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Dear Fat Kimmy, there's a French Banker married to a grandma who's plotting to replace you with Yeong Ten

File: f53aecb76291c03⋯.png (111.12 KB, 1048x1200, 131:150, DADwF3hUwAASbQb.png)

File: 644be3a6922b2b3⋯.png (45.21 KB, 515x380, 103:76, DAHUBjbVYAEvK8D.png)

4ab82b No.9937603

I'm starting to get worried lads. The media is making it seem like Trump is going to be impeached or resign any moment now. Lots of Breitbart commenters say they're ready to start a civil war, and the shitlibs say they're ready too.


963288 No.9937635

>(((The media)))

Wow it's nothing.

43ab75 No.9937646


who is that LeGate fag?

b3bf4f No.9937655


The one that goes last, is forced to watch it all happen.

1aaa4f No.9937676

File: a3a762969489bcd⋯.gif (1.27 MB, 352x198, 16:9, 1433011485294.gif)


b51149 No.9937678

An American war would be the most embarrassing thing you can imagine. A lot of people would die, but it wouldn't even be in battles or guerrilla operations or whatever.

Most people would die of starvation and infectious diseases. Those with the means and intelligence to survive and organize themselves in an opposition force would be droned. There probably wouldn't even be any actual firefights, just food riots and mass rapings.

86cd5e No.9937689


>Most people would die of starvation and infectious diseases.

You know a lot of people who get MRSA on the reg?

90f602 No.9937697

>>9937655 (checked)

>who won last time

The jew bankers that's who. These stupid fucks who'll never pick up a rifle think they'd actually win. If Germany and the Confederacy have taught us anything it's that it's all or nothing. He who refuses to go all the way to the absolute extremes deserves to lose.

We learned our lesson. All tainted souls will face judgement. No one will be spared this time.

3ed524 No.9937712

The shilling is at hurricane force all across the net too, as bad as I've ever seen it.

88845b No.9937715

File: 5a38f0253cd489b⋯.png (202.78 KB, 1802x905, 1802:905, civil war in the US is SOL….png)

File: 4b51c8edd1983d0⋯.png (199.17 KB, 1158x1393, 1158:1393, civil war in the US - 2.png)


i don't think so

dc5f47 No.9937718

>remind me who won the civil war

>he thinks limp wrist urbanite faggots won the civil war

Top kek

6b0408 No.9937721


we need brutal efficiency too.

don't waste your time torturing the average kike on the street, put two bullets in the back of its skull and move onto the next one. kill them all before they have time to react.

b3bf4f No.9937725

Is it time to start creating civil war memes yet?

15b9e5 No.9937726


One of these gender studies dropouts is going to be an hero to the cause sooner or later. Even one hiccup in the (((impeachment process))) is enough for some serious shit to start going down. It very likely to escalate one way or another to the point of gov't intervention.

c9e217 No.9937738


>Most people would die of starvation and infectious diseases.

Niggers, spics, and liberals. Who cares?

> Those with the means and intelligence to survive and organize themselves in an opposition force would be droned.

Try harder, you defeatist faggot. no one believes you.

90f602 No.9937739


>most people would die from starvation and disease

When is that not the norm? That's the standard in any given war. Society depends entirely on logistics and has for thousands of years to wage any kind of conflict both internal and external. That's hardly concern means of "embarrassment". It would be quick and ugly though and likely rioting would be a major catalyst. The more the people starve the more radical they'll become.

>organized groups would be droned

People put too much faith in the military. Active duty still strongly believes in maintaining the separation between internal conflict and external. At least the main forces (ground/infantry). They know, and we know, the minute they fire at civilians the entire credibility of the military establishment is gone. The trust will cease to exist and they'll be seen as oppressors.

Warfare via air support cannot win wars. Its been proved countless times already. It requires occupation to maintain control. Bombs and drones are ineffective when it comes to eliminating the enemy and not innocent civilians. The truth is what you always hear. The more innocent bystanders you kill the more enemies you create. I and any other former military in their right mind given the scenario would pray the military attacks civilians and does something so stupid as to inflict innocent casualties on a large scale.

8f8bbc No.9937747

File: 02f834b2d66d008⋯.png (199.55 KB, 375x437, 375:437, aye.png)

I honestly don't think the Right has enough numbers right now who would take to the streets. The Left doesn't really either, but they have (((backers))) who are happy to fund and arm them. If Trump is smart, he'll make the armed forces irrevocably his own and make some more major overtures to police forces.

On our end, we HAVE to REDPILL AND RADICALIZE the normies. Push them as hard as you can as fast as you can. We probably only have 2-3 months before shit gets real.

78f168 No.9937748


The media also told you Trump was going to lose and had a 1% chance of victory.

How'd that work out?

90f602 No.9937759


>brutal efficiency

Exactly. You wouldn't want to waste your time extracting some kind of "revenge" on your enemy no matter how much it would be satisfying, or is well deserved.

There's a lot of faggots around here that are squeamish on that issue but it's reality. There are two ways you convince the majority. Gaining their support or through enough fear they wont bother challenging you. You'll never know the former until it happens, but if you find yourself as the minority there's only one option you have.

78f168 No.9937762


Oh, also:

>Trump's corruption

What corruption?

>Muh Russia


b51149 No.9937770


Food distribution would be the first thing attacked in an actual civil war. 20 or 30 combat vets with demo experience could empty shelves across the country with a handful of well thought out interstate demolitions. There's your starvation.

Once freedom of travel is halted you will have attacks on local infrastructure by everyone from resident sleeper cells of foreign nationals, as well as whatever domestic opposition forces have formed. Most water treatment/sewage facilities are unsecured and open air. Once the sewage system has been fucked up, you can expect rampant disease and probably MRSA. All of this can go down in a day, or three, btw. It doesn't even need to build up to that point.

1aaa4f No.9937776


Even with that said I believe most of the anti-Trump fags would self-destruct and start infighting. Everyone knows the only thing Anarchist/Communist hate more than Fascist are Communist/Anarchist. Just look at what those idiots did during the Spanish civil war in the "May Days".

625f0f No.9937789

File: f1fcda4f339719d⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1360x1433, 1360:1433, f1fcda4f339719d156b6409054….png)

>disarmed liberal city dwellers vs. the armed to the teeth preppers who hold all the agricultural land and natural resources

That's gonna turn out real well for them, wont it?

3ed524 No.9937792


I've never seen the media this desperate in my life. It's attack after attack after attack right now.

a1fdeb No.9937823

File: ddede798571ba3a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.46 MB, 2160x2184, 90:91, disdain for gays.jpg)


>Trump resigns

>Pence takes power

>our energy sector reaches new heights under a wave of government subsidies

Oh joy!

15b9e5 No.9937830


repeat a lie often enough… don't discount the media's narrative. it's bullshit, but it still controls the normalfags. alt-media is more present than ever, but it's intentionally filled with infighting.

9885a9 No.9937840


>I've never seen the media this desperate in my life. It's attack after attack after attack right now.

They know if Trump has his way America will be America again and they will have lost all "progress" they've made since they sank the Titanic to create the FED.

1aaa4f No.9937847

File: 09eb9f7ef12dd70⋯.jpg (179.58 KB, 1290x1821, 430:607, 3c6ecaf79623aa333a02326463….jpg)


No worries they'll just proclaim their cities as "gun free zones" so that as soon as the Fascists march in they will have to drop their guns

8f8bbc No.9937862


Let's not go that far. Trump is buying us time, and that's it right now. That said, he's still better than just about any alternative right now.

e97068 No.9937868

No, it won't happen. Whites have been talking about "muh silva wor" for decades now, but everyone is waiting on someone else to start shooting first and then for about 1,000 others to join in shooting before they shoot. Shit's not going to happen, man.

if it does, it's your job to kill as many jews as possible, you know they'll do their damnedest to capitalize on this

dd460d No.9937902


>People put too much faith in the military. Active duty still strongly believes in maintaining the separation between internal conflict and external. At least the main forces (ground/infantry). They know, and we know, the minute they fire at civilians the entire credibility of the military establishment is gone. The trust will cease to exist and they'll be seen as oppressors.

I don't think drones hacked by malware give a fuck do you? Who will you blame then? Wikileaks?

8f6b8d No.9937916

I saw them saying that too.

Just looks like basic concern trolling to sway opinion.

3ed524 No.9937918


All the shilling in every single fucking thread is starting to grate though. They're coming down on 8/pol/ like a swarm of flies.

3ed524 No.9937923


Here's hoping he ends the Fed.


speaking of infighting, the "white house in chaos! Factions! RAHRAHRLA! DRUMPFS IS A PUPPET!" shit is so tiresome. Who the fuck decided on that narrative and why.

fece68 No.9937925


why would he be impeached?

15b9e5 No.9937941


>Who the fuck decided on that narrative and why

(((They))) did, and it's to paint him as corrupt/incompetent while covering for the fact that every single piece of tech in the White House is a leaker.

c9e217 No.9937945


It doesn’t help that they get help from all sides.

2f2469 No.9937955


>mass rapings

Get the butt or your butt will be got. Choose wisely anons.

643131 No.9937988

If there is a civil war, what are the chances other countries come in to join either cause, or act as peace keepers

4f5a45 No.9938004



"At the first sign of interference from the outside world, or from those attempting to flee"

"This unsung hero, will trigger, the bomb"

9885a9 No.9938007


Most likely everything Soros has a hand in will assist the liberal side and the Russians will either try to assist the conservative side without being seen or will stay out of it entirely (thing of the "muh Russia" shit as a long running psyop to try to pit people against whichever side Russia decides to help and cause infighting if they do.)

4f5a45 No.9938028


You don't and that's what terrible mess (((they))) have created.

NAZI's with a revolutionary American war spirit.


9885a9 No.9938031


>With all the surveillance, cointel, and controlled opposition everywhere, how do you organize?

You don't need to organize. The utility grids are shit and if Trump is impeached they will likely go down first, then all that tech is worthless.

1a2b74 No.9938032

"remind me who won the last civil war" Is he that stupid? Republicans….

9885a9 No.9938040


>Is he that stupid?

Do you really need to ask? He's against Trump.

34d25b No.9938061


Does anyone know where one could go to find useful records and maps of our power grid? I've been searching on the internet but I can't find anything useful.

78f168 No.9938069

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Because this is the end, my beautiful friend.

This is where it all comes crashing down on them, and they can feel it coming. They know, and they know we know, and this time, they can't shut it down.

Its over - these are the

Death Throes of the Republic.

aa2e6c No.9938078

File: e40285a52367a55⋯.jpg (36.07 KB, 480x741, 160:247, 1494632114252.jpg)


>The shilling is at hurricane force all across the net too, as bad as I've ever seen it.

Yep, they've been shilling other forums hard since the Seth Rich story the other day. I think something big's coming. And soon.

50d8c5 No.9938082

why the fuck would trump resign? sounds like the media is just making shit up

aa2e6c No.9938111

File: a6b135790341934⋯.jpg (163.49 KB, 1440x1490, 144:149, 1494986784865.jpg)


I'm gonna add to this post, we've seen what happened when the kikes goons (Antifa) went to battle against and organized and armed group of right-wingers instead of just attacking unsuspecting and grossly outnumbered bystanders. They got their asses kicked, every, single, fucking, TIME.

6fd0b2 No.9938166

File: e4ba33b749a967f⋯.png (36.78 KB, 300x225, 4:3, sawfulref.png)


>We warned goons about Trump

d93575 No.9938173


>>Most people would die of starvation and infectious diseases.

>You know a lot of people who get MRSA on the reg?

Because MRSA is the first and likely only disease that came to your mind. Derp.

>"More fatal than powder and shot": dysentery in the U.S. Army during the Mexican War, 1846-48.


Perhaps 80,000 soldiers died of dysentery during the Civil War. Loads more died of it in WWI. Hell, many locals were dying of cholera after the Haitian earthquake once the UN Nepalese contingent brought it over. When the infrastructure stops working and the populace no longer has clean water, this is what happens. Worse if you have immigrants in your area who start to revert to their open defecation ways or contaminate your food via fecal-oral transmission because they don't sanitize their hands (Muslims prefer to use their bare hand to clean their anus after defecation and they argue it's hygienic because "muh poured water")

You have died of dysentery

6fd0b2 No.9938195


> If Germany and the Confederacy have taught us anything it's that it's all or nothing.

Why do I get a strange feeling that the future will be less Atwood and more Turtledove/Dick/Herbert?

8fe1b0 No.9938200

Sweet demoralization thread you've got here.

6fd0b2 No.9938207



Yeah, I think Mendax is getting his white hair trimmed and combed. Vault 7 related most likely.

6fd0b2 No.9938213



Au contraire, mon anon, this is the most interesting time in world history!

6fd0b2 No.9938225


>At least the main forces (ground/infantry).

That's the problem with chair force: they never have to take range into account. They just keep flying. Infantry actually has skin in the game.

9885a9 No.9938253


>That's the problem with chair force

Nope, their problem is that their bullets are made by conservative-held companies and cost a fuckton to manufacture. They can't shoot at anyone but liberals sustainably in a civil war scenario.

34d25b No.9938280


>The media is making it seem like Trump is going to be impeached or resign any moment now.

this will result in some fantastic salt when it doesn't happen. if gibshits had balls they'd be blue right now.

6fd0b2 No.9938286


Yep, you can make a lot of converts with a little D&C and by highlighting who the (((agitators))) are.

0a1f8e No.9938377


The Chinese or Russians may come in to act as good Samaritans, alleviating widespread starvation and disease, and the liocals will attack them, so they'll send more troops etc etc. Like what happened to US relief efforts in Somalia etc.

1534f9 No.9938417


See >>9933379

04eaec No.9938427


Read up on power generating, transformers, and what takes the longest to replace. Transformers (the big ones) can take years to get a new one built. Some plants only make 3-8 of them a year.

Look up fiber and how you can easily mess with it.

Then just as you go about your day in your community, make mental maps of what's around.

a86802 No.9938482

File: 06c9aef684749a7⋯.jpg (117.17 KB, 749x750, 749:750, thinkingofyou.jpg)


No, nothing's happening until the glowing screens turn off.



I know some of you bad goys know how to make this happen.

04eaec No.9938533


>I know some of you bad goys know how to make this happen.

I would never do anything to harm the federal government. It's just fascinating knowledge. Same thing about train tracks, they're evidently electronically controlled nowadays. When a train is on a run of track, the axle shorts out the signal and that's how the controllers know it's in use. I was watching a documentary where some track workers used jumper cables to do the same thing, to ensure there wasn't a clear signal and they didn't get squished.

b3bf4f No.9938554

File: f55f8835c490e01⋯.png (687.96 KB, 1200x1920, 5:8, russianSpy.png)


369532 No.9938556


>who is that LeGate fag?

One of the many verified losers that go on twitter rants whenever Trump posts.

e678d7 No.9938567

If anything happens the only countries you amerifats have to worry about are russia and the shitskins in the middle east, and of course israel that will do everything in its power to mantain a functioning slave government. Here in europoor the second they tell us to go fight you, any side of you be it liberal/rep/niggers, we'll simply oppose. There's no sense of patriotism or duty left anymore so i reeeally doubt someone will move his ass to get shipped to die in the USA.

Then again if things escalate to global war it's just gonna be defensive, and i doubt russia will openly invade anything while putin is comfy drinking vodka and fucking bitches. That's the side effects of pussyfing entire countries, when the turks come knocking and the banks are falling no matter how much those jews will scream about their failing assets, we'll just watch soccer on tv and wait for the next nazi leader to rise.

15b9e5 No.9938581


>you poor faggots won't be on the front lines fighting (((the enemy of the republic)))

wouldn't be so sure anon

59cb91 No.9938582


The idea that Russia would invade the US is ridiculous. What would they gain from it? People seem to have a ridiculous idea of modern politics. Russia has one goal and that is to secure a buffer zone along the northern European plane. Russia is 100000 times more likely to invade Germany than Alaska.

59cb91 No.9938612



>we'll just watch soccer on tv and wait for the next nazi leader to rise.

You better fucking be actively fighting for such a political outcome. Anyone who wants to just sit by and wait for a messiah is a cuckold bitch who deserves to be shot along with all traitors.

3ce6a3 No.9938622


>>wait till they learn we have guns too

So the Jew will gift the nigger with automatic firearms? I wonder if in this civil war (((they))) truly think they'll not be named, unlike the last one where the Jews were the wealthiest class in the Confederacy and also in the Union.

a5fa33 No.9938627


You are close, but reality is kind of bitter sweet in that regard.

Obama booted out most of the good guys from the military.

What he didn't realize is that they walked away with the keys.

If something did go down, just to use one base as an example, within 5 hours of the start a bunch of former military types would have taken over Ft.Hood (Texas), probably the 2nd or 3rd most important US Army base in the world.

I also predict that Lackland Air Force base would fall within the first 6 hours as well. Goodbye extreme range drone control, thanks to the USAF Intel network going down.

We may not have the military at the start, but within 5 weeks we would have our own.

The challenge is surviving that long.

15b9e5 No.9938628


>automatic firearms

Christ, imagine the property damage to your backdrop.

90f602 No.9938638


>waiting for someone else to start shooting

That's how you know we're a powder keg waiting to explode. That terminology has been around since at least the 80's long before we got this bad, and likely far longer than that. Everyone knew that the regional differences alone were impossible to overcome and that racial ones along with religious would make it worse as time goes by.

Whites aren't stupid. We've known the situation, where the public consciousness was, and that only a certain domino of events would allow for the opportunity to destroy this artificial empire calling itself a country. One thing will always lead to another and at this stage of our empire there's a pretty solid consensus that it'll be economic. Across the entire spectrum socially, politically, philosophically, and ideologically, everyone is seeing the economic destruction of the U.S. as being the springboard given the predictable violence it'll naturally bring.

a22bc8 No.9938644

The (((media))) is attempting to create an alternate reality, but if you turn it off the world as it is is the world that is

15b9e5 No.9938659


This is where I get stuck. It's been two realities for fucking ever. The problem is the deranged degenerates are whipped up and being stoked for action. You don't hear shit about some antifag beating a wymyn, but the guy who shoots back will make Zimzam jealous of the coverage.

c27848 No.9938664


>major overtures to police forces.

do you think think the police are on any one side but their own? Remember Katrina, they were disarming civilians. If their is a civil war keep your heads down. The police, their number one job is to protect civilian government, and that is where this problem originates, political corruption.

a5fa33 No.9938684


>do you think think the police are on any one side but their own?

That is why you make them believe that the best major faction to side with for their own sake is your own faction.

That is how diplomacy works, you present a deal that is not only the best option for yourself - but also the people you are proposing the deal to.

74a8ba No.9938719


>2nd picture

>"Hey Trumpsters, I know you're no great at history, but remind me agin who won last time we had a Civil War?"

The Republican controlled government of the United States won. But I'm not good at history xD.

999f43 No.9938729


>make them believe

are you fucking joking? police? listen to anyone? fuck you! the sooner ppl learn to fend for themselves absent the police the better off they will be. Post civil war if you end up in the hands of the police or the military you're as good as dead. People need to wake the fuck up to the seriousness of the situation.

We've seen the police declare nigger areas no go zones, muslim areas no go zones, and then on the white side of town they have whites line up this way and line up that way. Fuck that.

852b3a No.9938754


>I'm starting to get worried lads

>About a civil war

You certainly do not belong here

a5fa33 No.9938755


Yes, yes; you are Mr. BraveMan Uberman of Brave Action Super Fight, gonna win the whole war by his wonesome.


44462f No.9938767

File: 895c802194f3712⋯.png (323.59 KB, 1021x1600, 1021:1600, GiveADamn.png)

Realistically what could non-burgers do to help if this did pop off?

999f43 No.9938771


what a hysterical little girl you are

249890 No.9938773


>don't waste your time torturing the average kike on the street, put two bullets in the back of its skull and move onto the next one.


You don't win a war by wasting time, effort, and resources on anything that doesn't result in more dead enemies.

Although, I would suggest one bullet to the back of the skull and if necessary, finish with a knife. Ammo is precious in war.

249890 No.9938781


>Realistically what could non-burgers do to help if this did pop off?

Supply the troops, and/or just turn up and fight.

a5fa33 No.9938783


Be ready to fight your own war, because without ZOG USA holding everyone down, the real shit starts.


More like a realist, if we don't control the Military and Police after a Civil War, we lost the war.

This is all or nothing for us, if you don't realize that, I don't think you have thought this through.

And, yes, a Civil

d4d25d No.9938785


>Remind me again who won last time we had a Civil War

As I recall it was the side loyal to the elected president.

59cb91 No.9938787


People should either be caressed or crushed. If you do them minor damage they will get their revenge; but if you cripple them there is nothing they can do. If you need to injure someone, do it in such a way that you do not have to fear their vengeance.


a5fa33 No.9938790


> And, yes, a Civil

* War is still not a bad thing; high risk, high reward.

59cb91 No.9938801

>>9938783 is right. We must take control of the military.

However I worry that this will not happen. We have no real power, influence, or organization. Which means we will be shut out of the decision making process.

b36adf No.9938805

I had lunch with my father today and he thinks we are going to see assassinations again but this time it will be news personalities instead of politicians before a civil war pops off.

04eaec No.9938806


Meme your government into helping the poor oppressed people that the mean Evil USA govt is bombing and attacking. Use the MSM narrative against them.

Work hard at getting Russia (or anyone really) to do the same ADVISER situation the USA is currently doing in SYRIA.

Shit, in current year, you could probably go fund me an airforce. Looking at you CONFEDERATE AIR FORCE.

We'd have a logistics movement ability, we'd need parts, fuel, ammunition, food. Wars are won on logistics, not battles.

999f43 No.9938811


> if we


as in /pol/?

there will be no electricity, no cellphone service, no internet. millions dead.

the WE will the the LIVING and that better damn well be the whites.

999f43 No.9938830


Shiva the Destroyer says: Destruction opens the path for a new creation, that out of destruction comes renewal.



a5fa33 No.9938840


> the WE will the the LIVING and that better damn well be the whites.

In general, you are correct in what I meant, 'we' as in 'Whites of sufficient racial awareness' among other issues (Kikery, etc).

a5fa33 No.9938843


Didn't mean to sage.

2f09cb No.9938846


Daily reminder that OP is a massive faggot. That being said , ==GAS ALL JUDEN AND MUDFILTH CIVIL WAR NOW==

59cb91 No.9938847


>>9938811 also makes a good point. /pol/ is not an organization. Non-organizations don't profit from wars nor do they end up running anything. Golden Dawn is an example of an organization that will end up in control of something after a war because they have sympathizers in the military and police and have boots on the ground political force as well as hundreds of civilian outreach programs.

/pol/ is just an internet site with no sympathizers, no organization, no outreach programs, and no future post civil war.

a015fc No.9938849

ive been doing my best to radicalize the breitbart readers for some time now. hopefully it pays off

31d8b3 No.9938854


There will be no civil war.

999f43 No.9938862


>news personalities

I think he is correct. It needs to occur. They hide behind the 1st amendment as if they are the press but they are no longer that, simply extremely well paid TV personalities. Propagandists fanning the flames of the US destruction while the Chinese build marvels and open trade routes all over the planet.

a87a9d No.9938875


Kek detests this post.

951e71 No.9938904


>nothing's happening until the glowing screens turn off

but how will we know the happening is legit without happening threads? is this confirmation that a civil war will never occur?

a5fa33 No.9938907


>It's the harshest solution

Anon, the harshest solution is to hijack the Kike's Samson Option idea and blanket the world in atomic fire, since a good many Whites will still likely survive that. Your idea is comparatively soft.

33a759 No.9938908

File: 8e33bd57162d464⋯.png (224.93 KB, 500x375, 4:3, trump at 4am.png)


There's a seemingly endless wave of the "impeach impeach" and the "resign resign" along with outlandish claim after outlandish claim because the LUGENPRESSE IS ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED. They are in a panic about seth rich's story getting out there, and so they're trying to drown it out by screaming loud and in fear.

fa77fa No.9938915


He's some faggot Peter Thiel gave a hundred grand to drop out of high school and start a business, and he made some social media app that has only 7 million total downloads to smartphones. He thinks that's impressive and gushes about it in his biography.

As for his blue check, he got it the same way dozens of others got it: sperging out on almost every single tweet Trump makes with about a dozen irrelevant statements.

cb65e8 No.9938921


>implying the nukes haven't been "altered" and if the kikes keep fucking around they won't be "altered" further.

