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File: 95bbcd0ed679706⋯.png (97.35 KB, 618x469, 618:469, Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at ….png)

61ff5a No.9764904

Ann is such a boss

>Ann: I'm speaking on the 27th

>Cucks: No! Your words will melt minorities like chocolate in the sun!

>Ann: I'm going anyway

>Cucks: OK, but we rescheduled you

>Ann: No you didn't

>Cucks: No we didn't…

895cda No.9764913

I'm excited for a third battle in Berkeley.

37d8f2 No.9764926

Im confused about the CA taxpayer part.

61ff5a No.9764939


They tried to cancel and she threatened to sue for reimbursement (isn't this obvious?) They then tried to reschedule and she said fuck no it's going ahead as previously scheduled.

Ann's the boss

689afd No.9764941


UC Berkeley is a state school. She sues them for damages = taxpayer paying for the damages.

0e2347 No.9764944

File: 2849826f908920d⋯.jpg (605.46 KB, 1505x3223, 1505:3223, HeadsOfAntifa.jpg)


We're on round 4 now. Three was the last one.

37d8f2 No.9764953



Ok didnt realize Berkeley was the place nor that the government is having to foot the bill.

Seriously what the fuck is the deal with berkeley? I mean everyone is trying to speak there for some fucking reason. Is it to cause more riots?

61ff5a No.9764954


We need to start doxxing the ringleaders/organizers

13214c No.9764969

File: 8bdf1aaa0b826e6⋯.png (260.9 KB, 349x345, 349:345, samm.png)

Extra points from us watching, lets try to ICE any identified antifa illegals we can spot.

Make it hurt in all sorts of creative ways for these stupid fucking cucks.

61ff5a No.9764971


It's because they shut Milo down with violence (including beating women with flagpoles and pepper spraying women)

61ff5a No.9764974


We need infiltrators and a policy of ripping masks off

858d24 No.9764975



c4ec23 No.9764976


I'd like to see the chink fall. Watching her on Tucker was just, I have no words for it. The fact she is a teacher of young minds is worse than chemical weapon attacks. MOAB Berkeley.

13214c No.9764980


Unmasking is definitely a standard to establish.

0e2347 No.9764982

File: 61e7abd05537a61⋯.jpg (691.79 KB, 1600x2349, 1600:2349, 1492744512377.jpg)

File: 5ecbc0973bc46b2⋯.jpg (921.57 KB, 1800x3416, 225:427, 1492744594080.jpg)

61ff5a No.9764986

We also need to maintain lines and leave no man behind. AntiFa is actually better organized than we are. They bring weapons like chains, bottles, fireworks, etc. and have better tactics like use fireworks to break lines then drag people into their crowd to beat them up.

We got lucky last time because they're duuuumb. Like they threw a smoke grenade upwind which broke their lines

61ff5a No.9764995

Also body cams with high capacity SD cards. FLIR would be even better. You can also use infrared filters to get through some fabrics

0e2347 No.9764999

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I've seen a couple of possibly tinfoil hat tier videos on youtube that are trying to tie Berkeley PD to antifa. I'm still on the fence about that one.

d2e3fe No.9765000


Yes, it is to cause more riots. It is to break fight against the mentality that faggy Maoists can get normal people to shut up.


FBI archive did months ago, but none of you faggots would help crack it. Antifa is funded by BAMN, who has received funds from a former Maoist advocate in the US and her husband, a suspected terrorist. Also, Kellogg's has funded them as well. See Jean Quan and Dr. Floyd Huen

61ff5a No.9765004

File: 46c370b39ba6b20⋯.jpg (26.42 KB, 500x365, 100:73, 41S4EKPR0rL.jpg)

File: e85493024fa12e0⋯.jpg (45.22 KB, 400x494, 200:247, 51yDUMrLsKL.jpg)

9bb973 No.9765008

smash these fucks into oblivion. the leaders need to be made examples of next brawl. find em. make em pay dearly for leading the evil that is marxism

13214c No.9765009


They're inept, have no finer fighting technique and are overall weaklings that have to sucker punch those that aren't looking for a fight.

That's why they drag someone into a big crowd because toe to toe they consistently get their asses handed to them.

The main thing is stick together and expect them to use whatever weasel tactics they have at their disposal, like NK failing to launch missles a good portion of their garbage ideas will fail miserably, but every once in a while you get a faggot with a bike lock.

0e2347 No.9765014

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

A follow up video to other one I posted about possible Berkeley PD being responsible for smoke and stun grenades at the last protest/rally.

61ff5a No.9765015

I'll have you know Berkley, the school, is into all kinds of shady shit and has been since forever. They did experiments for the Manhattan Project where they mixed radioactive elements into orphans oatmeal just to see what would happen. They have a huge military complex just off campus which recruits the brightest into secret ops. They also own lots of public land which is supposed to be public but nobody is allowed on like in the Mohave, doing WHO KNOWS WHAT.

Berkley is fucked up beyond belief. Also the standard bullshit of publicly funded but private profits

61ff5a No.9765020


They're weak, but the organizers are not inept. They are better organized. Don't underestimate your enemy, anon

d2e3fe No.9765021


BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) literally had funded his campaign.

