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Dear Fat Kimmy, there's a French Banker married to a grandma who's plotting to replace you with Yeong Ten

File: b350c0a0bfa1f9c⋯.jpg (228.15 KB, 800x700, 8:7, 1430268510427.jpg)

0e36c7 No.9864983


Was the assassination of MLK Jr legit? As in, was it really just James Earl Ray acting alone, or were there (((other factors))) at play?

aec309 No.9865008

File: dbb6db73a374d5a⋯.jpg (16.14 KB, 255x171, 85:57, 1493939467112.jpg)

What happened about all the Rape in Europe? I don't see many news about it anymore.

746ce4 No.9865015


Do you report on a normal day?

250a39 No.9865027

what is it with jews and triangles?

Also does anyone else notice the complete change in political tone within this glorious year of the phoenix? Why I'm getting at is that at the early 2000's and shit, celebrities coming out and making political remarks was met with attitude of "what the fuck do you know, you're just an actor" and other shit like that. Now, especially at the height of the election, you have actors and actresses that were lionized and praised for suddenly injecting themselves into the political field. That as well as there's been a sudden almost artificial ramp up of dragging libs and leftists into the political field as well. Perhaps it's the indoctrination hivemind reacting to now its existence being challenged and the kikes in a panic, but it's still interesting to notice the complete switcheroo.

a57bff No.9865037

would someone be willing to make a webm with the muisc from vid related over footage of a black gay pride parade or something similar?


5ae8a9 No.9865470

File: 5bc1c4ac2c53269⋯.jpg (294.42 KB, 545x800, 109:160, 46-be-proud-of-your-identi….jpg)

Are all fetishes degeneracy? Which ones are and aren't? Are traditional women a fetish?

787406 No.9865515


It's only a fetish if its turned into sexual perversion. For example, how the kikes pushed "schoolgirl porn" with girls in catholic school uniforms in order to forever corrupt the image of catholic school uniforms and ruin them by associating them in everyone's minds with sexual perversion.

0e36c7 No.9865611


I don't know what the scientific definition of a "sexual fetish" would be, but I would say that it's just any thing or idea that causes arousal that has no inherent reason to. For example, men thinking wide hips and large breasts is attractive is not a fetish because those things are indicative of femininity, which is something appropriate to associate sexual feelings with. Real fetishes would be disgusting shit like hand-holding and headpatting, which dont have anything to do with reproduction.

858e26 No.9865624

File: 03b8ccfd7358756⋯.jpg (68.63 KB, 442x700, 221:350, 03b8ccfd7358756258deaea993….jpg)

File: e1269e0fd3c6545⋯.jpg (103.13 KB, 792x567, 88:63, e1269e0fd3c6545ce3bf3b1984….jpg)

File: 1ad400b7504fa63⋯.png (695.39 KB, 800x749, 800:749, 1ad400b7504fa633ae9cb362b8….png)

File: 42d98e1db18e5cc⋯.jpg (55.69 KB, 581x845, 581:845, 42d98e1db18e5ccd244f4bdd3c….jpg)

File: 35c436a5f59c397⋯.jpg (28.85 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 6b065e47eea172414fdd275d99….jpg)


Holol Pride World Wide

5ae8a9 No.9865656

File: 3f3ccda3faede54⋯.jpg (700.04 KB, 685x1024, 685:1024, Viking_woman_by_weavedmagi….jpg)

File: 469e772cb73d908⋯.jpg (42.6 KB, 707x800, 707:800, 1389812035266.jpg)

File: b4a8cbdce3c409b⋯.jpg (209.9 KB, 796x928, 199:232, 1402932928640.jpg)


Obviously deviantart-tier shit is completely left field, I was talking more about girls doing "cute" things being a turn on. That or the jews have drawn false equivalences between healthy modest straight turn-ons and degenerate/promiscuous turn-ons, so healthy sexuality looks bad by association. In other words, playing Hegelian dialectics with our societies sexuality

36d19c No.9865682

File: 52bfaeda2812203⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 808.39 KB, 925x1200, 37:48, image.jpeg)

What the fuck is "Purity Spiraling" and why is it associated with TRS?

bd3f5f No.9865704

File: 3fecca3a86562a8⋯.png (81.67 KB, 500x474, 250:237, ec684b2bd9147d69c5f001db4c….png)


You missed a whole thing, lad. The /pol/-TRS Christmas Break War was a thing of glory. They called /baph/ retarded by the way.

d9c1fc No.9865730

not a question, but sum e-celeb mentioning /pol/ and bowing down to us.

>inb4 Molyjew yeah yeah, we heard it the other times, purity of the movement, only a dead kike is a good kike, VS molyneux making kikes squirm, thinly veiled naming of the jews, arguing superiority of white race and christians values, letting good tools/fools go to waste and ostracizing anything not fully1488 being as dumb as the left eating itself over the progressives stack.

keep your derail, I am only posting about Molyneux name dropping /pol/, and the funny metaphor about this place.

02:00 - discussing the amazing work of /pol/ into identifying Antifa.

>Well, I didn't really believe in omniscience until I heard about /pol/, and now I bow down before the kinda Hindu god with 6000 different eyes all of which are looking up your underpants

08:08 - talk about true heroes exposing the MSM propaganda and balancing out the lies from the left establishment

>people like Jame's O'keefe, people like chuck Johnson…the 10 finger blurred typing fest of sausages known as /pol/… because someone has to balance out the incredible propaganda and cover-up coming from the left.

Even the most asinine shill gotta admit this was funny, also I posted this in the QTDDTOT ESPECIALLY to avoid shitting up the board.

5ae8a9 No.9865731


What exactly did iron march do in all this? I've never been able to figure out how they're even relevant, but their name keeps coming up

787406 No.9865732

File: 73605bcfb88d3cb⋯.png (128.47 KB, 511x560, 73:80, pol punch right TRS.png)


Nominally, it refers to people getting too nitpicky about stupid shit and "spiraling out of control" until everyone but pure icelanders at least 6'5 who deadlift at least lmao4plate with blond hair and blue eyes are safe from the gas chambers.

…that's complete bullshit though. In reality "purity spiraling" is just some bullshit term TRS faggots use to shout down anyone who calls them out on their degenerate bullshit. They'll also spend their entire time attacking eveyone not affiliated with TRS while at the same time screaming "don't punch right, bro!" at anyone who criticizes them.

Their "purity spiral" bullshit doesn't even make sense in the context of white nationalism. It's because they come from ancapistan backgrounds (and they still ARE just lolbertarians LARPing at white nationalists). In libertarian circlejerks, terms like purity spiraling make sense, because you can always come up with even more convoluted ways to figure out how to have basic utilities and societal functions without violating muh NAP. That's where the term REALLY comes from. Because libertarians can spend hours in their bubbles theorcrafting ruth-goldberg-style convoluted schemes figuring out how to have roads in Ancapistan.

d9c1fc No.9865736


… fuck, video already uploaded somewhere

video in question, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3ZZzQcCWhc

namedrop /pol/ in funny ways at 02:00 & 08:08

d7dcdc No.9865771

File: 181c0a744b16832⋯.png (205.49 KB, 480x800, 3:5, d74e0bdf57892cd047b918e947….png)


A housewife in naked apron feels so right.

I still consider it a fetish, I don't consider it degeneracy.

787406 No.9865778

File: a11294bd2d3afb3⋯.png (12.03 KB, 279x140, 279:140, who's paul.png)



Also, Moly comes off as pretty damn fake in these france-related videos. He knows damn well that frogs only watch shit in french, yet he only is putting out english content. All these videos are is circlejerking h

6ae6ab No.9865782

File: 65afcb75a9690c8⋯.jpg (641.78 KB, 817x4829, 817:4829, 1494029293029.jpg)

File: 3d2a2ffffe29d7a⋯.png (1.45 MB, 635x3624, 635:3624, 1494028456363.png)

Can anyone comment on the veracity of these images?

bd3f5f No.9865784


If you're not making your lady act like a whore she'll find someone who does, remember that.

d9c1fc No.9865790

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


well, he don't speak french, but he did do a fully subtitles video for the frenchies, he really should have done subs for every video related to the french election though


488e26 No.9865810


>muh dik

36d19c No.9865835


so from what I've gathered, they sperged out because people were sick of their fag enabling and shit?

bd3f5f No.9865848


No, it's about having a healthy sexual relationship with your wife, you simian.

57df0a No.9865854



Most french dont understand english?

787406 No.9865865

File: 50002a0e2973bba⋯.jpg (189.35 KB, 650x1400, 13:28, bane mike enoch shill.jpg)


Well, there was a long series of events. but it culminated with the TRS fags acting like internet tough guys acting like bigshots and daring /baph/ to dox them. So /baph/ did. And then they got pissy when /pol/ looked through the dox and found that Enoch had a kike wife. And not just any kike, but a degenerate tranny-touting marxist jew wife.

And don't even get me started on their damage control, which made even the people initially defending them turn on them.


Do you know the French? Yeah, most can probably speak and understand English. But they refuse to listen to English content. It's just the way they are, and I actually admire them for wanting to keep their cuture instead of letting it get washed away by globalism. Just wish they felt the same way about their race, instead of replacing themselves with maghrebis and cameroonians

bcb0b0 No.9865891

File: bc16e77a14bd6e1⋯.jpg (35.34 KB, 598x368, 13:8, 1431550340079.jpg)

I have shit impulse control, so much so that buying scratch tickets and winning a small amount gives me a rush better than any drug I've ever taken. Even typing about it now is making my fidgety and wanting to go out, get five scratch tickets from the same row, and see if one is a winner. I've heard that's a smart strategy.

Realistically I know I'm fucking myself over, but I don't know how to control my impulsiveness. How do you?

06bcb8 No.9865937

File: e39b16141dd7fb2⋯.jpg (200.02 KB, 1210x929, 1210:929, eastern-front-ww2-maps-001.jpg)

What did Hitler plan to do with Russia if he did win his war in the east because all the information about General Plan Ost seems to be fake.

46c7c9 No.9865971

What application can I use to rip all the images and videos from a thread instead of saving each individual file manually?

0e5d4e No.9865982


Are all fetishes degeneracy? Which ones are and aren't? Are traditional women a fetish?

The best thing is to use a healthy dose of common sense here. Trying to purity spiral based on what a married couple does in the bedroom seems like something a d&c shill would want. I'm convinced the vast most abnormal fetishes are caused by porn anyway, which is the real problem.

79306a No.9866003


Would gambling video games gives you the same rush? I mean games where there's no real money involved, just some arbitrary bits you start with?

de93b3 No.9866011


It is all fake.

0e36c7 No.9866033


I'm not as read up on my Third Reich history as I should be, but I'd imagine he'd just purge all the jews and marxists and establish various volkish countries based on ethnic groups.

0e36c7 No.9866037



7b26bd No.9866045

File: a0c3e8022044d96⋯.jpg (81.4 KB, 1211x793, 1211:793, a0c3e8022044d96067891360f4….jpg)


She's Swedish you fucking kike puppet

010c41 No.9866063


You're on the fast track to gambling away all your possessions. It's a habit that will leave you penniless and without a family. The games are rigged so that in the long run you'll always spend more money than you get, bar the exceedingly rare chance of winning a few hundred thousand or so. It's a pretty dumb thing to do.

You should derive your thrills from something else. Like shooting at the range, competitive gaming, doing or watching sports. I know I'd spend a lot of time at the range if I was American, instead I play videogames.

ce3624 No.9866121

I don't know where else to ask a question like this. I'm 27. At the end of the month I'm taking a plane from the US to London. All I'm taking with me is my camping gear, a small laptop and the 10k USD I have in the bank from my last job. What should I do? I planned to camp for a while- Snowdonia National Park and the Ring of Kerry in Ireland- but after that I don't know what to do. I feel so fucked right now- addicted to cigarettes, the internet and alcohol. I need to reset and spend time in nature by myself. But then what? I'm an EU citizen and I want to learn a trade. I'm decent with leather crafts, but is that even an option anymore?

I just want some wise-anon to talk to. I feel lost, and my family is split between people like my dad who tell me I'm burning my life away, or people like my aunt who think this is just a vacation so it's a great idea. I don't think I'll be coming back. But I'm afraid I won't find an apprenticeship, if such a thing even exists anymore.

b18962 No.9866496

File: 14f071b7fefdad9⋯.png (9.75 KB, 645x851, 645:851, 14f071b7fefdad965718b0ce08….png)

I've been thinking over this for the last two weeks. I feel as if what I do here is pretty minimal. I'm not a meme wizard, and my only real contributions to our cause outside of my personal life happens just by spreading red pills on social media, but sometimes I feel like the only people that pay attention when I try to red pill them are just other /pol/acks who already knew this stuff. I feel more comfortable and successful putting out small red pills to my peers, friends, and family. Is there any way I could highlight on this? Is there anything I can do to really help the cause here?

e4c4da No.9866591

File: d248b62ab5bc92a⋯.png (1013.84 KB, 781x775, 781:775, but what about.PNG)

how reliable is 23andMe for determining genetic history? is it any better than ancestry.com?

what should I do with the information once I have it? I already know what to do in the worst-case scenario

a57bff No.9866680

File: 378daca5d8b67e4⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 250x141, 250:141, bird.gif)


TRS please

8d291e No.9866899

File: f9c811abcc00280⋯.jpg (93.56 KB, 750x1024, 375:512, Nogs028.jpg)


>Was the assassination of MLK Jr legit? As in, was it really just James Earl Ray acting alone, or were there (((other factors))) at play?

My OC answers this

ed9eac No.9866914


AFAIK they throw about 2% jew into everyone.

461108 No.9866923


Who cares? MLKJ should have been killed a decade earlier.

de25c1 No.9866932

Why is /pol/ against libertarians (lolbertarians). What's the problem with live and let live, as long as they don't fuck with you?

08af0a No.9867063

File: 61b01f39b8a4d3f⋯.gif (2.54 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1466115607167.gif)


Because "live and let live" is a waste of life, and that effects everyone. Individualism has an extremely limited but important value, libertarians exaggerate it, i.e. this GIF.

08af0a No.9867065


Except if you're Hitler, Napoleon, or me in 10 years.

467077 No.9867078


They're Common Cuck worshippers that constantly try to push him and their shitty site on 8/pol/ but get BTFO all the time

Their owner is a fucking Uzbek that lives off his politician daddy's money. The only good thing they did was leak a bunch of shit about TRS being fags

68d299 No.9867123

Do the jews REALLY control everything? Or is it something more then that?

68d299 No.9867132


I have kike friends that are redpilled and do not conform to their brethren s underhanded tactics. Are they still untrustworthy as well?

dffe5c No.9867140

File: a35c192c4102259⋯.jpg (50.29 KB, 634x555, 634:555, Jewish strategic interest.jpg)



They want everyone on the planet to exhibit some little bit of Jewish background. This, because the Jews are race-mixers… mixing other people's races.

'23 and me' is not being completely honest, and there's no way to check em.

ee3b00 No.9867607


I knew a guy from england who visited Kerry and never left, ended up working on a fishing boat. Kerry is pure magic. Ireland is great but not as good as UK for work

04c357 No.9867651




Pick one.

A jew will only tell a truth if it benefits a greater lie. Get rid of 'em, they are NOT "redpilled" at all. If stopping communication is completely out of the question for some reason, always remember they're trying to fuck you over. Smile, laugh even agree, but NEVER trust.

04c357 No.9867808


I'm a psyop shill for telling the guy to never trust them?

You really think "based black men" and "dissident jews" memes have white peoples best in mind long term? At best you end up with a double agent no side can trust.

652468 No.9867812


>not all kikes

>le based kikes

Enjoy being betrayed by kikes that fool you, you dumb faggot.

597ee0 No.9867828


Good man. Get a grip on your addictions in nature, then look for something like HelpX or WWOOF to give your wandering more structure (and free food, lodging and older wiser heads who have done their own thing).

04c357 No.9867841


I never stated not to use them, contrary to your beliefs I'm not completely retarded.

>Smile, laugh even agree, but NEVER trust.

Thought that was obvious enough. Guess not.

652468 No.9867846


Hitler lived in reality of 100 years ago when every fifth citizen of his country was not a shitskin. He maybe saw a nigger in pictures, he never had to deal with them in person. Using dissident elements of kikes will not help you in this case, because they always collude based on blood and not ideology. American and European kikes helped Soviet kikes achieve victory despite major differences in ideology. They all want to enslave the goy, they only argue about the flavor of enslavement. It's in their blood, not just in how they think. All kikes are in the end are parasites and if you let some "based kikes" into your movement, it's over because it's only a matter of time before they return to usual tricks. It's been proven over and over in history. There is no such thing as a good kike, but there is something called hedging which is what the alleged "good kikes" periodically do to ensure survival of their race in the future.

787406 No.9867847


This. The very concept of a "redpilled kike" is just plain incorrect. The whole concept of being redpilled is that you know about the kikes and the bullshit they push. No shit the kikes know about it themselves; they're the ones pushing it. That's not redpilled. You can't be redpilled on yourself.

5bbff2 No.9867850


Similar situation. 26, dropped out of uni, no apprenticeship or work experience. No addictions, but serious health problems instead. Currently trying my hardest to get a grip on my health and life in general, looking for an apprenticeship or a job in general. Got an interview the coming week.

Just don't ever give up anon and also consider opting for a job that few other people want to do even if it's unpleasant since they sometimes pay nicely and there might be less competition to get in. Also try to get connections with people, you never know how someone could help you find a job or get you an in.

We're all gonna make it, brah.

7b10e4 No.9867856


That was the purpose of the terrorist attacks - organized by the governments themselves.

To shift the dialogue window to cover up the ethnic cleansing through everyday criminality, state funded rapes and murders, etc.

As long as there aren't terrorist attacks on soil, nothing matters and the piles of corpses and broken lives are ignored.


>when they kidnap and rape, murder and pillage rather than pop up like mexican jumping beans they're just normal criminals; "lone wolves".

09722d No.9867858



I'm triggered.

09722d No.9867862


Libertarian leads to cultural and ethical divergence. Over time, this leads to an unstable society. Modern libertarianism is nothing more than hippie liberalism. Dude weed, open borders, sexual degeneracy, etc.

7b10e4 No.9867863


>"smart" strategy

Jesus, anon…scratch fucking cards…

I'll give you a piece of advice, if you really can't help but gamble, change tactics: shift the burden of risk on (((them))) rather than playing for chances.

Bet on events NOT happening; i.e. the score of a football match not changing in the last minutes, then it doesn't even matter who's fucking playing or the intensity of wind currents moving the trajectory of shots or ridiculous bullshit stats that they show you.

661689 No.9867904

Why are Somalis retarded?

de93b3 No.9867907


70 average IQ, isnt this common knowledge yet?

834d96 No.9867914

What are you top 5 favourite books?

661689 No.9867921


Then who in his right mind would let those retards into white countries?

04c357 No.9867936


Kikes and Women not kept under control by a Man.

de93b3 No.9867972


Minnesota needs the diversity goy.

ce3624 No.9868745


This is kind of what I hope happens to me. I've heard Kerry is a magical place before.



