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File: 4528f91ae4a0293⋯.png (537.23 KB, 629x627, 629:627, charges.PNG)

32fedc No.9760079

Stiles pressing charges against bike lock antifag

So it looks like this will actually go somewhere now; how can we ensure that the the antifa-faggot is going to jail for a long time?

c01fbf No.9760138


We did it reddit!

ff1c81 No.9760173


California law

>PC 245(a)(1) reads: "Any person who commits an assault upon the person of another with a deadly weapon or instrument other than a firearm shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for two, three, or four years, or in a county jail for not exceeding one year, or by a fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000), or by both the fine and imprisonment."

>Penal Code 245(a)(1) assault with a deadly weapon is what is known as a “wobbler” in California law. This means that it may be charged and punished as either a California misdemeanor or a California felony, depending on the circumstances of the case.3

Even a shit retard with a BAR degree can get a felony conviction out of this specific case. Hitting someone in the head with a metal weapon, the victim sustained injuries, premeditate actions are crystal clear.

Felony conviction: loss the right to vote, lose the right to carry arms. Become a third class citizen overnight.

California has a 3 strike law, conviction by a 2nd strike will be 12-18 years in jail, third strike is usually life in prison.

472b4d No.9760195


Here's your (you). Now enjoy your ban.

4e2f84 No.9760198

File: f8ca135767a2d9b⋯.jpg (138.96 KB, 592x514, 296:257, Freikorps1.jpg)

Nice, any other proofs?

c01fbf No.9760204


On top of this, he's gonna get properly fucked in the Cali penal system. Feminist professor goes to prison is a series I'd watch.

609b4b No.9760223


Does violence at a protest carry any additional weight? I remember during the Trump rallies that some antifaggots were threatened with felony charges because the secret service was present

ca5e03 No.9760229

Halfchan is now deleting all bike lock threads.

af3003 No.9760254


>Going to halfchan at all

07ca17 No.9760300


>It is a federal offense, punishable by up to 10 years in prison to protest anywhere the Secret Service might be guarding someone.

000000 No.9760339


>assault with a deadly weapon

Complete jewrisdiction pleb here, but wouldn't this qualify for attempted murder?

Always considered "assault with deadly weapon" something like stabbing someone in the arm or shooting someone in the leg. IE, weapon is deadly, but usage was (whether intended or due to bad aim) clearly non-lethal.

Aiming for and hitting someone over the head with a heavy metal object is very clearly lethal usage… that just happened to fail by sheer luck. In other words, attempted murder.

32fedc No.9760350

File: ff9319b2b07c200⋯.jpg (101.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Trump supporter smashed in….jpg)


Whatever, as long as we have all evidence and material/archives :)

Twittersphere mostly think /pol/ is halfchan only, which is great. They will become even more of a containment board, + probably an influx of non-shills who will get their first redpills there after so much winning…

I'll try to read up on what is the plan so far.

There is a huge /pol/ (even full) presence on Twitter and the combination of /pol/ and Twitter for these ops have been dynamite; twitter-people destroyed Moldylocks completely, and now everyone knows about bike-lock guy which would also go mostly unnoticed if it was contained on chans…

32fedc No.9760360

File: d3a768d928fb082⋯.png (145.43 KB, 614x552, 307:276, c29737cf08e3124f86e58ebb97….png)


Saved this from another thread, but no lawfag….

65a78c No.9760368


>what is known as a “wobbler” in California law. This means that it may be charged and punished as either a California misdemeanor

I don't like the sound of that. If this cocksucker gets off light I'll be pissed.

2a1295 No.9760389

File: 1add9d8974e2049⋯.webm (274.31 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, BASED.webm)


c3ab84 No.9760399

File: 88d3e393d7c9c01⋯.png (1.01 MB, 884x517, 884:517, mummys house.png)

7eaa6d No.9760411

He'll still get off. The Jews used to the same to Dr. Pierce/National alliance protests. Especially. in the area, he'll get off with a minor fine, won't lose job.

cc2e1e No.9760415


That's a fucked up law. Limits us as well as them. Such a blatant example of the elite working to protect themselves against, what? Us? What are they so scared of?

01f190 No.9760416


EVERY. FUCKING. TIME. fuck these people. if they hate their privileged lives so much, I'll gladly switch. you give me that beautiful modern home and your cushy office job with no labor involved with all those nice benefits, and I'll give you the shit I live with every day.

32fedc No.9760418

File: 6f43aa005d28e97⋯.jpg (92.41 KB, 677x605, 677:605, C9hPiDuV0AAk2sz.jpg)


Then we really need RW Justice Squads…

55fd6e No.9760427

No shit he should press charges, I am just surprised they manage to find out who did it.

472b4d No.9760436


Never doubt weaponized autism.

28a704 No.9760441


You could house a dozen NEETs in a location like that, run a mean counter-insurgency op with a nice yard for people to go meditate in.

If we had even a tenth of the resources these faggots get for cucking to the establishment, you'd see some serious shit.

472b4d No.9760451

a3ca86 No.9760479


Water is wet.

c3ab84 No.9760506

File: 06f3ffcc535ca4e⋯.png (935.83 KB, 885x582, 295:194, home sweet home.png)



his parents house anon, he lives in ur typical commie shithole. Still…. parents rich.

472b4d No.9760516


I just picture his parents being smug rich folk that refuse to be his crutch. Probably nice folks.

55fd6e No.9760526



What do you expect, he works at Berkley and probably has 6 fig loans.

01f190 No.9760549


this. actually, why don't we do some shit like this? I mean you see gaming clans do this sort of shit. they just pool money and get a mansion and operate from there. only difference is we would be doing this stuff instead of playing vidya, well I mean we'd be playing vidya as well. I propose a structure as follows

1 eceleb anon to disperse info gathered by the

3 diggers, protected by

1 enforcer

with five people kicking in money you could get a decent place I think. built in support group, retained broken organization amongst houses, power groups all over america.

c3ab84 No.9760551

File: 1ab8536dcfd33e9⋯.png (85.89 KB, 140x241, 140:241, test.png)


I just noticed on my OC.

Fucking US flag in parents front garden, maybe they should be told their son hates america.

351c9f No.9760559


funny how his "pee stain" is the exact shape a shadow of his hand would be

ff1c81 No.9760564

File: 76ffc01f9491546⋯.png (486.98 KB, 722x6464, 361:3232, Urban Law 101.png)


Yes anon, some states have laws specifically stating that targeting someone over their political opinion can be a hate crime, often called bias motivated crimes. These anti-hate/discrimination laws were extended to encompass minorities, lgtbt, etc etc at a later time. It is rare to see someone be convicted for politically motivated hate crime.

For example, the Nigger chimps we saw attacking whites, the carjacking and the disabled boy tortured by chicago chimps did not get the political hate crime charge, even though they said things like fuck trump, fuck trump voters etc etc.

These laws are mostly used against whites, niggers, Jews and other cancer usually get away with their bias crimes.


Depends on your State anon. In some it would be classed as attempted murder, or second degree murder. Specifically conservative States favor throwing the book at this kind of behavior.

Yes indeed, he swung for the head with a heavy metal object. Intent is proven. Like i said even idiots with a BAR degree could make this a felony. You'd really have a shit judge or terribad jury to not get it through. People have died from a simple fist blow to the head/temple. The brain, in physical conflict is the most vulnerable.


Welcome to the justice system, he's white, but he's a leftist so they are going to try hard to bump it down to a misdemeanor. I doubt he's not going to get felonied though.

Remember, most none Jew lawyers are massively red pilled about the current world. They know the ingrained bias agianst whites is there. The laywers who aren't Jewed with greed and value their morals usually quit after finding a way to.

posted image is a great read

aacf30 No.9760571

File: 995ba0e8405e589⋯.png (302.61 KB, 492x492, 1:1, 1460075957971.png)


>tfw no three car garage with a lift

01f190 No.9760582


anon, >>9760549

we could have a lift. I too, need a lift in my garage.

7eaa6d No.9760586


> most none Jew lawyers are massively red pilled

This is delusion, and in any event has nothing to do with "lawyers," it will be the DA taking orders from the mayor. Even if they get a felony charge, in that area he'll draw a nigger/spic judge and just request bench trial. This will be memory-holed in a few weeks and no one will even recall it when it goes down.

32fedc No.9760587

File: 30f67a4e42a058d⋯.jpg (93.03 KB, 1439x796, 1439:796, IIzlFWua.jpg)


I don't know what it is, but it is laughed at by antifa…

Btw; a video from Jack Posobiec…


f6d04b No.9760590


>There is a huge /pol/ (even full) presence on Twitter

100% who do you think gave these pundits the story? it wasnt halfchan

49c2d0 No.9760593

File: c297acda7204c24⋯.jpg (148.53 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, antifahitlersortyourselfou….jpg)


Good catch. Looks like a little wishful thinking on the part of antifa.

d0b250 No.9760599

File: 4ad2daa746be61b⋯.png (281.72 KB, 625x350, 25:14, ClipboardImage.png)


>If this cocksucker gets off light I'll be pissed.

879cc6 No.9760601

Do not stop spreading the word until we have PROOF of charges

Keep digging until we have PROOF of an arrest.

They may try disinformation to get the pressure taken off.

>he in jail now nothing to see here now move along

f358d0 No.9760603

ff1c81 No.9760604


I'm not talking about privileged scum with connection to land their little leftist dream jobs. Public prosecutors are cancer and have fully been co-opted into the leftist spectrum. It's rare in this day and age to see them hire someone out of law school who they don't know their political orientation.

Most lawyers today can't even find work anymore let alone start their own practice.

01f190 No.9760605


that's a hand shadow, look how the line cleanly follows onto his shirt and the glow around the edge from the sun. goddamn antifa are fucking dumb.

9d122d No.9760613


Pissing yourself from a serious concussion is nothing to laugh about, but we can laugh when they piss themselves when they're put against a wall

32fedc No.9760625

File: b283ef31c030b1f⋯.jpg (42.63 KB, 475x491, 475:491, undercut-hairstyle-how-to-….jpg)




People should really have a twitter-account to compliment their activities here.

>tfw well over 15k followers and I see my account linked to here now and then….

879cc6 No.9760630


Maybe but who cares tbh fam. If i got a bolt to the brain i might also loose control of my body functions.

Mocking victims is the best they can come up with

01f190 No.9760631



that's the shadow from his hand, quite clearly anon.

6dfd33 No.9760639


Looks like locking him up will do him a favor.

TBH I'd want to mash somebodies head with a padlock if that was my life too.

f6d04b No.9760643


Let me just tell you I personally dropped this story off and I wanted zero credit. They even asked me to do a video message about it and I refused Kek my response was /pol/ is a hive mind

28a704 No.9760649

File: db2330fe8fafe8f⋯.png (970.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, The_Black_Knights.png)


Gaming houses crop up because of esports and sponsorships. For a counter-cultural insurgency operation, there is no return on the investment. Even if you have high level NEETs deploying their knowledge of the 2D ideals to prop up an idol reaching a large audience, the establishment will demonetize what would otherwise be profitable exposure.

It is entirely dependent on financing from independent wealth seeking no return for the capital invested. This introduces all sorts of issues with gathering together participants (while avoiding infiltrators) and moving the funding. It will essentially take some fuck like Kim Dotcom declaring open submissions for an anti-establishment organization with 10000$ to the first 100 members.

472b4d No.9760655


If only we had a few anons with some serious income funding something like this. Almost like the anti-Soros.

d1a20c No.9760659


They delete anything that would upset liberals.

f6d04b No.9760664

Anons can we 100% confirm somefag has contacted Stiles via FB and that he is pressing charges? Keep pushing until I see screens that somefag has went to faceberg and talked to this dude

70af77 No.9760669


No shit, antifa type faggots have run 4chan for years. Even the luggage lad was never one of us. Remember that /pol/ was created by moot explicitly as an attempt to contain us.

f6d04b No.9760670

>>9760655 (checked)

Mo' money mo' problems anon. I get your point but fuck the paper trail

9d122d No.9760681


Oh wow. I see it now. These people are fucking retarded.

7eaa6d No.9760682

File: e72945d4069eb84⋯.png (175.95 KB, 497x594, 497:594, CDATPC.png)


>Mo' money mo' problems

Hey, who's your favorite rapper homey?

28a704 No.9760694



That's the thing, anyone that would fund or participate in such an operation would have to give up anonymity. OPSEC goes out the window the minute you try to do something in the real world, and honest presentation is an important part of establishing trust for those who would exalt the virtues of a high trust culture. The TRS hilarity is a good example of that.

32fedc No.9760699

File: f1206eae15f5f5e⋯.jpg (41.5 KB, 416x416, 1:1, zQWnvDdK.jpg)


Yes, I agree on that take, but the point is that the evil bastards in antifa think this is him peeing himself from the head damage, which would indicate serious injury…


Nice work twitter-anon :) Maybe you follow me, or the other way around, or both. I'm not doing it for credit either, but we sure had a HUGE role in blowing Moldylocks the fuck out!

I have dedicated the last few days on trashing antifa, and it works…

Normies are calling for cracking his skull open.

70af77 No.9760701

File: f7c7a6afee489fc⋯.jpg (134.84 KB, 460x730, 46:73, rapmusic.jpg)

472b4d No.9760707


Makes sense. Fucking blows that we don't have a good way to do something like that without giving up OPSEC.

13e263 No.9760720



>everywhere except the dick area

These people are literal retards

aacf30 No.9760731

File: b18c1ac5fa5522c⋯.gif (300.81 KB, 400x230, 40:23, moe money.gif)


Yui and Ui.

a020e4 No.9760743

I am amazed at how much of a subhuman coward do you have to be to take a fucking bike lock into a fist fight.

f76b17 No.9760779

File: 389c5f4405c91ef⋯.png (640.95 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_3820.PNG)



I don't know what darktriadman is, but they are saying Clanton is arrested.

32fedc No.9760782


Yep, it's stupid as fuck, but the point is (and I should have pointed it out) that antifa is sharing this and laughing about it (too stupid to realize).

This just shows what kind of people they are… The guy dindu nuffin and one of theirs beat him

in the head with an improvised hammer. This photo would indicate serious injury, and they laugh about it. DOTR can't come soon enough.


Do you know if the charges are 100% confirmed? Only source so far is Posobiec afaik..? His DM is open :\

01f190 No.9760790


cant tell if darktriadman gets their info from us, or if they are feeding info to us. this would determine if i believe that he's been arrested.

28a704 No.9760793


I think there are plenty of us who don't really care about OPSEC. The path I'm moving down already will lead to my exposure if I become successful. The real stumbling block is that there don't really seem to be any rogue nobles looking to sink money into reversing the curse of modernity. At the least, the investment capable individuals do care about OPSEC.

That leaves the other option of opening a bitcoin wallet and advertising "NEET Ahnenerbe in need of donations."

deb6ee No.9760796


It's probably a civil suit, the police won't do shit

f76b17 No.9760797


Doesn't look terribly legit, but I wanted to put it out. Looks like it's updated live but I'm assuming we will know as soon as they do.

f76b17 No.9760808


I prefer to remain anonymous, but if my identity is ever exposed as an ebil nadzee, I'll embrace it. It doesn't matter that much nor would it change how I feel/who I am.

c3ab84 No.9760812

File: bed8783351949ae⋯.jpg (16.28 KB, 198x254, 99:127, images.jpg)


n-nothing to see here goys.

5d384f No.9760837


If he was hit so hard as to have a seizure, he would pass himself regardless. It's one of the symptoms. Good proof by which to claim brain damage.

deb6ee No.9760838


fuck off retard

Where does Clanton live? Lot's of jail have online rosters.

5d384f No.9760840




32fedc No.9760854




Judging by what he writes he's a "low level" source.

A while ago the site contained our amazon-order of bike-locks as "proof" he had ordered weapons (?). Taken from twitter-pol, which was capped from here…

9c6075 No.9760862

File: 5e6c6d090d3f65c⋯.jpg (227.08 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Palmer Luckey.jpg)

File: c0d635ba1490937⋯.jpg (248.2 KB, 1225x1035, 245:207, Notch3.jpg)

File: a1a7ebc6cd69e41⋯.png (605.49 KB, 606x606, 1:1, Felix.png)


What I don't understand is that we actually do have extremely rich anons. However Notch is a bit of a depressed faggot.

Our biggest problem is that we can't organize because we work best as a chaotic storm.

4e2489 No.9760863

File: 1052be2d088e5fd⋯.jpg (46.25 KB, 720x234, 40:13, Screenshot_2017-04-20-14-0….jpg)

Jack is /ourguy/

4e2489 No.9760871

Somefag get on faceberg now and reach stiles goddamnit and make this happen charges need filed NOW

01f190 No.9760872


I think that's the main thing really. though I know I'd work better if my life wasn't so fucked. though deporting all the mexicans would go a long way to fixing that.

9c6075 No.9760883

File: 94a8ff2b43f5570⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 2496x3329, 2496:3329, Neil_Gorsuch_10th_Circuit.jpg)


At least we'll completely take the supreme court soon after Ginsburg dies or retires.

28a704 No.9760896


Not really; chaotic storms never worked for /tg/ projects. It was always the ones with a few dedicated and organized people that bore fruit. Chaotic storms are never going to produce a breakaway culture to combat the false cultures of the world. The biggest problem is that we are a chaotic storm, because that makes recruiting individuals extremely difficult. How would a madman even recruit 20 "anons" without being exposed to those that infiltrate this place?

863281 No.9760899


>pol intelligence manages to identify masked man.

>antifa intelligence cant even identify a shadow.

really makes me think

22e971 No.9760901


Also the niggers that he loves so much will rape him every day in prison, hilarious. His whole worldview will shatter as will his shitter.

9c6075 No.9760915


The biggest problem here is leftist/Jew infiltrators.

/pol/ has only been successful because you can't infiltrate and co-opt pure chaos, the only reason why we're allowed to exist is because we can't be destroyed.

ff1c81 No.9760932


They've certainly tried over the years, sometimes they even drown us out with their raids or paid campaigns.

eb6194 No.9760935


Didn't an antifag get murdered by the fresno kang? Their luck really is shit.

4e2489 No.9760936


9c6075 No.9760955

File: 490a05e91483c8e⋯.gif (574.9 KB, 404x493, 404:493, Kek Meme magic animated.gif)


The best thing that any rich anon could do is fund superior decentralized imageboard software so that we can finally get out from the yoke of mods. Make it decentralized, with a moderator subscription system so that abusive mods can be dropped by users, and automatic language translation.

Embrace the chaos, don't try to form a traditional organization.

472b4d No.9760968


True chaos would be no mods at all

70af77 No.9760974


Doesn't work, look at usenet.

472b4d No.9760980


Not saying we should do it, just saying that'd be chaos.

9c6075 No.9760988

File: 7c9c196065009d0⋯.png (589.21 KB, 1166x593, 1166:593, Praise kek3.png)


And we're still here and getting stronger. If we're going to organize we need to increase the complexity of our chaos.

For example find ways of applying the hurt box to traditional projects, don't try to turn us into a traditional organization. We'd be crushed.


/tg/ didn't have to deal with legions of Billionaire funded saboteurs.

32fedc No.9760994

File: bac0918fe19cf8b⋯.jpg (53.25 KB, 414x490, 207:245, WalendyA-krema3.jpg)


I have confirmation from Jack Posobiec that he has been told that he will be pressing charges. I don't think he would be tweeting it if it was not true either, not a story like this. No first hand source though…

Contact Stiles yourself?

70af77 No.9760996


I honestly think subscription moderation like >>9760955 mentions is the answer. With such a system you could even unsubscribe from all moderation and experience no mods at all.