Gee, there's a lot of complicated electronics in those things and sometimes they detonate seconds after launch.

9bb65f No.9938951


Nothing's going to happen. Joe "King Kike" Leiberman will be appointed as FBI Director to appease the Jews.

a5fa33 No.9938956


>there's a lot of complicated electronics in those things

Actually, not really.

The Nukes themselves are simple enough a literal retard could set them up. You just have to know what you are doing with them to make them work in creative ways, and I guarantee you there are at least 4 or 5 /pol/acks that do who are close enough to do that if worst came to worst.


> larping faggot

I never said I could, I said it's the harshest solution. Can you read, nigger?

852b3a No.9938961


Meme your asses off

Take back your homeland

and sabotage any UN efforts to intervene

04eaec No.9938978


>but how will we know the happening is legit without happening threads? is this confirmation that a civil war will never occur?

HAM RADIO. Learn it. Hang around some of the shortwave bands. They're pretty 14/88 in a Alex Jones sort of way.


No, there won't be. But I fully expect to see more militia faggots and to see some more Oklahoma Cities to happen. Because, militia fags have been doing their thing for like 8-10 years by now, so you're bound to see some splinter off and militarize.

I'm also shocked we haven't seen a new Weather Underground bombing campaign by the lefties.

fa77fa No.9939001


>I'm also shocked we haven't seen a new Weather Underground bombing campaign by the lefties.

Trigger them harder and it'll start. And the media will cover it up.

625f0f No.9939016


You'll notice how they have all quieted down now. They realized their meal ticket to click baiting has turned out hollow and will likely exonerate Trump. They will now be covering their ass and wording their articles in a manner as to give plausible deniability.

At the most they will say he is guilty, but weaseled his way out of it this time. And they'll come back next week to scream, "Next time Captain Planet! I'll get you next time!"

44462f No.9939027


>Trigger them harder and it'll start.

I'm not so sure. Look at what happened when those NoDAPL retards tried to make simple propane bombs. These idiots are going to blow themselves up all over the country.

http: //kfgo.com/news/articles/2016/nov/22/father-of-injured-pipeline-protester-says-law-officer-threw-grenade/

a63fa8 No.9939029


uuughhhhh toxic waste

e97068 No.9939047


>powder keg waiting to explode

The problem with this is that there needs to be a spark. Otherwise you just got a barrel of bullshit. There's no spark, and I'm willing to put money on there not being one even if Trump is impeached. And as I mentioned before, let's say we draw blood from a stone and it does happen. In which direction is it going? Are we gonna have more based black guys in Trump hats? How about more pedophilic Jews "triggering lefties?" No, I'm not saying that's what we want, but that's what the majority of the "revolutionary force" thinks is ok. We don't have solid control over public opinion. A baseless, rootless "summin ain' rite" doesn't work anymore.

6e510c No.9939052

File: e038b91395b8b54⋯.gif (3.2 MB, 420x300, 7:5, nice meme.gif)

3bebdc No.9939059

The thing I think about with a civil war is, what would be the end goal? Simply murdering liberals, while nice, gets us where exactly? What would we even need to pursue to win?

How would we even organize? I am sure the internet will be limited somehow as a means of scattering efforts.

cff6f7 No.9939061


>That's gonna turn out real well for them, wont i

Overconfidence is stupid. The White army and the Ukrainian farmers didn't fare so well against the Red Urban tide. They ended up exterminated to the tune of millions.

d04e79 No.9939062

File: d4c3fb7427c02d3⋯.gif (71.98 KB, 225x534, 75:178, 17 tower.gif)


The military, cops, firefighters, all government workers State and Federal, they all get paid by direct deposit. It's all a big electronic, digital jenga tower ready to fall at the slightest touch.

I know we all like to think that shit will fall apart if EBT fails, but when the cops don't come and the fires burn that's when shit gets Really REAL.

cb65e8 No.9939071


>Telemetry is simple

a63fa8 No.9939075


nowhere unless we remove the jews in charge, if we don't it goes back to this after the dust settles.

59cb91 No.9939104



And who is this "we" you speak of?

d93575 No.9939182



Congratulations. It seems that Kek believes you are a felching faggot pozzed with GRID. That's what you were hoping he would bestow upon you, correct?

e650d2 No.9939193




I'm gonna use a handaxe because I actually know how

41d085 No.9939201

File: 8a4bb9c4e0c0e28⋯.jpg (25.23 KB, 434x434, 1:1, 8a4bb9c4e0c0e28a01e461b967….jpg)

Just wanna remind everyone that this is LITTERALY what Soros and his Kikes want.

He as mentioned many times in his books that he seeks the destruction of the dollar.

What's the best way to economically cripple a country?

Civil war.

It'll be czechoslovakia all over again.

Guys…I'm scared.

e650d2 No.9939205


Can't you make something horrible just by scraping radioactive paint and shavings from glow in the darks into a traditional high-ex weapon?

I know it's not a nuke, but it's still a cancer maker

e650d2 No.9939211


But it's also one of our goals.

What matters is who wins.

31250b No.9939212

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Reminder that the US government is literally building terminator robots, and that what they let us see is years behind what they actually have.

>US military's killer robots await Trump’s approval: Report

>The US military has already tested assassination drones armed with facial recognition software that could identify enemy combatants and target them at will.

>Killer robots “would not simply be another weapon in the world’s arsenals, but would constitute a new method of warfare,” wrote nine House Democrats to Secretary of State John Kerry and Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

Ten years from now, any kind of human rebellion will be massacred by machines that can headshot 100 humans a minute.

e650d2 No.9939220


>Not having goals

>Not having a militia or at least a two man team

>Over a decade Into this

You should have been prepared Anon.

We are the stand-alone complex.

We are alone, buy each one of us is a leader.

You should be prepared by now.

e650d2 No.9939234


Yeah and traditional anti-inflammatory methods like explosives will work just fine.

In practice, a team of even national guard will slaughter militia men.

Guerrilla methods can be developed against robots as well.

d72d50 No.9939238

File: 7b9d7497916b5ad⋯.jpg (223.61 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, 1470621629341-0.jpg)


white people of european descent, you lolberg faggot

04eaec No.9939241


>Trigger them harder and it'll start. And the media will cover it up.

I mean, didn't they try to gas a ball? We're already approaching WMD territory, which could be interesting.


I don't know if they will. I'm unsure of the strategic use of bombs BEFORE the mid-terms. I fully expect the mid-terms to go well for the GOP, so I'd expect the bombings to start AFTER the midterms. The optics of bombs prior to the midterms would be a very good thing for Trump though.


That's kind of the hope. From what I've seen, lefties are unable to do their own research and just parrot the anarchist's cookbook to eachother. They're unable to effectively gather resources to do things effectively or properly. I'm curious to see who'll teach them babies first detonator.

Don't forget that the USA has had TONS of experience playing with IED's in the sandbox, and many EOD techs have come home and washed out of the .mil. I'd be rather spoopy to see them decide to get into the bombing game.

I just can't forsee an open shooting war, because the moment that occurs, the government loses. The only way for either side to start a revolt is via bombings, because antifa already showed that their paradise workers revolt won't work. The working class refused to join them in the streets.


Asymmetric warfare. It works. Look at IRAQ, where people are defeating FLIR cameras using space blankets.

08e108 No.9939243


>Civil War Soon


I hate to tell you Boomers but


31250b No.9939255

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Or perhaps you'd prefer a bipedal machine? Imagine this machine fully armored to military spec. And don't be fooled, these machines will not be slow moving like in the Terminator franchise, or like in this video: They will be lightning quick. Even in this video the machine sometimes moves faster than the eye can see (when pushing itself up off the ground).


>Guerrilla methods can be developed against robots as well.

I agree, and we will need to, these robots are a reality NOW. My biggest concern is swarms of hundreds of small aerial drones that would be impossible to shoot down due to their sheer numbers and small size. We are going to need to develop EMP weapons.

e650d2 No.9939258


>Asymmetrical warfare


As a rule anyway before robots are a problem, do not attack patrols directly.

=They will slaughter you, and hard. Use guerrilla methods, do not engage directly.==

e650d2 No.9939265


>Emp weapons

>Not spark gap generators

Block their coms and they suddenly become alot less intelligent and functional.

e650d2 No.9939275


Also, these things can be engaged the same way standard foot-mobiles are to be engaged: hi-ex. Hi ex and traps.

04eaec No.9939288


>Imagine this machine fully armored to military spec

>They will be lightning quick.

More weight / more speed = faster fuel consumption. Who's going to maintain it? Where are they going to be maintained? Who's going to run up to it to refuel it or replace a battery pack? Since they have a limited runtime, you can start plotting out the range of their ability to patrol.

Also, you have the whole comms issue. As >>9939265 points out, spark gap transmitters are great.

The other easy thing, is to not use radios.

90f602 No.9939292


That's being awfully generous with the 75 years mark. You could probably say we've never won a single war on our own in history other than against the Indians which still took hundreds of years.

We've been rats picking up the scraps of greater empires prior to the 20th century. Most of our victories even then are chalked up to showing up late when everyone was exhausted from years of fighting with depleted resources waving our inferior fighting tactics and inferior equipment around in the millions like badasses.

We're basically the white african spear chucking zulu horde that was endless.

438dee No.9939298


A few tire necklaces for PR purpose wouldn't hurt.

e2efbe No.9939320

File: 971bd9b7337a2d1⋯.jpg (183.61 KB, 1004x816, 251:204, The Rothschilds.jpg)

File: 780accb9998ee4c⋯.jpg (139.76 KB, 960x480, 2:1, fc91e88caf857da531be2eb1d9….jpg)


>If shit goes down all the zog kikes will hop on their private jets and be hiding safely in places like switzerland and new zealand thousands of miles away within hours of something like a civil war starts up.


If we don't cut off the money supply we are fucked. These kikes have trillions to throw at preventing a right victory. And they will because they will realize they will get the rope if they lose. Every nigger and his mother will be happy to rape and murder small town white americans if kikes provide the cash and food. Priority #1 needs to be eliminating these fuckers. Also need to nuke the fuck out of israel.

I think its entirely possible for power mad Klepto kikes like rothschild / bushes / clintons / kissinger's / pedo gate faggots / that they would instigate a false flag on russia that would trigger ww3 to stop justice from being served. These fucks would gladly see everything burn if they escaped like rats from a sinking ship. They hold 0 loyalty to the country, or to its continued good welfare. A civil war will necessarily be a global war when you have rat fucks like cheney hiding out in "undisclosed locations" overseas giving orders over a sat phone.

The Kikes Will Poor Literal Trillions Into Preventing Their Destruction

31250b No.9939333

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



And let's not forget the small four goat-legged machines they could send in through a dense forest to deliver explosive charges to your compound. If the machine has the time, it might even crush the skulls of your children with its perfectly-human-skull sized pincer arm.


>Asymmetric warfare. It works. Look at IRAQ, where people are defeating FLIR cameras using space blankets.

Indeed. I'm very concerned about these machines though, my dear anons. They are far more advanced than they let on, these Boston Dynamics machines are just them rushing to "ease in" the technology to the public sector. Don't forget that these machines will be tied into the information network the NSA has, meaning the machines will basically be omniscient (think Batman's cellphone network machine he asks Lucius Fox to help him use).


>If these robots are so powerful why can't they beat a sandnigger?

These robots have never been deployed against humans. Only human-controlled aerial drones (very ancient tech by now) have been used in the Middle East. Autonomous killing machines have not yet been used.

>>9939288 HEILd

>Who's going to run up to it to refuel it or replace a battery pack?

Our enemies have free energy technology (or at the very least, wireless electricity such as Tesla invented), it just depends if they decide to roll it out. The government has also developed machines that can power themselves by eating human flesh: http://www.foxnews.com/story/2009/07/16/biomass-eating-military-robot-is-vegetarian-company-says.html

>“If it’s not on the menu, it’s not going to eat it,” Finkelstein said.

Let's face it: If our enemies would be fine with sending robots to eat us. Think of Dresden, think of what happened after WW2 (check out the documentary "Hellstorm").


>Block their coms and they suddenly become alot less intelligent and functional.

I agree, but these machines can easily have built in routines for going on all-or-nothing no quarter killing sprees if disconnected from the hive mind. Blocking military comms is actually pretty hard now, have you read about how the US and Russia have been testing next-gen comms tech and comms disruption tech in Syria? Stuff that's been completely classified until now, they're just taking the opportunity to run some live tests.

3c7b15 No.9939338


I know youre hoping for that scenario Mordecai, but your hubris is blinding you, like always.

The grid goes down, all your vidya war bullshit is worthless. Fuck off, Im gonna enjoy gutting you kikes.

0cef73 No.9939344

File: e8d508bf3c10ffa⋯.gif (161.69 KB, 1013x1524, 1013:1524, 1469595091071.gif)

I want them to impeach trump!!!!!!

59cb91 No.9939357


>white people of european descent

>[W]hite people

>of [E]uropean descent

Department of Redundancy Department

So you'd be pleased with people like Bill Clinton running the place? I wouldn't. Just because they're White doesn't make them our friends or even hallway descent people.

Imagine if after the civil war a "responsible conservative" took charge to "Restore Da Konstitution"

Or worse, imagine if we survived the race war only to end up with a leader like Lukashenko.

You accuse me of being retarded, but you expose your own short sightedness and naiveté.

999f43 No.9939360

File: e843c43fd5dea38⋯.jpg (179.97 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, are u ready to murder.jpg)


>needs to be a spark

At the dinner table yesterday the lights flickered off, then back on and then off again several times. I voiced aloud STAY OFF and LET IT BEGIN, my family looked at me horrified.


59cb91 No.9939381


Reliance on cool new gadgets has time and time again proven to be a failed plan.

999f43 No.9939386

File: bc629e6a53abbd5⋯.png (233.46 KB, 1856x972, 464:243, Civil_War_II_(2016)_logo.png)


59cb91 No.9939395


I hope you have read this.


ad321d No.9939397


>What matters is who wins

Just like presidential elections, right? We all know no one could rig completely digital counting routines.

Hacking hasn't been popular since that movie in the 90's.

The age of information went out with the cold war, everything we hear in the news is real again.

And it's not like any countries near or affiliated with us have ever utilized civil war as political leverage.

I mean come on, causing a civil war? Get real.

31250b No.9939400

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Right under our noses, the legal precedent has been set in the USA to use robots to kill human beings. Remember that black shooter that went on a cop killing spree last year? They strapped C4 to a bomb disposal robot (ironic!) and just sent the thing over via remote control to terminate the nigger.

Of course, the first time they used a robot to kill a US citizen, they chose an irredeemable nigger who was killing whites. This way whites don't see any reason to object (the target deserved termination without question).

A dangerous precedent.


>Reliance on cool new gadgets has time and time again proven to be a failed plan.

I hope you're right.


>Then they clearly don't work or they would be using them

Wrong. The wars in the Middle East are not meant to be "won" or fought like a real war. The minute the US is in a real war, we are going to see military technology revealed that we could never have imagined: Autonomous weapons and energy weapons (hint: the WTC was vaporized by a space based weapons platform).

e650d2 No.9939404


>Afraid of that

You do know, like I said that fighting even regular soldiers directly is suicide.

Explosives and traps.

e2efbe No.9939406


>robots hurr durr

Why the fuck would you use expensive robots when the kikes could give tyrone and millions of his nigger buddies a hundred grand and carte blanche to roam the countryside like a pack of gangrapeing murdering zombies.

This is not going to be fucking the movie terminator dipshit.

It's going to be Hotel Rwanda…

f754bb No.9939416


Checked. Absolutely correct about the space based particle beam weapons system. You can actually see the translucent beam in a couple of vid clips from back then. Also it is obvious since the fuckin materials were powderized. Planes and jet fuel don't do that shit

e650d2 No.9939418


>Starting a civil war

Actually it's more like mass distributed stand-alone complex based death.

We don't have to fight like any army that came before us.

We are fluid like water, everywhere and nowhere like smoke.

We can strike from anywhere anytime, with no warning. That is our power and we need to learn to use it.

bc77c4 No.9939427


Let him fap over his robot fanfic.

>>also implying robots cannot be hacked to turn against other robots

bc77c4 No.9939433

File: 15c27a9d0310c99⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 2476x2468, 619:617, image.jpg)


sup Reddit.

e650d2 No.9939436



>Muh autonomous combat routines

Then why does the reaper and the predator default to circling around and around?

e650d2 No.9939446

File: fe5c9081b8ca240⋯.jpg (34.94 KB, 368x480, 23:30, fe5c9081b8ca240295ef2769dc….jpg)



You know I have never even once been there you stupid newfag.

04eaec No.9939451

File: ee85fbd6975f968⋯.jpg (122.26 KB, 750x499, 750:499, 10-canned-food.jpg)

Somewhat important too:

Anon's don't forget food preparations. Call local mormon places. They are the nicest people out there and are always happy to help. They make cool racks for your canned food as well.


He's autistic, not a redditor.


>Then why does the reaper and the predator default to circling around and around?

Because it works best for keeping eyes on the target.

59cb91 No.9939454


>I hope you're right.

Look, these machines are not as effective as the military industrial complex pretends they are. They're expensive toys really and here is why.

Let's say you are a general with a bunch of these expensive, energy consuming robots.

In an asymmetrical war, where would you use them exactly? You don't know where the enemy is. And every time you're wrong and send them into a house filled with innocent civilians, you are caught sending death robots into people's homes to slaughter civilians. Not good optics.

And once you're in a real war, the enemy will using these drones as well so what advantage will they give you? Not much.

Another problem with your side (as a pro-System general in this hypothetical war) is that your side will be the "diversity" army. As a former member of the JNA how well that works.

e650d2 No.9939461



No, just ready to face to bloodshed because it's the only thing that might work. I just don't want to lose this chance.

Also, it seems to work to cause them to get captured.



You cannot expect superior technology to win you a war.


bc77c4 No.9939463

File: 4a9ed6f564dca89⋯.jpg (50.02 KB, 500x355, 100:71, image.jpg)

/pol/ treats anything to do with computers as some divine mass execution ender of worlds.

Computers crash, they are vulnerable, they fuck up, this is what autonomous robots are. Fucking computers and software running. Stop fucking larping them as indestructible.

t. /tech/

993a50 No.9939466


Some of the very largest transformers are pretty much irreplaceable. Because we literally don't make them like we used to.

e2efbe No.9939468

File: 67d911811f9c7bf⋯.png (135.22 KB, 364x374, 182:187, assad.png)

You dumb fucks need to start paying attention to Syria because its literally this exact same scenario

bc77c4 No.9939473

File: 8569dc4735461d9⋯.jpg (54.77 KB, 550x504, 275:252, image.jpg)


Your post read like something posted on T_D

31250b No.9939474

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Explosives and traps.

Agreed. We must use extreme cunning when engaging any type of enemy. Fighting the machines will become just another part of war, and we will come up with ways to outsmart them.


> It's going to be Hotel Rwanda…

After all the niggers have starved to death or been slaughtered by whites in battle, we, the remaining whites, will be a real big problem for (((them))). Considering that their stated intent is to reduce the Earth's population to under a billion, I'm guessing these machines are more intended to be used as prison guards than anything else, but expect them to at least be protecting our enemies' strongest compounds (especially underground bases and their entrances).


>Also it is obvious since the fuckin materials were powderized.

Embedded. It's depressing when you realize how much power our enemies actually have, and we haven't even brought up biological weapons yet. I try to remind myself that most of the system our enemies rely upon to deliver these weapons is composed of regular human beings like us, and that once the global revolt occurs, they will also turn on their masters (assuming they have not been replaced by thinking machines by then).


>Let him fap over his robot fanfic.

More like lose sleep over it. I'm a computer scientist and even some of the things in development at our universities scare the shit out of me. The problem is the hubris of the engineers and scientists pouring their energy and talent into anti-human technology.


>Then why does the reaper and the predator default to circling around and around?

Because autonomous killing machines are currently illegal. No one has used them yet because there has been no REAL war in which a nation is fighting for its very existence. No one gives a shit about the rules when their backs are up against the wall. All of the drone tech used in the middle east is ANCIENT technology. Also as >>9939451 said, it's just a default routine for staying near where it last had comms connection while continuously monitoring the environment for the target's location. These drones require a kill command from a human being (usually some fatass sitting in a military base in the US).

4f5a45 No.9939477


If shit hits the fan, no matter weather your Anti-fa or National Socialist, you have to put cops and Military down hard with pop shots until the entire system is Pro white European only. Fuck em

e650d2 No.9939481


>Get dust in actuator

>Noone notices

>Builds up on the muddy, dusty, shrapnel filled battlefields

>Go to shoot at enemy

>Jammed actuator

>Electric motor burns out

Moving parts in large amounts love to attract trouble.

31250b No.9939491


>these machines are not as effective as the military industrial complex pretends they are.

It's the opposite: these machines are far more advanced than they let us see. It's all ultra-classified.

8f88e2 No.9939493


The reds of the past and those now are completely two different things.

bc77c4 No.9939501


So I assume these robots have no exploits, never crash, and are running redundant systems?

e650d2 No.9939509


I don't know why. I only browse /pol/ and /fit/.


You don't get it. War is already at the point where you cannot win in direct battles.

Artillery fire is stupid pinpoint accurate.

No, what you do it come up with ways to destroy that 500k robot with a 25 dollar anfo bomb.

Make the war completely unfeasible.

The u.s. chain of command even if if it had perfect orders that would be followed by robots still has to protect it's supply lines.

Its still a conventional army no matter what kind of troops it has.

e650d2 No.9939518


>Trust us!

>This super vtol fighter will shoot down all others!

>It's actual specs are all classified!

59cb91 No.9939523


Actually you're missing the point. The military doesn't show the public what they really have, but they intentionally create a false image that they are omnipotent and omnipresent. They intentionally leak stories about how deadly their things are to scare the public. You must understand that a System like this relies on fear to stay in power. The military industrial complex creates an aura of fear and suspense but behind the curtain, things are not as omnipotent as it appears from afar.

The same is true with the alphabet soup agencies. They're not as omniscient as we are led to believe. There are serious internal problems within these agencies. However they maintain their power by projecting strength.

All politics (and make no mistake, violence is politics and the policing agencies of America are just gangs with badges) is illusion. If you peer closely, you can see the rot behind the façade.

e2efbe No.9939529

File: b2fceb37448d7c6⋯.gif (5.65 MB, 300x411, 100:137, jlaw-whtvr.gif)

File: 9b480728cc3ae25⋯.jpg (842.51 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, destoy-syria.jpg)

File: 2b8dfc5b4d9b1df⋯.jpg (362.23 KB, 1050x684, 175:114, lead-photo-1050.jpg)

File: 4a86e14a8ef8e63⋯.jpg (832.36 KB, 2048x1473, 2048:1473, 31lede_homs2-superJumbo.jpg)

File: 6b3989afc37d8d7⋯.jpg (142.04 KB, 964x726, 482:363, article-0-1AFE34F4000005DC….jpg)


>meh robots

You're fucking retarded, stop sliding the thread, go fucking outside and see whats its going to be like with no power

e650d2 No.9939532


Aren't we actually fielding relics?

Like isn't most of our gear actually dangerously out of date because of all these failed r&d projects that keep leading nowhere?

d72d50 No.9939548

File: 463249a016a60c2⋯.jpg (209.25 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, retropie-wallpaper.jpg)


regardless "we"/someone have to do something about these fucking kikes!

e2efbe No.9939555

File: 93028a20cbc9b87⋯.png (847.7 KB, 1911x1532, 1911:1532, afvsbndiojgfvbnpokdjfwn.png)


we still on win 7 service pk 1 on dell's that are at least 6 years old, no monies to upgrade

31250b No.9939556

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>So I assume these robots have no exploits, never crash, and are running redundant systems?

How should I know? We should just basically assumed that they have been designed to be as powerful as possible.

The potential for these things to be hacked is not only real, but make me hard as a rock. I'm hoping I can lend my talents to our resistance in this manner if required. Maybe we can even capture them and reprogram them, wouldn't that be cool as fuck? Send it into a synagogue.


>Its still a conventional army no matter what kind of troops it has.

