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File: 2a0a3ce72f8b1b5⋯.jpg (27.95 KB, 287x266, 41:38, 1453638852141-0.jpg)

3979c0 No.1935

I'm putting together a FAQ for people wondering about things, but there's just so many topics I want to address about proper board etiquette that I want to make sure I address the most important ones first. Submit questions here and I'll see if I can write my response into a /polk/ FAQ manifesto.

Example: Will criticism of Donald Trump be tolerated?

A: If you're talking about the 'Jews in DJT's inner circle' thing then I don't think anyone would argue that he doesn't. I wouldn't even begin to argue that having Jews in Trump's orbit is a good thing, but honestly the way I've seen the shilling play out (over 2 years of watching this phenomena) is that someone will come in with a list of 'Drumpf is a friend of israel' written by Haaretz and think that this is some biting criticism of the man or what he's doing. It's just tiresome, which is why many people just ignore or post 'wtf i love hillary now'. If you have a method of getting rid of the Jews or something, I'm all ears, but that whole 'BUT DRUMPF IS A KIKE AND HIS DAUGHTER IS A KIKE' seems like a desperate attempt to divorce ourselves from a guy who, while not perfect, seems to embody our ideals more than anyone else in the last hundred years. I would love Hitler but right now we have Trump and he's doing good, possibly paving the path to Hitler. If you want to discuss the problems with Trump, I'm open to criticism. I criticized Trump and called his campaign when he had that awful 'leaders of Aztlan' meeting, but I got called a shill all day for making a thread about it.

I don't think that everyone talking about Trump's unfortunate connections with Jews is bad or has bad intentions, just that it becomings blaringly obvious when some guy comes into our board and starts bixnooding about 'DRUMPF IS A KIKE' as if his intent doesn't bleed into his words. The way you're discussing is fine, as long as every time a thread gets put up about Trump we don't get a 'BUT HE'S A KIKE' type bait post. Just be smart, try to put some effort into it and we won't have a problem.

TL;DR: Baitposting with nothing other than 'Le DRUMPF is a kike' posts will be shoahed, half because it's boring and the other half because there's zero effort put into it. If you want to discuss Trump in less than favorable terms, your intent will come across in your discussion. If I don't think your intent is to provide beneficial discussion, I don't think I'll allow your thread.

3979c0 No.1953


Actually, Most of the time I don't really care about the guy, but when you see people derail threads unrelated to Trump, dumping "MAGA" images and cuckchan-tier shitposts "praise kek MAGA", that's where the problem comes in.

3979c0 No.1955



Also P.S I'm the guy you banned.

Maybe I got a idea, set up a static page (You can create a page in 8chan) or a pastebin about the best arguments against "Trump is a kike puppet"

Also another meta topic, Can you ban plebbitors? They are just a problem as the cuckchan rapefugees.

3979c0 No.1956


Yeah I want to set up a static page with this stuff that will accept contributions. Not sure where you see plebbitors, some people use le ironically but that's about it. Moderating low effort cuckchan posts is my goal eventually. You're right that three word posts are indicative of the rot that ruins boards, even those sympathetic to Trump et al. Any nigger can come in and post three words like that, but only a person that's been on the chans for a while or is an especially bright dude can write a three paragraph analysis about a recent happening or dive into philosophy.

3979c0 No.1957


Yes, thank you for understanding my problem.

>Not sure where you see plebbitors, some people use le ironically but that's about it.

One anon looked like as if he was using it unironically, but even using it ironically is cancer, the way he referred Slavs as "eastern germanics" and has made posts against "Russia" reminds me of Foky from 4chon (for newfags, 4chon is a another imageboard older than 8chan),

except Foky is anti-Trump himself and he browses Endchan /pol/.

3979c0 No.1965

File: 5f8f3460beda463⋯.jpg (79.06 KB, 1000x541, 1000:541, Azov.jpg)

File: fa3d8b9e72680ee⋯.jpg (58.37 KB, 865x511, 865:511, huwite russian goy!!!.jpg)

File: 8d058a4ae79ba72⋯.jpg (50.1 KB, 700x466, 350:233, nigger commie.jpg)


fuck off kike. i'm glad your eurasianist ass was banned.


3979c0 No.1966

RIDF is not welcome here btw

3979c0 No.1981


Look, (((plebbit)))or newfriend, You can be against Putin but being against the Russians and Russia just because it's ruled by Putin is nonsensical and unjustified.

you plebbitors are all cancer just like the cuckchanners

3979c0 No.1983


The blank stare of that nigger in the middle pic made me laugh. I like Russians though, one of my good friends is from Kaliningrad.

3979c0 No.2021


im not a plebbitor, Ivan. and i like russians. i'ts called memeing.

also Azov has plenty of russians in it.

>being against russia

i am against the multiculti structure of it.


>I like Russians though, one of my good friends is from Kaliningrad.

rightful german clay.

3979c0 No.2027


I think it's important that we establish a bunker that we can all agree on, so if this place does get infested by cuckchanners we all know where to go. I don't even necessarily imply that we should put that kind of information into a sticky, just that we should establish it now for those who are here now as unspoken but known information.

Otherwise when this place does get fucked, it'll splinter off like 8chan did back in the infinity transition. Some people went to 8.pl, some people went to endchan. But wherever the bunker is, imkampfy cannot be a mod there, that's a given.

3979c0 No.2030


>i think it's important that we establish a bunker that we can all agree on

This, Promisedchan when?

also come over to the spicer thread. it's gonna start soon.

3979c0 No.2031


I personally would vote for Nextchan, since it still has a small pedo userbase on the sidelines. I don't condone pedophilia, but it does wonders to keep normalfaggotry at bay to have them nearby. I think many can agree that it was Jim kicking out the pedos that made this place susceptible to it's current normalfag invasion.

I'm still crossing my fingers for the PromiseChan concept, the developer of Blazechan and nntp-chan are talking about incorporating the mod-filter-team concept into their imageboard software, but I'm not sure what the future will hold for us.

3979c0 No.2033

File: 3b1be78745cfa5d⋯.png (301.65 KB, 2248x706, 1124:353, Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at ….png)

File: 00da709a55788ae⋯.jpg (125.62 KB, 385x357, 55:51, 00da709a55788aec0c6f7d1cb5….jpg)


Thanks for reminding me m8, I nearly forgot.

3979c0 No.2035


i agree. as horrible pedo shit is. it does keep normalfags out. i much rather have no pedo shit though. i think if we make the bunker "ebul neo nazi" it will be good enough. we should not become cancer to fend off cancer.


no prob.

3979c0 No.2044


The only place I know kampfy isn't a mod is here. Codemonkey isn't incompetent like Jewsh so I don't think there'll be an extinction level event like the migrations again. Especially since Jim acquainted Josh with the pig farm. In my nigh three years on 8ch I've never seen the whole site go down for too long. I would recommend something like an IRC but IRCs have a really bad reputation for clique faggotry so that's probably a bunk idea.

We can't use the possibility of Promised Chan as our bunker as it's not out yet. Even if it comes out, the problem of paying for server costs comes into play. There's a ton of smaller chans that would probably serve as pretty good bunkers. In no specific order, to my knowledge we have:

Torchan, Overchan, Spacechan.xyz, Endchan, Polchan (gone?), 76chan (no politics board), Diochan (italian chan) among others.

3979c0 No.2056


>i think if we make the bunker "ebul neo nazi" it will be good enough.

That would be ideal, but it's really difficult to get a stable host for that kind of place. Consider


>I like it, however the platform should retain at least superficial plausible deniability about connections to us ebil nazis.

>Popular websites are not free to run and


>I agree that plausible deniability for the site itself is a good idea. Not for my sake, but for the sake of whoever is hosting it, since they will be receiving attention. (((Journalists))) may try harassing your family.


>we should not become cancer to fend off cancer.

I think it would be more accurate to say that we're not becoming cancer, but rather utilizing cancer as a camoflauge of sorts. We could choose to make it clear that all pedos will get banned for posting pedoshit on our board there.


What you think of

>>2031 Nextchan?

3979c0 No.2061


>we're not becoming cancer

we would not become* cancer

3979c0 No.2066


Is that Josh's board?

3979c0 No.2068


we should use a nazi font and symbols but can retain our plausible deniability. its what the natsoc groups in europe do.

3979c0 No.2079


No but it is running his software (InfinityNext). Josh used to run 16chan.nl until he shut it down because he was incompetent at running his site.


It really depends on if the next imageboard will be started by us or not. The closest that we are to starting our own imageboard at the moment is Promisechan. I wouldn't be entirely against subtle nazi-related symbolism or imagery. However, the guy leading promisechan has made it clear that he doesn't want promisechan to be exclusive to /pol/.


>I don't want to disrupt subversive moderation just for /pol/, I want to do it for everyone. My goal is to make a place popular enough to conquer 4chan.

t.promisechan developer

3979c0 No.2081


forgot to turn off sage. I guess it doesnt matter though because this thread is stickied

3979c0 No.2089

File: 6917b121070eef8⋯.png (72.21 KB, 862x508, 431:254, c31bea2bc65b74c7a2f44d7f67….png)


This was Josh's final message to 16chan users

3979c0 No.2092


we could have other boards but the owner would have to be a natsoc /pol/ack so if some shit that is bad for our cause is posted we can blow it up.

3979c0 No.2093


*owner of the site

3979c0 No.2096



Who runs that board then? Drybones?

3979c0 No.2124


>Administrator: m712

>Global Volunteer: ring, Politik

Here's their development meta thread


I don't know too much about them. However, I don't think they would have any problem with us being there if they allow pedos to have discussion. (Pedoboards are text-only there anyway. They don't allow child pornography)



>Do not post, request, or link to any content that is illegal in the United States of America and do not create boards with the sole purpose of posting or spreading such content.

>Boards focusing on sexualizing young children must be textboards.

>Board owners must make sure that no content violating the TOS is on their boards.

>This imageboard abides by a strict interpretation of the DOST test.

>Board owners MUST enforce the global rules or their boards will either be: made claimable, deleted, or taken over by the administration of NeXTCHAN.


I forgot to say that they allow pedos to have discussions, but not to post illegal content. I do think that the pedo-discussion boards will be a good deterrant against cuckchan.

3979c0 No.2137


I don't know anything about it so I can't endorse it but it'd be a good feather in the cap.

3979c0 No.2144

File: de7ef1be1cb5862⋯.png (20.7 KB, 984x128, 123:16, BO-voting-system.png)


I'll keep an eye on it's Administration to see if they can be trusted. There is already one thing that has caught my eye however.

3979c0 No.2149


That just seems to invite freech/brit/intl/SRS goons banding together to remove BOs. While it would be useful in our case in regards to /pol/, I'm worried that threatens the stability of a board. Interesting though. It really just takes people willing to strike out on their own and then an unremovable BO doesn't become a problem. Make a place better than the alternative and people will come. I think the thread quality we've had here eclipses many of the threads I've seen on /pol/. It still has that new car smell here.

3979c0 No.2151


we still need to make sure pedo shit doesn't leak onto our board, pedo shit is like cuckchan cancer. the only difference is that pizza is illegal and posting cuckchanner memes isn't.

3979c0 No.2156


I think strict moderation against pedos would be sufficient on a /pol(k)/ board there.


I just thought it was interesting. I know that such a concept has its own questions and problems. Like I said I'll do some research and keep an eye on the place to see if it has enough potential as a possible /polk/ bunker.

3979c0 No.2164

File: 4e7527c58442a66⋯.jpg (38.16 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 132a33d902264b7c6ce5463a9c….jpg)


>I think the thread quality we've had here eclipses many of the threads I've seen on /pol/. It still has that new car smell here

I will admit that this place has a very fresh feeling to it, and I really like it.

3979c0 No.2214

File: 8b7e14f24d5a4e5⋯.png (39.83 KB, 300x100, 3:1, bannered3.png)

File: 164d16e5beeea8f⋯.png (150 B, 1x1, 1:1, pixel.png)

please make this into a banner BO :^)

3979c0 No.2219


Did it before you could even request it kek

3979c0 No.2232

hey man, why did the pg thread get unstickied?

3979c0 No.2263


Not too many people posting in it atm. It can't slide off the catalog so it'll be fine. I can resticky it later.

3979c0 No.2264

File: 604fdda13bb7990⋯.png (186.88 KB, 1266x884, 633:442, Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at ….png)

Jim mentioned us on Twitter

3979c0 No.2267


oh, ok. better start posting shit on it then.


that must mean he's watching us…

>tfw some creepy freemason is reading this post right now


3979c0 No.2281



As long as dissenters are still kept within 8chan it will not affect his revenue and thus he has no reason to care. Had we migrated to Polchan or some other place, it'd be a different story.

3979c0 No.2294

Why did you delete my Russian revolution thread?

3979c0 No.2295


It was a pretty low energy thread. You can do better than that famiglia.

3979c0 No.2305


I have to second the BO's opinion that it was a pretty low energy thread. I'm not advocating crossposting, but that type of thread would get much more positive reception on 4chan's /pol/. Honestly, I'd recommend you look at the formatting of the threads both here and even on >>>/pol/ to see which thread OPs get shat on and which ones don't. In other much simpler words,lurk more:^)

3979c0 No.2306



Alright ive got a better idea RT is using twitter to live stream the revolution for some reason. We should hijack it and use it to redpill on jewry

3979c0 No.2313

please unban me dude. i don't have anywhere to go but here. maybe i should of explained myself better before i posted that. he's a fucking pedophile. he should be investigated. i thought i could post this since you'd ban any hwndu cuckchanner that'll come here.




3979c0 No.2316


Alright. Don't know what I'm supposed to see in those images though. One is a nigger and one is some mystery meat with a similar yellow necklace. The nigger's necklace beads are huge while the guy on the right has a standard small bead necklace. I really want people posting here to be able to see such simple things. I don't want 'listen and believe' type cucks. There's a lot of this with pizzagate in general so just be aware of your own biases tainting your own investigations.

3979c0 No.2319


>senpai the shady pig farmer noticed us

I'm not 100% comfortable with this.

3979c0 No.2320


If you want to be low energy about it, toss it in the current events thread.

3979c0 No.2328



3979c0 No.2329


yeah, i thought that posting it would be good anyway just to be sure. we usually just dump what we can find and try to find connections from that.

3979c0 No.2361

Why a different board on a cucked chan? Move to endchan / NNTPchan / NeXTCHAN

/pol/ cannot succeed on a cucked chan, 8ch has been cucked since Jim took over and probably before that as well.

It's time to


and never come back, someone else could host infinity as well.

I don't really give half a fuck where anyone goes and have my reservations about NNTP's lack of moderation but the need has arisen to go somewhere and we must act on it.

3979c0 No.2362


What's wrong with 8ch as a site rather than /pol/ as a board? The only thing that's banned is candydoll type stuff.

3979c0 No.2364


how do you get on nntpchan and nextchan?

3979c0 No.2365


For nextchan, go into your url bar and type in 'nextchan.org'

3979c0 No.2366

File: ebead8963b2a50e⋯.png (27.28 KB, 290x360, 29:36, swastika.png)

oh shit, there logo is basically a swastika

3979c0 No.2367

i thought infinitynext failed though.

3979c0 No.2406

File: 595eb92f8037094⋯.jpg (451 B, 15x15, 1:1, 00000000000000pepe.jpg)

File: fd10a48d3caf75c⋯.png (338 B, 15x15, 1:1, nazi pixel.png)

File: 66f2bae79dbefdb⋯.jpg (351 B, 8x8, 1:1, Pixel Pepe.jpg)

File: de9f6d40765ca80⋯.png (248 B, 19x19, 1:1, SS.png)

File: fdb059f4de23cda⋯.png (96 B, 21x19, 21:19, swas.png)

So what's /polk/s stance on this shit

3979c0 No.2407

File: 706f3116390985e⋯.png (81.81 KB, 2350x1000, 47:20, proposed logo.png)

File: 0d94d958e17ba8f⋯.png (42.39 KB, 2350x1000, 47:20, proposed logo2 black.png)

File: 87057a4401e6f11⋯.png (46.38 KB, 2650x1000, 53:20, proposed logo-gradient1.png)

File: 06cf3b80b26bf95⋯.png (47.68 KB, 2650x1000, 53:20, proposed nlogo2.png)


Sad thing is that I was there when that board started when someone suggested that logo concept. I was about to make it but was forced to run some errands instead. I would have done better tbh

3979c0 No.2417


If you're using it to post an image that is relevant, then I don't see a better alternative.

3979c0 No.2419

BO, what's your stance on country flags? They could come in handy for sniffing out larpers and mossad kikes.

3979c0 No.2421

File: 0b76d5f2a571af8⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1889x9906, 1889:9906, 1489037522792.png)

>1/3 of thread is purged via B+D action

>thread is bumplocked because a couple faggots shit it up

Top fucking kek, you faggots left /pol/ and shilled for MUH EGGSODUS to this place and ended up making it exactly the fucking same as the board you left.

3979c0 No.2424


hello imkampfy. why do you shill omegle so much?

3979c0 No.2425


We're not coming back imkampfy. You fucked up.

3979c0 No.2429

File: 1ec753bc51cbcb5⋯.png (97.98 KB, 2392x248, 299:31, Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at ….png)

File: fe144d06338c824⋯.jpeg (14.63 KB, 300x350, 6:7, jimmy.jpeg)


Not too big a fan of em. I think the amount of shill spotting permitted by country flags is outweighted by 'flagposting' which was one of the worst things to befall 4chan /pol/.


Shills get long knived. The first one was posting unspoilered borderline /loli/ content and the other one was talking about how great race mixing is. I do not abide. You can go back to your civic cuck board because you've already fallen it seems. Just today I saw a post where people were posting pic related without any mod actions at all. Yet I got banned for linking this board kek.

3979c0 No.2433


>The first one was posting unspoilered borderline /loli/ content

i shouldn't of made those memes tbqh. i'm glad you deleted most of them.

3979c0 No.2445

reposting my idea here:

we should use a phoenix as our symbol. we rise from the ashes of all variations of /pol/. we are the last of its kind.

can we have banners on this too?

3979c0 No.2721



3979c0 No.2730

if any of you fags are here, come to the spicer bread.

3979c0 No.2754


Lets see your ideas about some phoenix memes. I like it.

3979c0 No.2897

File: 6f1ba67e327d58b⋯.jpg (238.58 KB, 650x450, 13:9, phoenix1.jpg)

File: ae8fe5ef03b749d⋯.jpg (52.04 KB, 833x500, 833:500, phoenix2.jpg)


here's what i made so far.

3979c0 No.2900

File: 2f73b589f8c7fd2⋯.jpg (233.35 KB, 650x450, 13:9, phoenix1.jpg)



3979c0 No.2906



Remember it's 300x100 for banners, but I like it so far

3979c0 No.2936


could you use it the main sticky? like it used to be on /pol/?

3979c0 No.2937


*it in the

3979c0 No.2947



I'm thinking innovate, not imitate. We'll find a use for it though.

3979c0 No.2951

File: 302bb1e6abe35bb⋯.jpg (86.71 KB, 1024x250, 512:125, 1024px-Dasavatar__19th_cen….jpg)

>Trump paves the road to Hitler

The order is a bit off. Hitler paved the path for Trump, and Trump will pave the path for the Kalki, Purger of Filth.

3979c0 No.2959

File: 88491f1fb53673f⋯.jpg (23.19 KB, 833x500, 833:500, werwolff.jpg)

could someone turn this into a banner?

3979c0 No.2966

File: 5ca002bd6b610e4⋯.jpg (37 KB, 833x500, 833:500, p1.jpg)

File: 875b63ab3caaea9⋯.jpg (37.65 KB, 833x500, 833:500, p1s.jpg)

3979c0 No.2967

File: b7161de780fc6f1⋯.jpg (33.74 KB, 833x500, 833:500, p2.jpg)

File: 49780482d517127⋯.jpg (32.05 KB, 833x499, 833:499, p2s.jpg)

3979c0 No.2969

File: 9446db6f21ffe9e⋯.jpg (92.98 KB, 833x500, 833:500, p3.jpg)

File: 8ea8945bad68613⋯.jpg (86.82 KB, 833x499, 833:499, p3s.jpg)

3979c0 No.2972

File: 7a165a66be7b8c6⋯.jpg (33.19 KB, 833x500, 833:500, p-extra.jpg)

3979c0 No.3153

Just spotted this board in the top 25. I'd been hoping a decent /pol/ alternative would crop up for a while now, so I'm glad to see it. I'm just curious as to why now? Was there another banning spree?

3979c0 No.3154


Kampfy has been trying very hard in the past 4 days to turn the board into a civic nationalist board. He's starting to say that anyone who is racist against anyone other than jews is the enemy. He posted a thread then stickied his own post about this four days ago. That thread was the genesis of this board. Just yesterday he took to calling people who aren't willing to concede that there are 'good hispanics' is just a 'neonazi'.

The more damning thing is that he's banning anyone who is saying that we should be pushing for white identity because it's just identity politics. So niggers can push their own racial goals 24/7 but white's cant? It's wild, hopefully we can make something better here.

3979c0 No.3160

File: d5fd62362da6cf9⋯.jpg (232.25 KB, 1000x680, 25:17, 1463320641750-0.jpg)



Late to the party here, saw this post and wanted to say that vpn users can and do route through varied countries, making country flags meaningless.

pic not related

3979c0 No.3163


I regularly shillposted on Israeli VPN exits on my VPN to get them all banned lmao. Really obvious shit too. Made me laugh.

3979c0 No.3531

Various threads that need to make a comeback:

1. Space Elevator / Science news thread

2. GATE Threads

3. Ancient Aryans / Hyperborean / Atlantis Threads

4. This one is new, A weekly "This week into dumb dindu behavior" to show reddit types that there are no based niggers. That maga hat on a nigga is not based reddit. Gas yourself.

3979c0 No.3533


>That maga hat on a nigga


>not nigger

get out.

3979c0 No.3600

board is ded again.

3979c0 No.3629

I wish LARPers would get a board to contain their autism and LARPing became forbidden outside said board.

3979c0 No.3630



what do you mean by this?

3979c0 No.3634

are you alive, BO? this board is below that pedo board now.

3979c0 No.3639


Every single one of those thread types are utter shit. I can deal with a nigger hate thread once a month or so but that used to be a staple of whoever or whatever spammed new shit threads on 8/pol/ a year ago. It's spinning the wheels if it happens too often.

GATE is obviously a few subversives roleplaying with VPNs

Space Elevator or science is okay in theory, but in reality is just dropping reddit-tier popular science (or science worship) articles. Almost every article is about some breakthrough that is going to change the world, none of it ever pans out AT ALL.


Board does seem pretty dead, I personally decided to stop participating here so much because anime seems to have a high status here.

3979c0 No.3641


are you the BO?

also why do you dislike GATE threads and anime?

i'm going to advertise this board as an alternative again. maybe that's all it needs to be alive again.

3979c0 No.3644


He is not. BO hasn't logged in since Friday afternoon if I'm to believe the bans.

3979c0 No.3646


fuck. i think the kikes may have finally got to him and v& him. does this mean any faggot can just spam this board to death now?

3979c0 No.3650


Doubt he got v&. I'm waiting until Monday to start worrying.

3979c0 No.3651


what do we do if he doesn't come back on Monday then?

3979c0 No.3652


Do you really need people to guide you by the hand whenever something happens? I'll act as I see fit at the time.

3979c0 No.3653


ok. i suppose we'll just wait and see.

3979c0 No.3666


I mean those who go into threads (or make them) in order to shitpost pretending to be something they clearly are not. I'm doing a horrible job at explaining it.

A recent example I can think of is a guy making a thread claiming to be a CIA anon and writing about two big paragraphs worth of conspiracies and false flags in /tech/. And of course all these meme magic and alternative religions threads that plague /pol/ but criticizing a meme magic thread only spawns two more, each full of the same faggots.

3979c0 No.3668


I'm not BO

I dislike GATE threads because they look like utter bullshit with one ID after another posting "yeah I almost died as a kid too blah blah" in the same style as the last one.

As for the anime, I don't buy the old line that spamming lying fucks drop "goons hate anime". I can go to freech right now and see that it's 95% anime spamming and garbage. I've ran into enough antagonistic anime spamming shills that call everybody ELSE that wants to stay on topic a shill to know that they are the real goons.

3979c0 No.3674


but i have some of the same experiences as GATEfags so i can confirm it isn't total bs like you're suggesting.

>goons don't hate anime

they do. freech isn't representative of most goons.

3979c0 No.3676

fuck, there are cuckchanners posting their shitty memes now like brain wojak crap, the BO needs to return or this is going to end up as a cuckchan haven for people who were banned for being too cuckchan on imkampfy/pol/

3979c0 No.3684


I don't even really care if freech isn't representative of most goons because I've seen how anime shitposters are basically given agency on /pol/ to antagonize people who only want to stay on topic.

3979c0 No.3686


i don't think that's good. i just like anime and don't want those cancerous faggots stealing it away from us to use it in shilling.

3979c0 No.3693

Admit it: are you the fags spamming /pol/ so more people are willing to switch to your board?

3979c0 No.3695


fuck no. we don't want any of you faggot coming here with your cuckchan cancer.

3979c0 No.3697


This board is now dead and the BO is not active so no, not likely

3979c0 No.3700

Please outlaw the practices of "checking dubs" and "worshipping kek"

3979c0 No.3701


This would sound horrible to me before but that would make this place "cuckchanner free" in that they would not be attracted to this place.that does not mean the subhumans would be gone totally though.

