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Dear Fat Kimmy, there's a French Banker married to a grandma who's plotting to replace you with Yeong Ten

File: 839466bb37d192e⋯.jpg (71.73 KB, 480x503, 480:503, C_orU_nXsAA_Goq.jpg)

3b0948 No.9903251

WikiLeaks released a new set of CIA Vault 7 leaks, publishing information on two CIA malware frameworks known as “AfterMidnight” and “Assassin.”

WikiLeaks published documents on malware titled “AfterMidnight” and “Assassin” which according to WikiLeaks are designed to operate within the Microsoft Windows operating system. Both programs are designed to monitor and report actions on the host computer and execute actions specified by the CIA.


“‘AfterMidnight’ allows operators to dynamically load and execute malware payloads on a target machine,” writes WikiLeaks on their website. “The main controller disguises as a self-persisting Windows Service DLL and provides secure execution of ‘Gremlins’ via a HTTPS based Listening Post (LP) system called ‘Octopus’.”

“Once installed on a target machine AM will call back to a configured LP on a configurable schedule, checking to see if there is a new plan for it to execute. If there is, it downloads and stores all needed components before loading all new gremlins in memory,” WikiLeaks explains. “‘Gremlins’ are small AM payloads that are meant to run hidden on the target and either subvert the functionality of targeted software, survey the target (including data exfiltration) or provide internal services for other gremlins. The special payload ‘AlphaGremlin’ even has a custom script language which allows operators to schedule custom tasks to be executed on the target machine.”

Describing the “Assassin” malware, WikiLeaks said, “‘Assassin’ is a similar kind of malware; it is an automated implant that provides a simple collection platform on remote computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system. Once the tool is installed on the target, the implant is run within a Windows service process.”

“‘Assassin’ (just like ‘AfterMidnight’) will then periodically beacon to its configured listening post(s) to request tasking and deliver results. Communication occurs over one or more transport protocols as configured before or during deployment,” they report. “The ‘Assassin’ C2 (Command and Control) and LP (Listening Post) subsystems are referred to collectively as ‘The Gibson’ and allow operators to perform specific tasks on an infected target.”

WikiLeaks stated in March that just 1% of their Vault 7 info had been leaked so far and later claimed that the CIA had lost control of their hacking arsenal.



cc311d No.9903297

Fuckin bump.

0b88fd No.9903368

BUMP! Maybe in the future, be sure and include 'Vault 7' in the subject line so everyone knows this is still habbening.

95d57e No.9903506

File: 27bd868b63bfe73⋯.jpg (64.13 KB, 634x469, 634:469, article-0-00084F4200000258….jpg)

Wikileaks said 99% of their shit was still unreleased. I think we all understand that the CIAniggers have essentially unlimited ability to hack nearly anything they want - whether it be your Comcast router, jewTV, your shitbox 10 pc and even your linux.

This "hacking" shit isn't picking up any sort of steam because the jew media is pozzed. Normie goy aren't going to be able to comprehend any of this nor care. What I'm curious about is all the shit about the Fuehrer gold and seed bank shit they were leading/teasting with on twitter… what the fuck is up with that? Where does any of that tie in here? This is the kind of shit that would wake up normies.

My personal theory (guess) is that the kikes are/were planning on using the ABM missile defense systems set to release in 2019 as a means to launch tactical nuclear strikes and kill us all/decrease the population (seed bank) and that they've been funding their extracurricular activities with the Fuehrer gold they stole from the basement of WTC7.

Not that that matters. What matters is that obviously these teases are the meat of Vault 7. The true question is why they are waiting (since assange likes to find 'opportune' times to release)? If its so big and important why has everything been ignored and I'm just being fed these hacks thats nobody gives a fuck about.

