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Dear Fat Kimmy, there's a French Banker married to a grandma who's plotting to replace you with Yeong Ten

File: 96a842faf11dc82⋯.jpg (43.07 KB, 429x285, 143:95, -big.jpg)

27c884 No.9941895


*(Jews also welcome)

>BOSTON (AP) – While other Harvard University students were writing papers for their senior theses, Obasi Shaw was busy rapping his.

>Shaw is the first student in Harvard's history to submit a rap album as a senior thesis in the English Department, the university said. The album, called "Liminal Minds," has earned the equivalent of an A-minus grade, good enough to guarantee that Shaw will graduate with honors next week.

>Count Shaw among those most surprised by the success. "I never thought it would be accepted by Harvard," said Shaw, a 20-year-old from Stone Mountain, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. "I didn't think they would respect rap as an art form enough for me to do it."

>Shaw describes the 10-track album as a dark and moody take on what it means to be black in America. Each song is told from a different character's perspective, an idea inspired by Geoffrey Chaucer's 14th-century classic "The Canterbury Tales." Shaw, who's black, also draws on the works of writer James Baldwin while tackling topics ranging from police violence to slavery.

http: //hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_ODD_RAP_THESIS

bbf83f No.9941908

> "I didn't think they would respect rap as an art form enough for me to do it."

Bullshit. If they rejected it this nigger would have gone straight for the race card. Guaranteed. That's the only reason this rubbish got accepted.

dabf5a No.9941910


>submit a rap album as a senior thesis

>English Department

Great School, really paying attention to details up there.

bda4d5 No.9941935

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Video related, I guess.

669927 No.9941948


Decades of education and the protection and appreciation of knowledge, all leading up to this, a nig rapper who get's to graduate all because his jewish professors find his outstanding statement against all that is sane and good, supported by the modern counter-traditional culture of outrage and degeneracy, something worthy of the honor that is to graduate a university such as this

dabf5a No.9941949

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

388a02 No.9941968



I read a paper saying that when empires decline people tend to gravitate towards academic stuff.

bda4d5 No.9941974


Yes, it's sickening.


Fate of Empires by Charles Glubb?

388a02 No.9941977



Yeah that's about it.


dabf5a No.9941981




77e8db No.9941984

Going to Harvard means nothing now.

bda4d5 No.9941989



388a02 No.9941992




b9d794 No.9942003


It never really did. Harvard for the most part has always been a Marxist Jewish indoctrination center.

ba072c No.9942017

File: e1d93d1c753e68f⋯.jpg (297.23 KB, 1280x724, 320:181, tumblr_nsvl96sRi71ucuwpfo1….jpg)


>academic stuff

Sounds about right.

33eb59 No.9942019

File: 76a0a07d36c66fd⋯.mp4 (6.27 MB, 426x244, 213:122, open up here comes the enr….mp4)

>topics ranging from police violence to slavery

>we wuz slaves n sheeit

>dindu nuffin

>dem po-lees rayciss

>dem crackas don't like us cuz we got rhythm n style! ooga booga where da wyte wimmen at?

College is such a fucking joke nowadays. Fuck all of these boomers that want to guilt trip me into getting into debt for this scam. How do we even begin to fix this college system? I hope to see more and more right wing academies pop up and achieve success.

b9d794 No.9942025


> How do we even begin to fix this college system?

There literally no way to fix any system in your country without first getting rid of the Jews who control it.

9da4d6 No.9942033

File: 7308094ed558e9c⋯.png (330 KB, 791x569, 791:569, 21a5e5a8fb61fc7d4f38ae95d2….png)

>he thinks he is a modern nigger Chaucer

Chaucer was about virtue and humanity, not about being English or white. Oh I am mad now.

f43d41 No.9942053


shut down all humanities departments

358090 No.9942054

File: 86378c683320cfe⋯.jpg (42.95 KB, 271x389, 271:389, Entartete_musik_poster.jpg)


The Nazi party saw the degeneration of the arts and labelled it degenerate art.

A revolution needs to take place like this. Universities need to revert to focusing on STEM and objectivity

I'm sick and fucking tired of all these subjective fields filled with subjective ratings of how well people perform. The goal should be to remove subjectivity as much as possible yet the direction universities have taken is the complete opposite. They value black's opinions more because it's a more cultural and diverse and complex opinion.

The arts are fucking insane and a complete waste of money. These people are learning some history and the rest is a marketing degree. Graduate art students don't learn to perfect their art, they learn how to market their product in an appealing way, hence all the fluffy, psuedo-intellectual language that's injected into everything they do.

276e95 No.9942063


Rap is just rhymes, any sucker with a rhyme-lexicon can be a fucking rapper.

Come back to me when niggers can actually produce something of worth, like Mozart or Vivaldi. You know, that stands the test of times for centuries instead of being the 15 minute-flavour. (Which i doubt they can, because they are niggers and only reason they are popular in music nowadays is because of who controls the music-business.)

276e95 No.9942078


>I'm sick and fucking tired of all these subjective fields filled with subjective ratings of how well people perform.

Dude, that's going on the so-called fucking science-departments aswell. You find a thesis that suits you, you find out the results confirmed the thesis because that's the result you wanted and you get a good degree because of it. Leading to subjectivity in conclusions and the whole research itself, which is a fucking joke anyway.

And try do a review on something objectively without getting scolded by the teacher because you were too mean. Like shit, how are you supposed to polish a turd from a third-worlder who can't even write properly?

611585 No.9942088

File: bfb698692729611⋯.jpeg (21.31 KB, 255x235, 51:47, future serial killer.jpeg)

File: 3753dcf5f6cc5ad⋯.jpg (45.59 KB, 483x500, 483:500, 30faa326d461d83eb6f67b2726….jpg)


Mozart and Vivaldi? Lame! I can't shake my ass all over Tyrone and Jamal while blackout drunk to that!

1af351 No.9942090

Link is dead. OP didn't archive. Smh

da456e No.9942093


What's with this video? Is this South Africa?

d3ab77 No.9942097


Nice slide thread, cuckchan.

1af351 No.9942110

(((Snopes))) did OP's job for him.

Someone archive as it is t working on my phone fsr:

http://www. snopes.com/2017/05/18/harvard-student-submits-rap-album-senior-thesis/

358090 No.9942133

File: 9f0416c14a0b914⋯.jpg (85.5 KB, 640x453, 640:453, 07823.jpg)


I know this…

I'm just beginning University and I'm starting to realise that everything I research is just people quoting each other. You find a source and they cite a source who cites a source and it's just one big chain where I'm writing things that just reaffirm my own beliefs for most cases and citing someone who probably did the same thing just so I can pump out a new assignment that's quality and get my honours. The teachers don't even mark it because they don't care. The sources I cite are increasingly becoming more vague but they never even check or ask questions.

I imagine you could push anything not hard science if you have enough authority figures all agreeing with each other.

