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File: 52637da3ed8fcec⋯.jpg (561.97 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1460132659107.jpg)

f49635 No.25444[Reply]

Feed back and criticism are welcome, the whole point of these kind of threads is board and moderation improvement.

As the 2nd thread had said, criticism of trump is fine, just don't spam drumpf and such, have a argument with good points present when putting it forth.

Archive of the previous meta threads

Thread #1: http://archive.is/Yfk8n

Thread #2: http://archive.is/ScKp8

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18b3f8 No.30700


Just build your own thing IRL like DixieAnon, you already know the type of people you should be associating with and the kind of things you should build.

File: a9958c6819e1edb⋯.jpg (83.95 KB, 432x520, 54:65, 1454572671324-0.jpg)

580d4d No.25447[Reply]

Thread for keeping up with the current happenings that you don't think deserve their own thread.

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d4d62d No.30679


Tell them that the voting age should be the same as the age one can legally buy a gun and watch them split hairs hardcore.

File: 3748578aea65239⋯.jpg (2.55 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1446428860470-0.jpg)

File: 57bcf82d740d646⋯.webm (2.3 MB, 460x360, 23:18, polk.webm)

File: 3748578aea65239⋯.jpg (2.55 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1446428860470-0.jpg)

f08488 No.25449[Reply]

For private concerns or questions, I can be reached here.



Keep the board abreast of goings on. If it's probably not worth its own thread, toss it in the current events thread.



1. Do not post, request, or link to any content that is illegal in the United States of America. This means no cheese pizza or credit cards. Any content violating this rule should be reported globally.

2. Debate and discussion related to politics and current events is welcome.

3. Mindless shitposting is discouraged. No deliberate provocations and/or trying to force one position. Please put effort into your contributions.

4. No spamming or flooding of any kind. No intentionally evading spam or post filters.

5. Advertising (all forms) is not welcome—this includes any type of referral linking, "offers", soliciting, begging, discord/stream threads, etc. Including an archive and bringing article text into the OP is good practice and encouraged.

6. No ban evasion.

7. Keep meta topics in the meta thread. I'm reading I promise.

8. Nudity is permitted, but this is a politics board, not a porn board. Spoiler lewds as people like to keep up their noporn.

9.No promotion and/or pushing of degeneracy outside of the debate threads. If you wish to push it, you must be able to defend it.

Post last edited at

a2a8c1 No.25565

File: 7606f033e48809f⋯.png (922.13 KB, 1917x1161, 71:43, 1496856479-0.png)

New management thread


old General archive



old homestead archives





Folkish Community Meta


general education

/polk/ book thread introduction


second book thread


/polk/ literature thread


/polk/ new papers and books


polk/ literature thread


Listening Thread: Audiobooks and Lectures


/polk/tech general thread #1 Mint Edition

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 73d5c8c233fafe0⋯.jpg (323.62 KB, 1576x1146, 788:573, sail boat.jpg)

File: 1ca3d45859abe0f⋯.webm (4.07 MB, 198x160, 99:80, cities.webm)

1140a1 No.29649[Reply]

IDEA: Invest in a sailboat and sail with fellow anons. or if you dont/cant own a boat, see if other anons would take you on as crew.


- Great networking opportunity

- Make life long friends

- Redpilled hobby

- Quality holidays for little cost

- Independence from Government

- Peaceful and Relaxing

- Escape degeneracy

- Ultimate freedom on the high seas

- If you fall on hard times, you can live on your boat for very cheap

Ever wanted to get away from modern living? The world is a mess, and shitposting only does so much to alleviate the depression. Too much living in the corrupt modern world will destroy the European spirit. So it is imperative that we have some place to go, where we can refresh and clear our minds and souls, it is from this sentiment that /pol/ Yacht Club is based.

Sailing is one of the best hobbies one can have. It teaches responsibility, discipline, strength through hardship, and a great many more skills. Sailing is one of the last few things which still appeals to the sense of adventure that is lost in this increasingly civilized world. Theres nothing like landing on remote shores after weeks at sea, or on islands you know are uninhabited, knowing you can do anything and go anywhere. The feeling is like what I imagine our forebears felt discovering the new world. Surviving on the open ocean is a hugely fulfilling experience.

Plus, when the happening looms and shit starts to hit the fan, a working sailboat is your ticket to survival.

