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File: 65b437d21276e4a⋯.jpg (9.16 KB, 300x168, 25:14, braking.jpg)

1afbf2 No.9761019

Might be big. they already had a street closed. one cop dead, another shot..



c4953a No.9761044

File: 96aff6da7130432⋯.png (18.71 KB, 1045x982, 1045:982, f3b6006654582b7a0d368b4c53….png)

Every dead cuck is an extra 0.1% in Le Pen's favor.

e68328 No.9761051

I'm hearing riot police are on the ground and the Champs Elysées is closed off.

843466 No.9761053

File: 5886fea426029cf⋯.mp4 (4.55 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, video.mp4)

1 cop dead

1 cop injured

1 shooter dead

5410a8 No.9761061

Remember to report this thread as "sticky"

ec5cc3 No.9761063





1afbf2 No.9761070

from Daily Fail:

"One police officer has been killed following an incident on the Champs Elysees in Paris this evening, according to French police.

Another officer was seriously wounded and the attacker has been killed on the world famous avenue.

By 9pm the road was locked down with hundreds of heavily-armed officers flooding the area - popular with tourists.

It came as presidential candidates took place in a TV debate nearby and French police have advised those in the city to stay clear of the area.

France is currently under a state of emergency following a spate of Islamist terror attacks.

The shooting comes just hours after one of the busiest roads in the capital was closed off by police as officers dealt with a 'suspicious package'.

Reports suggest that items were discovered by officers as Rue de Rivoli, in the centre of the French capital, remained shut.

Stunned witnesses have described seeing a large police presence on the two-mile-long road.

It is believed that the Paris Metro service is not stopping there as officers try and deal with the incident. "

000000 No.9761080

Al Jazeera: maybe 2nd attacker on the run

1afbf2 No.9761082

If they don't elect le pen and at least try to stop it, can't see how much longer this can go on. Even in the ZOG they manage to keep shootings away from the Jews and their camp followers in trendy areas of NYC.

e8826e No.9761083


BBC reading from script

a341c5 No.9761090

61e991 No.9761091

File: e938b1cfae56e4b⋯.jpg (199.9 KB, 641x800, 641:800, TNIGOO1.jpg)

This again? Shit sucks, I have to be in the area tomorrow. That's gonna be a pain in the ass.


Dunno, I remain pretty blackpilled about that. I want to believe that this helps - tragic as it may be - but the eternal normie is one dense motherfucker.

ce31d6 No.9761093

Doubles say it's a false flag to discredit Le Pen, unless they try to not name the attacker for the next 24 hours.

000000 No.9761095

e68328 No.9761097


>choosing the blackpill


a341c5 No.9761100


I really don't want Le Pen elected so we can finally have the race war. Then real shit will get done.

ce31d6 No.9761109


Le Pen is the best chance we currently have for it.

Do you really think the invaders will leave peacefully?

They'll need to be forced out of the country *and Europe**.

fdf38b No.9761122

No one could have predicted it.

000000 No.9761137

April 19th/20th is day of blood Sacrifice to Moloch

1afbf2 No.9761138

He had a fucking AK according to DM, so not just nigger bullshit.

a341c5 No.9761144


Le Pen isn't going to kick them out. Only when a most violent impetus manifests as the collective, belligerent will of the true European can we see a contest against the invasive hordes.

e68328 No.9761148


But how could a (((WHITE MALE))) get a hold of an AK in a M-I mean European country??

000000 No.9761152

RUPTLY live on Champs Elysee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__Diz8XfCtc

1afbf2 No.9761158


fucking love RT. they always manage to get these first.

e8826e No.9761163


They would leave if we could stop the jews in power inviting them and giving them gibs. Le Pen does nothing she is a Zionist. At best we fight the muds and the jews get to watch and stay in charge.

000000 No.9761171

Indeed, for Happenings they are the best. Traditional media is pathetic. Stream just went back up.

51b0bd No.9761172


If she isn't elected, it means the genocide of Europe because not a single fucking one of them is going to actually fight against their own destruction, you cocksucking faggot.

000000 No.9761184

France24 switching to Anti-LePen propaganda while a terror attack is ongoing…

61e991 No.9761187


Hey I hope I'm wrong. I want people to wake up.

a341c5 No.9761192


Le Pen is (((revolutionary tier))). You don't know the French like I do. I live and breathe the French culture. There will be Saracen blood flowing through the streets of Paris, mark my words.

ce31d6 No.9761197


If it's a member of the religion of peace who am I kidding, the odds are infavor of it anyway, then it owuld just help her and make even a wion in the second round possible.

Ofc they're gonna go into an anit-Le Pen oiverdrive.

6432b5 No.9761198


>He had a fucking AK according to DM, so not just nigger bullshit.

since when aren't AKs nigger bullshit? its the most popular weapon of the turd world.

1afbf2 No.9761211


>aren't AKs nigger bullshit?

not in paris. I thought maybe their nigger problem now so big they're just shooting one another in street.

000000 No.9761216


live thread

ec5cc3 No.9761220



Marseille, 1dead/week with ak's

f46f59 No.9761226


it's not now or never.

and the struggle never ends anyway.

10219b No.9761227


Link to reddit. what the fuck are you doing?!

1afbf2 No.9761236


But this is paris, not algeria. The jew now soiled the nest before the entire tribe got out.

c02001 No.9761237

000000 No.9761239

>>9761227 useful for info and footage, stfu easily triggered low IQ normie.

ccb381 No.9761250

File: ee035d33ba6302b⋯.jpg (12.84 KB, 261x194, 261:194, you should have listened.jpg)

Paris under National Socialist occupation > Paris under multiculturalism.

3a0197 No.9761259



>TORpedo links to reddit

>calls anon a normie when they ask wtf he's doing linking to reddit

Why are all TORpedos such fucking failures?

01ea5f No.9761272

File: ead7305c9a60c0a⋯.jpg (110.53 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Im not saying it's Islam.jpg)


1afbf2 No.9761274

"Police said that 'at least' two people were involved in the attack which took place as presidential candidates took part in a TV debate nearby."

so not just one so not "muh mental illness," it was coordinated.

7de3ad No.9761277


someone post the webm of frances cucked future with Les Champs-Elysees playing

0e86ff No.9761283

File: 02bd1d0ce2a7a62⋯.jpg (117.35 KB, 735x982, 735:982, muslim terrorist attack.jpg)


>Warning - Several people reported gunfires on the Champ Elysées

>LIVE #PARIS Gunfires and crowd movement on the Champ Elysées

>shit soph(ie)? is blocked in the h&m because there's gunfires on the champs, is this a joke?

>Some of you are alright, don't go on the champ élysées

df95c6 No.9761286

Just put another $27 down on her, man Isis really knows how to make a man spend money.

1afbf2 No.9761290

File: adbc5e7faf62bb9⋯.png (208.47 KB, 980x742, 70:53, merchant-in-sight.png)

#prayForParis, #JeSuisChampees

2693bd No.9761292


>Some of you are alright, don't go on the champ élysées

top kek

000000 No.9761294

>>9761259 nice tactics mate, will you contribute anything to the thread or just talk shit?

>An individual, in a vehicle, has allegedly fired on a police car at a stop at a traffic light killing a policeman.


7eca4f No.9761307

File: c8a7fd02c79a727⋯.png (11.99 KB, 531x138, 177:46, voteordiegoyim.png)

This cunt on Twitter: 'I hope people are not so dumb to think voting could stop a crazy person from commiting barbaric actions'.

e8826e No.9761309

File: 2be0ec2e56fee2c⋯.png (481.86 KB, 917x595, 131:85, Eye.png)



000000 No.9761310

2nd person still on the run confirmed by France24

ccb381 No.9761312

File: 23c1d3fe7a9eb2a⋯.jpg (19.06 KB, 621x502, 621:502, fuggg.jpg)

1afbf2 No.9761314

Le Pen should make a promise to arm and fund Hezbollah.

a341c5 No.9761316


she's right. Only executing every last nigger, spic, jew, asian and muslim can.

a341c5 No.9761323


(citation requise)

b8c420 No.9761326

File: 4e62953d6f5162c⋯.png (43.28 KB, 594x274, 297:137, SPIN ZONE.PNG)

Actually, we may never know the reasons :^

ec5cc3 No.9761334



no mohammed

4cb391 No.9761337


>what can i do to make sure she can't win

>I know!

>ALLAHU AKBAR x45649684648443684656344546225321456831 times

>wtf how did le pen win omg

1afbf2 No.9761339


you're a brainless fucking cuck. Hezbollah are only people fighting Jews, they're very popular here.

ec5cc3 No.9761342


>it's very popular…in my mind


0e86ff No.9761346

File: daa11d9a5f9fd7a⋯.gif (1.79 MB, 320x240, 4:3, DESTROY.gif)


She's right, all you need to do is DEHUMANIZE YOURSELF AND FACE TO BLOODSHED

1afbf2 No.9761348

File: 9905e2fda926aad⋯.jpg (169.61 KB, 917x633, 917:633, jidf-please.jpg)

b8c420 No.9761358


You made a thred yesterday, we explained it to you. Good luck killing jews but the investment is going inwards.

ccb381 No.9761362

File: 9421004a749f04a⋯.jpg (12.57 KB, 180x210, 6:7, 13226708_1009104879144822_….jpg)

This is all part and parcel of living in a big city…

Muslims only do this because of the racist attitudes held by Europeans. You just need to stop being so xenophobic and intolerant.

spoiler t. Sadiq Khan spoiler

000000 No.9761364



>Demining process on a vehicle under way


1afbf2 No.9761368


>You made a thred yesterday,

you're delusional. go back to cuck chan. As I said already, with people who actually understand middle east they are popular.

ccb381 No.9761369

7eca4f No.9761371


Actually, we don't know the real situation in France. Ethnic statistics are forbidden by the law, you'll only find polls but nothing about crimes, immigration or even abortion. No data, there's no problem goyim.

1afbf2 No.9761376


> real situation in France

the name registers are a good clue, as are mosque numbers.

d6baec No.9761381

>The shooting took place on the central boulevard of Champs Elysees

It's literally like Hollywood. This shit is now happening in the most prominent places. How can the normie still deny that there is a FUCKING PROBLEM???

8d4d2e No.9761384


What percentage of inmates are mudslimes/niggers in France? In muh country is around 70%

a341c5 No.9761385


what are you a cuck?

If it ain't white, it ain't right

1bcb40 No.9761389



>implying any of the niggers getting to europe are anything besides islamic

3aefdf No.9761392

File: da9bd9fef6ac27e⋯.png (474.32 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1491838464068.png)

>Jews did Jo Cox false flag to try and stop Brexit

>Brexit still happens

>Sandnigger the jews let in does a terror attack right before the french election

>EU collapses because Le Pen wins

stick that in your menorah and light it

01ea5f No.9761396

File: 90d523ac0275376⋯.jpg (100.84 KB, 800x450, 16:9, I'm not saying it's.jpg)

Another one


It's easy if you know what genetic defects the target shitskins you are wanting to know about have.

E.g. sickle cell shows about 40% niggers in some places.

There are other methods similar too.


Like this


Fuck what a hellhole.

000000 No.9761403


LiFigaro - Pierre Henry Brandet, Ministry of Interior spokesman:

Translation: "A man came out of a vehicle and shot the police officers right away with an automatic weapon. He killed a police officer, then tried to flee while shooting other officers. He wounded 2 of them before getting shot and killed by police officers on site.

Police officers were definitely the targets.

They reacted really fast and killed him on the spot after the first officer fell. They handcuffed his dead body. The whole scene happened next to Fouquet's, and the Research and Intervention Brigade are locking down the sector right now."

>ebul plebbit hurr durr

1bcb40 No.9761409


We still have a little more than 8 months of fire cock to go. The kikes CAN NOT WIN this year.

000000 No.9761421

French interior ministry


>Do not spread misinformation


7eca4f No.9761431


We don't know, but I'd say around 30-40%, maybe even more. I think the number would be much higher around huge cities like Paris, Lyon, Marseille (which is now a North African city) for examples.


White as fuck. Mix of Celtic, English and Normand blood.


Exactly, I forgot to talk about this point. I remember there was a infographic about that particular disease and the area affected the most. Disease being niggers.

7180a4 No.9761434

Seems like a low casualty event and they are already trying to spin it as robbery. Not sure it will influence the election that much unless there are more in the next few days.

4dd585 No.9761443

>Diversity is our strength

>Diversity is our strength

>Diversity is our strength

>Diversity is our strength

>Diversity is our strength

>Diversity is our strength

000000 No.9761447

France 24

>gunmen was known to security authorities

1afbf2 No.9761448


> trying to spin it as robbery.

The jews have dropped that narrative, he was on terror list.

b43c8c No.9761449


They still drive like lunatics. This makes me smile. It was so long ago I was last in France and this intersection scared the fuck out of me.

1bcb40 No.9761451


According to the Interior Minister it was a police bus delivering police to their patrol destination. They have no leeway to spin it as anything other than an ambush.

b8c420 No.9761454


What I'm telling you is that you're not getting funds because it's a really hard sell to the french. Don't get overexcited because she cancelled a meeting for not wanting to wear a headscarf.

df95c6 No.9761456


Madame La Presidente

100a61 No.9761459

File: e1c480483a33181⋯.jpg (32.63 KB, 362x366, 181:183, BUENO.jpg)


>tfw still a minor happening on adolfs birthday

ec5cc3 No.9761467


>spin it as robbery

No, the prime minister spokesman just told the press it was a deliberate attack on a police van, killing one cop and two injured.



1afbf2 No.9761471


>you're not getting funds

I'm not persian/iranian or muslim, I'm in the ZOG.

1bcb40 No.9761472


european police sirens trigger the shit out of me.

1d04b9 No.9761475

File: 28baf0c7762c3b9⋯.png (281.86 KB, 628x684, 157:171, dm.png)


000000 No.9761476

7180a4 No.9761480


>▶Anonymous  04/21/17 (Fri) 05:40:08 000000 No.9761095


>France 24 English Live

>▶Anonymous  04/21/17 (Fri) 05:40:13 e68328 No.9761097>>9761187


>>choosing the blackpill


>▶Anonymous  04/21/17 (Fri) 05:40:32 a341c5 No.9761100>>9761109 >>9761172


>I really don't want Le Pen elected so we can finally have the race war. Then real shit will get done.

Ok, I came from another site so bit behind the loop

000000 No.9761481


>2nd cop died

353ca8 No.9761485

>two dead

So it was nothing?

1bcb40 No.9761492





It boggles my mind that so much money is spent on such ineffective shilling

000000 No.9761493

ec5cc3 No.9761494


reported, abdul

1afbf2 No.9761497

RT- another one just happened

7bf9da No.9761501

1bcb40 No.9761502


>yet another sand nigger attack

>3 days before the election


You die along with the kikes.

36a4c0 No.9761504


No Sandniggers are popular here.

4e1f75 No.9761506

f47c4e No.9761507

File: aec793d4acc8042⋯.jpg (70.79 KB, 460x508, 115:127, ALLAHU_AKBAR.jpg)



000000 No.9761511

TL: "URGENT: New shots heard in a nearby street (rue Vernet)"


353ca8 No.9761515


Let's face it, normalfags won't even care unless it's a truck driving through a mall or something.

1d04b9 No.9761518

File: 7828f41a9e1a0d6⋯.png (401.9 KB, 632x617, 632:617, rt.png)



e68328 No.9761524


1afbf2 No.9761526

Every year on uncle adolfo's b-day, like clockwork..

01ea5f No.9761528

File: 11125e765e120ae⋯.gif (972.92 KB, 312x213, 104:71, its happening ron paul.gif)

File: 32c4d553581baf9⋯.jpg (105.87 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Via Jews.jpg)


2 for 1! Jews love free shit.

d872a5 No.9761529


>reporting a sticky

Remember when people lurked before posting?

bb6893 No.9761535


You retard. you should report it as a sticky so it becomes a sticky

a341c5 No.9761538



36a4c0 No.9761539

File: bedbcb0cc4dd064⋯.jpg (19.83 KB, 460x287, 460:287, Breivik_1954358c.jpg)


So the first one was a distraction?