Ancient stories tell of cataclysmic events such as floods, but many forget that before the last flood (10,950 years ago) there was a "great fire" where "humans sheltered underground". Are the kikes planning a cataclysm of their own?

ce160e No.9903710


They main reason is to stifle political enemies or gather information. If th FSB has to rely on typewriters because the cia recuited enough autists then they achieved a major goal for example.

36530a No.9903720

Is this what's being slid?

514d38 No.9903814

Linux/Unix FTW

58bfcc No.9903830


There are a lot of slide worthy things happening right now.

I've been doing a lot of reading and the things that have interested me besides this are:

1. Proof that the Trump server Russia link is false

2. Idea that Manafort was a Dem plant to link Trump to Russia (failed)

probably some others I forgot

Oh yes

3. Someone gave a hint that the WH will soon drop the reason why they fired Comey and the shills are out in force in anticipation of this

5dce4a No.9903833

File: cbf0222bad2fbb4⋯.png (29.73 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, AfterMidnight Diagrams.png)

Same cancer as Archimedes. Infection can be prevented with a physical firewall.

If u use windows and ever see your SVHOST file go nuts and use massive amounts of memory, you're most likely infected with this one.

AlphaGremlin refers to AM Suite, unknown what this is but it seems likely that all those shit tools are centralized within tool that also collects the C&C servers output. As stated last week, their cyber team are idiots who rely on point and click cancer.

Most of the logs get dumped in folders, from there they are most likely interpreted by AM Suite.

If Wikileaks is gonna release tool after tool every few weeks this is gonna take a fucking decade.

db779b No.9903852

File: 54ec5167185c558⋯.jpg (38.01 KB, 736x629, 736:629, a8e267cd6dd04bfdec7ea35534….jpg)


>Windows 10

My grand strategy is to flood Microsoft and the NSA with so much useless data that it breaks their capacity to mine the data.

Join me komrads.

51b6cf No.9903862


>so much useless data that it breaks their capacity to mine the data.

they already are, spying on everyone at the same time must be flooding them pretty hard

5dce4a No.9903869

File: 2307473e7c6a63d⋯.jpg (716.69 KB, 2936x1676, 734:419, NSA Utah Data Center.jpg)


Goodluck Benis!

ce160e No.9903950


I would assume that they anticipated that and derive algorithms to sort out the relevant data, which they can build on since they did that a long time ago before all the highspeed internet and big storage came into play.

These fuckers rely on your search results and other shit to be able to effectively gather your personality and other stuff that is connected to that. They have enough autists that dutyfully create stuff to correctly estimate your ability along with other stuff they give to wallstreet etc.

For now it would be sufficant if a programm would create fake search results or internet hits to effectively stifle their algorithms, it has to be implemented and advertised to all internet security providers or if i would be a government it has to be an amendment for all online providers, and only the respective government should have the key to decipher that. It would at least prolong the process of the niggerkikes to be smug.

ce160e No.9903967


Spying on "everyone" is only there for helping wallstreet or political goyim hoarding, doesnt really target the individual specifically, they just want to have more accurate models to create shekels and political opinion.

5dce4a No.9903988

File: 1176c65dc155484⋯.png (186.06 KB, 844x764, 211:191, AfterMidnight - Presentati….png)

Wikileaks scrubbed the user manual, they removed all of image data except this ending slide which seems way more then necessary.

1.3.1 AM console

>All building, plans, and processing of results is performed with the

am console program.

The console will run on either Windows or Linux

>After the first reboot, the non-networking component of AM runs as a DLL inside of the netsvcs svchost.exe process running as SYSTEM.

3.1.1Tab Completion in Subshell

>If AM is run with no other commands, it will bring the user into an am subshell with tab completion. On Linux this will work by default, on Windows ensure that pyreadline is installed.

>Those files placed, we’ll use another CNE tool, such as Drone or ShellTerm, to load the am.dll. When loaded the first time it will automatically install itself as a service.

Two other tools listed Drone / Shellterm.