0e2347 No.9765032


Nice digits. The FBI vault release on the early Berkeley happenings was a good read. Those same people, Asian American Political Alliance are still at play too.


cd5697 No.9765036

File: 7632e247143897d⋯.png (161.06 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-04-20-23-0….png)


She just cucked the Jew Drudge on Twatter too lmfao I love her so much

61ff5a No.9765039


I don't buy that connection. The explosives were fireworks. I agree they weren't M-80s, but they weren't police issue, either. The only weird one was the smoke canister but I'm unsure if those are unavailable to civvies

c6bfe9 No.9765041

Reminder that if you live in Commiefornia, you're obliged to go lynch your comrades. When they say: "No trump no kkk no fascist usa", you chant

No dems no fags or gays no traitors in the USA

61ff5a No.9765044


The hero we need but didn't deserve…

d2e3fe No.9765050


Thank you, glad someone remembers the thread I had about it. I'm still looking for my infographs I made on it, but the short version is that Berkeley's mayor, the Wellstone group, Antifa just being the nameless front for BAMN and Maoist terrorists, et cetera.

52543b No.9765051


dont we have video of antifa lighting and throwing an m-80?

61ff5a No.9765055


The explosions were much larger/louder than an m-80

61ff5a No.9765063

0e2347 No.9765069


There isn't much substance to the claims other than the fact that those don't seem like normal m80s.

3f5b6b No.9765073


There are types of smoke grenades available to civilians, don't know what type they used at Berkeley though. I haven't seen any footage showing the used canisters.


61ff5a No.9765082


The one used at the event was yellow and about the size of a pop can

27d99b No.9765097

What do I ask Ann? Something about the JQ?

c6bfe9 No.9765100


I wouldn't be surprised if little Emily is just playing anarchist and stole a few gas canisters from her Police dad's personal arsenal to get in with the dreamy antifa Mike and as a way for getting back at father. I mean, didn't you see his gorgeous dreadlocks! He's so tolerant.

3f5b6b No.9765105


Hmm, the ones I linked are 5 tall 2 diameter, and do come in yellow. So, it's possible at least. Any footage on how long they lasted for?

7525f5 No.9765106

3f5b6b No.9765109


*5 inches tall, 2 inch diameter. Didn't mean to italics.

91f022 No.9765128


The organizers and handlers should be named at the event. there should be placards asking, "Why are x, y, and z asking you to do the fighting and the bleeding for them? Why orchestrate violence from a safe spot. how are they any different than Cheney(or other triggering figure)"

I enjoyed seeing them desperately attack that poster. How will they react to a picture of their leaders?

Maybe a poster that says, "Why do Berkeley public schools hire terrorists?"

Could department of education get involved?

61ff5a No.9765129


There is video footage of the gas canister on youtube somewhere. I don't have it right now

119c38 No.9765131

0e2347 No.9765135

File: f08893fd2b514a6⋯.jpg (41.25 KB, 691x461, 691:461, stun-grenade-3.jpg)

kikebart has an article with a photo of one of the cannisters. thing is there isn't much in the way of explanation how they got the photo, at least not that I can see.


971b5c No.9765148


>everyone is trying to speak there for some fucking reason. Is it to cause more riots?

Yes. Going to Berkeley and provoking a riot is the new popular form of self-promotion.

Her book sales will doubtlessly go up if the riot gets media attention. The worse the riot, the better the book sales. If you or anybody you know is in a position to take advantage of this political climate, I advise you do so. You'll get more money, and antifa will get more opportunities to make themselves look like degenerate criminals.

3f5b6b No.9765151


That's an ATT-Tactical flashbang, ruled destructive device and Government sale only. So stolen or from police for sure.


61ff5a No.9765154

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It would really help to find the whole BAMN roll call

Also, Based Stickman claims they used sticks of dynamite and "military grade teargas canisters" @ about 6:30 in the video

0e2347 No.9765161

Just read that Ann is on Hannity right now, or was, and was saying that BPD are conspiring with antifags.

61ff5a No.9765175


She either knows something or she's trying to break the ranks; get one of the cops to speak off record about the stand-down

713cce No.9765180


0e2347 No.9765186

Getty images for that day.


9bac8d No.9765212

We need Bay Area anon to be smart and avoid the riot entirely. Find where the anfags are staging and collect license plate info. Unlike CA criminal records those can be searched relatively easily.

e6b20f No.9765223


Drones, cameras, get intel, use baofengs to communicate

0a5884 No.9765241


Apparently, the Berkeley PD will stage an arrest for you if you wanna drum up a bunch of hype for your local gay liberal group.

b584c6 No.9765256

We need all the big guys we can at this event,

It might be one for the ages.

I'm trying to bring a friend, hes big but docile

f6411c No.9765270


Would wearing an SS uniform be demoralizing to leftist twats, in all honesty I think its time I left the woods.