For those serious about getting a boat, there are a few things to consider:

>Boats can be quite expensive (although there tricks to getting cheap ones)

>Check registration laws in your country/state, as there may be a few requirements

>Boats need a pretty consistent level of Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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ef2eac No.30716


I'll never get a boat but good luck anyway.

822e51 No.30717

File: cc6903e9e392943⋯.jpg (26.78 KB, 288x512, 9:16, 1517852414390.jpg)


You'll never get a boat? Why not?

d2550d No.30718


Aryan poverty innacity I assume.

ef2eac No.30720


I'm broke and I'm working on building my own company.

822e51 No.30725

File: 82920b3d117aece⋯.jpg (478.26 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, IMG_20170504_163902.jpg)



You haven't experienced poverty until you've owned a boat.

File: 30de520787741bd⋯.jpg (56.89 KB, 640x577, 640:577, 1321719.jpg)

a55c96 No.13653[Reply]

Does National Socialism have safeguards if the Leader goes crazy Caligula-style? Shouldn't the Party have the power to impeach him if that were to happen?

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52b9c3 No.30597


Can you expand on what you mean by The Mandate of Heaven?

f3331c No.30612


Caligula got a bum rap. he was pretty cool, tbh - like when he trolled the Senate by appointing his horse a Senator. epin

e28ca1 No.30692

The people will have the right to bear arms, so he'll never be able to go Stalin tier. The idea of impeaching a NatSoc leader is questionable. Hitler became President for life, but didn't intend on ruling forever; it was mostly the war that caused him to go from 4 year terms to pres for life. Mussolini was actually "impeached" as in his own government voted him out of power. The Italian Social Republic which was made afterwards was based more on the National Socialist government than the old Italian one, but again there was a war going on.

I suspect that an American styled fascism will necessarily have "democratic" elements in it. It's very unlikely that Americans will accept a dictator - although they said Rome would never accept another King. Personally I think that a man of merit should become leader for life, but it would be necessary to have some other legislative body capable of administrating the republic or challenging the leader if he goes completely bonkers. Rome is a really good example actually, because the Senate was able to remain in power despite coups and civil wars which created new Emperors.

7aaaf9 No.30721


>The people will have the right to bear arms, so he'll never be able to go Stalin tier.

This sounds great in theory, but the problem with relying on the people to take responsibility and kick out the oppressor in a glorious coup is that people aren't very reliable in the first place, they tend to be lazy sheep that do whatever they are told to save themselves the troubles of rebelling.

/pol/ is a great example of this, it doesn't matter even if the mods are anti-European shitskins and niggers, the mob will find ways to justify their actions.

36354a No.30724


Just remove term limits. As long as he deserves to be there he won't get voted out. After say, three who make it until they're simply too old to be bothered with it and step down, people will be so used to the president for life thing that you can then enshrine it into law if you wanted to. Personally, I'd prefer there be a mechanism for removing chaff from the system, like for example the option to hold a plebiscite to repeal legislation or remove someone from office. Only shit people really care about would ever have the support needed to take things to that stage, so even with hostile factions trying to take advantage of it people would burn out quick if they tried to abuse a system like that, while giving us the power to flush a turd when one slips in.

File: 750c5935c7fbabd⋯.jpg (269.12 KB, 1797x1233, 599:411, pjvrlg.jpg)

23ec6e No.25473[Reply]

Post in this thread every time you visit /polk/, whether it be news, personal ideas or anything.

720 posts and 213 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
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cfbad3 No.30689

File: 619e29e2cb795e6⋯.png (106.74 KB, 1484x195, 1484:195, ClipboardImage.png)

Did I misspeak and look like a shill or something? I was banned for saying literally Hitler's position on the issue.

19fd9a No.30701

Do you guys have some stuff about "General Plan Ost?" I don't really know if it was real or not and it's making me doubt Hitler a little tbh.


>state opinion contrary to status quo

>on /pol/

Well, there's your problem. You didn't do anything wrong.

cfbad3 No.30703


I really don't see Hitler engaging in murderous genocide, but I'm almost 100% sure that he would have done away with most Slavic cultures. The fact that young Poles were adopted into German families to be "Germanized" makes me wonder if he just intended on instilling German culture, and mixing with the Slavs. There's also the possibility that he just wanted to relocate them. That's just brainstorming though, and not any hard facts. I googled it and all I found was a thread on stormfront that might have some good info: h t t p ://archive.is/7wcdC

Also thanks for agreeing that the ban wasn't fair. It was so odd seeing that many /pol/acks argue against me in that overconfident dismissive tone they give to blatant /leftypol/ shills. It seems like most /pol/acks were in agreement with what I said just a few months ago.