Like Breivik?

7180a4 No.9761540


Yeah looks like this gives Le Pen the edge but if it becomes a high casualty event then she is guaranteed to win.

711107 No.9761541


he meant put "sticky" in a report to get it stickied, tard.

000000 No.9761546

Bloomberg livestream from scene


711107 No.9761547


fucking hivemind

b8c420 No.9761550


Anyone besides RT on this?

01ea5f No.9761551


Don't be so sure. Remember the turkroaches snackbaring in Netherlands? That didn't work out for an all out Geert win.


1d04b9 No.9761553

File: 092f1773b3f9b78⋯.png (136.05 KB, 1006x485, 1006:485, dm1.png)

df95c6 No.9761555


France 24

1afbf2 No.9761557

File: 476b946ad5cc07d⋯.png (25.82 KB, 320x500, 16:25, borders-oy-vey.png)



not even once.

000000 No.9761558

>Attacker got out of a car on Champs-Elysees, opened fire on a police van with automatic weapon, French official says


ce31d6 No.9761561




b8c420 No.9761563

1d04b9 No.9761565

File: 4df816ab9b4c637⋯.png (58.48 KB, 629x317, 629:317, sd.png)

yep, yet another "known to authorities" incident

353ca8 No.9761567


What was the plan here? Randomly shoot two cops in one of the most crowded places in town or did the cops just prevent worse things from habbenin?

1d04b9 No.9761570

File: b14302a3a6b4c25⋯.png (124.31 KB, 624x601, 624:601, terror.png)


c02001 No.9761571

Second policeman has been confirmed dead.

000000 No.9761575


Checked. Their video source is Reuters, where you can hear sound:http://live.reuters.com/Event/Reuters_Live_Video/852515926

1d04b9 No.9761576

File: 79588ff5fbcf916⋯.png (101.63 KB, 623x435, 623:435, reut.png)



603dbd No.9761578

At this point it doesnt matter if its a terrorist or whatever. Paris needs to sort this shit out and Le Pen is the only one willing to do it.

9abbd4 No.9761579

File: 5ba4ef17769aa63⋯.jpg (338.66 KB, 964x1258, 482:629, paris then now.jpg)

This would never have happened in Vichy France.

e68328 No.9761594


All you'd need is one driveby

000000 No.9761596

ce31d6 No.9761599


MIght've been that the cops stopped them, they panicked and opened fire.

Calling it a robbery or whatever is just the usual bullshit to divert attention.

43e1e9 No.9761600

File: 7f7e5d6e5d93a20⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1206x1024, 603:512, Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at ….png)

1d04b9 No.9761603

File: 99db1a913d5e231⋯.png (57.76 KB, 631x298, 631:298, rt.png)



e68328 No.9761610


That was the one cool thing about walking through the airport in Holland. They had some sexy ass guns.

4e1f75 No.9761611


Fuckin' saved!

Gotta catch em all!

ec5cc3 No.9761613


No, it was a planned attack on police officers.





or read the thread

000000 No.9761623

Not sure what's happening in this video https://twitter.com/LloydZiel/status/855158690088968198

>BREAKING; Video of shooting at #ChampsÉlysées in #Paris, reports of new shots fired, 2 dead.

b7257f No.9761626


Fuuggg. Some guy in the RT youtube livechat 30 minutes ago said "there will be more incidents tonight, mark my words."

e68328 No.9761628

Libshits on twitter already pushing the white male narrative.

4e1f75 No.9761629


Looks like a robbery from a few months back.

not sure

df95c6 No.9761630

If you haven't already bet money on lepen tonight is the night to make some shekels boys

25e8d2 No.9761634

File: b24b4d93d672112⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 50.59 KB, 589x534, 589:534, b24.png)


All part of living in modern society! Armed guards every 30 feet.

e68328 No.9761635


Fucking this, where's a good site to place some bets?

ec4ad9 No.9761641

File: a815845c86739ae⋯.jpg (97.24 KB, 644x781, 644:781, a815845c86739aed1547a9df54….jpg)


RIP. As usual it gets the guys that would kick out this scum in no time. An le multicultural libtard continues to cuck on. They might even get a good chuckle out of the dead cops.

941e37 No.9761643

File: e9b34551a77e319⋯.jpg (170.34 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Sandcube.jpg)

MOAB the Cube when?

df95c6 No.9761644


predict it.org has her at $.27 a share, if she wins you get a dollar back on a $,27 investment

7eca4f No.9761645


That's a soldier anon.

1afbf2 No.9761647


you sound definitely racist. Mr. Tepper and the deputized negroes will be coming for you..

52ed8e No.9761649

Oy vey you know this probably happened due to Trump and Le Pen's toxic rhetoric about Muslims.

353ca8 No.9761654


Didn't ISIS want to do that?

000000 No.9761656


>If your first thought following a tragedy is to use it to further your bigoted agenda you are a disgrace to humankind #ParisAttack #Paris

>calls out agenda pushers, pushes agenda

a341c5 No.9761657


"Putain de merde. Il vient de passer un attentat tout de suite là. Wow ils l'ont allumé les gens."

Translates to: [useless french swearing] (putain de merde = whore of shit) There was just a terrorist attack which happened moments ago. They lit up those people.

bb6893 No.9761662


>Didn't ISIS want to do that?

wtf I love ISIS now

b8c420 No.9761668




I'm actually not seeing anything about more shots outside of RT so assuming they messed up the info while processing that the second cop died until they update or someone else does.

625198 No.9761670

So what happened to the second guy? Did they ventilate him or is he still shooting?

603dbd No.9761680


Live Sky reporting says there is no second guy but maybe there was.

4ab7fa No.9761690

File: ae63c5a10841d85⋯.png (81.39 KB, 262x262, 1:1, antwan-square.png)

000000 No.9761694

>Suspect in Paris terror attack on the run is Youssouf El Osri.


Why is this image not on the news?

ce31d6 No.9761702


Do you really need to ask? Still?

1afbf2 No.9761703


>Why is this image not on the news?

that would be racist goy.

20f01a No.9761705

File: 2cda32ba7df5318⋯.png (581.59 KB, 570x960, 19:32, ClipboardImage.png)

Spread this image.

ca5cce No.9761707

File: 246d0051c0ad72b⋯.png (498.41 KB, 635x795, 127:159, Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at ….png)

ec5cc3 No.9761708


Coulter's law, right ?

000000 No.9761710

Rhetoric question, it's almost as if they want him to succeed in killing more goy…

a341c5 No.9761714

File: 4d5fffb08e63e60⋯.jpg (18.86 KB, 210x240, 7:8, nanette-manoir-angela-anac….jpg)



98dd3e No.9761718


mystery meats look white to niggers

0e86ff No.9761721

File: 4d4bc95c4d44dac⋯.png (440.37 KB, 674x661, 674:661, Megamind.png)


No, he's blue

941e37 No.9761726

>There's more stickys on this board than there are Mudshits in France

4ab7fa No.9761727

I'm not one for "false flag" claims, but when it comes to Russia, they are way more probable (LePen is friendly towards Russia). What would terrorists have to gain doing this right before the election? This 100% will help LePen.

353ca8 No.9761728


>Eternal Kraut

redditor detected

0281de No.9761729


muslims always have the option of not killing others to avoid that

too much to ask I guess

df95c6 No.9761731


Rolling for Somali, look at that fucking lightbulb of a head.

a62daa No.9761737

File: e456fb806479c5e⋯.gif (1001.79 KB, 500x284, 125:71, nyc8bhlhgW1qbgd63o1_500.gif)

It's time!!!

ccb381 No.9761739


*tfw to intelligent*

1afbf2 No.9761744


>for Somali

nah, that's sandnigger. Maybe Libya for a bit of variance this time.

000000 No.9761748

4ab7fa No.9761751


Nah way to light. He does have the muzzy european look. I'm gonna go with French born or immigrated younger than 10.

ca5cce No.9761753

File: 21199e0c9339c2f⋯.png (105.12 KB, 350x254, 175:127, i.png)


Looks like the UFC straw-weight champ

df95c6 No.9761755


Checked and agreed. One of Obamas prodigy's

08ee42 No.9761756

File: a0ae4656d43fd11⋯.jpg (137.75 KB, 640x539, 640:539, ABSOLUTELY HALALMO.jpg)


Sounds like typical zombie level ISISraelam protocol.

>oy vey Allah Ackbar!

>Flashing lights

>surprised animal reactions.jpg

>fire weapon


>yep, yet another "known to authorities" incident

Dat sweet CIAnigger level 'intelligence' at work again for ISISrael.

Another chance to make normies realize it's nothing to do with making people safer.

304c42 No.9761759

Warrant issues for a 2nd suspect breaking now.

603dbd No.9761765


oh no they updated it, there is a second suspect who arrived "by train"

ffs the Internet always seems to be one step ahead of MSM I dont know why I bother

0281de No.9761766


>muslims dindu nuffin

4e1f75 No.9761767


Yes, because it's Jewish.

7eca4f No.9761770


Really looks like a North-African type. Rolling for Algerian.

98dd3e No.9761776


Do you think kikes ever regret making the 2 most fucking stupid and useless races on the planet into their puppets? I'm gonna laugh so hard when the ZOG crumbles due to niggers nogging

1afbf2 No.9761784

File: 534e49887f0b0cd⋯.jpg (307.15 KB, 1113x1116, 371:372, dees-2015.jpg)

000000 No.9761794


>"The identity of the attacker isn't confirmed yet, unverified informations about him are spreading" "The rumor about a second policeman killed is false"


Damage control mode engaged

UPDATE: Police issue arrest warrant for second suspect in Paris shooting who arrived from Belgium by train - source http://reut.rs/2ork0wG

Reuters has a cam on the attacker's car(?): http://live.reuters.com/Event/Reuters_Live_Video/852515926

3a0197 No.9761796

>>9761644 (checked)

Just bought 100 shares. Thanks dune coons!

1afbf2 No.9761806


If you really want to make big shekels short the Euro against dollar.

1d04b9 No.9761807

File: 4fcf0ef8e6e98c9⋯.png (65.26 KB, 635x331, 635:331, sn.png)



ca5cce No.9761822


He's Moroccan


Geert Wilders proven right again

000000 No.9761824

image of the car, number is BS 825 JC


df95c6 No.9761831


How would one do that?

304c42 No.9761833

Some police just shot in Seattle as well?

ca5cce No.9761834

File: 51ac3bd8cd8e93e⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 2428x2428, 1:1, Anthony-L.-Mohamed-man-acc….jpg)


d2bfbd No.9761842


They call him the Mastermind

1afbf2 No.9761845


make a forex account or use broker. I shorted pound and then SA rand.

60fe96 No.9761849

File: fe0b12f9085fb88⋯.gif (170.04 KB, 229x200, 229:200, WTF.gif)

7eca4f No.9761853


Almost right. I don't think Moroccans are present in a huge number in islamist terrorist groups. Went for Algeria because their stats are higher in these kind of organisation.

562fa7 No.9761855

9dc9d8 No.9761857


His head, it's fucking Yakub!

df95c6 No.9761863


Gain ratio? If I short itusing $500 how much could I make?

ca5cce No.9761871

Oh wait, my bad. According to the news he's not Moroccan; he's Belgium

bf9f2d No.9761872

File: f971ae186ee3b26⋯.jpg (922.43 KB, 1789x2000, 1789:2000, MUH_TERROR.jpg)


>no clear footage

>no clear injuries

>attack has no social media history

>CCTV magically disabled or switched to 240p mode.

>government uses "atrocity" to push through measures against civil liberty / increased militarism of police

>attackers "used social media, encryption allowed them to hide their plans from police."

>"we need back doors on all social media/encryption needs to be outlawed."

Prove me wrong faggots.

Just one time.

08ee42 No.9761873

File: caf615c979d5107⋯.jpg (34.92 KB, 251x251, 1:1, Ooooooooooooooooochimpanze….jpg)

File: 26be5fa7fe199a6⋯.jpg (106.28 KB, 700x609, 100:87, fuhg.jpg)

File: 79a29453e4b609d⋯.jpg (22.17 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Hitley smile.jpg)

>>9761766 (checked)

>ISISlam dindunuffin

>ISISrael dindunuffin


>Checked for 1776

They are probably the most racist state on the planet. They even treat european whites better than some shitskin jews.

That said, the nigs are nogging there when possible but they are pretty brutal with them.

It is biting them in the ass, hence trying to censor ISIS in western media/kiketube/kikeleak/kikebook so there is less opposition to greater ISISrael plan until it's too late.

>ISIS/JAN/etc awareness with normies in 2015 onwards really began to hamper their efforts leading to situation today - US + Russia fucking Greater ISISrael plan together


Nice, much better than my shit-tier shopping skills.

>should be Syria 2011 though, fam


>snackbar confirmed

>Hitler had a great gift for his birthday

>TFW likely end of the EU

ac9a9b No.9761877

Shorting is Jewish as fuck

ca5cce No.9761879



Confirmed for inventing white people to destroy the world

1d04b9 No.9761886

File: 7c5cc33bff3c2f3⋯.png (103.85 KB, 627x686, 627:686, dm.png)

File: e11967b740a7029⋯.png (58.51 KB, 633x296, 633:296, s.png)


2b2b4b No.9761888

File: 2ce2b6d66185fb0⋯.jpg (127.53 KB, 600x446, 300:223, 1385782081462.jpg)

1afbf2 No.9761892


I'd have to check what ratio is. It's really hard to say since it would be uncharted waters. $500 shorting GBP night before Brexit would have made you ~20 cents on dollar. From $1.49/gbp to $1.25 gbp. What to see if kike sort or other big Jews buy gold and dump euro in next weeks.

ca5cce No.9761901


>previously flagged

Tommy Robinson right again

1afbf2 No.9761902




277bde No.9761906


Calm down everyone it'll just be another mentally ill *asian*.

353ca8 No.9761909


Hitler birthday trips

ec5cc3 No.9761912

Just a reminder for non-French

>june 2016 = allasnakbar livestreamed the killing of two police officers at their house

>feb 2017 = police attacked at the Louvre

>mars 2017 = police got shot at Orly

This is not something we see often in France, and now this at 3 days of the election. Even if the braindead normies won't vote for the FN, the police/army probably will




b7257f No.9761914


I'm also beginning to believe there is something to this theory and it's a little bit more complicated than "muslims".

60fe96 No.9761920

File: db215431d73fc7c⋯.jpg (8.88 KB, 188x244, 47:61, mein gott.jpg)

3aefdf No.9761923


did they call for encryption to be banned because someone within MI5 whistleblew on the attack?

ccb381 No.9761924

File: 11f289e326f1dcf⋯.jpg (9.69 KB, 190x266, 5:7, nadsi.jpg)



818177 No.9761932


The article says:

>The assault was “very probably” a “terrorist act,” with two attackers apparently involved, Reuters reported, citing police source.

I wonder if they're going to downgrade it to one attacker tomorrow?

08ee42 No.9761934

File: b04faa02c339b46⋯.jpg (121.14 KB, 600x600, 1:1, HITLEY CHECKED.jpg)




>It is willed to habbid

ec5cc3 No.9761937

File: 555f0dc915d650b⋯.png (294.57 KB, 646x828, 323:414, june2016.png)



1afbf2 No.9761938


>Nice, much better than my shit-tier shopping skills.

not my OC. Search "david dees, art" on jewggle. He has some great stuff, has been doing it for long time.

082965 No.9761939

File: 80e84e1c584ec53⋯.gif (1.67 MB, 480x268, 120:67, 80e84e1c584ec53280d04f37d9….gif)

000000 No.9761940


>Police press speaker: second attacker unlikely

kek, where did the other shots come from then?