Yeah I'm spending one night there then getting the fuck out. I've had my fill of cities here in the US. I know I need to get my shit together- this is what I hope does it for me.


I made a workaway account a few weeks ago. I really hope that doing that, and proving my worth to hosts can lead to something more permanent out there. Fingers crossed for Ireland, but I wouldn't mind living in Wales either. I hear it's nice out there, sparsely populated and close to nature.

ce3624 No.9868767


By the way can you tell me more about this guy you know or about Kerry?

494c74 No.9868881

File: b11f35b8ef91387⋯.jpg (93.4 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, image.jpg)

File: 1963f8ff4d15375⋯.jpg (147.35 KB, 719x1280, 719:1280, image.jpg)

File: 0bb7738d619a942⋯.jpg (210.91 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, image.jpg)


Just wanted to say lol at how everything the chains touch get taken. All your memes are belong to us

494c74 No.9868884


Chans* forgive me kek

be418d No.9869122

File: 4d969aa58fcc3d5⋯.jpg (105.45 KB, 850x330, 85:33, tjurabalan-aboriginal-elde….jpg)

What the fuck happened to Abos? Clearly they're subhuman. But presumably their ancestors had the competence and daring to travel to Australia in the first place. Is it just milennia of inbreeding?

To a lesser extent, same question regarding Polynesians. They had some measure of seafaring ability and boldness to venture into the Pacific, so they're not at worthless as nigs. Is it generations of easy-living that removed any enterprising qualities/genes?

46bba9 No.9869151

File: 9c21fa5c4853183⋯.jpg (26.01 KB, 500x700, 5:7, attentionispower.jpg)


If you enter that kind of shit, you gotta make sure you are the best of the best. Scratch tickets dont allow that and they are soley random no skill involved, not a good way to spend your money.

If you want to control your impulsiveness set a timetable to achieve a certain goal. Because if you set a goal it shifts the perception.

46bba9 No.9869220


It is about the mindflow, some harward philsopher was jerking about these beautiful mindflows. Cannot find his name right now, but it is like those strategy where you shift from the little in the detail the bigger picture depending on the stage the game progressed.

46bba9 No.9869690


I believe that once a black hole vanishes it takes the information with it, which means everything else acts unexpectedly. Just like you would expect out of dark matter. And the more information you take away the more it acts like it would be still there.

46bba9 No.9870684


And they rather send their remote bots in than be there themselves, and they dont do this for efficancy.

630eb2 No.9870688


I heard that Allan Carr wrote books about how he quit smoking cigarettes, quit drinking alcohol, and didn't feel like he lost a single pleasure when he did so.

Since I never smoked cigarettes, and I rarely ever drank alcohol, I don't know that much about quitting a powerful addiction.

7f881e No.9870698


I read Hitler´s table talk and he wanted to establish a fluent border with Russia consisting of Germanic settlers from Western Europe who would live as farmers and soldiers. He would leave the Russians to themselves, but prevent them from getting to powerful again. However, his plan was to take a lot of their natural resources for himself by creating a trade system that was disadvantageous to the Russians, but considering what the Soviets did to Germany and had planned in case they got hold of it completely, this is justified.

46bba9 No.9870767


They are strong habits, but if i think of them id rather conquer them than think of influence of my health because it doesnt have any in short to mid run. You rather substitude them with other bad habits that are equally potent like boobanimals, money power and discovery (intelligence). So you change one thing for another. We never think of it like "what a nice thing he quit" we think of it like "look how he changed."

bb2d83 No.9870848

File: bc9155bbdba704b⋯.gif (2.95 MB, 237x329, 237:329, As the world turns.gif)

To what degree do Useful Idiots believe what they disseminate? They can't all buy into the never ending cycle of double downing on the ebil Russia Drumpf tiny hands free speech doesn't mean hate speech nonsense, can they?

Example: Ashly Burch favorites & retweets the exact kind of 'Let's listen to Shaun King who is totally not a white guy' Russia-blaming Clinton voter bloc nonsense you'd expect her fans to guzzle like King's piss. Due to Twitter censoring, shadowbanning and gentrifying itself from any sort of wrongthink - this vidya industry appointed mystery meat Che Guevarra who stands for every ideology and talking point that requires no critical thought or consideration beyond feels.

Her girlfriend, Sarah Elmaleh, is friends with Leigh 'I am a megaphone' Alexander. Birds of a feather.

46bba9 No.9870978


Ideology always works on certain perimeters, beliefe, followers and profitiers.

And the profitiers have to follow that shit until somethings seeps into them. And these people are made for the shakle.

They are like a perfect artificial design for a certain pull, like you have to breed a certain type.

46bba9 No.9871029

File: b74ea785e3ab880⋯.jpg (63.95 KB, 600x557, 600:557, 1457604712292.jpg)


And what really enrages me is that some people think we are some nerds that are naive on a certain level just like their goyim that buy that shit.

Gamers only buy the best shit, only imitate the best of the best and if you extend the game to other levels, and your sjw peons matter here, we will go there.

46bba9 No.9871123


I would create something that is right everytime no matter the subject. Because then all your irony and all your shit has to pass through that litmus test. I would raise that like i raise a baby with information. And they would have to go through that hoops like little dogs. That is the current year.

ad8f60 No.9871290

can someone redpill me on the ukraine civil war? which side are we on? also which side does weev fight for?

46bba9 No.9871365


Didnt much look into it but probably on the side that wear the star and the helmet at the same time.

46bba9 No.9871386


But if you ask me, right in front of me.

633ba4 No.9871643

1. Why do Jews fuck/jew other Jews? Aren't they only allow to fuck/jew the goyim by Jewish law?

2. Why is Leftist ideology so shit? Has it always been so shit from the beginning of its creation? Are there any examples of Leftist ideology not being shit pre-(((Karl Marx))) era?

3. Is Democracy really soft Communism?

46bba9 No.9871741


The reason why leftist ideolgy is shit is that leftist ideology seeks to infiltrate every aspect of human nature kibutz style, it doesnt stop at a certain goal the goal of "leftist ideology" is making everything shit or great depending on what perspective you take. It doesnt accept different abilities and different inclinations. So in it self it is self defeating becaue the great ones make it big but at the same time they have to be small just like the sigfried saga.

And capitialism is like fake tits, the tits in itself are usually good but capitalism tries to stuff big implants into them so it looks plastic and shit.

They look like artificial product, the walking dead. They are like communism just like saying there are not waling dead but pretty puppets.

ab9e58 No.9872032


1.Jews fuck each over because they are jews. The reality is that jews are the master planners we think they are. They are just extreme opportunists.

The communists after WW2 wanted the world to hate fascism so they promoted this holocaust idea, all the concentration camps liberated by the Russians also happened to be death camps while all the allied liberated camps were simply work camps. The communists promoted this lie of extermination and the jews jumped onto this lie since it worked in their favor. Jews jew everyone, even other jews.

2. The left used to be mildly okay before communism. It promoted ideas of liberty and freedom for all. It was about decentralizing governments so that people could better manage themselves.

However, the left has been taken over by communists and they work to destroy anything that isn't communism. Its all apart of their manifesto. Right now, the communists are winning the long game as they have been subverting the left of all western democracies.

3. In short, no. There are three major positions, Democracy, Fascism, and Communism. Anyone who tells you there are less is lying to you. Democracy unfortunately is easily subverted and can be shifted to the other two positions. Due to a massive effort to subvert everyone by the communists, the Democracies of our world are being shifted towards communism rather than staying true to Democracy.

46bba9 No.9872078


Democracy is always depend on the current year, essentially and not what the "leftists" mean by the current year. It is a system of goodwill and optimism.

The left always has been a correcting vector of that until the american shitjews took a major factor in it, of democracy. Same thing of the the right wing, which is a like recoiling system speaking of importance.

But today the leftwing is a distorted frankstein of money and brainbubbles but many leftists think that they have to just push it far enough to get the desired results.

baf743 No.9872112


This is the point where you chose between not ever touching gambling again or ending in a ditch.

46bba9 No.9872119


There isnt anything that resembles of a manifesto, it is written in their brains, on a superficial level and on a deeper one. The manifesto is just a extremist outrage and manifests itself in some sort of physical form. Leftists today do not have that, they just have the zeitgeist of what is considered leftist and the zombies follow. But considering that the goal has been shifted so much that their attention also shifted. Want to be a leftist today, you need to be a gender non binary papa guinea bird that eats veagan. Makes it really difficult arguing.

baf743 No.9872131



Most of us aren't much use as activists. That doesn't mean you should stop coming here but your primary focus should simply be to MAKE SOME WHITE BABIES.

Create your own community and future.

46bba9 No.9872160


Sure that is why they use our shit frequently.

You have no idea what some people with our ability can do.

bb2d83 No.9872212

File: 9a66464febf8d97⋯.jpg (24.41 KB, 419x436, 419:436, The Sentry is a Spy.jpg)


Good point. She's Mystery Meat, hits all the right marks in the Social Justice echo chamber, is sleeing with the Henry Kissinger Daddy's Money half arab voice actor stepping stone for connections in the industry (who also retweets and favorites similar garbage but has a much smaller reach), is a result from meritocracy by virtue of her brother, and her work as a voice actor landed her a role on Steven Universe. Even more overlap for the kind of people who buy what she's selling.

It's as if she and/or her circumstances were curated. Bonus points for her brother, helping push the narrative of 'Trump Supporters = Brexit Supporters' so ANYONE on either side of the pond who doesn't buy into Social Justice can easily be dismissed as a buzzoword catchphrase verb the adjective noun before they're blocked.




46bba9 No.9872260


Na, the thing is that trump supporters and the right wing sector of europe will be lumped in with idiots.

Meaning the monkies will dismiss it entirely because only the undesirable monkies will reiterate that train of thought. Which means we need some intelligence, and that most easily transmits by intelligent replies. Which we provide profoundly,

46bba9 No.9872288


If you find someone that is left leaning economically and right wing internally with high iq and high charisma, you can make an earthquake something that only gets outmatched by hitler. That would be the ultimate conquest, you need 1 in 100 hitlers to get what i want.

46bba9 No.9872392


Where do you provide some nice boobanimals?

bb2d83 No.9872460

File: 02213e1f95a2b56⋯.jpg (10.2 KB, 261x272, 261:272, wat1.jpg)

File: 7b1ef948c4f2a16⋯.png (88.76 KB, 185x255, 37:51, wat1.png)


Checked, but not sure how this relates to my post.


Can your elaborate, or perhaps rephrase your question?

46bba9 No.9872568


Do you know how i make you remember, half a dozend titcarriers want to suck my dick and the other half of males only looks my briefly in my eyes. Means my chance for titimals is 8x above average.

880e28 No.9872586


>French want to keep their culture instead of letting it get washed away by globalism


>French greatly support mass 3rd world immigration

>French elect a rothschild banker stooge into office who says that there is no such thing as french culture and that french need to get used to living with terrorist attacks

>French are a bunch of cucked socialist degenerates who want to be walked all over by globalists

At this point, French Fries are more French than the French.

>French elect

bb2d83 No.9872611

File: faad88d26583f78⋯.jpg (11.59 KB, 206x235, 206:235, mfw.jpg)


It's okay, at least you're not Anthony Burch.

>mfw I'm not, either

c3b57e No.9872620


It's owned by the jewish wife of a google jew

36d19c No.9872935

Are Jews incapable of creating anything on their own? Even Jewish languages like Yiddish and Ladino have roots in existing languages

2bdfad No.9872936

File: 6ed1b4925e94bb8⋯.png (700.05 KB, 3300x2550, 22:17, civil war 2 checklist prin….png)

r/ing /pol/-related zines

7a7032 No.9873131


>whats with actors and actresses…

Obama relied on them in 2008 and 2012 to pull off a "cool" image, He made it fashionable to pay them lots of shill money to give his name exposure

39f67c No.9873147

Why do Jews go out of their way to destroy what lets them consume?

40d447 No.9874312

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The aboriginies literally just walked to Australia when there was a land bridge. cmiiw but I think they've got a similar % of Denisovan DNA as Europeans had with Neanderthals.

Polynesian history is relatively new. For example the Maoris were only on New Zealand for about 300 years before Europeans arrived. This means Maoris and Europeans have been interacting for the same ammount of time as the Maoris had in isolation. But in that time pre-Europeans they managed to kill off all the LotR sized eagles that were the apex predators at the time, and their main prey, huge fucking 500lb ostriches. More perspective on timelines, the polynesians were colonising the pacific ocean around the same time as Vikings were raiding Europe, and did it over a longer period of time.

I've got great respect for polynesian culture tbh, I kinda wished they colonised Australia before Europeans did, then we could have a better relationship with "the natives" similar to NZ and Maoris. Plus their warrior culture is neat as hell.

4cca59 No.9874874


Read Alan Carr's How to Quit Smoking right fucking now and apply it. Rewire your brain to do something else when you get the gambling impulse. Pick up a book and read or do pushups. You will fail many times, but just increase the amount of time you can hold off gambling until you don't need to any more and the gambling impulse just makes you want to read or workout. Realize you're not missing out on anything by not gambling, and in fact you're helping yourself.


Make white children.

Have a great career and donate to the right things.

Research niche subjects useful to the movement and write books, or learn useful skills and write guides on how to learn them. Or do this in a video format.

Dig into government crime data and do statistical analysis on it that would never get done by mainstream academics. Spread your results online.

What are you interested in or good at?


There are a handful of evil shabbos goys in high positions, but yes the jews are enemy #1. If you're religious, you could say the devil is #1, but the jews are his children and a force we can actually take care of. If you're /x/, you could say it's extra-dimensional aliens or some shit. Try awakening and meditating to fight them if you want, I'll try to defeat evil in the real world.

You could say "we're our own enemies" because we let ourselves get tricked by schlomo, but this is just a semantic point. Fighting jews means hardening our defenses regardless.

That said, even in a world without kikes there will be many problems to deal with like Islam but these are much less existential or threatening.

63ccd4 No.9874881

So I was talking with my father and his wife today, and I was saying how Trump was basically pushing an Israeli agenda really hard lately, and putting Israel before America, and that it could all just be political maneuvering (aka 4D chess), but it looks really suspicious, and we shouldn't be fighting on Israel's behalf again. To this, my father's wife asked "But isn't Israel the promised land?"

I had no clue how to answer this without completely alienating the normies, all I managed to say was "Israel is… home to some very manipulative political forces."

My question is, what can I say to redpill people who are that bluepilled and Christcucked?

4cca59 No.9875136

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The land of Canaan (modern Israel) being the promised land from Genesis is a total red herring wrt the modern world. The "chosen" from the new testament are those that believe in Christ, and so explicitly NOT modern so-called "jews."

From Revelation3:9: "Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee."

And in any case, the land of israel being the promised land doesn't imply anything about the kikes that current live there unless she's totally swallowed the bluepill and is an evagicuck that worships modern jews instead of God.

embed related explains that and may be useful to show her just to get her questioning her understanding of how the bible tells us to view modern jews and revelation.

But really, women can't be convinced of anything unless people they view as their superiors in their peer group also believe in them. If your dad is so cucked he can't be convinced of things without her influence, you may be fucked. It's supposed to work the exact opposite way.

cad576 No.9876458


What the hell happened to /polblog/?

b74ecd No.9876609

When did the angle of multiculturalism promotion turn from "America will never become non-white" to "America is becoming non-white and you're racist if you have a problem with it"?

b74ecd No.9876612


No one went there mods anchored all the threads promoting it

65eb21 No.9876629


Maoris are as/more savage as your basket ball American. Dont fall for the propaganda.

>t. New Zealander who went to a high Maori percentage school.

bb8ba9 No.9876822

File: b5e71c0c66ec749⋯.gif (4.77 MB, 478x303, 478:303, muss don't give a fuck.gif)

Can someone here recommend books/videos on Mussolini?

de93b3 No.9876838


Mussolini's intellectuals

bb8ba9 No.9876848


Hitler talks about this in Mein Kampf. Basically jews have a genetic imbalance inbuilt from a history of not having a land of their own. They have no concept of preservation except for that of their individual selves, because they've never been the source of their profit. They only profit off others. If the jew were the last race on the planet, they'd quickly destroy themselves, as their ingroup preference - though strong - is conditioned upon the hostility of the groups they swindle.

That's what I recall, anyway.

bb8ba9 No.9876859


Wouldn't happen to have a link to a pdf or something, would you? I couldn't find one from my usual sources.

36d19c No.9876920


Jews are essentially intelligent gypsies, after they got kicked out of the levant they moved to italy, then they were expelled from there and moved to iberia and the rhineland, then they were expelled from spain and germany and moved elsewhere, you get the idea

8f410d No.9877533


>Obama relied on them in 2008 and 2012 to pull off a "cool" image, He made it fashionable to pay them lots of shill money to give his name exposure

Obama himself was only an actor, same as the last four or five presidents.


>If you're /x/, you could say it's extra-dimensional aliens or some shit.

Non-sequitur. I'm as /x/ as they come, and I sure as hell don't believe in "aliens", which are actually demons.

f8eae7 No.9877635

I'm looking for an image that talks about how women use the military as a notch on a belt.

0e36c7 No.9878190

can someone post the "at least i still have the constitution" pic?

7ae80c No.9878265

What's a good copy of Mein Kampf to buy for myself? If I didn't work 55 hours a week I'd just learn German…

0e36c7 No.9878638


nevermind, i found it

bb8ba9 No.9879034


I read the Ford Translation, and found it very easy to digest. It goes to great lengths to make sure the reader knows what Hitler meant, or might have meant by certain phrases/references, and restores names he had removed in later edition of his book (occasionally he'd mention someone who later admitted to allying with jews or something, so he'd refuse to promote them) and explains why. I haven't read any other versions of Mein Kampf, so I can't say this is the best version, but I thought it was very good. There's an audio book version, too.

b91744 No.9879040

Hitler hated smoking, but would he hate vaping? Are e-cigs the final solution to cigarette jew?

Those notorious German and Dutch chemists did invent artificial flavoring after all.

8e09a9 No.9879138


They're good for people who are quitting. Otherwise, they're not a hobby, and those addicted to these things are pretty repulsive.

1551bc No.9879237

What exactly makes weed degenerate in the minds of /pol/? The way I see it is that people who are "WEEDLMAO" stoners who only exist to smoke weed are degenerate. But I've tried to argue that people who use marijuana medicinally to help with mental diseases such as alcoholism ADHD and depression or physical diseases like arthritis and cancer are not degenerate, yet it seems most of /pol/ disagrees and blankets all marijuana use as degenerate.

233b04 No.9879366


I wouldn't worry about what /pol/ thinks as long as you only smoke in moderation, once a week or less.

630eb2 No.9879637


Make sure your vape juice doesn't contain any diactyl chemicals. Those have been known to cause "Popcorn lung" because diactyl flavors are used in some forms of microwave popcorn, and some people who produce microwave popcorn got lung disease from the fumes.

d253d1 No.9879644


Those craven rats seeped into my polish roots and usurped my fucking lineage, and I still agree with this. Fucking kikes if you hate them now imagine having that goddamned poison in your veins.