6f9348 No.9760997

File: 0493e3ae9d51502⋯.gif (2.05 MB, 555x604, 555:604, a2814b61f97d4d6efd9021fd8b….gif)

>>9760988 (heil'd)

e26adc No.9761000


28a704 No.9761002


Forming a traditional organization is the only hope for the future. People can not live on chaos. The next step is creating a breakaway culture in the world itself. A culture war cannot be won by withdrawing further and further into individual obscurity. The truth is meaningless in the hands of one person.

9c6075 No.9761006


You need mods to delete CP and spam but they need to be completely subservient to the users on an individual basis.

Treat them like the janitors that they are.

9c6075 No.9761018


We'll never be able to form traditional organizations that could match Soros and his ilk. How do you think that we've gotten as far as we have? If we form an organization it will just be TRS 2.0 electric boogaloo.

And anons can live just fine in chaos.

ff1c81 No.9761032


Stiles might not be allowed to talk about the case by his lawyer, he could confirm his intent to press charges though. Also police usually take a few days to arrest and book some assault case. If i were him, i'd be resting from the headache and concussion.


Yup you need someone, or perhaps something AI? to clean up the cancer. This board sees allot of shit posts every day, during raids it really gets worse. 4chan after the exodus really devolved into 1 sentence shitposting OP's, never mind all the porn and other shitposts. Once you see a image board get popular elsewhere, the user base moves in between boards and shitpost up our area.


Subscription moderation means he who spends to most wins the argument. That's not going to work. Even with the current 'supposedly' free working mods there is allot of clashing with the mods all ready present. Also /polmeta/ isn't really maintained well.

70af77 No.9761038


What we really need to break into mainstream domination is older men supporting us as well. Family men who are involved in their communities. If we want to have an impact we can't just be a bunch of 20-something guys. Men in their 30s and 40s suitable for public office and administration are required. I know some of you are what I'm describing, but we need lots of such men organizing in public. Street brawls with antifa are good at this stage, but eventually we need to focus on taking over school districts, local governments, etc.

But not on /pol/. /pol/ should remain /pol/. A think tank and intelligence agency for a larger more mature movement.

70af77 No.9761056


>Subscription moderation means he who spends to most wins the argument.

No, that's not what is meant by "subscription moderation".

Subscription moderation means that everybody can moderate, but users only see the effects of your moderation actions if they choose to use your moderation stream.

c01fbf No.9761060



9c6075 No.9761078


>Subscription moderation means he who spends to most wins the argument.


70af77 No.9761079


"AI", e.g. bayesian filters, work great for filtering spam. However they cannot cope with ironic and post-ironic content. Hell, many real anons have trouble recognizing irony and sarcasm, so an AI that could do it reliably would be an incredible feat.

28a704 No.9761088


>How do you think that we've gotten as far as we have?

We haven't gotten anywhere. We haven't even managed to catch up to our predecessors such as GLR. Having information, knowing the truth; those are pointless if you can't rally the spirit of the folk.

>If we form an organization it will just be TRS 2.0 electric boogaloo.

The entire point of TRS is that it was run by kikes from the start. Are you a kike? No? Then you can be part of an organization without any problems.

>And anons can live just fine in chaos

No we can't, chaos doesn't put bread on the table. Beyond which, chaos certainly does nothing for our folk.


>men who are involved in their communities

The only way to reach this demographic is to become involved in the community. That is why actual organizations are needed.

Hitler didn't form the Third Reich from chaos, he gathered together various nationalist groups, veteran organizations, and occult societies.

472b4d No.9761089


It sounds to me like he thinks it'd be a paid subscription type of system.

70af77 No.9761098


He's confused about what subscription moderation proposes. In a pure subscription moderation system, all moderation streams are treated by the system equally. Each individual user chooses which moderation stream they want to use, none are privileged above the others. It's not democratic moderation, so it's not vulnerable to goons flooding the site to drown out real anons.

551ca5 No.9761099


Why do you lie? Just went and checked and there are threads on this.

e.g.: http:// boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/122020553





Don't believe a random lie just because it fits your world view.

70af77 No.9761113


Just how new are you? Why the hell do you think we're all on 8chan? 4chan's moderation has been compromised for years.

db7818 No.9761126


It will only be a blow to antifa if the guy gets a fitting sentence for his crime.

If he walks out of court with a slap on the wrist, he will be the hero who fought the system for his beliefs and won.

9c6075 No.9761139


>We haven't gotten anywhere. We haven't even managed to catch up to our predecessors such as GLR. Having information, knowing the truth; those are pointless if you can't rally the spirit of the folk.

We're surpassed GLR and the National Alliance by leaps and bounds. I mean for fucks sake we have literal /ourguys/ in the White House like Michael Anton.

The only movement that we're secondary to is Hitler himself.

9c6075 No.9761155


>The entire point of TRS is that it was run by kikes from the start. Are you a kike? No? Then you can be part of an organization without any problems.

How do I know that the new organization won't be run by Jews from the start?

What prevents Jews from infiltrating even if they don't run it at the beginning?

64f1c4 No.9761162

So, I see this resulting in a few different possibilities

>1) Antifa gets cold feet. Knowing they can be tracked down and held responsible for their action lowers turnout, meaning fewer commies getting their teeth kicked in

>2) Antifa gets more desperate and starts attacking anyone with a camera. Assaults rise sharply and

>3) Antifa changes their tactics. Perhaps more face obscuring clothing, less dangerous weapons, but more obnoxious ones like more pepper spray, stinkbombs, and other irritants.

>4) They see U-Lockfag as a martyr and start showing up at rallies with u-locks in hopes that they can injure more people without being able to assign blame.

551ca5 No.9761165


The statement was:

>Halfchan is now deleting all bike lock threads.

This is not true. There are multiple thread on this topic, the one I linked is older than the post claiming the threads are being deleted for added bonus.

Just how retarded are you that you can't understand this?

Just because you don't like something doesn't mean that all lies about it turn into truth.

13e263 No.9761177


The problem of TRS wasn't that they were organized, their problem was being ran by kikes, trannies and ex-lolbergtardians pretending to be edgy nazis to milk shekels out of gullible retards. The entire thing was a fucking charade, they even called each other "goy" unironically which is beyond evil.

70af77 No.9761188


The continued existence of u-lock threads on 4/pol/ doesn't disprove the claim that they're deleting u-lock threads on 4/pol/. Anybody familiar with 4/pol/ censorship knows that it's always incompetently done. We all saw it during GG. GG threads were being deleted, and constantly recreated. Their mods aren't competent enough to completely stop discussions, they only retard them.

28a704 No.9761191


>so it's not vulnerable to goons flooding the site to drown out real anons.

>goon leader sets up a mod account

>goon swarm follows that account instead of /pol/ type mods

>more goons swarm the site, normies swarm the site by being linked to the controlled mod streams

>an anti-/pol/ sentiment is established in this larger community

>suddenly site is a fusion of reddit with a /pol/ userbase off in the fringes

I don't think open range, subscription moderation is anywhere near the silver bullet. It is good for ensuring that anons can't be censored, but that is it.


How can jews run the organization if its leaders don't hide their identities?

ff1c81 No.9761210




I misunderstood.

70af77 No.9761223


The problem of TRS was multi-faceted. All that you mention was indeed their problem. But they were also too young and not involved with their communities. Their target demo was obviously young internet denizens, similar to the demographics of /pol/ (but a lot less intelligent).

Any political movement consisting of only youths won't go anywhere.


If goons set up their own moderation streams, you simply don't subscribe to those goon moderation streams. If goons decide to use the site, then you subscribe to moderation streams that filter goons. A subscription moderation system is not democratic. There is no mob tyranny in the proposed system.

9c6075 No.9761224


Well then we need to think about the specifics of what stats are available or not when viewing what mods to subscribe to.

321711 No.9761228


I'm going to go with option 2. Tim pool was as liberal as they come, and they started calling him an informant when he was covering the chimpouts in Ferguson. They'll eat themselves alive trying to put a stop to this.

7a3708 No.9761231

Clanton should be called the antifa adjunct.

I doubt he makes minimum wage.

So poz. So POS..

ff1c81 No.9761235

File: cf52a9f5071b2e4⋯.jpg (702.91 KB, 931x2446, 931:2446, 4-chan Janitorial Logs.jpg)


Oh wow, they didn't delete 1 thread.

We've seen enough cancer in that place.

13e263 No.9761262


>too young

I'm pretty sure both Kike Enoch and Sven are in their 40s.

28a704 No.9761267


It's not that enemies would be able to interfere within /pol/, although I'm pretty sure they'll find ways, it's that they will control the public facing side of the system through their numbers. Reddit 2.0 except that the fringe subreddits can't be censored.

70af77 No.9761303


In theory goons could make /leftypol/ the largest board on 8ch, but in practice I don't see this being a problem.

0c4859 No.9761331


fuck off

b80250 No.9761332


>If he walks out of court with a slap on the wrist, he will be the hero who fought the system for his beliefs and won.

So hopefully someone will be outside the court to exact restorative justice of their own volition

70af77 No.9761361


I don't know how old their leadership was, but from what I saw of their followers their target demo was mostly college age. As it stands the "alt-right" whatever that is. And yes, /pol/ isn't alt-right, I know. is too young to have a meaningful lasting impact on politics. Maybe we'll be in a better position in 10 years when all these people are older.

551ca5 No.9761367


The continued existence of u-lock threads on 4/pol/ disproves the claim that they're deleting

>all bike lock threads.

Anybody familiar with reading would have been able to figure that out.

You should put more effort into reading instead of trying so hard to prove that you have been here all summer.


You are making progress.

http:// boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/122011442

http:// boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/122022553

Here two related ones (they are complete shit though)

It's a bit tough how people have such a hard time understanding that you can be against a lie without loving the thing that is being lied about.

28a704 No.9761379


It's not a problem for an insular endeavor, but being drowned out is a problem if you are trying to re-educate the folk and give them a culture with higher standards to adhere to. /pol/ is fine for what it is, but nothing is going to be changed by its existence.

70af77 No.9761382


Are they still doxing in those u-lock threads, or just shitposting? That has traditionally been the line 4/pol/ mods draw. They allow threads unless those threads are actually making any progress.

f8b16a No.9761405

File: b53fab0983cf9fd⋯.jpg (996.62 KB, 2900x1850, 58:37, rekt_by_stickman.jpg)

File: dc54577f68008c5⋯.jpg (194.01 KB, 1200x807, 400:269, 2281da14d67f89a8d61aec57eb….jpg)

File: 4852f8734ee8e16⋯.jpg (656.94 KB, 1600x2349, 1600:2349, 6b25b115fcc3d9bf82962140e3….jpg)

Who should be the next target to get ID'd?

I think this guy using bear mace was at the march 4 rally wouldn't be too hard.

01f190 No.9761407



also, the mods honeypot threads. selectively banning any actual anons that enter while circle jerking and shitposting themselves to draw them in. they want to get rid of real posters so they can hand it to leftypol. it won't work, but it's real fucking annoying.

8df1b1 No.9761408


Some sort of urban commune is a good idea, but everyone would need to work. Biggest problem I've experienced is people who don't pull their own weight. Not only does it make it harder for everyone else, but they end up dragging down the culture of the commune.

acbe52 No.9761413

File: c0570f0e741e906⋯.png (199.41 KB, 575x272, 575:272, dabney-miller-575x272.png)

I know it's a bit unorthodox, but if we could spam George Noory's inbox with this he might read it tonight on air. That's like 16 million listeners right there. He might be interested if people like Joe Biggs and Mike Cernovich are talking about it, and articles are written about it. The first half hour of Coast to Coast AM is reading news articles from the day. A lot of the same people bounce from show to show like Infowars and other podcasts.

Also another good person might be John B. Wells. He got fired from Coast to Coast AM for being too right wing and has his own show called Caravan to Midnight. It's nothing special, and you have to pay to listen, but he does have listeners and would very likely read this on his show too.

It's just a suggestion because I don't want them to memory hole this like they did with pic related. If we can get big names talking about it, the chances of this just being forgotten would go down. If it's a retarded idea, let me know, but I'm going to Email them, I hope a bunch of other people do too.


[email protected]

[email protected]


e38a45 No.9761415


I tried to post "fake news" in the HE'S ARRESTED XD" thread and was instantly banned. My message never posted.

People are still posting in it basically congratulating each other for the "arrest".

seems odd

01f190 No.9761422

f8b16a No.9761427

File: 20eac31e34244a5⋯.jpg (656.41 KB, 2886x1086, 481:181, highschooler.jpg)

File: 60c116d4db9fdb3⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1265x777, 1265:777, general_unmasked.png)

01f190 No.9761436



communism is the jews socialism and the only socialism that works for humans is national socialism. we will call the houses berghofs

51476f No.9761464


looks like you can't even fit a car in that garage…. wtf is the point

e3cf6a No.9761482


Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

1eeef7 No.9761484


Not every car is American sized.

51476f No.9761498


how small are these antifags dicks…. if i pissed my pants my knee would be wet ….

c3ab84 No.9761503


That's ok, mummy has 3 garage's. See>>9760399

616ecd No.9761514


>f it was contained on chans…


018809 No.9761519



You can do both, you don't have to do one or the other. They have different strengths and weaknesses

e4ba50 No.9761530


The guys in the first picture, neither of them have the mace wielders eyebrows nor the widows peak. I'd gladly help if you got more pictures however.

28a704 No.9761537


We have one of those already, /pol/ exists.

f8b16a No.9761543

File: 7c3413f95deb1ac⋯.png (232.08 KB, 341x556, 341:556, ClipboardImage.png)


Mace guy seems to have a helmet on

a39fb3 No.9761545

File: b1bb450fdfad923⋯.jpg (860.08 KB, 2040x1360, 3:2, ralphlauren.jpg)

You'd think boomers would raise children like pick related, but so many of them fucked up, very badly.

a39fb3 No.9761549


*pic ffs.

f8b16a No.9761574

File: b2cd3d2bb8e2df2⋯.jpg (369.55 KB, 1906x1080, 953:540, m80_thrower.jpg)


The m80 or tear gas throwers could be another target, but I don't have good info yet.



acbe52 No.9761586

File: b859c0cea21807e⋯.jpg (9.92 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Why do I keep saying random people with 20 followers on Twitter saying that he's been arrested, with no reply to me when I ask them where they heard that? Is this some sort of trick to make everyone calm down thinking justice has been served so they stop talking about it?

e4ba50 No.9761588


That is a giant nose now that I see it up close.

f8b16a No.9761598

File: 97d105c6198d739⋯.mp4 (2.32 MB, 720x540, 4:3, guy_that_got_bonked.mp4)



video of him

13e263 No.9761601


>like pick related

Preppy effete homosexuals wearing Jew-owned brand clothes?

d49cd9 No.9761631

File: 5c980b0dbdf2311⋯.jpg (42.47 KB, 854x480, 427:240, payday_2_point_break_heist….jpg)

File: 5b53ae404ba660d⋯.jpg (17.52 KB, 267x136, 267:136, Weather_Underground_logo.jpg)



HOW ANY OF THEM ARE ROCK CLIMBERS? (2nd image in 1st post I linked from, bottom left)

'The North Face' clothing line/fashion label is a fairly expensive, especially for students, clothing company. Plus it's like wearing a badge saying you climb. Now I've seen some other individuals of those types of people also wearing rock climbing related gear/clothing and I know (I used to climb) that they are very tight groups, as trust is a huge thing when some dude holding the other end of the rope has your life in his hands.

They may be planning something bigger, like way way bigger.

Many gangs make you commit a murder ('making your bones', or some such thing), but it looks like these fags may be getting each other to commit heinous crimes, like attempting to kill or permanently damage a strangers brain, for no other reason than to prove they are trustworthy to the rest of the gang.

Once they are in and the numbers and funds are high enough they will then go on to enact the plan of their leader. They will be brainwashed enough to believe they are doing it for the sake of humanity or something but there will be one person (a very high level functioning psychopath) pulling the strings.

I predict either an attempt on the president's life, a bombing of some group they disagree with or bank robberies (maybe other crimes) to gain funds for some 'bigger project'.

They act like a family and after reading this will probably double down hard on allowing new recruits. I can try and infiltrate (again) but I hate smoking weed, which is kind of a requirement for these crazies.

copypasta this until the FBI or whoever understands what maybe going on and designates antifa as a terrorist organisation.

e486cb No.9761633

File: 81fec71abcdfbc0⋯.png (298.68 KB, 372x486, 62:81, Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at ….png)


There will always be an endless supply of mindless puppets like the bikelock kid. The real problem is these failed 1970s boomer radicals. Always some jew egging everyone on and agitating. When shit happens they run and hide in the back.

They all have 300K/yr university jobs preaching about the struggle.

Until they are stopped this shit will never end.

e59817 No.9761651

lol I didn't have any internet friends older than 30 until TRS. plenty of old guys there

acbe52 No.9761665

Anyone have a gif or youtube video of the guys in the helmets getting hit?

e38a45 No.9761667

The local town Berkeley paper responded to me (Henry Gunn) earlier today

They published the response on their Twitter account


The answer was they would not investigate the professor because "the attacker's face was covered" implying they don't believe or won't believe the information I provided

8c8bf7 No.9761692


F'n brilliant.

f8b16a No.9761697

File: 44b180d50a2ba9f⋯.png (2.27 MB, 2158x886, 1079:443, ClipboardImage.png)


So we go after the organizers after setting an example on bike lock guy? At least they make their identities public.

f61177 No.9761724

File: 446ab2f500037a6⋯.jpg (503.06 KB, 1600x1252, 400:313, VD7O6bu.jpg)


You know it.

65b15c No.9761736

File: 92bfdd9725e0eca⋯.jpg (108.3 KB, 976x555, 976:555, do not fuck with white peo….jpg)


>Normies are calling for cracking his skull open.

Yeah, this is heartening to see. Also ledditors on T_D continued to celebrate the decking of Emily "mouldylocks" Rose Marshall after discovering that the guy responsible is the leader of a WN group. Just a few years ago, that wouldn't have happened. The Overton window continues to move in our direction.

>It was not part of their blood,

>It came to them very late,

>With long arrears to make good,

>When the Saxon began to hate.

f8b16a No.9761754


Can't expect them to do shit about it. They side with antifa in every article and you need to have your comments approved by them.


SFGate might be a possibility.


This has a lot of the hits


9e168d No.9761757


That scarf guy acts like he wants to fight I'm that vid where they tried to kill a guy by wrapping him in a trashbag and hitting him with a skateboard and of course a bike lock.

Ok scarf fag. You like fighting? You like ganging up? Both are coming.

For you.

acbe52 No.9761758

Thank you so much, that's actually the video I was looking for but couldn't find it.

acbe52 No.9761763

62978c No.9761780


It'll be aggravated assault with a deadly weapon since we're talking about a blunt instrument. Attempted murder would require that the defendant, without a shadow of a doubt, attacked with the intent of killing the victim - while that may be true it'll be way too hard a burden to prove.

Aggravated assault is using an object that may seriously injure the victim regardless of intent.

In your example you'd have to prove that he was purposefully aiming for the head and wanted to kill the person.

f8b16a No.9761782

File: 1f6191462daf351⋯.webm (2.58 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, bikelockguy_face.webm)


Yeah a real faggot.

Got a video of him kicking people? Also this is sickening


e486cb No.9761801


It needs to be total war. Yes bikelock kid needs to be brought to justice via the legal system. He hurt people. Pressure needs to be put on the cops to do their fucking jobs.

But lets not let the boomer radicals slide. They are where this shit starts. They are the ones who push these tactics.

We are reliving the 1970's. The names have been changed but the players are the same. >Weather Underground, "New Left", SDS, etc..

