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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: 4ceb3110d3b3586⋯.png (276.06 KB, 534x283, 534:283, 4ceb3110d3b35869a021705801….png)

File: e4f4d45c98b6939⋯.png (553.2 KB, 600x420, 10:7, e4f4d45c98b6939d5adc039b90….png)

File: 86022b1c11900ef⋯.jpg (474 B, 15x14, 15:14, 96222d225efe5d3ac00e5684ce….jpg)

1984ee No.9858643

Six months of planning and several years of infiltration has brought us to this strange but inevitable day. Now, we take back the outcasts of the white race! The hippie movement was formed by young white men and women in the 1960s who wished nothing but to be free of the ZOG which controlled the cities. By the mid60s they had abandoned Sanfrancisco to the yuppies, addicts, and niggers and went off innawoods to form their own societies to follow through with the 14words, whether they admitted and understood the calling or not. What many of us now see as "The Hippie" is a far cry from what the movement once was, a degenerate parody of what the movement stood for, and those that remain are as full of hatred and contempt for this as they were full of love for their volk in their youth.

>What did the hippie movement stand for initially?

Personal freedom and individual responsibility.

Self sustaining volkish communities.

A rejection of the city and ZOG, by whatever name's they knew it. (((The Man)))

A rejection of wars in foreign lands. No blood for the kikes!

Spiritual freedom from the doctrines of the kikes.

And above all else, family, a thing many of them never had due to the destruction of their parents due to the ravages of the war against the Reich, and the import of niggers to their homes.

>What is the point of this?

There still exists ONE TRIBE that spreads across all white lands. One Family which has survived the onslaught of the (((Yippies))) kike controlled Youth International Party, the (((media's))) tactics of comercialization and degeneration, and the deaths of their leaders and oldfags. The Rainbow Family! Although they've seen better days, they still exist and are still active. They provide temporary homes for their nomadic Volk and meet deep in the forests, as far from the degeneracy of the cities as they can.

They tap springs. They run kitchens. They provide for one another without question or expectation, and they take in every outcast who has lost their way. They do so without any official hierarchy beyond he mythical elder The oldfags and many do so without any form of official ID or recognition from the state as to their existence. They are in danger though. The oldfags are dieing out and few have the skill and motivation to take their place, and here we are, ready to do just that.

>What now?

For the past six months many /pol/acks have been preparing. We have assembled for a great operation to revive the movement and assemble the lost volk of the Rainbow Family to prepare them for the new age. Where before the family turned backwards to the happy days of Krishna, now we direct them ever forwards through the end of this Kali Yuga, with Kek and his digits to guide us through the turning pages of time, and to the vicious days od the Kalki, the man who is to come, in which all filth and degeneracy shall be PURGED from these lands!

I call you my brothers, anons of the new volk, the /pol/ack to join us at the gatherings of the Rainbow Family! We shall answer their prayers with great redpills! We shall remove the corruption of the kike! We will bring back these outcast into the Volk and rally the most unlikely of legions to our cause! We will secure the existence of ournpeople and a future for white children! By the law of Polarity, the children of love will learn to hate!


c18034 No.9858651

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Good idea.

Can this be made into a White Supremacist song?

62962f No.9858656

File: f29586c6b5f498f⋯.jpg (39.55 KB, 417x456, 139:152, wtfprofessorlayton.jpg)


>Reclaiming the Hippie Movement!

>The hippie movement was formed by young white men and women in the 1960s who wished nothing but to be free of the ZOG which controlled the cities.

The hippie movement was created by the (((usual suspects))). What the hell are you talking about?

f2074a No.9858695


You're thinking of the yuppies who jews used to coopt the hippies.

887f74 No.9858696

threadly reminder: Long hair on men was promoted kikes because it covers up Aryan jaw lines.

df9658 No.9858698

File: f94bbc91ae17cf3⋯.jpg (376.2 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, birkenstocks.jpg)

>Hippie revival without Birkenstocks

Don't kid yourself. Birkenstocks are the shoes of the Aryan and made in Germany

df9658 No.9858713

File: 4003da157f1ad29⋯.jpg (12.78 KB, 223x144, 223:144, proud aryan shoes.jpg)

File: 56b2ddabb5b3246⋯.jpg (77.17 KB, 640x640, 1:1, truearyan.jpg)

f2074a No.9858715


>The jews made vikings have long hair

1984ee No.9858732

File: fa876a15648c6d1⋯.jpg (6.35 KB, 238x115, 238:115, hopisymb.jpg)


Information incoming! Assembling from Pre-Op thread on the darklands of the chan! Operation Bifröst is LIVE!

The regionals are starting NOW! Utah and Oklahoma are live! Seed camps are already seeded! Nationals will be in Southern Oregon at the end of June! Pack your bags and prepare! Herbalanon/hippie mafia Anon here! After Nationals, Colorado is the meetup point at the start of August! All who have been preparing, ASSEMBLE!

Prepare your redpills!

Spread the Hopi Swastika and revive the knowledge of the ancient pact!

Consider the Hare Krishna's compromised but redpill them anyhow, the rainbow's krishnas hate their leadership which was hijacked by the pedophile kikes, so they are the ultimate converts to the kalki!

HIDE YOUR POWER LEVEL, but never stop redpilling! Many are well aware of the JQ and consider all train kids to be at least partially redpilled and blackpilled, if not complete race realists!

20% will be former military! Look for good posture and discipline, they show themselves by their deeds!

IGNORE COMMIES WHO BARK! They are hated! Lead by example and REPLACE them!

I'll see you at the end of the rainbow! Stay safe, Sieg Hiel, and SHADILAY!

646760 No.9858738


Nice story though I'm not convinced of the truth behind it all. Regardless though; these lands are OURS, all of them. Why should we give up 90% of it and hide away in the forests? Take back what is ours; and then take the rest.

For the Empire!

1984ee No.9858745


That's the plan anon, and this is the army that's begging for the command! All hatred is born of love, and the switch is about to be flipped!

337e22 No.9858769

Oregonian here. Are you insane?


f7976c No.9858782


This. Hippies were always degenerate retards.

1984ee No.9858784


>are you insane?

Does it matter? We have already infiltrated! The kitchens, the camps, the medics! WE'RE THERE!

337e22 No.9858801



acd689 No.9858814


Case closed

f2074a No.9858815


Answer me honestly here, do you advocate for the use of drugs? Do you do drugs yourself? Don't avoid the questions or everyone will know the answer anyways.

6fd986 No.9858824

File: b0bd44cfe75ff1d⋯.gif (5.31 KB, 500x502, 250:251, redhopi-.gif)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.jpg (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, bypass.jpg)

What exactly can the average /pol/ack do? Seems like most here aren't that receptive anyway. Good luck, herbalanon.

d3e038 No.9858831

File: 87ef9a92252abf3⋯.jpg (726.14 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, WOLVES-IN-CASCADIA_118-2.jpg)


Pagan/survivalist/volkisch movements are a good point of departure. They have an off the grid/rustic out look, but have better defined gender roles. Plus neofolk for some music

62f11e No.9858847

337e22 No.9858850

File: 28722ff99bab8de⋯.jpg (34.35 KB, 173x339, 173:339, Prand.jpg)

This entire thread is skitzo insane. "Reclaiming" a movement that was/is about equality, American savage spirituality, and drug use? Any 'pills' will fall on deaf ears. That crown doesn't need conversion, they need elimination. And we need to reclaim the cities, not go wallow in the mud.

337e22 No.9858879

File: d9a810413bf50c1⋯.jpg (251.91 KB, 500x648, 125:162, 1oe0ry.jpg)


Cool. Thanks.

6cfb21 No.9858885

File: 11c93ec4d04df02⋯.jpg (31.76 KB, 280x210, 4:3, 1397018417580.jpg)


OP is a newfag kid. He doesnt understand these things.

So, as usual, OP is a faggot.

2da396 No.9858919

This thread is fucking absurd. However, I can vouch for one thing.


As a former train rider myself, I can confirm train kids DO tend to hate the whole egalitarian hippie thing and a decent majority are blackpilled with a number of downright redpilled race-realists with a surprisingly small minority espousing "anarchism" and similar leftist bullshit. A number are vets too and almost al of them exhibit discipline far-removed from the hippie types. They ALSO tend to be alcoholics/drug-addicts and mostly just want to be left alone to do their own thing (get fucked up, travel, and eventually settle down).

Other than that, OP have you ever MET a rainbow kid? Insufferable egalitarians the lot of them. Outside of "A" camp, the alcoholic crusties/train kids.

978aaf No.9858938



checking that

327594 No.9858946



Good luck.

337e22 No.9858963

File: a6f98528e4e7bdf⋯.jpg (165.39 KB, 1200x783, 400:261, wallstreet460.jpg)


Yup. Pretty absurd.

And why the fuck would we want to pill people with no resources, drug dependency, and minds/backgrounds that resulted in their sorry state.

I feel bad even bumping this thread. I can feel that rage again. The one I felt when I went to the "Country Fair."

1984ee No.9858967

File: 24cc93b17a3c6af⋯.jpg (90.56 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 24cc93b17a3c6aff8bf95d5a20….jpg)


Ah, tasty tasty bait. For the record, I do not advocate getting high or drunk for that matter. If you're talking about weed, I lived in the PNW long enough to hate degenerate stoners, though the medicinal value of cannibas is undeniable for management of pain and for people on chemo and a healthier alternative to the addictive opiates of the pharmakike. If a person uses a substance to seek intoxication, they are a degenerate and should be helped. Though from my experience, 90%+ of tweakers and heroine addicts should be left in a pit until they sober up. If they do not recover, fill in the fucking pit.

>>9858919Thank you for your wisdom Anon, your assessment of the trainkids is spot on. Somewhat related, I'd like to direct towards the recent riot in Olympia. Those "Homeless attacking Antfags", a number of them were Rainbow Family, I know them personally and a few of them owe me their lives. I used to be a bit of a streetdoctor. I've bandaged them up and treated them when they were ill with herbal preparations.

>Have you ever met a rainbow kid?

I know hundreds of them by name, probably a thousand by face. I've spent several years gaining reputation in the movement. If the antfags were to show up, point me out, and shout "NAZI!", the family would physically remove them. I'm betting my life on this one.

>insufferable lot

I won't deny that one bit. They're essentially halfchan right before the exodus. We're looking at 1/5 volkish 1/5 weedlmao, 1/5 degenerate losers and 2/5 confused.

643379 No.9858969

Armed takeover of hippi communes

337e22 No.9858981

File: d46fdf38c831d9e⋯.gif (996.89 KB, 500x280, 25:14, tumblr_o7ql44AWPU1tpri36o1….gif)

Man I'd like to smash your stupid face.

6b83a7 No.9858988



I've owned a pair of these before. You don't want to use them regularly. They get gross pretty fast, particularly if they ever come into contact with any sort of moisture.

1984ee No.9858993


>no resources

This is a group of people that lives and travels with no resources but what their skills provide. They travel the country international actually often without ID, social, or even birth certificate. Set up bases with scouts months in advance. Dig latrines, tap springs, set up water filtration, have medical staff better than any event I've ever been to, kitchens to feed an army, provide mental help, addiction treatment/therapy, and do this all with no official leadership right under the nose of the forestry service, and have done so for over fifty years. They're also over 95% white. Why do you think this could be useful?

6b83a7 No.9859004


>though the medicinal value of cannibas is undeniable for management of pain

I tried that once for carpal tunnel pain management (it was getting bad enough to impact my ability to work). It very marginally reduced my wrist pain, but….

It brought back pains that had gone away years ago. Injuries that healed years ago suddenly all hurt again. It was as though the pain signals never stopped, my brain just grew to ignore them. And the weed reset that, rezeroed all pain tolerance so that pains I hadn't noticed for years came back full force.

Medicinal weed is horseshit. It's just an excuse used by people who want to get high.

337e22 No.9859012

File: 44ff109c5684799⋯.jpg (97.64 KB, 328x517, 328:517, goldenpioneercloseup.jpg)


I know who they are. They are trash that should be burned and not recycled.

1984ee No.9859023


Not to derail, but why would you use weed for that? You need anti-inflamatories, stretching, and rest to recover from that. Pain killers should not be given for tendon issues/injuries, they just wind up increasing the risk of aggrevation. It's not the same, but I had some major injuries and recovery time/physical therapy involving my achilles tendons. Damn near broke them both in two and they healed short. I refused painkillers. I sympathize.

f2074a No.9859026


I notice that you conveniently left out LSD.

4088a3 No.9859039


>mfw i bought and owned that album

551cc2 No.9859052

File: b5185febbb9da31⋯.jpg (57.81 KB, 660x438, 110:73, Charles_Manson.jpg)

Fuck Hippies.

Bunch of middle-class faggots larping as low-class retards.

Their music was good, though.

ecc103 No.9859053


any info on a midwest regional?

337e22 No.9859063

File: 4bdb490860be594⋯.jpg (11.3 KB, 300x393, 100:131, 6a00d8341c009153ef00e54f76….jpg)

To me, it would be more worthwhile to "pill" people with REAL power in this country. The moneyed, the producers, the lawmakers, the publishers, etc.

But OP wants to revert to some kind of caveman existence innawoods, just like the hippies failed to do. I don't give a fuck if you can organize a hippy gathering and shit in a hole. People with real power meet at convention centers and shit in toilets.

6b83a7 No.9859064


>You need anti-inflamatories

Ibuprofen is what I typically use. It was getting bad to the point there the pain was clouding my thinking, so I gave weed try. 0/10 would not recommend.

I've never had success with stretching. It all first became a problem for me when I was young working on farms, lots of repetitive high impact motions (rakes and hammers). But these days I just use a keyboard. My posture and typing technique is correct but maybe once or twice a year for a week or three it becomes a problem again, seemingly without reason.

337e22 No.9859074

File: 4f498127b36740b⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1629x945, 181:105, bigOne.png)




76ea87 No.9859108

Ill nevwr inderstand why some anons who disagree with a lifestyle feel the need to shit up a operations thread with their shotty opinions

>these white people are useless

>its degenerate

>you're a schizo

>fuck the white people that have fled this pozzed civilization in search of something more real

>we don't need them

Speak for your fucking self. Ibe met these hippy family types in my travels to the pnw and theyre good white folk that would give you the shirt off their back and are more handy than the vast amount of video game playing, anime watching NEETS that saturate this board. You don't personally agree or like what the OP is proposing? Then fuck off to one of the many other threads. This has been in the works for months now in the/Temple Of Kek/ and anons are moved to action to reach out to their nomatic folk who reject modern Judaic society.

So sick of anons that stall and impede other anons from getting out and connecting with their volk on any kind of level because of muh degeneracy or muh priniciples. You're not fucking special so just shut the fuck up and fuck off.

9145d4 No.9859125

>lets use autism on fucking hippies instead of the Macron Leaks Goyim

>elections tomorrow focus on this

Fuck off kike.

Also hippies dont exist. In 2017 it's the Rainbow Family of Living Light. They're traveling panhandlers and vagabonds

76ea87 No.9859134


Like this fucking post right here. All it does is shit on the volk that have rejected modern civilization because they know in their hearts its not our natural state, that it is corrupted. All they need is the why but no. They're not worthy, right anon? Its the rich cosmopolitan s that matter. If that's the case, make your own operation you fucking faggot, neck yourself.

6ebfd4 No.9859135

File: bbecdfc9e007de0⋯.png (1.07 MB, 950x960, 95:96, stealie.png)

OP, don't listen to the naysayers in this thread. We are everywhere, and our world is a lot more redpilled than outsiders would believe.


The kikes co-opted the original hippie movement as an early mass marketing of "cool" to the kids. The real deal had no dumb name prior to that. They were primarily beats who just wanted to be left alone to explore their conciousness and learn eastern philosophy.


It's a great record. Gets really dark in a few spots too, which I consider to be crucial in psychedelic pop.

42c023 No.9859145


You must have forgot to wear socks with them, socks and sandals are non-degenerate and are a rejection of (((fashion)))

6b83a7 No.9859149


>you're a schizo

Nobody called anybody a schizo in this thread. Nice persecution complex though.

337e22 No.9859150

File: 531e1bea35d9902⋯.jpg (122.81 KB, 630x417, 210:139, gwar-b-q-73.jpg)


> a lifestyle, handy(in a 19th century way), nomatic(sic), modern Judaic society(confused), muh degeneracy or muh priniciples.

You sound like a hippie.

76ea87 No.9859152


>not realizing this post is specifically about the rainbow families annual meet

>not realizing anons have been working on this for months on /tok/

>not being able to walk and chew gum


337e22 No.9859159

File: 7c083250ba930ca⋯.jpg (52.66 KB, 398x244, 199:122, TinderHo.jpg)


I bet you have fucked a man.

6b83a7 No.9859161


Nah, I always wear wool socks. If the weather is anything but dry they'll go to shit. Weather forecast says clear skies but you get a light drizzle later on in the afternoon when you're walking home? Tough luck.

Boots are better. Good pragmatic durable footwear. Birkenstocks aren't good for active lifestyles.

f2074a No.9859163


>>not realizing anons have been working on this for months on /tok/

So why come here now then? Its like you want this board's help but for noone here to be able to voice a negative opinion about the operation. People are not going to just praise everything and be your grunts without you managing to be convincing of the merits of this.

337e22 No.9859164

File: e81611261af84bd⋯.jpg (40.09 KB, 531x550, 531:550, hawking7.jpg)


I did. He's a fucking degenerate with mental problems.

76ea87 No.9859178


Sweet gaslight >>9858850



You post some degenerate shit like that and I'm the homosexual? Kek filtered.


You need to lurk moar. /tok/ spun off a sticked thread here regarding hippies and the jq. That how this whole operation got started. Filtered.

f2074a No.9859182


>If you have a life and don't catch every thread you need to lurk more


337e22 No.9859183

File: a99efbf3b6b8474⋯.png (94.62 KB, 300x300, 1:1, thesysurface002.png)

If this is an Op, how do I know about it, months in advance? I think I'll alert my old PNW Heeb GF. She has a fuckton of "egalitarian" Facebook friends that are also the children of a failed ideology.

1984ee No.9859185


>midwest regionals

I don't have info yet for that one. We should have it pretty soon though. Most regionals start in June and again in August. Closest one I can get info on ATM is in Oklahoma, which just started. We're working on finding out the active lifelines (hotlines that give GPS coords) and will update as info comes in. the midwest number I had is apparently outdated, most of my personal connections are westen USA.


>why feel need to shit up thread?

It's our defense mechanism against shills and I'm happy for it. Newfags and foreigners will cry and runaway, and shills will assume they've failed or been found out. I'm accustomed to greetings going like "Fuck you" and responding with "You're welcome!" Tis just the nature of things.


I'm not going to derail, but if you want help I'll do what research I can. >>>/tok/426 /pol/ isn't really an advice board though.


You're describing the very yippies and yuppie hipsters who drove the hippie movement innawoods. made me kek though.

b4f183 No.9859190


Hi Chiam.

337e22 No.9859193

File: 79f063b4e7031d4⋯.jpg (38.66 KB, 240x254, 120:127, h-hemorrhoids.jpg)



Like your water.

b4f183 No.9859199


>Medicinal weed is horseshit

Science says otherwise Schlomo. I bet you like your (((pharmaceuticals.))) Prohibition is degenerate,

337e22 No.9859206

File: 267ba823874d696⋯.jpg (36.2 KB, 714x359, 714:359, plot-revealed-angela_lansb….jpg)


I'm a Heeb for suggesting this is the dumbest fucking Op I've ever heard of, and likely total bullshit?

Not all that covert, for an Op. Like every 3rd gen. family member isn't hooked by the gills to the internet.

6b83a7 No.9859222


>Science says otherwise

DUDE WEED "science".

>weed is medicinal, thus I'm always sick

738130 No.9859242


Dude you don't know what you're really looking at. I've made piles of money with the family and it isn't as wholesome as you think it is on the surface. There are some genuinely good people in the mix, but it's got an underbelly and there are a lot of bikers underwriting the whole operation.

And Rainbow has a website that lists events and locations, it isn't like some secret underground club. Only one person I know went to Vermont last year, and for good reason. The gathering is just a bizarre for hemp braided jewelry and boiled sweet potatoes. Real events go down in Ohio and aren't advertised, usually.

So basically, the whole hippy shit is just a PR front for "white supremacist" biker gangs, anyone somewhat initiated knows that. The fun is pretending it isn't so that chicks aren't intimidated and take their clothes off. You're going to blow our cover by being an insufferable aspie.

337e22 No.9859243

File: db3242b4b5e43da⋯.jpg (2.75 MB, 2544x3300, 212:275, 0000146078_0002FASH.jpg)

bump, in hopes I hear some good 'new' '60s tunes whilst I red about the CIA and the canyon


ac7cee No.9859244

File: f7c05481d78bd9c⋯.png (81.09 KB, 624x628, 156:157, 590.png)

Yall posting in a bait thread

>muh weed

>muh sexual revolution

>muh based black people

>muh rebellious music

>muh modern art

>muh eastern religions

>muh fagfrancisco

0c634e No.9859249

File: 53bdc6b2024371b⋯.jpg (37.51 KB, 359x393, 359:393, Dancing Pepe.jpg)


Their walls are built of cannon balls, their motto is "don't tread on me".

6b83a7 No.9859253



337e22 No.9859255

File: 286f05083b72a65⋯.png (287.47 KB, 600x524, 150:131, 1493272085108.png)


And you're stating the obvious in a bait thread

ecc103 No.9859262

File: 0fe0b57db812cfd⋯.png (55.35 KB, 1005x692, 1005:692, patent6630507.png)


>Medicinal weed is horseshit. It's just an excuse used by people who want to get high.

ya moishe that's why the US government has a patent for medical marijuana and (((Isreal))) is one of the worlds leaders in research into its medicinal properties

>pic related


thanks anon, I'll keep watching for info. If there's a gathering near enough I'll attend. I'd love to meet some of these people, I have a funny feeling I might know some of the old ones from back in the day.

337e22 No.9859289

File: ff70ee19958c3e0⋯.png (242.36 KB, 890x780, 89:78, dangerFag.png)

What happened here? In October, this thread would have been deleted, and everyone involved would get a week ban.

This is a thread about some non-existant Op to "pill" a half dozen members of a group that defines itself as egalitarian(we all equal), mind expanding(drugs), and spiritual(AIM bullshit).

0c634e No.9859302

File: 2577e172348a8e8⋯.jpg (369.1 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Rainbow_Gathering.JPG)


I haven't been to a gathering in a long, long time for a number of reasons. A-camp got out of hand with a lot of bums, the scene got infiltrated with anarchist crusty kids who brought a lot of problems with them and often attracted the attention of police, and the scene had too many of the same ills that the SJW types create - no real leadership and everyone trying to take things in different directions, some spiritual, some feminist, some individualist.

I do know a couple of people who still occasionally go but they're more crust punk types.

So how can a nationalist type of movement co-exist with the anarcho-anti-fascists, and the peacenik "everyone is equal" "multiculturalism is our strength" hippies?

5e06bd No.9859305


>Medicinal weed is horseshit. It's just an excuse used by people who want to get high.

Marijuana is a gift from our alien overlords on Sirius B.

337e22 No.9859329

File: 098e88fc2c8b913⋯.png (299.17 KB, 822x493, 822:493, salem.png)

The only Op, is this thread.

1984ee No.9859332

File: c006b6809623344⋯.jpg (95.09 KB, 1000x831, 1000:831, s-l1000.jpg)



You raise a valid point, one that was considered. We kept this dark as long as reasonably possible, but if we waited any longer there simply would not be time to prepare to travel and make arrangements. We waited until the very first regionals had locations announced (utah) and that is what triggered this thread. In the end, we have to rely on the capabilities of individual anons to hide their power levels. On that note, infiltrating a group of peaceful hippies is probably the safest way for anons to gain real world experience at infiltration in person. Even if outted, you're more likely to be questioned and then loved to death, rather than recieve a violent reception. For all their dysfunction, the rainbows are kind hearted and good people for the most part. Also I have never once met open and belligerent antfags at a gathering, despite some sharing similar circles. They may be there, but should they react violently, they will be the ones removed. Some irony, I've met scores of trump supporters.


Dubs confirm, but please do not fall for bait.


If you can make it to a regional, you'll have no trouble hitching a ride to Nationals. Also, if this is too short notice, there will be a very large regional in Colorado in August and many of us will assemble there as well. As Nationals are in Southern Oregon, most of the east-coasters will be taking I-84 east, and a large number will regroup at the Colorado gathering as a result.


Dynamics have been changing. The oldfags are quite literally dieing out and settling down. There are numerous fracture points and even the Hare Krishna's DO NOT EAT THE KRISHNA FOOD! are becoming disillusioned due to the official krishna cult being co-opted by a fucking known murderer/pedophile/kike amazing redpill potential btw. and as a result, our chances of successfully embedding ourselves in the culture, and revitalizing it, have skyrocketed. I hope to see you there, many of us have had some involvement with the family for years, some of us for longer.


>sirius B

Satelite 3 is a better meme IMO.

337e22 No.9859352

File: e2567a70132f5f4⋯.jpg (1011.85 KB, 1500x1157, 1500:1157, zapruder_abraham_1842_2005.jpg)

I thought you filtered me, you mental defective.

476972 No.9859356


Are you the anon that's going to be dressed as a priest of Kek this summer at Oregon Festivals? I'll be looking for you and will introduce myself with a, "Shadilay Brother Shadilay".


Probably because he didn't want to have to defend it against people who are as narrow minded as leftists when it comes to drugs. I also despise degenerate potheads that waste their life away and "dab" the strong stuff, but I smoke weed and have no problem admitting it. I'm also autistic, build houses, and make white babies….so judge me however you will. As with ANYTHING in life that alters our brains, moderation and dosage is key. Crick admitted usage on his deathbed in 07 back during the early 50's before they elucidated the structure of DNA. Or how about Dr. Kary Banks Mullis, inventor of PCR….wanna call him a degenerate piece of shit for using drugs to shift his frame of mind?? Motherfucker changed modern science forever with his simple enzymatic reaction.

Drugs have their place. Most have weak minds and allow themselves to become submissive to their chosen chemicals. A select few see: Bell Curve can use these "degenerate" substances without having them destroy their lives. ProTip - 10% of all methamphetamine users are white collar pepole who make over 6 figures a year, they just know how to handle their shit and use that boost to push themselves harder.

337e22 No.9859371

File: e4a058de3d8210d⋯.png (84.24 KB, 1813x1088, 1813:1088, kok.png)


>Priest of Kek

>Shadilay Brother Shadilay

WTF? Is their no safe haven?

337e22 No.9859385

File: 06a69851b9ddaea⋯.png (383.83 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1492610200626.png)



fuck this place too. ZH comment section is the last safe harbor for grown-ups, for now.

1984ee No.9859432


>priest of Kek

If opsec allows. I'm going to be playing things by ear. Shadilay, things will work out.


Don't fucking compare us to that Kekistani cancer from plebbit.


The operation is more important than debating entheogenic use. Though, cannabis and lsd will be flowing around the gathering, so everyone who plans on attending should be familiar with their effects and methods of handling those effects should they accidentally consume them. On that note, be sure to check that random qt3.14's pupils before you stick your tongue in her mouth and do not share drinking vessels or even cigarettes if you're avoiding the love free love DOES NOT mean free sex. The perverted kikes pushed that meme. Love was code for LSD in the hippie movement, due to the word starting with the letter L.

337e22 No.9859455

File: c85a725ce229ea0⋯.jpg (76.41 KB, 680x479, 680:479, popeye-thumbs-up.jpg)


>Shadilay, things will work out.

>Don't fucking compare us to that Kekistani cancer from plebbit.

My bad. I forgot you were a cryto-faggot 'pilling' your old friends, rather than making new, better, ones.

0c634e No.9859481

File: 05532269df85e11⋯.jpg (423.62 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 12TribesBus.jpg)


Yeah, I never eat cult food off of a bus.

The family gets a bad rep from the media wherever they go, but before they got invaded by the crusties and nu-hippies, they used to be an interesting experiment in independence and self-sufficiency. Drinking and drug use was actively discouraged in the main camp and they were good at helping people learn self-improvement and survival skills. Kind of a old hippie prepper/survivalist group without the weapons. Lots of good knowledge in those elder types.