3979c0 No.3787


Kek hey kampfy. I went to a wedding, I'll be on tonight. Do they have weddings in Turkey kampfy?

I was curious to see how people carried on without me too.

3979c0 No.3797

BO where did you go? There's a lot of cuckchanner shit that needs to be purged here.

3979c0 No.3799


No board can function without active mods, we need someone to at least remove the spam. I'd be willing to volunteer for such a basic role, if necessary. Outside of spam, and very obvious cuckchanners or shills. (and I mean very obvious) I would probably have a mostly hands-off approach until a stronger board direction/culture is established. And even then, there are others more qualified to direct the board that that kind of role.Just let me know if you're interested

3979c0 No.3806


I'm back. I went to a wedding and was doing other normalfag activities over the weekend. I thought I had saved my BO password on my phone but when I was already there I realized I hadn't so my bad on that one. We all need to unwind a bit.

Being a BO is like kindling a flame really. This weekend I was careless with my responsibility and I apologize. I still haven't picked a vol yet but I am talking with some people. Once we have a couple people that can handle the inanity inherent in this job with some regularity then hiccups like this won't happen.

On another note, I wanted to address the 'cuckchan' problem with a bit more clarity which is why I gave the guy pointing out cuckchan in every thread a time out despite agreeing with him on most of his points. See, the problem with cuckchan posters is their low signal/noise ratio posts. They're used to posting 'best timeline' + pepe # 828283823 and having that stand as their contribution to a board. That's not a contribution, if anything it detracts. That's exactly what spamming 'CUCKCHAN REEE' at everyone in every thread has devolved to. Trust me, I know what cuckchan looks like for the most part, just toss in a report and I'll take a look. I wanted to make a 'Cuckchan habits that need to be unlearned' guide that can be referenced to so that you can just report it with the rule violation similar to how /a/ does it (except I'm not a tranny so I won't be bad like the /a/ mods).

A better way to combat the cuckchan menace is to report them and then continue on contributing quality posts. The best way to avoid becoming cuckchan is to do what they cannot which is to contribute meaningfully. That way it will become readily apparent who is who in a thread which makes my job easier as well.

It also seems that a few boards are uncomfortable with our growth in the last week and are doing everything in their power to fuck the board up. That just means they think our presence is an affront which is validation. Kampfy doesn't want a political board alternative to /pol/ so he'll keep spamming and I'll keep on removing him. Not too worried, and now I have methods of mobile moderating so this shouldn't happen again.

The upside to this is that I actually get white female attention unlike kampfy so I don't need to vent my frustrations by posting Rach ;^)

3979c0 No.3812



Hello BO.

3979c0 No.3820

File: c033b4336956a3e⋯.png (745.37 KB, 600x600, 1:1, continental pepe_5-improve….png)


Welcome back. I'm just happy you didn't leave us, I've seen it happen many times where someone creates a board, is active for a few weeks, then completely abandons it, so I give you credit where it's due for not doing that :^)

>I went to a wedding and was doing other normalfag activities over the weekend

A rare excuse, but an acceptable one nontheless.

> I wanted to make a 'Cuckchan habits that need to be unlearned' guide that can be referenced to so that you can just report it with the rule violation similar to how /a/ does it (except I'm not a tranny so I won't be bad like the /a/ mods).

Looking forward to it, I still don't know entirely what cuckchan habits I may or may not have adopted from 8/pol/. Although it's been getting remarkably worse these past few weeks, it feels like it's been in decline for at least a year honestly.

>See, the problem with cuckchan posters is their low signal/noise ratio posts. They're used to posting 'best timeline' + pepe # 828283823 and having that stand as their contribution to a board. That's not a contribution, if anything it detracts. That's exactly what spamming 'CUCKCHAN REEE' at everyone in every thread has devolved to.

I have to agree that this shit needs to stop, it's going to get to a point where calling someone out as cuckchan will be just as invalidated as calling someone out for being /intl/ or a goon. ..sound familiar? Even if there are legitimate /intl/ goons derailing the thread, it makes it that much harder to understand who needs to be sent to the bog, and who doesn't.

3979c0 No.3826

Wow this place grew fast. I was away from /pol/ for a week, and now this is a decently populated board. How did it spread so quickly? All other /pol/ 2.0 attempts I've seen so far have failed.

3979c0 No.3848


I knew you'd come back. Like you said though, this board can't afford a lack of moderation for such a long time. way too many powertripping retards with low esteem are all around and loves nothing more than to raid what tries to stand out for itself. It's the reason most major boards alternatives never manged to ammount to much. Political boards are the ones which has the most of inter-board fighting because not only do you have kamphy doing everything in his power to shape a false consensus on /pol/ but you have half a dozen boards with different ideologies going at each other once in a while.

3979c0 No.3852


>it's been getting remarkably worse

I agree, and not just because I want this place to succeed. I won't leave you guys. As long as there's a couple people posting here I don't mind being BO. I own another board that's pretty much dead now but I keep up with it.


>how did it spread so quickly

Things hit a bit of a fever pitch with /pol/ dropping off the quality cliff in the last week. Kampfy sticking two threads he created meant to call anyone who wishes their homelands white as larpers.


Yep, I'm acutely aware. Growing pains and all that.

3979c0 No.3865

Speaking of, what the fuck is going on the front page of this website kek?

3979c0 No.3866


Porchmonkey doing what Porchmonkey does. Adding a ton of new useless "features", cluttering the site and in doing so will probably find a way to break the code in some way or another.

3979c0 No.3868


Meanwhile BO tools and vol tools are ancient and need revamping. An 'undo delete' button would be amazing.

3979c0 No.3869




>How did it spread so quickly

I also may have played a (small) part in shilling the PromisedChan thread to all the other alternative imageboards (even the super seekrit ones) to get more anons to help in it's development. I'm sure a number of those decided to check the other threads here and were happy to find a more lively alternative /pol/ board than the one they were on.

3979c0 No.3870


Remember, for any number of people who actually post, there is an even greater number of people lurking so we have more anons here than most would probably think.

3979c0 No.3871

File: a3b43db91356b19⋯.png (204.16 KB, 349x356, 349:356, rare_wink.png)



Although it may be a shitty meme, most would agree that spacing every line and reply-link is just generally bad formatting. At the very least, it's part of our current board culture to format properly, and it would be nice if you would help maintain any and all aspects of our traditional board culture, because that's fundamentally a part of what natsoc and in turn, old /pol/ and current /polk/ is about: preserving our culture :^)

3979c0 No.3873

Is this board e-celeb tolerant (assuming any given e-celeb thread isn't spammed)?

3979c0 No.3877


I sure hope not. It was revealed during GG years that e-celebs targeting audiences like /pol/ are people who's mission is to try and subvert the ideology gradually. If they don't and fail to have tight OpSec, they are subject to threats and anyone in their right mind will either fold or leave the internet. Using Jewtube or having any Jewgle account is having bad OpSec in the first place. First amendment doesn't protect anyone from being stalked by an alphabet soup.

3979c0 No.3883

File: 0e2fdfc693a3f26⋯.jpeg (74.27 KB, 741x449, 741:449, 65e98cfd09f6cd0a9e1db2db3….jpeg)

I just got banned from /pol/ for insulting that shitty anime about the jap dude who transports into a little girls body and flies around in a Nazi uniform. What the fuck is wrong with the mods over at /pol/? It was literally my first post insulting that shitty show.

3979c0 No.3890

>banned for disagreeing with moderation and pointing out a meta problem in the meta thread

Thanks for proving my point.

3979c0 No.3891


Never ever was it mentioned that this was a free speech board faggot. What I hated about /pol/ was that their mods were too lax on their bans while banning anything that was too intelligent for kikey to understand. I think the BO shares a part of that sentiment. You can leave now.

3979c0 No.3892

File: 39cd0986ef707af⋯.jpg (245.41 KB, 662x720, 331:360, tmp_39cd0986ef707afe52cfb8….jpg)


>tfw the meme you pushed so hard for years has now became board cuture on many boards

>and it has even crossed into different chans

>>people even get banned for reddit spacing

feels good fellow >>>/polk/

im glad everyone now has the memo on the reddit spacing faggotry. the reddit menace was strong here since r/The_Donald, 2nd cuck/pol/ exodus, voat, and that really stupid exodus i forgot about (not gg).


thanks lads. i did it.

3979c0 No.3894


Shut the fuck up, retard. If the mod bans everyone he doesn't like then this board will die (it's already slowing down) and Imkampfy will continue to control the only /pol/ on 8chan.


What was your post?

3979c0 No.3895


This board was already confirmed to be made for quality over quantity. It's not made to be a simple /pol/ clone with all the cuckchan civic nationalists, lolberg and mongrels that are mad at kampfy. What pushed to its creation was kampfy cucking out to them as long as the only remaining thing on /pol/ is hatred for Jews.

3979c0 No.3897


imautism lets his friends from irc and discord raid /pol/ while he uses post history to bully certain users in coordinated attacks

>t. i just know

3979c0 No.3898


Probably one of the many "THIS BOARD DED LIKE POLPOL" posts that's been popping up. Honestly if you're underwhelmed at the speed of this board, then you would have never liked early /pol/ either. Threads would get a couple responses a day and it felt like Christmas when someone actually did post. The amount of good posts was a lot more common than it is now however.

3979c0 No.3901


So essentially this is a /pol/ that is okay with OC and board culture? Neato.

3979c0 No.3981


can we establish that:

Kikes in Israel > Kikes in America

Muslims outside America > Muslims in America

Shitskins in Africa > Shitskins in America

actual shit > shitskins

our first priority should be redpilling normies

then deporting shitskins

then shutting down shitskin factories abroad

and furthermore

Pepe = Kek = Lord and Savior

Trump is Kek Jesus

3979c0 No.3985


I don't know if I'd agree with those things. Having a European country with its nice roads, good jobs, and relatively little strife means that the only difference between a muslim outside of america and a muslim in america is whether or not we elect a fucking nigger who approves their immigration visas. A nigger or kike or shitskin will become an American immigrant if they are afforded any opportunity to do so, so there's virtually no difference. No more shitskins on the planet means that the problem won't exist, which is why making the distinction of muslim in America vs muslim in KSA is a facile one.

3979c0 No.3997



That makes sense

But should the US lead by example as it has done for centuries?

Deport the shitskins, proving /pol/acks and /polk/ens <-work in progress


Then offer our cleansing services abroad?

I understand offering assistance to countries struggling to make progress like Britain and Austria

But Sweden could be a black hole of nationalism if not diligently rationed

3979c0 No.4002



It's /pölk/isch heh. What do you mean lead by example? Every generation we don't fix the problem is another generation that will possibly fail to stem the tide of niggers and shitskins invading and completely wiping out europeans.

3979c0 No.4009


Removing shitskins from (insert once great Aryan nation here)

and relocating them to (insert niggerville here)

will scientifically provide irrefutable evidence to normies

that we (heterosexual 8chan users) are always correct

Thus paving the way for "socially" acceptable cleansing ethnically


History is littered with "socially" unacceptable cleansings

while indiscriminate killings of Aryans by shitskins is celebrated

Maybe using an umbrella term can redpill normies to our motives

3979c0 No.4011


>will scientifically provide irrefutable evidence to normies that we (heterosexual 8chan users) are always correct

I'm a bit fuzzy about this point. Removing them will provide irrefutable evidence of what exactly? That they rape and pillage at higher rates? I mean the stats of that are already out there except when they stop keeping stats like France and Sweden. It takes a fertile mind that is willing to accept hard truths to admit these things.

3979c0 No.4013


my autism shifted gear on me mid paragraph

thought i had a manual, but it may be an auto

I'll keep manually shifting it until i can disassemble it and make sure

Normies believe statistics are fake/made up

because they cannot understand how they are derived

Being autists, we can see meaning through data

Normies need simple if then attribution with past results.

Liberals promise no more rapings if we give shitskins jobs/school/money

Normies FINALLY wised up to it and elected Trump

Normies won't let us empty the desktop trash can until we

prove shitskins do not belong in civilized society

Only way is deportation for now

3979c0 No.4014


What must be done, in your mind, to prove that shitskins don't belong in any European country that they haven't already done or even are in the process of doing? Do you think European leaders are only coincidentally or naïvely inviting immigrants into Europe? If you think that, I have a few redpills you need to imbibe.

3979c0 No.4019



There are some good 'e-celebs' who offer helpful self improvement advice. Speaking of which, are self-improvement and book threads allowed here? Those being banned on /pol/ is probably my biggest grievance with their moderators.

3979c0 No.4020


If ecelebs want to have a presence, they should come contribute and not just carpet bomb links as if we were lemmings to be farmed.

Self-improvement threads are perfectly fine, still waiting for someone to make a good one.

3979c0 No.4067

File: 89d5f1e725b7576⋯.jpg (44.32 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 1442591202685.jpg)

We're already dropping

3979c0 No.4069


Definitely a bit of a low point compared to the 160 of the other night, but the weekend spam was a little rough. We've been in the top bar trending all day and have been getting a decent amount of posts. I keep hearing about people getting banned and browsing the board. I'm more interested in UID posters than UID browsers themselves. If you build it they will come. I plan on contributing at least three threads a day from now on.

3979c0 No.4080

File: 5645b9b9c36dfbb⋯.jpg (66.57 KB, 1420x946, 710:473, 5645b9b9c36dfbb14e75d7dcac….jpg)

File: 164d16e5beeea8f⋯.png (150 B, 1x1, 1:1, pixel.png)


What we need is another Spicer press briefing

3979c0 No.4212


3979c0 No.4218

File: 71f6d5c9c10a823⋯.jpg (70.84 KB, 643x532, 643:532, 71f6d5c9c10a823907b82b1c2c….jpg)


I'll try to contribute even though I prefer to lurk; I have some ideas on how to improve ourselves individually as well as a group and a whole. /Pol/ has a problem with OPSEC that we need to differentiate ourselves with… make /pol/ start looking like the LARPers while we actually "Walk our talk, and Talk our walk". Instead of bitching/redpilling alone we need to be doing not just talking, because DOING shit like the capture-the-flag OP gives the fame/infamy to draw in new posters. HOWEVER don't just try do run out and do stupid shit… right now we need to work on shoring up the /bunker/ and learning how to protect ourselves and generate resources. Then if/when we see an opening for an Op…

3979c0 No.4246

File: 30f70da7cb725c3⋯.png (28.23 KB, 711x257, 711:257, cuckchan cancer exposed.png)



>defending capture the flag hwndu shit

get out.

3979c0 No.4278

File: e7182cd434be555⋯.jpg (61.13 KB, 800x450, 16:9, polk.jpg)


3979c0 No.4279

3979c0 No.4284


I told you to chill out man

3979c0 No.4286

File: cca04870cd51f9d⋯.png (331.45 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_0251.png)

Check this out

3979c0 No.4290

File: fcecd2359b8e5d0⋯.gif (247.43 KB, 500x600, 5:6, diabolical nazi laughing.gif)



3979c0 No.4294


Dead Kikes > Kikes in Israel > Kikes in America



3979c0 No.4295


George Washington was a Freemason and Freemasonry is some big kikery shit

3979c0 No.4346


that can't be fucking real is it?

3979c0 No.4370


What do you mean? I put the ad up myself.

3979c0 No.4373

By the way guys, I added in a Board Volunteer so we shouldn't be having any problems moderating spam off the board like last weekend. We'll be doing our best to make this a good place for anyone tired of the formulaic /pol/ format in favor of those who think it could be a board more about holistic, traditional virtues.

3979c0 No.4381

File: 119aa8daf0e1dbd⋯.gif (632.12 KB, 160x240, 2:3, 119aa8daf0e1dbd0b43d82aa9a….gif)


Thanks for keeping the board kebab shitposter free admin bro.

3979c0 No.4404

File: 9a281e29c3fa12a⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 237x240, 79:80, 1453589086122.gif)


I do it for free.

Also, I expect another oldfag extinction event the next time kampfy inevitably pins another civic cuck thread which I imagine will happen pretty soon.

3979c0 No.4430

File: 22b695cfe2b297b⋯.png (161.61 KB, 494x552, 247:276, imkikey merchant.png)


Now why would you think I'd do something like that? :^)

3979c0 No.4436


Oh damn nevermind, it threw me off because I thought it was an actual banner. I actually made that one btw. What ads really need to be put up are anti-kampfy/"/pol/ is now a civnat board" types in my opinion.

3979c0 No.4473


I would think that one of the main purposes of a /pol/ alternative was the ability to speak honestly and openly about Donald Trump, as opposed to the moderator-enforced worship of him on /pol/.

Here's a thread >>>/pol/9501080 that just yesterday was anchored because the subject matter did not reflect well on Trump, and many of the posts such as >>>/pol/9501866 and >>>/pol/9501866 dove into real issues concerning him.

3979c0 No.4488


I definitely won't make you worship Trump, but don't be disingenuous like the endchan drones and you'll be fine.

3979c0 No.4751

Hey Board Owner is this you?


3979c0 No.4752


Nah that's not me, why?

3979c0 No.4754


hello, do you have any problem with my opinion, faggot?

3979c0 No.4755


I think you're being a bit overly vitriolic

3979c0 No.4756

File: 27091d940e0a50b⋯.gif (333.83 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 688765.gif)


i'll stop then.

3979c0 No.4757


I have a problem with you being so disrespectful. I tried to have serious debate and you deigned to call me a shill repeatedly. I don't know exactly how you run things on this board but that sort of behavior is not normally considered befitting of a volunteer.

3979c0 No.4758


It's okay lad. Just try to use discussion to further your points rather than resorting to threats of banning for every slight. I mean, you've reported my posts on more than one occasion.


He has a point.

I like your contributions to the board, they are much appreciated, but I think taking things a little more relaxed would benefit the discussion for everyone

3979c0 No.4760

File: 62b50ef2b07a2d8⋯.png (254.69 KB, 1298x614, 649:307, Crypto Civicism.png)

File: 798cbaabd45adaa⋯.png (423 B, 16x15, 16:15, by_pass.png)


i'm still of the opinion that you could be imkampfy. the type of thread you made seemed a lot like the civic threads on /pol/. pic related.

>I have a problem with you being so disrespectful.

this isn't plebbit though.


alright then, i'll be more relaxed. If i only suspsect someone of being a shill i'll just criticize them and wait for them to out themselves.

3979c0 No.4761


I think you might be a shill but I did not bring it up in the thread despite the usual signs because I did not want to derail the discussion.

I want you to consider something: is someone whose political beliefs line up more closely with the political beliefs of the National Socialist German Workers Party than your own likely to be a civic nationalist?

3979c0 No.4762


Can you blame him? Kikefy et al have been pushing that we ally with non-whites. What you're saying is just the first step down the civnat path. Not in the beating heart of the far right movement, no siree. Here, it's more principle than pragmatism. Non-whites should not habit this planet given their disregard for it and themselves which we are supposed to subsidize because of heartstring tugging commercials on primetime TV.

No thanks, a world of whites would have unprecedented low levels of crime and could you just imagine the benefits to the world that a properly industrialized African continent would bring? Shit, we would be in the stars by now.

3979c0 No.4765

File: 16dbab3a99f6045⋯.png (183.33 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Afrika.png)


stop trying to LARP as "original natsocs". there are no "original" ones. National-Socialism is not a fantastic party programme like communism. it changes as time changes. i am as National-Socialist as anyone in that time period but accept that the world has changed and needs a 21st Century National-Socialism which happens to be genocidal.



we cannot afford to moderate our stance as no one else dares to say what we say. without anons who are brave enough to speak the full truth, it would all be over already.

3979c0 No.4766


You are saying that National Socialism is the first step down the civic nationalism path. That makes no sense.

3979c0 No.4767


The form of National Socialism you advocate was not created by honest Aryans. It was created by Jews and their pawns to prevent the rise of competent National Socialism by twisting the public's concept of National Socialism into something that it has never been.

3979c0 No.4769


>it was not created by honest Aryans

whatever the fuck that means, i laughed.

>It was created by Jews and their pawns to prevent the rise of competent National Socialism by twisting the public's concept of National Socialism into something that it has never been.

Nope. it was twisted as something bad so that a Fourth Reich who advocates for a shitskin free world is seen as the ultimate evil and you are either a retard for falling for it or a shill.

3979c0 No.4774


The mass genocide of Noneuropeans would have been considered heinous by Europeans in the 19th century or the 18th or the 17th century or any period in Christian history and many Prechristian peoples would have considered it heinous. Humans are naturally accepting of justified wars that cause the deaths of thousands but the mass destruction of entire peoples is considered at the very least undesirable by almost every race in the history of the world. That is why Jews have been able to turn the world against National Socialism but it is also how people will be turned against the Jews. But if you talk intentional genocide you kill the advantage you have and make yourself to be as a big a monster as the Jews.

3979c0 No.4775


Move it back to >>4697 and out of the Meta thread, thanks guys.

3979c0 No.4937


Here's a question, are you fucking white?

3979c0 No.5011


I've been seeing these alot over the past few months all over the place. I must have missed the memo but why are these images microscopic? Is it just my browser?

Also besides hating kampfy what drove this board to be created in the first place? And how is it so active when so many other offshoots are stillborn?

3979c0 No.5020


No, they are small because they are used as a bypass. Say a popular image is posted already. You can't repost just that image attached to your post. However, if you post that popular image plus another image, in these cases these small images are used just as a bypass of sorts, then you can repost that image. That's because the hashing algorithm that calculates if a picture has been reposted is done on all the files.

>what drove this board to be created besides kampfy

I guess I was tired that /pol/ was just an edgy version of /n/ and it never had any threads about traditional living, hobbies, self improvement, philosophy etc. I think it could be more.

As for the activity, it seems that people are fed up with /pol/'s shitty moderation.

3979c0 No.5032


>As for the activity, it seems that people are fed up with /pol/'s shitty moderation.

That's an understatement. The board is a literal hasbara outlet at this point.

3979c0 No.5177

File: 874f36e686d50a2⋯.png (170.17 KB, 1713x614, 1713:614, 2017-03-18-211638_1713x614….png)

It's funny to see "The Goldwater" advertised on GLP. I fucking hate that site and have been banned many times going back years (for example for posting about when their Vemba ad network was serving exploits and malware. GLP is utter trash but I still surf it just to see whatever the latest bullshit is. Apparently that's Goldwater

3979c0 No.5178


And this doesn't surprise me, the crossover from GLP to /pol/ has been obvious lately, sadly

3979c0 No.5181


What's GLP?

3979c0 No.5184



3979c0 No.5198



3979c0 No.5239


Endchan /pol/ is full of cianigger and extreme turbo autists. I get that trump has issues with those around him being kikey but they go full out paranoid "everything trump related is kiked and he will do no good". Its really unbearable

3979c0 No.5262

is it imkampfy that keeps spamming the reports?

3979c0 No.5264


i dont so much mind the dub trip quad shit (i admit tho, dub checking is rampant and practically seems like your checking singles loses the unique-ness of it) but FUCK those shitty ass "praise kek" fags. That was a cancer that has absolutelt destroyed /pol/s


This is the most obvious sign of a shilling kike. Nothing worse than a good op being kiked by someone saging and saying how the op is a kike for typing like a reddit cuck


Fuck eceleb threads. Any that come to my mind right now have been pure cancer in every form. Milo, evangelion or whoever that cunt was, spencer, the trs faggotry, pewdiepie, and any other fags promote nothing worth dicussing its literally just cancerous namefagging. Not to mention its usually being pushed for views cause ecelebs want attention and most fags on /pol/ give it to them. I sincerely hope mods dont promote eceleb threads. If i had to choose between GATE larping, space elevator talks, or eceleb threads, i would rather listen to extreme autists talking about their GATE dreams.


3979c0 No.5266


>being this autistic in a single post


3979c0 No.5273

Something will have to be done about partisanship. I expected the board to go back to a more reasonable approach towards truth instead of falling for either side of the argument towards Trump. If someone mentions a true statement that puts him in a bad light, without going "le Drumpf is a kike shill", I don't see why we should tolerate chimpouts and derailment by those who buy into the cult of personality. The rule in the OP should also apply to those who goes "The God emperor will gas all kikes, believe me, he will do it!" and other such unrealistic expectations, unless there is actual proof that he's considering it. I'm starting to think both sides are equally annoying as the other when taken to their extremes.

3979c0 No.5277


Just because you don't like someone's opinion does not mean you can silence it. as long as it isn't some kike shit, just say you disagree and deal with it. if you are a truth teller you should have no problem in discourse.

>I'm starting to think both sides are equally annoying as the other when taken to their extremes

sounds like "da nazis r da same as da sjws" epic centrist approach if you ask me, friend.

3979c0 No.5278


You have threads being derailed. Look at both the Trump billboard thread and the one criticizing him right now. Both have people who's goal is simply to derail the OP with their faggotry. Trump is not a fucking natsoc yet we have to entertain the idea because otherwise a bitch fit is thrown by loud idiots while those saying he's kiked, which is also not quite true, gets banned? Nigger please.

3979c0 No.5280

File: 80d2788f5940f63⋯.jpg (38.66 KB, 680x383, 680:383, 345676543.jpg)


First of all, no one is getting banned here yet so calm down. People who want to meme trump as a natsoc aren't derailing anything. if you can't handle a bit of fun in a thread then i don't know what to say to you, the thread is open for you to talk about anything related to the OP and not just reply constantly in a cycle to people you dislike.