And they are running the same playbook now as back then.

f8b16a No.9761816

File: 5afb068a126b7fc⋯.png (556.07 KB, 865x535, 173:107, ClipboardImage.png)


there must be a higher quality version of this, you can see the face from a different angle

ff956f No.9761837


Didn't know he was a kike, but the prep look is what whites should go for. Right wing preppy death squads needs to become a thing.

d49cd9 No.9761865

Well the perp was wearing a mask, he came pre armed and probably sober with determination and intent. He used people to hide behind and then with no verbal warning, threat or request, attacked an unexpecting man who was standing with his arms up trying to keep the peace.

The perp comes from a very white privileged background so that's the only way I can see him getting away with it because swinging a lump of metal at an unexpecting mans head for no reason other than they disagree about politics is a frightening insight into the psyche of Eric and a crime on every level of humanity.

65b15c No.9761875

File: a7b8fc18b352944⋯.png (262.69 KB, 445x501, 445:501, hipster fixie bike.png)


And fixie bikes are smaller still.

acbe52 No.9761880


He obviously didn't want his face to be revealed. See how his scarf came off and then he wrapped it back up first chance he got?

13e263 No.9761883


It looks gay as fuck, clothes need to be practical and non-degenerate, brand faggotry is something only women and literal homos care about. And yes (((Ralph Lauren))) is an actual kike who even went to a yeshiva and funds a ton of kike shit.

9e168d No.9761895


I think you got that right.

Losing their revolution attempts in the 70s didn't stop them. Communism collapsing in the 90s didn't stop them. The other side forgetting they even existed didn't stop them; that was like one side just stopped fighting because they saw no reason for there to still be a war.

The commie shits wanted war so badly they kept fighting even after the other side let them off Scott free. No more. It's war. It won't stop until they are utterly defeated without mercy.

62978c No.9761896

Any high res press photos of the event? AP Images only have a few

cdd56f No.9761897

File: 756481d881560c5⋯.png (169.69 KB, 236x389, 236:389, 48e4e53a101db2620fe0eeed76….png)



His will be done. We have anons working on creating this, right?

13e263 No.9761926


I think they abandoned the USSR and the Soviet block after Stalin purged the NKVD of kikes and most Russian jews just moved to America and Israel. By the end of the Cold War the kikes have been firmly allied with Reagan and not the Soviets.

9e168d No.9761930


All regular Americans will be very disgusted when they see it, so we must make a point to smear as many communists as possible with it. We should also constantly order them to publicly disavow the behavior, and them even if they do, we still keep throwing it in their faces rather than accepting their contrition.

Communist apologies are no longer accepted. There will be no terms of surrender. Only annihilation.

ff956f No.9761945


Aesthetics matter though, you can tone down the and still go for a clean look. The idea is to present a return to order, not a new anarchy of pirates or a biker gang.

6b2429 No.9761951


>how can we ensure that the the antifa-faggot is going to jail for a long time?

Attempted murder my man, aiming for the head, he'll get extra brownie points being a college instructor of some sort, takes a special kind of animal to aim for the head with that, he's basically fucked. He didn't do it once, was spotted on video doing it a few times, it's about 3 attempted murder charges.


Fuck that chav Burberry scarf was trying to bait people in so bike lock fag could wack them. I never saw this exact angle of the video.

ff956f No.9761956


*down the fagotry. Also the reason those guys look pathetic is because they don't lift.

13e263 No.9761983


Clean look means stuff like washing and ironing your clothes, not spending six gorillion shekels on some Jew-owned bullshit hipster brand clothes that are manufactured in China or Pakistan anyway.

072d1f No.9761993


That's why I honestly hate boomers more than anything. The nigs are just dumb animals incapable of doing anything else. The muds are literally retarded from inbreeding. The kikes are like a parasitic strain of humanity. I view them as dangerous animals, but animals that are acting according to their nature.

The boomer is of our stock, was handed the world, was born into the most prosperous society in human history.

And they fucking pissed it away. They became selfish retarded virtue-signalling permanent children that are now in their 70s and still have not grown up.

I can exterminate dangerous animals without hating them. But I hate the boomers, I hate the traitor more than I hate the enemy.

d49cd9 No.9762006


check out


I'm 99% sure there is a 'hardcore' group of them recruiting at 'similar to gang level' initiation right now. The rest of the crowd are just ill educated well meaning people used for interference. I can probably work out who is who and working with which people from drone/roof top view. But I live away now. One of you get a 4k camera and film. Once a person runs away from the front line they act differently, it's a very obvious way they try to blend in.

65b15c No.9762013

File: aabfd2d580559e8⋯.png (166.67 KB, 670x670, 1:1, he does it for free patch.png)


Good mods/janitors are hard to find because it's a thankless, Sisyphean task where you work for free and get abused constantly. Even when you get people that genuinely care about board quality, it's inevitable they will occasionally blow off steam by abusing their power. That's the price you pay for having them at all.

b8e4bc No.9762049

File: 324d6da65481e3b⋯.jpg (14.66 KB, 170x179, 170:179, 1479886115617.jpg)


why hasnt anyone notified the FBI? We need to tweet sessions all info about this because the cops, the mayor, likely the whole judicial system where he could be charged is a breeding ground for communist elements and agents seeking to overthrow the US government.

This is a federal offense since he is using physical force to deprive another person from exercising their civil rights.

>example: Remmember the white couple who got waved the confederate flag who got 27 years? They never hurt a single person but it was a federal offense and aggravated due to them having weapons under Obamas Judges.

Its time we get Justice and this guy get the same love is all Im saying, so we gotta get this cop hating commie to AG Jeff Sessions.

a14b01 No.9762052


theres alread many in the 30-50! crowd, checkall these anon who go "i'm 34" / 39 etc ..im 30+ too it's all good, that decentralized client idea was good as well

036617 No.9762059


You're stuck on the brands. All I want are clean looking uniforms designed by our people, there should be no opposition to this.

6b2429 No.9762074

File: 09b61dabe79548e⋯.jpg (29.54 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, x-files-mulder.jpg)


Why are you assuming they haven't, with proof evidence pics vids of bike lock fag chimping out.

b8e4bc No.9762077

File: e463e703d83ce67⋯.jpg (22.85 KB, 620x348, 155:87, 1481724798473.jpg)


>Even a shit retard with a BAR degree can get a felony conviction out of this specific case

That is not going to happen where he lives its a communist cesspool and they all protect eachother from prosecution. No way he will see one day behind bars for this since no prosecutor there would press charges since their all in the same communist group targeting the destruction of the foundational principals of the US govt, and funded by the same people who pay them to spread their ideology along with our taxes.

295bdf No.9762078

File: cd80ef567fe876a⋯.png (47.74 KB, 511x437, 511:437, Screenshot from 2017-04-20….png)

They're fleeing like roaches.

036617 No.9762079


Which makes me wonder, even if we somehow removed all the parasitical forces, and even crushed the leftists in our ranks, how long would it be, before a new generation comparative to boomers arose, and undid the hard work?

13e263 No.9762081


Aesthetic uniforms are fine, but uniforms are supposed to be ceremonial/official, not casual wear. And preppy faggotry definitely isn't an uniform.

d1ec9a No.9762083

File: fa470d39facc49a⋯.jpg (19.61 KB, 326x326, 1:1, ronnie rotten.jpg)


ronnie rotten?

d49cd9 No.9762097


WTF! I like Eric now! I want him to be a poster child for his cause!

b8e4bc No.9762112

File: a54fab65f551097⋯.jpg (123.35 KB, 750x1024, 375:512, 1485890664771.jpg)


>Why are you assuming they haven't, with proof evidence pics vids of bike lock fag chimping out.

Is the FBI really that slow to act? How is it if one guy looks at an image of a person under 18 their swatted in a day but this guy just roams free and it seems likely due to the communist infestation at the local levels of municipal government as shown by their financial supporters.

Then again they didnt catch Steve Stephens with his phone number, and live streaming until he shot himself… so maybe in a few weeks they will figure it out, hence we need pressure directly from the top AG Sessions would love to crush a cop hating commie like this.

b8e4bc No.9762124

File: 12169c6b4c1c875⋯.png (93.03 KB, 300x225, 4:3, 1479886192924.png)


>Which makes me wonder, even if we somehow removed all the parasitical forces, and even crushed the leftists in our ranks, how long would it be, before a new generation comparative to boomers arose,

The ride never ends and neither does our autism my friend.

036617 No.9762132


Perhaps I just have a penchant for polo shirts.

70af77 No.9762135


For /pol/, this stuff is a passion. For the FBI, this stuff is a 9-5 job.

c2b42a No.9762140

File: 441bec3c346e988⋯.jpg (40.17 KB, 620x465, 4:3, 441bec3c346e9882770d2ebe4d….jpg)


The damage is already done. I swear sometimes they impress me by how stupid they can be:

>do black block scheme and tactics

>have a facebook with members of their groups

>post photos of their members during uncovered face events.

589787 No.9762149

Does anyone know if clanton got his gifts

036617 No.9762156


/pol/ has probably inadvertently 'redpilled' a large number of NSA and CIA guys. Once their shift ends, they probably post amongst us.

1d5688 No.9762164


Sure looks like he would be at home cupping some balls and taking a few facials

b8e4bc No.9762166

File: 6d2f61d3308fcfa⋯.png (442.76 KB, 438x525, 146:175, 1484616615236.png)


What the hell more does it take for ANTIFA declared a Terrorist group thus labeling it a criminal organization allowing prosecution under RICO statutes meaning the seizure of all funds and those who are involved in the funding of such organization???

Imagine whose funds would be seized around the world and frozen???

hmmmmmm….. Kushner might get mad about his sugar daddy having his assets taken.

70af77 No.9762183


A few years ago a bunch of environmentalist groups got labeled as terror groups for arson. If antifa start lighting buildings on fire, that might do it.

b8e4bc No.9762210

File: 6c4071b6c308b66⋯.png (56.67 KB, 616x599, 616:599, 1473933471849.png)

these people are organized literally like a criminal empire teaching subversion through communist subversion at academic institutions payed for by our tax dollars.

How the hell is Trump allowing our tax dollars to fund communist teaching to subert America undermining its governance? We sent tens of thousands of Americans to Vietnam to die fighting communism with that domino theory idea yet these communists are allowed to sew the seeds of treason here funded with our tax dollars spitting on the graves of all those veterans?

Cant Trump stop this madness to have these commies rounded up for Treason or at least call them a terrorist group with one executive order? Isnt it that easy?

a1649d No.9762215


What a bunch of pussies.

b8e4bc No.9762221


>A few years ago a bunch of environmentalist groups got labeled as terror groups for arson. If antifa start lighting buildings on fire, that might do it.

Well they lit a limo on fire in DC who knows who many other places they vandalized and assaults and arrests. For god sakes the Jugaloos fans are classified by the FBI as a gang leading to military discharges of fans but these fucks go untouched. This is why we need to let Trump and his team know from the top down to take this issue on and be the hero that gotham needs.

13e263 No.9762237


It's because they are in bed with the kikes who run this world, despite LARPing as being "against the system" they have nothing to fear from the authorities unlike us. So they instinctively feel safer about doing this sort of shit.

5b20a1 No.9762245


Good. The next few months are going to get real shitty for that antifag.

9e168d No.9762260


>The rest of the crowd are just ill educated well meaning people used for interference.

Bit of a conundrum. On one hand, we want those naive idiots on board because they ruin opsec and make other major errors.

On the other hand, they'll start losing their taste for it when we make examples out of them. Harsh examples.

acbe52 No.9762264


Well to be fair there are gangs that are made up of Juggalos, but it's such a small portion of actual Juggalos so it's unfair to label the whole group as such. It would be like labeling 8chan as a furry website because there's a single board about it. But the actual violent ones are into some serious gang shit like drive-bys and attacking people with edged weapons, and they work with The Bloods.

b8e4bc No.9762265


>Good. The next few months are going to get real shitty for that antifag.

Call me Skeptical but I dont see that happening. The guy lives in Communist central where even politicians are funded by communist groups.

I think he will get a nobel peace prize and never face one charge. I wish that was trolling but sadly it probably isnt.

bd0f00 No.9762270


>Their target demo was obviously young internet denizens, similar to the demographics of /pol/ (but a lot less intelligent).

That isnt accurate, from the meetups i've been to of both pol and TRS, TRS is actually an older crowd.

4d3d45 No.9762274

File: c968578966695f4⋯.jpg (96.49 KB, 525x700, 3:4, c968578966695f496ccb003da7….jpg)


>they also dare us Sachiko for their ban page now

5b20a1 No.9762276


Maybe, we\ll see

b8e4bc No.9762283


>But the actual violent ones are into some serious gang shit like drive-bys

Find me one driveby committed by jugaloos to create a jugaloo empire, oh you cant but i'll be here waiting.

036617 No.9762290


Exactly. And just look at domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

65b15c No.9762292

File: c620d9c0874c5e8⋯.png (392.4 KB, 2188x2192, 547:548, nntpchan topology.png)




According to this topology graph it lives partly on tor and i2p. Which is cool, but may mean that cp is a problem (I've never used it.)

b8e4bc No.9762311


this may suck to hear but BOOM! no sexual or nude images and problem solved, right?

e486cb No.9762322


In the 1970's it was 'nam and a few other asian invasions that gave them their focus. Today its Trump. Before Trump the right was so cucked they had nothing to fight. Now with Trump they all have a common thing to rally around.

Since we are reliving the 70's I wonder if we will repeat the rip-roaring early 80s? That was peak HAPPENING time.

a14b01 No.9762342


in left governments, political chiefs tell police to not touch protesterd, so much so that in Greece with that leftard clown in power antifa-style punks have taken over a whole area police doesnt go in anymore

acbe52 No.9762345


>create a juggalo empire

Did you even read what I wrote? I said there are a small portion of violent individuals that dress up like Juggalos who work with other gangs. That's why I said it's unfair to label Juggalos as a gang, because it's only a few of them doing the violence. I didn't say that ICP or the Juggalo community as a whole condone this, or the violent ones are trying to establish some sort of empire.

f3d063 No.9762350

File: 3b6a7a74cea4240⋯.png (63.43 KB, 712x436, 178:109, clanton.png)

He's about to take part in some very immersive research.

e38a45 No.9762352


Antifa brags about sabotaging railroad track lines in Olympia


6b2429 No.9762378


Teaching Ethics, critical thinking and philosophy, mmm hmmm, but luring people in to dent their heads in with a bike lock in his spare time. The guy is fucked, pre-meditated & attempted murder and what not. Even a fat pink hair dyke judge who identifies as an it will have no problem having this guy see jail time.

9e168d No.9762381


For what it is worth (not much) the 70s were not nearly as bad in America as portrayed. The events were moderately bad, but there was a perception that they were almost greviously bad.

Today the pendulum is waaaay over on the other side where we are extraordinarily complacent and usually underreact. I think major crisis comes - not imminently but later. And we will badly mismanage the start of it due to the current mindset.

Nothing's set in stone, and we can improve our chances by finally getting pissed at shit that needs to stop. I hope for an America that people do NOT fuck around with.

d49cd9 No.9762392


so who do you guys call that you can trust to some degree? FBI?

9e168d No.9762400


Those academic disciplines, like many of the social "scientists," were corrupted by Marxists. Entire academic departments need to be flat.out eliminated at the universities that allowed that to happen. Blackballing communists from all intellectual jobs will help too.

70af77 No.9762404


Local cops and FBI. Call them both.

ce8653 No.9762425


> I said there are a small portion of violent individuals that dress up like Juggalos who work with other gangs

Literally no evidence of there being a criminal Jugaloo organization unless somehow you know more than the FBI and you have not named one thing just like the FBI couldnt in court. If you know some magical secret information you should send it to them or write a book and make millions for knowing more than they do.

Keep trying Eric.

e486cb No.9762435


The cops, the FBI, the rail road. They are tampering with rail safety equipment.

Where I live we have train cops (The MTA). They would be all over this type of shit.

d49cd9 No.9762445


Agreed, Juggalos seek relevance in 2017 but no one is interested in small trailer park communities full of inbred teenagers breast feeding their 8yr old son etc.

c9ca45 No.9762453


The feds take rail lines very seriously.

ce8653 No.9762471

File: bd4cfa289fac643⋯.jpg (572.76 KB, 850x601, 850:601, 1476666463531.jpg)


> Local cops and FBI.

Problem is local cops have shown zero interest in this, even if they wanted to press charges the Mayor may not let them. Other supposed anons from Berkley claim that the Mayor attends all pre briefings for deployments at Berkley with strict orders to not arrest members of Antifa which is why they run loose smashing windows destroying property.

The FBI in the area may be corrupted as well being a hot bed of communist activity, the professors even Eric are funded through financial sponsoring as he says on his own profile. No telling how many of the FBI are on the take there so I dont count on them doing anything either.

Our only chance really is to notify Sessions and or Trump to make this happen from the top down.

65b15c No.9762477

File: 7e348c1bed7d15e⋯.jpg (275.81 KB, 792x1224, 11:17, berkely remove communist t….jpg)


Agreed. There are already accounts of them attacking and robbing Berkeley liberals for recording them in a public place "without their consent".

ce8653 No.9762484


>Agreed, Juggalos seek relevance in 2017 but no one is interested in small trailer park communities full of inbred teenagers breast feeding their 8yr old son etc.

i dunno that breast feeding in public could be pretty hardcore! nothing id wanna see from a jugaloo though, gotta be some kind of a fetish.

acbe52 No.9762485


There's no need to get your panties in a twist Violent J, I was just reading from the report released by the National Gang Intelligence Center. I didn't follow the fucking court cases, I'm not as "down with the clown" as you are.

ce8653 No.9762497


> I didn't follow the fucking court cases, I'm not as "down with the clown" as you are.

no worries, probably read more than me, I just read the later stuff than you did back in the day is all. When asked in court to produce anything, literally ANYTHING, they had nothing. Case got remanded to lower court for disposition and I guess they removed the jugaloos or something because that was back when you probably read that report and no further updates on the case since then.

a14b01 No.9762504

File: 0c14b0cd2c78b9b⋯.png (276.72 KB, 757x538, 757:538, Z.png)

'sly hoaxter' /ourguy/

e486cb No.9762507


The person you are replying to was talking about the antifa who are planning to fuck to railroad tracks. Has nothing to do with Berkly.

d49cd9 No.9762508


You understand you are in /pol and not /b or /fur right?

589787 No.9762520


and lost his job because of it. All because he tricked a news agency into writing a piece to prove they spew bullshit. Amazing

could you post a link to the article (make sure to break the link)

a14b01 No.9762529

ce8653 No.9762531

File: 5e619bc275f1315⋯.png (248.03 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1484373010665.png)


whoa where is that coming from? I'm not posting anime girls with question marks…

589787 No.9762539



d49cd9 No.9762553


WOW! Not only stunning but beautiful as well also! And very normal and womanly and sexy to men. I hope she has a dating site profile. I's be love to him her. We coud cofee

a14b01 No.9762554

589787 No.9762556


^ this is bullshit, they guy had to quit his job because he made the huffington post out themselves and made them feel stupid.

ce8653 No.9762559


Go easy on the refugees from 4ban

13e263 No.9762565



You know we have IDs there faggot right

ce8653 No.9762572


just repeating the point

ebd68b No.9762574


He was so hard hit in the skull he became involuntarily incontinent. Sneak attack too, like a nigger sucker punch. That's quite deadly force.

Attempted murder? >>9760360

a14b01 No.9762578

there have came rapefugees from 4ch

d49cd9 No.9762585

File: b459f74cc166550⋯.jpg (234.04 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, gay.jpg)


kk, i forgot. We can learn together, like today I learnt you can not eat a Canadian liver or else you get Vitamin A poison and die from blood hemorrhages!