I agree with your post, I just hope this war happens before the technology becomes significantly more advanced and entrenched in our society. It won't be long until they have autonomous "police" robots, and the youth will grow up with this and consider in "normal" (thus less resistance to further and further automation/enslavement).


>>Trust us!

I think the only thing we can "trust" is that the government is lying to us, has hidden all sorts of technology from us, and is actively plotting to destroy us.


>go fucking outside

But anon, I spend all day inside studying computer science so I can hack the robots we will be fighting. Don't you want to see embed related turn on the kikes?

437197 No.9939573



If you TRS blackpill poolfaggots actually tried to lurk here, you would understand why that's bullshit.

59cb91 No.9939574


Yes. The robot scare is just the government trying to project power and make us afraid. But the truth is that the US military is in a tough spot. The Kikes intentionally sow chaos in the US military because, well, that's just what jews do. Forcing the US military to become "diverse" and accept women and transgendered freaks is coming at the expense of military competence and effectiveness in the field.

Also, the US military is designed to fight conventional wars, not asymmetrical wars.

I think the best example for /pol/ of the misplaced fear of fancy gadgets winning wars is in the final years of the Third Reich. As the Germans were being pushed back, scientists kept investing more and more energy into "miracle weapons" and the German government intentionally created a meme that these miracle weapons were going to save Germany. Well, they did not. Miracle weapons are an act of desperation. And governments like the US or the Third Reich placing too much faith in miracle weapons is an absolute disaster waiting to happen. It sucks energy and money away from essential things and channels it into highly inefficient expensive toys like these robots.

e650d2 No.9939577


>The military

>Making or fielding the best of anything

It will be made by the lowest bidder.

bc77c4 No.9939585

File: 6e1588de819dd8c⋯.jpg (155.87 KB, 634x665, 634:665, image.jpg)


>they can be hacked

I'm glad we agree on something robot fanfic anon.

e650d2 No.9939589


The prototype models that are worth 500 million and can world every weapon under the sun I would afraid of.

The production model with a standard weapon set and a basic combat protocol, and is slaved to some asshole at a computer with shitty ping off a field commands wifi?

Not so much.

300d62 No.9939591

>>9939344 (checked)

Meme responsibly.

e2efbe No.9939593

File: ba9f1e404e95d67⋯.gif (229.01 KB, 800x508, 200:127, ed19bbaad45d2c332aa196a423….gif)

File: 1201ef68e6a45df⋯.gif (3.5 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 9419027f2d5e79531a323a9322….gif)


>watches too much robot anime

some help you are gonna be, good luck getting gangraped by tyrone and his buds when you are holding a printer walking down the street

33a759 No.9939615

File: 6327d07446c54cf⋯.jpg (41.59 KB, 508x493, 508:493, smug girl in uniform.jpg)


Pay attention to the well being of certain individuals. While they are shouting and screaming, the moment that the Seth Rich takes off for the public and gets out there, it opens a whole new can of worms. It'll be the beginning of the end for the Democratic Party, and (((they))) know it. Prepare for a lot of (((heart attacks))) to happen.

>"summer of comey" they shout

All I have to say is, see you in September.

33a759 No.9939618

File: c52fd35e6ced507⋯.jpg (21.26 KB, 369x635, 369:635, kek reads a bedtime story.jpg)


You're memeing yourself to die in a car accident with that kind of heresy.

59cb91 No.9939621


Fielding a 500 million dollar robot against an illusive enemy is a really dumb idea. The more complex something is, the more likely it will break. And every day it is not killing us will be a day that it is wasting government money. Such a machine is expensive to operate and doesn't actually do much more for the military than a regular soldier. So instead of buying a tank or a platoon of humans, you just get one expensive toy that the commanders in charge are afraid to use because it might break.

Remember the Japanese Yamamoto? That was supposed to be a super advanced death ship. But they were afraid to use it and when they did, it was destroyed in minutes. The Germans invented helicopters and jet fighters but they turned out to be a complete waste of resources that should have been spent on conventional weapons. Or, GOD FORBID!, they should have been spending that money and time and resources on the less glorious necessities like basic infrastructure, equipment, and technology that makes supplying troops in the field more efficient. While Hitler was building the world's largest (and most useless) tank and chuckling to himself about how this miracle weapon will win the war, soldiers were dying because the Wehrmacht couldn't get fucking coats to the front lines.

31250b No.9939626

File: 441b03b74507c29⋯.jpg (52.41 KB, 510x336, 85:56, kylerees.jpg)


What I think bothers me the most about killer robots is how much power it represents that can be wielded by the very few and/or very weak. Imagine a kike like Soros sitting in a villa somewhere, tapping about on an iPad. Meanwhile, somewhere in Eastern Europe a pack of machines are spraying down a church with automatic fire and blasting napalm on the fleeing humans.

It's like when the crossbow was invented. It was reviled by knights, considered to be a cowards weapon, something that could be wielded by a weak man from a distance to slay an honorable knight.


>and is slaved to some asshole at a computer

The thing is that they are developing fully autonomous machines that leave the kill decision to an algorithm. It's a huge ethical problem, as it's not clear a combatant could surrender to a machine. Just death.


>I'm glad we agree on something robot fanfic anon.

Anything can be hacked. Including the minds of normies with memetics!


>It will be made by the lowest bidder.

The shitty ones they let the regular military have, yeah. The ones they use to patrol their deep underground bases (many of these are declassified now, no tinfoil required), I'm not so sure.


>good luck getting gangraped by tyrone and his buds when you are holding a printer walking down the street

If they can get past my anti-nigger dogs and buckshot, they deserve every printer I have.

You're all pretty confident in the lack of ability the black ops military and shadow government possesses. I hope you're right. Frankly I'm more concerned about bio weapons than robots, but in the near future the robots will be a serious fucking problem (decade+). Part of the problem is that our enemies (China etc.) are going full steam on robots now too, so there's basically a new arms race. And don't even get me started on nano weapons.

Lighten up you fucking autists.

31250b No.9939639

File: 2bd729d6ff7608c⋯.jpg (15.63 KB, 306x306, 1:1, 2bd729d6ff7608c98a68736e86….jpg)


>Thinking expanding Greater Israel is a "real war".

4f5a45 No.9939666


As soon as these fucking kikes in the USA want to play tough and step on people like mine and other European American white descendants, just fucking shoot out every god dam power plant substation and transformers EVERYWHERE and then pop shot the FUCK out of the military and cops

c5757a No.9939676


>the minute the US is in a real war, we are going to see military technology revealed that we could never have imagined

You're just LARPing, hoping that this is true, and F-35 and Zumwalt weren't massive embezzlement schemes. :^)

31250b No.9939678

File: 8d71d595550cdc5⋯.png (195.4 KB, 640x360, 16:9, man_notices_digits.png)


>America hasn't won a war since WW2, Korea being generous, no fallacies will be able to change that.

What I'm getting at is at no point has the US experienced a true existential threat since WW2. Whites don't get very creative with violence unless their very existence is threatened, not to mention reveal the aces up their sleeve.


Satan you are making a lot of sense.

346be4 No.9939679


This! Urbanite cucks who can't even change a flat tire or perform a diy oil change on their car. Northeast and NorCal uppity libtards annoy the fuck out of me.

c5757a No.9939686


US army is shit at war, tbh.

bc77c4 No.9939687


>war starts

>libtards triggered by gunfire

>sit around and suck on their thumbs and cry because they can no longer bitch on twitter and A-10s BBBRRRRTTTTT is scawyy.

Speaking of scaring libtards, how hard is it to build a Jericho siren? Next level trolling…

e2efbe No.9939734

File: 90e4cf13c2ea671⋯.jpg (218.34 KB, 950x634, 475:317, 214388-occupy-nigeria-pros….jpg)










>Here are your soros controlled robots you stupid faggots

iq: 50 ish, just smart enough to get drugged up, storm a midwest farm after taking a few dozen losses, brutally murder the men with machetes and rape and murder all the white women and burn the farm to the ground.

358045 No.9939746

File: c86513734041ee9⋯.jpg (17.39 KB, 293x350, 293:350, 98798798797.jpg)

"but the adamantine chain of indissoluble connection between all created things. The

locust, hatched in the Arabian sands, the small worm that destroys the cotton-boll, one

making famine in the Orient, the other closing the mills and starving the vvorkmen and

their children in the Occident, with riots and massacres, are as much the ministers of

God as the earthquake; and the fate of nations depends more on them than on the

intellect of its kings and legislators. A civil war in America will end in shaking the world;

and that war may be caused by the vote of some ignorant prize-fighter or crazed fanatic

in a city or in a Congress, or of some stupid boor in an obscure country parish. The

electricity of universal sympathy, of action and reaction, pervades everything, the planets

and the motes in the sunbeam. FAUST, with his types, or LUTHER, with his sermons,

worked greater results than Alexander or Hannibal. A single thought sometimes suffices

to overturn a dynasty. A silly song did more to unseat James the Second than the

acquittal of the Bishops. Voltaire, Condorcet, and Rousseau uttered words that will ring,

in change and revolutions, throughout all the ages."

"Remember, that though life is short, Thought and the influences of what we do or say are

immortal; and that no calculus has yet pretended to ascertain the law of proportion

between cause and effect. The hammer of an English blacksmith, smiting down an

insolent official, led to a rebellion which came near being a revolution. The word well

spoken, the deed fitly done, even by the feeblest or humblest, cannot help but have their

effect. More or less, the effect is inevitable and eternal. The echoes of the greatest deeds

may die away like the echoes of a cry among the cliffs, and what has been done seem to

the human judgment to have been without result. The unconsidered act of the poorest of

men may fire the train that leads to the subterranean mine, and an empire be rent by the explosion. "

"The power of a free people is often at the

disposal of a single and seemingly an

unimportant individual;–a terrible and truthful power; for such a people feel with one

heart, and therefore can lift up their myriad arms for a single blow. And, again, there is no

graduated scale for the measurement of the influences of different intellects upon the

popular mind. Peter the Hermit held no office, yet what a work he wrought !"

-Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma.

d04e79 No.9939787


Last I heard all of my friends still in the military had to buy their own Vitamin M when they got sick.

04eaec No.9939792


They were marines, weren't they?

3b446e No.9939798


Seeing how Trump has cucked us with neo-cohens I'd accept him being assassinated if it kicked off a civil war.

ac7f68 No.9939819

File: 60a1bc44bb063e0⋯.jpeg (80.52 KB, 600x464, 75:58, image.jpeg)

File: d3680be638551f0⋯.jpeg (171.96 KB, 1200x970, 120:97, image.jpeg)

File: cc2a3c63a480922⋯.png (257.85 KB, 1300x871, 100:67, image.png)


Those tweets

>Wait till we learn we have guns too

Sure thing pal.

It always gets under my skin that these coastal city kikes don't understand that most American counties voted for Trump. Even in liberal stronghold states you had many counties that went red.

Look at the maps! Liberal whites and jews don't own guns. But the beaners and nogs might. If they keep pushing these buttons they will have a two front war between da ebil nazis and their brown pets. A nigger can't tell the difference between a conservative white and a liberal white (or jew for that matter if we are going to be honest here #OscarsSoWhite). And guess what, it won't be the conservative whites that are stuck in those zoos we like to call cities when the SHTF.

73d680 No.9939827

>The media is making it seem like Trump is going to be impeached or resign any moment now.

Ah yes surely the kikes are telling the truth this time

a87a9d No.9939831

File: b9b56cbf2e4e26f⋯.jpg (73.62 KB, 613x606, 613:606, imKuckpfy.jpg)


This is a pretty good post.

2a3de1 No.9939858


>we are going to see military technology revealed that we could never have imagined:

And who will operate that technology when the entire military is full of conservatives?

9c6066 No.9939875


That first image is outdated, as of January 1st, Missouri is a no permit required state.

1f7b0e No.9939908

File: 7b249a3303db3ee⋯.jpg (58.4 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 3cf6adf5b270756d00ee854c4b….jpg)


Fuck it, CIVIL WAR II now!

a3b643 No.9939918

Guys, if or when a Civil War starts on USA, the objective of white nationalists, if they make their own honest to god militias (not those zionist led jokes that are actually fed fronts) should be to secure a ethnostate on the middle of the chaos, they should secure a piece of land for that.

Is anyone on the white nationalist movement trying to create a white homeland?

There will be several sides on a Civil War, not 2.

>The George Soros funded antifa militias

>The Black Power militias

>Mexicans may take zones where they make up the majority of the population

>The Trump supporters

>The White Nationalists

>Regular people banding together to try to survive the chaos

>The Feds and the law enforcement groups and the army

If a civil war happens, there won't be a united states after it ends, it would be like yugoslavia.

Seriously guys, is there any white nationalist group trying to create a ethnostate in Real Life?

1f7b0e No.9939929


The rocky mountains of the pacific northwest seem to be the ideal region, feds be damned, many of the feds up here will probably side with us any way when they stop getting paid.

a3b643 No.9939948


Wasn't the group aryan nations trying to make the ground work to create a ethnostate in the pacific northwest?

I read that the SPLC shoahded the group on the early 2000's.

95e9c7 No.9939956

File: a7e6a9c8087842d⋯.png (51.94 KB, 856x1232, 107:154, GreaterCascadia.png)



I fucking hate those fucking jew bastards having come up with that plan

Its incredibly on point, though.

Greater Cascadia or bust

cb65e8 No.9939957


Anon, how much research have you done on logistics chains? I'm not trying to be an ass, this is just a friendly question to provoke some thought.

a3b643 No.9939981


What is the best place for a US ethnostate, if shit happens?

The cascadia?

New England?

Appalachia, heimbach supports it and is trying to concentrate his efforts on the zone, but it has no coastline?

The south could be salvaged or at least part of it?

How about the zone of the midwest, the zones of dakotas, minnesota, nebraska and montana?

Could chunks of canada be seized too?

cb65e8 No.9939987


Balkanization is what the jews want. We take all of America. All of it.

95e9c7 No.9939993


Its probably is Cascadia.

The mountains are a stronghold in and of themselves. Wonderful climate. Fertile soil. Plenty of water. Ocean access. Minerals, oil, ore, etc.

This region cannot be lost to colored hordes. It is a strategic necessity. The importance of this area cannot be overestimated.

95e9c7 No.9939996


If it is possible, of course. However, we must be ready to accept temporary dispossession.

7ef69a No.9939997


If you want to play the long game, go for Alaska and North Canada coast because the future resources will be unfrozen in the next 200+ years

b1dbdc No.9940000


cascadia plus the midwest since its where all the whites live already

3f57aa No.9940004

The only way the leftist crybabies will be able to remove Trump from power is through a coup d'etat. And I wish them all the luck in the world raising a standing army that can stand up to the actual one.

cb65e8 No.9940009


>we must be ready to cuck

Fuck you.

cb65e8 No.9940012


larp elsewhere, faggot.

U S A.

a3b643 No.9940014


Jews want a mongrelized america, and they are achieving it?

America is the king on their chess game, they can't afford to lose america.

Also what are white nationalist supposed to do with over a hundred of mestizos and blacks?

It looks impossible to me to have a all-white USA from coast to coast at this moment.

6e510c No.9940019

File: fcbd0e053e03e36⋯.mp4 (5.6 MB, 640x438, 320:219, the_witch_is_dead.mp4)

68e0b3 No.9940023


New Orleans during Katrina basically. There's always been local rumors here that the levees were blasted open. Perfect time to simulate a domestic crisis and learn what would happen in 2 weeks unchecked under the cover of a typical 4/5-year hurricane cycle. Bonus points for lucking into a strong one.

95e9c7 No.9940026


Let me post it again, because apparently youre so fucking stupid you cant read it once and understand -

>If it is possible, then of course.

999f43 No.9940043

File: 374c57518fa143d⋯.jpg (51.36 KB, 1089x322, 1089:322, uprising.jpg)

999f43 No.9940044

File: 1b8b9b652a3003d⋯.png (90.37 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1482064606989.png)

86281d No.9940045

File: e5a5d572c032ae6⋯.png (8.05 KB, 261x359, 261:359, 1440358429419.png)

For the first civil war the sides were clearly defined: Union vs Confederacy.

In the event of a second, who is facing off against who?

00b2bb No.9940048


Balkanization is not what the jews want. If that's what they wanted, then they wouldn't be so damned focused on making sure that every square inch of white america gets a load of refugees and section 8 housing, courtesy of HUD. And they wouldn't be pushing "diversity is our strength! Do your duty and BLANDA UPP" bullshit.

No. Let me break it down; it's quite simple:

Jews want an entire miscegenated and mixed-race multicultural society of shit skins and degenerates that the jews can easily lord over without repercussions.

We want a white america, full-stop.

Balkanization is a compromise. It's not what the jews want. It's not what we want. But it's better than getting brazilified, And you can be DAMN sure that the jews wouldn't let us balkanize and self-segregate into an explicitly white nation peacefully.

999f43 No.9940054

File: da5be570e5a58ca⋯.jpg (45.11 KB, 625x390, 125:78, lzbg77l.jpg)

c5d84a No.9940068




6e510c No.9940071

File: 1bc60d838de954a⋯.webm (1.41 MB, 400x192, 25:12, formless.webm)

d72d50 No.9940072

File: 7417ea12ea07a0b⋯.jpg (113.34 KB, 366x725, 366:725, peregrine.jpg)


Conceal carry permits are no longer required in Maine or New Hampshire

00b2bb No.9940079


Our civil war wasn't like a typical civil war, because most people were more loyal to their states than they were to "the union" as a whole. So when the south left, it made it extremely easy to understand who was on who's side.

Most civil wars are not like that. You have various people supporting whichever faction all across the country. pockets of A here, pockets of B there. And the 2nd civil war will be more like the latter.

Here are the dividing lines:

Whites vs Nonwhites

Patriots vs Cucks

Rural vs Urban

Obviously not 1:1 correlation on everything, but that's going to be the basic gist. It's mostly going to be white rural/suburban conservatives vs ZOG and their pet shitskins and nu-males.

Of course, shitskins and nu-males don't own or know how to use firearms, and they're all couped up in the cities like fish in barrel. They wouldn't be a problem. The main problem would be ZOG. The upper echelons of the military are totally kiked out by marxists and globalists and diversity hires. But most of the troops are conservative whites. It's hard to say what would happen with the military, with the leaders being ZOG and the troops being for white america.

a3b643 No.9940090

So i checked up and there is a group named the Northwest Front and they want to create a "Aryan Homeland in the Pacific Northwest", they are led by a guy named Harold Covington, which i also founded on twitter.

Are they legit any northwest anons can give details?

59cb91 No.9940091

Oh for fuck sake! I see anons arguing over the exact borders of a future ethno-state again. This is so fucking retarded. It's like arguing over what color to make the curtains when you become president before even trying to run!

Why are we arguing over the capital of an imaginary ethno-state when we don't even have the faintest idea of how to get there? We should be planning how to achieve an ethno-state, not bickering over where the borders will be.

For fuck sake, the borders will be wherever our armies can maintain control. That is the way things have always been. You keep what you can control. There. End of pointless argument. Now how about we stop arguing what we name our capital and start building an army to carve out an ethno-state or kill all the fucking Jews?

God. Every single day all we do is play pretend. We spend weeks analyzing the most pointless details of an imaginary utopia while ignoring the path to get there. We waste our lives writing essays on how perfect our dream-world will be when we get there instead of planning out how to take the first steps.

6e510c No.9940094


>We waste our lives writing essays on how perfect our dream-world will be when we get there instead of planning out how to take the first steps.


a3b643 No.9940097


So i checked up their site and they got a detailed plan and all that, they even have a constitution.


6e510c No.9940101


shite larping kys

999f43 No.9940103

File: 39a1057882f71df⋯.jpg (338.04 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 953842-ar-15-blondes-field….jpg)



me thinks it will begin with killin. My girl says she just wants to shoots niggers for the lulz

a3b643 No.9940111


Aren't most anons here larping anyway?

Am i?

d9fae1 No.9940120


they want one world gov under their control, with regional habbenings to exploit and profit from. A country breaking up is just a great case to get lots of different players to jew.


>the troops being for white america.

except for the large number of nonwhites, women, and cucks in the military.

5cc002 No.9940124


I live in the NW and have only heard of this online, not irl. More serious, in my opinion, is the American Redoubt.

95e9c7 No.9940127




Land and support

59cb91 No.9940138


Good! I can't fucking wait.


If they'll fight, I'll take them. I don't care about constitutions though as that will go right out the window the moment the first shots are fired.

I actually am quite familiar with the Northwest Front. Good people and they're far better prepped than most of us. However they suffer from a weird isolationism that irks me. (not that I wouldn't fight and die beside them when things fall apart. I do not attack fellow White nationalists but I will critique) So many people move there and don't seem to do effective outreach. I think outreach is far more important than moving west. This has been my personal experience with Cascadians.

But at the end of the day, they are doing something very productive and I applaud them for living by their principles and forming loos nit communities. I only wish they were less rugged individualists and more community builders and organizers. We must be like the fasces and be united in strength.

d72d50 No.9940148

File: 12c690ab3969cc2⋯.jpg (31.38 KB, 543x350, 543:350, demographics-over-time-nh.jpg)


I suspect that many people who live in vibrant brown cities with no future use these threads to scope out where to move to. People want to know if it's Cascadia, New England, etc. because choosing where to carve out the rest of your life is a huge decision and they don't want to be stuck in the wrong spot when the watermelon hits the fan.

a3b643 No.9940151


Proof that it is a honeypot?

It seems that this covington man, advocates that people don't do anything illegal unless there is no law to break, which means a chaotic situation like a civil war would be.

00b2bb No.9940153


>except for the large number of nonwhites, women, and cucks in the military.

Yes, I addressed this. Most of these nonwhites/women/cucks/trannies are diversity hires as commissioned officers. The reason why ZOG has done this is precisely because ZOG has always feared a the military (traditionally being completely conservative white males) in the event of a coup or civil war. So they shit up the command structure with shitskins, women, and cucks that will fight for ZOG and against a revolution.

I already mentioned that. But realize that THE ENLISTED MEN - the actual troops - are still mostly conservative white men. So in the event of a war, the command structure will side with ZOG, but the troops… who knows. They might just sit down and follow orders. But there's plenty of polls that show that the troops will not just blindly follow orders no matter what. So ZOG'd army could be in a "leaders with no one to follow them" sort of situation.

a3b643 No.9940162


>New England is whiter than england

It seems like a nice place to live, but it doesn't hold many natural resources, like other zones.

a3b643 No.9940175


>shitskins, women, and cucks

Are this people supposed to be worth something in an actual war, fighting agaisn't guerrilla?

How would they have fared agaisn't the IRA in North Ireland?

300d62 No.9940177


>murder midwest farm men with machetes

holy shit you've never set foot outside of a city, have you?

223e70 No.9940178


why is Hispanic absent from that chart?

95e9c7 No.9940179


Its a theory, to be frank. However, my natural inclination is to be suspicious of them.

Ill add that I remember seeing some interesting evidence that there may be FBI links to Covington, and Ill also say that at this point it is just conjecture. This is why I believe it to be honeypot.

59cb91 No.9940180


Well pretty much anywhere outside of a city, the Black belt, or Aztlan is good. In fact, when things hit the fan, we need our most dedicated nationalists in the thick of things on the east coast imo. We should be sabotaging the electrical grid and infrastructure. I mean, look at this map


We hold the advantage almost everywhere currently. Obviously the more time passes by, the more difficult our position will be in the states. I would hate to be in charge of some Black faction trapped inside a city when things fall apart.

a3b643 No.9940188


What are the chances of niggers and La Raza achieving at seizing land in California or the south to make shitskin ethnostates?

c5d84a No.9940191


But there is nothing worth keeping in Nevada other than a few dried up mines. There's Vegas and Reno both of which are literally Sodom: the city founded by and to this day ran by kikes, and the rest is just empty desert.

d72d50 No.9940192

File: 8b2733801200825⋯.png (2.39 MB, 1580x1250, 158:125, nh-manchester-race.png)

File: 545ef6dd4a6b301⋯.png (2.7 MB, 1581x1251, 527:417, nh-nashua-race.png)

File: 74d0ffb3278a587⋯.jpg (16.52 KB, 500x412, 125:103, nh-demos-2.jpg)

File: 79101ce6df447e7⋯.jpg (66.06 KB, 504x487, 504:487, nh-demos-3.jpg)


I don't know it's just some wikipedia chart. I found a few demographic maps of the bigger cities. But basically stay away from Manchester or Nashua. They are getting flooded with Somali refugees, Bosnian mudslimes, and beaners/dirtyricans from MA.

