrative, but go against it? Nope, off to the camps with you pleb.

a8c9e1 No.9763828



33b8d8 No.9763831


Never ever

40e6f3 No.9763836


>you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain

a8c9e1 No.9763861


>t. Goon

a8c9e1 No.9763873

File: 8afb1fc6a311e37⋯.jpg (104.22 KB, 691x691, 1:1, Questioning anime girl won….jpg)


Isn't Val a literal Sandnigger pedophile?

646e7a No.9763874


>Why are they STILL buttblasted about gamergate in the current year tho?

They're still having nightmares about it. The idea that any angry mob is going to come after them really triggers them for some reason.

Sage because I've gotten tired of faggot-gate threads.

>>>/gamergatehq /

000000 No.9763909


>It's a complete opposite experience with lefties. They'll demand you read shit before you've even begun arguing because "you're not equipped for this conversation".


I remember being a leftycuck in the past me and others doing this shit. I'm going to tell you now it's all meaningless, a cop out in an attempt to look more informed or credible than the person you're arguing against without having to address actual points. I guarantee you 99.99999…% of the time, the person telling you to read x or parading around how "well read" they are haven't read shit. This isn't half of it either like the whole just parroting the same contaminated mindware over and over with complete disregard for facts and statistics. This is why the left is pretty much almost complete garbage. I couldn't stand them anymore either.

a8c9e1 No.9763929


Except it was actually responsible for Trump.

000000 No.9763942


They're all pedos. Read the leaked CON chat logs. They literally knowingly saved CP and then used it to false flag on spam it on 8chan and everywhere else they didn't like and all the claims of harassment were bullshit they admitted to making up. They should be in prison right now. Oh and the Mighty Number 9 thing turned out to be true as well, that cunt ruined everything. /v/ was right about everything.

fc0823 No.9763962


IMO there were a lot of people who were unconsciously black pilled in vidya. A lot of people who grew up knowing at the back of their heads the government and the people in charge do not care about them, their welfare and their people. Vidya, as a medium was interactive. A manifest destiny of sorts. People who could only dictate their destiny in this space came together to form very strongly knitted communities doing what they grew to love. When GG kicked off, the redpilled showed up and showed them there's much more. 2 years later, these people now contribute quite a lot to shaping the normalfag discourse of information despite most of them still being huge faggots.

d4d6de No.9763980


>Actually I do this professionally and have been for many years.

It's doable through careful memeing.

But there may be people that are more learned in this skill.

c1df0f No.9764003


Are you me fam? I worked in child care for over two years, real eye opening stuff tbh

080429 No.9764013

File: 8ed6d83e0169be4⋯.png (44.89 KB, 798x478, 399:239, vivtest-screenshot2.png)

File: 3dbc584a857723d⋯.png (223.22 KB, 880x640, 11:8, viv-and-friends.png)


>Vivian Flash game

Still lying around in bits and pieces of fragmented development. The game's not actually dead, and there may be more of it appearing in the not too distant future. (Probably in the form of shorter episode-like segments like the Inafune one, though.)

Would post some of it, but /pol/ doesn't do Flash, apparently. Probably a sensible decision.

89757f No.9764015

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Even kotaku shat on MN9.

Remember the trailer?

db0f99 No.9764024


>Scared to Be a Feminist

Goddamnit I thought this ant woman was writing an essay on how she was scared to be labeled a feminist because the overton window was revealing feminism is cancer.

Instead I had to skim through an entire essay on why these cunts are all victims and a call to action to voice more extreme rhetoric.

>White feminism is a real problem, and watered-down feminism that does not address structural power dynamics and intersectionality fails to have any real revolutionary potential.

No, your ching chan chong complaining is the real problem here Ms. Nian Hu

a8c9e1 No.9764034


Post game pls

a8c9e1 No.9764052


Well at least tell us what the game is so we can play it anon.

a8c9e1 No.9764060

File: 5c9c294413ad15e⋯.jpg (29.41 KB, 454x507, 454:507, Felix.jpg)


Why don't anons create our own game industry and get PewDiePie to shill our games?

d4d6de No.9764090


I still can't believe Pewdiepie of all people went full right.

That still doesn't compute in my head. He was pewdiepie, the gayest streamer on the internet.

9dc89d No.9764114

File: 4dbad24b8ca58bc⋯.jpg (33.32 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Pewdiepie.jpg)

e4ceaa No.9764116


She looks vaguely like Chelsea Clinton.

89757f No.9764124

File: e919d24cc8d6ef0⋯.png (146.78 KB, 233x295, 233:295, pewdie.png)


He was a /v/irgin, so he probably always had that edgy sense of humor that starts as a joke and ends as HITLER DID NOTHING WRONG.

fc0823 No.9764148



Traditional Asian family unit demands a very competent female being much more competent than just a good housewife. In the old days of city states, conscription happens quite often, so the men are often just gone from the house and the wife will be in charge of keeping fiances, businesses and assets running in tip top shape (usually assisted by the man's mother, which is where the strict mother in law trope comes from).

In the modern age of western styled marriages, it has made Asian women a lot more lazy, but naturally even with (((egalitarianism))) they are still demanding their old privilege of having the purse strings despite doing absolutely nothing worth anything. When denied access to all the family's money, autistic screeching ensues.

a8c9e1 No.9764168

File: 8b973fe2d3d818f⋯.jpg (189.89 KB, 1177x785, 1177:785, jeff-sessions.jpg)


Is there any way that we could get Sessions to review the cases of the Literally who's and all the corruption that happened back then?

a8c9e1 No.9764181


Just upload it to mega or some shit.

I want those files.

a8c9e1 No.9764188

File: 8d665c3a3b3ab0d⋯.jpg (210.3 KB, 1268x1014, 634:507, Moot faggot race.jpg)


PewDiePie replaced Moot as our faggot.

a8c9e1 No.9764221


It always starts as a joke man.

It was a joke back in 2013 and now i'm a hyper Nazi.

cc2340 No.9764239



Oh fuck, that reminds me of the bantz coming from the official Sega Sonic the Hedgehog twitter account who was talking absolute shit to the official MN9 accounts, god was that glorious to watch. Autismal and hilarious all at once.

40e6f3 No.9764253

File: 189f6cb0c22ca7f⋯.png (17.94 KB, 852x146, 426:73, checked.PNG)

they can't handle Kek, they brought his wrath upon them.

6f1b3f No.9764264


He certainly didn't gain much dignity here.

We still hate him, but now it's not for ideological reasons.

Just being a faggot reasons. :^)

710ab1 No.9764266


Before GG I thought women should be allowed to vote and kikes should be allowed to live.

fc0823 No.9764333


Their genetic material live on in the Japs. The largest genetic group in the Japs are chinks who moved there during the unification period more than 2000 years ago.

2f9bb7 No.9764367


Bagelbiter me too tbh

That's alright though, /pol/ will purge us both on the DOTR, or perhaps the night as we'll be helping.

Small price to pay for the knowledge that you at least helped do something good in the world I suppose.

70e984 No.9764370

File: e73cda2303bfb66⋯.jpg (116.81 KB, 1236x602, 618:301, gg.JPG)



2f9bb7 No.9764395



Can one of you goys plz send me a pirated copy?

I bought the game at least twice when I had an xjew and a ps3, but I stopped playing vidya for a while, sold all that shit. Now all I have is a laptop with linux and no money because I've become a neet.

759284 No.9764399

File: e1a2f19d8fbcad2⋯.png (328.49 KB, 600x339, 200:113, 1423718251949.png)

080429 No.9764465

File: f0603cafd0de276⋯.png (353.6 KB, 808x526, 404:263, torontouhou.png)


Good idea, here you go.


GG was a definite wake up call to a lot of gamers. I definitely remember being dumb enough to believe "oh wow, just wait until all the REAL news media get wind of this story about the lying games journalists! THEN the truth will get out!"

e54b0d No.9764561

>kick the hornet's nest


these bitches are like niggers when it comes to cause and effect

>or when a car full of men drives by and they jeer at me and follow me down the street.

reminder that most feminists have rape fantasies, mostly due to the thirst for alpha cock that their sub-par looks can't score

658f60 No.9764606

File: 4c6f2dba3aa13b7⋯.png (328.33 KB, 516x369, 172:123, ab2e0dccad92df35ce4d8d5945….png)

To me these bitches are playing hard to get.

cf0514 No.9764636

File: 2fa559aa1d030bb⋯.webm (7.27 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, cucktales.webm)


I'm gonna say Burch is the original who popularized the term cuck. He is the patient zero of cucks. All though I'm not sure when Louie Cuck King got branded cause I don't go to /tv/, maybe before.

e54b0d No.9764698

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


burch's greatest legacy will be people making fun of him

99226e No.9764712


That would be the Yayoi, right?

658f60 No.9764721

File: 2c85f061d947a55⋯.jpg (108.29 KB, 1000x1280, 25:32, iu.jpg)

Isn't Vivian James just a PR ploy by ethic cucks to prove that gamers weren't sexist?

b6ec32 No.9764732


I still have my mask lmao

If there's ever a riot in Florida, my headgear will be the KOBS mask and my MAGA hat.

89757f No.9764802

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

99226e No.9764805


Asian women are trash. Their "submissive" nature is due to social and cultural pressures in their countries. Once an Asian receives Western influence when living in the West, she becomes the worst kind of harpy. Japanese men had a hard time getting their women in line. Korean men lost their women due to so much (((Western))) poison in their current culture.

99226e No.9764861


Race mixing is a problem, but some mixes tend to fair better.

Hapa children of AM/WW tend to do better than WM/AW and Mulatto children of WM/BW do better than BW/WW for whatever reason. Of course, there's no excuse for race mixing.

57325f No.9764869


I think the fact that they have it great compared to other minorities and even a lot of white people just tears them up inside. They NEED something to feel oppressed about. All the cool kids are doing it.

And so they act like Scarlet Johanson playing an Asian character is an absolute holocaust.