589787 No.9762587

All of you cuckchan fags have to go back

or to your containment board over at


and stay there or lurk for 2 years here before you post again.

ce8653 No.9762598


thats unbearable

b6a976 No.9762600

File: 2123ebe294adb30⋯.png (955.07 KB, 1147x659, 1147:659, ANTIFA-Intellectuals.PNG)

49d370 No.9762618


How hard would it be to physically destroy them upon IDing them? If we dox and destroy members, will the group disband or fall apart?

d49cd9 No.9762623

File: 0a0c28a87110d33⋯.jpg (53.14 KB, 447x663, 149:221, 13b.jpg)

295bdf No.9762627

Hey refugees from halfchan. You have a homework assignment.

Look for articles that talk about the April 15th riot in Berkeley, also called #PresidentsDay. Look for articles by publications that credit the photographers of the pictures that they use, then go find those photographers. What you're looking for is high quality pictures of the Antifa(ggots) from that protest. An example would be this this site: http:// www.berkeleyside.com/2017/04/17/exactly-turned-downtown-berkeley-battlefield-april-15/ And the top picture being credited to Daniel McPartlan. Daniel's twitter account (or instagram, whatever works, we're looking for high quality photos of these crybabies) like this @dancalbear and scroll down to around the 15th, and bam, pictures.

We keep seeing the same shit over and over, the same few videos and we need to increase the high quality video and pictures on these niggers so we can hunt 'em.

Go forth and fine one or two good sources. If you run out or get bored, Look for the Berkeley riots when princess milo was being a faggot there ~ Feb 3rd.

295bdf No.9762629


Fuck, #PatriotsDay, not #PresidentsDay

d49cd9 No.9762634


No, they pretty much have cells up and down the country here so I guess in America it's a lot worse. I'mn already on it so no worries

acbe52 No.9762637

File: e70b94008ed6a14⋯.png (133.13 KB, 468x658, 234:329, nazis watch out.png)

It's still moving heavy on Twitter. I'm not seeing many leftists talking about it, except for this one. I'm hoping some more E-Celebs will pick it up to keep it from getting memory-holed.

I tried for a few hours last night to get his criminal record, but it seems like California keeps that shit locked up tight. It's not like in PA or MD where you can easily find docket sheets, it seems like CA wants you to fax in a request and have the records mailed to you. I'm hoping some E-Celeb will pay for it to get them or something.

65b15c No.9762638

File: ef6f6dee7e4fc67⋯.jpg (65.95 KB, 600x719, 600:719, hard times strong men, goo….jpg)


It does appear to be a cycle unfortunately, but the period is pretty long and we're on the upswing now.

56e917 No.9762644


Not everyone who namedrops /pol/ is automatically /ourguy/, but I'd say Jack is. Delivers both bantz and information all day long. I'd have a cup of tea with him.

b3b399 No.9762650


He won't lose voting rights for life, just while in prison.


589787 No.9762652


I couldn't find more mental gymnastics and concentrated cancer in one place if I went to a cancer treatment center.

32890b No.9762659


So it's okay to punch homos, antifa?

295bdf No.9762660


Lots of good ones here: kikebook /pg/DanCalBear/photos/

099acc No.9762661

So the names 'antifags' and 'antifaggots' make it sound like they oppose faggotry - a most noble cause. Instead we must give them a different name. Few would fit but there is one that might just do the trick.


Not only does it not-so-cleverly incorporate the name they go by, but it also remarks upon their ant-like nature and appearance; spindly limbs with bulbous bodies, all black, and obsessed with collectivism. It also allows us to create all sorts of memes that include grotesque pictures of ants do further ridicule them with.

f92383 No.9762662

File: 93b1f5b9945464c⋯.jpg (567.17 KB, 1064x1310, 532:655, g9JWGQs.jpg)

File: 0f50a4d964132fe⋯.jpg (861.84 KB, 1069x1532, 1069:1532, 1GIgFLw.jpg)


49d370 No.9762671


I know they have cells. What I'm talking about is ambushing/destroying these people while they're alone going about their daily lives. Would that cause them to disband? I'd imagine a radical organization like theirs can't afford to have too many members struck down.

ce8653 No.9762681

File: ab359122fd88c98⋯.jpg (673.09 KB, 2281x1576, 2281:1576, 1476666463529.jpg)


>Look for articles that talk about the April 15th riot in Berkeley, also called #PresidentsDay. Look for articles by publications that credit the photographers of the pictures that they use, then go find those photographers. What you're looking for is high quality pictures of the Antifa(ggots) from that protest. An example would be this this site: http:// www.berkeleyside.com/2017/04/17/exactly-turned-downtown-berkeley-battlefield-april-15/ And the top picture being credited to Daniel McPartlan. Daniel's twitter account (or instagram, whatever works, we're looking for high quality photos of these crybabies) like this @dancalbear and scroll down to around the 15th, and bam, pictures.

I was here all night doing that…. Things moving along. Problem now is the Prosecution barrier as stated above. Local Police, sheriffs, and even the mayor are uninterested in prosecuting a known communist who is funded by the same group that is part of the organization that funds their elections.

Communism runs deep, in the past they called it a disease and this weird little case shows that to be true.

Only way I think we can move forward is to start going hard on tweeting Sessions and Trumps team or breitbart to put pressure on the FBI to declare them a criminal organization and arrest the ulock individual on federal charges for depriving others of the exercise of their civil rights to free speech. That white couple got 27 years for waving a confederate flag and a gun and never touched a single person. This guy is flat out serial attempting to murder people and is free if that sets the stage up for ya as to how corrupt that swamp is where he lives. All of this we dug up over night and confirmed, its on his own profile page about the one organization and in his thesis acknowledgement.

f8b16a No.9762692


FBI might wanna try to do a bigger bust. They don't announce when they're investigating something. If they're gonna implicate the city itself, it could take a while for them to collect what they need.

65b15c No.9762702

File: 17f870bd10544e6⋯.png (116.89 KB, 1582x1526, 113:109, hurr.png)


>Please don't like or comment our posts!

>4 likes, 1 comment, 1 share

e5714b No.9762707




Don't go down this path, watch >>9761782 again and you'll figure out why.

e486cb No.9762710


Until these


old radicals are stopped there will be no end.

They have an endless supply of dumb kids to indoctorate.

ce8653 No.9762720


>They don't announce when they're investigating something.

dont they still have to announce their a terrorist organization to move forward with RICO prosecutions and seizure of assets of all groups and individuals funding them?

RICO is the big get here, with the FBI being hit and miss lately, I dont think anything is being done until we can get some admin or Sessions to make an announcement that they are on notice and prosecutions will be starting soon now that investigations have begun.

Isnt that the usual timeline for RICO prosecutions? I dont think it can be applied until their declared a terrorist or criminal organization legally to even investigate under RICO.

49d370 No.9762731


That's what I'm suggesting. Introduce those boomers to an early demise so they stop being able to radicalize.

ce8653 No.9762742



>They have an endless supply of dumb kids to indoctorate.

Our tax dollars under Trump are funding these academic institutions to undermine him, that gets my autism going that he cant just exec order some shit up stripping all universities of funds if even one person is found to be sponsored or receive funds from groups promoting un-american or whatever you wanna call it activities teaching communism and the direct action to undermine or usurp the power of US governance which is pretty much the definition of treason and material support under the law.

ec20f6 No.9762764


Then he'll end up wishing he'd gone to prison.

acbe52 No.9762767

File: 1912390cf2e26e9⋯.png (428.36 KB, 465x1998, 155:666, jesus.png)

It has to be serious. SFSU is STILL going nuts posting this about once a minute. I wonder if it's some sort of bot doing it, because they do not want any part of this shit. I haven't seen shit from Diablo Valley about this at all, dead silence.

ec20f6 No.9762780


this, please

posobiec is a fake news clickwhore

9d3b0c No.9762782




the dummy linked to another post admitting responsibility for an attack


589787 No.9762783


this, this is a bot. And Its probably because they are getting flooded by people telling them to fire his ass, and lying about him not working there.

8246c0 No.9762786


so wait where was he working?

01f190 No.9762793

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


looks like eric just found himself in the danger zone.

acbe52 No.9762797


He works at Diablo Valley, I believe he went to school at SFSU. I think it was that /pol/ Twitter news that spread he worked at SFSU.

a5bcf6 No.9762806


This is why we need to start killing these pieces of shit.

589787 No.9762809


he has a fucking sfsu email that still in use and listed as his contact email on a few of the pages we found him on.

ce8653 No.9762811

File: 6333d4ae0fe4f55⋯.png (128.52 KB, 1456x447, 1456:447, 1c4d5ef5a05b286873138fa64c….png)



>Where is he working?

Schedule and teaching profile seem to indicate his presence at DVC Diablo Valley College a sanctuary for communism where if your not communist you pretty much are booted out of faculty.

a14b01 No.9762819


stfu already noones going die you want US BRANDED TELORISTS ?


9d3b0c No.9762820



isnt it weird how sensitive SFSU is about this… maybe they had prior knowledge of his affiliations

8246c0 No.9762822


that doesn't mean it works there, if he went there.

I still use my college email all the time and I graduated years ago.

ac046f No.9762829


Wow pretty racist of antifa to have only white people drawn in pic 1. I mean seriously, blue eyes, thats literally Hitler happy birthday!

2a9b69 No.9762832

>>9760899 (checked)

There's a reason why intellectuals are told to come not pre-loaded with a desired result. When they do, they do the most stupid shit from being overconfident with their own abilities.

589787 No.9762833


yes, I assume he has some sort of connection still for them to be freaking out about it, instead of just issuing 1 statement they spam it with a bot


ehh, based on SFSU's reaction alone I can safely say its more then him just using an old college email.

ce8653 No.9762836


>isnt it weird how sensitive SFSU is about this… maybe they had prior knowledge of his affiliations

The key bot word is "currently". That does not mean that he isnt signed for fall classes possibly. Without any info from professors on campus we dont know. Someone should just go to his office or his TA's and ask if he is teaching there in the fall be the quickest way.

f8b16a No.9762837

File: 4b6a9e2852e1a55⋯.png (90.15 KB, 853x446, 853:446, ClipboardImage.png)


Doesn't seem like they need to declare anything, they could just use a specific case and show that the same group of people is always involved (yvette felarca and friends). See pic related. I'm just going off of wikipedia.

65b15c No.9762846

File: a23646584d04bae⋯.jpg (101.97 KB, 1024x575, 1024:575, antifa smash the white man….jpg)


There was a whitehouse petition to do exactly that but antifa is an umbrella description, it can't be proscribed anymore than the alt-right can. Legal action has to go after specific individuals and groups like "<City name> antifa" and BAMN. Ultimately of course the money trail has to be followed back to the kike behind the curtain.

a5bcf6 No.9762848


Hi shill, that's irrelevant, these antifa pieces of garbage seem to be oblivious as to how escalation will eventually hurt them, all we need to do is let them do it and then follow through.

Eventually this will result in civil war and that's when you and all your faggot friends will be tortured and killed.

7ef2c0 No.9762849

File: 601e3d66f0f9389⋯.png (521.04 KB, 1169x1042, 1169:1042, faggot2.png)

File: dd3b8c8ad4f6710⋯.png (424.19 KB, 1262x1006, 631:503, faggot.png)

Why does this faggot have to report on every goddamn thing that goes on.

>Hurrr durr /pol/ is raiding

>Hurr durr /pol/ hax amazon account

I guess rules are destroyed on these newfags.

589787 No.9762855


I think he means that they need to be officially declared a group first to begin with if they want to RICO them. On paper they aren't a real group

8246c0 No.9762859


I saw some posts on twitter that he might have a record, including assault with deadly wep.

this could be this 3rd strike.

ce8653 No.9762863


Thanks anon, that is good sleuthing there, really tired here still not slept but about too.

Sounds like from what it says, then like you mentioned there is no need to openly declare it maybe until the charges are filed.

I think IRL when used in past mob cases assets were frozen immediately though until investigation was complete. Not sure, would google but tired but will! Getting this stuff to AG Sessions is exactly what makes it so important.

8246c0 No.9762864


is that amazon thing true? i missed it.

ce8653 No.9762869


>There was a whitehouse petition to do exactly that but antifa is an umbrella description, it can't be proscribed anymore than the alt-right can.

so like how did they label ISIS or any other abstract group with a collective ideology? If the idealogy is all the same then labeling it ANTIFA with express parameters labeling that ideology should be enough maybe?

589787 No.9762871


fucking nigger, those are my posts in the second picture on the bottom right, and I kinda wanted those nuked. Thanks a lot for making it public now /pol/ news network.


yes, Its real

a5bcf6 No.9762875


If serious charges don't come down for this guy, he needs to be taken out.

a14b01 No.9762881


WTF I'm on the good side you fucking leftard clown, KIIL EM KIL KILL KILL


were doing real work here GTFO

e6917c No.9762884


fucking i linked to his "rate my proffessor page" w/o proxy. i said "leave ratings here". not "leave bad ratings" but yeah. fuck that, never again w/o proxy.

ce8653 No.9762885

File: 92b7940a9716cc5⋯.jpg (34.63 KB, 360x433, 360:433, 1479885722192.jpg)


>If serious charges don't come down for this guy, he needs to be taken out.

before or after he gets his nobel peace prize live on stage while banging Katy Perry?

01f190 No.9762893


his previous criminal records were either expunged or you would have to go into the courthouse in person to get the public part of the records. provide source or I don't believe you have any knowledge of his offenses.

9d3b0c No.9762895


that rings a bell, I definitely saw a picture of 2 arrests but the reason wasn't given

if he has prior convictions and the universities were aware of them that would explain their behavior

7ef2c0 No.9762905


I wonder who is behind that account. Clearly it doesn't care about anonymity and revels in namefaggotry.

589787 No.9762912


you are fine, I didn't want those posts public because they are evidence he can use later in a defense. I didn't think someone who runs a /pol/ twitter account would be retarded enough to post them for everyone to see unless he is doing it on purpose to snitch.

acbe52 No.9762917


There isn't a source. Someone just posted one of those "free" public searches where it shows blocked information and wants you to pay $40 for a month subscription to unlock the information. On that little screen grab it said he had two previous convictions.

589787 No.9762918


I'm thinking either a complete retard/TRS type runs it, or its run by a snitch/commie/fed

01f190 No.9762920


universities likely don't care about his convictions. the reason they are damage controlling all over the place is because that is where he was indoctrinated. he has potentially damaging connections to professors there. they get federal funding. they have to distance themselves because if we target them they know it could kill some of their funding.

f8b16a No.9762922



I see what you mean. I'm not sure if freezing their assets would help too much.. maybe a bit.

Probably gonna take some public pressure to do it. The media can't keep Antifa hidden for too much longer… we got to get them to turn on antifa.

7ef2c0 No.9762940


Most likely.

589787 No.9762944


no, we need to apply the rules for radicals here and make them eat their own shit. Make the media keep supporting them, make sure the media can't remove their support for antifa, and then when all the shit goes down the media goes down with them, 2 birds 1 stone.

295bdf No.9762962


Sort of. He was ordered 27, and two books. The Culture of Critique and some other book.

295bdf No.9762984



err, it was

>there you go guys, made sure to send him 1 day shipping with 14 bike locks and "culture of critique" and "camp of the saints"

885028 No.9762985


Faces don't match.

e6917c No.9762993

File: efb9a011f26f620⋯.png (21.75 KB, 1448x188, 362:47, eric_questionmark.png)


it is stupid of them. there were people on 4chan last night talking about evidence, and one guy said something about deleting stuff off his cellphone. i told him to delete it because he was possibly in that thread, and could have read that and deleted evidence. also i replied to this post mocking him/the larper. hope it was larper.

2a9b69 No.9763000


>we got to get them to turn on antifa.

No we don't want the media on our side. This is a hot potato I would really want them to have.

885028 No.9763007

File: 52f6b06a29eb48b⋯.jpg (27.35 KB, 315x492, 105:164, Cl674gKWMAEFH3H.jpg)

acbe52 No.9763014


Rico charges? For what?

451c7a No.9763017

File: 7cb12b917274977⋯.jpg (28.43 KB, 375x500, 3:4, 1453200106941.jpg)


So we can safely assume that anyone associated with BAMN is likely Antifa or funding coordinated Antifa action. We've established this and I'm just a massive faggot late to the party, right?

8c8bf7 No.9763018


That wasn't Eric posting. He said he had to get up to teach, but Diablo Valley doesn't show him scheduled until June.

01f190 No.9763019


rico is racketeering isn't it? the fuck is that larper talking about?

f61177 No.9763033


I think they've used it against pro-life people no?

8cf9ae No.9763037


RICO laws are regarding not just racketeering, but all corrupt organizations (that's even part of the name.) All forms of organized crime are included, and the point is to prevent the kind of plausible deniability that would come from, say, a billionaire funding a group of people to riot, attack, and destroy.

01f190 No.9763044

File: d44cede96ef1f5e⋯.png (59.77 KB, 958x603, 958:603, donna stern.png)


is this by any chance the same woman?

f61177 No.9763048


Yeah looking it up now terrorism is specifically included antifa and everyone who liked their facebook page is fucked

885028 No.9763051


>So we can safely assume that anyone associated with BAMN is likely Antifa or funding coordinated Antifa action. We've established this and I'm just a massive faggot late to the party, right?

I'm not sure if everyone realizes it yet.

e6917c No.9763059

File: 3a6fbb7c3da252c⋯.png (18.98 KB, 1375x177, 1375:177, eric_questionmarkk.png)




idk but here is the other post from larper/eric

f92383 No.9763061


>download vCard


84d6b7 No.9763064

File: 6f49cc7607fc159⋯.png (638.86 KB, 680x623, 680:623, yeeeaaah.png)


Hahahahaha praise Kek for justice.

382c8d No.9763072


Is Boston Antifa legitimate? That youtube channel has to be satire.

bd0f00 No.9763085


you do realize that is a pardoy account?

a34543 No.9763087


DVC is keeping quiet because they've been embroiled in shit before

About 10 years ago some kikes and niggers in the counseling office got caught changing students grades in exchange for money or sex.

931b46 No.9763090

File: e41af12d5efcbfe⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1980x3000, 33:50, BAMN 1.jpg)

File: d0e3656e0ba0dcc⋯.png (530.04 KB, 1268x3265, 1268:3265, BAMN 2.png)

File: 233bb9cde56c610⋯.jpg (683.87 KB, 1456x2182, 728:1091, BAMN 3.jpg)



check out this judaic kikery

00cd69 No.9763105

>>9762944 (checked)

>>9763000 (checked)

The MSM needs to double down and make a martyr of Clanton so there isn't any more of an excuse to not singe them to the roots.

000000 No.9763110


Beautiful. Nathan really should become a leading figure and unite the right.

acbe52 No.9763130


That shit doesn't make any sense anyway. How the fuck are you going to bring RICO charges on a bunch of people on the internet for posting your picture and accusing you of bashing someone over the head? Fucking RICO charges? This is beyond cyber police shit.

589787 No.9763141


exactly, the media needs to push this so hard it becomes an "us vs them" situation. It only helps our side

f92383 No.9763144


I dont mind.

9d3b0c No.9763145


i'd assume his handlers told him to stay away from the internet if they're remotely decent

75725c No.9763162


Holy shit I almost forgot about that! BAMN BAMN! Im even in the cap. Bless you anon. Saved.

ef0c08 No.9763180


>the fuck you guys gonna do you pathetic, racist, sexist, homophobic male chauvinists

Unironically is this supposed to be an insult? My two year old has said some more damning things than that.

>racist, sexist, homophobic

Listing what we are is an insult now? Spooked

f5af81 No.9763206

File: 085ec2dd61fb60d⋯.gif (1.2 MB, 600x678, 100:113, f73.gif)

The other day I was watching the movie Patriot's Day. Watching the FBI and BPD do detective work from the perspective of an anon it was horrifying. It took them days to figure out what a handful of autists could have done in minutes had we been given the same source material.