000000 No.30722

Did /polk/ remember to celebrate Der Fuhrer's birthday today? I listened to a lot of Third Reich music this morning. Later today, I'll read a few pages of Mein Kampf and listen to some Hitler speeches. Hope you're all having a good 4/20.

1d4d7c No.30723

File: 8083d3f186141a7⋯.png (2.01 MB, 1000x1187, 1000:1187, 8UQKuFm_(1)_-_Copy.png)

File: 16ab005365ce7b3⋯.jpg (59.07 KB, 750x686, 375:343, DFn8j-tXUAEb2Sc.jpg)

d1987c No.25627[Reply]

Just a general for semi off topic blogposting, for when you're tired of jews, nigs, spics, fags, etc or like self improvement related stuff. Kind of a catch all for anything that's not strictly polkisch, or like an internet stress ball

previous blogpost thread


454 posts and 95 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at

d16cb3 No.30708


Reads like an autist wrote it, if I'm honest.

In my own words

>Dear President Trump,

>This thirteenth of april you, for the second time, approved a series of virtually unprovoked attacks on a sovereign nation's soil. I firmly believe that the United States, in the best interests of itself and its allies, should not involve itself in another offensive overseas war. I understand there is much politics behind-the-scenes that neither I nor the general public are aware of. Of course, you have the life of yourself and your family potentially at stake. The bigger picture, in the end, is that you must, as the figurehead of the United States, come clean. Our country- referring to both the general public and the bureaucrats- has been declining in international opinion due to a constant series of wars that we have no business in. The ISIS/ISIL conflict is coming to a draw, and without other interruptions, the middle east would come to a comparative peace. There is one nation in the entire global scheme that has interest in us continuing this destabilization; Isreal. We gain nothing. Not oil, not prestige, not even experience thanks to the dire state of our military. The public support for these attacks are non-existant; there is no push, as far as the public can see, on you. You do these things of your own volition. But the keywords here are 'as far as the public can see'. I don't doubt for a second that you are effectively under the control of someone or some group after the raid on your Lawyer's office. It would also explain the erratic nature of your public appearance as of late. Mr. Trump, no matter how much you personally have to loose, you must clearly and publically denounce whoever the puppeteer is.

31a421 No.30710



I don't think he reads his mail.

d87b67 No.30713


This is a silly but common mistake, don't go meta next. Don't try to get a girl to officially state "I'm your gf now" and refrain from doing anything alpha before that. You wouldn't ask a chick if you could kiss her before you do it, right? You'd just gauge her interest and go for it whether she's your gf or not, and by doing the act, you've basically demonstrated to yourselves that you're a couple even though you haven't stated it verbally. Everything else with women works the same way. Don't ask a girl if she'll be ok with being your gf, just see if she's a bit interested and go for it assuming she is. (and if she isn't then at least she'll appreciate your alphaness and you might have another shot with her, if she isn't a brainwashed feminist).

tl;dr, you shouldn't have said anything to her, you should've just asked her out on a date and depending on how much she's into you, progressively moved closer to her, it's all about show, not tell.

d87b67 No.30714


*next time

409ccd No.30719


If trump doesn't already understand what you wrote he's a dumb pawn, which I doubt.

File: 34347038f338944⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 2189x2943, 2189:2943, ss_girls_poster_02.jpg)

File: af8468b35162e64⋯.jpeg (24.51 KB, 463x618, 463:618, 0263286e4d5c861e0b9afade5….jpeg)

364c2f No.30711[Reply]

Sorry, apparently I posted in the wrong board and some nice anon redirected me here to make an art thread.

Propaganda and requests welcomed, previous art thread in /pol/ had some great artists so is a shame they are not allowed anymore (pic related).