2b9923 No.9764890

File: 45e5ecf3bef7544⋯.jpg (304.74 KB, 564x3093, 188:1031, highest iq top 10.jpg)

File: 3d7ca7f70edbe67⋯.png (60.14 KB, 499x398, 499:398, criminal-statistics-by-rac….png)

File: 9c62229b9f5f8ab⋯.jpg (154.66 KB, 530x970, 53:97, 1439875866083.png.jpg)

only trash asian women date white men, the beautiful conservative ones would not date a white man.

abeed2 No.9764902


>white men account for 96% of those employed in agriculture, manufacturing, or resource extraction

Okay know you pulling numbers out your ass.

cc2340 No.9764955


Your first image has a sentence I've reread a dozen times that I can't make sense of.

>Sir Wiles proved the 358-year-old it should say mathematical theory "Fermat's Last Theorem"

The fuck kind of phrasing is that? Are they trying to say Fermat's Theorem should be called a mathematical theory? Why is it not in parentheses? Why give page space to something so unimportant? Why drop that shit in the middle of a sentence and make it sound totally garbled?

I'm so lost, who the fucked typed that shit and what were they trying to say?

89757f No.9764967


I noticed that too. Really clumsy wording from the geniuses at SuperScholar.

78778d No.9764994

File: d4f67c9984c628c⋯.jpg (28 KB, 250x240, 25:24, SMUG.jpg)

File: 7d8beb59f26df87⋯.jpg (27.45 KB, 231x363, 7:11, 1447797916488.jpg)

fc0823 No.9765054


Yes it would be. Those were the people straight from china's version of hard times make hard men

8485eb No.9765093

File: 5884227a1a66cf1⋯.png (897.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1423762067254.png)

File: 2ba0c100956c5b9⋯.jpg (422.48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1423761301476.jpg)

File: c04b018dff9378d⋯.jpg (629.27 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1423759237825.jpg)

File: bfe5c94355f6f34⋯.jpg (251.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1423758978775.jpg)

File: 08fd68bb9ea8a0d⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1280x716, 320:179, 1423758437158.png)

982a2e No.9765103

File: 651c764abc47a68⋯.png (13.44 KB, 785x503, 785:503, 651c764abc47a68f318c35a4dd….png)


I can, pewdiepie was redpilled in 2014 along with every one else after GG, but tried to keep his head down and his politics out of his videos.

Honestly, I see a fair amount of myself in his behavior, and I can say with certainty that Pewdie has swallowed a deep red pill, but he won't ever admit to it (he knows better).

He hopped on the Trump Train with all of us, and honestly his work as a subversive agent has probably done more good than Trumps presidency. An entire generation redpilled in one fell swoop. If Felix ever gets needs help, I hope the chans will be there.

982a2e No.9765114


>cybernazi stormlord

2b9923 No.9765121

File: a57d1fd4cea4385⋯.png (245.32 KB, 1144x886, 572:443, 1434905520992.png)


I never read infographic images, because they're written by retards.

78778d No.9765144

File: 0363bb98012b76f⋯.jpg (377.08 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, why deus ex was killed.jpg)


Don't forget Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. On the surface there's #NLM shit analogues, but if you dig deeper, it's almost as on point as some segments of the original. Including the media trailer showing the lugenpresse's notes. I have strong reason to believe pic related, from the first DLC, is the reason the series got suicided by (((Square Enix))). Just change one letter of the surname.



Disabled site-wide for ages, I think since the imgur hack that DDOS'd this site because someone snuck in code in reddit's favorite shitty image storage site that pinged 8chan every time an image was viewed.


Muh PR, and I'm pretty sure the character isn't of age. And the degenerates made porn of it. Disgusting.

80e6cf No.9765155

3e3d9f No.9765166


I was a full on obama loving liberal up intill gamergate so what you are saying is true

f3fe60 No.9765176


>I thought the neckbeards lost that one? why is it still relevant and/or scary?

Because everything is scary to them

59ee16 No.9765187



They make good points though. White men flock to asia to muh dik azns. Asian women are some of the most racist people that exist especially after they've married into whiteness. Hapas are ticking time bombs as they've been raised to think they're white yet are rejected when they try to embrace that side of themselves.

cc2340 No.9765194


Is that stuff subtly referencing the three suspicious deaths all within the same month of men looking into the DNC last year?

b5bdff No.9765197



I've been introduced into politics and eventually kicked off of tgchan IRC by 3 asshurt mods because I prematurely revealed my powerlevel all because of gamergate.

879403 No.9765199


No, not unless you think the suspicious incident of Michael Hastings happened just last year.

37fe6c No.9765232

>>9758433 (checked)

Can confirm for myself as well. Wouldn't be here without GG.

be3879 No.9765258


I haven't been to /fit/ in 7 years. I clearly just know much more about lifting than you flaming homo who learns broscience from e-celebs. Buttwink is a serious issue and IMPROPER TECHNIQUE. It is NOT supposed to happen AT ALL during a squat. You are a fucking failure.

be3879 No.9765268


None of what you said makes what I said any less true. Yes, AAA games with leftist propaganda don't sell well. That doesn't change the fact that MAJORITY of western AAA games are full of leftist propaganda these days. That is all I said, and that remains true. The Jew cares more about population control than about profit.

cc2340 No.9765288


It's been a while since I boned up on my /fit/ness info no homo but I'm pretty sure I remember reading that for a number of lifters, buttwink is unavoidable due to their pelvic structure and how it connects to their spine and legs. Those people are few, but I'm pretty sure that for some of them they can't do anything about it.

744716 No.9765289


>rate them again


But I'm used to grading easy. I'm a retired teacher.

9fecab No.9765318



Checked for kek

Dubs confirm! GamergrRRRRRREAT is their holohoax

dcfb77 No.9765378

File: 3565c51df609b29⋯.png (8.41 KB, 215x255, 43:51, pepe gun hatred.png)



This so much.

They could have left me alone with my video games, but now they pay. Heil Hitler!

c00688 No.9765403

File: 76a1ac4ad82c83f⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1280x1920, 2:3, saucepie.png)


Kind of, but not really.

The whole thing that created Vivian was definitely a PR move at least in part (save the feminist game jam that Literally Who tried to destroy, thus foiling her evil plans and being impossible to criticize because they were helping feminists. Yes, poor young /v/ was naive enough to think this would work.)

Given that she ended up with the Piccolo Dick sweater, though, she clearly became a bit more than that. Really, Vivian is whatever the artist drawing her wants her to be. (And yeah, she does get fetishized rather a lot. "/v/" but as a girl" also seems to translate into "/v/'s ideal girl" quite often.)


After thinking about this for a bit, I've realized that the reason GG was such a redpill suppository for so many /v/irgins was that it was a rare moment of being able to see with absolute clarity just how full of shit the lugenpresse was.

I'd experienced a very mild version of the same thing when reading "Console War", an interesting book that explores the story of Nintendo vs SEGA in the 90's - but from the point of view of Sega of America's marketing executives. It was absolutely fascinating seeing something so familiar from such an alien point of view, and seeing how completely distorted their perspective was - it's obvious reading the book that none of the execs actually played or really knew anything about videogames, and some of SEGA's more headsmackingly stupid decisions were directly explained (and the executives still don't realize what they did wrong).

GG was this times a million. Seeing every news outlet reporting a story we all KNEW first hand was false, because we were PART of it, was an absolute shock that made it instantly clear what kind of world we live in.

Also, as a "victory" - Gamergate may have lost as far as PR was concerned, but it was totally successful in preventing the colonization of gaming. Their attempts to make gamers want progressive agendas and walking simulators failed miserably, and the following smear campaign did a better job of scaring outsiders away from the gaming community than any amount of "NORMIES GET OUT REEEEE" could ever have achieved.

cc2340 No.9765509

File: 8b3ed9333c2d564⋯.gif (2.22 MB, 768x432, 16:9, pixel-art-gif-awesome-Paul….gif)

File: f2cfbc3026a8c7c⋯.gif (1.52 MB, 768x432, 16:9, 1411137140351.gif)

File: 08c7d1d63a6a643⋯.gif (1.64 MB, 432x768, 9:16, pixel-art-Paul-Robertson-a….gif)


>tfw your only intent was to be an asocial NEET steeped in escapism but the screeching harpy marxists came for your vidya so you became a literal fucking Nazi who is trying to save all of Western Civilization

it's a crazy kind of feel famalam

537381 No.9765530

File: ad3fd49f020e6b3⋯.png (132.91 KB, 550x533, 550:533, Viv beginner's guide.png)


A lot of us fell for that. Whats amazing is how many people utterly refused to be demoralized by it and kept fighting.

I've crossposted between /pol/, /gamergate/, /gghq/ and /v/ since the Exodus. And one thing that did go pear-shaped on our end was the lack of understanding the overall strategy that /v/ conjured up back on 4chan. Things like "ethics" were created as weapons. /v/ had always planned to move beyond the journalism ethics push once it had been majorly accomplished. It was like the beach-head landing that was supposed to lead into a deeper invasion. But to keep the Twitter masses "on script" they couldn't go saying that out loud very much. Even normalfags will turn on you if they hear you admit that you're using them for numbers. So not only did /v/ have to not tell everyone else what the plan was, they would have to occasionally deny that it was the plan when challenged about it, because you never knew if you were talking to a shill or some media plant out for a scoop. Add in a huge dose of shilling on /pol/ and a lot of the impatient people were convinced that #GG was actually "cucked" and not just keeping up the illusion. This sparked a lot of infighting and people wound up leaving over all the stupidity that ran rampant and it tore the boards apart when Acidman butted heads with the IRC people, but the long-term plan still worked and continues working today, coasting on all that momentum we gave it.

07978b No.9765552


In my line of work, I deal with Tubmlr-teir people all the time in person. They exist, and they act as bad in real life as they do online.

It amazes me that people who believe that microaggressions cause half the world's ills can turn right around and lambast Fucking White Males when they're standing right in front of one.

e58d72 No.9765575

File: dc1ce0d330cb942⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 191.71 KB, 648x1000, 81:125, m00t.jpg)

bd40fe No.9765595

File: 16d048b9c9de6a2⋯.png (189.93 KB, 334x349, 334:349, 16d.png)


>i lived long enough to see /v/ and /pol/ Bonnie'n'Clydeing the system together.