69cef5 No.9940193


>(((LeGate Faggot)))

Oh wow it's fucking nothing

a3b643 No.9940196


It can't find a definitive proof, and by hearing and reading what he says i actually like his message.

He looks like the father of /pol/.

95e9c7 No.9940197


More land between us and them is better. Its not so much whats in the land, as the land itself. Buffer zone.

a3b643 No.9940200


Could that land be turned into a fertile zone, you know, not a desert.


92571f No.9940203


Redraw the QR codes and those robots would be fucked.

95e9c7 No.9940205


>Could that land be turned into a fertile zone, you know, not a desert. Terraforming?

It may be possible, but I know for sure that land can be turned into military bases/ demilitarized zone.

c5d84a No.9940211


You never heard of Covington really? Are anons on here THIS new?


Better just preventively nuke the area to shit if we're gonna use it as a buffer. If there's one place in America deserving it, it's Vegas.

59cb91 No.9940216


For Blacks in California, none. They have zero chance and I do mean, zero chance of achieving any of their goals in California.

Mestizos on the otherhand will get massive military, economic, and co-ethnic volunteer aid from Mexico. They'd probably be able to seize and hold more than a little territory along the coastal south.

Fortunately, we hold the high ground and they are sort of trapped on a coastal plane. However, although they would find attacking mountain passes difficult, we would also be challenged with taking some serious urban jungles.

People here tend to underestimate just how difficult taking an urban center would be. I wouldn't waste any time underestimating the spics.

a3b643 No.9940222


Im looking at him and he has solid ideas i think.

He has a large history on the American White Nationalism, he looks like a veteran of a begone era of nationalism.

I also can't find serious proofs agaisnt him.

He has been everywhere, South Africa during the Apartheid, Rhodesia as a mercenary, he claims he got kicked out, North Ireland during the Troubles, England, he likes trouble that is clear.

It looks like he is with that NWF stuff since the early 2000's.

999f43 No.9940225

File: 8553cf53a8c808c⋯.png (378.82 KB, 1900x995, 380:199, Civil_War_II_(2016)_logo.png)

86e9eb No.9940228


I think that when SHTF, we need to secure the territory that America had in 1860 at the minimum, and then reclaim the rest after things settle down.

c5d84a No.9940230


I thought Covington, David Duke and Dr. Pierce were the three WNs that even the normiest of normalfags knew. He's been around forever.

372cfd No.9940231


>worried about civil war

>not joyous over the opportunity

92571f No.9940237


Lets be real here anon. Two things need to happen for a full blow race war to pop off.

1) The state has to lose control like they have in the EU no-go zones. Or the state is against you (South Africa)

2) Whites have to be desperate to the point where risking their lives in a fight is worth it becaue they can't simply leave.

SA is the only place in the world where 1 and 2 are true. #2 is a ways off in EU and both are a long way off in the US.

It's possible the situation in the US could change quickly, like if there was hyperinflation or something, but 90% chance it's a year or more out.

3bfd9d No.9940238




a3b643 No.9940241

Ok, if anyone is interested, im hearing the latest podcast of Covington.

It talks about economics.


a3b643 No.9940245


I hope our friends in SA get into a Civil War and soon, they will need to fight.

Also i hope they have military equipment stashed somewhere.

f9afb5 No.9940250


Not NEARLY enough helicopter rides, anon.

92571f No.9940256


Honestly even if they win it won't be a real victory.

Worst case is that they are exterminated. Best case is that they take minimal losses and be allowed to live in a small reservation.

There is no realistic outcome where they take SA back from the nigger invaders. The ZOG would stop them long before that came close to happening.

59cb91 No.9940257


>but 90% chance it's a year or more out

Obviously. And I agree with your assessment of the prerequisites for an ethnic war… to an extent. However things can change very quickly. Remember in Yugoslavia things went from "Multiculturalism's great success story" to ethnic enclaves fighting for survival in under a year.

But yes, I am not talking about next year. However my guess is that fighting will begin to break out over the next few years and by 2025, things might start to get serious. This is assuming no economic catastrophe of course. This could fall apart very rapidly if we were so "unfortunate" as to suffer a severe economic collapse.

3c0a42 No.9940258

File: 5c5e6e4fa61081a⋯.jpg (758.39 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 20170409_194956.jpg)

Let's make the next civil war happen in the name of Kek. May the sjw filth be purged from the land. Let us pit rednecks on fags. Start with the Robert E. Lee statue being taken down. Antagonize the southern States. We must organize now in the name of Kek. Brothers let's create the purge we have been waiting for.

a3b643 No.9940271


The best that could happen to the Boers is to be airlifted to a white ethnostate elsewhere, the same could be said to actual whites in south america and even the swedes if shit gets really bad, which is totally a possibility.

567caf No.9940274


>Simply murdering liberals, while nice, gets us where exactly?

Closer to a normal functioning nation without a group of internal enemies spreading social poison and creating legal barriers to such a thing?

2f3224 No.9940280

File: 178d6c2fe5f639d⋯.png (126.75 KB, 1425x1258, 1425:1258, CivilWar-Triumvirate.png)

File: 05e57a5d9fb2f74⋯.png (630.25 KB, 1446x1437, 482:479, CivilWar-Warlords.png)

File: 6590aba1510d45a⋯.png (97.09 KB, 1787x921, 1787:921, CivilWar-CommunicationsInt….png)

Anyone got more?

92571f No.9940283


> move somewhere that doesn't exist

> realistic option

f754bb No.9940284



a3b643 No.9940285


It is all hypothethical.

4f5a45 No.9940293


Anon if gun battles with small arms go on and can be heard for a week, I am stepping outside and clearing every fucking non white and fucking god dammed kike bastard out o my area.

2f3224 No.9940294

File: b7397d72e9e2870⋯.png (66.92 KB, 1873x152, 1873:152, Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at ….png)

File: 8d1f81399b5dab4⋯.png (67.86 KB, 1874x137, 1874:137, Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at ….png)

File: ea111df293dd232⋯.png (93.58 KB, 1877x172, 1877:172, Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at ….png)

File: 653a4348307118a⋯.png (106.88 KB, 1875x191, 1875:191, Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at ….png)



inb4 'must read' 'cuckchan'

506fb7 No.9940298


Why don't we just hire a private military company to save South Africa?

055f7c No.9940300

2fc5fe No.9940301

File: 10897e01cec23c3⋯.png (369.54 KB, 387x469, 387:469, 5459703-screen-shot-2016-0….png)

Deus vult!


So much pride.

Our army is going to dope as fuck.

Someone find good modern uniforms for us SS equivalent.

a1fdeb No.9940303

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>civil war

95e9c7 No.9940312


>Better just preventively nuke the area to shit if we're gonna use it as a buffer. If there's one place in America deserving it, it's Vegas.

Youre right about Vegas. However, Id rather not irradiate the land.

Nevada could have the hallowed blessing of becoming the worlds largest minefield.

734876 No.9940313


>that trigger discipline

you best work on that anon if you want people to operate with you

5cdf58 No.9940315


>We are going to need to develop EMP weapons.

They're called open microwaves, nigger. Point them skyward to fry drones.

cb65e8 No.9940317


>trigger discipline

lack thereof.

92571f No.9940321


Because the second the niggers start losing ZOG/NATO will come in and kill you all.

506fb7 No.9940328



Completely impotent without the support of the USA.

999f43 No.9940329


that is defeatist bullshit

a3b643 No.9940330


What do you think that people will think?

What will conservative white american soldiers think, when the captain comes and says, hey boy do you wanna kill whites fighting for their survival?

2fc5fe No.9940337

File: ab5a429263aaceb⋯.jpg (238.06 KB, 850x1191, 850:1191, 1464670301893.jpg)

I'm in southern California, were going to need reinforcements from red States fucking quick.

I will not be in the belly of the beast when t

506fb7 No.9940339


Why? The best mercs in Africa are South Africans and Serbs in exile.

95e9c7 No.9940341

File: eb3f4e370027f93⋯.jpg (19.45 KB, 500x185, 100:37, basedfascimus.jpg)


These guys need to tell you something

2f3224 No.9940354


>when t-

RIP anon, looks like it's started already.

92571f No.9940355


It will be in the name of "peace keeping" it always is.

Niggers are winning. No intervention.

Whites are winning. ZOG decides to keep the peace.

506fb7 No.9940357


Oh no you won't. Just move to the eastern half, Azusa is nice and easily defended. Within a month, the niggers and spics will have burnt down all the cities and by the next month they will have starved to death. You just have to hide and snipe.

a3b643 No.9940358


Its harder to make a tiny minority of whites outnumbered by niggers a boogeyman than a world superpower at the gates of moscow.

At least at the eyes of the bluepilled conservacuck.

999f43 No.9940360


>I'm in southern California

retreat to here 34.138752, -117.105386 and watch the fireworks

f754bb No.9940366

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That would never in a hundred years work. You could take the microwave apart and get the microwave emittor and run it through and amplifier. This kid has a good design for anti drone. It's not quite emp but it would do in a pinch

999f43 No.9940372


I meant to reply to a reply to your comment

95e9c7 No.9940375


Perhaps, but do you know how many times ive heard shit like, "They don't even belong there?"

South Africa is the myspace of white countries. Nobody gives a fuck about it anymore.

506fb7 No.9940382

File: 9bef5214ce202ec⋯.jpg (35.79 KB, 260x311, 260:311, 51SRX82CDBL._SX258_BO1_204….jpg)


You might like this book.


I thought that reply was odd…

f754bb No.9940398


Right on. I'm a voracious reader and needed a next book.

999f43 No.9940400



enter here 34.108150, -117.126103 with a 4x4 and supplies, guns and ammo and with US geological survey maps it will take you to Anglin Oaks. There is fresh running water at Bear Creek.

6aed99 No.9940401

File: 82dd73bf98ea37a⋯.png (52.23 KB, 500x433, 500:433, 1a7beba8565cab057f944a1d83….png)

Unusually good thread for this place nowadays.

852b3a No.9940403



I thought the idea of the NWF was the brain child of Adam Lane?

a3b643 No.9940407


Just for fun im posting this /pol/alc/k/ piece of fun.

a3b643 No.9940410

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3c0a42 No.9940413

File: 4f1531535cbc127⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 2560x1536, 5:3, 20170219_152310.jpg)


How would I be ready to fire if I wasn't "ready " to fire. I have been trained to handle weapons. I'm always ready to slay some nignogs.

37d884 No.9940415


As much as I hate to say it, a 2nd American Civil War might be for the best.

567caf No.9940419


We should use the normal uniforms of the working white man so as to signify that we stand with them and they stand with us.

506fb7 No.9940420


Ha, I read this when i was in sixth grade, quite an amazing read. The author worked on the starwars program, EVERYTHING WORKS, and the components are cheaper than ever. You'll want to upgrade the designs a bit though in minor ways. The battery tech is WAY superior now to what it was then, so the rifle types are practical now.

6aed99 No.9940423

File: a4f302764f1c509⋯.png (246.56 KB, 500x334, 250:167, 08a6930f0e56e30923d542ba34….png)


The FBI et al keep assuming that we're going to start it, it's really quite humorous. We have no intention of starting it. We merely mean to finish it once all the failure the government has sewn comes to harvest.

8bae82 No.9940426

File: 19c58fbe06dd0c0⋯.gif (426.01 KB, 372x260, 93:65, NiGgEr.gif)


>"I have been trained to handle weapons"

>posts poor trigger discipline

cb65e8 No.9940431


post yfw you realize that the only soldiers worth a damn are white, and the only soldiers left are women or muds.

999f43 No.9940432


it's a single action revolver, it can not fire unless the hammer is cocked cuck

bb06cb No.9940434


Maybe he's letting down the hammer?

506fb7 No.9940435


Too bad, I'm building rigid plate armor and shields that can take an AK! You'll see the prototype for the shields at the end of the month. Freak storms killing drying time, USPS is shit here apparently, and other nonsense making this drag on.

15a8f1 No.9940438


I think you just described Helter Skelter.

a3b643 No.9940442


If i where to choose a uniform it would be inspired on the one that the IRA wore, you hate them or love them their uniform was cool.

92571f No.9940444


> I have been trained to handle weapons.

> doesn't follow basic rules

my 6 year old niece is trained better than you

42e605 No.9940456

File: 5038f7111385d8a⋯.png (37.76 KB, 185x243, 185:243, 5038f7111385d8a04de6690b40….png)

Far left commie hipsters have ZOG support. Don't get too overconfident. They'll probably get starbucks rations and rainbow artillery.

8bae82 No.9940458


doesn't mean you have to keep your finger in the trigger guard to cock it you fucking mong, basic firearm safety.

6aed99 No.9940462

File: 4d638cd20ef54d2⋯.png (229.54 KB, 466x496, 233:248, 4d638cd20ef54d243988d840ac….png)


Marilyn Manon tried to start it, as I recall, you historically illiterate savage. Meanwhile many of the current generation of military-age whites spent much of their lives trying to prevent it and are only now just learning to laugh at their inability to do so.

506fb7 No.9940466

File: 9e3484d74073462⋯.jpg (30.29 KB, 320x320, 1:1, d00b6fb9cf1c00ac38c71e408a….jpg)


This. We're not breaking any laws and will support the god emperor if needed. Though, if turkey starts to collapse, I'm filing the paperwork for a PMC and heading out to retake constantinople. Yeah, totally going to commit epic warcrimes and place a convenient dictator on the throne to defend us from tribunal… let me dream damn it!

999f43 No.9940467


really? how do you de-cock a single action revolver to return the hammer to it's resting stop without using the trigger and the hammer at the same time? I lover my shorty single action 44mag blackhawk but there is no other way to do it with being a fucking spaz.

cb65e8 No.9940468


>he reinvented level III plates

Make a tower shield out of level III polyethylene and I'll be interested.

95e9c7 No.9940470


Its an obvious troll


No uniform is best uniform

Camo-neutral colors combined in a way to suit your environment. Greens, browns/tans, and gray. Black is a no-no.

103a2a No.9940471


Then I guess we have our battle plans. I recommend we use Spokane and Boise as Bases to operate out of.

cd14b1 No.9940473


I told a Mason I knew that I wanted to join, but the more I read on /pol/ the more I'm worried about it.

I have a fairly decent understanding of the blue lodge, at least from the perspective of an outsider.

I would not want to join Masonry, and then, should I leave it, have my brain filled with the "secrets" of the blue lodge. I take oaths seriously, I would not contaminate my word by swearing to Masonry my silence.

Should I join? Or tell him I've reconsidered?

a3b643 No.9940477


Uniforms are for special ocasions not for field duty.

37d884 No.9940490


That movie looks like it would be badass!

95e9c7 No.9940497




Don't try to make any plans before anything has even happened.

What SHOULD be done, is to spread the word on a sort of, "rally-point."

If the worst comes to worst in any given area(New Englnd, South, Spicfornia, texas, etc) people must have it in their minds that a point of hope and safety may lay in the PNW.

If any of this ever happens, what can be built on the foundation of a ultra-rightwing Cascadia will fill more pages of a library than NatSoc Germany, Rome, etc.

506fb7 No.9940499


>make a tower shield out of lvl3 polyethylene

Not far off, I was going for polyeurethane with some internal additions to disrupt trajectory and cause fragmentation of the bullet, and a backplate to stop the fragments. Got a good cheap source for polyethylene? I'll happily compare the capabilities of the two and create whichever is better.

f754bb No.9940503

File: ac992c796e402c6⋯.jpg (14.86 KB, 480x360, 4:3, IMG_0382.JPG)


Fantastic anon. Pretty sure /ourguys/ figured out time travel and warping space long ago. Seeing as how I live some miles from skinwalker ranch and see lights and such in the sky I make sure to roman salute and seig heil

a9bf5f No.9940505


>>wait till you learn we have guns too…

But you don't. Like, statistically, you don't. The north consists mostly of states that allowed themselves to be, willingly, cuckolded by their government so that they rarely do and the ones they do are outperformed by the ones the rest of us are allowed to own, and that's before getting into the statistics for how many of them actually do.

I mean a couple of you guys do, and those couple are usually gangbanging niggers that both vote to ban guns consistantly i wonder why and aren't going to be on your side, or anybody's side, and don't put up a particularly effective resistance against any remotely organized opposition.

Like, if you wanted to have the means to win such a war the option was there, but you retards pissed it away like so many retards before you on feelgood bullshit that didn't even help you the way it was supposed to (your areas are universally more dangerous and filled with shootings than ours).

cd14b1 No.9940507


>Chad McQueen

Fucking Chad is eating pizza off of Stacy's ass, and you're at home eating raw kale, anon. Why do you do it?

95e9c7 No.9940508


Until a war is won or a stalemate is achieved, wearing a uniform may perhaps be only a, "shoot right fucking here" sign.

Uniforms and glory should only come after they are won.

506fb7 No.9940510


>roman salute the flying saucers

Have you been reading the posts I've been spamming on half/X/? That's damn near a quote, rofl.

103a2a No.9940512


Well, when we actually balkanize, it'll be a clustfuck to decide who rules.

We'll burn that bridge when we get there.

I vote we have a one-party system similar to what China uses. A parlement, but a high-council which actually makes and enforces rules with the prime minister as a figure head.

f754bb No.9940515


Checked. Meme your dreams anon

103a2a No.9940519


>1 trigger discipline, faggot

>2 I'm all for another civil war, but how do we kick it off? "our guy" is in charge right now, how can we light this powder keg?

f754bb No.9940521


No sir , /pol/ here on hate is my solo hangout. You fuckers are all I shitpost with.

6aed99 No.9940524

File: 1d0fde6ebee59c8⋯.png (517.45 KB, 600x848, 75:106, 1d0fde6ebee59c80055f7ce8b0….png)


You are so fucking reddit it hurts my soul.

f754bb No.9940536



6aed99 No.9940564

File: 8369143a3d6314e⋯.png (112.64 KB, 310x584, 155:292, f047503a1892a2808455087048….png)


Okay reddit. I'm sure you'll fit in eventually.

c45e4e No.9940574

File: f750d7c65e2ea78⋯.jpg (163.16 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KSTV - s01e13 - Alternativ….jpg)


Your first post referenced a "website" that uses an IP address instead of having an actual DNS, and now you're claiming the NLM nigger being blown out by the robot as a bad thing. Quit roleplaying.


And here's the resident (((Stallman)))-worshipping /tech/fag here to claim /pol/ is one person and simultaneously retarded because hurr durr stallmeme said this about technology. Go back to your communist shitboard.


>It's like when the crossbow was invented. It was reviled by knights, considered to be a cowards weapon, something that could be wielded by a weak man from a distance to slay an honorable knight.

Homofaggotual logic. Better throw away all your guns and fight the war through fist fights, anything else is "cowardly".


Oh look, and here's the balkanization shill. Kill yourself kike.



You look like a faggot and your hands reek of spic.

a9bf5f No.9940589


You DON'T want Vancouver or Seattle.

00b2bb No.9940594


>Oh look, and here's the balkanization shill. Kill yourself kike.

When the FUCK did I ever say I wanted balkanization. Stop sperging the fuck out. I literally said balkanization is not ideal and is not what we want. What I said was that it'd be a compromise, meaning we, for some reason, were not able to take over everything like we should. I never said I wanted a compromise.

ea8ca1 No.9940602




95e9c7 No.9940614


Don't tell me this like I don't know - "Honk Kong'ing" those cities along with Portland will have its benefits.

623bb8 No.9940627


got it satan

9e3a42 No.9940632

Only on this board, with it's hardcore trump supporters who follow their fascist leader no matter how corrupt, will anyone think of ever taking up arms. Most people are sane and even among republicans, his supporters know that trump is fucking up big time. His approval ratings are shit. Considering he got 40-some percent support, and the approval ratings are even lower (in trump voice: "The worst ratings! Ever!") more people are turning their back on this disgrace of a president than you think. There will be no civil war if he's impeached ("illegally" impeached? wtf does that mean?)

The only people that will take up arms all those blowhards who are just going to end up shot by the FBI, as usual. But you guys go nuts. This board is cancer and can use some thinning.

e26e7e No.9940637


>Is mudslinging a non-combat role?

6aed99 No.9940642

File: 726a09c9574b7a0⋯.gif (476.89 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 4ef5a54764b23c08534329fa14….gif)


Hysterical. Like Nazis would ever put their necks in the noose for the sake of Trump. The people you have to worry about is normalfag Republicans, not us, you fucking kike retards.

999f43 No.9940645


if Hillary was elected we'd have civil war now and you wouldn't be posting. Trump is simply a pressure release valve. You don't know how lucky you are

31250b No.9940656

File: 9869845b786d0ba⋯.jpg (216.46 KB, 1280x832, 20:13, 0_199f83_f4189e7d_XXXL.jpg)

File: 051183d777d2f6b⋯.jpg (17.44 KB, 399x336, 19:16, 16036_original.jpg)


Except that niggers can't shoot for shit. Terminator robots get a perfect headshot every time.

b5a152 No.9940664


>in trump voice: "The worst ratings! Ever!"

Why do libs do this /pol/? This is a method of speaking I've only ever heard leftists doing.

a87a9d No.9940667


Because they're soulless husks and they can't inflect through text like human beings can.

d45fb2 No.9940671


lol, good luck with that kike

00b2bb No.9940673


We would not have had a civil war with hilldog. We would've sat there and taken it with gritted teeth and watched as we got our guns taken away and tens of millions of illegals granted citizenship, thus handing the democrats a permanent majority, and the slow brazilification of the USA.

The "Trump is a release valve" theory doesn't make any sense. It's just a concept envisioned by people who have who legitimately think the jews are chess wizards who are always 6 million steps ahead and can't be stopped no matter what. The jews' panic over Trump was real, every step of the way during the election. Anyone who says the jews planned on having trump in office as a release valve is fooling himself.

Plus, it doesn't fit the jews' MO. Jews ALWAYS accelerate. They never take a step back and take it easy. They don't do pressure release valves. If they had the ability to stop themselves from going too far, then they would've been able to live peacefully alongside europeans for thousands of years. But that's not what happens. Instead, they always push more and more and more and they can't help themselves, and it's always resulted in whites putting their foot down and invoking expulsion/pogroms. Never in the jews' history have they ever used the concept of a release valve. Don't overthink this.

3c0a42 No.9940674

File: 003a3aa11af9e35⋯.jpg (35.36 KB, 1000x382, 500:191, 003a3aa11af9e3500ae0daa13b….jpg)


Your 6 year old niece is gonna get fucked by MUDSLIMES because she has gun safety. Better have that saftey on too. Not everyone is a dumb fuck that needs special attention just so they don't shoot themselves in the face. When the day comes and you are dying from a hole in your chest you will wish that to didn't listen to the jew code of guns. Be safe. While you're at it you better unload everything. Faggot

cd14b1 No.9940675


>that entire post

They're so desperate that they're trying to pull the "EVERYONE IS DRIVING X MODEL CAR."


This is babby's first persuasion tactic, and it's fucking pathetic.

Trump is doing great and all those pinned threads in the catalog prove it.

a3b643 No.9940679


We missed a great party by not being born at the time rhodesia existed, didn't we?

04eaec No.9940680

File: 404e388f0752dd8⋯.jpg (97.3 KB, 600x500, 6:5, okc.jpg)


>The only people that will take up arms all those blowhards who are just going to end up shot by the FBI, as usual.

Uhhh, you know what that leads to? Why do you communists forget history so fast? I'm not even trying to meme, why do you guys ignore history and even pretend it never happens?

Like, is this due to marxism and "progress"? That because the march forward (in time) towards progress (or a progressive commie utopia) means that history can teach you nothing.

00b2bb No.9940681

File: 9d4e53bc10ae76a⋯.jpg (3.95 KB, 193x200, 193:200, cia in charge.jpg)


inner monologue: no this can't be happening! I'm in charge here!

d3b77a No.9940683

File: c8a23fb509ce267⋯.jpg (121.12 KB, 640x960, 2:3, c8a23fb509ce267105df85fb8f….jpg)


Kick the tire and light the fire.