364c2f No.30712

File: 414195750da205d⋯.png (4.32 MB, 2992x2324, 748:581, Carson_shitty_colored.png)

Taking requests

ps: sorry if this isn't the board appropiate for this topis, I'm not very smart or lurk much 8pol, I just wanna draw stuff and save neat ww2 paintings

File: 88c5d12763407a5⋯.jpg (2.58 MB, 1600x2000, 4:5, V II - 1 Cover Thucydides.jpg)

File: 1afd74e2b7b1d30⋯.jpg (491.25 KB, 3200x2000, 8:5, V II - 2 Prologue.jpg)

File: cbc1595fec6cfcf⋯.jpg (2.64 MB, 3200x2000, 8:5, V II - 4 cogdiz kike upris….jpg)

File: e1716e58644b271⋯.jpg (2.5 MB, 3200x2000, 8:5, V II - 6 why hate.jpg)

a2104f No.29856[Reply]

ARK Volume II

<So little pains do the vulgar take in the investigation of truth, accepting readily the first story that comes to hand. - Thucydides


<After using the first two volumes to experiment in Photoshop with the vigor of a 50 year old math teacher who discovers PowerPoint for the first time, the magazine should now more or less be settled on a standardized format. This will hopefully speed up the assembly process in the future, and also create a more recognizable visual profile.

<All images have been reduced to below 4MB for ease of proliferation

Again, all sorts of feedback, technical or otherwise, is very welcome, as is assistance with spreading the message to the target audience; the slightly redpilled, but aimless masses who were left behind on the various braindrained boards during the exoduses.

Volume I: >>29197

8 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ac0fcf No.30178


Can you put all the original resolution (HIghest resolution) images into a cloud folder for download, so we dont have to download them all individually?

Like a mega account? Thank you so much for this!

32f512 No.30179


Very good work.

ac0fcf No.30180

h t t p s://steemit.com/hitler/@occdntl/adolf-hitler-s-first-letter-1919-about-jewry

ac0fcf No.30181

File: 2d6d42c6ad00286⋯.jpg (25.35 KB, 494x271, 494:271, CloudDrive.jpg)

Okay I put them in the quality you posted into a cloud drive


h t t p s://yadi.sk/d/j2NbAdLW3SmKDX

296b51 No.30705

Ark 3??

File: 51361288b0a71d4⋯.png (679.85 KB, 1868x1336, 467:334, polk.png)

b04ed7 No.30560[Reply]

I know this is defeats the point of a productive thread but I wrote it anyways.

What difference in terms other than moderation is /pokl/ different than /pol/?

They share the same ideals of freedom, national socialism, and a future for our white children. In which ways do the board /leftpol/ and /leftypol/ differ as well?

18 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

aa3b14 No.30693

File: 383220c4fbf706e⋯.jpg (196.62 KB, 645x1260, 43:84, 1436872692610.jpg)


I've been banned for 88 years, cya in 2106

2e6336 No.30694


56IQ moderation

000000 No.30695



welcome to the club, if you need any literature to pass the time until your ban lift in 2106, you can go to the Incorrect Library inclibuql666c5c4 for epubs or /pdfs/ for pdfs. 8pol has been banning us bookfags for years

f95d02 No.30696

File: a5531ca7fef9a6e⋯.png (546.94 KB, 374x667, 374:667, beyondmad.png)


I find it pathetic that these faggots write retarded phrases when they ban someone, and once their board has lost activity they silently remove their bans in a damage control effort.

Literally "j-just kidding p-please don't leave us!" tier.

72ca18 No.30704

File: ad9dbc4e30f08c9⋯.png (121.55 KB, 792x850, 396:425, banned again.png)

File: 78f235a8b5067a8⋯.png (204.84 KB, 1054x915, 1054:915, le ban hammer.png)

File: 789be05f7a0dad9⋯.png (162.29 KB, 864x1391, 864:1391, banned for no reason.png)

File: feeda49e73c1f7d⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 1080x4868, 270:1217, 2018-04-17_12-09-24.JPG)


>if you need any literature to pass the time until your ban lift in 2106


- - - -


I change my IP

I think that I was banned 4 times in 2 days there. Here they are. I wear them with a badge of pride.

File: 1f7dc5d687d69c7⋯.jpg (456.34 KB, 1650x1275, 22:17, 1496855217-0.jpg)

File: 48999c9f2e00549⋯.jpg (162.7 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, 1498745191-0.jpg)

File: 0f6fe6bfaff00bc⋯.png (247.22 KB, 460x324, 115:81, 1496855858-0.png)

73b0ba No.25631[Reply]

Old homestead archives for reference and for anons to look through





Folkish Community Meta


Dixie anon had a bunker board, there is a small amount of content there but what is there seems good.


This is for any discussion relating to homesteading, the volkisch lifestyle of our ancestors, and specifically, our project to create /pol/ack haven of sorts.