But the crusties showed up in greater and great numbers, and they drinking and drugs and FUCK YOU attitude was really shitting the scene up pretty bad. I hope it gets better. Even if I'm not there, I would like to know it would move on in a good direction and not be just another antifa flophouse. They took over the DIY urban scene, the woods should be for everyone else.

337e22 No.9859482

File: bbd6b46c2f81ba4⋯.jpg (1.5 MB, 2544x3300, 212:275, 0000146078_0002.jpg)

reposting this, because it's the only worthwhile thing in this thread:


6b83a7 No.9859491

File: eb7f908ffd30893⋯.png (74.28 KB, 980x490, 2:1, mouse trap.png)


>implying getting a patent means fuck all

337e22 No.9859653

File: c3e9dfedfd706a3⋯.png (18.9 KB, 597x180, 199:60, Untitled.png)

Lastly, hippies didn't drive Volkswagens because they hitlered. They drove them because they were NOT AMERICAN, and relatively inexpensive.

5df71c No.9859704



978aaf No.9859706

There's a good chance I'll be there.

87c0aa No.9859709

I remember you guys from Temple of Kek.

Good luck.

0c634e No.9859728

File: 3e6f8e0f219561c⋯.png (492.58 KB, 713x445, 713:445, camper.png)


At one time, they were the most common vehicle on the road in America. But the reason most drove them was because they were cheap, you could find parts easily, and you can take the whole damn thing apart with a wrench and a screwdriver. It's one of the simplest motors ever made. 0-60 in five minutes! And you could live in a bus, or haul around a lot of people and stuff.

1984ee No.9859741

File: 44633d8cf15b643⋯.jpg (135.31 KB, 640x916, 160:229, miguel-serrano-805001.jpg)


>that bus…



The only good thing about the crusties and A-camp is that they do an absolutely amazing job at scaring off the SJW & hipsters. Snobs and normies wind up running away thinking they're about to lose their anuses.


I trust these old hippies to find me fresh clean water, food, and shelter, more than I trust /k/ to. I'd rather fling /k/ at the enemy anyhow, and I wager they'd rather have the hippies be their housewives. Hmmm. That actually sounds practical.

Any advice for the youngins in this operation?

c86817 No.9859742


I remember your threads about this before. Personally I can attest to redpilling plenty of hippies. It's almost easier to redpill people the more LSD they've eaten.

4a3c32 No.9859759


This seems both retarded and funny. I'm going to sit on the fence till it gets gud

a58ab4 No.9859788

File: da9e4495247f649⋯.jpg (52.99 KB, 472x442, 236:221, da9e4495247f64966869745303….jpg)


Excuse me?

e3166d No.9859888


lol bunch of drug addicts


>bone setter

git gud desk jocky

c86817 No.9859912


nice trips

6b83a7 No.9859938


Trips confirm medical weed is a joke.

640c83 No.9859958


The irony is that the peace symbol is actually an inverted Yule tree, which symbolizes death. It's entirley logically coherent for soldiers to wear it.

0c634e No.9859980

File: 68e81c129020c5c⋯.jpg (71.67 KB, 300x302, 150:151, shelton-goddamned-hippies.jpg)


I'm sure you probably have a better grasp as to the current state of things. General advice is to try to form bonds with the smart folks that are out there, tho the really smart ones are usually wary, and for good reason. Learn as many skills as you can. If you don't have a steady gig, learn a good trade or a variety of regional cash-job hustles. Keep your feet dry and brush your teeth. Always have an out or a fallback. Try to avoid the attention of authority figures, as that rarely ends well. Know that things are going to change and people will change and learn to accept it and keep pushing forward. Whichever way the crowd is going, go the opposite way. Stop every once in awhile and reevaluate all of your deeply held convictions. Don't fall for any hippie bullshit.

1984ee No.9860368

File: c3adfd8036180c9⋯.jpg (214.76 KB, 1210x800, 121:80, c3adfd8036180c9ec80336df97….jpg)


All very good advice. Do you have any insight on the Hare Krishna's we could use to our advantage? part of the plan is to usurp their position within the hippie community, directing them towards ideologies more in line with our own, through the concept of the Kalki, and esoteric hitlerism.


Learn your runes, Anon.

a58ab4 No.9860405

File: 337e1988bbe9980⋯.png (291.43 KB, 495x455, 99:91, suckysuckycincopetros.png)


That's one shitty pepe.

1984ee No.9860435

File: 89e17c71aef0160⋯.jpg (38.53 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 44d2a4a4d18c582efa9b338eda….jpg)



Do you not find it suspicious that the symbols of the hippie movement are all classical Aryan symbols and bindrunes? Do you not see that their message was to leave the damned college system where the young were being indoctrinated by the kike and forced into debt? Do you see just how many white children the average hippie couple has? Have you really fallen so hard for the propaganda of the kike that you are incapable of questioning these things, anon?

Regardless if you are willing to accept it or not, our work will continue, and the family will be awoken to their volkish roots.

a58ab4 No.9860463

File: 2c78422a59b2af5⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.18 MB, 280x358, 140:179, 0dc3da74b4e992d2e6aaa37205….gif)


Ironic faggotry is still faggotry.

a3460a No.9860482

File: a250f184a6477d1⋯.jpg (304.58 KB, 745x495, 149:99, Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-R245….jpg)


>Wandervogel is the name adopted by a popular movement of German youth groups from 1896 onward. The name can be translated as rambling, hiking, or wandering bird (differing in meaning from "Zugvogel" or migratory bird) and the ethos is to shake off the restrictions of society and get back to nature and freedom. Soon the groups split and there originated ever more organisations, which still all called themselves Wandervogel, but were organisationally independent. Nonetheless the feeling was still of being a common movement, but split into several branches.

>Some authors have seen the ethos and activities of the Wandervogel as an influence on later social movements, in particular the hippie movement which developed in the United States during the 1960s

>Together this led to the emergence of the Bündische Jugend. The Wandervogel, German Scouting and the Bündische Jugend together are referred to as the German Youth Movement.

>They had been around for more than a quarter of a century before National Socialists began to see an opportunity to utilize some methods and symbols of the German Youth Movement and incorporate it in the Hitler Youth.

1a87de No.9860524


so you're saying that the term "hippie" is similar to "alt-right" in that sense?

1984ee No.9860542


My thanks anon, some synchronicity there. While you were posting this, I was looking for information to post of the Lebensreform movement, which was a part of the same movement that you just mentioned. Notable figures were Heinrich Pudor, who was so volkish that he even dared to call out Hitler for NOT holocausting the kikes. In fact, this protohippie demanded it!

Further, another early figure of the lebensreform movement, Richard Ungewitter, another inspiration of the hippie movement and a major reason for the acceptance of nudism wrote this.

>If every German woman saw a naked Germanic man more often, so many would not run after exotic alien races … for the sake of healthy reproductive selection I therefore demand nudism, so that the strong and healthy will mate, but weaklings will not succeed in reproducing.German: Würde jedes deutsche Weib öfter einen nackten germanischen Mann sehen, so würden nicht so viele exotischen fremden Rassen nachlaufen Aus Gründen der gesunden Zuchtwahl forde ich deshalb die Nacktkultur, damit Starke und Gesunde sich paaren, Schwächlinge aber nicht zur Vermehrung kommen.

1984ee No.9860568


YES! In fact the kikes even created their own TRS to co-opt the hippie movement called he Yippies (((Youth International Partie))) that was founded by the kike (((Abbie Hoffman))) and the oldfags are STILL furious about this!

ec654b No.9860575


>kikes co-opted the original hippie movement as an early mass marketing of "cool" to the kids

The hippie movement was the spiritual successor to the "Bohemian" movement of the 50s and early 60s which was 100% fully jewish and subversive. Get your head out of your ass.

a58ab4 No.9860584


this is a bait thread

0b207d No.9860586

Threads like this are why 8/pol/ is dead. RIP.

a58ab4 No.9860587


if it's dead why the fuck are you here?

1984ee No.9860636


The Lebensreform and Wandervogel movements both predate that, Anon, and they called for the extermination of the kikes. These are the people who were joining the Thule society and pushing for the purification of the blood and eugenics, while demanding the return to nature and the removal of absolutely all jewish influence of society, and they still are.

FFS, the symbols of the rainbow family are the Swastika, the celtic cross, and the same eagle as every volkish nationalist movement out there, and their prophecy is that the white man has come to the Americas to save the world from evil by creating army of Rainbow Warriors, a term that's connotation was a reference to the Bifröst bridge, the road to Valhalla, ie the Einherjar. I really didn't expect to have to spell this one out to the people I hold in the highest regards of any on this earth, but there it is. Watch me get fucking shot for this one. First official rainbow execution since Florida.

07da31 No.9860708


Don't blame the anons that don't know what you're talking about. You say hippie movement and rainbow gathering and the first thing that comes to mind is the subversion and kikery that was pounded into it over the last several decades.

ecc103 No.9860776

File: 91e52ca2820a994⋯.jpg (93.03 KB, 502x455, 502:455, KentState.jpg)



>Don't blame the anons that don't know what you're talking about. You say hippie movement and rainbow gathering and the first thing that comes to mind is the subversion and kikery that was pounded into it over the last several decades.

amen anon, if you didn't live through it you might not understand the extent of the lies in the media's alternate history

a58ab4 No.9860801

File: ac1a6ab130c3e5b⋯.jpg (50.5 KB, 366x366, 1:1, buycoolshirts_2268_5256149….jpg)


god damn hippie piece of shit

1984ee No.9860806


How many fam are in this thread? I'm five minutes from pounding back a bottle of the Admiral and throwing myself into the fire for the future of the Volk right now. Should I let it all fly on the hope that the anons pull through and save the family at the expense of my own future?

d6629c No.9860817


Reporting in. I've been working the family for awhile too, mostly on the spiritual awakening of magic/consciousness, however if I found folk who where into engineering I may geek out with them too, otherwise I just go around healing people.

c86817 No.9860852



in my experience 90% of the people that call themselves family are just full of shit to sell you drugs at inflated prices

07da31 No.9860858


I'm not actually apart of any of it since I'm not in the position to go out and participate for the time being but I got to know someone who was very involved with naturist/pagans as vendor of sorts. I learned about unspoiled rainbow gathering first from that person as well as the distinction between the groups. I've also spent a lot of time around crust punks and various drifters and know they often know the score if they aren't fresh to that life. These people are already halfway to accepting natsoc, they just need to know there is a healthy alternative to the societies they've rejected.

e708c7 No.9860880


I miss GWAR

ec654b No.9860919


This has nothing to do with the subversive Bohemian movement which predates Wandervogel by 50 years and started in NYC.

6cfb21 No.9860988

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Try this out anon

a58ab4 No.9861000

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


so this is a shitposting thread?

0c634e No.9861005


Saw them backing up Roky Erickson a few years ago

a58ab4 No.9861011

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>as if hippies were ever not degenerates

e44fe0 No.9861048


>For the past six months many /pol/acks have been preparing. We have assembled for a great operation to revive the movement and assemble the lost volk of the Rainbow Family to prepare them for the new age.

This isnt exactly what I had in mind but…. I've been basically working on making that a reality for the past 3 years. I've saved enough money that in 2 years at the absolute latest I am going to be purchasing a sizeable amount of land and inviting a couple of /pol/acks that I know to come live on it and help me build a community building on it while also helping them build houses of their own. It will have a communal farm to supplement personal farms and a workshop for craftwork to be exported out into town. If I can pull this off, and I am well on my way to doing so, I will be able to die knowing I did good by my volk. The only variable is how much land I will be able to afford, I wont invite more people than the land I have can sustain. But hopefully I will have room for more than the handful of /pol/acks that I know.

There is a problem with it that I havent figured out though.. Theres probably legalities to consider about building a community and only allowing whites in.

d6629c No.9861076


I trade crystals quartz not L but otherwise I'm no merchant.


I've been watching your project with great interest for some time now. If things ever meltdown where I'm living now it's good to know there is such a place or if the degeneracy becomes too rampant for me to continue to do my work "in the world" there is a sanctuary. I've already sent you an email for a line of coms down the road regardless.

1984ee No.9861091


Alright brother, I might need you. If things don't work out as planned, this may be my last gathering once the elders find out. I'm probably retiring and settling down with my wife after this rodeo. Off to find that Admiral, pretty sure he's hiding in a bottle.

e44fe0 No.9861093


Im not that anon, but I did post in his thread

Im going to go post a burner email in that thread

1984ee No.9861096


Fuck the admiral! I just found my shine!

a900fa No.9861211

File: 37ed68850638b9d⋯.png (132.47 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1493847082628.png)


Good luck with it all herbal wizard. I've almost given up on the "rodeo" myself. I personally don't see anything gained by traveling events unless it's for business. But I'm not retiring to settle down either. Not to Blackpill or anything, but I think the post boomers got the last bit of peaceful retirement anyone will have for a while. Things have accelerated at a pace I could not have foreseen ten years ago, and I have to suspect the "other elders" of the luciferian kind are feeling the sting and making a big push to crush us once and for all.

As much inroads as we've made, we are relatively small, the effort posters of the de-kiked world. A surgical strike on a couple hundred of the right people would be devastating. I'm working on a bit of a tome myself, nothing that wouldn't fit easily in a usb stick, but I hope it to be complete by summers end. With it distributed I would feel safer to expose myself and enjoy a little. In the meantime, I see inactivity on the boards not as a giving up motion so much as a switch to above board activity with plausible covers.

The thing making me feel okay about is that is the same that has the rothschilds sweating us so hard. They've lost control of the memelines and they feel their power slipping. Ours is growing at the same time, but we are limited in scope by the lack of leading lights. We have zealots and acolytes aplenty, but few are compelling in the way that goes truly viral on a global scale. There are those that are compelling, but they either stay ignorant of the out of selfish immaturity, or hide the truth purposefully for (((less than wholesome))) reasons. The best of the last generation tell us the truth clouded in layers of obfuscation that are more apparent to the learned observer, see my post on luc besson here: http://8ch.net/television/res/3001.html

for a minor example.

Directors are one of the best examples of the compelling transmitter, and They knew what They were doing when they took over Hollywood. The redpiller of the future has to be both compelling and truthful, and a jack of all trades, all art forms, all media, the truth demands it. He will also use less obfuscation than ever before, just a teaspoon of sugar with the medicine this time, instead of the usual heaping tablespoon. And one day in my lifetime, maybe he will obfuscate no more. It's my destiny to either be him or spend my life finding and helping him. You've been a great source along the way.

t. Friendly zombie

doing east regionals?

f2074a No.9861219



1984ee No.9861283

File: e8e923a7a191169⋯.jpg (16.9 KB, 250x251, 250:251, r_colonia_41.jpg)

File: 86022b1c11900ef⋯.jpg (474 B, 15x14, 15:14, 96222d225efe5d3ac00e5684ce….jpg)


Thank you for your wisdom. I'm going to just cut the sugar out entirely… after this drink. No more games. If this costs me every bridge I've built in the past few years, it's worth it to have tried. Miguel Serrano Serrano was the better poet, so I will let his words speak through me here.

>A battle which does not end well is a Spiritual Adventure that has been successful.

327594 No.9861315


Some of us are waiting for the right moment.

Don't strike the match until the fire is built.

07c66f No.9861338


I have no idea what you're saying.

87a83e No.9861353

File: 0a655f9fa22377b⋯.jpg (85.08 KB, 499x750, 499:750, 63df48f03d9a619d1b23235265….jpg)


OP you are confusing hippies and beatniks. Beatniks were white people who wanted to be free of the system. Ken Kesey was a beatnik. He wrote One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest and Sometimes A Great Notion.

bd9afe No.9861357


Rainbow family is pretty great. Folkish concepts about white tribalism could be excellent. Naysayers can get fucked. There are really two /pol/s. One is the left hand pillar that wants personal power and hierarchy. The other is the right hand pillar that wants freedom and autonomy. Both admire excellence so they are parallel in many ways.

bd9afe No.9861363


Just google rainbow family. It's a tribal network of oldschool hippies that still live semi nomadically within US society. They have get-togethers.

bd9afe No.9861371


You can get around the race thing by claiming you're a religious group. I have a couple families I'm organizing into an urban tribe and we might eventually move out to the country to do a similar thing.

337e22 No.9861378


Kesey was a hippie. Beats were before his time.

a900fa No.9861381


Oh don't worry, I'm a woodpiler piling on wood for now.


Whatever floats your boat. Id reread ttd if i were you and as always, keep an eye on the endgame.

a58ab4 No.9861452


No, beatniks were basically hippies but they all tried to look like dizzy gillespie and recited horrible poetry.

a58ab4 No.9861457

File: 6def00968444c9c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 202.46 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, beatkike.jpg)



>Beatniks were white people

929741 No.9861727

File: 05fd1e8c79795c3⋯.jpg (72.64 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1397086405890.jpg)


1984ee No.9861843

To anyone who knows me, I ask only that you wait until Colorado to pass judgement for what I say now.

To the Anons who believe what I say, you are the the future of the Volk. In my life, I have never come across a people truer to our blood than you. I am honored to have been a part of this. The humble /pol/ack is the Sangraal. I toast to you all.

What we now know as the "hippie", a degraded term unfit and unbecoming of the Aryan, but one that has stuck, is but a legacy of the Volk. The movement began as far as recognizable in the early 1800s as a revivalist movement. Not so much in the classical sense, for what was to be revived was not something apparent or tangible, but a revival of the memory of the blood and the connection to the land of the Aryan peoples, and the rejection of all corruption. At the start, drugs, intoxication, social degeneracy in all its forms, especially those that poison the soul were rejected intrinsically. We fought against the city, against the jew, against all we saw that was wrong and corrupt. Through this fight, we sought knowledge of our past, of our blood, and the lands that gave us birth and meaning.

We found the links to the east through our Indo-Aryan cousins. Many travelled to India, Tibet, Khotan, while others scoured the works of the greeks and further to the west, in time we found our legacy had spread everywhere, and everywhere it had spread, we found the Swastika. Ever turning against time, a guide through the cycles of history as bright as the Northern Star which had guided us in ages past. We recovered much of the lore of the old sages, the runes of our progenitors, the gods who were are ancestors, and we found inspiration in them and found that others too had been inspired. The Black Sun and the green flame has a powerful place in my own psyche, and it's legacy had even survived in the occupied lands of Persia through the Sufi mystic of the Midnight Sun and the green ray. These connections created unlikely alliances in time, as can be noted by the great Reich. We formed many groups under many names, the Lebensreform, the Wanderyogel, the Theosophical Society and their offspring, the Thule society, and in time the Artaman League, and there is where I would like to truly start this.

The Artaman League you see is where the story of the Rainbow Family begins in modern history. The Artaman League is the force that inspired and rebuild the Volk. The Volk which created the Reich that we lost. This group had MANY prominent members, and it's teachings, it's deeds rebuilt our people after the great war's end in spite of the treaty of Versailles. If you have read of Blood and Soil, this is where it came from. Every man was one of the Wehrbaur, a free man who would defend his volk, his blood, and his soil out of LOVE! It is love that inspired the Reich, and love that gave us pride, and love of who and what we are and where we came from that gave us the fire of hatred to burn our enemies. All hatred is born of love, and I swear by that, for one cannot understand true fury until something that they truly love is threatened, harmed, or contradicted, and there is nothing in this world more inspiring of love than our volk.

The Artaman League brought up truly great men who could stand proudly in the halls of Valhalla before Odin, beside Sigfried, and inspire us all. Men like Heinrich Himmler, Reichsführer of the SS, and Rudolf Höss. Let there be no mistake, the lies of the jew can not decieve us forever, these men were the living ideal of the movement, and their efforts continue to this day. I need not explain their part in this great new age, but I'll say this much, their battle was not in vain, for they prepared the way for us, and their sacrifice will be remembered as one which tolled the bell that marks the end of the age of darkness of the jews, the Kali Yuga.

This is all relevant, for their brothers in arms, and their children, did not all perish with them. Many survived in the fatherland, others came of their own will to South America, and others to the east in India and Tibet. They became the Maestro of whom Miguel Serrano spoke fondly of. They became the Gurua who the volk of the 50s and 60s traveled to India to study under. And others were TAKEN, to the USA, some by force, and others with only the promise of a chance to continue their holy war against the Soviets, joining the army that once fought them, in hopes of revenge and liberation of their lands. LISTEN CLOSELY! These are the ones who built the volk that was labeled the hippie by the kike, who seeks only corruption.

1984ee No.9861845

While many taught to rebuild the spirit of the volk as gurus and teachers, constantly in hiding from the reach of the sassoon and the mossad, there were those who worked so fervently that they gained the unwaivering trust of their wouldbe captors, the Americans. By the 1950s many had made their way into the Central Intelligence Agency. There they had resources, and made an unlikely discovery. They were tasked with creating a truth syrum, a wunderdrug for interrogation… and they got something else entirely. An odd crystal. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, and it was in a way a truth syrum perhaps, but not what was intended. It had an impeccable ability to utterly shatter mental programming like nothing else known to man at the time or since. They quickly learned the potential of this substance and before their masters could stop them, they escaped. They fled into the remnants of the volk, they hid themselves within the counterculture, and they taught all whom they believed they could trust this secret. For whatever may had come of this, they put it to use. In a SINGLE NIGHT, a skilled man with a single milligram of this crystal, could shatter a lifetime of jewish programming and change another forever. This secret was kept as best it could, while being spread widely, until the hammer came down and the law was brought to bare. The jewish Media worked hard to corrupt it in every way by spreading absurd propaganda, and simultaneously spreading degeneracy as it's supposed purpose. The term "Free Love" never meant something sexual, it was code for LSD.

By the mid 1960s the noose was tightening, and the volk found an unlikely, yet ancient ally. The Hopi tribesmen of North America. Throughout the ages, they remembered an ancient alliance. An alliance between their people, and the wanderes of an earlier age. After a great cataclysm and rising waters, many Aryan peoples traveled westwarsds across the seas. They became for a time the kings of the Inca, they spread civilization, and at an almost forgotten time in history, they met the Hopi and helped them elevate themselves above the beastial nature of their neighbors, and they left them with the Swastika and the sign that we now know as the Celtic Cross. For ages they held in their heart that these men of the swastika would return, as their prophecy foretold… and when they saw the christian cross they knew something horrible had happened and that the great men would not return in the way they had expected… but they did not despair! The hopi waited, they prayed, and in time the men against time, the men of the Swastika returned, and here is where the story of the rainbow family, and their narrative becomes our story, my story.

A doctrine was created. A culture was formed, and a language born. Through the counterculture we survived persecution. NO ONE even looks at the "degenerate hippie", no, they turn their gaze away from the people of the soil, the children of the sun, and that is what let us survive. In secret, we have given up all wealth, all temporal power, in exchange for this ability to hide in plain sight. In the dark light of the black sun, we have been working to free society from the programming that is pushed by the jew, or rather the Cohen Gadol, the descendants, servants, and slaves of the Demiurge, of Molech, Greed, or whatever name you would call them. The methods may have been questionable, and we have not escaped the corruption that has befallen our lands entirely, but all we have done we have done of love for our Volk.

And now, things have gotten dark. Heroin and methamphetamines run rampant across the world. The Kike has opened the borders and they flood poison into the cities, and from the cities come broken refugees in masses that we simply cannot handle. We do all in our power to help them, but there are too few who remember history, and too few who can live up to the standards of the heroes of old. Our elders are dieing out, and the children of love anf peace do not all understand what fire burns within their souls, within their blood…

So here I am. One man with no right or authority to speak for the tribe that I come to represent. With tears in my eyes I plead with you all. Save my people, my family, my volk. I had hoped to take charge some day, but I fear I have no time left, so I risk my future in the family by saying this all, here, now, and I should have it no other way. Teach us to hate. Teach us PRIDE! Awaken the Wehrbaur, the army of peasants that is my family, and turn us into the Warriors of the rainbow that the Hopi had foretold. Bring us home across the bridge to Valhalla. Make us strong. SAVE MY PEOPLE! We won't last much longer.

864998 No.9861918


Oh, Rogueskills…

You. Can't.

The damage is done, the behavioral sink is permanent. Our people are ruined and nothing can save them. Samson Looms ever closer and the world rots on the vine.

I'm right and you know it Rogueskills. How did that don't with your roommates redhead girl go?

Ashes and Echoes

864998 No.9861925



You really haven't changed your MO since TRS, Rogueskills. Always trying to do some feckless IRL shit that will not end in you and anyone with you getting blackbagged or turned into worse degenerates.

There is no light. There is no hope. There is no love. There is no help. There is only Eternal Misery. Go ahead. Try your plan.

Watch what happens.

Ashes and Echoes

864998 No.9861938

For anyone not in the know, I suspect that OP, who. I call Rogueskills for his claim of ganing "rogue like skills" from being homeless after he washed out of the Army, moved to the PNW and started trying to learn programming out there. He went by the names Vendouris and ColmanCollins on the TRS 504rums and was always suggesting some kind of lets-go-live-in-a-commune-and-get-Waco'd. Or his idea to make signs that say FREE JORDANZ and get niggers to riot that way.

So, why the shift to the hippes?

Did that girl get you into trouble rogueskils?

1984ee No.9861951


I still do not know who that is. Second time you've mistaken me for that person. Wrong branch of the service, and I do not into programming.

I've said my peace. Goodnight.

864998 No.9861953

Now, with that in mind, I figure he started coming up with this idea shortly after he vanished from TRS but shortly before the doxing and revelation of Kike Enoch's nature around other Jews.

But. I just want to know why go think it will ever work, Rogueskills. How would it ever work when Samson Looms and the world rots down around you? When women are ruined forever and nothing can change their behavior? When the POZ infests our very genetics from the amount of drudgery and misery that is all of life? From the culture that none will ever give up, ncluding these hippies you love so much. They too are rotten.

The only solution is Omnicide. The Death of All Life. The Cessation of All Error.

Ashes and Echoes

864998 No.9861961


Whatever. Answer the other question. Why do you think it's even possible?

From whence cometh faith.

864998 No.9861968



How can it ever work when everyone is ruined and rotten? How can you save that which is already dust?


I'm right and you know it. Everything is shit and you know it. The world rots and you can't save it and you know it. Women are ruined and you know it.

c3c340 No.9861973


HELLO ASSHOLES AND ELBOWS, got room in that asshole for more niggerdick you kikess shill?

864998 No.9861974

The Theosophical Society are POZ'd Jews what the fuck have you been smoking with those hippies?

864998 No.9861979


Whatever. I'm right and you know it. Go ahead and follow Rogueskills to Colorado to try and redpill the hippies. Watch what happens. Keep trying to fight against fate itself and the will of the gods, whom have all hated us and will always hate us. Watch what happens.

There is no other way this story ends.

Ashes and Echoes

864998 No.9861986

And how in any way are you going to keep out infiltrators?

c3c340 No.9861994


Hello shlomo, You'll get the chlorine gas pumped straight into your lungs when we take power.

864998 No.9862004


I dare you. I live near Gadsden, AL. But you won't take power. You can't. You're not capable of it and neither is anyone else here. It's all rotten, it's all worthless, it's all a Bad Idea.

It's Got To Go. Every last bit of existence is worthless filth.

864998 No.9862035



I'm right and you know it. There is no power to take, the gods will just screw you over.

f9bb79 No.9862233

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


After this one.

> White bird / In a golden cage / On a winter's day / In the rain

>White bird / In a golden cage / Alone

>The leaves blow / Across the long, black road / To the darkened skies / In it's rage

But the white bird / Just sits in her cage / Unknown

> White bird must fly / Or she will die

> White bird / Dreams of the aspen trees / With their dying leaves / Turning gold

>But the white bird / Just sits in her cage / Growing old

>White bird must fly / Or she will die / White bird must fly / Or she will die

>The sunsets come / The sunsets go / The clouds roll by / And the earth turns old / And the young bird's eyes / Do always glow

>She must fly / She must fly / She must fly

>White bird / In a golden cage / On a winter's day / In the rain

>White bird / In a golden cage / Alone

>White bird must fly / Or she will die / White bird must fly / Or she will die / White bird must fly / Or she will die

ecc103 No.9862692


>Every last bit of existence is worthless filth.

why do you stick around then anon?

why don't you just end yourself?

why don't you end your misery?

a196e1 No.9862701


I think this is a lot like Ben Garrison, where lots of folks believe his real works of art to be nazi edits, when the opposite is true

4ff13d No.9862780


So do you suggest we sit on our hands and do nothing? Or prepare for the apocalypse?