679f69 No.9940685


>hardcore trump supporters

We don't follow Trump. He was the lesser of two evils. When Trump starts roasting you kikes in ovens I'm sure he'd have more followers on /pol/ then. What interests me more is "plaiting" and reverse "checkerwork" age old skills long passed down by tibetan buddhist monk in the making of woven baskets

dea8e4 No.9940688

File: 5338db63dc030de⋯.jpg (75.82 KB, 598x465, 598:465, 36E2B6451F50EAD0F5C2879D7B….jpg)

File: e8daa926b6f6aee⋯.jpg (31.14 KB, 300x300, 1:1, v1.jpg)



at that point what's to stop another nation like china, russia or israel from taking us over with our military in a complete disarray?

455f1e No.9940690

File: 0d5ef35171d070a⋯.gif (6.9 MB, 367x219, 367:219, mindmelt.gif)



3c0a42 No.9940691

File: 65dbcbb5efe742d⋯.jpg (24.41 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 4bd646a4a1a029b3af5ff3fdfb….jpg)

d3b77a No.9940694


5 star post

d45fb2 No.9940699


pacific and atlantic ocean tbh

a3b643 No.9940701


kikes won't be in the ovens because of trump, now the kikes are dinning at the same room than him, he has a jew son-in-law whispering on the ear.

Don't decieve yourself.

Kikes used to be on the back room, now they live on the white house.

95e9c7 No.9940702


>We would've sat there and taken it with gritted teeth and watched as we got our guns taken away and tens of millions of illegals granted citizenship, thus handing the democrats a permanent majority, and the slow brazilification of the USA.

Agreed. This train of thought leads me to believe that the only way out of this is a fuck you no compromise war.

a3b643 No.9940707


The bigass carrier fleet that the USA has.

4f5a45 No.9940710


Hey it's our own Sampson Option on our Anti-White Governement

3c0a42 No.9940712

File: d91b4db1da109e1⋯.png (226.9 KB, 738x673, 738:673, 1e842a5a63c833ecfdbf2a2a64….png)

dea8e4 No.9940717

File: 16b668bb912d238⋯.jpg (59.56 KB, 640x907, 640:907, 67972_front.jpg)



yeah, but the point is the usa would be too busy fighting itself to defend the nation from invasion from one or multiple forces.

3c0a42 No.9940720

File: c410d84c0193586⋯.jpg (25.4 KB, 358x312, 179:156, a4e73ed34eb6e469b7e7c85b90….jpg)

a9bf5f No.9940721


You know you can do that, right?

Put your thumb on the hammer, pull the trigger, IMMEDIATELY release the trigger, then release the hammer. You don't need your finger to be holding the trigger down the entire length of the hammer's travel back to the rest position, and in fact it is more dangerous to do so.

The transfer bar on a blackhawk (and any other gun with a transfer bar) engages as soon as the trigger's released. You don't even need to slowly lower the hammer, as long as the trigger isn't depressed you can just let that bitch slam forwards at full speed on a live round, it won't go off, the transfer bar will block it.

So no, keeping your finger on the trigger as you did is in fact the unsafer way to do it. If you keep the trigger depressed the entire time the transfer bar never engages and the firing pin extends far enough it *could* (unlikely but very possible, particularly with shit-ass primers) strike something hard enough to go off, as opposed to only putting your finger on the trigger long enough to get the hammer to start lowering, where there is exactly zero chance.

t. long, long time revolverfag

You fucking mongoloid.

455f1e No.9940722


https://en wikipedia.org/wiki/Raven_Rock_Mountain_Complex

36521e No.9940724

File: 5e0787608a21dbc⋯.mp4 (7.65 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Tucker - Slow Motion Coup.mp4)

A civil war would be too good to be true. The lords of cuckoldry at CIA headquarters in Tel Aviv know they don't stand a chance with their army of junkie niggers, non-english speaking slave laborers, lobster professors, etc. In Act II, concerned purple politicians vote against Putiin's wall, Putincare, and everything except war in the Middle East In Act III, they lose re-election, and America once again becomes the envy of the world, proving that, in the long run, republics really do work.

c61d27 No.9940726

File: 41c232d03e8eab2⋯.jpg (93 KB, 824x1024, 103:128, kill them all.jpg)


It isn't about Trump, it's about eradicating jewish communism, marxism and its disgusting hold on our societies and youth once and for all.

Trump is just a symptom of the disease of cultural marxism. He triggers people forcing them to speed up their agenda before it's due.

This creates a window of opportunity to expose how mentally retarded the left is.

455f1e No.9940731

Government been planning contingencies for "us" since around or before the commie scare, it all comes down to the military and their decision, they swore to defend the constitution, the minute soldiers fire on civilians; that shit's over son. Country finished.

a3b643 No.9940733


The Civil War if fought would be a land warfare, the fleet would remain intact, any US invasion would be trough sea, and the fleet would remain on foot, with its 10/12/15 carriers and all the screen ships of support, in my view it is unrealistic a invasion of the USA even on the event of a civil war.

3c0a42 No.9940735

File: eb56f28168b5f06⋯.jpg (39.9 KB, 587x391, 587:391, 4e0c7da7b761e6ca106fbeba0f….jpg)

How many of you would bear arms tho?

a3b643 No.9940737


I keep 3 firearms on the same room i am using to write this message.

95e9c7 No.9940738


The question that must be asked is this - Would any of our, "allies" be willing to continually supply our navy?

If it is not so, what happens? Return to port.

455f1e No.9940740

File: d49b549547d765d⋯.jpg (22.81 KB, 344x344, 1:1, doc.jpg)


I'm willing to die for what I believe in if they are.

a3b643 No.9940749


If the matter is defending US shores, there is no need of support from NATO countries, the US navy would hold them off, altough NATO forces may be involved in ground fighting.

3c0a42 No.9940751

File: 4db4475575810f2⋯.png (56.97 KB, 675x675, 1:1, 3f80e0b8febec9eaf4346a6088….png)

Praise kek let's win this war

dea8e4 No.9940755

File: ae176725a1c0de4⋯.jpg (102.17 KB, 640x480, 4:3, shatteredunionss02.jpg)

File: 60b016c71da35eb⋯.jpg (136.73 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 291210-shattered-union-win….jpg)


a shadowy government? so what, how does that answer my question?


a full scale invasion would not likely be necessary, invading force could just pick a side to support. at that point the losing side is whoever runs out of resources first.

95e9c7 No.9940756


Oh really, its that fucking simple?

Naval vessels, much less actual fleets, need retard amounts of supplies. Thatll be real hard to maintain with a tattered US, which will most likely not have supply lines to sustain.

04eaec No.9940764


I would not. It's never going to get to a shooting war, only be kept as local uprisings at worst. The moment a shooting war breaks out, the USA is over. I don't wish for that to happen.

All you will see is riots.


You forget that there would be advisers on the ground by day 3.


/pol/ always forgets about logistics

31250b No.9940766

File: a547e231e1ed43d⋯.jpg (39.86 KB, 604x377, 604:377, Stuffing_about_note_Madiso….jpg)

File: 7211f5af9e17562⋯.jpg (160.89 KB, 290x423, 290:423, scout3.jpg)

File: 41d0569726dc0e8⋯.jpg (53.71 KB, 660x320, 33:16, rliheli604x320_fulltone_op….jpg)

File: c4e0c2bb44be3ef⋯.jpg (64.22 KB, 500x702, 250:351, 6fc465c21580.jpg)

File: 9fd4adc1048cc62⋯.jpg (997.96 KB, 1000x672, 125:84, 159051_original.jpg)


Anon, we have no idea. I just learned about the Selous Scouts recently (check out the "History Reviewed Channel" jewtube channel, the video "Rhodesia I Was There").

Pics related. The Selous Scouts used to paint their skin black with boot polish, and then just drive into the middle of black encampments. They would slaughter hundreds of blacks before they even realized what was going on. They would hunt down every last black in an area, sometimes tracking them for weeks. They had a policy of leaving none alive (they would draw bounds on a map and then "control the area").

5fad3c No.9940775



a3b643 No.9940778


Using captured AK rifles along with FAL, as issue weapon seems like a bad idea, logistic would had been a nightmare.

3ce6a3 No.9940786

File: c8d5efc110ee3c1⋯.jpg (136.59 KB, 498x700, 249:350, 1482326362610.jpg)


No not for Trump as a person, the civil war would be started and fought for on account of those of the white race. If there comes a time when I cannot survive under the control of all the shitskins around me then I will use force to execute my will.

As Adolf Hitler said, "It is not for ideas that we live! Not for theories! Not for fantastic party programs. No, we live and fight for the German folk and for the preservation of its existence. By our own labor!"

That is the key reason why any of us are here, cities can be rebuilt, so can libraries and our great knowledge for we have generated all of this by nothing but who we are. The one thing we cannot remake is who we are, if that is lost then so to goes the accomplishments of the white race. While I live I will not allow that to happen as my ancestors did the same in their day by keeping their and now my bloodlines pure.

31250b No.9940787

File: 1806f67d13e467b⋯.jpg (186.26 KB, 600x335, 120:67, Gairezi-Crossing.jpg)

File: af275b48e77ca4e⋯.jpeg (26.64 KB, 314x206, 157:103, i.jpeg)

File: da71313664e63d3⋯.jpg (199.07 KB, 800x546, 400:273, WRA1.jpg)

File: 7c75cc18f1363d8⋯.jpg (106.25 KB, 313x408, 313:408, scout_doghandler.jpg)


From what I understand, the Rhodesians were always hurting for weapons and supplies. They had been under heavy sanctions (Jews) for some time, and had to rely on very old equipment and whatever they could capture. The blacks had modern gear given to them by the Chinese, and they still got utterly BTFO.

5fad3c No.9940789


When the system collapses and chaos descents, only the strong will survive. Temporary periods of anarchy are eugenic.

a3b643 No.9940803


Didn't israel sell weapons and supplies to south africa?

Why would they do something that goes agaisn't enforcing their own blockade?

a3b643 No.9940804


I meant rhodesia.

dea8e4 No.9940824

File: d1e99b479e40f52⋯.jpg (15 KB, 300x180, 5:3, A-bust-of-Adolf-Hitler-li-….jpg)




mexico and canada would likely try to take territory and or make a deal with whatever forces that were occupying the north and south of the country.


the problem I see is that the white race will never be brutal or ruthless enough to secure its own existence. and our race has never been able to unify itself for the its good. i'm pessimistic true but I think we need a better foolproof solution that does not depend on a mass of brainwashed people miraculously waking up. the "final" solution has to come from us, not the sheep.

3ce6a3 No.9940825


Rhodesia is not SA.


>>Israel did not originally support Rhodesia's 1965 declaration of independence from Great Britain. Later in the same year, it called the new Rhodesian regime illegal.

Yes Israel was the only country to sell arms to Rhodesia deeper into the conflict when no one else did but this has a bad impact even to the guy I talk to from SA. He actually likes Israel because of this because they were the only ones who tried to help albeit late and to no effect.

My guess is Israel purposely helped Rhodesia and SA to screw the minds of the whites there because SA will be the first white population to be wiped out. The nigger by the way doesn't care Israel was helping whitey, they've probably already forgotten that there was a conflict there. So the Jews set themselves up to win either way.

95e9c7 No.9940849


>/pol/ always forgets about logistics

Logistics are warfare. Without a logistical system there will be no legitimate warfare taking place

6ba592 No.9940854

File: 9cc03014293cc71⋯.gif (7.28 MB, 320x240, 4:3, yeah I couldn't find the v….gif)

>Hey Trumpsters, I know you're not great at history, but remind me again who won last time we had a Civil War?

I feel like I'm going to go insane if I keep gazing into the abyss like this. For example, I almost feel like unironically answering this moron's question.


e4a4d9 No.9940856


95e9c7 No.9940860


Its the same party after 150 fucking years?

Just what

70b1e9 No.9940876

679f69 No.9940878


>legitimate warfare


killing niggers and jews

6ba592 No.9940888


It actually is, /leftypol/. The Democrats were the party that wanted to keep slavery, but after they didn't get their way, they changed gears and decided to start using niggers instead by tricking them into "voting Democrat for the next 200 years" with welfare and shit like that. Shit that keeps them poor, dumb(er), and dependent. Meanwhile, Republicans opposed slavery then, and oppose gibs and big government now. Or at least, the normies who identify as Republican do, really on a politician level, both parties are the same shit these days.

b5a152 No.9940897


Its just to meme them. Besides, the current situation is in no way comparable to the situation 150 years ago. The real reason why the north won was because it had heavy industry and other technological advancements over the south, which largely relied on agriculture. Ask yourself where most of the US industry is now, where most of its military comes from, where most of its food is grown, and where most of its nukes are stored. The northeast is only good as a financial hub now, and the only advantage the west coast has is tech, which can be stolen, obtained from a friendly foreign power, or just made irrelevant through certain actions For example, how is having the world's most sophisticated comms interception system (NSA) if all the cell towers are out of commission and internet access is scattered and isolated?

The modern US has a paper thin infrastructure grid that can be destroyed. This is even more true in liberal states like Cali and NY which have let their infrastructure degrade to 3rd world levels in some places.

3ce6a3 No.9940899

File: 96deb26181d4ce6⋯.jpg (204.86 KB, 780x582, 130:97, open-your-eyes-hurt-very-n….jpg)


Of course there are lemmings and I don't even want a globally unified white race one culture scenario because there would be loose to identity. What will happen is whites won't be able to survive without fighting for their existence and so the "ethnic" groups of whites in the countries they find themselves in will band together.

So in the United States for instance you'll see a "white" people banning together but for instance in England it'll be a more homogeneous group. All these groups will be small and self-sufficient the key in growing these groups is redpilling the youth not to help continue the government which wants their annihilation.

This will all happen naturally if the Jew loose control of supply lines. That is why the Jew is playing the long game, they want whites to not go to the gym and workout but play vidya and forget about women to wipe us out. We must play the short game of causing a necessary pain.


You do know Linear and Dynamic Programming right? With or without computers most pathfinding algorithms can solve any planning problems you could throw at them the best ones aren't even used in games to make the AI smarter merely to get the rendering quicker.

cb65e8 No.9940916

>>9940888 (checked)

92571f No.9940917


>the problem I see is that the white race will never be brutal or ruthless enough to secure its own existence.

US whites exterminated millions of Germans after WW2 was over. The problem has been that jews were whispering in their ears telling them to target the wrong people.

Not to mention what was accomplished in Iraq/Afghanistan. Brutality is never the problem. It's the leadership being kiked.

6ba592 No.9940937


This too. Point is, the party has changed some, but the guy's statement made no sense on any level. Which side won the Civil War? The Republicans, who remained loyal to their president. While the circumstances of today aren't really comparable to the circumstances of the 19th century, those are the facts, and they don't line up with whatever the hell point he seems to be trying to make.

Unless maybe he's suggesting that the "anti-racists" won. In which case he'd still be wrong, the Civil War and the party split was in no small part an issue of slavery, but that doesn't mean the north really liked niggers any more than the south did. It was a lot more complicated than some bullshit social justice issue.

ec5588 No.9940992

File: ead14fe80a7ac36⋯.png (517.66 KB, 893x519, 893:519, hbtra.png)

If Trump is successfully impeached, then Pence becomes President. The fact that Pence is a Christcuck/ZOGbot will dissuade a lot of people who might otherwise be supportive. To get around that, you would have to explain to them how bad things really are with memes like:

One Nation Under Transgender Kids!

I don't see it happening in the immediate future, but in 2020, demographic shift will probably cost either Trump or Pence the Presidency. The media will gloat about it. From there, there probably won't be much difference between /pol/ and white working class dinner table discussions.

Religion is a pacifier in this instance. When it's clear that whites have been disenfranchised and that the rise of socialism is coming via demographics, the fucking Rapture merchants will double down. You have to counter that as it emerges.

b48b9b No.9941000


Terminators cost money. Money that any wartorn third world government isn't going to have. Nigs however, are cheap, easily manipulated, and also have no sense of self preservation. Yeah, Jamal and his Homies are going to scour the countryside in search of white women if this shit goes down.

dad592 No.9941001

Just in case it hasn't been covered yet impeachment is not the same as removal from office. Trump is an elected official and ousting him is an entirely different standard. For reference; Bill Clinton was impeached and served out his term.

It is basically congress' way of wagging their fingers and calling him a naughty boy. Not that I think it will happen anyway.

d174e7 No.9941034


you know thats a model posing as an IDF soldier right?

679f69 No.9941092


did you really think it was that anons girl? it's a picture you dork to make a point methinks

773b35 No.9941117

File: ba0a1d3e97d4b7f⋯.jpg (30.1 KB, 510x286, 255:143, BLACKED.jpg)

>who won the last civil war

Limp wristed, bug chasing nu males that never held a gun in their lives and honestly believe they would not end like pic related by the hands of their pets when SHTF?

99c8a4 No.9941174



d9fae1 No.9941218


except for tokens, officers are more likely to end up white men, but they mostly will not be on our side.

>THE ENLISTED MEN - the actual troops - are still mostly conservative white men

not really. the combat troops certainly are and that matters perhaps most of all, but those polls are bullshit and all it would take is for a falseflag or a leader like trump to get them to turn on their people. Hell, all it takes is an 'emergency.' People follow orders.


it would already be heating up if hillary had been elected.

>Jews ALWAYS accelerate. They never take a step back and take it easy.

remember when that nigger shot the cops in texas? her election was more important, the blm shit was quieted for quite a while after that. then, only when it was convenient once again, the first nigger who came across their radar was made a martyr. I'm not defending the release valve theory though


idf propaganda posting is never okay>We would not have had a civil war with hilldog.

d9fae1 No.9941245



c74d6d No.9941433

File: 1a0a7bb00d75276⋯.jpg (53.64 KB, 480x236, 120:59, 1a0a7bb00d7527678f7bcee89d….jpg)


>we have guns too

I am loving this sudden confidence with firearms, it's starting to pop up more and more frequently. The image in my head of one of these faggots under fire, struggling to get a magazine into the gun with piss running down their legs always gives me a giggle. The worst confrontation these people have had is a complaint to the barista over the amount of foam on their mango mocha latte.

Zebras pretending to be lions and they think they are fooling everyone.

0771c2 No.9941450


Even if all this bluster comes to nothing at least the gun control movement is effectively dead for another generation. I might start pushing this as a wedge issue between leftists to divide those who think they need guns to defend themselves against Le Ebil Drumpf and those who are stridently anti-gun.

38c06c No.9941457


You would have to exclude BC, the coast of Washington, and northwest Oregon. They are all leftist faggots.

57f900 No.9941481

Like the many enemies of the united states, who has been meddling with "rebels" in their business for decades, would just sit back while the USA rebels were fighting their enemy for them? If a real civil war broke out, so many countries would be involved, so many vassal states would look at their masters and go "They can't even control their own shit, how can they control us?" It would certainly be the end of United States Hegemony regardless of what side wins.

d04e79 No.9941530


I can confirm this, I've seen actual jew bitches as officers IN THE MARINES NO LESS. Lots of nogs too.

8f88e2 No.9941537


The cancer in those places are condensed into three areas, the removal would happen so fucking quick a Serb would blush at the efficiency of those who're tired of leftist crap.

679f69 No.9941573

File: 100294bd1a83a4a⋯.webm (264.4 KB, 576x320, 9:5, were_the_good_guys.webm)

858991 No.9941591


Coming from France, to give you some perspective, the media is saying that Trump is a fucking retard and he'll get impeached. People just believe it because that's the only viewpoint they're getting, though they're kinda getting bored with it, like there's a scandal every day, and still no proof of anything, and it sounds more and more like it's made up.

Not a single word of the things he actually does which I only see discussed on /pol/ and mentioned rapidly in American MSM.

People believe it less and less, but still, the message gets carried well enough so far. Don't count on any official help or support from France.

617234 No.9941853

File: 8b97bd2c44a83b6⋯.png (871.58 KB, 800x3067, 800:3067, Civil War 2 checklist gold.png)

File: f5c109cc54d38a9⋯.png (1.8 MB, 2784x8225, 2784:8225, Civil War 2 checklist cond….png)

File: 09639e2c21d6125⋯.png (2.96 MB, 3817x6145, 3817:6145, pol reconquista checklist ….png)

File: 5f8df8974a445b3⋯.png (129.22 KB, 1025x1025, 1:1, in a race war your skin is….png)


That time has been upon us for a while now.


In a race war, your skin is your uniform.

>>9937988 (Checked)

Pretty high. Spics will probably be operating with the assistance of the Mexican government.




Your skin is your uniform.

958a5f No.9941884


>speaking of infighting, the "white house in chaos! Factions! RAHRAHRLA! DRUMPFS IS A PUPPET!" shit is so tiresome. Who the fuck decided on that narrative and why.

It is because one of Trump's positives is 'strong leader' so the media invents the 'white house in chaos' narrative to give the appearance that Trump is a bad leader.

That's how the media does with everyone they destroy. Identify the positives, then make up bullshit stories that turn those positives into negatives.

Trump polls well with women? Have some hussy operative accuse him of sexual assault. Trump gets respect for Art of the Deal? Pretend like he had no input on the book.

221b84 No.9941928


Africanus are one Tony Martin video on how Jews monopolized the slave trade from joining our side.

0d2a65 No.9941971


>What would Russia gain from having their main adversary cease to exist, or being unable to project any force for a matter of years?

>What would a second world superpower gain from having the only first world superpower fail?

Geez, these are hard questions anon.

d9db50 No.9941991

Most americans are fat, many have diabetes, many are cripplingly addicted to prescription drugs.

An american civil war would see more than half of america just die without a fight.

5964d8 No.9941997


>Being this obvious of an agent provocateur

Please CIA you have to try more. Are you the same officer who tried to get ppl. Join a reddit uprising?

I'm pretty convinced that at some time in the future some mysterious guy will fire a gun at some anti-antifa protest. Some Mr. Smith with a maga hat, i-love-8chan t-shirt and a kekistan flag who will never be heard of or seen again after he got "arrested"

59cb91 No.9942022


You completely misunderstood what I was saying and the context of which I was making that statement.

We are talking about a Russian invasion of the US which is extremely unlikely.

e709d8 No.9942028

File: 0617d9968d43be1⋯.jpg (147.76 KB, 769x439, 769:439, 1445087711189698154.jpg)


yeah no. Giving that you don't follow politics in mexico because lol fuck spics. The moment the US fall Mexico will have a food crisis on their hand, besides, the drug wars they're fighting, plus the millions of africans on their lands already there. There also the powder keg that is central nations below mexico. They're beyond balkanized, the moment the US is gone, Honduras will invade el salvador and start a genocide campaign there. Depending how that war goes it, it will swallow all of it neighbors. Back to mexico, with food shortages this will give rise to more civil unrest and the eventual rise of rebels. If anything you should worry you should be betting on the EU if it survives, Russia if they decided to, China if it survives their economic collapse.

4c16f2 No.9942190

Where's the best place to purchase good tactical boots?

358045 No.9942245


have you actually read what he has written? Do you know anything about him other than muh cherry picked Lucifer quote?

The story of Lucifer is an allegory, one that teaches a great lesson.

If you only read, you'd know the true spirit of rebellion against the tyranny.

31250b No.9942505

File: dcb5339fecd10e7⋯.jpeg (35.42 KB, 480x460, 24:23, lucifer_cast_down_from_he….jpeg)


>The story of Lucifer is an allegory

The story of Lucifer teaches us that self-worship is hubris that to leads to a fall from grace.

Masons literally worship Lucifer as a real entity, dumbass, and freemasonry is controlled by the Jews.

I think you should gas yourself you insolent fucking kike.

358045 No.9942559

File: f6b0178b812fe9a⋯.png (107.91 KB, 388x660, 97:165, i798798798798.PNG)


>Lucifer worship Lucifer as a real entity

>masons ever anthropromorophizing anyone other than The Philosophers, Jesus and all Messengers of God

The believe the story of Lucifer is exactly as you said, self-worship, and the "fall" from God. He is an example of wisdom, but wisdom fallen because he chose to put himself above humanity.

>Masonry controlled by kikes

>implying Masonry hasn't be the most anti jew organization since its inception

"The Deity of the Old Testament is everywhere represented as the direct author of

Evil, commissioning evil and lying spirits to men, hardening the heart of Pharaoh,

and visiting the iniquity of the individual sinner on the whole people. The rude

conception of sternness predominating over mercy in the Deity, can alone account

for the human sacrifices, purposed, if not executed, by Abraham and Jephthah. It

has not been uncommon, in any age or country of the world, for men to recognize

the existence of one God, without forming any becoming estimate of His dignity.