87c340 No.9761941

If frogland is in a state of emergency then why isn't every sandnigger known to have terrorist sympathies being followed around by 2 fucking gendarmes 24/7?

ca5cce No.9761946

File: 5d5ceb3a2d6f136⋯.jpg (71.52 KB, 898x701, 898:701, marine-le-pen-1.jpg)

Could you imagine knowing the work involved in moving the giant mountains necessary to save your country, and stepping up to do it anyway?

353ca8 No.9761955


More of the former than the latter around

603dbd No.9761960

Police in French

"This guy's an extremist we should deport him or lock him up….but we wont. Hope this doesnt come back to bite us in the ass."

La justice de poésie

ca5cce No.9761962


Celebratory fireworks?

000000 No.9761975

Also you got to love hwow the second policeman suddenly came back to life.

Hollande speaking on France24 now.

7eca4f No.9761976


Frogs are pussies when it comes to guns. Most of us never saw a weapon in real-life, can't make the difference between a gunshot and a firework. Fuel that with paranoia and group panic and you have all those false reports.

Or it could be a false flag once again.

4e1f75 No.9761999


Jihadi's are literally conversing and plotting on Telegram, a centralized server with backdoors.

08ee42 No.9762003


>Cuckfrogs don't weaponfag

I remember during the Bataclan some anon let off fireworks.

>KEK <this one



>Paris anons git busy

70d8de No.9762004


police is the main Le Pen voter base you idiot, if you want to be this.. souless piece of shit, this still means -1 Le Pen supporter

6389be No.9762011


For all the CIAnigger and NSA data collection it seems like it never stops these things.

ca5cce No.9762017

File: a492df90836d3e9⋯.jpg (395.57 KB, 1600x1151, 1600:1151, suicide_by_political_corre….jpg)

4e1f75 No.9762022


That's because they have no intention of stopping it or they would have deported all 17.000 jihadi's on the terror list in France. That's why Le Pen needs to get in office.

000000 No.9762031

Eyewittnes interview, speaks of one attacker https://twitter.com/SkyNews/status/855168055164391425

Grey Audi 80 with number plate BS 825 JC confirmed attacker's car

1afbf2 No.9762045

fucking belgium again. how many shekels want to bet they came from Molenbeek? fucking belgians are useless. Just clean the place out bulldoze it.

1d04b9 No.9762046

File: df24fe5b7e24ad6⋯.png (50.69 KB, 618x272, 309:136, afp.png)


645bfb No.9762047

It's almost as if they're throwing the election win at us.


Kill yourself you illiterate Algerian.

7eca4f No.9762067

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You mean this video ? I've had a couple of laugh with lads on this one, watching virtue signaling faggots running around like roaches, nothing is more enjoyable.

1afbf2 No.9762089


>you illiterate Algerian.

his fucking old man might be a cop, you don't know he's sandnigger just by that.

000000 No.9762091

Cops are raiding attacker's home near Paris right now.


>second gunman still at large

It's really interesting to see the conflicting reports from official sources.

b8c420 No.9762094


Is he saying

> Live with it, it's like the rain


> The wolf eats the sheep

or is he just talking about the trees?

603dbd No.9762103


Its almost as if Brussels is behind this whole thing…./thinking/

3d6590 No.9762115

File: cea15beecb73f97⋯.png (21.56 KB, 561x64, 561:64, hax.png)

08ee42 No.9762123


The Dutch give the Belgians so much shit, really to the point where they are considered untermensch in private. Let alone this was 15-20 years ago and longer too before the multicultural BS…


>cracker stampede


1bbce4 No.9762129

File: 77c9539f2b0c8fe⋯.jpg (50.1 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 77c9539f2b0c8fe8bd745cc096….jpg)


Just making sure that pic is posted. Good job, anon.

5121c4 No.9762136


Thanks mate

000000 No.9762139

Note that France is still under martial law and they can order french press to lie.

4d2676 No.9762143


so even without it they still did it, amazing. What are they going to say about encryption now. Woops, guess they didn't want to stop it actually.

6389be No.9762148



I get that. Spy agencies use whatever excuse they can get to make their lives easier, be it demanding platforms be shut down or that they get root access to communications systems.

But pointing out how they won't do the obvious task not importing sandniggers is a good way of redpilling people on the true intent of governments.

2b2b4b No.9762154

File: 323c6186dbb2347⋯.jpg (239.07 KB, 900x542, 450:271, 1456961534242-3.jpg)

File: 20707ef99924890⋯.jpg (911.02 KB, 2288x2208, 143:138, 1468317701217-0.jpg)

File: c3e39b15e26c9c1⋯.jpg (81 KB, 593x657, 593:657, 1468318161035.jpg)


Nice kosher edit faggot.

277bde No.9762168


Quiz of the day:-

All recent Extremists killing people follow what religion?

b3f458 No.9762175

File: 72c127895a12b79⋯.jpg (43.4 KB, 722x349, 722:349, nidemare googles.jpg)

>be European

>get shot

1d04b9 No.9762185

File: 3aeeaa5931e31e4⋯.png (47.06 KB, 635x277, 635:277, is.png)


d3aa22 No.9762186

>the suspect was already known by security services AGAIN…


2b2b4b No.9762187

File: dfb439a853a0abe⋯.jpg (56.89 KB, 720x720, 1:1, C9nhT_jXoAAt2EK.jpg)

File: 85ebf5b5aa1b4f0⋯.jpg (46.53 KB, 599x422, 599:422, b5c05f8c3ae4dd4742ddfc95a5….jpg)

File: b1c7a27f25a34c0⋯.jpg (109.52 KB, 958x476, 479:238, truck.jpg)

File: d7182327d8ae8a5⋯.jpg (1.66 MB, 4544x5420, 1136:1355, 1468418716672.jpg)

File: 7fa54c78cce3b8d⋯.jpg (237.24 KB, 678x960, 113:160, sg7EWy9.jpg)

9dc9d8 No.9762192


It's too hard, can we get a hint?

1afbf2 No.9762195

It triggers the shit out of me that France lets so many strong womyenz work SWAT team.

000000 No.9762197

ca5cce No.9762209


Any statement from the Islamic non-hate groups?

3a9329 No.9762223


>we are very sorry for the loss of our local mosque's fire arms and ammunition

1afbf2 No.9762226


>the Islamic non-hate groups?

I could write it for you: "not a real muslim..muslims feel targeted…don't judge everyone…interfaith dialogue…multikulti.."

70d8de No.9762229


>be peace trucked

5121c4 No.9762230


Jesus christ that website is pure cancer and my computer can't even handle it (toaster). How do I remove all of this garbage that isn't the video and audio?

603dbd No.9762234

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh Donald Statement on Attack

030834 No.9762235

File: 6b30eab50672a0b⋯.png (627.03 KB, 483x759, 7:11, you-have-been-visited-by-m….png)



a341c5 No.9762243


the perpetrator was a good soldier of allah, went to mosque every week. Prayed when he was supposed to. This is the fault of white imperialism and an out-of-control police force.

603dbd No.9762246


its designed mainly for phones

1afbf2 No.9762247


>t website is pure cancer

fucking periscope? We've been using that here for every major habbeningfor longer than I recall. Just go to /tech/ and ask about FF and adblocker, no script, etc..

ca5cce No.9762248


MY SWORD IS YOURS (and hard)

aa48df No.9762253



I love your OC's anon

1eb781 No.9762258



"non-hate" Islamic groups are like the actual hate groups, but more jewish, they cry fake tears in front of a camera, everybody falls for it, and then they party because alah akbar, rinse and repeat.



371b19 No.9762263



a341c5 No.9762266



and my gas chambers

5121c4 No.9762268


Yea it looks like it for sure, I'm not a smartphone user so this kind of stuff annoys me


I'll give noscript a shot

000000 No.9762272

>>9762230 Yeah it's terribly coded. You can use http://liveomg.com/ to search through broadcasts, but the broadcast itself will still be on periscope.tv. It's a bit better on Chrome than on Firefox.

e37b6a No.9762277


brief reminder that we live in the timeline where whenever anything happens we get to hear donald trump talking about it

ca5cce No.9762279


So he was a good boi?

1afbf2 No.9762282

Do the Jews give the cops overtime for this shit? I'm wondering if people like GIGN have made big overtime shekels this past year.

3a9329 No.9762285


Those comments

>America bombed a few hundred of our civilians so we're justified in killing French civilians.

-Joseph TotallyAWhitePersonOnTheInternet

I am going beyond the point of thinking islam is a disease, and more towards the point of hatred.

1eb781 No.9762289




4e1f75 No.9762294

File: 90954e6ad825233⋯.png (263.78 KB, 599x560, 599:560, french government jews.png)

File: fd449b87d977b09⋯.webm (6.16 MB, 320x180, 16:9, Proof U.S. Government Wan….webm)

File: e8a3e665e771d39⋯.webm (1.86 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Wolfgang Herles - The Gov….webm)


They create the problem, then present the solution, THEIR SOLUTION! The intent was always EU federalization, to introduce things like EU combat forces, EU Police, EU Border Control, EU immigration etcetcetc.

005f9b No.9762305


B-but gun control works!

000000 No.9762312

ca5cce No.9762313


It does. Nobody could shoot back

603dbd No.9762324


He's quick. He had recorded this before Id even heard about it here by the looks of it.

70d8de No.9762331


It does, the last 20 terrorists didn't have one

Welcome to statistic world

e37b6a No.9762341


jesus anon post more carefully

277bde No.9762347

File: 171ff7dd6a5ce0d⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1832x1852, 458:463, Chestnut-breasted_Malkoha2.jpg)


You are a racist and try to vilify people with non-white skin. You should accept everyone and love and embrace their love, diversity and sexualty. You should live with 4-5 of them for 6 months. Then after that, you please (lol you can not) tell me there is any difference or friction between any race, creed, religion or colour. You are part of de problm boss, not prt of di answre. just aks my frin.

5121c4 No.9762355


Yeah I figured it would be better on chrome but I am not willing to use it. Thanks for the link I will use that to search for streams, but I found out to watch them I can simply use mpv, works great. Just used "mpv [link]" in the command line and it loads up perfectly.

70d8de No.9762356


Police officers already support Le Pen, antifas and commies hate them, this is nothing but hurtful for her

e7ea55 No.9762365

File: 74c0c501f80af6d⋯.png (1002.22 KB, 610x1042, 305:521, 68b1b889f97abf53981199e6bd….png)



854cfa No.9762368


This pretty much.

d3aa22 No.9762371


Periscope is fucking shit and it's certainly not what "we're" using. Livestream or JewTube are far better options. That retard suggesting to go to /tech/ doesn't know anything. That's the last place to go if you need help.

Installing addons won't improve periscope. When you're viewing the stream press H to remove all that trash on the video.

4e1f75 No.9762379

File: 7d61e5ee7c6911f⋯.gif (851.15 KB, 2970x2400, 99:80, The Truth about Race.gif)

c6bb2d No.9762384


>things that prove Le Pen valid are bad for her


>gun control works

you're some weird kind of shill. is this a ""raid""? its shit tier.

5d4a6f No.9762391


>cops support le pen

>more than likely because she identifies the problems facing them day to day

>more of those (((problems))) occur proving her right


Nigger what the fuck are you doing?

1d04b9 No.9762393

File: 0189a7c11bd900e⋯.png (103.84 KB, 630x431, 630:431, reut.png)

File: 0b4b9c32333e9b2⋯.png (364.65 KB, 613x675, 613:675, dm.png)


1afbf2 No.9762395


> it's certainly not what "we're" using.

fuckface, how many fucking streams from periscope have this place used? /k/ in milwaukee, Ferguson, all we were using. It runs fine with proper add-on-ons. When you have RT covering it, not first choice but for random shit like nigger riots, since it first went up.

3a9329 No.9762399


>You should live with 4-5 of them for 6 months

/leftypol/ has resorted to lying, as that's all they have as "proof" that multi-culturalism works.

fe3259 No.9762406

File: 62c9424be08ed0e⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1000x1333, 1000:1333, 427a123da6262ce4e5c5526651….png)



1afbf2 No.9762412


>it's certainly not what "we're" using>>9762371

> it's certainly not what "we're" using.

fuckface, how many fucking streams from periscope have this place used? /k/ in milwaukee, Ferguson, all we were using. It runs fine with proper add-on-ons. When you have RT covering it, not first choice but for random shit like nigger riots, since it first went up.

c6bb2d No.9762415


holy fuck who do you think you're talking with? living with niggers involuntarily was a huge factor in what red pilled me about race in the first part

1ba2b2 No.9762419

If dubs Le Pen wins

5121c4 No.9762420


The pressing H tip helped a lot, my computer can actually run with it up now. I'll save a mental note for future reference. Still runs better streamed through mpv but this way is much simpler.

2fa7d7 No.9762424


>arab kids are learned how to kill and be agressive

>european kids are learned about love, tolerance and shielded from reality

Let me guess outcome of this civilisation clash


000000 No.9762432

If I was a frenchman, I would be really pissed about french media not reporting on the second gunman that arrived from Belgium by train today.

ca5cce No.9762433

File: 15af650365281fa⋯.png (246.95 KB, 500x461, 500:461, lepen.png)


371b19 No.9762437


One day I want to be as skilled in the photoshop as you senpai

3d6590 No.9762442


what is that first image? it looks like it was scanned in from an underwear catalogue

c0298f No.9762446


When she fails, the French people will be ready for more extreme measures.

1d04b9 No.9762449

File: c2a9e8ec487275e⋯.png (63.39 KB, 627x344, 627:344, yep.png)



94e734 No.9762451


shut up ahmehd

ca5cce No.9762454


My only regret is I couldn't find a shutterstock photo

b8c420 No.9762455


She's hotter than low res thot


Give it a rest CF

4d2676 No.9762459


why do they always have 2 mile long names

ca5cce No.9762461


He's fucking MOROCCAN goddammit

1afbf2 No.9762464


yep, and was living in molennbeek you can bet.

ec5cc3 No.9762465







look at this nigger, reported.

000000 No.9762469


>ISIS reports more truthful than french media

94e734 No.9762472



53ca48 No.9762476

File: c77441fad725631⋯.jpg (178.1 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 5364ba74fa9f82d3f1f58ce701….jpg)


Let's go boys

08ee42 No.9762478



she looks like a anudda shoah

1afbf2 No.9762480


>2 mile long names

it's the first name and then the "War name" they were using in ISIS. "son of___ the belgian" was his name in Syria.

3e7138 No.9762482

File: 438f0d9aef809b9⋯.png (303.01 KB, 673x648, 673:648, bbc.png)

ca5cce No.9762488

af946a No.9762490


Nice try nigger faggot but I spent the whole of my youth surrounded by niggers and muzzies. We are diffrent and your empty statements about love or universalism wont change that

5121c4 No.9762491

File: 311d1e63d6633fe⋯.jpeg (71.55 KB, 677x426, 677:426, Abu.jpeg)

000000 No.9762493


second guy still on the run

62334a No.9762494

File: 653911f9645c059⋯.png (151.98 KB, 280x315, 8:9, 0e74689fba90961c25f287cee4….png)



35b5ff No.9762500


What a surprise that he is a sand monkey.

ca5cce No.9762503

File: 496ae6cdd19750e⋯.png (464.91 KB, 623x852, 623:852, Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at ….png)

Fucking hell these progressives…

ca5cce No.9762512


Abu usually wears a fez, just like a Moroccan

60fe96 No.9762515



353ca8 No.9762516


They just won't learn

1afbf2 No.9762522


these need to be banned. What does this add to thread? Fuck all. Look for some content or think of something original or don't post. It just fucking clogs and then new thread before it's all over.

35b5ff No.9762524

File: bbf852ee781eeb0⋯.png (326.71 KB, 505x372, 505:372, Yuri Bezmenov.png)


He said they wouldn't listen.