Even worse, 'journalists' were following our threads and when we had our first real suspects, they ran with it and printed it on the next day's front page. We did more leg work than the government and newspapers ever did. All they did was pour through shitty surveillance tapes trying to get a high resolution image for a face scan when an hour's worth of facebook searching could have achieved better results.

I doubt any alphabet soup agency could achieve what you faggots do here. Good work.

cdd56f No.9763230

File: 5061d18d333c80e⋯.jpg (42.03 KB, 248x187, 248:187, 5061d18d333c80e33954d0f43a….jpg)


>I make more money than any of you.

>Literal communist

000000 No.9763257


That reminds me of some terrible shit that was discovered by DarkResearcher while investigating tribe.net for the first time in November.



07ca17 No.9763294


>RICO charges

anon, do a little homework.

The RICO act will allow prosecution of the following actors instead of just the perp.

The rich man who wants something done finances a man to manage the project, who hires a man to recruit useful idiots and a man to train the useful idiots. When one of the useful idiots commits a crime we get to prosecute the whole chain of people not just the useful idiot who did the act because they are all guilty of conspiracy and organized crime regardless of whether they have a group name or not.

65b15c No.9763324

File: c530152e7ebca24⋯.png (718.26 KB, 935x768, 935:768, fb muslims like & laugh em….png)


Even with ISIS and Al-Qaeda it's tricky, in part because so many Muslims sympathise with them to some extent. Giving "material support" to them is illegal and spreading their propaganda is at the very least a social media TOS violation, but you quickly get into grey areas that are disgusting but probably legal like pic related.

And those are groups which openly exist solely to murder, rape and enslave. Antifa hide behind other leftist groups engaged in legal protest activity, and most importantly have the backing of big jew, leftist political parties and deep state elements.

tl;dr = it might be possible in theory, but it's sufficiently difficult and prone to failure that going after specific individuals and named groups is a better idea. Particularly as a first step to unearthing the kikes who are funding them, since otherwise they can just keep forming "new" groups.

c0293f No.9763330


Next time just knock the hell out of the first line "female" Antifas, with broken noses, jaws, teeth gone… to make a point.

Antifags wont have pussy shields for their attacks anymore after that day.

acbe52 No.9763339


The RICO charges I'm talking about being brought is what that poster said. Someone claiming to be Eric said he's bringing RICO charges against /pol/. Unless you are suggesting that 4pol users are being financed and trained by a rich guy and all are involved in a conspiracy of organized crime.

2a9b69 No.9763344


>Doesn't make enough money to live the rich life

It's because I'm a communist

>Gets BTFO by a bunch of Laotian finger painting poets on the interwebs

At least I make more money than you.

072d1f No.9763349


>an adjunct professor

>making more money than anyone

5b20a1 No.9763350

File: 821473e58a8aaec⋯.png (174.23 KB, 330x384, 55:64, 821473e58a8aaecbe93b73ea9e….png)

2a9b69 No.9763361


Kek approves of us being finger painting poets then. I'll start practicing.

51476f No.9763363

Has it been confirmed from a reliable source charges have been filed ?

5eaf36 No.9763368


The other tactic apart from the "cant hit a woman" ploy, is that the women often seem to be the agitators. Bitching, screaming, pushing.

"What are you going do pussy!?" Type goading.

The fact it happens so much shows its an obvious MO

5eaf36 No.9763377


(last post was meant for this guy)

0705a5 No.9763477

File: ab5bd703457f785⋯.jpg (189.99 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 1.jpg)

File: ab5bd703457f785⋯.jpg (189.99 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 1.jpg)

File: dc9702a49c5b540⋯.jpg (134.68 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, unibomber.jpg)

File: b47debdbac88a57⋯.jpg (257.72 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 15.jpg)

File: ab5bd703457f785⋯.jpg (189.99 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 1.jpg)

016e87 No.9763506

File: a32971761335480⋯.gif (542.73 KB, 300x298, 150:149, 961bb58528e4bad6fee15af8dc….gif)


>I make more money than any of you.


>Bragging about money

0705a5 No.9763508

File: de9893224195c22⋯.jpg (222.9 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 7.jpg)

File: 0e2142b20affa05⋯.jpg (218.21 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 6.jpg)

File: 6985f1defa7bdca⋯.jpg (206.51 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 5.jpg)

File: d9c887e09edc726⋯.jpg (235.4 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 4.jpg)

0705a5 No.9763515

File: b47debdbac88a57⋯.jpg (257.72 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 15.jpg)

File: 5fb5a459211dd87⋯.jpg (223.59 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 11.jpg)

c0293f No.9763530


Ok, guy..

I smell organized trouble maker teams with older leaders, pussies for cheering and protecting and also very important: own photographers for "our legal fight against the bad fascists" -propaganda, who have a shield function against countermeasures and very important, police, as well.

That's what is going on in Germany.

You need to look deeper in the financial structure of BAMN UEAA.

Its a rabbit hole.

f39fe3 No.9763545


Not a lawfag but assaulting someone while having a mask on adds to the number of years he's going to spend with Tyrone

016e87 No.9763551


>Simple Back Pack


Why are gommies always the most heinous in their consumer behavior? Why buy a piece of crap bag made by a child slave somewhere and then shipped halfway across the world only to have it break within a few months and then buy another? Buy a domestically made bag for a couple of hundred dollars and keep it for a lifetime.

acbe52 No.9763581

What was that other Email he was using? It was linked to some other name.

ebd68b No.9763582


You know what's even funnier? DarkResearcherAnon is the guy telling the David Jacobs Cannibal story. He said that's how he learned about Tribe.net, from another gay cannibal that had his nuts cut out and replaced with a silicone implant the size of a water balloon, then preserved them for use in a medicine bag.


He posts lots on /tok/ Just make a thread and ask for a story or a recipe, he's led a long, fucked up and strange life, and he's not even 30 yet.

6ca5d5 No.9763589


Arc'Teryx, fam.

afd02c No.9763649


I like Osprey. Guaranteed lifetime warranty. Arcteryx for pants and whatever's lowkey for a top.

25e83c No.9763655


Can't be done, right wing PMCs get nuked in the states. Would have to do it in some 3rd world shithole.

acbe52 No.9763668


Nevermind I found it.

016e87 No.9763801



Good products but it has to be a TAD in my opinion. Actually made in the USA rather than Asia, pricey but should last you the duration no matter what you put it through.

acbe52 No.9763838

File: d9413ee14a1fc88⋯.jpg (10.74 KB, 254x198, 127:99, Dabney Miller.jpg)

Anyone remember this cunt? Well I've been informing people on Twitter that this isn't the first time a university staff member has attacked a Trump supporter at Berkeley and it was pretty much covered up. I'm hoping that will generate enough pissed off people to push harder for Berkeley police to actually do something instead of just ignoring it until everyone forgets. I'm kind of hoping the shock of "this isn't the first time" will piss everyone off.

ffbfc3 No.9763841

File: 7fca17a46b718b5⋯.png (600.61 KB, 1003x468, 1003:468, Faggits.5.PNG)

File: 1e642cfa1fe474f⋯.jpg (138.72 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, AdamAntifa.jpg)

File: 632681a95f2641a⋯.jpg (118.84 KB, 650x1000, 13:20, kek.jpg)


Lets refer to this guy as Adam Antifa

Justice was delivered to him on the day for wearing cut off sleeves with such week guns

000000 No.9763853





i got a tom bihn - smart alec. made in USA. good stuff.

c0293f No.9763891


The pic from the final epic charge vid, the guy with basecap and short kaki green pants should be the main target. He organizes that black block kids, watches the situation, gives concealed handshakes, waits until all the antifas went out of the LSI building and walked then in the crowd of trump supporters to follow them. He knows exactly how to look unsuspicious. He is doing that not the first time.

The fact that the Antifags wanted to hide in the LSI building is also interesting, since LSI and other language schools are under suspicion for being alphabet letter agencies' agent coordination hubs.

fe0e79 No.9763918

File: 33b8659475dccc1⋯.png (25.31 KB, 623x346, 623:346, financial aid.png)


acbe52 No.9763930


Are you talking about the fat old guy? I have a hard time seeing the color green.

ffbfc3 No.9763950


Is the LSI building where the dumpster battle took place. Looked to be their safe space. Probably where they head weapons brought in from.

9d3b0c No.9763954

File: 7e849d6e77f0b73⋯.jpg (84.84 KB, 569x802, 569:802, cia.jpg)


why is it always cianiggers

8e0d47 No.9763955


Being that many antifags are are also in groups such as BAMN (that Yvette bitch's group), it could be possible to link them together financially. The 2 groups are always together and work as one.

fd44db No.9763956

File: 889616aec18b8c1⋯.jpg (154.29 KB, 610x343, 610:343, coolmoviecaps-caddyshack-2….jpg)



Boat-prep is not fashy.

fe0e79 No.9763959


I bet, he meant this first pic in this


d20e50 No.9763983

File: 390c7cfa518290f⋯.png (209.66 KB, 353x631, 353:631, 20170420_202520.png)


This fat fuck.

5b20a1 No.9763997



>My ffet hurt

>Why does my long ass neck sag so much?

>I wish I home fapping to blacked.com

>I wonder if my girl friend's boyfriend Tyron is doing fine?

>Why do these fascist worship frogs?

>Does that make the French racist now?

ffbfc3 No.9764005

File: b157f0a32c2efc0⋯.jpg (220.71 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, RaybanTerrorist.jpg)

File: 87c17c9e3eb8b4a⋯.jpg (258.3 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 15th04.jpg)

File: 6801b0db5bdb9fc⋯.png (1.98 MB, 941x1271, 941:1271, headshot.2.PNG)

File: fafbc3ab917ff5c⋯.jpg (140.9 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Headshot.jpg)



He is right there with Kaki man is right there with Mike Wilson.

Mike Wilson is a controler on the ground at multiple events.

He is pictured with Eric Clanton everywhere.

acbe52 No.9764014


Well that's who I was thinking.

c0293f No.9764027



Sorry, right. The post after, first pic. see


acbe52 No.9764043


He's that guy linked to Citizenzilla, right?

8246c0 No.9764092


he is still in the shit, had too lawyer up

9d3b0c No.9764098


1:29 - 2:36 khaki CIA man appears in this video, does he show up anywhere else?


fe0e79 No.9764103

File: 598df6c44b365cc⋯.png (413.01 KB, 642x362, 321:181, roof.png)

File: 3d60475afe0e714⋯.png (372.08 KB, 644x364, 23:13, up.png)


Wilson and agents on the roof.

4a64ca No.9764133


there is definitely an infestation of leftist-converged mods on 4chan who need to be identified and their skulls pulverized

ceb2d8 No.9764167


Project Memehem

9d3b0c No.9764170

File: 951b130ee4b89e0⋯.jpg (320.05 KB, 1278x717, 426:239, def8d38ca9abd77b6b255ab991….jpg)

000000 No.9764187

I'm going to tell you now, you guys might not like us but LEOs are mostly redpilled in the US & Europe. It's the courts that are pozzed to hell. We can't do shit because the moment when bash some pinko punk and throw him in jail he gets right out because judges and the AG are absolute shit. You want to fix this? Fix the "justice" system. Don't blame the police or whatever. We don't make the laws. We don't hand it down either.

4fa8a9 No.9764192


He's a pussy willing to attack someone only when backed by a group and while wearing a mask. He's not going to survive prison :)

000000 No.9764197


what state are you from? are you really an officer?

5b20a1 No.9764202


Nice try police state goy

c9ca45 No.9764218


There's always going to be edgy shitposting, but some anons do actually have an appreciation for you guys and the work that you do.

d16fcf No.9764242

File: 7cdf94db83b53a4⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1378x889, 1378:889, 1.PNG)

File: 3c48d0bb62a3bc8⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1432x1058, 716:529, 2.PNG)

File: d6de230482ea57d⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1146x911, 1146:911, 3.PNG)

File: ae40ff4a9929e87⋯.png (1.04 MB, 944x977, 944:977, 4.PNG)

File: b82e559da2c14ec⋯.png (1.34 MB, 955x1044, 955:1044, 5.PNG)


Nobody touches this guy

Adam Antifa gets knocked the fuck out but Mike Wilson doesn't even get bumped as the rest of the main Antifa agitators get BTFO

e09fa3 No.9764273


If that was true then evidence would get "lost" when Nationalists are charged for crimes. Never ever happens.

8e7417 No.9764278


i may get glassed for saying this, and i know idiotchan has horrible sliding threads, but that is an influential space that really should be as red pilled as possible and i'd rather not just give it up

c0293f No.9764291



>Mike Wilson doesn't even get bumped as the rest of the main Antifa agitators get BTFO

Because they know exactly how to act that kind of passive that they don't get attacked.

e09fa3 No.9764297


People do it, they don't talk about it because it doesn't accomplish anything. Nobody comes back from patrol and talks about the quality of the camel shit that Bob stepped in unless it's to help you catch the one camel jockey who feeds his camel prunes to give it the runs.

00cd69 No.9764298


>We don't make the laws. We don't hand it down either.

Not to say LEOs don't have a role to play either. Courts only hold power if there are staff to enforce their laws. People can protest all they want for all the right causes but if the lowest level of bureaucrat won't challenge anything for risk of their jobs and pensions then it's all for naught.

Organize strikes, garner public attention to these issues. Blow it all wide open.

295bdf No.9764301


Police are fine as people, I'd eat lunch with a police officer no problem. I know that's something I couldn't do with one of these wormy antifa faggots. But in uniform and on the job, sometimes some of you motherfuckers decide to play parent and check every little detail, pop quizzes on what I'm doing, where I'm going, that sort of shit, then you earn ire and resentment. Who would you rather live next to, a cop who wants to go home to his family and just have everyone shut the fuck up, or a bunch of shiftless crackheads, 20 to a room smoking so much pot your dog gets high from across the street?

But I have a question for you lawman, you don't worry about connecting over tor? I can understand you wanting to keep your extra-curricular activities off of the books, but tor is going to make your connection look mighty suspicious if anyone is looking for, let's say an informant, someone who has contacted I.A. A VPN might fit you a little better. Just sayin'.

d16fcf No.9764303

File: d15d594a3c2212a⋯.webm (6.86 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Berkeley Pro Free Speech ….webm)

File: dd6be4bb9a3cacf⋯.png (62.64 KB, 502x754, 251:377, MikeWilsonsACuck.PNG)

This was the moment that framed the narrative about the event as far as the MSM was concerened.

Wilson who's been agitating all day.

Walks away without a scratch and achieves a propaganda victory for whoever his paymasters are.

Or he's just some duped cuck posting shit like this on FB

54134f No.9764317


> I'm going to tell you now, you guys might not like us but LEOs are mostly redpilled in the US & Europe. It's the courts that are pozzed to hell. We can't do shit because the moment when bash some pinko punk and throw him in jail he gets right out because judges and the AG are absolute shit. You want to fix this? Fix the "justice" system. Don't blame the police or whatever. We don't make the laws. We don't hand it down either.

Don't get stressed or discouraged. Keep sending lawbreakers into the system even if it's broken. Otherwise the public will not see the deeper issues.

d16fcf No.9764336

File: 271978ce0458b2b⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1153x917, 1153:917, 6.PNG)

Doesn't even blink as the a wave of freedom protestors lay waste to his commrades

248af7 No.9764345


>also wearing the pink ear plugs

He had to know about the m80's they were throwing, that should make him an accomplice to some sort of crime, right?

fe0e79 No.9764374

File: 39ad14ce7b0b2f6⋯.png (983.3 KB, 693x628, 693:628, wilson is watching.png)



He got hit from the back in the head, wasnt strong enough.

So anyway, he looks on something here all the time.

897cbb No.9764425


The white box in the first picture mentions the leader of BAMN Shanta Driver. Threads on half chan last night were saying we need to investigate Shanta Driver.

She's the head programmer of Bamn. Everyone under her is easily replaceable. She could program a new cell in Berkley easily.

Also mentioned is Yvette Felarca. Remember when Yvette Felarca was interviewed on Tucker? Everyone was saying she looks like a MKUltra slave. Looks like pol was right.

4de89f No.9764426



Reminder that assault is a threat. Battery is the actual attack. This fucker could be charged with aggravated battery.

c0293f No.9764458


That's a trick. Looking over the peoples heads like you are interested in something behind them, chin up, signals passivity and no one will attack you.

d16fcf No.9764459


This is when their forces got split.

The other group of antifa black blocks were cut off in the direction he is looking at.

a4953d No.9764514

I have a theory why SFSU is trying to create distance from Eric Clanton- their faculty is full of BAMN cadre/zampolits and they know it, and don't want anyone looking into them. I bet if we can get some faculty pics and compare them to the old fat fucks doing the organizing we can match some names to faces.

bf5667 No.9764589

Stiles. Huh huh like teen woof

d16fcf No.9764596

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here is a good new rundown

000000 No.9764609


You have to ignore the plebs at some point, lad. It's as good a time as ever to start.

bf5667 No.9764651

Lets not forget the civil aspect; in any event of criminal charges; civil charges can ruin him.

4578f3 No.9764688


>California has a 3 strike law, conviction by a 2nd strike will be 12-18 years in jail, third strike is usually life in prison.

I remember in last night's thread seeing has has two prior criminal charges already. Any anons find out what for?

c27e42 No.9764750


Fundraising is always a battle. All the commie shit that got funded in the last 50 years - none of that money fell from heaven. I think. Somebody had to make a plan and sell that plan to wealthy individuals/foundations/whatever.

Get your shit together and find potential sponsors and pitch. If you can't find the sponsors, you probably can't run the operation either.

Leonard Read did it:


4578f3 No.9764774

File: 18807e7bd2b05b9⋯.jpg (84.85 KB, 1126x818, 563:409, 45d70104faed4257cf2295910f….jpg)


Nice dubs, but you're forgetting where our real power lies. It's not in kike shekels. It is in pure, unfettered truth. Truth that we can uncover no matter what the barrier; Truth that can completely change public opinion albeit all to the but willfully ignorant, which is sadly most normalfags We don't need anons with serious income, (though I'm sure we have some anyway) we just convince the public to fund it themselves. Not because we tricked them or they fell for any propaganda, but because their eyes were opened to the truth, and they're not part of some magical secret autistic superintelligence

ca5e03 No.9764785


They are a state university, we might even be able to get emails with properly worded/targeted FOIA requests.


897cbb No.9764822


I agree. Eric's always surrounded by BAMN members.

I bet CPUSA is funding BAMN. They may be a few layers up, but Communist Party USA stays in the shadows and fund many groups.

4578f3 No.9764830

File: 82909fe2f3b8557⋯.png (154.7 KB, 569x428, 569:428, 1464025985310.png)


I've always like the idea of mods being chosen the same way jury duty is, but factoring in things like post quality and pph, shit like that. If everything goes to plan I will make this a reality. wish me luck faggots

a8f29a No.9764832

File: dc94e7b8c9dac06⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1330x657, 1330:657, lock22.png)


They're trying to be cute, but behind those pastel shirts are fat-sex porn stars. Don't let the teddys fool ya. But I have to confess it is good optics.



Found another lock wielding faggot.

see pic

1ace8b No.9764853



These two posts are probably worth more than two days of Moldilocks threads.

d16fcf No.9764863


I love that in the last caption on the bottom right antifa sk8 scum smashes antifa red bandana fag in the head with his board because his mask is off and he mistakes him for a freedom protester.

4578f3 No.9764872


I think it's common knowledge that we already have and they already do. I mean, look at the vault 7 leaks. Pretty sure there some CIA that frequent /mlp/. /pol/ is not a far cry considering

1ace8b No.9764887


>I think it's common knowledge that we already have and they already do.

