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Dear Fat Kimmy, there's a French Banker married to a grandma who's plotting to replace you with Yeong Ten

File: 27ed690200a74cd⋯.jpg (54.97 KB, 490x313, 490:313, serveimage.jpg)

efb40f No.9942104



Translated from the italian article

Vaccines, there's a decree: to be mandatory since nursery

>Disregarding the recent political unrest, italian ministers just approved a decree introducing mandatory vaccination for children enrolling into nursery school and scuola materna [4-5years].

>Vaccines will be mandatory in schools for children between zero and six years of age and families who do not comply will incur in sanctions ten to thirty times the currently existing sanctions for minor miscaretaking. In addition, non-vaccined children will not be admitted in public schools.

>"This is an important choice qualifying the government into the field of healthcare" said the PM Paolo Gentiloni announcing his OK to the decree. "We will work through a decree because […] at this point the govt feels and the responsability to give a guideline. The lack of proper countermeasures, the spread of fake news and of antiscientific theories has provoked a lowering of protection levels. This isn't a state of allarm, but of concern.

Well, that bars me from having kids which i was planning to. I don't want them to be forced to inject (((chemicals))) in their bodies. Where should I move?

dfd328 No.9942158


You can't homeschool your children in Italy?

efb40f No.9942267


You can't until they get a middle school degree.

1505f2 No.9942279

We had a measels outbreak or some shit some time ago, traced back to some cunt that didn't vaccine his kids. i'm glad they took action relatively fast.

If you don't vaccinare you're retarded.

dddcff No.9942295


Vaccination in itself is a good thing, it's just the shit they put in these vaccines like mercury that makes it bad.

808724 No.9942296

Vaccines are essentially mandatory anyway, considering you can't go to school without them. But at least that gives you a couple years to delay/spread them out, rather than pumping your 6 month old child full of them all in one go.

8d1824 No.9942361

File: c96669496b6bfdf⋯.jpg (84.77 KB, 1038x621, 346:207, boston_herald_anti_vax_han….jpg)

The Anti- Anti-vacine craze has to do with eliminating dissidents.

08ff6a No.9942453

>Bad stuff in with the good

>Turns kids autistic

>Likely getting to a point where RFID chips can be hidden in there

>Tonnes of shitskins with their diseases coming over, so vaccination becomes more of a necessity

>Adding to the already over-medicated world, kids on pills for just being kids, mental health all the rage and needing prescriptions to battle them

>Vaccines could include other chemicals to lower testosterone and such

Tough decision to make.

150cbd No.9942474


It's not mercury they put into it though, it's thiomersal, which is one mercury atom bonded to one sulfur atom, nine carbon atoms, nine hydrogen atoms, one sodium atom, and two oxygen atoms. Besides that, the CDC had already asked manufacturers to work to remove thiomersal from childhood vaccines, and is either completely eliminated or an alternative non-thiomersal vaccine exists.

What I am curious about is where this anti-vaccination attitude started popping up; you barely used to hear about it and now there are at least a good couple of (1)s a day shilling to not get vaccinated. It feels like they are trying to shill us into believing something like that to kill any credibility we could gain, just like we've shilled the left's credibility off the deep end.

5feb6c No.9942488

File: f93f6f67e5aa4ad⋯.jpg (838.54 KB, 1024x759, 1024:759, 1493091354978.jpg)


Exactly this, there is literally no evidence vaccines do any harm, it's a fucking psyop to make us look like retarded tinfoils

abff7e No.9942489


Antivax has been around since vaccinations were invented; but the most recent craze is because some celebrity read a flawed study that linked vaccination with autism. Since autism is the new parental scare - now that Downies are normalized - the link between the two cause the uneducated to go into a tizzy.

There genuinely should be an IQ test in order to breed.

31ccd5 No.9942504




>If you don't vaccinare you're retarded.

Okay, enjoy it when they decide we need to vaccinate testosterone with estrogen and it's mandatory.

Or when they put some tracking nanobots in the vaccine.

5feb6c No.9942507

File: 252e6637c80ea58⋯.png (24.62 KB, 669x514, 669:514, 1493198091770.png)


>There genuinely should be an IQ test in order to breed.


>Okay, enjoy it when they decide we need to vaccinate testosterone with estrogen and it's mandatory.

>Or when they put some tracking nanobots in the vaccine.

Nice try

150cbd No.9942516


If you don't like the idea of thiomersal because it has a mercury atom in it, you should definitely stop eating any form of salt, that shit has sodium in it. If you eat too much you might explode.

31ccd5 No.9942519


>mercury atom in it

Said nothing about this.

961c42 No.9942530



0d7a95 No.9942536


You are special kind of stupid aren't you.

150cbd No.9942557


Then it makes absolutely no sense why you would be so violently against the idea of being vaccinated. Getting injected with a shot of estrogen isn't forever going to affect you; what happens to trannies when they stop getting injections? They turn right back to normal unless they keep taking it. I'm not even going to entertain your nano-machine idea; that is borderline retarded.


Thanks for outing yourself as a shill before you even started, you massive retard.


14b25b No.9942567


>implying heavy metal toxicity is at all comparable to "muh scary dihydrogen monoxide" argument

>implying organic heavy metal compounds aren't easier to absorb

150cbd No.9942578


That's great and all, but you still haven't addressed the fact that thiomersal-free vaccines exist, and that the CDC and FDA explicitly asked for the compounds removal. Why would they do that if they secretly wanted to get autism?

01c819 No.9942581

Vaccines stopped using thimoseral last decade.

14b25b No.9942599


Not yet.


>thiomersal-free vaccines exist

I know.

I'm not anti-vax, I just don't want to be injected with mercury and I find it disgusting that I was injected with mercury several times as a child.

>explicitly asked for the compound's removal

That's great and all but that doesn't mean anything until they enforce a deadline and companies actually take it out of their vaccines.

I'm just a (1) popping in with an opinion slightly unrelated to your current argument.

84456b No.9942608

File: 705d096cb87e232⋯.jpg (40.72 KB, 600x476, 150:119, smugforce one.jpg)

If vaccines work, why do parents worry about going to school with non-vaccinated children?

4832c0 No.9942612

168654 No.9942614


I'll check those dubs of beautiful architecture, but anon you're fucking dumb.

>literally no evidence vaccines do any harm

I'm not even going to post sources as I won't waste my time on you. Our own government pays out millions of dollars a year to settle cases where vaccines, "went bad", considering you can't really sue pharma in america anymore. It's a statistics game dumbass. Learn 2 science and biology. A million kids take a vaccine 10 of them are going to have MAJOR side effects, like fuck my life debilitating disease side effects. Why the fuck do you think India is up in arms over Gates shoving that shit down there throat. Take .01% of a billion people and you've just fucked a lot of people up/ruined lives when they were told it would be good for them. It's all a numbers game bro.

I'm all for vaccines because sometimes you just have to roll the dice. Also, cleansing the world with a race-based plague is a high likelihood. But seriously, try not to be so dumb. We seek the truth here, we don't mask ourselves in ignorance. Before you make blanket statements try and be more intelligent please.

