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Dear Fat Kimmy, there's a French Banker married to a grandma who's plotting to replace you with Yeong Ten

File: ef68d9fe44c524f⋯.jpg (242.05 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, DAFtIsAVoAEk5AD.jpg)

f297c9 No.9943357

one cubic foot of flammable ice holds 164 cubic feet of regular natural gas

China has successfully collected samples of combustible ice in the South China Sea. This major breakthrough that may lead to a global energy revolution has captured close attention from both home and abroad.

China is talking up its achievement of mining flammable ice for the first time from underneath the South China Sea.

The fuel-hungry country has been pursuing the energy source, located at the bottom of oceans and in polar regions, for nearly two decades. China's minister of land and resources, Jiang Daming, said Thursday that the successful collection of the frozen fuel was "a major breakthrough that may lead to a global energy revolution," according to state media.

Experts agree that flammable ice could be a game changer for the energy industry, similar to the U.S. shale boom. But they caution that big barriers – both technological and environmental – need to be cleared to build an industry around the frozen fuel, which is also known as gas hydrate.

China, the world's largest energy consumer, isn't the first country to make headway with flammable ice. Japan drilled into it in the Pacific and extracted gas in 2013 – and then did so again earlier this month. The U.S. government has its own long-running research program into the fuel.

The world's resources of flammable ice – in which gas is stored in cages of water molecules – are vast. Gas hydrates are estimated to hold more carbon than all the world's other fossil fuels combined, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

And it's densely packed: one cubic foot of flammable ice holds 164 cubic feet of regular natural gas, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Chinese state news agency Xinhua says that makes the fuel a strong contender to replace regular oil and natural gas. But like any fossil fuel, flammable ice raises significant environmental concerns.

Related: Is China unstoppable in the South China Sea?

Experts worry about the release of methane, a superpotent greenhouse gas with 25 times as much global warming potential as carbon dioxide. And although burning natural gas is cleaner than coal, it still creates carbon emissions.

fc37e5 No.9943371



Now that just sounds silly.

f84f29 No.9943375

Chinks are always bullshitting.

7a7db5 No.9943376


Methane hydrate is not a new breakthrough philochink. The reason nobody fucks with it is because there are no guarantees to not destabilize the entire shelf it forms and collapse it. This is not a breakthrough, it's chinks being reckless and possibly fucking up the Pacific even more than Fukushima did alone.

e04333 No.9943385


>environmental concerns

Better hold off on that beach front property.

f297c9 No.9943390


If there is a real breakthrough, it could be as significant as the shale revolution in the United States.

ae20e8 No.9943395

Why can't they fucking make an article without it being clickbait bullshit?


It's probably oil and gasses in the ice, whoopedy fucking doo what a big discovery, won't even bother reading this bullshit. Kill yourself OP

7a7db5 No.9943401


This will fuck everyone up. Releasing huge amounts of compressed methane that built up over millions of years will really fuck up the planet, especially the ocean. As if the japs didn't poison it enough.

7a7db5 No.9943419


No, it's not faggot. This is not a new discovery, and nobody messes around with it because if any little thing goes wrong it will be catastrophic. If whites were doing this the article would portray us as reckless and evil. Chinks are not exactly the most competent when it comes to these matters, they cut corners and fuck shit up. They are best at copying new innovations and methods, not creating them; and nobody has done this because it can't be accomplished safely with enough certainty.

7830ed No.9943425


tl;dr - Mining methane ice formations is literally playing with a loaded gun; if not handled properly, the consequences for the entire world would be severe.

d3d2ba No.9943429



"flammable ice" = clathrates = methane hydrates

everybody and their chemists have been doing research on this for the past decades

it's not a "breakthrough" to have located yet another spot where you can find some, this shit is everywhere

protip: this shit is what caused the gulf of mexico fuckup on the oil rig in 2010

2343e8 No.9943432


>for the entire world


7a7db5 No.9943440


Thank you! Another person who isn't an idiot and knows the chinks are being reckless, not innovators.


Because it will release massive amounts of methane into the ocean and atmosphere, not to mention other problems. Read the link in the post you responded to.

2343e8 No.9943444


>Because it will release massive amounts of methane into the ocean and atmosphere, not to mention other problems. Read the link in the post you responded to.

but methane us worse than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. will we be forced to nuke China so that we can save the planet?

57a3d1 No.9943445

Clathrates are bad news. Invade China now.

f297c9 No.9943449


e04333 No.9943456

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


2343e8 No.9943459

File: 51fa839dc9e6176⋯.png (41.42 KB, 628x606, 314:303, ClipboardImage.png)

7190f7 No.9943461

It's just a methane hydrate, methane ice. The idea that this can match natural gas production were even a shallow well in sandstone produces millions of cubic feet of gas in its lifetime, which can be easily piped to a location is frankly ridiculous. It's like mining for coal deep under the sea(the temperature must be low and pressure high for volatiles to form ice). China is very worried about the fact that it relies almost entirely on foreign coal, gas, and oil as it exhausted many supplies with poor production methods and further production is hampered by incompetence and graft which causes local land barons to keep the prices high for their own profit via the state controlled corporations authorized to extract these resources.

Now what you can do is drill into sediment or loosely consolidated rock which contains methane hydrates and flux it with warm fluid. The hydrates will sublimate into gas and then you can extract that just as you would when drilling for offshore oil or gas in more conventional fully lithified reservoirs. Right now low energy prices make this nonviable.



You cannot "collapse" the continental shelf. It is a mass of compacted sediment, you could cause a local eruption of the hydrates you have fluxed with warm fluid if the sediments above the deposit are too thin or poorly consolidated to contain the gas which being less dense will rise and balloon the sediments above it into a dome. This could cause a potential shipping hazard as the release of bubbles would lower the density of the water column and thus sink a ship. This can happen naturally when tectonic events shift sediment on the self and expose sediments saturated with the hydrates. Overall it is more dangerous than drilling conventional resources in fully lithified rock but it cannot cause a catastrophic even like you seem to think. Also with Chinks accidents are inevitable.

7a7db5 No.9943463

>>9943444 (Checked)

Dubs confirm we must kill the chinks to fulfill the 14 words.