63ccd4 No.9879646


I'm pretty much in the same boat as you, cannabis usage in extreme moderation is fine, frying away all your neurons staying high all day erryday is degenerate. A couple things to remember: weed was legal in the Reich. Also, it's been used both medicinally and recreationally for at least two and a half millennia, and its usage was once considered mundane, a non-issue. To this day, it remains a well-established fact that cannabis has no lasting harmful effects, it's the smoke that causes lung and brain damage, and there are other (and more potent) ways of consuming it besides smoking it. The trend of outlawing it started within the last century and a half or so, literally when jewish politicians wanted to whip up a boogeyman to profit off of the prohibition of. That's why most people in the US today incorrectly refer to it as "marijuana," because that was a 19th century Latin American slang term that never really saw that much usage, but at that time, something "Mexican-sounding" made it seem scarier, thus making it easier to brainwash the masses into thinking a relatively harmless herb was evil and deadly. That stigma, to some extent, obviously persists to this day - it's still nothing but jewish lies.

233b04 No.9879674


>well-established fact that cannabis has no lasting harmful effects

Unless you smoke when you're young, then it'll fuck up your brain.

bb8ba9 No.9879737


>extreme moderation

Is that different from moderation?

bb8ba9 No.9879752


"Smoke" being a keyword addressed in his post. Consuming mind altering substances before having a firm grasp of reality is probably unwise no matter how you ingest them, though.

63ccd4 No.9879770


I wouldn't recommend using potent psychotropics before your brain has finished developing, or come close to full development at least, but a lot of that is likely still a result of the smoke, rather than the THC itself. Unfortunately, there haven't really been a lot of full-scale studies on it, so most of what we have to go on is millennia of anecdotal evidence.


By "extreme moderation," I mean not just limiting yourself to one hit every couple of days or so, but rather one every few weeks or more.

ee7e35 No.9879797

Is there anyway to automatically hide threads that are pinned on the first page?

7b4081 No.9880615

File: c9c5daef9d54ebe⋯.png (6.94 KB, 315x250, 63:50, DEUS VULT.png)

What should I do if I turn out to be descendant of jews when I get my DNA tested? I don't mean a 1-3% that could be in the margin of error, but a 25%-75% or even 90% of jewish ancestry.

I have resoluted that I will not commit suicide if I get said result, so don't waste your time suggesting it.

bb8ba9 No.9880673


Infiltrate and subvert Jewish strongholds

24a43e No.9880839


this one is a bit obscure but it something I have wondered. World politicis and the polticial landscape being as fragile as it is with all the different groups, organizations and (((tribes))) lobbying in different countries in order to maintain and increase their power what would happen should something completely out of the blue that could never have been predicted occur and for lack of a better example let's say ayy lmaos or something crazy along those lines were to pop in and not necessarily wipe us out but change or try to change the way we act and think intentionally or not

think the movie Arrival, in the end of that movie all countries are brought together under the banner of cooperation in order to preserve the peace in the face of an external and unknown force with the end result being increased ties and new bonds of cooperation between countries such as Iran, China, the US, and Russia. were something like this to happen how do you think countires like Israel or Saudi Arabia would feel about warming relations between allies and rivals while they are left in the dark? Could a force like this shatter the whole purpose of the Jewish lobby when people start to see how small we are and cause the West and other developed countries to put past tensions aside and discrediting the idea of warmongering against countries that don't like Israel or Saudi Arabia for the sake of shekels? How would the kikes and Wahhabis respond?

383789 No.9880923

On the Holocaust: why is the standard of evidence drastically lowered? I keep on trying to confront people who presuppose that everything is truthful (of the Holocaust), but I can't get an answer. If you have the time, I've been going back and forth with some of them on a Holocaust blog (http://archive

.is/25r7a). In a nutshell, I'm only concerned with evidence to support the statement from a logical and evidentiary point of view. Fallacious lines of reasoning are NOT proof, like arguing that because there were lots of Jews and now there aren't that there was necessarily a Holocaust: that is defined as an argument from silence fallacy (which presumes guilt before innocence). Presuming that the documents Germans sent back and forth about the Holocaust is a genetic fallacy because is assumes the validity/invalidity of a statement by its source over its content, especially when you refuse to exhume the bodies that are being referenced to corroborate what the documents are talking about. Additionally, deliberately taking euphemisms as truth is not logically feasible/accepted as evidence, as the case of the actual evidence OF the bodies is still required.

tl;dr: why is Holocaust belief incapable of answering the question: how many bodies were exhumed? Even the Rwandan genocide had their niggers capable enough of recording the evidence after the fact: https://archive.is/WWcnx

fa46bb No.9880938


>hurr life only exists on the earth the rest of the universe is nothingness

And the earth is flat too, right retard? No wonder you use /x/, the board that bans you for a month for posting a happy merchant, instead of /xpol/.



>still filled with nicotine

>makes you look like a faggot

If you absolutely must smoke, self-wrapped cigars with pure tobacco is the only non-degenerate way to do it.




>shilling for the herbal jew

c54ec3 No.9880958


Either Deep cover or use you're new ancestry to become a jew against the jews. You know how jews today pretend to be white to go against white interests? Now you can stand say whatever you want against them and then backpedal and reveal your blood test. A reverse noel igantiev

221743 No.9881274

File: 3cc20281d966f44⋯.png (438.32 KB, 452x572, 113:143, hegell.png)

What book(s) by Hegel should I start with?

I'm also interested in any other books that explain the true philosophy behind communism.

76a603 No.9881285


The whole MLK assassination was really weird especially since King's son Dexter met with his father's convicted assassin in prison in 1997 and shook James Earl Ray's hand and professed belief in his innocence.

2ec68c No.9881740


I fell in love with a chink. We are very /fit/, and our IQs both exceed 130. Is it still degenerate to have children with her?

Postfix: I am extraordinarily race-conscious, able to spot cultural and phenotypic weaknesses from miles away. Despite that she is chinese, she is assimilated (raised Western), affluent, well educated, and shows no signs of typical shitty chinese culture. Of course I want white children and the 14 words apply; not having children with 100% white identity is the only thing that worries me. That said, my concern for securing a future for WESTERN children tells me this is still fine.

31ed07 No.9881747

File: 64fc2559a872019⋯.jpg (156.71 KB, 986x259, 986:259, john oliver 995.jpg)

File: c223feac502f493⋯.png (375.24 KB, 720x418, 360:209, john oliver Censoring the ….png)

File: ea48c8dababb366⋯.png (40.04 KB, 822x284, 411:142, john oliver Thoughts on Jo….png)

John Oliver mentioned 4chan pol. before I could make a webm BAM, it was already down, pics related.

"Skip to 25:50"


anyone saved the video? I want to make a webms, but if you already went to town with it pls post

6f03ae No.9881749


>That long list

That long list of "pluses" is irrelevant with respect to preserving your lineage. If she's willing to accept a surrogate mother, then ok (still, it would be troublesome for your kid either way because, if pure white, he wont identify with the mother, if mixed, still wont identify with either [or as white since you, the father, are white but no one will consider him white leaving him disallusioned]).

652468 No.9881766


Don't reply to trashy bait like that, newfag. It's just going to attract retards from cuckchan and other shitholes to post dumb shit like this all the time. Report and filter.

31ed07 No.9881779

File: 2a4e1a88ffb88ae⋯.jpg (675.78 KB, 986x700, 493:350, clay rodery 5646540.jpg)

File: 13bf9a0edbfbd47⋯.jpg (637.89 KB, 1024x931, 1024:931, Pietro Canonica, L'Abisso ….jpg)


schopenhauer called hegel a farse.

I say postpone hegel and go for other books on your backlog first

"Φ 95. Sense-certainty itself has thus to be asked: What is the This? If we take it in the two-fold form of its existence, as the Now and as the Here, the dialectic it has in it will take a form as intelligible as the This itself. To the question, What is the Now? we reply, for example, the Now is night-time. To test the truth of this certainty of sense, a simple experiment is all we need: write that truth down. A truth cannot lose anything by being written down, and just as little by our preserving and keeping it. If we look again at the truth we have written down, look at it now, at this noon-time, we shall have to say it has turned stale and become out of date."

in my opinion that is dumb. you can't prove your theory by proving a single stance where you are correct.

if he wrote "the time is passing" instead it would stay true by both morning and night.

97b288 No.9881814


Stalag edition.

2ec68c No.9881828


I guess I'm working through a dilema of race vs. culture. Otherwise, you echoed my thoughts exactly.

c80496 No.9881915

File: 85201a66f1f99a2⋯.jpg (50.91 KB, 499x391, 499:391, elric stealer of souls.jpg)


He didn't Look up Operation Barbarossa. Saved Western Europe from being taken over by the Bolshevik Jews.


Look up meditation, chakra control, astral projection all of that shit. You might have a demon too while you're at it.


They true. Keep redpilling.


Dam I wanna see.

bb8ba9 No.9881920


Small minded people will continue to be small minded, and the novelty of aliens will wear off quickly.

bb8ba9 No.9881934


Regression to the mean.

f6da8b No.9881978

File: dd29050ca0bf801⋯.jpg (244.98 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, SciFi_Laboratoty01.jpgd007….jpg)

What is your opinion on Technocracy?

b7c2d4 No.9881980


it's suicide.

f6da8b No.9881992


Why is it dangerous?

b7c2d4 No.9881995


Read Technological Slavery

40d447 No.9882109

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'd still take them over the "people" that need regional ad campaigns to tell them not to sleep on the god damn highway at night.

40d447 No.9882118

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

21bab0 No.9882224



233b04 No.9883077


It's like Saurons eye has turned it's gaze towards us.

04b16c No.9883108


This must be an American thing

Here in Australia, all schools have uniforms.

I don't know of a single school that doesn't have a uniform

Only uncivilised countries allow schools without uniforms

b70058 No.9883128


Says the guy who can't legally own a firearm or defend himself from feral abbos.

3eec73 No.9883205


A small group have owned the banking system for hundreds of years and only fund their interests and their own. That's why they've shot or gone to war with anyone who has tried to remove it.

The few counties who aren't on the system are future targets.

In 2000 without a central bank: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, Iran

In 2011: Cuba, North Korea, Iran

Its all a coincidence.

04b16c No.9883246


>who can't legally own a firearm

Wrong, I own multiple

>or defend himself from feral abbos

New precendent has been set in my state. It's possible to kill trespassers under circumstances such as the tresspasser being in the bedroom of your child, but works for other cases.

93c730 No.9883281

Would it be better for us all if Hitler never got power?

509f67 No.9883302

Do any anons have infographs or good reads on the Rothschilds, Bilderberg Group, or the Trilateral Commission?

c6938e No.9883327


Obviously the Jews that he was working for killed him, because they wanted a martyr so they could unleash niggers on the American population.

c6938e No.9883373


Outside of Bongistan, most Europeans don't speak English at all or understand it badly

f4ed15 No.9883619


netherlands, norway, finland, and sweden have very high amounts of english speakers as well


0fc430 No.9883834

File: 53e7e363eb3bd22⋯.png (528.34 KB, 902x789, 902:789, Plato's Cave.png)


Just dropping by to post this epic edit of OP's pic.

6ae6ab No.9884975

File: d4b0a8491a478d8⋯.png (79.7 KB, 662x890, 331:445, 3fdd772fe6022f6629482f5322….png)

Does anyone have the edited version with the concentration inmates?

63ccd4 No.9885353




This is something I've kind of wondered about for a while now. Obviously jews are behind every shady thing to ever happen, they control the banks, they're basically the real life Illuminati, but what I have to wonder is, is it that jews are the shadowy cabal behind everything awful in the world, or is it that the shadowy cabal behind everything awful in the world happens to be made up of jews, who favor their own and thus pass on wealth and political power and conspiracies to and from each other, and from one generation to the next, endlessly? It's pretty hard to swallow the idea that 14 million people are all in on some evil global conspiracy, much like the feminist idea that half the world's population is behind some evil global conspiracy seems pretty absurd.

Maybe they are, as jews are inherently "tribal," despite being so spread out. But what seems more likely to me is that there's just something in their DNA or their culture or whatever that causes them all individually to act in a kikey manner, meaning they're all shit, but only some of them are Illuminati-tier schemers and manipulators.

Sadly, Adolf gave them the benefit of the doubt and tried to help them, despite seeing time and again that they can't be helped. Look what he got for his trouble. Actually, on that note, another question: what was the point of the concentration camps? Why bother cleaning people up, giving them food, shelter, free medical and dental, and reforming them of their filthy and irresponsible ways, if you're just going to turn around and deport them anyway? This is something we're doing with border crossers now, and it just baffles me.

509cd4 No.9885798

File: e311092863098cd⋯.jpg (6.01 KB, 298x169, 298:169, download.jpg)


>healthy sexual relationship, with your wife

aa5c52 No.9886708

Why every post is saying here is compromised along with "come to endchan", what happened?

6517f7 No.9886723

What is the Richard Spencer "implicit" meme referring to?

6517f7 No.9886758


Yeah, multiple single shot .22lr rifles that can't be reloaded until you deep throat a big black abbot dingus attached to it. Brb, going to the pawnshop down the road to buy an AK with a 75 round drum.

1c3598 No.9886764


good goy

8bb947 No.9886798


Well we know for a fact that government are covering up migrant crimes. After the new year's eve sexual assaults, german police outright admitted that (and were punished for it).

Also, sweden (and probably other countries too) has started recording the nationality of obvious african migrants as "swedish" so now, swedish rape statistics will show, "zomg! it's not immigrants at all! it's swedish men!!"

Basically, governments invented ways to suppress the statistics. Now we only get anecdotes.

And they're trying to cover those up too. Earlier this week, a reputable local german paper reported that a judge excused a turkish rapist because, (even though the rape went on for four hours and the victim was crying and begging for it to stop), "how could he have known that this was wrong??" The story was from a reputable source, but nobody has picked it up outside of right-wing publications. People use that as an excuse to say the story isn't true.

tl;dr it's still going on, and undoubtedly getting worse, but someone is hiding it.

f888a3 No.9886813


He called homosexuality "the last stand of implicit whiteness" or something along the lines of that

ea76b6 No.9886845

what's the main differences between national socialism and the communism-lite socialism of the modern left? i mean from an economic standpoint

bcb0b0 No.9886972

File: 544e78dffabc74e⋯.jpg (68.76 KB, 960x631, 960:631, 1431111569430.jpg)


I probably will honestly. If it's not gambling, it's porn. If it's not porn, it's binge surfing 8chan/other useless crap online. I know I'm fucking myself, but I have the impulse control of an ape.


I bought five one dollar scratch tickets today, all of them losers. I was tempted to go buy more because, holy shit.

Not sure about any of you but when something doesn't go my way I flip out and go do more stupid impulsive shit. I guess the fact that I didn't buy more scratch tickets after I lost is a sign that I am maybe not too-too far gone. I don't know man, I just don't know. But typing about it makes me want to try my luck again, you know, maybe the next one I buy will be a winner. Maybe, you just never know.


How do I get a demon to piss off? Meditation sounds good but the whole chakra shit makes me skeptical.

e6422b No.9887305

So far this entire GSL season, the theme song before matches has been a remix of Micheal Jackson's "They Don't Care About Us."

And the only verse they play just happens to say:

Jew me, sue me

Everybody do me

Kick me, kike me

Don't you black and white me

Not very subtle tbqhf


e4c4da No.9887552

File: cf3755fdf718684⋯.png (21.52 KB, 234x200, 117:100, cant_stop_the_visions.png)

just found out that one of the people i work with in the military /pol/ deprogrammed this zogbot is undergoing transition from female to male.

have you ever dealt with something like this, and how did you do it? I don't know how to hide my powerlevel, and I don't think I can even warn this person about just how bad she's going to fuck up her entire life. I don't know if I'll be able to work with her anymore, since almost everyone in the squadron knows how I feel about trannies and other similar degenerates.

fbdf48 No.9887595


Definitely do warn her. Don't be a cunt about it, but do tell her how much of a mistake it is.

be418d No.9888134


8chan was hacked. And the mods have been faggots to such a degree that if I fully explain I'll likely be banned for some bullshit reason.

b0e12c No.9888298

File: bde6dbcff062288⋯.mp4 (937.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Fuck you Zuck.mp4)


Because you're a lazy kike who is shilling to get people to endchan. You're probably from leftypol that's their bunker.

8bffe6 No.9888364

File: 31ee3110ee938e7⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1191x670, 1191:670, ClipboardImage.png)

I know someone who is considering working in Kuwait for several years for really good pay. Is it a good idea? Is it safe? I don't really know much about which middle-eastern countries are and aren't complete shit holes. Here's what I've found so far








https://archive.is/4ZzrJ (My shitty thread that should be deleted)

94ab82 No.9888371



So now they are supposed to be triggered by things without even knowing why?

194ee6 No.9888420


It's a chemical trigger for pre-existing genetic mental conditions, it triggers a dopamine release without actually doing anything, it incentivizes laziness, it reduces your drive, it saps your testosterone levels, and literally everyone who has ever touched the shit is a fucking faggot. How many more reasons do you need?

8bffe6 No.9888435


I also understand that possessing pornography is illegal, but what about internet use and its possible restrictions?

bb8ba9 No.9888521


Don't give her a reason to play the victim, and fuck you over. She may want to be a man, but she'll most likely never act like one.

21bab0 No.9888573

If they want to use the welfare then they must volunteer their time to work in the government owned businesses for 36 hours per week. Is it a good idea?

831581 No.9888735


Honestly, the question itself is so well-phrased I understand why supporters of the myth have to legislate to stop inquiry. The evidence in support of the holocaust simply would not stand up in a court of law, yet the denial case is more exhaustively shown than most accounts popularly accepted historical fact.

221743 No.9888800


I wasn't really going for Hegel because I thought it would be great philosophy to believe in. I want to understand the philosophical precedent to communism.

006431 No.9888831



You can read right on the website of the King Center itself the theory that the CIA was involved. They've uploaded the transcript of the civil suit the King family filed.

http:// www.thekingcenter.org/civil-case-king-family-versus-jowers

bb8ba9 No.9888844



Depends on who "they" is. If "they" isn't white, "they" should fuck off. If "they" is white, then yeah, that's not bad. The job should really suck, though, so they're compelled get back into the private sector creating wealth.

c39c7f No.9888889

Are these sextuples enough meme magic to kill imkikey irl?

c39c7f No.9888895



8bffe6 No.9888910



Go die in a fire you niggerspickike.

e4c4da No.9888992


it's really only illegal when you get caught, it's just something they add on to the list of charges.

to prep:

1) don't take any porno with you, either on your computer or in physical copies. best to bring a laptop with as little information on it as possible. store everything in the cloud. if you know opsec you'll know how to access your degenerate pornography

2) nothing haram when you go in. there are ways to get vices there, but you don't want to get caught at customs. getting anything else from the locals is risky, so you're on your own there

3) do not, i mean absolutely do not, date or fuck any of the natives. find another foreign national that isn't a muslim and you'll be good.

other than dealing with the local customs, yeah it's a good deal if the pay is good. the place is swarming with american military assets, so it's pretty safe from state-level or operational-level threats. You're really only looking out for tactical-level threats, which you should be used to if you're european.

c36ac8 No.9889017


Do you think there is a genetic weapon inside vaccinations meant to give white people autism in the goal to further erode and destroy white people?

bb8ba9 No.9889139

File: e34637635c591a3⋯.jpg (100.55 KB, 960x960, 1:1, WAT.jpg)


>it's really only illegal when you get caught

What? No. Illegal things are illegal period. Murder isn't permitted if you do it quietly. And the question should be a moral, and/or practical one. What does your conscience say about the act? Is it worth it?

e4c4da No.9889207

File: 87e7ac6bba3351e⋯.png (522.21 KB, 722x525, 722:525, faggot - prancing lala hom….png)


are you retarded? do you have the same moral convictions about jaywalking? do you equate possession of pornography with murder?

lurk moar or go back to whatever pozzed shithole you crawled out of.