I'd like to believe that, but in the years I've been here I've only seen speculation on the subject.

295bdf No.9764898



to sage a thread you put it in the email field, newfriend. I agree about the BAMN being part of their staff. I'm trying to find individual members giving interviews and then doxing them to the extent to see where they work. Yvette Felarca is a teacher of some sort, I think elementary/middle school age.

b9462d No.9764912

I say we make a trade. Drop stickman and the other guys charged in exchange for this weakling. Stickman is more valuable than 50 of the queers.

e4ba50 No.9764942


Just a thought, he's wearing the same bandanna as Moldylocks's boyfriend. Is there any screenshots of ML's boyfriend in the videos being passed around? It's possible that guy may be around him.

4578f3 No.9764946


>but in the years I've been here I've only seen speculation on the subject.

Really don't think they'd out themselves, and if they did, we wouldn't believe them.

1ace8b No.9764948


Thanks for the protip. I didn't even want to sage it.


Stickman isn't really /ourguy/ though. He has an Asian wife, denounced white nationalists, and posted on FB that mixed race children are the future. This was after those same white nationalists including Sam Hyde raised over $10k for his legal defense.

d16fcf No.9764951

File: 266cf745cf560ab⋯.png (1013.47 KB, 1280x738, 640:369, 1492745801261.png)


Not him

e4ba50 No.9764956


I'm not saying they're the same guy, but that he may be around him during the protest.

a4953d No.9764977


Possibly, but running down the anfag organizers from faculty pics is something every anon can work on. Although, the SFSU site is divided up by colleges, and a lot of faculty don't have pics. Local magazines, newspapers, news reports, etc., might be more useful.

7c905f No.9764988


>I believe he went to school at SFSU.

He got his masters there and then was given a lecturing position. Only been with DVU since maybe Jan this year.

a4953d No.9764991


We should not leave out UC Berkeley faculty, of course. They have proven ties to violent anfag riots.

7c905f No.9765023


>Stickman isn't really /ourguy/ though. He has an Asian wife, denounced white nationalists, and posted on FB that mixed race children are the future.

Who cares? Donating cash to his defence fund was good value anyway. He got right back out there organizing the berkeley thing and caused a groundswell.

Getting buttblasted that he isn't down for gassing jews is a waste of time when you've got antifa awash with soros money being led by professors at a university and being given sympathetic media coverage. It's a major problem with the right: that tendency to get into catfights and eat our own.

Bad time for it, too. The left are turning on themselves right now hilariously with antifa making themselves unpopular. I don't care how many gook babies this roid rager has provided he keeps making antifa consider suicide.

343469 No.9765116

f86184 No.9765147


are there extra penalties for doing it while masked or for assaulting a protestor? I feel his civil rights were violated.

b5094b No.9765165


>direct linking to facebook


343469 No.9765171


Shit my bad. I'm drunk.

248af7 No.9765179


My opinion of him is gradually improving… maybe he'd realize the situation better if he was cracking more minority Antifa skulls rather than limp-wristed white cucks. But hey, that's Berkeley.

fe0e79 No.9765181

File: be4495a04578e0c⋯.jpg (69.38 KB, 770x506, 35:23, grenade launcher.jpg)


248af7 No.9765185


A grenade launcher? It almost looks like they could be piloting a drone from up there… using it to survey the battlefield and coordinate their forces. Regardless, we need to get our guys up on the roofs next time.

a4953d No.9765203

Don't go anywhere near the riot, find where the anfags are loading/unloading from buses and follow them. Collect license plate numbers and pics of them with their masks off. Post info and pics on ladyboy basket weaving imageboard. Bask in the warm glow of Kek's gratitude.

f86184 No.9765214


I think this could be something.

"How many Antifa Adjuncts do you have at your school?"

fe0e79 No.9765217



>we need to get our guys up on the roofs next time.

Or organise some people to watch, film what is going on on the roofs or in the upper floors.

990630 No.9765221


Dude, if that missile was due to the men on the roof, it would be the size of a man.

That was thrown by nearby AntiFa

0b9f9c No.9765225

File: 990834a1153cbda⋯.png (3.45 KB, 493x66, 493:66, moot.png)



there's like a dozen interracial porn threads on the catalog right now. kek

63a43f No.9765239


no matter how much people talk about it I simply can't fucking believe that anyone anywhere unironically enjoys cucking

I logically know that if it never happened or wasn't a thing, the term wouldn't even exist, but mentally and emotionally I just can't bring myself to believe such retarded, horrifically cringey weak faggotry like that is actually undertaken by people who legit enjoy it. I can't bring myself to think that any cuck boards that exist aren't there solely for ironic shitposters and maymays.

295bdf No.9765245



Aside from Yevette, do you know of any other BAMN members? I'm digging through news articles right now while I'm eating dinner. Names to google or any other organizational info would help greatly. AFAIK she's only the CA chapter president and there are still a few on the food chain above her, and a bunch below

990630 No.9765250

File: 79f90aec88b1b38⋯.mp4 (3.16 MB, 400x266, 200:133, 18082478_200645200439391_8….mp4)

0b9f9c No.9765253


>mulatto in the background


0b9f9c No.9765261

File: 2b6506d939dcbe9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 150.31 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ray the shit eating cuckol….jpg)


you underestimate antifa

afd02c No.9765264


Even though he's a race traitor cuck he almost felt like he was channeling Rockwell there for a second. The collective unconscious will soon birth a new leader if even cucks like him can espouse that kind of thinking.

1f06f0 No.9765297

did half/pol/ really out this fag? What is going on here, it's like after the election we aren't getting anything done

f693a7 No.9765350


>how new are you?

how come no one explained this meme to him… ooooooh!


ded7a5 No.9765368


>implying libshits male or female would have any understanding of where the dick is








>derailing a thread about an antifa cuck being identified and charged

>to shitpost about impossible pipe dream meme moderation that will never be implemented

It's time to stop.

295bdf No.9765386


nm, facebook group has like all of it, I will have a list soon

a02058 No.9765389


I strongly identify with this post

9c2389 No.9765410

File: 3bd1e58ae34ac0c⋯.jpg (56.38 KB, 685x567, 685:567, intredasting.jpg)


Am I the only other person that sees the long term potential in this?

The application can be "accidental" too, given there's a one-letter difference between Antfag and Antifag. It could take off on social media. When you're triggering them, make the typo then let them pull you up on it. Lull them into a false sense of security. From there is where the right's artistically-talented individuals come in to play and draw up some artwork depicting the similarities of Antifa in both (hive)mind and body to ants as a rebuttal.

They might make counter-memes to how stronk ants are and compare that strength to the "righteousness" of their cause but that just makes it all the more meme-worthy. The truth is not on their side. This could work.

1ace8b No.9765416


Interesting. I didn't know if he'd get back out there after that. If he's still sticking it to smelly hippies and swelling the front lines with our ranks I don't care either.


The way things are now it's only a matter of time for every white man.

1ace8b No.9765447

File: 453cbf259c903ac⋯.webm (6.21 MB, 1080x720, 3:2, ATTENTION WARRIORS OF THE….webm)


Webm version.

3c2424 No.9765452

File: 8665b293ce51972⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 3872x2592, 121:81, paint-baloons.jpg)

Paint baloons.jpg, faggets

In the next hunting season, while they are throwing smoke & bottles, throw pain baloons at them.


bd0f00 No.9765456


>Arc'Teryx, fam.

Literally the most over priced outdoors gear made. They sell $180 t-shirts and $300+ pairs of shorts. [spoiler]If it wasnt so god damn expensive I would be a LEAF Alpha hardshell in multicam but fuck spending $800+ on a glorified windbreaker, or the $500+ pants with integrated knee pads[spoiler]

452a1c No.9765459


A guy a briefly dated wanted me to tell him about my ex boyfriends and how big their dicks were. It was super gross and sad. He was also turned on by the idea of me fucking other guys. One thing I thought was interesting is that his mom had like 5 kids by 5 different men, and some were by black men.

d1f1ab No.9765461


What ever happened to this guy?

ded7a5 No.9765471

File: ec7196246e3d370⋯.jpg (93.88 KB, 870x868, 435:434, 8bcfef2a901180bcf428f5db59….jpg)


>A guy a briefly dated

>my ex boyfriends

Anon, you better be a fucking woman.

452a1c No.9765478


Yes dude.

63a43f No.9765485


one of the rare instances in which "tits or gtfo" doesn't apply because the information wasn't being used for attention or social brownie points in some way.

452a1c No.9765513


He also had mood swings where he was really sweet and then all of a sudden angry and extremely hurtful. And when he would call me wanting to hear about dicks it was like a split personality in the middle of the night. Also his penis was really small, not that I cared. I always tried to reassure him that I was only interested in him but that wasn't sexy I guess. He was also supposedly suicidal but maybe just to hurt me. That's ultimately why we things ended, I was crying all the time and I told my dad I was worried about him and my dad got angry and offered to come kick his ass. When I saw someone who cared about me get angry at him and protective of me, I realized how bad things were and ended it. I don't believe cuckold stuff is something that can be normal or positive. Just another weird sexual manifestation of being sick in the head like we're always seeing with these "intellectual, progressive, advanced and enlightened" leftists.

Hope this is interesting.

295bdf No.9765528



I have met a total of one cuck, and it was like this. I was just friends with the lady (nerd bro, not attractive but around the same age) and her husband was this fat, ugly monster obsessed with being a filthy pervert. One time he went to put on movie when I was over there and OOPS, JUST A VIDEO OF ME GETTING MY DICK SUCKED BY MY EX-WIFE! SORRY ABOUT THAT. The kind of way retards obsess about their genitals, lacking all sorts of social cues and oblivious to how uncomfortable they're making everyone else.

Eventually she ended up cucking him while he was standing in the their bedroom jacking off while she reluctantly fucked one of their mutual friends. About as faggot as you can get, and as interested in another mans dick as you can get right before you cross that homo threshold. I think he was afraid to be a faggot, but she ended up divorcing him anyway. And I stopped going over to that place, haha. Polite sage for offtopic

0705a5 No.9765568

File: 3ae61a2fa579c80⋯.jpg (332.58 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, antifa.jpg)

File: 49c7abe102c1fca⋯.jpg (262.64 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, fakenewscoversbadge.jpg)

File: 19cabe50fba4fb7⋯.jpg (202.41 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, fakenewstocallcops.jpg)

File: 6bd8c3e59a6e18a⋯.jpg (255.38 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, fatfuck.jpg)



fat fuck records then says being under attack call cops w/bamn old fuck

63a43f No.9765578


That shit will never get old

>fuck the police homie, those stupid fascist pigs

>omg no someone disagrees with me in real life, police pls halp

0fe54c No.9765619

Please rate my idea: bring copies of the Constitution and pass them out to antifa/BAMN/Maoists. Presoak said copies in a mixture of sugar + baking soda + KNO3 (smoke bomb) & capsaicin oil (tear gas/pepper spray), knowing they'll burn them.

Or do it to American flags and let them "take them" to burn.

295bdf No.9765630


It would be really easy to catch a bunch of flag burners on fire if you use the flame from their flag and the propellant from your hairspray. On accident of course.

055fc4 No.9765631


Dumb and pointless.

Coat them with a UV dye so that you can light the fags up later

36831e No.9765645

File: 1dea984d98e1375⋯.jpg (969.9 KB, 2000x6750, 8:27, jgfjfkhlbuukgk.jpg)

new research

e83c44 No.9765678


spoiler with double asterisk before and after newfriend

ae1a61 No.9765687

This guy will get royally fucked in prison. His ass will be the property of every minority in there and no whites will stick up for him.

f5c9d3 No.9765694


good job anon

1d9721 No.9765696

does anyone have a webm of the antifa m-80 thrower?

bd0f00 No.9765704


brackets work too, I just forgot a forward slash in the second

6b24f2 No.9765705

File: 7ec0e67b7feaf04⋯.jpg (115.57 KB, 884x517, 884:517, C93-j8oXoAIr0GY.jpg large.jpg)



I was just writing about that in >>9765668

Jack Posobiec (GavinMcInnes retweets his shit), Milo, BasedStickMan and few others followed /pol/ investigation closely and start reporting very soon.

/pol/ News Network @polNewsNet also helped a lot to spread the news

e83c44 No.9765722


thats so fucked up i dont understand how guys would want to degrade their wife like that. have some fucking pride and respect for the mother of your children!

295bdf No.9765728

File: dc00907ec1146a5⋯.jpg (117.95 KB, 931x931, 1:1, mayor bitch tits.jpg)

The mayor of Berkeley is a member of thee BAMN facebook group:


http:// archive.is/dWKfR

e83c44 No.9765733

have we received confirmation of charges being pressed yet ????

990630 No.9765742


>http:// archive.is/dWKfR


WTF is the fucking Mayor doing in BAMN?!


5aa231 No.9765800


I warned you guys, they will have considerable political assets in Berkeley and Detroit expect many more. It will take a lot of attention + FBI to deal with them.

It's standard practice for cults to infiltrate local powers, remember scientology even managed to get into the FBI.

3c2424 No.9765823


does tucker have a twitter account?

0c4859 No.9765833

File: 17ed81f2b41dd52⋯.jpg (88.94 KB, 1200x1073, 1200:1073, poo in the loo.jpg)


no wonder he has been letting this shit happen

how hard would it be to show that that was his goal and get him prosecuted?

isn't BAMN basically a terrorist organization

9969f0 No.9765837


Not even some offshoot, he's straight up following BAMN. This could be good.

295bdf No.9765858





I am nodding off at my desk. I'll be back after some sleep. If you find anything related to this please post it in here, I will check back as soon as I'm up. Here is his twitter https:// twitter.com/JesseArreguin/

dd8844 No.9765860

File: 99bb665aeb057ca⋯.gif (979.09 KB, 400x316, 100:79, ofuck.gif)



this looks important

295bdf No.9765868


Yeah, they were the primary organizers to keep princess milo off campus, the mayor told the cops to stand down (to a group he's a member of, at least superficially). Not sure if this connection has been made yet, it might have but I'll check on it in the AM. nn

000000 No.9765873

4d3d45 No.9765879

File: 73a191347f10be4⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 500x278, 250:139, 1455487234957.gif)


I caught in a ven diagram between smug, rage and laughter.

000000 No.9765880



two intriguing posts

452a1c No.9765911


Any source for the Mayor telling the police to stand down during any of these riots?

3e74fd No.9765920


start a gofundme

990630 No.9765921


Good idea. Maybe email Drudge, too.

64e6ea No.9765924

File: 8d0ada408490052⋯.jpeg (31.53 KB, 600x526, 300:263, euanti.jpeg)


>facebook created to document badthinkers and put them on the gulag list

>lefty faggots forget that it's open to anyone

Sometimes I'm grateful commies are so unthinkingly open with their rebellious underground anti-establishment views.

6f9348 No.9765939

File: 33db11a33188724⋯.gif (1.72 MB, 331x197, 331:197, 2e82dd3fa73f71ce057c7e1dba….gif)

4578f3 No.9765958

File: fab2e2df4cc133a⋯.gif (2.49 MB, 853x480, 853:480, 1469352985254.gif)


alright so. What are we going to do about this.

27a665 No.9765969

a8be8d No.9765986

File: eeec25c9c7cfa0a⋯.jpg (13.57 KB, 180x200, 9:10, Larrius_Varro_Tells_a_Litt….jpg)





>Through various channels, I've learned a bit about your situation. I'd like to tell you a little story. And when I'm done, you can ask me some questions. And then, maybe, you might decide to go out and do some things. You might, and you might not. That's your affair. And I also want to tell you about a nice present I think the Emperor wants you to have. I'm not sure where it is. But maybe you'll want to check back and see if I've found it. Later. After you have done some things.

>Once upon a time there was a bad magistrate who took gold from criminal organizations to reduce the sentences and fines of criminals. Everybody knew he was doing this, but nobody could prove it. Because even if it could be proved, the bad magistrate had important friends, and proof is not as powerful as important friends.

>At the same time there was a good officer who enforced the laws because he thought laws made people happy and safe. And it bothered the good officer that enforcing the laws did no good, because the bad magistrate let the criminals go as quick as the officer caught them.

>For a long time, the good officer sighed, and said, 'What can I do? Because the bad magistrate has important friends, and nothing I can do will touch him.' But then, the good officer said, 'Say. Wait a minute. What about the bad peoplewho are BRIBING the bad magistrate? THEY haven't got important friends. And if they aren't around, then the bad magistrate can't get any more bribes.'

>And even better, the good officer suspected that the bad people who were bribing the bad magistrate were probably criminals themselves. So the good officer decided that it would be good if the bad people who were bribing the bad magistrate should go away. Forever.

>So that good officer made a little special prayer that there would be a little bloodbath to wash the bad people away. There. Isn't that a nice little story? Maybe not a perfect story. Because it ends with a prayer, and not a bloodbath. But maybe the story isn't over yet.

>Maybe the story will have a perfect ending. It isn't over yet.

Not inciting violence just Morrowind posting honest goys

000000 No.9765997

someone posted his email, pw, phonenumber on 4pol

35579c No.9765998


no, he works at DVC, a community college in pleasant hill. i've taken classes there. i've literally bummed a cigarette off of this guy. fuck this guy.

990630 No.9765999

File: 51abc527a694749⋯.jpg (165.25 KB, 927x733, 927:733, rUElRvI.jpg)



000000 No.9766003

d7826e No.9766019


Nice $300 scarf.

6f9348 No.9766026

File: 65264a73bceaabc⋯.jpg (13.71 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 78095234.jpg)

59f17b No.9766027


d7826e No.9766047



/pol/ is always right

01f190 No.9766048

File: 176b03db9478f7c⋯.jpg (87.33 KB, 1796x214, 898:107, cops love safety.jpg)


I like cops just fine, just not traffic cops cause thats essentially taxation at this point. I won't get into it but that's bullshit. we don't hate cops here, and we do get it. ya'll are good guys but you're low on the totem pole. so if the mayor says stand down or youre out, well, man's gotta feed his family. and you can't influence the courts obviously, we understand that. keep bringing them in johhny lawanon, we're working on keeping them in.

27a665 No.9766054



>merifat larping as a euro casual

95% of casuals are nationalist.

3c2424 No.9766085



This is beautiful, man.

It's a whole compilation getting bikelockscum and some speculation about other antifacts

01f190 No.9766098


post a picture. I ain't clickin that shit.

3c2424 No.9766112

File: e58f40771386057⋯.jpg (835.75 KB, 2156x1864, 539:466, imgur-bikelockscumevidence.jpg)



e71d62 No.9766123

Its impressive work once again. All these images can be used in the case.

9969f0 No.9766150

File: 1fffdbe4d0d3690⋯.jpg (150.74 KB, 859x764, 859:764, antifa.jpg)


The mayor has an interesting friend.

1cf394 No.9766178


>not realizing the judge by taking bribes is one of the criminals too

ec20f6 No.9766194

Did anyone call the FBI?

9969f0 No.9766216


Document and archive first. Those of us with Twitter accounts need to spread this.

a1649d No.9766219


Oh boy.

9969f0 No.9766232


Looks like BAMN was legit on a terrorist watch list at one point.

9969f0 No.9766233


Well I fucked that up.

b8e4bc No.9766246


>mayor has interesting friend

The mayor on down is corrupt with communism, expect no charges in this case at least from any local agency due to the spread of communism in california, its barely even America anymore.

8b441c No.9766263


Holy shit just now noticed that they have a 3 car garage. bet the anarchist anti capitalist is driving a nice german 65k+ car.

9969f0 No.9766273

File: d93684d791375e5⋯.jpg (180.47 KB, 1061x797, 1061:797, BerkeleyChief.jpg)

Berkeley has a new police chief. I wonder if this guy likes the fact his mayor associates with terrorists.