900d50 No.9942154

Ooga booga gibs me dat dagree cracker

ba072c No.9942161


That is true. But you can perfect it to the point where you have to admire the technique. Think of this guy what you want but this is impressive and few people would be able to do it. I don't consider it high art or even "music" though. It's entertainment, like watching someone who's good at sportsball.


c50846 No.9942173


Yes. It's what happens when white people lose power of a country.

611585 No.9942186

File: 0b7c9ad6d279e43⋯.gif (961.85 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 0b7c9ad6d279e43922dfea3850….gif)


Rap is simply focusing on rhythm instead of melody. I don't have a problem with the medium itself, just that Mr. Goldstein at Shoah Records has been using it's catchy beats to turn good white kids into niggers and turn niggers in super-niggers. All while laughing all the way to the bank.

39813d No.9942198


Fuck it, I'm going to do my thesis on Captain Macheath and get Moorman to lay down some sick racial pain hurricane beats with my main man Benny G.

ba072c No.9942202


True. That NWA movie surprisingly sheds some light on that.

32c88c No.9942208



It is no more than percussive poetry. Knowing this allows you to ignore any musicality (lack thereof) in the format and dissect it for its poetic nature (which, of course, there is a lack thereof).

28e94c No.9942230


Underrated comment.

0c4931 No.9942242

File: 77721747bfd2ef4⋯.jpg (27.78 KB, 389x465, 389:465, LAUGHING WOLF.jpg)


Top fucking Kek, the memes write them selves.

How long until they start handing out doctorates to meet quotas?

c50846 No.9942253

File: f7c7a6afee489fc⋯.jpg (134.84 KB, 460x730, 46:73, rapmusic.jpg)

39813d No.9942257


The arts and fashion are important anon but as you point out they all seem to pump out (((Warhol))) clones who see dollars.

643558 No.9942269


Haha, go be black in Africa, see what happens.

And I don't need nigger-loving (for fake) anti-trump fags living in white states to open their stinky mouths.

39813d No.9942271



Let me fill you in on a little something.

You want a huge redpilling on how science actually works? Look into research into currently illegal drugs (and DUDE WEED). Peer review is a joke, I saw both the pro and anti weed sides engaging in it, and it is really about which pharma company can monetize the boomer decline best, not what is actually healthy.

358090 No.9942286


The arts are not important as they can not be objectively measured. There is no good or bad art as it is completely meaningless.

It is a great delusion that most people share and the stupid will try to argue between Mozart and Eminem. You can argue the complexity of something and the ability to replicate it as a metric but beyond that people will simply argue over whatever they personally prefer.

1d3578 No.9942322



>completely meaningless

Yea, that's why the jews spend so much time and effort dominating and subverting every form of art they can, because it is meaningless.

fa5ce9 No.9942389



Anyone have the "then vs now" pic of Harvard? and the stuttering sheebons who won the national (((debate)))?

413eb5 No.9942403


Well it's a bit like diamonds, they use narrative and persuasion to give something value because it's a great way to launder money or make money from something that is meaningless.

The first few pieces in a new art movement have meaning. Usually the fact that the last movement has become stale and normified.

Music with lyrics has to be controlled, you cant have people repeating mantras that don't reinforce the control system.

358090 No.9942407


Meaning is attached to art. Value is attached to art arbitrarily.

The value that's been attached to art has made it such a useful tool in swaying people's opinion and selling useless shit to people. Art makes stupid people feel smart. If they get the message or see deep meaning in things then they're better than others. Same goes for anything "cultural".

Art is everything and everything is art. It's meaningless.

413eb5 No.9942421

File: 4edfd07a4ad5b5a⋯.webm (8.21 MB, 628x360, 157:90, The Cross Examination Deb….webm)

bda4d5 No.9942444


>I be having dreams of chocolate covered waturmelonz


dabf5a No.9942454





4922ae No.9942458


my personalized Hell would be listening to that for eternity

65a190 No.9942462


>niggers are storming room your locked in

>just stand like idiots and talk

>dont pull out knifes and craft makeshift weapons


eb784f No.9942467

What if we forced all registered democrats to pay a reparations tax because they want to force white guilt down the throats of school children & society in general?

bda4d5 No.9942468

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



e47092 No.9942470


It's official:


413eb5 No.9942477

File: 838451984598520⋯.jpeg (171.06 KB, 800x602, 400:301, niggerball.jpeg)


It's a multi-layered dodecahedron of meaning anon. You couldn't possibly understand.

e7fe3e No.9942482


If these niggers want to act different from everyone else why don't they fuck off to another country with a society that does the same things they do?

65a190 No.9942483

File: b852ec7ba05bd8c⋯.jpg (299.8 KB, 653x584, 653:584, Montgomery_Ala_Protest_196….jpg)


Why didn't you listened?

f21781 No.9942497

File: 6a528bdfb619286⋯.jpg (69.02 KB, 725x420, 145:84, nnnn.jpg)

>Shaw describes the 10-track album as a dark and moody take on what it means to be black in America

Can blacks talk about anything other than being black? This white nationalist imageboard is less obsessed with race.

38492e No.9942630


When I'm Emperor that image will be mandatory in all grade school primers.

413eb5 No.9942649


>>Shaw describes the 10-track album as a dark and moody take on what it means to be black in America

dark and moody

one wonders how he made it last 10 tracks when those 3 words sum it up perfectly.

eb37ab No.9942659

Setting aside the absurdity of some monkey mouthed ooga boogaing pavement ape making an "album" of screeching and WE WUZ as a senior thesis, but how is this nigger 20 years old and graduating? Did it get fast tracked too? I went into my uni just turning 18 and left in 4 years, which is a shock nowadays because of courses in certain semesters only and assorted bullshit that unis push to get that student loan/govt benny cash. So again, how is this nigger out at fucking 20?

95e6a0 No.9942662


Naaah….it was breddy gud in the 30's and 40's when o-chem was blowing up as well as physics and bio. Of course it was infiltrated in the 50's but still was a stellar school for sciences up until maybe the last 15 years or so. An anon could do well there, just could never reveal your powerlevel. Sage for nigger shit, this is not politics, we all know how pozzed universities are.

e47092 No.9942665


Didn't you hear? His lovely parents purchased official Baby Einstein (tm) merchandise.

c50846 No.9942668


>Did it get fast tracked too?

Of course. Soon universities will be handing out degrees to niggers without asking them to take any courses at all, because it would be racist to not acknowledge their "life experience".

5d7908 No.9942679



Pfft and these kikes expect me to pay my "loans" back

1080dc No.9942680

Give them as many worthless degrees as they want. Companies who hire them will weed these gros out instantly.

5d7908 No.9942686


Also look at baby tray tray, he wuz a gud boi gettin that posthumous BS in Aeronautical Science without even applying to a uni

261a39 No.9942687

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

We're halfway there.

413eb5 No.9942695


>Give them as many worthless degrees as they want. Companies who hire them will weed these gros out instantly.

Only if they want an expensive race discrimination case, which even if they win will have done damage to their reputation given that most people will have prejudged using social media interactions.