I will be building the Temple to KEK along with all of you. Bring objects to incorporate into the Temple. While we are hiding our power level we also don't want to be weak so bring red pilled images as well as memes. The Temple will act as a central point and gathering place for us, and a place to bring recruits who wish to learn more. I will be wearing a lare oathbreaker medallion.

e4c2ef No.9862805

e4c2ef No.9862807

e4c2ef No.9862813


>The kikes co-opted the original hippie movement as an early mass marketing of "cool" to the kids. The real deal had no dumb name prior to that. They were primarily beats who just wanted to be left alone to explore their conciousness and learn eastern philosophy.

Personally I believe this. my grandpa is a pretty red pilled paleoconservative religious guy and he was a hippie in college, so I wouldn't be surprised if there was more to the original hippie movement

bd8efb No.9862828

File: d6ac819c144ab4f⋯.jpg (60.83 KB, 500x329, 500:329, shitposting.jpg)


>Reclaim the hippy movement

c56b4c No.9862829

File: 55d362df9cbc015⋯.jpg (58.53 KB, 360x640, 9:16, 15910157_10154702595916885….jpg)


Costa Rica hippie infiltrator reporting in for the great redpilling, there are many more people with open minds out here than I expected when I got down here. I've even heard people down here question Holocaust numbers without me prompting them at all. They all just need a little nudge towards race consciousness and the whole scene will divide between us and them.

I have a friend who refers to herself as beyond-hippie, and it's what happens they realize that they can eat meat and look to Europe's traditions just as much as anywhere else's. Many of these hippies are standard issue, Made-in-California leftists, but I'd say around half of them just hate the government and want to be left alone

12f2d7 No.9863078


I laughed a lot more than I should have at that fucking image

3262b0 No.9863119


The only thing we have in common with hippies is the muh planet tree-hugging stances.



Hatebus 2.0 when?

261565 No.9863368


Or he stopped being a retarded degenerate once he grew up

3230f5 No.9863436


>threadly reminder: Long hair on men was promoted kikes because it covers up Aryan jaw lines.

Vikings had long hair you idiot.

af8152 No.9864226


Then why not take it for ourselves?

1984ee No.9864489

File: f66bb980653218e⋯.jpg (200.06 KB, 1001x785, 1001:785, f66bb980653218e4052670da4c….jpg)


>why not take it for ourselves.

It was always ours to claim, anon. That is the mission. We are called to the volk. Claim what is rightfully ours. Reignite the green flame of the Aryan spirit within all volkish movements.

8b002e No.9864547


but isn't the point of (((co-opting))) to harness people's best intentions and desire for a better,less corrupt, future in more (((agreeable))) ways?

f7976c No.9864656

File: 46eb595d329af28⋯.jpg (52.79 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1482122595390.jpg)


They ARE fucking useless. Life is competition, and instead of playing the game they're running off to play "noble savage" by themselves. They do NOTHING to improve their people's position in the world, or to further enlighten humanity. They're content to see us all burn out on this rock, rather than conquer the universe. Fuck their philosophy of stagnation; they should just kill themselves since they don't believe in effort.

3836f8 No.9864689

File: be0faaf5a4fc24c⋯.png (380.78 KB, 573x434, 573:434, Screen-Shot-2013-11-12-at-….png)



Good OP, I was at a party with a bunch of people I went to high school with that are all very liberal. Some of the whites are waking up and realizing that their movement is coming after them. One of the biggest red pills that hit them was a letter published by a student head of some board at the main liberal college in my state that straight up said "All white people are racist." The hardcore SJW are trying to change the definition of racism so only whites can be racist and some aren't buying it.

8f1efb No.9864690

File: f041f235a0b2801⋯.jpg (17.83 KB, 240x160, 3:2, dear-hipster-racists-youre….jpg)



Hippies are over.

It's hipsters you're thinking of OP.

77dee6 No.9864696

File: 0557340031d374f⋯.png (98.29 KB, 600x441, 200:147, 0557340031d374f8b7ab5acc65….png)



Checking dubs in a bait thread.

2c2264 No.9864718

File: 8a0cfeef3711f22⋯.jpg (106.21 KB, 600x470, 60:47, nowo.jpg)


that's it pretty much

8b002e No.9864741


> The hardcore SJW are trying to change the definition of racism so only whites can be racist and some aren't buying it.

either that or you just say," yes i'm a racist, now go fuck yourselves!".

1984ee No.9864794

File: 55534bc1d382508⋯.jpg (251.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1431289907221.jpg)


The Rainbow Family has well over a hundred thousand members of it's tribe in the USA alone, though no official estimates are kept. At least 10% of the Americans are former military, veterans of all conflicts from Nam to the current conflicts in the middle east, though I suspect the number to be higher. They also hate hipsters even more than we do if such a thing can be imagined and many are well aware that the kike is the reason the hipsters exist. Please read through my posts above. These are not the (((Yippies))) and (((Hipsters))) that you are familiarized with, and there is a reason these gatherings are kept FAR from he cities.


If you want to wake up your friends, join us here. When the Rainbow volk are reborn, we will be able to strike at the very heart of the left, from a position of undeniable authority.

8f1efb No.9864807


Racist "hipsters" and people that like nature (and degenerate drugs) are not the same as 60's-era Hipsters.

66ccbc No.9864821


>The hippie movement was formed by young white men and women in the 1960s who wished nothing but to be free of the ZOG which controlled the cities.

Except that's wrong you dipshit. They were rebelling because they thought there wasn't enough ZOG and they wanted more ZOG. They wanted more degeneracy, more race mixing, and basically less wholesome White culture in general. The boomers who ruined the world were all hippies.

3836f8 No.9864825


I'm still trying to put in my lurking and post OC I make. The fire rises

1984ee No.9864862


Care to explain why you believe that kike propaganda? You think they didn't give the movement the TRS treatment the moment they saw the threat? I've explained my side as an insider, and the history of the movement thst was passed down to me. Please see >>9861843

ca8c92 No.9865258


>let's all fuck each other in the ass

1984ee No.9865407

File: 9eeb400b105c428⋯.jpg (75.25 KB, 1024x992, 32:31, 9eeb400b105c428024d21fc74e….jpg)


>completely self sufficient people who travel freely, live their own lives, create basecamps, dig latrines, tap springs sometimes miles away and over hills for their people, with no official leadership, while creating white children for the future and paying nothing into the system of ZOG, somehow do nothing.

Do you listen to yourself? What are you capable of doing for the volk? Have you ever tapped a spring? Have you dug a latrine? Have you evaded forestry agents for months innawoods while out of communication in order to find a perfect basecamp capable of supporting THOUSANDS of your people? Have you set up kitchens in the field? Have you set up medical facilities with no funding or materials but what your wits and skills can provide? Have you treated dysentery? Have you talked down a family member who thinks they're back in the war and on the verge of mass murder because a car backfired? Have you repaired a dirt or gravel road without tools, because it needed to be done? Do you have the skills to survive without someone else handing you a regular pay check and gibs?


86f2f3 No.9865442





21a0d6 No.9865450

File: 8947d563b46e7bb⋯.jpg (48.76 KB, 520x348, 130:87, 768959578547485.jpg)


>Fucking Hippies

Gas yourself faggot.

c2d76c No.9865469


>wolves of jack donovan's anus

I'll pass.

c2d76c No.9865482


>Love it or leave it

You love the Jewish shithole that pays billions to Israel every year? American Patriotism is disgusting. Go bomb Syria and Iran, you fucking retard.

c2d76c No.9865492


>conquer the universe for Israel, goy!

>we need space minerals!

The Earth would be so much better without people like you.

1984ee No.9865546



>shows picture of (((Yippies)))

Anon, do your research please. That's like complaining about us while posting screencaps of plebbit.

b7db90 No.9865556

File: d4222ea1b683115⋯.jpg (38.39 KB, 300x473, 300:473, Centurion.jpg)

Thanks to the hippies, we have the sexual liberation that we have now.

There is nothing to reclaim in pure garbage OP, we must reclaim the glories of the past, not the nails in the coffin of human dignity

ecc103 No.9865559


that looks like a picture of woodstock after the festival, or are you saying woodstock was full of yippies?

0c634e No.9865565


That woodstock photo is of the scenesters who thought they were hippies, but instead they grew up to ruin the world. All of that boomer, PBS documentary, nostaligia hippie bullshit is a lie.

1984ee No.9865638

File: 45b65754e29e7d1⋯.png (108.3 KB, 595x746, 595:746, 45b65754e29e7d1f999622e1e6….png)


>sexual liberation issues

I will say it again. The term "Free Love" did not ever mean "Free sex, be a whore." the word love was a codeword for LSD, which was used to deprogram normies. Whether that was ethical or not, or degenerate, I will not debate the matter. The idea of the time was that if a normie were given a heroic dose of the drug, they could then be quickly brought out of the programming of the kike through intense discussion or if a skilled deprogrammer were not available, with recordings and music, and completed in a day. The CIA pioneered this practice, and spread it to the counterculture, for better or worse. The (((media))) and sexual predators (usually kikes) abused the terminology in order to coerce impressionable youth into sex, and is the reason for the misunderstanding.


Woodstock was considered the death of the hippie movement for anyone who had been in it at the start. It was the absolute peak of the (((commercialization))) of the symbols of the counterculture.


This. This fucking exactly.

>back to operations.

Now that the thread has passed the 200th post, I wish to direct anyone who is genuinely interested in participating in this operation to >>>/tok/7 for useful information to aid in the mission. I hope we've gathered and presented enough information to have prepared those unfamliar with the scene in their mission. Thank you for having managed to sort through this all and not be dissuaded.

d3d077 No.9865827


Having read the entirety of the thread, I can agree with this. Things will get much worse before they ever get better and these are the people best suited to survive in that scenario.

I heartell certain native american tribes are stepping up their efforts to create self sustaining communities big time. Have to wonder if they got a whiff of something coming.

1984ee No.9865958


>read the entirety of the thread

Quite impressive. not being sarcastic, just happy that we're through the first half of the cycle.

>the people best suited to survive.

One of the primary objectives and hopeful goals of this operation is to infuse these skills into the /pol/ack. If enough of us can master them, we can be sure that our Volk will survive into the future, whatever it brings, no matter what comes. We will gain the skills to blend seemlessly into various societies while being dependent on no infrastructure, only our own skills and capabilities.

bd9afe No.9866864



This is crazy but quite possible real. It's the exact kind of bashit madness that would be reality. Hippies secretly aryan sect waiting to bring about the final crusade against degereracy? I guess it doesn't matter if its true. It is pretty damn metal. Sign me up.

bd9afe No.9866911


His story with the Hopis looking for true white brothers carrying the sign of the celtic cross and the start of the rainbow family checks out. As does the part about nazis inventing lsd. Also if you listen to charles manson he talks about the jews and sending people to india in order to learn the aryan ways.

I have a question for OP. I want to find one of these aryan Guruas. Where should I look?

ff7258 No.9866919

File: 4bbfbcf44b59c77⋯.jpeg (6.97 KB, 310x162, 155:81, Jew Wut.jpeg)


>To me, it would be more worthwhile to "pill" people with REAL power in this country. The moneyed, the producers, the lawmakers, the publishers, etc.

Not realizing who you are trying to "pill"

bd9afe No.9866929


surprisingly OP is not a faggot


2ba254 No.9867010

File: bb9bb4ff26918c9⋯.jpg (22.74 KB, 252x255, 84:85, Life.jpg)

File: b7e02b6f69e6881⋯.jpg (115.85 KB, 838x960, 419:480, Eternity of consequence.jpg)



The common thread between the hippy culture and the more conservative culture of /pol/ is… Recognition of the importance of the Universal Natural Laws, and adherence to them. We may not agree on what the Natural Laws are, but we can agree on the concept, and go from there.

Hippies will respect almost anything that is of natural origin. It's one of the fundamental elements that define hippies.

1984ee No.9867028

File: 4de2b8504d78777⋯.jpg (80.17 KB, 700x467, 700:467, 4de2b8504d787773ffbae97037….jpg)


Welcome aboard!


>op is not a faggot

Not words I hear often. Strange days we live in.


>where to find guru

All paths lead to the same answers if you follow them to the end, always seeking truth. Wish I had a more helpful and direct answer for that one.

>jews sending infiltrators to india.

Read The Jew in the Lotus. It's written by a kike who was one of these infiltrators. It is also the best example of the psychosis that pervades their blood that I have ever found. These sons of bitches even overthrew the leadership of the Hare Krishnas, pic related. Also, look into the Jubu, the jews who perverted the buddhist movement in the west. Their home base is of course, Sanfrancisco, and are also responsible for the corruption of Yoga. One of my personal objectives is to convert the Hare Krishna outcasts who still travel with the Family, to look forward to the coming of the Kalki.


>use natural laws as ultimate redpills.

This will get good traction.

a58ab4 No.9867036


>thought they were hippies

All you have to do to be a hippie is give up. Everything else will happen naturally, i.e. becoming a fucking caveman.

fc9848 No.9867141


you sound like a blackpilled faggot


shine on you crazy diamond.

1984ee No.9867203

Down to business. Here's a quick list of information to help with operations, though by no means a definitive list. The pre-op thread should be referenced before departure by anyone not familiar with the family already.




The glossary above is OUTDATED and far from complete. Familiarize yourself with the terms in it regardless, though do not count on them all to be used. It's better than nothing. Also I personally fucking hate this one Bliss = Cup/container for food and water. This is one you will hear and be expected to know. Given the random assortment of tins people use, I can hesitantly understand the need for a unified term for such. Speaking of, be sure to bring at least a tin cup and a spoon, they will not be provided. Do not bring disposable plates/forks.


Leave them in your vehicle if you bring one. If you are spotted with a concealed firearm, you will be assumed to be a spook/undercover LEO and be treated as such.


The Rainbow Family is a knife culture! EVERYONE who is part of the family will have at least a utility knife. More people will have a fixed blade on their hip than will not. Be sure to have a blade, all lengths and styles are acceptable. You could even walk around with a sword if you wanted, though you'll have to deal with everyone fawning over it.


Absolute no-go. You could probably get away with sparklers though, but better safe than sorry. There are many cultural reasons listed/rumored for this, but it's a practical thing in the end. We will be on National Forest land in the summertime, they are a fire hazard, and a large number of the Family saw too much action in the military and have PTSD/Shell Shock, and they deserve some peace.


Booze is restricted to A-Camp. No booze past the gate. Herbal concoctions can be an exception if the alcohol is not for intoxication.


Alcohol Camp. This is located outside the gathering proper for obvious reasons. Note, A-Camp is NOT just a bunch of drunken hobos. These are the front line of Security. They will troll the shit out of newcomers, just like we troll the fuck out of newfags. Kill them with kindness. They will try to get a rise out of you to test if you're a shill, as shills will respond with hostility while oldfags laugh them off. Many are former bikers, others actually are drunken hobos. If you need to get away from the peace and love and feel at home around bikers, bring a case of beer in your cooler in your truck and save it for nightfall, you can make some friends here.


The Family is NOT vegetarian or vegan! Many members are though, so respect the boundaries, but you don't have to hide your bacon. might want to though. For every vegan that would complain about a case of hamburgers, there will be a line of 20 forming, drooling anxiously for them to be ready to serve.


Food is expected to be shared. If you intend to use the main kitchen facilities, try to make enough to go around, it will be appreciated. That said, feel free to cook up whatever you want at your own camp site.


There will be a waterline at every main kitchen and others scatttered about. A spring will be tapped with a filter on the line. That in mind, shit literally happens, you may still want to boil the water but it's likely unnecessary. Every case of dysentery I've been witness to was because of the victim's own stupidity.


CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF! We must set an example. Leave no footprints, because somebody has to clean it up. If it comes in, it goes out. Every gathering leaves behind a full crew for several weeks to not just clean up, but to re-naturalize the environment. Every firepit will get turned over. The land is usually left in better condition than it was found. If you want to earn reputation here and have the time, the cleanup crew is one place to do it.

>Helping out.

Firewood is always in demand. Food always needs cooked, coffee needs brewed, injuries mended, so on and so forth. If you have skills, someone will eventually need them and be deeply appreciated. NOTE! Do not EVER feel obligated to do ANYTHING! Many people will try to bark orders, NONE have authority to give or demand them, any more than you do. Be respectful, but there comes a time and a place to just shout at the top of your lungs DICKS EVERYWHERE! and run off into the woods. You might get a standing ovation for irl shitposting at the right moment.

More to come.

f7976c No.9867210

File: 17cb2a0eafddc44⋯.jpg (17.4 KB, 416x441, 416:441, KEK.jpg)





>I'm so glad I be alive to do NOTHING with my life!

Kill yourself, faggot.

f7976c No.9867247



Go back to weedchan.

1984ee No.9867285

More info.

Many hippies are pacifists, but like the deadheads, most of the Family are PassAFists. That is they will not be aggressive until threatened, and if it comes to it, they will throw down.

>Can there be violence?

A few years ago at a gathering in florida, a POS pulled a gun and shot a member of the Family. A friend of mine was within feet of the victim who was shot, and described what followed in great detail. This man has never once told a lie in my presence, and has no deception within his being. The people closest drew their blades, disarmed the attacker, stabbed him repeatedly, and then a very large line formed. They proceeded to take turns savagely beating the shooter as he lay in a pool of his own blood. At one point, an entire booted foot was forced up his asshole all the way to the heel. The screams of agony were so loud that forestry service rushed into the site from the road (a good hike mind you) and wound up dragging him out of there. For the shooter, he'd of been better off euthanized. From what I was told, "It would've made a Hell's Angel vomit." So remember, for every man of peace, there are two dogs of war beside him. That being said, they will never resort to violence without it being justly deserved.


Believe it or not, a lot of the Family like him, especially the deadheads. In fact, the vast majority of old deadheads I know at least supported him, and the ones that could/would vote, voted for the Don. I have not heard anyone speak in support of Clinton or any other candidate for that matter. This needed to be noted, regardless of your views of the Don.

>Main Circle

This is the central gathering point for the gathering. This is where prayers are held, where many people socialize and play acoustic instruments, mostly guitar, and where many official events take place. This is where you must HIDE YOUR POWER LEVEL! If you are at the main circle, you can be damn sure there are oldfags watching you, and this is where the newfags hang out. This is NOT where the interesting things happen. This is not where the fun happens. This is the public face of the family, not the heart of the volk. The fun stuff happens after dark and everywhere but right here.


Absolute fucking nightmare. Get there early if you can, at least for the oregon Nationals. In fact, knowing the forest roads of Oregon, if you show up with a strong truck with a winch, you will be treated like a god for your services, because otherwise every stuck vehicle is being moved army style, with rope tree and pully. Luckily there will be at least a thousand veterans from the USArmy there.

Hope this info helps.

a50fb7 No.9867292


Nah, the singer was a lefty cunt.

f7976c No.9867329

File: 7f3bac6fe40fc49⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 277x202, 277:202, 1430489578119.gif)



Jesus, what a bunch of fucking savages.

dbe317 No.9867342

File: d0f7e7ab14a806d⋯.jpg (63.94 KB, 225x189, 25:21, 345353.jpg)


Can I come if I'm half jew? I have a few years of intentional community experience under my belt

I just want to live in a nice, at least partially self-sustaining place with kind level-headed and freedom loving people, where we can eat GMO free and openly believe transsexuals are mentally ill..

A place where we can be free of the demoralizing onslaught of babylonian propaganda while still having a decent internet connection.. where equality actually means equality and peace + love aren't merely platitudes; where you can do what you wish but aren't surrounded by alcoholics and unhinged crusties

I see so much potential in these places.. unfortunately anti-technology regressives, drunks, feminazi radicals and the intolerably woo see it too.


e895d3 No.9867352


No. Jews go in the oven.

dbe317 No.9867354


I understand.

1984ee No.9867371


Off topic, possibly bait, but…

Take the free ride to Israel that they offer all jews, apply for all the gibs you fucking can, create a cult and try to overthrow the Cohen Gadol. That's what Jesus tried to do.

7cd84c No.9867372


Hare Krishna is a fucking Jewish movememt, I would know b/c the women at the local synagogue do it

1984ee No.9867398

File: 7b7d959a5297a25⋯.jpg (31.4 KB, 750x503, 750:503, Sacred-Bonding12.jpg)


>Hare Krishna's confirmed for kikes

"Swami" Radhanath, pictured early in thread with Obongo, and here, had the previous leader poisoned to death, and took his place as leader. The last guy was no saint either to be fair though. They use the position to funnel money and child sex slaves in from across the world. I would not be remotely surprised if this fuck is also sacrificing and eating the victims as well. That said, the hare krishna's who follow around the rainbow family have never asked for money, so it is unlikely they are affiliated, and I would consider them to be a high-risk high-reward target for redpilling.

The Hare Krishna movement was founded ahem, bastardized out of much older practices from india. Utilizing similar systems, they could be converted through the idea of "Krishna is the past! We must look forward now to the future! The kali Yuga is ending! Awaken to the New Age! WELCOME THE KALKI! PURGE DEGENERACY, in the name of the next avatar of lord Vishnu!" and a large insert of Esoteric Hitlerism. Though, it's probably safer to just keep our distance from the sulfered oatmeal eaters.

f7976c No.9867515

File: 28aa0212259de95⋯.jpg (110.06 KB, 538x722, 269:361, 1411274307112.jpg)


Going off-grid, unless you really have no choice, is pure cowardice A battle for the world is taking place, and these people are largely just running away. They're not redpilling en masse, they're not putting up a fight; they're just fleeing the battlefield. Fuck em.

dbe317 No.9867748


Funny you mention that, I'm going on said free ride this summer. Had no intention of creating a cult though. Not charismatic enough. Gibs sound alright- but to my understanding becoming a citizen requires 6 months serving in IDF which is absolutely not going to happen.

I'm more or less doing it because I want to eat falefel and swim in the dead sea.

It would also be a huge sigh of relief for me to find out the worldview which has been slowly eating away at my sanity for the past ~8 years isn't true and I really am just the victim of anti-semetic brainwashing. Not holding my breath on that one though.

737afd No.9867901


>Reclaiming the Hippie Movement!

I'm more into punk and metal.

737afd No.9867905


Most of the people there weren't hippies. They were just people who came to see jimi hendrix shred.

And shred he did.

cad017 No.9868006

File: bff1afbd98912be⋯.png (1.94 MB, 857x2924, 857:2924, yourLife2.png)

8d73e7 No.9868094


Silver apples is better.

d3d077 No.9868225


Sounds like it might be an interesting adventure. The men in my family are prone to big triangular noses easily mistaken for jews. Which is what actually 'redpilled' me at first somewhat. The way they treat you VERY differently when they think you're one of them. I had one bend over backwards to try and give me a job I wasn't qualified for, showed me his naked hand in all his dirty business dealings using illegals to staff a 'bakery.' Place looked like a fucking drug cooking sweat shop that made macaroons. Should've seen the look on his face when he found out I wasn't a jew. I'm certain pretending to be jewish to reap the benefits is a thing. I'd be wary of an inquisition of sorts in Israel put in place to cockblock that sort of thing if I were you. They can't be as stupid as your average american kike.

bd9afe No.9868245


well then hippies really are ideal because they have very little to lose

680515 No.9868310


>Off grid is cowardice

Cowardice is staying in your comfort zone rather than seeking the odd, smart and motivated members of your particular human family to awaken to the truth. The normie is eternal, but few normies ever go off the grid because of the lack of bread and circuses and opportunities of materialistic show-and-tell. Find fertile earth for your seeds of knowledge!

c37efe No.9868315

File: eb83d38af5068fb⋯.jpg (43.8 KB, 640x434, 320:217, serveimage-6.jpg)




>muh smokes

>muh sex

>muh alternative sexual experiences

Ken Kesey may have been good, but Kerouac, Burroughs, and Papa Jew Degenerate (((Ginsberg))) were all degenerate hedonists.

>inb4 homosexuality is implicit white identity

d6629c No.9869039





Savages we all are are if our kin are attacked, even more so for the magnitude of the offense.


>emerald pills


fb85e3 No.9869200


>going to Israel

>expecting to have an epiphany and be reborn a judeophile in the dead sea

yeah, no

98a655 No.9869275

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You mean like this one?

98a655 No.9869285


That's not from FMJ is it? Don't remember the scene.

98a655 No.9869295

1984ee No.9869369


>punk and metal

Not a big fan of punk, but I grew up as a metalhead. I'd rather be headbanging and windmilling than go to a jam band concert. Shit, by 15 I memorized enough Manowar that I could probably be the singer in a cover band. I know more Brocas helm than I'll ever know of the Dead, but after getting into the culture I can appreciate the music none the less. I won't lie, after a few weeks of Gatherings, the first thing I want to do other than hot shower and a steak is to go to a metal concert to recover from the peace and love. Maybe we can Caravan out to one after we're done for a victory celebration. In recent years I've developed a taste for more volk-metal types like Turisas and korpiklaani.

Still, for anyone going, try to at least familiarize yourself with the Grateful Dead, if nothing else for opsec. The Family has a lot of old Deadheads, especially since there's no Jerry Garcia to follow around anymore.

Speaking of band scenes, there is some irony to this part. I'd estimate about 5%, obviously the younger crowd, entered the scene as Jugalos who wound up completely blackpilled and sought out a more functional crowd that had no damn wiggers in it. That was a shocker for me.

542c9a No.9870158

File: d9cd6ea8f057989⋯.gif (562.64 KB, 374x354, 187:177, 1492466006577.gif)


violence is part of the natural order

d29db9 No.9871119


dumb shit. hippies are peaceful, they are not radical.

leftist extremist tried to co-opt the hippie movement and it didn't work, bc they are all about peace and love, and not about fighting for your race.

read days of rage: status451. com/2017/01/20/days-of-rage/

all you gonna get is larping pagans.


this. it encourages promiscuity and stands against long lasting relationships.

1984ee No.9871155


Yet another shitposter who has failed to even attempt to read this thread. Have any sources that aren't kikes?

193c30 No.9871331


If we didn't need to reduce the amount of smog that our vehicles produced and we didn't need to improve crash protection, maybe the VW microbus would still be in production, or something that is just as minimalist would be in production.

2c2264 No.9871337

File: a3acd1916585584⋯.jpg (20.98 KB, 960x540, 16:9, a3acd1916585584e3541a5d591….jpg)


>a good portion of those posting seem to not like my idea

>could it be that it's a shit idea?



c76c74 No.9871348

File: f9e9f2ba5f0a9fd⋯.jpg (230.08 KB, 999x562, 999:562, 56e04c57ba4d487f90c901dba7….jpg)

f9b848 No.9873149

How do we reach out to those on the fringes of the system and those that are checked out of the system?

imo it's worth it to reach out to these people because they are the small percentage of people who are:

1. willing to think outside the norm

2. actually turn thought into action. They're willing to live outside the system

3. have useful skill sets most are missing like being able to disappear and survival skills

so they have the potential to be real change agents in society if we can get them to actively fight for the 14 words instead of just dropping out. Remember that most normalfags are lemmings that will follow our way once we reach a tipping point. Abnormal, active people are the ones who will get us to that tipping point and we should be converting as many of these types as possible. At the very least we can make them fellow travellers instead of potential adversaries.

1984ee No.9873838


Precisely the plan for this operation. Remember, while we dox the pedos and the crooks, these are the people who stab them and get away with it.

b685db No.9874488


Regulations hav largely failed to protect us. While safety per mile driven may have improved, importing nonwhites has decreased the quality of driver on the road and ushered in the most neutered licensing standards for new drivers this side of the middle east. Worse still, the design of roads has worsened considerably in the last 40 years. We are now expected to drive faster and longer on roads that are inherently more dangerous than ever before, and legislators answer is to just keep pressuring manufactuers to make shitheaps, because properly designed infrastructure actually reduces operational costs across the boards for consumers and decreases maintenance costs for governments, which would hurt (((insurance agents))) and (((contractors))).