31ed07 No.9889218

File: c4071961d57efc0⋯.jpeg (269.66 KB, 480x663, 160:221, 1456418534135-1.jpeg)



this was really bad.


I just wanna make a quick reply to say I love this analogy.

bb8ba9 No.9889229


>do you equate possession of pornography with murder?

If you could read, you'd know I was equating illegal with illegal. Fucking dunce.

4e535e No.9889289


Bumping this question because I'd like to have on hand a clear-cut distinction to show socialism nay-sayers myself.

38c2e0 No.9889351


Is the story you're referring to the one about the rape of that boy at the pool?

31ed07 No.9889572

File: 2d384914acd6d38⋯.jpg (226.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2d384914acd6d38568e517efa3….jpg)



don't take offense. but first I want to tell you, that you 2 are a pathetic and is a fucking shame you can't tell it yourself. I guess this type of weak ignorant pseudo political normie I will expect from facebook. but now that I think about it, whoever taught me about it was on stormfront.

but second of all there is no such thing as a bad question, I am glad you didn't stand around without understanding.

pay attention this is a quick clean cut simplified difference.

NatSoc country emits and control it's own money. Labor is the eternal sovereign of money, not liquid traps or reckless gambling based on usury.

and on the very goal, a nation is it's people. and on NatSoc, your people are protected. they are FASCISTS. fascio is a italian therm that means group, NatSoc is for your own group.

among many other differences.

4e535e No.9889676


>weak ignorant pseudo political normie

That's a fair assessment, tbh. I've looked up explanations of the 25 principles before, and I do care, but I'm nowhere near as well informed on this subject as I'd like to be, so thank you for answering.

8ea72e No.9889698

File: af1ccf5e229f262⋯.png (8.08 KB, 563x351, 563:351, Rape_Rate.png)

27ec8b No.9889840

File: e996d2f856db53f⋯.png (77.9 KB, 282x300, 47:50, 1492557356225.png)

What the fuck is "imcoonfy"? People keep calling me that whne I troll leftist boards.

0d930f No.9889854


Nice sources faggot.

c53125 No.9889856


the doctrine of fascism

c53125 No.9889863




You know shit is going downhill when the alphas are becoming trannies

e4c4da No.9890841

File: 4e9469fb0893cad⋯.gif (1.2 MB, 600x338, 300:169, AUTISM.gif)

8bb947 No.9890898


The simplest answer is that there's a correlation between temperature extremes and IQ. That is, if you live in a place where the difference between summer and winter is very large, you develop a high IQ. If you live in a place where the difference is low (and that could mean it's always hot, as in australia, or always cold, as in alaska) then your IQ is lower.

8bb947 No.9890984


sadly no, that's a *different* case of the migrant being excused. Here's the one I'm talking about:


and here's a thread on a "feminist" subreddit where they look for reasons to dismiss it:


meanwhile, a similar thing happened in the US about a year ago - remember that story of the judge saying jail time would hurt some rich kid's future job prospects, something like that? Everybody wanted his head and the head of the judge. If you look into that story, there's actually no evidence that it was rape. The two were at a party drinking and making out. They stumbled outside and started fucking. Some other students see them fucking and yell at them. The guy panics and runs. The girl doesn't remember anything, so she just assumes it was rape. The guy was drunk too, but who cares.

Nobody looked for an excuse to dismiss that story. It was pitchforks ahoy. But when a migrant rapes a totally sober german girl, we need more evidence.

608147 No.9891374

Is the gameplan to:

genocide whites via Muslim immigration to homelands ala the "Hooton Plan" (genetic replacement of "violent barbarians").


rile up whites vs Muslims to manufacture consent for war with a Muslim nation like Iran.



or Some shit that escapes me?

3135ab No.9891462


You just described globalist vs Mossad (Israeli nationalist) strategies.

6ae6ab No.9892416

I need info on the Holodomor, in particular anything detailing how it wasn't merely a side effect of collectivization.

bcb0b0 No.9892443

File: 1ef54de7189fee7⋯.jpg (955.32 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1432337354217.jpg)

Scratch ticket anon here, only spent $3 on scratchers today, going down from what I used to spend.

Following some of the advice given, namely meditation. Seems to be working. I guess now my question is what do you do when you're under the impulse and want to act on it more than anything?

Honestly it's a lot like porn addiction, you want that thrill of getting off to something you find appealing, but in this case, what's appealing is the idea that I might win big. That's what keeps me going, that possibility, it's what makes me want to empty my wallet on scratch tickets, knowing that maybe, just maybe, I'll find a high winner.

8bb947 No.9892612

File: 7bd779696d8ac91⋯.png (607.72 KB, 554x368, 277:184, talarico-brazil-pic3.png)


Can you explain why globalists (or elites in general) would want to genocide whites? How is life for the elites better in a world with low-IQ, violent people??

Answers I've gotten in the past to this question are things like, "they want a population that's easy to control" but that's both wrong and stupid. It's wrong because evidently, whites are pretty goddamn easy to control.

It's stupid because that world (with low-IQ people) is basically like modern day Brazil. The elites will have to live in walled compounds (see pic-related). They will never be able to go anywhere, even with security. It's just too dangerous. So my claim is, life for elites in a modern day white-majority city (pick one) is better than life in this future that you claim the elites are working toward.

I've also heard the explanation, "they are preparing for population control!!" but that's stupid too. Again, whites are controlling our own population just fine. If the elites know that in 50 years they'll need to start drastically reducing the world population by force, then how is that task magically made easier by having low-IQ populations everywhere?

Basically, I hear your claim all the time, but I never hear an explanation for it that makes sense to me.

17f7f8 No.9892662


Because for all of the cunning and conniving, they are not logical and rational creatures. They instinctively hate beauty and honor and family, traits that whites (and some Japs) have always exemplified. The Jew always seeks to corrode and destroy, consciously or unconsciously. They look at upstanding, orderly, successful, beautiful white culture and just get this nagging urge to tear it all down and infest it and corrupt it. No, it DOESN'T actually help them. Infact it hurts them quite a lot in the long run, but long-term planning is another thing they're racially bad at. It's the curse of being parasites, and it's why they've always been kicked out of every nation they ever settle in.

697a7e No.9892787

File: 382101954547db5⋯.jpg (488.49 KB, 1488x595, 1488:595, STREICHER.jpg)


People with a distinct identity - no matter what identity - will always see the jew as what he is: a foreign entity, a thorn in the flesh, a parasite. The natural reaction is to get rid of him. Mussolini was correct when he said that getting rid of the jew is a matter of personal hygiene.

People without identity however have no longer this reaction as they have nothing to compare the jew against. That's why they want to destroy everyone else's identity while doing everything to protect their own.

916ad6 No.9892809

File: 7b46b024471a436⋯.png (171.3 KB, 805x1000, 161:200, 1467070676966-0.png)

Have you guys seen $14.88 price tags recently? Saw it on two separate occasions, one I can't remember where and another at a mechanics shop.

8bb947 No.9892855


>they are not logical and rational creatures.

then why haven't they killed themselves off yet?


>they want to destroy everyone else's identity

okay well first of all, this is the exact opposite of what >>9892662 said. But more importantly, they're not actually destroying *everyone's* identity. They are only destroying the identity of the one group on Earth that doesn't hate them. White people welcome jews. We support israel with billions of dollars in aid.

They are literally replacing us with a group (muslims) that will retain its identity through this process, and then will immediately start killing jews. If there was a European calliphate, dude, jews in Europe would be fucked. Israel would be toast.

Neither of you guys' explanations make sense to me.

0e5d4e No.9892901


Destabilizing the world always allows for easier control. If White people are gone, blacks/browns ARE NOT going to be able to run our nations competently. The world will be fucked far worse than anything ever seen before. They could easily conquer the the middle east and start creating the 3rd Temple and eventually world domination. Also Jews love chaos and hate order yet still support their own tribalism, which while it sounds strangely hypocritical to a White person, that's how the jew thinks. A jew can spend hours talking shit about religion, then flaunt the Judaism as if it was God's greatest gift to man, and then send millions to Israel.

697a7e No.9892953


Can't find the link atm but they are starting to do the same in South Africa. Telling the SA niggers there that the niggers from Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mocambique that are flooding into SA are just like them. Ofc superstitious niggers have none of it.

f20733 No.9892981


I'm pretty sure the kikes want us dead because, lefts face it. We're are so much better than them. You only have to observe history to see the amazing achievements of the white man. Be it in art, invention, philosophy, whatever.

We are also clearly the biggest threat to them. Don't think that Our boy Hitler didn't scare the shit out of them.

It's not that they just want to destroy whites, if I'm correct, they want to destroy all races and merge them into one brown orange blob. No culture to Unite us, no history. Just biological machines.But they are playing the long game. I mean it took kikes 3000 years to aquire Israel after all. Destroying whites must be the next step in their evil plan. Also you assume that they'd be living in our communities? I'm sure one day all Jews would return to the greater Isreal, basically their base to conduct their evil opporations.

8bb947 No.9893005


>blacks/browns ARE NOT going to be able to run our nations competently.

I don't disagree with this - in fact, it seems obvious - the civilized world will consist of East Asia basically.

what doesn't make sense to me is what I said up in >>9892612 and particularly that picture. You say they want to destablize. Okay. But what happens to the jews after that? They have to live in walled compounds and even if they guard those compounds with machine guns, they will occassionally be overrun and killed.

It's not a good life. That's my point. That future is *worse* than if they killed off the low-IQ populations and left the white people alone. They (jews) remain in hollywood and academia and banking and they get to live in peaceful cities with nice restaurants and shopping and so on. It's better to be an elite in a rich 1st world country than it will be to be an elite in a future where the whole world is low-IQ populations.

234039 No.9893041

File: 8f396de53bd1f6e⋯.png (109.95 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Soon Strelok.png)

I'm here today to talk about cannabis.

Now before you lose your shit by calling me a "lefty stoner bro" whose only argument is "dude, weed cure cancer"(this theory add the kikes to the head of the pharmaceutical companies btw).

Let me tell you about meditation, cannabis and philosophy. The possibilities of your own enlightenment and peace in mind when you found out that you, as any living intelligent being, while seeking to be or to know god, doesn't know that he is god himself, by giving or taking lives.

TL;DR: Shrooms and cannabis are perfect for inner enlightenment and for seeking a healthy mind in a healthy body (by healthy, it's less harmful than alcohol or coffee). Still, their uses should be in your home, safe, with the proper mind,and without the possibility to be disturbed or to disturb.

I wanted you guys opinions,because I never had /pol/'s opinion on narc, while knowing Nazi used to take meth in the battlefield.

744eb1 No.9893066

File: 87a5249e087b474⋯.png (91.54 KB, 500x333, 500:333, art-made-by-patriarchy-art….png)


There is no single reason.

The Kalgari plan is to have a Brazil. It makes sense because the Jewish elites will live in gated communities. The violence and horror of the favelas wont effect them much. They enjoy being surrounded by 90 IQ body guards and servants.

Most globalists see this as a short term money making scheme, not some well thought out long term plan. They employ illegals for higher profits or funnel white money to niggers so they can skim a percentage. Same kind of people who dump toxic waste into rivers to save a few bucks. Long term thinking isn't their strong suit.

There are college liberals, mostly upper middle class whites who've been brain washed into thinking whites are evil and the world would actually be better off without them. These idiots mean well, but are just wrong. These are usually your center-left democrats. This is probably the biggest group, but also the least actively anti-white, but they will strongly resist pro-whites.

Many Jews and (Cultural) Marxists just hate whites because whites are better than them. The same as how ugly girls always shit talk the pretty girl. The same people hate anyone who is fit or successful. This is the hardcore SJWs, Feminazis, HAES, Antifa, and most of your other radical leftists. They simply hate anyone who is better than them instead of working to better themselves. They are probably the most dangerous because they are totally irrational.

There are also the ideological globalists who don't so much want white genocide as they want to melt the world together so there is one language, one race, one culture so they can bring on a world of peace and prosperity. They don't realize how bad of an idea this is because, as you said, that world will look more like Brazil than the world of their 1950s futurist predictions. This group is tiny, but they do exist.

Lastly you have leftist politicians. They know that low IQ mud people vote leftist. So they want to increase their voter base. These people often sociopaths so they just don't care if they destroy their country so long as their reelection is certain.

These main groups encompass everyone I can think of that's working against whites.

0e5d4e No.9893117


They will still have the western nations backing them, only now these nations are more directly dependent on them. What you call a walled compound is really a gated community and I wish that our nations had them. Whites will likely still have a large role even as we become small minorities and the results won't happen overnight. Israel has time to prepare for the world destabilization.


>muh enlightenment and peace in mind

>to be or know god

so deep. tell me more about your deep deep philosophy and how it aids in the preservation of our people

>while knowing Nazi used to take meth in the battlefield

Right, because you getting high for muh enlightenment is just the same as trying to enjoy your last moments knowing you're very likely about to die.

f20733 No.9893239


This. Yeah sitting on a sofa getting blazed and watching TV whilst snuffling through a packet of Doritos is as close to meeting God as it gets. A real man finds God and spirituality in his closeness to nature surely?

This guys probably just shill diverting the topic of white genocide anyway…

234039 No.9893461

File: 1a1a2eddea44f08⋯.gif (2.86 MB, 367x309, 367:309, 1a1a2eddea44f08f9fea13617e….gif)


It was an example, your own personal enlightenment is what help you to change the world, if you know how thing works, you know how to change them.

>you getting high for muh enlightenment is just the same as trying to enjoy your last moments knowing you're very likely about to die.

Meth doesn't help you to "enjoy your last moment".


What about putting music while reading a book or appreciate friends?

It's pathetic to shill me by pretending knowing me,reflecting your own miserable life.

About white genocide, I've just see Sarkeesian talking about "white washing" and how it's "problematic" for the U.S to be majorly white.

Not going to make fun of a jew trying to jewing other jews while goys follows.

Because I'm french, and all this drug help me to forget the fact that Macron is in power for 5 years (at least), that Marine isn't going to make France great again and more than 60% of voters need to be purged.

And I don't like Doritos.

31ed07 No.9894406

File: 4c265210bdfd3db⋯.jpg (13.59 KB, 240x266, 120:133, 1369791053405.jpg)


people can only deduce investigating the evidence and dismantle the message to find the agenda.

e4c4da No.9894549


try and find something else that works off of that mechanic that you can put to good use or otherwise improve yourself. I know a guy in college that went into statistical analysis because he loved doing powerball gambling.

for scratch-offs, it's different. the numbers are already chosen for you. try looking into some games that, instead of money, invest time or require skill to earn chances. easiest example is legendary gear in world of warcraft: the better you play, the better your chances at getting good gear, which let you play harder dungeons and (if you complete them) give you a better chance at legendary drops, which lets you play more difficult dungeons with better chances, ad infinitum.

next time you have the urge, go one step deeper try and determine what's driving the thrill: the chance you'll leave your current life behind (a chance at a new start), that you're "lucky" (some nebulous trait that gives you validation), or that all the effort you spent on getting the money to buy those tickets finally paid off? do you think you'd get the same rush if you were playing for imaginary money or imaginary values? why/why not?

31ed07 No.9894677

File: 56881e4527e9916⋯.jpg (55.11 KB, 500x486, 250:243, Scho-Ka-Kola is a brand of….jpg)

self improvement bonus question.

pol, how many hours of sleep is proper for an bodybuilder/learner[gotta memorize much everyday]

Bonus tip for reading the post and questiion:

chocolate improve memory, the darker it is the more cocoa is in it. so go for it. if am not mistaken 10 grams per day. dont go overboard.

2a89eb No.9894849

Why do the jews hoard so much money? what they are doing is harmful to economy as it create more poverty and make the people hate them.

fa5924 No.9895101

File: bc2ba7f233ba131⋯.jpg (74.2 KB, 500x500, 1:1, csq.jpg)

Sorry /pol/, I'm gonna blogpost because I'm on the verge of collapsing right now and I need help.

I am 35 yo male, of european (mostly Alpine) descent.

I married a heavily racemixed girl 7 years ago. For the record, I was very bluepilled then, and I was born and raised in a very mongrelized multicultural part of Europe. She's asia-nigger-european, hot and submissive but also emotionnally unstable and sterile. Researching the cause of her sterility redpilled me gradually. /pol/ is always right.

So we're divorcing right now and, as you'd guess, she's fucking plundering me.

>tfw you have no asset

>tfw almost all your friends turned on you

>tfw you're a wageslave

>tfw after paying all expenses, debt, lawyer and alimonies there's €150 left for you to eat each month

>tfw you will never bounce back

>tfw you will never get /fit/

>tfw you will never have a family of your own

>tfw the natsoc path you were trying to follow after having painfully fixed your life is now a dead-end

The only thing that cheers me up enough to get out of bed in the morning is saying to me "Niemals erlahmen; Niemals ermüden; Niemals verzagen; Niemals verzfeifeln". But even that, one day, won't be enough. I'm facing the abysses right now.

Why live /pol/ ?

2a89eb No.9895204


I am here to hear you so you can't be alone. Would you like to hear my joke mate?

fa5924 No.9895218


I could use a joke right now. But I warn you, I often don't get puns because English is a foreign language to me.

2a89eb No.9895222

Teacher: “Anyone who thinks they are stupid may stand up!”

Nobody stands up

Teacher: “I’m sure there are some stupid students over here!!”

Little Johnny stands up*

Teacher: “Ohh, Johnny you think you’re stupid?”

Little Johnny: “No… i just feel bad that you’re standing alone…”


2a89eb No.9895235


That's ok because I have a problem with English, why? Because my cochlear shell isn't working and it been like that since I was born or possible unborn. Another joke for ya mate.

fa5924 No.9895252



>cochlear shell

If that was a joke, I didn't get it. Well it made sense to me until "born or possible unborn".

2a89eb No.9895287


A lightly homourous way to say that I am deaf. Cochlear is a inner ear shaped like shell. Born mean the baby come out of the women where the men stick their private parts in. Unborn is the baby inside the womb and haven't burst out of it like a balloon.

