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Dear Fat Kimmy, there's a French Banker married to a grandma who's plotting to replace you with Yeong Ten

File: a47147bad342e04⋯.png (733.75 KB, 812x441, 116:63, 73281932.png)

f53b9c No.9942476

It's happening! Assange is live on the balcony speaking now. Not a drill.

>Disinfo campaign was he's dead. He's alive and well


840478 No.9942491

Neat. Bump.

56a8d1 No.9942520



82e9e0 No.9942532


It did seem highly plausible he was dead. The most curious thing, that still hasnt been figured out, is that most of the people who worked with him on wikileaks disappeared from the internet as far back as april 2015

f53b9c No.9942533


They are exposed as low paid disinfo shills

5937b6 No.9942537


>implying that isn't LCD held really close to the window

I'll believe it once I see the body :^)

2d0ee8 No.9942564



9429f1 No.9942576


i actually believed he was dead.

there were some red flags

still kinda do

file date change

room 101

no pgp sign, acceptable

tweeting a link to a fucking pdf, open in browser


10fc6c No.9942580


>It did seem highly plausible he was dead. The most curious thing, that still hasnt been figured

Or they have found a suitable clone to replace him with. You are a hero assagne, tell the world how much you love Hillary Clinton and how Assad is the worst ever. Literally hitler!

eff6f7 No.9942587

File: ab12ca584fc5958⋯.jpeg (25.57 KB, 236x350, 118:175, image.jpeg)

Thule Group probably saved/cloned Assange. Thanks wizard-Nazis.

9429f1 No.9942588

>>9942580 room 101

anybody have a peri or similar


b59df7 No.9942595


b59df7 No.9942596


im the same

3bfa83 No.9942597

File: 5db25170b532b1d⋯.png (219.71 KB, 1296x1374, 216:229, 1437422942811.png)






885458 No.9942604

Glad to see that the body double has fully recovered from the facial reconstruction surgery.

It's a pretty good job too, can hardly see the scars.

0deb69 No.9942610


>inb4 body double shills

9429f1 No.9942611


I was worried for a sec, looked like some successful astroturfing going on

0deb69 No.9942616

File: b85cbc2ae4108af⋯.jpg (98.77 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 4.-wolf13.jpg)


god damn it.

885458 No.9942619




0deb69 No.9942624


>doubt x-tier bullshit


Quit smoking reefer.

326194 No.9942628



There are schizo niggers who even now will claim he's dead. They'll say he's wearing a rubber mask, or all the streams and images are edited and everybody who witnessed it in person is CIA.

9429f1 No.9942629




9429f1 No.9942636


I just wanted a peri is all, still on the fence

Lots of smoke, lots of fires

cant connect the dots

9429f1 No.9942638


>that time stamp

326194 No.9942645


If you got a "peri", you'd find another excuse to doubt. You'd say it was edited, a rubber mask, an actor, something. Nothing will ever satisfy you because you've already made up your mind.

9429f1 No.9942664


have == I == given proposed anything?

>>9942576 ← thats me


dms is debatable

5fb7f4 No.9942700


Days old news, dude. There was little posting about it here since he's a transfag now and is completely irrelevant other than serving as a poster child.

ab182a No.9942707

File: c8d2dbdf50de153⋯.png (73.14 KB, 740x600, 37:30, 4a7b1b8eaf1d89e009b08e88e1….png)

File: 2ea92c760ef5b18⋯.png (492.2 KB, 500x647, 500:647, 2ea92c760ef5b18754ea4368d0….png)


>kikes make a body double

>Thule Society using powerful memetic magic transplants Assange's spirit into the doppelgänger

Not even Death can stop us you soulless rat people!

672312 No.9942715

File: 260cc6328aab783⋯.jpg (315.3 KB, 1000x1926, 500:963, Popcorn_pepe.jpg)


672312 No.9942720

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b59df7 No.9942739


What was that shit about xie being broken out of prison but not? yall remember that - it was the same fucking day as the wizard went missing i think

7781d8 No.9942745

>When everyone forgot they killed him and Removed him in a london raid when the fucking airlines went down to easily transport him out the country without suspicion.