150cbd No.9942618


I'll check your dubs, but it WAS enforced. the '99 review by the CDC and FDA ordered removal, and the EU had thiomersal reclassified as unsafe in turn following the CDC investigation.

http://www. ema.europa.eu/ema/index.jsp;curl=pages/medicines/pips/EMEA-001743-PIP01-14/index.jsp?curl=pages/regulation/general/general_content_001364.jsp&mid=WC0b01ac058002958b

https://www. fda.gov/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/QuestionsaboutVaccines/UCM070430

https://www. cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/concerns/thimerosal/timeline.html

2001 is the year where thimerosal is removed or reduced to the point of being untraceable in ALL vaccines aside from the optional influenza vaccine. It's not a matter of opinion anymore; we literally have not used thimerosal in vaccines for over a decade.

c5acda No.9942620


>False equivalence between temporary and permanent health effects

4832c0 No.9942623


ffb15f No.9942632


According to them, it's because not everyone can get vaccines

23c276 No.9942640


>retarded tinfoils

Ehhh…we get out there sometimes. >>9942604

150cbd No.9942654



This. Not everyone can get vaccines, sometimes you can be allergic, sometimes a kid may have a compromised immune system. That as well, there are some vaccines a child cannot get until a certain age, so they are vulnerable.


>more (1)s

I am almost certain we're being shilled now.

23c276 No.9942657

File: 04f515fdffb78c1⋯.jpg (7.18 KB, 355x397, 355:397, 1346297803427.jpg)


>Or when they put some tracking nanobots in the vaccine.

They already know your fat ass doesn't leave the house, anon.

polite sage

8dd8e3 No.9942691

I'm a biologist. This shit about vaccines is shady as fuck. Today the news reported about that poor kid with leukemia that got sick because his friend wasn't vaccinated. Propaganda 101. So fucking shady. My sons and daughters aren't going to be vaccinated, if they are srong, they'll libe. Otherwise, they wouldn't deserve to live anyway.

c5acda No.9942692


The energy necessary to refute a lie is an order of magnitude greater than that to produce it. In that spirit, go fuck yourself schlomo.

For other anons: vaccines are one of the greatest leaps forward for medicine and overall quality of life in human history. I still wouldn't put it past the kikes to do us harm through them, one way or another. Pay attention to what you put inside your body, because sometimes the consequences can be permanent. Truth above all.

b785fd No.9942780

I sure am glad based SpaghettiZOG is doing this. Antivaxxer tinfoil retards should have their children taken away from them. They are clearly retarded, and would score low on an IQ test as well. It takes a village to raise a child properly; if you don't think so, you're just a dumb conspiracy theorist stormfa-uh-hippie liberal! Just dumb goy- I mean, SJWs who are following trends set by dumb actors, lol.

It's time to overcome your paranoid delusions and step over to the right side of history! The government is only trying to protect children from dumb redne- hippies! There's absolutely no way those vaccines aren't as great as we- I mean they- say. Just shut up and do what you're told, it's for your own good!

Also, make sure to have your sons circumcised.

59ca0d No.9942803

File: 8c62f02ea18ef72⋯.gif (415.41 KB, 480x238, 240:119, (you).gif)


the food they sell us is full of dangerous chemicals

the drinks they sell us are full of dangerous chemicals

your tap water is full of dangerous chemicals

tons of pharmaceuticals are dangerous

the plastics they sell us are dangerous

the Chinese products they sell us are dangerous

but that shit they inject directly into your bloodstream? fuck, why would you even question that? of course it's safe, are you crazy?

b785fd No.9942811

File: 0f3081354f31634⋯.png (204.59 KB, 3340x3176, 835:794, 0f3081354f316341c5c1ee64a8….png)


THIS. Good to see other rational anons in this thread.

>tfw too intelligent to be a tinfoil antivaxxer

5c3257 No.9942822


Salt has sodium ions, not sodium metal.

23cf27 No.9942823

6db746 No.9942835

Friendly reminder that vaccines have no benefit whatsoever and contain mercury which permanently reduces your IQ, plus plenty of other poisons which are probably carefully selected (by Jews, naturally) to ruin the development of a child.

Don't want to get sick? Eat healthy (vitamin E is very important for the immune system), exercise, sleep well, wash your hands when coming home or before eating after touching public doorknobs and other gross things. You will rarely if ever get sick unless you have shitty genes or just moved.

Oh, and don't be a faggot- GRIDS/AIDS


Vaccination is child abuse. Anybody that condones vaccination deserves to be gassed.

23cf27 No.9942846


>which permanently reduces your IQ

So they shouldn't affect anti-vaxxers at all.

8b8850 No.9942856

Ironically, Sweden just refused to make vaccines mandatory.


b59a1f No.9942860

What fucking Jewish garbage. This is insane

b59a1f No.9942867

File: 79695c43ce0b2f1⋯.png (40.23 KB, 580x351, 580:351, merchantscience.png)


Fuck off yid

5feb6c No.9942872

File: ef7af047ddab45c⋯.png (12.81 KB, 233x221, 233:221, 1462486779609.png)





Give me sources they do any harm, or fuck off yourselves kikes

3139bd No.9942874

To all the pro-vaxxers (a.k.a. shills on the payroll)…

If vaccines are beneficial, why do Jews refuse to give it to their children? Surely those high-IQ chosen would know the benefits of vaccinating your child.

Or maybe they know something most of us don't about the adverse effects of pumping your child with a thousand vaccines before they can even talk.

808724 No.9942878


Personally, I'm not an antivaxxer, but the sort of vitriolic hate you see within the medical community (of which I'm a part of) towards anyone who even questions anything about the safety of vaccines does raise an eyebrow. It's almost like a trained/indoctrinated pavlovian reaction that we have towards anyone who questions this dogma. It reminds me a lot of how people react if you were to question the holohoax, or bring up black crime stats, etc.

I haven't really delved into the information on whether or not vaccines cause autism or whatever else, so I can't speak to that. But I do know that the CDC-recommended vaccine schedule overdoes it. The whole idea of loading up babies with as many vaccines as possible comes from the fact that niggers and shitskins are low-agency and will not come back for scheduled appointments. So they make blanket recommendations in order to cover for this lowest-common-denominator and try to get all the vaccines in at once, because otherwise, they'll get none at all. In reality, you can space the vaccines, and it shouldn't be any problem. You just have to have enough agency as a parent to remember to come back.

5feb6c No.9942882


>If vaccines are beneficial, why do Jews refuse to give it to their children?

Give me one example of this happening

>Or maybe they know something most of us don't about the adverse effects of pumping your child with a thousand vaccines before they can even talk.

If they are doing this then i will join you, but it just seems that you are hysterical for no good reason, might as well be complaining about fluoride

59ca0d No.9942888


i swear some of them are actually bots

i have my own board that i use like a shitty archive to back up my memes in case anything happens to my computer or other backups

since i'm the only person who really knows about it, i'm also the only person who posts there

one day i posted a couple antivaxxing memes and out of fucking nowhere, what i assume to be a bot, came and started kvetching and spouting the usual bullshit you see in this thread

i was always pretty lukewarm when it came to the whole issue, but once i realized how bad the shilling is? they only shill against shit that's worth their time, i'll put it that way

3139bd No.9942896



One quick Google search you could've easily done yourself…


Not a good choice of words. You may as well have called people paranoid or stupid for not accepted vaccines.

Oh wait, you already did.

Now kill yourself shill.

b3083b No.9942903


How do you have a measles outbreak if everyone else is vaccinated?