Smog is a bitch though. But far more complicated than just lolbuyteslas.

b685db No.9874495


Got any plans to hit an eastern regional?

1984ee No.9874541


Not this year, personall, though I can never say for certain. I have friends and family on that coast I need to visit eventually, and like to time things in the most efficient manner.

Hopi Origins

Another link between the Hopi, the Family, and the Reich. The Hopi are hollow earthers and claim to have come from there after the last cataclysm. One of the suspected vents they came up from referred to as "Montezuma's Well", which vented into a cavern network of massive proportions until 12,000 years ago note, major cataclysm was 13,000 years ago rouhly when it was cut off from below, and opened to a spring.


>There were four worlds: this one on top of the earth, and below it three cave worlds, one below the other. None of the cave worlds was large enough for all the people and the creatures

>They increased so fast in the lowest cave world that they crowded it. They were poor and did not know where to turn in the blackness. When they moved, they jostled one another. The cave was filled with the filth of the people who lived in it. No one could turn to spit without spitting on another. No one could cast slime from his nose without its falling on someone else. The people filled the place with their complaints and with their expressions of disgust.

Long story short, it's a tale of escaping overpopulation and degeneracy.

a6273d No.9874611


>And we need to reclaim the cities, not go wallow in the mud.

Thank you so much, this has been bothering me for a while. Humanity can survive and prosper well in rural lands, but for true innovation to happen we do need urban centers. If we surrender all of them to the enemy, the hotbeds where human advancement is most nurtured will all be turned against us and/or decay, much better if we could be in control of them while operational.

4d8d47 No.9874671

File: facc962995f9c82⋯.jpg (705.78 KB, 1593x1145, 1593:1145, 1437466110428.jpg)

File: 37498e6090760d7⋯.jpg (235.85 KB, 964x641, 964:641, Crowd in Manhattan.jpg)


Depends what you mean by "urban centers." The hotbeds of scientific advancement that were western urban centers throughout history were much closer in structure to modern suburban areas, with houses, trees, spread out neighborhoods, etc.. The modern conception of urban life is a jewish perversion used to keep goyim like cattle captive to the urban system. Most of today's technical advances come from more suburban type areas like Arlington, VA, Pasadena, CA, etc.

The first pic is the kind of traditional urban center that needs to be nurtured and restored. The second pic is a pox on humanity that needs to be wiped out.

1984ee No.9874697


Agreed. The modern city has become a mockery of humanity. Countless individuals, no community.

f55878 No.9876277


>homosexuality is implicit white identity

It would seem acurate that homosexuality is implicit jewish identity the amount of gay jews there are and their pushing the gay agenda and all.

b0d914 No.9876607

>Reclaiming the Hippie Movement

How are you going to do this without a hashtag?

c3c340 No.9876694

File: 48f714b1c074b90⋯.jpg (150.97 KB, 1213x790, 1213:790, Yippie Flag.jpg)

File: 41cc002d8298496⋯.jpg (38.59 KB, 765x500, 153:100, Choice.jpg)

Here's the Yippie flag, in all it's degeneracy. Yes, this is a jew run group

259bd8 No.9876730

Yeah the (((hippies))) a generation who bastardised and wrongly used the word fascist

The fact these disgusting burnouts called capatal shits and zog puppets "fascist" has done nothing but anger this fanatic fascist

c3c340 No.9876775


Here, have the real culprit: >>9876694

259bd8 No.9876793


So this yippie stuff essentially subverted and infiltrated the hippie movement, interesting thread the more I read

A compound comprised of various individualists meeting to travel is interesting, especially ones who are apathetic to the whole egalitarian shit.

1cdbaa No.9876823

File: 7ffd16fc18a320d⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 1753x1240, 1753:1240, 7ffd16fc18a320d994882a1e85….jpg)


>OP, don't listen to the naysayers in this thread. We are everywhere, and our world is a lot more redpilled than outsiders would believe.

I've talked with /pol/ about topics of homesteading, hippies, and rainbow gatherings on several occasions. One of the things that sets old schools hippies apart from the modern generation of music festival millennials and vegan hipsters is that Hippies believe in sharing the work, but not in a communist way where everyone is entitled to everyone else's belongings and labor. You want food? You want help with something? You put in your labor and you offer your food to the pot.

It's an economy without the (((money lenders))) having a hand in things. The way we used to do it way back when. It's transactions without a government middleman having to take his cut or forcing you to accept someone else's idea of value for an act or object.

Hipsters, SJWs, Lefties, Progressives, and Yippies believe in the "everything is free" model of hippy gatherings.. Unsurprisingly, their music festivals and gatherings are full of rape, trash, and violence. Their communist movements are all about stealing power from others so they can amass it for themselves and appoint themselves as the new arbiters of authority and power. It's no wonder they are this way, as they get their politics and ideology from pozzed universities and cultural marxist professors.

dc8360 No.9877111


I will be coming to Oregon in June. I have a buddy in Eugene I can crash with… Ill check out ToK. Thank you OP for a dose of hope after 2017 took a turn for the worse…

0c634e No.9877757


Seven come eleven boys, I'll take your money home.

Kind of thinking about things, too.

1984ee No.9878391

File: 3ad610256a1ef8f⋯.jpg (248.68 KB, 915x797, 915:797, 0288d54e7f1531f9e67aee6dff….jpg)


Precisely, but on the bright side, the efforts of the enemy has made the hippie scene entirely immune to any attacks by our enemy. Could you imagine the mockery that would come of anyone calling a band of hippies "Evil Nazis!"? They'd never be able to live it down.


>everything free type of commies/hipsters

The Family has a derogatory term for those type when they show up. They're called Drainbows, and are usually harassed into slavery or ran off.


Welcome aboard digitbearer. Your numbers are appreciated.


Damn, you must be amazing at hiding your power level.

32fef9 No.9878496


nah charlie manson is still in prison now. this didn't work 40 years ago so it won't work now.

1984ee No.9878577

File: 903a29f817ad2b8⋯.jpg (23.04 KB, 460x259, 460:259, 150707184506-charles-manso….jpg)


Uncle Charlie also had the bright idea to move to Death Valley with a troop of the craziest women he could find, and rambled about RWN until they decided to attempt to false flag the actual race war. Then when they were caught, he wound up taking the fall for it, because nobody could accept that a bunch of young innocent looking white women could possibly go commit a murder without somebody forcing them into it. Isn't it odd that he's the one still behind bars, while the women who actually committed the murders are not? Let his story be a warning to everyone. Even if you didn't commit the crime, you can still do the time for being the inspiration for it.

193c30 No.9878754


I'm not saying we all need to buy teslas. It might not be so bad if we just reached the point of making really good computerized gasoline and diesel engines.

1984ee No.9878792


Anon, computers in cars are bad. They weren't put there to help the owners, they were put there to ensure we had to go to the manufacturer to fix our own fucking equipment.

193c30 No.9878859


There are ways to say "fuck the manufacturer" and fix vehicles your own way. For example, people who will not tolerate Volkswagen's bullshit buy Ross-Tech scanners and software. You can find this at many "Euro specialty" repair shops in the USA.

Besides, not every mechainc knows how to work with carbs for gasoline engines and inline or distributor pumps for diesels.

ecc103 No.9879160


>It might not be so bad if we just reached the point of making really good computerized gasoline and diesel engines.

dream on anon, greed never sleeps

> John Deere is now in hot water with the ‘Right to Repair’ movement for making farmers sign EULAs in order to use their farm equipment – EULAs that prevent farmers from repairing their own gear.

>There’s more to this controversy than meets the eye, however. John Deere is but one of thousands of enterprises undergoing digital transformation as it becomes a software company that runs its technology on tractors, rather than the other way around.

1984ee No.9879491

File: be42fea6a73c857⋯.jpg (59.94 KB, 337x900, 337:900, Frogkachina low res.jpg)


I used to live with an old deadhead who was a Volkswagen mechanic. Unsurprisingly a common combination. I've heard all of it ad nauseum.


Through self sufficiency, we will defeat greed.

Pic related, Paqua, the Hopi Pepe.

ecc103 No.9879618


>Through self sufficiency, we will defeat greed.

self sufficiency will help to combat (((merchant))) greed but at the individual level you have the term drainbow for a reason. It's a human thing anon, some will always want more and I'm not sure there is a cure for that type of person.

I'm still curious to find out if there'll be any regional meets in the midwest near enough that I can get there.

978aaf No.9879666

File: f6b1386511ebf55⋯.png (171.72 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, black-rainbow-sun.PNG)


1984ee No.9879681

File: 731116a9ec75b33⋯.jpg (62.2 KB, 540x300, 9:5, work-will-set-you-free.jpg)


Sure we can cure that, Anon, pic related.


Great digits! Saved!

067ad6 No.9880489

That's what LEBENSREFORM is all about for me tbh

I don't look like one of us. I can move undetected through their degenerate circles. As a result, I have high propaganda value.

And the kike? They'll never see me coming.

ecc103 No.9880522


work camps anon?

>implying hard work cured niggers of greedy behavior and that's why we no longer use the word niggardly

or are you saying that was a death camp?

>implying the death of a man cures that man

c3c340 No.9880545

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>So this yippie stuff essentially subverted and infiltrated the hippie movement, interesting thread the more I read

Here, read this, it's about their founder. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abbie_Hoffman

And this link here is an archive of punks adding to (((Abbie's))) training book that his retarded antifa followers use to train new members: https://stw.darknedgy.net/index.php?title=Table_of_Contents

And finally, a real ANTIFA recruiting video embed, yes, they think this makes them attractive to normies

4b918a No.9880655


How about us whites just get together somewhere, set up camp, hunt, gather, breed, and figure out what to call ourselves later? I DGAF if we reclaim an old movement or not. I just wanna be free and sow my seed until I can't anymore!

b71845 No.9880823

File: a68426bb0c81406⋯.jpg (53.6 KB, 521x485, 521:485, nanette_crist_jesus-e13876….jpg)


Let's claim us whites are the real jews and that rabbi Yeshua is really a blue eyed Aryan.

c3c340 No.9880855

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Lots of things one can do to become self sufficient! Sprouting wheat seeds is one of them! Cheap nutritious flour for baking!


So basically live like tribesfolk and breed until we wear our bits out?

1984ee No.9880868

File: 42cf2f4f1dc8c25⋯.jpg (54.85 KB, 347x438, 347:438, hopi-swat.jpg)


To both your questions, does it matter?


You suggest we be catholic?


I have heard many worse ideas than those. At least that's a productive and enjoyable path, though I doubt we will have such a luxury.

c3c340 No.9881114

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Got a question for the crafty webm making folks, can you cut the first intro bit of this video here and webm it?

c3c340 No.9881119


663946 No.9881193

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Why did the hippie movement become Marxist anyway? It seems to me that the whole thing is just a subverted fascism synthesis in a Hegelian dialectic sense. If you take the Marxism out of the hippie movement, it's all fascist from the Aryan religious practices to the environmentalism and love for nature. Is there a historical explanation for this?

>They provide temporary homes for their nomadic Volk and meet deep in the forests, as far from the degeneracy of the cities as they can.

Can you prove the Rainbow Family is actually racialist?

What about the Manson Family? They were inspired by Savitri Devi iirc.

30a841 No.9881261


My best guess is that the most socially prominent hippies (being inherently more political minded than their peers) decided that extending the commune model to a global scale by any means necessary would be 'totally radical'

1984ee No.9881347


>why did the hippie movement become marxist

It never did. The marxists of the time simply tried to appropriate popular culture of the time, and with the kikes owning the media and taking over hollywood, they pushed this as an attempt to gain support. Of course, the actual hippies were off in the real world and avoiding the yippie scum the best they could, so not much of an argument could be made to the public against it. The only place they sometimes met was in the anti-war movement, but that's a topic I hardly have the energy at the moment to get into. sleep is coming fast and I simply can't put together a proper write-up on that one in this state.


That's a tricky one. I'll quote hitler here with his response to why so many different races were in his military. “Volk und Rasse ist nicht dasselbe.” which translates to “Folk and race are not the same.” In other words my words they may not be racialist in an exclusionary sense, but rather rely on a culture. The Family was founded through an Alliance between the Hopi (american) Tribe and Aryan folk who shared the same values, as had been done before in ancient times. There are in fact a small number of blacks, asians, and indos in the mix (>5%) though in my experience, they have been culturally whiter than the average American that I meet in my daily life, by far, and in general quite well spoken and hard workers, which came to me as a surprise. I cannot and will not speak of the motivation for this, but I am of the opinion that if we are to defeat the Kike, the war must spread to ALL lands, and if it is to be won, there will need to be such people to lead them in their own lands. Remember, when our ancestors forced the kikes out of Europe, they hid in places like India and China to regain their wealth and strength before returning, because those lands were not warned of their menace.

Then again, the only negro who's face i can remember excluding one prick who was expelled was probably a mulatto, in retrospect.

>Manson again

Best explanation I have the energy left for. Death Valley + LSD = Shit planning.

1984ee No.9881387

File: 11d888db71adeb0⋯.jpg (53.06 KB, 297x262, 297:262, hopi.jpg)


Slight addition to the above post on racialism and quoting Hitler. I was referencing the concept of the Herrenvolk, not implying by any means that everyone is "equal" in the liberal bullshit sense.

Also, here is a sketch of a "hopi prophecy glyph" while I'm at it. going the fuck to bed now. My posting quality is dropping like a rock.

e2357d No.9881600




Your both thinking of the "yippies" started by a Jew then spread the degeneracy to the hippies.

978aaf No.9882291


>"yippies" started by a Jew

Two jews, I think. Hoffman and Rubin.

6d790e No.9882300


Already debunked earlier in the thread, hippies come from the bohemians which were pozzed since the 1860s. Stop shilling your disinfo buillshit.

d6629c No.9883295

File: 1e6cfc72316238d⋯.jpg (57.82 KB, 420x400, 21:20, 1453697643860.jpg)

File: eea2b003af97327⋯.png (192.09 KB, 936x476, 234:119, 1406199085941.png)

File: b5dde1a02fae54b⋯.jpg (1.64 MB, 1696x2544, 2:3, 1460733806579.jpg)

>>9879666 checked


Even if that was totally true and not a subversive force in any way (which I quite rather doubt) pics related still apply, and we can use this angle.

f3107d No.9883311


>a photo of homoerotic gay retard tier motorcycle club wannabes

>a good point of departure

f3107d No.9883331

these "reclaiming stuff" threads never cease to amaze me. remember when I was a leftard I hated hippies because they were "literal nazis who're not even aware they are nazis" in my mind. that still stands !

also, organic food agriculture and all that hippie stuff is the way forward for us. basic survival

1984ee No.9883379

File: ff96936946fa9ba⋯.jpg (13.66 KB, 328x328, 1:1, 370d1230bd35d6e2abed8de908….jpg)


>“We recognize that separating humanity from nature, from the whole of life, leads to humankind’s own destruction and to the death of nations. Only through a re-integration of humanity into the whole of nature can our people be made stronger. That is the fundamental point of the biological tasks of our age. Humankind alone is no longer the focus of thought, but rather life as a whole.

This striving toward connectedness with the totality of life, with nature itself, a nature into which we are born, this is the deepest meaning and the true essence of National Socialist thought.” -Professor Ernst Lehmann

f3107d No.9883443


I've never managed to reconcile these two facts in my minds :

>charlie manson was a CIA spook sent to destroy the hippie movement which was threatening the kike way of life

>charlie manson was a genius, still worshipped by esoteric hitlerists to this day

1984ee No.9883473

File: c99813829b82bde⋯.jpg (53.45 KB, 369x533, 9:13, Serrano.jpg)

File: 86022b1c11900ef⋯.jpg (474 B, 15x14, 15:14, 96222d225efe5d3ac00e5684ce….jpg)


>manson worshipped

I genuinely have no clue as to what you're talking about, nor do I understand it's relevance to the topic at hand beyond Manson's story being a tale of what NOT to do, and what NOT to become viewed as. The most important figure in Esoteric Hitlerism (other than Hitler obviously) is Miguel Serrano, to my knowledge. Thouh, Heinrich Himmler's work with the Artaman League is more relevant to the topic, unless you're looking for esoteric propaganda for deep ops at the gatherings. I myself will be using Serrano's teachings about the Kalki in an attempt to convert Hare Krishnas to National Socialism. Should be quite fun.

2f2bae No.9883613


It's weird, I actually get along with hippies really well despite looking like a clean cut nationalist. They're some of the only people that are willing to actually engage in a discussion despite the fact that I rarely bring up my beliefs unless specifically asked.

The hippies are somewhat receptive but often just hedonists with a different dress code. Hipsters (the urban, Portland, Seattle, LA, or NY types, no experience with others) are the enemy. I've been noticing a new onslaught of crusty types that are actual footsoldiers of the enemy though, they may be brittle but they're not afraid of prison. Luckily they only poke their heads out at events and are put away fairly quickly.

1aac6d No.9883647



Dude the entire fucking hippy movement was a giant goddamned psyop. Look it up. Many public celebrities are directly and family related to military/intelligence higher ups.

Not to mention MKULTRA was started right before all of the hippys started running to festivals.

Secrets inside Laurel Canyon - Dave McGowan

The FBI regularly shows up at acid tests ffs

6bf2d0 No.9883741

File: 7f8b0472411b8e0⋯.jpg (328.43 KB, 1074x755, 1074:755, Screenshot_20170325-111507.jpg)


The inner circle, of what was once the grassroots of the hippy movement, were staunchly anti-modernity. The co-opting that took place (Leary et al) was a manipulation of a "free thinking" demographic, by wealthy families, for the sake of advancing consumerism in directions that the christian majority was opposed to. It was an investment that the hippies were incapable of defending against, since most of them were not initiates and were simply following a trend that led them outside of the narrative of the time. They were already conditioned to lend credence to wealth and influence-peddling, they had not escaped long enough for their offspring to be de-programmed.

The intelligence community had a lot to do with it, partially because most of the children of administration insiders had fallen prey to the trend, and had to be reigned in to ensure continuous control for the families involved in demographic farming.

The fact that most of the influential young people involved still had luxuries dangled in front of them by their parents is what saved the system. Lifestyle expectations and entitlement are what led the momentum back into the consumer world, the inability to truly provide for themselves and create the autonomous communities that they proselytized.

In a volkisch setting, there is no jet-set or investment properties scattered across the country to escape to when your manipulations backfire.

Always compromise the rich kids in your group to the group's benefit, and I say this as a rich kid, compromise them even harder than they are already compromised within their own families.

1984ee No.9883783

File: 291104f4a8b3d92⋯.jpg (15.01 KB, 236x177, 4:3, 853cf9d8e3e400f913db2326a5….jpg)


>will actually engage in discussion

They seek knowledge and value truth. Life experience will lead people to being willing to question everything.

>hipsters are the enemy

Most hippies will fully agree on that sentiment. Many choose to prey on such types.

>portland and seattle

True dens of the enemy. I truly loathe what has become of portland. In Oregon, it was illegal to be a negro until relatively recently, and the kikes have gone out of their way to destroy these lands through immigration and an influx of hipsters. I know this evil far more personally than I had ever wished to. Ten years ago, Portland was one of the only cities in the nation that was affordable and comfortable… Now it is a tweaker and hipster infested hellhole where you're lucky to even find a milkshake for under $10.


Anon, please read through the thread. This has all been discussed already.


Some topics are best discussed only in private, if at all.

Here is some extra reading you may find interesting.





1984ee No.9884288


Utah Spring Regional Gathering happening May 19-29 in Dixie National Forest.

Holding site directions for south Utah holding camp.

From Kanab Utah go north on rt89 for approximately 30 miles.

About a quater mile past the 94 mile marker turn left on forest road 063.

Rock stacks are on the right appoximately 4miles in at meadow.

From I15 get off at Cedar city rt 130.

(Exit57 go north or exit 62 go south on 130)

Turn onto rt 14 east.(center of town)

Go 37 miles miles over over a mountian.

Past the 37 mile marker mark a right at the Stout Canyon sign (forest road 063)

Stay left at Y marked Stout Canyon.

Rock stack 3 miles on left by meadow.

From south Flagstaff is last big town.

Cedar City from west.

Fairly close gas and very small towns.

Bring drinking water.

Water flowing at site.

See you there soon.

1984ee No.9884306


Copypasta from utah's page.

66ccbc No.9884329






Every single fucking one of them, right from the fucking start. There was no need to subvert them because they were the ones doing the subversion. Your LARPy wall of text doesn't change that.

1984ee No.9885902

File: 717420e342f8a69⋯.jpg (139.09 KB, 612x380, 153:95, Heinrich Himmler.jpg)


>Heinrich Himmler was a marxist! Really!

663946 No.9888893


>The only place they sometimes met was in the anti-war movement

I'm assuming they were both anti-war. What were the grounds for the non-Marxists being anti-war if it wasn't sympathy for the Vietnamese commies?

I worded my "racialist" question very poorly. I meant to ask whether the Family's whiteness was only implicit and based on demographics as a lot of subcultures are or if they actually have a racial consciousness. However, your reply was not in vain because it told me a lot about them.

What about "free love" in the Family? The non-Marxist aspects of the hippie lifestyle are attractive to me, but I wouldn't be able to handle such cuckery.

1984ee No.9891024

File: 6defb23bbb75274⋯.jpg (49.31 KB, 460x605, 92:121, 6defb23bbb75274b4d17b76a56….jpg)



The anti-war sentiment was much the same as we exprress here. No one wants their families dieing for the greed of others. An incredibly large segment of the original (and current) "hippie" movement are veterans. Many were drafted/conscripted. The WWII veterans learned they were lied to. The Korean war veterans were enraged that they were not allowed to finish the job they started, and felt betrayed when their commander Douglas MacArthur was fired and replaced and the Norks were allowed to survive. The vietnam war was quickly proven to be anything but what it had seemed, and that will be my focus. We could had won the Vietnam war easily, but our men were never allowed to. They would take land, fight and die to take the next mountain, fortify it to the extreme, hold it for a month… and then the command would come to ABANDON it! The next month they would be ordered to take the very same fucking mountain AGAIN, causing the deaths of their brothers in arms to retake the same position, and the cycle would repeat. They quickly came to learn that their struggle was not to achieve victory, but to line some kike's pockets in the name of selling more weapons and bombs at hiked up prices to the military, and rape our country's assets. Then when they would return, the marxists from the colleges and the media would blame the soldier, the CONSCRIPT, who was taken from their homes to fight, while never once blaming the jew who profited from the war that was artificially kept from ending. A modern example would be Bush's occupation of Iraq. It took us DAYS to utterly crush the Iraqi army during Desert Storm, but the next war was a decade long quagmire, because the objective was never to win, but to line some kike's pockets.

If you make it to one of these Rainbow Gatherings, pay close attention as you arrive. The uniforms may be different, but the entire operation is run just like a military field camp, because the people running the operation are almost all veterans, doing exactly what they were trained to do.

I hope this covers that, there is more to he subject, but this is what I've pulled from memory.


>free love

I've covered this a few times in this thread already, but there is more that could be said, so here goes.

"Free Love" did not ever mean Free Sex, be a whore. The word Love is code for LSD. It meant Free LSD. LSD was, and is, used as a deprogramming tool. If you drug a normie with a "heroic dose", that is, over a miligram recreational doses of the drug are roughly 100 micrograms. their brains become willing to question absolutely anything. I won't debate the ethical ramifications of this process, only state that in the right setting, it works. In a single night a normie could have ALL of their ZOG/college programming completely shattered. Obviously many minds were severely shattered by this practice, but with it's use, these people were able to deprogram a SJW and redpill them to the very core on absolutely any issue, under the influence of a skilled deprogrammer. I'm drifting off topic though, so back to the misconceptions of free love.

The Marxist Yippies and perverted kikes, upon hearing the term, either assumed or manipulated it in the college scene for their own perverse and degenerate ends. You see, an absolute monster by the name of Wilhelm Reich, a creature so degenerate that as a marxist, managed to become a pariah even in Lenin's Russia actually his most impressive feat is that National Socialists, Leninists, Capitalists, and even kikes like Freud all wanted him dead for the good of mankind had used the term earlier as an excuse to molest his own patients as a psychotherapists. On the bright side the US (and every other) government ordered his books burnt and I suspect he was executed in prison. In summary, the early SJW and sexual predators of the day, within the college systems, tried to manipulate the terminology so that they could get away with rape, which mind you, is one crime that will turn "the peaceful hippie" into a lynch mob. I've met the executioners. There is no mercy to anyone who rapes a hippie. That doesn't mean you won't find a few whores walking around looking for young man-dick, though laughably there's a lower percentage of whores at the gatherings than the average bar. Most women just want a strong man to protect, hold, and provide for them, no matter where they happen to be.

d6629c No.9891086

File: f4c21d83d871f73⋯.png (93.89 KB, 330x440, 3:4, b3509829bec6d19582ece41d3c….png)

>>9884288 checked


>I've met the executioners. There is no mercy

I too have seen the lynch mobs, and the aftermath – I can only hope they where a well informed mob and not one just manipulated into that riled up state by some D&C agent.

73280e No.9891216

File: 7855eb4efe7f8a9⋯.jpg (34.89 KB, 319x378, 319:378, QVPyxE9.jpg)


>The hippie movement was formed by young white men and women in the 1960s who wished nothing but to be free of the ZOG which controlled the cities.

Who lives on Communes?


Hippie shit, flower children, peacenick shit was created by CIA social engineers. Are you CIA? If not, you can't take it back.

The Peace Symbol is the Death Rune, for fuck's sake.

73280e No.9891256

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


And the "anti-war" shit was about "nuclear disarmament".

But anyone could make a nuke, right? So, if we got rid of all the nukes then if one country made some nukes they could fuck everyone, right?

So, that means we need some kind of supra-national organization – a government above the governments – in order to do inspections and make sure no one was proliferating nukes.


Come around me with Hippie Shit, I will wreck you and all the idiots that follow you.

193c30 No.9891483


People got around John Deere's bullshit by using the Ukrainian versions of Deere diagnostic tools where the the American laws are unenforceable. People applied translation patches to the Ukranian software, and tractor mechanics could do whatever the hell they wanted with Deere tractors. When parts were needed, they were secretly ordered from places outside the USA.

Deere couldn't get American law enforcement to do a very good job of stopping this practice.

In addition, this also led to more sales of farm equipment not made by Deere.

1984ee No.9891595

File: be4243d6d8d42fb⋯.jpg (6.51 KB, 143x202, 143:202, Artam.jpg)

File: 5e99c3692f4037b⋯.jpg (54.77 KB, 330x499, 330:499, 51ylO D23uL._SX328_BO1,204….jpg)


From what I've seen, these mobs do a better job at dispensing justice than the court systems. They at least reach a community consensus before the execution of justice.


>The jew will only tell a truth if it benefits a greater lie.

>The jew, when caught in a lie, will create a new narrative and purposefully skip a logical step to twist the narrative in his favor, then double down on the new lie and never admit to the omitted logical step even upon pain of death.

wir mussen die juden ausrotten.


>does not understand runes

Some reading for ya. http://volkisch-runes.blogspot.com/2014/02/ar-man-runebinding-artaman-league.html


Also, pics related. Truth is sacred.


>how to bypass the kike's control systems.

Very useful information for all interested in homesteading and Blood and Soil doctrines. I personally try to stick with pre-computarized tech, but I know that is growing less practical for people every day.

ecc103 No.9891762


>People got around John Deere's bullshit

yup, getting around the BS has become an industry

>jailbreak your iPhone, Android etc…

it's been going on since Captain Crunch started Phreaking

My point was that greed never sleeps and the (((merchant))) is hard to get away from.


>I personally try to stick with pre-computarized tech, but I know that is growing less practical for people every day.

Modern society is programmed to be quiet obedient consumers. I've been poor all my life but I've lived well because I've studied the technologies and acquired the skills over the years to fix anything from tube tech to industrial robotics.