The ass-man is dead.

6bbf30 No.9942748

>ITT kikeniggers letting us know how much their asses hurt

Please gas yourselves.

56a8d1 No.9942754

File: ff5e057a4e11a60⋯.jpg (63.97 KB, 500x774, 250:387, srsly.jpg)

Well, if I wasn't sure before that there were actual paid shills involved in pushing the "Assange is dead, he got black-bagged and now it's CGI/Body Double/Ayylmao imposter" narrative before, this fucking thread has removed all doubts of that. Thanks, you fucking retards.

237218 No.9942758




c96ae4 No.9942777


Not sure about Assange but body doubles are well known to be used for public figures under threat, just look at all of the body doubles Saddam and his kids had


9b6e41 No.9942779

oh shit, praise fucking Kek

>b-but muh body double muh cgi amirite goys

9b6e41 No.9942782


Checked. Gotta always stay aware.

I still think Kek is on our side in this case though, as always.

672312 No.9942784



>On the night of Oct. 10, according to her statement, four people impersonating guards conducted an hourslong attack on the prison, during which she said she heard sounds indicating that the attackers were shooting and torturing her cellblock’s actual guards.

>These attackers tried to induce Ms. Manning to escape, she said in her statement. Instead, as the night unfolded, she hid in the corner of her cell, telling the impostors she knew they were not actual guards, it said.

>At 6 a.m. on Oct. 11, a regular shift of guards familiar to Ms. Manning arrived, and “everything returned to normal, except that several correctional specialists were deep cleaning the entirety of Alpha tier with Pine Sol and bleach,” the statement concluded.

9b6e41 No.9942790


Interesting. I wonder what the link is

633929 No.9942796

Those three insurance files which were released did not match the pre-release hashes. There has not been any reasonable explanation why.

Also, a lot of strange things happened all at once, wikileaks server behavior, the bitchain activity, the massive ddos, the strange mod purge on T_D, the comment thread on a zerohedge article about JA being hacked and deleted, all those people coming out of the woodwork talking about JA being vanned & deadman keys, The Foxnews report of police activity in front of the embassy, and other things as well.

I'm not saying he's dead, I don't know what to believe anymore. But that whole situation was bizarre and still defies explanation.

237218 No.9942801


The whole "body double" narrative will be pushed by shills.

b6da7c No.9942841

File: a70838c49829db0⋯.png (924.87 KB, 695x900, 139:180, PicsArt_05-19-12.45.51.png)

Seven years without charge, while my children grew up without me. That is not something that I can forgive, it is not something that I can forget.

b59df7 No.9942849

Julian please release an earlier insurance file you have loads. pretty please. i wont doubt you again.

b59df7 No.9942852

9b6e41 No.9942854


Absolutely. One must keep that idea in mind, but not believe it is the case.

fdfcba No.9942899


It was CTR/CREW.

Trump declassified proof Assange's 'girlfriend' was IISO and gave it to the Swedes. THAT is the real reason the kikes are pissed.

553e6b No.9943177


So, there's a body double who's spending his whole life inside Equator's embassy?

842bea No.9943189

Guys, could I hand deliver some memes to Assange in London?

842bea No.9943204


The were trying to muddy the waters so people didn't believe the leaks.

a45c33 No.9943207


>Walk to embassy front desk.

>"mail for Assange"

>"and from whom'st've'd should I say it is?"

>"my online Nazi friends and I"

Do it.

842bea No.9943213


I'll give him a unique pepe.

a45c33 No.9943225


Great man. Shame we probably can't get anything through, could've been funny.

842bea No.9943230


I'll post here if I get the chance.

e41806 No.9943233


>have == I == given proposed anything?

You just proposed that you need to fucking lurk moar

baca9f No.9943236


I'll be honest. I thought Assange was totally dead back before the election when the entire internet grid of the USA went down, WL posted some keys, and made some strange cryptic tweets.

Glad I'm officially confirmed wrong

0ec07c No.9943244


He is in for a surprise when he is the only white guy in Sweden when he gets back.