3979c0 No.5290


As I said before, this board is Trump sympathetic and is not aiming for ultimate free speech. I do allow criticism, constructively and intelligently presented, which is what people say they were clamoring for the freedom to do. Trump has given a lot of indication that he's on our side. For example, Marla Maples said he used to keep Mein kampf by his bedside. Another tidbit of knowledge was that for the entirety of the early part of the campaign, his book was up on Barnes and Noble for 14.88. Coincidence? Maybe. But now he's our president and has already done good things. The people trashing him super hard already reek of disingenuousness and will be nuked from orbit. If you think the freedom to savage Trump mercilessly is the most important freedom a board must have then I invite you to try your hand at your own board. I'm just not going to allow ridiculous gas lighting here. I think I was pretty clear in the OP. The people who really like Trump are great for morale because sometimes things can look pretty grim when you've been staring in the hurt box for too long.

Hope that is reasonable enough for you.

3979c0 No.5294


It is reasonable. What is not is having people thrash and throw bitch fits, disrupting discussion, when Trump's favoritism towards Israel is mentioned. In terms of domestic policy Trump is doing wonders but his administration (which he lets dictate foreign policy while he's focused 110% towards domestic issues) needs to be called on their worrying stances. Otherwise, might as well forget thinking this has anything to do with /pol/, truth or critical thought. It's not about freedom of speech, I'm all for banning obvious bait "drumpf is a kike lover" posts, but if it means having to dance around legit issues because some blind followers tries to silence any dissent, it's a whole other thing.

3979c0 No.5297


>What is not is having people thrash and throw bitch fits, disrupting discussion

So you want to criticize Trump without any opposition against your comments?

3979c0 No.5298


Listen, if you bash Trump and call him a kike sympathizer, you're obviously going against the grain. If its just one guy whose being a disruption, just filter him. The banhammer is to be used sparingly I hope you understand. Your threads are not getting nuked and I'm letting you flex your Trump criticism muscles. Not everything has to be a mod action because then while I'm away taking a shit or doing a job, the community has no method of self moderation.

3979c0 No.5300


No dumbass, If there are legit arguments other than "You're a shill" or "go back to endchan" (while I've seen how purely insane they are). I have no problem. But you don't see that, because there is no proof that Trump will ever do anything against kikes. Just like I'm against people deliberately lying against him, saying that Trump himself is doing MOSSAD's job for example.


I'm not making any thread. The only thing that I'm wary of is having this place lost like /pol/ was by willfully closing their eyes on worrying things, explaining it with "X-D chess". IE. I don't want to see people drafted to fight Iran for Israel yet have to shut the fuck up because if I mention it in a thread it'll get flooded with blind followers.

3979c0 No.5301


>here is no proof that Trump will ever do anything against kikes.

Trump just by existing and having nationalist policies is being against kikes. all his enemies happen to be kikes too.

> I don't want to see people drafted to fight Iran for Israel yet have to shut the fuck up because if I mention it in a thread it'll get flooded with blind followers.

You can't stop those "blind followers" from posting so just live with it.

3979c0 No.5302


>trump refuses to shake merkels hand

>criticizes Bibi for settlement expansion

>brushes off charges of antisemitism

>supports one state solution that will lead to Jewish demographic genocide

Etcetera. Like I said, if someone is being a nuisance just filter them.

3979c0 No.5303


Jewry has multiple facets. I still don't see Judea declaring war on Americ and I don't expect to see it either. $30B+ extortion a year to Israel and counting.


Both sides are arguable. It's a never ending war. Got it, guess I'll just have to use the filter on empty arguments.

3979c0 No.5304


$3.0B+* Jesus, if it was 30billion it would be absolutely disgusting.

3979c0 No.5310


It is now officially going up to $3.8 billion a year, and it is billions of dollars in addition to that. For example, we have been giving billions of dollars to Egypt and Jordan so that they will be nice to Israel.

>American taxpayers doled out $5.9 billion in foreign military financing in 2014, according to the government's Foreign Assistance report – that's roughly the GDP of Somalia. But where did the money go?

>To the usual suspects, mostly – Israel ($3.1B) and Egypt ($1.3B) received roughly 75% of all foreign military aid money handed out by the U.S. last year.


The top five recipients of foreign military financing in 2014, according to the report:

1. Israel: $3.1 billion

2. Egypt: $1.3 billion

3. Iraq: $300 million

3. Jordan: $300 million

5. Pakistan: $280 million

And there is supposed to be a lot of other aid separate from this.

3979c0 No.5325

File: e4eca7181d2f72c⋯.png (286.3 KB, 2462x1076, 1231:538, Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at ….png)

Feels so good to be able to take out the trash myself. You might think the responsibility of cleaning up the board is more stressful, but really the inability to clean up bullshit is a lot more stressful.

3979c0 No.5393

My opinion is that you should be allowed to post "anti-x" posts but not to create an "anti-x" thread, unless of course it's for a very specific and important reason (corruption, scandals, etc). You should be allowed to post "pro-x" threads though.

I also suggest having a "transparent ban" rule, a cyclical thread where all bans are posted by the mods, to prevent mod abuse of power. That way anons can figure out why other anons were banned, etc. Paradoxically, I also suggest to use bans sparingly right now, to improve the board quality.

3979c0 No.5397


I'm not 100% sold on transparency. Ban actions I take rather sparingly, but it's usually because an amalgam of factors. As I can see a poster's post history board-wide while you can only see the poster's ID in a single thread, I might take a ban action because of something the poster did in another thread. If posting speed kicks up a notch as its wont to do, it'll be hard enough to moderate effectively, let alone provide full context for each ban. I let people off on appeals if they appeal with a post that seems to imply they understand why they get banned, but that wouldn't come across in a context-less cap of the board log showing the banning.

In this sense, I want to be transparent in the sense that I am available fairly regularly, as screencaps can be misconstrued rather easily if you don't have the information I have. If you don't trust the moderation here, which I'm trying my hardest to make as positive, thoughtful, and consistent as possible, then you might as well go back to /pol/ because in both cases you probably don't trust the moderation team but at least they have the pph.

3979c0 No.5483

pls no tripfag.

3979c0 No.5484

3979c0 No.5518

File: 2ed0cb460036282⋯.png (54.41 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Polk1.png)

File: 395c161100c992a⋯.png (57.76 KB, 300x100, 3:1, polk2.png)

File: 75d35d871f855d5⋯.png (36.05 KB, 300x100, 3:1, polk3.png)

File: 6dee366680f9dce⋯.jpg (20.25 KB, 300x100, 3:1, polk4.jpg)

File: 9f9cdb06c4e400f⋯.png (36.24 KB, 300x100, 3:1, polk5.png)

Here you go.

3979c0 No.5543

File: 7e555c8b811c887⋯.png (69.6 KB, 300x100, 3:1, goldendawn.png)


Hey BO, I am still waiting.

Also thoughts on adding flags? like NatSoc, Traditionalism, Nazbol?

3979c0 No.5545



sounds like cultural duginist or leftypol autism.

sickle and hammer shit not welcome.

3979c0 No.5546


also your banner is shit tbh.

3979c0 No.5547


We aren't doing flags.


Nazbol is some leftypol shit.

3979c0 No.5550

File: c97daa985a94ed0⋯.jpg (45.81 KB, 593x552, 593:552, c97daa985a94ed0e13134bb8e7….jpg)


>he recommends cuckchan flags

>unaesthetic shit banner


i smell gas.

3979c0 No.5551


He's aight for now. The banner isn't too bad. I rather liked GD before they all got vanned.

3979c0 No.5553


look at his post history.

>banner isn't too bad

poorly done. emphasizes too much on "see? we have grills too!"

also Golden Dawn is doing fine.

3979c0 No.5554


>cuckchan flags

You never heard of >>>/fringe/, haven't you? :^)


>emphasizes too much on "see? we have grills too"

That wasn't the point of the banner at all.

3979c0 No.5555


>>unaesthetic shit banner

Fine, I'm making a aesthetic banner right now.

3979c0 No.5556


wtf i love my fellow polok nazi totally not kike shill now

3979c0 No.5559


wtf i love shitposts and zero arguments now

3979c0 No.5560

Do I smell methane?

3979c0 No.5562

File: d631f3f37369d7f⋯.jpg (74.38 KB, 500x527, 500:527, bb6f8ceb4aab4bd261c5566006….jpg)


good for you then.


hmm…i do too. we should get out before it's too late :^)

3979c0 No.5570

File: 35ff88691ae75af⋯.png (677.63 KB, 1018x339, 1018:339, polk.png)

Maybe I would start making Pro-Putin/Pro-Russia banners just to trigger the autist "bb78b9" but that goes later.

3979c0 No.5571


>it's not even banner size

>make shitty RIDF banners now because lol troll xD

kill yourself.

3979c0 No.5572

File: 6def129b9b5409a⋯.png (60.26 KB, 300x100, 3:1, polk.png)


Oh right, forgot that one.

also >muh RIDF

3979c0 No.5574


>can't even greentext

>still making shitty banners

3979c0 No.5597


>>can't even greentext

Which wasn't done for purpose, nigger.

>>still making shitty banners

What makes it shitty? do you mean the National Action is shitty? gas yourself kike.

3979c0 No.5600


>do you mean the National Action is shitty?

no, i mean you are shitty.

3979c0 No.5651


but why? do you even elaborate any reason?

3979c0 No.5652

File: b0f6035cc4decbd⋯.png (936.71 KB, 1104x368, 3:1, 1488.png)

3979c0 No.5653

PLEASE NOTE: I'm not only creating banners, i'm creating art.

3979c0 No.5655

Can we have an e-celeb general? Because I just browsed red ice radio's youtube page and that nigger Heinrick literally said a "proposed alliance between the alt-right and the Hoteps". I want a place to discuss e-celeb shilling in general but I don't think it warrants a thread. This is like when red ice tried to shill that Jewish/alt-right alliance crap 3 months ago.

3979c0 No.5657


The good internet media are Ironmarch and Varg Vikernes

3979c0 No.5658


Varg is retarded. I used to like him but he gets tiring. Especially when it comes to game and women. None of his advice is useful unless you have a couple of hundred thousand in the bank to start off with. Also, it's easy to get laid if you are a well known musician and killed someone. Chicks love that. His advice is mostly garbage for white Americans.

3979c0 No.5660


1. There's an anchored eceleb thread on the catalog. It'll last a while until we fill up the catalog so that's about as accomodating as I want to be really.

2. I don't like the idea of people link dropping eceleb shit. Ideas are important, not the faggotry that comes with the embodiment of them. Take the fag in your video for example. Giving air to uppity negroes because it's a meme.

3. If someone wants to come here personally and engage with the community and drop links, then it could be allowed. However, if it's just a video you like then webm that shit and throw it in the webm thread. Not looking to be a place where alt cucks generate clickshekels

3979c0 No.5661


The video is too long for a webm. Also, I think there is value in posting these videos to warn other anons about attempts at hijacking and shilling that these "alt-right" e-celebs try to do.

3979c0 No.5662


I just think a general thread is the appropriate place and containment zone for e-celebs nonsense. Like the JonTron nonsense from last week. JonTron says something not-leftists and gets called a Nazi. The /pol/cucks start sucking off JonTron's epeen for no reason and shit up at least 3 threads over it.

3979c0 No.5666


Warn them about what? Alt cuck is gay and so are its permutations. We settled that a long time ago. There's no reason to post these shitty videos. The reason I don't want eceleb threads is because 4cucks can 'contribute' in a eceleb thread. I don't want that. If we have a thread with people having pretty reasoned discussion, the 4cuck cannot contribute meaningfully. Based on my calculation, you can take that vid and chop it up into 2 parts if you only pull the audio stream at 64kbs or the full thing in one file at 32kbps.

12 * 8192 / 64 / 60 = 25 minutes of audio embeddable in a single post

Do you guys not know how to do basic ffmpeg/youtube-dl conversions? That might be worth a place in the FAQ itself since it's useful for archival purposes.

To be honest, general threads as a type of thread itself are a 4chan thing. It rarely aids discussion to have dedicated threads like that, a thread about eceleb faggotry even less so.

3979c0 No.5668

File: c32b6eeb538182d⋯.png (34.13 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner.png)

File: a5c9aa33f47d173⋯.png (505.08 KB, 1104x368, 3:1, banner2.png)



BO what are your thoughts on these two pic related? Care to add one of them?

3979c0 No.5669


I like these. Less so the other ones. I don't know about "National Socialism" though. Maybe there's something else that could fit there?

3979c0 No.5671

File: a5c9aa33f47d173⋯.png (505.08 KB, 1104x368, 3:1, banner2.png)


Don't know why second pic related scale is 1104x368, must be the script. (I use GNU/Linux)

3979c0 No.5673


That's the stuff. Still, though, see if there's something more fitting (or even nothing at all) to go in the place of "National Socialism".

3979c0 No.5674

File: 436c1e50133a009⋯.png (41.67 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner2.png)

File: 7048a0621ce5682⋯.png (485.76 KB, 573x739, 573:739, tradworker.png)


Something like putting Hakenkreuz there? Aryanism? Esoteric Hitlerism?

or adding "The most precious possession you have in the world is your people"? in there?

Gonna post first pic related for one more time to see if it's finally 300x100.

3979c0 No.5676


New people fall for those alt-rigthers all the time. I will drop it.

3979c0 No.5677

you faggots neglected the fucking spicer thread.



so that explains your weird posting. i hate neo-commies.

3979c0 No.5678


That might be a bit lengthy, but yeah that's the idea. I was thinking something like 'Veni, Vidi, Vici' but that might be a little worn out.

3979c0 No.5679


Sorry mate, been doing stuff.

3979c0 No.5680




For what reason?

3979c0 No.5682

File: 92cfd42f814147e⋯.png (34.03 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner.png)

File: 2695fcd877f658b⋯.png (41.51 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner2.png)

File: 81ca44274be2041⋯.png (502.79 KB, 1104x368, 3:1, OC.png)


You mean something like these?

3979c0 No.5685


Nice, I'll add it.

3979c0 No.5712


We should also create an static pinned thread for QTDDTOT and "Redpill me on X".

3979c0 No.5721


It's not that I don't trust the moderation here, it's just the equivalent to giving non-mods the same rights as mods.

3979c0 No.5729


Shit, posted this in the wrong thread, delete it all you want BO

3979c0 No.5742

File: dbec4e039c99c17⋯.png (93.79 KB, 356x462, 178:231, based communism goy!!!.png)

File: b18c379a1485b2c⋯.png (22.63 KB, 453x558, 151:186, RIDF Shilling on imkampfyp….png)


they called russia "national socialist". and complain that hitler killed muh innocent slavs. they are basically stalinists.

they also linked to 8/pol/ on their shitty site.

3979c0 No.5827

File: e044e4d82fc2596⋯.jpg (112.73 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 490915d8ee479dddcef2cfea10….jpg)



3979c0 No.6115

File: 57c40f44c027d49⋯.jpg (249.2 KB, 788x1024, 197:256, why polk was created.jpg)

File: 64891a501cff705⋯.png (354 B, 31x31, 1:1, bypassblacksun.png)

3979c0 No.6121


100/10 absolutely great

3979c0 No.6126

File: 3f958bc502e5bbc⋯.jpg (52.15 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 8765434.jpg)


Good to know you like it.

3979c0 No.6131


>included kampfy's annoying triforce posting thing in the last panel

Wow, well done. I thought I was the only one who knew that was him

3979c0 No.6137


Only that turkroach could post something as cancerous as that and get away with it.

3979c0 No.6165

File: c930b8cbeea03df⋯.png (530.75 KB, 1024x692, 256:173, Being A Nazi.png)

3979c0 No.6415

Can i make a thread related to a racial controversy in a movie?

3979c0 No.6671


Is it a pleb trash movie?

3979c0 No.6672


it hasn't been released.

3979c0 No.6673


What movie kek? Hollyjew is trash nowadays

3979c0 No.6675

File: 8a5d7dcad7f8797⋯.png (520.74 KB, 684x546, 114:91, Screenshot from 2017-03-23….png)


can i make the thread now?

3979c0 No.6676

File: cb888cdbf53362b⋯.png (24.86 KB, 824x144, 103:18, Screenshot from 2017-03-23….png)

3979c0 No.6702


Make it good and meaty

3979c0 No.6888

File: 7a8a6c08ede3075⋯.png (30.1 KB, 1139x118, 1139:118, imkikey1.png)

File: e4e8560ced63413⋯.png (13.51 KB, 532x97, 532:97, imkikey2.png)

File: 77bd399869eefed⋯.png (19.14 KB, 899x99, 899:99, imkikey3.png)

File: ca0563eb9a277e8⋯.png (103.73 KB, 530x342, 265:171, imkikey4.png)

Found these. seems like imkampfy's new tactic is to call us /polk/ikes or /polk/osher.

3979c0 No.6920


He feels threatened

3979c0 No.6921


This. When you start taking flak you are over the target.

3979c0 No.6922



how much longer till he just kills himself?

3979c0 No.6934


Too narcissistic to kill himself. He'd need to be doxed and gangstalked for a few months before he'd consider suicide.

3979c0 No.6936


So who here is up for the task?

3979c0 No.6940

File: e5b08efe36a74d6⋯.png (57.77 KB, 728x90, 364:45, ad1.png)


Not sure if this is as good but I just made this banner and slapped it up on /pol/ lmao

3979c0 No.6941


kek its an advert on /pol/? seems like a good start i guess.

3979c0 No.6942


Yeah you can choose which board it shows up on and in which countries. I didn't set it to show up in Turkey so it's likely kampfy won't see it.

3979c0 No.6943

File: 203d77e3be81559⋯.png (830.98 KB, 2544x832, 159:52, Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at ….png)

3979c0 No.6944

File: 557cdb09668c9bb⋯.jpg (25.13 KB, 600x400, 3:2, imkampfy doxed.jpg)

File: 7bf99317b7604a0⋯.gif (1015.83 KB, 498x280, 249:140, kek.gif)


>I didn't set it to show up in Turkey so it's likely kampfy won't see it.

i kek'd

3979c0 No.6945


wew. if i turn off adblock will i be able to see these ads? i don't remember them on the catalog tbqh fam.

3979c0 No.6946


Yeah give it a go.

3979c0 No.6948


Kek, just saw the ad. Kikey will see it, he loves to IP hop with his VPN. I expect to see another ban spree on /pol/ from his impotent rage because he can't do shit about the ad.

3979c0 No.6949


I can leave it up there pretty much indefinitely too, but I'll incorporate other people's ads if they make em. I included Ukraine too fam

3979c0 No.6950

File: f6bd88983988838⋯.png (229.09 KB, 1024x515, 1024:515, Screenshot from 2017-03-25….png)

3979c0 No.6951


Nice, that's sure going to make him mad. Clickthrough rate is already better than the last one.

3979c0 No.6952


Nice. hopefully no cuckchanners come tho.


>I included Ukraine too fam


3979c0 No.6953

File: da15609cc32eff9⋯.png (91.68 KB, 1362x710, 681:355, Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at ….png)


Well I just told you I did kek. No impressions from there yet but I'll update when we get some.

3979c0 No.6955


oh ok. i think something provocative and eye-catching like this banner is what we needed tbh.

3979c0 No.6956

File: 0e403aa8270cd47⋯.png (24.96 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

3979c0 No.6957


It's sad how true that is.

3979c0 No.6961


All shit things come to an end…

3979c0 No.6970

File: fc5239dae81266b⋯.png (55.36 KB, 270x756, 5:14, Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at ….png)


Actually shit things go on forever, good things come to an end.

3979c0 No.6971


That's just like, your opinion, man”


Noice. no ruskis so far :^)

3979c0 No.6972


8chan is banned in Russia due to anti-pornography laws

3979c0 No.7100


8chan is a porn site? have i been lied to my entire life?

3979c0 No.7134

File: 613c00e3c24e1eb⋯.png (146.65 KB, 964x614, 482:307, Screenshot from 2017-03-26….png)

File: d56fddd218d7096⋯.png (137.22 KB, 1153x479, 1153:479, Screenshot from 2017-03-26….png)

We're getting more traffic it seems.

3979c0 No.7211

File: c56b0b797a637d8⋯.jpg (84.74 KB, 800x556, 200:139, 1418459031442.jpg)

What will stop /polk/ from dying like /polpol/?

3979c0 No.7236


In theory, this place isn't insisting on being a backup board for /pol/. Although realistically it will depend on if the board can differentiate itself sufficiently, as "/pol/ but better" will die as soon as /pol/ lightens the poz-load, which is what killed /polpol/ twice.

3979c0 No.7254


maybe if you stop thinking it will, it won't.

also why is there a nigger in that photo?

3979c0 No.7266

File: 4a3a679dfa0f277⋯.png (9.04 MB, 7858x9034, 3929:4517, 1480337542108-0.png)

File: 375df8df403e99e⋯.png (1.19 MB, 2199x1885, 2199:1885, Imkampfy-holo.png)

File: 48980786d765963⋯.png (160.72 KB, 1638x810, 91:45, IMKIKEY BTFO'D.png)

File: 502099a68f89d9e⋯.png (1.18 MB, 2348x2792, 587:698, IMKIKEY BTFO'D2.png)

File: d27637213e354e9⋯.png (198.9 KB, 725x1018, 725:1018, Learningcode (therealmoonm….png)


I think the best way to try and prevent future board death then would be to permanently sticky a thread filled with archives and screenshots of /pol/ mods being kikes, and also to make it clear the that only way that /pol/ will get "better" is by purging their kike mods. (ie. therealmoonman & imkampfy)

As a matter of fact, I think a thread should be stickied right now so we can have an organized operation specifically aimed at archiving kike mod actions. Imkikey's civnat thread is only the tip of the ice(((berg))) :^)

3979c0 No.7275




3979c0 No.7434


Photo is from the funeral of a German POW in the USA.

3979c0 No.7435


huh. they used the actual flag of germany for that? I would expect them to give the fake one.

3979c0 No.7629


Let's take it one step further and outright ban kek, both the god and the LOL alternative.

3979c0 No.7631

3979c0 No.7632


It's a goddamn shame what kek became. At one point it was nothing more than fun pure apophenia worship, but it seems cancerous types and those trying to impose their own spiritual beliefs onto it have made it completely nonviable.

3979c0 No.7637


It was inevitable once the MSM got a hold of it. Once the outside knows what the inside knows, it's not insider knowledge anymore. Kek is normie tier now.

3979c0 No.7638


Cuckchanners practice heresy and have made their bastardization of Kek with their cancerous memes mainstream. We must take him back from the subhumans tbh.

3979c0 No.7699

File: 72f0e335736de8c⋯.png (109.06 KB, 682x422, 341:211, Screenshot from 2017-03-28….png)

3979c0 No.7701

File: 5fedda9e24ee48e⋯.png (77.69 KB, 681x324, 227:108, Screenshot from 2017-03-28….png)

File: 73d0674d73a9fb8⋯.png (151.79 KB, 896x882, 64:63, sys.8ch.net_2017-03-18_16-….png)

File: fff4955bf4e3284⋯.png (11.91 KB, 545x75, 109:15, Screenshot from 2017-03-28….png)

File: 35a419d14127867⋯.png (109.23 KB, 618x326, 309:163, Screenshot from 2017-03-28….png)

3979c0 No.7827

File: 495699ead6d5033⋯.jpg (80.75 KB, 625x614, 625:614, the truth.jpg)

3979c0 No.7870

File: 9757641161be8ee⋯.jpg (84.48 KB, 300x428, 75:107, hitler approves.jpg)


10/10, fucking kek'd.

3979c0 No.7956

File: 8b6c03f9a3f22c1⋯.png (75.8 KB, 227x239, 227:239, 6d42ad59c05766c6b1567a0af7….png)


>GATE is obviously a few subversives roleplaying with VPNs

Ayyyyy lmao lad. This is an incorrect assessment. I was GATEfaggot post # 7 or so, greenpill first thread edition, and I was in the program myself. If you were there, I mean REALLY there in the threads, you'll know why we got all hot and bothered. When we hit thread #3 and mentioned T-stock, I've never seen such an insane bot-fueled shillfest before. In between shitposting cuckchanners, shills and their bots, the actual posters got a real wakeup call.

3979c0 No.7957


inb4 [email protected](K bots

3979c0 No.7963

File: 5ecdd4d5c81bfc9⋯.jpg (35.42 KB, 432x504, 6:7, 4d24aca5faed33cb970d9fd92c….jpg)


>Banning Kek

Is there a consensus here to crack?

3979c0 No.7964


Kek is fine. we just don't want cancerous cuckchan memes like kekistan etc or low effort posting and checking dubs in every thread.

3979c0 No.7965

File: cc71a2f4f98d0dd⋯.png (183.55 KB, 497x439, 497:439, 1469400830920.png)



3979c0 No.7982



Reaction images are chan culture, some might like them, some might dislike them, but in and of themselves they really aren't a problem. The main issue is that if anyone complains about them, the animeposter, the complainant, and anyone else with opinions on the matter, proceed to fill the thread with off topic bitching at each other. There are also the secondary issues of people asking for anime sources, and people actually anime in anything else than a sociological sense.

Board owner, can we get rules against bad grammar, spelling, capitalization? Those things themselves don't cause problems, but banning people who can't uphold basic standards, gets rid of most very shitposter.