5feb6c No.9942912



Alright i accept, maybe it should not be mandatory. But surely you can see the benefits

59ca0d No.9942914


really the solution should be to stop importing 3rd worlders that have the diseases in the first place

3139bd No.9942919


He's a retarded shill who didn't think through his attempt to astroturf /pol/ opinion though emotional appeal.

>think of da poor sick ~~goy calfs~ white children being effected by anti-vaxx tinfoil idiots! .

b3083b No.9942922


Are you saying only special people don't have to get vaccines?

So some people are more equal than others? Where have I seen that before…

f01842 No.9942927


go and move to somewhere in the U.S.A's Bible Belt that isn't also a big city or near one

b3083b No.9942929



f3e881 No.9942935

File: 2414d3be021bb7a⋯.png (107.69 KB, 531x531, 1:1, VaxVsUnvaxed Survey Graphi….png)

Vuoi la prova che i vaccini fanno male, eccola.

You want proof that vaccines are harmful, here it is.


3139bd No.9942937


I'm not innately anti-vaccines. I'm a vaccine skeptic. I don't pretend to be a fucking expert on the subject. I just follow the /pol/ mantra. Always do the opposite of what the Jews tell you to do. If the Jews in power are saying vaccines should be mandatory, I think it's safe to say you should probably take a second look at why they're doing it. It's not because they want to keep the white people nice and healthy.

I understand vaccines can be really beneficial for preventing terrible diseases. I just don't think pumping your child with them all at once is necessarily a good choice.

ffb15f No.9942938


According to that article, Israel itself wants it's own people to get vaccinated, and the only reason there's an article at all is because of a growing number of jewish anti-vaxxers, which means that most jews are, in fact, vaccinating their kids. Kind of counters your claim that it's something that Jews as a whole are against.


More like can't, because of compromised immune system or allergies. I'm not really sure where you got "don't have to" from "can't", nor why you bothered to run with it without checking to see if you were right.

808724 No.9942956


He didn't "refute" your post because it's so fucking dumb in the first place. You're comparing a goddamn heavy metal to sodium salt. I don't even know where to begin with this shit.

b3083b No.9942958


and they're not all shills, Anon.

Hardly anyone on this board has actual biology knowledge. I've fucked with people on both sides of the debate because none of them have cracked open a biology textbook, and all of them only ever link to correlative studies because they don't know the first thing about causal biochemical relationships and why they are more convincing arguments. How many fucking people here arguing for or against thiomersal or mercury in general know the fucking LD50 of mercury or thiomersal offhand? None of them, I guarantee. It's not my speciality, but I recognize ignorance and stupidity right away when people try to argue shit that's even tangentially related to my field, because that's the benefit of actually having an education instead of being some faggot who doesn't have the time or patience to do anything besides make his goal-seeked arguments. Directed arguments and directed research all fail for the same fucking reason, because that's not how shit works in the real world. General research is essential, because if you don't have a firm grasp of how the world works and how everything fits together then you'll understand nothing because complex systems will always fuck with you until you understand them in their entirety.

b3083b No.9942961


They "can't" according to jewish doctors, right? Or the (((FDA)))? Very convincing.

808724 No.9942973


Interesting. This is a good point. In general, it's a safe bet always look at what Israel is doing to figure out if something is good or bad. Because ZOG allows Israel to do things that are good for itself, while the goy nations are not. That's why they can have a wall and we can't. Or they can have a ban on mixed marriages and fag marriages, but we can't. Or they can have an ethnostate, but we can't. So if Israel is telling its own citizens that they either don't need vaccines or that they can space them out or whatever else, then that certainly raises an eyebrow.

59ca0d No.9942975


>i know what LD50 is and that makes me an expert

3139bd No.9942982


Actually about a third of Israelis surveyed didn't think vaccines were a good idea. Still technically a minority, yes. But that article I posted also stated that most of the anti-vaccine Jews were "rich and high-IQ". Most of the "lesser Jews" of Israel more than likely could care less about finding out information on vaccines or even have access to people directly administering them to find out what exactly they do/don't do.

Here's another link.


3139bd No.9942999


I understand your point anon. But I find anyone using specific rhetoric like "retarded", "paranoid", "tinfoil", etc. in reference to anti-vaxx immediately sets off my shilldar.

b3083b No.9943005


>Cherrypicking a single point to make an ad hom instead of addressing an argument

59ca0d No.9943007



no seriously, shitposting aside, fuck right the hell off.

what does the lethal does have to do with this conversation?

we're talking about long-term negative health effects, not people fucking dying by vaccines.

d154c0 No.9943009


>posts study and source that vaccines are bad

>nobody cares and people are still asking sources

59ca0d No.9943016


isn't that exactly what you're doing?

saying the sources they're citing aren't valid?

b3083b No.9943017


The whole vax thing is a massive red herring, as far as I can tell. It's a manufactured fracture point full of disinfo agents playing both sides. It's just like the abortion, gun control, violent video game (if you were around in the 90s), etc etc etc manufactured controversies. They inflate it and fill it full of disinfo so people argue but nothing ever gets accomplished.

b3083b No.9943026


Correlative sources are not valid, no. High correlation is what interests real scientists to do causative research, which is actual scientific knowledge.

Throwing a bunch of shit into a microarray a few times then making a graph isn't fucking science.

b3083b No.9943029


The whole thing is directly comparable with the automotive defect scandals over the past years. Just like they cover up defective airbags, they cover up defective batches of vaccine. It's a lot cheaper to pay a few jews to spread disinfo (on both sides) then it is to pay out a class action lawsuit.

It's a numbers game.

3139bd No.9943033






>white race deserves to die

Be more creative with your shilling, please.

b1778f No.9943040

kids who dont get vaxxed should just go to their own schools.

3139bd No.9943042


That's fine. I don't want my kids having autistic friends anyway :^)

59ca0d No.9943047


and what cause do you propose is making all of these health problems happen at much higher rate if it's not the vaccines themselves? the lifestyle of people who are more prone to get the vaccines?

give me a fucking break. vaccination is such a near universal part of 1st world society, how could you even begin to identify another cause?

for fucks sake, we're not talking about hot weather correlating to higher crime rates or some shit like that, this is a direct link between something getting fucking injected right into a person and the effects it might have

fuck off with your pseudointellectual bullshit

b3083b No.9943052


>I can't provide causal evidence for my claims so I'll shift the burden of proof onto you.

That's not how it works, Moishe.

808724 No.9943066


This. I fucking hate bullshit soapbox issues that have almost zero overall relevance. (Except gun control. That's serious shit. If they take away our ability to get guns, then it severely hampers our ability to ever fight back against ZOG, ever.) Bu the "vaccines vs no vaccines" debate is so pointless. Like, I see there are plenty of people who chose not to vote Trump because he tweeted one time that he was concerned about vaccines and autism (many such cases). I don't understand how you're going to base your support on whether a candidate thinks vaccines cause autism or not. It's fucking irrelevant. But people on both sides are so voracious about this shit.

59ca0d No.9943073



if you're going to tout that line without compromise then there's no point in us even arguing with each other because it's going to go fucking nowhere

b3083b No.9943074



c5acda No.9943075


>Always do the opposite of what the Jews tell you to do

Hate to call you out anon, but this strategy is so easily manipulable that it should not be advocated here. Every issue needs to be critically examined independently.

Treat the Jew's recommendations with healthy skepticism.