It's not fast tracking really because nig years are different to white years given that most don't make it to retirement on account of getting shot by another nig.

b1cdc6 No.9942705

File: 4d6fae1cbdd3e96⋯.jpg (38.4 KB, 722x349, 722:349, nightmare vision.jpg)

File: f9cbb5c04a15083⋯.jpg (30.79 KB, 450x451, 450:451, 1442354839621.jpg)


Oh how delightfully tolerant and multicultural.

1080dc No.9942706


>>Give them as many worthless degrees as they want. Companies who hire them will weed these gros out instantly.

>Only if they want an expensive race discrimination case, which even if they win will have done damage to their reputation given that most people will have prejudged using social media interactions.

If the company has a high enough gro quota they're fine.

5d7908 No.9942708


You can call them niggers, this is a safe space you faggot

02a5ea No.9942713


>English Department

nothing of value was lost.

1080dc No.9942716

Greatness comes from competition and merit not handouts and coddling. Worthless degrees are more harmful to them than real equality anyways.

1080dc No.9942719


Always preferred gros instead of nigger. I've noticed negros bothers them a lot more.

5d7908 No.9942722


"Boy" works wonders too

1080dc No.9942726


Even better.

f21781 No.9942744


"Those people" and "thugs" drive them insane.

c430b3 No.9942749


>I imagine you could push anything not hard science if you have enough authority figures all agreeing with each other.

What do you think peer-review is? There's been so many studies showing that peer-review is flawed. One dude even wrote a script that write bullshit studies and he sent them out to top journals and got them published no problem.

"So peer review is a flawed process, full of easily identified defects with little evidence that it works. Nevertheless, it is likely to remain central to science and journals because there is no obvious alternative, and scientists and editors have a continuing belief in peer review. How odd that science should be rooted in belief."


b1cdc6 No.9942764


Isn't "urban" a thing, now?

5d7908 No.9942767


Really we're just circling back to just calling them niggers at this point

7b67c1 No.9942788

What is the goal of doing this shit? Why are they allowing this?

558378 No.9942798

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



anons recreated nigger rap for shit and giggles and the endresult is just as "good" as the original "songs". Rap is shit and wouldn't even be a thing if it wasn't for (((Hollywood))) enforcing it.

37dfd9 No.9942807


the hard thing to do was creating new fake scientists under various pen-names who published script-generated studies using each other as peer-reviewers and got them published as innovative research

it took the whole might of the establishment several decades to get this result with social sciences, using the Frankfurt school as the seed brain-bank to self-validate their planned results, then letting leftism grow out of it


they didn't plan anything to prevent the misuse of their tools, so today you get some groid who graduated in rap, and they can't do anything about it without having to admit that the whole system is bullshit

413eb5 No.9942816


As in urban gorilla? Yes that's a thing. Gangbangers probably wouldn't go down too well either.

If you ever get a partially literate one it's worth pointing out:

We all came from Africa (supposedly) and slavery is the second oldest trade. So blacks invented it and whites died to stop it. Now all we need to do is repeat that for polygamy and genital mutilation and the planet will be much better off.

Then walk away quickly while they ponder that nugget.

fa5ce9 No.9942831


When I'm Emperor, there'll be no need.

62bdf8 No.9942836

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>we cant get out

b1cdc6 No.9942840

File: 52f82e23896a0b0⋯.jpg (161.48 KB, 831x1080, 277:360, blanketowl&stick.jpg)


"b-but muh instuh tooshanalize ray cizum."

84ee0a No.9942908


The worst part of this is the negresses' cargo cult-ish imitation of the way people talk in debate. The whole reason people talk fast and take as few breaths as possible in tournaments is to get more out within the time limit, it looks and sounds fucking stupid and everyone knows it but the rules make it optimal. The negresses are completely missing the point of it and it's not accomplishing anything because half the sounds coming out of their mouths are uhs or stuttering. The guy is clearly fucking stupid but he's putting on a much better performance because he's not bothering with the conventions at all.

c87e42 No.9942910


Welcome to the real world. Now try looking at history through only the lens of primary documents. You'll find a world that comes across stranger than history would lead us to believe.

c87e42 No.9942928

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Video of actual fast talking debaters just for reference. That negress is probably at like 100 wpm, maybe? Someone with autism should count.

dd13bf No.9942945

File: 4891f86b3798a7b⋯.jpg (534.12 KB, 1244x1800, 311:450, jews ivy league.jpg)

File: bd9464c10088671⋯.jpg (251.37 KB, 696x1278, 116:213, murican decline.jpg)

Get jews out of academia asap

745342 No.9942992

I can't believe that Harvard of all places, would accept Nigger Rhymes as a thesis. I thought that the upper echelon would be spared from Marxist degeneracy. But, I must admit, I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to English theses. Can anyone tell me what is ordinarily expected from students?

I'm starting to think the only way to save ourselves from this is to have open source universities. We need a Github style repository for courses. Just download an entire semester and work through it by yourself, with no other external help. That should eliminate poos, spics, and niggers. It would also lower tuition costs to virtually nothing. Eliminating the student loan slavery that whites fall into today. The only difficulty aspect would be gating it away from nonwhites, as I see it necessary to have nonwhites in the current university system. That way they can stay in the most savage and primitive of mental states.

1b0184 No.9943000


I really enjoy how one of the first comments is "I CANT BELIEVE HOW MANY IGNORANT UNEDUCATED PEOPLE ARE COMMENTING HERE" where there are literally 0 negative comments.

That's not the first time I've seen that happen. Paid shills/comment bots are real. Fucking kikes.

fa5ce9 No.9943025


It's like that on WaPo.

Then if people don't take the bait, they complain that no one is leaving negative comments. You get shit like

>no angry Drumpf comments? must be a busy day in Russia

Libs are extremely dependent on victimhood.

fa5ce9 No.9943027

fd346e No.9943030



Or they're just deleting comments they don't like and botting up comments they do.

69e61e No.9943242

>Shaw describes the 10-track album as a dark and moody take on what it means to be black in America.


22c084 No.9943247


The issue is credentialism. While HR departments are staffed by the most useless but plausible elements of the corporate body, they will want pieces of paper issued by their soulmates in the universities.

It would be to the definite advantage of the elite to start asking hard questions about the value of the credentials being offered, but at this stage there's so much ponzi wealth around it doesn't really matter.

A business that can't ringfence white talent away from diversity will lose them because whites run away until they can't.

ab2e99 No.9943256


Does Harvard realize that a degree with their name on it means next to nothing theses days thanks to this sort of shit?

An employer that sees a nigger with "Harvard" on his CV knows exactly what he'd be getting. A nigger.

d9eb3a No.9943262




damn it's hard to be a nigga

white man always hatin on da nigga

34144d No.9943280



What I don't get about your post is: why are you assuming that those negresses aren't also debating this way because of the rules of competitive debate? Were those girls just giving a speech or sermon? Were they not also debaters? Were they not also, as debaters, applying this technique in order to score more points? How have they missed the point if they're basically in the same situation and applying the same solution? Is the situation not the same?