I remember the thread from your picture. The OP was split into two posts, at the bottom of the post not in your screenshot the guy linked his reddit account, from which he had copypasted the post. Which reminds me, if you want post quality to not gradually head down the drain, ban anyone openly admitting that they're from reddit, or that they use reddit for any purpose.

3979c0 No.7985

File: 798dad22d468434⋯.jpg (345.46 KB, 850x1062, 425:531, 676543567.jpg)

/polk/=/pol/ with no cancer, more organized and ideologically focused.


Faggots who spell bad will be pressured into doing better rather than banning them. plebbitors are not allowed here just as cuckchanners are not.

3979c0 No.7987



How so? The way I see it, any direct complaining about another posters grammar just leads to an off topic argument, engaging those people doesn't seem like it'll do any good. There's also fags who don't even bother with capitalization, if they're not even going to do something as obvious and simple as that, no amount of soft suggestion or encouragement will potty train them. A quick 24 hour ban for each infraction either culls them or gets them to behave.

3979c0 No.7997


The problem with policing grammar is that it's a pain in the ass and subjective. Reminds me of /a/ moderation in this regard.

3979c0 No.8000

File: 50f0cdda3fd72df⋯.jpg (5.3 MB, 5000x2500, 2:1, grammar nazi.jpg)


>policing grammar

i like where this is going.

3979c0 No.8029

File: 8ac9ebb7462ebc0⋯.jpg (56.57 KB, 390x261, 130:87, 8ac9ebb7462ebc0eb5170e5e24….jpg)


>grammar is subjective

3979c0 No.8031


Oxford Comma

3979c0 No.8110

File: d87620362d5743d⋯.png (148.71 KB, 1365x442, 105:34, Screenshot from 2017-03-29….png)

Live now, kamerads in the Deutsch/pol/ thread.

3979c0 No.8118

holy fuck imkampfy/pol/ looks facebook+cuckchan now.

3979c0 No.8121

File: c0a9f034663299c⋯.png (141.35 KB, 729x415, 729:415, Screenshot from 2017-03-29….png)

File: ecc22af69062159⋯.png (82.28 KB, 534x412, 267:206, Screenshot from 2017-03-29….png)

Imkikey just used jewgle translate and has arrived.

3979c0 No.8124

File: df634aad385498f⋯.png (53.07 KB, 881x335, 881:335, Screenshot from 2017-03-29….png)

File: 27e9b0e2448e35c⋯.png (59.06 KB, 1070x379, 1070:379, Screenshot from 2017-03-29….png)

File: a8d5eb89807bd3a⋯.png (168.87 KB, 1277x418, 1277:418, Screenshot from 2017-03-29….png)

File: b4e5de92b29caa6⋯.png (240.23 KB, 1023x604, 1023:604, Screenshot from 2017-03-29….png)

File: 4e62b4ebdb77b4c⋯.png (154.11 KB, 1006x475, 1006:475, Screenshot from 2017-03-29….png)

Typical damage control from imkikey and some cuckchanner. I expected the autistic screeching anyway. Hopefully i convinced some to come to the dark side though.

3979c0 No.8149


Honestly, don't directly link /polk/ unless you see an anon having a problem with the faggot mods. just advertising it and throwing it out there is like posting 8ch links on reddit, for every quality anon that follows it, 2 shitposters come through.

3979c0 No.8182


That was 100% kampfy. You can tell because he doesn't know german and he keeps bringing up /polpol/ as if what we are doing is analogous in any way.

3979c0 No.8227


also not a good idea to retweet the 8ch bots

3979c0 No.8258

Where did the original rule thread go? pls tell me you archived it in least.

3979c0 No.8298

File: c75bda230aef5c7⋯.png (53.82 KB, 558x461, 558:461, Screenshot from 2017-03-30….png)

File: 947aa64fd8acc22⋯.png (64.02 KB, 1231x254, 1231:254, Screenshot from 2017-03-30….png)

File: 0a9d160414ccb54⋯.png (161.42 KB, 1227x320, 1227:320, Screenshot from 2017-03-30….png)

File: f27e5c40d8a52ea⋯.png (62.52 KB, 1229x213, 1229:213, Screenshot from 2017-03-30….png)

File: 07ae2cb37c84a4b⋯.png (115.53 KB, 643x319, 643:319, Screenshot from 2017-03-30….png)

3979c0 No.8299

File: 2736324b0999cd2⋯.png (295.02 KB, 1077x582, 359:194, Screenshot from 2017-03-30….png)

3979c0 No.8306

File: 981349ce92b0964⋯.gif (462.56 KB, 300x188, 75:47, 981349ce92b0964c5f969d080e….gif)



>imkampfy did nothing wrong

>muh /polk/ is a honeypot

>criticizing fit/lit/natsoc threads

We're reaching Nigger-tier IQ levels that shouldn't be possible.

3979c0 No.8321

File: aad0edd509505c0⋯.jpg (358.31 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, secured.jpg)

Here's the archive of the original rules thread if anyone wants it.


3979c0 No.8322


it's either imkikey himself or cuckchanners who love to bootlick.

3979c0 No.8335


Can't change the file on a post already made and I wanted that /Polk/ webm on the rules thread. It was never supposed to be a thread where people commented so I looked over the thread a few times to see if there was anything worth preserving. All the banners from there are banners now anyway.

3979c0 No.8338


Could you link the archive here


on the rules thread?

3979c0 No.8366


I can, but why?

3979c0 No.8810


Just for historical purposes i guess.

3979c0 No.8970

File: 77b5b0e323f76d8⋯.png (52.5 KB, 1393x558, 1393:558, co.png)


We're passing /co/ in posts soon. Already, within about a month. Christ.

3979c0 No.8971


well, /co/'s second, story board

3979c0 No.9075

File: dc78900fcfb15de⋯.jpg (22.63 KB, 520x320, 13:8, 1198908.jpg)

You here, BO?

3979c0 No.9150

File: 94296b69034d863⋯.jpg (42.08 KB, 720x480, 3:2, edf376011d1a62e911268d310e….jpg)

Y'know what? I am going to ban evade after all, exactly once.

Here's my total participation on this board so far

4 posts detailing a personal friendship with a Disney show creator and suggesting ways to mindfuck her and offering up non-public artwork of hers.

1 pony to laugh at a sperg who was losing his shit.

52 week ban received.

2 posts complaining about ban above. If it had been 24 hours, or 3 days, I would have said to myself, "Wew. The BO of /polk/ is super butthurt about ponies," and moved on with my life. But 52 weeks. 52 weeks? Isn't that a slightly excessive way of trying to get your message across?

Coffee shop near my house received a 52 week ban.

Well, making friends and influencing people e'ry day, right BO?

I'm 98% sure you're just going to ban me again instead of giving me an answer in good faith. But you have no idea who I am; you have no idea how long I've participated on the chans; and you have no idea how much OC I try to create. So in fact, I'm taking this a little bit personally. What is your fucking problem with me? This is my <10th post on this board, and I've racked up two years in cumulative bans , for what would be considered just about the most innocuous shit by almost anybody. So I invite you to explain yourself. I could, of course, go on a sperg jihad and spend all night resetting my IP and so on and so forth. I'm not going to do that; that's stupid. I just want to know why you, personally, have it out for me, personally.

3979c0 No.9157


I start a new board to get away from the mindless shitposting of /pol/ and you, by your own admisson, couldn't go 10 posts into your posting history on this board without starting to post horse fuckery. It's part and parcel of your equine-sexual autism to spill your spaghetti everywhere, which is why you're going to stay banned. I don't want you here. It's less about the horse fuckery in particular, but more that you are a shitposter on a board seeking to escape shitposting. Kampfy's sins, of which there are many, was that his stance against shitposting was always too lax. You know ponies are fucking gay and just as you can't post nigger dick 'ironically' you can't post pony shit without catching a ban. In essence, like a child, you were testing my boundaries yet keep crying when you got slapped for it. No, you can't be /polk/ and also be a horse fucker. Also, you can't be a /polk/ if you can't go 10 posts into this board without falling to the urge to post ponies. 1 year is to LURKMOAR and observe anons contributing meaningfully and unlearn the habits you picked up on cuckchan or elsewhere.

3979c0 No.9162

File: 419940937663d7b⋯.jpg (63.02 KB, 750x600, 5:4, 1150133663670.jpg)


Dude I've been around since /b/ 05. I'm sorry that ponies make you that mad, how was I supposed to know before the - wait for it - 52 week ban. I don't know that ponies are "fucking gay." I remember those being some hilarious raids half a decade ago, and occasionally I post one of those, just like occasionally I post all kinds of things from time immemorial. I'm looking for a reason to bother coming back here. But the amount of sheer spergy anger makes me think that at best you're totally unpredictable - what's next? Am I gonna get a year ban for Tanyaposting? I just don't know!

3979c0 No.9167

So is this just another Nazi board, or do you guys let people actually talk about politics?

3979c0 No.9168


Do you know how I know you're not an oldfag? Anyone who has been around for any length of time knows that bans, no matter what it says regarding length, have a hard limit of 3 months. 1 year ban? 3 months before you can start posting again. 99 year ban? Same.

This isn't /b/ 05, and I've been around for a little less but similar amount of time. MLP has been a hated fandom for many many years now, and posting ponies on any board besides MLP has been a bannable offense on /b/ back on 4cuck as well. Eventually they got tired of ponyfuckers making threads anyway and just quarantined them to /mlp/.

Honestly, it saddens me to think you've been around for that long because you must have spent a fucking enormous amount of time only to learn nothing from the experience. It's much more comforting to think you're not that much of an oldfag who simply can into UNIX timestamps.

I don't even know what 'Tanyaposting' is really, but yeah being a shitposting faggot gets you the boot. It's very subjective, I realize that. Posting tips for anons in the health thread? Go for it. 'Tanyaposting' and posting horse fuckery? Go away dumb nigger. You have plenty of boards to be a dumb nigger, I want one free of idiocy. Again, unlearn your habits if you want to post here. If you are unable or unwilling, please don't bother coming back. I gave the same message to /brit/ as well.

3979c0 No.9171


I happen to be very natsoc sympathetic. What do you mean 'actually talk about politics'? I don't ban good posts that disagree, I ban shitty posts period. Using the OP example, people posting 'BUT DRUMPF IS A KIKE' get sent to the camps. However, a well reasoned post can stay. In fact, there's a Trump criticism thread on the catalog already. That doesn't mean people (possibly myself included) won't ridicule you for still being a lolberg in 2017, but if you can take the ribbings in good sport and still make good posts then you should be fine.

3979c0 No.9173

File: 79cb5089cbc3ca6⋯.jpg (91.31 KB, 600x750, 4:5, 1152208817190.jpg)


Here's the point. You need to make yourself predictable. If you'd given me a 24 hour ban, or even a 3 day ban, I would have shrugged, chalked it up to experience, and moved on. We're having this argument right now because you chose to be ludicrously excessive. A handful of 24 hours bans teaches people about your style of moderation. An immediate bolt from the blue just tells people that you're a totally unpredictable asshole. You seem to want to build a better board than kampfy has. But from where I'm standing, I feel like I have to walk on eggshells around you, and that's not conducive to genuine conversation between me and the rest of the board. To me, you look like a power-tripping asshole. You look like someone who's totally unreasonable to issues excessive penalties just because he can. What other lesson am I supposed to take from what has transpired so far - a 24 hour or 3 day ban helps clarify, a 52 week ban which is obviously intended to send a message of excessiveness, not so much. You can take my advice or no. You've already removed any emotional investment I might have been willing to offer this board.

3979c0 No.9179


I'm guessing you ignored the part of my post that said that no ban lasts more than 3 months. You're one of like four people that got removed for those three months for being a fucking faggot. I don't want you here, I've said my piece and you said yours.

As for eggshells, I allowed people to post criticism of myself, my moderation style (which admittedly is iron fist rather than velvet glove), and just about anything else really. However, from the beginning I held that this isn't a free speech board. You will contribute meaningfully or not at all. That doesn't mean every post has to be an effort post, but if you're just going to be a low effort memelord still living in the past as if this was 05 /b/ then we don't want you. Look at how much distraction you caused instead of just fucking off. I didn't ban you again in case a spark of self reflection might arise within you, but if it hasn't then I'll just remove you again.

3979c0 No.9182

File: b95904d7806d009⋯.png (1.17 MB, 4472x2824, 559:353, af1769d3615534e5504d7b5a80….png)


>I'm le oldfag

>I don't know that ponies are "fucking gay."

Yeah huh.

>Am I gonna get a year ban for Tanyaposting?

Hopefully. Isn't that imkikel's new avatar? In any case yes, go the fuck away you're everything we came here to get away from, go post ponies on whatever other board you want but not here.

3979c0 No.9184


Oh Tanya is that blonde girl from that one anime I keep seeing posted everywhere? Kek this might be kampfy himself. From the wanting to be 05 /b/, desire for Tanya posting and IP hopping, we might have ourselves a fingerprint.

3979c0 No.9186

File: 2d2c0a819144b7e⋯.jpg (236.73 KB, 1000x686, 500:343, tanya sells ovens.jpg)


Wasn't going to reply again, because I wanted to let you have the last word, but jesus christ, kampfy isn't the only person who likes one of the most popular animes of this season. For fuck's sake. I might as well go to endchan except endchan is marginally less hotpocketing-happy. Here, here's some OC I made. Go ahead and ban me for it if you want.

3979c0 No.9188

File: e58b7b79042ff11⋯.png (246.62 KB, 680x697, 40:41, e58b7b79042ff11ac10745b6ba….png)


How will we live without such amazing OC? You want an example of actual good OC? >>8385 and the poster doesn't post ponies.

>might as well go to endchan

That's probably for the best.

3979c0 No.9195

File: 37b4966f7221349⋯.jpg (15.76 KB, 400x264, 50:33, 7be8d9fac9c38b60a14909321d….jpg)


>For fuck's sake. I might as well go to endchan

>Another endchan shill

Yes, you might as well.

3979c0 No.9210

I'm considering opening up the board log for transparency's sake. I've been ironing out kinks with my volunteer in regards to how the board should be moderated and the larger disagreements have been overcome.

So, I would like to hear if you're for or against it, and why. Before posting, please consider an earlier post I made when you craft your response: >>5397

3979c0 No.9211


I wouldn't mind you checking out the last few posts I've made, if you have that ability. I'm not trying to come here and blindly shitpost.

3979c0 No.9215


I'd be more inclined to believe you if you hadn't again tested the boundaries with 'tanyaposting' while also only contributing three meaty posts after I called you out on not being a good contributor. Let's revisit this in a week.

3979c0 No.9229

File: 14f5e5378944f38⋯.jpg (104.98 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 1465426973439.jpg)

Looks like we're back again.

3979c0 No.9239

File: ac610b17dfa0a1f⋯.png (12.91 KB, 488x234, 244:117, refugee crisis.png)

How the actual fuck did this happen? We're even above /leftypol/ and they constantly inflate their numbers with redditors and the likes, hahahahahahaha

Sure he did say it's not a rank of the boards on /sudo/ but it sure is hilarious as fuck to see that we come first over /leftypol/ and are almost up there with 8/pol/.

3979c0 No.9347

File: 30205f25000af65⋯.jpg (102.82 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 5a6f6c14531369c455f7f7d7da….jpg)



3979c0 No.9351


Oh shit, are you a new vol?

3979c0 No.9352

File: 3761a4296811fbe⋯.jpg (105.15 KB, 736x889, 736:889, 647632f0f38f54d5239a544960….jpg)


New? I've been vol for some time. don't mind me, i was just testing.


3979c0 No.9353

File: 79031250aca2955⋯.jpeg (47.94 KB, 705x375, 47:25, polklonskaya.jpeg)

3979c0 No.9354

File: 6995830dbfa1ed5⋯.jpg (71.25 KB, 550x810, 55:81, f87ed94ccd9b4d7fa1de12a1fb….jpg)



3979c0 No.9389

File: e54b89b7c06aa3a⋯.jpeg (92.72 KB, 680x680, 1:1, opinion discarded.jpeg)













If you look to seek respectable answers cut it with the anime, it makes you appear quite childish. The use of Nat-Soc anime as well is just blatant disrespect of the Third Rich.

3979c0 No.9390

File: 0aad95de6d14408⋯.jpg (73.59 KB, 600x827, 600:827, 28d70954159ab6e6c65d9772cf….jpg)


>The use of Nat-Soc anime as well is just blatant disrespect of the Third Rich.



>calling people childish on a chan


>not Natsoc

>Third Rich


>being so autistic to look for all anime pics in a thread.

wew lad

3979c0 No.9438


Whats the k in /polk/ mean?

Does that mean /k/ topics are welcome here or what?

3979c0 No.9441


It's supposed to be a play on the word volk (folk or 'my people' in German). /k/ is fine though, but hide serial numbers for obvious reasons

3979c0 No.9445


I know I'm supposed to lurk a year before posting, but I just want to say it's nice to see the bo actively posting.

3979c0 No.9446


I try to be anon outside of the meta thread but I pop up the capcode if I think its necessary. It's always funny to see people report my own posts.

The board is less than a month old, and I'm pretty understanding about people who are still shedding bad posting habits. If I ban you for a day or two and you appeal saying you now understand why you were banned I usually unban with no problem.

I try to be active and not MIA like Heil.

3979c0 No.9456

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Anime is not inherently a constituent of having fun, it is just a quite pathetic way of doing so, if it so pleases.

>muh smug anime

>muh cute Nazi

>muh reprobate behavior

>calling people childish on a chan

>being this new

Perhaps one day this can be of a more insightful discussion, as we are today we can point at anime and show that its effects are that of decadence/ degenerate behavior, mind it be pontificating. There is inherently only two types of demographics that enjoy anime: weebs, and younger fellows whom are inherently future weebs. The reason its so impaling is due to the fact that is board is meant to be a NS board and yet there's an influx of larping weebs whom have no true causation for supporting the NS widely approved agenda. There was actually discussion on this a few years back and of the many interesting points noted, it must be noted that anime(unironiclly) causes similar contingencies that porn has the causation to do as well. The demographic that had been identified is usually weebs that have been excluded from society start larping as Nazis to be edgy, hence the Nazi anime. I've been on 8pol on/off 2013/14 to where it was little discussion and this site was full of cp, thank god for the exodus, there was half decent discussion, hence anime hadn't been showing up until the elections when this demographic described earlier was looking to get Trump elected. I say this in the respect that I've seen the degeneration of the 8/pol/ board and a fair majority of the demographic associated with it, the kind that roams 4/pol/ now - adding little discussion, bitching. larping, shitposting anime, you get the point. Now the kike /pol/ mods are on a constant ban streak and purging once common treads such as Western beauty/literature/essential viewing/ anatomy/ art threads. Please expand on this if you will, but anime/porn/sexual freedom/communism and likewise activities have always been at the root of the degeneration of the young demographic whom take part in these fancies(not to mention the push of these activities have been by the Jews, except for anime, as in the moral decline of Japan after the second world war this decadence had festered on its own).

3979c0 No.9468


I was surprised as well to be honest.

3979c0 No.9479

File: e6831721685d2b4⋯.png (62.86 KB, 1254x270, 209:45, Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at ….png)


So the home page is back up, but it says that we are at 10 pph and 28 UID. It's been this way for the past hour and hasn't updated once.

This is massively inaccurate. For example, pic related. It's the post made 100 posts ago that was made 3.5 hours ago. That means since that post, we have averaged a ~28PPH posting speed at the very least and it hasn't updated since. CM probably set it to not update and just wanted to bring it online before disabling it then enabling other boards.

That means we aren't crippled at 28 UIDs likely either.

3979c0 No.9481


Its like this for every board, after all they are still getting the site back up.

3979c0 No.9482


I realize that, I just didn't want anons to get discouraged if they saw that and thought that our userbase got cut into an eighth of what it was before the hack.

3979c0 No.9483

File: 4e1df75bfaf4542⋯.jpg (68.52 KB, 680x680, 1:1, Discarded.jpg)


>long as fuck post

>all about being triggered over smuggies

>no tl;dr

3979c0 No.9485


Let me just say for the record I'm fine with anime and I watch it on occasion since there's literally nothing on tv that doesn't have niggers and fags. Imageboards were always niche hobby forums, of which anime was a popular topic. Videogames were the other. I mean, a lot of people came onto the far right / alt right (whatever you want to call it) resurgence in opposition to cuckservatism after they were galvanized by Gamergate.

I would challenge you to watch something like Hajime no Ippo or LOGH and find any of the decadence or bullshit you're railing against. You're railing against an artform for the sins of artworks, you smell me? Through anime, Japans been able to retain a rather strong adherence to its culture. It's full of lantern festivals and all the other things that I wish young European minds were watching filled with Midsummer festivals etc. But that content doesn't exist yet, so observing a culture that's maintained its homogeneity, xenophobia, and resistance to cultmarx is endearing. Not to mention some is just good media and worth to pass the time rather than watch capeshit.


Shitposting smugs isn't really what I had in mind when someone types up a big post. He laid out his points, maybe you should try laying out yours. I know it's hard to respond meaningfully but it's worth to stretch your argument legs a bit. If you can really defend your position it shouldn't be too hard. Not really keen on people making an argument deflection a substitute for a conversation. Might as well stick to /pol/ for that.

3979c0 No.9488


If I've learned anything from forming groups for whatever cause such as a game(CoC), its better to have 10 quality players, rather than 50 mediocre players even though the 10 quality players will take much longer to acquire. As soon as you dilute the ratio of quality:quantity is where things tend to turn for the worst. Of course you can train a few to become better players in this instance, but the influx of quantity cant be overwhelming. The numbers aren't really problematic, although it would be better the more active a community is, you'll have what you have now in 4/pol/ where quantity > quality(see shitposter mentioned below). Aristotle talks about this in democracy, but in a different sense as the middle class creates stability in a government once the wealthy or poor have a majority of the stable(middle) class. When a government makes a turn for an oligarchic state, in the case when the rich have a majority, or an extreme democracy(communism), when the poor have a majority is when things generally short live the span of that government. I use this analogy to show what happens when the stable(quality) posters are overrun by shitposting(quantity) posters.


>being a reprobate to this extent

The memorization of information is best kept in repetition, not to mention, developing arguments such as these I have seen help with conceiving arguments in an instance, as you have been though them prior. Not to mention the extent of my leisure as I am self employed, I have little to do but take part in political discourse, and acquire information and discussion though these means.

3979c0 No.9490

BO the homesteading thread keeps coming up as a 404. Any problem with your end or is it just me?

3979c0 No.9491


You're not alone

3979c0 No.9494

File: ed5c16be2d13372⋯.webm (5.13 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Anime discusses black liv….webm)


>you should actually read his post you fagget

here i go.


>yet there's an influx of larping weebs whom have no true causation for supporting the NS widely approved agenda.

What do you mean LARPing or no true causation? any good white folk who want to be natsocs are welcome to do so. just because they like anime doesn't mean they are "LARPing", that's something a TRSodomite would say.

>The demographic that had been identified is usually weebs that have been excluded from society start larping as Nazis to be edgy, hence the Nazi anime.

What's so bad about being excluded from (((society)))? this is libcuck tier arguments. And people who think nazism is cool are great. Even if they don't fully grasp the worldview yet, They'll come here and learn. I'm pretty sure a lot of people started out like that.


more TRS buzzwords. is genocide edgy to you? is wanting to actually gas subhumans edgy for you?

>adding little discussion, bitching. larping, shitposting anime, you get the point.

You can discuss and have a little shitposts on the side too you know. It doesn't harm anyone, people need to have a bit of fun sometimes.

>Please expand on this if you will, but anime/porn/sexual freedom/communism

Anime is now linked to feminism and gommunism now? It's pretty Far-right compared to western standards of culture if you ask me.

>(not to mention the push of these activities have been by the Jews, except for anime, as in the moral decline of Japan after the second world war this decadence had festered on its own).

Well it didn't work. The japs still are fundamentally Japanese. all anime has done is westernise their culture a bit which i don't think any of us have any problem with. When i say "westernise" i mean white values and not (((western values))) btw.

Watch embed related and have a kek for once, friend.

3979c0 No.9495


>decadence or bullshit you're railing against.

Oh yes I'm sure there are numerous examples of such shows that are of quality, and inherently quite entertaining to venture in, believe me I had once indulged in similar fancies such as /vidya/ including LoL. The point I'm trying to make is that I’ve seen numerous examples of less appealing show that from my perspective appear to be in the majority. Unfortunately obsessions tend to fester into greater more unique ventures that lead to decadence even if the original form started with good intent. As we often see porn, the obsession tends to start indulging into increasingly stronger material, so to say for example, such as hardcore, then incest, and furthermore into committing those acts. With anime we see the transformation into body pillows for some as well as loli for others, and even into then pornographic material. Now surely, every subject can have an immense interest in to become more extreme in the way you eventually enact it. What could come of becoming a fanatic in reading proper material(say philosophy) for instance, well you may start to commentate, then even write your own literature that suits your purpose. It would indeed be an unlikely path to then venture into pornographic writing when your subject had nothing to do with that matter. Where we falter has to be in the fact that I have abandoned most forms of entertainment, and to myself, I find the best use of leisure time in Philosophy as you find value in other means of entertainment such as anime. It must then be best to stick to means that for a large extent, are not likely to conceive such a poor, degenerate path of choice.

>Not to mention some is just good media and worth to pass the time rather than watch capeshit.