9401a1 No.9765285


It'd make you a big target, both for their weapons and the cameras. I'd go with something that has better optics…

61ff5a No.9765325


Eh, calling them fascists seems to work better TBH

b584c6 No.9765342



Not a good idea…..yet

e3cc18 No.9765356


dude, you are literally retarded

aa8eee No.9765408

It would be nice to get a pdfs going with all sorts of pics of those who give order and direction so that they can be made immediately buy our CA anons. Another way we can help is if we can use our abilities to hinder some leaders from even making it to the upcoming Battle at Berkley. Begin to expose dirt in their past, illicit connections or exchanging of moneys somehow, criminal records. Anything like that and damage career and their ability to be a good sounding board for antifacucks.

61ff5a No.9765442


I know a bit of photography so you're going to have to substantiate that comment.

This is a near-infrared filter.

f6411c No.9765467


Back to lifting and working then for the time being.


They can't be as bad as the indians I deal with, they have a thing for shooting, robbing and raping whitey. Not necessarily in that order.

393e97 No.9765525

File: 4b97a955206ac38⋯.jpg (475.72 KB, 710x470, 71:47, paint-balloons.jpg)

Paint balloons.jpg, faggets

In the next hunting season, while they are throwing smoke shit & bottles, throw paint balloons at them.


393e97 No.9765542



d2e3fe No.9765555


One could hypothetically make your own capsaicin oil, make sugar + KNO3 + Baking soda soaked paper, add said capsaicin oil, roll up paper, put sparkler in it, light that bitch, clear a city block. I don't know the legality of that though :^)

7d7dea No.9765559


This anon has a good idea. Paintball grenades, or small paintball guns. Paintball paint is non-toxic and washes out of clothes, but it spreads easily. Lob a grenade far enough behind the antifa lines and you won't hit any of your own guys, either.

393e97 No.9765566

62af0c No.9765569


>such a boss

You fags are getting soft.

2432a2 No.9765574


That shit was a media blitz looking for a fracture to dnc. Hannity even gave her shit about it jokingly and they both had a laugh. I was waiting for a faggot ass like you to come in here spouting off this bullshit.

c7d4d3 No.9765585


Name change when? When "our" antifa got a bad rep in the 80s they changed their name to AFA.

62af0c No.9765593


Good to know. She still does cuck for niggers though.

722ce3 No.9765866



There's the anti-Ann shilling.

09b309 No.9765899


>To expose the left for the danger they are.

>Not backing down to violence that is trying to shut down the right from publicly stating opinions.

Both are incredibly important. Go Ann.

5aee90 No.9765900

Ann used to regularly go on a podcast called Race Wars which was leftist-centrist. Every time she was on she would kill. She would get more laughs than some of the comedians they had on. Liberals who hated her would go on with her and end up her friend.

She never apologizes and never backs down, and leftists can't do shit. Anons should take a lesson from her way of speaking.

cb2b89 No.9765903

this thread is shit

62b04e No.9765905


Has there every been any fucking proof of her being a coalburner besides some fucking pictures with a black guy with the pictures taken by paparazzi?

5465c7 No.9765910

File: 27d1aa503893033⋯.png (134.83 KB, 321x490, 321:490, Battle of Berkeley.png)

File: 66a9acba8596f20⋯.jpg (72.9 KB, 315x792, 35:88, Fourth Battle of Berkeley.jpg)


67ddb3 No.9765914


Well you have Norman Lear saying that they're dating, but if you want video of them fucking, no. We don't have actual video of them having sex.

969598 No.9766007

File: 64212d61247338e⋯.jpg (134.9 KB, 818x607, 818:607, xray_specs.jpg)

60c034 No.9766023


stop calling them antifa


4eb581 No.9766037


0e377d No.9766041


Consider it done. Will be looking for cars, license plates, etc. Will post what I find.

b584c6 No.9766042


She's not a cuck, but she does burn coal

But it's still going to be a glorious battle come the 27th

0e377d No.9766049

Anyone know where Berkeley antifa gathers on-line????

3dc16d No.9766052



problem i see with this is that it could lead to rightwingers being falsely identified as antifaggots cause they got into fights and the paint rubbed off

5aee90 No.9766077

File: a50858327018f4b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 14.1 KB, 698x400, 349:200, you need an 8chan premium ….png)


riseup dot net maybe?

0e4376 No.9766095


If we raided their email, flooding out all potential recruits we'd be perfect.

0e4376 No.9766102



I'll elaborate on that:

Everyone email them pretending you want to join. We'll also let them know they're being raided.

At that point since they know they're being raided, they won't be able to differentiate between fake and real recruits.

3dc16d No.9766105


riseup still exists?

how many times did they get their servers seized by FBI and rat out their userbase by now?

last checked t was 3 times i think and that was around 2014

098f47 No.9766118

>Ann Coulter

The race mixer? Who cares about this useful idiot.

65dfff No.9766134


checked. Those have to be the main targets for the 4th battle.

65dfff No.9766144


yes, unmask as many as possible and we need to use the bullying tactics too. duct taped to poles etc. just pure fucking humiliation.

fea727 No.9766163


provoke the left to the point where everyone turns against them for their violence and they and their ideologies get purged from universities.