98f717 No.9943281


I like having a large lexicon to draw from. Nigger, coon, porch monkey, gro, boy, dindu etc…

No race or group of people on this planet have more insulting names dedicated to them than the nigger. I say use all the names often.

d73f3c No.9943288

You don't need to break links anymore.

21aa2b No.9943300

File: f36a6d2fd5f285e⋯.jpg (3.64 MB, 2120x2831, 2120:2831, bluntz-n-bitchez.jpg)

Am I the only one here who actually wants to listen to the album?

d73f3c No.9943304

File: cbef9fac1edf972⋯.png (213.35 KB, 621x1593, 23:59, Harvard student submits ra….png)

dabf5a No.9943309


I'm actually in the school of thought, that some fucking english teacher has no business appointing a grade for it, should be in the faggoty art dept. But agreed, I still want to hear this bullshit.

69e61e No.9943312


It's like, you're going to fucking Harvard, nigger, what do you have to contribute? He's not even majoring in negrology, he's studying old English lit and his conclusion is "I'm black."

6a16d6 No.9943313


If the album was actually useful, like if it taught other niggers basic arithmetic, then passing him might not be a guaranteed virtue signal - I'm sure his kike advisor thought of this.

3d3c28 No.9943335

File: 9562c70af954dd7⋯.webm (870.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, pope_on_harvard.webm)

File: 9f2d32485988d20⋯.png (254 B, 8x8, 1:1, 9f2d32485988d2078f1a98aa6a….png)


994044 No.9943355

File: 01bb7020e167abf⋯.jpg (80.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 54783241.jpg)


>he's studying old English lit and his conclusion is "I'm black."

he's studying old English lit and his conclusion is "I'm black and qualified to be a software engineer at Google."*

21aa2b No.9943413

File: 75fd640305ca3e4⋯.jpg (2.71 MB, 1896x2387, 1896:2387, 20170519_160103.jpg)

>Woraufhin dieser Thread eine Ausstellung meiner überlegenen Kunstwerke wird

65a190 No.9943453

File: 2ed3e7dead23432⋯.jpg (19.64 KB, 628x363, 628:363, comp-3557985-chocolate-wat….jpg)




63ccb5 No.9943470


Was it the equivalent of a paper? If I rapped my Master's thesis it would be ~40 minutes long and pretty damn good. I'd like to hear if it's more than bix nood.

21aa2b No.9943487

File: 02274bc51be14f7⋯.jpg (3.14 MB, 1831x2457, 1831:2457, 20170519_162416.jpg)


f21781 No.9943505


Listens to too much Chance.

>i'm so new i don't know the date

>fuck the shogun, i need to explore more, with no gun

This faggot sucks.

21aa2b No.9943518

File: 8f09a62b906bd76⋯.jpg (3.3 MB, 1925x2806, 1925:2806, 20170519_163431.jpg)



do you happen to be a (((emmaneul))) voter you shilly negro?

8108ce No.9943521


>This just a small The Thirty Years' War left its mark on book printing in the 17th century. Many smorgasbord a printing shops were destroyed and the[…]

Tell me about it.

f1c378 No.9943532

File: 3b5546a65cf4c75⋯.jpg (7.2 KB, 447x456, 149:152, 4c23bb079ba80700b5250b4cf8….jpg)


how the mighty have fallen.

b2e466 No.9943548


>graduate with honours

If you've ever looked at the "honours" classes you'll notice they are all liberal arts/indoctrination degrees these days.

c2a95b No.9943563


Is this real?

This isn't real right?

>what it is like to be black in america

oh, so he was rapping about he didn't have to do shit to get accepted into harvard?

or maybe he was rapping about how he could get anything he wanted by simply being black and asking for it?

black privilege is real, holy shit.

276bc5 No.9943601

File: c124eabe0cdb93b⋯.gif (104.64 KB, 318x318, 1:1, 1467961312256.gif)

Ok so to be fair here.

He's not obligated to turn in a senior thesis, but most departments seem to require it in order to graduate with honours. Which means he has presumable already passed and rather well.

A student can ask to turn in artwork as their senior thesis (as a creative thesis) with past examples including novels, screenplays or poetry collection.

So overall?

This isn't really that out there in relation to the existing rules. He's probably just the first to go "lol rap/hiphop album"

And he is putting it out online for free, when normally you'd expect a nigger to find a way to make money off it getting noticed by the media.

Also it would be interesting to learn of its quality in comparisons to other examples of rap/hiphop. At least from someone who enjoys such things and isn't some mindless nigger.


The primary problem with peer review as a system is that it requires repetition of experiments by multiple groups.

There's no money in this so universities don't give a shit and there's no "glory" in it so academics don't give a shit.

There's no funding blocks for universities tied to them repeating other peoples experiments to confirm or deny the results. On the rare time there is a chance of funding its only if they get a particular outcome of the repeat experiment.

So no university will spend money on repeating experiments (which is lets face it, expensive)

And no academic will waste his time when there's no prospect of him being the first to publish

How can peer review survive as a concept in such an environment?

It requires an inherently altruistic society rather than one as greedy and self centred as ours.

d1b16e No.9943658

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>our diversity has doubled since the last time we met, whitey

>Good, twice the pride, double the fall


Turning in any "art" as a thesis, unless you're an art major, is stupid.

63ccb5 No.9943659

What I want to know is if it's good. If it actually matched The Canterbury Tales I can excuse the nigger tier "music"

6a16d6 No.9943683

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Seeing our educational standards lowered so niggers can succeed never fails to enrage me.

276bc5 No.9943695

File: 174c8eeca07b2bb⋯.webm (3.96 MB, 426x320, 213:160, AllTheUniverseOrNothing.webm)


Well it is called a creative thesis.

You wouldn't be bitching if it was a white guy submitting a war poetry collection he'd written or something.

He doesn't seem to have done anything out of the realms of the acceptable.

d1b16e No.9943725


Even worse is that white students are given worse grades no matter how intelligent they show themselves to be, or how well they do on assignments.

In my freshman year required writing class, the kike professor gave all the white students Bs and all the black students As, even though the niggers were all demonstrably worse writers, and less articulate during class discussions.

As is the nature of subjective academia.


>You wouldn't be bitching if it was a white guy submitting a war poetry collection he'd written or something.

Reread what I wrote, faggot. Unless he's an art or music major, an art-based thesis should not be acceptable. The same applies to poetry of any kind. Unless an english major, poetry should not be accepted as a thesis. I would never consider submitting my Trump photoshops as my Economics thesis, for instance.

c52b6b No.9943740


So once again all have degrees, but you'll hire the white guy. Of course, you can't directly, so you form an overseas company which hires the white guys to outsource them to you, all on home soil.

276bc5 No.9943827

File: 085cdb880f276ca⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 600x338, 300:169, 4e9469fb0893cada10cf2fe195….gif)


No because it's not his graduate thesis.

It's a senior thesis. Which he didn't actually have to do to graduate, it's only a requirement at some institutions if you want to graduate with honours.