Win, lose, or draw, there is no prosperity to be found in cities, meaning homesteading, or a modern equivalent thereof, is be a our best bet for securing a stable future for ourselves and our families. Cities are a trap, a place to gather degenerates, niggers, the poor and stupid (redundant, I know), designed in a way to cram as many people in order to make them easier to control.

I'd like to discuss ideas with /pol/, finding the strengths, weaknesses of homesteading, and identifying the best steps for proceeding with the idea. Places to start, necessary skills to acquire, and so on.

288 posts and 74 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

45284b No.30667

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

So Trump just announced more strikes in Syria today. Things are pretty uncertain; the Jews really want war between USA and Russia. What is certain is if you aren't in a place you really want to be, you should get out of that place. I'm already expediting my arrival to Dixie's homestead by a couple of months because of this news.

This could be a fakeout like last year when Trump bombed a useless airfield, but who knows. This time things look more serious.

3d137e No.30675


thanks Satan

a33a57 No.30684

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Popping in for a quick update. Personal situation is still such that regular updates may be impossible to promise, but I will keep you guys updated between where XAnon is.

Look at the description in the video, and the date. We've come a long way, guys.

Still working steadily, clearing land, working terraces currently by hand, but with machinery soon. The first crops we planted when we first arrived are starting to go to seed, the first cycle complete. Fruit trees and grapes are being planted, wild fruit and mushrooms being found, and new land being dug every day. Doing things the right way, stubbornly; what we lack in money we make up in grit. Steadily obtaining livestock, we're quite food secure and will far overshoot the needs for our family this year.

It's equally important to just observe the land as to work it, to find out where the water comes from, where the water flows, how the structure of the soil changes, which plants are naturally occurring in which areas. This is important as the changes are intended to be permanent, the row crops to eventually be superseded by more permanent things, except for small kitchen gardens and market gardens to supplement income from the permanent agriculture.

I'm both rebuilding the landscape in a way that benefits my family as well as the earth, and creating a place in which to instill the mindset and skillset required to do the same, creating an example for others to follow in the future. Large predators seem to coexist peacefully with my livestock at least, the whole community of life comes together to benefit me as well as me becoming a benefit to the ecosystem at large.

We seem to be over a large underground limestone aquifer, and the definition of a "rainforest" is an area in which precipitation exceeds evapotranspiration from the trees and understory plants, so there is no danger of running short as long as we keep the water on site. Random springs pop up around the property a few days after a good rain, and the water seems to be safe to drink in my experience at least. It comes up from deep enough underground to stay right at 55 degrees F, and tests out better than municipal water supplies as far as bacteria cPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

d77de1 No.30697

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

hai guise. this is my first post on /polk/. just received an invitation yesterday. i didn't see it mentioned in this thread yet, and it's a potentially life or death issue. collecting rainwater for the purposes of having potable water. embedding a video of geoff lawton giving a lecture on the subject. it's a long video but it's packed full of information. i haven't built one of these yet - so i can't critique or rate the system - but i will in time. long video but worth watching multiple times to make sure you've got the info.


ack! although the replies you received so far have been true in their own right, none of them answered your question. it was primarily a soil-building technique for rocky mountainous regions. i can't cite the source, because it was more than a year ago that i read it, and it was obscure as fuck - taking me almost a month of relentless google searching to find the answer.

the decaying wood underneath obviously broke down and gradually the microbes and soil life from above and beneath it spread into this area, creating high quality soil where once there was none. some of the oldest farmers valued it so much that the new soil was the crop they were trying to farm. hugelkultur mounds built explicitly for the purpose of creating high quality garden soil that could then be transported wherever it was needed.

152558 No.30699

File: 8861ab1108ff783⋯.jpg (243.27 KB, 1473x862, 1473:862, uDuhOaw.jpg)


>vid about permaculture unavailable in my country


Anyway, seems like everything is going great for you, especially with the soil, keep going.

File: c7e9f64a5437bf0⋯.jpg (74.09 KB, 752x529, 752:529, c7e9f64a5437bf042badaf91e6….jpg)

86f32e No.28336[Reply]

Holy shit the /pol/ mods literally just went full shut it down mode on a slide thread turned redpilled thread from their own mouths

Here's the thread before all the redpill posts were deleted h t t p s://archive.fo/Gs2j7

Here is the shut it down.