000000 No.9766181


Underrated, good video. Have a (you).

393e97 No.9766205



8af5e7 No.9766401


I agree. Call them communists. If they ever argue back, press them to admit the crimes of communism and press them to agree that communism is bad and wrong.

Then after they give in, keep calling them commies anyway. We don't accept apologies from communists.

8af5e7 No.9766422


I agree that humiliation is very important at riots.

The 60s/70s hippies had a blast at their protest events, and they remember them as pleasant experiences where they got high, sang songs, and then fucked bitches.

These protesters need to have these events seared into their memories as the time they got wedgied, dyed bright yellow, and got pointed and laughed at. With a follow-up of the public fucking hating their organization for the mess they left in the streets.

7fe546 No.9766425


You aren't allowed to like anyone unless they are Double Hitler, goy. Either you win everything all at once in a one fell swoop or you don't make any headway at all! Just wait for Double Hitler!

Are you going to complain about Trump not being a 1488 skinhead again?

8af5e7 No.9766430


What would be the best provocations? Remember, maybe ~80% of the country is basically "in the middle" and are at least somewhat willing to listen to both sides. So the provocation needs to appeal to them, and then hopefully the antifa response will cause the 80% to hate antifa's commie guts.

Your point is really great but we'll want to figure out what would be some of the best and most effective provocations to try.

f765d3 No.9766441

File: ed70ecdf74426ae⋯.jpg (49 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 5e1031eafedf3e3ed600d9280a….jpg)


>Melt minorities like chocolate in the sun


5aee90 No.9766451


I wonder if you could somehow make anonymous claims that several antifa members had gonorrhea. Wouldn't be hard to believe since some of them are apparently fetish porn actresses.

8af5e7 No.9766468


If you want to try pursuing discussions like that on social media, have a day. It doesn't sound to me like it would work, but, I hope it does anyway.

68ff4a No.9766479


> Find where the anfags are staging and collect license plate info

Those faggots don't drive, they all ride fixies

3f0b1c No.9766483


It's starting to seem like an Intel probe operation on the Bolsheviks and it's working

76ba86 No.9766485


lurk moar

8af5e7 No.9766495


These Berkeley communists are attacking MY country and it's an attack on me. As they get exposed, I'm going to be seeking revenge. I hope everyone feels the same way.

76ba86 No.9766498


Well the police were ordered to disarm everybody except Antifa then run away for Antfa to fuck them up. So we know that the higher ups are definately with them.

Its hard to imagine the police actually arming them though, they were using illegal bear spray as well. Probably just got some shit on the deepnet.

76ba86 No.9766502

3f0b1c No.9766518



So your source is some kike's words? Ok

4c4a03 No.9766531


What's a fixie?

3dc16d No.9766545


a shitty hipster bike

76ba86 No.9766548



791dc4 No.9766573



>those videos and convincing visual evidence

>cops supporting antifa through smoke grenades

I'm more now than convinced that the majority of cops are the enemy. Not only do they support antifa like this, but they seem to be the same in every goddamn city and situation. Like in Sweden or France where they turn a blind eye to immigrant crime and antifa. Or in the case where they didn't do jackshit in the widespread American riots in the last few years. Antifa go on about how ACAB, but ultimately the elites support both antifa and the cops. Call me FBI if you want, but large amounts of pigs should die in the upcoming civil war. They are not our friends.

9db092 No.9766622

Defend Iron Ann west coast anons. Wish I could be there.

8af5e7 No.9766631


More important than defending Ann is rousing widespread popular hatred for commie thugs. Additionally, it is good if the commie thugs have a memorable but awful experience at their little party.

If Ann happens to benefit from all that, great. If not, also great.

9db092 No.9766640


I don't care about her benefiting from this I just don't want them to shut the speech down. Let her do her speech or else they win.

76ba86 No.9766653



The reason the last battle was so black and white was because everything the free speech side did was entirely reasonable. In fact they held back for an hour while the commies were throwing explosives at them. It's impossible for any person, no matter how bluepilled, to see the entire stream and not say "ANTIFA had it coming."

For the love of god, don't make the mistake of going in looking for a fight, just expect one.

028a5d No.9766714



The ones fighting are foot soldiers and useful idiots. They are expendable and a dime a dozen at a communist haven like Berkeley. It's the lieutenants and controllers that need to be taken down. Chop off the head.

d2e3fe No.9766725


Is no one going to check these fucking digits and idea?

d2e3fe No.9766733


Mayor controls chief of police. Mayor is a member of bamn. Chief of police wants cushy, high paying job (like 300k+), tells police that anyone who helps Trump supporters gets fired.

bc481f No.9766755


>Those faggots don't drive, they all ride fixies

I guarantee the organizers (university faculty, bamn, etc.,) drive to the staging areas. The useful idiots might take BART or ride a bike, but the political officers drive. That is who we need to ID, not just the terrorist scum like moldilocks. We need to prove this is an organized criminal enterprise, not just a bunch of skinny-jean faggots assaulting Americans.