07978b No.9765617


Unless they were the anon who first suggested making her an ordinary girl, then no, not really. GG wanted to donate to a game dev to get the character into the game, and someone pitched that idea amid all the others, it got fleshed out pretty quick, art appeared. Not enough control over the process to be the game dev itself at every step, though the character was always intended as a PR thing. Took on a life of her own.

744716 No.9765627

File: e48e8e082f33669⋯.jpg (236.28 KB, 630x420, 3:2, IMG_0201.JPG)


They give tons of scholarships outside STEM


>that's just a scat fetish

Don't let the jew draw you in to her degeneracy.

9e13da No.9765685


They instinctively know it.

We mathematically know it.

Ours is weaponized

9e13da No.9765726


I've seen a movement from our side to throw underhanded punches at people known to throw underhanded punches.

Essentially if you know someone isn't going to fight fair then don't do so yourself.

Based Stickman etc. Recent Berkeley riot. Drumpfies are fighting back.

9e13da No.9765731


OP here. I was reddit level 16 year old white male back when gamergate struck. I was never part of the exodus or other memes although I heard about them.

I stopped caring about gg back at the end of 2014. I was just surprised to read about it in an article from the current month when i googled feminism

a8c9e1 No.9765743


No she was literally created by /pol/

9e13da No.9765748


This is the most grim way of imagining gamergate imo.

I think the true value of GG was that it immunised millions of fucking white males against leftist propaganda.

We lost GamerGate but came out far stronger and more numerous than we entered. Ready to challange the giants we revealed behind the useful idiots.

Our opponents won shallow victories. Nobody cares about their propoganda now. they pulled all the guns for a hollow victory.

a8c9e1 No.9765756


You know ever since Felix started agreeing with me politically iv'e started to find his faggotry endearing.

a957b1 No.9765762


It didn't "lose" there was nothing to "win" unless you were delusional or you were some kind of coat-tail riding parasite that thought it was a money making scheme that would pan out.

All GG did was reveal corruption and expose it to the light of day, that's all it could do and it succeeded.

89757f No.9765799

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It was a huge unmasking. Three years ago 90% of people didn't know what SJWs were. Now The Simpsons is making fun of them.

bd39c6 No.9765815


Yes but the secondary goal of eternally assblasting SJWs seems to have been achieved with flying colors.


Despite the myriad of typos you give me chills anon.

bd39c6 No.9765819


GamerGate was 300 tbh.

33b8d8 No.9765826


That's the beauty of imageboard anonymity. You don't need tripfagging, because that person you're calling a faggot could be felix, donald, eric, donald jr., barron, or anyone else. You don't know who you're talking to. And that's also what frightens (((them))). We are the hoard from who knows where. The umman manda.

a957b1 No.9765850


Truth, even without the dubs.

099fb2 No.9765886

Occurs to me that GamerGate probably helped foster the insult cuckservative since a lot of people were thinking more conservative journalists/media would jump on the chance to lambast liberal media over the story.

That the conservative outlets wouldn't dare take a clear avenue of attack made them look so pathetic that more people lost any respect for them so their criticism of Trump had no bite to it.

9e13da No.9765912


so we will eventually win?

33b8d8 No.9765919


It turned many people who just wanted to play their fucking video games into political activists giving the roman salute and crashing alphabet agencies with integers and lack of survivors.

364e9c No.9765972

File: cfb0559db116e1c⋯.jpg (16.49 KB, 210x200, 21:20, 1313544263737.jpg)


Oh wow I remember her. I had a sex dream about her once.

89757f No.9765980

File: e3f284e82625300⋯.gif (528.5 KB, 500x246, 250:123, e3f284e826253008cb76035dfc….gif)


I don't know, anon. When you got your shit pushed in by Ornstein and Smough, did you shrug your shoulders and go watch Bazinga Theory, or did you stay up until 4 AM autistically memorizing their patterns til you could beat them with fists?

We're gonna get tired of winning

ad29d9 No.9765988


You have my deepest sympathy.

e47832 No.9766004


>I crave White dick and am ashamed.

Who the fuck would want to get their cock within a mile of these miserable, scowling whores?

02f711 No.9766006



or it starts by coming here fueled by 'rightious' leftist anger and an overinflated sense of self importance thinking

you're going to troll some retarded nazis and getting BTFO hard with /pol/s patented mixture of facts, insults, banz and ignoring shitposters.

at least it was like that for me.

but i ended up here before GG

9e2777 No.9766024


/pol/ is the Jews.

Hear me out.

We are a small minority's of racists who act in our people's interests at the expense of all others. We are a nameless, faceless international clique intent on destroying modern society (the nwo). Our weapons are cultural subversion, and the three methods of propaganda, education,(redpilling) media (it's happening!) and entertainment(the memes).We have multiple obscure religions or esoteric sects of mainstream religions (esoteric hitlerism, kekism, fringe hermeticism, redpilled asatru, Christianity, whatever that thing /monster/ worships is…). We are nepotistic and immune to all insults. We actively contemplate genocide, something no aryans have ever done before us.

/pol/ has observed the Jew so long, opposed the Jew so long that we have integrated all of its tactics. And now we use them for the most righteous cause in history, saving our race, the race that built the greatest civilizations the world has EVER seen. The statistics you quote prove this. White men are a tiny minority's in this nation, yet it is on our backs that it is built. Not like the Jew. The Jew comes only to steal kill and destroy.

/pol/ also destroys. We destroy illusions. We destroy self hatred. We destroy the grand deception of the cave and drag prisoners within kicking and screaming into the harsh light of truth. And one day, we will destroy the creators of this dark matrix that our people suffer under.

All things have opposites. All opposites are fundementally the same in nature, simply polarized against each other. Thus it is that /pol/, the most vehement opponent of international Jewry is the organization most similar to it.

Perhaps it was inevitable. Spending each day studying how the Jew destroyed our society, perhaps we felt some form of respect, even admiration that so much carnage could be wrought by such a seemingly inconsequential minority. And that admiration turned to emulation until we found that we could subvert as well as the Jew could.

Sun Tzu said that if you know yourself and you know your enemy you need not fear the result of a thousand battles. We learned our enemy as we created ourselves and so we have copied all his tactics, mastered every stratagem, incorporated every typical trick. We have met the enemy, and he is us.

The only difference is the righteousness of our cause.

Or maybe I'm a collosal faggot for overthinking how similar we are. All I know is my ancestors never fought this kind of war, but now I have to, and I go to war against the people who have been using memetic warfare against us for 2000+ years.

9e13da No.9766040

File: 94908e3d88b41f9⋯.png (36.28 KB, 1349x676, 1349:676, Rise of Antifa.png)

I just did some top level statistical journalism and came up with this chart. ANTIFA is bigger than SJW and it's coming close to GamerGate.

Apparently one of my mates tore down some commie posters in sydney the other day. He was the first to get redpilled and he was one of the newfags back around the time troll face memes first hit the teenagers.

Illuminati memes hit the junior schools sometime last year-ish. So the kids are only a few years behind us in memes imo. I saw some pepe drawings when I went to a counseling session the other day, hidden behind a corner right in the middle of sjw central. The kids are woke.


thanks man. I needed that.


02f711 No.9766060


you're overthinking it what we are doing is self defence the kikes attacked us unprovoked

9e2777 No.9766067


Yep it's self defense but we still use the same methods.

534fb0 No.9766070

File: e9bd8314cc02539⋯.jpg (45.72 KB, 335x488, 335:488, cc40009b1dd7148eaf63fd639f….jpg)


>/pol/ is the Jews.

do we control the media and the worlds banks now as well?

02f711 No.9766074


but the intentions are fundamentally different. there is no sense in trying to maintain the moral high ground when you are fighting for your life.

9e2777 No.9766078



Point taken.

though we do control the memes of production…

9e2777 No.9766084


Basically this.

As we are locked in a life or death struggle to survive against A creature that has made a game of genocide, all means available to us are viable and should be exploited to their fullest extent.

9e13da No.9766086


fairly accurate imo.

We can't really be silenced at this point because even the leftie youth hates censorship.

We are too widespread to really kill.

Much like the jews we inhabit countries and leach off their wealth. Unlike the jews we intend to create a decent society in which we will probably wind up gassed.

Pic related shows how we were essentially naturally selected for. The jews in their greed have breed the ultimate antikike and we will eventually win.

Cultural Marxism have selectively abused white males non-stop for 130 years.

All the nice guys got divorce raped

All the nice guys are in prison because they can't afford their allimony payments

All the nice guys are 6 feet under because they committed suicide.

Increasingly all that is left is immunized against marxism.

9e13da No.9766090


If they attack we are vindicated

They have the guns

We have the eyes

8ea5e6 No.9766100

File: 37b07a793636c8c⋯.jpg (110.49 KB, 974x750, 487:375, abe421c5749237628d48d2af63….jpg)


You couldn't do a worse job trying to fit in if you were paid for it.

9e2777 No.9766115


>all the nice guys are six feet under.

So lon as one of us draws breath our cause will never falter anon. We will remember all our brothers who could not make it through this hell-on-earth, and so long long as the spirit of national socialism flows through us, their spirits are with us too.

9e13da No.9766120

File: 3f0ecc23ece08ed⋯.png (869.65 KB, 2662x2177, 2662:2177, How Globalism Works.png)


oops couldn't find pic. Have this instead.

9e2777 No.9766126


Darn. Re reading your description actually peaqued my interest in how we're perfectly evolve antikikes.

9e13da No.9766127

File: ae90099ed9dac11⋯.jpg (527.54 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, fuhrer.jpg)


Right now I'm more natcap but I could totally dig national socialism. At least it will be fun and for a good cause.

9e2777 No.9766138


I used to be nat cap. Hell I use to be ancap. The concept grows on you as you learn more about it. Read the manifesto for the abolition of interest slavery if you haven't already. Ultimately as some other faggot said any all white system of government will be best, and until the Jews are removed it's not worth squabbling about, so might as well natsoc for the memes and agitation potential.

fb6b29 No.9766152


We're already the bad goys, might as well be the ultimate form of bad goys.