You see, I find time to be of great value, as that is the point of currency(in its inception) a way to exchange goods that are bought with the currency you acquired by proving your time, say an item for instance is worth 2 hours of your time. In the argument of, that it is used for exchanging general goods, well that must surely not have time associated with it, but on the contrary, as whatever you are trading took time to conceive. I say this because your time should be valued and not sought to be passed in whatever means possible, venture to find a hobby that consists of the betterment of you, seek merit, and honor, or you will likely find yourself a wageslave with little intention to live but entertainment, as do most.

>observing a culture that's maintained its homogeneity, xenophobia, and resistance to cultmarx is endearing

>Through anime, Japans been able to retain a rather strong adherence to its culture.

I must say I’m not too knowledgeable on the Japanese Culture, but as it stands today, most are atheists, and the reason they had been able to deflect Jewish propaganda is that they generally are quite independent and keep to themselves. I know that the Japanese gods that are relativity restricted to their yonder populations, but they did once have structures(as many are still present) for honoring their Gods, in their own family’s presence or that of their community. The young have largely abandoned there prior beliefs as “outdated”, and now identify as atheists with little to worship which is why you are seeing those virtual assistants for instance as the Japanese primarily work, and tend to anime in their leisure time. As for the women who have followed a similar path, it is estimated about 1 in 200 women have taken part in porn, quite a staggering amount. Porn is bad in many respects, but poor for men due to the fact that they then tend to see women then as sexual objects.

3979c0 No.9498


>What's so bad about being excluded from (((society)))? this is libcuck tier arguments. And people who think nazism is cool are great. Even if they don't fully grasp the worldview yet, They'll come here and learn. I'm pretty sure a lot of people started out like that.

Might I expand on that - people whom are excluded from society not by choice, but yearn for society to accept them(at least until their too far gone).

>more TRS buzzwords. is genocide edgy to you? is wanting to actually gas subhumans edgy for you?

It was meant to be satire. humor.

>Well it didn't work. The japs still are fundamentally Japanese. all anime has done is westernise their culture a bit which i don't think any of us have any problem with. When i say "westernise" i mean white values and not (((western values))) btw.

Watch embed related and have a kek for once, friend.

Yes it may very well be of entertainment and humor, I'm just a bit exhausted of the degeneration of /pol/ over time.

3979c0 No.9499

dixieanon here, somehow the homestead thread is giving a 404, appearing on the catalog etc but I'm getting a 404 on the thread somehow. Knowing the based mod here, I figure it's some sort of weird site error, thus posting here before making yet another thread for that purpose, dunno what's up

I did try to make a post on /pol/ mostly to see how quickly it got shoahed and which of the two shoahed it (kampfy), and in case non-refugees didn't have my email.

my board isn't restored yet so this is about my last bunker for moving forward, and I can't reply to my autocorrect-phoneposting mistakes late last night.

3979c0 No.9505

If you see this based mod, I might just go ahead and make a new thread since the old one is shoahed, I wonder if it has anything to do when the hack happened or whatever the hell is going on, when it pops up we can archive.is the old thread and prune it, I suppose. Time is of the essence when it comes to this, or I would be patient and wait- other threads are 404ing as well, and it isn't just that one, and I know it isn't your fault. Thanks for being here, and making this the /pol/volkisch bunker for us all.

3979c0 No.9521

Board owner, just a heads up that the other stickies are 404ing. I don't know why, I'm assuming it has something to do with existing pre-hack, but they 404 when I click on any one but this one. All other threads seem fine.

3979c0 No.9597

File: 456447e41b05ffd⋯.jpg (8.77 KB, 236x213, 236:213, e57ad6c92d3744b91eb3c4ab4b….jpg)


Good news everybody… It seems that for some odd reason, the (IP) bans inflicted by imcunty have been lifted/deleted (this is probably true for the entire site). Most likely due to the site going down, now I don't know how long this will last (might be until we get ourselves b& by posting shit he don't like.) but… I just thought us here at /polk/ might want to know… However, I'll stick to posting my good posts here.

3979c0 No.9627


I noticed that the instant the board came back up. He had me permabanned a month ago for a side comment I made to him (as he was posing as an anon) because I dared to claim "no one defends kampfy but himself through his VPN, everyone knows his faggotry." That's not a bannable offense, let alone worthy of a permanent one, but there it is. When I posted after the board came back online, with no captcha to boot, I knew that everything he had ever done had been totally wiped.

As I mentioned in other threads, he doesn't have access to his account either. There's no imkampfy activity at all on the mod logs, just Heil, who is almost never around. There are also two totally new mod names (one of which could very well be kampfy): hotpocketX and resurrectedplayer.

3979c0 No.9634

File: e84292ce5512060⋯.jpg (35 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 500px-HSMP5K.jpg)


>It was meant to be satire. humor.

Sorry dude but genocide and gassing subhumans is not satire or humour. we actually want to do it.

>>>/pol/ maybe suited better for you.

3979c0 No.9749


The genocide this is decidedly not humor. It's happening to your people right now.

3979c0 No.9759



Thing wtf I'm going crazy apparently.

3979c0 No.9762

3979c0 No.9764

File: a274229db966a7f⋯.mp4 (4.85 MB, 480x360, 4:3, auschwitz nine million.mp4)



The use of 'edgy' my dear volk(as my post did not talk about genocide), of course I repent the genocide of my people.

3979c0 No.9777

File: 913753912e193bf⋯.png (111.01 KB, 1852x242, 926:121, FUH.png)

Some shitty OC I slapped together because I couldn't pass up what I saw on the stats page

3979c0 No.9780


yes, it's shitty, you should be ashamed.

3979c0 No.9785

File: cda27793ce0a632⋯.png (120.9 KB, 1852x242, 926:121, 88.png)


should have changed the 24 to a 14, kek

anyways I made the edges a little less hard on uncle adolf

3979c0 No.9788


>wasting trips on shitty oc

shamefur display.

3979c0 No.9809


check mail.

3979c0 No.9810

File: cd3229d033044e4⋯.png (40.47 KB, 391x274, 391:274, Screenshot from 2017-04-06….png)

what the fuck are those black things?

3979c0 No.9813

File: 41662dff4acb1ab⋯.png (26.64 KB, 306x202, 153:101, missingchar.png)


It must be a symbol/character your computer does not recognize, as they are not apparent on my screen(Ubuntu).

3979c0 No.10365

File: d5fdadeef628184⋯.png (198.55 KB, 710x671, 710:671, Capture.PNG)

How is this "LE DRUMPF" posting you fucking faggot.

3979c0 No.10371


1 line post saying drumpf is a kike, how is that not drumpfposting?

3979c0 No.10382

File: 2e48d25bf49d348⋯.jpg (26.25 KB, 604x362, 302:181, gentlemans pls.jpg)

Are age of consent threads are allowed?

3979c0 No.10482


He's right, Ivanka does nothing implicitly pro white, she just had 4 kikes and whines about duh wymyn.

3979c0 No.10488


You have a fucking thread about trump yet you still create many thread and spam the same images ,1 liners and circular discussion that kills good thread's how fucking hard is to understand that trump discussion belong to the trump thread.

3979c0 No.10650


Nothing good about her childcare tax credits initiative? Vice and Buzzfeed were whining that it might increase white birthrates. I've always maintained that she could do a few 14 things although nothing 88.

3979c0 No.10714

File: b8f4a1fb79103c8⋯.jpg (284.7 KB, 1180x709, 1180:709, top 15 boards.jpg)


Holy fuck, BO are you seeing this?! Has the hack been a blessing in disguise?

3979c0 No.10719



This guy is either moonman or kampfy. It's the same language in their ban reasons on the modlogs.

3979c0 No.10755


I saw that, it's pretty impressive. That we are well beyond our pre-Hackening levels of traffic is beyond me really.

3979c0 No.10773


I didn't know your board existed prior to the hack and I'm sure a whole lot of people wouldn't have learned about you if not for being exposed to non kikey controlled boards.

3979c0 No.10792


How did you hear about this place? Was it just the board list? We are pretty often in the top bar as well, and I've put a few ads on /pol/ on more than a few occasions.

3979c0 No.10801

File: 0bab8856bb9f725⋯.jpeg (77.37 KB, 626x596, 313:298, 0bab8856bb9f725a2b640be0c….jpeg)


My mind didn't even register the ads.

I've first learned about this place when I made my way to endchan bunker. Plus I got a little extra assurance that this place is uncucked was when I had chat with the BO on a certain other bunker chan allied with /polk/ and then made my way to nextchan.

3979c0 No.10802

File: 9d5c163891ace0c⋯.jpeg (102.12 KB, 700x1015, 20:29, hijab.jpeg)


Oh you were the one I spoke with on ebaumsworld? Nice mate, good to have you around.

3979c0 No.10815

>If you have a method of getting rid of the Jews or something, I'm all ears, but that whole 'BUT DRUMPF IS A KIKE AND HIS DAUGHTER IS A KIKE' seems like a desperate attempt to divorce ourselves from a guy who, while not perfect, seems to embody our ideals more than anyone else in the last hundred years. I would love Hitler but right now we have Trump and he's doing good, possibly paving the path to Hitler. If you want to discuss the problems with Trump, I'm open to criticism. I criticized Trump and called his campaign when he had that awful 'leaders of Aztlan' meeting, but I got called a shill all day for making a thread about it.



Donald Trump carried out Syria missile strike ‘after being convinced by daughter Ivanka’

>DONALD Trump’s decision to rain down 59 Tomahawk missiles on a Syrian air base was sparked by his daughter Ivanka’s “heartbroken” response to Assad’s chemical attack, insiders have claimed.

>A source close to the first family said: “Increasingly, Ivanka is having more and more influence over her father.

>“She often counsels her father and was very clear that action needed to be taken against Assad in some form.”

>“Ivanka was infuriated over the lack of a direct response in the immediate aftermath of the Syrian attack.”

>Responding the morning after Assad’s attack, The President’s eldest daughter tweeted: “Heartbroken and outraged by the images coming out of Syria following the atrocious chemical attack today.

It would appear Trump's Jewish convert daughter and kike son in law having influence over him turned out to be relevant, and now he's directly attacked a sovereign nation. Ridiculous that people were banned for criticising a candidate on /pol/ to begin with, regardless of how proportional it was. Sounds like you would have done the same thing.

3979c0 No.10835

Hey BO, don't know if you've seen this yet

https://nextchan.org/polk/thread/182#reply-1191 and subsequent posts. Just a heads-up if you haven't been there yet today.

3979c0 No.10883

File: ab7ba91f95df383⋯.gif (34.9 KB, 266x220, 133:110, ab7ba91f95df383ed75a16cef0….gif)


>complains about /pol/ mods

>wants to keep /polk/ logs hidden

That looks shady. Logs should be public. How can anyone give feedback on moderation when there is no way to know what's going on?

3979c0 No.10888


Spoiler that shit, nigger.

3979c0 No.10889


This should be in the Syria happening thread, not meta thread, fam.

3979c0 No.10890


I saw it, thanks.


See: >>5397

Sometimes I take a ban action not for a single post, but more about a history of posts where you as a regular user wouldn't be able to see it. That would allow people to take screenshots of ban actions and call it questionable whereas in reality there were many posts made by a single person that made up my mind to ban them.

That said, I do want to open up logs but I see nothing but trouble ahead and not too much gained if I do.

3979c0 No.10916


If they screenshot your bans and have a problem with it they can just post and ask about it here in the meta thread and get your response, right?

3979c0 No.10918


Also afaik you don't delete posts unless it's illegal like CP, right? so there shouldn't be any controversy like there is with imkampfy over deleting multiple threads and posts, only over banned users.

If anything it might be a good idea to have a separate /polkmeta/ board so banned users can post there and ask why they were banned if they don't understand why. And everyone can see the posts and replies made there so there should be no issues.

3979c0 No.10937

File: cb26583a9b596e2⋯.png (56.12 KB, 516x229, 516:229, Screenshot from 2017-04-08….png)

What is the meaning of this? This shit shouldn't be on the official /polk/ account. Fuck kushner.

3979c0 No.10939


Chan twitters just tweet OP subject fields and the link to the thread, it's not actually the BO.

Still kind of curious as to what they use for the bot, I haven't seen a github for that floating around

3979c0 No.10940


Wait shit nevermind, just realized the link. No idea.

3979c0 No.10943


sucks tbh.

3979c0 No.11165


nah its ok

3979c0 No.11196


pedos and gore do not keep normies out. In fact you end up brining in a bunch of normalfags trying to hop on an edgy bandwagon who end up enjoying gore and pedophillia. Seriously so many people get converted first to lolis and hebe stuff then get more into full on pedo shit because of constant exposure and communities condoning it on multiple levels. Gore become problematic because newfags think tgus us what people are into and start to glorify violence and warp their minds with degeneracy.

What I think would be better are more pics, better bantz, this is something that really helps a community grow in a good way instead of relying on fear and disgust to push people away. Normalfags and newfags will pop in eventually, it's better we stick to obscure language and memes so that they dont understand whats in the thread like many good boards do, bumping with gore and pedophillia just gives people an extremely wrong impression instead of being confused and it can go either way. One side marks /pol/ permanently in their mind as a place where pedos share gore and talk about genocide, the other thinks this is trendy like some tumblr faggot and tries to imitate a false image we put out. Top esoteric bantz is the way guys.

3979c0 No.11197

File: 5b50630c2967631⋯.jpg (31.19 KB, 529x697, 529:697, 5b50630c29676315d23fa29887….jpg)


I would like to ask, BO, if I will be banned for not being biased. For example, can I post revisionist history for communist genocide as well as nazi genocide in a redpill thread? Create meaningful discussion, argumentation etc Do I have to be assigned to a Nat Soc or white supremacist viewpoint to post freely or will I be banned like in /pol/ for posting something that is contrary to the consensus even if it is well written and argued? I just think it is better for everyones thinking if things are looked at from multiple angles and perspectives, when you understand something it is much easier to tackle, when you become ignorant and one-sided you are more prone to make mistakes. I am not talking about advocating race-mixing, like another has seem to have done, but what if I make the point that "white" and "black" are largely social construction which consist of a much bigger number of ethnicities? I don't go out of my way to post stuff like that but when I see threads derailing into circle-jerking each others ignorance I feel compelled to balance things out a bit and to get closer to the truth. If I am going to be banned or silenced for perhaps saying things that go against axiomatic thinking or telling people what they don't want to hear let me know and I will leave. I am sick and tired of being called a shill by half of /pol/ because I don't condone violence or genocide but if this board requires me to do that when posting or be silent I think I will just go back to my books and wait for something better to come around. Just to be clear again I am not talking about intentionally going around the board and being opposed for the sake of it, in general I agree with most parts of Nat Soc ideology, I just want to know if even well thought-out opposition to common ideas on /pol/ is going to be dismissed and banned for: hello jew shill

3979c0 No.11203


Sorry, it's an automated bot that I had some help setting up so it auto tweets out some gw links too. It's gone now. I agree that Kushner needs to go (to Israel and then hell).


Let me see if I can figure you out. Based on the fact that you started your post out by posting a seal, I'm immediately assuming you're from /brit/. This suspicion is furthered when you want to 'correct the history' re: 'revionist' nazi genocide and also want to argue for the idea of whiteness being a social construct. Having interacted with your ilk in the past, the way I've seen this manifest is usually to bitch about Poles in your country completely forgetting that you have Pakis invading your country by the truckload and thus should probably focus on the non-whites in your country before turning your guns on those who are white even if not Anglo.

I don't see anyone arguing that whiteness isn't a collection of sub-groups we would define as ethnicities, so if you can point to anyone even suggesting that that would be great. If there isn't anyone saying that, then who exactly are you referring to? I'm sure most of us are aware that there are distinct European ethnicities that are distinct and non-interchangeable.

But you're right about axioms. Yes, wanting to kill non-whites is an axiom. Even if it doesn't happen, it's important to have the board culture espouse as such. The reasons for which is that it maintains the racial animus whites are so keen on shedding. Whites must be reminded that this is a game played for keeps and that their genetic predisposition to empathy and compassion is a weakness in the zero sum game of racial politics. Too much individuality is a cancer. We are a herd and should act as such, so singling out different subclades of whites as your primary aggressor when you have snakes in your midst seems disingenuous at best and malicious at worst. I've maintained for a while now that a lot of /brit/ posters are not themselves white and these pushes to stoke tensions between Anglos and Poles is simply a manifestation of that.

3979c0 No.11204


BO has already said that you can argue for whatever as long as it's meaningful conversation.

If you aren't a denier and you want to question deniers and their stance on the Holocaust then go ahead.

Unless I mistook what you said and you're trying to talk about genocide in the wars or with Poland, but either way it should still be fine

Not the BO by the way, just so you know.

3979c0 No.11210

I want new /pol/ to be like old pol, free speech n' shit but no spam or leftist activism. I have no problem with /polk/ being right wing biased but can we have actual free discussion here rather than hating jews and celebrating hitlers birthday be mandatory?

3979c0 No.11212


Some users will definitely shout shill and shit like that but the BO doesn't ban discussion like imkikey did, as long as it's actual discussion and not shitposting it should be good. Hopefully it stays that way; discussion is healthy, censoring ideas is not

So long as it doesn't become a /leftypol/ stronghold I'm fine with it. And so far it hasn't been

3979c0 No.11214

File: add7376259cce4d⋯.jpg (51.15 KB, 480x565, 96:113, 4dc5d54be523f8c94320bf19a4….jpg)


I was only making examples to try to illustrate what I meant. I wasn't saying anyone here was saying otherwise in this thread or anything but I have been banned from /pol/ for saying something a lot less than any of those points and I just wanted to know where the board stood on that. You have missed my point entirely if you think that this post is me wanting "correct the history", not sure why you are putting that in quotes when I didn't say that, I was merely making another example of something that would instantly be ousted as being some sort of jewish shill on /pol/ and asking if the same thing would happen here. If I can argue for whatever point I want as long as it is informed then I will use this board a lot tbh.

I am not a /brit/ poster either btw though I do think that is where the seal is from when I was lurking there last year. I am a brit and for the record I have met a lot of decent paki buisness owners who are good for the community and made friends with a few, they all speak good english, own their own houses, they all help you out if you need it, and I have never had any trouble with any of them. Whilst the only Poles I have met (which is a lot more than pakis) never speak english are usually drunk wearing tracksuits etc open up shops which only employ Poles and sell Pole food never try to assimilate into the culture in the slightest, all keep to themselves, take up houses from the council get on benefits etc. But in Scotland the country is over 90% white so I don't speak for England. It is a common for Americans to not understand that Britain is made up of 4 countries and it is ignorant to condense them all into one if you are talking about immigration issues or other statistical problems, 3 of which are overwhelmingly white majority and still house the same range of economic, educational and social problems. Glasgow for instance was the rape and murder capital or Europe for a while and it had no pakis other than shop owners. I am certainly not going to sympathise with an asshole Pole and excuse his actions which are harming my country just because he has the same colour of skin as me.

3979c0 No.11295


My tl;dr response to your post is lurk moar however trying to keep with the board ethos let's try and unravel some things for you.

From your post I detect you are a proud Scot who, deep down, feels that Scotland should be for Scots first. Absolutely nothing wrong with that; where I perceive some cognitive dissonance emerging is down to the fact that your Scottish "Nationalist" Party is in fact extremely Leftist in outlook and policy and were you to openly proclaim "Scots 1st in Scotland" your ostensibly 'nationalist' party would immediately howl you down as le ebul rayciss (the same faggotry is endemic in Plaid Cymru btw). So where do you go with your justifiable pride in being Scottish?

The Paki corner store owner may well be polite and pleasant, but nevertheless they are a vanguard, part of a 5th column out undermine the traditional cohesiveness of the society they settle in as part of the (((globalist agenda))). Often they don't even realize they are playing this role, such is the effectiveness of the (((propaganda))).

Regarding Polish immigrant workers, to a large extent they are also playing a part in the (((agenda))) by undercutting the wages and working conditions of the native population. Have you actually tried to explain to them that they are undermining both their country (by not using their skills and talents there) and your country by taking jobs away from your volk? Again, they may not realize the role they are playing.

As always, ask yourself (((cui bono)))?

3979c0 No.11349

File: 9396e5ebdc8bc78⋯.jpg (7.67 KB, 330x199, 330:199, 1453492698582.jpg)


>a lot of decent paki buisness owners who are good for the community and made friends with a few

It's almost as if being an insular culture that doesn't accept foreigners is good for the maintenance of the culture that is being insular. Protip, that means you should be more insular versus all foreigners, friendly Paki shopowners included. You shouldn't be patroning their stores unless you're okay with your nation turning brown, in which case you aren't a good fit for this place.

3979c0 No.11380

File: b6a4a08933fba5b⋯.png (633.3 KB, 1872x1332, 52:37, Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at ….png)

So some insane faggot who got banned a few weeks ago for a low energy thread has had it out for /polk/ lately and started spamming today. Pic related. Just a FYI. He's supremely assmad I told him his thread was a little low energy and has been spending infinitely more energy being a butthurt little shill than he ever did when creating his little facebook tier image macro memes.

3979c0 No.11386

File: 4f1de63053335ad⋯.png (260.94 KB, 395x768, 395:768, lame oc.png)

This was his 'OC' that he was so proud of. Let's be unique together goys, don't hate minorities oy vey!

3979c0 No.11398


I'm not going to talk about how easy it is to make that same OC in 5 minutes with any program like paint.net or photoshop, but holy fuck, what kind of message is that?

>Let's be unique together instead of being the same but against each other

Is this LITERALLY shilling for civic nationalism?

>I don't hate anyone.

>I love my neighbor.

>End Race Guilt. Deny Globalism.

>I'm sorry for being sorry for what I haven't done.

Either this guy is 100% shilling for civic nationalism, he's a kike shill, or he's a shitty """""NatSoc""""".

Anyways, what post did you shoah? And you didn't delete it, did you?

3979c0 No.11399


>or he's a shitty """""NatSoc""""".

As in he considers himself to be NatSoc but he's got cognitive dissonance.

Immediately realized what I was saying after I posted it.

3979c0 No.11401


I think th epost got shoa'd, you can read them here in the image >>11380

Saw them and immediately assumed he was butt hurt, I may not agree with everything done by the BO, but the moderation is good, and he communicates and explains himself in what could be considered more controversial bans.

3979c0 No.11402


Look at the pic in: >>11380

I deleted it as they were spam. I mean he posted the same image+post combo like twenty times.

3979c0 No.11405


No, I mean the original post he's shilling about. Or is a week or so ago too far back to find his specific post?

3979c0 No.11406

File: f5ae315f78232e0⋯.png (315.53 KB, 760x1790, 76:179, crazy fag.png)


Low effort threads get cleaned up. I mean the whole point of /polk/ is supposed to be high-effort /pol/. I usually give people an ornamental ban and ask them to repost the thread with a bit more care/thought put into it, but it seems this guy wanted to be a silly faggot instead. I communicate a lot with posters in the ban screen which is why the moderation here at least appears to be absent.

I did shoah the post but he's still bitching on .pl/pol/ about my banning him (8ch.pl/pol/res/30594.html#31671) so I was able to get a cap of it.

I mean you tell me, it's a pretty fucking godawful thread OP. Then he tried reposting it with just his ban screen to be a cheeky fuck and caught a longer ban. If only he spent half as much effort into his OC that he did being a fucking idiot spammer then his OC would be alright.

3979c0 No.11409


Kek, he thought 5 minutes in MS paint amount to great effort.

3979c0 No.11411


It's not even the shit OC that was the problem, though that was definitely an issue. It was the OP. Read it. Just whining about where the image was banned from, not a 'general redpill thread' or something to that nature. What else goes in a thread like that other than fawning over the OC creator like 'omg OP SO GOOD'? Just no conducive to conversation and clogs up the catalog because that guy wanted his own ebin thread.

3979c0 No.11415


Holy shit. Yeah that guy's a huge faggot, kek.

>Fuck guys /b/ wouldn't accept my shit-tier thread, so you guys take the thread instead. Post it all over /pol/ haha we will BTFO them guys!

Anyways, his appeal:

>I made a good image that discussed very important points on subjects that /pol/ and /polk/ always scream to care so strongly about.

>I don't hate anyone.

>I love my neighbor.

>End Race Guilt.

Literally all civic nationalism, not even shitposting about that. His points are literally arguing for CivNat.

>Secondly, I didn't evade your stupid ban, I waited way more than the six hours that the ban was for

If he legitimately waited that long (and he couldn't appeal the first time) then I guess yeah it's your bad, but it's not a big fucking deal, it's just an accident. Six hours is nothing and is plenty of time to improve your thread.

Especially because he comes back and makes a thread on his /polk/ ban notice instead of posting it in the meta thread and then gets angry when he gets banned for not improving his OP (which he didn't).

>I laugh to know that you globalist monsters fear a single 2D image that functionally delivers it's simple and easy to digest message as a wake up to normal people who read it.

It's literally fucking civic nationalism.

By the way this guy types I honestly think this guy is underage b&



It's "its"

>Trump won, and people like you lost etc. etc. etc. etc.

Whining because he got banned for having a shitty thread that provokes no discussion

If he's still whining, would you mind screencapping my post and posting it there? Although I imagine he'd say I'm just a kike shill who gets paid/ I'm a vol and I have my capcode off or some shit like that

3979c0 No.11417


>Literally all civic nationalism, not even shitposting about that. His points are literally arguing for CivNat.