246fc9 No.9766762

> Ann Coulter, Berkeley agree to new date for campus visit

This is a really interesting spin, very smart on their part. Ann hasn't agreed to changing the date so if she still goes and something happens they can try

> Her unwillingness to cooperate has endangered our bodies of colour White America does not own this university

And if she agrees they give themselves more time to come up with arbitraily stupid conditions.

a91e32 No.9766925


I'm not going to persecute homosexuals. They are born this way. Who gives a shit if someone is gay as long as they aren't throwing it in my face. Think this place forgets that homosexuality exists in nature in thousands of species.

bc481f No.9766944

Looks like shareblue just started a shift, shill posts hitting every thread in the last 15 minutes.

0414a6 No.9766949


Its a huge school with 40k students and is well known, to boot. Back in the past it was one of the nation's premier universities, too.

44c084 No.9766957


Cannibalism also exists in thousands of species, faggot.

bc481f No.9766968


And in humans it causes a brain-wasting disease called Kuru (or cjd).

b4b169 No.9767020

See how this guy tracked down his bike using beacons

youtu.be /ctZahjIiGKk

3dc16d No.9767031


what is percieved as homosexuality in other species is mostly just asserting dominance/rape

6afe58 No.9767048


Reminder that this is a paid shill and to global report it. Don't fucking reply to obvious lies.

3dc16d No.9767060


or insanity from mercury poisoning


bc481f No.9767063

What Berkeley antifa really needs to do is light a bunch of cars on fire for this. One good way to do that is by spraying a front tire in something like, say, lighter fluid in a squeeze bottle. If they did that to a line of parked cars walking one way and left a trail of fluid, they could light them all up at once.

6ab012 No.9767067


And homosexuality is the biggest cause of HIV transmission.

011fed No.9767098


no he's not

this is an excellent idea, unfortunately too hard and expensive to put in practice, but that would give very good results in proportion to the amount of cash invested in the required technology

a simple low-pass near-infrared filter used with an ordinary numeric camera may reveal some details from underneath a black balaclava, which, if you're lucky enough that the black fabric doesn't block infrared too much, could add to the amount of datapoints usable to dox someone by revealing the shape of their face, possibly also piercings or facial hairs

but the best thing to use to see a huge amount of hidden details would be high resolution hyperspectral photography we could count their genital piercings with that shit

simple infrared photography is random in its results, but could add informations about them

83561f No.9767117


>HA HA! you suck at typing words you drumpfspf cuck!

t. literally a 12 yr old shariablue shill

fe39e0 No.9767120



Just like every BLM protest, they go to their favourite progressive media source that will show them videos of what the media wants to show and leave out the rest.

They'll show the police in combat gear and with armored vehicles and tell everyone that "the protests have been peaceful all day". They'll only quickly mention how the night before someone shot at police which is why they geared up.


Go to facebook and get upset there, faggot

ec83ce No.9767122


I have near-infrared nighttime security cameras and they don't see through clothes, even thin shirts or pants. How does it work with these things, which seem to be near-infrared too?

65636c No.9767128

readl deal

76ba86 No.9767130


People are waking up, the last one showed that. However it's never EVER going to be quick or satisfying. It just needs to keep happening over and over again and it has to be documented.

That's also important, document everything.

ad840b No.9767150




Telling californians which political causes to prioritize above all else, in OUR area, is fucking retarded, and you should all seriously reconsider your approach to this "meme war". Calm down, and let people live so that they don't burn their bridges with their community. If you push everybody to go 1488 skinhead then we will only have violence and won't be able to smoothly transition OR rebuild from the ashes like we otherwise would be able to. Maybe you hate gays, that's fine. I don't have a problem with you hating gays. But I don't have a problem with gays, I have a problem with LGBT legislation. There is a difference, and when you live in huge Democratic majority areas, you don't make friends (or keep jobs) by getting in peoples' faces over issues that are pretty much settled locally. This is, of course, a double standard that ignores leftists, but that's just how things are here. In the south Christians can get away with harassing atheists more than they can elsewhere, it's the same principal and I have huge reservations regarding both.

fe39e0 No.9767153


Exactly. The right needs to organize charitable events that promote support for some controversial issue to the left AND help people.

When counter-protesters go to intervene, they're the assholes beating up people trying to feed the homeless.

If it happens every week across the country then it's going to stir up discussion. Even people protesting people giving speeches is getting to the right but it just isn't hitting with the youth who are so brainwashed into believing that there are revolutionaries that go out and fight nazis/bigots/bad guys

011fed No.9767201


security cameras (basic models) work differently

they only need to reveal the presence of a somebody somewhere he's not allowed to be

they are hardened against saturation (can keep contrast even when there's a lot of photons at the frequency they record) but they have weak discrimination details along the frequency spectrum: you see both the body heat that isn't absorbed by the clothes and the clothes themselves, and the clothes hide their naughty bits

also if the camera is not simply passive, it relies on an infrared projector to paint the target/target's clothes, and record what is bounced back: you can't see through clothes because you mostly see the clothes

a low-pass infrared filter "only" lets IR reach the camera (in theory, if it's efficient enough), so the clothes only transmit their heat, and some emission due to their chemical composition

the face of the dude hidden behind the mask gives different info, so if your camera is high resolution enough and color-discriminating enough, you get the image of his face with the image of his mask superimposed on it

if your hardware is good enough AND if the dude's balaclava is transparent enough to infrared, you have his mugshot with a some%-transparent warm balaclava image photoshopped on it

somewhat unreliable, very random, but could give extremely-high-value information by taking an identifiable pic of a perp who believed he was anonymised

a3273d No.9767210


Lemme ask you this: Do you know how many furries came about from watching the cartoon Robin Hood as a kid? The answer is that a very large amount of them did.