>Some claims are fear porn nonsense, therefore things I don't understand are too.

The sky wont be falling, just human bodies all around the world.

f297c9 No.9943466



>Reminds me of the time the Hadron Collider collapsed in on itself and formed a blackhole, remember? Hillary was elected but due to that disaster our dimension in time and space was shifted.

c0c12b No.9943472


nature will put it back

1fc851 No.9943473

And not a single word uttered from the typical Muh Carbon Tax shills.

7a7db5 No.9943475


What is an explosion? A rapid expansion of gas. This occurring underwater can cause powerful displacement and a chain reaction. You're right about the chinks though.

7190f7 No.9943478


Two points

Shitskins bleed billions of cubic feet of natural gas into the atmosphere right now because they are too incompetent to make a market for it when extracting oil. The Chinks couldn't dump more shit into the air if they tried. And their rice farming is already the single largest source of methane since the submerged fields produce billions of tons of it through the decay of plant matter every year.

Secondly the amount of methane in the atmosphere is much lower than expected even when only accounting for that produced by decay, ants, and termites. The reason is because methane is fixed by methosynthetic bacteria into glucose, water, and CO2 in the atmosphere. The air is full of bacteria which use chemosynthesis to produce glucose in this manner because all organic matter decays and releases methane. A local methane release creates a "bloom" of this bacteria.

e04333 No.9943480


Infinite parallel dimensions is the easiest shit to debunk if you think about it for a few minutes.

2343e8 No.9943484


>A local methane release creates a "bloom" of this bacteria.

and what does that result in?

be91ad No.9943485


>Because it will release massive amounts of methane into the ocean and atmosphere

This is the same reason liberals tell people not to eat beef.

57a3d1 No.9943486


Not infinite, fam. They've only broken time a handful of times.

d3d2ba No.9943489


>The sky wont be falling, just human bodies all around the world.

and also all sorts of plants and animals


>"It is the Earth's most severe known extinction event, with up to 96% of all marine species[6][7] and 70% of terrestrial vertebrate species becoming extinct."

2c05b8 No.9943499

Fucking bugs are going to destroy us all.

7190f7 No.9943502


>This occurring underwater can cause powerful displacement and a chain reaction.

A small one, by your logic any fire would start a firestorm. The pressure and temperature of the water already permit the methane to remain as a solid even if saturated sediment was exposed it wouldn't release the gas unless fluxed with warm fluid. Physics dictates that the eruption can only propagate so far.

If your bullshit idea that any release can cause a chain reaction were true then the tectonic events or grain flows which expose saturated sediment would cause such reactions. In reality the amount of gas released is dictated by the amount of sediment removed from above the saturated layer. The layer is saturated with respect to the T/P conditions it is currently in, thus removing sediment decreases the lithostatic pressure and some fraction of the hydrates sublimate which decrease the pressure further until a new equalibrium is reached given the current depth in the water column and the decreased lithostatic pressure as dictated by the amount of overburden pressing down on the saturated layer.

I have an MS in geology, don't bullshit about catastrophes unless you have a basic understanding of physics. I'll bet some chink retards gas themselves and manage to sink a free floating rig which extracting gas from these hydrates. Not that it matters, they are just ant-people.

7a7db5 No.9943506


Not even close to the same scale or time frame. This isn't just cow flatulence, it's millions of years worth of compressed methane being released all at once. Methane has huge impacts, this isn't debunked because liberals can't math and fucked up by a few orders of magnitude. I hate saying this, but nobody is wrong about everything.


Oh I know, that's part of the reason why we will not survive. Thanks for including the Permian extinction event, I was going to mention that.

7190f7 No.9943508


Other than more bacteria, essentially nothing. The bloom isn't visible and the bacteria themselves don't produce harmful waste. Such blooms occur every summer in the arctic when methane rich soil which underwent slow decay in the fall and spring is melted by the summer thaw, allowing the methane to escape as the temperature rises and liquid methane in the soil evaporates or ice which capped sediments containing gaseous methane is removed.

e04333 No.9943512


If there were an event which could create a parallel dimension then you'd be looking at exponential growth for at least 14 billion years. They'd only matter if they could interact and if they could interact then we'd have a nearly infinite number trying to interact with us, which means we'd already have told ourselves that they exist. It's as bullshit as time travel.

be91ad No.9943516


You both sound like alarmists to me.

7190f7 No.9943524


The Permain terminal extinction event occurred over tens of millions of years. Also the total biomass didn't decrease. It didn't kill 96% of organisms, it caused 96% of extant species to go extinct, and important distinction. We see a great expanse of coal on the coasts during this time indicating extensive forestation. Rather the reduction in the total area of coastal shelves(were most fossils are preserved), the homogenization of previously distinct continental fauna and flora due to the assembly of Pangaea, the desertification of the interior which reduced the total carrying capacity of the continents, and possibly a decrease in atmospheric O2 caused by oxidation of sediments preserved as "red beds" probably all contributed to the apparent loss of species.

Humans could survive this and most extinction events quite easily, we are not dependent on a single environment. Would it really matter if there were merely 100 million whites living in city states scattered around the world? I mean right now we are 800 million whites in a sea of useless brown trash who contribute nothing. What would it matter if they died out?

7a7db5 No.9943528


You claim to understand physics yet you ignore that the structure is unstable. Nobody argues this. When a chemical or compound is unstable, that means it has a store of potential energy. Releasing that potential energy over a short period of time, when it built up over millions of years, can overcome the environment it was created in. You even say yourself that it happens in local events, yet you bring up T/P conditions maintaining equilibrium and stability. The local events wouldn't occur at all if this was the case.

Claiming you have a degree/knowledge and demonstrating knowledge are two different things faggot. You made mutually exclusive claims side by side.

030d6f No.9943530


This. Solid methane has been burnt as fuel since before recorded history. Even in records of Atlantis (note, massive quantities are still at depths that anyone with a snorkel can grab them) cite it being used as fuel.

030d6f No.9943540


>this can fucker up the environment

Might actually be what melted the ice and flooded out Atlantis. If they did rely on this and opened up a giant deposit, it would've raised the global temperature enough to melt the ices and raise ocean levels. Note, there is a deposit the size of TEXAS where plato placed Atlantis.