87603b No.9943254

I'm just glad he's alive

>implying this isn't some elaborate ruse

d31d4d No.9943259

be wary anons, we'll never know until we get a semen test from the "assange" and match it with his kids

553aaa No.9943260


Where is his stalker? That woman films the embassy every day. She should have been there, her husband will be free.

c1d2aa No.9943267


Yeah and there's tons of people who assert that our intelligence agencies don't have our people's best interests in mind and that jews run everything to the detriment of white people.

842bea No.9943278


We'll never know until the aliens themselves come down from the skies and tell us that Julian Assange is alive and wasn't killed or cloned. Then god swings by on a skateboard to give him a high five. Then we'll finally know for sure.

646f1d No.9943283



>Yeah and there's tons of people who assert that our intelligence agencies don't have our people's best interests in mind and that jews run everything to the detriment of white people.

Yea but there is proof of that you nigger

ed69f5 No.9943329

what if skinwallker?

842bea No.9943334


What if ayy lmao clone? What if bigfoot with a haircut?

8ed52a No.9943336



anyone have more of the video's and photos people shot from that press conference.

Every angle and pixel i want to go over, so i can finally have no doubt.

6a92f2 No.9943342



It has to be a clone/body double.

51513e No.9943351

File: 4c60c054029ec6b⋯.jpg (123.85 KB, 751x615, 751:615, 1441154898131.jpg)

The Swedes finally dropped the rape charges against him, could be part of the reason why he's finally showing himself.


4b1fdb No.9943359

File: 194f10735b7abfa⋯.gif (947.89 KB, 500x297, 500:297, shit.gif)


>That is not something that I can forgive, it is not something that I can forget.

sounds so familiar

f33dc4 No.9943360


Are you retarded lad?

ed69f5 No.9943362


(((deep state))) is probably screaming at the swedes calling them cucks right about now.

25b66d No.9943365


Youre welcome

553aaa No.9943388


His weird stalker took vid yesterday and then suddenly decided today to go on a road trip far away. https://twitter.com/ExplorerMom2/status/865264949039439874

Maybe try tweeting her about how needed she is or some horseshit, try to get her to stay and video the embassy.

ec1fdd No.9943408

>>9943177 Checked!

well there must be now, dubs will it

308198 No.9943414


I don't think Assange is dead, but implying you can't fake him on a balcony is absurd.

3bfa83 No.9943441


True I'm going to need him to personally piss in my mouth to confirm. Or tinfoil larpers who know nothing about technology can fuck off and write fanfiction back on /x/.

56a8d1 No.9943464

File: 7f0a9eb8f5c26a4⋯.png (603.35 KB, 667x615, 667:615, 1465226886378.png)


>True I'm going to need him to personally piss in my mouth to confirm.

5781b8 No.9943467


I agree with you. Every time I'm out and hear someone talk about how AI is about to take over the world I don't know whether to laugh or rage. On another note, I think the piss may be too extreme.

237218 No.9943491


>AI is about to take over the world

Only way that happens is if people allow it to make our decisions for us. Libshits will embrace it. The rest of us won't.

e36c89 No.9943545

The Count of the Ecuadorian Embassy

5781b8 No.9943547

File: 8ddc0afdab5b791⋯.gif (475.37 KB, 320x178, 160:89, cats.gif)


>if people allow it to make our decisions for us

even then– AI is just statistical regressions that still have to be curated by humans because these programs can't make qualitative decisions. If it were a body you would have to drag its boated body around and manually move it limb by limb.

a4594c No.9943600


>he still can't comprehend that morph cuts were used to edit for time

237218 No.9943662


>statistical regressions

They'll initially accept it as "AI performs the same tasks as a human..reaching conclusions based on statistical data". Then AI makes decisions on global resource allocation based on a persons contributions/worth to society.

Its the perfect cop out for jews who always need to blame the evil decisions on someone else. Of course this all depends on evil whitey being out of the picture.

7e908b No.9943684

UK police say WikiLeaks' Assange will be arrested if he leaves Ecuador's embassy


5781b8 No.9943692

File: 6753a7f58ed3ada⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 400x302, 200:151, rangers.gif)


>evil whitey being out of the picture

I can see what you mean… I can. I also think that its will be their undoing. Most people who run tech businesses are far from tech native and I think that trend will continue. Them birds will come home to roost.