Knowing this, do you really want more homophilic media? The more gays on TV, the more kids who are going to be gay. The rule I've observed is that exposure to Xfetish as a kid heavily influences your fetishes as an adult. Homophilia is the same, the only real difference is that it's both possible and socially accepted.

52b9e9 No.9767225

0eca88 No.9767238


No one cares, we will persecute them for you.

27d99b No.9767258


Trying to tell you all this. /pol/ really needs to get their heads out of their asses

daa1cb No.9767264




look dude, the only reason anyone gave a fuck about that university is because they did batshit crazy shit like running around naked in groups and having university funded drug/sex fueled 'gatherings' that would last days

it's basically a degenerate party school that uses political ideology and 'education' to mask their fucking doped out ways

ad840b No.9767265


I've seen MLP and furries are possibly more mentally ill than trannies are. I don't want any of that, but yelling at my local fags won't change ANY of that, and makes me look like an asshole, ESPECIALLY because I'm in California, where the odds of a negative encounter going viral are much greater. Big picture, we aren't the absolute rulers of our domain.

f38032 No.9767301


This. Fucking this.

Look at what Hamas/Hezbollah did. They gained power with the people through charitable work and helping others.


971b5c No.9767339


>I've seen MLP and furries are possibly more mentally ill than trannies are.

They are very frequently one and the same.

76ba86 No.9767463


That's a good idea in general. Charity > Government Programs.

092819 No.9767470


The one who really pisses me off, is that boomer fag with the Burberry scarf. He was baiting people in to attack him, so his ulock buddy could hit people from behind.

892d6c No.9767498


more enemy of my enemy bullshit…

ann coulter is fucking useless. dont back this GOP freak. i dont care if she causes a typhoon of libshit tears and a years worth of salt mining. shes NOT to be trusted.

257661 No.9767508


*hand rubbing intensifies*

092819 No.9767579

File: e85b07e99f12a0f⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1180x1208, 295:302, cunt.png)


This cunt in particular. I hope he has been ID'd.

520f94 No.9767615



You lads gave me a brilliant idea. Im gonna run it by the anons I talk to more familiarly to see if they want to try a hand at doing it Id like to prevent the kikes from knowing about it until its off the ground. If not I will post my idea for some other anons to try.

092819 No.9767640


Most of the people that need help in America are niggers though.

a3273d No.9767649


The more kids that are exposed to homophilia the more kids that are going to be gay in their later years. It's not because they've come out of the closet or anything. They weren't born this way just as a furry isn't born wanting to fuck animals. Homophilia is a product of nuturing, and just as it's possible for a furry to drop his furry fetish and get a girlfriend, so too is it possible for a homophiliac.

f2d219 No.9767681


Inner-city cleanup crews.

1cf3ac No.9767721


Fug off. Iron Ann is as close to /ourgal/ as one can be and still be mainstream. Hell, she was dropping redpills on the JQ during the primaries.

9a2c00 No.9767842



Sounds like you know what you're talking about, FBI.

More seriously, how much cash are we talking about to operate either a handheld or a drone based hyperspectral camera? The amount of fear that being unmasked would put into ANTIFA would pretty much shut them down overnight.

558e08 No.9768096



Except proposition 8 was shot down in referendum and (((they))) had to force fag marriage on us through the courts. You aren't from CA.

011fed No.9768163


they would cost way too fucking much to get the best mil/nasa-grade solutions, that can capture a large amount of spectral bands simultaneously in the same large high-res image, the lowest-end are at 50K$ (or were, about 5 years ago), the sky's the limit

but the technology evolves rapidly


and there are open source projects in the works



those diy project diy if you're pretty fucking high-level in STEM/technology/hardware-hacking/Makers-club, mind you would be insufficient for mob pictures, because they must take long exposures of a static object to get all the color bands to reconstruct the image, but this tech can be combined with other open-source free solutions

way better pics could be approximated if 20 or 30 cameras take synchronized pictures (controlled via an app, for instance) at different spectral ranges, then combined (with half-a-dozen ordinary high-enough-resolution RGB pics) to make a 3d rendering of the scene at the instant the app took all the pictures of the same mob


then applying on the 3d scene all the various hyperspectral textures taken from the various hyperspectral cameras in the locations the 3d rendering says they are

try to find makers groups or hackers clubs near you, it would be a random, difficult but high-gain endeavour, this would be a challenge most unpozzed geeks dudes would be giddy to accept

they definitely exist in the /pol/g/k/ overlap

9a2c00 No.9768182


What about converting a DSLR to 850mm+ IR - removing the internal filter that eliminates IR and replacing it with an 850mm IR filter. It would offer both a stealthy and a field-friendly camera that would be high enough resolution to provide good doxing. Protest photography is a hobby of mine, so I can offer boots on the ground if we can get the tech side figured out.