0c39eb No.9943077

File: f6c85ad10b420f3⋯.jpg (24.46 KB, 484x595, 484:595, f6c85ad10b420f3c9cf4ddfe4b….jpg)


>anti vaxx


First day here? Shill? Either way you're retarded.

/pol/ has known for forever that compulsory vaccines is kike legislation and the foot in the door for it was over-emphasis on vaccination. The reason why vaccines are dangerous is a semi-complicated issue. First reason; the concept of vaccination is not inherently flawed, but relying on them is. Vaccines are not a perfect solution for even the most famous examples of doing away with hit. For instance, polio was on its way out by the time the polio vaccine was even created.

The second reason is that the biotech companies that keep pumping vaccines out are constantly making shtity vaccines or and the actual vaccine component of the shot is flawed. The theory behind vaccination that you train your body to defend against the disease does not work for the samy way for every disease, resulting in people developing the disease they are being vaccinated against.

Third and most importantly, the vaccine shot is being used as a trojan horse for heavy metal poisoning. This reason in particular is why vaccines are causing autism - not the vaccine component itself but the heavy metals contained in the shot. These heavy metals are not necessary in any such way, but (((legislators))) and the companies being paid to produce them keep adding them anyway. The (((FDA))) supposedly banned the use of it in shots but they're still being used in vaccine shots, a clear sign of jews ignoring the law. Lastly, autism as a result of the vaccine shot is actually due to heavy metal poisoning - heavy metal poisoning being a known cause for creating mental disorders since even antiquity.

Bottom line: Disinfo agents will try to convince you that this is a non-issue. They will continue using fake spokespeople to discredit actual proof that vaccines are being used as a jewish form of medicine. Now you know the clear picture behind this issue.

01d592 No.9943078

>you need to proof as to why you're against the jewish government mandating that they have the authority to pump chemicals into your child or else you're a tinfoil retard

Maybe this low level shilling works on cuckchan. I don't care if they pump my child full of magic powers, allowing the kike government any authority as to what they can pump into my child is about as obvious a jewish power grab as exists.

b3083b No.9943083


>I still refuse to produce causative research

>So I will stamp my feet

I'm against commerical vaccinations because the plants are all staffed by subhuman nonwhites, but I suppose you don't want to talk about that, do you? Proper vaccination, without the influence of jews, is an important part of a healthy life. The implementation right now is jewed to fuck, and I'm trying to lead you by the nose to having a brain that can comprehend the difference between causal and correlative because if you don't understand that then you understand nothing about life.

b3083b No.9943087


It shouldn't be government mandated, that's kikery of the highest form and bullshit statism.

If you had white scientists overseeing factories staffed by white people producing vaccines for whites, then we wouldn't have the problems with bad batches that currently exist. However because of cheap kikes using diversity hires, we get Tyrone going "how many bags did we put in that batch? Better put them in again to be sure, it's just a preservative bix nood"

01d592 No.9943096


Sure, I don't think anybody is against the idea of preventive medicine in the form of vaccines when done right. The whole debate is about government mandating vaccines, which is very obvious why they want to do that, and their entire shill campaign demonizing anybody who stands against such kikery.

59ca0d No.9943107


i understand the goddamn difference

the whole point you're implying is that because we can't point out finger at the direct biological mechanism that causes these chemicals to eventually lead to the symptoms we're pointing out, then everything we say is invalid.

it's all or nothing, and if you're going to pull that shit, then most medical research is invalid because they really don't understand the biological processes fully going into their research.

is our research incomplete? yes. does that invalidate the direct link shown between these chemicals and these symptoms? no.

just because we don't fully understand it yet doesn't mean it doesn't goddamn exist

1b0000 No.9943112


Of me and my siblings (big family), all of the healthy kids were never vaccinated. It was the ones who got vaccinated that had health issues.

I also know a couple whose kid died from the vaccination. I guess they might have been allergic to it or something.

b3083b No.9943116


The whole debate isn't about government mandates. The whole debate is that this is a manufactured controversy which has been pushed along by disinfo agents and fucking retards who've never cracked open a biology textbook.

Do you really think suburban housewives know a single fucking thing about biology? Yet somehow they're the big 'anti-vax' group?

I seriously doubt a single /pol/ack would advocate for government mandated vaccines but we'll sure as hell make fun of anti-vaxers who somehow rode the short bus to /pol/.

Government mandated vaccinations = bad

individual choice vaccination = good

Jew made vaccines = bad (obviously)

jew made vaccines with shitskin workers = really bad

white made vaccines with white workers = breddy gud


If you claim a causative link, you have to support that with causative evidence.

01d592 No.9943133


>The whole debate isn't about government mandates

But it is, the thread literally started with the premise of Italy's PM making vaccines compulsory. Then shills came to straw man away with "well prove they do harm" when that's only half of the point, the real point is they shouldn't be compulsory under any circumstances it's irrelevant if they do harm.

b3083b No.9943144


The thread is about government mandate in italy and therefore government mandate in general.

The "debate" is the vax manufactured controversy, since shills will bring up every angle. This thread gets lumped into that, just like a "how does gps work" thread would get sucked into a flat earth debate by shills and then become about the flat earth manufactured controversy.

59ca0d No.9943147


but the research isn't finished yet

i know i can't make the direct assertion that A causes B, all i can do at this stage of our understanding of the subject is say it really really seems like A causes B, and that's exactly what i'm fucking saying

01d592 No.9943149


>Do you really think suburban housewives know a single fucking thing about biology? Yet somehow they're the big 'anti-vax' group?

They don't have to be biology majors to know there's major league fuckery with the idea of the kiked up state deciding behind your back what secret chemicals they're going to pump into your kid. Not that biology "experts" are trustworthy on this issue in the first place.

>individual choice vaccination = good

>Jew made vaccines = bad (obviously)

>jew made vaccines with shitskin workers = really bad

>white made vaccines with white workers = breddy gud

I'm pretty sure none of this is controversial on /pol/ or anywhere

59ca0d No.9943165


and how the fuck can you say

>jew made vaccines with shitskin workers = really bad

in one breath, and call it a "manufactured controversy" with another

i'm not saying vaccines are inherently a bad thing, i'm saying that vaccines made in a jew controlled society are very likely bad.

f13abd No.9943184


Something something followed by a very low-effort shitty misunderstood explanation of faux-herd-immunity.

aed16f No.9943202

who even gives a shit about the "diseases" vaccines are supposed to prevent? feed your kid a couple grams of vitamin c and you dont have to do shit, the body takes care of all the shitty weak invaders and whatever toxins they release by itself

0c39eb No.9943203

File: 322205c6b5f2fee⋯.png (29.14 KB, 469x329, 67:47, mercuy in shots.png)


>If you had white scientists overseeing factories staffed by white people producing vaccines for whites, then we wouldn't have the problems with bad batches that currently exist.

Not only that but we would be able to know which diseases are even worth taking vaccination shots for. Vaccinations only provide a period of theoretical immunity - and that is if they're successful. Some shots we take for major diseases only last in our bodies for a few months. But this problem isn't even limited to humans. For instance, rabies shots in dogs. The shots that are supposed to be "good" for only a few years and depending on the state you live in you are supposed to take your dog back to the vet to shoot it up again every 3-7 years of its life.

