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Dear Fat Kimmy, there's a French Banker married to a grandma who's plotting to replace you with Yeong Ten

File: 29a7c58079d9970⋯.jpeg (114.02 KB, 728x602, 52:43, 151119-teeman-pms-tease_h….jpeg)

249279 No.9941818


>Men May Not Bleed, but Here’s Why They Have ‘Periods’

>It’s not just women who have their ‘time of the month.’ Indeed, men’s hormonal shifts fluctuate dramatically day-to-day. One expert calls it Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS).



0bd307 No.9941820

New way to call op a faggot - "are you having a man period?"

f479dd No.9941826



b57870 No.9941830

More like IBS caused by too much soy in the diet and not enough red meat.

7e25f4 No.9941834

Actual thing, but shouldn't have an effect until your past 50

c4ff0d No.9941836


8ed808 No.9941838


Meat is full of hormones that are given to the animals. It's probably worse than soy

22fdb2 No.9941839

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e0adea No.9941840

I mean, everyone has shitty days. Y'know, shitty weather, the cats loudly fucking all night right under your fucking window so you couldn't sleep, etc. But calling that shit a man period is just turbofaggotry

a00f79 No.9941846


Thats why you should buy directly from farmers / butchers you know personally if you don't know any then go change that

3d3f92 No.9941857

File: cc0274aee4d51c3⋯.png (18.65 KB, 255x250, 51:50, 71f323186b41acd98ed29a68df….png)

48fbe5 No.9941860


Man periods are an actual thing.

Doesn't do shit for you after like 40 or 50 though.

35546c No.9941861


Babymen that are scared of the voices maybe.

c077cd No.9941863


>be burger, eat red meat almost on a daily basis

tfw bretty manly

d8ff1e No.9941867

File: 05e695253d17428⋯.jpg (334.39 KB, 2893x4092, 263:372, 40098632_p0.jpg)



Do your hormonal impulses dictate your mood and behavior, usually, or do you override them? I know normies basically operate on a chemical level with almost no conscious applied willpower whatsoever, but I didn't think /pol/ would have many people like that.

What you feel and think are things within your conscious control. Why waste time with feeling shitty?

393469 No.9941869

File: 8830bd938c5a99a⋯.png (571.7 KB, 600x580, 30:29, 2ec.png)


Excellent idea anon

35546c No.9941883


>Why waste time with feeling shitty?

If you don't know shitty you can't experience euphoric. And you're dead.

aeec2c No.9941886


d8ff1e No.9941890

File: f19ff0b83650797⋯.jpg (478.58 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, 43740671_p0_master1200.jpg)


In that case, why not feel shitty in the right ways? Feeling shitty because of base chemicals is pointless. Feel anger from indignation, or mourn a true loss, something like that.

35546c No.9941906


Indeed anon. However unless you have experienced a seemingly out of control depression and overcome it without jew drugs you have not lived.

The blues exist for a reason.

9f278d No.9941914

File: 7a0838a67798c9f⋯.jpg (14.25 KB, 318x480, 53:80, kill me.jpg)

pussies, I know why i feel like shit. most of the time it's food/sleep related

>mfw pollen season

d8ff1e No.9941920

File: 25984911ae7eaa5⋯.jpg (496.9 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, 45967614_p3_master1200.jpg)


You may have a point, anon. All aspects of the emotional spectrum have their importance in the overall picture. I still would argue that the human himself should be controlling that picture, dictating his own emotions and impulses, but it may be easier and reach further to ride natural impulses.

We've all been through our own lows. It was one of those that taught me how to pull myself out of it manually… and I really don't feel like going back to it, to tell you the truth. Maybe when the time is right.

9081fd No.9941922


it must be true then

d21ed5 No.9941924

I would almost be relieved to find out this was true.

t. Manic depressant and bipolar with somewhat reliable patterns

8ed808 No.9941931

35546c No.9941940


A madman that investigates his own delusions is called a philosopher.