Example cmd's in context:

# Kill every firefox.exe 30 seconds (+/- 5) after it starts

$ am plan NoBrowse config Process add -f kill -n firefox.exe -p -d 30 -

# Kill every new IE 30 seconds (+/- 5) after it starts

$ am plan NoBrowse config Process add -f kill -n iexplore.exe -p -d 30 -j

# Lock up 50% of PowerPoints 10 minutes (+/- 2 minutes) after they start

$ am plan DeathToPowerPoint config Process add -f lock -n powerpnt.exe -p \ -F 50 -d 10m -j 2

9d0d66 No.9904018

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>the gibson

ce160e No.9904056


ADHS disco.

4e653a No.9904102

File: 25e84e56b0712c6⋯.jpg (36.71 KB, 534x240, 89:40, 1468380829978.jpg)


This is the first time I've heard of gold being underneath WTC7. What exactly is it, and how does it tie in to anything here? You don't have to spoonfeed me here. A link to a good source of information will suffice.

0b43b1 No.9904113

Why Assassin? Probably because it's used primarily for character assassination. As in, you're a political dissident gaining ground? Hey look at all the CP we "found" on your computer.

Also explains why we call them CIAniggers. Because if you oppose them, they'll make sure you're raped in prison by a pack of niggers.

520e26 No.9904118

File: f8a83a98867abc1⋯.jpg (57.44 KB, 845x845, 1:1, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppD….jpg)


With all this info being released

Is there a way to patch or have counter mesaures?

0a1cab No.9904125


Use carrier pigeons to communicate.

4ae953 No.9904133


Wikileaks are usually responsible, and release the exploits to vendors before they go public, so your best bet is to install all your security updates. Firewalls can help, and if you absolutely need top security, consider using OpenBSD (and learn how to use it).

ea55b6 No.9904135


b8 rigs and "open" wifi networks

f97c47 No.9904137


Never communicate the same way twice. Use a different phone for every single phone call, for example.

79a0df No.9904154

How long do you think (((they'll))) allow Assange to stay alive(

f97c47 No.9904170


Honestly, if he's not bluffing that he only releases like 1% of what he gets, damned near indefinitely.

00770f No.9904171


>great fire

To what do you reference anon

930bb8 No.9904195


People will think that the cell phone is what killed the payphone, but this is the real motivator

ce160e No.9904218


They would have to explain to the judge why i can name every boobanimal on this earth just by looking at their tits once it gained a certain recognition despite the 3tb of tits on my harddrives.


Sometimes a spade is just a spade.

You know if i look at all that sterile faggots it is not hard to cultivate a certain hatred for them.

fc8186 No.9904241

File: e5ec4ad47335ed5⋯.jpg (23.12 KB, 600x600, 1:1, EjJopdb.jpg)


4e653a No.9904295


Why is Assange such a bitch?

3f462b No.9904317

File: f5e746a8f94d296⋯.gif (2.33 MB, 300x332, 75:83, 1491707648670.gif)


Jesus fucking christ already?

The fucking madman is going for global chaos

f97c47 No.9904323


Because he is probably one of the most valuable people alive right now and is one of the world's top information brokers at this point

He's genuinely looking at the ability to retire a billionaire if he plays his cards right

ce160e No.9904331


I dont think he is a bitch.


If i would complete your gif it looks like this boobanimal looks dicks coming to her mouth.

4e653a No.9904347



I wish he would just release all of the info he had already. Unless the info he's holding back is useless, there's no reason not to reveal it all. Is he using it as leverage?

f97c47 No.9904362


What the hell do you think keeps him from getting a bullet in the brain whenever he looks out a window?

The knowledge that there's a hundred times more data he has that will be released if he doesn't reset his deadman switch the next day.

ce160e No.9904372


To inflict the most damage possible, just like i will do that.


Because in this day and time, the lackies know that that would cost them their heads too.

4e653a No.9904418


Is he still at the Ecuadorian Embassy, even after that fiasco a while back?