52ebf2 No.9766284

There's so much info about different people, but it's a complete mess. Is there a good way to sort and organize this info? Maybe a separate board where each individual gets their own thread with pics, info and leads, and we only repost the good stuff on /pol/? Should make everything more nice and tidy.

7ddb25 No.9766299


He says "God is with us" at the very end.

It does sound like he is getting redpilled.


52ebf2 No.9766313


>Unlike Oakland and San Francisco — which also recently hired new chiefs — Berkeley did not undergo a national search to find Greenwood, who has more than 30 years experience at Berkeley Police Department.

>""Greenwood has engaged with a wide range of community members and groups over the last six months"", said City Manager Dee Williams-Ridley.

>“His skills, experience and sense of commitment have demonstrated an ability to ""serve Berkeley according to its progressive, community-focused values"",” Williams-Ridley said in an email through a city spokesman.

ww2.kqed .org/news/2017/04/04/while-berkeley-council-votes-on-hiring-new-police-chief-some-ask-for-more-transparency/

He's pozzed, mate. He was selected for a reason. Wonder if we can find which "groups" he's been active in.

9969f0 No.9766318


>He's pozzed, mate.

Oh for sure, the guy is definitely a sycophant. This can't be good for the morale of the average street cop. We'll see what this guy is about next time Antifa starts shit.

ffbfc3 No.9766334

File: b8dad5edc80f172⋯.jpg (34.13 KB, 316x421, 316:421, enhanced-buzz-15688-137858….jpg)



>""serve Berkeley according to its progressive, community-focused values""

Progressive Values

6b24f2 No.9766342

File: 93816cfc3dbce29⋯.jpg (141.94 KB, 1254x386, 627:193, Screenshot_132.jpg)

I posted pictures in wrong thread

Look into Shanta Driver, is she in any connection with major?

I know nothing about shoe US organizations so I dont know which one are candidates for and which arent.


Last three pics: Do you think we can get BAMN and UEAA back on terrorist list.

Who is this old serious looking guy?


47d04d No.9766355


I got banned for posting in one

47d04d No.9766360


sometimes I wish the right was as dangerous as the left acts like we are

somebody would have already assassinated berkeley's mayor if we were what they think we are

not advocating violence nsa, just making a statement about not being who our opposition thinks we are. hope you had a good lunch.

d53512 No.9766363


i got banned too

>on bikelock

cuckchan has antifa moderators we slipped and it passed in their hands

db2207 No.9766365


Nathan retweeted Mike Peinovich, might as well make some mega-jew your leader and get JIMPACTED

Tor poster fails to not be a faggot yet again.

d53512 No.9766372

File: 14a75f8a6397293⋯.jpg (336.99 KB, 618x618, 1:1, 16508670_113916515792404_1….jpg)


i dont trust jews anymore , theyre like Masons, help eachother in secret if necessary and have a peculiar disease, trying to lead others to disaster.

665654 No.9766381

File: 3f7c0cb24eee419⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.36 MB, 1458x1110, 243:185, 389c5f4405c91ef7ac6ca2f25f….png)


excuse me, but could you include in your nice screen cap this pic as well?


i tried but i dont think it went well

d53512 No.9766386



fa0fbb No.9766392


Good stuff. Simple but enjoyable, though not outstandingly well-made.

6b24f2 No.9766400

File: da763ec61986446⋯.png (25.19 KB, 1235x235, 247:47, Screenshot_2.png)

File: 0ca85aa3efeb0af⋯.png (19.9 KB, 1244x222, 622:111, Screenshot_1.png)

File: 13878c67bd22a41⋯.jpg (62.43 KB, 615x460, 123:92, jackposobiec.jpg)



There was one guy yesterday on halfchan who was pushing that we need to AntiFa and AntiFa to Shanta Driver and BAMN cult and then give that to FBI

Here is thread:


Here are testimonials from former BAMN members:


099acc No.9766403


The myriad ant-extermination products would also be great and will harken back to the memes about turkroaches or even the gas chambers of the holohoax. We can portray the Trump side as 'pest control' which opens up the potential for great costumes and banners, whilst putting the idea of antifa as 'pests' that need to be got rid of in the minds of the masses.

acbe52 No.9766404


Most likely, but those idiots are always a day late and a dollar short. Everything that needed to be accomplished at cuckchan was before the bans came.

52ebf2 No.9766428

File: 4e638b811d9359b⋯.jpg (141.05 KB, 755x703, 755:703, driver.jpg)


>Berkeley middle school teacher Yvette Felarca returns to classroom

>The Berkeley Unified School District placed Felarca on administrative leave Sept. 21 after she was filmed physically attacking a self-proclaimed white nationalist during a protest in June.

>Felarca said there was a meeting on Tuesday between her attorney Shanta Driver, the president of the Berkeley Federation of Teachers Cathy Campbell and members of the school district administration, including Superintendent Donald Evans.

https://www. dailycal.org/2016/11/04/berkeley-middle-school-teacher-yvette-felarca-returns-classroom/

Some interesting names.

9546e1 No.9766437


imgur routinely deletes shit like this when some fag complains. There a mirror yet?

6b24f2 No.9766446

File: 342b125c286cc66⋯.png (38.71 KB, 1120x279, 1120:279, Screenshot_5.png)

File: 3ba8f717aaa5383⋯.png (356.63 KB, 676x716, 169:179, Screenshot_4.png)

File: ad711c1c1fa1bcc⋯.png (84.01 KB, 1234x460, 617:230, Screenshot_3.png)



few more screenshots from same thread

47d04d No.9766464


>the thot plickens

I wonder how deep this rabbit hole will take us

or should we call it a rabbi hole?

just getting names can help us should this shit ever turn hot, knowing the heads of this hydra can help us cut it down.

acbe52 No.9766470


I can't find any pictures of this Leland Sanderson guy. Is there a way we could put pictures to this entire list of names. I think if we started burning these faces into our minds, we'd probably become very surprised at who pops up where. Like a most wanted list for /pol/

6b24f2 No.9766472

File: 57c32b3cdf0039b⋯.jpg (33.64 KB, 653x263, 653:263, GAVIN.jpg)

File: 67cc541c6b8ae4a⋯.jpg (184.25 KB, 923x812, 923:812, data.jpg)

File: d123f1855bc207c⋯.png (546.24 KB, 907x920, 907:920, deleted.png)


is it deleted? I made that shit yesterday to spam some journalists with it

gavin mcinnes retweeted it

antifa cucks are reporting all our shit, and moderators oblige if they are also pro antifa

i will try to make new one, i need to save descriptions from firs from this one first

pic related was first picture in gallery, all others were from halfchan or fullchan

55f493 No.9766477


That nigger cameraman that always shows up probably has interesting (incriminating) photos of his friends on that thing. It'd be a right shame if it fell into the wrong hands amidst the confusion at the next event.

47d04d No.9766482


same with their phones

and/or their wallets (their IDs basically)

phones would be really helpful, get a whole host of numbers connected to antifa and fuck with their entire legion

remember when we did to payperHAHAyeeeaaahhh on hwndu?

we can't let our memes be dreams

9546e1 No.9766489


>is it deleted? I made that shit yesterday to spam some journalists with it

It's still there. It's just imgur is not a safe place for anything that people want down.

b8e4bc No.9766553


Can anyone in the federal government route out this communism or have the authority too? This seeks to directly undermine the US government just looking at how they refuse to obey our laws living within their own system.

Would AG Sessions or Trump have any tools at his disposal to deal with rogue actors within the government such as this mayor and others?

51629f No.9766571

File: 88750a31ab659d2⋯.gif (1.7 MB, 410x230, 41:23, 1479821032547.gif)


Good find

d53512 No.9766600

ANON its unbelievable cuckchan is deleting fucking everything on bikelock guy .

>Fucking antifas

c4e65a No.9766628


4chan is the original, and is under horrid management, so it will leak refugees to alternative boards until the feds shutter it. This place is probably next on the chopping block, most of /pol/ knows about this place and they're the ones who will be exodus'd first.

b8e4bc No.9766637


any reference to the elected leadership in California or any of those who are funded by the organizations who support those who follow the ways of communism is being deleted at halfchan it seems.

There is big money at work here, billions and getting in the way of that could spell trouble for anyone since this man is so protected as a communist agent.

4aa26d No.9766661


Because every thread is about the dox, you fucking retards

Lose the victim complex

d53512 No.9766669

oh yeah with that mayor there and bams theres all sort of shit , hes a specific antifaist who attacks others for free hits , they have that >>9766661

thank you for your advice

1a4158 No.9766671

Just an idea, but if we could get a bunch of Trump supporting spics and nogs together, we could send them in as shock troops against antifa.

Would they be able to fight against "people of color" without their anti-racist programming kicking in?

Surely they would freeze up and be unable to operate at full potential, knowing they were attempting to oppress PoCs.

69f5c9 No.9766676


That's not a US flag. No striping, the red is solid, and the placement of the blue is off.

9969f0 No.9766681


It sort of looks like the confederate flag.

69f5c9 No.9766686


You mean after she falls asleep with a pillow over her face.

ec71a4 No.9766695

File: 65ad1d42600fc1a⋯.jpg (140.29 KB, 634x836, 317:418, jewswatchout.jpg)


north face is just a basic bitch clothing line, every college student has like at least one north face hoodie. There's also an overlap between rock climbing and bdsm especially suspension work in terms of equipment and clothing, and given that antifaggots don't seem inclined towards physical exercise I'd wager that it's probably the latter.

t. used to be a degenerate, hung out at a bdsm club, etc

>I predict either an attempt on the president's life

this right here is why I get pissed about people complaining about Trump going to mar a lago every weekend. these are the same people constantly shouting about how it would be good if he were killed, that he needs to be removed, thrown in prison for muh russia, who charge onstage during his rallies like during the primaries, etc, posing a clear threat to the president's life. Do they not realize that mar a lago is super high security and basically a bunker? He wouldn't need to go there every weekend if there weren't constant threats and violent sentiments being directed at him every second of every day.


I never understood the appeal of a fixie, I built a single speed with a flip flop hub and I've only ever used it fixed once. It was terrible, I switched it back to the freewheel side and haven't changed it since




>pastel bloc

didn't know they had a name kek

72911b No.9766705

File: 9e54ccd45159ab9⋯.png (23.33 KB, 907x554, 907:554, leaf blower.png)

Idea against smoke grenades - RWSS style.

9969f0 No.9766719

File: cb26593ab3275d3⋯.jpg (246.65 KB, 1307x688, 1307:688, flag.jpg)


Just looked at it from a different angle, it's nothing.

69f5c9 No.9766721

File: acf77b13aa9416d⋯.jpg (135.51 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, t255621_American Resistanc….jpg)


That second picture shows exactly who needs to be targeted next. The damned camera wielding morons who are practically the second row of insurgents. The documentors have to be taken out as soon as possible.

436f71 No.9766726


Why wait for antifags to throw one? make your own and come pre-equipped, then wait until they throw theirs for extra ammo

d53512 No.9766727


you mean shoot and kill them ?

000000 No.9766765


Look at the masked brown kid in second pic. Is he the same one that was unmasked at the beach confrontation?

Where was this pic taken and when?

1a4158 No.9766766


>Bitching, screaming, pushing.

>"What are you going do pussy!?" Type goading.

>The fact it happens so much shows its an obvious MO


That's just what women are naturally like

Utter cunts who can pretend to be nice when it suits them

69f5c9 No.9766770


Seriously, newfag. No I'm not saying kill them, I'm saying beat their ass twice as hard as the Antifags. They are not on our side, therefore they are the enemy, therefor a legitimate target of opportunity.

Pic is for what our country will become if these antifa faggots take over.

ec71a4 No.9766780


t. salty neckbeard virgin

d53512 No.9766807


you know there people who come in here and say lets kill to get us FBI'd

b1bba4 No.9766887

File: 9305718c5cb0a65⋯.jpg (120.82 KB, 520x588, 130:147, bjcejxl1acpy.jpg)



Hmm. Where have I heard this talking point before?

ec71a4 No.9766927


mgtow pls, I don't have to be a woman to be able to recognize that that poster is in fact a salty neckbearded virgin.

000000 No.9766931


Also, is the pepper spray guy wearing makeup?

Look how pasty his skin is, almost like he has a thick layer of foundation powdered on. His eyebrows look like they have powder on them. And his hair almost looks glued on.

1aa462 No.9767024


If anyone's going to try this (doubt it), remember smoke grenades can get hot, don't pick them up with your bare hands, they can burn you. It's probably not a good idea to use a gasoline powered leaf blower (flammable), use an electric one with backup batts? Do they perform well enough? A tapered nozzle will give you more range, but will be harder to set up, and would probably need to be a removable nozzle. Don't be stupid or reckless.

1a4158 No.9767091


t. beta white knight who hasn't figured women out yet and still falls for the fairy tales

2a9b69 No.9767121


>Bear mace spraying a member of the all arms veterans.

They're not very smart aren't they?

6f1670 No.9767234


Can anyone from C comment on whether the situation is the same in Commifornia as it is in Canada ie. that SFSU would be liable for the actions of their employee under certain circumstances?

351c9f No.9767261


george noory is a complete cuck, good luck

9d3b0c No.9767360

File: eb3860d8752006a⋯.jpg (378.33 KB, 1273x677, 1273:677, a777b7e1f7412f99ae1370592d….jpg)

the fatty who was shielding Eric Clanton during his assaults


e88eac No.9767430


THIS! Really important, mark the faggots.

fe0e79 No.9767449

6f9348 No.9767495

8246c0 No.9767519


this is really weird, the guy denies that he is talking about the bike lock guy.

did anyone see the body of the OP before it was deleted?

990630 No.9767553


Jesus…they don't even try to hide it anymore

acbe52 No.9767578

File: d1221d7518df0f1⋯.png (569.84 KB, 985x2249, 985:2249, DVC INquirer.png)

File: 19833bdd0d18961⋯.png (363.63 KB, 698x1727, 698:1727, leddit.png)

Just saw these two.

One an article from DVC Inquirer about the situation.The second is a reddit post, asking for a friend.

I also think they're trying to scare people from looking into this by throwing implying you can get sued or arrested for talking about this.

b1bba4 No.9767621



The whole point of Black Bloc tactics is to use their uniform to completely obscure their identity among a crowd. If they are blasted in various colors of paint it makes them easy to identify, easy to track, and easier to deal with.

0c4859 No.9767628

File: 4620cf54974dcfa⋯.webm (6.85 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ghettobird.webm)


what is your point faggot?

2a9b69 No.9767631


>But now it's guilty until proven innocent!

Remember rape culture?

1d8aff No.9767637


>The whole point of Black Bloc tactics is to use their uniform to completely obscure their identity among a crowd.

That is exactly why their uniform needs to be used against them. Black Block needs to be light cars on fire, IYKWIM.

acbe52 No.9767645


lol, that's exactly what I thought when reading it. All the people that the liberals clamor to hang over accusations.

However, I thought the article wasn't TOO terribly biased.

295bdf No.9767650

File: 9f6d1399e932fd1⋯.png (63.57 KB, 704x552, 88:69, lol reddit legal advice.png)

acbe52 No.9767671


How did you open that second part up, I have no fucking idea how to use Reddit. Or was it removed?

Also, how real do you think this is?

1d8aff No.9767672


They're trying desperately to create a 'dindu nuffin, wrong place wrong time, wadnt us' defense for this turd.

1d8aff No.9767683



It also appears that the organizers are a little worried that they have been isolated and are being investigated.

295bdf No.9767686


archive sites keep previously archived results, so I went to archive.is and searched (bottom blue box) for the reddit url minus all of the other crap. Add an asterisk * at the end as a wildcard, so it will return anything that matches the first part

https:// archive.fo/https://www.reddit.com/r/legaladvice/comments/66p9tp/*

0c4859 No.9767712



>i think the concern is the people could see the videos and pictures and where we were standing combined with the accusations, things could be interpreted the wrong way. So while he didn't do anything, the weight of Twitter and certain Voldemort type websites may convince people of things that didn't happen.

how should it be interpreted then?

you participate and stand on the side of people that are masked and have a history of attacking people, and actually fucking attack people in this specific instance as well

standing there pretty much means you support them

295bdf No.9767736


I would love to hear the argument in court about the intentional obfuscation of the black bloc and trying to shirk responsibility and cover up for other criminals by virtue of all wearing the same costume. This is going to get juicy.




This made my day. Thank you.

6b24f2 No.9767737

File: 5700d39ae4262e0⋯.jpg (354.38 KB, 878x2283, 878:2283, freedomsilence.jpg)

File: 09f4010378ade1b⋯.jpg (29.48 KB, 475x352, 475:352, the-truth.jpg)



you can also replace reddit.com with ceddit.com on any reddit link, and you land on page that archives all reddit posts before they are deleted by mods or posters

this is very useful to see what kinds of postss mods are deleting, and agenda is very obvious


(original domain is r.go1dfish.me, ceedit.com is just redirect i think)

pic related

acbe52 No.9767739


Is there another fucking person being accused or something? This is either a troll or this guy is grasping for straws, as video clearly shows him striking at least four people in the head with a bike lock. Unless he's saying he was there, but he's not the guy doing it, he was just near the guy doing it.

351c9f No.9767769


>Hope this is interesting.

not really, it's just

>degenerate is insane, news at 11

1d8aff No.9767810


Undercover anon needs to go on the commie sites and start throwing around that since he's male, he's guilty of something, part of the patriarchy, etc., etc., even if he didn't do anything (but we all know he did) blah blah.

e5714b No.9767822


I too was banned from /r/anarchism. Never mind that my post was both polite and informative and that I actually AGREED with one of the seasoned posters about "don't do anything to stand out from the crowd".

But how does one get banned from Anarchy?

295bdf No.9767925


I've been banned from there too. They're Marxist/Communist authoritarians. I doxed one of the admins of that subreddit a while back, some communist tranny in Toronto, agnostic-nixie iirc. It has some guns I am pretty sure aren't registered, soviet style cv shit. The mods ban everyone who disagrees with them, it is a daily occurrence.

cc09bd No.9767942


Something to launch these might come in handy.


acbe52 No.9768038


I think the paint is a little over the top. All of those idiots are supposed to wear nondescript clothing, however the idiots can't help but wear something unique to set themselves apart. Those stupid shamaghs, or a bandanna, or something with a little personal flair.

What we need is more people taking pictures and more body cameras. More footage to look at.

f8b16a No.9768043


So he admits he was there? Doesn't help his case, lol.

8246c0 No.9768047

File: a0ccdacbcefe31a⋯.jpg (26.75 KB, 634x553, 634:553, article-0-1B03275B00000578….jpg)



this is infinitely cheaper and more effective as well as much less suspicious

0c4859 No.9768054


trying to unmask antifa should be the first priority

5b20a1 No.9768066


He's a college professor that thinks he can out wit his crimes.

d53512 No.9768075

ANON, demonstartion of Antifa moves during a riot by a euroguy . Tactics etc must watch.


embed dont accept it so link

990630 No.9768110

File: 5ced7de64c9f867⋯.png (113.99 KB, 774x357, 258:119, Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at ….png)


Jut got banned from cuckchan for posting this image

d53512 No.9768126

File: be7f3bd86ce063d⋯.png (401.9 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Screenshot (45).png)


they're burrying the issue , theyre compromized, banned too for posting this

990630 No.9768134



d53512 No.9768151


SJW too , what a mix, we need definitely migrate here

2fc3b6 No.9768154

hi /pol/. anyone got the uncut chopper footage?

ae1a61 No.9768161


>sometimes I wish the right was as dangerous as the left acts like we are

White flight will run out of places to run away to one day. That's when you will see some serious shit.

f05605 No.9768238

File: ce84258dd5df232⋯.jpeg (40 KB, 400x533, 400:533, suntzustatue.jpeg)


>sometimes I wish the right was as dangerous as the left acts like we are

>implying we're not

When the time comes, they'll wish they hadn't poked this particular bear.