So we can presume one way or another the nigger has passed and will graduate. It's just a question of whether or not he does so with honours.

So if you were doing a degree in economics. You would still need to pass the exams to graduate.

But you could also submit your trump photoshops (if your course director/supervisor agreed) as a creative thesis.

Though most of the time a senior thesis is some piece of original research or some kind of study.

So considering how unscientific and what utter garbage economics is as a field? Those Trump photoshops would probably be about as useful to humanity as any research or study you could offer in their place.

d1b16e No.9943890


You don't understand what I'm saying. I'm saying the standards for a senior thesis are bogus because literally anything, regardless of relevance to your major, will be accepted.

>So considering how unscientific and what utter garbage economics is as a field?


>unscientific and utter garbage


acb680 No.9944001


>Music with lyrics has to be controlled, you cant have people repeating mantras that don't reinforce the control system.

>MoonMan MoonMan can't you see

>Killing nogs and kikes is fine with me

acb680 No.9944017

File: fa8ee104866c64c⋯.jpg (273.11 KB, 668x288, 167:72, 20140929131031-Perkcads.jpg)


>chocolate covered Watermelon

c2e3cf No.9944033


>English Major

>Rap Album as senior thesis

>Going to work at Google as Software Engineer

acb680 No.9944037


>The arts are not important as they can not be objectively measured.

That's kind of the point.

dff498 No.9944076


Bless you AWM. Another gem.

039214 No.9944153


It doesnt get controlled, the control system is around them and once they "feel" the control it changes because that is what they do. In that matter control is an illusion to them. You can live in a dictatorship and feel free or feel enslaved in a free society. What matters is how they recognize their surroundings and what they choose to be and in a way their brain emphazises certain things for whatever reason, and that "certain things" would be the art.

And this is also the way they use to submit their priviledges to them. Because the way they are and their hormone levels dictated the redline of their intelligence.

04efe8 No.9944177

File: 08083abb7dd901e⋯.jpg (64.99 KB, 462x630, 11:15, 08083abb7dd901efd7460813ad….jpg)

039214 No.9944217


The first thing boobanimals do is to infect you like an unprotected computer that connects to the internet for: without any clear purpose or sense.

04efe8 No.9944306


The key to taming the succubus is not playing her game. You shouldn't be the one trying to keep her - this is the position of the lesser, this is why girls go after "bad boys" who drop them like they're nothing. Mark Twain said "to make something valuable, make it difficult to attain." She should be the one working to keep you. When you pander to a woman, it says "you're worth more than me, p-please like me" when as a man your attitude should be more like "This is who I am, it doesn't matter to me whether or not you like it (confidence) because I have more important shit to worry about. I don't have time to pander to people so they'll like me (because I don't like myself - hence submission of character to the herd) But if you want to stick around, that's cool"

A lot of people fall for the "love" trap. Where they think letting a person step all over you is acceptable because you want to keep them around (loneliness) often because they can't get anyone else = weakness = unattractive.

tl;dr: Be who you want to be, say what you want to say, and do what you want to do. If you have a good moral compass you will find respect and admiration. Don't ever let getting some pussy take precedence over that. Then watch as you'll have to beat them off with a stick to leave you alone.

2b602b No.9944354


What show is that from?

039214 No.9944390


I dont try to keep her, and she also isnt a regular female for that matter, it is the dominant one that overtly fucks other cunts or passive aggressively makes other women that are pretty and i would like to fuck uneasy, and i know those other women take a great interest in me.

If you give her an inch she will take the whole arm.

4b21fd No.9944408

File: 1f02c6f51a4ec11⋯.gif (540.41 KB, 727x773, 727:773, 1420590896006.gif)

File: 349206b5d3e223f⋯.gif (752.9 KB, 422x437, 422:437, 1454705847356.gif)



039214 No.9944442


And there is no such thing as taming her, it will be shittest over shittest. And that is also true for other people not just females. Then i have to be the cool one because it is "party time" again, and it is always the same shit. Like a fucking menace.

Sometimes i think there is an invisible force through a combined force of asdfqwerty of personalities that shapes things, and i can see exactly that.

ea1b6e No.9944447

File: 2921c6a82141048⋯.jpg (58.96 KB, 583x792, 53:72, 1468218895787.jpg)


Excellent post.

32c88c No.9944456


Why is no one doing anything about this shit? First the BLM spam on an application and now this.

ea1b6e No.9944459

File: a907eef16632f19⋯.png (318.69 KB, 340x540, 17:27, 1469818928875.png)


Dope Rhymes!

4b21fd No.9944476

File: 86a241544f7c56e⋯.jpg (104.29 KB, 1024x872, 128:109, 4802814990e3432e3cdbeb0f5c….jpg)


>oy vey don't look at this goy let it continue with no resistance goy


>he trusts snopes

Are you sure you belong here?


Whine, cry, play the victim, and fools will raise the flags of your kind's "supremacy" over feels and being retarded.

0c4931 No.9944482

>>9941984 (dystopia)

Seems about right.

cc0126 No.9944483


But /pol/ taught me niggers are too stupid to pass college?

0c4931 No.9944484

File: 1a82221988be060⋯.webm (2.53 MB, 640x360, 16:9, pay the alimony - Fraser.webm)



039214 No.9944506



Bayerisch is written with an E.

5b92b2 No.9944508

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Liminal Minds.

Was he trying to get the attention of this slut or is she reading one of his songs? Same kind of progressive shit except her's is a poem that she can't even recite without constant reference to her smartphone.

a9979d No.9944518


The Young Pope.

7fd644 No.9944522

All niggers must fucking hang!

039214 No.9944523


What your mind wants to bend to is something to goes to a more natural basis, like my military friends outlined in a more drastic but for that matter extremely accuarte vector that you experience through what you pick up of that information that little goyphones give to you and other people that magically present.

276bc5 No.9944530

File: 8465d06d0efef83⋯.jpeg (129.7 KB, 1024x838, 512:419, 8465d06d0efef83bb4f9ef833….jpeg)


MODERN economics is garbage.

Soon as they introduced maths it fell apart as you can't mathematically represent human behaviour.

Economics is a field where philosophy and political theory dabble in psychology.

No room for math.

And think of a senior thesis as an extra credit project if it helps you understand.


You always get those exceptions that prove the rule.

0c4931 No.9944531



How did this turn into a discussion about thots?

c2e3cf No.9944533


He affirmative action'd his way through and you know it.


039214 No.9944562

File: 9391084411554c6⋯.png (21.9 KB, 1152x648, 16:9, alotmoreofthis.png)


If you are talking pragmatic econimics this isnt true, it all interlinks Doesnt mean it makes any sense.

In fact maths are a the most dominant vector here in short time calculation.

531d53 No.9944565



5b92b2 No.9944596


>You always get those exceptions that prove the rule.

You seem to have misunderstood what this saying actually means. It doesn't mean that a rule (as a mathematical, logical or scientific principle) can exist with exceptions, because such a thing is not a rule.