Some shitty vets tell you to come back once a year and that's where you get pets who die from complications with the shot. The immune system goes into a panic when the dog is flooded with the heavy metals in the shot aka an allergic reaction. Histamine buildup (allergic response) is a "side-effect" of many vaccine shots and vets sometimes skip that part leading the pet owner who either give their dog an antihistamine. Vets are now giving the dog a steroid and/or an antihistamine. Guess what? They're doing with this kids too.

A few years back a girl in wisconsin died from the HPV vaccine and the news went shut it down. Then they finally covered the story by - you should see where I'm going with this - saying it wasn't the vaccine, but the "side-effects" from it. Then they changed the story again and said that the girl died from treating the side-effects saying it was an antihistamine overdose. They used the coroner's language against the real story saying that since the coroner said that the last thing the girl was given was something to treat her complications with the shot, that means it was the treatment. Overnight just about every normalfag medical news site had an article on antihistamine overdose which is even more infinitely more rare than dying from vaccine over-complications.


> we can't point out finger at the direct biological mechanism that causes these chemicals to eventually lead to the symptoms we're pointing out,

Actually we can but when you get to the research and tons of reports the pharma shills show up.

1. The vaccine is poorly made and by itself will lead to over-complications and/or give the patient the disease instead

2. The "preservative" in the shot is a form of a heavy metal, usually mercury or aluminum

3. The immune system of the person is either poor or too strong, amplifying the immune response reaction to the above components - allergic response - or caving in to the bombardment - getting the disease and suffering a ton of heavy metal intoxication

Once jews get their hands off of anything that leads to creating vaccines we'll finally know if vaccination is really worth it and which diseases can be safely prevented with them. Until then jews will try to force the issue and make "vaccinations" for anything even if it assuredly will not work. They'll just have pajeet make it and if you've seen how well pajeet makes code, you can bet how poorly he makes vaccines.

0c39eb No.9943229


shit I should not be effortposting this early in my day

I apologize for any mistakes in my post but I think despite them the message is still clear.

bed58c No.9943900

File: f8d6631f0eaadf7⋯.webm (1.95 MB, 512x512, 1:1, I Wonder Who Could Be Beh….webm)

File: 83b527bb5fa0aba⋯.jpg (29.82 KB, 618x286, 309:143, vaccini malati.jpg)


>no source

>ad hom



bed58c No.9943926

File: a53d3567c2cba22⋯.png (216.68 KB, 338x489, 338:489, behind that mask.png)


>retarded tinfoils

Too obvious.






Lurk 2 months before shilling, Asher.

c3457a No.9944179

File: 9def94f7c1d1d2d⋯.jpg (124.74 KB, 740x957, 740:957, 1.jpg)

File: 05003809c764e2a⋯.png (43.73 KB, 842x594, 421:297, 2.png)

File: cf7aa25c47b76ef⋯.jpg (65.61 KB, 788x580, 197:145, 3.jpg)



Checked. Nice posts. I'm sure vaccines are a good thing if done properly, but the kikes in (((big pharma))) are obviously out of control. No doubt they are trying to come up with the perfect Goy Shots, and naturally make as much profit along the way as they can.

0c39eb No.9944209


>I'm sure vaccines are a good thing if done properly, but the kikes in (((big pharma))) are obviously out of control. No doubt they are trying to come up with the perfect Goy Shots, and naturally make as much profit along the way as they can.

That's why the vaccine issue is so complicated. The theory behind vaccination is sound, but like most good things jews twist it to their own ends. Vaccination can be useful in the midst of a pandemic crisis, depending on how the disease functions and forming a 100% flawless vaccine is feasible. But the number one most successful protocol to preventing disease from spreading has always been quarantine & cleanliness. All jews have done is re-purpose vaccinations into a tool for poisoning whites. Vaccinations in the media and in politics are over-emphasized and their uses are over-exaggerated so as to make the jews job easier of making poisonous injections compulsory.

7d790d No.9944317

File: de9f5628d6a8898⋯.png (226.39 KB, 455x474, 455:474, Capture.PNG)

don't vaccinate its fine with me

4e622b No.9944419

File: f07f0fee3226e59⋯.png (6.15 KB, 200x79, 200:79, Vaccines_CTA_shadow_200-1.png)


That site is openly anti-vaccination. Not a source.

e9bea0 No.9944507

File: 57f0cc2ca8b84e1⋯.jpg (64.35 KB, 600x813, 200:271, 57f0cc2ca8b84e1d902dd118a4….jpg)

How can pajeets survive living in shit, eating shit, drinking and breathing shit? It's not thanks to vaccines, they're human cockroaches that have build up the immunity. I bet Ebola-chan wouldn't kill a single pajeet, since they'd be immune. Lesson to be learned- eat shit and don't vaccinate.


Have to check these trips

Fuck vaxxer shills

1b0000 No.9944514

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Take your vaccines, goy! Oh, that mercury inside of them? Don't worry about it. It's good for brain health!

961c42 No.9944566



a11479 No.9944574


Holy shit, think of it. Italians are among the most cheeky euros in terms of accepting diversity.

They are trying to calm you bois down!

a11479 No.9944584


>human cockroaches

Please no. We don't need this kind of human.

a1cdd9 No.9944716

cant believe there are retards here that are fine with kikes injecting them and their kids with unknown substances

a1cdd9 No.9944733


and this is beside the fact that the things don't even work in the first place.

There is no way to be certain what the fuck is in a vaccine unless you watched the entire manufacturing process.

I guess you guys just trust the federal government and kike corporations to look out for your best interest though right? Theres no way they might sneak things in the vaccines to test on us right?

32d7a9 No.9944815


I'm not sure I've swallowed the anti-vaxx pill, but if you consider for example that every single molecule containing lead has been known to cause brain damage, is it totally irrational to also suspect anything containing mercury could potentially be toxic as well?

And the fact that it's a single mercury atom with X other atoms does not change the fact that it is there.

Tetraethyllead - a lubricating gasoline additive consists of 1 lead atom plus 8 carbon atoms plus 20 hydrogen atoms - 1/29 is lead and it is still extremely toxic. Thiomersal is 1/23 mercury. If we're going simply by the number of toxic atoms then TEL (now banned for causing stunted brain development) is less toxic.

32d7a9 No.9944819


I did not put those reddit spaces there wtf

0c39eb No.9944876


What's both funny and tragic is that the FDA admitted in 2012 that thiomersal is still in vaccines despite being ordered to remove them back in 2001. Again, jews will ignore the law so long as the law is not enforced - and since the jews are in charge of the law they're not going to enforce something they want to ignore.

http://archive.courthousenews.com/cnsnews/Story/Index/44979 [https://archive.is/njYNK]

https://www.fda.gov/BiologicsBloodVaccines/SafetyAvailability/VaccineSafety/UCM096228 [https://archive.is/N2zbr]

That's why it's easy for deniers like >>9942474 to say things over here >>9942618 and claim that it's gone or "reduced" when vaccine manufacturers, despite producing things that are compulsory for public education, aren't being forced to not use thiomersal. In some cases they just switched to using aluminum, which while not as bad as mercury will still cause damage. Flu shots for example are one of the most widely produced of vaccinations and end up coming back 50-51% mercury, but before I get to my next point the CDC continues to let flu shots be sold that have never seen a single clinical trial. Oddly enough these flu shots will admit that on the package. The CDC covers for the FDA's lies and vice-versa. If Trump wants to deal a crippling blow to the EPA-FDA-CDC mafia, that would be nice.