Pleased to meet you fellow philosophers.

d8ff1e No.9941952


I could argue that madness given purpose and functionality isn't madness anymore.

f479dd No.9941958



Yeah thats my problem as well. For the last 10-12 years I sleep correctly maybe twice per ten days.

35546c No.9941961


There's no argument here.

"It used to mean something to be mad, now everybody is." Charles Manson

35546c No.9941978


Wow you must be ripped from all the physical exercise.

If not - that's your answer; although my apologies if you're paraplegic or something.

65bf92 No.9941985


I do he lives 300 kilometers away

052845 No.9941986

wasn't this called biorythm before?

d8449a No.9941987


I smell confirmation bias at work.

This is total horseshit. Why is there any need for this cycle of hormones?

Maybe they're misdiagnosing "manic depression".

d8449a No.9941988



Wasn't the beast controlled by Chelsea Clinton?

b60176 No.9941999



Are you impliying it can't get worse? Poor thing

d8449a No.9942000


Sometimes weather seems to affect people too.

It's a psychological state of mind that the environment puts on you. Subtle things like light, temperature, smells, even air pressure can affect your mood.

Some people are more affected by others. Those with higher sensitivity to physical, visual stimuli.

22fdb2 No.9942007

File: 636b15ed48cc67a⋯.jpg (84.47 KB, 663x586, 663:586, lamentthem.jpg)

9f278d No.9942013

File: 34241f4ccdbc81a⋯.jpg (27.01 KB, 530x502, 265:251, ocult patchy.jpg)


I only get good sleep on my off days, doesn't help i seem to have a 25 hour cycle. whether it's environmental or not I don't know, I've always had it.


helped with some motivation, drives me mad after 4-5 days.


>even air pressure can affect your mood

can confirm, anyone that's had a bad injury can attest to this as well. after awhile you just know when a storm is 1-2 hours out.

d8449a No.9942014


Oh and psychological dissonance to things like current affairs.

Hell, the hive itself is affect by the planet's environment. It has moods, waves of emotion. It can be affected by the sun's fluctuations, the fluctuations of energy in the galaxy and the energy in the surrounding universe - and beyond our visible observations.

This is why I laugh at athiests. You have no idea what affects our world. Nobody does. The possibilities are limitless. The environmental systems are limitless.

We could be going into a dimensional winter or drought without even knowing it. We barely know just how that would affect our behavior.

Sometimes I think the way this universe is built is to create a cocoon where the fluctuations from outside systems are diminished.

63e94f No.9942040


They mean men's emotions might change from time to time? What kind of news is this? Of course men get pissed off at times when things are shit or there's irritation-moments in life.

Hormonal inbalances i say is due to their diet and that they wank too much.

d8449a No.9942041


This is the truest red pill that the left just cannot handle.

They cannot handle macroscopic thinking, because it reminds them of religious ideas and it makes them doubt their own ideals and behavior.

Nobody knows why the fuck we're here. Nobody knows just how much our behavior is construed or tethered to the macroscopic environmental factors.

Looking at what's immediately in front of you, eventually leaves you blind to the complicated system of activities that occur around us. We stop taking precautions that we ought to protect.

One example - how we just simply rejected old religion in apathy. Look at how fucked our planet is because of that.

f02d41 No.9942047


Ah, yes. The monthly ball-switch. I can relate.

d8449a No.9942076


There is a difference between madness and enlightenment. Madness impedes on the direct activities of a person and their ability to function within society. Enlightenment may cause strain, but ultimately can be contained.

A mad person leaves earth forever.

An enlightened person sees earth from the stars and from the ground.

e39126 No.9942079

More (((polls))) meant to legitimize degenerate behavior.

f479dd No.9942116


I actually do a good deal of physical exercise, both at home and outdoors (especially now that hiking season is here again).

Basically what happens is that instead of falling asleep like a normal person, I just ponder and ponder until I just fall asleep out of exhaustion or boredom or something. It's weird but that's how it has been for a very long time. Too long, much too long.