7a7db5 No.9943549



I would also like to add that your example of "any fire causing a firestorm" is a pathetic straw man equivalence ignoring context completely. Any fire could start a firestorm, if it's surrounded by fuel and energy you fucking idiot.

030d6f No.9943551

Note, roughly 12,000 years ago there was a MASSIVE release of methane into the environment which many cite as the cause for the end of the iceage.

28e799 No.9943553


Thermodynamically stable is different than mechanically stable. The clathrates are stable because the hydrogen bonds between the water molecules form a cage-like structure for the gas molecules at that temperature and pressure. The precise nature of the cage shape changes depending on the gas present and the T and P. I don't know if the gas hydrate is buoyant, but if it were, the mechanical stability comes into play. Hence, unstable and stable.

7190f7 No.9943565


>You claim to understand physics yet you ignore that the structure is unstable.

It isn't unstable, only so much of the hydrates(which constitute a tiny portion of the sediment's volume) can sublimate into gas even if the sediment is exposed completely to the surrounding sea water. Stop freaking out shit which cannot happen. You couldn't extend eruption more than a hundred meters beyond the area you fluxed with hot fluids to mobilize the methane even if the conditions were perfect. Grain flows regularly cut tens of meter deep and tens of miles long trenches in the continental rise all the time and release methane. Tectonic events cause the sediments to undergo turbity and grain flow and expose hundreds of square miles of saturated sediment yet the supposedly castostrophic release of methane has never been recorded. The amount of energy needed to move that much soil is huge, only a tectonic event can even come close.

What you want me to tell you, your hypothesis is shit.


It's not a strawman, do you realize the amount of energy needed to move tens of meters or more of compacted muck? What your asking, a chain reaction mobilizing the hydrate crystals in the sediment over hundreds of square miles simply cannot be achieved. It is like thinking a campfire can start of firestorm in a forest which has been through a week of rainstorms. You don't have the energy needed to do it, and the fire cannot extract enough energy from anything it would catch on fire to propagate itself. There's no combustion going on here to input energy into the system you understand the hydrates are merely sublimating due to increased temperature or decreased pressure.

030d6f No.9943572


It's not buoyant, it sits on the seafloor in the atlantic and there are massive deposits under the seafloor as well. In the Bermuda triangle, there is so much that as it offgasses due to weather conditions, large amounts of bubbles come to the surface. In fact, in some cases, boats have been known to sink due to the quantity of the bubbles.

7a7db5 No.9943573


They aren't different in any relevant way to my point which is why I'm confused you are bringing it up. Either way there is a store of potential energy which is released. How are you not getting this?

e04333 No.9943584

>start Patreon for iron fertilization

>Hipsters trigger new ice age

>Chimpin ain't easy when the weather be freezy

030d6f No.9943589

File: d00422eed365c91⋯.png (133.77 KB, 1024x520, 128:65, Gas_hydrates_1996.svg.png)

Don't forget about Methane Clathrate!

7190f7 No.9943591


No the end of the ice age caused increased temperatures which released a shitton of methane over the course of several thousand years, possibly contributing to the warming trend to some indeterminate degree. Or at least that is the consensus as the cycle of glaciation seems to be driven by solar output and continental position more than anything else.

030d6f No.9943596


Have a source that isn't a kike on that one?

c0c12b No.9943635


we are expecting a mini ice age to hit from 2030 to 2040:


it could be a disaster; we should always take care of our fossils fuels and burn them only at "the right time", preventing the ice age to became too harsh

7a7db5 No.9943648


>only so much of the hydrates(which constitute a tiny portion of the sediment's volume) can sublimate into gas even if the sediment is exposed completely to the surrounding sea water.

So you admit it happens if it is disturbed.

>Tectonic events cause the sediments to undergo turbity and grain flow and expose hundreds of square miles of saturated sediment yet the supposedly castostrophic release of methane has never been recorded.

Cool normalcy bias and inductive inference. Your claim is shit and not based on evidence, but rather a lack thereof.

>The amount of energy needed to move that much soil is huge, only a tectonic event can even come close

So if the clathrates are so diffuse, and the energy required to mine them so high; how would it be a net positive to undertake the task to begin with?

>do you realize the amount of energy needed to move tens of meters or more of compacted muck?

It must be less than the energy it contains, otherwise there wouldn't be mining operations. That "compacted muck" also contains energy so it is not the initial event alone causing a reaction.

e04333 No.9943652


We're white, we're built for dim suns and ice ages. I'm telling you faggots, throw your scrap metal into the sea!

030d6f No.9943654


The USA alone has enough coal to easily last a century as the only fuel source, with exponential consumption icreases taken into account. If it comes, we can burn through the iceage easily.


Plato is a better source than any kike, schlomo.

7a7db5 No.9943667


Tectonic events occur along specific fault line in their highest magnitudes. If these events occur on an ongoing basis, large deposits would never form to begin with. I never said the "entire continental shelf" will collapse as you mentioned, I stated that the shelf containing the deposits and any connected deposits would.

7190f7 No.9943670


No individual one, just that from everything I've ever read most glaciations including the somewhat unusual oscillatory glaciation in our current icehouse system appear to correlate with long term cycles we believe are driven by solar output. The position of continents determines the total amount of glaciers which can accumulate and contribute to albedo, more land over the poles means more albedo to begin with and more room for large continental glaciers to accumulate. When Gondwanaland was over the Southern Pole there was the most extensive glaciation in history for example. Of course since we have no way of recording the solar wind in the past and it is not preserved in the rock record we are guessing based on the periodicity of the glaciation events which appear to be far to long to be influenced by anything less than the sun or in other circumstances large volcanic events such as the deposition of continental flood basalt over many millions of years which would also be accompanied by a substantial release of volcanic gases.

In the case of the end of the last ice age which is more likely, that methane suddenly sublimated via some unknown process and drove a warming event, or that the slow warming caused an increase in temperature which sublimated and increasing percentage of the hydrate crystals which were present in the sediments. How would you induce the sublimation of hydrates in the middle of a cooling event when previously they had been accumulating?

030d6f No.9943696


>unknown process

We dug too deep.

7190f7 No.9943706


>So you admit it happens if it is disturbed.