1bbce4 No.9762525

File: 7109dc272d9c047⋯.jpg (68.42 KB, 600x420, 10:7, cannon_justice.jpg)

20f01a No.9762527

It's sad to say, but the cops deserve it all. They follow absolutely every rule made by (((bureaucrats))), even when they know that these are the wrong rules, even though they know that these are rules that are leading their own people to ethnic, cultural, social and civilizational suicide.

ec5cc3 No.9762528


you're not really smart mohammed, we'll end you soon

4d2676 No.9762532


thats retarded

ca5cce No.9762538

File: cce7380d5e8b199⋯.mp4 (1.1 MB, 218x180, 109:90, njIIK58tyiAF_LRk.mp4)

62334a No.9762542

File: 58d379fd401e8c1⋯.jpg (70.07 KB, 633x430, 633:430, ceacd08e0a8a1bc9b9b10000f1….jpg)

File: a4470d249d5e581⋯.jpg (80.59 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 07f519bc656722c60dc049ec8d….jpg)

File: cde3a449c797808⋯.jpg (93.27 KB, 620x400, 31:20, c2958fbc80c2c7e335eb498169….jpg)

File: 9fce91cc26aabdd⋯.jpg (57.59 KB, 480x380, 24:19, e4b1579987aee191f2e77e6b6c….jpg)

File: 5704b3696c3b53d⋯.jpg (85.11 KB, 772x1132, 193:283, d12c702f8988c00d6e1c7a645f….jpg)


Some pics to share to these french cucks.

ca5cce No.9762544


Sorry, should add: Netherlands today

000000 No.9762545

According to certain informations, the assaillant was a 40 years old male born in France


Belgian on the run, picture:


name: Youssouf El Osri

>tfw when PrisonPlanet is right again

353ca8 No.9762550

1eb781 No.9762558


>Hollande is a womanizer, the only thing we'll remember of him after five fucking years is tickling the muslim in Mali and gay marriage

>Sapin was mayor of Argenton-sur-Creuse, a tiny town, and then goes straight up to Minister

>Ayrault is a greedy cunt who wanted to get all the seats he could with mandate plurality, meaning more cash

See where France's tax euros go? We don't even need to look for their religion to see they're greedy bastards who profited of these 5 years to get rich. No wonder Hollande only got 4% of approval. If Le Pen doesn't get elected, I lose my shit.

8d9c57 No.9762562


> 240p Mode

omg, pol warping my mind again.

1bbce4 No.9762566


Multiply this by 1000 to see 15 years into the future.

08ee42 No.9762567


It's an ever increasingly common Islam-out…

They're basically like niggers in EU when the actual niggers there aren't nigging out.

000000 No.9762568


Nothing in NL news?

62334a No.9762576

File: 9a0afd204792d2f⋯.jpg (71.91 KB, 720x450, 8:5, 5188c7797f4b258061b1222b50….jpg)

File: 098b2a8d901bd7c⋯.png (1.11 MB, 2512x842, 1256:421, 09b9726661d7c9a36d1fcbdf9a….png)

File: b11e068d571fa75⋯.jpg (68.98 KB, 599x425, 599:425, 359f74925c34d8a74258ab305c….jpg)

a6a289 No.9762577

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Thread theme

ca5cce No.9762579

File: 77d1a5430968f5c⋯.png (688.21 KB, 867x665, 867:665, Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at ….png)

08ee42 No.9762581

File: 072aaf1d7734dd7⋯.png (59.59 KB, 904x692, 226:173, pepe based AF .png)

>>9762566 (checked)

Careful Anon!

>It is willed.

334a2b No.9762582


Fug :—-D

1afbf2 No.9762593

File: c2201e3f883896a⋯.jpg (111.16 KB, 962x641, 962:641, we-wuz-soldiers-2.jpg)

We wiz soldiers'n sheet.

9adda7 No.9762594


>tfw too smart for civilization

8d9c57 No.9762599


So you frogs make a 200k png and its shit? Gimme high res plz

t. Suisse Romand

a08099 No.9762601

File: afbf30404f5a5b8⋯.jpg (176.77 KB, 500x1142, 250:571, a7d4762dcde0aa8cea0310486a….jpg)



0090c0 No.9762606


>Went for Algeria because their stats are higher in these kind of organisation.

Algeria is a schyzophrenic case, Algeria itself is a sort of commie police state (People's Democratic Republic of Algeria) where the islamists are repressed HARD.

So they become refugees and Europeans state host them because they're political opponents of a non-democratic regime…

So you have more algerian guys in Islamist organizations (and it's a much bigger and populated state compared to Morocco or Tunisia) but that doesn't mean there is less islamist supporters in those country.

Tunisia last elected government was an islamist one (like in Egypt they got more or less coup-ed out), Morocco is a kingdom whose king is "sharif", a direct descendent of Muhammad (supposedly), so going against the king of Morocco is literally haram, which clearly impedes any actually networking and morocco based organizations.

1bbce4 No.9762613

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Never forget the bad old days, goy!

Unspeakable horrors were committed on that street, goy!

a6a289 No.9762614

File: 2070409fe5b4934⋯.jpg (49.38 KB, 540x626, 270:313, yall mind if I invent whit….jpg)

File: 2070409fe5b4934⋯.jpg (49.38 KB, 540x626, 270:313, yall mind if I invent whit….jpg)



4e1f75 No.9762615


Not french, i saved it back in 2016 somewhere discussing the coming french election during the whole Hillary e-mail shit. Don't have better quality.

1afbf2 No.9762625


next battlefield game will have niggers as wafen-SS.

ca5cce No.9762630

File: 171be0268b8338b⋯.png (274.83 KB, 659x574, 659:574, Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at ….png)

It's our fault

1eb781 No.9762632


BF1 already has black germans, consider this done.

4dd16d No.9762636


>Paris under nazi occupation

>Paris under muslim & non-white occupation

e59b23 No.9762641

File: c03156e7e76b4c4⋯.jpg (23.48 KB, 400x400, 1:1, xqMf7aoC_400x400.jpg)



603dbd No.9762642


How many gunmen at large in Europe right now?

ca5cce No.9762649


None. Guns aren't allowed

7bf9da No.9762657


This dude played a terrorist in the movie Four Lions. He knows about driving the young to ISIS with Hollywood propaganda.

a6a289 No.9762658


This. The gun-free zone evaporated their guns instantly. Obviously a false-flag by Putin and DRUMPF to elect right-wingers.

ca5cce No.9762664


Four Lions wasn't pro-terrorist, anon

ca5cce No.9762666

File: d5f696b9aff2817⋯.jpg (105.17 KB, 734x814, 367:407, C94UMwxWAAAgA-p.jpg)

4e1f75 No.9762689


Right you niggers, i'm gonna say something we don't advertise. Any Flemish citizen can actually buy a AK-47, fully automatic in Flemish Belgium. Try doing that in the US. Where did you hear we are gun free zone? We had to deal with the dutch Gouda cheese fuckers up north and the french Camembert lickers down south in several wars. We are prepared.

8d9c57 No.9762699


umatrix and userjs sorcery will help.

a6a289 No.9762716

File: 885690c1e0e37b8⋯.jpg (92.88 KB, 400x463, 400:463, John Smith Coffee.jpg)


>implying Flemish meme AK's have anything on the stockpiles of H&K the Catalonians are sitting on

Use your AK's to clear out Molenbeek then we'll talk

da1c80 No.9762721

File: 703ae3907154a5e⋯.jpg (43.85 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1451084944620.jpg)


I'd sure love to give that beauty my meat sword.

000000 No.9762737

from plebbit live

>According to a police-justice specialist working for France 2, the assaillant was recently put in custody because it was said he was searching for weapons to kill police officers. His profile wasn't judged dangerous and was released soon after

a6a289 No.9762747

File: d6fe636937ae4cc⋯.jpg (40.99 KB, 250x258, 125:129, are you shitting me my man.jpg)


Hahaha oh man

603dbd No.9762748



1eb781 No.9762749


You're serious? Do you have an archived source so I can check it?

8d9c57 No.9762758


Aurupa? Soso.

Fucking worm. You, YOU came here and made the problems. YOU had your country to make it like we had it here. Fucking idiots.

08ee42 No.9762769

File: 338c33cc829ae9c⋯.jpg (360.99 KB, 904x692, 226:173, Rare KEK.jpg)



>Muh encryptions BTFO

000000 No.9762777

acf0c1 No.9762779

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

looks like those cops found themselves in a danger zone.

277bde No.9762795

File: a57413f1b32203c⋯.jpg (221.23 KB, 1250x650, 25:13, ISIS-terrorism.jpg)

So is the media saying all terrorist attacks in the world right now are by muslims but those muslims did not follow the islam? Cos I'm not even sure anymore?

Or is it that they were all islamists who just happened to be muslims?

78cb08 No.9762800

File: 9224d8e98d3c987⋯.jpg (40.8 KB, 600x316, 150:79, tmp_2706-Cjfvmf6UgAAFaKG11….jpg)



4e1f75 No.9762802


Implying it's just AK's, i have a AR15 and a new CZ Bren 2, both full auto.

Belgium: 10mill~ civilians. 670K registered gun owners. Most gun owners are Flemish.

These terrorists use aks simply because they are rapidly and fairly easy available here. If they didn't get em Belgium, they could easily get em in Poland, Serbia, Romania or Czech republic.

Never heard of Catalonia having many fire arms. How are the laws set up over there? Still weary of the Spaniards?

1d04b9 No.9762812

File: 507b4ee590349ca⋯.png (94.87 KB, 624x462, 104:77, r.png)


622fb1 No.9762815


kill yourself, you'll be doing everyone a favour

000000 No.9762823

Check out this eye of sauron symbolism https://gfycat.com/NegligibleEarnestArcticfox

622fb1 No.9762830


Friends and family say he said there was something weighing heavy on his mind brain tumor

4e1f75 No.9762842

File: a35d422762edcec⋯.webm (919.45 KB, 762x404, 381:202, NegligibleEarnestArcticfo….webm)

a6a289 No.9762851


Nah they're all "illegal" in Catalonia but that doesn't stop their death squads from killing Muslims. French media hushes it up because they don't want people to know the goyim are awakening. Same with hushing up all the mosques and refugee centers being destroyed in Germany.

000000 No.9762865


Thanks m8, anyone know if that's a regular thing?

357f97 No.9762870

File: d4198f2a9c620e4⋯.png (403.33 KB, 613x675, 613:675, 0b4b9c32333e9b21b1819d9585….png)

File: bbbaf58e5b75296⋯.png (1011.09 KB, 1021x579, 1021:579, bbbaf58e5b7529620d65c529e6….png)

ec5cc3 No.9762876


yes, it's been like this for a decade now, even before 9-11 IIRC could be wrong for the date though

5caaf6 No.9762880

France is showing all the call signs for a country about to have a civil war

>mass riots weekly

>terrorist attacks monthly

>protests daily

>everyone thinks the gov is corrupt

>gov is corrupt

a6a289 No.9762883


I think the camera-man just caught him mid-clap. He dindu nuffin.

1eb781 No.9762901


We don't need a civil war, we need a deus vult right now. It's about time my country srarts to win, we haven't kicked ass for 70+ years.

1eb781 No.9762906




8e6247 No.9762914



this is what leftards believe

4c3b49 No.9762928


>Clapping is now inherently Jewish


622fb1 No.9762943



000000 No.9762968


I see, the tower looks really tiny.


ce31d6 No.9762976

File: e8903cda1db47f2⋯.jpg (85.41 KB, 447x640, 447:640, 1457591983232.jpg)

File: 6a53e7cd8611c3a⋯.jpg (105.44 KB, 800x629, 800:629, 1457593488516.jpg)

File: 97a22e1c412740c⋯.jpg (25.51 KB, 320x480, 2:3, 1457591356342.jpg)

File: 7197b310cb33713⋯.jpg (25.32 KB, 400x291, 400:291, 1468457231480.jpg)


Gun control was never in order to stop robbery and murder.

It was about disarming the populance in order to ensure that the political elite doesn't need to fear them should the fuck up like it's currently the case.

acf0c1 No.9762996


>to ensure that the political elite doesn't need to fear them should the fuck up like it's currently the case.

it will be interesting to see what the consequences of fucking with the sword of damocles and attempting to rule without consequence.

56e53b No.9763008

File: 38992b7e8add859⋯.jpg (36.63 KB, 450x320, 45:32, 38992b7e8add85963d48229b33….jpg)



95800d No.9763023



So angry mob when?




4dc2c7 No.9763024



1eb781 No.9763042


If you want to say it in French without sounding like a reddit faggot, you say: Mon épée est votre.

4dc2c7 No.9763043


8436e9 No.9763046


is it a bad sign that Im laughing at this?

4dc2c7 No.9763060



Ze thanks

ca5cce No.9763065

File: 5a7a983d82dd872⋯.jpg (68.7 KB, 435x749, 435:749, 1492724578121.jpg)

357f97 No.9763075

File: 9550a428ac7f7b6⋯.jpg (53.74 KB, 715x462, 65:42, 9550a428ac7f7b62c5d4c1b4ac….jpg)



>hunched over

>hands clearly rubbing together

>not a clapping pose

>looks down upon the goyim

get your j-dars fixed

5caaf6 No.9763082



even if you are cucky on the death penalty

ec5cc3 No.9763083

File: b6e75a7d55e8f1b⋯.jpg (10.8 KB, 307x164, 307:164, pls.jpg)


>bad sign

not really, a shitskin in fetal position screaming ALLASNACKBAR when arrested was pretty funny


you don't know him as you're not French but Collard isn't one of (((them)))

1eb781 No.9763092

File: 2737d2d3050c564⋯.png (34.93 KB, 619x572, 619:572, Capture.PNG)



What if we just try to find a video if he's clapping or not?

ca5cce No.9763094


If it is, I'll join you in hell.

5121c4 No.9763095

I think I am listening to some girl talking about ((Lox)) and other foods on the RT livestream.

60bbcd No.9763098


>Den Haag(the hague), 12 april.

Not france, not today.

Still bad news.

353ca8 No.9763101


RT=Rabbi Television

b1a080 No.9763111

say it with me


a6a289 No.9763117


French people just look kind of jewish when they're old. Especially the nose. French are an especially difficult race to J-dar

1eb781 No.9763121


I think that, more than death penalty, we need a complete overhaul of the gun laws in France. Allowing a bit more fun and a less tiring process to acquire a firearm, but harsher penalties to the criminal.

I don't know, it's just to get a little more "gun culture" in the country. Everyone seems to look at the firearm from the wrong side of the barrel in France, we might need to change that.



4d2676 No.9763126


I just love it when I see people using my OC

9887cf No.9763127

File: ae32a7d8afcd9fa⋯.jpg (31.36 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 4bt9ki-1481831316.jpg)




251345 No.9763128

File: 820db1cf2888ea0⋯.png (945.16 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)






5121c4 No.9763131


So it seems. Maybe they work for the new establishment instead of the old one. I can't keep track of all these power structures anymore.


From what I have seen, the French nose is curved on the bridge but it does not point downwards (anti-sand evolutionary trait that only semites have).

4dc2c7 No.9763134




ec5cc3 No.9763136


France is deeply involved in hunting. A lot a French people do hunt

ca5cce No.9763147

File: 72761fe1dbd657d⋯.mp4 (6.86 MB, 360x640, 9:16, 0z6oYI9gNMw0g74o.mp4)

Better snackbar

(guy welding knife makes a mad decision)

36a4c0 No.9763148

File: fe73b8d7d9b3856⋯.jpg (48.7 KB, 849x553, 849:553, Millitant Kek flag.jpg)



164da3 No.9763150

File: 958c90b36ebb793⋯.png (515.6 KB, 680x418, 340:209, 1482443126868.png)


I can't tell if that image is satire, or it really happened.