What it means is that you can DEDUCE a rule from knowing the exception, i.e:

>no parking on sundays

A man who parks in front of this sign on any day other than sunday cannot be given a parking ticket, because the exception "no parking on sundays" proves the rule: "parking allowed"

5b92b2 No.9944600



*a legal rule or a rule of social conduct, not a physical, mathematical or scientific "rule."

ca0af1 No.9944617


My Dean got his holidays paid by George Soros, to go stay at a vin yard in Georgia, "looking for mass graves from the Stalin era, never finding any.

(PS: It holodomor is the same guilt trip against whites in Russia, as holocaust is in rest of the world in Germany (All whites are bad))

d1b16e No.9944656


>MODERN economics is garbage.

>Soon as they introduced maths it fell apart as you can't mathematically represent human behaviour.

You obviously have no understanding of economics. Human behavior is predictable, and predictability means it can be measured statistically. Numbers may scare you, but it's not very hard.

I will concede that speculative investment is, to a degree, bullshit, but to understand human behavior, you have to study and measure it statistically. If you weren't so retarded and had any understanding of the field, you would know that.

>Economics is a field where philosophy and political theory dabble in psychology.

No. Economics has nothing to do with philosophy and political theory. Econ has to be manipulated and twisted to meet certain beliefs, because economic and statistical truths remain true regardless of political theory or philosophy. How people behave, the statistical data that show it, don't change based on philosophy. Again, stop being so retarded.

>you can't mathematically represent human behaviour

I suppose next you'll tell me that we shouldn't discriminate against niggers because crime statistics can't represent human behavior.


>spelling behavior with a u



t. Econfag

99b979 No.9944662

File: 1d07e5e79c21ed1⋯.jpg (24.49 KB, 427x549, 7:9, Kek Grad.jpg)

Looks like they need a /pol/ack to balance out all that nigga domination.

039214 No.9944665


We just have to profit from that before we ll be enslaved. And this is how this board should behave.

531d53 No.9944666


Finna join Harvard?

2a88fb No.9944689

File: 91a775228fc6791⋯.jpg (106.31 KB, 574x500, 287:250, 91a775228fc6791d8a9022f9ad….jpg)


Remember back in high school when you were writing english papers about the holocaust? This is pretty much the same shit all over again. It slowly crept into english classes, then into history classes.

No Jamal, this is an english class, you're paper can't be about your identity, you need to read the books we assigned you and you need to use your skills of persuasion to convince us about what the author was trying to convey.

>Project race and prejudice and social justice into every assignment

Social studies was a mistake

2a88fb No.9944703


All these ivy league schools do is absorb money for (((academics))) anyway. Better to accelerate their collapse by admitting worse and worse candidates.

33eb59 No.9944737

File: c4df8715b987754⋯.gif (69.23 KB, 303x144, 101:48, c4df8715b987754641cef2db36….gif)


How fucking shit of a human being/race are you when the only accomplishment you have is being a victim? I fucking swear, I'm so sick of this "we can all be victims" mentality. Have some personal fucking identity you spineless fucking cowards. Literally the only thing these faggots have to define themselves as a person is "black" "gay" or whatever shit is currently at the top of the progressive stack. They believe in nothing and only follow the herd.

All of this "identity" bullshit is just me, me, me selfish mentality. So many people don't believe there's anything greater to live for than themselves.

531d53 No.9944758


That's what I've always thought since day one.

All those brats need to shut the fuck up and realize that there are more important things to life than who they are. Nobody is going to give you brownie points simply because you're a brownie lol

e91a6b No.9944865


The reason why this brats devolve into identity politics is is because there is a certain mechanism to it just like you can imagine the 10 stages of empires, there is a certain human impetuus and it has to go somewhere and there isnt just a spirtual side to it but also a materialistic side and if the materialistic side cannot be met it will go to spirtual one and that means your identity politics shit.

9b76de No.9944977


"Nigger" is a severely empowering word.

I use it on my self and occasionally on (mostly so far white, friends); really gets their attention and gets me a credit for being able to do something most people really can't do.

gotta use discernment though. i prefer to be effective / impressive correctly over being brash or a fool.

I noticed in 2013 that the word was empowering.

use groid if you want a racial designation word for sub-saharan black.

lately IRL I've been using Nigger as follows:

Here's my Hello my name is sticker, notice it's a 7-letter word, the last letter is "period."


Here's my desk nameplate: "NIGGER"

Here's my frosted office door.

(door just says "Nigger" on it, or The Word plus some emeritus or work titles and such.

anons using The Word to denote my-blackdar-indicates-black-ethnicity -people are, rather counterproductively, empowering groids etc., just GIVING a power word to a group the don't understand/don't like / fear / don't have any experience with / wish to dismantle or wish to incorrectly embolden / empower.

anyway. as you were.

oh, and i live near harvard. never seen this guy lol.

6982e4 No.9945048


>Rap Canterbury Tales.

Already been done better, earlier and more giftedly by Baba Brinkman, seriously better. What the nigger does the godlike entity of the Aryan Improves.

Here's my favorite track from his album, performed live!


The Miller's Tale, or Alpha versus Envious Beta cuck.


9a7ecd No.9945890


>kikes convince people good art is bad and bad art is good

>therefore there is no such thing as good or bad art

There's a difference between art and (((art))), anon.

770f5a No.9946025


I don't think he is the worst one here. If it weren't for ivy league pandering to niggers and kept themselves white, the standards would never have dropped.

263b61 No.9946422


>I read a paper saying that when empires decline people tend to gravitate towards academic stuff.

You read an idiot's paper.

3d3571 No.9946772

Ivy League degrees will soon be sold in black ghettos the way they used to sell life insurance there. Professors will go door to door collecting 10 cents a week for four years for a BA.

c17c76 No.9947109

File: f3749300b83ea35⋯.png (165.69 KB, 346x382, 173:191, 1479987823249.png)


>"I never thought it would be accepted by Harvard"

>even negro expects higher standards

Does it means that Harvard is the double nigger now?

ab6cf9 No.9947134

File: d2c800146a3a304⋯.png (101.43 KB, 1024x790, 512:395, 1184879.png)


Don't they have a 25% Jewish enrollment?

6982e4 No.9947193

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Story Rap done by Whites is amazingly better. Case in fucking point

e7f7ae No.9947260

File: 8c88cd1028676ec⋯.png (903.23 KB, 1000x756, 250:189, 1433868091681.png)

>This entire thread

The traditional, western standards of education and knowledge are dead. I wonder what Plato would say to this.

ea1b6e No.9947754

File: 8ed6a09a9c76c98⋯.jpg (805.99 KB, 3120x3120, 1:1, 95ab3b9ddec9f539d223c15be5….jpg)


>I wonder what Plato would say to this.


t. Bladdo

3d949a No.9947804

Fucking niggers ruining everything

ae9501 No.9947822

File: 4447bf0d6781626⋯.jpg (10.61 KB, 226x169, 226:169, 4447bf0d6781626f80e9dc37da….jpg)


i would be p pissied if i was a white boy going there and had to write a 300 page paper to pass

f0c60f No.9947873

File: 80c7834ca70c070⋯.png (29.85 KB, 450x681, 150:227, 80c7834ca70c070d22b7fe2bc8….png)


>heil hidler

t. bladdo

fe3303 No.9947962


> But you can perfect it to the point where you have to admire the technique.