42be4b No.9943703


Praise Kek, the digits have spoken! Be on alert for body doubles.

6699aa No.9943760


What would you do for a Klondike Pizza?

12db1d No.9943764

File: 69f6d6f737647f2⋯.jpg (60.84 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 69f6d6f737647f2fd05ec68b1d….jpg)

I know you're lurking here, Julian

Thank you. Keep up the good word, based White Wizard.

553aaa No.9943769



e68e54 No.9943808

Can someone tl;dr me the whole Trump is suddenly cool with arresting him thing?

324dc4 No.9943830


It's possible he'd want him arrested and extridited just so Assange can receive an executive pardon in the US.

It's infuriating to keep having to remind people that Trump isn't stupid.

84e45c No.9943837



e68e54 No.9943851


>It's infuriating to keep having to remind people that Trump isn't stupid.

>I'm a Nationalist AND a Globalist

544c17 No.9943854


Better step on the next bear trap you see on the off chance it stops just before crushing your ankle and shoots out confetti and streamers, before some hot chicks walk out of the bushes with a table between them and you receive a complimentary massage.

324dc4 No.9943855


Yeah, exactly.

Thanks for proving me right, jackass.

e68e54 No.9943885


Why do you still believe the best possible scenario every time, no matter how complex it is? Occam's razor is a thing for a reason.

I will fully admit to doing that myself, but too many things have happened to explain it away like that still.

6dd09e No.9943892


What's so curious about that? He's the only one hidden away in an embassy.

e68e54 No.9943909



I am honestly asking.

544c17 No.9943910


Another day, another child who doesn't actually know what Occam's razor is, and uses it like everybody else on retardshit or faceberg or wherever he blew in from.

e68e54 No.9943923


>Occam's razor

How did I use it wrong? Even your previous post does the same thing.

553aaa No.9943934


>so Assange can receive an executive pardon in the

Trump will please his masters and prosecute him, if he even survives at all.

964768 No.9943966

File: 3a4622d70bb9394⋯.jpg (125.34 KB, 996x720, 83:60, 3a4622d70bb9394d5ff21efd5a….jpg)



5781b8 No.9943995

File: 4152b7f29b8bcf4⋯.gif (9.15 MB, 528x229, 528:229, heh.gif)



81f05e No.9944081

Someone for the love of GOD send this man an underage hooker, fast!!

d27eb3 No.9944104


Louis XX?

004b46 No.9944130

File: 992d7d5f371ebe0⋯.gif (793.77 KB, 500x374, 250:187, 75c5b40bafd6525e550410a0d5….gif)

20225c No.9944154


You have to admit, there was some red flags before that made it plausible that he was dead.

c1db52 No.9944226

File: 3ba1525073fefbf⋯.png (507.47 KB, 588x617, 588:617, 1476538723353.png)

47b30a No.9944292



For a daylight shot like that, it better be a plasma or some new fangled LED screen.

LCD doesn't have the kick to pass in daylight, and if it did then the blacks would be washed out grey.

My real question is, is the only evidence a fucking photo from a MSM outlet?

That's no evidence at all.

1387bf No.9944297


Initially, I thought he was dead.

Then I thought he'd been smuggled out (hence the silence).

Now - pretty convinced he's fine.

47b30a No.9944299


>Now - pretty convinced he's fine.


1387bf No.9944303


Seriously? He just showed up on the balcony? What more do you need?

046962 No.9944337




a3eea6 No.9944339


Obviously a body double. Don't believe the wikileaks releases go… I mean guy.

cd7f11 No.9944346

File: 0388bce900c3ae5⋯.jpg (148.98 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1493327754253.jpg)


got any sources as to what the Thule Group was actually about?

I'm really fucking interested in it but there is so much blatant disinfo out there on it.

It was the biggest red pill i ever encountered when I discovered it.