The joke is What's the visual mathematical answer for the duck and beaver fused altogether like in the dragon ball to show?

2a89eb No.9895367

Hey are you struggling with the alien language?

He sind Sie kämpfen mit der fremden Sprache?

2a89eb No.9895399

File: 0191c708c5713b4⋯.jpg (50.54 KB, 420x350, 6:5, IMG_1278.JPG)

The answer is in the picture.

fa5924 No.9895430



I-I'm lost. How is a platypus a mathematical answer ? And what is a dragon ball doing here ?

I must sound like an autistic retard, sorry.

04f795 No.9895497

File: bdf043f40c727e0⋯.jpg (64.71 KB, 496x750, 248:375, 1401415855636.jpg)

Why do people think an economic collapse and DOTR is still possible? The markets are already uncoupled from reality, everything's digital and easier to manipulate, and paper money should already be worthless but the goyim are just too stupid to see through the meme and they will remain this stupid. Furthermore, why do people believe the kikes wouldn't already have a plan if there were a collapse? They would still hold all the cards. There are too many resources and too many mongrels, goytoys and ZOGbots in their pockets and we have no organizations of note. I was just reading in another thread about a vet who knew other vets that wanted to go after Assad just because of the gas baby meme. They will just never fucking learn and there are too many of them. What is left other than the Blackpill or the Vargpill if Trump lets us down? (I should use past tense but it will trigger the hasbara shills)

2a89eb No.9895536


>I-I'm lost. How is a platypus a mathematical answer ?

Visually, beaver + duck = platypus.

>And what is a dragon ball doing here ?

It is a famous tv show about fighting. That is where the fusion came from.

2a89eb No.9895700

Did I make you feel better now?

fa5924 No.9895734



That's very nice to ask, thank you for caring. Do you have some advice for me to actually be useful, instead of throwing away money and energy to future-less people and meaningless scams ?

0185da No.9895774

File: d09479a27193e77⋯.jpg (112.78 KB, 829x772, 829:772, C5xLZJHWYAEucgr.jpg)


Because economics is a social science and as such does not tell people what is possible but what takes what has happened and attempts to build explanations, models and analysis to predict what will happen.

Admittedly a social science and a jewy one at that, but science doesn't tell you what is possible or not. If you want to think about it this way, its a social science that is not about one person's fee fees but everyone's actual economic behaviour and as such has attained a degree of permanence that other social sciences have not.

>They would just hold all the cards still

probably, but you never fucking know. Riots, civil collapse and so on are tremendously unpredictable and there is a clique actively fucking over lots of people (the jews) who will only make things worst at the end.

Having all the money or gold or whatever at the bank does you no good when there is a run at the bank. The currency is no good when the fractional reserve collapses. Being a noble is no good when there is a mob outside your doo (and security is no good when their family is just as threatened as yours and they actually have to make the choice to get paid or just take).

Now that said, you are right it may never happen. The current economy is strange in a multitude of ways, but there are lots of basic economic rules being followed so there is at least some reason to think that there may be a classic economic collapse.

2a89eb No.9895806


Maybe, will you stop paying the alimonies if your unstable ex-wife die?

Vielleicht wirst du aufhören, die Alimente zu bezahlen, wenn Ihre instabil Ex-Frau sterben?

fa5924 No.9895826


I will, and considering her health problems (racemixing means almost guaranteed painful death to your children, don't interbreed kids) she will surely die before me.

But waiting for it to happen is just wishful-thinking.

Maybe trying to reason with her. She'll probably sue for harassing but heh, can't be any worse than now. Going to jail and leeching the welfare system would certainly be more comfortable.

2a89eb No.9895905


>Maybe trying to reason with her.

It is useless to reason with her cause she's unstable so stay away from her except the court. Maybe get a part-time second job that pay in cash only so you can stash instead of the bank. If you can't then maybe get the reloadable cards from somewhere, not in your home so you can do the online job from home.

16ac1a No.9895915


A vulgar slur directed at our esteemed moderator, Imkampfy

060eed No.9895940


Because no one checked them yet.

2a89eb No.9895988

Do you want me to translate?

fa5924 No.9896039


>Part-time job

I'm already a slave, but I can try.

>reloadable cards

What do you mean ?

2a89eb No.9896155


I know but if you are paid in cash then you will be able to earn little more money but if you can't do that then just do it on the computer. At least you can multitask.

>reloadable card

Prepaid debit cards for the unbanked people, travellers, expats, people with no credit history and people who are too paranoid to use primary card.

060eed No.9896306


Germany was blockaded by the Royal and US navy, they could not transport anyone out safely as the rules of engagement for firing on ships was anything go's shoot first ask questions later.

060eed No.9896619


Do you care if the cattle in the farmers field hate you?

0f2add No.9896628

File: c5c1856df35a393⋯.png (218.68 KB, 1345x1751, 1345:1751, 1216d5855b48c666ae156478af….png)

I recently switched from Opera to Firefox and followed most of the recommendations in pic related, but now Firefox can't make posts here, now open images inline, nor is the top bar that has options on it visible, nor can I scroll up and down in the thread OP's in the catalog. Anybody know what setting it is that might cause this? I don't think it's a browser addon/extension because the problems persist when they're disabled. It might be one of the about:config settings.

881681 No.9896634

I was watching a video and some Hermetic guys think December 22 2012 had a major universe altering event. I remember normies thinking it meant end of the world.

The only events I could find were:

Mayan Calender ending

Giant Blizzard that hit North America

Russia telling Assad to put all the chemicals weapons in one-two places to keep them safe the Syrian Civil war began that year.

Anyone remember any other major events?

881681 No.9896675


>CERN claiming they would run their biggest experiment ever

Oh for fuck sakes!

060eed No.9896746


We switched timelines bra. Its pretty well know around these parts.

Some people came here from one timeline and some from another. There are also people who are native to this timeline.

Just have a think, is there somthing you remember as always been the way it is and now suddenly you have come to find its just slightly different?

881681 No.9896767


Well I know that but I was more curious what caused the shift shifts don't just happen for no reason. So I am thinking it was the CERN experiment which oddly has no record of happening even though they said it was going to happen.

060eed No.9896794


Have a look for when that massive spiral in the sky appeared over.. i think it was Norway, if not im sure it was one of the Scandinavian county's.

I think that was the day of the big experiment.

881681 No.9896847


>Giant Blizzard

>Sky Spiral

>Massive CERN Experiment

I was asking because the guy who went full cuck after making a good point was saying world shifts happen when a major event happens. He figured Hiroshima was that event which through a bunch of number shit fell on December 22 2012 which is an interesting day in itself number wise. 12-22-12 or 22-12-12 probably tons more but yeah.

d73d8f No.9897208

I have made one odd observation. Everyone and their mother loves to talk about the UK royal family, but no-one talks about Japan's royal family.

Yes yes the title is just honorary at the best, but the lineage represents unity and identity of the nips.

Has anyone heard Emperor Akihito mentioning Trump at any given point? I only him seeing Obongo's nigger tranny 'wive' stumbling and nearly falling on him few years ago

inb4 weeb get out

9e2361 No.9897560

Could someone explain to me the economics behind 1930s Germany? How is National Socialism sustainable?

I understand that there is no kike owned central bank, meaning no debt based currency, artificial inflation, etc and that's a massive help. However, how did they plan to combat the inflation that would occur naturally as more and more money made its way to the public?

63ccd4 No.9897954


Shit, I can't believe I didn't think about that. I feel like a total dunce now. Oh well, thanks for answering the question.

Everything else in my post was just random unfiltered stream-of-consciousness shit, best left ignored.

27bd51 No.9898156

Make Germany's borders up to the Urals as a punishment for being marxist, purge of the Jews (deportation to Madagscar) and settling Germans in Russia.


Table Talks are fake.

63ccd4 No.9898214

All right, /pol/, I need help. I grew up in kind of a shitty neighborhood (not like, you step outside and get shot, but just a poor part of town where I'm one of the only white people) in a pretty libshit state, and I was pretty liberal myself until just the last couple years. Gradually during the year and a half or so leading up to the election, I started to notice a lot of fishy shit. cuckchan/pol/ got me started looking into all the MK Ultra shit I've been fed my whole life, and the rabbit hole eventually led me here, where I've gained pretty much a whole new outlook in life.

The trouble is, I'm finding it nearly impossible to break some of my conditioning, namely my sexual and romantic interests. I'm almost exclusively attracted to nig-ladies and latinas. Furthermore, I'm pretty much all about the ass. Some of this is just where I grew up, surrounded by shitskins and mexishits, but I know much of it was malicious programming to force me into degeneracy and race-mixing.

These feelings are artificial, planted as a self-destruct mechanism in my mind by my enemies. I know this, and I don't want to feel this way, but I look at white women and just feel nothing 9 times out of 10, whereas I feel an overwhelming carnal urge whenever a fat-assed latina walks by. The brainwashing is just that deep. There's even a white girl at work who comes and talks to me a lot, makes physical contact and everything, all the signs of interest are there, and she's a nice girl, and not really bad looking, I just don't feel anything.

At the very least, I've been trying to ween myself off of pornography, and when I lose control, I at least have been making sure to only look at vintage "classy" pin-ups and such, and only white models. But then I just feel disappointed afterward, both in the sense that it was unsatisfying, and disappointed in myself for losing control.

tl;dr I don't want to feel this way /pol/, I know it's all just kike mind fuckery. How can I break the programming?

847b51 No.9898298

File: 22bf2b0c0a9b3f7⋯.jpg (67.25 KB, 300x231, 100:77, 1390633004515.jpg)

can you recommend some good book about Rome from beginning to the end

27bd51 No.9898394

I'm 16 years old no b8 at what age should I marry and have children?

27bd51 No.9898399


They would've probably returned to an scarcity economy once they conquered all the land, perhaps they could've gone full Star Trek mode after technological advances, but I think that'd take a while.

9d68d8 No.9898492


Either you believe marriage should be completely sexless or you have no idea what the fuck a comma is for. Which type of retarded are you?

9d68d8 No.9898543


Chakras are most scientifically explained by being places in the body where you tense up to "store" stress. Some of them are places you want to "draw energy into" (tense) and others are places you want "energy to flow out of" (focus on keeping it relaxed throughout your breath). As an example, sit up straight, relax everything but postural muscles. Now close your mouth, let your tongue and all your facial muscles relax. Breathe in slowly and controlled through your nose. Constrict your throat right at the back and very low down (this is a chakra). You can feel the breath flowing past the constriction as you let your chest/stomach rise and fall with your breath. Focus entirely on the breathing and not whatever other thoughts exist in your head. If you get distracted, don't feel any negative thought towards it, just refocus yourself on your breath. After a few minutes of this you will feel less stressed and should have less urge to go do indulgent shit that you are addicted to.

This is just introductory meditation. I've been doing yoga for a few years as well, and it's great as long as you focus on the mental/respiratory aspect of it as much as the physical.

1df2d3 No.9898571




00e9b0 No.9898717


Whats TRS?

00e9b0 No.9898797

File: e31abcd1b587cde⋯.jpg (97.57 KB, 594x479, 594:479, 1492256990434.jpg)

f8eae7 No.9899842

File: 3243488bce28adc⋯.png (145.93 KB, 300x356, 75:89, 300px-Transhumanism_jews.png)

Does anyone have a higher resolution image ?

e4c4da No.9900298


TRS stands for "the right stuff" and is a cancerous blight on the internet created to subvert political discussion, discourse, and communities on non-mainstream websites involved with any kind of politics.

they subvert /pol/ (and therefore, reality itself) in a number of ways:

-compromise on /pol/'s historically-accurate and currently-observable assessments on racial behaviors and race-realism by constantly pushing the ideas of "muh BASED X-man," where X is a person who somehow defies what defines their racial group

-compromise on /pol/'s stance on degeneracy by trying to tie homosexuality, transexuals, and other deviants to white identity and make them inseparable, fetishizing traps and transexuals, and justifying homosexual and other degenerate behavior through a witch's brew of libertarianism, harm-based morality, and calling anyone who rejects homosexuality a jew or good goy

-compromise /pol/'s stance on e-celebs by celebrating them, discussing them at length, fetishizing them, and sometimes fabricating them out of whole cloth for the purpose of pushing one of their subversive ideas

-compromise /pol/'s stance on animu and smug animu girls, which they learned from goons.

-compromise individual user's religious beliefs by creating religious D&C threads

they conduct raids every now and then here and on cuck-chan, pushing at fracture points to D&C the board or (even worse) force a meme.

because the site is a faggot-riddled cesspit of namefagging, the site is filled with an untold number of different cancers, and their entire agenda (the subversion, the raids, the shilling, etc) is all to gain more users of the site to increase the number of upboats they can get for showing how Right-Wing they are, and make money for the (((owner))).

TL;DR: cancerous "alt-right" namefags who shill and subvert other sites for upboats.

bb8ba9 No.9900361


>then why haven't they killed themselves off yet?

Jews have a strong ingroup preference as long as their is outside hostility towards them. Without someone to subvert they will destroy themselves.

bb8ba9 No.9900374


No kids? Go off-grid. Fuck it. Better than you killing yourself.

21bab0 No.9901011


Hello guy how are you?

787406 No.9901030


Well said. And that's not even getting into kikegate and the fact that they're all a bunch of sodomites and libertarians pretending to be national socialists for e-fame and shekels. Don't forget to donate :^)

d957af No.9902655

Does anybody have any suggestions of places to move too in he NW? I've heard good things about Idaho. I just can't take living this far underground in Pozland anymore. I miss my in-group.

8e09a9 No.9902780


Look east of the cascades and west of the rockies. I love eastern Oregon, but seeing as the state is held under Portland's tyranny, I feel Idaho or Montana have a better political climate. Sandpoint and Couer d'Alene are both beautiful.

d5155e No.9902877


What's this little guys story?


e5f30e No.9903055


Refresh 8ch after each change if you want to see how your about:config settings change your browsing experience. Don't just throw all the modifications you see on a guide on the internet and call it a day, ever.

0303cc No.9906962

File: f054dea8b4ce0de⋯.jpg (204.05 KB, 1280x1192, 160:149, f054dea8b4ce0ded014fdaec1d….jpg)

What's the absolute one and only /pol/ approved web browser to use? I tried searching in other imageboards but they all recommend garbage like Brave and Vivaldi. I tried using Tor but it was obvious from the start that it was never meant for your everyday net activities as it's too slow. Only good for staying anonymous in certain sites. I need something that looks good and run good.

So, any legit recommendations? I'm currently using Chrome and I want to get rid of this utter Jewish garbage asap.

a554c4 No.9907033


>What's the absolute one and only /pol/ approved web browser to use? I tried searching in other imageboards but they all recommend garbage like Brave and Vivaldi. I tried using Tor but it was obvious from the start that it was never meant for your everyday net activities as it's too slow. Only good for staying anonymous in certain sites. I need something that looks good and run good.

>So, any legit recommendations? I'm currently using Chrome and I want to get rid of this utter Jewish garbage asap.

I use midori with javascipt disabled (sometimes). Decent basic browser with extensions. Its slim pickings.

a554c4 No.9907037

Any other recommended WN forums? 4chan is garbage.

a20ecc No.9907038

Here's a question that I can't figure out.

Why the fuck are they so intent on trying to start a fight between the USA and Russia? Do they think it's still the Cold War era? Do they just want to prevent a combined power that could just squash everyone that got in their way?

Perhaps I'm just making a mistake of mixing public opinion with governmental opinion. Perhaps my own opinion is flawed due to lack of information. I dunno.

787406 No.9907041


thepurityspiral. It was set up by people who left the TRSodomite forums after they were outed as faggots, racemixers, kikes, and degenerates. It's fairly small and slow, but there's 0% cancer.

a554c4 No.9907044


Thanks. This place is decent but not active enough.

a554c4 No.9907057


Easy. Big picture: they need the two main super powers to decimate themselves while paving the way for China as the lone super power over the next 100 years. As an added bonus, whites would be completely decimated once NATO hops in.

a554c4 No.9907115


Look at it this way. There will come a time in the near future where races will divide into their own areas. Those kids would have been shun by all groups and forced to live on their own with the other mutts.

Off-grid into a smaller area, begin prepping, and contribute to the WN. A single may eventually cross paths with you. If not you'll be ready to come out ahead of whatever mess this turns into. Now as a single free man you should have a ton of time to devote to survival.

8bb947 No.9907454


>those things are indicative of femininity

slight correction, you should say it this way: those things advertise fertility.

Femininity is behavior. I don't think we should conflate the two.

4e9d57 No.9907547

Were there any leftist revolts or attempts at opposition during Hitler's reign as Fuhrer? I feel like leftist influence is severely undermining our cause, and we need to combat it prudently if we are to become successful.

de1538 No.9907556




9d68d8 No.9907614


Koreans have never cared about the lyrics of songs before games. They've always had songs full of English swear words. Furthermore they wouldn't have any whites in the production end of the broadcast. I can't see how this is anything more than coincidence.

77d3de No.9907801


>muh based trump

fuck off to /r/The_Cuckold


Find some nigger in whatever degenerate shithole it is you live to give you a fake identity and go to the other side of the country or under severe circumstances hop the border.


Ultimately not


Firefox with security addons like uBlock and Ghostery

77d3de No.9907903

File: 7d94ec89c6bb91e⋯.png (749.42 KB, 865x547, 865:547, Capture1.PNG)

What are these flags? The muslim one is from whatever muslim country it was they had a partnership with so that's not really what confuses me, what is that smiling dog flag? And is that a re New Zealand flag on the right?

91602e No.9908054


Checked and kekked, my man

91602e No.9908131


How could you be 90% jewish without knowing it? If it happened to me, I'd just buy a Yarmulke and got get my dick cut before joining the nearest Soros NGO, in order to wipe whites out as quickly as possible. Because I'm not a fucking cuck, and no proper /pol/ack is going to spare any kike

77d3de No.9908202


IMO all kikes who are not shills and tricksters can be placed in Madagascar as was the plan.

Too soft?

8e09a9 No.9908395


I'm going to guess Egypt, Afghanistan, and the red ensign of Australia

dc7e6e No.9908403


might be muslim indochina, maybe malasya bornea, since it is in oceania, so is new zealand

f7c485 No.9909196

What was the last group that migrated to europe?

44ad4a No.9909238


>Nothing but autistic screeching

023229 No.9909590

File: 34f0ff7f28ba8b8⋯.jpg (23.2 KB, 521x521, 1:1, 34f0ff7f28ba8b808135c7ed7c….jpg)

File: 554df6c0775ebf9⋯.jpg (82.77 KB, 432x420, 36:35, 902d61d20ded1f15ecc3df2723….jpg)


> it's less harmful than alcohol or coffee)

associating booze with coffee beans. Are you a faggot vegan too? What is this anti-coffee nonsense being pushed lately?


> I never had /pol/'s opinion on narc, while knowing Nazi used to take meth in the battlefield.

Air Force pilots also take "go pills" as well as some special operators - in moderation, and chemically pure forms.