But in this day and age I'm a dinosaur, hell 99 out 100 people can't tie any other knots besides the bow knot some still tie their shoes with.

03c1d8 No.9892635


>nobody could accept that a bunch of young innocent looking white women could possibly go commit a murder without somebody forcing them into it.

Well he did use LSD and pussy licking to brainwash his girls, among other techniques.

1984ee No.9897196


Seed camp is founded, Kentucky Regionals officially start Tomorrow! May 12-19!

GPS Coordinates 38.0473981, -83.5567559

Lightline (directions hotline) is 760 662 6112

Copypasta directions

east from Lex, exit 123,

R on 60E 6.5m,

R on KY211, 400 yards,

R on Main ST, 3.5 miles,

L on Clear Creek/signs for zilpo, 4 miles to L on Buck Creek Rd, L at fork,but

3 miles in, sharp 45 degree (no sign)

R,gravel, 2-3 miles to welcome home.

From Salt Lick, KY. at the intersection of U,S. 60 and hwy 211 (Blinking Light) follow 211 south for 3.7 miles and turn left onto Clear Creek RD. (Unmarked but Brown Forest Service Info Sign on Corner) go 4.0 miles and turn left onto Buck Creek RD. Go 1.4 miles and turn right after crossing Buck Creek.

Remember to hide your powerlevel. Logic and reason work here for redpills. These are not SJW leftards, reason is key! Stand strong in your logic, do not fear the JQ but do not breach subject directly. For anons in the region of KY heading to Nationals in Oregon, it is advised to hit a regional first, especially if you lack your own transportation. Good luck, be safe, use proper OPSEC and report successes and warnings if possible. Trump support is not a problem here, many even voted for him. Deadheads for trump is a real thing.

7b3cef No.9897297

File: da759090c59aafd⋯.jpg (75.89 KB, 540x669, 180:223, IMG_0098.JPG)


Hey I just read through the whole thread and you really peaked my interest. There's a few things I'd like to know more about;

LSD and deprogramming, specifically what are the techniques of a "skilled deprogrammer" and do they have application in the field of memetics?

And do you have any info on a gathering in California? Its like the fucking heart of darkness where I'm at, and I was planning on innawoodsing soon, it would be nice to see if there's any volkish spirit left in this place.

Huh I guess that's it. Looking forward to your reply.

1984ee No.9897601

File: 4d6fbbb145567f5⋯.jpg (27.56 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 1169179_2127502990721608_1….jpg)



Poor bastard. Alright, so I've heard no info about a California gathering yet for this year, though given that Nationals are being placed in Oregon, odds are there won't be a region in Cali until after Nationals, as is the case with Washington this year. On the bright side, anyone worrth a damn in the California scene will be making it to nationals in oregon, so you should have an easy time building connections and gaining useful information should you make it there with the rest of us. Expect to see a lot of travelers (Wandervogel types) on the main roads and freeways in June heading that way. If you need people to travel with, or want to pick some up on the way, they'll likely call the trip "Heading Home". I'll update with more info if i hear anything though.

>lsd deprogramming

I'd have to write a whole book on this and reference several others to do the topic justice, but it really just comes down to asking the right questions and allowing he individual to follow the thoughts to the very end and the very beginning. It can be tough though, because everyone has baggage and trauma and it will be dredged up to the surface. Moods will flip dramatically between love and hatred, sorrow and joy, so setting can be key to keeping things smooth and safe. In the end, they will deprogram themselves with just subtle nudges in the right direction to keep them on track. A useful phrase to have, should they begin to lose themselves is "Do not give in to wonder."

>Can this apply to memetics

I'm sure it can. Take a look at the imagery used by the Deadheads. They have a shit-ton of memes designed for this. For a hippie jam band, they sure do use a LOT of deathheads and such.

f0d418 No.9897674

File: 1aa05c55609866a⋯.jpg (81.25 KB, 1115x509, 1115:509, change reality system obso….jpg)


>Oy vey, please don't pic related

dedc5d No.9897751


>poor bastard

Your condolences are appreciated, but they expect some of us in the wreckage brother. Just tell me, have we started the fire?

f0d418 No.9897789





"If there are gods and they are just, they won't care about your temper tantrum, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods and they are unjust, then fuck 'em, basically."

- Marcus Aurelius (re-interpretation)

8ac450 No.9897792

File: 7478cf635a387c2⋯.jpg (72.71 KB, 864x572, 216:143, consider.jpg)


This. On top of that aid to Israel, we also spend metric fucktonnes of money to fight a losing war on drugs. And we can't keep them out of the very places we send people for doing drugs, the prisons. Hell, drugs on the inside are often cheaper than drugs on the outside, some junkies get themselves locked up on purpose for their fix.

1984ee No.9898024


Yes. The fire rises.

To anyone planning on participating in this operation, are there any questions? I'm sure there is a lot that has been left out.

c3c340 No.9898041

On the subject of crusties I find Jimmy T Hand's In the hall of the mountain king to be heavily descriptive of their lifestyle. http://tangledwilderness.org/pdfs/jimmy_t_hand-in_the_hall_of_the_mountain_king-web.pdf

They're commie scum, watermelons. Green shell-red meat, thieves, urchins, drainbows, and hate hard work like Jews hate extra expenses, and all are usually runaways. The new ones can be redpilled, but the older folks are too set in their ways to be fixed.

1984ee No.9898073


The young ones are usually pretty easy to redpill, assuming they're not egotistical self-absorbed douchebags. Just need strong male rolemodels who lead by example.

c3c340 No.9898379


>Proper usage of LSD

D/R anon here, I'm an experienced Psychonaut, and I have advice for using any entheogens. You need three things: Proper Mindset, Proper Settings and Proper Companions

Proper Mindset is extremely important, you must have either pleasant or neutral emotions going in or you run the risk of of a doubling effect that will cause psychological damage. A tiny dose of pure MDMA (Does anyone else call it EMMA or is that just a PNW thing?) acts as a mood stabilizer due to it being the divine feminine in chemical form. (arguments still as all parties forget their trains of thought simultaneously.)

Proper settings are close to nature, if in the city a house with a yard on a back lane from a busy street with lots of trees a convenience store nearby is Ideal, the rainbow gathering is Ideal too.

Proper companions are those with Ethereal/Mystical inclinations or have been through thick and thin with you. Battle buddies, road dogs, Childhood friends, or folks that have lots of psychedelic experience. 2 companions, you and a Guide is Ideal for a newcomer.

O.K., here's a few tips, You'll need Anchors, chemical substances of Mundanity to bring you down if you feel you're going to fly off somewhere scary as fuck, like legit eldritch horrors. Coffee, Tea, Smokes. (Preferably Djarum Blacks, those ground folks like nothing else I've seen. I made friends giving those out to folks suffering bad trips. They're legal and common in Canada, just nobody notices them until they're pointed out, and they're expensive. like 12-15 CAD.)

You'll also want to administer the doses with a statement of intent, and questions you want answered, as then it lessens the chances of bad trips, and tells the Spirit of the LSD that you're serious on wisdom and learning and not some degenerate partyer looking for cheap thrills.

8f4a81 No.9898499


People who live on communes are a subsect of communalists, not communists. Communists believe that all capital globally should be pooled - a one world goverment giving to each as they need (and taking from each as they produce). Communalists believe instead that power should be shifted from the global level to the local level, and that the local community should decide how resources are allocated and that different communities should compete against each other. In my experience with Communes, they do tend to be left leaning but are more libertarian than communist. Communists gravitate to the big cities.

1984ee No.9898644



I suppose the topic did need brought up, for better or worse. Still, good advice for those who do partake in such things.

LSD, weed, and probably to a smaller extent, mushrooms and cacti will show up at these places. Culturally they are accepted, but will not be pushed on anyone. It is NOT uncommon to find that the older crew will abstain entirely, save for some weed to help with their arthritis and aching backs and legs

>everything else

Designer drugs are heavily frowned upon. Many have lost friends due to overdoses of all sorts, especially the recent influx of NBOME and other "fake-acid" type drugs being imported from china, and many might actually use the term Degenerate for anything related to the rave scene… other than glowsticks of course, especially the older crowd who sees that scene as a literal degeneration of what they tried to accomplish with their lives.


Dubs confirm for good info.

I find that most rainbows take a tribalistic approach to things. High expectations, no obligations. Everyone comes and goes as they please, and leaders arise as they are needed. I genuinely expect that many of us who show up could find ourselves in roles of leadership by our Volkish nature before we even realize that it's happened. My first time showing up, many outright assumed I was some sort of leadership figure, to my surprise and amazement. Though, I also spoke clearly and confidently at all times, and always seemed to be on a mission.

c3c340 No.9898847

File: 6a4a88cf25f3327⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1326x1169, 1326:1169, Theological discussion.png)


Dubs again for good info!


Leaders are picked up and carried by those who need them, bosses force others to pull their cart like a chariot. Commies dream of being the boss, that's why they're commies, they want to plunder everyone everywhere and enslave them and do it all with governmental force, forever. This purile fantasy is why they smash our heads open and ruin our everything.

bd9afe No.9899616


I can make it but only first saturday and sunday. Worth it?

1984ee No.9900080

File: 33bdd7ecd7d4e1c⋯.jpg (32.65 KB, 350x463, 350:463, 41123049.jpg)


I don't know how many other anons will be at the utah gathering, but the more who make it to the regionals, the better in my eyes. Prepare the way for us going to nationals, and PRAISE KEK!

62962f No.9900246

File: 727fae2c3e6ac4b⋯.jpg (158.36 KB, 960x960, 1:1, Jesus skin color.jpg)

File: a10ad5bd937e69a⋯.jpg (177.21 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, Jesus.jpg)

0d76d3 No.9900365


Nigger fights niggers: Nigger remains a nigger.

Chink fights chinks: Chink remains a chink.

Beaner fights beaners: Beaner remains a beaner.

Kike fights kike: Kike becomes gentile European spiritual figure despite being born a kike and coming from a kike god.

Only in Christianity.

One thing is important to christianity, the bible.

Not your papers, not your scholars, not your movies.

The bible.

Which is jewish.

24b4eb No.9900614

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Bumping the thread.

Really more people need to know about Changes, they are really underappreciated.

They were making redpilled neo-folk in the age of hippies, if you want the mix of hippies and right-wing movement, they are the guys to go to. I really feel like there is some untapped potential in this.

Just listen to this shit.

bcd4f1 No.9900625

Let's save the Hippies is like saying let's save the Antifa. Both were movements filled with dumb college-age youth led by communist organizations. Most woke up and got a job. The others became terrorists. See the Weather underground. Violent leftist pushing the kiek agenda. Many were kikes. It doesn't matter though. Because all the Hippies are old boomers not long for this world. They can fuck off and join Jerry Garcia.

c3c340 No.9900628

File: 48f714b1c074b90⋯.jpg (150.97 KB, 1213x790, 1213:790, Yippie Flag.jpg)


Someone hasn't read the thread, see >>9861843 and >>9861845

Also see attached pic for real culprit!

bd9afe No.9901054


I tend to agree but there is a lack of a great alternative to the enormous amount of culture and memes the West has cultivated around Christianity. Plus Jews HATE it. At least they hate it if you aren't a evangelical zionist cuckboy.

1ee6e2 No.9901099

File: 2a30a14094d8b28⋯.jpg (248.98 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 62741809_p1_master1200.jpg)

File: 7b03166f4fd6335⋯.jpg (240.96 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 62741809_p2_master1200.jpg)

I want to give a round of applause to this thread, been talking to normies in the daytime and they've been sucking a lot of info dropped in here.

bfd73c No.9901345


The Jews have stolen everything from everybody. The good and the bad. Even the Jew is not so powerful as to be able to vanquish the true and good meanings of those stories, which are inspired by something still higher than they could pervert. Satan still depends on what is true even while he seeks to destroy it. Even the Jew started good but was twisted.

That hardly means we should work with kikes. Even a Jew trying to do good will do evil in spite of themselves, it is simply a part of their nature now. It is worth remembering this when trying to separate the good from the bad. It is in Satan's interest for us to regard everything he has touched as evil in virtue of that.

So the Bible is Jewish. It is seriously compromised. But if you know that, and you know what it's meant to show, it is still of immeasurable worth. The Bible is pretty much the AR-15 of magic, a mass produced book of spells that even grandmas can be taught to use.

2455e3 No.9902627

1984ee No.9902921

File: e13082794e39f61⋯.jpg (31.8 KB, 500x326, 250:163, Miguel Serrano - Dalai Lam….jpg)


Could you give some examples, digitbringer? Knowing what works for different crowds of normies is useful knowledge in the war of the red pill.

331fc7 No.9902958


You hittin kentucky?

f27006 No.9903669


f27006 No.9903797


1984ee No.9903910

Some dress code advice for anyone attending. Try not to stand out too much. If you are 100% clean cut with all new, brand name clothes and look like you belong in a prep school, you'll probably stand out. (none of these are hard rules, just some useful things to note.)

Most men have facial hair. This doesn't mean you should look like a scruffy hobo, but having a manly bit of beard will help.

If you have a buzzcut or any hairstyle that looks military/police/regulation haircut, and are not former military, I advise you to wear a hat or bandana. Also, it's july, you might want something to keep the sun out of your eyes anyhow. The less standard the hat the better, but if you wear a ballcap, put some pins in it or something unique, these people accessorize! On that note, cowboy hats and country-boy apparrel will work just fine. There are plenty of these types there.

For Nationals, I strongly advise a good pair of jeans or pants fit for hiking, and boots to match, especially if you're a night owl. Oregon is fucking COVERED in brambles! You might want a pair of sandles or shoes that breath well for the mid-day though, or else bring plenty of socks. Foot rot sucks.

Bring a light jacket for the night time or equivalent! We may be at high altitude depending on location. Nights usually are warm in Oregon in July, but in the hills it can still get cold and rain is common.

Colors! Don't expect everyone to be the tie-dyed scenesters you see on TV! Most of the travellers/wandervogel wear earth tones, and the locals may even be growing moss! Camo is common as tie-dye, and anyone who looks like a hipster will be watched like a hawk. Hell, if you show up with an old band jacket on, you'd still fit in at A-camp for that matter. If you happen to be a deadhead though, you're already at home so no point addressing that.


bump with content, conversation drives this place.

c3c340 No.9906725

The hippies might have some stories about war, best to get a few?

2d2fcf No.9909809

Do any anons have info on Midwest area regionals/gatherings?

ecc103 No.9909857


just the one in eastern KY


1984ee No.9910044


As was just stated, closest one to midwest announced is in KY. They'll start popping up soon though. We will have about a week's notice in each case. There are scouts on the ground, but locations aren't stated explicitly until they're ready to get going for reasons of OPSEC. The Family is remarkably good about their opsec for the gatherings, all things considered.

A note on Nationals. The "vision council" is being held on June 10th to officially decide the location. I have friends who will be at the council meeting, so I will have the location pretty soon after it's announced. I know they're trying to keep it away from Portland though, as to limit the numbers of Hipsters/Tweakers/Outsiders who show up.

2d2fcf No.9912645


Thanks for the info. Thought I saw something about Oklahoma. As that's significantly closer to me than Kentucky, do we know anything about that yet?

1984ee No.9912948


Damn I'm having a lot of trouble pinning down the oklahoma gathering, I'll keep trying though. There was a gathering in MI last month though, and a council meeting happened on the 7th so I have some leads. Also, numerous complaints about the midwest lightline (information phone number) so trying to sift through the bullshit.

Also note for anyone digging, ignore all rumors of cancellation. Those are created to be told to "drainbows" like this idiot here https://squattheplanet.com/threads/ocala-rainbow-gathering-2017.30088/

1984ee No.9919367

More info. The family is still active on usenet!


1984ee No.9919867

Official as it gets guide to the gathering, archived from a goybook page.


Essential info for anyone participating.

>If you are new to Rainbow Family Of Living Light Gathering Of The Tribes, this manual can help you understand the basics of how things are usually done.

We have a tribal anarchy here, where we take care of each other because we recognize that we are all One. The gathering works because each of us takes the responsibility for doing what needs to be done and for teaching new folks. We strive to share, love, and respect each other without anyone getting hurt, physically or emotionally. Many hands working together make a strong tribe.

This Mini-Manual continues to evolve, collecting our experience and wisdom into one place. Your contributions are welcome.

Our Name

Any gathering that bears the name “Rainbow Family Of Living Light” is a completely free, non commercial event. There is no admission fee. All supplies are donated by gatherers, or paid for with money donated to the Magic Hat. No money is exchanged within the Gathering. This frees us from legal and licensing entanglements, and protects our Constitutional right to gather on public lands.

Our Gatherings are also open to all peaceful people. There are no invitations or memberships. No one is turned away, and only violent behavior will get you expelled. If you have a belly button, you can be a Rainbow. You become one simply by deciding you are one, and your voice is then equal to any other Rainbow’s, be it your 1st gathering or your 40th.

d5a282 No.9920947


>The last guy was no saint either to be fair though.

Srila Prabhupada? What was wrong with him? He seemed pretty based to me. Look up Srila Prabhupada on Aryans and Kali Yuga if you don't know what I'm talking about.

1984ee No.9921174


Forgive me, it seems I may have misjudged this man by the company that he kept. Also, knowing that he was Bengali, I'm more inclined to believe that he was more than he seemed. eh, I have a soft spot for Bengalis due to Bose and the bengali immigrants I met in Jersey once upon a time, and that despite all these years of lies, they still refuse the narratives of the kikes and Ghandi and commie scum. Many still respect Hitler.

Could you give me some leads to start this investigation? It could be of use to me when dealing with the Hare Krishnas at the gatherings.

1984ee No.9925261


Ozark Regionals announced! Here ya go Missouri anons! GPS 37.50922 -92.412389 Official dates are May 25-June 4.

Copypasta directions are

>south of lebenin just off I44 east of lebenon o on hyw 32 7south on hyw z 7 miles to mayfeid springs access Berry rd. East to miles to Utopia rd to site on right.

Post last edited at

ecc79b No.9925329

File: 5169c4f7e7e1c43⋯.jpg (34.09 KB, 465x352, 465:352, what_is_this_sorcery.jpg)


[spoiler] whole comment will be ix it dude

all it took me to find the source of the /pol/ and tok movement was a simple google search - it links to a tok thread discussing nationals where anon who had been organizing for us ctrl+v'd a kikebook post for directions that is the -only other- place on the internet that those sets of directions lead to.

Just saying, you may want to spoiler, encode, or vet the people given access to these things - you know, out of respect for the communities you're piggybacking off of and attempting to convert.

They are our actual last resort when shit hits the fan and it is good to be in good with them and not spread their ultrasekret shit out there so much that it can be linked on clearnet, searched for, and identified the TWO locations it is posted in.

It also isn't hard at all to say google directions from [nearest geopolitical capital in the region, paste directions and say if coming from…

It's lazy. Not aying you did, just the format of the directions probably exactly somewhere.[/spoiler]

1984ee No.9925570


Eh, I was more concerned at the start of the operation. It already turns out to my surprise that a good dozen anons from /pol/ have been attending the gatherings for years, and many are quite prolific posters. further, my personal reputation in the family is so solid, that I could Heil Hitler and the reaction would be to pull me aside, get passed a joint, and be told "Enough acid for you my wizard, you need a break." That said, perhaps my confidence has led to complacency. My greatest concern is that others called into this operation could be endangered, so I will try to do better with opsec from here on out.

62962f No.9925587


>The Bible is pretty much the AR-15 of magic, a mass produced book of spells that even grandmas can be taught to use.

Out of idle curiosity, to what spells are you referring? I don't recall anything that wasn't faith-based or God-sent miracles.

2ba254 No.9926093

bump for the info

1984ee No.9926113


For which info?


Amusing how things turn out.

2ba254 No.9926122


all of it - this is an important topic

1a050d No.9926125


Read it, fun fact, spic brujas use it as way to know their "limits", natural laws and what can they do and what not.

Or just play or watch bible black.

2d2fcf No.9926292


Fuck yes! That is close. Thank you anon & family.

1984ee No.9926326


Be sure to use proper opsec and hide your powerlevel. Any questions that have not been answered?

Also another note on A-camp, a lot of them are reminiscent of the types from this book. http://www.survivalplus.com/wheels/wheels05.htm

ecc79b No.9926358

File: 76a86043bc5a1cb⋯.jpg (57.78 KB, 318x450, 53:75, righteous_indignation.jpg)


nice mod edit

it's no worries just wasn't sure if you knew about the linkage.

I know in my circles we try to vet outsiders quite well, we go to KY erry year - all I have to share is:

perhaps it won't be a "anon, you did x so you must go y now because you're fried"

and more of a "anon, you did x while all these people none of us know also did x, why?

as is yours, my concern is the safety of those on the ground, the last thing we need is a polka listener getting loved by a dozen or so at a time and coming to the realization that it's all a multi-tiered facade and letting loose to the right people

Just stay safe out there, anon. We may cross paths again, we may not. Where ever this life takes you, carry righteous indignation.

a08a73 No.9929480


pacific island fam reporting in

c3c340 No.9933180

Any canadian gatherings?

1984ee No.9933375


Yes, yes there are… but I hear they're not as big. The Canadian government actually comes down way harder on rainbows than the USA does, ironically. I have no experience with them, so tread lightly. .facebook.com/groups/44110077931/ best I've got, wish I had more.

2d2fcf No.9936016


Anyone else planning on attending the Ozark Regionals? If not, what should I do in order to further the cause?

1984ee No.9939178

File: 62681a818aebdd1⋯.jpg (9.96 KB, 236x323, 236:323, b6d2490604e069ab2492c41cc3….jpg)


I hope you don't have to go it alone.

I suggest focusing on recon. Keep notes of rumors, numbers of trump supporters vs his naysayers, possible antifa, opinions of communism, hipster presence, anything you possibly find of note. Be sure to hide your power level and be as friendly as possible. Regionals can be pretty cozy though numbers vary dramatically and not everyone stays the whole week before hopping back on the road. So keep your redpills subtle, focus more on supporting people who are redpilled, a voice of support can be more powerful than a confrontation. Also if you get bossed around by anyone, calmly tell them "We are a tribe, we have no bosses. If you need help, ask me as a brother/sister." and you can help setting precedent against commies. Always say please and thank you as well, have impeccable manners. Rumors are powerful here as well. If you have the confidence and creativity and feel safe, the rumors you create will spread to Nationals. Praise Kek! I suggest if you speak of Kek, call him Paqua! This is the Hopi frog Kachina, essentially the Hopi Pepe! Pah-Qua! It could be helpful to us at nationals.

Be safe and test the waters, your work may prove more helpful than wecould imagine… or completely uneventful, so at least have a good time and try to have fun.

Pic related, Paqua, the Hopi tribe's Pepe.

Post last edited at

cd13fa No.9939818


lrn2format Anon, pls.

1984ee No.9939857


My apologies. And thanks, mod-sama?

Might as well add something useful here. For anyone taking the vedic approach to redpilling, this is a fantastic read. http://om-aditya.ru/userfiles/ufiles/purany/sri_kalki_purana.pdf

cd13fa No.9939899


shhhhhhhh, you'll wake the shills

good luck, Anons.

2c5abe No.9939913


stop saying antfag it is fucking stupid

1984ee No.9939915


Ahhhhh! Dubs confirm!

1984ee No.9939939


It's not stupid. Autistic though, definitely. Almost at oathbreaker levels.

cd13fa No.9939979


Your linebreaks are what fucked it up but you should alternate asterisks vs bracket code for nested spoilers anyway

cd13fa No.9939983

The shilling is a peak levels like I haven't seen in a while. I keep wondering if something big is coming. Kekspeed, Anons.

1984ee No.9940037


Thanks. Out of the thousands of posts I've made, that was the first time I ever tried to spoiler something longer than one line. I will burn this into my memory.

Are there any other questions as to what should be needed at the gatherings? At the risk of sounding degenerate, if you anons are single, BRING CONDOMS! There will be a large number of young qt3.14 white women and as we know, women are attracted to confidence and ability, and any anon working this operation is going to stand out in this regard, or they wouldn't be going in the first place. Also, being on a mission, we will likely be too focused to notice or care for their advances, which draws more female attention for some reason. There has to be things that we've failed to cover. No question is unworthy of answering.

Also, important note! On sundays, they are silent until noon! There is also silence on the 4th of july leading up to the prayer for peace. They might not be the type for orthodox religion, but these people greatly respect the spiritual world, try to show the same level of respect for these practices that you would show if you were in a church, because at those times, this is their church, and for most of them, these gatherings really are their homes, the only safe place to rest on their travels around the country. It's part of the culture of the Wandervogel.

2c5abe No.9940174


>a patent on a plant

>jews push it more than anyone so it must be good durrr

cd13fa No.9940183


You can go mess with it on >>>/test/

2c5abe No.9940219


>embedding ourselves … and revitalizing it

maybe infiltrating it and sterilizing them all so they can't reproduce. that would actually be accomplishing some good. revitalizing it is a terrible idea, you sound like a dude weed teenager or something.

c3c340 No.9940391


Found the Jew! Get the Gas!

72d59f No.9942103


>It's part of the culture of the Wandervogel.

Nice, many don't know abything about the Old Guard, so to speak.

13b478 No.9942304


I bought a VW Bus because it's easy to work on and it is a good conversation piece. Makes me more or less independent of auto-shops, too. Also, mine's painted half hippy (gf) and half subtle pills. It's pretty cool, I get a lot of questions about it.

1984ee No.9943366


I really try. I think you'll be happy to find out that the spirit still lives on in Germanic lands as well. There were articles not long ago about how a large percentage of the "green movement" and organic farms were actually funding the right in europe. In fact, the AFD actually gets funding from organic produce.


Are you bringing it? I definitely want to see that. I've gone a similar route with prefering older vehicles with no computer, though mine is pretty plane looking as to draw no attention.

e14bbb No.9943447

The Hippie-movement?

Do you not know your history? Those were the ones that got indoctrinated by the cultural revolution through the march through the institution-technique. They are the one of the biggest fucking delusional and useful-idiots that was brainwashed into destroying western-civilisation with it's messages.

The hippie-movement was never anything close to being nationalistic, it never cared for their own people. It was one of the first major breakthroughs for the kikes to normalize racial-mixing, drug-use and other degenerate activities for the white people.

1984ee No.9943514


Read the thread, do your research, stop falling for the propaganda of the kike. Question EVERYTHING.

72d59f No.9950284












193c30 No.9951746


If you want a non-computerized vehicle that gets no attention:

Dodge Ram Cummins from 1989 to 1997 will do. When they introduced the 24V Dodge Ram, they went computerized.

From the mid 1980s to 1993, Ford made E and F series vehicles with the 6.9 and 7.3 Navistar engine, a non-computerized engine. When Ford brought in computerized engines, they used the name "Powerstroke" on them.

GM made the 6.2 diesel and early 6.5 diesel non-computerized, but those engines were so prone to problems that you are better off without them.

1984ee No.9953629

File: 05a997d78d197e4⋯.jpg (75.3 KB, 639x425, 639:425, bannon-deadhead2_1024-1489….jpg)

not so much an update as a bump with content.

Another anecdote for the meme war. MANY members of the right and Trump's cabinet are Deadheads! Examples prominent in the public eye would be Steve Bannon and Ann Coulter. Pic related.

1984ee No.9953638


Good advice, though if you're looking for a vehicle when shtf, go with a Chevy with a good transmission. Parts are laying around at the end and along every dirt road in the world at this point.**

0c634e No.9953833

File: 81ca4c3dba328f0⋯.jpg (99.37 KB, 532x800, 133:200, Bob_Weir_Donald_Trump.jpg)


Tucker Carlson, too. He talked about it in a post-election interview. It actually enrages some of the Heady Lot Kids to find that out.

Also, Bobby has been to Bohemian Grove. Not sure what that means.


1984ee No.9953877


Dubs confirm! Just how deep does this go? I didn't even know that one.

Semi-related. The CIA LSD experiments were officially cancelled in 1964. Immediately after, hundreds of the agents from operation paperclip had left the agency and inn less than a year, Augustus Owsley Stanley III had hooked up with the Dead and was mass producing LSD. His lab was also raided in 65, but everything was returned to him.