>Thiomersal is 1/23 mercury

Thiomersal is 1/23 mercury but it's 50% mercury by weight, hence the term heavy metal (poisoning). The mercury molecule is categorized as a free radical when observed in how it affects the human body. As such, it is one of the most dangerous free radicals known to man because the body is tasked with neutralizing a very "heavy" substance. Mercury is famously known throughout human history for being dangerous especially how it damages the mind. Mad-hatter syndrome anyone? Aside from all of that, there has never been a single decent reason to use mercury as a "preservative" for vaccines let alone medical injections. Jews are simply taking the ability to make vaccines compulsory and inject heavy metals into young kids which doesn't just screw up health but encumbers development. The body sacrifices minerals to neutralize heavy metals such as zinc, zinc being important to testosterone creation as well as neurological function. Mineral depletion follows which weakens the child's development and before you can replenish those minerals, the damage continues.

4832c0 No.9944994

File: d471bc50921bcdd⋯.mp4 (2.08 MB, 640x360, 16:9, The Bosnian War Song (Intr….mp4)



628db5 No.9945034


That isn't human. It's a literal shitskin.

b5a1eb No.9945035

Italians soon to start spilling even more spaghetti

bed58c No.9946451

File: c257bee30c7c8cf⋯.webm (4.76 MB, 854x480, 427:240, JIDF enters the thread.webm)

File: 0936476963d9d07⋯.webm (6.38 MB, 512x288, 16:9, silly jidf.webm)


They are clearly shills on a payroll. It's clear (((they))) haven't lurked enough, too.

aed16f No.9947239

what is the situation like in the rest of the EU? EU in general seems to be much more careful in regards to health and bans everything that might be harmful but that doesn't mean we don't get fucked over anyway by vaccine producers

cd01f8 No.9947294

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

In Poland they fined parents who didnt poisoned their children. Now they anounced that they will abduct them and give them to other families and foster homes.


de137e No.9948019

File: 9897f8c5c2f44a2⋯.jpg (62.47 KB, 421x421, 1:1, 1454935667319.jpg)

>nobody trusts big pharma

>everyone always shitting on it, especially leftists

>mention vaccines and they do a 180 and turn into mindless cultists

That alone should tell you the propaganda machine is programming them to defend vaccinations for everyone.

In any case, vaccinations against things like polio are fine, regardless of what's in them you're better off with that than polio. However, vaccinating stuff like chickenpox? Retarded, 3-4 vaccinations for the dangerous stuff is fine as they are unlikely to do much to it, shooting up your kid with vaccines for everything is not. Also, you can expect the number to rise, first they forced a few, now they force a dozen, soon they will force a few dozen, eventually they will make the flu vaccine that you need to take twice a year mandatory.

Oh and the whole "it's ok if some kids don't take it since it's herd immunity" is just another way of saying "in the future the elite won't be taking it, only the masses".

cd01f8 No.9948031


>non-vaccined children will not be admitted in public schools

So Italians can keep that way their child away from prussian brainwashing system?

01c819 No.9948045


>thinking that chickenpox is okay

My dad and his shingles would like to talk to you

de137e No.9948050


As long as you get chickenpox as a child, probabilities of it complicating are minimal. If you vaccinate against that, might as well do so against the seasonal flu.

If you reach adulthood without having had chickenpox, then you can get the vaccine. No reason to shoot up every kid considering 99.9% will get it as a child with no complications.

01c819 No.9948066


You're completely full of shit. The whole problem with shingles is that the virus sits and waits inside the human body. Childhood infections lead to shingles later in life.

a63e92 No.9948356

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>good goyim, inject your children with dozens of viruses and diseases

>ignore the rising rates of autism and mental disease goy

>any returning diseases is only from not vaccinating goy, ignore the third worlders we're importing en masse

>also flouride and birth control pills in your tap water is perfectly safe goy


Checking those trips of spooky shit. And they have the gall to say /pol/ is "just paranoid" while this sort of thing happens.




>oy vey only pro-vaccination sources allowed

de137e No.9948836


And that happens in how many of the people that go through chickenpox as children? Do we all have to take the shots because some may get that later in life?

How many die by the flu every year? If you want to push chickenpox vaccines on us because a small minority may get shingles, then why not vaccinate against all the other, much more dangerous diseases (like the aforementioned flu)?

9c1ab2 No.9948869

Great litmus test! All the pro vaccine retards above are from reddit. Reddit loves vaccines. If you are pro vaccine, you are a cunt that is super blue pilled. Vaccines are one of the easiest red pills to swallow. Gtfo, reddit fags.

5a5104 No.9948903


Vaccine injury causes more harm than the diseases vaccines protect from.

Did you know that over 38000 cases of SIDS has been linked to the hep b vaccine given at birth. There are three ways to contract hep b: IV drug use, sex and mother to child. Considering the it loses its effect in 80 percent of people by age 15, why would you give it to an infant.

Look up Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, SCOTUS declared vaccines unavoidably unsafe and then gave vaccine manufactures zero liability in the safety or quality of their product. Vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued, even for proven vaccine injury.

Let that sink in.

b3f75d No.9949014

Being anti-vaxx is like a synonymous of being stupid and you should really kill yourself anyway if you believe that vaccines are bad anyways.

a99fc3 No.9949196


I got shingles when doing wrestling. Wasn't bad at all.

9c1ab2 No.9949805



(((We))) don't how your baby died, goy! It was probably the stuffed bear in his crib… yeah that makes sense if we repeat it enough.

Bernie baby died of (((SIDS))), BUT AT LEAST HE HAD ALL OF HIS VACCINES!

45d84b No.9949923

I had a seizure 20 minutes after a tetanus shot on the way home.

40e772 No.9950396


measles outbreaks happen among 100% vaccinated populations all the fucking time.

it is not even a dangerous disease to healthy people, and the immunity you get from having it is actually permanent and reliable - unlike the (((immunity))) you get, even in the best-case scenario, from the shot.

40e772 No.9950426


chickenpox vaccine makes you more likely to get shingles, not less.


literally thousands of japanese lolis got chronic convulsions and central-nervous-system damage from the HPV vaccine.

the majority of sexually active people on earth harbor HPV and experience no ill effects at all - and gardasil doesn't even confer immunity to most HPV strains. it doesn't confer real permanent immunity (as imagined by those who believe vaccination shilling) at all.

650cd3 No.9950435

I work in a semi-big, international pharma company and I'm involved in the production of vaccines (I'm responsible for growing cell cultures pretty much) and unless every family physician in the world is somehow conspiring to mix your autism inducing fantasy concoction there is no way it is in any way dangerous.

You should drop this topic in general, it makes you look ridiculous.

40e772 No.9950437


>vaccinations against things like polio are fine

uhhh, so you don't know that the polio vaccine causes polio, huh? oh, sorry, it causes "non-polio acute flaccid paralysis." which is to say, it causes the exact symptoms that polio causes, but they call it "non-polio," because it couldn't be polio, since that's the disease being vaccinated against.

yes, it really is that cynical and that obvious. welcome to the rabbit hole. we're all mad here.

fa444a No.9950481


Damn. Impressed by you, anon. I didn't think anyone else knew this. Polio is still rampant in Poo-land (Pajeet country), but they have people like (((Bill Gates))) making sure the population is vaccinated. Lots of "non-polio acute flaccid paralysis" there, that is not technically the same older strain of polio so they don't have to count it in the numbas. The not pooing in the loo does not help, polio is spread via feces, etc.

fa444a No.9950492


They already force a few dozen (49+) and laws are being passed to make flu shots mandatory for medical workers every season in states nationwide.