011fed No.9768186

File: 4ec9abf7a88aaa4⋯.gif (2.58 MB, 407x239, 407:239, 121903763.gif)


oh fug, forgot to split lings, srry, pls no bully

f2d219 No.9768199



a61852 No.9768212

someone redpill me on anne coulter. why did she date a liberal jew politician who was previously married to a rothschild if she is so right wing and is she a race mixer?

011fed No.9768221


yup, that would be the efficient basic way to get the sort of IR pics the 1st anon was talking about

by all meand, do try, and make tests to see which wavelength would give the best results to see through balaclava fabric

if some richfags anons want to get sneaky on this, try to buy a sufficient amount of crappy chinese non-ir-blocking balaclavas and to raise the prices on other models via market-cornering, then offer or cheap-sell to antifa the models that would allow their dox to be taken with ir-cams

9db092 No.9768295


check checked

5904f7 No.9768330


Infrared only works on skin tight very thin clothing. Maybe itll work through pantyhose masks, but the features will be distorted.

ccf925 No.9768502


Smoke and tear cs gas are both available to civilians, as well as the "training" flashbangs (they use a 12 gauge primer and powder if I'm not mistaken).

You can also buy mortars and "artillery shells" fireworks in new mexico most likely they got their shit from china or mexico though

tldr; you can buy just about any type of weapon in 'merica. Doubly so if you run or work at a security company.

I promise, when I get muh millions I'm buying all of you FAST helmets, body armor, riot shields, etc. to protect the medical tents and personnel I'm going to be sending to the protests.

Start making christmas lists, you might get them as early as July no felons though, I'm 99.99999% sure I cannot give/sell/transfer body armor to felons. You'll just have to find your own.

ee5613 No.9768537


>When counter-protesters go to intervene, they're the assholes beating up people trying to feed the homeless.



Wait, what? There is already an event like that that was announced months ago.

The League of the South is teaming up with the Traditionalist Workers Party and doing a food drive in Pikeville, Kentucky on the 28th and 29th of April.

Heimbach has said some other groups are also working with them, but I'm not familiar with them. In any case, we already have Right Wing Charity Squads.

It takes place only a day after Ann's speech which was announced much later.


af104b No.9768673

File: ab628bbd524c72d⋯.mp4 (8.9 MB, 604x340, 151:85, Moonman - Right Wing Death….mp4)


I like the way you think

8c1f3c No.9768699

Wew, I wonder if she's still going to Modesto on the 28th. Also wondering if there is going to be a riot if she does.

0c26e5 No.9768786

Rumor has it that Ann has hired Academi (Blackwater) for her security. Antifa are extremely butthurt about it.


10c78f No.9768832

File: 49f10ab04556f5e⋯.gif (1.31 MB, 480x290, 48:29, captain antifa chris evans….gif)


>Ann has hired Academi (Blackwater) for her security. Antifa are extremely butthurt

Beautiful. Stickman, Bitch Puncher and Blackwater versus Captain Antifa and SJW faggots.

99673f No.9768897

File: d189588b64121bb⋯.jpg (101.1 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, anncoulteratmodesto.jpg)


she is dont worry. its trump country out here fam

35f7ac No.9768913


They have a facebook page, but I don't think they're very organized besides planning the events they target. It's also why they break so easily, because there's no strategy.

a6295e No.9768935


> Don't they end up killing people at almost all events like this that they've been involved in?

These retards will believe anything wont they?

8c1f3c No.9768942


I wonder if I should go downtown when she comes

99673f No.9768952


I knew there were other valleyfags here. Ann Coulter was on our radio show last week matte of fact

35f7ac No.9768977


Born just in time to see high tech anti-antifa solutions. Imagine 2 years from now we'll all have 8k cameras on our cell phones, 8k 120fps gopros.

282fdd No.9769004


It's just as easy to yank masks off for us as it is for them to yank off hats.

35f7ac No.9769046

Ideas for infiltrating antifa, where you show up dressed like them and fuck with them.

- pepper spray their pockets, hands. can be done secretively, will have them looking like they pepper sprayed themselves.