It's a major bonus that the core philosophy is superior to everything else.

89757f No.9766160

File: 20bbd2173214d1b⋯.png (694.16 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 20bbd2173214d1b1a537dd6416….png)



nice IDtrips though

77706e No.9766162


I know this feel.

But we're not even close to out of the woods yet.

But I know I will feel this feel soon in the future if our nations do indeed begin to uncuck their shit.

I didn't think we'd swing this far right this quickly. I guess we were holding it within the whole time.

The amount of friends that have talked to me in private about their "true" opinions staggers me. In particular with a couple south african mates. They know damn well the left is a cancer.

9e2777 No.9766175


I was thinking about that too.

The modern world has a single real religion that it follows, the Holocaust. Six million innocent Jews died pure perfect deaths in the fires o auschwitz because of your sins. White guilt is origianal sin and Jews have replaced Jesus as the symbolical sacrifice. But liberals don't believe in the devil, or horses of demons. Instead they believe in hitler and hordes of nazis. The antithesis of the cult of the holocaust IS nazism. To them we worship the antithesis of all they hold dear. Even if the holocaust had been real, even if hitler was as bad as they say I think we would still be here, still love him, because to the leftists he is the devil, and we stand against all the leftists represent. .

9e2777 No.9766177

File: 07b857bff10b080⋯.jpg (126.05 KB, 1500x956, 375:239, IMG_1198.JPG)


I am so sorry my autistic friend.

Have a (you) as a consolation prize.

9e13da No.9766208

File: b89be6e278240b3⋯.png (493.04 KB, 568x371, 568:371, OyVey!.png)


ancapistan would simply be invaded by everybody given the current geopolitical climate. It's why I moved back towards government because freedom isn't free.

I can totally get behind an all caucasian system.


bad goys would make a great band name

9e13da No.9766228

File: 587033656636055⋯.png (9.92 KB, 1135x96, 1135:96, goy.png)

"it's ok mr gentile it was just a joke we didn't mean to give you such a name"

gentile - gentle?

goy - nation? nationalist?

How long has this been going on for?

744716 No.9766238

File: 5482869afc5c285⋯.jpg (76.31 KB, 709x480, 709:480, IMG_0311.JPG)


Did you have a sex dream about this jewish darkie as well?

72ad0a No.9766278

File: befcb667f7974ea⋯.png (188.98 KB, 375x521, 375:521, Happy derpchant.PNG)


Here's another rare merchant for you

bc79f5 No.9766290

File: 285ec678e92e1a6⋯.png (416.23 KB, 853x480, 853:480, PDVD_054.png)

9e2777 No.9766293


I think it's cause of the hand rubbing?

02f711 No.9766295


is that ilsa?

02f711 No.9766308


hi andrew. don't you have your own site to shitpost on?

bc79f5 No.9766314

File: 59412fb9b915185⋯.jpg (36.71 KB, 880x522, 440:261, 21.JPG)


Oh, I see.


yeah, thats her, different makeup then her usual look.

e320ed No.9766322

File: 5aacb143db5795d⋯.jpg (11.39 KB, 243x250, 243:250, 1487471176471.jpg)


fucking shrekt

40e6f3 No.9766347


The Swastika is the new Pentagram.

Being a Fascist is as taboo as being a satanist once was.

Being proud to be white is as sinful in their eyes as being an atheist to a hardcore christian.

The modern left is a religious movement, I'm sure we all here already know that, but it's the ultimate point that needs to be made in order to get more normies to hear our side.

Once we can claim the left as the status quo that needs to be rebelled against, then we can bring our movement to the forefront of political discussion.

Someone in the thread brought up earlier that GG was like the holocaust for feminists, but it wasn't. It was like the sudden popularity of heavy metal music and Dungeon and Dragons to the evangelical right. I mean seriously, look at how lefties fear the chans like they used to fear rolling some dice with friends to kill dragons, but then it became normal and accepted, if not outright celebrated.

Fascism, NatSoc, etc. is a threat to the jews because we're doing exactly what they did with Cultural Marxism. We're pushing Cultural Nazism, and it's working. In a few decades we'll control the schools, the churches, the media, all of it. We WILL replace leftists in due time, and they know it.

bc79f5 No.9766367

File: e6564ae85998412⋯.jpg (97.78 KB, 736x1104, 2:3, a44a361811067bea1cb6a5c74b….jpg)


>We're pushing Cultural Nazism, and it's working. In a few decades we'll control the schools, the churches, the media, all of it. We WILL replace leftists in due time, and they know it.

will the cycle just repeat itself then? will leftist eventually start taking over again and the whole thing just repeats?

ca06a6 No.9766384

File: e540f08ce07a747⋯.png (602.49 KB, 1821x1348, 1821:1348, pol_umman_manda.png)

ca06a6 No.9766389


The first known use of cuckservative was a GG twitter account as I recall. /v/, but you could tell the anon was turning /pol/.

02f711 No.9766390


>Fascism, NatSoc, etc. is a threat to the jews because we're doing exactly what they did with Cultural Marxism

bullshit.cultural marxism is nagging everything good and healthy to death in order to gain welth for a few. we're just restoring the natural order for the sakeof all.

ca06a6 No.9766398

File: 165ff23bdf301a9⋯.mp4 (11.31 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, svu_kobsquest2.mp4)

759284 No.9766408


no matter how bad my life gets, I take comfort in knowing at least I'm not Anthony Burch

93f130 No.9766413


Not if we succeed where Hitler failed.

bc79f5 No.9766456

File: 049f4fbab3e5a90⋯.jpg (30.86 KB, 575x218, 575:218, america-put-gamergate-in-t….jpg)

File: 9293ff4ca03dd5c⋯.jpg (120.3 KB, 867x1200, 289:400, CxOOMMsUsAAkf1m.jpg)

File: 0a709a4f2ed0a78⋯.png (531.4 KB, 618x1093, 618:1093, 0a7.png)

File: badd47efda51366⋯.png (439.59 KB, 1185x1046, 1185:1046, VT.png)


the specter of gamergate still haunts the far-left. and the establishment media. and while gaming is mostly unchanged by the attempted takeover I fear that as gaming becomes just another part of normal life. the history of GG (and the great meme war) will be twisted and corrupted by these same people as they are often the ones writing the history books. (or wikipedia articles or whatever people learn with in the neat few years).

With all the major media companies telling lies about the events of GG, will generation z (and after) ever relly be allowed to learn the truth? and if they don't, won't the future of games (and media in general) just end up the same as if GG had lost?

>Vivian is whatever the artist drawing her wants her to be.

I've noticed that Vivian and other GG references have been removed from KotakuInAction, any reason why?

3a2412 No.9766473


Jews also have much control over memes. It just happens to be our main strong point.

364e9c No.9766478


I was not nice to her.


No I'm 27 and not American. You don't have to feel threatened over your husbando.

297f64 No.9766484


I've always wondered that my self actually. For we all know we're the fifth cycle of humankind to repeat what's happening right now.

3a2412 No.9766491

d95e87 No.9766501


which wouldn't that mean that SJW's should have never messed with the wizards haha

89757f No.9766504

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Trump is the Gamergate president

That retard's only reason for living is gamergate. If GG never happened he'd have swung from a rafter months ago.

33b8d8 No.9766526


nah, he's too much of a pussy to kill himself. He's receiving his money from his rich family too, so there's a (((royalty))) in him being a complete degenerate. Only reason he was relevant was because he took a look at was going on, called up his dad, and blubberingly shouted "I want in on the game limelight too", and thus his dad bought him all the best macbook pro 3d software, unity, or whatever the fuck program used to program that piece of shit in your embed, and then left the abomination leech to go about his business. And then he made it look like it came from 1998 cartoon.

d8a5ce No.9766529


>This is the most grim way of imagining gamergate imo.

Grim, nothing! Remember who won Vietnam.

531458 No.9766538

File: 53db915e5a22cc6⋯.jpg (399.6 KB, 1200x835, 240:167, 1460732221870.jpg)


>There comes a point when white flight doesn't work because there is nowhere else to go.

There will be places to go far longer than there will be white people. Remember the birth rate. The last few million white people will build gated communities in Alaska, and just continue to have no children.

One thing that pol has never understood is that this is a spiritual war. It's good to have facts on your side, but people don't fight for facts. The other side, which is primarily communists, they have a great narrative about a spiritual fight against an evil oppressor: whiteness

By contrast, white people's spirits have been mostly broken. They are taught from an early age that there is nothing virtuous about them, that their ancestors are responsible for every bad thing, and that they are personally worthless. The majority of white people cannot get on board with the overt racism of pol, so for them, they have no "spiritual" alternative to the mainstream programming which tells them they're worthless.

And pol really doesn't seem to understand this. Look at how people joke about "meme magic" winning the election - that's evidence that we don't understand. It wasn't mysterious magic; it was obvious what happened: there were memes about trump that weren't overtly racist, and people were literally starving for something to belong to.

d95e87 No.9766569


years later though and arn't these people like milo and friends the ones at the centre of the battles of berkeley? weren't that same group some of first to breach into msm and now many more follow easierly? i don't know but i do know revolt was faggotry as well. they got divided and turned bitter instead of resolute.

e0be3f No.9766604

File: ab3fb62c47cbe44⋯.png (1.44 MB, 2401x1663, 2401:1663, wizards2.png)

File: bd015863929a8c2⋯.jpg (59.56 KB, 600x525, 8:7, gandalfsad.jpg)


Never forget.

010ce1 No.9766614



There is a dedicated autist group that spun off from them that are dedicated to undermining white males. They even mentioned /pol/ at one point, before they went underground. I can't remember his name, but the leader is like the most massive korean sperg you've ever met in your life who was once a pick up artist and is now a leftist who is also pro Asian nationalism. The group are a bunch of retards, but highly capable and dedicated.

Left wing Asians are nearly Jew tier in their capabilities for machiavellianism and hatred of anyone not them.

4bcbe0 No.9766617


>people were literally starving for something to belong to

They say that the body can't live without the mind. But the mind is just a vessel for memes (culture) - they take root in the mind, reproduce with other memes (creative and logical thought) through crossover and mutation, undergo memetic selection, and spread.

