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File: 1fc90f0e8694c7d⋯.jpeg (168.27 KB, 600x560, 15:14, serveimage.jpeg)

593847 No.19670

Same as before, I liked the feedback and would welcome some on how to improve on the board.

As before, to clarify, criticism of Trump is fine as long as its thoughtfully done and your point explained. In case it needs explaining further, any ShareBlue / leftypol faggot can bitch about Trump, but the intent of the poster really comes through when they expound on their points. Just do that and avoid 'drumpf is a kike' posts / images and you'll be fine.

Thread #1: http://archive.is/Yfk8n

Post last edited at

fa0c24 No.19671

File: c51c93775f410e8⋯.jpg (126.75 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, uh.jpg)


>Shareblue boogeyman



e19f0c No.19672


Have you been saving screencaps of the various shills and derailment attempts that have been hitting the good threads lately? While it wouldn't necessarily improve the board outright, posting such would educate the users on how better to spot the fucks and point out the flaws in their arguments.

593847 No.19673


>shareblue boogeyman

Just a stand in for any ne'er-do-well whose desire to divorce us from Trump doesn't have anything to do with advocating for whites. Think Renegade media and those types. Endlessly bashing Trump, never offering solutions, permanently casting aspersions with nothing constructive added. These are shills, paid or not it doesn't matter. Demoralization is real, and it's quick to slip back into the bad mood we had going on loop before Trump, so explaining your doubts / disappointments with Trump (of which there's been many lately, though the Comey thing is a ray of hope) lets us understand you're 'one of us'.


Do you not use startpage?


I have not. I remove idiots forthwith, but haven't really seen too much of a coordinated shilling attempt as of late. If you think you're looking at someone who's maybe a shill, report and it I always check their posting history. If I spot something off I'll make sure to post it.

fa0c24 No.19675

File: f383fef1ac98ac1⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 1480x1024, 185:128, full.1433046.jpg)


Alright then. I pointed that out since the cuckchanners at /pol/ call everyone they don't like a shareblue shill.

>Do you not use startpage?

No. I use Searx.

d8b460 No.19678

Might as well post it here


Better this way, retards who went back took this place to post what ever shit was banned there, even if it was banned with good reason.

804d9a No.19679


>never offering solutions, permanently casting aspersions with nothing constructive added

This fills me with so much hatred I don't even know the proper words to describe it.

I don't care about the endless bashing of Trump, but when they offer zero solutions or alternatives to the issue at hand their posting just comes off as another version of faggot progressive virtue signalling.



608309 No.19681


Is anyone, including board mods and owners, going to start being more proactive and post topics and articles in the news related to us? I mean I had to post the comey firing thread and it sat there for awhile before anyone even bothered to post. I want this board to grow but it seems kind of hard when not many people are trying to keep is active.

593847 No.19688


Maybe a board can be more than racist /n/

dfe293 No.19699

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


hi natt, how is the lego factory going?

dae13b No.19821


After all this time you still think I'm Natt? I told you guys I wasn't him a million times but you believed me because you needed to believe it wasn't some anon exerting effort against you. Listen, I've long since dropped it, but I mean it when I say I'm not natt or with anyone really. I'm just an observant guy who was bothered by your group's chicanery. Go after Natt if you wish but it was just memes when I said I'm Natt.

eaf2bf No.19823


>it was just memes when I said I'm Natt

Wut? Why?

2d017c No.19825

File: 2d0577a26117b9b⋯.jpg (24.79 KB, 424x406, 212:203, 2d0577a26117b9bb042d0d7341….jpg)


Probably because it triggers filthy TRSodomites.

593847 No.19901


At the time I was just annoyed with the sodomites and I knew that they hated Iron March for whatever reason because they called me Iron March a million times before I started calling myself that. Then I took the meme further by stamping some of the TRS shaming OC with the Iron March logo. The subtlety was lost on them as they thought I was doing it for any reason other than to fuck with their more obnoxious, annoying users. But that's all done, I'm content to let things be as they are regarding them. If they have a niche to fill they can do their thing, though it is still a little worrisome that they let Enoch the Jew and his B'nai Brith wife so close to the beating heart of their group. But I guess he's one of the """""good ones""""" :^^^^^^))))))))

4f97d0 No.19946

File: 23f6a206431c467⋯.jpg (43.69 KB, 736x505, 736:505, 12bb5340cb8db3831e45c5eea0….jpg)

I miss it when threads were faster here. It feels lonely.

865bb6 No.19971

File: 0abd4863335199d⋯.png (22.24 KB, 1235x650, 19:10, 0abd4863335199d0077488af43….png)

Is the moderation here selective to the moderators beliefs, is a Nazi hugbox and anchors any libertarian discussion like /pol/?