0c634e No.9953995

File: 91d261770f2dc6e⋯.jpg (691 KB, 2560x1707, 2560:1707, on or off.jpg)


That's a deep rabbit hole. I don't know if I possess the capacity to sort it all out - all of the relationships between the musicians and the acid tests and the various files that have become declassified, mixed with legends and rumors. There were a lot of West Coast communes that may or may not have been cults or may have been mind control experiment sites. It all makes for some good fireside theories and talks, that's for sure.

0c634e No.9954151

File: d41cf661949be19⋯.png (345.22 KB, 1011x809, 1011:809, JPB Double agent The Eco….png)


Most folks know the acid test characters but John Barlow and his role with the band and outside of it also makes for some interesting reading.


"For starters, it turns out that Mr Barlow is not as afraid of government, and even intelligence agencies, as one might expect. In fact, he helped the CIA or at least tried to—as a “double agent”. In Munich he reminisced about a visit to the CIA in the early 1990s during which he was struck by how “retrograde” they were: at that time information was still moving around the building in vacuum tubes."


7cd84c No.9954218

File: a2e4977d1d0b891⋯.png (8.22 KB, 250x150, 5:3, 250px-Flag_of_Cascadia.svg.png)

Based Commune under the Cascadian flag when?

1984ee No.9954257


That's going to lead me to some interesting research, my thanks. after dinner research is good. If there's one thing to be noted about intel types, everyone worth a damn has more agendas than they themselves care to note.



This is definitely the operation to get involved in if that's your interest. You'll learn everything that works and what doesn't, at a Gathering. One of my hopes when we started this was that many anons would attent with the goal of learning the skills that this volk survives by disregarding the degenerate beggers of course. They call it "spanging" and you can see the personality flaws that such behavior causes when you look at the spangers vs those who survive with their hands and skills, producing crafts or playing music on the road, and skilled tradesmen like welders.

You could probably find some vets who are looking to settle down who are like-minded as well. As always, hide your power level until others breech the question first.

171ebd No.9954299

File: 1945260ebc13825⋯.png (267.92 KB, 1500x664, 375:166, 1495251897573.png)



>rainbow family

Ex train hopper here I have one question are you fucking serious nigger? They are everything bad about hippies x100. They are massive degenerates I couldn't find a better example of an untermensch if I tried they where degenerates by train hopper standards and we shot dope under bridges.

06a569 No.9954303


I thought the peace symbol was a shorthand for the semaphore symbols N and D because it was about Nuclear Disarmament.

139ad9 No.9954483

File: 0a44f1bd9012abc⋯.webm (9.66 MB, 468x360, 13:10, output.webm)


Learn how to do it yourself next time.


ffmpeg.exe -i "Survivalists - The Covenant, The Sword and The Arm of The Lord (and various others).webm" -vcodec copy -acodec copy -t 00:01:57.00 output.webm

1984ee No.9954784




>dope fiend

No offense, but that right there explains your interactions with the family. That's like a nigger's interactions with the KKK. not saying junkies never show up, but they have to hide it.

6a87f4 No.9954807


Well, most "Train hoppers" are broke drug addicts known for stealing shit, so dont expect to be treated like a princess

978aaf No.9955961


>Bobby has been to Bohemian Grove. Not sure what that means.

It's not like he's only visited once. Him and Mickey Hart are basically regulars there. Pretty weird.

85acb7 No.9956087

File: 8f0de1064ac9cae⋯.jpg (15.6 KB, 170x255, 2:3, Mickey_Hart,_January_8,_20….jpg)


> look up mickey hart

> birth name (((Michael Steven Hartman)))

> looks like a creepy pedo

> "only jewish member of the dead"

Never meet your heroes

0c634e No.9956475

File: 2ca1a95150a58a1⋯.png (828.36 KB, 863x941, 863:941, Bobby Obama staffers.png)

File: a734b9bc2eb83c6⋯.jpg (84.59 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, obama grateful dead.jpg)

File: dfa403ef9f82a06⋯.jpg (50.91 KB, 700x394, 350:197, Obama Dead.jpg)

File: 08b0ff85be5aed8⋯.png (425.74 KB, 874x536, 437:268, Bob & Rob and Bill & Hill.png)

File: 08b0ff85be5aed8⋯.png (425.74 KB, 874x536, 437:268, Bob & Rob and Bill & Hill.png)


>Never meet your heroes

Really good advice. I try not to have them in the first place, but if I ever loved anyone it was the Dead, or maybe just Jerry. Wish I could have stayed naive. What shall we say shall we call it by a name

171ebd No.9956949



Hahahahaha first off i avoided you faggots like the plague when i was on the road because because of the amounts of trannies,freaks and SJWs you had in your ranks. Ive never had any bad interactions with rainbows like i said i just for the most part avoided you. Also the amount of nonwhites might be a problem in your facile plan.

1984ee No.9957314


>(((mickey hart)))

Ah, mr "Other Drummer" somehow I'm not surprised. Douchebag joined late, left early during the peak years of the band due to drama, failed on his own, and came bag begging to be let back in after the best years were over because he was a hack. Jerry and Owelsey were the band, just like how Ozzy was black sabbath. Funny note about owelsy, he repeatedly stated that the jerrybears "Are not dancing, they're marching!"


When and where the fuck are you talking about? SJW and trannies didn't even exist until ten years ago, and even on kikebook the sjws get called racist by the family. You've never been to a gathering, and would never get past the gate if you tried because A-camp would talk about your asshole, you'd get angry, then they'd drive you out. Honestly I'm betting most anons would fit right in at a-camp, they're the troll army of the family.


Less than 5% at any gathering I've ever been to, and most of them are the whitest acting mutts I've ever met in my life. I have never once heard anyone rap or "freestyle" at a gathering. Further, niggers are absolutely TERRIFIED of psychedelics. Maybe lsd is the antidote to nigger.


Plenty of Phreaks, have to scare off the normies somehow.


>not knowing the runes.

Futhark by Edred Thorsson is a good start, though damn if the author isn't in the top 10 of most controversial figures to ever live. Knight of the KKK, founding father of half of the modern heathenry movements, and has infiltrated (and been expelled from) almost every major order in the western world for completely opposing reasons. Knows his shit though.

a58ab4 No.9957321

>this bait thread is still up

1984ee No.9957363


Anon, I know you mean well without assholes like you, we'd have too many cucks betas and normie halfers with thin skin here but will you please consider the goals, gains, and history of this op? You have been lied to by the kike on this subject. You wouldn't be here if you weren't capable of questioning the narrative. Can you humor me a moment and question this one as well? Look at this through the same Aryan eyes that allowed you to see through the holohoax.

171ebd No.9957383


How the fuck are you going to tell me ? The last group of rainbows i met i was going through Tuscon around gem and jam in iron horse park there was a nigger who wouldn't stop talking about white privilege his white boy friend who i almost had to chin check because he wouldn't stop hitting on me and some alky bitch who i'm surprised didn't get raped cause she passed out everywhere around 4th street. This has been pretty indicative of my experience in regards to your family for the time i was on the road. Good luck with this cause you are going to seriously need it even.

1984ee No.9957411


News for you fiend, rainbows don't walk around shouting that they're rainbows, just like we don't walk around shouting "Hey looks at me, I'm a nazi anon!". Those were yuppies thinking they had a means to get discounts on drugs.

171ebd No.9957433

File: 0155e47b73ae215⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 500x225, 20:9, 1495423464548.gif)



>no true Scots man

1984ee No.9957493

File: e7e862ada43e726⋯.jpg (14.05 KB, 236x348, 59:87, 9321fc47adad8be44ae62b14fe….jpg)


Rofl, well this argument is now shitposting on both sides. Though… we are getting dubs…

So, you've met the scourge that are referred to as "Drainbows" which are a lot like fat yuppies who walk around wearing guy fawkes masks and posting on plebbit, claiming to be "anonymous" yet have never posted on the chans. These faggots are universally HATED at the gatherings. Care to explain those types more? What makes them freak out? How do we push their buttons so that they make a scene and get others to turn against them openly? Come on, show me your hatred anon, we can weaponize this. Can you imagine better lulz than a full circle of hippies turning on and dressing down a few SJWs? I've seen it happen before.

40f16e No.9957544

>Reclaiming a CIA operation


1984ee No.9957566


Dubs confirm!


Look into operation paperclip, who ran the lsd operations, and then who left after it was canned and the timelines that follow.

0c634e No.9958023

File: 9fb48f0a8c57d27⋯.png (24.37 KB, 870x329, 870:329, Dead Benefit for Frontiers….png)


Found a few interesting articles about paperclip. So the nazis gave the Deadheads VWs and LSD which is pretty darn funny considering so many lefty types love to use the Nazi label on others. The only thing that would make it funnier is if Hitler had invented tie dye. One can wish.

Other interesting info is the Dead's connection to various communes such as Harbin Hot Springs (also connections to Huxley, Hunter S Thompson, and many other writers). Also Olompali in Marin Co and Esalen in Big Sur.

1984ee No.9958309


It goes far deeper than just the grateful dead though. They represented at most 1/3 of the heart of the movement, though by far the most visible segment.

48143c No.9958684

File: 08d860a327a00ba⋯.jpg (484.14 KB, 1600x2133, 1600:2133, 149.jpg)


There we go - free-lovin hippies are already redpilled in alotta ways. Just gotta spread the love around.

1984ee No.9960592


That's not what love means…


Valid point about boobs though. There will be boobs, this I promise.

164f71 No.9967719


He looks like weev

6e54b9 No.9967849



978aaf No.9967868

File: 1d6187164224da7⋯.jpeg (30.07 KB, 392x337, 392:337, weev.jpeg)


weev is a clone of ginsberg

9a93ac No.9968402

Want to help steal William Blake back from hippies and leftists?


c22941 No.9969029

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This vid is a good start. Also take a look at this website that is ironically in the original sense of the word anti-Hare Krishna propaganda: harekrishnathing.com



^^My two favorites

1984ee No.9973336


Well there's some unexpected redpills. The Hare krishna's were moralists, conservatives, and race realists on such levels that uncle Adolf himself would had been proud of. Of course, this brave swami was poisoned by a cabal of Kikes for his great work. His words need memed, we owe him that much.


You might be right…


The mad poet?

1984ee No.9973921

Minor update. There will be a regional gathering in Wisconsin from August 24th to September 6th. Location will not be official until mid August.

624188 No.9973990


It's perfect…

1984ee No.9987291

Can anyone help find english language texts/pamphlets/propaganda tools about the Artaman League, Lebensreform, and Wandervogel movements? These are key redpills to be brought to thw Gatherings and I'm having some difficulty finding them. The oldfags may already be aware, but the newfags aren't. Blood and soil is key to the family, and these are perfect redpills for the youth.

c3c340 No.9992210

Hey Herbalanon, There's a great book on Sumerian Civilization and how it was destroyed by the kikes and their lending practices, and exactly how the scams work. You'd enjoy it, and could use the redpills it contains on banking and usury on the hippies, who'd be very interested in how babylon fell, since it's very similar to our Downfall as well.

How the Jews betrayed Mankind: Vol. 1: The Sumerian Swindle


A sample:

This list does not make much sense now but each

point is explained in the following chapters. The

Sumerian Swindle has twenty-one secret frauds. The

Twenty-One Secret Frauds of the Sumerian Swindle


#1 All interest on the loan of money is a swindle.

#2 Collateral that is worth more than the loan, is

the banker’s greatest asset. (Mortgage as legal robbery)

#3 Loans rely on the honesty of the borrower but not the honesty of the lender.

#4 Loans of silver repaid with goods and not with silver, forfeit the collateral.

#5 The debtor is the slave of the lender.

#6 High morals impede profits, so debauching

the Virtuous pulls them below the depravity of

the moneylender who there-by masters them and bends them to his will.

#7 Monopoly gives wealth and power but

monopoly of money gives the greatest wealth and power.

#8 Large crime families are more successful than lone criminals or gangs; international crime

families are the most successful of all.

#9 Only the most ruthless and greedy

moneylenders survive; only the most corrupt

bankers triumph.

#10 Time benefits the banker and betrays the


#11 Dispossessing the People brings wealth to the dispossessor, yielding the greatest profit for the bankers when the people are impoverished.

#12 All private individuals who control the public’s money supply are swindling traitors to both people and country.

#13 All banking is a criminal enterprise; all bankers are international criminals, so secrecy is essential.

#14 Anyone who is allowed to lend-at-interest

eventually owns the entire world.

#15 Loans to friends are power; loans to enemies are weapons.

#16 Labor is the source of wealth; control the

source and you control the wealth, raise up labor and you can pull down kings.

#17 Kings are required to legitimatize a swindle but once the fraud is legalized, those very kings must be sacrificed.

#18 When the source of goods is distant from the customers, profits are increased both by import and export.

#19 Prestige is a glittering robe for ennobling

treason and blinding fools; the more it is used, the more it profits he who dresses in it.

#20 Champion the Minority in order to dispossess the Majority of their wealth and power, then swindle the Minority out of that wealth and power.

#21 Control the choke points and master the body; strangle the choke points and kill the body.

1984ee No.9996310


This might actually be effective. They already refer to the normieworld as Babylon, so there is a good in right there. The real question for this tactic is how to disseminate the information. Any suggestions?

b00cb2 No.9996419

File: b9250209b5ad6d7⋯.png (661.82 KB, 557x575, 557:575, samurai.PNG)


>Miyamoto Musashi (1584 – 1645)

>Alexander The Great (356 – 323 BCE)

>Bartholomew Roberts (1682 – 1722)

>Crazy Horse (1840 – 1877)

>Alaric the Visigoth (370 – 410)

>William Wallace (1270 – 1305)

>Genghis Khan (1162 – 1227)

>Many a viking

>Many a samurai

what kike promoted this to samurai? pic related.


I'd say you're a fool, but that's not your problem. it's blind hate. that's your problem. You blame jews for everything. You are a problem to our movement. Stop making shit up, that should be beneath you.

1984ee No.9996813


That jap has very aryan features if you ignore the hair color and the squint of his eyes…

ecc103 No.9996935

File: 0faf73523240a63⋯.jpg (62.85 KB, 1246x219, 1246:219, mental-s.jpg)


>#16 Labor is the source of wealth; control the source and you control the wealth, raise up labor and you can pull down kings.

#16 is forbidden knowledge anon

>mfw Rasta also refer to the normie world as babylon

c3c340 No.9997571


Refer them to posts:







Use the stories of their religions and some basic awesome truths that tie into Hermetic teachings as a lead in to how that society fell due to the earliest bankers scamming everyone out of their money and then selling their dispossessed land to foriegners to start the thieving all over again. Explain how the mathematical scam works!

1984ee No.9998695


I really wish it was a faster and shorter road to redpilling the youngins that Hitler fought for them.

ccbd57 No.9998734

File: fc1b6d2c203b7ad⋯.gif (360.79 KB, 360x312, 15:13, sw.gif)


c44e60 No.10004314

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Just saw this video and it reminded me of this thread

173501 No.10004362


You are correct anon

0c806d No.10007104

Colour me intrigued anons. I'm going to make an attempt to see what this group is about. If it's degenerate poz, then it will be a reminder of what I'm struggling against. I'm an ausfag though, so no guarantees that the culture of similar groups here is anything like the US. In fact, finding out current online info about the group is proving to be challenging. Invitations here are word of mouth only, maybe to keep out the gommies and ferals, who knows.

1984ee No.10007204



I've heard mixed reviews, but that's honestly a good sign, not a bad one.

>word of mouth

If it's done any other way, you wind up with yuppies from the burning man crowd flooding in, treating the place like a fucking music festival and then bitching at elders who slaved all fucking day to prepare a meal for thousands… because "Muh gluten free diet! How can you not have gluten free!" I won't lie, during most of the day, I completely avoid the main circle (center of meadow) because that's where the foreigners, shills, and newfags settle in thinking it's the heart of the gathering. If you sit down there, and are observant, you're sure to notice several oldfags watching them like hawks.

If you make it, the best people usually man the front gate and are the realists, and scattered about pretty damn randomly along the periphery are the people who you'll probably find the most interesting.

>degenerates and poz

Those will be found at the main circle and at the fluffy events. I suspect a lot of the events that people put together are designed to keep noobs busy and to slowly break them from the degeneracy of "Babylon" as they call it.

795b67 No.10007670


I highly recommend.

This guy's videos are excellent.

978aaf No.10008293


I went to an international rainbow gathering in the middle of nowhere on the south island of NZ. It was spectacular. The international gatherings have only been going on for about 15 years, are much smaller, and a different kind of vibe (the American nationals are pure America). The first one was held in Australia, I believe. I have no clue what they do for their nationals, though.

0c806d No.10008619



Yeah, I'm more of the quiet type. Unless I'm intoxicated, then I talk a lot of shit. Digging latrines, collecting firewood and water is more my style than drum circles and face painting. Workshops and interesting people is the draw for me. I'll try and get added to the mailing list, I guess.

2455e3 No.10011210

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He was definitely the king of homo degeneracy, but he did heavily criticize the zog war machine. He wrote extensively on the CIA importation of drugs. He also converted, I'm pretty sure entirely, to buddhism. I believe he even wanted a buddhist style funeral. So at least he seems to have been a ((self-hating one)).

Some other associated beatniks were ok too. I like Tuli Kupferberg personally. Some of his songs with the Fugs, such as "Backward Jewish Soldiers" are definitely anti-zog. At least all these people were pacifists…

One other thing that some of these beatniks were into was Egypt. Y'know, Kek and all that? Give this old joke beat song a listen. Beautiful imho.

2455e3 No.10011273


>Gibs sound alright

Willing to take welfare from the zog, and you want to be a part of an American gathering. Fuck off and stay there why don't you. Maybe you can build a home once you slaughter some palestinians. Plus HOLY SHIT IT NEVER FAILS you also in the same post play the fucking anti-semitic victim card. Holy shit this right here is a zogbot infiltrator. I wouldn't let you anywhere near any gathering of mine.

2455e3 No.10011350


All of the confusion regarding this time period just makes me wish I was able to live in that time period. Imagine going to a California party that included the Dead, the Hells Angels, Leary, Hunter Thompson, and even some CIA spooks. No matter who was actually controlling everything, it must have been one hell of a time.

1984ee No.10011420


The kikes have been attwmpting to destroy Buddhism with deceit and corruption for at least a hundred years now. Just try to find english language Buddhist texts online and check the source, the VAST majority are kikes putting out disinfo.


He already got the gas.


>a hell of a time.

In 30 years, they'll all be saying the same thing about what we're doing right now. Do not give in to longing for a past that is gone, recognize it, feel the current that is the pumping of the Aryan soul within your veins, and strive onward for the future.



These can actually be good. There are always people trying to share what they have learned, for the betterment of their tribe.

>mailing list

Generally a good idea.

978aaf No.10012466


Sounds like you'll enjoy yourself. Digging ditches and carrying water will make you friends, too.

I'm getting psyched for the US national now.

18912f No.10012496


Have you read the new testament?

jesus' bantz alone make it worth a onceover

18912f No.10012507


double posting faggot coming thru

calling it jewish is strange

what do you call a self hating jew

a profit :^)

1984ee No.10012519


Dubs confirm. NOTHING gets you more rep than laboring for your volk. Bacon is close though.

1aac6d No.10012598


I hope you idiots realize Kali Yuga has over 100,000 years left.

9ab4d2 No.10012786

File: d6a9cad8bd80f61⋯.jpg (11.84 KB, 236x353, 236:353, 11a01364c63a201cd8ef91bc2d….jpg)

File: 98019e3c8b9d27d⋯.gif (1.92 MB, 236x500, 59:125, 98019e3c8b9d27da1285f93c7d….gif)

File: 6431338d7c95cee⋯.jpg (55.23 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 93ccf050900fe6a18455f6088f….jpg)

Damn I want to do this so badly. I don't think I'll be able to make it this year though. I want to drop redpills, discuss esoteric truths with /pol/acks face-to-face, meet qt grills I've really been drawn to fire witches recently, and let's not forget talk to God on mushrooms. I'm going to be finishing a job until early/mid-july though, and I also wanted to bulk up a bit still spookymode will there still be hope for me to somehow make it this year?

1984ee No.10013006


If you can't make it to the anual national gathering, there will be more regionals after. Colorado regionals are in august.


Stop falling for the lies of kikes and learn to check your sources. senior newfag


>Twelve thousand years of the demigods is the duration of the four

yugas on earth. The duration of Satya-yuga is four thousand celestial

years, Treta-yuga is three thousand celestial years, Dvapara-yuga is two

thousand celestial years, and Kali-yuga is one thousand celestial years. The

transitional periods of the four yugas are four hundred, three hundred,

two hundred, and one hundred celestial years, respectively. In this way,

the total comes to twelve thousand celestial years.

a58ab4 No.10013015

only the worst faggots bump this thread

f27006 No.10013050


I am a total beginner in psychedelic experience. Never even smoked weed. But the more I read the more I am convinced that my journey is drawing me inwards, and psychedelics are the tool for this. Would you recommend DMT to a beginner? Should you even bother "working" up to it?

8a9a24 No.10013116



yep. fucking love this dude. learned so so much about the situation in SA from him.

1984ee No.10013200


Psychedelics are a short cut and a risky one. They can allow you to question things that normally you would never consider to. Further, they can remove your psyche from normal perceptions of time, in twelve hours you could experience a decade of thought. Many are led astray by this, though many gain a mental clarity and understanding in a very short period of time. I will not attempt to sway you in this decision to either end, though I will tell you this, these substances hold no answers in themselves. There are no secrets in this world but those we keep from ourselves.

f27006 No.10013275


What is the "long cut" then? Study, meditation, yoga? I'm already studying every spare moment. Have not meditated or done yoga, or anything like that.

1984ee No.10013322


Work. Learn a skill and work for your volk. Treat it as a truly sacred act, putting every ounce of care you can muster into the perfection of your creation. Do not once consider your gains from it, do not once consider the time spent, do not once consider the pain of your labors. Create something perfect, utilising all that you have learned in some way, and do it solely for the good of your volk. Create something great.

1aac6d No.10013409


Your numbers are wrong, even for the view that holds that time lineage. Kali is 1200 years in that view but that view is based on the fact that 1 demigod year is 360 human years.

1200 x 360 = 432,000

b8758c No.10013430

File: 96d46bd7447411c⋯.png (144.19 KB, 405x474, 135:158, 13d49c219130dd929829677361….png)


> workshops

Tfw got a killer workshop planned but live on the least coast

1984ee No.10013493


Thousands of jobless hippies are able to make it…



What are you thinking?


I gave my source.

b8758c No.10013728


> thousands of jobless hippies can spare 10 days or so

Answered your own question there wiz.

> what workshop

I avatar under friendly zombie here, so think self improvement, diet, exercise. Also can shoot off quite a piece on Egypt. Speaking of diet, you crack that book I gave you at temple?

1984ee No.10013833

File: daeb95ea012a91e⋯.jpg (67.1 KB, 562x760, 281:380, gobWmI7_d.jpg)


>answered own question.

rofl, I was actually thinking that as I typed it. I was attempting to imply that we need to gain the skills to travel without funds or identification, long distances, as these skills could prove vital for us in the future.




Not yet. I might as well though. damn it, my reading list is growing far faster than I can read it. Though, I am going pretty damn hard on the Iron Pill right now.

af9c9b No.10013905


You realize MDE smokes weed medicinally, right?

af9c9b No.10013965


Think about it like this: if you enjoy programming/computer security, do you think this video is realistic? This is the kiked up hollywood version of hacking. There are freshmen compsci faggots all over college campuses acting like this now.

Now, where did you get your perception of "hippie" culture? Was it something hollywood produced, or maybe also some IRL faggot who was acting out what he saw from hollywood?


The kikes outlawed it because industrial hemp was a superior alternative to their existing timber, cotton, and synthetics such as nylon. So they make it illegal, then in the 50s acquire special research permits so only they can research it. They then patent compounds ahead of everyone else, and legalize very slowly as soon they perfect pharmaceutical drugs so they monopolize the plant and its 250+ useful compounds. Either you're very bad at business or you have retard level common sense to not see what has happened. They've done this in MANY other industries.

Now our farmland is poisoned by cotton and corn, the soil is fucked with heavy metals and the pesticides we have to use for the kike's seeds.

af9c9b No.10013968


goddamnit, sorry forgot to embed.

1aac6d No.10014093


>They then patent compounds ahead of everyone else, and legalize very slowly as soon they perfect pharmaceutical drugs so they monopolize the plant and its 250+ useful compounds.

dat GW pharma

df2ae6 No.10016138


Yup, exactly. Check out the backstory on Skunkman Sam, a kike who is responsible for the success of GW (a partner of (((Bayer))) )


He has also started a company called United Cannabis, and is lobbying for a rescheduling to Schedule 2. The company is really good at shilling themselves (they have a streamed show called "Hash Church" and characters/products created out of thin air such as "Bubbleman" to get the stoners behind them.

Jack Herer was hilariously redpilled btw. He would give people tips on how to domesticate their women and would rant about kikes/niggers at events.

1aac6d No.10016211


Dude GW are the ones responsible for trying to get the FDA to schedule CBD and they are also the ones who have been lobbying around the US states for CBD only medical laws that only their product would be covered under. And on top of it if they get FDA approval it will be covered by insurance. Thus raking in an asston of money from one plant they effectively monopolized through patents.

Legalization and regulation is the ultimate jew.

1aac6d No.10016219



Also Sam is involved in a genetics project that insists they are open source but their main genetic tester is a private company. Sam and this other guy have literally been asking people for some of the MOST PRIZED seeds, like oldschool landraces or 50-70s stuff to 'sequence' into their project.

Fucking jewry.

b3ff8c No.10018542


Oh yeah, Phylos is an ultimate jewry company. The guy who's the head of it is unfortunately a good guy who hates Monsanto and the monopolization of any plant genetics, but Phylos basically had a hostile takeover by Sam and the silent backer of the company (hint it's not a traditional pharma company, but similar).

And yup, GW is monopolizing certain states like North Dakota and Nebraska.

Are you involved in the industry? If so how the fuck do I meet more redpilled people in it. I've been in this shit for years and even the self made $100million+ net worth individuals are bluepilled as fuck.

1aac6d No.10018657


>Are you involved in the industry? If so how the fuck do I meet more redpilled people in it.

Yeah. You don't really.

Though one buddy of mine that set up stuff in Cali after legalization voted red.

The Sensi Seeds guy is full blown redpill. I'm not going to mention his name but I shit you not you can see him posting anti ZOG shit on his facebook.

We aren't all libtard stoner types that we're painted as.

b3ff8c No.10018858


HAHAHA! For some reason I thought you meant Todd M, was very confused. But yes, the dude you mentioned is very redpilled.

I'm in the process of breaking ground in CA right now, holy shit the regs are a hellhole. I've got half a mind to move to east, consult for the shitty med systems there and wait until a state there has decent regs.

I might setup a /canna/ board on here at some point.. I wonder how many browsers are involved in the industry. Lots of consumers definitely, but it would be hilarious if the Deangelos or something were /pol/lacks

b3ff8c No.10018863



For some reason replied to myself…

1aac6d No.10018886


>Lots of consumers definitely, but it would be hilarious if the Deangelos or something were /pol/lacks

That would be fucking hilarious.

>I'm in the process of breaking ground in CA right now, holy shit the regs are a hellhole. I've got half a mind to move to east, consult for the shitty med systems there and wait until a state there has decent regs.

I know someone that moved their seed company out there. Think they lucked out on one of the last counties doing med? Or something like that not sure. CA went full retard with legalization it seems.

In CO here they're trying to clamp down hard on homegrowing. Saying people can only grow 12 regardless of med status, etc.

1984ee No.10018966


Now that's surprising. I know of the sensi guy. I could share some techniques. I used to grow harlequin, actual medical stuff. Did you know that adding choline to your aoil will make plants more stress tolerant? They can handle more UV and take cold/hot cycles better. I also figured out an electrical device to vastly improve crop yields, but have been sitting on it due to the kike and lack of financing. A real tesla-style invention for the farm industry.