The war on culture has been a cultural genocide. A holodomor of the mind. White "deaths of despair" (a.k.a. suicide) are skyrocketing. Birth rates are plummeting. It's clear what is going on.

When will we have the "smoking causes cancer" moment with the yids?

e320ed No.9766659

File: a1b115aa4964d87⋯.jpg (116.83 KB, 800x595, 160:119, 3928b5423a5ac673ef2ae0d72a….jpg)


At this point I just dont give a fuck about other races possibly existent problems

I think all the stuff they are complaining about is bullshit, but even if its true like non whites making less and etc I just dont care, its not their country, we founded it, built it, run it, own it

Stop bitching about it or gtfo

The first thing that I think now when they complain rather than "its not true" I think "I dont care shut up bitch"

I think people everywhere should start feeling the same, the best way to shut leftists down is not to even attempt to argue with them but just tell them you dont give a shit, and basically let them know that you assign 0 value to them as a person and that they are irrelevant in your mind and they will be completely ignored including with the rise of the new government (trump and all 3 branches owned by him)

27be28 No.9766701

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Video games were the final retreat. It could never be books, as books weren't popular culture. It could never be movies as they were seen with other people, and thus inspired public conformity. The interactive nature of videos games made them individualistic and made them the final sanctuary. When that sanctuary was breached it was the real life Beale speech moment.

29fadd No.9766706


Original Deus Ex redpilled me no joke

2d5cdb No.9766710


its the main reason I havent killed myself, probably never will unless I live to be really old. I know the kikes, femenist, commies, niggers, etc would love to hear about sum whyte cracka killing himself. even if it seems like your life is ruined and youre really depressed, use that "stopped caring" attitude to fight jews and commies.

i hate to blog post right now but all this huge shifting of the overton window, voting for Trump and he actually gets elected, seeing antifa finally on the defense, even normies sick of commie bullshit gave me enough hope to not despair or commit suicide, I was strongly considering it about a year ago. Now I have a good chance of getting a job making 58k a year and feel a bit of hope for the future. If only I knew how to get really depressed whites ready to give up the same feeling. sadly a lot of them are probably brainwashed as fuck.

9e13da No.9766743


The change times are nigh.

During such times all is chaos. Make your narrative come out on top. Never give up for the sake of our people, we will struggle and fight, and never slacken, never tire, never lose courage and never lose faith

we can still win. we have the greatest chance of winning we've had since 1934

98c6f9 No.9766784

File: d9ecb3fc9b29065⋯.png (35.33 KB, 263x237, 263:237, 1422134105563.png)


>that shitty mascot plebbit came up with

3e6884 No.9766822

File: dc523628225342d⋯.jpg (1.72 MB, 3538x3424, 1769:1712, sadfrog sadfrog.jpg)


I remember hotwheels saying that some of the more recognizable suicidal wizards just disappeared after the media blitz.

Those poor bastards didn't deserve this shit.

f1053a No.9766950

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Remember how you felt when Trump first retweeted a Pepe version of himself? Surprised me when I first saw it, as did this-it confirmed that we were on track to something special: The great leftist meltdown of 2016 and is still ongoing. There are things that could've gone more smoothly, but I don't regret /pol/'s involvement in Gamergate one single bit.


>With all the major media companies telling lies about the events of GG, will generation z (and after) ever relly be allowed to learn the truth? and if they don't, won't the future of games (and media in general) just end up the same as if GG had lost?

When I see the comments and overwhelming amount of dislikes on things like vid related and even on the then popular Colbert Report:

https://www.facebook.com/ComedyCentral/posts/10152774496979030 https://archive.is/aV3nA

I have hope that future generations will look fondly on GG as a critical breach against their false narratives and prevention of a dystopia such as Korea that mirrors Trump's eventual defiance and victory even if there's still plenty of kikes out at large-there's much work left to be done after all.


Indeed, /ggrevolt/ were projecting their claims of subersion and co-option as they themselves had /leftypol/ ties since they were greedy in their attempt to hijack GG for their own ends-https://archive.is/tcf3G https://archive.is/46b81

Big organizations like DiGRA and Silverstring have not and will not be forgotten. The ESA and the industry's practices in regards to localization will no doubt be addressed in the future whether it be at E3 or in an upcoming operation. The ride Gamergate started has not truly ended just yet:



463802 No.9766965



e58d72 No.9767014


Leaf here. Hit my limit in 2012 when some legbeard started autistic screeching about 'mansplaining' (whatever the fuck that is, I guess she was pissed off I was right and she was wrong).

e58d72 No.9767036

File: a34260346e41ce0⋯.jpg (166.62 KB, 460x574, 230:287, nicholas chauvin.jpg)


> Aren't they so chauvinist



e52466 No.9767053


Give her the deep dicking she desperately yearns for, then post the video here and email it to her students.

e58d72 No.9767058


>Three week MASSIVE MSM anti-Gamergate shilling campaign. Think the Trump assaulting women stories, or Russian spy shit. Gamergate was actually more sudden and heavier

More was at stake. "Donate to my Patreon" is code for "pay me for the gang bang or the 8 ball of coke that way."

02f711 No.9767082


i kinda doubt the coke part. if it were true we'd see a lot more males raking in large sums on patreon

e58d72 No.9767084


>Left wing Asians are nearly Jew tier in their capabilities for machiavellianism and hatred of anyone not them.

Tell me about it. How many times has that Ian Miles Chong flipped?

e58d72 No.9767092


>i kinda doubt the coke part.

Hi Chelsea. Yes, you were selling kilos and the DEA knows all about it.

1006dd No.9767097



Now that I have a decent job I deeply regret not buying one when I had the chance.

At least I got my Meme War 2016 challenge coins…>>9764732

02f711 No.9767131


now i'm curious.

which chelsea? clinton?

89757f No.9767136


Wew, I didn't hear about this.

744716 No.9767155


Zoe Quinn

f1053a No.9767209


That reminds me:

>>>/redchanit/ still works.


5b6c20 No.9767214


Except they didn't lose video games. They dominate to this day. Pozzed SJW shit is all that ever comes out of (((Western))) studios, and the some commie faggots have a stranglehold over Japanese game 'localization' and insert their cancerous ideology even their.

bc79f5 No.9767233

File: 3d2cc2ebb0c2176⋯.jpg (114.1 KB, 470x264, 235:132, metal-gear-solid-4-wallpap….jpg)


I would argue that it's been like that for the last two decades of video games anyway. so things didn't really change. the kikes just wanted to make things way worse. the biggest change is the loss of Mid tire experimental titles. and the rise of garbage indie games and endless shovel where mobile titles

91e637 No.9767308


What a beautiful machine. So mid-century scifi.

2f9bb7 No.9767419


>as some other faggot said any all white system of government will be best

>tfw your fellow /pol/acks start taking your advice on things

I wuz plato n sheeeeiiiiittt.

531458 No.9767657

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>antifa finally on the defense,

don't celebrate too soon. In case you haven't noticed, they are putting women out front hoping they'll get hurt.

(example 1) The media is pushing the narrative that moldylocks is a victim: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4421906/Woman-punched-white-supremacist-rally-speaks-out.html

(example 2) vid-related at 2:00 they send two women up to block traffic, knowing they'll have to be pushed away.

(example 3) when bike-lock-guy attacked pepsi guy, there were two women blocking for him. One marked pepsi guy. The other (the arab girl) got into selfie range. They were hoping the attack would trigger the trump supporters to attack, and the girls would get hurt.

Bottom line: don't celebrate yet. This could do a 180 at any moment. A really good "optics" event for antifa could turn everything around for them. It might be a woman getting hurt or killed. It might even be a false-flag shooting.

f44b22 No.9767884


>they are putting women out front hoping they'll get hurt.

Then point this out to normals. A lot of normals already hate women as human shields because of Islam. They'll hate this too.

127363 No.9767917


I give them all a rating of 0

f44b22 No.9768179

File: 069766d43e81257⋯.png (251.9 KB, 640x364, 160:91, anime-sunglasses-7.png)


Something so serious, so precious, and so dear to them got rocked so fucking hard by their definition of the lowest of the low, that they'll be kvetching about video games and anime titties until the end of time. Video games and anime titties are basically the new Hitler for Jews.

21c982 No.9768658

File: 3903e90435fbedb⋯.png (380.54 KB, 680x383, 680:383, ClipboardImage.png)


Oh yeah, I made some OC for that.

d408d8 No.9768717


Nice goon reaction image there.

bf3d65 No.9768768


>the loss of Mid tire experimental titles

It's tier btw, not tire. Check'en'em

33dcbe No.9769591


To which I can only thank Unreal for opening up Unreal Engine to the hobbyists. Yeah it might allow the SJWs to make games, but it also lets us /pol/acks make games as well.

e58d72 No.9769810

File: 6b734b82c97f132⋯.jpg (17.53 KB, 300x265, 60:53, SJWs.jpg)



Labeling is a most effective tactic. I used to tell people about this nebulous concept of the west coast hippie causing problems in organizations, and the progressive stack was a disruption tactic, but until SJW came along it never really took.

Guess we also had to reach peak bullshit for people to notice in a critical mass.

e58d72 No.9769836

File: 640fb1c84f54725⋯.png (169 KB, 500x581, 500:581, if-you-kill-your-enemies-t….png)


And now you get Weedman's koan. (Patton is right too.|)

f976e1 No.9769860

Feminists will ultimately win since most men are thirsty servants for women. Feminists will lose when men decide to take away women's rights for good.

That will most likely never happen, but many women are feminists without the label. It's just a fact.

9dc89d No.9769877

ed480c No.9769888

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The true victory of GamerGate was exposing the radical left as a paper tiger. Before then, people were afraid to step forward and call these people out for their snowflake bullshit. Hell, gamergate made the term special snowflake mainstream. Along with SJW, goon and plenty of other phrases people use to berate the left today.