>>9942000 (checked)


I never considered the environmental angle tbh. I have two plants which are supposed to clean the air (forgot the name) next to the bed though, wether that helps or harms I don't know.

8e47a9 No.9942148


But old religion is a lie. There is no higher authority, there is only our will and the sometimes inscrutable forces of nature.

b9447a No.9942184


>There is no higher authority, there is only our will and the sometimes inscrutable forces of nature.

You don't have a will. The will is an illusion.

Perspective is an important tool.

Apologies for new id, my internet keeps cutting

fe2dbf No.9942187




>25-hour cycle

Maybe you're legitimately on a lunar cycle?

I think modern man would do well to heed the natural rhythms of the universe.

b9447a No.9942197


Maybe he just thinks he's on a cycle because this thread imputed that assertion in his head.

aeec2c No.9942203


Yeah. The concept of biorhythms isn't new. What's new is that the feminisation of society is now so complete that mangina faggots buy into the concept of man rag now. I know at least one dude that reckons he gets sympathetic cramps whenever his woman has her period. It's pathetic.

c1e3d3 No.9942207


>the blues exist for a reason

Without the blues, nigger suicide numbers would be higher.

b9447a No.9942212


>I know at least one dude that reckons he gets sympathetic cramps whenever his woman has her period.

What a fucking loony. kek

249279 No.9942220

File: ce64250f2d3695b⋯.jpeg (295.11 KB, 1028x800, 257:200, vision.jpeg)


>There is a difference between madness and enlightenment. Madness impedes on the direct activities of a person and their ability to function within society. Enlightenment may cause strain, but ultimately can be contained.

"The psychotic drowns in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight."

-Joseph Campbell

aeec2c No.9942223


I'm convinced it's an advanced form of virtue signalling.

35546c No.9942231


>I just ponder and ponder until

ponder what anon? What it's about or what to do about it?


bwahaha that's just full nuts combined with his anal retention (constipation)


nah suicide goes with iq that's why their numbers are lower. The higher your iq the more in depth your delusions can be.

Holding muh dick and eating some melon just doesn't cut it for most white guys.

9d703a No.9942244


>One expert calls it Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS).

I wonder what kind of units you have to study at university to become an "expert" in male "periods". Rhetorical question. If you think that men have periods then you are genuinely retarded.

That having been said….

In my experience, spanking your girlfriend gets real world results. If some chick comes up to you and says "muh patriachy", give her a good spanking then make her suck you off. It pays off. Just sayin.

16c21d No.9942256


If you can enjoy swimming, you will not drown.

Some people hate it. It drives them up the walls.

I find myself wanting more and more of it for some reason.

But it's frustrating trying to communicate to the blind, so you have to hold back sometimes just make sure you can still make sense to people.

Take the stupid "pupper doggo" memes on normalfag media. Some will just see some cute dogs. Others will observe their own position in reflection of the dog. Small few will reflect this position to their position with the heavens - people's ego gets too much in the way for most to even ponder that.

8e47a9 No.9942262


I dunno, I'd say I have the capacity for independent thought. Granted I'm influenced by vices and subconscious nonsense as much as anyone else, but I'm extremely capable of supressing those desires and insecurities to take action.

35546c No.9942273


>In my experience, spanking your girlfriend gets real world results. If some chick comes up to you and says "muh patriachy", give her a good spanking then make her suck you off. It pays off. Just sayin.

checked for hysterical truth

that's what all feminists want secretly

d420fc No.9942274


Maybe endocrinology. Testosterone swings in men are real and very complex.

It's stupid to call them periods though. The real problem is low T in general. If you are high enough, the swings don't cross down into irritability. You just notice that, during your highs, you feel extra horny and energetic and confident, and during your lows, not so much.

16c21d No.9942280


More internet/tor issues, apologies

>I'd say I have the capacity for independent thought.

Did you put those thoughts into your mind then?

There is a duality to this world you will come to understand. You are both the author and the story. You are the actor and the director.

But you as a "mere person" are only an actor with scripted lines.

You as the director means finding yourself within the fabric of all things.