To some degree yes. Why

>Cool normalcy bias and inductive inference

Are you retarded? If there is no record of an event and thermodynamics says it is highly unlikely how exactly am I to model it? I need observations from which to draw inferences so I can make a model to be tested. That's now the scientific method works.

>So if the clathrates are so diffuse, and the energy required to mine them so high; how would it be a net positive to undertake the task to begin with?

Depends entirely on the density of the particular field, right not it isn't really viable, it may never be viable. I specialize in sandstone and shale reservoirs but I've never seen anybody claiming that they can make a profit on hydrates.

>It must be less than the energy it contains, otherwise there wouldn't be mining operations

No, you're not understanding. You wouldn't mine it like coal. You'd pipe it out like gas or oil. You'd find a layer rich with hydrates with a bid stack of sediment above it to contain it, sublimate that hydrate with hot fluids, then hope the pore space created by the sublimation of the hydrates is preserved long enough to get the hydrate to flow out your pipe(which leads to the low pressure environment of the surface causing the gas to flow to the area of lowest pressure). We have pumped water out of unconsolidated sediment in California for years without fancy equipment but the muck the hydrates are in isn't sandy but rather shale sized clay grains. I question whether it will ever work in the first place.

Getting the methane out by drilling requires way less energy than exposing to the seawater by removing or eroding the overburden of sediment.

117cb2 No.9943710

So, we know that a lot of ocean critters feed on plankton and the like; isn't it possible that this so-called flammable ice might play a big role in the ecosystem of the ocean floor? If mining this stuff takes off, how might that affect our already-being-depleted fishing reserves? What happens if an accident occurs during mining, could it cause a catastrophic detonation of adjacent deposits?

Fusion power is where it's at folks. This stuff seems like a dangerous distraction.

c0c12b No.9943714


>How would you induce the sublimation of hydrates in the middle of a cooling event when previously they had been accumulating?

aren't the sea levels going down with more ice? maybe some deposit popped because of the reduced pressure

d3d2ba No.9943718


there are convincing arguments >>9769245 → saying that the end of the last ice age may have been caused by a meteoritic impact on an ice shelf

7a7db5 No.9943720


Natural systems try to find a state of equilibrium, that has nothing to do with humans disturbing the existing systems which resulted in the situation to begin with.

Provide evidence of humans trying to do exactly what the chinks are, and stability remaining even after equipment failure or an accident. If you can't, then you're basing your entire point on dissimilar circumstances being similar.

030d6f No.9943748


The real problem with these methane sources is infrastructure. Engines are designed to work on oil products, so people drill for oil to fulfill the demand. The only viable demand for these at the moment are traditional power plants, which in the west have been being phased out due to ecological propaganda. China has shittons of coal burning plants that could easily be converted to burn this solid methane, and it would allow them to easily bipass international fossil fuel regulations not that they don't ignore those which makes it profitable to them. Once it becomes profitable to china, the rest of the world will follow suit. This has been a resource that has simply been waiting for it's time, and due to oil issues, it's finally here.

Best thing to take from this thread, invest in technologies related to this fuel source NOW and prepare to be filthy rich in ten yeara.

7a7db5 No.9943771


>If there is no record of an event and thermodynamics says it is highly unlikely how exactly am I to model it?

According to you it is unlikely, not thermodynamics.

>I need observations from which to draw inferences so I can make a model to be tested. That's now the scientific method works.

Yes, but you are not building a model or hypothesis, you are making conclusions. Knowing the scientific method and using it are different things. The scientific method is not infallible either, just the best method we have limited by human minds.

>I've never seen anybody claiming that they can make a profit on hydrates

Then why don't you just call BS on this article, and all of the discussions about mining?

>No, you're not understanding. You wouldn't mine it like coal.

I never said you would. Any sort of mining takes place on deposits with a high enough concentration of material to make the endeavor productive. Where is the energy coming from to heat the water? How is that heat preserved all the way to the delivery site? How is the heat dispersed over diffuse material in such a way that there is a net benefit of energy from the mining operation, re-compression, and transportation?

7a7db5 No.9943807



Bottom line, you are making a conclusion that it is safe with certainty. I'm stating that there is a possibility of severe consequences that are not worth the proposed benefit. Lacking sufficient evidence, I don't see how anyone can deem this conclusively safe. You're making too many assumptions and ignoring the possibility of oversight/cognitive errors. This is even more concerning since the chinks are doing it on top of everything else.

030d6f No.9943831


I agree with you if it means anything.

I also hope to prove you right some day, by taking an island above the largest known source of this in the atlantic, mining it, then rigging it to blow to use as a threat against the world. The explosion could destroy the entire atlantic coast through tsunami.

6a1508 No.9943868


>even more than Fukushima did alone

Fukushima did pretty much nothing to the pacific. The additional radiation doses received by just about anything not directly next to the reactor are well within the error bars on cosmic background. If there is one thing killing the oceans, it's acidification and rising deep water temperatures.

f297c9 No.9943879


>Bermuda triangle

/pol/s very own Leonard Nimoy minus the weird jew music

7a7db5 No.9943880


Th-thanks Dr. Evil

030d6f No.9943889


Welcome! I know the plan is purely M.A.D. but some day… the world will learn to fear the /pol/ack!

c0c12b No.9943911


please don't give ideas to North Korea, since they are close to some deposit: >>9943589

7a7db5 No.9943914


I'm sure concentrated areas of radioactive debris circulating with the ocean's currents (specifically coastlines) for thousands of years to come will have zero impact, since the overall levels haven't rose significantly…

f297c9 No.9943947

Those industrious Chinese. Always developing new technologies and industries. This sure is one giant FUCK YOU to Saudi Arabia by the Ants. What will the kikes do yaaa think? Pit the US against the Chinks maybe?

b7a23d No.9943989

File: 0b978502bfff894⋯.jpg (34.69 KB, 540x540, 1:1, whitepeoplecantfight.jpg)

File: e064749206535ba⋯.png (261.27 KB, 1271x845, 1271:845, whiteworld.png)

File: e46f52ed18c46ae⋯.jpg (133.54 KB, 1322x599, 1322:599, whiteworld2.jpg)

File: 9cc5a4084c59e5f⋯.jpg (125.93 KB, 940x788, 235:197, whitesrule.jpg)

File: ffdcb86b7202a33⋯.png (284.76 KB, 599x502, 599:502, whites.png)


But anon, we WANT a harsh ice age. It'll drive all the shitskins out of our lands and back into theirs. And, with crop failures due to cold, cloudy weather, we'll have to stop shipping food to the third world in order to feed our own populations, which means a population collapse in Africa.