You could say the same about injecting heroin I suppose.

84ee0a No.9948297


>What I don't get about your post is: why are you assuming that those negresses aren't also debating this way because of the rules of competitive debate?

>How have they missed the point if they're basically in the same situation and applying the same solution?

Because they're copying the superficial appearance of normal debaters' technique without getting any of the speed benefits of that technique. That's what "cargo cult" means.

0d83ef No.9948465

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



WHy are ghetto 90s haircuts making a come back? Even the niggers I went to school with made fun of them.

31ae9d No.9949310


jesus christ, this shit is retarded, is it only americans that do this?

fa5ce9 No.9949360


nope. english-speaking chinks, and I assume other anglophone countries do this too. because they're too autistic for moot court.

66d178 No.9949493

itt: anons butthurt that they didnt make it into Harvard


ade2a5 No.9949541

File: a75b0830f558510⋯.jpg (78.99 KB, 680x441, 680:441, HunterKek.jpg)

File: 7b07e3a866635b4⋯.webm (1.73 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, CTR_BTFO.webm)


Jesus, how have I never heard this before. There are some parts where the flow is a bit off but damn that shit had me rolling.

c431e7 No.9949753

File: 0276a3892618158⋯.jpg (181.84 KB, 603x427, 603:427, college-classroom.jpg)



Remember when College was white and cost only a fraction of your monthly income?

Remember when only the best people attended and improved with one-another? Remember when the Professors were at the cutting–edge of their fields in such a way that bleeding-edge research could actually be done?

Remember when Colleges actually a good investment?

c431e7 No.9949772

File: 0291d779565ffed⋯.jpg (65.59 KB, 420x800, 21:40, b_163940_jpg.jpg)


Perhaps you've missed the last 10,000 rich years of African history?

I mean South African HistoryBeavers make better Houses

661da8 No.9949788

File: 6c751ffebf4d4f5⋯.jpeg (166.88 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, modernCollege_2016.jpeg)

File: 66ac3abe890bec8⋯.jpg (155.51 KB, 500x600, 5:6, ModernCollege.JPG)


>"then vs now" pic of Harvard?

This one is Yale but the point is the same

fe3303 No.9949842


> 1 white dude

> the rest are women and muds

Holy shit, I had no idea it was this bad.

b32629 No.9949853


I'm feelin it, keep this coming. Bill Shakespeare was the original "rapper," fucking genius lyrics compared to the literal retarded negroes.

e35876 No.9949907


Particle physics is academic. Don't confuse (((academics))) with real academics.

fa5ce9 No.9949948


Everyone looks sharp and serious–a far cry from the muds and phone/laptop zombies today. Even the genetic Aryans are fucking worthless because they're douchebros who do drugs and dip and can't form a coherent thought in class.

30f870 No.9949979


No, I think it was always a joke that's only become more blatant.

ea1d76 No.9949989

As one of the few people on this board to have attended one of the better Ivy League universities (not Cornell or LOLBrown) for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees, I'll tell you from experience that the only value that can be derived from this experience are the networking opportunities that you get. Access to powerful individuals is the single biggest selling point of an elite university, so if you're an antisocial NEET who doesn't go out of their way to network with as many people as possible, you may as well go to a much cheaper state school where you will get the same exact education with significantly less SJW-tier pozzing and a significantly dumber student body where you will be able to shine brighter.

As far as the student body goes at my school (and every other Ivy), the vast majority of students range from being just general assholes to outright mentally ill, and perhaps 10% of the students are redeemable human beings. Around 35% of the university consists of legacy students, meaning their parent(s) or grandparent(s) (sometimes as many as 5 generations) attended, so they get vastly preferential admissions opportunities. The rest of the student body is made up of extremely wealthy, cheating international students, affirmative action niggers and spics, and a small number of high performing, hard working regular students that earned their way in.

I am not at all surprised that Harvard accepted a rap album as a senior thesis. The level of work that many students here put out is highly over-rated, especially within the English major, and the Ivy League schools are in competition with one another about who can virtue signal harder. Only 3% of the university is black, meaning that even despite all of the academic advantages that negroes enjoy, they couldn't get in the door. It is too much of a liability for an elite university to admit complete and utter retards who will inevitably tarnish their reputation since the university gets a ton of money from donors who expect to see an image of high academic standards, even if the level of actual discourse is quite low.

For that reason, the negroes that do get in are celebrated and fawned over by the entire department. I'll admit that even I somewhat fell for that effect of painfully low expectations. I've met a handful of negroes who were quite smart and some who may have even gotten in without the assistance of affirmative action, and I was amazed. Not because any of them blew my mind or told me something that I haven't considered before - they were still well below average intelligence among the students here, but because they could string ideas together in a coherent manner. I am so used to negroes nigging and rarely being intelligible that to witness a couple of fairly smart blacks was such a shock to me that had I not analyzed the content of their ideas in an objective manner, I would have believed that they were even geniuses. That's how our Harvard-educated negro friend managed to get by with a rap album thesis. If his thesis was entirely composed of the word "nigga" for 50 pages, he might still have graduated, albeit without honors.

531d53 No.9949998


>ITT: Harvard reject who blasts other people for being Harvard rejects

No worries, anon, not everyone makes it to the (((top))) ;^)

bc3720 No.9950001

>Shaw describes the 10-track album as a dark and moody take on what it means to be black in America. Each song is told from a different character's perspective, an idea inspired by Geoffrey Chaucer's 14th-century classic "The Canterbury Tales." Shaw, who's black, also draws on the works of writer James Baldwin while tackling topics ranging from police violence to slavery.

This makes me so fucking angry. He lifted a structure from Chaucer, larded it up with whiny nigger rants about his criminal friends getting arrested, and now he officially has a first-rate education.

The next time somebody tells me they graduated from Harvard, "with honors" no less, I'm just giving them this story. Harvard means nothing anymore.

531d53 No.9950003


On another, I will ;^)

63e388 No.9952376


>Around 35% of the university consists of legacy students, meaning their parent(s) or grandparent(s) (sometimes as many as 5 generations) attended, so they get vastly preferential admissions opportunities.

But goy, if you work hard you will have the exact same opportunities as me, guaranteed :^)

9fe70b No.9952689

c9b903 No.9953105

File: 923988ac4166ccf⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 196.79 KB, 202x360, 101:180, this is what white suprem….webm)

ea1d76 No.9954728



Its something my university hates talking about because it blows apart the whole "oh just work hard and you'll get anywhere" narrative, but we live off of alumni donations in large part so you need a powerful alumni network.