941cb7 No.9904670

File: 2a68930b2b71c94⋯.png (210.78 KB, 592x481, 16:13, nigger.png)


I can't exactly remember but there was a very interesting thread around here about 6 months ago, and an anon said pre-9/11 that he worked for IBM and he attested that the basement of WTC7 might as well have been the entrance to Ft. Knox, yet reports showed that prior/after 9/11 there was nothing there -oyvey! He said it was the only place in the city where he was contracted to go that had that much security.

I think aside from Silverkikes insurance policy on the TTs, that was simply just a distraction from the real story here (7). Sorry I can't find a valuable archive. Maybe another anon here can help/members? I'll do some more searching when i have the ability so I dont appear like such a useless faggot


Survivors of Atlantis: Their Impact on World Culture was the first thing i found, but the deeper you go down the hole the more that different cultures all talk about the same things.

cb7237 No.9904738

File: 0fc5bf558d294aa⋯.jpg (147.11 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, viper.jpg)

NSA nomenclature > CIA nomenclature



ec91b1 No.9905263

File: 3ebd23e63567343⋯.jpg (54.67 KB, 604x504, 151:126, The weak should fear the s….jpg)


I want the tools…

7406e6 No.9905411


So I guess this means that anyone caught with cheese pizza has a "the CIA planted it" defense now.

bbc580 No.9905412



>yet reports showed that prior/after 9/11 there was nothing there

I remember news pieces on how excavation was being rushed in order to recover the massive amount of gold under WTC.

7406e6 No.9905426

File: 0124d6477f9782c⋯.jpg (24.29 KB, 512x512, 1:1, ffsVSlBO.jpg)


Not that anon but yes, there is a huge gold scam.

7406e6 No.9905431


There were a crapload of Windows 7 updates pushed this week

bbc580 No.9905432


>Lock up 50% of PowerPoints 10 minutes (+/- 2 minutes) after they start

And clients called me crazy for reinstalling when they brought in virus laden computers.

Granted, that won't take care of firmware level backdoors, but there's always more effective tools for that.

bbc580 No.9905435

File: e9810917206b0a6⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.59 KB, 1200x543, 400:181, a weapon to surpass CIANSA.jpg)

ab0be9 No.9905762

File: 9a31ae3e06dc4bc⋯.jpg (61.88 KB, 560x560, 1:1, 1423886461212.jpg)


gan du :D

00347d No.9906391

File: adb2f2aeaa37f71⋯.gif (7.35 MB, 600x444, 50:37, 1adb2f2aeaa37f71cb7bf33a3a….gif)

I really want to know why nobody is talking about the giant ransomware bullshit going on right now.

a4dfd8 No.9906399


What about it?

00347d No.9906412

File: 40a09c4ee11e513⋯.gif (1013.3 KB, 320x291, 320:291, 1414531215584.gif)


It's a kind of a big deal, maybe.

1f6981 No.9906433


there's a thread from when we thought it was just an attack on UK NHS >>9901904

1df357 No.9906497


>If Wikileaks is gonna release tool after tool every few weeks this is gonna take a fucking decade.

Should WL release all the tools at once, especially that one tool that allows anyone with minimum computer literacy to access any internet connected database in the world at will, why would we need WL any more after that? They got to stay relevant after all. :^)

a4e58d No.9906510

File: f6c57bd0bb15ebf⋯.jpg (436.4 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, JustBreathe.jpg)


OH no, not that simple.

I did low-level GIS work for a political candidate and the amount of data he got the city to hand over because he was affiliated with the party is sickening. Because my name was attached to his shekel machine I get dozens of ads for candidates I can't even vote for.