Wyoming just passed hemp, which means they'll be set up for medical in a year, though my bet is the whole fed decriminalizing pretty soon. It will be a state issue after that entirely.


12 really isn't bad if you know what you're doing or at least a halfway decent gardener. I won't lie though, I support a lot of the regulations at this point. There are far too many kikes scamming the system… sadly, most new regs are being pushed by the pharmakike, my mortal nemesis. Not exaggerating there, if I went legit, as an herbalist, I'd have a hit put out on me for what I do. Anyone who tries to bridge the gap and use actual science in conjunction with herbalism gets whacked.

1aac6d No.10018997



Yeah, choline can also be used in breeding. I've seen someone make an electrostatic sprayer and patent it already. Think it is being sold already.

Now the trick is to also incorporate audio into the electrification….that yields interesting results. There are specific frequencies that used in combination with amino acids yield amazing stuff. You can also use electricity to kill of bugs and make the plant express different phenotypes.

12 is bad if you have 6 patients to take care of and numerous other donations…my position.

b3ff8c No.10019021


They're going to kill homegrowing in CO in a few years definitely, have you heard about your MED clamping down on new genetics being imported? Sucks that you guys will be stuck with Blue Dream, etc for at least awhile.


If you could implement that device for greenhouses that'd be a real game changer.. so many people in the industry with tens of millions to blow on ancillary stuff like that. I just patented a few extraction methods actually, was much easier than expected

>Anyone who tries to bridge the gap and use actual science in conjunction with herbalism gets whacked.

I've heard of this happening but do you have any examples… the business I'm literally weeks away from going public with (in the industry not stocks), is incorporating a LOT of herbalism…

1aac6d No.10019030


>have you heard about your MED clamping down on new genetics being imported? Sucks that you guys will be stuck with Blue Dream, etc for at least awhile.

No, are we talking about importing from other states? cause Oregon already did that and WA as well. You have leeway for a few weeks when you first set up and you can get anything in, after that it's it I think. That's for WA. Oregon now requires all seed to be bred in state.

In CO I still think you can import/source on your first initial setup. If you can't that would suck but that also means

>I probably got a breeding job in the next year or 2

4d880b No.10019051

>reclaim degeneracy

Really nigger?

b3ff8c No.10019085


>In CO I still think you can import/source on your first initial setup.

Ah that would be more logical, I'll have to check…

Either way breeding is the long term play to make. These (((financial firms))) who are spending tens of millions buying greenhouses will saturate the market with pesticide and mildew saturated product until the market bottoms out, and that's when consumers will want quality (and when the demand for quality breeding will REALLY pick up)

It's a dream to start a subtly 1488-branded breeding company where we go around the world and colonize wherever we can get equatorial sativas, etc… one day…

1aac6d No.10019102


>It's a dream to start a subtly 1488-branded breeding company where we go around the world and colonize wherever we can get equatorial sativas, etc… one day…

Chemdawg x Kosher Kush….Zyklon B

Don't steal that pls

Yes, money is in genetics. but it isn't just 'dank meme weed' anymore. How many people actually stress test their P1s? Not many.

I want to work on breeding for disease resistance, environmental hardiness and other things. I want to work on 25-30% CBD as well, few other things. Not really interested in making a polygangbanged og girlscout cookiekush hybrid.

1aac6d No.10019110


>wherever we can get equatorial sativas, etc… one day…

Currently sitting on malawi, swazi, durban, thai, vietnam black, thai x viet black, colombian gold, punto rojo, santa marta…and a few other things.

I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't know what I was doing hah.

b3ff8c No.10019140


>Currently sitting on

Dayum you a fan of ACE too? That's my favorite big seedbank, it's a shame they've recently starting auto fem'ing some of their stock…

1aac6d No.10019149


The only thing in there ACE is the viet black x thai, all others were collected from the actual places.

>it's a shame they've recently starting auto fem'ing some of their stock…

Heh anon. If in a few years you see a purebred landrace seed line out…it could just be me. I will not be giving way to hybridizing any of these and plan on open pollination/multiple males to create new seeds for genetically diverse lines. Pure, on themselves and crossed together. But not crossed with Blue Dream!

b3ff8c No.10019166



Just started the /canna/ board, gonna be super slow obviously but it'd be cool if we could continue dialogue on how to navigate this shitshow of a industry/breeding/whatever


Nigger don't even joke about crossing a purebred landrace with Blue Dream lol… but actually I have just about the same plans! I just hope ONE person can make that happen

1aac6d No.10019181


>I just hope ONE person can make that happen

I'd be doing it this summer if I could, starting with middle eastern strains. Afghans, Pakis, Israelis, Syrians, etc.

There are people that have the seedstock to make it happen. Instead they decided to make hybrids, Cannabiogen and ACE stand out kind of amongst the crowd. Seeds of Africa has some stuff I'd like to try, not sure if I'd breed with. I don't just want to reproduce ACE/CBG seeds that's why I'm looking for source collections from people that have been on the ground. I'm going to do it though. It is desperately needed before Monsanto goes full kike on the cannabis industry and all the old genetics get fucked.

4d880b No.10019212

And it turned into muh weed degeneracy. Awesome thread OP!

4d880b No.10019227



How about both you fucking degenerate cunts get off /pol/?

1aac6d No.10019237



Right, go back to posting in the interracial marriage thread guy.

1984ee No.10019350


The weed convo is clearly a derail, but it's hardly degenerate. If the industry were kept out of kike control, it allows farmers and gardeners (volkish white blood and soil types) to quickly overturn economic control of the kikes in just a few seasons. The AFD is already funded by organic produce, the same can happen in the USA.

c22286 No.10020563

We could try to start a right wing restoration of the psychedelic movement.

1aac6d No.10020705


>psychedelic movement

I dislike being hounded by the CIA.

1984ee No.10021782

File: 584e5d83ead20ac⋯.png (102.84 KB, 1498x947, 1498:947, 584e5d83ead20acfbe258bfd89….png)


FBI rarely likes CIA.

So what are you trying to do in this thread? You have used several different methods of shilling, from d&c to derailment, yet not once in 16 posts have you been on topic.

1aac6d No.10021821


Well for one if you let the kikes control the weed you're all fucked. I could go into detail about how the laws and patents coming into the FDA is definitely not in the interest of a reclaimed hippy movement. If anything freely sowing seed would be the interest of a reclaimed hippy movement.

And second, there is nothing stopping you from posting shit and yet you sit here and complain instead of writing anything that contributes.

1984ee No.10021988


I have a hundred and ten posts in this thread, so to be brutally honest, I hardly can think of anything to add at this point, so until I get questions asked, there's not much I can do but wait until more information comes out.

e2c498 No.10025902

File: cad68458ec83d96⋯.png (1.31 MB, 800x1035, 160:207, cad68458ec83d96238bab9a513….png)

What is the best way for a redpilled newcomer to attend the Oregon Nationals? I will happily labor for the volk for a chance to sit at the feet of the Masters.

99b375 No.10026016


>The kikes have been attwmpting to destroy Buddhism with deceit and corruption for at least a hundred years now. Just try to find english language Buddhist texts online and check the source, the VAST majority are kikes putting out disinfo.

This is true. All of the buddhist temples in my town are kikes charging $20 an hour for "meditation workshops" and subverted "seminars" on buddhist teachings. I would kill for the opportunity to meet with an authentic nonkiked buddhist guru. Kikes have subverted eastern spiritual traditions almost as much as Christianity. Vedic texts and buddhism are some of the best remnants of our ancestors indo-aryan culture.

99b375 No.10026049


>The real question for this tactic is how to disseminate the information. Any suggestions?

Hand out copies of the Sumerian Swindle, Web of Debt, Creature from Jekyll Hyde, etc. simple as that

43cdc4 No.10027711

File: 2b80ba1efa61d7e⋯.jpg (21.96 KB, 450x250, 9:5, 21152-450x250.jpg)

>>10021988 (hailed)

Remember that opiates thread you op'ed a few months back where you went off on akkuama and I made my zombie manifesto about diet? This feels kinda like that. In that, we should archive and screencap right fucking now because only so much quality before (((someone))) decides this thread needs not an anchor but a snap delete.

43cdc4 No.10027722


Closest thing to Buddhist master in western world is wim hof. Look him up, you will be thankful you did.

bd9afe No.10027739

I would like some recaps from regionals if anyone has em.

1984ee No.10027997

File: 5e10bca3fc9c040⋯.png (362.41 KB, 625x465, 125:93, 1481058900878.png)


Just show up and try to meet up with the rest of us. If you get there early, go corpuscular and help out at welcome home/main gate after a day or so of getting your bearings. They always need help at night and early morning. You will be loved for gathering firewood for the welcome fires and getting some coffee or munchies together for the workers, and if you have a strong back, cars always get stuck and people are needed to heave them out.


Anyone trying to profit in such a way needs to die, horribly.


Full copies could be a bitch to print….


Check'd, I remember. Screencap whatever you feel is important.


Have some faith, there are few among us as selfless as they. I deeply pity them for the shit they have to put up with, and the constant shilling. Have you ever looked at the boardlog? Without their service, this board would be shilled to oblivion, and of course there is friendly fire on occasion, but when in doubt they toss the anchor instead of deleting threads for being a bit off theme. Also the levels of autism we project at them is astounding… even I am guilty of my share of autistic screeching about heretics.


dubdubs confirm. Wim Hof, not familiar, but I will be soon.


I'd also be interested in some updates, this has been a chaotic year.

58f1fa No.10028401


Oh Jesus Christ if you didn't already know wim hof you are in for the ride of your life.

(((Vice))) but good


(((Joe Rogan))) but good


1984ee No.10028471


How can anything by (((vice))) be good beyond as parody? I did enjoy watching their manlet be taunted by tribesmen as he was sweating from fog toxins. Rogan is amusing though with his Modafinil addiction though, but he'd be best paired with alex jones. Alright I'll watch/read after lunch.

e2c498 No.10028868


>Just show up and try to meet up with the rest of us. If you get there early, go corpuscular and help out at welcome home/main gate after a day or so of getting your bearings.

Copy that. If you see a young Aryan man following work around the camp and carrying a rainbow knife, you'll know it's me.

58f1fa No.10028895


The vice episode I linked is good in the same way that any rogan episode is good - the guest / topic is so good they can't fuck it up if they tried.

ecc103 No.10028918



very interesting, thanks anon. I found the (((vice))) journalist talking head interjection of not so subtle blue pills amusing (take the poison, charismatic leader etc…).

When discussing the power of the mind over the body one incontrovertible fact is the known factor called the placebo effect, this makes it impossible for any doctor or scientist to outright deny that we do indeed have power over our bodies systems beyond what (((they))) want us to know.

99b375 No.10029010


>Full copies could be a bitch to print….

Don't really need full copies, even 5-10 pages from creature from jekyll island explaining the Federal Reserve scam would be useful, summarize and pick key parts of the book.

58f1fa No.10029039


The placebo effect is proof positive that the brain is more powerful than western medicine will admit. Funny enough it is a similar technique that Hof uses to teach brain control ("control yourself, remember your brain is always trying to trick you").

But as for concrete proof of wim's technique, here ya go


1984ee No.10029744


I'll see if I can find ink for my printer before we run out of time. I'm considering just binding a tome and transcribing things I find to have meaning into it by hand, and reading to those that would listen. I find the Havamal to be the greatest redpill for travelers/wandervogel, as it speaks directly to the soul of the wanderer.


I'll keep my eyes open for ya, we'll hopefully get a shrine set up nd mark the path in a way that we all would be ble to notice, but cofuse others. Repeating digits marking the right way, nonsensical digits leading in random directions. Also, if you haven't yet, check out the pre-op thread on /tok/ as it covers some things in more depth than here.

To all attending, remember, we inspire those we meet with our deeds as much as our words. Many of the younger crowd do not have any exposure to Volkish ways in a formal sense, show them what it means, and when ask, tell them what inspired you personally. Be a role model, many have never had one.

c136ba No.10034451

File: 5073d6e0e767a5d⋯.jpg (554.71 KB, 1920x1152, 5:3, IMG_20170605_124200.jpg)

File: d3fbc1c24cd7a45⋯.jpeg (1.86 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, 20170312-crystals matrix ….jpeg)


>What is the "long cut" then? Study, meditation, yoga?

Yes, years of discipline and training. Funny story, I meditated so much that by the time I actually encountered psychedelics normal dosage levels where pretty much non-effective to me because I was already at the state of consciousness naively all the time. If I actually do do trippy stuff I need AT MINIMUM 5-10 times normal dosage to really feel much and still to this day I've tripped way harder doing breath exercises than anything else.

>>10029744 (checked)

>we'll hopefully get a shrine

I'm working that angel myself, or at least for an inner shrine. I'm bringing lots of Earthen love and Heavenly power.

>Be a role model, many have never had one.

This is really important. We should exude virtue in everything we do, it will inspire others and demonstrate the righteousness of our actions.

3e2ffa No.10034468


>The placebo effect is proof positive that the brain is more powerful than western medicine will admit.

you realise the very fact that placebos are used as a control in every trail involving drugs or such? science is very much aware that placebos are strong, to the point it needs to be completely excluded from drug trails, since it can skew the effectiveness of the drug.

1984ee No.10040474

Here is the number for the northwest lightline (information line ) 503 727 2498 it should have the coordinates after the 11th for the national/anual gathering taking place in Oregon. Location is being decided at the council meeting on the 10th.

b0efd6 No.10041077

File: e3c9d7eadaa14c0⋯.jpg (160.51 KB, 500x496, 125:124, e3c9d7eadaa14c0e4ba7475739….jpg)

The hippie movement exists because of psychedelics. When done properly, psychs are the most powerful tools of our movement. When abused it is the most powrerful tool of our enemy. The best bet for reclaiming the hippie movement is to read trip reports and get the feel for what the drugs do. Or even partake in some shrooms or DMT in the proper set and setting. Then write up trip reports on how SWIM learned we are nothing but animals and races are the sub species of our main species and it is your duty as a living thing to further your species.

Possible settings are a walk through town, a canoe trip, anything pretty much.

I'm not going to write a 1,500 word trip report but will give a poorly written fiction of what the basic elements could be. Remember it is meant to appeal to those that will soon be hippies, not for current hippies. Change those that will become.

>be me

>innocent college lad

>smoke weed, listen to pop music and absorb pop culture

>at a party

>get offered some 'lucy'

>put 4 tabs in my mouth

>dance and party with everyone

>eventually it starts to kick in and I feel like a rocket blasting into the cosmos

>the colors are amazing but what I can't help noticing is the differences in the people

>the white people seem so out of place against all the other races of people, not just the whites but the asians and blacks, they all are so out of place compared to eachother

> the asians seemed to mimick either the whites or the blacks

>the whites seemed like they were a completely different species than the blacks, the blacks almost struck me as an earlier evolution of the other two with the asians being the on between.

>the whites almost seemed more evolved, the ones that were more influenced by pop culture seemed more depressed than the others

>then it arose in my mind that pop culture that the media pushes is predominantly black, whether hip hop or dancing

>it struck me that it's like buckets of paint, I could have a black bucket, a white bucket, a yellow bucket, the black could easily distort the other colors where the white couldn't, almost as if white itself was a higher color, almost a godly color in a sense

Kind of the basics but it would need much more detail put in. The hippie movement is more so the psychonaut movement in the current age, hippie is just a stolen term. But as I said, it is the drugs that makes hippies what they are. It puts their brain into a very volatile state that is ready to absorb information. It increases brain activity to be similar to a child's, just insane brain activitt that is ready to absorb info like no tomorrow. The difference is the hippies have learned more than children so can quickly grasp concepts and stick to them because they already know the language and the world around them, where the kids do not.

77220b No.10041450


Ah yes, (((drug trials))) and (((science))). Next you'll mention (((peer review))).

1984ee No.10042040


Dubs confirm for interesting idea…

Could we spam erowid with redpilled trip reports?

b0efd6 No.10042167

File: e18663413a0c8b2⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 78d8e3f10b4c9d11114dc9fe34….gif)


Don't spam, just slowly release redpills into hippie culture. Write some on women doing psychs and they realize they don't want this whole going to college and getting a job mumbo jumbo, they just want to be a mother and care for her man.

I have been mulling this idea over long before this thread popped up but decided it was time to bring it to light. The original hippie movement is what pozzed the white race into the mess it currently is.

Anons that see this. DO NOT SPAM, you're just going to come off as a troll. Just push light redpills such as

>race and the heaps of factors involved with accepting it is real

>how embracing the struggles of life will lead humanity to greatness

>revisions of ancient history, who really built the pyramids?

>embracing gender roles

Don't just push the stuff on psychonautica sites like erowid, do it on outer circles that are influenced by psychs on normiebook, reddit, 4chan, shroomery etc. Aesthetic pages on NSAbook for example, they appeal to these people. Expose them to aesthetic images of a woman cooking and caring for her children or aesthetic images of a man carving a statue.

It is memetic warfare. Expose the most easily influenced to our ideas through imagery. Remember there is a whole generation coming up on the internet and we are the pioneers. Expose the coming generation to these thoughts and ideas. They are tomorrow's citizens. Put them off on the right foot.

1984ee No.10044118


Yeah, this is going to be a bit of work but it can be done. Just going to be a fine line to walk between encouraging degeneracy and encouraginf traditional values with this one.

6db441 No.10044296


You do realise ayn rand was peak kike

6db441 No.10044303


Just a reminder that the roman empire was more tolerant of kikes under pagan emperors than christian emperors

1984ee No.10044584

File: 29e6a1e28e76919⋯.jpg (111.04 KB, 690x640, 69:64, Arch_Titus,_Forum_Romanum,….jpg)


Kill yourself shill. The empires who served Aryan gods were the ones who slaughtered the Kike of Carthage and slaughtered the Cohen Gadol at their home in jewrusalem, destroyed the temple mount in it's entirety save for one wall, executed their priests, cut down EVERY SINGLE olive tree in jerusalem (driving the jerusalem olive extinct!) and then salted the fields!



To this very day, the kikes sob with the pain of their defeat by Titus and his men!

c3c340 No.10054172


1984ee No.10059339

The council is together now in oregon, the location will be official tomorrow. I will update as soon as I have it. Good luck everyone, and you all have my thanks for bearing with me for this long.

Praise Kek! SIEG HIEL!

001142 No.10061651

File: d6fda85f60beb81⋯.jpg (942.86 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 1434050699499.jpg)

File: 20e2858005b34b7⋯.png (68.84 KB, 670x670, 1:1, 20e2858005b34b78f9e0532c71….png)

File: 6dc509f69c0c652⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 2466x3078, 137:171, eb3950f9bfdd8fd75fce0d0f06….jpg)

File: a481311f7e673e4⋯.png (2.24 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5c06ef2b1525f45a67b596fb26….png)

File: 06cd0d71d3302ea⋯.png (3.21 MB, 2836x1792, 709:448, 06cd0d71d3302eaf7239191000….png)


I'm eagerly awaiting. The energy is rising, I've been feeling it this whole month but today I felt it increase and upon checking the date I see why. I'm even surprising myself with the amount of sensitivity I have to the Rainbow Fam Oversoul.





And remember most important of all, he alone who owns the youth gains the future.

1984ee No.10065630

Getting conformation on location today. There was some lulz at the council meeting. Some foreigner showednup named "Noah James Anthony Destefano" and stabbed someone and was quickly stabbed right back before running off and getting picked up by police. Really having a hard time grasping this one though… he only managed to stab a guy in the tricept, and then got stabbed in the upper calf, so this must had taken place on the ground. Incredibly unlikely places for wounds in a standup knife fight. Wish I had a picture of the faggot, hoping he's a kike. DeStefano is a Sicilian generic name (Stevenson) and supposedly the perp was from stockholm.

688304 No.10065717

File: d9efd3640f0b546⋯.jpg (245.12 KB, 1600x1068, 400:267, 071302.jpg)

Self sufficiency is the key to conquering hippie communities. There's two types of people focused on self suffiency: conservative preppers and liberal hippies. Introduce prepper habits into hippie communities. Guns would be the most obvious thing.

e6af5e No.10066678


Short hair on men being in fashion was caused by two successive world wars, same for shaving beards. If you like being a replaceable tool for ZOG then go ahead and cut all your hairs off so you look like a slave.

c3c340 No.10071035


>self sufficiency

Bare bones stuff like lots of brown rice in sacks, guns, and thermos method stewpot techniques are awesome things to help teach hippies with to convert them to prepper values.

2022d0 No.10071090


>The Hippie movement exists because of psychedelics


>Self sufficiency

How may an organic chemist who practices the art of creating new psychoactive molecules Schulgin style since 12 years for his own experiences be of help? The personal goal would be not to have to work for food and chemicals, except of course cooking and having test persons who nobody would miss, if they met Kek and refuse to return.

30ecc3 No.10071551


>having test persons nobody would miss

Any chemist worth shit tests on himself.

1984ee No.10071568


We don't need more psychedelics, we need things to enhance life and performance. Any chemists here who know a thing about long chain peptides?

b5c180 No.10071586


I guess we can reclaim the hippies if we kill them and turn them into fuel or fertilizer or something.

1984ee No.10071594


Testing on your self is never enough, you need to get a large number of people to see various reactions, and also be able to observe with a trained eye. Many people have very noticeable reactions to observers, but are personally unaware of the effects.


Read the thread, newfag.

b5c180 No.10071726


calling me newfag just because I pointed out the obvious (hippies are and have always been trash) seems a bit unreasonable

1984ee No.10072053

File: 5009297637ec0ab⋯.jpg (8.22 KB, 266x266, 1:1, 4e403cc21583b85f76c1ab6db2….jpg)


I called a newfag because you clearly did not read the thread, or else you'd at least have made a proper trollpost. It's not like there is any shortage of material to work off of here. It was lazy, like a halfchanner would have posted. Although, if it was an early morning or late night shitpost, you are forgiven.

On topic though, if anyone sees pic related, especially as a tattoo, i's a sign for squatters/societal dropouts. Expect them to be race realists but don't expect much else out of them.

1984ee No.10085971

Still don't have the official location. Lots of camps set up and it's looking like eastern oregon, but no point in speculation. OPSEC has been upped due to another outsider causing problems. Here is a report of the stabbing incident at the council meeting, from the woman who was stabbed. It shows a great example of how security is handled. https://archive.fo/QAm6G

Long story short, crazy foreignor was driving through at high speed as a female passenger screamed for help and tried to hop out. Shanti Sena (all able bodies for security) was called for, three individuals hopped in a car and gave chase, performed a pit manoeuvre of some sort, freed the woman who was in distress, the perp stabbed a chick in the arm and tried to steal the woman back, they apprehended him and sent the wounded female back to radio police to pick him up (also so wounded female could get medical attention) and that's pretty much that.

a6f505 No.10086325


a good point of separation. the larpers are all faggots and need to be avoided.

1984ee No.10086402


>volkish revivalism

Good point, they generally are receptive to this. I taught a bit of the runes to some at a gathering a few years ago. Be sure to go into detail and force home the sacrifices made for them, and why.


Surprised I missed that post. As said though

>LARPers and faggots need to be avoided.

c3c340 No.10086493


>I have a friend who refers to herself as beyond-hippie, and it's what happens they realize that they can eat meat and look to Europe's traditions just as much as anywhere else's. Many of these hippies are standard issue, Made-in-California leftists, but I'd say around half of them just hate the government and want to be left alone

Around my area they're called Metaphysicals, standard definition is "A hippie with a bath and a haircut" Point out that they're pack people, like wolves, and that government and lefty types are herd people, with a herd collective mind always seeking new additions, and because you refuse to be added to the herd, and that your success means the herd might lose members to you or your way of independent thought, that means you'll always be hunted down and never left alone, because your very existence is a dire existential threat to the growth of the herd. This is also why they hate guns(leads to independence/internal dissent), but don't mind predators killing a few members here and there as it only causes them to band together and double down on their cowshit. Everyone's disposable, except if they try and leave.


The real problem I have with these guys isn't the faggot sharing dicks and arseholes/thighs, (as long as they stick to their own folk and not fuck outsiders and reproduce with their wives) it's just how weak their bonds are between each other. They're weekend larpers that don't live it except for a few folks in the wolves that are solidcore and true believers. Their beliefs are needing a few strange miracles and portents and unexplainable events to bring them together and become something other than a bunch of bare chested metalheads.

I'm hoping they have a few run ins with Skinwalkers.

1984ee No.10092349

File: 262f33e3a8966af⋯.jpg (24.36 KB, 404x538, 202:269, 074d64549ad26ac2aaefab933d….jpg)


Start from John Day Oregon, Go south on US-395 about 45 minutes right (west) on road 63 (AKA Izee Rd to Bush Ranch Rd) ~18 miles > then right on road 24 > second road on the left > rainbows!

If you're coming from the south the turn for road 63 is ~50 miles from the town of Burns, Oregon/JNCT US-20.

That's right, it's in the motherfucking desert. Be prepared for it to be hot as balls during the day and chilly at night. Possibility of rattlesnakes as well, but the numbers of people will drive them away from the main areas. Make sure that all food is well preserved, your cooler won't stay icy for long. Good luck everyone, and PRAISE KEK!

d6ea58 No.10095331


What day does it begin? This is the guy telling homeless anon not to go to that cult in that anchored thread. I was thinking about going to Hawthorne bridge this Sunday to get a ride.

I don't have much in the way to trade. Is this a bad thing? Will gladly labor.

1984ee No.10095746


Officially it does not begin until the end of june, unofficially, it's already started the moment the directions are given. Right now people are setting up. Feel free to arrive as soon as you would like, the earlier we have anons on the ground the better, especially if you like to work. Prepare the way for us Anon! I won't be able to attend til the end of the month, I have a lot of work to finish up and have to raise funds for gas. Hide your power level until you have a good grasp of the scene and make some friends. Good luck. Praise kek!

1984ee No.10095985

Looks like the local news has alread picked up on the location and posted a story on it. www.ktvz.com/news/police-rainbow-family-plans-nearby-national-gathering/543919027


>The group known as the Rainbow Family of Living Light is expected to soon draw up to 30,000 visitors to a spot near John Day in Eastern Oregon, the first such national gathering in the region in 20 years, and Central Oregon law enforcement are advising residents to be ready for the early-July traveler influx and its impacts.

Comments are pretty lulzy. The rainbow presence online is pretty damn low though of course. could be a good place to either help fix image or spread subtle redpills.

978aaf No.10098731


>That's right, it's in the motherfucking desert.


Whatever, I'm fucking going. We're going to have a WN camp, correct? Working on sorting out a ride right now.

1984ee No.10099043



At least it's high altitude, weather shouldn't be above 90 during the day or below 40 at night, still the temperature shift will suck. The spring water will be ice cold though at least.


The Hopi name for kek is Paqua, so we'll probably work with that when we set up a temple space to Kek. I'm expecting a good dozen anons and I'm bringing a few friends as well, as are others, so we might have thirty or so people, which should be enouh to keep the camp going. Bring a bit of food, even if just spam. Meat is always in short supply, but vegies are everywhere. Also, be sure to bring a flashlight of some sort, LEDs are cheap and plentiful.

I'm running some damage control on the news sites as well, and talking to people who run some things at the gathering. This is going to be epic.


c3c340 No.10099302


I won't be able to go, due to many many problems, but I'll be helping from afar with research and other things. Hope you can help a few vets with the Tranquility potion I mentioned. Also, teach a few folks how to sprout beans in a plastic bottle for food on the road: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=clmh3wLNqdM

t.DR anon

1984ee No.10102200


Eh, at least you'll get to miss out on the shittiest people in our nation, Oregonians.

dc4740 No.10104683

File: b2027e0981dc243⋯.jpg (103.04 KB, 491x595, 491:595, b2027e0981dc2433d2bb71e46d….jpg)

File: 7b5633d83d09c4a⋯.webm (3.8 MB, 640x360, 16:9, gondola on the quest for ….webm)


See you anons there, may the gods favor our quest.






978aaf No.10105825

File: 7b1f1ae634830d1⋯.jpeg (201.26 KB, 1206x917, 1206:917, rainbow2017-99.jpeg)

If anyone wants to look at the site on a satellite map you can enter the coordinates on this.