9fe505 No.9942306

9fe505 No.9942320


>A madman that investigates his own delusions is called a philosopher.

Consider that stolen.

469f1b No.9942333


Not when you grow it yourself. When a bull doesn't buck you get hamburger for months.

469f1b No.9942341


We used to call them patients.

f479dd No.9942380


>ponder what anon?

Plenty of different subjects really, from ballistics to sports science to cooking to better maintaining my hiking boots (kek) to whatever.

I'm admittingly a massive, massive geek with tons of different fields of interest even though I, thank God, don't look like it.

>What it's about or what to do about it?

No clue. Meditation maybe? Really no idea.

35546c No.9942593


Why not - I stole it, here's the actual quote though.

All are lunatics, but he who can analyze his delusions is called a philosopher.

Ambrose Bierce

here's another good one.

Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage.

Ray Bradbury

469487 No.9942752


Nigger religious rites and ritual are what enabled civilization formation before even the Indus River society take your empty soulless beliefs the fuck outta here, only reason god is dead is because we killed him

7758d6 No.9942773

This is bullshit, I’m a bong and the only thing any of my friends feel rough about on a routine basis is having our hands tied behind our back, a boot fixed to our faces and being prevented from chasing out the Saracens hoards who are raping and killing our women and children.

Man Periods… No, the pain I feel is for my people not myself.

fc419f No.9942824

This propaganda is pushed to make women even more unbearable cunts that will start treating you like you're female and give them reason to further not reproduce with anyone.

a473ed No.9942829

It's called "puberty" or "arrested development" or simply "sadbrains".

fc419f No.9942832


It's a (((convenient))) explanation for men who are angry for reasons they legally aren't allowed to say.

a473ed No.9942837


Damn fucking right I'm angry at a bitch stealing my food or the remote.

fc419f No.9942862


Fuck off, retard.

Niggers not welcome.

d8ff1e No.9942885




There is a phenomenon I have witnessed with a number of individuals I'd consider awakened. Not enlightened, just capable of acting upon themselves and altering their own mental state.

These people are practically immune to psychadelics. Even if they should completely loose their grounding in reality, they can simply remember reality and what it was before and return to it if they have to. Others have time and again failed to exhibit this.

If we consider psychadelics a state of chemically imposed madness, you can see where I'm coming from. Madness can be tamed, taught to ride to various states of mind.

I have been doing it so long I legitimately do not understand how blind people survive without doing this. They just seem to be lost in a sea of chemical impulses and outside influences.

Still, it's good to see I'm not the only one here. Come around any time.

a473ed No.9942911


>Anon never experienced female food envy

>Confirmed for kissless virgin

fc419f No.9943064


It's true. My sister used to steal my food and it pissed me off. Didn't think that continued with gf when not kissless virgin.

194c8b No.9943079

File: 05e0de33aceaf30⋯.png (111.58 KB, 877x2078, 877:2078, feminization.png)

2b59cb No.9943498

Keep in mind these surveys are done in extremely liberal areas, usually university towns.

British men are being pussified, but its not to the extent the media like to say. Yet.

ead56e No.9943510

peak male sexual activity each month combined with homosexuality = literal man period that includes bleeding as the intestinal lining heals

8fe812 No.9944277

Horatio Nelson and Mr. Shackleton (Antarctica explorer) would be appalled at this rubbish…

b54f3a No.9944359

File: 9f9652439889783⋯.jpg (37.39 KB, 305x457, 305:457, 1343608488836.jpg)

I guarantee this is low test in action.

894744 No.9944431

>25% of men

>which men did they survey?

>university-attending millennial men living under the inquisition atmosphere of institutionalized feminism.

>what, you mean that men who can lose their positions at uni for displaying the slightest hint of wrongthink answered a questionnaire in a way which would please feminists?

>yes, total faggots eh?


dee1f4 No.9947356

File: fea8e31e09e119b⋯.jpg (31.15 KB, 624x352, 39:22, fea8e31e09e119b82d3b4183b9….jpg)


Yes, please make this happen

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