4dc2c7 No.9763152

==#ImWithHer== let's fucking override old which killary's old hashtags, finally a good use for #ImWithHer

1eb781 No.9763154


That is true, but these days, I'd like to see a bit more funs, especially when Ahmed brings out a 7.62 from Belgium while we got double-barreled shotguns for the most part.

But that's just me…

714e95 No.9763157


Hearing his screams of pain bring me joy.

5121c4 No.9763160


Nice video. Seems a bit strange - not motivated by blind rage I would say. Wonder what's up.

ca5cce No.9763163


>Wonder what's up


714e95 No.9763164


>not #Sheiswithus

Low energy

1eb781 No.9763165


I'm pretty sure it's satire, but it's not far from what's happening.

ec5cc3 No.9763166


>But that's just me…

You're not alone thinking that I was just pointing this out

5121c4 No.9763171


None of the narratives perfectly lines up with what is happening or how they are acting. I think things go a bit deeper than even we accept. But that's just my gut feeling and not based on anything solid.

8e6247 No.9763174



acfdaa No.9763176



I wonder what ever could have been his motivation

ca5cce No.9763181


I think you over-estimate their capacity for depth.

Netherlands is overrun by literally retarded Moroccans and Turks who are nig-nogging in their subscultures of fail

bfee23 No.9763182


motherfucker. I travel through there every day. 90% foreign and one of the main sources of jihadis.

7c5b88 No.9763183

File: d8795e725719009⋯.jpg (2.71 MB, 3072x2121, 1024:707, 30-img-15.jpg)

File: 426ccde7c8c13c6⋯.png (3.03 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, 1450674749872.png)

File: 784974a68adc5a1⋯.jpg (496.63 KB, 2204x2130, 1102:1065, 1462294229416-0.jpg)



6389be No.9763185


Any frog anons know how to properly translate #she'swithus into french.

ca5cce No.9763190


Turks or Moroccans?

5121c4 No.9763193


Yes I could be overthinking it. I just wonder why they would do this attack right before elections and even right during a political debate when the whole country is thinking about which way to vote.

I'm not complaining mind you. Just thinking.

e1fed7 No.9763198

File: 00203a4dc1060d9⋯.png (587.83 KB, 827x423, 827:423, ParisAttack_Audi.png)

ec5cc3 No.9763213


>she's with us = elle est avec nous

You could change it a bit for it to trend, probably something like #TogetherWithHer #EnsembleAvecElle

1eb781 No.9763248


The problem with it is that we don't have the "gun culture" that we can have in Texas or somewhere relatively easy with guns. If we suddenly go all out brutally and say "MORE GUNS", most law abiding citizens won't see the appeal of getting a firearm for home defense, and might do more harm than good.

What we would need is to make the people see that a firearm is a weapon, yes, but it is not something that came from the depths of hell to kill your family and the occasional rabbit. We must give them time to understand the gun, through progressive, gentle modifications to the law, and careful explanation to the people.

4c3b49 No.9763249

File: 4bd611ad5c75cd1⋯.jpg (31.94 KB, 435x360, 29:24, karim-cheurfi-blurred1-e14….jpg)

Groundhog day:

>Karim Cheurfi, now known as Abu Yusuf al-Baljiki, was convicted of shooting at police officers in 2001, L’Express reports. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2003, but that term was reduced to 15 years in 2005, the newspaper reports.

>According to a 2001 report from Le Parisien, Cheurfi, then 23, stole a gun from a police officer and shot him three times, in the lung, leg and foot. He also fired at other officers.

c7a743 No.9763256


I think about the complaints of public transit in my town, and I guess it could be worse. I could be reminded every second that I am in a warzone filled with guerilla fighters.

051c09 No.9763275


Don't think sirens are supposed to be soothing…

ec5cc3 No.9763297


and there we go

>already tried to kill French cops

>get out of prison because of socialists

>as soon as he get out he murders one

And that's why the left will never recover. The overton window will be pushed so hard that the neo-cons will be considered the left.



4dc2c7 No.9763305




c7a743 No.9763328


What about that one guy who brandished his rifle in front of the British-agitated mob of shitskins? I think it was in Calais? Happened a year or two ago. So there are clearly -some- gun owners in France.

1f064a No.9763333




ec5cc3 No.9763357

File: 4578dc46f9c6245⋯.jpg (9.13 KB, 186x255, 62:85, 1a16b76c7a73bec0291330b27a….jpg)


those digits

I like that


000000 No.9763359

>Secretary General of the SGP-FO (Police union) says there were at least 2 individuals, one of them ran away

https:// www.reddit.com/live/ysrfjcdc2lt1/updates/60146556-2625-11e7-9ff2-0ee21b2a8be8

No source given, redditors are stupid.

9abbd4 No.9763398

File: 8ccafb44b05a194⋯.webm (6.86 MB, 400x226, 200:113, degrelle.webm)


>sold out her own father

I wasn't redpilled when that happened, but even I could see she did it because that's what she had to do. The two probably agreed it was the best way. Being against Jews is illegal in France, her party was in deep enough shit already. Now they have a really good shot at winning. There's no point in having the perfect candidate if he has no chance of winning. Le Pen is as good as we can get this time.

7c4774 No.9763409

File: f65c4877c596629⋯.jpg (5.86 KB, 227x225, 227:225, 1466861578480.jpg)



1d562d No.9763432

>They found an UZI sub-machine gun in his apartment which seems more powerful than the Kalashnikov he used

Thank you Al Jazeera for telling me some more fake news.

7eca4f No.9763440


Ah yes, I remember them. Blue collar family, have ties to nationalist movements and probably neo-nazis too. Antifa and other commie/left-wing went hard on them, as if they were the initial aggressors in this story. This family isn't the top notch of the far-right population we have in France, but I'll gadly drink with them and have a talk. They went through hell with rapefugees and commies.

2e1569 No.9763445


Any word on whether or not they found any glocks?

ec5cc3 No.9763453



>founded by Israel

>9mm more powerful than 7.62


94d027 No.9763461


Why Glocks?

2e1569 No.9763467

File: 43d96c6ec472821⋯.jpg (68.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Because glocks are everywhere. Six shooter glocks, flintglocks, glocks with bayonets on 'em.

3a23c6 No.9763473


to the stars!

94d027 No.9763478


Kek. I wish I had one.

9abbd4 No.9763485

File: 53666aa9e46144b⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1029x1456, 147:208, reinhard.png)

1f064a No.9763495


times running out anon, get yours while its hot

7eca4f No.9763510


That's something really bothering about news and guns. Most of them really enjoy putting certain types of weapon under huge umbrellas, like Kalachnikov (which doesn't mean shit because the dude made a shitton of other weapons like LMGs) just to put the public in a sense of terror whenever they hear this name. Never have I seen in French MSM any specification about the weapons a terrorist used. A considerable number of the

french population can't name anything in the AK family except the 47 and maybe the 74U.

they probably used 5.45mm, maybe some East European reproduction of the 74. ISIS and Free fighters got some cheeky weapons when you take a look at reports. I think I've read something about Nagant still being used

9b2501 No.9763539


Pretty sure most of us don't speak frog. Translate this shit.

d405d2 No.9763569

File: 6f493826c25ead6⋯.webm (2.05 MB, 240x240, 1:1, ISIS_attack_in_downtown_P….webm)

7eca4f No.9763584


Not Paris, just take a look at the thread before posting >>9763147

d405d2 No.9763594


I know, but his screams were deliciuos.


7eca4f No.9763603


Yes, the scream is really hilarious, got to give the kebab a bit of merit.

cd254a No.9763609



Is it some kind of Islamic rule that you have to shout allahu ackbar when you're about to die or is it their version of "i dindu nuffin"?

ec5cc3 No.9763622


Yeah well, whether in France or elsewhere it's always the Glocks/UZI/AK and now AR15 in US. That's buzzwords really


>1st pic

dead : Tired of these islamists terror attacks

journo : As you can see, the far-right don't even hide their hatred against others

bretty gud

>2nd pic

we found the passport of one of the terrorist in theo's anus

theo is a nigger who was arrested and lied about having been "raped" by French cops

>3rd pic

woman : you killed a cop with a knife, that's bad

shitskin : i dindu nuffin it was because of the fast in ramadan, i was hungry, i mistaked him with a sheep. Are you trying to label me by pointing out my religion ?

woman : no, not at all, i'm not islamophobe

woman : it's because of the far-right, sorry

shitskin : too easy

5a423e No.9763648


>if they'd voted for better border security this would never had happen

>but voting is pointless it won't stop anything!

People aren't buying that anymore.

5a423e No.9763651


>armed robbery

Why are they covering this shit up STILL?

353ca8 No.9763658

File: fd436cbedc7e414⋯.jpg (31.62 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 17992111_193578241158771_8….jpg)



5a423e No.9763659


>if you kill them they win

>muslims killing euros caused the rise of le pen

So there was a bit of truth there after all :^)

e92a1d No.9763660


Election is soon. Can't have the goyim vote for Le Pen, that would be racist.

5a423e No.9763674

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I swear I heard that in a song somewhere..

ca5cce No.9763682


I think it's their "Oh God!"

They probably say Allhu Ackbar when they have indigestion on the can

1f064a No.9763706


Yeah I'm gonna go drop a big ol fat moohamid in my toilet in a minute.

c351d0 No.9763725


Be safe Anon.

1afbf2 No.9763727

this is interesting. It looks like the Fench get essentially demanding they shut it down for "security reasons." can a French fag translate?



1afbf2 No.9763736

This is weird as fuck. Have never seen this on a kikepedia article. The name is already out:

Bin VateGV ◦ type the discussion ◦ asked for the immediate deletion of this article, for the following reason:

G2 - "Sandbox": if the surname is confirmed, to merge with Attentat of April 20, 2017 in Paris

If you think the removal is not obvious, you can initiate a page procedure to delete.

IMPORTANT: Please note this page you wish to delete on Wikipedia: IF if you have not already done so.

f12323 No.9763747



87c340 No.9763755

Fillon calling for the election to be postponed.

The fear is real.

3d9721 No.9763789



e03274 No.9763804

File: 6eb90613c08fb56⋯.mp4 (11.64 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 8888888.mp4)

File: 8966304d847b394⋯.jpg (472 B, 15x14, 15:14, 1.jpg)


Oh my just look at the time

8684f6 No.9763806


>The fear is real.


ec5cc3 No.9763811

File: ed983cec5a89151⋯.png (36.02 KB, 1117x316, 1117:316, kikepedia.png)



>N1526 : Why did you asked to remove my page ?

>VateGV : Hello, because there's thing we can't talk about on wikikepedia. Look at [sportsmen page]…

Basically the same shit CNN pulled out after wikileaks. "Don't do it goy, we'll do it for you in a more kosher way"

Why the Soccer page though ? idk

c351d0 No.9763823


This is a gorgeous photo of the woman who will help save Europe.

ca5cce No.9763832


It's easily my fav. Le Pen photo

1f064a No.9763877



this video makes me feel mad anon goddamit

seriously gas the fuck out of them all

9abbd4 No.9763897


>Why the Soccer page though ? idk

He's saying the terrorist isn't relevant enough. The argument is he doesn't belong on Wikipedia for the same reason small-time football players don't.

e03274 No.9763900

File: adbc1711a40f7ec⋯.jpg (150.77 KB, 553x936, 553:936, dc5fff1287191c99226b9ccd14….jpg)


You know it's a bit on the nose, but you know what they say. The nose knows. Nice Dubs

0090c0 No.9763902


(It's a merging notification, basically if that's really the same guy it should be merged with the 20/04/17 attack article).

Ok so check this…

The guy (known for assault and robberies) bumped his (stolen) car with a car belonging to a police trainee (with his brother on board), they followed him to get his insurance papers, he fired on them hit both in the abdomen…

He's caught, faked a medical problem, fight with a cop, managed to get his gun, shoot him 3 times, but the cops still managed to hit an alarms and overpower him (then 4 more pounced on him).

So basically he's attempted three murders, two on cops…

For which he gets a 20 years sentence (basically a medium sentence for murder, life is a real thing in France), which is automatically reduced to 15 (because leftism)…

Guy isn't out a year he shoot three more cops, kills two this time.

He'll be out by 2027…

1afbf2 No.9763922


>r the same reason small-time football players don't.

so "small time terrorists" (it' was only one cop dead and 2 others shot, goy) din't belong on the site?

9b2501 No.9763934

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


10/10 would donate 4 mins 37 secs of my life again.

Fuck, I used to own this album. No idea what happened to it. Lounge Act was my absolute favorite shit.

edda3b No.9763940

Just to be sure, bon hommes.

What if Le Pen turns out to be a jew puppet?

Do you have contingency plans?

Will the next revolution actually be beneficial and pro Gaul?

Yes. Gaul.

That's what you really are, be proud of that.

1afbf2 No.9763944


>He'll be out by 2027…

I think they killed his ass this time mate.

1f064a No.9763960


dude I listened to every fucking song on this album and Bleach back in the fucking day playing Doom way late at night. Good times


0090c0 No.9763975


Yeah sorry, I meant that going by that trend if they had caught him alive, he'd be out by 2027.

It's like some of the guys of the Bataclan had attack had prior for… Terrorism! They did 2 years… for terrorism… ("belonging to a terrorist network").

1afbf2 No.9764002


This is one of the most bizarre things have ever seen. He's "only a small terrorist" and then proceeds to make football analogy. Makes no fucking sense. He attempted murder on a cop, got out and killed 2 more 3 days before the election. And this fucking (presumed kike) saying he doesn't deserve mention on kikepedia?

3981fe No.9764012

As usual, leftists are clogging up the twitter hashtag with "il ne faut pas stigmatiser", "la xénophobie c'est le mal, ne votez pas FN" ('don't stigmatize, xenophobia is wrong, please don't vote FN").

000000 No.9764019

Le Pen will never win thats deffenite, the netherlands it didnt pass either. but the attacks will continue thats deffenite also

0d4da5 No.9764021

File: 939b836b0363960⋯.jpg (275.76 KB, 736x909, 736:909, serveimage (63).jpg)


the guy on the other side of Marine is doing the exact same clap, anon. Theres no interlocking fingers, its not like hes rubbing two shekels in his palms together. This is a shitpost.

4e1f75 No.9764036

File: 1acb0b83717b7d6⋯.jpg (178 KB, 760x987, 760:987, 1435232060819.jpg)


1afbf2 No.9764042


>the netherlands it didnt pass either

French attacks have been far, far worse than anything Netherlands has seen. It's also costing them billions of shekels in tourist dollars and people leaving nation. Don't ever say "she'll never.."

After Trump campaign (NYT- Trump has a 1% chance of winning on day of election) was ass backwards with the best data High Kikery could buy in the world. I know, it's 2 rounds, but think how many have died just in last year or so, Nice and Batanclan. Almost 300. Over 300 if we count all of time, including a priest beheaded on the altar.

3d9721 No.9764051


Now is not the time for fear.

That comes later.

4e1f75 No.9764074


Did you read the Bataclan report? I have.

The terrorists cut of genitalia of living people, stuffed it in their mouth, then gutted them by cutting open the stomachs and removing the intestines of alive people. Some they stuck knives in vagina's or anus or mouths and cut it open. They decapitated people on cellphones, videos weren't released but didn't reach the ISIS either.

Police spoke of horrible horrible scenes on the second balcony, the image that was leaked to the public was nothing compared to what had taken place up there.

This report was not shown in the france or global MSM news, it had sporadic attention online.

000000 No.9764082

I dont have fear, I am ready to RISK my life killing off the scum.

Think it was Patton that say'd " war isn't about dieing for your country, its about making the other bastard die for his"

Those times have past, its time to die or kill for you valeus. let the one with the strongest will and beliefs be victorious and the loser crushed under its weight

1f064a No.9764091


also this

Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge. It brings out all that is best; it removes all that is base. All men are afraid in battle. The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty. Duty is the essence of manhood.

man the fuck up and remove kebabt

1afbf2 No.9764101


I read it, yep. And they fucking covered it up. That internet font of wisdom "snopes" claims they didn't try a coverup. That was probably biggest happening ever since cuck or this place have been around. Between that and the hunt for them and then the apartment exploding with the girl on TV.