It's like taking a moderate dose of Ritalin for a University finals or the SATS/LSATS


A cup of joe with a spoonful of wholefat cream and maybe a pinch of sugar in the raw > Any Starbucks 300 sugar gram concoction.

Bi-Yearly mushrooms are OK, these should be prescribed from people with depression not the pharma-jew.

The same could be said for Prepping, you need so many guns and ammo (a lot) before it becomes hoarding or a fetish.

The only time I use marijuana now (about 3 times a year) is when I am camping or on an 8 hour hike to appreciate nature/smells/colors and sounds.

Whenever I hear someone start stumping for a certain vice - it's usually someone who is abusing said vice, and wants to justify their addiction or shitty choices and argue from a position of insincerity.

Unless you are like tha .005 percent of the population who can be cured by debilitating migraines by mushrooms, you are probably taking them to escape reality - not to reshape and advance your own reality to become a better person.

Now that I am older I hear a lot more of my friends (and our Boomer parents) espouse the positives of GOLF and WINE. Using an afternoon of tennis so they can brunch and drink 5 mimosas.

Today I am going to see a concert at a Casino. I will have 4-5 beers over a 3 hours period, budgeted $100 for gambling and $30 for an Uber and will spend all Sunday improving my home/yard by chores because I won't be hungover and will make breaksfast/lunch/dinner myself.

be418d No.9910072

File: a26289ca431a04c⋯.jpg (116.75 KB, 768x656, 48:41, gallery-1481918649-gettyim….jpg)

How do so many semites have blue/green eyes when that's a European trait?

be418d No.9910095

File: dbd6b3818bdce7d⋯.png (975.39 KB, 1354x1606, 677:803, Transhumanism_jews.png)

File: c43b221503b9e67⋯.gif (3.65 MB, 400x224, 25:14, incredulous.gif)


Wow nigger, it's like you've never heard of correlation =/= causation.

64ec00 No.9910110


>when that's a European trait?

Because it's not?

be418d No.9910120





>what will it take to make whites go HAM on them shitskin rats?

Severe economic/material deprivation.

I don't feel like retrieving my copy of the Turner Diaries and quoting verbatim, but essentially older white boomers let this happen. They didn't protest during "civil rights" because they had a bbq and boat; they didn't protest when shitskins started getting uppity afterward, and their cucked gen x offspring won't fight now because they have marvel, netflix, game of thrones, facebook bread and circuses.

The Day of the Rope will only happen when things get FUCKED and life/death security and empty bellies are a reality. most of our kin don't care about pride, or integrity, or race. it will take the most dire of circumstances to force them into action.

be418d No.9910124


>blue/green eyes aren't a European trait


1675d0 No.9910128

File: a1774c4d219cf49⋯.jpg (88.06 KB, 849x473, 849:473, confused.jpg)


If a man pays his wife to have sex with him (or to do anything sexual) sometime she'd otherwise have been unwilling, then does that qualify as illegal prostitution?

be418d No.9910136




be418d No.9910173


>basically we need complete fucking collapse to snap these idiots out of their fantasy world .


Dr. Pierce said this almost 40 years ago, when things weren't even close to being as degenerate/desperate as they are now, which proves his point.

34b31d No.9911160

I found something on wikileaks implicating the finnish antifa committee in attempts to revise history on wikipedia. Is this useful? https://wikileaks.org/wiki/Wikipediametric_mailinglist/Digwuren

a23995 No.9912163


I think the kikes just used what was presenting itself. Catholic school girls were always sluts and dykes. This is as old as girls' schools go. Doesn't negate the slimy kike, but don't dismiss the slut either.

a23995 No.9912200


You want an honest opinion? We live in a simulation which has been created by a programmer which has defined the beginning from the end. The programme has glitches. We live our daily lives on a single plain but their are multiple plains (((dimensions))) aka heavens. The use of psycho-actives and the stimulation of the pineal gland allows you to experience a spiritual enlightenment which is a grand deception. The beings you meet, the love you experience is that of a counterfeit and sadly most people who dabble in these sorts of things stop seeking the real and living truth after experiencing it because they resign to themselves that they have found the objective truth and the meaning to life. Sadly, this is not the case and you can seek the Lord Jesus Christ. Beware of the fake jesus or the christ figure which will not only confuse your compass but also destroy you. Long story short, you are opening yourself to entities who are not benevolent despite you thinking so, you are thus opening doorways and allowing yourself to become a vessel to act out an agenda. The same is seen in promiscuity. The act of becoming one is more spiritual which is why promiscuous individuals have a loss of identity due to soul ties and fractured spirits. Drugs, be it natural or synthetic are doorways and are referred to as pharmakeia if you care to follow the biblical narrative. The best advice I can give you is to never stop having an inquiring mind. Never ever stop questioning and remember the the truth is not subjective. There are objective truths out there and everybody is wrong at certain times in their life. I was as well. Accept it and seek the Truth brother. It's instinctual and it's the essence of being human that the enemy wishes to feed off of you. Don't go down that path. Cannabis, I suppose it's just a bit of a downer but it does not negate the doorways opened, as with copious amounts of alcohol and sex as well. Shrooms and DMT, don't go into that jungle friend. They are not the truth but decievers. A deception so great, it will be difficult to break without the Grace and Mercy shown in the living word. I urge you to reconsider your world view because you are talking about serious things in a nonchalant manner. Sadly, most of humanity is doing the same as well. Be safe brother. Lots of love from one anon to another.

3df303 No.9912246

What was the new documentary that documented the history of the boers and how they got fucked over?

a23995 No.9912249

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Unsure but this covers a simplistic version of the events that took place.

0cbf35 No.9912258



also, why would someone pay his wife to have sex with him, being married already comes with that.

3df303 No.9912260



Found it:

Between Heaven and Hell The True Story of Whites in South Africa

(might be a lower quality version) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAfxG3U32zU

a23995 No.9912270


Thank you very very much! I'll look into it since it's my birthplace. Shit like this is hidden like a jew hides his shekels. Everything is true these doccies show. However not all of us are on the same level as the people you see in these documentaries. Many of us are average wagecucks getting by. But yes, shit is deteriorating and it's only a matter of time. Thanks for taking an interest in us though. Mag God jou seen!

94ab82 No.9912303

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Does anyone know any films/documentaries similair to Der Ewige Jude? I just got done watching it and while I was aware of most of the information they informed the viewer about it was still interesting to actually see the jews in their natural habitat so to say instead of just reading/hearing about them.

Doesn't necessarily have to be about jews, it can also be about muslims.

601847 No.9912529

File: a7b0251bfaeaafc⋯.png (39.62 KB, 1169x658, 167:94, 1488922483054.png)

File: a8b47bc09ada56e⋯.png (539.95 KB, 1024x891, 1024:891, 1488928597720.png)

File: a8b47bc09ada56e⋯.png (539.95 KB, 1024x891, 1024:891, 1488928597720 (1).png)

I'm looking for an image from Media Matters / Shareblue / CTR giving a list of all the memes that work / don't work on imageboards (halfchan).

Anyone got any it?

81cd42 No.9912583


The reason is that trump was someone none of the elites wanted in office. They didn't care as much if bush or gore won as they had playbooks for each.

81cd42 No.9912591


Pair bonding is equal as important to the survival and fitness of offspring in whites as the act of impregnation is.

cc658b No.9912877

File: 760df2a382ef8fd⋯.jpg (47.32 KB, 500x500, 1:1, hairstyles-for-teenage-boy….jpg)

A relative of mine lives in a mountain town and suddenly had the adjacent property rented out to a multi-family illegal beaner troupe. These shitskins have been running businesses out of their rented home without any business license. Doing auto repair, lumber sale, etc on my relative's property, since there is a partially shared driveway.

My relatives fear retaliation if they report them to the police or ICE. I was planning on reporting these cunts for them, but I'd rather not risk a mysterious cilantro fire. What should I do?

94ab82 No.9912907


>My relatives fear retaliation if they report them to the police or ICE

Why would that happen? If they all get arrested and deported then he/she doesn't have to worry about them anymore right?

cc658b No.9912946


The reasoning seems to be, if the wetbacks are confronted by authorities, there may be a gap between then and their actual deportation, leaving them time to do something, because given the small community, it would be obvious who reported them.

Beyond that, they might contact someone still living in the community, or the states, to exact some family honor revenge bullshit. Never know what non-whites will do out of anger.

94ab82 No.9913003


>there may be a gap between then and their actual deportation

I don't live in the US so I was not really aware that this happened. If that is the case maybe the relative can leave his town for a while and come back once the filth has been dealt with.

880e28 No.9913276


Which english translation of Main Kampf will give me the truest sense of what Hitler was saying? I've wanted to purchase Mein Kampf but I know there's probably countless (((translations))) out there that omit, and mistranslate a lot to make Hitler look like an evil empty man.

d73d8f No.9913608

I didn't get my question about Emperor Akihiko, so let's try something more local.

Supposedly Trump is replacing spicer with some Faux news whore

http://www. dailymail. co. uk/news/article-4503438/Trump-hints-replace-Spicer-Fox-News-Host.html

67e6b2 No.9913796

File: b0820977f52ed8c⋯.jpeg (141.99 KB, 1200x700, 12:7, 1_jZI0_JcW4WERqsdJl4vdgA[….jpeg)

Where the fuck did everyone go? The front page is still showing /pol/ with 3000 active users but I remember when most threads had hundreds of replies. Now you scroll through the catalog and barely any posts are cracking 100 replies. Is it just because it's summer and everyone is outdoors, or did half the userbase flee to some other chan I don't know about? I checked out endchan and they don't seem very active either.

f393b4 No.9913912

Anyone ever water fasted for any reason? Considering trying a 28 day water fast soon to drop some weight quickly after reading about some serious results and I'm wondering if its legit.

50718a No.9913919


other chans because everyone here panders to alt-kikes

60e68b No.9914258

File: 327d6bf64133163⋯.gif (3.63 MB, 500x287, 500:287, chinkywinky.gif)


Surprised you didn't get this advice already, but bet on yourself and increasing a skill set. Start doing buy in poker tournaments. No cash.

Set a limit per month, never deviate from the bankroll. You'll learn irreplaceable social skills (more importantly how bullshit most people's are), self improvement and control. Being here already gives you a leg up on the bullshit detector. Learn your gut, patience, and get the impulse out. If you've never played, Super System 2 is great entrance reading. Especially Cairo's(sp?) chapter on tells.

ecef3a No.9914409

which mosley speech has the "remember that you are english and that you are european" line?

f8eae7 No.9917746

Are there enough horses in the west ?


94ab82 No.9917861



ecef3a No.9918144

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

any more good /pol/ non-fiction audiobooks? to be listened to while doing something productive.

d4ef76 No.9918217


nigger, getting creative with executions is the most jewish shit ever. No one has time or the psychopathy nowadays to watch some kike get quartered. I'd honestly prefer to see the banking elite suffer in the american penal system before being executed.

cf6855 No.9918553

File: f65620afd6dd03f⋯.jpg (71.45 KB, 640x346, 320:173, the hand of evil strikes a….jpg)



cf1d00 No.9919389

How's Denmark and Wales doing with the whole rapefugee situation?

ecef3a No.9919430


google the racial demographics of those two countries then google rapes per capita and see who it increases with immigration.

i can tell you now though wales is like 95% briton.

d73d8f No.9919611


Last one was a nationalist uprising, what happened now?

82c610 No.9920862

File: 6124b8b275469bd⋯.png (237.93 KB, 506x704, 23:32, 1cba7f5a08c79e84fb6839fe02….png)

Does anybody have the link to this blog/small time journal with a paper about how various fascist movements throughout history have touched on a sort of eternal truth? I'm not sure if I saw it here or on halfchan before it went to complete shit, but it definitely seemed like something that someone on here would have.

858e26 No.9920897

File: 0fd1657af33c7d8⋯.jpg (51.24 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 0fd1657af33c7d835bbaee0f91….jpg)



I don't know, East Europe just seems like doing revolutions all of a sudden.

affc06 No.9921066



Not an argument

1cd584 No.9921099

File: 7264c3a78791d51⋯.jpeg (193.52 KB, 902x789, 902:789, cavethe.jpeg)

how many teef in woman head?

8b428d No.9921203

Why did the communists send some jews into the gulags, if the jews were responsible for the revolution and plans that followed?

c87074 No.9921425

File: 87caa77b0de4a2f⋯.png (202.73 KB, 660x1118, 330:559, Dice_1-6.png)


Put away 3 dollars a day (or whatever you normally spend) into an account or something similar. To give yourself the sense of fun you used to get, use a randomized method for determining "winning" in a way that makes it so that, statistically, most of the time your money stays in the account. This gives you the excitement of a scratch card, without making you lose all of your money. Pic related is just an example.

6d7ca1 No.9921502

I was looking up Jews in publishing and I came across this muzzie site calling (((them))) out.


There's some good stuff in here. There's pages for topics that I rarely see discussed here. They also site their sources for their claims.

They also have a page of ugly Jews here: https://www.radioislam.org/photos/jews/jew_photos.htm - Got some good keks off this one.

6cc814 No.9921755


Impulse control is a skill anon. You'll learn it if you keep at it, and it's a mighty fine skill to have. Take it from a former heavy drinker/drug abuser. Distraction can be a key tool in the earlier stages of learning impulse control. Try to make the distractions time consuming as well as productive. I.E. "I'm going to do a workout, my laundry, clean out my room, put in that job application and read the first ten chapters of that book and then meditate for a half hour. Only after all that is done can I go get my scratchoff". Progressively, you need to make the distractions longer and longer. This helps in the early stages by weening you off and providing activities to occupy your brain instead of dwelling impulse.

Eventually you will have to consciously do battle with your impulses though. It's inevitable. There is no "trick" to it, but hopefully you'll come to realize the nature of the addiction itself and you'll be able to truly want to hold off on buying more scratchoffs to not break the streak. You'll realize that you "winning big" is really you not ever wasting your money on that garbage again and that will be motivation to get through the toughest parts of your addictions. Eventually the impulses will subside. You may even, months after being clean, buy a strip and realize that although it can be fun, it wasn't as fun as you thought it was when you were balls deep in it.

6d7ca1 No.9922394

File: 8511dae90dc9ce0⋯.jpg (736.21 KB, 2954x3000, 1477:1500, Mr. Rodger's.jpg)

Twitch is streaming all 886 episodes of Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood in a marathon. The entire site is in black&white. Thought you guys would like too know.


45b51b No.9922458


>put your money in a savings account goy

2715bb No.9922869


> what's appealing is the idea that I might win big.

You should really get off on walking down the street then, because at any moment you could find a pot of gold.

2715bb No.9922876


> being married already comes with that.

not always.

014342 No.9923552

File: 77a2d89bdc4587b⋯.png (335.14 KB, 1600x759, 1600:759, image.png)


If you mean ashkenazis with light eyes, it's due to the heavy european admixture they have

22561b No.9923585




check the jewish encecopedia about the samaritans.

The samaritans are a "jewish" group that has been living and breeding very isolated. They are labeled as a representative of the ancient hebrews.

In the section "—Anthropology:" you will find that the samaritans are the Tallest people in Syria, their height being about that of the europeans, and that they have a noticeable amount of blond and blue eyed people.

653352 No.9923603

File: 17ae8247a6ff504⋯.jpg (51.15 KB, 799x739, 799:739, soverign citizen.jpg)



00e9b0 No.9924227


why should I hate the jesuits?

05c7f2 No.9924268


nah, take out a loan [MAX IT THE FUCK OUT]

and use that loan against our lenders.


05c7f2 No.9924269


gtfo newfag

00e9b0 No.9924314

File: 802adab04ccdb5d⋯.gif (42.55 KB, 500x678, 250:339, Blank_3d9baf_6245967.gif)


tell me your secrets goyim

10e4f9 No.9924331

File: 75438e4e2b75317⋯.webm (367 KB, 854x480, 427:240, what's a normie.webm)

What's a good career for a neet /pol/ack to pursue? Any success stories? Would it be wise to join the army, if only to learn new skills and combat training?

I've lost everything including my wife, and I'm about to lose my home, so I need purpose to beat the despair and temper like steel

1f1d4b No.9924367

Anyone have that pic of the guy poking the antifa ball saying "c'mon do something!" from the last time they cucked out?

05c7f2 No.9924368



68406e No.9924375

What did /baph/ do and where did they go?

00e9b0 No.9924386

File: b2abb8ecc74d25a⋯.jpg (12.21 KB, 242x200, 121:100, Ironstorm jgkingpin muahah….jpg)


This entire thread is spoon feeding

05c7f2 No.9924422



00e9b0 No.9924435



don't lie, you like it faggot

05c7f2 No.9924491


get rekt faggot

94ab82 No.9924726


>Why did the communists send some jews into the gulags

They didn't. If they did then prove it first before making a huge claim like that, /leftypol/.

f8eae7 No.9926515

File: 7d0adad5711e06c⋯.png (258.22 KB, 305x404, 305:404, 6756.png)

What is this image implying?

27bd51 No.9926619

Did Hitler hold public office before being Chancellor or was it his first position?

27bd51 No.9926643


What if I'm 12% *:(* Is that Nuremburg-approved?

1c6709 No.9926696


They're about to become martyrs trying to cross into the land that our great goddess Columbia watches over.

92b0db No.9926848

File: bd0f4ad0ad9f9b4⋯.jpg (136.19 KB, 667x1000, 667:1000, Jake_the_snake.jpg)


Checked, and surprised at all you blind and lazy niggers.

9d68d8 No.9926887


>thread for answering questions

>no spoonfeeding

9a6871 No.9926995

File: 21168de8a0e58f6⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1068x833, 1068:833, zo373alptc6y.png)

What was the point of The Boondock Saints?

At first it seems like it's going be a really based film about two Average Joes picking up god's call to clean the filth off the streets, then that fucking faggot detective comes into the picture and the movie seems to celebrate him and try to make you like him.

fbdf48 No.9927646


It depends on your circumstances. If you can pursue higher education, electrical engineering. Otherwise, become a machinist.

Military generally wants people young. If you've already been married and then divorced I doubt they really ant you.

2c8ec0 No.9927684

Is pleb pronounced




c9fe14 No.9927689

Anyone have an opinion on Dr. Jordan Peterson? He seems to me to be a man with fascinating and insightful views on human nature, and is getting attacked because of his western-centric ideas.

019db8 No.9928564

Explain null and void blue and green symbol

fbdf48 No.9928665


You mean oathbreaker?

It's a forced meme. Posted by one faggot and maybe newfags who don't realize it's a shitty forced meme.

The idea is that, once you see the image, your oaths are "null and void" thus eliminating any responsibilities you have.

bcb0b0 No.9928811

File: 17c089347c47544⋯.jpg (19.2 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 1448101703133.jpg)


I quit porn, deleted my hookup website profiles, and have learned how to better control my impulses that would otherwise lead me to fapping for hours on end.

Something's different though. It feels like I'm evolving, as though I've reached a crossroads but am starting to walk rather than stall. My current direction appears to be on the path of light. How do I ensure that I remain in motion towards that path?