Accidentally said the same thing twice

3979c0 No.11418

File: cf23e32403e4156⋯.png (456.13 KB, 2318x1110, 1159:555, Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at ….png)


Yeah I didn't realize that short bans can't be appealed as all the bans I've received on 8chan are a couple weeks in length.

While I don't approve of civnat, I would at least allow people to talk about it if they can string together a few cogent sentences however that's usually not the case. One of the things that originally attracted me to WN was that all the people pushing for hard WN were all exceptionally literate and thoughtful individuals. The people who criticize them weren't. Just thought the movement would benefit from a maintenance of that level of dialogue.

For many it seems that it's 'just memes'. It's not that way here.

>would you mind posting it there


3979c0 No.11426


>While I don't approve of civnat, I would at least allow people to talk about it if they can string together a few cogent sentences however that's usually not the case.

Yeah, I'm just saying that he's preaching civnat and then saying that's what /pol/ and /polk/ as a whole claim to strive for when that's obviously never been the case.

>One of the things that originally attracted me to WN was that all the people pushing for hard WN were all exceptionally literate and thoughtful individuals.

Is WN separate from NatSoc? Or is it just a movement as opposed to an ideology and you can be both?

RedIce is pretty good, they shill for WN often. I'm not as educated as I should be on WN though, I'm not sure if it's an actual ideology or if it's just a movement to emphasize ethnonationalism.


Thanks, I would have posted it myself but I didn't initially see his post in the search.

3979c0 No.11427


I will let people who are more capable than myself explain WN vs natsoc. We have an ideology thread where that question would be good though. >>8155

3979c0 No.11434


Right, right, I'll repost. Thanks.

And also

>For many it seems that it's 'just memes'. It's not that way here.

I hope it stays that way. It's nice conversing with people here and challenging your beliefs sometimes.

Also >>11430 The kike is back.

3979c0 No.11435

File: fe591f44027df9a⋯.png (247.11 KB, 1654x1268, 827:634, Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at ….png)


Yeah now you have a taste of what I have to deal with kek. Shoahing his posts but posting a cap to show what a silly faggot this kid is.

3979c0 No.11436


You can single out specific exit nodes' posts from Tor?

I would have thought all tor posts would have shown up

>unless he's just spamming and that's just the first page

3979c0 No.11437


No, TOR all appears under the same ID. I just didn't include the other TOR posts in the image.

That's why I can't just hit D+ and delete all his posts and have to do it manually one by one. Not a big issue either way though.

3979c0 No.11438


Jesus Christ, thank you for your service

3979c0 No.11439



3979c0 No.11440

File: f3b789e99dd3cc8⋯.jpg (154.38 KB, 1270x398, 635:199, leoldfag.jpg)

Is this guy for real

3979c0 No.11444

File: ff360d7a2bfcd95⋯.png (181.82 KB, 1520x658, 760:329, datamining.png)

File: df49b712d11b712⋯.jpg (160.22 KB, 1405x1365, 281:273, nextchan posting.jpg)

Saging because I'm doubleposting, but

>I have been noticing a trend on all the boards of 8chan, which you should be typing in the address as https://8ch.net httpS←-

Does this guy seriously not know the point of https as opposed to http? Sure 8ch is datamining, but holy shit, can you be any more of a retard

Anyways whatever, not going to waste any more posts on this faggot

Hopefully he fucks off with his /polk/ boogeyman shilling

BO, I was curious about next/polk/; What is your endgame there? I mean, are we eventually going to migrate there, or is it just a semi-active bunkerchan for the next time we can't use 8ch for whatever reason?

I know you said you said we were moving from next/polk/ back to 8/polk/, but what's /polk/'s plan for the future with nextch (or some other bunkerchan)?

Not going to lie - it seems pretty comfy

3979c0 No.11445


>I actually forgot to sage

Just fuck

3979c0 No.11453



>saging a sticky


Yeah he's still spamming but don't worry about him.

As for next/polk/, I'm still unsure. At the very least it will be the official /polk/ bunker, the admin seems very interested in hosting us and seems like a nice guy. We would essentially own the site if we moved there but my concern is that not enough user churn would eventually kill us via user attrition. I'm not sure how we would fix this problem to be honest, other than maybe buying ads on 8ch for next/polk/ but that seems pretty roundabout. I've maintained that the best course of action for a strong /polk/ community would be to build up good users/threads to a point where they are self sustaining and then migrate should something compel us to. However I know that some people have privacy concerns with 8ch so I'm calling next/polk/ a colony rather than a bunker.

Fun fact is that the admin of next/polk/ is building his own imageboard software and is going to deploy it at some point, but I don't know the ETA on that.

3979c0 No.11454


>free speech

>right wing biased

>hating jews is bad

>Celebrating Hitler's birthday is bad

get out you fitlhy kike.

3979c0 No.11456

File: fa6e8a79c3c21ed⋯.png (26.58 KB, 1200x804, 100:67, 1200px-Nop-logo.svg.png)


>I am a brit and for the record I have met a lot of decent paki buisness owners who are good for the community and made friends with a few, they all speak good english, own their own houses, they all help you out if you need it, and I have never had any trouble with any of them. Whilst the only Poles I have met (which is a lot more than pakis) never speak english are usually drunk wearing tracksuits

Please kill yourself. You are so fucking horrible that i actually like polish subhumans a bit better now.

3979c0 No.11457

This is in the message leaks from the /pol/ mod:

>I remember imkampfy telling me early on, when I first became a mod, that shills would likely try to fight against him specifically. I suppose that's what we're seeing here.

imkampfy was deliberately telling the mods that people would shill against him as if to cover up his shilling. This looks guilty as fuck IMO.

3979c0 No.11459


Didn't even know message leaks happened, but I found out because people are posting my convos on /pol/. Take a good luck at em, most of it is bitching at my vol as he would probably attest.

Where does one see these messages? Would be funny to see behind the roach mask

3979c0 No.11460




3979c0 No.11461

File: 8c1d4c2f0af62f8⋯.jpg (38.63 KB, 374x374, 1:1, ????.jpg)


wait a sec, /polk/ stuff are leaked in that leak? wut the fug?

3979c0 No.11462


The hack happened recently. It's the guy that brought down 8chan on 1st April. So it's every message since very early on (2014 I think). Only problem is that the messages don't contain who sent them, or who received them. So you have to infer things. imkampfy doesn't come out looking good though.

Also shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, but not a single thread on /pol/ is discussing his behavior (the suspicious shilling comment, and the infighting he had with two vols to get them banned as if to make himself more powerful/influential), yet all the other leaks are fine to post.

3979c0 No.11463


Which I had the time to look through all that shit.

Also there's a thread up on /pol/, discussing /polk/, seems some posters are butt blasted at this place, although splinters of /pol/ have been appearing since I came to 8chan.

Maybe because /polk/ is getting traction

3979c0 No.11464

File: 38029a36921d25c⋯.png (198.25 KB, 1325x349, 1325:349, Screenshot from 2017-04-10….png)

delet this.

3979c0 No.11465

3979c0 No.11467

File: c452fb984422fba⋯.png (15.8 KB, 606x103, 606:103, Screenshot from 2017-04-10….png)

3979c0 No.11468


Oh shit right I forgot this was a damn sticky kek

We already have somewhat of a colony on next/polk/. It is pretty nice, and I bet we could actually live perfectly fine there with enough users.

>Fun fact is that the admin of next/polk/ is building his own imageboard software

That's Blazechan. It's already up, early development, but it's only got a test board right now. Which reminds me; when Blazechan comes up, would we be migrating from nextchan to Blazechan…?

Honestly nextchan might be replaced by blazechan or nextchan might use blazechan's software. Going to be pretty interesting in how he handles that.


>shitting on free speech

this is the only thing i have a problem with, are you implying that you don't want other ideas expressed here or am I missing your point here



Isn't this talking about the ads that the BO put on /pol/ to fuck with them? Kek correct me if I'm wrong but you don't get any revenue out of that.


What is this replying to, >>11464 ?

3979c0 No.11469

File: 9314a2022ab8a54⋯.png (46.72 KB, 398x256, 199:128, Screenshot from 2017-04-10….png)

File: 13217a1c9a0e631⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 19.33 KB, 190x265, 38:53, Screenshot from 2017-04-10….png)

File: fe02b762e6b54d7⋯.png (25.61 KB, 203x268, 203:268, Screenshot from 2017-04-10….png)

just another day at imkikey/pol/

3979c0 No.11470


I think kampfy is saying that it's fishy that I can pay $5 to throw an ad on /pol/ whenever I feel like. Almost as if I have some source of funding.

Couldn't be a job though, must be reptilian space jews giving me illuminati dubloons to further split the far right community away from our turkroach savior Kampfy

3979c0 No.11471

Just a heads up to those reading the messages trying to figure out who the IDs are.

1450 is possibly original /pol/ BO.

/pol/ vols include: 9044, 11865, 11866, 9050, 9152.

I think 9152 is imkampfy, since a few of the other vols end up complaining about him or talking about him. Also note that 9152 is the oldest vol on /pol/. Being a vol before the second exodus, which either places him as a volunteer after the first exodus, or before it.

3979c0 No.11472


>shitting on free speech

This isn't a free speech board, NS isn't free speech worldview etc. Free speech is useful to us though.

>What is this replying to

To some other thread. I didn't take the screenshot of that so whatever.

3979c0 No.11473

File: 0841ced889eb788⋯.gif (33.05 KB, 181x222, 181:222, question mark.gif)


will the public ban list/ban log be available?

3979c0 No.11476


I think the ban list is available to everyone and I can't disable that.

As for mod logs, I can enable it but I'm worried that idiots are going to start taking contextless screenshots of bans and just throw them around. See: >>5397

I can give it a test run if enough people would prefer it though.

Also, I'm 27996 in the message logs.

Post last edited at

3979c0 No.11477


That would bring unwanted trouble tbh.

3979c0 No.11479


>So what do you think about a few more /polk/ general threads? The tech thread seems to be a pretty good success. I'm thinking a /polk/a (anime) thread and a /polk/tv thread since there was that guy who made the thread about L. /polk/mu, /polk/fit

>I'm thinking a /polk/a (anime) thread

Please god no this will make /polk/ the laughingstock.

3979c0 No.11480


Honestly if /a/ wasn't so shit I would agree with you that it should stay elsewhere. Just an idea though.

3979c0 No.11481

File: 7bd4086f423ab6d⋯.jpg (176.34 KB, 1200x1037, 1200:1037, 1450494543.jpg)


Too late :^)

3979c0 No.11484


7054 27095 26666 "

You banned someone for being ""obtuse"" in one thread. The anon was making an argument and you banned him during it. Better for him to get btfo in the thread rather than hearing later how Leftypol is a circle jerk, doesn't except arguments, etc." 1490676831 0

>Better for him to get btfo in the thread rather than hearing later how Leftypol is a circle jerk, doesn't except arguments

Is someone using the leftypol meme or are they actually talking about leftypol?

That post is inbetween posts talking about /polk/ but 7054, 27095, and 26666 aren't any of the numbers associated with the /polk/ messages (or 27996) that I can see

Explanation pls, I can't into these message logs

3979c0 No.11486

Mod IDs I've worked out from both messages and mod leak.

1450: Originally doorways, now Heil.

9044: faggettss (an alt account of Heil)

9050: Tryptamine

9152: imkampfy (account is not in mod data leak)

11865: ?

11866: ?

14927: Nacht_

17354: imkampfy (new account)

20268: therealmoonman

3979c0 No.11487


The first number is the message number, second is sender, third is receiver.

Here is the mod list numbers: https://endchan.xyz/.media/b4851920cd13caebb70193d4cb1e99ce-textplain.txt

So your message is Chekamember (from leftypol) sending a message to Bazarov who is also leftypol.

3979c0 No.11491


Ah okay. Got really fucking confused with that, thanks for clearing that up

3979c0 No.11497


The long string of numbers at the end is also a unix date time stamp. You can use this to find out date: https://www.unixtimestamp.com/index.php

For instance, in mid 2014 imkampfy and trypt had the following conversation where imkampfy referred to all the people coming to 8chan from cuckchan as "orcs at the gates".

859 9152 9050 ">so, how about this exodus?

The Orcs are at the gates.

Get on IRC more often imo." 1417984119 0

Gee whiz, looks like imkike was always against us.

3979c0 No.11503

File: 9754ffa423f88d4⋯.png (32.68 KB, 1255x138, 1255:138, Screenshot from 2017-04-10….png)

asshurt kiddo is still asshurt that no one likes his shit oc.

3979c0 No.11505


Are you fucking kidding me? It's been like 5 hours.

Or is that just some other guy?

3979c0 No.11506


same guy it seems.

3979c0 No.11507


He has been at it for like two weeks now kek. Pretty impressive asshurt.

3979c0 No.11509

Board logs are now public


3979c0 No.11510


what have you done? fug.

>inb4 imkikey taking screenshots

3979c0 No.11513


It had to happen eventually. Just makes it extra important we exercise restraint and good judgment. AHEM :^)

3979c0 No.11515



You said you didn't do this because you were afraid of shit being taken out of context. Will the meta thread now be the /banwhining/ general?

3979c0 No.11516


It's all on him now tbh fam.

you could of prevented this.

3979c0 No.11518

>all of those no reason bans


i expect tons of screenshots floating around

3979c0 No.11521

File: 0ab031da9055a32⋯.png (339.17 KB, 1076x617, 1076:617, imkikey civicnat meme.png)

File: 9f1f09242a07585⋯.png (403.37 KB, 1079x619, 1079:619, fixed again.png)

3979c0 No.11523


It's been a concern of many really. If it gets to be an issue then we can disable it again. I don't mind transparency, I really don't. But if its gets to be a problem then I'm going to private them. People are coming here for better moderation and I hope that people can help me to be a better mod as well. I'm a reluctant BO, not someone who particularly wants the mantle. Therefore if mods are just going to be a bludgeon used to make my life harder for very little gained, then I'll just nuke the logs.

3979c0 No.11528


>nationalism for everyone

>as long as you stay in your countries

can't tell what this is arguing for

i'm going to assume civnat since it seems to be referring to within the same country

>globalism is good

ok yep where did you find this


>I don't mind transparency, I really don't.

>I'm a reluctant BO, not someone who particularly wants the mantle.

Good to hear, this shit is why people (most, anyways) like the administration here

3979c0 No.11531

File: 7231f36d228b2eb⋯.png (144.14 KB, 1055x264, 1055:264, Screenshot from 2017-04-10….png)


It's in the /pol/ thread. imkikey is shilling it hard.

3979c0 No.11532


Thanks, I'm glad you guys seem to like it.


He just gave me a 1 month ban for 'shitposting' in that thread kek.

3979c0 No.11534

imkikey's dox?


3979c0 No.11537


holy fuck. thanks for reminding me why i'm here

>everyone needs to go back to their countries, that's all

doesn't even mention the ethnic makeup of said countries


>globalism is good goy- i mean guys, the kikes hate when you use globalism! it's how we can stop them!

>what's ethnonationalism, that sounds racist

please kill me


how did he get this information, I thought he was a roach?

>inb4 skype resolvers

that shit doesn't always work or give accurate information, I've heard VPNs can work around them.

imkikey's a retard for allowing skype to jew him like that though, you can easily fuck up skype resolvers by plugging up skype's holes with a few proxy settings

3979c0 No.11541


There is so much shit surrounding imkampfy that I don't trust a damn thing about dropped imkampfy dox, unless it is well backed up by supporting argumentation about how they got the dox, or those leakers leak the IP addresses of imkampfy, which would confirm where he is from.

3979c0 No.11542

Also look at the past patterns of /pol/ mods. Several of them have alts and sockpuppeted accounts. Both Heil and imkampfy had two mod accounts. One of them over there was caught sockpuppeting with VPNs ages ago. They were also caught spamming. Given this level of deception I have no doubt in my mind that imkampfy would go to great lengths to obscure his identity by purposely placing bullshit out there. Any dox of kampfy would need a well made out explanation as to how and why the dox make sense. Just stating that they are the dox and location doesn't really say anything, even if he has some sort of ties to the rachposter in that link (which I think is true). Those IP addresses if the hacker leaks them would be the crown jewels.

3979c0 No.11543

File: c7d882d1cbf98d7⋯.png (16.75 KB, 759x98, 759:98, Screenshot from 2017-04-10….png)

hopefully we don't get a flood of cuckchanners then.

3979c0 No.11544

File: f0b775a90735ca4⋯.png (3.28 KB, 793x32, 793:32, Screenshot from 2017-04-10….png)

>safe for work board


3979c0 No.11546

File: 67ede910925fff1⋯.png (144.61 KB, 650x491, 650:491, Screenshot from 2017-04-10….png)

3979c0 No.11549

File: 53d05d2d9edc67a⋯.png (623.53 KB, 2396x1004, 599:251, Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at ….png)


Must have changed with the hack. Weird. I'll fix it. Definitely not a SFW board but spoiler lewds please.

Also saw this post, feels pretty good fam.

3979c0 No.11551


>that post

wtf i love the /polk/ BO now.

3979c0 No.11554

File: c7431f6a9b454aa⋯.png (172.58 KB, 1045x371, 1045:371, Screenshot from 2017-04-10….png)

i wonder who this could be…

3979c0 No.11556



His faggotry truly knows no bounds.

3979c0 No.11620


This seems like you are trying to do a number of things here.

1. You are trying to undermine the telegra.ph poster by using his blog links. Who, while he is a non-english speaker, seems to always back up his claims better than you are here. I suspect you aren't him. This seems like you are poisoning the well about a useful article that outlines how imkike has been fucking people, and seems suspiciously like the "rulecuck" /int/ sockpuppets that imkikey used on hotwheels to divide and conquer.

2. A week or two ago I explicitly sperged out on one of the /polk/ vols here who was possibly from ironmarch. They did not ban me at all when I did so (presumably because I had made other ok posts elsewhere). Having done the same to imkampfy on /pol/ for the last two years has gotten me banned every time. So there seems to be a difference in quality in their bans. They at least take some criticism (though I imagine their patience will wear thin if imkike and his online gang continue to pressure him).

3. The leaks show that nearly all the dumbasses on /leftypol/ use real email addresses. Many were doxable and their real identities matched up to their online personas. If it were the case that the same people ran /pol/ you wouldn't have seen doxing threads on /pol/.

4. You are right in one way. .net is definitely fucked. Jim can't be trusted. This site can't be trusted with all the fuckery with the IPs and sunshine. I have reservations about using /polk/ even, given Jim's endorsement, but for the moment I'll probably mostly stay here. I don't really trust anyone anymore. I will never go back to cuckchan. .pl/pol/ while also have a BO that seems slightly free speech is also run by a Muslim (check the leaked messages he says he amused that he got the .pl/pol/ board while also owning the /modernmuslim/ board here on .net. Don't think anyone caught that leak yet). While he seems open to criticism about muslims (there are anti-muslim threads on .pl/pol/), I'm very uneasy now about using his site. Endchan is a nogo, as they come across the worst of the worst dumbasses associated with WN and associated ideologies. They are also pro-pedo.

5. You are maybe partially right about the /a/ and /v/ thing, but I suspect something else is at play. I think the 8leaker is somehow associated with /int/ and /intl/, it's why you saw how buttmad he is (or pretending to be) about anti-pedos and mods, while giving a free pass to /pol/. There are old ties between the pro-pedos, /int/ and others that are mentioned in the message leaks. There are also ties back to the /pol/ mods in someway with them using /int/ as a boogeyman whilst simutaneously acting like /int/ with their raiding and d&c. This is a very tenative hypothesis of mine that I need to flesh out more but I suspect what we are seeing is some sort of shill internal civil war over control of 8chan between Jim and whoever it is behind imkampfy and the /intl/ brigades (who were the original hackers).

3979c0 No.11621

File: cae3d8ab5195f41⋯.png (156.42 KB, 1245x603, 415:201, Screenshot from 2017-04-10….png)

Asshurt kiddo is still asshurt that no one wants his shitty oc. Spamming nearly every thread with this crap.

3979c0 No.11622


well shit, he deleted his post (or deleted by mods). You can delete this one too mods if you want.

3979c0 No.11623


It's a meaty post so I'll leave it.

3979c0 No.11635


Can we get some actual board rules posted up they can be changed later, it'd be nice to know what is and isn't allowed to be discussed.


Retarded annoying spammers like this should be gassed. Nobody fucking cares most of the people who post here have been banned from /pol/ anyway and are just looking for a place to post their shit opinions. What are you even trying to do convince people they shouldn't post on /polk/ either? There are no other active political themed boards.

3979c0 No.11638


>https://archive.is/Z3aaS ←—- read this before anything else

What? All I see is a TRSodomite thread.

3979c0 No.11648

File: 3ce71a0b8f778bb⋯.jpg (224.51 KB, 633x840, 211:280, 3ce71a0b8f778bb8f675257f51….jpg)


How exactly is the fact that the SNP are a lefty group means that I have cognitive dissonance? I never said anywhere in that post that I voted for them or supported them. And I don't think they really are part of a (((globalist agenda))) though maybe the help play into it, but I don't think they are actively involved in trying to breed us out like radical muslims in london or something, most of em just run shops here because it is profitable and it is a better country to live in that some shithole in pakistan. I understand about racemixing and so on but like I said the population is over 90% white if anything they will be the ones bred out. I am not going to hate on them because they have done nothing wrong to me or anyone else in fact they have helped a lot of people out in a lot of communities they have my respect and just because they are not from the same ethnic group as I am doesn't justify me being hostile towards them. Have I tried talking to the poles about how they are damaging my country and their own? They don't even speak english 80% of the time and are violent. They would definitley become aggressive and hostile towards you if you told them you thought they were damaging your country and if the law got involved you would be the one to blame. Just about everytime I am in the city I will see drunk poles they throw up in the street and make people uncomfotable in general because they are blatant foreigners with no respect for the language the culture or the country. Fuck them. Whilst I have even spoke to some based pakis who voted conservative and are against big infulx in immigrants, completed opposed to radical ismal, voted leave on BREXIT etc, Poles on the other hand were all over the TV spouting proaganda for the remain campaign because they all thought they were gonna get kicked out because they actually had something to fear considering all they did was damage wages for everyone else.This idea that I should be hostile towards one group who is generally well-mannered, contributing, and helpful from what I personally have seen in Scotland and instead be accepting of a bunch of benefit and glory hopping degenerates just because they have the same colour of skin as me is utterly ridiculous (they are not the same ethnicity as me).


My 97% white nation turning brown because of a tiny minority of decent paki shop owners? I shouldn't shop there because then in 20 years or something we will all be speaking pakistani? Please. Where else have I got to shop? Tesco? The company that openly said white men will become a minority soon? Sainsburys? Paying about £1 on top of everything to feed the jew? There are no white shopkeepers and whenever they have been they fail at it drastically and it gets shut down within months even though they are usually greedy as fuck and charge you shit like £1.75 for a bottle of juice. It's not like I am holding a sign up at the coast saying "PLEASE COME ALL IMMIGRANTS". I don't want to end up like southern England I am just saying how things are. I accept people on the merits they have earned and on the contributions they bring to society and myself, I don't simply give someone a free handout and sympathise with them because they are white.

3979c0 No.11724


What if I'm a gommie?

3979c0 No.11731

File: 8ca28b776723b93⋯.png (177.78 KB, 850x400, 17:8, Hitler quote.png)


>What if I'm a gommie?

Why are you not NatSoc/Fascist, anon?

3979c0 No.11732

File: cefa51bbcde88e1⋯.jpg (400.82 KB, 1240x1110, 124:111, contempt.jpg)


You can argue your point freely here without a ban, but… Pic related

3979c0 No.11739

File: c7dd625fe2e7590⋯.jpg (145.89 KB, 708x676, 177:169, c7dd625fe2e7590db998af87cd….jpg)


Because you guys don't oppose capitalism.


Well that's more than I can say for /pol/, so thanks.

3979c0 No.11740


>Because you guys don't oppose capitalism.

What? These are the cuckchanners, lolbergs and "8/pol/" which is a cuckchan civ-nat shithole cancer

At here we NatSocs oppose (((capitalism))), Any True NatSoc/Fascist opposes (((capitalism))).

3979c0 No.11741


>At here we NatSocs oppose (((capitalism))), Any True NatSoc/Fascist opposes (((capitalism))).

That's news to me. What's your alternative to it?

3979c0 No.11743

File: 37510686533f996⋯.png (662.91 KB, 786x1017, 262:339, Neither Communism Nor Capi….png)


>based pakis

>fuck white poles

ban this britcuck.


>Because you guys don't oppose capitalism.

We fucking despise the capitalist system, fam.



Third Position.

3979c0 No.11744


>Third position

I've never actually seen anything concrete on it. What would a third position economy actually look like?

3979c0 No.11745

File: 3d1f9ef72375681⋯.pdf (191.34 KB, Prussianism and Socialism ….pdf)


>That's news to me. What's your alternative to it?

National Socialism/Fascism

I recommend you to read PDF related or this post [https://archive.is/Tbkfz].

3979c0 No.11747

File: 0e23f0809bb622c⋯.png (264.57 KB, 1500x1153, 1500:1153, leftrightpunch.png)


>Third Position.

3979c0 No.11749

File: 938942f6806fa3b⋯.jpg (53.13 KB, 460x276, 5:3, 592837235004923.jpg)



I am seeing a lot of you posting "we" alot but from what I can see many people seem a bit confused at fundamental parts of their ideological preference. Maybe you could use posts you disagree with as a platform to debunk and convert people to your point of view. Saying "we" oppose capitalism isn't very helpful. You should actually make a case and point if you want people to understand you.