Gamergate was the first ant, and goddamnit am I ever proud to have been part of the colony, there from the beginning shitposting like a madman.

e82cd9 No.9769912


>a few decades

The west will be over 9000% nigger by then

we don't have decades

af4697 No.9769917


ID checked, nice post anon



I'm still enjoying the seemingly eternal Gamergate salt

ed480c No.9770007




Speaking of comics, pozzed as they are, there's been a slow but steady build of backlash against lefty bullshit in them as well. Sales are in the shitter and comic store owners are getting fucking pissed at the idea of being forced to subsidize leftist propaganda at the expense of their ability to actually make a living peddling bullshit their readers don't actually want to buy.


b728dc No.9770168

File: bf7281f2a3a62c4⋯.jpg (86.65 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Cidney Consider The Follow….jpg)

File: 1f5721a6f2e362d⋯.png (257.82 KB, 587x488, 587:488, Retard 1102.png)

Hello /pol/, since you're talking about #GamerGate, I got a proposal for you:

There's been a dig going on about the ESA for months now and it's only been done by one anon at the #GamerGate megathread on /v/. He needs more hands on deck now that the E3 is fast approaching and it's opened to the public. They already turned their rear ugly heads out in the open when they launched this tweet(they deleted it by the way, then says it's just a 'mistake', oy vey!), I think it's only apt to go all out and destroy the image of the ESA for all the public to see. They're a major force in the video game industry in the West and they've been pushing towards the gamification of video games to use it as a tool for their feminist and social justice agenda. It would help the effort if ESA-anon could get more people to join his venture.


f976e1 No.9770243


Yeah, exactly. Men don't have the balls to do that, and /pol/ as well as the nu-right retards think that feminism is simply a label rather than a civilizational shift that all women benefit from.

9e13da No.9770572


Feminists can't win because despite near equal workforce participation women still recieve more tax dollars than they put into the system.

So they are going to collapse in our lifetime because women are now outearning and out"qualifying" men.

50 50 workforce participation with women over men is unsustainable in the long run.

Many of the men who do still work are oldfag boomers who need retirement savings.

So there will be a big drop-off in the tax base because women have a net drain on that and cannot fill the roles men play in the tax system.

At that point america WILL collapse.

America has at MAXIMUM until 2023 to undo 70 years of advancing cultural marxism. America might only have until some time after august of THIS FUCKING YEAR.

the entire global economy is chuggin along on vapors.

Women are born planet killers.

65befe No.9770588


Not to derail/detract from this, but speaking of GamerGate, I noticed that kikepedia had an article about Fez as the featured article a few weeks back. This coincided with an announcement that they were porting it to another console or some bullshit.


>"Neutral" source of information basically places an ad for a game

b58c7c No.9770785

Anons, I've read this thread twice in the last two days. The history, perspective, and discussion is first-rate. Thank you for addeing to this newfag's education.

a320c9 No.9771153

File: 9ac9d9d4252b856⋯.jpg (1.65 MB, 4128x3096, 4:3, df4434ad4cc2b79781740ca731….jpg)

>throw down the gauntlet

>say, "it's on!"

>throw in some cheap shots, because the White man doesn't care to fight back

>scared when he gets pissed off and finally lands a blow

e950e1 No.9771484

File: c3bcc8199f920ba⋯.png (49.1 KB, 883x569, 883:569, Clipboard02.png)

> Scared to be a feminist

> References fucking GamerGate, where Eron Gjoni had to crowdfund a legal defense against a Chelsea Van Valkenburg, who had multiple lawyers showing up from a blue chip legal firm in the hopes of holding up a gag order so she wouldn't get Google Alerts updates (cite: https://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/3lvq0g/hey_guys_eron_here_with_a_legal_update/).

Jesus fuck.

3c463a No.9771724

File: 5fd9dd96c22c56d⋯.jpg (20.04 KB, 346x406, 173:203, 1470073888428.jpg)


I stayed up another ten minutes so that I could get back to the fight with estus and then killed them second try because sorceries are balanced and not at all OP.

3a5127 No.9773890

File: bee95b940dc192b⋯.jpg (44.62 KB, 609x609, 1:1, #1 Boogieman.jpg)


No wonder the nips aren't having sex anymore.

3a5127 No.9773941

File: d482bc9da651ae6⋯.jpg (299.64 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, Megaman & Vivian save Inns….jpg)


>I've noticed that Vivian and other GG references have been removed from KotakuInAction, any reason why?

I just checked. There are three different pictures of Vivian on the front page or whatever reddit calls it. Maybe it's different if you log in.

4a999c No.9774078

File: fd238543ca3884a⋯.jpg (99.68 KB, 800x955, 160:191, Chink tranny soldier.jpg)


Chink women are just ctrl + c ctrl + v of each other.

fc0823 No.9774324


Honestly I don't think even chinks find that face lovable.

30c3df No.9774334


>i chose to set up and use a google system to notify me when another person communicates online

>the alerts i receive about them is now them contacting me

>please protect me state

How the fuck is getting a corporation to help you stalk another person online them contacting you? Fuck I hate these people.

c11d71 No.9774852


>And so they act like Scarlet Johanson playing an Asian character is an absolute holocaust.

>Scarlet Johanson playing an Asian character


Both are fiction made by jews.

83c552 No.9774957

File: 220c00b1b8658ef⋯.jpg (125.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wallace wells.jpg)


Is that NIGGER an Asian too?

9dc89d No.9774991


We wuz ming dynasty n shieeet

0f9098 No.9775343


what the faggot kike is butt wink?

007d87 No.9777633


That's bullshit. Most women love men, who happen to be their, husbands, sons, brothers, fathers etc. Sane women can not live with the cognitive dissonance required to hold feminist views when they see how much the men they care about are hurting.

a7768b No.9777686

File: 9fb3a5467a5b9a4⋯.jpg (57.77 KB, 795x595, 159:119, BRILLIANT_.jpg)








I think our inverted MKUltra has been a smashing success indeed!

light them fukken fires!

Also nice dubID

I think also they were completely caught offguard and some of those fags authentically believed the "jilted ex-boyfriend" shit because the last time gaming tangled with anyone, it was burning down cuckservatism for trying to ban violent vidya. So you had a good 2 generations of consoles that came and went with nobody paying attention to the lefties, and they took it as a covert sign of acceptance. And few objected to any 'strong womyn' push since that also implied "hey, more tittays!" Then one thing that prepped the bulldozing was they thought to complain about how attractive females were triggering. And intentionally making it impossible in games with character creation to make anyone 'pretty' and the fuse was lit from there.

To have the whole thing 180 on them so fast was something they couldn't prepare for. So I think Stalingrad's an apt metaphor, which is pretty ironic considering how it played out.

Apparently Hitler should have brought ham radios, not bullets. Shitpost them commies to death!


authentically? You can actually have shitlord lefties, it's just been shoved out of the west (and we don't have flags so I can't tell where you're from)


Actually, if you notice it was specifically when the DiGRa connection was found. But we all went a bit off track there. DARPA throws money at all kinds of retarded projects, and this was just one more with mindfuck potential. Collectively we followed the wrong money trail, when it was (((progressive corporate interests))) like (((Ezra and Freada Klein))) that was the more important money-trail. Plus I think some niggas just legit got scared over going against that heavy an opponent and tapped out. Following that end, now a lot more of the leftist infiltration made sense, as some of the lefties involved actually did rail about DARPA on the side (like commie cannuckistani rapist experienced enricher Jian Ghomeshi who had some Chomsky-esque types on his show)

The corps were trying to detooth both extremist wings at once, by silencing the right and cucking out the commies. They were, in effect, censoring themselves by promoting the good goy SA cliques.


I like how the one on the left is the only one without the same expression.

It's like "don't fuck this up, you fuck up the synch every time in rehearsal dooooon't fuck this up Xi Yin, you know what happened to the last one. Okay, keep time, step down, forwards, no NO don't go slack with the gun!"


>Yale responsible for the most problematic of our (((lawyers))), (((((((((((reporters))))))))))), and politicucks

>highest standards

wew, wtf even.


actually, I recall something being written about the AfD being "primarily the party of old men and their grandchildren" so I think this can be equally as true.

Add in to that German and Anglo boomers being ginormous wastes of space and selfish as fuck cucks, so you have a bit of a generational gap, especially amongst those of us with military grandparents but nonmilitary and/or hippie parents.

4bcbe0 No.9777705


when the arch of your back straightens out at the deepest part of a barbell squat. sage'd

a7768b No.9778037

File: 205c41e3cc694e3⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1203x899, 1203:899, ayeka_and_ryoko_forever_ri….png)

File: d7669415f660250⋯.jpg (422.57 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, konachancom-masaki-tenchi-….jpg)

File: 88454ba8e999f04⋯.jpg (42.59 KB, 720x480, 3:2, lh_kitsune062.jpg)

File: 44ca4ab60f9ba05⋯.jpg (18.43 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Tomoko.jpg)

File: 4dcf9d2012fc83d⋯.jpg (164.79 KB, 736x1080, 92:135, AnnapumaUnipuma94e8fccce9a….jpg)


man, are you ever new!


started back in 2002 with "Usagi Kou" who found herself a nice impressionable christian lad and beat him the fuck down like Alison Fapp. She made him change his name to "Darien Shields," referred to him only as "Mamo-kun" or "Mamoru," and made him dress up like Tuxedo Mask all the time.

Poor sonuvabitch stuck his dick in the craziest of crazies.

6 or 7s are still alright, may just live in an area with heavy competition, but if you run into 8, 9, or 10 that have been boyfriendless for a very long time PROCEED WITH CAUTION

It did, however, take another couple years before that level of crazy actually took off, rather than be immediate like today with tumblr

Might be hard for anyone other than oldfags to conceive but "moonies" were way worse than sanics and bronies, by virtue of not only being autistic little shits, but being crazy SJ-ridden autistic little shits

The creator of Sailor Moon stopped doing cons and eventually anime in general because so many of these retards kept complaining "she wrote them wrong" or "they were shipped with someone they didn't like" or that "this situation in the show/manga would never really happen because it'd be creeeeepy IRL" (this all predates the 'trigger' concept actually, so they called everything that was "problematic" squick)

Slayers and Tenchi were hit pretty bad as well. Blockbuster video has a lot of traumatised jap creators to answer for.