It's there to tell your political thought leaders exactly how much you spend per average debit transaction at your local fast food joint that data is public

It is also there to tell your political thought leader what home improvements you wanted to have supported under the grant program the candidate is offering. just kidding, he got mad money for shilling for home improvements, the data was provided by another firm

In addition to this, your health insurance status is VERY important [spoiler]you may be denied a loan because you can't afford health insurance - it's all in the name of improving a shitty town [/spoiler

Speaking of health insurance - did you know that if you have shitty health you will face increased premiums? no shit, but did you know there are actual datasets that tell my main line of work and political parties essentially where not to invest based on that

And that's not even the most fucked up part. I'm just a bitch boy working to manipulate local elections with data for literally cents on the dollar what big national firms charge. And their data is a lot more comprehensive.

The less you can find out about your TAXPIN the better.

Big Brother is incredibly efficient if it's tools are in the right hand - I saw the danger my skillset presented and preform accordingly. There is no reason for you not to do the same.

80747e No.9907642


>reinstalling when they brought in virus laden computers.

Anyone who thinks you should do anything BUT this is a fucking retard.

Act like they're crazy if they suggest something else.

e7f4c0 No.9907734

File: 0ada9b9db6d3ad6⋯.png (3.01 MB, 2560x3463, 2560:3463, 1475127758217.png)

I know of the malware.

e7f4c0 No.9908044


e7f4c0 No.9908111

3f9e3f No.9908243

I wonder when mossad shit is gonna be leaked.

d3a4de No.9908293


NEver because wikileaks are zionist shills

110714 No.9908315

7f5bb5 No.9908490


1. firewall appliances

2. give Microsoft a week to quietly release a patch for what exploits the CIA doesn't have "exclusive" control to anymore.

8f7109 No.9908571

File: 7c04a06611c8c07⋯.jpg (138.5 KB, 555x414, 185:138, Theodore_Kaczynski.jpg)

remote on linux or maybe openssh, that would be the best thing for anachrocapilatism since unabomber

3c3de9 No.9908884


You never saw the two jews with a "stretcher" with a bags of gold shaped body on it all covered over?

People need to do the 9-11 thing like we do the holohoax thing.

Nothing has been right since that day, not that it was before, but the trauma based mind control of that day lingers on like the smell of petrifying shit.

724217 No.9908929


I have some custom windows 7 Ultimate that a friend of mine helped me go through with a fine comb. That +Umatrix +Ublock and staying ass away as i can from jewgle minimizes the damage.

758098 No.9908942

File: 528102a319b9374⋯.jpg (855.24 KB, 3506x2480, 1753:1240, 1431436093662.jpg)



>InB4 not using Gentoo

Wasn't windows releasing all the updates, wanted and not in one stuff now?

Also "security" for us and for them sometimes are different things

I guess this might require a thread in /tech/

f8364c No.9909092

File: 1fb770dae9acd95⋯.mp4 (1.49 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, birthday ideas.mp4)


I live somewhat nearby this. Any ideas on what could be done?

1fb1a8 No.9909135

WL is ignoring people telling them to look at weaponizedautism.wordpress.com, so fuck them.

WL and Comey's boy Snowden are obviously ops designed to desensitize people to all this stuff via a drip-drip and limited-hangout strategy. Consider also that WL could kill the muh-Russians-leaked-to-WL bullshit in an instant if they wanted to, but they've let it persist.

1fb1a8 No.9909162

Does anyone seriously think Snowden would still be a free man if the gov didn't find him advantageous to who-knows-what end?

96e433 No.9909284


Assange needs to just come out and say that the kikes blew up the towers. The DOTR would finally happen.

1fb1a8 No.9909349


Assange isn't going to do shit other than covertly enable the muh-Russians narrative.

cf15d4 No.9909366


Call your local congressman and tell him to get this shut the fuck down. Play up the NIMBY angle.

Did you think I was going to say something violent, Agent? Even if I was so inclined to make felonious suggestions, this place could probably survive a nuke. You think you, as a lone operator/LARPer, could even penetrate their security perimeter?