The causes of both good and ill are referred to a mysterious centre, to which each

assigns such attributes as correspond with his own intellect and advance in

civilization. Hence the assignment to the Deity of the feelings of envy and jealousy.

Hence the provocation given by the healing skill of AEsculapius and the humane

theft of fire by Prometheus. The very spirit of Nature, personified in Orpheus,

Tantalus, or Phineus was supposed to have been killed, confined, or blinded, for

having too freely divulged the Divine Mysteries to mankind. This Divine Envy still

exists in a modified form, and varies according to circumstances. In Hesiod it

appears in the lowest type of human malignity. In the God of Moses, it is jealousy of

the infringement of the autocratic power, the check to political treason; and even the

penalties denounced for worshipping other gods often seem dictated rather by a

jealous regard for His own greatness in Deity, than by the immorality and degraded

nature of the worship itself. In Herodotus and other writers it assumes a more

philosophical shape, as a strict adherence to a moral equilibrium in the government

of the world, in the punishment of pride, arrogance, and insolent pretension. "

The Old Testament God is the JEWISH fucking God, and if you actually read anything regarding TRUE masonry and not that which was contrived from Weishaupt's Jesuit bastardization after getting BTFO'ed by the Templars, you'd know that we are fighting JEWS, THE ANCIENT CATHOLIC TYRANT, and the PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT.

Understandable however, superstition has always blinded man from nobler ideas. Do you even know that Aryan race was derived from the esoteric? All the truth resides behind the veil; and you must scrape away Dogma and superstition to see the Glorious truth of our existence.

Pic related, Judaism is a dead end religion.

31250b No.9942656

File: 9cce33002f928a9⋯.jpeg (136.33 KB, 517x900, 517:900, archangel_killing.jpeg)


Yeah, I know that they teach the God of the OT is Satan. That's wrong as fuck, m8. People like yourself who parrot this lie think it makes sense because you've never actually read and studied the bible yourself. I'm not going to give you a lesson here, either, because it's far too off topic and this thread was going great until you kiked it up with fucking FREEMASONIC TRASH.

You're so ill-educated that you think Jesus didn't quote the OT Himself during his ministry. You've bought the Jewish lie that "he was just an enlightened being". Great job you fucking faggot, you're a Luciferian of the same stripe as the Theosophists (Crowley and pizzagate crowd), just under a different banner.

You worship "illumination" which is human enlightenment, which is allegorically speaking the same type of hubris Lucifer exhibited leading to his fall from grace. In simple terms, you "saw the light" and mistook the source for YOURSELF rather than God, and thus decided you are God. That is exactly what the freemasons teach, and it is demonic Luciferian hubris.

Human enlightenment is indeed a physiological reality that we should all strive for, but it does not mean that we are God. Basically, just because you knock the serpent up against your pineal gland doesn't mean you are God, get it neophyte?

You have been led down a false path, cultivated by the Jews, that leads to self-worship, nihilism, and moral relativism. Try actually reading the bible sometime instead of this pseudo intellectual Jewish drivel you just pasted.

Or just go back to thinking you are oh so wise and enlightened and thus you must be God.

57f900 No.9942661

File: a1123c81351a1b1⋯.png (2.95 KB, 470x250, 47:25, a0dcd1d17efbdec1a3adcdd5df….png)


Gee wonder why Russia would be considered the number 2.

00e6e7 No.9942694

File: 3c5d78f8265a522⋯.jpg (60.09 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 3c5d78f8265a522428c9e68a16….jpg)


>the only countries you amerifats have to worry about are russia

>mfw I'm Texan and can banda up with based Ruskies against UN or occupying zog force.

10f580 No.9942710


Eat a dick nigger. Seattle is about the only really pozzed place in WA. You can count Bellingham and Olympia in with that degenerecy as well, but any rural area is likely red. Try going into a bar in one of the fishing towns on the coast of WA and calling any of those dudes leftist faggots, see how far that gets you.

I'll agree with you that B.C. and Victoria are garbage…..but so is Anchorage. Any big city in the Northwest is pretty much trash from leftist progressive brainwashing kike bullshit. If 90% of them die in the ensuring chaos though we retake what is ours. Personally, i'm looking forward to a day when I don't have to spend 20 minutes looking for a parking spot when I travel to seattle.

358045 No.9942711

File: b60aad6363a0c43⋯.gif (40.1 KB, 454x295, 454:295, 1479428142937.gif)


>Haha Crowley lmao

Crowley was rejected from every major branch of freemasonry because he was an edgy black magic fag.

he was such a faggot he was banned from joining any reputable lodge, he had to go to mexico to get initiated into a shitty lodge no one ever heard about so he could steal initiation rites to use for his child sacrificing, asshole touching cult called Thelema.

By that logic, you must love Jews then, because its the same anthropromorphic God that Christians worship.


Yet, Christ was the savior! Yet the only jews that listened were the Essenes (and thus converted).

The only ones left, the jews you see today, are from Pharisee and Sudacee lineage, the killers of Christ.

>whao bro esotericism is all black magic bro its all evil only Dogma can save you

There are dualities to all things; Good and bad to all orders and levels of society.

You do understand, that if it wasn't for esotericism, you wouldnt even have The United States now?

Protestantism was shrowded in it; Martin Luther and Francis Bacon were sublime initiates of the Rosicrucian order. All our founding fathers were masons, esotericists, or deists of some sort.

The eternal battle against tyranny has always been fought in and around secret organizations.

We did not get here because of some ONE WAY linear path to enslavement; There are good and bad to every side. And the Brotherhood of Light will prevail over the darkness.

Horus brought wisdom and truth back to the world when he organized the Army of the Golden Hawks against the evil God Typhon; Jesus came to save his people from the Pharisees and Sudacees; The Templar Came to fight against the Dogma and power of the Catholic Church; Divine providence gave America to our founding fathers for fighting the Tyranny of the Crown.

You are blind. The true teachings of masonry, are to never submit to tyranny and to fight for the liberty of all of those who DESERVE it. Those who still adhere to Gods eternal laws.

Regardless of how you feel, there are Good secret societies out there and they are pivotal in fighting the same enemy you have. Do not so hastily throw everyone under the bus.

wait patiently and you will see.

db5d4a No.9942787


Can attest to this, the small rural towns in WA and OR are largely red. Leftists can't into farming because its hard work, and they feel out of place if they arent surrounded by concrete jewscrapers.

31250b No.9942812

File: 859df70d22ab6b1⋯.jpg (97.97 KB, 427x604, 427:604, kali.jpg)


I rose the serpent up in the desert over 15 years ago: We are not God. You are talking self-realization, not God-realization.

Fuck off with your thread derailing.

d9fae1 No.9942828

File: 619fef6ad4b709f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.87 KB, 242x389, 242:389, mfw.jpg)


checked, I wanted to spread disinfo, but their own people are already great at it. Their primers on how to shoot are hilariously inadequate.


>live on historically texan clay sand

>try to learn basics of slav-runes and slav-gabble

>when you realize your terrain is indefensible and would get swept over on a constant basis by tanks and air

358045 No.9942858

File: 096764c2c33cae2⋯.jpg (336.51 KB, 977x1210, 977:1210, 1401574899436.jpg)


did I ever say we are God?

We were made in his image, but we can never be God. That is black magic; that is the lesson of every great nation that fell. MAN exhaulted himself above God, or AS GOD, and for that they were punished.

We can strive to walk on his path, the path of Christ.

"Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it."–Matthew 7:14

We are all brothers in Christ; and that eternal belief will give us strength in our greatest time of need.

df7c02 No.9942886

File: 42287fb5f57bf6f⋯.mp4 (7.79 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, kill all the gays.mp4)


>2016 cuckchan

eead32 No.9942916


>mexico and canada would likely try to take territory

What are you on about lad. We'd use the opportunity to remove the marxist parasites.

781d1c No.9942931


He's out.

02f208 No.9943065

File: 5acbbbe5a08fb0b⋯.jpg (134.11 KB, 576x768, 3:4, Y1UApxeGcTqvf8UyUCpdQuHpgP….jpg)



It's been half a year and you're still this mad.

a0b6c8 No.9943099

File: 51e9a336f82c42d⋯.jpg (281.73 KB, 950x634, 475:317, niggers look alike.jpg)


>Biz Markie

>Lamar Odom

>that nigger from Knoxville Massacre

>Mos Def

>Bernie Mac

>took me less than 2 minutes

4a61cf No.9943276

Won't happen until these libfags are humiliated again. 2018 might be enough with an increase in R seats but a 2020 Trump victory will push them over the edge.

6ba592 No.9943378

>>9943099 (checked)

They ALL have the same hair. Either bald or cut short into a pseudo yarmulke. There's like… one dude who has cornrows, and one dude who has the sides of his hair shaved but not the top, and that's about as different as it gets in that picture.

Who has that image that takes color samples from various points on the faces of white people and brown people, and proclaims white people to be the real people of color?

057762 No.9943619

File: ed593f3d7527fec⋯.webm (5.43 MB, 488x272, 61:34, nig fight strat.webm)


>roaming packs of niggers fighting for the government.

I'm not scared. Video related.

5fe5c2 No.9943845


Don't let what happened to Chile to happen in the US. They hit us the harder.

>In 1777 Chile was composed of 73,5 % whites, 7,9 % mestizos, 8,6 % mapuche and a 9,8 % of blacks.

>In 1994 Chile was composed of 64% white, 35% mestizos and mapuches, 1% blacks.

>In 2011 a study made by Universidad de Chile found that the white population had diminished to around 20-30%, Carla Guelfenbein called this a marvelous acomplishment for Chile

d5fb74 No.9943863


There's not a lot you can do with nigger hair that doesn't involve a lot of work.

Most will just shave it because it's not worth the effort to do anything else.

Which I suppose explains why the one world crowd love niggers so much. They lend themselves so naturally to a uniformity the globalists want.

be01df No.9943875


Unless they look like Urkele, they don't shoot much better in the US Military.

1c9191 No.9943930


Used to live in Bellingham. The only reason it is liberal is because of the college. Take that out of the equation and itll be fairly balanced

8a7881 No.9943937

File: d65728413236b60⋯.jpg (51 KB, 936x737, 936:737, civilwar!!killmerchant.jpg)

Get da joos first.

9c00e7 No.9943946

My dad has been telling me a civil war has been coming since I was 12. Every year he got a little bit more right. Here we are 15 years later and it looks like it's about to happen anytime.

88e252 No.9943948

File: 9a9f3daadd42717⋯.gif (770.68 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 6bYbl.gif)


not to mention police, emt and military politically lean strongly to the right….

92571f No.9943960

File: 221b4aae6922d15⋯.jpg (187.48 KB, 1692x1462, 846:731, gangster.jpg)

1c9191 No.9943991


This shit is going to suck real ass.

Can we fathom how many white kids are going to be enslaved and sold across the world by the beaners in south USA and mexico? How many women will be raped and go crazy? This of course will make up those who aren't outright killed. We are going to watch our bothers, fathers, maybe even sons get killed in action or beheaded on tv. Family. That's on top of starvation, pandemic or natural disaster.

I for one am not looking forward to this shit

d04e79 No.9944003


Nothing matters but victory. It doesn't matter what atrocities are done. The only sin in war, is defeat.

1c9191 No.9944019


Easier said then done. Though you are not necessarily wrong, I will not stoop to the level of a colored savage faggot if I can help it. Civilization is what made us..us. We should be weary to acknowledge and preserve that.

402b07 No.9944051


> Civilization is what made us..us

What the fuck are you talking about? Our entire civilization was built because strong men were willing to do all that was necessary to eradicate people who were a threat to it. Otherwise, we'd all be fucking muslims right now.

This idea that our "civilization" is a bunch of pussified degenerate faggots discussing shit on an NPR talk show format is a fanciful lie that's been created only since the Jew got control of the media. Fuck's sake, look up the fucking battle of Athens.

A civilization only exists as long as there are people willing to kill other people to preserve it. Otherwise, you WILL be conquered by people that do NOT have a problem with that fact of life.

Either you realize that horrible fucking shit is going to need to occur so that the reversion to the mean happens, thereby saving ourselves, or get the fuck out of the way of people who WILL.

1c9191 No.9944105


>What the fuck are you talking about? Our entire civilization was built because strong men were willing to do all that was necessary to eradicate people who were a threat to it. Otherwise, we'd all be fucking muslims right now.

For shits sake, Im not suggesting to be pussyfoot bleeding hearts for the enemy. What I am saying is that there is an important divide between white people and everybody else. That divide is largely based on being civilized. That is what separates us from the niggers. Niggers can commit atrocities, and do so very often. White people can commit atrocity, but on a lower basis. I largely think that this is because we are better than them. Lets do what we CAN do, to preserve this.

>A civilization only exists as long as there are people willing to kill other people to preserve it.

Im not suggesting otherwise. Im saying that we should be keen on fighting smart, and not relying on sheer brutality and wickedness - for fucks sake, the WHOLE WORLD is most likely going to be watching.

>Either you realize that horrible fucking shit is going to need to occur so that the reversion to the mean happens, thereby saving ourselves, or get the fuck out of the way of people who WILL.

Gather reading comprehension unto yourself. I merely said that I am not looking forward to what is to come - who the fuck is?

402b07 No.9944145


>I merely said that I am not looking forward to what is to come - who the fuck is?

The sooner it gets done the sooner it can be over with. I would rather it be done when I am young enough to be able to do what needs to be done. Rather than old and reliant on other people to get the job done.

1c9191 No.9944168


>The sooner it gets done the sooner it can be over with.

I concur. Don't forget that what we want might not happen. Prepare accordingly.

>I would rather it be done when I am young enough to be able to do what needs to be done.

Yes. Better us than our childrens generation. Numbers are on our side for the moment.

> Rather than old and reliant on other people to get the job done

Like I said, prepare for this case.

3a0674 No.9944185

File: b871f358dade20c⋯.gif (985.17 KB, 245x384, 245:384, thorweeps.gif)


these days it's become a mightier challenge now that we don't have a God.

Say what you want about Christ or Kek or Odin or Atman but whatever you have faith in, we are not sharing it.

The civilization of the west was just a reflection of the personality of its people, but the soul that produced that personality has been displaced. Until we get it back, we may have to resort to any atrocious actions just to stay alive.

I'm agreeing with you btw

19142e No.9944201

File: 5235e0b57bfd5c5⋯.jpg (847.82 KB, 1246x2081, 1246:2081, 1398460471295.jpg)

It won't be like the first one.

This one will be about a return to the original constitution.

Draining that steaming shit pile of a swamp called Washington, and getting the federal governments boot off the neck of the states.

I doubt Trump getting impeached will start anything, other than adding to the already current frustration.

People are sick of the shit. They are sick of bullshitters saying "I'm going to drain the swamp!" then jumping into the swamp with their box of Mr. Bubble under one arm.

It won't start out as war, it will start with states seeking to return to an originalist constitution, then the libshits and the rino's losing their shit on everyone.

Talk of a soft balkanization, trade war style punishments from the fed, escalation of conflict at artificial shortages, outrage at globalist attempts at intervention in U.S. affairs…

Mostly though, this is going to be about good versus evil. The Satanist Globalists pushing and defending their agenda while normal people of conscience are forced to fight back. Intellectual elites versus the hicks in the sticks.

A return to a slimmer, fitter, tougher U.S. Constitution is where it starts and ends.

1c9191 No.9944222


>The civilization of the west was just a reflection of the personality of its people, but the soul that produced that personality has been displaced.

Well put.

That very soul has been conditioned to deny itself. The hardest part of all this is that there are millions of our kin (provided you are white, who knows on the interwebs) who are suffering a spiritual and perhaps physical pain of being deprived of their identity.

I loath what the future may hold, but Ill say that im not envious of the nigger/spic/Asian future either. They are going to learn exactly what happens when the beast within our people is tempted, when that beast's family are raped, killed or even affected in any negative way. I do not envy that position. But fuck them they deserve it.

cf9f77 No.9944257

File: e2922986cf1d89e⋯.jpg (57.43 KB, 420x284, 105:71, gummi.jpg)


omg those Bauern Gummi Stiefel

1ebbc5 No.9944262

File: 7afe804bb9fa29c⋯.jpg (321.46 KB, 1224x1080, 17:15, 1439239755794-2.jpg)

>>9941433 (checked)


This. A solid core of the left will never bear arms even in the face of being pushed through a meatgrinder. In some of them the anti-gun sentiment is so strong they have a phobia of them. Even if you point a maxim at them and put a rifle in their hands they'll just melt when the bullets start flying. I don't want to underestimate my enemy but the majority of them have never even been in the same room as a gun nevermind fired one.

82e335 No.9944322


>Wasn't the group aryan nations trying to make the ground work to create a ethnostate in the pacific northwest?


>The rocky mountains of the pacific northwest seem to be the ideal region, feds be damned,

Your going to be very surprised if you idiots come up here thinking the PNW is white. Only the peninsula is majority white and just barely. Almost everything east of the cascades is a desert and a large fraction of the population is Hispanic, except near the Canadian border. Southern Oregon is the only majority white area on the pacific coast.

ec5588 No.9944325

There's a supposed vision from George Washington which appears to predict a coming race war in America followed by a nuclear holocaust. It was published shortly before the Civil War began, and (((historians))) claim that it's not authentic.

>Washington claims that he sees a great black cloud envelop America as 'armies' descend into the nation from Europe, Asia, and Africa. He also sees a great 'red light' (a Beige Horizon?) which is associated with these armies.

>These non-whites ravage pillage and burn the entire nation – perhaps taking down statues of him while demanding more gibs and programs.

>"Instantly a light as of a thousand suns shone down from above me, and pierced and broke into fragments the dark cloud which enveloped America." The Happening.

>Enraged by this, legions of white spirits descend from the heavens and help the Patriots cleanse this darkness from the land.

Even if it's not really from Washington, its predictions are nonethless quite interesting.



Nice full house.

508ec3 No.9944336


Only an utter retard would keep, much less repost that bucket of autistic tripe.

1c9191 No.9944349


>Your going to be very surprised if you idiots come up here thinking the PNW is white.

There are few truly white places anywhere, these days. Last I checked it was ~70% white.

Besides, its not necessarily like we are talking about the here and now - its planning and future talk.

59cb91 No.9944351

File: 76283774fed9816⋯.jpg (104.6 KB, 460x268, 115:67, National Alliance.jpg)


The vast majority of so called leftists have no ideology beyond doing what the TV tells them is fashionable. When things fall apart, they will die like the lemmings they are.

e678a3 No.9944398


I look forward to "Population Reductions" in the Inner cities as well. All those people do is rob stores, fuck feminist whores and have shitty credit scores. We'd be better off without niggers.

3a0674 No.9944438


you know exactly what /pol/ expects of you, and you already said you would not do it. Most of us don't buy that Masonry has any kind of power that matters

but if they did

we would all want to know.

d9fae1 No.9944440


it was the rural conservative firefighters (mostly volunteers) I know who confiscated weapons in a local emergency, as far as I know the NG did not. Cops especially are the biggest bootlickers around. Wake up.


>He also sees a great 'red light' (a Beige Horizon?) which is associated with these armies.

that's what large fires over the horizon look like.

>thousand suns

extra fake and gay

d5fb74 No.9944491

File: 9a9e50523e90bb6⋯.png (19.26 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 5254dc956c900c259b245d8527….png)



Well no shock the soul has been displaced.

What do you think the whole point of christianity is? It exists to remove the soul of a people and then try to replace it with one conditioned to obey the jews.

2ec8b2 No.9944545


I went to the last Easter service with my family, and the pastor simply stated that "bad" people wanted Jesus dead. He wouldn't name the jew. I was so close to standing up and telling him to name the jew, and stop being a faggot. And the reason I was so close to making a scene was because at the beginning, the church was shilling donations for poor orphans in Africa. Not the white kind. It really ticked me off.

If I had guess, I'd say the xtian soul is oblivious to the all consuming hate of all the other souls/identities in the world. It's just virtue signaling with money. Just completely ignorant to what a con is.

bcc210 No.9944579

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>citing OKC

You know that was an audition for 9/11 right?

You also had Office Worker witnesses that said they saw ATF agents setting up det-cord and C-4 explosives right?

You know that a fertilizer bomb can't pulverize concrete… Especially the concrete of the pillar closest to the truck! Then have pillars BEHIND that some how pulverize themselves…

Also those ATF offices contained evidence and paperwork for the Waco Massacre….

Hell, here's the video going over ALL the evidence…. And murders, and cover-ups and lies and

828595 No.9944599


Shill harder, intl.

6e510c No.9944626


>Three great perils will come upon the Republic. The most fearful is the third, but in this greatest conflict the whole world united shall not prevail against her.

>Three Great Conflicts

>the last of which is 'The World United' ie. The UN and Globalists

b1dbdc No.9944661

File: 8deaae025530934⋯.mp4 (867.95 KB, 480x480, 1:1, DaNcIn.mp4)


>those rhymes

1c9191 No.9944704


The same jews Jesus called, "The synagogue of Satan?"

11ef65 No.9944747

File: 02698bfedbbb5bd⋯.png (40.5 KB, 640x400, 8:5, heiltrump.png)

57e6f3 No.9944770


what the fuck is the Y axis of that Graph?

6e510c No.9944775








what do these countries have in common, anon?

57e6f3 No.9944792


What the fuck man. Can't play straight up?

is it nuclear weapons, megatons, uranium?

Wasting my fucking time.

6e510c No.9944817


>reddit spacing

gas the Redditors imageboard war now

bbedcb No.9944821

File: d4f5288fb8cf88d⋯.webm (445.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, it won't happen.webm)



Of course not, it never fucking happens.

b5c925 No.9944859

File: 22eb59969629e50⋯.png (170.55 KB, 500x860, 25:43, neckbeard.png)


Reddit Spacing!!!

131158 No.9944933



>He wouldn't name the jew.

131158 No.9945010


The good news is the pinoys in Kelowna have Duerte posters in their cars.

131158 No.9945015


fuck off goon

19bc29 No.9945040


do it next Easter faggot and walk out with his daughter

a1ac3e No.9945044


Northwest Front

3e4252 No.9945062


>unlabeled graph

You're a fucking disgrace.

19bc29 No.9945105


> would rather it be done when I am young enough to be able to do what needs to be done. Rather than old and…

developed lung disease

8c7a99 No.9945165

File: 9d448660945fba8⋯.jpg (66.19 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, mooninitesinmexico.jpg)

In planning, perhaps we need something like the ameri/k/a 3.0 map.


86cd5e No.9945170


>This. A solid core of the left will never bear arms even in the face of being pushed through a meatgrinder. In some of them the anti-gun sentiment is so strong they have a phobia of them.

Not everyone has been abused enough to know how to turn off the feels and become a monster.

19bc29 No.9945200

File: 0eaa117d467a4b8⋯.jpg (148.82 KB, 1675x953, 1675:953, monster h.jpg)


>become a monster.

93a33c No.9945222

File: 4c5640e8aea2765⋯.jpg (60.66 KB, 450x461, 450:461, tumblr_nghd4yMc9K1u38ihwo3….jpg)



914567 No.9945285

>Siege the cities

>cut their electricity and internet

>2 days later the leftists surrender, not being able to post their duckfaces on instagram proves too much for them to handle

>civil war won

40ce85 No.9945502


the most logical rebellion would be to destroy the infrastructure of major cities.

it would not require that many people. It would kill alot of people, and the federal government would spend alot of resources just trying to keep those people fed.

8c7a99 No.9945578


Imagine if someone shut down the power to New York’s traffic grid during rush hour

6e510c No.9945598



>tfw know someone form there

Is it a very Jewish place?

249890 No.9945671

File: 70469d5327c70ba⋯.jpg (243.21 KB, 1123x552, 1123:552, 704.jpg)

A 'civil war' is unavoidable. It is coming, prepare yourselves. Plan only in very general terms, no battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy. Forget about conventional warfare, master asymetrical warfare. Look for the weak points in the infrastructure your enemy depends on, and attack those points mercilessly. You do not need an army of thousands to cripple a city, a single man can do it if he hits the right target. People can survive for weeks without food, but only days without water.

Praise kek. Kill Every Kike. Exterminate the niggers.