Here is a perfect example of what I am talking about instead of trying to change my mind or make me understand something anon just says: ban them. If you are so confident in your ideology can't you use reason? Can't you justify it in a coherent and productive way? Nobody is going to appreciate your beliefs if all you can muster is silencing someone instead of deconstructing what people say and rebuilding it in a meaningful manner. Saying: NO! doesn't make you look smart, reasonable or represent your political position very well, it's the same thing SJWs do when confronted with something they dislike.

3979c0 No.11750


>84 pages

Jesus fuck, can you just summarize it? Who directs production: workers, capital owners, landowners, the government? How is production organized: independent businesses, municipal departments, industrial associations, something else? What is your distribution method: markets, central planning, decentralized planning, some kind of mix?

3979c0 No.11751

File: 6efc411e778208f⋯.jpg (148.69 KB, 750x499, 750:499, Cog.jpg)


We have a thread up about this called "Defeating the econmoic Jew".


>literally "based pakis" and "i hate poles" d&c civic cuckoldry

fuck off britcuck. there is no convincing scum like you, traitor.

3979c0 No.11753


>conversation going about personal economics/finance

That's not even remotely what I'm talking about. The company you work for "shoving progressive propaganda in your face" is failing to see the forest through the trees; the fact that they have this power in the first place is the problem, not what specifically they're doing with it.

3979c0 No.11755


The thread discusses natsoc economics and has good links. If you could move this conversation there, that would be great.

3979c0 No.11756

3979c0 No.11758


Kind of hypocritical considering all I said in summary was that I am not sympathetic to someone just because they are white. You quite clearly agree with me; white people can be "scum" as well. You presume all Poles agree with your statement? Are the ones that don't scum as well? If thats the case I guess you hate most Poles as well huh? You say you are evading forming an actual argument because I am beyond convincing but then that really leaves you very little to talk to if you deduce that from the life experiences I have had. You are just making NatSoc seem like a bunch of over sensistive babies who want to be locked into a singular bubble of thought because you are easily offended by the opinion of others.

3979c0 No.11759

3979c0 No.11760


>The server took too long to submit your post. Your post was probably still submitted. If it wasn't, 8chan might be experiencing issues right now – please try your post again later. Error information:

codemonkey pls

3979c0 No.11762


>Jesus fuck, can you just summarize it?

It's Prussian socialism, The original socialism, Socialism existed before (((Marx))) try to corrupt it.

If it's too long then here is another PDF related [https://track5.mixtape.moe/guxreh.pdf], It's only 21 pages.

Or you can read this post right here. [https://archive.is/Tbkfz].

3979c0 No.11763

File: 91c8b38737172de⋯.jpg (26.48 KB, 227x400, 227:400, Daiteikoku-Adolf-1.jpg)


You're just virtue-signalling about how much you love pakis and hate poles becuase they don't speak English. I never implied there are no bad whites, you are a clear example of that, Kill yourself.

3979c0 No.11764


….right…. I am virtue signalling on a board largely made up of NatSocs…. fuckin lol. You are just showcasing to everyone your mental weakness, you can't argue the point, you can't even talk seriously all you can do is project and comprehend a "traitor". You know if you really care about your ideology you aren't going to get many followers if this is the way you respond to reason and someones experiences if the only thing you are capable of is reactionary anger and ad hominen attacks instead of actually creating an argument to counter what was presented. "I never implied there are no bad whites" okay so by that same standard I am perfectly within the bounds of reason to dislike the majority of polish immigrants. I never used the word "love" and anything I said about pakis was purely talking from my experience so in that sense it can't really be wrong. Try harder man, any fucking monkey can just say "Y-your virtue signalling! Kill yourself!" Why don't you apply yourself more instead of communicating like a fuckin chimp especially if you are claiming to be some objective form of superiority over most others.

3979c0 No.11766

File: d7560a79d7206b5⋯.jpg (16.61 KB, 236x323, 236:323, ae0fdf499258b55c2110b54ab2….jpg)


You sound in pain. Have you been watching too much of that cuckold stuff?

3979c0 No.12012


They infested 8/pol/ and now also want to control polk. It is very sad, Neo-Bolsheviks are unrestrained in their subversion.

3979c0 No.12109


Christian anarch-nationalism.

So it's true, the right wing has hipsters as well.

3979c0 No.12110

File: 82f0613a3a4b336⋯.jpg (6.87 KB, 480x360, 4:3, nocode.jpg)


It's actually amazing how formulaic a reddit post is.

You can actually see the pattern.

3979c0 No.12111

File: e708f8a2d950bea⋯.png (40.7 KB, 1614x130, 807:65, Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at ….png)

I saw this over on /leftypol/. Gotta say, I laughed like a fucking idiot

3979c0 No.12112


>/leftypolk/ self-improvement thread: For the true leftypölkisch

>"I'm going to go and drop a bluepill, /leftypolk/"

>"By exercising you are submitting yourself to capitalistic ideals by climbing some sort of 'fitness' ladder"

>"People who exercise are brainwashed sheeple serving their capitalist pig leaders"

>"Fucking spooks"

3979c0 No.12177

File: ff5822f9d7413a7⋯.jpg (198.17 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_0308.JPG)

We overtook /k/! #14 board on this website, pretty proud fam

3979c0 No.12179

File: bc6ca01e255c8a7⋯.jpg (80.52 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, eyes.jpg)




3979c0 No.12180


/k/ BTFO

3979c0 No.12196

What's /polk/s stance on /x/ and /fringe/ overlap?

I firmly believe those two are part of what ruined /pol/.

3979c0 No.12205


They are allowed to post just like any other subject is. They had no part in ruining /pol/, cuckchanners did that. /x/ died a long time ago. Maybe you're referring to the overuse of "Kek" which became cancerous.

3979c0 No.12208


/fringe/ posting (See the "Satanic AI" thread on this very board) only serves to muddle discussions on real life issues further and it doesn't help that /x/ and /fringe/ are havens for mentally ill types.

3979c0 No.12212

File: e191cfa5b9cd708⋯.png (935.79 KB, 644x644, 1:1, Screenshot_142.png)


That thread will stay. I am convinced it's being shiled against too. They are welcome to post here since Imkikey doesn't allow the discussion on /pol/. Just because something sounds uncomfortable doesn't mean there is no truth in it.

>mentally ill

where do you think you are?

3979c0 No.12213


>where do you think you are?

Autism and depression are one thing, schizophrenia on the other hand…

3979c0 No.12216


>muh schizo

>on /polk/

You're on the wrong board, my friend.

3979c0 No.12247


I am very worried about polk, as it gets bigger now the same attention whores come here. The crazy occultist vegan has always spammed his mischief all over /pol/ and that with hidden ID. Behaving like an schizo is unacceptable.

3979c0 No.12249


>crazy occultist vegan


3979c0 No.12250


You do not know him? He spammed in many threads to push through his idiocies, he also responds to his own posts.

3979c0 No.12251


No i don't. Do you think he's here or something?

3979c0 No.12252


>Do you think he's here or something?

No, not yet, it's just an example why schizo are bad.

3979c0 No.12254


Well tell me when he's here then. There is nothing to worry about now.

3979c0 No.12272


This gave me flashbacks to GLP and it's jew owner Trinity aka Jason Lucas living on an air force base, collecting data plus testing shill techniques and narratives for Tavistock.

3979c0 No.12273


How does that post have anything to do with that? also why did you mention the T word? we don't want bots shitting up our board.

3979c0 No.12276


That exact Phoenix is the avatar of GLP's owner Trinity aka Jason Lucas.

I mentioned it because fear of bots is not a good argument against calling them out. GLP is controlled by them and I think it was the first time they got exposed to a bigger audience. No forum or imageboard is safe of their tactics.

Newfags seeing shills arriving after the word is mentioned is a good way to redpill them on the truth of discussion on the internet.

3979c0 No.12277


I created that image. I found the phoenix on a search engine. pls no bully.

3979c0 No.12279

File: b85ed7b17bd77df⋯.jpg (2.93 KB, 120x98, 60:49, trinityglp.jpg)


Just stating my opinion to please not use that banner to represent /pol/, it will cause flashbacks and suspicions in people who have experienced the shillfest that is GLP.

3979c0 No.12280


Looking closer, it's actually a different image, sorry for shitting up the thread.

3979c0 No.12281

File: 9b14586a70dc0f1⋯.jpg (26.24 KB, 500x354, 250:177, f867112b0f324f23c6c550501b….jpg)


>Looking closer, it's actually a different image, sorry for shitting up the thread.

pls stay in your containment thread.

3979c0 No.12400

Look at the currently active threads. It's obvious the drooling retards that shit up /pol/ have already found their way here.

This board is vulnerable right now. I suggest a cautious but strict approach to any and all shitposts, otherwise this place will fail for the same reason /pol/ failed.

3979c0 No.12506


/x/ type stuff is alright, but I already set a hard limit on the chicanery by saying that we will keep out obvious disinfo like flat earth. Some people find /x/ stuff interesting even if they don't believe it. It's honestly rather harmless, though I will concede that in the past it was certainly the case that alphabets stirred up pretty kooky theories to keep people from paying attention to their shenanigans. I honestly don't think any of the /x/ stuff is proven, but it feels good to stretch your legs and be exposed to some wacky things now and again so that you can calibrate your judgments of what is wacky and what isn't. For example, the satanic AI thing is probably bullshit, but it is true that it's at least plausible that we live in a simulation of some sort.

Excessive shitposting gets the boot, but people that disagree with you aren't necessarily shitposting.

3979c0 No.12507


>x/ type stuff is alright, but I already set a hard limit on the chicanery by saying that we will keep out obvious disinfo like flat earth. Some people find /x/ stuff interesting even if they don't believe it. It's honestly rather harmless, though I will concede that in the past it was certainly the case that alphabets stirred up pretty kooky theories to keep people from paying attention to their shenanigans.

A fair stance.

3979c0 No.12508


Of course, /x/ will stay in the /x/ thread.

3979c0 No.12515

File: 4e6608d9b537cad⋯.png (315.54 KB, 1111x812, 1111:812, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c43ca4ac0b1baa7⋯.png (214.48 KB, 639x571, 639:571, ClipboardImage.png)


dude one of your volunteers (heathenslock) seems to be like an actual JIDF sperging agent or a triggered teenager

what is this? banned just becase he said he was a muslim?

or the reaction gif deleted because it was depicting a nigger? like come on?

3979c0 No.12517


Based niggers and muslimes, amirite?


3979c0 No.12520


The MIDF is real and they have been doing taqiyya on /pol/ for a while now. This is exactly the sort of shit we don't want here.

Don't wanna get banned for being a mud? Don't tell people you're a mud.

3979c0 No.12524


As for the mudslim, there's >>>/islam/ if he wants to fuck goats.

Also niggers are an eye sore. Why are you saving pictures of niggers? Rather strange.

3979c0 No.12540


Niggerposters are cancer tbh fam.

3979c0 No.12541

File: f8f606d8e8a3ae2⋯.png (383.91 KB, 1054x1669, 1054:1669, image_2017-03-26_00-38-41.png)

File: 62654a65e3c5e39⋯.png (951.08 KB, 943x1353, 23:33, adfsghj.PNG)

File: 4f91be9bf8d37fe⋯.png (234.42 KB, 1340x1492, 335:373, 4f91be9bf8d37fe094e4f7d249….png)

File: 0646f92bdc864eb⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 782x2664, 391:1332, 1449178925345-0.jpg)




kek i knew this place was the same clique of JIDF kikes shilling on /pol/ mixed with 8ch staff. Your Kike volunteer is blatantly obvious and easy to recognize on /pol/, a total retard.

>b-b-but guyzz lets not leave 8ch!!

>jim is actually a good guy!! he is /ourguy/!!

>muhh evull imkampfy

>h-h-he is a civnat now goyz!! i mean guys! come here!!

>come to /polk/ we are the good ones, totally not controlled opposition and not related to 8ch ownesr!

>hehehe stupid goys

>everyone who attack us is imkikey!!

>They are the bad ones so automatically we are the good ones

>*hand rubbing intensifies

>just ignore the mass and coordinated shilling for /polk/ on /pol/

>totally not JIDF

Your mixed kikery with 8ch staff is so easy to read from far away that is hillarious.

And your idiotic kike kosher nationalism is the best of all.

What are you going to do? close the boardlog again so people wont see your perfectly JIDF scripted recipe? Go ahead i am archiving eveything.

Achive of boardlog: https://archive.is/pkMl7

Archive of thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20170411231835/https://8ch.net/polk/res/1935.html

Then you can ban me and i will archive it also

3979c0 No.12543


you can delete now, already archived


3979c0 No.12544


Why are you so tilted kikefy? Besides that one thread recently that you had on where I tripped on your board I haven't been there and I have instructed no one to shill for /polk/. If people speak well of /polk/ it might just be because they like what we've been able to accomplish here and are tired of letting you ruin everything. Go ahead, archive all you want my turkroach friend. Not banning or deleting as this is the meta thread and you can say whatever you want.

It's funny how you come here and insist on whining, is /polk/ living rent free in your head?

3979c0 No.12545


>What are you going to do? close the boardlog again so people wont see your perfectly JIDF scripted recipe? Go ahead i am archiving eveything.

>Then you can ban me and i will archive it also

>mfw exactly as i predicted


3979c0 No.12546




close the boardlogz!!!!!!!!

da goyim know!!!!!!


3979c0 No.12547

File: 0ee1195ba75df7d⋯.gif (56.11 KB, 225x534, 75:178, 0ee1195ba75df7d50195430a23….gif)


Kek are you scared of kikefy's use of archive.is? I'm not. He can keep the memelords on /pol/ and we can have the quality posters here. Not like he wants them there anyway. I don't intend on usurping anyone, he can have the low effort trash zerg horde that propels him to the top of the board list. I want the people who prefer the way things were before.

3979c0 No.12548

File: fc9a3ae9e76fbd7⋯.jpg (21.17 KB, 294x326, 147:163, ssmmuugg.jpg)



wow you're not even trying to fit in, imkikey.


Me? Scared? lolno. Just told you this was gonna happen bro.

3979c0 No.12549


His posting style in that post reminds me of the dead dogs spammer, as if we needed any more confirmation it's him.

3979c0 No.12552

File: 557cdb09668c9bb⋯.jpg (25.13 KB, 600x400, 3:2, imkampfy doxed.jpg)


Yep. What makes Imkikey so energized to be this much of a faggot anyway? Those turkroach genes must really be something.

3979c0 No.12553

File: 3fcfadd3d737079⋯.png (175.59 KB, 940x720, 47:36, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7ccf871e440177f⋯.png (346.35 KB, 795x838, 795:838, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 938982ae87d82cc⋯.png (439.62 KB, 1053x1652, 1053:1652, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 946d8d621edd3ab⋯.png (643.08 KB, 1123x769, 1123:769, 946d8d621edd3ab6d3e24c34ef….png)


>Why are you so tilted kikefy?


>wow you're not even trying to fit in, imkikey.

>muh imkike bogeyman

>admin and volunteer

kek, you people are not specially brilliant

actually imkike banned me like 1000 times, last time for posting his DOX, he and his team of kikes was always triggered by the same pictures you are triggered


dead dog spammer lol, that fucking idiot, i thougt it was one of your team

Thanks for the 3 day ban, i was expecting a permanent one, maybe you are not JIDF in the end, just balls deep in rabid hating other races (playing exactly the jew game)

the last picture is just to trigger you again

and thanks for the material to shill agains your board

3979c0 No.12554

File: 0fb48bccaf22b8a⋯.png (257.71 KB, 1528x385, 1528:385, 1491800709119-1.png)


Who knows really. I just think he's a tad dim.

3979c0 No.12555

File: 6f26f26dc26e7d1⋯.gif (992.12 KB, 389x259, 389:259, 6f26f26dc26e7d19a8aef027b6….gif)



kek the sinchornity, i was permabanned for that post lol

3979c0 No.12557


>i was expecting a permanent one

Of course you would, imkikey.


What a waste of trips.

3979c0 No.12558


kek are you going to ban me again?

the thread is already archived


3979c0 No.12559


I highly doubt GLR's opinions would be the same if he were alive today. You realize that his words, while sage at the time, are not themselves impervious to criticism. GLR was a hero and truly a man of mettle, but that doesn't mean he was without his own lack of foresight.

3979c0 No.12560

File: 769b0e327640c23⋯.jpeg (42.81 KB, 519x480, 173:160, 171404269000202.jpeg)


>ban me again, i'm so rebellious against you ebul mods!

>i have the archive xD

Yawn. low energy, i was expecting some spam tonight.

3979c0 No.12566

File: e6f45ead84913ea⋯.png (183.01 KB, 992x786, 496:393, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4f91be9bf8d37fe⋯.png (234.42 KB, 1340x1492, 335:373, 4f91be9bf8d37fe094e4f7d249….png)

File: ea977fe4e408e74⋯.jpg (142.78 KB, 736x1104, 2:3, 1483403801945.jpg)

File: 90e60af1a5e1356⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1500x1003, 1500:1003, ClipboardImage.png)


>I highly doubt GLR's opinions would be the same if he were alive today.

dude that sounds like damage control, real national socialism is nor rabid hate against everyone. National Socialism is balance and equilibrium.

The ones who seek constant conflict between the people are kikes. Pic related of GLR he knew the origin of the evil.

You ever wonder why soros fund BLM? because they want constant war and conflict beween everyone, so people wont focus on gassing them. They promote hate and division, that is their way, and if you pormote nonsense hate and division you are just playing their game.

Check the second picture, is very clear. Now dont throw the usual retarded strawman arguments:

>muh civnatss!!

>muh bassed niggers!

>whats next, based kikes?

>wtf i love mudslimes now!!!

>go back to TRS!!

Nobody is pushing for a multiculti bullshit or tolerance for migration, everyone must go back to their origin countries and stay there. Then kikes must be gassed.

Leon degrelle pic is accurate.

I am writng that only for the remote possibiliy that you are not JIDF/MOSSAD/FBI/CIA


Adults are trying to talk, kid

3979c0 No.12571

File: f18ffdcaf3451d3⋯.png (133.91 KB, 1302x444, 217:74, genocideworks.png)

File: fdfb961ad4252f1⋯.jpg (115.61 KB, 600x902, 300:451, toque_monster_by_spikeromm….jpg)


>dude that sounds like damage control, real national socialism is nor rabid hate against everyone.

>The ones who seek constant conflict between the people are kikes.

>because they want constant war and conflict beween everyone

>They promote hate and division, that is their way, and if you pormote nonsense hate and division you are just playing their game.

>muh ebul hate, don't genocide shitskins goy! let them live!

So basically some natsoc from like 50-60 years ago said we should send niggers back and that somehow means rockwell would agree with your civic cuckoldry and that it is still relevant today even though niggers have shown their true colors for decades now? wew lad.

>Adults are trying to talk, kid

I see that and You're not one of them.

3979c0 No.12572


Answer these questions first:

1: Would whites better administrate non-white lands?

2: Wouldn't a simple deportation of non-whites continue the threat of annihilation via soft genocide?

3: If not, why not? Don't you agree that white countries will pretty much always be better than non-white countries? Wouldn't that mean non-whites will always try to get into white lands?

4: Do you think that Muslims will cease attempting daawa simply because they are deported?

5: Do you realize that non-whites will forever be a demographic threat, and if we are successful in repelling our soft genocide that it only takes one failure to repel the soft genocide in the future to wipe whites out completely? Why take the risk?

Genocide is going to happen. Whether it's committed on us or them is the real question. Will we find it in us to do what must be done? We have heard you say your piece many times, we don't agree. You have your own board, and we have ours.

3979c0 No.12603

File: 99a7e45977fe53d⋯.png (137.43 KB, 1262x587, 1262:587, Screenshot from 2017-04-12….png)

File: e703b2f52c3eb76⋯.png (186.94 KB, 1236x585, 412:195, Screenshot from 2017-04-12….png)

Autist is spamming again.

3979c0 No.12626


>civic cuckoldry

humm… you kids, always so predictable and easy to manipulate by emotions. The perfect tool of the jews to sow division between the goyim.

The same weak straw man as predicted here >>12566


>1. Would whites better administrate non-white lands?


>2. Wouldn't a simple deportation of non-whites continue the threat of annihilation via soft genocide?

the risk is minnimum, whitouth jews pushing for inmigration nonwhites have no chance of invading, and if some of them manage to corss thew would be deported the next day.

> 3. Don't you agree that white countries will pretty much always be better than non-white countries? Wouldn't that mean non-whites will always try to get into white lands?

white countries always be better, same anwer as before, they will be deported

>4. Do you think that Muslims will cease attempting daawa simply because they are deported?


>5. Do you realize that non-whites will forever be a demographic threat, and if we are successful in repelling our soft genocide that it only takes one failure to repel the soft genocide in the future to wipe whites out completely? Why take the risk?

kek, who the fuck is indoctrinating you people? the fucking FBI?

>Genocide is going to happen.

kek, you two clearly belong to some of those FED controlled Rigth wing groups where people is brainwashed and radicalized into thinking unrealistic and fantastic scenarios where somewhow out of nothing whites will kill every other race and rule the world llike in a fairy tale.

like, you people totally lost contact with reality and live expecting that somehow your beloved genocide will happen.

Implying that you are not feds, dont you ever asked yourslves why you sound exactly like the eevull nadzis the jews put in their hollywood movies for the normies to watch? yes i know: muhh prrrr , i already know your pre cached lines because that retarded "ideology" is what prevent real National Socialism to spread to the people.

NatSoc could be the most widespread ideology between fathers, grandfathers, mothers, childrens and everyone with common sense because National Socialism is where anyone with good knowledge and good common sense will end up identifying with, but ofcourse kikes have people like you to prevent that to happen, because >we neeed to kill everyone guyzz!! >genocide naooo!!! >RWDS RWDS, amrite?

They need people acting like total lunatics in the name of the eevull nadzis and hitlar to scare away everyone from wanting to know anything about National Socialism and Hilter.

And ofcourse you people are so deep in your braiwashing that you are not able to see the obvious plot in font of your eyes.

I had doubts that you where JIDF, you clearly not, because not even JIDF is that involved in their job, you two have all the symptoms of total rabid brainwashing, thats the only logical explanation, way better and effective than paying some kikes to shitpost on the chans, it was better to hack some teenagers minds in to doing the work for free.

Go ask the leaders of your movement if your rabid radicalization is somehow benefiting kikes in the big picture and see the answer.

In the end for all practical purposes you are not more than proud jew tools. The perfect Kosher Nationalists. Perfect to alienate everyone and scare away any reasonable mind.

And to prove that you are far away from reallity, tell me, how is you plan of total genocide going? was being genocided part of your master plan?

3979c0 No.12627


1. That alone gives me the justification for pushing for white lebensraum of the world. We don't need non-whites any more than we need kangaroos.

2. As long as the risk is above zero, it's worth considering seriously. Take a look at pic #1 in >>12571. No non-whites, zero risk.

3. You don't know that they will be deported, just as they aren't being deported now in any sort of amount that would make a difference. How will you remove the citizenship of anchorbabies and legal non-whites? You can't through civic cuckoldry, it can only be done extra-judicially.

4. Trump can't even get a travel ban up, not going to rely on the 'wall' when Islam is set to take over most of the world in the next century.

5. You ignored the point completely, well done.

Who said genocide must come from the barrel of a gun? That's certainly the most feasible option, but there's a plethora of eugenics options for non-whites that are non-violent. Sterilizations come to mind.

>NatSoc could be the most widespread ideology between fathers, grandfathers, mothers, childrens

Yes, I'm sure inside ever nigger hive lord with 30 children is a SS officer begging to come out. This is just as fruitless as all the Christian proselytization going on in Africa. These subhumans can't even recognize themselves in the mirror at ages up to and possibly beyond six years of age yet I'm supposed to believe they will be so captivated by Hitler's appeal to our better natures that they will pick up rifle and start goose stepping. Your opinions are not nuanced, they simply lack consistency.

I'm not rabid, I am just logically consistent and yes a little extreme. You can label me a 'kosher nationalist' all you want, but if that's as far as you've thought through your position then I invite you to go back to kampfy /pol/.

3979c0 No.12764

How high will the quality standards for posts be here? Are baitposts of every sort, not just Trump-related, going into the oven? Overt shitposts meant to stir shit without arguing anything? E-celebs? Crossboard drama? Improper typing?

3979c0 No.12765


>How high will the quality standards for posts be here?


>Are baitposts of every sort, not just Trump-related, going into the oven?

Yes, but I'm wondering what you're referring to by baitpost. A topic that will probably draw attention is not by definition a baitpost.

>Overt shitposts meant to stir shit without arguing anything?

For the most part yes. Very subjective.

>E-celebs? Crossboard drama?

No. Maybe.

>Improper typing?

jUsT dOnT tYpE lIkE tHiS aNd YoU'lL bE fInE

3979c0 No.12766


Baitpost = post meant to farm a pile of (you)s without adding anything to a discussion.

3979c0 No.12768


Give me an example

3979c0 No.12773


The usual "meme" post where someone says something intentionally retarded to bait responses and then spends 30+ posts screeching and defending his faggotry, while racking up the (you)s and filling up his shareblue quota and turning the whole thread into shit.