1f6981 No.9911206

Should have used TempleOS goyim. The only OS that is 100% CIAnigger proof.

ec54b2 No.9911343


>The main controller disguises as a self-persisting Windows Service DLL

Don't you dare! I know where this is leading and I need to be able to stop, write over that service and execute my shit…. DON'T!!! BASTARDS!

Fucking CIA Niggers, this is one of my favorites

1fa9a7 No.9912208


I keep a fresh install of linux on a fresh laptop that's in an EMP proof enclosure. Remember that your MAC address can be found, no matter if you use a VPN, if you're pwned.

1fa9a7 No.9912216


I knew it was bullshit by noon with the list of passengers with the hijackers automagically redacted. A few months later I read this:


1fa9a7 No.9912220


Snowden just showed Putin that video of him and the goat the KGB filmed and was surprised as anyone the Americans had it.

cadbc0 No.9912366

As a cno developer if you think this is scary you have no clue. As long as there are developers that don't follow good programming practices there will always be buffer exploits, of by one exploits and integer overflow exploits. Network mitm attacks are cake walks and as long as windows keeps using the same kernel structures instead of doing a rewrite is just a matter of time to you can escalate privileges. Hell windows now requires signed drivers because from the start you are in kernel space, please use that USB drive you found on the street…

7ea7bb No.9912415

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


CIA and MIT niggers btfo

8de459 No.9912536

File: 0037da9c61667f3⋯.gif (2.97 MB, 320x291, 320:291, 1427587365661-0.gif)

dd42c4 No.9912804


I thought wikileaks got nailed

58bfcc No.9912874


That was a disinfo campaign to try and discredit them

5c0cc7 No.9913249


You never saw the two jews with a "stretcher" with a bags of gold shaped body on it all covered over?

wh wh wh WHAT

34d924 No.9913539


An enterprising faggot could very easily make a program that just floods a computer with temporary junk over and over every day or so.

The ultimate protection from spying. Have so much conflicting and corroborating metadata that it becomes impossible to actually see what is going on.

I mean for fucks sake it's mostly just cookie and address tracking, it wouldn't be hard to make a program to spoof it at an insane amount that renders observation useless.

654360 No.9913672


I did this with fakebook for over a year then "deleted" my account. Faggots.

c4bf82 No.9913722


that's creepy af.

She looks 16-18 ish

with makeup that would make her about 15.

Also the 'drinking harder faggot' meme took its toll.

c4bf82 No.9913752



you are on to something bigger.

This IDEA - applied correctly - concisively -..

Would wipe out any chance TBPT [the powers that be] would have of using us as data farm cows.

I would love to see a distributed network (think kaaza, think TOR, think bitcoin) to fill - spam - make unusable or unrecoverable those (( DATA BANKS ))

043ee4 No.9913858


Why the fuck are you posting content from Tumblr bait:the channel? GTFO off my /pol/ normalshit.

8de459 No.9913872


Eh, she's 18. That's Kate Beckinsale's daughter, Lilly

6653a7 No.9913940


unless windows is checking for updates?

svchost(many instances) does more than that too

a2776a No.9914097

File: 11a799a6e45eb62⋯.jpg (35.21 KB, 786x577, 786:577, 11a799a6e45eb629cee185a0e0….jpg)

30167c No.9914809


God tier thread


aefc87 No.9914837

File: 05ec43cd1e5d5e5⋯.jpg (692.45 KB, 1485x1074, 495:358, Botnet-Image-2_wm.jpg)


very good need a good bedside read.

e29925 No.9916965


Why, because its open source? That really doesn't mean shit, anon. There was a very easy to exploit bug in OpenSSH for a very long time, a critical piece of security software, because nobody actually audits the code.

cadbc0 No.9917311


People do all the time, just that in this instance they were told to stfu and walk away silently…

323c30 No.9917456


That's bullshit. Keep in mind that the US gov't employs many open source programmers and auditors, and they don't report the bugs; they accumulate them. Linux and Mac exploits arise directly in proportion to the user base growth for a reason.