I wonder how good GIGN really is and why they don' recruit and anti-terror force from the military rather than police. I know they get a lot of training and did pretty good on that air france hijack in the 90s, but now it's a whole new level.

1afbf2 No.9764113


>Patton that say'd

It's actual an ancient Greek saying he was just stealing. I read in..I think Plutarch and was surprised.

000000 No.9764120

GIGN is not doing much at this,

The dispandables of France are, 700 men recruited this year and next year for this cause.

I am one of them of next year

4e1f75 No.9764136

File: 25c5795fe551597⋯.jpg (706.93 KB, 900x1318, 450:659, Der Jude.jpg)


Semites first, then Hemites!

3981fe No.9764138


>I wonder how good GIGN really is and why they don' recruit and anti-terror force from the military rather than police.

It wouldn't make a difference because under Vigipirate the soldiers patrolling key areas aren't armed (their assault rifles aren't loaded).

ec5cc3 No.9764141


>why they don' recruit and anti-terror force from the military rather than police.

The army was there, it's in the report. They are under the president decisions and couldn't have done shit. They basically had to wait orders to get involved.

Too bad I left an hdd with webms in some place, I could have drop it here…but there's a lot of police officers/army really fed up with the gov

1afbf2 No.9764150

>I am one of them of next year

Cool, good luck. Does prance have a parachute regiment or something like the rangers, other than the foreign legion? I think they disbanded one of the legion regiments after the coup attempt no?

000000 No.9764159

no it still exist, its exactly what I am speaking about, by as this year they even created a new regiment. I was there 2 weeks ago and after explaining my intentions they told me to come back in a few months

ec5cc3 No.9764183

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



find one on yt, it was right after a muzzie slaughtered a couple of police officers at their house last year.

Do you feel the anger ?

cd039a No.9764185


>mass riots weekly

>protests daily

That's France. That's the way it has always been. We get a revolution like every 30 years too.

But otherwise, yeah. The french people won't fight, but you can be sure that the shitskins and the police/military will clash at some point.

1afbf2 No.9764186


The training should be fun. Probably will do a lot with SAS/Delta Force in the workup. I assume either Us or UK would do joint exercises. I think German GSG9 (or maybe it's combat swimmers I'm thinking) does come from military there.

000000 No.9764193

the way I see it, if its not usefull in the first 5 years of service in the battlefield, it will be worth it for the knowledge I have gatherd during

1d33e4 No.9764201


could you explain, in a general way then, the rumors of being able to get full auto funs in flanders? out of curiosity

1afbf2 No.9764220


Yeah, he's pissed. Was that the same guy who refused to shake Hollande's hand? Fucking cops there have it bad, not only the terrorist bullshit but even knowing what they are dealing with, the motherfucking commies still pull their riots (I was watching one last May day) and make them go deal with those too.

3981fe No.9764224


>The french people won't fight

Exactly and that's why Macron will win.

french here France isn't cucked, it's dying. Every major reform is dictated by the EU. If their favorite candidate doesn't win, they'll crash the country with no survivors.

4e1f75 No.9764225


Yeah that was pretty obvious when that police officer refused to shake hands with Hollande. Or the police officer who told a Sky news team that the government is the problem to deal with the cancer subhumans and the task ahead to clean the streets is large.

Sadly i lost allot of the saved content from november 2015. Had some really dark redpills, tried finding them but that was around the time a HDD crapped out.

1afbf2 No.9764250

They fucking knew this guy. I'm surprised he survived prison. In the ZOG, if you shoot at a cop, you never get out. If you don't get life, they'll find a way to get you killed in prison.

1afbf2 No.9764260

has it been confirmed that when they raided the house, they found plastic explosives and all sorts of shit, including ISIS flag?

9abbd4 No.9764262


>If their favorite candidate doesn't win, they'll crash the country with no survivors.

Let them try. What could they do that's worse than opening the gates for enemies? The German army is a bad joke, so even that's off the table. Worst case France gets an economic hit for a decade or two. The economy will recover, like it always did.

247c16 No.9764284


Damn, if there's anything out there…that would be a concentrated red pill…would be worth spreading around

ec5cc3 No.9764295

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I think it was him, not sure. But this guy said in the video I linked (at 2:58)

>"we must refuse this discourse held by our executive, consisting by saying we must be resilient, live with it"

And right after Nice, the prime minister said the exact same thing

4e1f75 No.9764373


No, and Belgium isn't the problem. IF these fuckers can't obtain a weapon, they will do a smash and grab a gun store like they do elsewhere, specificly the US negroid. Secondly, this guy killed 2 police officers, seems the Lion truck attack was far more effective. Stacking some explosives in the truck and detonating when in the middle of a crowd might be even more effective.

You can't stop terror attacks.

Few months back they found hundreds of AK's in mosque, under their prayer rugs.

In 2016 they stopped a car in Germany filled with hundreds of firearms, a sporadic border patrol had stopped them.

You can't stop extremists from owning fire arms unless you flat out ban gun ownership completely.

As the current scandal 'fast and furious' in the US proves, where they gave guns to the Cartels and had them implanted to be tracked, one of those guns ended up in europe; in the hands of one of the terrorists who shot and killed people with it.

Every months, hundreds of thousands of kilo's of hard drugs are smuggled through our ports, the politicians do nothing. Guns regularly get smuggled through customs.

A few days ago, hundreds of kilo's of coke just washed up on my nearby shores.

The only way to stop terrorists is to not allow the cancer in our land and deport the extremists on the terror watch list. A arab sand nigger is not citizen of our country even if he has passport.

cd039a No.9764416


>France isn't cucked, it's dying

You're right about that. People think Le Pen gained voters in the recent years, but that's wrong. She is doing better in the elections because less people are voting in general, less and less giving a fuck about politics. You don't have more people voting for the FN than when Jean Marie was still in it. If I was blackpilled, I'd say that the whole "people are waking up" thing is an illusion. The french are unpatriotic individualist cunts. We seriously need a military coup.

And fuck Marine Le Pen, I don't understand why she's getting that much praise here. Her campaign was bad, she tried so hard to appeal to leftists, which didn't work, and now her and the FN are cucked. They still get called racists and fascists by the left, and the nationalists are more disappointed than anything. They will go and vote for her, but they'll do it dragging their feet.


>What could they do that's worse than opening the gates for enemies?

And what do you think they will do ? It's Emmanuel "Merkel is a model" Macron we're talking about.

You can recover from an economic disaster, but you can't recover from the demographics of your country changing. It will come to a point, it will be too late. If we don't act soon, we're fucked.


This. Smuggling an AK in Western Europe is piss easy. You go and buy it for a few hundred bucks in the Czech Republic or wherever, and you use one of the dozens little mountain paths that the cops can't watch to come back.

000000 No.9764419

aahhh the coke thing happend not to far from me either.

Police politely asked on social media, if you find something please call us.

I got in Paris, with one weekend bag without 1 search or whatever, but then again I am not known as an extremist…l Like to think that would I have bin known as one I would of bin searched…I just hope they do know and they really invade or privacy to the point that there is no decieving the autority;s …but it looks like its not

01df1d No.9764440

File: ab87212bf730f92⋯.jpg (107.71 KB, 700x525, 4:3, ab87212bf730f9213f01f3c772….jpg)

Good. This will play into our hands on election day on the 23rd. We must make sure to be there and meme her into office just like we did with Trump and Brexit.

4e1f75 No.9764487


The old people are cucks who are living the life on acrued assets that allow them to maintain their lavish lifestyle and their 'home care'TM. Their pensions are all under water and are dependent on young people contributing into it, which they aren't since they shipped all the jobs overseas and made everything part time work. No job security, no mortgage, no [ensions.

Boomers sold their own children and grand children into poverty, then turn around and spit in their faces wondering why young people don't want to work for a basic sustenance wage which is nothing compared to what the boomers earned and what spending power they had.

The entire system is running on fumes and we need a war, drastically.

0090c0 No.9764530


Airborne legion were never SF (still aren't).

French SF are GIGN (gendarmes are military, even more so today they've merged with EPIGN and protection units, they operate less and less in France and more and more abroad), 1st RPIMa (which is the current name of the WWII HM 3rd & 4th SAS), 13e RDP (weird special reconnaissance regiment), Marine commando (current name of the WWII HM No. 10 Commando, No. 1 and No. 8 troop) and the CPA 10, 20, 30 (air commandos, SAR and cie).

There is also "Bagheera" (which goes by different names, "Service Action", BIS, CPIS, etc…) and is the SF unit of the DGSE and heir to the (in)famous 11th shock parachute regiment of general Aussaresses (the guy that had a class called "How to reform communists with gratuitous aircraft excursions" with lots of good South-American students…)

Then you have an airborne brigade made of various airborne regiments, including the 2nd REP (which regimental song is a barely disguised variant the Waffen-SS "Charlemagne" song. Always makes me smile when I hear it on official occasions…)

000000 No.9764533

The time has come for regular men, to give there life. Fighting the extremist to let them die for there beliefs. But what I fear is , that regular men are cowards, and a men with strong beliefs are undistructable. And one with beliefs I am, so wish upon what you believe…Victorious you will never be!

7cad85 No.9764601

a81eb4 No.9764605

File: 7695955cd0302b8⋯.jpg (51.74 KB, 625x499, 625:499, 1465408495193.jpg)




65cc2c No.9764710



how do I make red bold letters?

97630b No.9764725

67ef9b No.9764742



cd039a No.9764767


hello newfriend


>saging a sticky

7cad85 No.9764786


For being off topic retard. It's called being polite.


It's easy you just lurk moar

71f808 No.9764793

File: 19f9a48f50e07b2⋯.jpg (681.14 KB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_0307.JPG)


>oh wait, according to the news he's not Morrocan he's Belgian


a81eb4 No.9764798


It becomes an option after lurking for two year.

7cad85 No.9764809


>implying the state-sanctioned news stations would ever lie

Anon don't be a retard. I mean, it's not like France is run commies and jews right?

4eb7e2 No.9764867


>muh accelerationism


67ef9b No.9764899



09ecf4 No.9764966


"God is greater"

c47d7b No.9764978

File: b0f452763964c61⋯.jpg (45.38 KB, 800x792, 100:99, if only you knew.jpg)


You know, this isn't anything new. It's been happening since the day the king goatfucker died and his sons declared an expansionistic jihad on the world. We've been fighting these fucking monsters for centuries now, and every single time it's the kikes moving them into the land or opening the gates for them, Think about the thousands, hundred thousands of white men, women, and children who've died in similiar circumstances for generations now. We can't flinch and we can't falter this time. We have to wipe every semite from the face of this Earth, and finally we have the technology to spread the message far and wide. Deus Vult brothers, war is coming.

fe13c2 No.9765088


one shot, one thrill

ff8993 No.9765299


My sword is yours

If Le Pen fails

Good bye West

Sweet dreams Europe

7becae No.9765331



a793ce No.9765348

File: acd87f1d9a0d44a⋯.webm (6.24 MB, 640x360, 16:9, columbine foster the peop….webm)

File: 149815787c61619⋯.png (236.04 KB, 860x785, 172:157, poppy columbine.png)


>On the morning of Tuesday, April 20, 1999, Harris and Klebold placed a small fire bomb in a field about three miles south of Columbine High School, and two miles south of the fire station. Set to explode at 11:14 a.m., the bomb was intended as a diversion to draw firefighters and emergency personnel away from the school (it partially detonated and caused a small fire, which was quickly extinguished by the fire department).

b8de31 No.9765375



a793ce No.9765421

File: 5b6521e3d124c29⋯.jpg (58.44 KB, 576x960, 3:5, marion living saint.jpg)

File: 570cd0b8def1be3⋯.jpg (354.99 KB, 4896x3264, 3:2, I wish I was gassing migra….jpg)

File: b83af2488ebf093⋯.jpg (6.84 MB, 6016x4000, 188:125, 1470004963144.jpg)

File: a045b13427e997d⋯.jpg (1.94 MB, 4606x3454, 2303:1727, 1470050390485.jpg)

File: 63d2cf91d7018c3⋯.jpg (1.96 MB, 4134x2756, 3:2, 1470053642071.jpg)



08ee42 No.9765431

File: 4e4601067b19cd6⋯.png (1021.84 KB, 1310x1551, 1310:1551, hatecopter.png)



Any Anons hear that?





f92314 No.9765462

File: c181a4e22b952c3⋯.jpg (90.88 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 2493134-rocky4.graphic.jpg)

This seals a Le Pen victory.

9256d2 No.9765600


>president piss

Why are so many leftists on twitter obsessed with piss?

1d6272 No.9765652


Anon, you don't know? Piss is the new Feet in the fetish world. And fetishists who are still in denial about it (that is, ones that can still be saved) frequently make comments about how that's "eww gross!". It's like shakespeer's "The Lady doth protest too much"

cee0d9 No.9765657

File: ef956401ffb3a5f⋯.png (499.82 KB, 824x1131, 824:1131, checkem3.png)


Checked, it's projection.

1c38a6 No.9765707

File: d8cac207e8ab857⋯.png (22.21 KB, 94x84, 47:42, ClipboardImage.png)


>looking at something


>oy vey he's rubbing his hands

That's the first time I've seen Collard being called a jew. Why don't you instead talk about that hitler stache ?

099375 No.9765718

File: b33091f96aeeb99⋯.jpg (163.22 KB, 1708x386, 854:193, ss (2017-04-21 at 08.30.27….jpg)


That looks tight with the overlay.


>Elle est si belle quand elle semble triste.

32e044 No.9765725

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



e8826e No.9765770


Did you ever notice that the baby was cut?

Kurt knew that's why that cunt shot him.

If you refuse to follow their orders once they have given you a pedestal, you die.

ff8993 No.9765848

Second round will be Le Pen vs Melenchon


32e044 No.9765853



c4953a No.9765862


At 3:11 you can see a little shitskin walk past in the lower left with a Turkroach flag as a cloak.

7672a5 No.9765870

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fe3259 No.9765894



>Our little group has always been and always will until the end

Was Kurt redpilled ? Or was he schizophrenically torn between white pride and jewish hedonism ? Is there a hidden meaning behind his apparent nonsensical lyrics ?

ac9a9b No.9765949


This is in the Netherlands, knife wielding Snackbar shot in the leg, vandalized a medical post earlier. Media and police silent about him screaming Alla Akbars. Happened April 12th.

020752 No.9765959

File: 24d705c71b6f492⋯.webm (406.64 KB, 400x600, 2:3, MAfLxrg.webm)

2 days before the French elections? Kek.

Don't mind me throwing another 100€ on Le Pen.

a14866 No.9765987

File: 4b9f986a60fb743⋯.png (414.39 KB, 765x431, 765:431, Ayo I be telekepathic n sh….png)



ca5cce No.9766012


Wow, that guy's a real forward thinker!

a9d3a9 No.9766013

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5d5fe0 No.9766018

2 days before the elections. thanks for giving wind to Madame Persident. Thats of course if Frog media doesnt try to keep it out the MSM.


Is there a timline somwhere of attacks from the last 3 years or so? That you actually can see how long its been since the last attack?

40136c No.9766021

File: d9927f5ad27539f⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1709x900, 1709:900, kikes.png)


Treasonous filth and kike in the background.

41d44f No.9766062

>our thoughts and prayers

Yeah I'm real sure your vapid thoughts and magic words to the sky fairy are really reassuring to the corpse lying in a fucking morgue right now because you thought #DiversityRocks

Sick of this shit every time someone gets shot and killed, none of these dead people wanted your fucking prayers.

c83b5f No.9766076


They did it obviously to remove all the gory details about Karim's prior assaults on police officers. All that remains is just a small footnote at the bottom of this "April 20 terrorist attack" page, referencing a newspaper article that probably nobody will read. In other words: it's censorship.