- spray paint their clothing with colors for ID

- hidden cameras on yourself

- D&C, accuse lone or slightly suspicious members of being feds (psyops may be high risk)

- bring fireworks but drop them inside the antifa crowd

9a2c00 No.9769063






Okay, I've been doing a bit of actual research on this. The good news first: black is the best for IR transparency, and cotton and polyester, which are two of the most common mask materials, are the most transparent. The higher the wavelength, the better luck you will have - 900+ seems to be the minimum for anything worthwhile, with 1000+ being an improvement. It's not going to be crystal clear by any means, but a quality DSLR specially modified for it should give a much better image than the crappy "Sony Pervertcams" that most normalfags seem to associate with IR imaging. At the very least, it will significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our doxsquads in ID'ing ANTIFA. High quality, ~24mp raws, if taken by a competent photographer, will give people a lot to work with in post-processing to bring out a fairly clear face picture. It also has a substantial benefit in the psychological warfare realm - they are terrified of being unmasked, and anyone with a DSLR will be a potential "x-ray camera" so they will attack press and neutrals. There are a number of companies that do the modifications, but not many I have found with the 900-1,000nm range filters that will be more effective. It looks like the all-in cost will be somewhere around $1k for someone with no gear to start with, to do a high quality solution.

For our line skirmishers, it should be relatively easy to mod a gopro to do IR recording. I'm going to look more into that angle, since that would offer ideal coverage and truly terrify ANTIFA. That should be achievable for less than $500 if you don't have a gopro.

3bd97a No.9769123

File: ef3cdd1d7bd8a11⋯.jpg (40.62 KB, 455x280, 13:8, bw.jpg)

File: e0b392cd61dfca2⋯.png (816.1 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, blackwater.png)

File: 661f5ca5464dffd⋯.jpg (64.04 KB, 468x477, 52:53, article-0-0299A0910000044D….jpg)


>Rumor has it that Ann has hired Academi (Blackwater) for her security. Antifa are extremely butthurt about it.

I hope this is true. If it is the Berkley admin have to be shitting their pants.

35f7ac No.9769146

I am really psyched at the berkeley becoming enemy #1. I live in the bay area, been to all the berkeley riots (BLM, milo, march 4, april 15), seen this shit first hand over and over. Berkeley really may be the head of the beast.

1d2b9e No.9769244

393e97 No.9769725

File: e85dedc00ef9cf5⋯.jpg (43.24 KB, 500x499, 500:499, pol-described.jpg)

Imagine the GOLD that would be taking the camera from ANTIFA PHOTOGRAPHER GUY, Copying everything, and giving the card & camera back to him

57df73 No.9770080

File: 460d85484c8ed04⋯.png (509.32 KB, 1240x964, 310:241, ATIFA-WHORE.png)




Get the bitches Billy boy raped:


cdb20b No.9770128


Drudge is a jew?

d4f230 No.9770600


you didn't know?

cdb20b No.9770682


No, I didn't. I just looked at his Wikipedia page right now.

eebda2 No.9771033


>5" female

Antifascist fairies when?

5ec79d No.9773224


I wish I could be there. It looks so damn fun beating on Commies. I live in the mountains of PA, so as you could guess, there's no Commies around here. There's nothing around here, really. I could really use a break from my boring life to hurt some sub-human Commie filth…

5ec79d No.9773240


What a worthless whore. I hope those autistic fucks don't let up on her. There's no coming back from what she's done and what she stood for. I hope the bitch hangs herself.

ccf925 No.9777627

22:22 on 4/22 fuggggggg:DDDDD

09b309 No.9777637

Ann Coulter/Steve King 2020

f2479e No.9777652


another homo jew.

ceb335 No.9777677


I'm actually planning on making a flamethrower-type device that would fire indelible ink or, for luls, milk

ceb335 No.9777684


You can also get nice paintball guns that go up to 500 fps, and hurt like hell.

Pretty sure pepperballs aren't legal here tho, though you could make a few real easy

d50eae No.9777843

File: 5d8ff4ca6a4c13b⋯.jpg (167.91 KB, 1024x766, 512:383, 1488670227427m.jpg)

How can professional security even compete?

But seriously Ann is a lot bigger than Milo, more hated, and blood has been spilled on both sides now. If she follows through this brawl will be the biggest one yet. Take the day off work if you have to and give us some good streams.

ad7003 No.9777939

File: 3b34b98cdcf5fce⋯.jpg (53.13 KB, 1016x568, 127:71, 3b34b98cdcf5fce388cf47de66….jpg)



Make it happen.

9a5f98 No.9778965





Anon, some antifa full-bush pornstar got punched out of her dreads, and everyone laughed. No one gives a fuck about the chick angle.

2e9e48 No.9779012


it's a win/win.

9ce10e No.9779112


Ann and Milo are competing to see who can be the next Paul-Joseph Goebbels

289ac8 No.9779135


An M80 is a 1/4 stick of dynamite. Tape four of those together and you have a stick of dynamite.

e0e3bf No.9779530


It's not tinfoil hat tier. The mayor of berkeley is involved with the antifa group "By Any Means Necessary" who advocate violence.

a41d74 No.9779790

File: af1e6225b59ee77⋯.jpg (189.39 KB, 900x639, 100:71, tmp_28937-serveimage(105)1….jpg)

Daily reminder that as a duty to your race, you must be fit (not 'muh aesthetics for da grills' but strength and decent cardio) and at least know basic hand-to-hand self defense.

77151b No.9780982


a2feff No.9783986


Those are bodybuilders. Sorry, I'm never going that far.

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