0b70d0 No.9945768

File: 807b1db1118ee23⋯.jpg (232.35 KB, 1206x836, 603:418, pacifism vs war.jpg)


It will suck, anon. War is hell.

Unfortunately, it's either war or slow demographic extermination. This is our destiny.

>“We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue, like that Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who, during the eruption of Vesuvius, died at his post because they forgot to relieve him. That is greatness. That is what it means to be a thoroughbred. The honorable end is the one thing that can not be taken from a man.”

e39590 No.9945817

No OP, whites will never stand up for themselves ever again

0f952c No.9945855

File: 38b8ce2e06198f9⋯.png (167.13 KB, 433x297, 433:297, Sandy-Hook-Dad.png)


>(((Only an utter retard would keep, much less repost that bucket of autistic tripe.)))

Fixed that for ya.

a8e86b No.9945948

File: e94c6423714c3ae⋯.jpg (38.36 KB, 787x483, 787:483, .jpg)

File: b4d7ba4db2b166e⋯.png (289.56 KB, 1081x714, 1081:714, 75rt.png)


>Hey Trumpsters, I know you're not to great at History, but remind me again who won last time we had a civil war?

What is this faggot trying to say? I thought he was with the #resistance.

919bc9 No.9946002


If Trump is killed or impeached, I would not be surprised if the CSA goes nuclear again…especially Texas and Oklahoma. People around here are just looking for a reason.

t. Southeast Texas

dbfc6e No.9946051


Conservatives have been larping about civil war for decades and nobody has ever done shit. They are all talk, the oathfags, the 3%, the average texancuck who things he's a big shot because he carries a gun he never uses. It's all a giant larp about muh principles but when the rubber hits the road these people will never ever do anything worthwhile. They will signal to themselves how patriotic they are but quietly slink away when there's a chance to actually do something. They lack the revolutionary spirit; they don't have the fanaticism that is necessary for a civil war. A few years ago gay marriage was forced upon people by the judiciary after almost every state voted it down in referendum (even commiefornia voted no to fag marriage). Now muh based fags are an accepted part of the conservative platform as a reason we should hate islam for being so intolerant. Conservatives love putting on a big show about their principles and then losing gracefully to show they're the bigger person. They will never get off their fat burger ass to do anything as important as a civil war and if something does kick off, they will be the ones cucking left and right and holding everyone else back just like at the Berkeley rallies where they were pulling our guys off of protesters and trying to de-escalate the whole time, or the other rally where they sided with antifa against the actual patriots because muh racism. I'd rather ally with communists than the spineless conservative soldiers of the status quo who blindly pledge allegiance to ZOG and see nothing wrong at all with the current system.

a1fdeb No.9946118


The thing is that they want indisputable moral justification. They all have this fantasy of the government (or communists, as the case may be) sending death squads in their communities and just opening fire. They stockpile their munitions solely for this case. They think they're gonna have a fair shootout against the evil invaders who are quite unambiguously trying to kill them. This is, as I said, a fantasy.

The death squads come AFTER the populace becomes a threat, not before. If a new civil war is gonna happen, it needs a well organized and extremely violent group to start the fire. Cities will need to burn, innocents will need to die. Only then will you have your revolution.

6b29b6 No.9946123

Honestly, you guys better organize, I'm not even American but I'm worried about this.

This is clearly an attempted coup.

>but i have muh guns

What are you going to do with it?

Your enemies are in their office in big cities like NY or Washington, in prevalently Democrat voting centers. How do you reach them? You are spread out in the countryside.

IMO your best shot would be to coordinate a blockade of big cities, see what part of the police and armed forces want to side with you (they white males after all, Democrats hate them) then swoop in big cities one by one, getting rid of Dems.

6b29b6 No.9946134

Also let me be clear if you don't fight this one. You lose everything. Democrats will take over the country indefinitely and prevent any alternative being elected by using this Russian connection bullshit.

Open borders, social justice and everything else will be shoved down your throat.

dbfc6e No.9946155


I guarantee the conservatives will be the ones shooting at us and trying to restore the (((republic))).

402b07 No.9946197


Which is why it's so important to make them aware of what the founders actually believed re: JQ.

99d8c1 No.9946455

File: 9c931a546844a0a⋯.gif (185.45 KB, 448x400, 28:25, dehumanize.gif)

59cb91 No.9946949


Never start with the JQ. Always start with the reality of race. The JQ comes last and must be discovered by each individual. Once you accept the truth about race, you start wondering (((who))) is trying so hard to achieve White genocide.

ee5c74 No.9946966


I didn't. I started with the JQ, but that was because I was more religiously inclined in study than anything else. Once you start reading about how they try to manufacture the apocalypse, you hate them. That makes everything else make sense.

ee5c74 No.9946970


How do you know it will ever be done with? How do you know that the Hell isn't endless?

Why do you think that we'll have anything to rebuild with?

ee5c74 No.9946971


You can't get it back, and I don't think it was there to begin with. The gods have always hated us. Why else would we suffer with no reward?

ee5c74 No.9946977

>>9945044 (Waste of dubs)

Is a honeypot. The NWF is a terrible area and it's infested with libshits. Most of it is federal land as well.

ee5c74 No.9946979


You. Can't.

As soon as you start doing that, everyone is going to attack you. Everyone knows that a united white nation would win the war, thus, they will have to be taken out first. The rest of the forces all have the same masters.

Watch what happens.

59cb91 No.9946983


Well, you are an unusual case. The vast majority of people will not understand the JQ until they can understand race.

ee5c74 No.9946986

File: 180ecba9bde6b38⋯.jpg (156.92 KB, 1024x613, 1024:613, NorthamericainSRLarge.jpg)


You mean this.

ee5c74 No.9946992


I know. I'm much more hopeless when it comes to how this will turn out, but there's really nothing we can do other than put force to events once the Happening pops off. I just don't forsee it ending in our favor, or anyones.

Our creators are cruel and love to destroy us.

59cb91 No.9947027


That's not how reality works. There are thousands of factions involved and they're not all in ideological lock step. In fact, there will be real chaos.


I am also a cynic because I am a history buff. I laugh at the anons who post threads detailing exactly how their perfect society would run. However I am nearly 100% certain that Whites will rise and nationalism will have a resurgence. Whether or not we will be Jew wise is another question. But once Whites rise, that will be our very best chance to wipe the world enemy. That will be when they are weakest.

a1ac3e No.9947066


lol, you don't know shit

f3c626 No.9947083

You guys are forgetting the external influence. Chinese who see us as competitors, all the Arab nations who hate us. Mexico, etc etc. If we are attacking each other a HUGE wave of foreign influence will do anything they can to destroy white Americans.

513712 No.9947104


It'd be nice to get a more theologically-minded discussion on the JQ here, but you know as well as I do that the thread would just get "muh Odin"ed to death

ee5c74 No.9947106


Watch what happens.

>>9947066 (Waste of Dubs)

I know more than you shill. NWF is a honeypot.


And there's no stopping it. There's no way to stop what's going to happen.

Ashes and Echoes

513712 No.9947111


It's part of why I think this hyper-polarization we've seen in the US is deliberate. They know we're the least likely to stand for this shit, unlike the more servile Europeans, so they get us to attack one another.

59cb91 No.9947161


You act like you think you're clairvoyant. Also, based on your other comments, you're very full of yourself. I really detest people who think they know everything. They tend to know less than nothing and are also tend to be very religious.

Another thing that I dislike is people who shill these threads and say that everyone who has ever done anything is a fbi-jew-mossad-leftist-cia-nsa-nkdv CO.

Even more disturbing is the fact that when shills say these things, they tend to use Jewish tactics instead of arguments, as you just happened to do. Jews are also arrogant and think they know more than everyone around them. Hmmm…

Another thing Jews like to do is sow blackpills and tell us that we have no chance of winning, so you might as well give up, Goyim.

Finally, we know that this board is crawling with shills. Shills who want to sow exactly the same blackpilled D&C shit you are spewing.

39e5fe No.9947174

This is a weapon which will kill tens of thousands of shitskins, kikes, and liberals in the coming war. This is my recipe created with hundreds of hours of effort and disseminated in different iterations since 2011.

Use it. https://pastebin.com/TGzmYw7E

3b446e No.9947179



>indisputable moral justification

>Women and children burned alive in WACO

>still do nothing

Truly cuckservatives do not deserve to live. It's unfortunate that so many whites have fallen into a helpless stupor.

3b446e No.9947184


Yes but they'll see us as the agents of destruction and temporarily back us like America backed the Taliban.

38c3f4 No.9947191

File: 8ef4cb3b84cc188⋯.jpg (40.09 KB, 500x323, 500:323, arrested for twitter crime….jpg)


He also claims to have haxxored twitter's placement algorithm somehow, which is how he's usually in the top replies. Personally I think it's just being verified + spamming + having many shitlib followers + jewish tricks on the part of @jack.

f33b34 No.9947228

Did everyone memory hole that Putin promised us their support in even of a civil war?


>what are disinfectant tablets

>what is boiling

Can you please account that our biomed science has made significant progress in understanding and halting disease vectors?

In modern civil war, expect: biochem weapons use, explosives, utility grid attacks, anything attached to city grids to fail, and roads blocked or disabled. Coms systems down needless to say.


Everyday soldiers are "on our side" but may follow orders from their corrupt leaders, as per the Milgram experiment. However, if their family and friends are being slaughtered by commies, you can bet they'll skip duty to save their own kin. I wouldn't rely on actives being on our side, but it's not off the table. the goldmine will be veterans and inactives, such as reserve forces.


My nigger.


God's work. /pol/ likes to shitpost about how redditards and normies are cancer and we're superior here in our secret club, but if we stay here we aren't spreading our influence. We need boots (fingers) on the ground (keyboard) in influential websites like reddit and major altnews. We need right wing shitpost teams to spread subtle, effective redpills to wake the normies up. Don't just spam niggerfaggot, that just turns them off and shuts their brains down. We need persuasion and subversion. Start by saying something they know and agree with and end the message with a new detail to expand their little minds. Once the new fact takes, repeat the process. You can build towards the conclusion.

fa6e51 No.9947238

Even if Trump has cucked, any attempt at removing him from office will result in civil war and mass death.

38c3f4 No.9947262

File: 1f30eeed2280329⋯.jpg (78.57 KB, 408x475, 408:475, sesame street grover mails….jpg)


Sort of, but "dirty bombs" made that way are a meme exaggerated into a huge threat by ZOG, to persuade us of the need for less freedom and more surveillance. They would cause panic and economic damage (expensive cleanup, could temporarily shut down financial districts) but it's unlikely they would kill or even injure anyone. There was a study done that showed you would have to hang around the irradiated area for many years before you were significantly more likely to get cancer.

The term originally applied to actual nuclear weapons engineered to produce severe, prolonged fallout :


576249 No.9947291


>mfw this autist gives himself away with his shitty forced meme

>le ashes and echoes xddddddd


4cf66d No.9947300


Not this nigger again.


0cef54 No.9947312



i unironically want to perform this false flag myself because it makes me kek just thinking about it

supply me with the materials, cia nigggers, also fuck you, pay me

f33b34 No.9947323


>even if Trump is impeached

I disagree. That would signal the end of the democracy illusion loud enough for even normies to hear it. You had a democratically elected president bawwpeached for bullshit and lies and rumors, what happens? God, even my parents would be in the streets. My poor stupid father would be the first martyr. But by god he and hundreds of thousands of others would be in the streets. Reminder the first civil war only had like 4% of the population participating. If about 60% of the country voted Trump, how many Trump voters out of ten would need to be mad enough to start a riot for this war to take off? Even one in ten would do.


Tear down the bullshit and rebuild a more effective government off the constitution. Tear down the lugenpresse and expel traitors and invaders. Take the wealth back from (((elites))) and redistribute it to the men who worked and dirtied their hands to earn that tax money. There are many goals. I'm most interested in building a new legal structure, something effective and constitutional.

>how to organize

Already done. Most trump voters live in the same area and communities. Shame for lowkey supporters trapped in cities, but that's how it is. Only us autists use the internet as primary means of organization. Normies know each other IRL.


Dollar was already made worthless. Understand that we are at the point where we have nothing to lose. Either we fight, or we are made taxslaves and all our wealth drained to invaders and (((interests))). Fuck the dollar when we're facing a Sweden situation. We can rebuild national wealth easily enough.


Commies/antifa/(((interests))) and zog puppets

vs Americans who want to secure their nation and uphold the law. The average liberal office-working yuppie will not fight. Who is going to pick up a gun? Strong believers, and people who are paid to. Who is paid? Who can and wants to act? There's your answer. You're gonna have some larping niggers…for the first day or two before they get hungry and start crying. You could give niggers a pack of dry rice and they wouldn't know what to do with it. They're useless once the stores close. With liberals, most of them are virtue signalling. With the silent majority, they actually believe in the cause and will act, social media documentation or no.

Actors need two qualities: will and means.


>race war

STOP LARPING. No one acting is going to call it a "race war." It won't have any name. What happened in the revolutionary war? We got fucking sick of being stolen from and having our say and rights shat on, and we started pushing, and they pushed back, and we pushed back harder. That's how you start a fucking war.

IRL terms, let's say there's an antifag riot. Let's say they smash up the wrong neighborhood, or tick off a group of counter-protestors. Let's say they start fighting, like we saw last time. We are already at this point. Next time, both sides push with a little bit more. The first death will be the shot heard around the world, and it can quickly snowball and reach critical mass. Add that sequence of events to a situation when Trump is being illegally impeached and you have a powderkeg and a lighter. Situation two is a government shut-down which even normies get sick of.

db6243 No.9947338


>Perfect time to simulate a domestic crisis and learn what would happen in 2 weeks unchecked

The problem is they only learned what would happen when it's a city full of some the most niggest of nogs. Which is a terrible for simulation purposes.

38c3f4 No.9947424

File: a8de4aecd4c1b2e⋯.jpg (42.54 KB, 720x720, 1:1, normie uprising.jpg)


>Whites have been talking about "muh silva wor" for decades now

The radicals have. What's different now is that normie conservadads are openly talking about it under their real names on goybook. Here's one of their normie memes that's currently in circulation.

f83ca1 No.9947530

File: a26683b4aac436d⋯.jpg (62.38 KB, 670x278, 335:139, the.book.of.eli..17.jpg)


>That would signal the end of the democracy illusion loud enough for even normies to hear it.

This. Trump proved that political parties are becoming irrelevant. Frustration is high and only growing.

The Republicans are mostly just cuck globalist, and the Dems are now completely fucking nuts.

Whether Trump will stand up to the globalists is what remains to be seen. If he rolls over, gets impeached and run out of office then we are going to be at a flash point stage.

It isn't going to be white nationalist rising up, its going to be normies sick of seeing cake shops sued for not making dildo cakes.

d73581 No.9947599


That is how they work. They make thing seem the way they want it to be, in order to shift things to be the way they want them to be.



a1ac3e No.9947611


>I know more than you shill. NWF is a honeypot.

Post proof, rabbi.

402b07 No.9947616


Oh I'm definitely not implying starting with the JQ. BUT eventually the removal of Der Jude will be necessary and it's important that people understand that "muh Founders" were woke as fuck to the threat that the kikes faced.

I used to be 'conservative'. I know how they think. The JQ is a hard pill to swallow, probably the hardest due to the absolute crazy amount of brainwashing we face on a daily basis, but it is MUCH easier to wash down when you are made aware that the founding fathers like Jefferson et al also despised the Jew and believed they to be a people of uncompromising amounts of fuckery and duplicity. Reminding them that they are Christ-killers is the second round of red-pilling.

Combine the two things that conservatives place above all other (Jesus, Founding Fathers) and you have a VERY good cognitive bridge to help them cross the decades of kike brainwashing we've all been subjected to.

402b07 No.9947650


It can be done. Naturally the hardest part will be rooting out the crypto kikes and their shabbos goy pets.

But once their hold is removed, you can begin to unfuck the 70+ years of brainwashing by implementing educational programs and "social safety nets" that ensure there are outlets for the people themselves to remove the Jew from society should they ever return to kike up society again. Think of it as making sure the people have a vaccine against Jews. That people can unilaterally take action against them without having to wait for the state to do it for them.

I'm not saying it would ever be done for us —- but it would be a bright future for our children and grandchildren. And that's what this is all for anyway. For securing their future.

dd6adb No.9947892

File: 1e922859eecab69⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1200x1201, 1200:1201, (((steinlight))).png)


You're right, though they've certainly tried

15b9e5 No.9947931


It's very clear they are creating upheaval. They also want to control that upheaval. The push to impeach Trump is a much larger issue than people are giving it credit for, as it serves both those purposes regardless of outcome. They don't even need to false flag to do it, just wait.

If you see a renewed, massive effort to further split the right, pepper your angus.

57f900 No.9947987


This is something I have thought about, with all the talk of impeachment, what is going to happen when Trump just says "Nah, I'm gonna stay." ? He isn't going to let himself be humiliated. As far as I can see the military is far more loyal to him then congress.

b7938f No.9948170

File: f8ecd0edf24d317⋯.jpg (30.8 KB, 520x520, 1:1, thiskilsltherobo.jpg)

df4fce No.9948191


>He isn't going to let himself be humiliated

Trumps ego won't let him resign. He'll kick start the economy just to rub it in the democrats faces.

df4fce No.9948200


Muh pension

c1c750 No.9948583


>The last time we had a Civil War, the Democrats lost to the Republicans.

I can't imagine many anti-2A people own guns, let alone operate them effectively. The police and armed forces have no love for the party of Obama, so I imagine an armed conflict would be about 15 minutes of glorious slaughter followed by years in a Gulag.

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXO8n2ZE2fo

02adaf No.9949160


Stay the fuck out unless you want an ICBM silo to be taken over and utilized by our forces.

a1ac3e No.9949201


> police and armed forces have no love for the party of Obama

Not true at all

951e71 No.9949324

what i have gathered from this thread is that uniting whites against all other races should be higher on the list of goals. if whites are securely united we are unstoppable

edd282 No.9949358


Securing nukes?

a1fdeb No.9949428


That's the thing: there was still dispute over whether it would be justified to revolt.

Cuckservatives see the only indisputable moral justification as self defense and the defense of loved ones.

They want to be constantly under attack while they attack. They want to be dodging bullets whenever they fire their own. They want to be the underdogs in every fight they face, They want to be LOSING the entire time the war is being waged. Yet they still think they can win under such circumstances.

ee1a8b No.9949434


>600 replies

when will you faggots learn?

6c4ab6 No.9949568

File: 9d069c541d52cc0⋯.mp4 (2.31 MB, 800x450, 16:9, russian_terminator.mp4)


you're fucked

a932eb No.9949599

File: 302dd97ca1032b5⋯.gif (125.27 KB, 80x160, 1:2, HALP.gif)


> ANNM cannot damage concrete!

> ANFO cannot damage concrete!

It's not like McVeigh had what, a Ryder truck full of the shit and placed it within ten feet of the building or anything.

d9fae1 No.9949652


>The police and armed forces have no love for the party of Obama

the evidence is that they gladly followed orders for 8 years of obama, they still took their benefits and retirement, they still recruited, they still didn't do anything against the gov.

Bootlickers only come to your side when you ARE the boot, too late to matter.

a534f5 No.9949781


I've only ever heard communists or anarchists call people "bootlickers".

That's true but that's because they're afraid they won't have much support if they do. Once the cards are down and they're backed into a corner being ordered to kill their families and neighbors they'll rebel like you would see a rabid animal. You'd have to be a die hard leftist in order to ignore that primal instinct. Normies are very influenced by their emotions.

e2efbe No.9949922

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>you're fucked


d9f31b No.9950092

This 8chan thing is a very interesting intelligence target feedback system.

It creates very little needed work to formulate intelligence profiles and group consensus.

If (you) thought facebook was nothing but a great consensus metric gathering tool

wait'll ya get a load of 8ch

8bae82 No.9950110

File: ff4eff28ffd9b00⋯.png (42.08 KB, 160x160, 1:1, image.png)


What the fuck are you on about cunt? Did you type and post that here by accident instead of an email to your boss, kike?

d93575 No.9950125


>More serious, in my opinion, is the American Redoubt.

A movement that deliberately tries to attract only Jews and Christians? Really?

b7d2f8 No.9950274


Little known tip, space blankets block out therm-optics and cutting the screen out of a microwave oven and pointing up towards the sky jams communications and sets off the "lock on" alarm in bombers and fighters.

e9bcfe No.9950287

File: 26d1d2a59a5155d⋯.jpg (56.99 KB, 469x294, 67:42, 2463626.jpg)


In my mind, you're set if you're in the area I highlighted. Otherwise, you're at risk in a SHTF scenario. Most of the PNW population is in the Willamette Valley in Oregon and the Puget Sound in Washington, both of which I've deliberately left out because communes will form in both areas and refugees from population centers (Portland and Seattle) will fuck with anyone trying to live in peace. If you're beyond the Cascade range, or beyond the Coast range, you're safe. Equally true for the Rockies with Denver/Boulder and the area around Salt Lake City. I'd avoid Boise and the Snake River Plain, too…

Humboldt County, California and that area will probably fare spectacularly. Same with Wyoming, northern Idaho, eastern Montana, and south-central Oregon (really, all of southern Oregon and northern California should be fine).

e9bcfe No.9950295


I accidentally have Spokane highlighted on this map. I wouldn't want to be in Spokane in a civil war, lol. Or any of those racially diverse eastern Washington cities.

66980f No.9950302


An american civil war would be a bunch of young people yelling at each other about how they got their fee-fees hurt.

Sadly my country is filled with pussies.

b7d2f8 No.9950428




Shut up you retarded shill, no one, NO ONE is afraid of these things, Tungsten carbide drill bits inserted into hunting rounds will put these pussy bots down like a bad dog, now go back to your boss and tell them the psy-op didn't work. Oh yea, space blankets block out therm-optics and epoxy mixed with finely crushed baked clay powder pasted on a sheet of steel stops all personnel rounds. Now run along shill.

625f0f No.9950451


>all those Injin territories

Still rustles me to this day. Even with red skin magic, how do they seize those vast swathes of territory? How do they hold them even? They make up about 1% of the population.

92571f No.9950452


> you're safe. Equally true for the Rockies with Denver/Boulder

Have you ever been to Boulder/Denver?

Boulder is literally 10% kikes. Denver is at best 40% white. It's going to be the front fucking line.

020516 No.9950558


Holy shit, I watched this. Wow.


The video goes into great detail about this and there evidently was a recreation of his bomb as a bigger version that was detonated by a building that had nowhere near the impact.

3b446e No.9950594


>Whites make California great

>White cucks invite spics and kikes

>California sucks

>Whites flee to Denver

>Make Denver nice

>White cucks invite spics and kikes

>Denver sucks

Can we just kill all white cucks already?

d93575 No.9951271


>People here tend to underestimate just how difficult taking an urban center would be.

>what are siege warfare tactics

Seriously, all we want is the territory. It's actually more convenient if all the currently-existing califags are… no longer present in this reality.


>>Simply murdering liberals, while nice, gets us where exactly?

>Closer to a normal functioning nation without a group of internal enemies spreading social poison and creating legal barriers to such a thing?

I kek'd, for this is truth.


>>what are disinfectant tablets

>>what is boiling

>what is lack of logistical support for population centers

>what are utility outages

You seem to be operating under the delusion that regular suburbanites much less the urban dindus have stockpiled food and know how to find and sanitize water. In a civil war, do you think the grid will be up and the grocery stores stocked? Or do you think the urbanites will immediately burn their furniture, then burn the tires off their vehicles, and then be out of ideas for how to make fire? They'll be scavenging for food and water in filthy conditions if this is anything more than a brief conflict.

>Can you please account that our biomed science has made significant progress in understanding and halting disease vectors?

That's irrelevant. You are apparently presuming functioning healthcare and sanitation systems. After the Haitian earthquake in 2010 approximately 300k people contracted cholera from the small Nepalese UN contingent that arrived. Simply having knowledge of the vectors and how transmission works doesn't magically stop the spread of disease.

59cb91 No.9951648


That certainly is one of the better ideas. But invading a nuclear armed country to secure their nukes is not a good way of securing them. It's a good way of setting them off in your own country and losing a hell of a lot of soldiers.