The old page about Karim is archived here:


94e734 No.9766080


what makes t even worse is that these people usually don't believe in god

f1de3b No.9766088


i'm not sure what that expression is called, but he's doing it so hard that his eyes are pointing in opposing directions.

ca5cce No.9766111


That's just his massive brain pushing his eyes apart

3981fe No.9766156


>If I was blackpilled, I'd say that the whole "people are waking up" thing is an illusion.

It is an illusion. I may be blackpilled

Just like in every terrorist attack the french are always tweeting about how much they love the police then the rest of the year they say "nique la police" ("fuck the police").

We've been under socialism for far too long, there's no diversity of thought on tv, the radio, even on the internet.

For example there's a tech site called Numerama that used to be pro-consumer, anti-system but in the past few years its founder left and they got bought, since then the site became another buzzfeed, they write blog/articles with their sources being mostly from Vox Media sites so a lot of anti-Trump, "Russia is evil", "the new Faceberg and Twatter policies are pretty cool" type of articles. They've been hyping Mélenchon for months now. (spoiler is an example of a tech website that became another Buzzfeed, the good thing though is that there's only less than 10 people who comment their articles regularly, so it might close down next year).

>Her campaign was bad, she tried so hard to appeal to leftists, which didn't work

She tried to appeal to the (((CRIF))), some like Gilles-William Goldnadel or Eric Zemmour liked her ideas.

A lot of FN members didn't like what she did, she forced her father (and founder of the party) to leave, hoping that the MSM would stop seeing her as a monster.

>We seriously need a military coup.

No, most people are anti-police and anti-authority (remember Mai 68?).

a14866 No.9766173

File: cd92f7f8be780af⋯.png (478.12 KB, 970x546, 485:273, hon hon hon hon.png)


>Abu Yuckfuk al-Brownshit


U wot, mon ami?

706ef8 No.9766188

File: a3a5fe693e6cb44⋯.png (156.17 KB, 338x237, 338:237, CeasarEm.png)


My sword is yours, o Gauls

d258f8 No.9766275

File: b20b2b097e2c182⋯.png (1.2 MB, 971x660, 971:660, DEUS VULT.png)

File: 60f10ac60e26511⋯.jpg (88.31 KB, 584x960, 73:120, DEUS ASSIM O QUER.jpg)

File: 6c844b4d2fc5e13⋯.jpg (261.75 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, kek wills it.jpg)

File: 05a67b5e458087f⋯.png (107.58 KB, 1573x419, 1573:419, we gonna have ourselves a ….png)

File: 63f9035f0ce5712⋯.jpg (42.51 KB, 550x550, 1:1, crusader.jpg)



b01d1f No.9766338


France kicked ass 70 years ago? Err dude, read a book. You got your rears handed to you by the Krauts, and then got saved by a bunch of Bongs and Burgers. Your brain-dead retard of a leader DeGaulle then, after Paris was saved by BongBurgerBros; proclaimed that it was ACTUALLY the French who had done all the fighting, completely ignoring the actual effort taken by their saviours.

DeGaulle then went on to found the EU, and so hated the Bongs for saving him that he tried to have them banned from joining (which was actually a good thing for the Bongs, but still shows just how retarded that Frog was). Honestly DeGaulle might just be the worst human in history; but back to the topic… No, France did not kick any rears 70 years ago. Nor did they 100 years ago. Go back a little further and then you had some rather impressive showings, go back a little further and you were amongst the most powerful in the world (although you still got your rears handed to you by small, underfunded armies from Britain, Prussia, Denmark and so on).

c695bb No.9766356

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Come on France; Le Pen is your only hope at this point.

a6677c No.9766369

I am convinced that this is what actual muslamic terrorist attacks look like, 1-2 dead by an incredibly low-IQ REEEE'ing radical muslim.

9/11, Bataclan, Orlando, every "islamic" terrorist attack with actual high casualties are zionist false flags.

Prove me wrong.

fe3259 No.9766395

File: 2c83d3a401ed43e⋯.png (558.56 KB, 624x613, 624:613, 54246216d45a9aae81f810b0d0….png)


>Implying France was saved 70 years ago

fe3259 No.9766402

File: a08719ec7e8be19⋯.png (783.53 KB, 782x1120, 391:560, Marine painting by Maria K….png)


Here's Marine portrait for your next OC, mon ami.

24a9e4 No.9766419

It's a shame that Macron is going to blow Le Pen out of the water this Sunday. Oh well…

c83b5f No.9766424


1968 was the old generation (actually two generations ago), and long before daily terrorist activity. Now you hear about hapennings every week, and those are just the worst reported events. There are even more assaults, thefts, rapes, etc. all the time.

It's all by design, of course. The globalists want this chaos, because they know the economic collapse is inevitable, so they need an excuse to take the next step: fascism and move to a global curency (cashless, of course). It's all about total control, for (((them))).

We can buy some time by getting out of the EU, but that's just the very start. The media and universities need to be reformed. The money needs to be made sound (not central banking fiat). Well basically the same things Hitler was planning…

b01d1f No.9766442


kek fair point.

Still best of luck to you Froglotdites. Destroy the EU and then get your Crusade on. We believe in you.

1eb781 No.9766443


>implying I was even saying that we "won" WW2 like history books say because of "muh resistance"

This is not what I meant, we lost WW2, in 1940, and nothing more. and yes, even before, we needed support, back in WW1, from England and the USA.

I fucking wish we could go back to when we were conquering stuff, we became way too soft now.

3981fe No.9766445


>1968 was the old generation

They've been in power for quite some time now (politics, public owned media, etc). They will never let it go.

c04052 No.9766447


Yet you're not French, just a jew pretending that (((you))) are

6e7de8 No.9766449



b01d1f No.9766452

File: fa22c312bcdb749⋯.jpg (176.88 KB, 500x455, 100:91, 1360614334451.jpg)



>I fucking wish we could go back to when we were conquering stuff

You can lad. It's the year of the fire cock. When I was a child I was told that when I grew up, I could be whatever I wanted to be. I said I wanted to be a Crusader. They told me it was not possible.

… Now look at the world. The next Crusade is mere years away. Make of life what you want. Be the change you want to see in the world; be the exterminator of the dark hordes, the pest-controller of the West, the purifier of the world. Embrace your destiny.


c04052 No.9766455

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Video Embed:

Paris, France under German Occupation 1940

Looks quite serene, healthy and happy, even negroes can walk the streets untroubled by the 'ebil nahtzees'.

Fast forward to today under jewish-American zionist occupation after Britain and America 'saved' the French in WWII.

Maybe next time the Yanks and Brits can fuck off and mind their own business for a change, some hope…

3d9721 No.9766460


b09c20 No.9766462


This isn't news.

3d9721 No.9766465



3d9721 No.9766467



1eb781 No.9766476


Fair enough, with all the "cultural enrichment" being shoved down my throat, like that cunt Macron who called french colonization a "crime against humanity", How can I be French if they won't allow me to be proud being French in the first place?

Kill me

f04b36 No.9766535

My tinfoil senses are tingling. An attack this close to the election? You can never rule out that this is all part of the plan.

6bbd4a No.9766540



c04052 No.9766590

File: 0b366c8af9bbce5⋯.jpg (293.3 KB, 600x498, 100:83, MarineLePenwearsaSovietmil….jpg)


Pretty much certain really, the jews in this thread doing their shilling further supports the idea.


>Deus Oy DeVoylt, Amirite goys?

10b08f No.9766606


You can buy a manuscript of his journal. I would describe his political affiliation as left-leaning libertarian. Also, he wasn't particularly intelligent, as far as I can tell, and was poorly educated. In one of his final entries he bitches about how he's a self-made millionaire and he doesn't want to share "a single fucking red cent" with some concert producer that works for MTV.

He used to write this mantra:"I believe in killing the lesser and greater of two evils" in his journal over and over.

tl;dr He wasn't our definition of 'redpilled' but he was unapologetically masculine and believed in the right to be left the fuck alone.

dcfd69 No.9766607


>'lol just wait for hitler guise.jpg'

Hi moshe

c04052 No.9766613


I'm saying don't vote for jewish neo-con frauds that the jews shill for, whereas you're literally saying/shilling

>vote for freemasonic zionist jew puppet Le Pen

See the problem here, Moishe?

6bbd4a No.9766619


It is choosing between plague and cholera. And then I choose the lesser of evils.

c04052 No.9766627


You choose to support and champion neo-con zionist jews

This is the fundamental split where (((you))) and me differ.

fe3259 No.9766647

File: aa6ae848096596f⋯.jpg (185.88 KB, 786x1106, 393:553, c07fc7b8.jpg)



The shill you're giving (You)'s to is paid by the reply. Don't bother, filter and report.

>inb4 I'm a jewish puppet neo-con hasbara zionist fraud

fe3259 No.9766654


Given the utter stupidity of the aloah, you can bet his snackbar wasn't planned.

fe3259 No.9766660

File: 74f9f214c535611⋯.jpg (109.25 KB, 640x677, 640:677, 08179c4d46bffd7d62e71b5ea7….jpg)

You won't get this quints Moïshe.

fe3259 No.9766662

fe3259 No.9766664

File: 182db3757c18f8e⋯.jpg (37.59 KB, 356x426, 178:213, 81ee14fb13477d347ce5e23145….jpg)

fe3259 No.9766667

File: 269bef4ee1c2083⋯.jpg (215 KB, 646x725, 646:725, 801b6dfded7f979ed166dc2553….jpg)

e2186f No.9766670


I wish he would leave.

fe3259 No.9766682


He's the perfect indicator that the kikes are afraid of Le Pen.

c04052 No.9766690


You mean the guy showing demonstrable proof that the jewish freemason fraud (((you))) are shilling for is just that.

Can you explain the evidence presented against the jewish fraud Le Pen presented here?


ec5cc3 No.9766694


I wish people here learned to ignore someone when he comes into a thread and starts spouting nonsense like

"hasbara zog puppet neo-con free-mason kike" (in the same sentence)

Especially since there's no other option than Marine.

FILTER ID: c04052

c04052 No.9766698



>Oy Deus Gevalt, why do they persecute me so?

Any chance any of (((you))) kikes can disprove the clearly laid out evidence against the jewish freemason fraud Le Pen?

That's far more important than (((you))) propagating jewish memes in support of jewish controlled opposition

c04052 No.9766700


>Choose to vote for jews goy, it's your only hope of defeating errr… jews…

fe3259 No.9766715

File: d61daa75362286b⋯.jpg (57.87 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 21a06eaec626b91cf41c129174….jpg)


It's so obvious shilling I'm really starting to think it's a bot. Always repeating the same sentences.

You'll notice nonetheless that it lessened the use of "hasbara" recently.

ec5cc3 No.9766736


He reminds me of the butthurt malaysian "artist" who can't even draw and can't stop fucking up the board, what's his name? Maltard, right ?

fe3259 No.9766744



IDK. Some say it's imkampfy. It's a shitskin for sure, and considering he cannot speak, write or read French, he's paid to spam his bullshit (which is in French).

c04052 No.9766771




>Oy vey!

Yet still not one word to disprove the demonstrable proof presented.

How unnusal for all you lying kikes working together as a team to attack the messenger and never the actual argument presented

fe3259 No.9766791

File: 8366bd487367370⋯.jpg (37.41 KB, 479x540, 479:540, 63c5102de15e7b52d599922d0d….jpg)

Keep screeching Achmed, you will be deported anyway.

c04052 No.9766797


You're the kike. I'm the white man as evidenced by your endless shilling for every neo-eon kike in world politics.

It's the jews like (((you))) we're really concerned with Moishe.

6e7de8 No.9766817


nice photoshop bro

c04052 No.9766829


No photoshop Moishe, it's when Marine Le Pen visited Sevastopol in June 2013

The very fact you claim that says all there is to know about your organised team of jewish hasbara endlessly shilling for ZOG on here.

fe3259 No.9766851

File: b3887718db5a820⋯.png (274.91 KB, 468x600, 39:50, 5e3eaf72dc57d9a40db7c738b3….png)


6e7de8 No.9766858

File: e1b45370d4cfca9⋯.png (491.07 KB, 842x856, 421:428, ccab5628b4044d7560620327ab….png)


Whoops, you caught me. Oh wait, turns out you're making random shit up… do you still get paid in this case? Can your daughter go to college, or are you going to press her for that squash scholarship?

c04052 No.9766865


Especially if you're jewish

LoL, "if"


What was made up?


The picture was taken when Marine Le Pen visited Sevastopol on her visit to Crimea

Is that any problem for you jews, surely your boss has a few random responses for you to reply with to this.

0b0f57 No.9766888

File: 7904822284e5730⋯.jpg (896.14 KB, 6016x4000, 188:125, Marion Marechal-Le Pepe.jpg)


I bet somebody already beat me too it. Thought that counts though rite?

c04052 No.9766912


Is she posing with a cartoon frog because her party is run by freemason jews or because of her biological father being a spy for mossad?

ec5cc3 No.9766970

File: 5659e1d94cecdee⋯.jpg (61.2 KB, 753x704, 753:704, 5dc.jpg)


>I bet somebody already beat me too it.

Probably, I remember seeing one done already but didn't saved it…

>Thought that counts though rite?

with digits like these, it looks like kek agreed

Good job anon.

aa48df No.9767021

File: a642688236298e7⋯.jpg (6.96 KB, 225x225, 1:1, tmp_13960-67c179002a5e0bfa….jpg)


OMG so cute !!

2dd0ee No.9767028


The sandnigger was labeled "S" aka potential terrorist, Marine is the only one advocating their deportation. The math for me is simple.

9c14ed No.9767062


>2nd pic

Fuck off roach.

e8826e No.9767065


It's 1488D petanque.

1ab5d9 No.9767177


>Collard being called a jew

"jew" would be a compliment for that obnoxious freemasonic POS

c695bb No.9767181

File: deae41bd0e0780a⋯.png (92.39 KB, 613x1024, 613:1024, hehehe.png)

Kikebart is claiming Macron said terrorism is a part of French life every day now, anyone find any better sources for this yet?

http://www. breitbart.com/london/2017/04/21/macron-terrorism-part-daily-lives-years-paris-shooting/

3981fe No.9767206


Manuel Valls said that too last year after the "truck of peace" attack in Nice.

cd039a No.9767223


>No, most people are anti-police and anti-authority (remember Mai 68?).

The people of Mai 68 are retired now. The younger generations' Mai 68 was Nuit Debout, and that was a shitshow. That kind of movements only gets disdain from most, or they just don't care nowadays. If anything, young people who care want the return of traditional values.

The point is, most people aren't anti-police. Most people don't give a fuck about who is in charge or what happens in France. Like with anything, if a coup happens people will talk about it for a week and then forget about it.

036987 No.9767245


Frenchanon here. Yep that's exactly what Makhlouf said.

To be precise, he said that "terrorism is a durable phenomenon, and nobody can pretend that they will prevent attacks"

c695bb No.9767277


Some of the other English translations made it sound a lot worse. Do you think this comment might affect many people's opinions of him?

cd039a No.9767292


Personally, I don't think so. People like him because he's "new" and young, not because of what he's saying.

c04052 No.9767333


Hello French anon, le bonjour, can you help explain to us non-French speaking anons what the following video means.