1f6981 No.9917619

I still want to believe there are good CIAniggers, for example Michael Scheuer. I'm sure there are some shitposting with us nodding, not that I'd personally know or anything. God bless.

1009be No.9917792

Microsoft is biting the hand that pays them not to fix their exploits. Probably positioning for the inevitable lawsuits, knowing the CIAniggers will claim immunity.

>Microsoft Corp. MSFT -0.12% said that the software used in the global cyber assault that began Friday came from code stolen from the U.S. National Security Agency, adding that the attack should serve as a wake-up call for governments over the risks of hoarding such digital weapons for use against their enemies.

>The software giant’s statement is the most authoritative confirmation so far of the connection between the Friday attack and the code that appeared to be for cyberattacks and was disclosed in April by an anonymous group called Shadow Brokers, which said it had obtained it from the NSA. The U.S. spying agency has declined to comment on the matter.

>In a blog post Sunday, Brad Smith, Microsoft president and chief legal officer, said that the U.S. espionage agency authored the software that was eventually stolen and made its way into the hands of hackers who drew from it in the assault that has disrupted computers in at least 150 countries. He compared it to disclosure of hacking tools in March by the WikiLeaks organization, which said it had obtained them from the Central Intelligence Agency.


00347d No.9920442


So they're basically telling the alphabets not to withhold information from M$ in an attempt to make it seem like they don't know about such vulnerabilities before hand?

dd9d96 No.9920905

File: 82edcacc6996eb7⋯.jpg (249.04 KB, 438x768, 73:128, Pspoop.jpg)

I'm a bit biased to this & that being said, I can certainly get behind the notion that the larger media houses seem rather reluctant to cover this, let alone do updates or follow-ups.

After following the coverage in my country (SE) and a few international outlets, I get the impression that the news were big as they hit, then got pushed (far) back by legit news as well as an disproportionate amount of non-news.

However, If I let my tinfoil-hat rest on the desk for a second and look at it from a different perspective, I believe this could be to the public's general level of knowledge concerning technology; Put simply, the masses can't relate to what's being said, all they see is abstract figures of infected machines but can't grasp the scope of it nor the technical/practical implications.

So maybe at first, there was no reason to raise an eyebrow?

However, after someone broke "the news" and made the connection between the NSA, the Shadow Group's leak and our current scenario, the whole ordeal got "pushed" even further down on the MSM's agenda as with the snap of someone's fingers. I could be wrong & I hope I am, but this is where WannaCry dropped off the media's radar bigtime. A day or so goes by, a scarce selection of outlets reports that we suddenly got an anonymous "22yo" alleged security researcher who "stopped the spread" by simply purchasing a domain.

Just reeks of lugenpresse/fabricated news to me, I'd appreciate your opinion on this but on a side-note, I haven't had the time to review the guy's claims in detail. Of course, then there's today (Monday 05-15) & China reports that roughly thirty thousand institutions has been affected. It's important to keep in mind that it might have taken the state of China some time to compile and publish the statement of WC's impact on them, so the machines could have been infected prior to the "security researcher's" claim, what do I know.

All in all, my loose hypothesis based on nothing but my own delusions and some low-level back-channel talk is that, my government is investigating this as a nation2nation-scale attack, rather than the handywork of some semi-professional cyber-criminals who suddenly got access to high-end tools.

f0a105 No.9921189

File: c14f5a4d714f284⋯.jpg (9.45 KB, 300x238, 150:119, i.jpg)

45f3bf No.9921594

Wew looks like /pol/ was right. Dems killed Seth Ritch. Check drudge

e8d1f7 No.9921619


>Wew looks like /pol/ was right.


825b5a No.9925339

Does anyone here have an accurate scope of impact so far as of today?