>>>/pol/10784034 h t t p s://archive.fo/DNF5g h t t p s://8ch.net/pol/res/10783067.html

>the goyim know, shut it down, the post by a /pol/ mod

Holy shit I never thought this day would come. Undeniable proof the /pol/ volunteers are compromised by kikes from their own mouths. Bravo nolan. Bravo.

144 posts and 69 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d088d1 No.30191

File: 24ebc59dcab0376⋯.png (152.61 KB, 1567x717, 1567:717, the hotpocket fears the tr….png)

Are these the words of a man who should be banned from speaking on /pol/?

ede075 No.30228

File: ea9ff38a4145f5c⋯.webm (4.5 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Bush not takin the kike b….webm)



Check this out.

5ca975 No.30388


a true neocohen defending another neocohen shabbos goy! amazing! thanks for sharing!

491021 No.30677


h t t p s://web.archive.org/web/20180415003638/h t t p s://8ch.net/bans.html

606975 No.30698


i've posted this video so many times in so many threads and i've never gotten a (You) from it. glad to see that someone else noticed, even if it wasn't from one of my posts.

File: 357ffb3360ce3f5⋯.png (28.68 KB, 670x366, 335:183, computer-security.png)

1f4778 No.30590[Reply]

Another anon and I were talking about putting together some updated computer security guidlines for /pol/lacks, so I thought I'd start a thread where such collaboration can happen. I've copypasta'd a bunch of info from /tech/ /poltech/ EFF.org etc and I just need to order it up a bit. Then, we can make macros correcting bad OPSEC and suggesting best or at least better practices

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

928ad0 No.30626


Please go on.

67b44a No.30632

sorry anons, things came up. i will be back to do this, but i just have some other things on my list first. my apologies

3c53c6 No.30641

File: 01c083db5978410⋯.jpg (2.82 MB, 2232x2288, 279:286, World at War.jpg)


Don't worry, take your time.

Thanks for the effort anyway m8.

f94ead No.30681


friendly bump

dfc3b1 No.30685












These are some good resources

Also: Switch to Linux - start using and learning Linux, then move onto another, more secure operating system.

I am currently on an Ubuntu Laptop with two monitors.

I bought an older laptop - with an unpozzed CPU - took out the HDD, upgraded the RAM, threw in an SSD, Installed - - - Well, I installed Kali-Linux first, then dual booted it with Ubuntu, took off Kali, and am on Ubuntu right now on that one.

I am going to get another laptop this week, set up the hardware the same way, but I plan on installing something else. Not sure yet. Something that isn't pozzed.

Microsoft is poo - especially since 8.0

File: 4df8fb74845005a⋯.jpg (45.04 KB, 500x494, 250:247, 51w5A O29LL.jpg)

001202 No.30682[Reply]

I've started learning German, but have read of a push by (((some))), to introduce greater "gender equality" into the language as well as other efforts to putrefy and corrupt the language, How can I be careful not to learn the tainted PC version of the language?

001202 No.30683

h t t p ://www.dw.com/en/linguist-urges-more-gender-equality-in-german-language/a-15795388

File: 7427a9f8e838bb3⋯.jpg (168.29 KB, 972x900, 27:25, NARSeal.jpg)

5b5679 No.19685[Reply]

It's been a while since we had one of these

>The Northwest Front is a political organization of Aryan men and women who recognize that an independent and sovereign White nation in the Pacific Northwest is the only possibility for the survival of the White race on this continent.




Here's the 2 hour FAQ episode of their podcast


53 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

83d961 No.30114

The reason all reasonably awakened whites should consider the Northwest Imperative.

There has never quite been a balkanization preposition like that of the North West Imperative. The large collective of national socialists has been established in a massive network through out the pacific northwest over the course of a decade now, but they've been incredibly silent as not to attract unwanted attention.

There isn't a solid plan for any nationalist movement out there, the ultimate goal of ethno nationalism is to create an ethnostate, therefore it would be within everyone's great interests to consider reading the butler plan and start moving as soon as possible.

3e85b9 No.30660


I've heard the FBI has been murdering Northwest Front members, is this true?

dd7db2 No.30663


A Canadian supporter of NWF was executed in front of his house by a female police officer a few years ago.

3e85b9 No.30664


Damn, anymore murders you know of?

4ea916 No.30670


This. All the political chess TRSodomites talk about is that much easier with a strong, concentrated base and network. White no-go zones must become a reality

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