Hell, we may even become empires again, conquering vast swaths of tropical Africa and South America so we can steal their farmland; God knows they aren't doing jack shit with it.

030d6f No.9944002


Damned NORKs, why do they have to be commie scum?

6a1508 No.9944050


> thousands of years

>highly radioactive

Fucking pick one. The power released by a radioactive isotope randomly fissioning is inversely proportional to its half life.

>concentrated areas of debris

Don't exist, if maybe nearby the reactor. I don't think you quite understand the difference in scale between a reactor's cooling pool and the fucking pacific

>(specifically coastlines)

Ocean currents are highly non-linear and extremely difficult to predict without computer models. Aka there is no simple "specifically coastlines" involved anywhere.

7445a8 No.9944056


>>Because it will release massive amounts of methane into the ocean and atmosphere


>This is the same reason liberals tell people not to eat beef.

God damn it you're such a fucking retard just shut the fuck up you fucking twat. Thank you Captain Obvious, "liberals" have said "don't eat beef" because scientists have said cows release methane into the atmosphere. Congratu-fucking-lations on your astute deductive reasoning skills.

I'm going to hazard a guess here and ask, were you really trying to make the point that methane in the atmosphere is harmless? Is that the message you were trying to convey? PROTIP: It is and you're a stupid faggot

559c39 No.9944159


559c39 No.9944206




a13b45 No.9944309



what is your problem? If what you infer is even remotely true. It makes DOTR look like child's play. I want a happening of epic proportions. Quit being such a Debbie Downer. Do you think everyone enjoys stockpiling ammunition? They want to use it too.

7a7db5 No.9944418


I did, point out where I said "highly radioactive". What is considered highly radioactive is relative to the isotopes, not to the damage it causes to DNA/RNA and organic tissue. There are numerous isotopes that are deadly and have a half-life of thousands of years, Strontium-90 is a deadly common byproduct of fission and has a half-life of a century. 100 years and it will only have reduced by half.

You're a dishonest moron

7a7db5 No.9944436


The debris is capable of polluting large volumes of water, and diffusion is not an immediate process idiot. The concentrated areas of debris will travel with the currents, how does not being able to predict currents 100% have anything to do with their existence? You are seriously retarded. Pretending there will be no impacts from this as time goes on is pure stupidity.

416d1f No.9944445


Lol. This is just hydrates, a scourge of petroleum extraction due to their ability to clog up pipework.

Bullshit story trying to portray Chinks as science and tech wizards, while also trying to being muh "burn water to power cars, man" crowd.

b4d405 No.9944494

and… it's fucking nothing

e3ca8e No.9944595

File: dd578401a49afae⋯.jpg (62.4 KB, 720x503, 720:503, 25b6d6364591826d9f815f6854….jpg)


>Strontium-90 is a deadly common byproduct of fission and has a half-life of a century

>29 years is now a century

>giving a shit about non-gamma decay

Ask me how I know you're a faggot

7a7db5 No.9944693


I was going off of memory and confused it with another isotope, 29 years is not exactly a short time either. This isn't exactly an error that invalidates the point, just a pedantic deflection. Pretending that gamma radiation is the only type that destroys organic tissue is pretty moronic.

Nice try cunt

8fbf8e No.9944742

File: b7c71500cb079af⋯.jpg (29.09 KB, 442x475, 442:475, e72781114473c7db36eba8ef3f….jpg)





Why is OP literally CIDF without any sources or links?



e3ca8e No.9944777

File: f0602fd17ec6afa⋯.jpg (28.2 KB, 604x604, 1:1, 13920858_167750723647326_3….jpg)


>a form of radioactive decay that only travels a few feet in air at best

>is now swirling about in a fucking ocean

Big whoop. The shit will swirl around and decay before it gets a chance to even damage organic tissue. The ocean isn't exactly jam packed like a can of sardines with biomass

>29 years or 100 years, whats the difference goy?

Nice jew tactics. There is a pretty fucking big difference actually. If it were 100 year half-life, you would be correct that a half of the shit would still be floating around. But since you're actually fucking wrong, the math works out that the levels will be less than 1/8 of the original radioactivity.


>caring about an isotope that only has a 4.5% chance of being a fission daughter

7a7db5 No.9944814


Holy shit, talk about kike tactics… I corrected my point about the half-life, how does that in any way imply that I said half will still be around in 100 years? 30 years is still plenty of time for marine life to be affected before it has reduced by half.

>implying I didn't use strontium-90 as a single example, and instead pretend it is the only byproduct.

What about Cesium-137 which kills in doses in the micro-grams, Chaim? I'm not going to waste time listing off every contaminant released you fucking idiot. The character and intelligence of the posters here have gone to shit, try a little fucking honesty instead of trying to be right, regardless if you actually are. Damn near impossible to have a productive discussion anymore.

b6b188 No.9944833


This sounds like a miracle breakthrough in energy that will change the word


5b7ac4 No.9944846

Ice that burns? what kind of evil Alchemy is this?

7a7db5 No.9944891


>Miracle breakthrough

A years old idea is a breakthrough

>Based Chinks


e3ca8e No.9944948

File: e2ed77aa5c22372⋯.jpeg (46.06 KB, 281x320, 281:320, 1466568366964.jpeg)


>muh Cs-137

Two words: Prussian Blue. And again, it only has a halflife of 30 years and decays by beta emission. Unless you're eating fish right out of Fukushima's fucking reactor vessel, it is a non-issue for people.