3f462b No.9925366

File: aaeef58b2281300⋯.jpg (12.77 KB, 211x208, 211:208, 1490197993239.jpg)

Unrelated but look at wannacrypt go today, it's at least five times faster than yesterday and yesterday it was "the biggest hack of all time"


NSA really fucked the cat on this one

3f462b No.9925422

ebc2ae No.9925708

(((Microsoft))) are pure evil.

bfdb4e No.9926385

The Dominos are falling RIGHT NOW. The reason nothing has broke out yet is because the dominos are so big that you can't see that you are tied to one of them.

1.Comey striking back at Trump.

2.North Korea having nukes that are far more powerful than the US had expected.

3.Release of NSA level tools

4.Virus time world wide on all windows based systems

5.Unix/Linux based systems are next

6.Bet your moms ASS that there will be another virus that makes first virus time look like a joke.

7.Trump snubbing Israeli's

8.Trump ratting his information sources out to the Russians..he don't..give..a..fuck..no more.

9.Leftist ground/street crews and antifa are quiet on the streets and online shills have quieted down all a sudden.

Conjecture time.

Main ISIS forces have fled into Turkey. Turkey is becoming a state sponsor of Terrorism. They are pushing cells and serious weapons into Europe.

Cells in place will already activate.

Russ is going to be given the green light by Trump to Invade Ukraine.

North Korea is going to pop off. China factor is not clear and is totally unknown.

WW3 is in full swing.

52502e No.9926410


Russo-American alliance working in tandem with nationalist militias in Europe while forcing China to fight North Korea or lose their trade benefits when?

178739 No.9926454


The Nationalists in the USA are as ready as they are ever going to be for the inevitable goods and services shutdown that is to come.


ebt will go down

bus service will go down

electrical grid will go down (the nights will be full of sounds)

3f462b No.9926651


>Main ISIS forces have fled into Turkey. Turkey >is becoming a state sponsor of Terrorism. They are pushing cells and serious weapons into Europe.

>North Korea is going to pop off. China factor is not clear and is totally unknown.


WW3 is in full swing.

I also believe these

e50763 No.9927146


>tfw turkish military units tried to prevent this.

f68ed0 No.9927446

>Requirements Python

Atleast CIA knows what programming language is the best :3

3f462b No.9929736

File: 21fd54f0000ccbf⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 400x310, 40:31, 1467094395493.gif)


>Atleast CIA knows what programming language is the best :3

e50763 No.9930598


I don't mind tanks so long as they aren't being used on the American people.

f2ed39 No.9930608

File: f752a2561e88e6a⋯.jpg (99.68 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 1494996099447m.jpg)


>Wonder how many american citizens have had their machines compromised?

And if the cia has put incriminating evidence on their machines?

3f462b No.9930884


>And if the cia has put incriminating evidence on their machines?

Funny thing is they already can, check the latest NSA tools leak

4d0a7b No.9931412


>Don't you see the importance in hacking tools like this in stopping terrorism and enemies of the state?

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin

Never forget that.

632509 No.9932591


Yeah well, you aren't giving up any essential liberties so yeah you're retarded.

4ba543 No.9932860


but muh video games

7892a8 No.9933414


I'm actually learning a lot about computer science by watching TAD videos.

e45c91 No.9935955


These fuckers, noticebump

b2ff25 No.9937662

I know almost nothing about computers. Any good resources for babby's first cybersecurity?

c46097 No.9939690


there's nothing you can do, if you have an intel processor you're fucked, that was just made public, I can't imagine anyone knows how to create a PC setup with no parts with backdoors

783672 No.9944958

File: 559f3b13ed5c7ca⋯.jpg (214.33 KB, 345x336, 115:112, 1431891720344.jpg)


only those who know how to craft each and every part to a computer themselves including the processor, this may need to become common knowledge very soon.

Will this trigger off the software/hardware Renaissance that /g/ has thirsted after for generations?

>/g/entoo-fags get revitalized before /v/ gets a 2nd crash

>mfw at least I won't have to deal with console-hardware bullshit anymore

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