I firmly believe not cracking down on these opens the door to every cheap shill there is.

3979c0 No.12780

Space elvetor threads were mencioned above, but what is the stance on them?

I enjoyed the news and discussion, although science news are one of the worst journalism there is, as in tabloid-tier. Gotta pull in those investments on this new quite (ir)relevant discovery.

3979c0 No.13033


>2: Wouldn't a simple deportation of non-whites continue the threat of annihilation via soft genocide?

I know these questions weren't directed at me but I want to weigh in here with a fact so many /pol/acks seem to utterly misunderstand, and perhaps someone will learn something from this, because it's somewhat important.

When we talk about demographic genocide, we're talking about two things: racemixing and demographic displacement. Over the past several years on /pol/, however, whenever the subject of white genocide comes up, peoples' minds overwhelmingly jump immediately to racemixing, and tend to stay solely on that. I want to mention here:

White genocide occurs as a result of demographic displacement, not racemixing. No, I am not saying racemixing literally is not a threat; it can be, especially if our women are mixing in significant numbers, but stats tells us that it actually isn't. The number is something like 0.4% of whites race mix; despite how long and how hard kikes have pushed the racemixing meme, it seems whites simply prefer their own (as is natural) and obey their natural, biological inclination to be around other whites. The real problem with white genocide as we use the term is demographic displacement, which means 1) tons of shitskins flooding into our countries from without and 2) they reproduce like rabbits, exacerbating the situation.

What does this tell us? It tells us that hypothetically, if you removed every nonwhite from every nonwhite country overnight, and barred reentry for certain, any means of white genocide in your country ends immediately, since almost no one actually race mixes. Unfortunately, for some reason I've seen many redpilled people talk about racemixing like it's some gigantic, monumental threat that is destroying everything around us, like half of all white people race mix or something. It is a threat, technically, but one that barely even exists because nobody fucking does it, and why would you? I figure that because we talk about it so much on here, some anons think it's a bigger problem and/or threat than it is.

This doesn't mean ignore it, duh, but what people really need to be concerned about is removing shitskins. That's obvious, yes, but it's far more important than the racemixing threat. So to answer that original question, no, a soft genocide is generally not possible once you've removed all shitskins. They can't come into the country, almost no one racemixes, and shitskins can't fight either. Once you remove all your nonwhites, they virtually cease to become a credible threat for a variety of reasons.

3979c0 No.13037


>proper board etiquette

>Example: Will criticism of Donald Trump be tolerated?

oh wow

ok i was told this was an interesting /pol/ alternative, but all i'm seeing is a faggot musing about who to censor and why

3979c0 No.13044


Exhibit A: >>13037

3979c0 No.13061


Perhaps there's more to a board culture than unbridled free speech.

3979c0 No.13068


"who to censor and why" is called moderation and any board that wants to have quality requires moderation. If you shitpost a dozen hentai images in a row, I have no problem with the mods censoring you. Of course, judging by this very post, I hope this isn't your kind of place and that you leave and never come back. We certainly wouldn't be losing anything of worth.

3979c0 No.13090

File: 1cf9df87cf57700⋯.png (616.09 KB, 680x693, 680:693, you're eating cuckchan can….png)

3979c0 No.13106

Am I allowed to be a green-brownshirt as long as I don't toe the line? I think blood and soil should be taken in a more literal sense.


>We don't need non-whites any more than we need kangaroos.

Kangaroos actively participate in regulating energy flow and lifecycles of bush vegetation.

Non-white people are less invested in unintentional symbiotic care of bush vegetation, let alone intentional respect of the environment.

Ergo, Excess nonwhites are actually less useful than Kangaroos.

3979c0 No.13108

File: 1666904f6d1cfcc⋯.jpg (65.75 KB, 539x800, 539:800, e6778db625b615929dfc2129f2….jpg)

File: 6b90945bb354b1f⋯.png (541.55 KB, 435x435, 1:1, revlot.png)


>Am I allowed to be a green-brownshirt as long as I don't toe the line? I think blood and soil should be taken in a more literal sense.

Sure, buddy. I'm more of am advocate of advancements in technological fields but i appreciate environmentalism.

>nonwhites are actually less useful than Kangaroos.

Correct. Which is why if they're killled, nothing of value will be lost.


What do you mean by this.

3979c0 No.13110


I think nonwhites can and should be trusted to run their own ethnonationalist states so that they can create their own successful Ubermensch-cultures. The problem lies in defining ethnicities and assuring development in the face of neoliberal mercantilism and ancom rebels. Interventionist positive eugenics as a solution? Social/Cultural movements? Legislation? or the synthesis of all three, education (or if I'm the bad guy, indoctrination)

My perspective is that regional superpowers are bureaucratic and needlessly totalitarian machines that forgo both sustainability and platonic justice for short term power gains. Centrally administrated lebensraum is simply not as effective as a confederacy of states that work together to help themselves without exploiting each member.

I dislike A. Dugin for this reason, Europa is too close to a NWO for me to support.

Excess being spaces with high population densities i.e. urban anywhere, particularly Subcontinental and Sino Pacific megacities.

3979c0 No.13111

File: 9e912f7987b874a⋯.png (706.6 KB, 4974x2519, 4974:2519, this map isn't good enough….png)


>I think nonwhites can and should be trusted to run their own ethnonationalist states so that they can create their own successful Ubermensch-cultures

Why do you think they can be able to have the exact type of ecofascist state like you want? They're subhumans, incapable of such things

Giving them a nationalist state will just give subhumans more power in this world and that is something i strongly oppose. You can not develop a "culture". Race is culture. Most Non-whites will never be Ubermensch. The exception to this rule is of course muh japs but that's besides the point.

>My perspective is that regional superpowers are bureaucratic and needlessly totalitarian machines that forgo both sustainability and platonic justice for short term power gains.

You sound like an edgy National-Anarchist or kurdistani separatist.

>Centrally administrated lebensraum is simply not as effective as a confederacy of states that work together to help themselves without exploiting each member.

This is against human nature. Groups will always be supreme and rule over other groups or genocide them if they're too alien. Your utopian concept will never come into fruition.

>I dislike A. Dugin for this reason, Europa is too close to a NWO for me to support.

Dugin is bad for being a neo-bolshevik faggot who is just subverting far-right movements. Not because he supports a "United Europa". He want's a united mongol eurasia. And you claiming that a strong continent is too much of a NWO for you? what does that even mean? A NWO is fine if it's actually a good cause (aryan supremacy) and not a Semetic-satanic system that wants a new mongrel race. Totalitarianism is necessary and is the way foward.

3979c0 No.13148


> I would love Hitler

I was a teenage nazi

3979c0 No.13150


Kill yourself, 4chonigger.

3979c0 No.13300

3979c0 No.13383

File: c3ef6fa0f85ef27⋯.png (235.17 KB, 500x375, 4:3, then here i go.png)

Welp. This board is pretty dead right now for some reason, any questions? at all?

3979c0 No.13396


No question, but I'd rather have a slower moving board with better quality content than a faster moving one with terrible content.

3979c0 No.13401

File: fb208fdf87dbab8⋯.png (156.91 KB, 500x475, 20:19, 8a2fed13a85120275e9343e8fa….png)


>Shitposting smugs isn't really what I had in mind when someone types up a big post. He laid out his points, maybe you should try laying out yours.

Yeah fucking NO. I could spend the next 20 minutes editing that abomination of failed grammar and punctuation into something resembling intelligible English, but I'm not going to–although if I made this nigger appear functionally literate, I might be able to understand what he's attempting to express. Except that I'm sure I'd get cancer from it, and even trying to read one of those 'sentences' literally hurts my eyes. Literally in the literal sense. It causes physical pain.

3979c0 No.13408

File: 3ff5a1ad0e4e760⋯.webm (583.85 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 3ff5a1ad0e4e7603d9f141b29….webm)


>Genocide is going to happen. Whether it's committed on us or them is the real question. Will we find it in us to do what must be done?

I'm not in love with you, but I love you BO


>the risk is minnimum

[citation needed] How many gray squirrel and red squirrel populations share the same territory? Even though they can interbreed, can you show me an instance of their populations overlapping? Didn't think so nigger.


Did you think this was a cogent answer to the question? If so then fuck off forever.


Neither one of us should be feeding the trolls, but

>hive lord

I had to reply to that aww fuck where's my hive lord FF7 webbum? Well have this one instead

3979c0 No.13411


I think nonwhites can and should be trusted to run their own ethnonationalist states

Stopped reading there, you're either retarded or a subversive, and either way you're going to be aborted in your 60th trimester

>so that they can create their own successful Ubermensch-cultures

This is why I decided to destroy planets

>The problem lies in defining ethnicities

I hate this place

>Interventionist positive eugenics as a solution? Social/Cultural movements? Legislation? or the synthesis of all three, education (or if I'm the bad guy, indoctrination)



3979c0 No.13414


I-it's not like I like you too or anything…baka.

3979c0 No.13423

File: 7ca38bf8433eae6⋯.png (57.33 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 00fc8b7c24b4444aadf5af3079….png)




get a room

3979c0 No.13468

File: ecc9f9b26f60445⋯.jpg (96.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fags are not ok.jpg)




kys, no fags allowed.

3979c0 No.13495


So what is the stance on space elevator threads?

pls respond

3979c0 No.13638

File: 80931f1be1de483⋯.png (326.26 KB, 1800x1287, 200:143, adolf.png)

The way I see it, shilling/bots are not going to disappear by banning them. They are here to stay, unfortunately. The best strategy is to learn how to identify them and then simply ignore them.

3979c0 No.13646

File: 39b39402eeb8736⋯.jpg (77.82 KB, 517x650, 517:650, cancucks.jpg)


>learn to live with shilling, goy

>if you defeat your your enemy they win xD


3979c0 No.13673


Is it shitposting or good discussion? Not really sure what a space elevator thread is. If it's the latter, go for it.


We have been flying under the radar so far which is nice. I see no reason I can't ban unruly bots and spamming faggots. Of course that might lead to VPN exits getting temp banned but that's an intractable problem with no real way around.

3979c0 No.13741


Ignoring a shill is actually the biggest mistake.

By ignoring them, all you achieve is giving them free reign to crack consensus and make lurkers believe these seemingly unmatched arguments are factual.

But if you instead crush their fallacies at every turn? The shill is exposed and crumbles into dust like a vampire in the sunlight, and everyone who sees this not only realizes their phony but also learns to recognize their patterns.

Don't take the easy road like a faggot, always destroy a shill on sight

3979c0 No.13804


Space elevator thread would be thread where various recent scientific/technological discoveries/advancement are being discussed. They can be good, problem generally arises when flat-earth-tier math and physics begin to pop up.

3979c0 No.14040

File: b433980a3e75a9a⋯.png (215.95 KB, 1857x930, 619:310, proofs1.png)

File: 6e8c138b89849df⋯.png (178.4 KB, 1600x1011, 1600:1011, proofs2.png)

File: 6cddc7949eb1e2c⋯.png (943.94 KB, 969x538, 969:538, crop1.png)

File: 12ab1f76464f10a⋯.png (1.05 MB, 963x540, 107:60, crop2.png)

I was thinking about making an OP about this because the actual content of the video in this pic related /pol/ OP deserves discussion, but I'll post here about the meta-related part first.

Pic related thread from /pol/ was about a week-old Vimeo interview with a Dutch banker that worked his way up into a circle that communicated with the (((elite))), who breaks down and goes into full confession mode.

The thread was DELETED before it even got going, not anchored. No one archived it in time. This is by far the most obvious thing I have seen the mods do to reveal that they are Project Alamo shills or some other controlled opposition.

This video was of the sort that was /pol/'s bread and butter before election season. This would get the full screencap treatment (and was starting to right before the thread was deleted).

https://vimeo.com/212237317 , really gets rolling 22 minutes in.

Question for BO: Would an OP strictly about the video be welcome here, or is this board tailored towards the völkisch topics that were banned from /pol/? Because we don't seem to have a real /pol/ anymore.

Disclaimer: I don't know enough Dutch to dig into the guy being interviewed and there is "Illuminati" and David Icke shit elsewhere on the channel that posted it so I'm taking it with a grain of salt, however the OP being deleted on /pol/ was a huge red flag.

3979c0 No.14044

File: 568c4e0fc033119⋯.png (19.11 KB, 1887x128, 1887:128, banmsg.png)


Oh yeah, and the ban message. Which, while true, is no excuse to delete the thread or even anchor it.

3979c0 No.14046


The OP is literally just "hey guys watch this" and yeah is low-energy, but it shouldn't have been deleted especially with that many replies

3979c0 No.14049


I got banned for a month for "Chronic shitposting" when I was telling people to go to the bunker and read the stickies (to lead them to the now defunct polchan) after the book threads started getting anchored. They just go with whatever message has the most plausible deniability when it comes to wrongthink.

3979c0 No.14092

File: 5cff93221bc6850⋯.jpg (51.33 KB, 363x326, 363:326, 4383143831.jpg)



I think the way to look at it is that /pol/ is that militant board and /polk/ is where you can discuss things without constant sperging. In /pol/'s defense, if the mods didn't act like complete faggots, the community would be inevitably overrun with /leftypol/, shills, and retards. I think /pol/ is more concerned about being a base of operations than a discussion board.

3979c0 No.14115

/polk/ seems to be getting smaller. There used to be more users before. What happened to everyone?

3979c0 No.14116


/pol/ is not a militant board. They're just cuckchan 2.0. We're the militant board that retains our culture, not just a alternative place to discuss shit.

3979c0 No.14148


/pol/ WAS militant, now they have threads defending Alex Jones saying he's legit. Completely different board since the crash.

3979c0 No.14149


Well, there's a lot of discussion on board culture, self-improvement, books and other stuff, but there's not much posting or discussion about current news, or happenings.

3979c0 No.14157


It takes a certain pph to keep up with happenings like that. Keeping up with happenings is well and good but there's also more important things to talk about

3979c0 No.14171



I've been aware of this and frankly it helps separate the two types of threads- happenings/philosophy. For instance, when i'm looking for daily/weekly news i'll take a look at pol, and other general threads that /pol/ lacks you'll find here. This is exactly why /polk/ is more suited towards action and instilling the discussion mentioned that a minority of /pol/ such as myself had wished upon.

3979c0 No.14178


I just lurk /pol/, posting there is an almost guaranteed waste of time, its filed with shills, cuckchanners and plain retards.

3979c0 No.14192


> In /pol/'s defense, if the mods didn't act like complete faggots, the community would be inevitably overrun with /leftypol/, shills, and retards

first off, this statement assumes the mods are actually acting in good faith and simply being overzealous in their bans, in the effort to keep out unwanted people. That is not the case, the mods are against the board users, it isn't a case of incompetence or going overboard in an effort to protect something, it's a case of blatant subversion. Secondly, the board already is and has been totally awash in leftypol, shills, and retards. The leftists actually don't come around very often, and for good reason; there's no point in expressing their opinions because they get shouted down every time. Contrast to the shills and retards who get varying degrees of (you)s and the board is fucking chaos of the shit variety.

/polk/ is, more or less, how /pol/ should be and at one point, it was. Look at the difference between this board and /pol/ and you'll understand why so many of us are bitter about losing the /pol/ of 2014 to the fucking cancer it has become. Which, need I remind you, is because the mods actively worked to make it that way over the course of two years.

3979c0 No.14193


Yeah, it was the sticking of muh PR civ nat thread that made this board pop up. They will also allow really shit threads, duplicate threads, and even straight up blacked shit up, while deleting or anchoring innocuos shit like e-celebs,self-improvement and literature threads

3979c0 No.14669

This OP is fucking cancer, most people of sound mind divorced themselves of Trump loyalism after Syria and should view him as another Republican, he will cause more damage if not opposed forcefully on foreign policy, as he has clearly been compromised by McMaster, and most likely Kushner has been caught being a grubby grabbler and Trump is paying the toll and going along with their shit.

The other option is too frightening to countenance, he's fucking retarded and reacted to dead chilluns like a fucking pregnant woman.

3979c0 No.14741

Anyone else here?

3979c0 No.14742


The OP was written 2 months before that, you drooling fucktard.

3979c0 No.14787


>This OP is fucking cancer

I agree anon, the Board Owner should be able to tell the future and adjust his posts accordingly.

You're obviously not from this board, and with intelligence levels like this, we don't fucking want you here.

3979c0 No.15045


Then fucking update it, it has no fucking relevance. If you want to cockscuck a mod stay on /pol/

3979c0 No.15053


reminder that you are the archetype of the poster the OP was talking about

3979c0 No.15228

File: b2d3fbcf2784dfd⋯.jpg (63.75 KB, 436x746, 218:373, b2d3fbcf2784dfd0399bd06f8d….jpg)



Yeah nah fuck ya, cunt

3979c0 No.15287

File: d2cbef9d4401fe0⋯.png (246.72 KB, 711x533, 711:533, ClipboardImage.png)


>the mods are against the board users, it isn't a case of incompetence or going overboard in an effort to protect something, it's a case of blatant subversion.



3979c0 No.15288





3979c0 No.15294


After Daca, Syria, the Wall, the OP makes no sense. People are getting banned from /pol/ because of these issues and Trump is acting the total kike. Update the OP. Your the arechetype that made /pol/ a colony of reddit.

3979c0 No.15296

The OP needs updating. It's just a rambling equivication. We know when something is bait and when it isn't. Calling Trump a kike isn't shilling anymore, it's just a shit op. That is why it should be deleted. Not because Trump has gone fucking native and needs to be aggressively criticized back to goyism. He has no oppostition from his base, that's why he is doing what he is now. We are the expendable capital. There is no benefit openly supporting him for two reasons.

1. He listens to criticism and changes

2. If he is going to build the wall, and repeal DACA, and stop being a neo-con, criticism does not effect this if he's playing chess, to quote the fucking retarded redditors.

3979c0 No.15299

Why is it so hard to understand that the OP is simply stating that you need to provide arguments along with calling the guy a kike?

If you actually browsed this board you'd realize anons here talk loads of shit about Trump, and they only get banned for /tv/ tier "HAHA DRUMPFTYHUMPFTY BTFO HOW WILL POLEDDIT EBER RECUBER EBIN GOY PRESIDENT HAHAHA" posts.

3979c0 No.15329


No it doesn't need "updating". This isn't fucking plebbit.

3979c0 No.15345



No it doesn't you morons. All it's saying is not to post zero effort shilly sounding posts like "Trump is a kike puppet" without any kind of edification, elaboration, qualification, elucidation, explanation, etc etc. Basically, don't make shitty fucking posts. The point is that anti Trump posts are totally fine as long as you put effort into them, because no effort = D&C at worst, shitpost a best, worthy of deletion at best and ban at worst.

This isn't rocket science.

3979c0 No.15375

Why was that thread deleted on Niggers being late?

3979c0 No.15443

File: 6f4116f3d7b9a29⋯.jpg (76.93 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1403473625579.jpg)


>thread on niggers being late


Was it a joke thread?

3979c0 No.15444


Fuck, cut my post in half.

If it was a thread just for shitposting about things we already know (like niggers being worthless) then it might have gotten pruned.

3979c0 No.15569

File: dcf73714c76a7da⋯.jpg (246.13 KB, 1909x907, 1909:907, d4fb2ff8aad6e27d8e5623a6ab….jpg)

3979c0 No.15699

File: 37b4966f7221349⋯.jpg (15.76 KB, 400x264, 50:33, 7be8d9fac9c38b60a14909321d….jpg)


Here's your meta post, I'm done with this board until your nigger mod pulls the dick out of his ass and acts in a manner befitting the barely existent position of 'authority' he has, the #2 hotpocket of a board in which I create ~20% of the content in any given active thread. I'm sure the dipshit will be along to delete this message, and probably ban me as well, so I'll pop in from time to time to remind everyone that this idiot thinks hes imkikey 2.0. If you allow shitstains like this to control the board, even the most hardcore of us aren't going to deal with it. Until this moron is removed, I'm done and will remind everyone I'm in threads with to avoid this cancerous place.

3979c0 No.15707


Oh please faggot, you're just shilling to try and get anons here to return to /pol/. Fuck off. You aren't contributing 20% of anything, except shitposts.

3979c0 No.15711



>Like I said earlier I'm still working out the kinks of moderation.

>The board is barely a month old, give it time.

>He could probably attest I scold him behind the scenes regularly for abusing vol powers. Of course we don't want that, that's why we left kampfy/pol/.

>He could probably attest I scold him behind the scenes regularly for abusing vol powers

3979c0 No.15712


If you like it here that much, consider that I'm responsible for ~20% of the posts in any given active thread

3979c0 No.15714


Go look at the threads that exist since I reset my IP, I'm right at 20%.

3979c0 No.15727


Top fucking KEK

This is the nigger vol IP hopping isn't it? I can tell from his failures of punctuation and his truncated, mentally challenged sentences. What, did BO remove your power to delet posts? Fucking nigger. Great job killing /polk/, allowing shitskins to do anything but smoulder.

3979c0 No.15738


That's two dubs in a row so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, but all I've seen is shitposting. If you're really posting quality content then keep it up, but it doesn't seem like you are.


No mod or vol here, just pissed about faggots whining about shit without trying to fix it or offer an alternative solution.

3979c0 No.15745



m8, are you having some kind of aneurism? You just started shitposting in the other thread too, with a meta complaint, trying to get your opinions exposure or something. Here you are, responding to your own posts, posting 5 times in a row, and everything you say is incredibly over the top hostile. I have no idea what the actual problem is other than vague accusations against the moderation, because you aren't being specific and explaining anything, you're just being super pissy. If you have an actual complaint, explain to us what exactly happened.

This sounds suspiciously like concern trolling to me, though. Barely a week or two after this board was created there was some faggot shilling against the board, claiming he made half of all content on the board, and that the mods were compromised and so he was taking his bags and leaving. His message was almost the exact same kind of shit that you're saying, which makes me believe you're kampfy or coonman using some kind of indignant rage act to try and push people away from the board.

If you aren't a blatant anti-/polk/ shill you better calm the fuck down and explain why you think this place has been compromised. If you aren't legit, and you're one of those two faggot mods from /pol/, I'll be able to tell right away because they always argue the same way, which is to say, NEVER honestly or straightforward. They suck at that.

3979c0 No.15749



He's the OP from this thread >>15500

Who felt it was necesary to create this instead of making an effort to browse the catalog and bump the existing thread on 'kekism'

3979c0 No.15759



Well then, upon further review: I can't bring myself to care about this.

- The Kek OP was very emotional that whole thread, everything was worded like an extremely eager 13 year old, and responded just as emotionally to anything negative

- This is /polk/ and while we can discuss Kek here and there in passing I don't feel like we're missing anything by not having tons of posts with severe autism that say very little in essence, I'd prefer not to have something like that on this board, seems more fitting for /pol/

- that the OP claimed the mods are kampfy-wannabes because his particular brand of autistic cancer was bumplocked (he wasn't banned, his thread wasn't deleted, it was bumplocked exactly like he asked) again brings up the overblown emotions. not a big deal, and kampfy would have kept four threads of that subject going at the same time on /pol/ because it distracts from tangible stuff like redpills and world events

- Nothing is really being lost by having the thread bumplocked

I might be more concerned if it were a different topic, or if the mods did something more heavy handed, but I've seen a lot of bullshit in the time I've spent on /pol/ and this doesn't even begin to approach coonman/kikey levels. If OP got banned for it, then that would be going a little far in my book, but it doesn't look like he was.

There's also something seriously off about how this guy speaks. I can't put my finger on it exactly but there's something that makes me stop and think something isn't right. His parlance is all over the place and everything he says is either super gung ho positive or screeching autistically negative. I don't know if he's a kid, or there's actually something wrong with him mentally, but a grown man shouldn't type the way he does. Something is off.

3979c0 No.15962


He sort of reminds me of the "magic girlfriend" faggot from /n/, only more long winded.

3979c0 No.15992

Why does leftypol even exist?

3979c0 No.15995


Same reason why /pol/ or /polk/ exists. We just got pulled in the "right" direction and they got pulled in the wrong.

3979c0 No.15997


It was made for anarchists and libertarians. Then the BO became a tranny who advertised on Reddit (the same time as (((someone))) started bringing r/The_Donald into /pol/) and anything not socialism or communism was purged.

3979c0 No.15998


>It was made for anarchists and libertarians

Are we talking about leftypol or /liberty/? or are you referring to left-wing libertarians and anarchists?

3979c0 No.16020


No, /leftypol/ was made because redditors who hopped on board the GG train decided /pol/ was a right wing hugbox. It's also always been an anti-wrongthink board, the moderation was containing and banning anyone posting right wing views from the moment /pol/ found in about October.

And as far as I'm aware, they advertised on reddit because they're braindead leftists and thought that /pol/'s influence on 8chan came from it's size which "naturally" lent itself to a crossboarding PR force. That's why they got butthurt they weren't taken seriously when the boards were being brought back up, and back when they first got big it wasn't uncommon to see them on other boards posting about how important and serious /leftypol/ was because it was in the top five.

3979c0 No.16152

File: 5bc6ecfcad0e4f5⋯.png (70.11 KB, 599x410, 599:410, reeee.png)

File: 67b887b365a88ba⋯.png (112.66 KB, 1223x381, 1223:381, rangebans.png)

Thanks for raiding /pol/ and getting me caught up in your rangeban, to the nigger who made this post.

3979c0 No.16153


>that ban length

Bans can only las 90 days unless it's for posting cp.