There are over 5000 miles of water between California and Japan, and just shy of 3000 between Papua New Guinea and Japan. For the sake of simple math we will say this area is 5000x3000 miles, or 15,000,000 square miles of water just in this rectangular area which is 3.885x(10^13) m^2. The average depth of the Pacific Ocean is 12,100 ft, or 3688 meters. This comes to a volume of 1.433x(10^17) m^3 or 37,850,080,943,690,540,000 gallons of water. Fukushima is more or less a non-issue

>starts off calling an anon a moron

>gets mad when he's proven stupid himself

051c48 No.9944960

File: b4f7c621aade471⋯.png (59.08 KB, 624x434, 312:217, 1437328831235.png)

File: d5db17e0422ecef⋯.jpg (2.03 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, ancient-chinese-secret-bit….jpg)


ancient chinese secret

eb979e No.9944971



Cheating in China — It’s an Epidemic


Test Cheating By Children Of Asian Immigrants


Chinese students falsify applications, hire proxy test takers, plagiarize and cheat to attend US Universities


Chinese parents and students riot over right to cheat on tests


Riot After Chinese Teachers Try to Stop Gaokao Cheating


Chinese found cheating on their Japanese driver’s license test via mobile phones


College Apps Cheating Scandal Is A Learning Moment For China


Crackdown on China GMAT Cheating


London 2012 swimming: Is China cheating the sport again?


China’s Yu Yang quits badminton after Olympic cheating scandal


Rampant cheating at Chinese games exposed


Ancient Chinese 'cheat sheets' discovered


Chinese cheating at the Olympics (not the athletes, but the performers / ceremony related stuff)


Did the Chinese Cheat in the Olympics – After Further Review


e9cc2c No.9945009


Stopped reading when realized it's chinks and flammable ice. It's just fuckin hydrates, and drilling companies fear the shit out of the stuff, their drills hit the junk sometimes and all sorts of funky stuff happens. Worse off, if a ship is near the area the water bubbles and bye bye ships, it sinks to the bottom.

7a7db5 No.9945036


I wasn't aware that marine life had access to pharmaceuticals. The point here isn't even about human ingestion retard, it is about further reducing reproduction abilities of marine life. Combined with over fishing and other factors related to pollution, pretending this will not have a negative impact is pure stupidity. The consequences may not be fully realized for a couple decades, at which point there wll be little we can do.

>Referring to net volume again

I wasn't aware that currents don't exist, and diffusion occurs instantaneously… I also wasn't aware that varying levels of concentration don't exist in the ocean. I guess the thermohaline belt is a lie, huh?

96e7b4 No.9945056


Ivy League geophysicist here;

The use of methane clathrate (or hydrate) has been known for decades. Yes, there's more energy stored in methane hydrates than in any other source on Earth. Something like 82% of natural gas on Earth is stored in methane hydrates under the ocean. So what's the problem? Why aren't we using this stuff? Very simple.

It's really fucking expensive to get to. You need to "harvest" it without destabilizing the entire area which could have catastrophic environmental effects. It's pretty deep underwater and can only exist as ice in a very specific pressure range, so you need to send something out to that depth to "vacuum" it up and store it under pressure.

We have about 200 years worth of natural gas from fracking, which is far cheaper and far less risky to the environment, and if regulations were looser in states like New York, we would have a lot more. This is yet another example of so-called 'Chinese science'.

7a7db5 No.9945102


If large scale attempts to mine resulted in destabilization of a large enough region (or regions), would that potentially release enough methane to initiate an irreversible positive feedback loop? Progressive warming leads to more hydrates breaking down, which leads to more warming etc.?

b6b188 No.9945111


>over fishing and

quick question, are you a Greenpeace faggot too?

92cf4a No.9945118





d951e4 No.9945142


>over fishing is a greenpeace meme

a57a37 No.9945175


>methosynthetic bacteria

I google it and only find posts by YOU.

What is the name of this magical atmospheric bacteria please.

7a7db5 No.9945195


Libtard environmental activists don't have a monopoly on caring about sustainability and the environment. Over fishing in the oceans is not an unknown concept, commercial fishing vessels/methods deplete large amounts of marine life annually (and it's mostly the chinks). Understanding that removing fish faster than they can replace themselves may start to balance out with market costs, but that does not mean they are not far more vulnerable to other events because of it (such as pollution, disease, or other environmental changes that disrupt the ecosystem).

7a7db5 No.9945237


Probably referring to a Methanotroph maybe? I don't think they float around in the atmosphere, at least not for extended periods of time. Most methane escapes the atmosphere over the course of a few decades, and rises to the stratosphere almost immediately. I doubt large colonies of bacteria exist up there.

606061 No.9945270

File: 04a739498c25bb8⋯.jpg (370.57 KB, 600x324, 50:27, energon_cube.jpg)


We must secure the energon cube supply.

1c0e27 No.9945600


Quick question, are you a nigger? Because whites give a fuck about the environment and animals. If you love doing snapchats of kicking cats and poaching elephants for the Chinese, you're probably a subhuman who doesn't belong here.

080cad No.9945624


>Jews want china to take over the planet

>also brainwashed us to stop global warming

>China starts accelerating global warming

>their Golems nuke China

fucking based

41583a No.9945635




It's potentially a huge fucking problem for us.

>And it's densely packed: one cubic foot of flammable ice holds 164 cubic feet of regular natural gas

I forgot the number but, thanks to the condensing of the atoms due to freezing it holds an absolute fuckton of the stuff. It could spark WW3 over simple resource grabs

41583a No.9945640


in comparison to regular deposits*

080cad No.9945641


It's full of a flammable gas that burns separately

it's kind of like how you can set whiskey or rum on fire

5c0344 No.9945642


>lets ignore the future because today is all I can see right now

You don't deserve those ID dubs and those post trips.

080cad No.9945651


>oh no an ice age

Ice ages are when whitey does the best, nigga.

7445a8 No.9947569

File: 8902c741e7e8616⋯.jpg (12.61 KB, 261x158, 261:158, 18402818_1460242747369704_….jpg)



Do not underestimate the Chinese. Remember, there's a billion of the fuckers and a lot of them have been working very very hard.

- Every western research university has chinese people on their staff,

- The international mathematics olympiad is often dominated by Chinese people,

- They've been manufacturing absolutely everything for the entire world for +20 years i.e. They've been honing their skills in this area while we've been sitting on our dicks for a generation forgetting all of it

The western world is not clearly dominant anymore. People are directionless and complacent

72cf67 No.9947593

>ib4 pan faces accidentally rupture giant ice cavern causing an irreversible runaway greenhouse event turning earth into Venus 2.0 (beta) in 10 years.