0d7a95 No.9950493


Wow. The level of shills arrogance:P


>You should drop this topic in general, it makes you look ridiculous.

Yes. We totally should.

40e772 No.9950522


>“Pink Disease” is another misnomer for mercury poisoning. For several decades prior to the 1950s infants were given mercury laced teething powders. The name “Pink Disease” was given because the infants’ hands and feet would turn a bright pink color. Learn more about Pink Disease at http://www.pinkdisease.org/

In a recent Pink Disease study they surveyed 522 adult survivors of Pink Disease about the health of their grandchildren. They found that

1 in 25

of these grandchildren had an autism spectrum disorder compared to 1 in 160 children of the same ages in the general population in Australia, a staggering six-fold increase in relative risk.

40e772 No.9950529


my dad works at nintendo, and you should kill yourself.

fa444a No.9950539

File: b15102f239d106a⋯.png (721.48 KB, 797x1049, 797:1049, 50dosesby6.png)

650cd3 No.9950548

Statistics are jewish ;-)

40e772 No.9950553


>vaccinating against fucking tetanus

you have to have an open wound and roll in fresh horse shit to contract tetatnus.

almost nobody got tetanus even when fucking everyone owned horses and was constantly exposed to horse manure. what do you reckon your chances of exposure are now? i have seen a horse outside a fenced enclosure on private property maybe twice in the last 3 years.

12f24c No.9950597


I think you're referring to this, but grossly misrepresenting facts and consequently spreading false conclusions:


> India: Paralysis cases soar after oral polio vaccine introduced

> A new report by two Delhi pediatricians suggests that the sharp rise in childhood paralysis in India is due to the increased usage of the oral polio vaccine, a drug that was banned in the U.S. over a decade ago.

> Their findings, which were published in the Indian Journal of medical Ethics, revealed that rates of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) have increased 1200% since the oral polio vaccine was introduced to India a decade ago.

> The oral polio vaccine contains a live polio virus and has been linked to polio-like paralysis. Polio vaccines used in other countries do not include the live virus, but polio vaccines used in India do.

> In addition, other medical professionals are skeptical about the claim that the paralysis cases are not linked to polio. “Did they misclassify NPAFP when they denied that the increase in vaccine doses is related to the increase in NPAFP cases?”asked Dr SK Mittal, former professor and Head of Pediatrics at India’s Maulana Azad Medical College.

> Drug companies and regulators have long known about the harmful effects of the oral polio vaccine that includes the live virus. In 1976, vaccine inventor Jonas Salk admitted to the United States Congress that the live polio vaccine was the “principal if not sole cause” of all reported polio cases in the U.S. since 1961, according to Salem News.


> India

> non-polio AFP have increased 1200%

> since oral polio vaccine introduced

> a drug that was banned

> contains a live polio virus

> other countries do not include the live virus

> medical professionals skeptical that not linked to polio

> oral polio vaccine known to cause polio since 1976

> live virus vaccines no longer used anywhere in civilized world

c86031 No.9950660


No, you need to have an open wound and stick your hand in soil to get tetanus. It's caused by Clostridium tetani bacteria, which also lives in soil, not only in manure, although soil that has been fertilized by manure is the most dangerous.

That being said, tetanus vaccine, much like the rabies one, works for ~5 years so getting vaccinated every year is a real overkill.

40e772 No.9950687


don't forget to look at these fucking digits while you mouseover the spoilers fam


have you demonstrated that the killed vaccine doesn't cause polio? no, you haven't. that study would never be approved. but you have conceded that the kikes still pretend that polio caused by polio vaccination is/was (((NPAFP))) despite the absurd obviousness of this deception. do you think they feel compelled to be honest now that they have been caught once?


cool story, bro, now show me the epidemic levels of tetanus that wracked our society back when the vaccine didn't exist, and almost the whole population worked farms with horses, combining the maximum likelihood of insufficiently-sanitized minor injuries with the maximum exposure to dirt and horse shit. or can you not do that because it was still fucking uncommon even under those worst-possible-scenario conditions?

12f24c No.9950804


>have you demonstrated that the killed vaccine doesn't cause polio? no, you haven't.

Have you demonstrated that it does? No, you haven't.

In fact, you haven't demonstrated anything at all. You've just talked a whole lot of shit out of your ass. Are you even listening to yourself anymore? You're acting like "a 'dead' virus can cause exactly the same disease as a 'live' virus" should be considered the null hypothesis, and it's on me to prove it wrong.

No, I haven't proven that wrong. And no, it's not on me to do so. Nor did ever set out to do so.

What I did was provide the most likely source for your un-sourced claim that:

>the polio vaccine causes polio

>oh, sorry, it causes "non-polio acute flaccid paralysis."

What I also did is show that said source is in fact talking about this occurring in an extremely specific context, which contradicts your implied conclusions that:

>this is a widespread phenomenon

>all polio vaccinations cause (((non-polio))) AFP

Overall, the notion that vaccinations in general are a bad thing is fucking stupid and you should feel bad for spreading it. The primary purpose of vaccines is to spread immunity to horrible diseases and ultimately wipe them out. Vaccines come in many different forms and have different properties. Some contain live contagions, others dead ones, others only fragments, others still don't contain it at all and instead consist of purified or artificial antigen proteins.

Vaccines are a tool. Bad people can use vaccines for bad things. That doesn't mean vaccines are bad.

Are yearly flu vaccines useless bullshit? Sure.

Do (((certain people))) lie about the side-effects of their specific vaccine for profit? Yes.

Should we be wary of greedy cunts poisoning the masses for a few extra shekels? Absolutely.

Should they be treated like mass murderers and punished accordingly instead of getting a slap on the wrist? Fuck yes.

Should we therefore conclude all vaccines in all forms are just poison that is used to control us and everyone who makes them is some sort of scam artist or villain? Fuck no, you stupid fucking cunt.

Be careful, be watchful, but be smart and don't fall into hysteria. There is nothing wrong with immunizing yourself against diseases. Especially now, when hordes of third world mongrels are being imported into our midst, not vaccinating yourself and your kids against the medieval shit they still carry is fucking suicidal. Definite death sentence if a massive war breaks out in our lifetimes (and I think we all know it will).

bf6c19 No.9950843


That's fucking insane, especially considering that Italy was one of the few countries to sue a big pharma company into oblivion after it was proven that their ghetto-ass vaccines had caused autism amongst a generation of kids.

bf6c19 No.9950885


>not vaccinating yourself and your kids against the medieval shit they still carry is fucking suicidal

Then again, when you are mired in unreliable shit vaccines and have no way to confirm that the ghetto juice you're being offered isn't fucking malignant you might as well just take your chances.

Death sentence? Tell that to the Italian people who now have to deal with retard autist kids because some kike company concerned themselves more with profit and ruining the goyim than public health. They got compensated financially but in the end their kids are still fucked for life. Just face it; vaccination is no longer as trustworthy as it was in the past, it's become russian roulette. If anyone should be put to death it should the ones screaming for compulsory vaccination in an ever worsening situation where vaccination becomes less and less safe. Take note that Italy was the only country to actually go after these pharmaceutical kikes during a world-wide scandal. Everywhere else they just shut it the fuck down.