Again, I'd not start with anything Jew related at all. Start with the fact that the FFs were pro-White and wanted America to stay White. Then go down the list of presidents and figures who wanted America to stay White. Demonstrate how American policy was to keep America White until (((some people))) decided to turn us into a multicultural mess. Do NOT skip this step as it is essential. 9 times out of 10 You cannot understand the Jew's ethnocentric reasons for attacking us until you understand race and ethnocentrism. You cannot understand White genocide until you understand that Jews are not White but are a tiny minority that benefit from destroying the social cohesion of a nation.

Only once they thoroughly understand that race is real should they be introduced to the perpetrators of White genocide. As you said, conservatives are raised from birth to worship the Jews. "Oh those nice Jewish boys sure are great at business!" "Oh Israel is our greatest ally in the Middle East!" The poor idiots are raised in this kind of shit. Telling the average conservative that Jews aren't perfect is like telling a Christian that Jesus doesn't exist.

3b446e No.9951650


1. Surround city

2. Cut off food, water and essential services

3. Announcec you will let anyone leave who wants to and atually let them leave (only toward enemy territory)

4. Wait three months

5. Mop up anyone who is remaining with overwhelming force.

3b446e No.9951660


Here's my redpill for people who know their Bible.

>Think about the Bible without Jesus

>What do you have left?

>A genocidal race of people promised literal world dominance and obsessed with legalism

>That's what Jews are

They cannot argue with this. Bible goys know Jesus is the lynchpin without whom the whole religion is twisted

486db8 No.9951670


>I would never do anything to harm the federal government.

Then get the fuck out.

59cb91 No.9951673


Territory is what ISIS has. But cities are what anchors your territory. Cities and natural barriers secure the farmland you want. Also, cities are economic centers of great value. In a modern war, I'd much rather have a few cities on the coast than a wack of empty farmland. Aleppo was under siege for 4 years and food was rarely a problem. Many people here forget that this isn't the middle ages and starvation in a besieged city is much more difficult to accomplish. You think ISIS is starving inside Mosul? Think again.

One thing that is definitely an asset is the US highway system. Thankyou Cold War and Eisenhower. Large highways running through cities makes them much more vulnerable.

2d125b No.9951757


Even if they did start bombing american cities by drone, they open themselves up to foreign invasion by outsiders attempting to topple the evil regime killing its own people, its not worth it.

Aerial support is SUPPORT, not a means of winning a war by a long shot. Shit, look at what happened with the war weve been in since 9/11, no winner, just an excuse to keep sending billions of dollars to other countries.

"Terror" is a tactic, not an enemy. "Terror" cant ever be defeated by war, its the perfect reason to get a country to go to war because the war will never end.

e9bcfe No.9951759

File: 038b1e1c5611b12⋯.jpg (27.14 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1345511932795.jpg)


I quite like my secret club, thanks and fuck you. If I wanted to engage with normies, I'd be at work or at school and not online trying to escape from the degeneracy I endure at those places.

2d125b No.9951766


Highways will also be a crippling downfall if several key highway connection nodes get taken out in rapid succession. Even a minor fender bender can cause miles of congestion, imagine what a down bridge would do? Every roadway within miles would be fucked for trying to handle the overflow.

2d125b No.9951785


As soon as the power goes out unexpectedly (no storm, no warnings), after a few hours of no news updates, the looting will start in urban areas and big cities. The longer we go without power, the worse it gets.

Ive heard figures of approx. an 80% dieoff in the first 3 months of a shit-hit-the-fan type scenario where power and land/air/sea shipping have all gone under.

Someone wrote a good article about driving through a third world country overrun by feral niggers.

e9bcfe No.9951787

File: 34b80b6e8856170⋯.jpg (181.38 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 798419.jpg)


Sorry, it was late when I posted this. I meant to say that the Rocky Mountains serve as a natural wall for the leftist communist dirge that is Denver/Boulder, much the same as the Cascade Range acts as a barrier for Portland and Seattle.

In general, I think it's safe to say that if you live in any part of the country highlighted on this map you're fucked. Even if you live in a nice small community on the rural/suburban fringe, if there's a plain between you and a <50mi away city, then expect easy access to your shelter by the millions trying to leave the city come a civil war/SHTF scenario. I don't think a civil war will benefit the jews, so I think it'll be avoided. Still a scenario worth considering.

6a9657 No.9951935


Is that how that one 4chon faggot wound up killing himself playing russian roulette? That makes sense.

d93575 No.9951936


>You think ISIS is starving inside Mosul? Think again.

If you're using CIA & Israeli-supported ISIS as a counterexample then you haven't supported your point. Perhaps you can elucidate how, say, the populace of Atlanta would be kept fed if the roads and rails were blocked?

d9fae1 No.9951967


Fine, call them rimmers, because cops especially will service anyone with power over them.

>Once the cards are down and they're backed into a corner being ordered to kill their families and neighbors they'll rebel like you would see a rabid animal.

they won't get ordered to target their own families you idiot, and they already don't care about other people's or our justice system wouldn't be in the state it is today.

>Normies are very influenced by their emotions.

yes, and for cops that emotion is 'power feels like cummies'

e9bcfe No.9951981


Local police will be sent to guard military and strategic posts. UN peacekeepers aka Simone from Dakar will be policing the white neighborhoods.

d93575 No.9951987


>they won't get ordered to target their own families you idiot

Yeah, no shit. You send units from one region to suppress a different region. Empires figured that out, what, a few thousand years ago?

7c7e87 No.9951989



it'd be nationalist vs "anti-nationalist"

Think spanish civil war but bigger and bloodier and the factions are more loosely connected.

7c7e87 No.9951995



>niggers, womyn and cucks

yes but remember that they're all POGS.

the infantry and SF are nationalists for the most part, and would easily kill or imprison any traitors in the logistical parts of the military.

792654 No.9951997


police have had to deal with the ire of the generl public significantly over the past couple years and it has not been fun. And yet, never to the extant of having AR armed citizens opening up on them as they drive around in their shiny late model sedans. Police no longer patrol two to a car and that was done in years past for that very reason, the need for back-up.

Try to bitch and complain to your local mayor, college professor, school principal or teacher, fire chief, radio host, on-air news personality, etc… and you'll meet a police officer. No Civil War 2.0 without answering how will that be handled. Try changing the status quo and you'll be locked-up. That is how America works. Get out and vote?? yeah, we see how well that been working out so far. The republic is failing hard.

d9fae1 No.9952026

File: 15592e9f20db62a⋯.jpg (39.58 KB, 566x367, 566:367, PoliceUBT.jpg)


I live in whitetopia, police are by far the biggest threat here. What I've noticed is that along with arming and armoring up, they live with their radios. They are in constant communication, and they don't typically run in pairs because anything that needs backup will have 3+ vehicles there with a word.

Take out their comms and cops will be lost and frantic if anything goes on.

59cb91 No.9952047


First of all, I need to stop you there because even though ISIS is an Israeli creation, they are not getting Israeli jets to drop food inside Mosul. This isn't a game. These are real people with real military problems. There is no magic in the real world.

But fine. Want other examples? Look up the Yugoslav wars. Plenty of sieges. Cities were very difficult to take and even in the worst siege of Sarajevo, mass starvation was non existent.

>how, say, the populace of Atlanta would be kept fed if the roads and rails were blocked?

You are imagining an optimal situation. Once we have the ability to blockade roads wherever we want, the war is pretty much over.

By the time the war kicks off, Blacks and Mestizos will likely have the numbers to overwhelm Whites in the south and south west. They will likely have military platoons and "integrated" police forces going over to the Black militias and bringing with them all their weapons. Nevermind the ZOG loyalists that will make life very difficult for us in the beginning.

So when we can blockade whatever road we wish to without fear of aerial attack or contending with Mexican backed separatist forces, the war will be pretty much over. But even then, an intelligent enemy commander could do a great many things to survive a long time. I actually agree with you about Atlanta being difficult to hold without control of the surrounding countryside (or at least a corridor from the Black strongholds of Mississippi to the city) due to the lack of a river flowing through the city and the fact that the surrounding suburbs (much more easily taken militarily) are on higher ground. However a city like Montgomery, New Orleans, Huston, Baltimore, or DC will be much more difficult.

8a61cc No.9952082


Yep. The cops fucking hate hate HATE it when you have better intel then them.

t. private investigator

8a61cc No.9952087


Yeah, they select for BDSM perverts in "police foundations" courses now. I tell my kids to always go to the oldest cop/seargent.

d93575 No.9952138


I appreciate the detailed reply.

>First of all, I need to stop you there because even though ISIS is an Israeli creation, they are not getting Israeli jets to drop food inside Mosul. This isn't a game. These are real people with real military problems. There is no magic in the real world

I'm going to have to counter-stop you though, in order to ask where you are getting the (((narrative))) that there is any effective military action being taken against ISIS.

>But fine. Want other examples? Look up the Yugoslav wars. Plenty of sieges. Cities were very difficult to take and even in the worst siege of Sarajevo, mass starvation was non existent. There are counter-counter examples where starvation occurred, such as Leningrad of course. I suppose it comes down to how much the government cares about supplying the city in question. I do remember reading the "how my family survived Sarajevo" story on /k/. I suspect you attribute more resilience to the common American civilian than I do.

>By the time the war kicks off, Blacks and Mestizos will likely have the numbers to overwhelm Whites in the south and south west. They will likely have military platoons and "integrated" police forces going over to the Black militias and bringing with them all their weapons.

Hm. I know it's an error to underestimate the enemy, but my sense is that by and large it would be more like the Rwandan genocide – aka "roving bands of chimps with machetes and rusted firearms". No doubt there would be some warlords, but again… if they were that intelligent, street gangs wouldn't be a self-limiting problem like they are. There would be more high-level organized crime with political power rather than drive-bys and gangsta culture.

>Nevermind the ZOG loyalists that will make life very difficult for us in the beginning.


>I actually agree with you about Atlanta being difficult to hold without control of the surrounding countryside (or at least a corridor from the Black strongholds of Mississippi to the city) due to the lack of a river flowing through the city and the fact that the surrounding suburbs (much more easily taken militarily) are on higher ground.

Haha, yes, I cherry-picked Atlanta as my example for a reason.

>However a city like Montgomery, New Orleans, Huston, Baltimore, or DC will be much more difficult


8bae82 No.9952173

File: 494f3835c75e742⋯.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1504x2964, 376:741, image.jpeg)


>Cities were very difficult to take and even in the worst siege of Sarajevo, mass starvation was non existent.

I take it you haven't seen pic related have you?

59cb91 No.9952211


I have been following the war in Syria and against ISIS for years. Every single day noting the changes in the front lines and the actions of all sides using direct sources. (Anyone who has read one article the MSM has produced on the subject has read all that they have to offer. The MSM has no useful information on the war or any wars for that matter) SDF, SAA, JFA, Iraqi security, Shi-ite militias, Turkish intervention, Russian intervention, US bombers and even the US ground forces. If you doubt that this is a real war, you are living in a fantasy world. Jews start wars, they do not direct them. Once the bullets start flying, you cannot direct a war or tell each individual soldier where to stand and who to shoot at. The war being waged in Iraq and Syria is very real and each side is pouring everything they have at their enemies. ISIS is a very tough enemy and their fighters are very determined and dedicated. I'd say even creative. The only reason why their counterattacks are failing is because they spent everything they had and have almost no real reserves left.

>I know it's an error to underestimate the enemy, but my sense is that by and large it would be more like the Rwandan genocide

As you said, do not underestimate the enemy. I have several Black sockpuppets which I use to listen in on what Blacks talk about online. Most Blacks, like most Whites would make terrible soldiers, but for different reasons. As you point out, most Blacks lack discipline. However there are more than a few leaders. Real leaders who would quickly rise to the top in a war. Too, there are already all Black gangs that in a pinch, under duress would form the basis of the Marxist-Socialist-Black-African-Communist-Nationalis-Democratic-Republic of Africatopia and Chicken or whatever they want to call their oddly shaped Black zone of control. The main reason why I don't underestimate Black nationalists is because of evolution. The idiots will die in droves leaving the most cunning and cruel leaders in charge.

But the real powerful enemies will be the Mestizos. They are numerous, very ethnocentric (even more than Blacks) and have a ready supplier of arms in Mexico. The situation is like Kosovo except where the numbers are much higher and Mexico would be directly aiding the Mestizos. Remember, the American South West has a lot of oil that Mexico would be foolish to pass on. Furthermore, Mexico has a population problem. So they'd be sending their excess north to fight Gringos and south to fight El Salvadorians and Nicaraguans.

59cb91 No.9952230


I also want to point out that we agree on one important thing; in the end we will win. I believe this from careful study of previous wars of this nature, the areas inhabited and thus easily taken over by our people vs the areas that the Blacks and spics will take, and geography. In the end, we will take most if not all of our land back. However I'd rather overestimate the enemy than underestimate him. As for the Jews, well, I am actually a little worried that we will get lost in the ethnic war and forget our true enemy. So we really need to take charge early on and wipe out the Jewish influence. On the plus side, without the Jewish media control over our society, we will have the absolute best chance of doing so during such an ethnic conflict.

7c7e87 No.9952255



The ability to persevere in the face of absolute horror and atrocity is the greatest measure of the Human spirit. What we will endure will be the worst era of of civilization.

But when we win we will lay the foundation for the greatest era of innovation, prosperity, peace and harmony you can imagine.

No matter the horrors we see we cannot let our beautiful ideas for humanity and our future into the stars escape us.

Because that vision is all we have.

Generations from now, they will talk about how the greatest era of the human race was brought forth by those on the fringes.

d9fae1 No.9952278



that's a funny way of saying white


7c7e87 No.9952291



When I say human I mean mostly white I do not refer to Europe, as Europe is overrun and a lsot cause.

North, South America, Australia, Japan and Eastern Russia are the future.

Africa, Europe and the middle east must be contained.

d93575 No.9952560


>However I'd rather overestimate the enemy than underestimate him.

Truth, as I said before. However, at this stage it is reasonable to have a realistic assessment because there is no risk, say, of undercommitting forces to a battle or something.

I cited African bush wars/genocides and street gangs as examples of blacks being apparently incapable of capitalizing on opportunities due to (I surmise) lack of adequate intelligence and/or discipline. Sure, they manage to conduct mild genocide with machetes, and have gang turf wars with drive-by's, but they never seem to transcend mediocrity and accomplish their goals on a grander scale. To do so would require intelligence, organization, and discipline.

Why did SA and Rhodesia end up the way they did after whites were deposed? Why are all these former African colonies led by pointlessly brutal, kleptocratic chimps? Where's the african Napoleon who, if he existed, could trivially brush aside the "armies" of these crappy "republics" and form an empire?

Are you asserting that there is inadequate selective force happening in Africa (and US street gangs) to allow the "cream" to rise, but yet somehow this would happen with the American black population in the context of a civil war? I admit it's not beyond the realm of possibility, but I don't really foresee it, regardless of chatter on the twatter niggerverse. I truly would like to hear more of your perspective though.

*Overestimating* the enemy has its own costs, as I imagine you know.

92571f No.9952761

File: 2d42681ac8b3efc⋯.jpg (104.07 KB, 1018x869, 1018:869, pMuF2os.jpg)


That makes more sense.

I don't really agree with your assessment however. During modern wars a very small percentage of deaths were from violence. The rest through disease, starvation, exposure, and the usually forgotten dehydration. The holohoax stories where the Germans drove Jews around in cattle cars for a week with no food and water then gassed them are so totally laughable. If you lock someone in a cattle car with no water they'll be dead in 3 or 4 days. Even if they're still holding on at that point they'll die without hospitalization.

The people who are fucked are the displaced, the refugees. Unlike whatever 3rd world shithole, refugees from a US civil war will have no place to go where they can live off welfare, no US foreign food aid, no US doctors flooding to help them. We're seeing how they help Ukrainian refugees. They don't.

Right now, in a state of peace being banished means nothing, in a state of war all you'll need to do to kill someone is convince the town to expel them. Even with their super prepper bugout bag they'll be dead.

Likewise most deaths will be from polluted food and water. Modern people have such weak immune systems that just drinking from a lake is likely to make them sick or even kill them.

The greatest serial killers of any war are unknown to history because they killed passively.

59cb91 No.9952925


>*Overestimating* the enemy has its own costs

This is true.

My analysis of African conflicts leads me to conclude that the reason why the "African Napoleon" hasn't appeared is due to several factors.

1. As we know, Africans are far less intelligent than Whites.

2. African societies simply do not have the kind of complexity to allow a napoleon to arise. African society is very tribal, there are far more ethnic groups than in Europe. Far more. And like all people, Africans are "racists." They want what is best for their own people. But this means that what they want is what is best for a tiny minority within their own countries. Imagine you are an African Napoleon in the CAR and you want what is best for your tiny tribal group. If you take power, all your effort will go to suppressing the other 70% of the people in your country. This has happened time and time again. Idi Amen, Mobutu, Charles Taylor, etc. The countries in Africa are horribly unnatural. They should be a country for each large ethnic group but it isn't. So you get chaos. Napoleons cannot rise because the pool of soldiers is too small.

Technically, there have been "African Napoleons" in history. Obviously they are less brilliant than ours but they certainly were able to conquer a modest size of land.

As for why African states are so corrupt, well imagine you were the head of the Dinka tribe and most of your country is non-Dinka. Why waste money on the other people? Take it all for yourself and squirrel it away somewhere. Besides, with such multiethnic countries to rule over, impoverishing your people actually keeps them in line. You cannot rebel when you are starving. The final stage in the Jewish master plan is countries as multiethnic as south Sudan and people too poor to rebel. Sickening.

But maybe you're right and I overestimate the ability for Blacks to organize. What is important is that this needs to happen. We need a war in order to wake up our people.

e8fbe0 No.9952945


I'd just like to agree with everything you've written, and especially that the over 50s without younger people supporting them (read: family) won't survive more than a year of WROL, being more prone to stress-related degeneration, as well as depredation from immature ferals. They'll just quietly disappear.

Also, that pop bottle will be pretty useless: it's the soil bacteria that accumulate in a sand filter that make it effective; redo it with a 55-gal drum and it should be fine.

341286 No.9953032

File: 7eda2b7b72219fe⋯.png (431.25 KB, 670x3187, 670:3187, 1368786730613.png)


>spark gap generators

cd4cce No.9953039

File: 980f5302e85613b⋯.jpg (130.9 KB, 1116x949, 1116:949, 980f5302e85613b5aedb170d5b….jpg)


Ok, Tesla-Satan

92571f No.9953049


It's not a direct correlation with the US negro however.

They'll generally higher IQ because many have some white DNA and most of that tribalism has been erased. They've made their own with Bloods and Crips or whatever, but when they were slaves they were just niggers. Now they have a fairly strong unified identity.

59cb91 No.9953098


I'm a non-landowning young person just starting out on my own. How do I avoid getting screwed? Should I get land asap?

e2efbe No.9953132

File: 57a938466486ead⋯.png (543.89 KB, 873x492, 291:164, problem-solved-israel-nuke….png)

File: c345f4fabe4f46c⋯.jpg (147.49 KB, 650x480, 65:48, IsraelNuclearBlackmailMeme.jpg)


>you want an ICBM silo to be taken over and utilized by our forces.

yes and i know just the place to use it

e2efbe No.9953176

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


> space blankets block out therm-optics

thanks for the hot tip anon

e2efbe No.9953211

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

92571f No.9953448


Getting land is good, having friends is better. Especially relatives.

Having valuable skills is also important. If you are a medic or mechanic no one is going to leave you to rot in a refugee camp. It's the useless mouths that will be trapped there.

Be proactive, don't just cower in your house hoping to survive and you'll be in a better position than most people.

341286 No.9953561

File: 7c27f944495f58d⋯.jpg (17.4 KB, 400x398, 200:199, 9d91a55065428333403cc391d5….jpg)

>>9939333 (checked)

>Our enemies have free energy technology

While this is technically true, we have an intrinsic advantage, due to the nature of the technology it desires to be free, unlimited, and unconditional, those that resonate with such energies shall be capable of wielding much much greater power than those who instead vibrate to fear and greed based energies.


As the digits wilt.


Stay away anon.






Supremely underchecked and heil'd

59cb91 No.9953695


One of the first things I plan to do in addition to securing a job to pay the bills is take a red cross first aid course. It seems like a good start, but I don't want to leave it at one class that I assume ends with "…and call 911" in every situation. Is there anything you would recommend to supplement and improve my knowledge there?

dad592 No.9953739


It is pricey but there are businesses that offer 2 week-ish combat medicine courses. Usually whoever trains local cops/SWAT will take civilian students as well.

86efa1 No.9953768

File: f0dc9ae98691247⋯.jpg (291.63 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1482737562037-2.jpg)


The "globalists" have the FEMA camps ready, I'm sure.

d93575 No.9953903


>African society is very tribal, there are far more ethnic groups than in Europe. Far more. And like all people, Africans are "racists."

This is niggery on their part (lack of vision). One must be able to transcend this micro-tribalism in order to succeed. Austria joined Deutschland in the reich and wasn't excessively tribal about it. Indeed, the "Deustchland Uber Alles" anthem was a reminder about how modern Deutschland emerged from the microstate "tribalism" of the Holy Roman Empire.

>As for why African states are so corrupt, well imagine you were the head of the Dinka tribe and most of your country is non-Dinka. Why waste money on the other people?

If you follow this rationale down to its ultimate conclusion, why waste money on anyone outside your gene line (nuclear family)? lolbergasm There is obviously a sweet spot, in the form of nationalism, that avoids both the excessively solipsistic individualism and the nihilism of globalism. More to the point, throughout history white Europeans have been able to forge shared identities and nations starting from tribes and "micro-states". These African countries do not, and again we come full circle to lower intelligence, lack of organization, and lack of discipline.


>It's not a direct correlation with the US negro however

This is true, but this point is why I mentioned the mediocrity of street gangs – never transcending gangsta culture to create serious organized crime empires. The Italians have "the Godfather". Niggers have "Straight Outta Compton".

d93575 No.9953934


>I'm a non-landowning young person just starting out on my own. How do I avoid getting screwed?

Get a handle on your (((debts))). Expunge degenerate habits from your life (drugs, porn, etc). Get /fit/ so you could run 10 km if your life depended on it.

>Should I get land asap?

No. What do you imagine that would accomplish? Do what the other anon mentioned and spend your extra effort identifying & networking with like-minded individuals you could count on during hard times.

67768d No.9956863

File: 89481dc7689958d⋯.png (86.42 KB, 4021x3072, 4021:3072, JeffersonFlagProposition1_….png)


Flag thread anyone?

a93d5a No.9957723

File: 3226e3c1cd921e4⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, FloridianEmpire.jpg)


Sunshine Republic reporting in.

c380c9 No.9957847


>nuke israel

>map shows israel intact


503c86 No.9957982


This is entirely for research purposes and I'm definitely not advocating any action upon your part. *research the nuclear boy scout* *if you're familiar with nuclear physics then you can see the possibilities* *You'll need to make an "electron gun"* Trivia is fun. *;-)*

341286 No.9960798

File: 5d26262b4fbf4ec⋯.png (88.45 KB, 1319x342, 1319:342, 1385255486801.png)

File: 1d8cf3be22afa86⋯.png (160.78 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 1388196044728.png)

File: 7630dd5fde137ae⋯.png (107.74 KB, 1775x811, 1775:811, 1397186605945.png)

File: 47472496e4188c8⋯.png (204.64 KB, 1425x1258, 1425:1258, 1397693334392.png)

File: 4b51c8edd1983d0⋯.png (199.17 KB, 1158x1393, 1158:1393, 1451886444024-1.png)





Also dumpan revolution larping caps because I like 'em.

341286 No.9960883

File: 23ce89c01e1c414⋯.png (81.24 KB, 1735x873, 1735:873, 1452011513785.png)

File: 38fb96543ad588d⋯.png (30.28 KB, 860x311, 860:311, 1465919244095.png)

File: aa620692731828a⋯.png (141.81 KB, 1176x515, 1176:515, aa620692731828ad08a6b911a0….png)

File: 2f9677ec4a0dfcc⋯.jpg (281.56 KB, 819x1036, 117:148, d6fff055ffe8348289733aa184….jpg)

File: 5714faad06d9e7f⋯.png (144.6 KB, 1787x921, 1787:921, ymffcj.png)

1e51dc No.9961694

Not soon enough

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