320898 No.9947601


this, I wouldn't be surprised if the Chinese developed a technology and then tried to hold onto it like they did silk production and trade for 700 years

7445a8 No.9947609


> It's just fuckin hydrates, and drilling companies fear the shit out of the stuff

But remember, it's the Chinese we're talking about here. They've got insane stockpiles of shit steel that no one wants and they've got the incentive to do a bunch of crazy shit. Do you think they're really going to care about losing a few remote controlled boats?

320898 No.9947628


China just recently shut down and under sea coal mining operation that had been running flawlessly for 15 years. Who mines coal, under the ocean?? The Chinese do.


The Beizao Coal Mine


320898 No.9947635


Having done additional research it appears China is shutting down coal mining all over the country. A switch from burning coal to natural gas could be a direction they are heading.

161f7e No.9948071



One of their biggest advantages (from a tech standpoint) is the general nonexistent/shitty IP law over there. Here, the cost of licensing a previous 'patent' from another owner can at times hamper innovation (i.e. have a great idea, but can't afford the base IP required to do everything your improvements build off.)

If the company is big enough, this isn't an issue because there are usually cross-licensing deals between big tech/mfg companies. As an example, AMD, Nvidia, and Intel all have/had some sort of cross licensing on GPU and or CPU patents. (See also; Imagination basically calling out Apple and saying it would be practically impossible to not require licensing Imagination tech in a new mobile GPU.)

But the high bar of entry it can make it extremely difficult for a small company to come forward with an incremental improvement, and as time goes forward advances in a given tech tend to become much more incremental versus 'revolutionary' over time.

(This is also why any US Manufacturer who agreed to China's terms for hybrid component/vehicle production/sales knows they are going to get fucked in the long term by the prospect.)

The are already selling non-crash-safe chevy spark copycat EVs for less than 8000 USD.

e7ffc5 No.9948392

File: fb4e9c6c596219b⋯.jpeg (126.21 KB, 599x337, 599:337, 1441137540834.jpeg)


>Chinks are fucking around with methane clathrate


the Black Sea alone (volume ;0.4 3 1023 of the ocean total; maximum depth

only 2.2 km) could hold, at saturation, ;0.5*3 10(18) g. A similar region

of the deep ocean could contain much more (the amount grows quadratically

with depth3). Released in a geological instant (weeks, perhaps),

10(18) to 10(19) g of methane could destroy the terrestrial life almost

entirely. Combustion and explosion of 0.75*3 10(19) g of methane would

liberate energy equivalent to 10(8) Mt of TNT, ;10,000 times greater

than the world’s stockpile of nuclear weapons, implicated in the nuclearwinter

scenario (Turco et al., 1991).

Fuel-air explosives are used in weapons of enormous destructive power,

comparable to tactical nuclear weapons; the list of potential fuels includes methane

(GICHD, 2001). It is not obvious that the methane-air mixture will detonate

spontaneously (weapons have detonators); still, the deflagration front may accelerate

to very high speeds, and pressures of ;5 bar may result (Dorofeev,

2002). The likelihood of the deflagration-to-detonation transition increases with

the size of the gas cloud (Bradley, 1999; Dorofeev, 2002); the latter can be

very large in the case of oceanic eruption. In detonation, the combustion zone

is preceded by a shock wave, moving with velocity ;2 km s21; pressures of

;30 bar can be produced.

b02d31 No.9948939

how is this a breakthrough ive known about methane ice in russia for YEARS this is just another controlled release of tech to keep the goyim

0ad932 No.9949069


>10,000 times greaterthan the world’s stockpile of nuclear weapons

can't wait!

320898 No.9949203

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


it's not explosive, it's under pressure at considerable depths, and it does not rapidly destabilize. Once it does catch fire, it does not burn like thermite, or even gas or oil.

077308 No.9951242

"The belly of the dragon will drip with with water."

3e8c59 No.9951305

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6abc0a No.9951328


perfect example of methane intrusion into the ground water aquifer if her pump had a separation system to bleed off the natural gas from the drinking water and retain it in a pressurized tank she would not need fuel oil for heating. lets get the chinks working on that, no one in the fucking USA has been able to do it

0eb280 No.9951473



d92483 No.9951526


I was starting to type out a response to this when I glanced lower to see >>9943524 which seemed innocuous until I saw that it contained

>Also the total biomass didn't decrease.

the very first mention of biomass in the thread… why would an anon create a strawman from nothing? I'd understand a polack making a strawman argument via conflation or by taking advantage of some other ambiguity, but it's just too kikey to create one out of NOTHING.

Additionally, the choice of the term biomass is odd because it includes dead tissue as well as living which makes it seem at odds with the very subject being discussed…

Anyway, filtered and other anons beware of this mentality that wants us to accept a catastrophic event because while I'd accept an end to humanity as a last resort, I believe that it should truly be a last resort. Not the kind of thing that i'd be ok with just so that I could let the chinese have a stab at cheap heat.

d7d185 No.9951543

File: 05467e9bfc74217⋯.jpg (177.15 KB, 980x603, 980:603, tianjin_debris_reut.jpg)



Knowing China's blatant disregard of safety regulations, it's only a matter of time.

d92483 No.9951559


>Part of Africa never colonized by Europe?!