But this feeling inside of me, something's changing, it's peculiar but I can feel myself evolving as I type this.

And I'm not sure why, but I have this suspicion that a great number of you know precisely what I'm talking about with respect to this profound sensation.

All of those years of stagnating has lead to this, my mind has finally made its decision.

023229 No.9928920

File: cb5eaef86e5287a⋯.png (147.78 KB, 636x657, 212:219, 0519 - 0Ow2bPv.png)


Dumbass, how many veterans have to tell you not to do this chucklefuck?????????????????????

Do you think we want all the disabilities for ourselves or something? Join a Fire Department or become a cop.


>Military generally wants people young. If you've already been married and then divorced I doubt they really ant you.

STOP POSTING. you have are a child and have no idea what you are typing. There are AGE limits which change every couple of years. You take an ASVAB test to determine what jobs you are eligible for. DIVORCE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MILITARY SERVICE FAGGOT.

Active Duty, the Reserves and Guard all have different age requirements too.

Seriously, kill yourself.

660591 No.9928932

File: a29a9f1fc808438⋯.gif (2.26 MB, 480x480, 1:1, a29a9f1fc80843889c03f5299f….gif)


The next step is to clean your room.

fbdf48 No.9928934



I didn't say it did you literal fucking retard. I used the divorce as a means of estimating the poster's age. Work on your reading comprehension.

bcb0b0 No.9928935


Fuck you're right, my room does need cleaning.

2715bb No.9929096


what's the source of that graph and what are PC1 and PC2?

e6548f No.9929195

File: ef953a72cec0da8⋯.jpg (84.16 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1452901007348.jpg)

Is there anything like The Greatest Story Never Told for Mussolini and fascist Italy?

Growing up and learning history he seemed like a complete mess up, but I doubt most stuff I've learned as a kid.

8b428d No.9929460


Reading the gulag archipelago. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn is the author. He is accused of antisemitism for condemning the jews for being responsible for the revolution, but also states many were sent to gulags. So what happened, did they just lose control of the reigns of what they started, or did the ones responsible just not care what happened to their people?

68c72e No.9929490

>>9928811 (checked)


Hope, Anon - you're feeling hope

014342 No.9929764


iirc the nuremberg laws state that a person stops being identified as a jew after about 4 generations, so having a jewish great grand parent doesn't really matter I guess

d412b6 No.9929889


Big Jews sacrificing Small Jews. Oldest story in the book.

6d7ca1 No.9929910


Cna you give other historical examples?

8908f2 No.9929913

File: e0f185c1fa3d38c⋯.gif (30.67 KB, 258x375, 86:125, 1436220296615.gif)

>Not owning any pepes in 2017

Why aren't you buying rare pepes /pol/?

94ab82 No.9930454



f8e27f No.9930638

How much of a threat was JFK to the jews that he had to be assassinated?

fbdf48 No.9931637


>Was against central banks

He was a pretty fucking big threat to the kikes.

faa956 No.9932224

Does anyone have a copy of the webm with the Orthodox Christian explaining why Christians do not have an obligation to support Israel? I've been searching on YouTube, but I can't find anything.

838816 No.9932258


you'll never find your way out

34b31d No.9933499

So, bit autistic here, but these quints demand Breivik pepes, so requesting Breivik Pepes!


>breivik so cool...

f72e22 No.9935628

Is it possible to create local economy based on the energy units?

bd47e2 No.9935674


Do we have a collection of infographs, news articles, videos, etc. that break down the narrative of the Russians hacking our elections that can be easily browsed? Or do I just search each relevant thread myself and see what I can find? I just want a few quick news articles or youtube videos that give a nice summary that any normalfag *should* be able to digest. At least anything to help them think more critically about the situation than just reading headlines off (((news sites))).

This rant comes off as more blog-posty than I thought, so I thought I'd spoiler.

I know a few people who apparently believe it because the MSM said so (despite knowing the MSM is full of shit) and because I guess the head of DoJ (or some other high official) said so. I pointed out Trump was the most vocal person to warn about voter fraud pre-elections but almost all major news outlets and many government officials were telling Trump to shut up about voter fraud because the elections cannot be rigged, fully expecting a Hillary win. They were even telling him to not act like a child and accept the results no matter the outcome. When Hillary lost, instead of trying to understand how Trump got more support over Clinton in key states, they just blamed Russians despite having no evidence before the elections of a sign of Russian influence. One even told me that it's because Trump was in the middle of an investigation and they later found that Russia was using online trolls. (Didn't some sites credit the trolls to 4chan? How do they even define troll? Wasn't the investigation also ran by Comey who dismissed Hillary's investigation after only 3 days? If Trump was being investigated since post-primaries, wouldn't they have found something after the 3-5 months of being investigated pre-elections?)

Is this how all anti-Trump normalfags think? I can understand people disliking Trump, but how can they believe news agencies that change their stories the moment reality conflicts with their narrative?

a404ac No.9936526

I have read on /techpol/ whose board is not accessible anymore that archive.is has some sort of a FED connection is there any good alternatives to it?

d8ace4 No.9936552

File: ffd0686661a7930⋯.jpg (477.58 KB, 1543x1474, 1543:1474, PicsArt_04-23-10.53.35 (1).jpg)



There would be a gap between the report being made and the deportation actually taking place, but the family would not be made aware of the investigation. If ICE just showed up on people's doors and notified them they were being investigated, they wouldn't have a very high success rate. The only thing you'd have to worry about is relatives/families members that may remain in the community.

6e930a No.9936570

What ever happened tot hat Bella and the Bulldogs show? Did they shit can the show after all?

5a5d6e No.9936846


What happened to the Spicer streams? There wasn't one yesterday and there doesn't seem to be one today. I heard Trump was considering ending the press briefings because they ask the same questions a dozen times a day every day and it has become redundant.

pls tell me its not over, where else can we gather to shitpost about anime every week day?

94ab82 No.9937755



Found something in a book I was reading called The Jew, the Gypsy and el Islam which I highly recommend:

" If one Jew injure another, though even his personal

enemy and the greatest villain in the world, especially if such injury be to the advantage of a

Gentile, the Jew shall surely die (chap. 388 of the Khalehah Orah Haím Meshat, one of the most

accredited parts of the Oral Law)."

919f4b No.9938052

File: dec7cd1033a461f⋯.png (77.02 KB, 950x950, 1:1, loss meta.png)

What is the percentage of blacks that commit crimes?

I don't want the percentage of crime commited by blacks, I want to know the percentage of blacks that commit crimes.

fbdf48 No.9938190



>The Bureau of Justice Statistics now estimates that one in three black men can expect to spend time in prison during his lifetime.

This is only prison of course, but I'm having a hard time finding broader figures including misdemeanors and whatnot.

5ad5a5 No.9938238

>>9937755 (check)

Paper is patient; reality says otherwise, and I've observed it myself. They readily throw each other under the bus if it serves them.

fbc8c7 No.9938764

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Who else is going to spam Mark Dice's Q&A about the JQ? starts this upcoming hour.

>inb4 muh eceleb

Then filter me and move on, nigger.

ffb699 No.9939079

why are jewish surnames always a mishmash of random german words? spielberg, feinstein, seinfeld, grunblatt, rosenbaum, kaufmann, eichenwald, fischbein, etc.

fbc8c7 No.9939154


It was German jews playing the name-game

a6362b No.9939203

What NatSoc or White Nationalist organizations are out there that aren't pozzed that one could join? I feel compelled to help advance the cause but I have no idea how to go about it.

919f4b No.9939245


>How could you be 90% jewish without knowing it?

Being raised by cryptos.

I think that if I get more percentage than 12,5 of jewish DNA, I will not reproduce.


Depend on where you live.

Is there any way I can make an "ironic" nazi memes page in instagram or other normie site?

It would probably be useful but I don't know how to make it.

71d432 No.9939332


Stalag edition is the only official version

a6362b No.9939339


I live in Southern California btw, I know some skinheads but they're a bunch of faggots that I'd rather not associate with

71d432 No.9939347


Sadly none. All are pozzed and won't do shit to further our goals. I suggest creating or joining a club and transforming it like a book club or movie club.

d39e40 No.9939368

Does anyone have the Pierce 'Lemmings' picture and the 'revolution is a spectator's game' Rockwell quote picture?

I don't want to dig through years of unsorted pictures

also some advice on folder structure would be nice

919f4b No.9939428


If redpill have everything sorted by theme.

Niggers, jews, arabs, 911, sandy hoax, women inferiority, etc.

If reaction images calsiffy by emotion portrayed.

Also, name your images.

fbdf48 No.9939489

File: cfad8819761db8c⋯.jpg (69.75 KB, 800x500, 8:5, lemmings.jpg)

File: 0ed0c89bcbd6f4b⋯.jpg (64.33 KB, 403x275, 403:275, revolution is a spectator ….jpg)


>some advice on folder structure would be nice

two main folders should be something like "memes" and "info"

In "memes," have a "reaction" and "other" folder.

in "reaction," categorize by emotion conveyed.

in "other" categorize by context in which you'd use them (ie, rwds, trump, rapefugees etc.)

In "info" you should have "quotes," "redpills," and "other"

in "quotes," categorize by person who made the quote.

in "redpills" you separate by theme.

in "other" include folders for every topic you're interested in that you have images on.

Don't be afraid to get too specific. If you have a folder containing only 1 or two images, that's fine.

fbc8c7 No.9939587

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


it's going to be an hour and a half, now

make him talk about kikes

763645 No.9943050

Can someone post statistics about women?

5ad5a5 No.9943159

File: 3d7982386d9ba07⋯.jpg (140.79 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Dreams24.jpg)


>I don't want to dig through years of unsorted pictures

Get your shit together, what >>9939428 says. From a soldier I expect clean weapons and gear, why should it be different for a /pol/ack, basically a political soldier?

763645 No.9943195

Can someone post infographs about global warming?


Also this

63ccd4 No.9943465


As a shortened form of plebeian, it's pronounced pl-eh-b. Hence phrases such as "Go back to plebbit."

afe2ee No.9943550

File: 0998e9da8af943f⋯.jpg (56.67 KB, 850x400, 17:8, fab7eab2db3b060b3874815763….jpg)

I'm looking for more quotes/information regarding feminist's views against traditional family structures.

d39e40 No.9943839


I accept your reprimand in the spirit it was given, Gunnery Sgt. Gorilla.

The only reason my sorting isn't as good as I'd like it is because I jumped in with enthusiastic lurking (saving redpill threads, getting books, downloading youtube videos) first without considering organization beyond general subject, across several devices.

763645 No.9944570

What happened to argentina for it to be in it's current state?

Almost half of the population is amerindian and it is suffering from extreme liberalism and an economical crisis.

880e28 No.9944950


TL;DR: Make yourself useful to the white race. Infiltrate jewish institutions like international banks, or the US/German/EU etc. governments or speak openly against Jewish lies, corruptions, power, all behind the shield of being openly jewish yourself. Don't touch our wimminz also.

I'm assuming, since you're on /pol/, that you reflect the values, morals, characteristics, etc. that are generally held by /pol/ to be what a man should be. Of course you have flaws, we all do, but if you should find significant Jewish blood in your DNA (I'm not a geneticist, I'm not sure about the whole having-one-great-grandparent-who-was-jewish thing, and how that DNA gets passed/erased, that's for other anons to weigh in on) then you should recognize that doesn't instantly make you behave like a kike. It doesn't suddenly make you a lying, slithery international "jew." It would mean you are to jews as Brain negroes are to the rest of their black folk. Either you didn't get the gene that makes jews slimy liars, or you just have a decent soul, something like that. And if this were the case, it would give you a special shield. Assuming you wouldn't want to cuck your values and remain true to the you that you have chiseled from knowledge and experience, you should infiltrate. Being a jew, you can act critically, and most importantly, OPENLY against the dealings of the international jew. You have a shield of being Jewish yourself.

If you really wanted to crusade for western values, if you really wanted to make an immortal hero out of yourself, you could infiltrate a nefarious Jewish organization. You could get into the Rothschild/Soros' of the world. You could expose them. You could leak it. That's a difficult task, but by far the most noble task someone of majority jewish blood could partake in, imo. Help us secure a land for the whites. Whatever you do, do something noble that will help save the west from your (assuming youre jewish, lets hope youre not!) kind.

Also, do not so much as touch a white woman if you find yourself to be jewish. Dont make the same mistakes your white ancestors made if you do in fact have jewish ancestry.

3c1407 No.9945266

I just got a letter from my uni saying that I was confirmed for on-campus housing for my 1st semester there (transferring from community college).

Since I will be living on campus I will have to use the college's wifi- and I have suspicions that they'll be monitoring me to make sure I'm not going on places like /pol/.

Should I install TOR and start using that as my default web browser? I know it'll fuck up the posting ID but a proxy might be safer than nothing. I only own a MacBook.

345113 No.9946712

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Serious Question: Why did I believe the Jewish lies and cuck for all these non-whites?

27a420 No.9946741


Because as a child you were never given a choice NOT to believe. And you still aren't given that choice, you have made that choice, for yourself. We all have our personal road to /pol/, mine was that they simply pressed me too hard on the holohoax propaganda, so it had the direct opposite effect than the one they intended.

eebe25 No.9947216

File: 010d96340d563e5⋯.png (58.26 KB, 320x239, 320:239, Kyle_1009.png)

Is there a name for technique (?) when writers put a narrative we're supposed to believe under a layer of satire?

For example: In South Park episode about 9/11 conspiracy, Cartman accuses Kyle (pointing to Jews) of being behind 9/11. This is represented as insanely false. But there is an underlying narrative about government pushing conspiracies. If you would bring this up to normies they would say "South Park is all satire LOL", implying that there is no message whatsoever or narrative they want us to believe, which is false.

Is there a name for this? I'm not very good with cinema.

afe2ee No.9947629


You should purchase a VPN account. College admins would be able to see that you're connected to one but not what info is being sent/received.

dd5535 No.9947679


I think it's called post-irony (Like MDE!) or maybe even post-post-irony.

bbda67 No.9947764

why are natsocs a bunch of empatic pussies

0f366b No.9947891

What's your guilty pleasure?

I enjoy reaction videos made by black weeaboo women. They're so ridiculously unhinged that they're hysterical.

27a420 No.9948124



>Bupropion/zonisamide (planned trade name Empatic) is an experimental drug combination for the treatment of obesity.

What did leftyfur mean by this?

40e360 No.9948743

File: 32acc8c9f66abf9⋯.jpg (34.88 KB, 349x524, 349:524, oliver_a.jpg)

File: 071eac6eff801d6⋯.jpg (241.22 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 96bee2312ecb059e3b4ad5cb16….jpg)

File: 277f36b2f2e3a35⋯.jpg (90.63 KB, 759x500, 759:500, 277f36b2f2e3a355b09543932f….jpg)

File: 4ea7e6cb42621f5⋯.png (245.04 KB, 540x303, 180:101, image001-1-540x303.png)

I've been b& for making a thread about this so here's another shot:

Why does the left support net neutrality?

As far as I understand it, if net neutrality is gone, chans will either vanish or be limited to a couple of controlled opposition outlets. No leftist media site will really be affected by lack of net neutrality, because they're the mainstream top-down control structure and narrative anyway.

So why do they support net neutrality? I don't understand this. Moreover Trump seems to be against net neutrality.

I am relatively well-versed on technicalities of how DNS works and whatnot, and I still can't figure out why it wouldn't be the other way around, with leftists bashing net neutrality as "enabling hate speech" or what have you.

Why does it seem backwards?

fd7dc5 No.9948815


>Why does the left support net neutrality?

I only have a semi-decent understanding of net neutrality but the general online narrative is that "net neutrality prevents corporations (ISPs mainly) from fucking you over". Whether or not this is true I'm not entirely sure because I've seen decent arguments from both sides but regardless: the leftist will support anything that porky doesn't like. Well, except for the accelerationist lefties.

I think you're confusing leftists with SJWs. All SJWs are leftists but not all leftists are SJWs, anyone on /leftypol/ will tell you they're all for free speech and an open internet. It's really only the radfems who would actually lobby for censoring the internet so they can have a safe space.

2744f2 No.9948838


The basic idea of net neutrality is that all data is equal.

Nobody, no particular format, no particular website gets a preferential status.

ISPs have for years wanted to rig it so they can sell preferential data transmission.

So bill Google and users for speedy access to Googlesearch, youtube, etc.

40e360 No.9948884

File: f9a3ecd23575b45⋯.jpg (131.98 KB, 750x867, 250:289, at&t.jpg)

File: 39ae4aed983d6fd⋯.png (44.41 KB, 450x282, 75:47, business model.png)

File: 02ad8899435dc73⋯.jpg (62.78 KB, 993x451, 993:451, netflix.jpg)


>the leftist will support anything that porky doesn't like

But that's just not true. They gladly suck porky's cock on numerous occasions as long as it's the (((correct))) porky. They'll shill for Google, Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, and any other big corporation and even completely ignore Vanguard, BlackRock, JP Morgan to instead attack people like Trump as if he was the top tycoon ever or something.

Why would groups funded and created by George Soros, the Rothschilds and more fight against Net Neutrality?

40e360 No.9948891


>fight against Net Neutrality?

I mean why would they fight for Net Neutrality?

467077 No.9948901


>Ban drudge

All Drudge does is link to news articles

40e360 No.9948953

File: f4a3451267c97e0⋯.jpg (64.68 KB, 631x631, 1:1, trashcan activism.jpg)


Hey, they're leftists.

4b7302 No.9949653

Did Hitler's mom actually work as a maid for some jew? Or is that a myth?

023229 No.9949721

File: 576753319cc684c⋯.png (272.15 KB, 785x757, 785:757, pepe punch.png)


>I only own a MacBook.


That is all, please leave.

3c1407 No.9949796

File: 9c1aa553ff8c201⋯.jpg (29.93 KB, 310x235, 62:47, 3qbcjg.jpg)


I'd rather not have a operating system that is extremely easy to hack/get viruses, thanks. The low marketshare is good because most viruses don't affect macs.

0f366b No.9949878


Might be a brand of Poisoning the Well.

4a313d No.9949945

Is MKUltra dead or continued under a different name?

40e360 No.9949960

File: ddd622f04f7f332⋯.jpg (96.67 KB, 1200x540, 20:9, low-end netbook.jpg)


You're just paying more. All the goodies are illusions set in place to make you believe you're getting more out of a shitty deal.

pic related has a 480p webcam

2fd3e0 No.9949964

Are the modern Danes descendants from Germanic or Scandinavians? Because the Jutes, Angles and Saxons lived in the area; each belonged to a culture group.

ac9449 No.9950572

Who's got the April 23rd poster pdfs? They detailed ways on how to make stickers and how to make glue that makes it hard as hell for cucks to tear down your flyers.

21bab0 No.9951228

Why are the yanks moving to Papua New Guinea now? They would have choose Australia, New Zealand or New Caledonia?

10609c No.9951277

We're the dragons of medieval lore an allegory to the jews?