Until there is punishment and thus consequences for these kikes, vaccinations will remain exactly what they are today; a gamble.

0595bb No.9951033

File: 429277ac6944af1⋯.jpg (132.09 KB, 1885x1060, 377:212, who_.jpg)


Heed the advice in this thread and lurk some more before shilling.

12f24c No.9951047

File: 039ffd9d0b9eff7⋯.jpg (799.49 KB, 1693x910, 1693:910, ebola_electron_microscope.jpg)

File: 5ec5eb1edced6d3⋯.jpg (533.54 KB, 1448x908, 362:227, herpes.jpg)

File: 94c4a792ba1059f⋯.jpg (658.62 KB, 1693x911, 1693:911, bacteriophage.jpg)

File: 70a8f87f0e20684⋯.jpg (739.93 KB, 1697x911, 1697:911, HIV_creation.jpg)

File: 211f23ad97f00d3⋯.jpg (478.69 KB, 1444x908, 361:227, adenovirus_clusters_inside….jpg)


>Can you show me a real picture of a virus? All I find are cartoons and metal coated bubbles from electron microscopes.

Here are some images from a transmission electron microscope… or is this what you're calling "metal coated bubbles"?

Source: http://www.eyeofscience.de/en/viruses/


Just to be clear, I'm absolutely against compulsory vaccination. Forcibly injecting people with… anything is absolutely disgusting shit that only kikes and communists would support.

And I'm absolutely for cracking down hard on any pharmaceutical companies that suppress evidence of side-effects for profit. Like I said, that should be treated on par with mass murder or worse.

What I'm against is hysterical knee-jerk claims along the lines of ALL vaccines are bad. That is clearly false and perpetuating this sort of notion does two things:

>make you and anything you're associated with look stupid

>give pharma kikes ammunition and cover to say "see, they're just being hysterical"

The latter is particularly bad because that is why it is nearly impossible to go after them. Any sort of questioning or critical assessment of negative side-effects of vaccines gets immediately gets shut down by conflating it with this bullshit.

>Death sentence? Tell that to the Italian people who now have to deal with retard autist kids

>it's become russian roulette

>Until there is punishment and thus consequences for these kikes, vaccinations will remain exactly what they are today; a gamble.

That's also faulty logic. How many kids that were vaccinated became retard autists? What percentage? Compared to that, what would be the consequences of not vaccinating at all?

Is it a gamble? Yes.

Could you get fucked? Yes.

Will you get fucked? Extremely unlikely.

Will you get fucked if you contract polio because you didn't get vaccinated? Yes.

Will there be a polio outbreak if nobody gets vaccinated while we import third world shitskins? Inevitably.

You're gambling either way. The only question is: what odds are you playing?

84c2a8 No.9951378


kids with bad immune systems can die from getting injected with a 'dead' disease

wow what a surprise

bd7214 No.9952152


They're falsecolour, they'd be black and white usually.

badfef No.9952224


>What I am curious about is where this anti-vaccination attitude started popping up

i'd say that it's that a lot of people have started doubting the system.

you have media and authority figures telling you everything is all right, except that it's going to shit for a lot of people especially because of things that are sold as gold by higher ups mentioned above.

it's quite a normal reaction if you ask me.

and if you consider that we are starting to see cases of TBC again in our countries thanks to certain "resources" who are totally going to pay for our retirements and add to our wonderful diveristy tapestry. it's hard to take seriously these people.

4e622b No.9952364

File: cd44bd30fffa340⋯.jpg (88.37 KB, 691x842, 691:842, pssst hey kid... theres on….jpg)



No goy. Don't get vaccinated. We have a hospital room for you when you get a full blown disease, goy. Best rates. Low prices!

9c1ab2 No.9952438


>They stopped using Hg

Now they're filled with aluminum.

A known neurotoxin When your grandpa gets Alzhiemer's, thank the flu shot he got last winter.

fb2633 No.9952459

I'm fucking tired of the antivax shills on /pol/.

I'm Italian and this years, since thousands of retards like OP didn't vaccinate their kids and since thousands of niggers and muslims came to my country taking their filthiness with them, we had thousands of illnesses more than the average. I got sick something like 6-7 times, lost tons of days at work and at the gym.

Fuck you OP, fuck you and everyone who supports you.

This antivax shilling is cointelpro as its finest:

this whole mess was created by our (((Andrew Wakefield))) who faked it for the purpose of FAVOURING ANOTHER FUCKING BIG PHARMA INDUSTRY SPONSORIZING ANOTHER FUCKING VACCINE.

I have also reported you

fa444a No.9952900



75411c No.9952943


>I'm Italian and this years, since thousands of retards like OP didn't vaccinate their kids and since thousands of niggers and muslims came to my country taking their filthiness with them, we had thousands of illnesses more than the average. I got sick something like 6-7 times, lost tons of days

I have something really surprising for you to know, anon. Those thousands of niggers and muslims are the cause of the problem, not the lack of vaccination. Shitskins reintroduce disease into white areas that haven't been seen in years.

>this whole mess was created by our (((Andrew Wakefield))) who faked it for the purpose of FAVOURING ANOTHER FUCKING BIG PHARMA INDUSTRY SPONSORIZING ANOTHER FUCKING VACCINE.

You think we don't even know that? What were you expecting jews to do? Not co-opt their opposition? And another thing is that he didn't start the "movement" the anger and information was already there. Things were getting done by the turn of the century. That jew set things back hard because of the misinformation carried by it and people who were fooled like you. If you think you're wise to the issue, actually look at the issue itself and not what the media tells you. When the media holds jews like him up as an opposition, you better believe that person actually works for (((them))).

b2d728 No.9952962

File: 22d93df4ee1feab⋯.webm (1.49 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, wew lad.webm)


>Responding seriously to such an obvious shillpost

7b1a2c No.9953014


>(1) shekel has been deposited to your account




>inject yourself and your kids with poisons goy


>oy vey I personally got sick so vaccinations are good goy

>d-don't even think of stopping the influx of nonwhites goy just inject yourself with poison and face to autism

4e622b No.9954245

File: 93f764d82c8c5cc⋯.png (68.85 KB, 290x174, 5:3, lifeishardbutitsharderwhen….png)


>>Shitskins reintroduce disease into white areas that haven't been seen in years.

>>reintroduce disease.



Wiped out…

>>wait for it

because of vaccines.

b7504d No.9954392

File: 96faf7530d55039⋯.png (849.74 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Boku no Hyde.png)


This is the fucking truth, its not about vaccination at all. Its about making anyone who questions authority on something that is "obviously true" seem like an absolute nut. Vaccines are perfect for this psyop because they can program the fear of sickness into the feeling the normies get when questioning authority. Everyone has been sick at one time or another so its a very personal and effective attack to say "if you dont follow our rules you will be super sick and your children will die"

4bdf1b No.9963304


Maybe because Americans get the most vaccinations and by and large have the shittiest immune systems. Overloading an infants immune system with foreign proteins, antigens, toxoids and contaminates(especially fungal contaminates that caused many cases of sids) is not a good thing. When b cells get overloaded they start to shut down or they over activate. Hence millions of people with autoimmune diseases and millions more with post sepsis chronic fatigue. There's a medical reason gen x were known as underachievers and couch potatoes and everyone just takes the world of the same couple corrupt Kikes at Yale who own patents on all these proteins.

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