>one off


>>that time

bretty close I'd say. Kek is reminding us to watch our own conduct amongst each other.


see picrelateds.

especially #3 as it's possibly 100% impossible to exist IRL. She's a literal drunken slut unashamed of 'spreading' and worse in public but refuses to sleep with anyone else than MC. Japan is a weird place sometimes. If you want a true "unattainable waifu" standard there's no better than Mitsune. Any woman like her IRL would be degenerate af and falling all over herself to be blacked at the first opportunity. This is literally a fictional character, on a level equivalent to Gryphons and Owlbears. You might be able to find "teehee imsoslutty" in a loyal package, but one that gets pukey pass-out drunk? Fuck no, 100% impossible.


^if anyone gives a shit bout capeshit anymore, I'd rec following Erik Larsen. He's been tops since this whole thing started.


there's some top tier cuckery at (((Heatstreet))) about that

https://heatst.com/culture-wars/woman-sucker-punched-by-white-nationalist-during-berkeley-clash-is-a-porn-star/ https://archive.is/szZpo

https://heatst.com/uncategorized/why-are-antifa-and-the-alt-right-doing-battle-they-agree-on-almost-everything/ https://archive.is/xeKH7

and also


https://heatst.com/life/why-cuck-is-actually-a-socially-progressive-slur-that-you-should-be-using-more-often/ https://archive.is/nuNVI



troof, but that hit in the east as well. PS1 was the last 'experimental' console era. Remember Einhander and Ergheiz? Tobol No. 2? Crimekillers? G-Police? Colony Wars? All great shit.

Jewing hit before Social Jewstice, you could even argue it was necessary to get to the next step as those experimental games were hard as fuck to code as opposed to this rubberstamping BS. If you expected these dyehairs to make something at that level, they'd fail hard

So gaming had to be dumbed down enough that they could even enter in the first place.

EA was, and always will be, an eternal cancer on vidya. Even when it comes to their good games, you read interviews by the people behind them, they hated working for EA and thought it was the worst company of all time.

Many burned out after only a few games and quit vidya forever. (why there's no more Strike or Mutant League or 007 games)

Let's not forget they actually had a nigga die of overwork Japanese businessman style because their "crunch time" was perpetual and harsh and they had the power to blacklist anyone they fired. It was like a fucking gang, once you blooded homey, you ride or you die! (there was a monstrous lawsuit that forced them to have to keep track of working hours from now on, have mandatory team breaks, and handing out backpay for all the undoc'd overtime. I think that may be somewhere from 1998 to 2002 but I can't remember specific dates, only that the stories sounded like people coming out of Malaysian chaingang prisons, at one point during the making of one expansion, the pre-dissolve C&C team had their lunchbreaks held ransom as a bonus sales goal.)

a7768b No.9778669

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



…. invisible tetris

also just watch some of those 1cc shmup vids on jewtube and Nico, jesus fucking shit no wonder those kamikazes could get through AA flak




Jack Ma may quite literally be the last one left alive. Only chink company (Alibaba) I don't hear much jewy tricks about. In fact he canceled their contract with Yahoo when he visited the US and found out how worthless the people manning it are. (and that was before Marissa (((Meyer))) starting costing them billions through sheer retardation) Smartest fucking move of his career.

Quality there is a bit scattershot, there's a little jewing in that no manufacturer/seller is ever banned but at least it'll say if this or that seller is known for defective product. "Are you ok with taking that chance? Ok then thanks for your business!" It's 3 years on and I'm still wearing the work shoes I got there, but fancy dress shirts are paper thin and basically "get what you pay for" and will just about tear if folded wrong.

There's also just a bunch of strange and interesting novelty stuff like you'd find at those old 'gag gift' stores like Spencer's…..

oh shit, hahaha I just realised the people that sell Frisbees that look like poop are called Spencer's

I wish I hadn't gotten rid of those catalogues now.


Overwatch really seems more than a parody at times, and they rode the bootypose nontroversy like pros.

Like if they planned to make an autist character, common SJ experience says this would've been Mei

Instead it's one of the ones with supermodel proportions. They are both teasing and tempting tumblr at the same time.

After a decade of cuckery I believe Blizzard might be turning back to the Shitlord side. But have learned how to pander to both due to their 'time in the swamp'

They're still faggots for DMCAing Motor Rock though, and never making another Blackthorne or Lost Vikings.`



Searching for something that is beloved enough to get remake attempts, but everyone else is too talentless to do it might be a good angle. Russian squatters keep trying to make a decent Jagged Alliance reboot, but they keep failing.

Find a spot in the industry that's semi-unique either through constant failure or from (((gaming journalism))) killing the genre. Star Sector is a decent example, it's like Elite with the controls of Pirates, and we haven't had a Pirates game at all since the 2005 reboot.

>addicting genre

>nothing in the area even similar for an entire literal generation

>marriage of two gangbusters-proven concepts on shoestring budget

As an indie you won't have that ad push to be a million seller but thanks to tiny (or none) team size, you'll feel a lot wealthier even without those 7 figures.

I'd rec picking up this marketing book called "The Long Tail," talks about how the future should be less about immediate value (AAA blockbusters that get ignored after 3 months) and more about retaining value (being able to sell at the original price for years) among other nice things.

If you look at some place like Big Time Software (now Battlefront) and the Combat Missions series, their older games remained full price and sold steadily since 2003, and only finally lowered once Win7 came out. Dedicated fanbase that advertises for you + fan loyalty > "Hot hot HOT SALES RIGHT NOW!!!!" and the 'tail' gets even longer if the game allows for modifiable content in some way.


it especially applies heavily to vidya (doubly so on Steam/GOG) and music.

I got it back when I was still a normie so I don't have the pdf but I'm sure someone has it lying around.



don't forget the other two bits related as well.

First that when it was first released she false-flagged herself on Wizardchan because not even sucking dick got her enough positive coverage so she needed to play victim.

And secondly, rereleasing a game that's been derided for disrespecting actual sufferers of depression by being totally unrealistic ON THE DAY ROBIN WILLIAMS COMMITTED SUICIDE

She's really lucky she wasn't famous before GG, really, because the level of normie hate that would've brought down would've been nuclear

e606b1 No.9778979


Gamergate is the reason normies know what SJWs are now.

9e13da No.9779075


Yeah that's something I've noticed about the big vidya companies over the last while. I don't really play many games but it seems like they've really started delivering on the false promises they were making back in 2012-1015/16

I got to play some titanfall 2 at a mates house at one point. Really good from what I experienced. GamerGate really does seem to have had a positive effect un developers.

it hasn't been fully unpozzed of course but the immense backlash has reigned it in and perhaps even changed the minds of many devs.

cc2340 No.9779189


Tittydrop 2 is great. The first clean, crisp, reactive game of what a shooter should be that I've played in years (read: that was actually made in years). I wish those devs the best, they're ex-Infinity Ward guys who worked on CoD4, which is the game that blew the franchise up. That said, EA tried to fuck them in the ass, and hard. You say GG had a positive effect on developers, and that may be true from a player-devs relation standpoint, but games (((media))) and the publishing industry corporate giants are still the same satanic monsters they've always been, if not progressively worse with anti-consumerism over time.

ea3712 No.9779756

File: 039a34b00c494a8⋯.png (110.14 KB, 292x294, 146:147, 4131973 _bb3760f10eedd752f….png)


You did nothing but gave money to women in the gaming industry because people gave money to woman in the gaming industry (and a man who wants to be a woman.).

010468 No.9779791

File: 48b59110ee4c21f⋯.jpg (50.38 KB, 333x629, 9:17, 1415138505637.jpg)


The weak should fear the strong

ea3712 No.9779807

File: 556c715c46209fd⋯.gif (1.66 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 6b6b56b8fc52a630334fc4c646….gif)



>Having cock to suck

Do people WANT to go to jail?

814a2e No.9779958


You aren't from around here.

181c98 No.9780170


took the words right out of my mouth.

dc2c12 No.9780209



da66c3 No.9780271


Well the (((media))) won't start changing until they are faced with extinction crisis

dc2c12 No.9780285

File: 89adfa536d9277b⋯.png (425.51 KB, 404x502, 202:251, ClipboardImage.png)



>Fear names. Names have power in identity. Others can use names as weapons. Names are a hook that can be used to track you across the planes. Remain nameless, and you shall be safe.

52d551 No.9780290

File: b088698c6e960cf⋯.png (409.87 KB, 687x671, 687:671, xdee.PNG)

dc2c12 No.9780308


>Slayers and Tenchi were hit pretty bad as well

explains why tenchi took so long to get new episodes

52d551 No.9780313

File: 3f2f354dc71ab9e⋯.png (387.03 KB, 516x369, 172:123, 1d6e4d275cafcbcf650213bfc8….png)

dc2c12 No.9780325


>that shitty mascot plebbit came up with

we actually made it for them because they were too inept to make their own

ce8528 No.9780410

File: 4c0446ab5d9bb0f⋯.png (286.44 KB, 264x464, 33:58, 1d6e4d275cafcbcf650213bfc8….png)


Are my eyes deceiving me? This one doesn't even look Asian, looks Croatian or Bulgarian.

ce8528 No.9780469

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You weren't there when m00t cucked himself for a Jewess. All of /pol/ rejoiced that Jews had found it of importance to try and eliminate a simple number based captioned image searching recursive reply website.

bc79f5 No.9780482

File: 0e38295e5945cb4⋯.jpg (22.07 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 0e38295e5945cb48d81358c096….jpg)


>Women stomp all over men in the East

they do that here too, every female boss i've ever had has been blundering, clumsy, inadequate. and when things didn't turn out right they always blamed the male workers under them instead of their own laziness and incompetence.

dc2c12 No.9780527


>that image

>that ignorance as to its effects

you really don't belong here, this is a christian salt miners guild

087547 No.9780571


And to think that so many dismissed GG. I was saying this at the time to the detractors but even I didn't think it would go this far.

62453e No.9780695


The normie contingent are useful, much in the same way the anti war left are useful in the US as they allow us to have a militaristic foreign policy while still maintaining the reputation of a well meaning democracy all around the world.