4a313d No.9951300


no, that was the snails

4a313d No.9951306

File: e55f27b869666c9⋯.jpg (39.84 KB, 500x251, 500:251, 6a00d8341c464853ef019aff95….jpg)

07f229 No.9951310


>480p webcam

When it comes to webcams the encoder often matters more than the sensor resolution, most webcams have awful encoders which produce dogshit video output. A crystal clear 480p is better than a blurry 1080p.


MacOS get viruses just as much as Windows these days, the only thing is has over Windows is the fact that the kernel is open source (but everything which makes it a Mac from a user perspective is closed source)


>Why does the left support net neutrality?

Probably because its one of the few examples of them realising that any system they push for can and will be used against them. Also its easy to make the connection between 'neutrality' and 'equality' so it plays into their biases well.

d73d8f No.9951459

Why no-one is talking about Summer of Rage? Faggots like BAMN rioting nationwide trying to turn US into one big Ferguson?

e218ff No.9955997

redpill on diamonds please

f0dc04 No.9957302

Weird question i have.

This stefan video… the lady on the call claims to be algerian. But listen to her at 18:28 when she says "i feel horrible for europe"… that is UNDOUBTEDLY a hebrew accent coming through. No other accent in the world aounds like that…

Elsewhere in the video it almost sounds like shes fighting to hold back that weird israeli "L" sound. I get the impression like shes trying to sound algerian when she clearly isnt…

My question is, why is this hebrew pretending to be an algerian? It doesnt make any sense….


(Someone already embed the video, so here it is)

bd9f4b No.9957820


My memes are extremely powerful but I don't know how to channel it or make it more useful. Shit I "invented" as a child is still being used today.

ecef3a No.9961225

im after /pol/ stuff to listen to whilst doing other things. im mainly after audiobooks but speeches/ monologues and such are fine too. where can i find this?

c26be9 No.9961685


Maybe the living cost is dirtily cheap and visas are easy to obtain?

5ae8a9 No.9965729

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What does /pol/ think of this? Pure autism IMO

4b7302 No.9965842


>children pretending to be knightz n shiet is bad

dude, that's something normal kids do

fc37dc No.9965857



No fun allowed.

5ae8a9 No.9965885



Yeah but hes calling it "home schooling." He thinks its education. Its fine for kids to play, but calling it home schooling is retarded

699d10 No.9965912

File: e1265bc9abf5756⋯.jpg (68.98 KB, 471x632, 471:632, Few.jpg)


I think it is pretty cute actually. I wish I had kids already.

01b8c1 No.9965965

Why did the UK fuck over Rhodesia and support the communists? Russia was the enemy and yet the UK, openly supported the communist backed enemy. Why did Norway, Belgium, Sweden provide communist trained terrorists with rations while they were fighting Rhodesia and South West and South Africa? Why did the USA decide to put sanctions on South Africa when they were great allies in the fight against communism?

01b8c1 No.9965975


Can't speak much for TRS but you posted a drawing of two sweaty elves having hardcore sex and a bunch of gook writing everywhere. It's like 6th grade shit. The word alone suggests exactly the kind of shit you just posted.

01b8c1 No.9965982


Thanks for clarifying anon,


My apologies… but thanks for spoilering that shit nonetheless.

01b8c1 No.9966025

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Jonah! It's good to see you've been attending Polynesian Pathways. Jokes aside, it's insanely interesting, especially the wildlife that must have been around that time. Didn't the abbos kill off a giant komodo dragon which was like 5 times bigger than the largest croc these days?


94ab82 No.9966070


They are little children learning about history, at least that way it makes it more interesting for them, they get to see what those were duels were actually like instead of just reading about it, I wish I could've done that stuff during history lessons when I was their age.

Public schooling exists to suck the souls and creativity out of children, that's why you think that's "autistic", because you were used to just getting jewish propaganda pumped inside your head inside a room filled with screaming niggers as a kid.

5ae8a9 No.9968127


Again, if it's about teaching history thats one thing. Varg thinks LARPing=life skills. If he wants to teach them to fight, give them some airsoft guns and teach them to shoot from behind a corner

79b1ea No.9969262

File: 1d8af58e6f64890⋯.jpg (436.83 KB, 1944x2038, 972:1019, 1472740625577.jpg)

Is using Aryan to mean all indo Europeans incorrect? Or is it just for the ancient Indians and Persians?

ecef3a No.9969384


it doesnt mean superior race, it just means more religious race, the germans reinterpreted it. by that definition its mostly north indians/iranians although the european gods are similar to the ones that they had so i suppose there is a carry-over.

ecef3a No.9969402

is the islamic revolution a good thing or bad thing? muslims are anti-semites right?

0d0797 No.9969431

Why are there so many blacks/Asians/spics in kansas? Is Utah reasonably hwhite or am I better off in new England area?

ef4282 No.9970804

I have a theory, that im having a hard time finding data on.

I suspect that many of the Christian missionaries that go to work in africa, end up leaving out of resentment, due to the contradiction between what they thought these poor helpless blacks would be like, and the ungrateful helpless anti-white persons they discover them to be.

I think this because most missionaries dont stay in africa. They leave within 1 year. I think it could be a huge redpill opportunity if we could compile all the horror stories of white chrostaim missionaries in africa. It could help show many white liberals that the victims of circumstance they are told africans are, is just not true. And the poverty of their continent is a consequence of their race.

4b7302 No.9971055

can someone explain the difference between /brit/ and /newbrit/?

561560 No.9971098

How would someone go about doing a takeover of a controlled opposition party and afterwards purging the filth ? I know that it's kinda not the same but i was fascinated by Hitler taking over NSDAP and i believe we can try and correlate this as an example to form a basic idea that we can consider and include amongst many things to a more specific battle plan which would apply to the multitude of situations. So can someone lay the groundwork ? What would be required and what would be preferred ? What actions would be wise to take in order to reach that goal ?

9864cb No.9971260

File: 122a67d3b586c03⋯.jpg (67.6 KB, 1019x1019, 1:1, mfw-box.jpg)

[disclaimer: not a burger] Anon, I'm very confused about the Saudi deal for 350 billion. I'm been reading about it and oddly I'm not seeing an explanation of the other side of it, in other words how is it even a deal? What is America supposed to get in return for this obscene amount of money?

Are the Saudis finally going to fill up those thousands of air-conditioned refugee tents with the "Syrians" Obama imported? Will the burgers finally be remov- I mean relocating kebab to Saudi Arabia?

I've read several articles but still feel I'm missing something. Please don't tell me all USA got out of this was a promise that the Saudis will use that money to fight terror? Trump already knows, said publicly during his campaign that the Saudis fund terror. And even if they didn't, they have enough fucking money to buy their own weapons to fight terror. They don't need hundreds of billions from anyone for any reason, ever.

Was America promised free gas for the next 80 years? I'm not being cheeky–was it really some shit like that? I just don't understand, because Trump hammered home the point that Americans had stupid leaders who bad deals and how much money they pissed away as they watched American infrastructure crumble… but I haven't heard of any president in history giving that much money in a single shot to anyone in the world much less the fucking Saudis who are rich as fuck already.

The intention of my question is not to rile anyone up like "God how can Trump supporters live with this, what cucks." Because it goes way beyond Trump supporters. I guess that's another question too.

Are burgers expressing outrage? Not just online, I mean normies in the meatspace, because what the fuck? He wants super deep cuts to welfare programs (that will hurt more white burgers than niggers, mainly it will hurt white children and old people) yet he has hundreds of billions to throw at the Saudis. Huh?

8cd567 No.9973254

Fuck you /pol/

8cd567 No.9973265


Just testing my ban thank you for unbanning me

474ce9 No.9973380


The arms deal was SA paying US $350 billion not the other way around. We made $350 billion at the expense of arming gulfniggers and terrorists yet again.

ebe45b No.9973402


Was in a similar situation a while ago but it's best to break it off, her children will never be white no matter how good she is; they will turn out like r/hapas. I understand many Asian girls are far better than modern white girls but you have to put the future of the race over short term happiness. Race mixing is a very selfish act because you put your feelings and happiness over the future of your people. Better to be tfw no gf than to birth more mongrels. It hurts to let what you have go but it's for the best. Maybe you can get a cuckquean white wife for children and keep your Asian concubine.

e1ba32 No.9973415

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

But muh Anglin said Ukraine was kiked?

ebe45b No.9973426


The NSDAP wasn't controlled opposition, it was just led by people with good intentions but without good ideas. Hitler joined that party because he felt it was easier to have an impact on a smaller party rather than joining and trying to subvert a larger one. In America small parties can't succeed due to the way the system is built so you'll have to follow someone else's example in order to subvert a big one.

e6422b No.9973476


technical question

e6422b No.9973489

File: ffa22b3b5cb3f50⋯.png (2.63 KB, 506x89, 506:89, qtddtot.png)


sorry, technical question

I can't post mp4s that I download from youtube using keepvid.com and cut using VLC player.

I get the message in pic related. What the hell is that supposed to mean and how do I mitigate it?

dda593 No.9973531


.mp4 is a container format. It's like a box, just the box. Other "containers" include AVI and MKV (Matroska).

The video and audio can be of different standards. You can take an AVI with XviD and "mux" it as an MP4. The container will change but the video stream will not. You can also change the extension which makes Windows think it's an MP4 but it's really not.

In 8chan you need to post either valid webms (MKV file with Vorbis or Opus audio and VP8 or VP9 video) or an MP4 file with AAC audio and H.264 video.

If VLC has re-encoded the file, it may have turned the audio into MP3 for example, to check what it actually is you should use MediaInfo (On Windows it comes with codec packs, I use K-Lite Mega on a Win7 machine).

8c3148 No.9973749

File: a3fc7ec470f03da⋯.jpg (78.82 KB, 750x938, 375:469, f43a48f85823e5ef7c09dbcdf6….jpg)

Question for brown-eyed Whites.

When you see Whites with light eyes such as this, does it trigger you?

Serious question, something I've been wondering lately.

Full disclosure: I am blond with green eyes.

I consider you my kin, but still feel that brown-eyed Whites should abstain from breeding with light-eyed Whites, since we are rare on the planet. If miscegenation were a felony, this would be a misdemeanor, IMO.

For example, my conscience would compel me to abstain from pursuing a relationship with a redhair, because they are even more rare than light-eyed Whites, and I want them to exist in the future.

07cb03 No.9973751

File: 14087639a97a121⋯.mp4 (7.94 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, LISTEN HERE YOU KNIFE-EARR….mp4)

3faa95 No.9973760


>do non-brown eyes trigger you

No, but I would be lying if many of us didn't have an inferiority complex about it.

t.brown haired brown eyed "Aryan"

3faa95 No.9973774



FYI I do agree with the eugenic breeding program suggested though. There's no reason why there shouldn't be 100 million red, blonde, green eyed, and blue eyed people per group on this planet. It's a damn shame us brownies make up the vast majority.

Black haired people can fuck off.

3a8cf6 No.9973808


They change from brown to green depending on the light so im good. I am just glad I still have my entire dick.

dda593 No.9973918


As a brown-eyed, brown-haired white, I wish I was born with blue eyes and blonde hair, not as envy per se, but I really like the aesthetic and I think everyone secretly wanted to have blue eyes (even niggers, asians etc - I think if they could choose, they'd want blue eyes).

If an eugenics program was in place I wouldn't want to have children of my own so that better ones had a place instead. Since such a program is not in place I plan to have as many children as I can. I advise every white to think the same.

>tfw my grandpa looked like a NSDAP poster boy and I don't

feels bad man.

07cb03 No.9973928


>…get five scratch tickets from the same row, and see if one is a winner.

Fucking wat?

Save up a bankroll and buy the whole fucking roll. That's what the richfags do anyway.

Besides playing poker in a brick and mortar joint; feeding off the fish and what not, but you need to understand odds and payout; as well as the knowledge to fuck with people; if you want to take that route. All the other games are a shit as far as odds and payout.

Anyway…Gambling is a slippery slop. I don't recommend for those with a weak will.

dbfb24 No.9973940

File: 12c6240e51c2221⋯.jpg (27.4 KB, 450x425, 18:17, 1470937691600.jpg)


As brown eyes whites breeding with blue eyed whites doesn't even begin to create the same problems as miscegenation, I disagree.

>He won't sleep with qt redheads

Your loss. Thanks for lowering the competitive pressure by taking yourself out of the race, I guess.

07cb03 No.9974067


Start with simple redpills at first. I've redpilled many on niggers with the vid of Dr. WLP on Haiti followed by the Haitian dirt cookie vid; followed by the many nigger vids.

My favorite is the niggers fighting each other with shovels vid.

All in all…Keep pushing and see what happens.

e6422b No.9974129

File: 498a6aad9532679⋯.jpg (379.88 KB, 750x934, 375:467, my dawg.jpg)


I honestly would like to hear the history of blue eyes. Nowadays, you couldn't imagine someone like the queen of England or the royal family having brown eyes. But Elizabeth the first had dark brown eyes.

I think brown eyes used to be a lot more common, even up to quite recently i.e. last few centuries. There's a strong sexual selection effect like in Latin America, but it will probably become less and less common with low white birth rates and miscegnation.

That being said, it is purely aesthetic, and I like to think of all the primitive garbage that Greco-Roman Christian Europe bred out that remains in most other races.

e6422b No.9974484

File: 0ec6baf6243d3ef⋯.png (172.06 KB, 612x592, 153:148, 1491392845891.png)

File: e35dcdf81779056⋯.jpg (189.95 KB, 1024x695, 1024:695, 1480269043897.jpg)


I heard Hannity call it "a conspiracy theory" which is great to use their own loaded language against them.

There is no evidence. How many times can you point out to someone 'why would you believe something without evidence?'

Start asking them if they think the issue of Russian collusion with Trump is a religious matter,

e724c9 No.9974594

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Does anyone have information on der ebil Trump education cuts?

The media is going rabid over it and apparently the original source was the (((Washington "Now with 100% more Pedosta" Post))) who (((leaked))) the legislation.

I cant seem to find any information on it other than the media outcry. It seems like a very coordinated attack.

Can anyone help me understand the rationale behind the education cuts?

e724c9 No.9974739


Why is it so hard to tell Askenazis from Aryans sometimes?

e27440 No.9974981


He's cutting a bunch of federal pork associated with the completely useless Dept of Education. Dems are going to try to characterize it as Trump being against all the things associated with the names of the programs he's cutting back, implying that the name itself has any goddamn bearing whatsoever on outcomes on a state to state, district to district, and school to school level. His ultimate aim is to weaken the federal govt's stranglehold on the schooling of children during their most formative years, handing back that control to the parents to enroll them where and how they see fit. He's also pumping the brakes on this completely unsustainable student loan gravy train that these political hacks and influencers have been riding high on for decades.

Who knows how this is going to ultimately pan out, or how much he is actually intending to help the average family with this, but as you noted, given the handwringing and kvetching from the usual suspects and the entire media apparatus the forecast is looking pretty damn good to me.

ab70ba No.9974997

What is the vegetables and fruit that have natural testosterone?

e724c9 No.9975035


Yeah, I was asking cause the gf was getting antsy with muh education feels even though she is pretty red-pilled.

I appreciate the analysis.

7425af No.9975066


tfw I have brown eyes and red hair but gf has brown hair and blue eyes but is fairly short, what about on height or are we just going for features?

ab70ba No.9975090

Will you want to know my insane idea?

a92484 No.9975159


>but considering what the Soviets did to Germany and had planned in case they got hold of it completely, this is justified.

What were those plans? I've never heard of them, and I'm interested. Got any info on that?

b55804 No.9975237

File: dacafc1a9860f64⋯.png (11.43 KB, 180x200, 9:10, 1425287615433.png)

Has anyone noticed that unproven assertions can be harder to question (and therefore debunk) by assertions that are supported by evidence (and I mean any kind of evidence (solid or bad)? For example, I see famous people connected with politicians on Twitter saying "sources say that blah blah blah" and people treat them like the Bible, but when they announce the source, people all start getting skeptical in a hundred ways regarding the motivation behind the source's words and other things like that.

Or, when libshits debate, most never have proof for literally anything they say, yet they expect to carry on and win a conversation. And then there's me, who posts 6 gorrillion links in every discussion and usually I end up convincing nobody.

This had me thinking, is giving evidence for your claims a way to show that people engaging in the conversation don't know what you're talking about, this therefore being an excuse for you to be considered as an outsider (AKA not correct)? Is giving less evidence the way to actually convincing normalfags, because they'll think your claim is so obvious it doesn't even need a source? Because, let's be honest here, who reads the evidence we, with so much effort and time lost, have gathered for ourselves? I'd say only a 10% reads it and a 5% reads it attentively.



Best thing I've seen all month.


Better than most (((public school))) roleplays IMO. Children have to have a bit of fun, pure non-fun education is still a burden for the very little ones.

9c1643 No.9976886


Middle America has been getting minorities steadily shipped all around fly-over states to turn demographics, see how the whole midwest went Trump? They didnt want that.

b55804 No.9977468




8-9 hours is natural for me on lifting days. I'd recommend the same amount of time if you memorize stuff. I don't know shit about how your body works, so you should try and find that out yourself.


Your only escape is reading, I'd say, given the information you've given here. Read up on racial differences, health complications with mulattos, microchimerism, persevering as a White man who knows the truth and has to hold steady to it (Mein Kampf, For My Legionaries, Evola if you wish to acquire a deeper meaning on sexuality), or even podcasts from redpilled people about degeneracy.


You'll know when, little faggot. Just prepare for it, don't waste your teenage years on bullshit.


We Jesus nao

t. half-Aztec drug-dealing rape apes


My strong bet would be Scandinavians, but I've no documentation for it.


Wasn't this a fucking nothing that happened last year?

975e98 No.9977686


go and read vox day's stuff on rhetoric vs logic. Know what kind of argument you're in.

94ab82 No.9977750


If a person has brown eyes but one of his parents or grandparents has blue or green eyes there will always be a chance that those traits are passed on to his children anyway, especially if he also marries someone with blue/green eyes. This doesn't just go for close ancestors, if any of your ancestors had those traits there will always be that chance, it's just that the chance becomes smallers the more generations there are between you and that specific ancestor.

tl;dr Having brown eyes doesn't automatically mean your children will also have brown eyes.

279b74 No.9977791



279b74 No.9977818


Uh, we've got WAY bigger problems right now, fam. We can settle ethno-homogeneity standards ONCE WE'VE GOT A GODDAMNED ETHNICALLY-HOMOGENEOUS SOCIETY, FAM -

659c89 No.9978001


if you can find a wholesome white girl to procreate with right now then do it. this is a silly thing to be hesitant about.

31ed07 No.9978441

File: 78e5f039fe4b334⋯.gif (940.14 KB, 500x211, 500:211, 345530.gif)


>all those (you)s

you are a good man

6138c8 No.9978636

Is there any evidence of coercion in the Nuremberg trials? I have always assumed it was a kangaroo court, and it probably was, but is there any evidence that the confessions were forced?

531391 No.9979987

How are the Irish and the French the same people when they look so different?

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