295bdf No.9768263


Gavin was tweeting about this earlier today. Good job anons, make it spread

74d11c No.9768273


fucking RICO case right here

6b24f2 No.9768288

File: 4ebb9efb70a5c5e⋯.png (367.75 KB, 613x523, 613:523, 1492754641550.png)


this is 1:40:00 i havent watched it yet


this is short version of stickman attack and two strikes of bikelock guy


this is some CBS fottage that at the end focuses on two cops on the roof (pic related)


1d8aff No.9768293


That is why it is so important to ID the organizers and instigators of the antifa violence, assaults, etc., and tie them back to BAMN, UC Berkeley, City of Berkeley, SFSU, and the rest.

a80593 No.9768312


>California Penal Code Section 185

>It shall be unlawful for any person to wear any mask, false whiskers, or any personal disguise (whether complete or partial) for the purpose of:

>One–Evading or escaping discovery, recognition, or identification in the commission of any public offense.

>Two–Concealment, flight, or escape, when charged with, arrested for, or convicted of, any public offense.  Any person violating any of the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.

Another charge can be added to his list of offenses.

ec71a4 No.9768332

File: 1fae388c9fb9162⋯.jpg (172.79 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 61 8gqCAkSL._UL1500_.jpg)


>It shall be unlawful for any person to wear any mask, false whiskers,or any personal disguise

>false whiskers


80ce8c No.9768480


Ya he was just walking around with a bikelock and wearing a mask.Just there for peaceful protest.

These fucking retards are so addicted to social media that they can't help but to spew every little detail about everything in their lives all over the internet.

2fc3b6 No.9768488


Mm, yeah I've seen this. Unfortunately it's a glitchfest in the last 20 and the quality is crippled. It's hard to believe the camera crew would even get in the helicopter if their raw footage was going to look like that. Any clever ideas?

eeb9ba No.9768519


God I love watching weasels squirm thinking the trap isn't closed yet.



>current year+2

>still being surprised at cuckchan being a fully compromised shithole

Just be glad they get all the blame cause muh forchan meme

58fa3b No.9768546

File: 44ac344fc31ed67⋯.jpg (170.46 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Gang-1.jpg)


There's no way he'll be able to maintain his retard ideology in prison.

Holding cells are racially segregated. If you don't join your racial gang you're basically dead. Race riots happen pretty regularly.

If he thinks he's going to go around hugging niggers any sentence is going to be a death sentence.

000000 No.9768550


Nice avatar and nice d&c tactics.

He did more for the right in one minute than you ever will.

000000 No.9768572


Oh wait, the jew avatar wasn't in your post. It fits though.

Why do shills try to keep the right from uniting? D&C tactics keeps us weak. Nathan is charismatic and likely to be redpilled, he could be /ourguy/.

ec71a4 No.9768585

File: 5db57d06b806e80⋯.jpg (21.41 KB, 200x201, 200:201, swastika_bw.jpg)




6b2429 No.9768587

File: 59d967adf4cf15a⋯.jpg (15.48 KB, 474x324, 79:54, albuttsharp.jpg)



You faggots think you're safe in big cities? Never mind all the pinko liberal decrepit faggots in the system especially the judicial system, look at the guys running the show. Mayor DiBlasio of NYC was a fuckin Sandinista.


>De Blasio was an ardent supporter of the ruling socialist government, the Sandinista National Liberation Front, which was at that time opposed by the Reagan administration.

>After returning from Nicaragua, de Blasio moved to New York City, where he worked for a nonprofit organization focused on improving health care in Central America. He continued to support the Sandinistas in his spare time, joining a group called the Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York, which held meetings and fundraisers for the Sandinista political party.

acbe52 No.9768615


lol they'll just claim that it's not about burying it, but because they're tired of reading the spam. Then they'll call you "nu-pol" and tell you go back to The_Donald on Reddit because you're distracting them from posting cuck porn and LARP threads.

d53512 No.9768641

Bastard bike>>9768615

thats what 1 said , i told him he dont deserve a reply, kek

d53512 No.9768644

oops remnants in comment

295bdf No.9768807




Guess who left the BAMN group today! The archive still remembers though https://archive.is/dWKfR

47d04d No.9768853


hi masha

df4dc1 No.9768864


who are these guys in you pic?

d53512 No.9768945


ffs this mayor is a fucking circus clown we got him on bamn and we got the fact bamn is there for us to tear apart

fe0e79 No.9769017

File: 24403964a0f477b⋯.png (1.35 MB, 898x717, 898:717, uuga booga.png)

File: dfaf8e635bbfe86⋯.webm (3.24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, roof first.webm)

f8b16a No.9769056


That picture is enough to 100% confirm a face match due to blemishes

ec71a4 No.9769074


>thos disgusting blue and purple pigtails

well she got the pig thing right at least

47d04d No.9769117


I always find it funny how antifa films us like we're afraid of it, like we want to hide our identities

do they not realize we're patriotic and proud? we don't hide our faces (except to protect them) because we don't give a fuck.

Antifa are so fucking stupid

d53512 No.9769143


good shit BRO ANON

80130a No.9769150

File: b2585336546f44b⋯.png (234.69 KB, 497x470, 497:470, year_book_of_kevin_chang_i….png)


Nah bro, my parents are boomers and they did absolutely everything conceivable to trip me up, even when I tried to hustle. I was only able to break out by joining the military. Both are multi-millionaires. The kevin chang meme is amusing and quirky, but a good percentage of the boomers I have met truly and earnestly subscribe to the philosophy.

d53512 No.9769158



a63f18 No.9769194


I'd take the 4 years in prison over being labeled as a "wobbler" any day

80130a No.9769205



>so who do you guys call that you can trust to some degree? FBI?

>Local cops and FBI. Call them both.

For fucks sake why do we keep having to clarify this?



Its like you people have never heard of whitey bulger or some shit, or you are a cocksucking shill faggots

acbe52 No.9769274

File: b7e793e1b304b38⋯.png (2.66 MB, 661x6895, 661:6895, article.png)

Another article written. Basically he dindu nuffin.

46bc6d No.9769276

File: ec8e359cef3cfdb⋯.webm (7.74 MB, 640x480, 4:3, the beast.webm)

>They found out who he is from a backpack, & his eyebrows

Jesus, /pol/ is fucking scare when it puts it's mind to something. I know it's been said before, but never underestimate weaponized autism.

acbe52 No.9769283


Also, it basically talks about how idiots on Twitter are spreading false information. Like saying he works at SFSU, that he got arrested, that he got fired, that charges are pending, and other shit.

2a5834 No.9769293


Antifa are on the payroll of Soros, they are not on the payroll of the cops and FBI. :/

Some upper level cops may be compromised due to bad behavior(fanklin scandal / pizza gate) So some upper level cops may be shielding them due to that but this is likely not the case with all upper level cops.

8246c0 No.9769342


the evidence is damning, he needs to come forward with albi/explanation to clear his name.

The police had any spine a Berkley he would be at least questioned.

db23c1 No.9769380


>Some upper level cops may be compromised due to bad behavior(fanklin scandal / pizza gate) So some upper level cops may be shielding them due to that but this is likely not the case with all upper level cops.

What is more likely, is the mayor ordered the police to stand down. The mayor knows how violent the antifa would be but he doesn't want them getting arrested because that would cause the rich parents to stop donating to any of his future political campaigns.

7fd6e9 No.9769396


Da fuck? Who's side are they on? What the fuck they doin?

bump for visibility

2a5834 No.9769398


I agree with you about the berkley thing, I was primarily responding to the guy claiming cops in general are in cahoots with antifa. My main point was that they are not in cahoots with antifa and that there is the chance that in some jurisdictions you may have some upper level guys compromised in some sort of epstein pedophile island sort of way but that even if that is the case that is the case with some areas that its not the case with most areas.

I wasnt putting forth that as an explanation for berkley I was basically trying to debunk the guy who was claiming all cops are collaborating with antifa, thats obviously not true. Some cops may kowtow to the liberal establishment and pressure groups but they arent on the same team as antifa.

b8e4bc No.9769410


>What is more likely, is the mayor ordered the police to stand down.

Thats already been known since the mayor gives such orders attending every briefing prior to each Berkley event.

Noone can arrest him since this guy is way too protected since he is a communist that means he is untouchable under the law.

1d8aff No.9769431



The JTTF is who should be looking into BAMN/ANTIFA as a domestic terrorist group. JTTF is run by Andrew McCabe, assistant director of the FBI’s National Security Branch. Andrew McCabe's wife Jill received $700K+ in campaign donations from Terry McAuliffe to spike the HIllary email server investigation. In other words, Andrew McCabe is completely deep state and on board with the Soros agenda. Thus, nothing will ever result from expecting the FBI to do anything about antifa terrorists. They are a deep state proxy army just like ISIS, they even dress the same.

80130a No.9769433

File: 3e97d622ca2d9d5⋯.jpg (59.22 KB, 788x811, 788:811, 67406696.jpg)


>I was basically trying to debunk the guy who was claiming all cops are collaborating with antifa



b9a0c6 No.9769475

File: cc46b4ced8f9b16⋯.jpg (491.37 KB, 849x1024, 849:1024, Oliver Cromwell and Menass….jpg)


>anglo-jews commiting atrocities in the name of their hysterical and traitorous vision of european civilization are white

What's the end goal of the anglo-saxons mixed-race globalist vision of the existence, beside acting like negros with muh dick in mind?

f8b16a No.9769526


He doesn't live in berkeley, he lives in san leandro, but it's the same county as berkeley (alameda). Maybe it's time to call san leandro PD?

If his reddit post is real, he's admitting he was part of black bloc that day.

295bdf No.9769573


Maybe in a few days. I am much more satisfied having him worry about what's going to happen to him. Keeping him up at night, nervous and afraid. Every knock on the door possibly being the police.

fe0e79 No.9769645

File: eee42a9a692a2d7⋯.png (650.99 KB, 663x529, 663:529, uooga booga 2.png)


I dont know, only speculations or speculations of others: 1.)antifa, 2.)fbi, 3.)police, provoking sides by throwing, shooting grenades from these spots, 4.)police filming event.

I am leaning towards #4.

Pic - this was the second spot. 2 men again. There was a tripod for camera. I am too lazy to cut from 1h:40m footage posted here now:


f8b16a No.9769667

File: 431db6df17a45cd⋯.jpg (789.73 KB, 1715x883, 1715:883, bb3strategic.jpg)


here's an overall strategic graphic of BB3.

f8b16a No.9769672

d43c36 No.9769754


>Someone gives evidence against your position

>All you can say is "Fuck off"

>Then you're such a newfag that you sage in the name field

a63f18 No.9769780


I'm such a newfag I dont even fully understand what sage is :^(

d53512 No.9769817


nise !!!

02f922 No.9769844

Can you guys track down the man in red who gets locked in the head at 0:07?? Get him to come forward and press charges, too.


fe0e79 No.9769846

File: 8bba31cb02ce455⋯.jpg (101.19 KB, 1052x617, 1052:617, C9-VSDhV0AEN-Yt.jpg large.jpg)

Possible, that this pic is not in our dossier.

dea59f No.9769856


What's his jewbook? I tried searching and couldnt find it.

355bb2 No.9769890


I'm a worker. This bitch is fighting to put me out of a job by importing illegal labor to compete with me for my job.

55f493 No.9769897

File: 257e328d9bbf1d4⋯.jpg (53.74 KB, 397x525, 397:525, endless possibilities.jpg)

One of the minor but further damning details that seems to get glossed over in the summaries of how he was outed was his professed love for a specific brand of pen - Zebra brand pens ("preferably stolen", according to his OKCupid profile). And sure enough, in the back pocket of bike lock enthusiast Eric Clanton's ovenfodder-made Levis dungarees is one of his beloved Zebra brand pens that he unabashedly claims that he can't leave home without.

Anyone got an archive of his OKCupid?

54797d No.9769903


holy shit their lips are actually so protruding that they stick out in the mask ahahahaah

156e0f No.9769909


Amusingly enough, he also admits he prefers to steal them. If anyone knows the closest places to him that sell these, it could be fun to nail him for shoplifting, too.

1fe989 No.9770010


Nah he totally steals them from coworkers/the school's office supply closet like a faggot.

b8e4bc No.9770069


There are already articles popping up online from news sites showing how heroic this guy is while also saying its impossible to charge him. Their probably right since the mayor and anyone in charge of prosecution is funded by communists but this is going too far.

c33285 No.9770126

File: 5d83cde14621a75⋯.jpg (84.98 KB, 862x484, 431:242, fuckingreddit.jpg)

File: 535ea3d522fc92b⋯.jpg (93.69 KB, 733x671, 733:671, oiveyshutitdown.jpg)

File: 18c327afa903633⋯.png (95 B, 1x1, 1:1, FF4D00-0.8.png)

fe0e79 No.9770352

File: 7b8a43ba82ab265⋯.jpg (472.52 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, C9-iybHV0AAqm8i.jpg large.jpg)

7fd6e9 No.9770427

File: 8805ab6e3c9e38f⋯.png (376.62 KB, 851x481, 23:13, strangebin.png)


So they hid their arsenal in a container?

I was wondering what that orange container is I saw at the Junction, we see it when they're chased down the street, it is being pushed around and doesn't serve the purpose of a barricade. It could be a bottle thrower position. Is that their arsenal box?


Antifa Arsenal, its possible some of the bottles were obtained from local trashbins, stored earlier.

ffff47 No.9770441


oh nice

e3dbe5 No.9770520


How did /pol/ find out Shanta Driver is the leader?

4aa26d No.9770525


>calling people stupid

>while falling for a ruse



It will be interesting to see whether the police actually act on an arrest after it's been discovered that the mayor has ties to BAMN

I wouldn't be surprised if it was taken to court and no indictment was gained because the prosecutor (((conveniently))) omitted some evidence and "right wing conspiracies don't prove this is the right person"

48b501 No.9770655

File: 784eda03e7408db⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1367x862, 1367:862, Rooftop.PNG)

File: 8ad8fcf1b474eb7⋯.png (903.44 KB, 823x680, 823:680, Rooftop2.PNG)

File: bc9bc6897415f0a⋯.png (2.31 MB, 1370x1165, 274:233, WeaponDrop.PNG)




Rooftop surveillance on other side

Bike cart at weapons drop off zone

f8b16a No.9770663


What stream is that from?

Doesn't seem to be this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKwPkKuVJPM

I think they stood off site with their bags or had them stashed. Here's a video of where they marched in, lower right part of that map


5b20a1 No.9770695

File: 207e45153e717bd⋯.jpg (51.76 KB, 440x258, 220:129, 8bba31cb02ce45564647b391dc….jpg)

f8b16a No.9770696

File: a090137a474fbc7⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1409x769, 1409:769, ClipboardImage.png)

The dumpster antifa took has been returned to its proper place next to the berkeley civic center

ec71a4 No.9770703

File: 7b7923d83fc2b4e⋯.jpg (250.81 KB, 1200x859, 1200:859, watchout.jpg)


i tried

2fc3b6 No.9770730


Familiar branding. It will be from this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl8mcdluYc73vSgVFILMFmA

6f9348 No.9770742

File: db05347ddd6ccc4⋯.gif (5.84 MB, 474x487, 474:487, 505a0a55ff5bbec4623ad25616….gif)


very nice

48b501 No.9770767


My sides!

ec71a4 No.9770777


ty hitler

f8b16a No.9770809


Found it. Doesn't look like a stash but a traffic barrier that can be filled with water/sand.


f8b16a No.9770837


nice but you should include bike lock attacker

6f9348 No.9770851

File: ae47cd6a8f53907⋯.gif (10.58 KB, 296x292, 74:73, digits magick.gif)

File: 16855466716906f⋯.gif (63.89 KB, 200x55, 40:11, fa3e0563c72d101631611e78f8….gif)

ffff47 No.9770925


Ohh they have heavy weapons

ok, keep an eye for their arc

ffff47 No.9770995

reposting from other thread mayor is antifa lol

https://www.youtu be.com/watch?v=Bv_Oiu1bDrI

acbe52 No.9771022


Antifa does like mobile magazine for their ammo. Back 15 years ago anarchists came to my town and they used shopping carts that they would fill with rocks and bottles. They would put these inflatable rubber things on the front and use it as some sort of mobile ammo stash and shield for everyone behind it.

ffff47 No.9771026


on twitter

https://twit ter.com/Gavin_McInnes/status/855457030190092288

48b501 No.9771088


They lift so probably ex military.

Antifags don't lift

Local & state government operatives crawling all over this place.

e486cb No.9771150


very nice

1acc47 No.9771173


if you read the testimonial given by former BAMN member "jevon" that was screencapped from FB, they are clearly guilty of conspiring to kidnap minors among tons of other crimes, before you even get into their political violence / terrorism. all the shit in the white sidebar here >>9763090 is textbook cult style mind-breaking

ec71a4 No.9771221

File: a2e3d84c6aaa34b⋯.jpg (101.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, pilot.jpg)


I was just going off that one pic, is he in it? I honestly have trouble telling all of these people apart

f8b16a No.9771229

File: 7ec758ee88089f7⋯.png (906.75 KB, 1052x617, 1052:617, ClipboardImage.png)

2e624b No.9771244


see >>9770655


Find the delivery boy, find the armory.


Here https://youtu.be/Dcij_rUh1Qw?t=1h21m59s

0dcd9a No.9771256

File: ad80a6893ed8280⋯.gif (396.51 KB, 480x270, 16:9, yes this pleases me.gif)



Feels good man.

48b501 No.9771295


Bike cart footage here. At around 16.51


Location corresponds to reports of where armed antifa emerged from.

48b501 No.9771307


Man you have to include him.

Will make it a meme for the ages

ec71a4 No.9771317

File: 33ef0d83f1006a1⋯.jpg (251.24 KB, 1200x859, 1200:859, watchout.jpg)



he's so plain looking

1acc47 No.9771324


> When I saw someone who cared about me get angry at him and protective of me, I realized how bad things were and ended it.

wow, exactly like the relationship i was in in college when i was so confused and brainwashed I couldn't recognize that my significant other was utterly fucked up and emotionally abusing me. remember what uncle Yuri says about people who've been successfully demoralized: they can't tell which way is up. congrats on making it here rather than having your life go down the shitter.

ec71a4 No.9771341

File: 7ad38502ba1832a⋯.jpg (251.81 KB, 1200x859, 1200:859, watchout.jpg)


and one last edit for good measure

48b501 No.9771342


Been looking at this cunt so much its hard to not notice him.

This is an excellent meme weapon.

Bitch on the left is one of the main leaders and public faces of their movement. Yvette Felarca

231d38 No.9771361


any launcher police would use would be a high-low pressure system. you'd hear a deep whump followed by the charge report. just youtube up 40mm launchers on youtube likely some reference material.

f8b16a No.9771365


You should have him holding a u lock

b17bc9 No.9771381


That would make him an accessory. We have to find him.

48b501 No.9771390



Loves to attack from behind masked females.

Thats his stealth technique

ec71a4 No.9771409

File: 6c818133936eef1⋯.jpg (254.25 KB, 1200x859, 1200:859, watchout.jpg)



I can only do so much, he hands aren't visible in the pic

48b501 No.9771450


Great work regardless!

b17bc9 No.9771543


Maybe we could push Cuckchan into a Chanology 3.0 with BAMN, it would serve as a good distraction and an excellent venue for propaganda.

122065 No.9771573

File: 460cf766bee9ea5⋯.png (266.1 KB, 366x495, 122:165, 1467848271383.png)