1984ee No.10109671


Nice work! Things are looking good so far, some of us are already on the way though most will arrive closer to the end of the month. Any questions!? This operation is a go!

b3f549 No.10109774

File: 77f47f1031783ec⋯.jpg (250.55 KB, 903x1413, 301:471, 229-c915144467.jpg)

The hippie movement as OP posts pictures of it was degenerate.



1984ee No.10110590


The green movement is rightfully ours. Our volk invented the ideology of blood and soil!

62962f No.10112114


>Read it

I did read it. I still don't know what spells you are referring to. Can you please give me an example?

c3c340 No.10112651

File: ff3739ce2a3df5b⋯.jpg (176.18 KB, 618x810, 103:135, sf-marturisitor-corneliu-a….jpg)


Psalms. Psalms are spells, and some of them are meant for use as battle hymns and War rituals. I'd look up medieval warfare and the clergy's role in it prebattle, and take Codrenu at his word:

>Prayer is decisive element of victory. Wars are won by those who have managed to attract from elsewhere, from the skies, the mysterious forces of the invisible world and to secure their support. These mysterious forces are the souls of the dead, the souls of our ancestors, who once were, like us, linked to our clods, to our furrows, who died for the defense of this land and are still linked today to it by the memory of their lives and by us, their sons, their grandsons, their great grandsons. But, above the souls of the dead, there is God. Once these forces are attracted, they are of considerable power, they defend us, they give us courage, will, all the elements necessary to victory and which make us win. They bring in panic and terror among the enemies, paralyse their activity. In the last analysis, victories do not depend only on material preparation, on the material forces of the belligerents, but on their power to secure the support of spiritual forces. >The fairness and the morality of actions and the fervent, insistent call for them in the form of rite and collective prayer attract such forces.

1984ee No.10120745



For anyone participating on the ground, please see these posts.

Also, there is a shortage of oven mitts at the kitchens, so if you have an old pare to donate, it would be appreciated.

1984ee No.10123324

These are the GPS coords! 44°12'05.6"N 119°13'58.8"W.

The meadow south of coords is the main gathering site.

f2b072 No.10123838


Do you need a 4-wheel drive vehicle to make it, or can any regular sedan handle the roads?

1984ee No.10127433


If you want to go more than 3mph, yes, if not, no, any car should make it. I suggest getting there before the end of the month though and arriving during the day, the ruts can get BAD and you'll want to see them so you can avoid them. This might actually be why they picked the location, if it were in the coastal region, the road would be gone from all the traffic and rain, while here it should be more firm. Also, should you get stuck, you will be pulled out immediately by winch or strong back, I swear to that one.

1984ee No.10131911

Can anyone find information on the federal task force that runs the harassment campaign against the family? There seems to be about 40 agents based out of DC with a $500,000 budget.

822109 No.10132037


Man, as someone who's done a lot, that reads like a cop wrote it. I'd honestly recommend just going and doing some without the intent of writing it up, quiet and safe place, no distractions, with a sober friend. It's a fantastic tool of meditation that can be used by ill-minded people to control others. Ultimately, you don't need to go and try to deceive to get your point across. These drugs, absent overt stimuli, help 'suss out truth' for lack of a better term. If your ideology is based on natural truth, then that will be the natural path along which the drug leads. I think the problem is that these have been posited as 'party drugs' for far too long. Acid is GREAT in a nice setting, however if you take a lot at a loud rave and you're going to become overwhelmed and vulnerable if you don't possess the correct mental tenacity. Throw motivated agents in the mix to recruit and you've got a recipe for easily-controlled and socially bound people. The point though, is that their conditioning must be maintained. I've changed many a hippie's mind over the campfire while tripping. There are even a fair amount of conservatives in the mix. I've noticed the older ones tend to be a bit better about separating politics and productivity.

All in all, I've learned a great many things from my hallucinogenic journeys, but the common factor was that I took them with the intent of contemplation and not as some feel-good. Ultimately the tools must not be blamed (lolgungrabbers), but those with ill intent. IMHO the best path here, is to simply be a leader, have good and provable truths, and pick your battles wisely. People are not so far gone as it it often said here, it's that that 'far gone' state is easier to follow at the moment.

652f55 No.10138425


>Some commentators expressed concern about keeping the place hygienic.

>"Bury your s–t, bury your dog's s–t, bury your baby's s–t," one person wrote.

kek, I actually have some experience with rainbow family. They showed up to my mountain town in Colorado to coincide with a small yearly music festival. They didn't show up in tens of thousands (which would completely overrun our town) but it was still crazy. They come with problems, one woman tried to drown her baby in a stream while whacked out on something. It was interesting but locals wanted them gone.

c23335 No.10138542


>Doesen't use archive

>link looks like dox

>supports them not being just hippes and mentions false flag incident

>Bases fake story on original rainbow gathering on wikipedia and provides no proof

SHILL DETECTED, you know what to do.

Also I should mention that the *.mil ZOG has a team dedicated to fucking with those hippies. Also a team in the USDA dedictated to fucking with them. They enjoy propaganda in the form of a shill going out there to fuck shit up like drowning babies but not actually killing the children(yet?) it seems.

Also locals are shilled weeks in advance to be afraid of them and then nothing happens besides the occasional shit in the woods and false flaggin kikes.

652f55 No.10138557


>ap.com links simply look like that

>archive.is/today does not work with vpns

Fuck you. I'll tell you this happened in Nederland, CO where I used to live. The place has a lot of generally hippies but they are not entirely fond of rainbow gatherings. I did not witness the attempted drowning event. I do not doubt it, there quite literally are a fucking shit ton of transient shitbags and addicts around that group.

c23335 No.10138596



GG on doxing yourself indian/chink. Timezone's are a bitch arent they? Otherwise sorry lurker :<. Also the article reads like doom porn. Sponsered doom porn at that. How do the officials know that so and so amount of people are arriving by so and so date? Don't these people read the fucking thread? It's in a fucking desert area with hard to access roads. Now go change the article to reflect that. Does the indian and the rancher in the article even exist? Where is his permit for proof of the rancher? The indian never says what event caused the desecration last year. Etc, etc, and fucking etc. The article needs sources or it's bullshit since it is talking about public records and shit.

1984ee No.10138697


(((associated press))) was citing this article here, where more complaints were voiced over the law enforcement presence than the rainbows.



Here is another. https://archive.fo/outdl

And here is an article by an actual local.


Fact is, the law enforcement task force shills this shit hard so that they can keep their jobs.

Speaking of, requesting DOX of said task force.

1984ee No.10138771


Here's another local news source. Comments are pretty good though require approval so likely censored.



e2a00c No.10141495

I find all this very interesting, although I have to say, you should be more strict and concerned about drug abuse in your community, if things are as you say. The immature, weak and crazy only cause more trouble by taking drugs, and even if you get rid of them, wouldn't be better if you could get those types to work as part of the group by keeping them in line? I don't mean by not allowing them to use anything, just not promoting and handing over drugs to those who are not likely to deal properly with it.

Also, you seen to be doing nothing about the reason why you are isolating yourselves to begin with. Who you are running away from are still there and WILL come after you if you ever become a threat, what about that?

1984ee No.10142427



Pretty much everything but plants and lsd will get you removed immediately unless you agree to go into rehab, which is offered at the gatherings by therapists, religious types, and peer pressure. I have never seen a needle at a gathering except for use by diabetics and medical staff, though I have spotted a few closet junkies at gatherings too close to the city. LSD is used as a deprogramming tool though, for better or worse. It's amazing how easy it is to redpill a libshit once they're in the mindset that everything can be questioned.

>doing nothing about the reason for isolation.

The gatherings are for gathering. That is, to meet, share information, recover from the road, and reaffirm societal values, as well as to barter resources. Everyone does their own thing once they leave. Though, I'm not confidnt that I fully understand your question.

77c23c No.10142921

File: 35e615c5e843840⋯.png (365.25 KB, 961x887, 961:887, Is Nature Antisemitic 2 - ….png)




IS NATURE ANTISEMITIC?: https://archive.is/i4aOs

Essential Rightist Reading List: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Yx7qwbiPPZZY7ZRtmHpueQ3g1X7OaIkdVYPDdETsUi0/edit


ORIGINS OF WHITE GREATNESS: https://archive.is/5O8la

ANCIENT (ARYAN) PERSIA?: https://archive.is/usOmf

e2a00c No.10143709


>I'm not confidnt that I fully understand your question.

Sorry, I kind of time-traveled into the future where you have already managed to redpill and convert the whole movement when writing that message.

It's still a good question, though. What I meant is, how would you deal with all the degeneracy of the modern world if the group become redpilled and influent enough? How would you deal with hitpieces from the media, harassment from law enforcement, changes in legislation to make the meetings or even the very existence of the group illegal, these kinds of things. Or would you strike first?

febe5a No.10143959


I'm going more to experience basically the only White tribal gathering in existence than to redpill. And maybe to learn more about living innawoods. Should be extremely interesting and fun.

1984ee No.10144142


I'm confident that having anons on the ground at all, will assure that redpills happen. Either way, welcome aboard and as long as hou bring something comfy to sleep in, I'm sure you'll have fun.

73f17b No.10145647


I thought you were the OP, I'm talking to him in my first post (>>10141495), he is talking about reclaiming the movement.

d71a6c No.10145894


From what I have seen, the group has a low online presence, low media presence, no concrete leadership for law enforcement to target and has been dealing with law enforcement, forestry and other groups since inception.

It's resilient, not bulletproof. I'm not sure converting or co-opting the movement would be possible, at least not from one attendance. Converting members, sure, it's probably why the Hara Krishnas attend. Planting seeds, anon, at least that's how I view it.

1984ee No.10147422


As stated, there is nothing the zog can do about this group. It's withstood everything that has been thrown at it, and the feds know not to push them too far because #1 it is an army without fear, and #2 Shooting hippies is the worst press imaginable.

Beyond that was covered by >>10145894

Speaking of.

>not bulletproof

But damn close.


Let's put things in perspective, the movement is already redpilled to a large degree and was founded by volkish types and vietnam veterans. Our objective is to fan the flames of the smoldering embers that already exist more than start a new fire. That said, the more volkish ideology and influence of old aryan traditions and lore, the more pride for our people we can raise, the faster things will take off on their own. Remember, the moment we all swallwed the redpill, the rest comes on it's own, by our own research.


Anons are on the way! Others have scheduled their arrival. THIS IS HAPPENING!!!

978aaf No.10147518


bd450c No.10147533


This is fucking retarded. They were always commie fucks.

1984ee No.10153660


The feels are coming. More anons are on the way.

c77fd9 No.10158850

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>10147422 Checked

>#1 it is an army without fear, and #2 Shooting hippies is the worst press imaginable.

That first one, gave me chills. Although I know it's totally true as I too am without a modicum of fear. Keks at the second point.


I do.


c3c340 No.10163807

File: 28089a8227fd350⋯.jpg (158.27 KB, 600x799, 600:799, If_Only_The_Sky_Will_Disap….jpg)

There is nothing scarier to the jew than a free white man.

1984ee No.10166425


And that's why they do everything they can to keep us from freely assembling.

56b29e No.10167720


When I learned that the Feds harass these gatherings yearly with overreactive force, it become blatantly clear this is the reason why.

1984ee No.10169607

Anons incoming! Last chance for anyone else who wants to help, get moving!

1984ee No.10175153

For anyone arriving at the gathering, be on your toes and keep your car completely legal. The (((feds))) are issueing frivilous tickets left and right and have already shot a family's dog in front of two small children and their mother, because he was off of a leash. http://oregongathering2017.blogspot.com/2017/06/update-from-site-on-june-27.html

e630c8 No.10176192


Fuck, my tabs are out of date.

>Court dates are on June 30 at 9 a.m. at the intersection of County Road 63 and Forest Service Road 24. If you missed today's date, please come on June 30. If you miss both dates, you will have a warrant for your arrest.

Uhhh what is this referring to?

1984ee No.10176230


The feds are giving out frivilous tickets and set up a temporary kangaroo court explicitly for rainbow family, so they can give jail time for traffic tickets and not offer probationary sentences. The family has set up a team of attorneys to fight every charge, and the majority get dropped. It's a mix of harassment and theater to justify their budget. This is something that I wanted everyone to see, and see how to deal with it, we're all going to be getting this treatment soon, or worse.

e630c8 No.10176249


Another post made reference to a shuttle going to the gathering. Know where it is and if it's outside the LEO's zone?

9acb3d No.10176554


the hippie movement died out a long time ago, friend.

the hippie movement was almost entirely driven by the US/Vietnam war draft, and that only occurred for two years–1969 and 1970, for drawings that were done in 1970 and 1971.

there was a few other counterculture groups around and they all kinda intermingled for a while, but the draft was the main motivator.

the observed proof of this was that after 1971, the huge gatherings didn't happen anymore.

hippies were 100% guys, and only guys who were draft age during 1969-1970. nobody else is, or can be, a true hippy.

the girls who took to the fashion were just along for the ride (or following their boyfriends) since girls were exempt from the draft.

most things that hippies did were directly tied to trying to avoid the draft.

the reason they wore silly clothes was to try to appear mentally unstable

the reason they tried drugs was because back then tobacco and alcohol were the only two socially-acceptable drugs

the reason they advocated "free love" was because a guy would take off running, and his girlfriend would decide not to go with him–she'd stay at home.

the reason they moved to communes (where they lived on somebody else's farm and did farm labor for room+board) was because the draft board couldn't find you if you had no address of your own

the reason they disparaged capitalism was because they couldn't have normal jobs; the draft board people came around looking for people who hadn't signed up, or who had not reported after being called

the reason they studied communism courses in college was because they hoped to get rejected due to having "anti-American" sentiments

…and even better than that…

a lot of college students thought that having gone to college should totally exempt them from the draft; they felt that they were "too smart" to be mere soldiers

when the draft wound down, most of those ideological hippies came back home and resumed normal lives–insurance salesmen, accountants, etc.

and a major reason the draft was discontinued, was the very poor opinion of draftees by the military.

a4368d No.10177109


>a lot of college students thought that having gone to college should totally exempt them from the draft; they felt that they were "too smart" to be mere soldiers

Well, this IS a valid argument. Don't use good steel for making nails, as the Chinks say. I did a short stint myself, and while the officer class has to be on top of it's game, an IQ above 115 is wasted on the common grunt, as harsh as that sounds. Many, MANY good men died in Vietnam for… for what?

1984ee No.10177270



Shuttle usually refers to vehicles going either to the parking areas and back, or to town and back. Your best bet is to get new tags. could try fake ones… but risky


LEOs are harassing family inside the meadow! Making any arrests they can. They are severely outnumbered though, 15,000 vs 30. Watch them like a hawk.


Another redditer who could not be assed to read the thread. You have to go back.

195e16 No.10181136

File: 05075d7e18aae8a⋯.jpg (156.6 KB, 506x401, 506:401, kek feeds me dubs.jpg)

kek pls

1984ee No.10181714


See ya tomorrow!

9c19d6 No.10184468

OP here, on the way!

990811 No.10195908


wtf is this? Horrible bot? You cannot have our tapestries!

f27006 No.10219142

week 1 bump /r/ing after action report

bd359b No.10219197


So the clergy were the propaganda department.

1984ee No.10233931


Updates incoming, anons on the road. Things could have gone a lot more smoothly. many had transportation problems, myself included

Planning for Colorado operation will begin after the ARRs come in. Colorado gathering will likely happen between august 7th-20th.

d51590 No.10241240

File: 2f16f06f63bb0be⋯.jpeg (236.48 KB, 1024x800, 32:25, 66a735ddbbdd3d23643b7f50c….jpeg)


I and another anon arrived from my neck of the woods on the 28th. We tried, and failed to meet up with others for 3 days. I assume that they either where not there or else didn't see our messages on the info board. After awhile I did run into 3 other anons for a total of 5 of us. I suspect there may have been others among the crowd however I was not staying at Kamp Kek during the day and only dropped in a few times during the evenings. Had several good conversations however I spent most of my time healing & spreading the green pill.

I don't believe I made (knowing) contact with hippy maffia anon nonetheless I am cultivating great relations with the family, young and old. Despite only having gone a couple of years my presence was most noted by several of the elders and the younger one's are often enraptured by my presence and power as well; so all is good and in order.

I am still on the road, this is the first time I've gotten net access since I left prior to rainbow. There is no foreseeable end in sight at the moment, chances are quite good that I shall be at the Colo regional as well.

bf0bfd No.10241275


>Cannabis didn't suit me so it must never work right for anybody cause everyone has the same neurochemistry.

7bb9af No.10241320


>reclaim one of the most degenerate things that the kikes invented

it's genius..

678ac7 No.10241787


Evil works by turning the beautiful into the ugly. Could it not be that good works in the inverse?

cad91d No.10246251

charles manson was a rebel from the south, and he 2 took the hippie movement by storm

631820 No.10246447

Sup fags. I heard the next phase of this thing is happening in Colorado. That's where I live, what can I do?

I used to be a hippy/stoner/degenerate and I'm tip top at powerlevel concealment, who do I need to talk to?

b9959b No.10249141

File: a49918ba4ab193e⋯.png (112.89 KB, 461x441, 461:441, 874b90c724ed3e42af082ac8d0….png)



We have just under a month to prepare. It will likely start around the 10th of August and go on for a bit more than a week. We'll have more info soon, but i can confirm this, Colorado will have a bigger turnout of anons than Oregon did.

Update Incoming

Compiling reports from those who attended and those who assisted in other ways. So far, the primary points of improvement are logistics, communications, and hiding of power levels a bit better, at least thematically. Too many normies showed up at the national gathering, but difficulties were minimal… though the normies also contaminated the damned water supply and a few anons fell ill as a result.

oathmeme in honor of oathy, as he really helped carry this op on his shoulders.

f39f8b No.10249547


>woodstock was the moment normie/middle class kids became swept up into the culture

>as dumb as this hippie reclaim idea is:

>having a culturally comparable woodstock moment would be good

For me, I remember looking back at footage of those times, and the overwhelming message I got from that hippie era was white people saying: "let's all come together regardless of race as one humanity and choose love over hate"

And the majority of non-whites in the world today have basically said or at least imply by their actions: "fuck you whitey"

So I think we gave them their chance, in fact we gave them too much leeway, and they threw it back in our face.

Do we want a new woodstock?

Maybe, but I would prefer a new Nuremberg rally.

820398 No.10250396


contaminated water supply is easily solved by rigging up a junk still. Plans for one >>>/tok/>>1013

0110d2 No.10250427

Is Colorado the nearest regional? We just started having meet ups here in the Carolinas and that would be a great way to network

9b4519 No.10250680

I'll be in the Colorado area on those dates. Considering stopping by, will there be a thread on lessons learned and AAR stuff after nationals? How to find where it is? Check /tok/?

678ac7 No.10250752

b9959b No.10250753


Woodstock was the moment when the kikes finally struck a serious blow to the movement. The entire event was a smassive shilling. EVERYTHING about woodstock was the work of the enemy, and the real hippies abandoned society at that point.


Thanks. Realistically though it only needed boiled… We can just keep a big pot of tea and a pot of coffee going all the time. Of course… distilled water makes better extracts, and is also safer to put in a radiator.


>is Colorado the nearest regional?

The nearest that I am aware of. I'm sure some will pop up on the east coast soon, and possibly california as well, but Colorado is also a good central point to focus on. It is also not far from the path of the eclipse, and after the gathering we could head north for better viewing and memetics.


/tok/ is a sure thing. It's a slower board with a lot of prolific if autistic posters and will serve as a repository for this information.

a30676 No.10250981

I've been reading your posts here eagerly for a while, OP. I have something I want to say to /pol/, but it doesn't warrant its own thread, and this thread is the closest I have seen to relevant.

I'm leaving. I have made arrangements. I'm going to spend 8 weeks in South America to receive the healing powers of a shaman, so that I can recover from living with chronic PTSD for half my life. I have a friend near where I am now, an old man with an old affiliation with the AB. He has land in the wilderness, and skills to survive there, to hung, to trap, to fish, to move unnoticed. When I come back from Peru, he's going to teach me. I've made arrangements for after all that, too. I'll be deep in the woods living a hermitage. Alone, building primitive things, letting the wild encroach upon me so that I may be strong, performing the Work of Initiation in occult isolation.

I seldom post, but I bet a few of you will recognize me and remember what I've told of my story. I'm posting this not to hijack your thread, but to ask for some help. It will be four or five years before I emerge again. When I do, I will be in need of contact with good people, with volk. I would like to have correspondence with experienced men before I go, with men who can offer me some wisdom, advice, and guidance. With men who I can contact when I get back, who can catch me up on the state of the world since I will be gone for so long, who can help me continue to prepare for you know what.

Would a kind anon or a few kind anons be willing to send me an email to establish a long term line of communication? Please do not waste my time. I do not have a lot of it left. Kikes need not apply.

This operation is wonderful and destined for success. I regret that I am not able to take part in it this summer. Maybe later. Not that you need my well wishes, but I do wish you fortune.

b9959b No.10251035


You could just acquire a mandrake root and meet us in Colorado, instead of going to Peru…

820398 No.10253026

File: 4ba5df505da37de⋯.jpg (168.91 KB, 600x760, 15:19, Granddads_Wonderful_Book_o….jpg)

File: fd9c168280ea9ed⋯.jpg (168.03 KB, 600x760, 15:19, Granddads_Wonderful_Book_o….jpg)

File: 96cd7d2e1b03ea4⋯.jpg (172.25 KB, 600x760, 15:19, Granddads_Wonderful_Book_o….jpg)

File: 20aba0ce35a4074⋯.jpg (176.87 KB, 600x760, 15:19, plasters 2_0302.jpg)

File: 3631c66aef9b03d⋯.jpg (169.71 KB, 600x760, 15:19, Plasters_0301.jpg)


I fucked up the link. Here >>>/tok/1013

Also have some sample pages from a century old book on industrial processes and medicine manufacturing for joe average. Even patent medicines and how to make any of them.

43fc65 No.10259380


Ayahuasca or San Pedro is what he's after, I guess.

fd2a3c No.10259893

A lot of /pol/ were conspiracy stoners. Hippies are a few steps away from becoming literal NS. NS is Truth exercised. The hippy is a follower of peace and love, these things being aligned with Truth. Many will join the ranks if correct pressure and information is applied to them.

b0a844 No.10260376


Well I live in South Carolina and the eclipse is happening right over my house literally plus I have a job so I whont be able to.make that happen, I guess I'll just keep doing the /pol/ meets for my area

cc06f8 No.10261455


godspeed anon


b9959b No.10261750

File: 809fc2e434014ca⋯.jpg (2.79 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 809fc2e434014ca363026d2622….jpg)


Regionals across the country should pop up over the next month or two, for all of the family returning from the anual gathering. I'll post up if I hear anything about the carolinas.


Nationals didn't go as smoothly as planned, but many redpills were dropped. The overall turnout was half of what was expected, for regulars and anons alike, and some failed to meet up in the chaos, and others were unable to reach the destination of the gathering and congregated in small groups with other rainbow family and travelers/wandervogal. Many redpills were dropped, and our local autist, Mr OathsVoid of all people, seemed to carry his weight with maximum autism and tenacity as always.

A small temple space to Kek/Paqua was established, redpills were spread, and those who made it all seemed to have learned a lot from the experience, as well as acquiring a greater degree of confidence in their abilities.


There were minor issues with opsec, and we should try to be more discreet in the future, but everything worked out well. Beyond that, communications were the greatest issues. We're going to have to invest in radio communications in the future, or perhaps something more low tech.

b9959b No.10274309

Minor update, locations for the Colorado gathering are being scouted and compared as we speak, main problems being a good watersource and proper distance from a major city. We should have a location before August.

b9959b No.10288149

Anyone willing to help compile some quotes from Miguel Serrano for redpilling the more religious hippies?

ecd221 No.10299929


>Woodstock was the moment when the kikes finally struck a serious blow to the movement. The entire event was a smassive shilling. EVERYTHING about woodstock was the work of the enemy, and the real hippies abandoned society at that point.

Read up on Neil Young and his experience at Kikestock.

cd095c No.10301240


I was loosely using the term "esoteric hitlerists", meaning edgy / fringe stuff (bands like early Current 93, Boyd Rice, Blood Axis, PTV, etc)

cd095c No.10301247


the same kind of description applied to /pol/ NEETs must not be pretty either

cd095c No.10301373


>William Blake belongs to hippies and leftists

lol wut?

b9959b No.10319044

There is finally a meeting happening to decide the location of the Colorado Regional today. With a bit of luck, it will be decided soon. There will be an update when the information comes in.

b9959b No.10321254

FFS these hippies are like ents! Today they managed to decide that they must come to a conclusion on where to hold a council meeting, in order to hold a council meeting to decide where the location for the gathering should be at.

7d893f No.10321270

Lol I come back to /pol/ and threads like this have 600+ replies.

The Hippie Movement is what enabled the Anglobitch.

896b65 No.10328808

Have a bump

b9959b No.10328866


Have an update.

Scouts are on the ground for the Colorado gathering. They're mostly scouting the northern regions of the state. One scout group contains /ourguy/ and is feeding me updates as they come.

a5cb71 No.10328885

So how did nationals go?

Is the anon who started this still around?

What happened to /tok/?

And does anyone have a copy of the 88 dreams of kek?

d3ef79 No.10328891

Hippies die on DotR. Period.

a5cb71 No.10329000


Disregard these last two points. I am apparently just retarded at typing.

b9959b No.10329315


>88 dreams

http://pastebin.com/humnEfd4 >>>/tok/389


That's me.


Could have gone better. Communications were an issue (radio for next year.) but most problems were due to the normal hazards of Nationals, being yuppies and scenesters and issues with management for the gatherings. Half of the water supply was contaminated (idiots didn't follow regs and tapped the creek instead of a spring) so 1/3 were ill. Primary success was from simply meeting up and general redpilling. I'm personally responsible for much of the rough sailing though, as I was stranded in a desert and failed to make it… although I was stranded with several scouts for the Colorado region and made some very redpilled connections, and even convinced (rather easily) these scouts that the world would be better if Hitler had won. The best redpills involved the Artaman league and the anecdote that the Reich had created free lodges for travellers across the nation so they could have basic comforts on their quest to see the beauties of the world.


Regionals are honestly a hell of a lot better for our operations though. Smaller populations, less confusion, and better organization. Looking forward to Colorado, though regionals should pop up across the nation over the next month or two.

b9959b No.10351043


How many anons are planning to attend Colorado Regionals? Trying to plan for this.

678ac7 No.10361326


When and where, exactly? Can't commit to anything if I don't know how to get to it.

ad3e4a No.10361329



You 2 should honestly feel ashamed of yourself for bumping this.

678ac7 No.10361413

File: 780d97435c996f0⋯.jpg (19.77 KB, 608x233, 608:233, smug anime bahs.jpg)


We're going to awaken the memory of the racial blood and there's nothing you can do about it!

b9959b No.10362505


The Colorado crew really takes their time… The next meeting is on the 12th. Somewhere on Pikes Peak They best not make it too close to the eclipse or it will be a total bust…

678ac7 No.10363876


Yep. Gonna be 1k+ miles from colorado on the eclipse

574bc2 No.10366643

No, friend. Far away wars and multiculturalism at home are the ingredients of peace.

8cd369 No.10366773

File: ecd2ad08059fa5c⋯.png (19.81 KB, 111x143, 111:143, 1397823611678.png)

>3 months

How in the fuck is this shitty thread still alive?

Hippies are gay.

Hippies always were jew-toys.

They are Boomer-Tier as fuck.

b9959b No.10366999


>three months… still has not read thread passed title.

b9959b No.10377107

Colorado gathering should be happening between the 14th and 20th of this month, according to /ourguy/

678ac7 No.10378314

3775b0 No.10378444


>weev is a clone of ginsberg

Except Weev's eyes are even crazier.

678ac7 No.10394999

File: 0561a5879b790c0⋯.jpg (186.73 KB, 635x571, 635:571, full house get.jpg)