Ultimately, all major decisions for the University are made by the trustees who only care about reputation and the bottom line. Equal opportunities are for the admissions brochure, so to speak.

f14859 No.9954947

File: 130f7087bb52549⋯.png (371.98 KB, 661x619, 661:619, 20170522_190756.png)


It's like watching the South African parliament.

9809c8 No.9954969


1905 created 2015

eaba4a No.9954990

File: c2f7f5547a9942b⋯.jpg (27.06 KB, 515x286, 515:286, IMG_1281.JPG)


That is why we shouldn't allow the jews in at all. They have been doing this for thousands years. It is a wonder that we failed to genocide them long time ago otherwise we wouldn't be in this serious mess. I am so sad about the messed up situation that we are in.

451ed7 No.9955014


Look at this picture, passive agressiove disgusting betas and losers from asianmasculinity, niggers here becaause of cuck schools in USA wanting to pick niggers because of some sport and give steroid for them, and don't pick whites since USA have this anti-white cuck tendency, in some of these shit meme sports in USA who aren't popular in the rest of the world and even their nigger dream team lose to spain in some olympics even spain bastkball don't being popular and nobody plays it daily like niggers in USA who no other people want to lives or play nothing with them, and disgusting white women who the democrats party want to victimize while pretend that black women are living good with niggers, asian women are living good with asianmasculinity, arab women are living good with muslims, and white women 100% of the media and everything is the biggest victim of history of victimization to try to make white women some sort of POC mixed with them and the white men alone as target of democrats vermin party and these cuckold anti-white shit made in your shithole. In the end they are all garbage and USA will need to pay for people of other countries to work for them while give free gabage for these people.

Women and minorities is code word for "WHITE WOMEN" and "minorities" who already include women and the word "women" is stupid.

""white men"" aren't called ""men"", they are called ""white men"" for every disgusting polarization, demonization, or any garbage made by demon vermins party.

""white women"" are called ""women"" to try to pretend that white women is part of other race, tribe, group and democrats party wanting their votes while using white men to be racially trashed and white women 100% in every media, comics, everything, the most pampered, and in the end wanting to invent a imaginary card for white women in hope of put them like part of other group, tribe, race and try to sell this narrative in desperate way to try to get votes of white women and let white men be used alone as the scapegoating and racially trashed while white women not and being the only race used in every disgusting industry owned by democrats party against men of own race in every way, for years.

While the white male is racially attacked, scapegoated, look at the old cuckold in the middle and the rare white in behind, now look at the asianmasculinity losers, niggers and white women in this picture.

Is disgusting this picture, you see the hardworking white men who developed the country, and see all the disgusting people who shit in white, race baiting you, don't work for nothing, try to trashing in yoruselves, and is disgusting see whtie women in this picture.

It's like the democrats party who they removed white men of presidency but keep the white women because they want their votes since they don't think that can win with niggers, and choose white men to be polarized trashed shit.


is code word for "WHITE WOMEN" and "MINORITIES", white women in a imaginary world of victimization, of white men being racially trashed, because democrats party want the votes support of white women, while pretend that black women are living good with niggers, asian women are living good with asianmasculintiy, arab women are living good with muslims, but keep the racial anti-white male everything made by this disgusting evil vermin shit.

The old cuckold/jew in the middle, maybe only one white dude in the end, and the rest being made of asianmasculinity, niggers, anti-white male vermins and white women having even more privileges while the white male is the racially trashed and scapegoated in every mental gmynistics since they are the choosen for vermins of democrats party for ths while they are beging for voting of white women

White women would change if they started to be racially trashed, people stop using code words like "women" for "WHITE WOMEN" in these things.

Minorities already include the women of other race, the word "women" in this case is just code word for white women

"Women and minorities" = "White women and minorities"

In this case women is code word for white women.

451ed7 No.9955019

I don't get why you hide "white women" in the word "women" while white men aren't called "men" but they are called "white men" to polarize and race baiting on this.

292494 No.9955146


>literally every comment complains about Trump and comments on the state of America

>all from 6+ months ago, before he took office

We're way past the point of Idiocracy. The idiots in this movie had enough awareness to know their limits. Today's idiots think themselves experts on everything.

6982e4 No.9955207


>Rap lifted from Chaucer

There's only one good artist that ever did anything decent with Chaucer and that's Baba Brinkman. Here's an example of the Miller's Tale: >>9947193

For those of you unfamiliar with this work it's about a chad, a cuck and a faggot all trying to bed the same chick and the insane shenanigans that result.

e720a3 No.9978078

File: e6ad5744251e616⋯.png (523.29 KB, 1024x764, 256:191, 1413067064004.png)

on my last usa vacation, i swear ~20 niggas wanted to sell her mixtapes to me.

a real pest

fa5ce9 No.9978206



>negligent 3-day necrobump

nigger, why?

edd9aa No.9978677

File: d6a76829f4f97a6⋯.png (98.71 KB, 248x305, 248:305, 6e6edaf3b40158656d0a35fcad….png)


oyy vey, these nigg - I mean - "Exceptional AFRICAN-AMERICANS" are very DIVERSE and PROGRESSIVE, goyim

ee8023 No.9979209

It's a mistake to believe that this represents a new lowering of the quality bar for theses.

Universities have been awarding passes to substandard theses submitted by women, niggers and fags for decades, in the name of equality and fairness.

Now a nigger takes his turn and it's news, he could have submitted the usual documents amounting to the same quality of work as a rap song and still been awarded a pass.

The problem isn't niggers submitting rap music, because even the ones that submit papers shouldn't be passing in most cases if objectively marked.

The problem is Jewish and White liberal professors.

fdd31a No.9979232

File: 90407475fd74b33⋯.png (906.35 KB, 1118x1004, 559:502, disgust intensifies.png)



>An art form.

fdd31a No.9979237


Can we all agree that rap and hip hop are the most degenerate music ever conceived!?

fdd31a No.9979286


We should have just killed all the niggers when we had the chance. They shouldn't have been considered human. Killing them should be no different than stepping on an ant.

531d53 No.9979355


Without a doubt. A lot of its development as a genre is very similar to how jazz was viewed in the 1920s and 1930s, but at least jazz has SOME redeeming characteristics to it (idiosyncratic theory, emphasis on improvisation, etc.) Rap is simply degenerate all around.

Even artists that pride themselves on moral correctness (Kanye, Kendrick Lamar, etc.) clearly display tendencies of polygamy, aggression, and hedonism. Rap represents musical understanding of the lowest common denominator, so much so that the music is ignored in favor of the bullshit the rappers themselves peddle.

Want proof? Look up the song "Caroline" by a rapper called Aminé. That song is based off ONE NOTE constantly bumped for four minutes straight while the guy stutters about some girlfriend. It charted on the Billboard Top 100 last year, which should tell you about the heightened musical understanding of the general American populace. No one cares about theory or harmony or creativity anymore, so long as the song is "relatable" and "has a good beat."

The fact that rap is now the predominant genre of mainstream music is indicative enough of the kikes' gradual corruption of music as a whole. Rap deserves to be exterminated.

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