Fun fact, everyone does this, "the religion of peace", "its just about equality".

6f5caf No.9781232


I agree with everything you said. GG succeeded in being a red pill factory for people who otherwise wouldn't of given a shit the benefits of which would be reaped later in the Great Meme War

ef651f No.9781241

File: 749d1aac35ff6e7⋯.gif (1.14 MB, 320x179, 320:179, forthewizards.gif)

d640bf No.9781248

File: 87ce4510d1ee6ce⋯.png (778.3 KB, 1301x976, 1301:976, 1c9259ff3415eb66c4ab468b81….png)

a7768b No.9783626


technically this cycle all started when the dutch economy collapsed, so no not exactly "natural"

They and jews collab'd and built a funky modern banking system that led to the most prosperous times on the mainland, but when it collapsed in the 1710s it spawned a bunch of bitter arsehole anti-mercantilist philosophers that eventually led to the French Revolution.

Thing is the pendulum started as a leftist meme to reassure themselves during times they had no power (or lost it by being dumbasses themselves), it's entirely possible for the disbelievers to stop it.

Empires and petty tyrannies didn't have a "sell by" date before then. Could last 10 years, could last 400. All on the quality of the birthright.

Only reason the right also started using it was because in europe Weimar seemed hopeless and endless (who would give up such safe and easily accessible hedonism willingly?), and in the US Dems appeared to be setting out to construct an emperor for life.



technically you could, once you had enough people in place.. It's what Rothschild did after all. The 'speculative' side of brokering could be considered "meming" since everyone is depending on everyone else's opinion that x won't flop and y will rise. So it's like wiki sourcing. If you have enough (((Krugmans))) willing to play along, you could falsely meme a stock sky-high and it will hold just enough for you to increase profits 4-5 times, then drop out and send it back to its actual value. Heck, that was basically what the whole dotcom bubble was, as soon as VCs figured out things could be replicated with Ctrl+C and a CD burner, lots of things like Friendster (lol who even remembers that shit) fell apart immediately. even FB took a hit, people realised it was worth only like 400 mill and not 10bills, they actually survived only by bilking grannies like a casino (those shitty FB games, in case you wondered why they never got rid of'em. Cuckerberg basically owes Zynga a wookiee life-debt. Unfortunately this proved to actual vidya companies this whole microtrans thing would work out in spite of the loud hatedom it had.)

4bc24f No.9786149

File: 0effc8793a3b5bd⋯.jpg (403.39 KB, 839x1280, 839:1280, riding crop.jpg)



GamerGate got me onto 8ch, and visiting 8/pol/ (although I'd already been going to 4/pol/ for a while).

Don't underestimate the countless masses of degenerate weebs and sports fans with too much time on their hands who don't care for Jews or feminists!

9cca35 No.9786527

de0cbe No.9786682

169059 No.9786719

File: ca42b77d57f4d37⋯.jpg (66.35 KB, 788x574, 394:287, GO HOME GAMER GIRL.jpg)

9e13da No.9786768


"Actual" games are somewhat different from the more casual games no? One style of game has you advancing a narrative or just playing a complex action game for maybe 30-60 minutes while the other model is more of a maintenance system where single mothers come in every hour to click on stuff for 10 minutes.

3f0a6d No.9787199


>giving the negress a 5


3f0a6d No.9787369


>mean only muslims actually attack feminists for being feminists

But that means they still pay attention to them. To women is more hurtful to be ignored into oblivion than being beaten and raped by hamid and achmed

e52466 No.9787400


>single mothers

Cat ladies. Those "games" fulfill an instinct that single mothers already have fulfilled.

3f0a6d No.9787607

File: 2ea49052d93284a⋯.png (134.02 KB, 750x555, 50:37, Your tears say more than r….png)


>Now The Simpsons is making fun of them.

Old Simpsons already mocked them anon. The episode is called Homer Badman

3f0a6d No.9787623


Yep, the Japanese women still don't get it.They demand a rich and assertive man, but because of the bubble, they don't want to marry below of what they expected. A lot of men just can't make it and that's why they become herbivore.

3f0a6d No.9787631


>love hina

>cucktaro kikeshima

dc8ccb No.9787672


Granted Uther did look like a dwarf in WC3 All the paladins did well except Arthas.

000000 No.9787775


checkd and kekd

modern simpsons generally blows but it still has its moments like when they did that "The Diversity Kittens on Meltingpot Mountain" thing where a jewish cat tried to make yarn marry dental floss and then they were shoved into the tunnel of tolerance.

so there's definitely some redpilled writers on the simpsons.

e1196b No.9788276

File: 949f09a8e8fe0bf⋯.gif (400.78 KB, 500x364, 125:91, slap.gif)

File: f9427b6839894df⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 420x206, 210:103, bond-girl.gif)

File: c94ea46b4794983⋯.gif (429.35 KB, 267x199, 267:199, Good then brother i read s….gif)

File: 3a8f7cf39b20011⋯.gif (2.14 MB, 310x211, 310:211, 1256735014_jayzsmackslady.gif)



Make Domestic Violence Great Again

When the (((law))) made it illegal for men to check their wives by slapping or beating the fuck out of their womyn, these bitches were able to speak freely without repercussions. As long as womyn don't fear physical discipline from men, society will continue to become more degenerate.

Society needs to get back to the values that made America great, like keeping womyn physically disciplined from stepping out of line. Unfortunately, the kikes fucked it up.

A husband had no legal repercussion when he smacked his wife to keep his bitch in line. The womyn in social sciences would quickly shut the fuck up.

2e7454 No.9788814

>>9764266 (checked)

Pretty much me tbh.

386943 No.9789232

File: 91857c56d5e9def⋯.mp4 (2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, White girl finally snaps a….mp4)


I have been redpilled for close to five years and it still hasn't gotten better… it's actually gotten worse. I have become even more isolated from people around and all I do in free time is read far right sources and try to think of a way out of this ever deeper growing hole.

/pol/ has made me a miserable person but given the choice to go back to being a blue pilled faggot I would never take it, I am here for the long haul. It's do or die anon, it won't get better until all our enemies are dead.

386943 No.9789704

File: 33cfd9415307b8f⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1134x1603, 162:229, b836b5914a1bfbc2a6b90cceb8….png)


that's why I think waifu bots are inevitable, if men can't find perfection in a woman then the more intelligent among them will create that woman.

i agree with /pol/ 100% that we need to save the white race but if we could replace all women with eternally loving and loyal machines with built in artificial wombs and combine that with genetic engineering and eugenics I would be all for that. White women have proven to be be worse traitors than the Jews so while they are currently necessary for the survival of the race I have no qualms about replacing them once the tech is available.

31ce09 No.9789717


>When the (((law))) made it illegal for men to check their wives by slapping or beating the fuck out of their womyn, these bitches were able to speak freely without repercussions. As long as womyn don't fear physical discipline from men, society will continue to become more degenerate.

You are way behind the curve, kid.

Slapping and physical control went out the window back in the 60s and 70s.

Today it is illegal for a husband to even control his wife's spending of HIS money.

She has the legal right to spend the family into massive debt and poverty, and if the husband takes steps to rein in her madness he is guilty of "economic domestic violence."

I shit you not.


a8d421 No.9789726

File: 6c0cc8da0dc628e⋯.png (266.21 KB, 1799x927, 1799:927, to do list.png)


Don't forget all the other stupid classifications out there.

1505cd No.9789739


Fuck off shill

We are not fucking niggers

683bac No.9789740

>Users on the online message board 4chan threatened to leak Emma Watson’s nude photographs in retaliation for her speech.

Didnt this turn out to be some hoax by a leftist group trying to get attention? They had a timer counting down and everything.

31ce09 No.9789756

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


But you know, these accusations only happen to guys who are beta losers.

You just have to "alpha up", "own the pussy" and don't have any "beta moments" and she will -by magic- decline to use any of the special powers granted her by the state.

You just have to believe.

Video related, this guy had a "beta moment" and didn't properly "own the pussy", instead of staying in the home and doing alpha stuff, he walked outside to end the confrontation.

At which point, his girlfriend called the cops and told them that he was armed and dangerous.

Cops (enforcement wing of feminism) came and shot him dead.

d8b10a No.9789757

File: b3e5faf10da2012⋯.jpg (81.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, anita testifying at the un….jpg)


Yes, I too remember that horrid day when tens of thousands women game players and developers were violently physically assaulted through the Internet on Twitter and then dragged from their homes through the Internet Twitter tube hole system, screaming and bloodied, only to be forcibly beaten and raped, again and again, for the crime of involving themselves with video games.

a8d421 No.9789761


yep, /tech/ and /g/ found out the thing was hosted by Rantic, which is a fucking social media likebot-selling company nowadays. I think back then they called themselves a media company and were owned by a parent company called FoxMedia.

The big clover plastered all over the page was such a blatant tip off that is was a false flag it's insane.

386943 No.9789775

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


you don't need to beat the hell out of a woman to discipline her but when words fail you have to use force, a simple slap is more than enough, older generations understood this. That's how all order is enforced, with violence, and when a woman goes crazy (as they tend to do from time to time) you have to find a way to control her or else they lose respect for you and start behaving even worse.

d8b10a No.9789788

File: 88badd23fed5cde⋯.jpg (91.46 KB, 625x417, 625:417, 50 shades of rape.jpg)


Yup, they all deeply want the shit kicked out of them. Hence, their liberation is only the worst sort of hell for them.

Disgusting creatures. That's why I'm gay.

683bac No.9789920


>Video related, this guy had a "beta moment" and didn't properly "own the pussy", instead of staying in the home and doing alpha stuff, he walked outside to end the confrontation.

>At which point, his girlfriend called the cops and told them that he was armed and dangerous.


>Banks said responding officers knew before the shooting that Sherrill had said he was suicidal as recently as Thanksgiving Day and that he had told officers in a domestic violence call last year that he wanted to be shot by police.

>Sherrill’s criminal history goes back to 1995 and includes domestic violence, property crimes and failure to appear, Banks said during the news conference.

Unless there's another guy being shot with a brake pad in Albuquerque it sounds like there was a lot more going on than just a "beta moment".

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