>Find map of Africa and determine portion to be Libera

>according to kikepedia liberia article it was started by the american colonization society with no date given

>according to kikepedia american colonization society article:

>Paul Cuffee (1759–1817) was a mixed-race, successful Quaker ship owner, and activist descended from Ashanti and Wampanoag parents. He advocated settling freed American slaves in Africa and gained support from the British government, free black leaders in the United States, and members of Congress to take emigrants to the British colony of Sierra Leone. Cuffee was an early advocate of settling freed blacks in Africa and he gained support from black leaders and members of the U.S. Congress for an emigration plan.[12] In 1815 he financed a trip and the following year,[13] in 1816, Cuffee took 38 American blacks to Freetown, Sierra Leone; other voyages were precluded by his death in 1817. By reaching a large audience with his pro-colonization arguments and practical example, Cuffee laid the groundwork for the American Colonization Society.[14]

fun blurb

3% of its population as of 2004 were descendants of US blacks with 95% comprised of indigenous groups and 2% unaccounted for due to rounding? (per https://web.archive.org/web/20070214051143/http://www.fcnl.org/issues/item.php?item_id=731&issue_id=75)

I guess it hasn't been colonized by Europe unless you count USA as an extension of Europe through some time in AD 1816

c48c4e No.9951589


>one cubic foot of flammable ice holds 164 cubic feet of regular natural gas

You mean

>one cubic meter of flammable ice holds 164 cubic meters of regular natural gas

Fucking Americans I swear.

b25e96 No.9951726


>Knowing China's blatant disregard of safety regulations

>post photo of one of many special purpose storehouses where dangerous chemicals where stored seperately because of safety regulations which prevents greater damages to vital structures and people

1 Dong has been deposited to your account

b25e96 No.9951739





>U.S.A. tries but sucks at it

>Canada does it at experimental scale tries to go industrial scale

>Japan does it at experimental scale tries to go industrial scale

>China succeeds

>Suddenly deep environmental concerns with huge catastrophic coneqeuences for the entire world all over the media and its completely rechkless and evil and China must be nuked

Hahahaha fucking Jews.

c7a74c No.9951758


>fucking americans

retarded or just pretending?

it's a proportion, so if you're performing the same conversion to both sides…

870cb3 No.9951778

All these fucking resources to prop up the useless subhuman populations of Asia and India.

870cb3 No.9951784

Why don't we start harvesting methane and other gases from the atmosphere as fuel?

Then we'll be taking out of the atmosphere and causing global cooling.

6abc0a No.9951844



the shit burns like Firegel (also called gel burner or gel fires) is a mixture of clean burning alcohols - Ethanol and Propanol.

Alert the Kikes, let's go to war

308b12 No.9951880


You are retarded.

367357 No.9951910

Wow it is fucking nothing.

Methane hydrates are same as any other methane deposit. It is just methane bound with water due to cold temperature and a lot of pressure.

Offshore drilling for methane is worthless. Either you need methane liquification plant so you can fill tankers or you have to lay gas pipeline which is insanely expensive as well.

Offshore drilling for anything else than oil (it can be easily transported) is a wate of money.

716c25 No.9954793


Supposedly there's a large deposit in the Chesapeake Bay, coupled with Uranium in Chatam, VA, we shouldn't leave such riches in VA. Annex Western VA, for the coal, build a wall, and kick out the non-whites.

c9a19e No.9954844

File: ef79bd9a8d86962⋯.jpg (32.75 KB, 560x373, 560:373, identifying safety no that….jpg)


>Implying China isn't a deathtrap filled with humanoid insects that don't give the slightest fuck about each other or the safety of absolutely anything

Oh hello, butthurt chingchong.

7666f3 No.9954893

File: 8e46a880f0eefed⋯.gif (31.73 KB, 466x316, 233:158, 46225702_methane_sea_466_3….gif)

File: 953fec8abd5de07⋯.jpg (122.56 KB, 385x318, 385:318, methane-reservoirs.jpg)

File: abdb5073d9ee0ea⋯.jpg (137.08 KB, 700x350, 2:1, methane-reservoirs-globe.jpg)

File: 21e1d082402195c⋯.jpg (505.38 KB, 1016x744, 127:93, hydrates in japan.jpg)

File: 6f6a361c72e5500⋯.jpg (462.06 KB, 1231x922, 1231:922, marine gas hydrate locatio….jpg)


This is just methane hydrate ice which requires specific temp/pressure ranges to exist but is found all over the world. If extracted safely it would make fracking redundant (it should in most populated areas, in order to protect the fucking future of our race and the water supply!) Was part of a group that researched Hydrates during Fukushima as many ground fissures and large holes appeared around the reactors, after melt-through. Theory was it heat or corium reached methane layer and caused some more shit to happen. 1km deep though so we were on the fence about it.

Anyway, this shit is really unstable and if an accident happens it's worse than oil in some ways, as it just keeps coming out - gas+even more 'compression' as it's ice form of what wants to be a gas…


>Deepwater fuckup



Checked ID trips but you clearly don't know about quantum/scalar electromagnetics so STFU. Tesla would be ashamed of you.


Background ocean radiation doubled according to Areva already in 2012. I bet it's worse now. Some fuel components can be evaporated to rain water (I have official, govt provided scintillation readings of this in southern hemisphere). Not only that, enjoy your radioactive tuna and fish.

Just one hot particle inside you and you have cancer. There are trillions and trillions of them in the sea and floating around now, breathed in by your children, thanks nukes and nuke shill fags.

a3c3d3 No.9955279

12,000 years ago there was a MASSIVE release of methane into the environment which many cite as the cause for the end of the ice age.

bd4b9c No.9955303


Frozen Gas anon

Frozen Gas

Or at least Frozen Water with gas trapped


You mean that if there are infinate parallel dimensions that in one someone would of managed to create a device that destroys all dimensiosn

92cdba No.9955313


Filthy american tapwater.

I'm throwing up in my mouth.

bd4b9c No.9955314


The only issue really is that it needs care and that if it fucks up it fucks up badly, and China isn't known for care

Also are all those methane reservoirs near india thanks to the shit

7666f3 No.9955321


>methane deposits in India

Holy fuck anon, perhaps India has been the shit-mecca for all eternity and hydrates are evidence of Aryan/Indian civilisation!?

Yeah I can see this going majorly wrong when the gooks get their tiny little hands on it in big scale.

bd4b9c No.9955325


So it's got nothing to do with how Shit would release a methane smell

3f6732 No.9957759


>the best

doing the best at surviving implies that you are risking everything and manage to get out of the mess alive; still, you'll probably lose a lot of what you have today

also, good luck relocating in a warm place: SEA and India are already overpopulated, Central and South America are among the most violent places on Earth, and then there are… Congo… ummh, let me see a map: ah yes Uganda! and… oooh, Somalia!


bd4b9c No.9957786


Hoy Cunts There is Australia but fuck off we're full

68f209 No.9957991


methane is not water soluble in surface pressures. Literally none of that methane remains in the glass when you fill it.

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