Le Pen Exposed

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuPp2tWjiRY

We've got a lot of jewish posters in here lately telling us that Le Pen is the most based most anti-semitic Gallic heroine since Joan of Arc and I'm not so sure we can trust them anymore after them endlessly promoting and trying to sell us Gert Wilders and obviously now with Trump turning out to be a jewish freemasonic hoax, so we just wanted to know what actual real French anons thought of Le Goddess Emperor?

ec5cc3 No.9767361

>Yet you're not French, just a jew pretending that (((you))) are

>Hello French anon, le bonjour

Two quotes from this thread by the same ID

On t'a déja répondu des millions de fois, sur de multiple thread, tu comprends rien au Français, et pourtant tu veut imposer un consensus (t'est tout seul btw). Y'a pas d'autres solutions que de voter Marine, tu propose rien à part Asselineau qui voudrais une France maghrébine.


don't give him (You)'s

af2ed0 No.9767362

File: 872bdce96b190d5⋯.jpg (100.32 KB, 772x372, 193:93, hey ahmed.jpg)


Hello Ahmed how much do you get paid to shill every day?

ec5cc3 No.9767376


fug, was meant for


ba97a8 No.9767392

File: c82814b985b45e2⋯.jpg (116.27 KB, 800x719, 800:719, c82814b985b45e293e959d3d53….jpg)


Listen folks. Le Pen is going to win. Shes going to win big league. Alright, shes going to win so big that your jaw will be at the floor. Believe me. I know more about the French than then French do, okay? They love French identity, look at their language laws. French people love to be French. French people also dont like getting killed by people who come into their country and dont see themselves as French but as Muslims. The folks in France are going to vote her in so big you're gonna have to ask yourself if you're tired of winning yet. But hey let me tell you…


706ef8 No.9767401



c04052 No.9767403


You did that last week, you and your jewish team talking to each other now presenting that as me.

Problem is Erdogan is just as much part of the zionist cabal as Wilders, Le Pen and your Trump.

They are all jewish zionist frauds.

A pox on all your Talmudic houses.

10f9c9 No.9767409

File: 633c54c1110c561⋯.webm (8.2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, fillon-supporter-build-mo….webm)


how fucking ironic

God save France God save the frogs

10f9c9 No.9767414

File: 23ed78d742817c9⋯.webm (10.42 MB, 360x202, 180:101, french-imam-explains-dece….webm)

af2ed0 No.9767415


I found your cached site you stupid old weird looking fuck. Why are you so obsessed with that crazy flat earther bitch? Did she refuse your sexual advances you creepy looking motherfucker? Either way I don't care stop shilling on /pol/ you deraged lolcow.

10f9c9 No.9767433

File: cfd1340b9355360⋯.webm (10.11 MB, 720x404, 180:101, marine-le-pen-leave-EU-an….webm)

e8826e No.9767462


Looks like a couple of hundred people at the most.

8763ae No.9767499

File: 12c7df6b2015cbb⋯.jpg (25.43 KB, 300x354, 50:59, sometimes.jpg)

File: b62c2a807d7cfff⋯.gif (970.39 KB, 499x281, 499:281, sometimes.gif)

File: 4ede2be2f6385a7⋯.png (433.71 KB, 451x462, 41:42, toast.PNG)

fe3259 No.9767505


>Looks like a couple of hundred people at the most.

That's 4 times the population of Brachay, the small rural town this first meeting was held. They vote 100% FN at every election.

c04052 No.9767518



Do what

c04052 No.9767528

So has the real French anon got back to us about the Video that shows Marine le Pens Front nationale are a jewish freemasonic controlled false opposition, or is it still teams of organised jews pretending they're French, non-stop shilling for their preferred ZOG candidate.

fe3259 No.9767577

File: 4f92cb142f192cb⋯.mp4 (4.24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, macron and obonobo.mp4)



fe3259 No.9767603

File: 2a03eeb60b78c4f⋯.jpg (60.93 KB, 750x730, 75:73, x1YTv1vBV3LBvIJl3yf4jsqBX7….jpg)

Oh and some Russian-hacked 12k twitter vote while I'm here.

8763ae No.9767608

File: 3b858df06608c31⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1498x1069, 1498:1069, obvious disdain.PNG)

File: 2b63e60e1636d4b⋯.jpg (6.27 KB, 310x163, 310:163, disappointment.jpg)

ca5cce No.9767617


Kiss of death?

8604e3 No.9767626


>because he's new and young

The same way as Canadians voted Trudeau…

74113f No.9767638


Le Pen is classic misdirection.

10f9c9 No.9767675

File: 079e02c246cb911⋯.webm (9.67 MB, 480x270, 16:9, french-no-go-zones1.webm)


oh yeah sure sure

10f9c9 No.9767677

File: 0c2520290c9919e⋯.webm (10.51 MB, 480x270, 16:9, french-no-go-zones2.webm)

10f9c9 No.9767679

File: 7b3f998ea5615b3⋯.webm (7.67 MB, 480x270, 16:9, french-no-go-zones3.webm)

cd039a No.9767684


The thing is, a lot of leftists in France still hesitate between voting Macron of Mélenchon. Hopefully that means neither of them will get to the second turn, but that's not happening.

In the polls, Mélenchon undervalued, just like in 2012. Fillon will also do better than predicted. But I still think that it's going to be Lepen - Macron, but after that, who knows.

What we should note is that, 70 to 80% of the french are voting for a third-party candidate. Truly interesting times we live in.

cd039a No.9767707

File: 71016ad6658902c⋯.jpg (135.81 KB, 927x552, 309:184, marion bateau.jpg)


>Macron of Mélenchon


>Mélenchon undervalued



fe3259 No.9767708


I'm still predicting a Le Pen-Fillon second round. The left has too much screwed up during the last 5 years to be elected again.

c04052 No.9767711


Oui Oui, she's a freemasonic jewish fraud, every red-pilled anon already knows this, why don;t you?

Et voici!


3981fe No.9767718


Macron is the candidate of the system. He has been hyped by the banks, the EU, they all want him to be the next President. A lot of the typical political lapdogs from the Socialist Party and the center-right have joined him.

As for those who keep adding echoes to Le Pen, I know that some french lefties have infiltrated a bunch of imageboards for months now, trying to disturb any serious discussion.

10f9c9 No.9767746

File: 36ed505de8fe321⋯.jpg (131.32 KB, 736x552, 4:3, 7i48e64sdytcv.jpg)


So you would have us vote for a communist or a former rothschild banker? oy vey anon everybody knows Trump supports israel why do you support him?

c04052 No.9767755


What do you think about Marine le pen and her own party candidates admitting they are jacked up with freemasons and kikes?



I mean that's her in her own words and others in her party admitting this, I don;t think they are dhimmi muslim leftists, are they?

10f9c9 No.9767767


"I am the biggest supporter of israel" ~DJT

I'm getting flashbacks to november 7th when all the shills were panicking trying anything they could to divide support

8604e3 No.9767771


It ain't a surprise of getting those rats infesting imageboards. Always bringing up with ridiculous accusations.

Funny part of is that they mainly concentrate on bashing Le Pen and never mention the other candidates.

c04052 No.9767775


Hey jude

What's funny is that the video shows that Marine Le Pens Front Nationale are indeed a Rothschild jew controlled false opposition.



Huge flurry of posts from (((you))) jews in this thread attacking the messenger, yet none of you have offered a single word to dispute it.

Why is it the only candidates shilled for so hard here these days all are linked to isreali Mossad and run top to bottom by zionist jews?

10f9c9 No.9767779


anybody can make a video

cd039a No.9767787


Fillon isn't making anybody dream. Only the pensioners will vote for him. The rest of the right is voting Le Pen.


The medias have been pushing a Macron - Le Pen second turn ever since the election started. He is overhyped, but every middle class leftist like him.

If it's a Melenchon - Macron second turn, I'm voting for the commie. If we're going to drown in sandniggers, at least the financial elites will go down with us.

c04052 No.9767792


Every word said is by Le Pen, her father or her party members.

fe3259 No.9767793

c04052 is working overtime. His boss isn't pleased with his results.

10f9c9 No.9767794



this website is owned by freemasons and jews

cd039a No.9767798

File: d42a033b6678f94⋯.jpg (109.93 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, Pour-Marion-Marechal-Le-Pe….jpg)


I wish people would stop replying to the shill.

10f9c9 No.9767800

"I'm worried about my nieces having to wear the veil," said the soft-spoken 29-year-old.

This fear has helped propel the young mother to the far-right of the political spectrum ahead of key presidential elections Sunday — and into the arms of the hard-line National Front party.

Troin sells children's clothes at a store in Cogolin, a town of 11,000 a few miles from the jet-set resorts of the French Riviera. In 2014, Cogolin became one of a handful of communities nationwide to elect mayors from the National Front, which is also known by the acronym FN.


10f9c9 No.9767803


I will try but it can be hard

fe3259 No.9767804


If it isn't Le Pen-Fillon, it will be Le Pen-Melenchon.

Depending on FIllon's score, it may be the best case scenario for the second round. Not a single conservative will vote for a commie.

c04052 No.9767809


I would hope not, but the rash of commentators her endlessly shilling for the ZOG Controlled Opposition most evidently are

c04052 No.9767812


Marion's father is Roger Auque, who was a self-admitted Mossad spy and journalist who died in September 2014

>In before where is your proofs goyim

He wrote about it in a book "In The Secret Service", in which he revealed that he had been a spy for Israel.

"The Israelis, Auque reveals in a sensational autobiography released after his death, had asked to be introduced to a French businessman of Lebanese descent Iskandar Safa known as "Sandy," and in return promised Auque an interview with Sheikh Obeid, the spiritual leader of the Amal militant group based in Lebanon.

Auque accepted the request and came to Israel, where Amos was waiting for him along with the Mossad agent "Tony" and Israeli diplomat Uri Lubrani.

The interview with Sheikh Obeid never took place, but Auque ended up with a different story in his lap. When he returned to Paris, Auque fulfilled his part of the deal and introduced Lubani to the French businessman.

"During that time I established very close ties with Israel," Auque wrote in his biography. "I would travel there a lot. I wasn't just a journalist.

"The Israeli intelligence services paid me to complete certain missions, such as secret missions in Syria under the cover of a reporter. These missions were at times very dangerous, and I risked the worst, including death in the case of failure. I traveled to Damascus a number of time in order to make contact with the local elite, doctors, researchers and others – all of whom wanted to emigrate to the United States. Every time I would get the equivalent to a month's wage."

Roger Auque passed away in early September as a journalist and France's Ambassador to Eritrea. He was 58 years old at the time of his death – he fought cancer, which stuck him at the beginning of his career as a diplomat in the service of the French Foreign Ministry, during the last two years of his life.

Auque, a veteran combat war reporter who survived 391 days in Hezbollah captivity, decided in the last days of his life to write up his secrets, his adventures and the mysterious missions that he took part in.

His services, he claimed, were not limited to the Mossad."

http:// www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4627312,00.html

cd039a No.9767830


I hope you're right.

Anyway, if we get Mélenchon or Macron for five years, we'll have fun for sure. Just imagine one of them meeting with Trump or Putin. Putin would annihilate that faggot banker.

8604e3 No.9767841

And now there comes the usual copy paste for distraction. Don't worry, roach. Your little imam friends will taste the good old Crusade.

Be more observant of the upcoming election threads getting infested.

Remember, dealing less with roaches will keep threads healthy.

10f9c9 No.9767858

File: 62e3421dab8d2b4⋯.jpg (529.93 KB, 1250x1406, 625:703, 45ye45hdrg234.jpg)

File: a6323993595c360⋯.jpg (137.57 KB, 500x701, 500:701, 46w5734dfuyhom.jpg)

File: e5e9a31096fa1ce⋯.jpg (305.07 KB, 539x487, 539:487, 76f7tuf7d564sd.jpg)




true just walk over the roaches

3981fe No.9767859

File: 7d363290b7bab1f⋯.jpg (34.32 KB, 338x305, 338:305, Come on now.jpg)


>If it's a Melenchon - Macron second turn, I'm voting for the commie

cd039a No.9767922

File: ca614cd6915bb97⋯.jpg (37.41 KB, 574x500, 287:250, db40241a04db8dddbb491e4abe….jpg)


c-communists can't be worse than homosexual bankers, r-right ?

10f9c9 No.9767954


But what's wrong with a 101% tax and islamic invasion? the commie wants to help….

bddc97 No.9768005


Yup, accelerationism, I'd rather have a commie fucking shit up than a master of deception slowly making my country a living hell with no one noticing and no hope of orgonized resistance.

45852d No.9768046


>And what do you think they will do ? It's Emmanuel "Merkel is a model" Macron we're talking about.

>You can recover from an economic disaster, but you can't recover from the demographics of your country changing. It will come to a point, it will be too late. If we don't act soon, we're fucked.

I beleive he was actually describing a le pen victory. The EU will crash the economy with no survivors, but the French people may stay intact. It's a probly the best case scenrio tbh.

10f9c9 No.9768053


Yeah accelerationism really worked out well in sweden, they're currently micro-chipping the native population and aborting them while importing thousands of niggers and muslims

cd039a No.9768090


Mélenchon winning instead of Macron won't change much concerning immigration, they both love the niggers the same. But at least with Mélenchon the financial elite will panic a bit, the stock prices will go down and they will take a hit.

fe3259 No.9768113

File: f5744edf7ebacd9⋯.jpg (68.69 KB, 662x366, 331:183, paysage-1.jpg)


>If it's a Melenchon - Macron second turn, I'm voting for the commie.

Holy shit anon. I-I can't…

And what if we don't get our civil war ? I have a big family, anon. I can't let my little girls live that future. I promised them.

036832 No.9768120


nice numbers, that's a cute fille

47b5ff No.9768140

Mark Zuckerberg the Ugly rat.



10f9c9 No.9768150

File: 826c6ec25525df0⋯.jpg (138.98 KB, 833x500, 833:500, 18d846bdb84c6ad3f81cdbaf0e….jpg)


just like the financial elite panicked at the income tax laws in the US and federal reserve? oh wait they created those and the jacobins created the communists

sorry anon but if le pen loses France is just fucked until a major ground war takes place

10f9c9 No.9768157

File: 6cc9f463e1a54ca⋯.mp4 (6.01 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Spalenie flagi Facebooka.mp4)

a75892 No.9768196


I will never get over my parents leaving Poland for this greaseball shithole of America

3e5d93 No.9768216

File: 082b24e4ba71a01⋯.png (472.31 KB, 680x510, 4:3, 1485367801767.png)

File: 7f564ebb90d6c6f⋯.jpg (364.67 KB, 800x577, 800:577, 1492373301110.jpg)

File: 90b72b22ab7393a⋯.jpg (103.08 KB, 632x895, 632:895, 1487803526402.jpg)

File: 329945bb89a3c82⋯.png (260.1 KB, 501x756, 167:252, 1486418787532.png)

File: 82fd1fdb631f469⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1304x613, 1304:613, 1486329520728.png)


Deus assim o quer caralho

d75c2a No.9768356

File: e5fc49154ceca90⋯.png (282.95 KB, 472x746, 236:373, 14907622_373201086350819_2….png)

File: f362b96a4e5a58f⋯.jpg (111.6 KB, 676x497, 676:497, PátriaOC.jpg)

File: 816db9ee4f923e1⋯.jpg (65.29 KB, 434x354, 217:177, ss (2017-04-21 at 08.12.21….jpg)



3e481e No.9768359

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

….Apart from being on a leaked members list in 2016….

Champs-Élysées shooting suspect showed 'no sign' of radicalisation


Fucking newspapers politicians and civil servants

Remember to hang the lot of them /pol/


d33130 No.9768407



3981fe No.9768423

File: 1dcca0f659992af⋯.png (93.38 KB, 484x215, 484:215, e366cf0f-a3cf-4550-ae48-07….png)

File: 59296e3458eb007⋯.png (18.84 KB, 422x200, 211:100, fa44eab3-37b7-426d-8915-07….png)


I was listening to RTL (french radio), they refused to say his name, only "Karim C.".

Also France 24 is a public 24/7 news channel that no one asked for since we already have 3 channels like that so expect a lot of propaganda.

d33130 No.9768425


This is The Netherlands you retarded faggot.

5a4c5a No.9768437

>Cntrl F 'Chimps Elysees'


Come on /pol/

fe3259 No.9768459


>Chimps Elysees

We need an OC with Planet of the apes and the Arch of Triumph in the background.

637d44 No.9769204


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