47b30a No.9944348

File: e95fb1edda63393⋯.webm (8.21 MB, 720x480, 3:2, this_easy_to_fake.webm)


Could be a body double (plastic surgery), CGI or skinned robot (think the Japanese robot girls that everyone was 'wow'ing about 3 or 4 years ago and think how far they have advanced since then) augmented with voice cloning. The audio in the video doesn't even sync up.

>a body double? lol, the chances of that are billions to one.

Not really, some people will do anything for money and he's been out of the public eye plenty of time for any scars on the doppelganger to heal up.

553aaa No.9944357


Yes, so far. I checked his crazy stalker's timeline and she took off on a road trip a few hours before the news. Before that she was video'ing his window all day every day.

be7fd9 No.9944362


Sounds like hes implying the whole world should be nationalist, baka.

a35b73 No.9944372



That's not exactly "easy", they said it took two months to make.

47b30a No.9944383


>two months

And how long as Assange been out of public sight?

They also said it had never been done before, which is clearly a lie because you can't develop a perfected system of that complexity in two months, especially while also building a finished product, no fucking chance.


>where is Assange's microphone?

553aaa No.9944389


Plenty of time since Oct. Assange needs to post a fucking pic from his webcam with a timestamp. Fuck the timestamp, just post a pic that hasn't been published elsewhere.

47b30a No.9944407


Something like this. Although any skepticism is going to be greeted with "muh tinfoil", given recent technological advances, a well funded entity could absolutely fake his appearance in a 100% convincing way. The tech already exists, accessing it just takes the sufficient amount of money and a controlled conduit to distribute the media, which is exactly how all video of today's event has arrived to us.

544c17 No.9944532


For this exercise, I want you to actually read about what Occam's razor is, then tell me how you were wrong.

56a8d1 No.9944635

File: fa0c2bf46dbec53⋯.png (254.08 KB, 383x385, 383:385, david.png)



I agree I need a timestamped video of Julian ejaculating onto a photo of Hotwheels while "Florian Geyer Lied" plays in the background or else I don't buy that it's really him.

dac9a0 No.9945223


Just because the rape charges are dropped, doesn't mean he wont get nabbed.

9429f1 No.9945999


ad hominem


b7e206 No.9946199


>Or they have found a suitable clone to replace him with.

This was my first thought. Could be a double. Wouldn't be the first time, and the vast majority of people would refuse to believe it even if conclusive proof is found. (Eg. the guy pretending to be Paul McCartney has been conclusively proven not to be, but most people refuse to accept it)

I saw some of the footage of him earlier, looked like it was the real Assange, but he looked "younger", like it was old footage.

36810c No.9946224

File: a2ad9c58f41ffe9⋯.png (73.11 KB, 200x228, 50:57, FXBDexE.png)

>do not forgive

>do not forget

bfc82f No.9946275


Your sounding like the shill.

bfc82f No.9946292

My simple question is, after all these months of asking for proof of life. He's just shown himself on the balcony now, why not before?

7cbc22 No.9946360


I'd put it down to the fact that right now, all eyes are on WikiLeaks, and an assassination of Assange would just 100% confirm that shit's fuck'y.

Previously, with such things as the reported climber on the embassy, there was less focus on Assange, and more police activity around the embassy- heightening the possibility of a hit.

0cf87f No.9946968

File: d9fb09847875782⋯.mp4 (3.18 MB, 640x360, 16:9, JulianAssangeRealTimeFaceM….mp4)

File: d69cbc552cfe8de⋯.gif (64 B, 1x1, 1:1, bypass.gif)

bump and repost

df8da2 No.9946980


I don't think it was a disinfo campaign and more like anons are paranoid as fuck.

d9b36a No.9946984

File: 0ecdf88fae47b7e⋯.gif (3.03 MB, 354x528, 59:88, thule group animated.gif)


>what the Thule Group was actually about?

Invulnerability through telepathic devotion to the very Fuhrer's mind.

df8da2 No.9946994


It was when Obama wanted him dead. Maybe Trump has reached out.

72884c No.9946998

>shills got btfo and prove CIAniggers are a far cry from their old terrifying reputation

>already trying to force the MUH CLONE narrative

What next? Assange holograms? Mass hypnosis?

Reptilian in disguise?

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