Just a question, 4/pol/ is the only place left for me to go to talk to and discuss with likeminded libertarians.

d8b460 No.19980


>Not reading the first meta thread

>Going to 4/pol/

>Doesn't even know about the lolberg boards

Cuckchanners are cancer

4f97d0 No.19986

File: 57c40f44c027d49⋯.jpg (249.2 KB, 788x1024, 197:256, why polk was created.jpg)

File: 8e1e96c3c54fdbe⋯.jpg (214.66 KB, 547x700, 547:700, 8e1e96c3c54fdbe08bbce047b3….jpg)


You are the cancer.



6b6fd8 No.20001


You CAN have lolberg discussions/argument, but don't be surprised if/when no one engages with you. If it isn't blatant shitposting, it stays. However, /polk/ is generally considered a NatSoc or fascist board, because a number of anons got tired having the same old arguments about what it is as an ideology and why it should be held, and so arguments about holding a different ideology are just as likely to get a "not this again" kind of response. You won't find many libertarians here.

4f97d0 No.20010

File: 98bbc61b471a07e⋯.png (152.53 KB, 587x600, 587:600, 20000.png)

File: 823acaab256bc47⋯.png (67.37 KB, 1076x298, 538:149, monsterpolkget.PNG)

File: 1dcfa89b453840d⋯.png (278.06 KB, 1148x860, 287:215, b6285e35b541aace313f41819b….png)

Just leaving this here for archive purposes.

4f97d0 No.20011


>You CAN have lolberg discussions/argument

No he can't. He's outed himself as a literal cuckchanner. We do not tolerate cuckchanners.

4f97d0 No.20021


Shitpost elsewhere you nigger.

865bb6 No.20024


It's not something I wanted to do, but if it's physically impossible to talk about my viewpoint on a political forum, I have to go elsewhere. I was on this site for 2 years after GG started and the first exodus happened, and I didn't go back there ever since, until now. I got more interested in politics (again), but it's just all the ones 8/pol/ doesn't agree with.

02ff19 No.20030

File: cb55c70a64b821b⋯.jpg (145.52 KB, 476x507, 476:507, 1464609783233.jpg)



>but it was just memes when I said I'm Natt.

02ff19 No.20035

File: 9c7d5388780b350⋯.png (100.19 KB, 883x397, 883:397, ClipboardImage.png)

5434e4 No.20052



We're getting close to passing /cow/ and /argentina/ and being in the top 20

dc21d9 No.20060


We all should start posting and talking more often. I don't want this place to just fade away into inactivity.

0396d8 No.20081

File: c0859e880cc0333⋯.png (12.74 KB, 510x105, 34:7, asshurt.png)

0396d8 No.20082

File: 643aea94c6d58ab⋯.png (12.51 KB, 458x124, 229:62, 2racist4pol 1.png)

File: 440794c32a327a5⋯.png (27.02 KB, 795x199, 795:199, 2racist4pol 2.png)

0396d8 No.20083

File: 49f278c30dbbf77⋯.png (26.27 KB, 728x197, 728:197, Screenshot from 2017-05-15….png)

File: 20f8e986cec35b2⋯.png (38.76 KB, 1262x214, 631:107, Screenshot from 2017-05-15….png)

0396d8 No.20084

File: 8ae1662df48f04b⋯.jpg (37.76 KB, 350x629, 350:629, 583abce4a88464ca47932276b9….jpg)


>We all should start posting and talking more often.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

0396d8 No.20147

File: 49e5e457843e869⋯.png (39.96 KB, 1233x139, 1233:139, Screenshot from 2017-05-15….png)

5434e4 No.20154



Is this some sort of joke? What board is that?

0396d8 No.20159

File: 101e0376893b39f⋯.jpg (44.28 KB, 500x706, 250:353, 15d157cc271b14e2d33df3a8aa….jpg)


>What board is that?

/Polk/ is the non-TRS alternative to /polk/ according to Grand Rabbi Imkampfy (PBUH!). /Polk/sters behead those who expose their conspiracy against the Based God Mods of /pol/. They inherited the wealth from Shareblue and use it to keep nefarious neo-nazi ads on innocent /pol/acks


1463d0 No.20160


That was ironic tho

I know because it was me

0396d8 No.20162

File: 8de49ba2277c0aa⋯.jpeg (59.23 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 8de49ba2277c0aa9ce809b531….jpeg)


>i-i was just pretending to be autistic guise!!11

1463d0 No.20163


By the virtue that only one poster was calling me out I'd say (((/pol/))) agrees with what I said.

0396d8 No.20165


(((/pol/))) is right again, goy.

0396d8 No.20166

File: 4257ada9deb78b8⋯.png (34.96 KB, 1220x31, 1220:31, imkikey wuz german n shiee….png)


dc21d9 No.20167

File: 170eaf0c5073fe3⋯.webm (633.27 KB, 480x360, 4:3, TrumpCuck.webm)

File: 1897109a5553b1c⋯.webm (10.23 MB, 640x360, 16:9, buzzfeed_on_trump.webm)


>We heard you guys like lemons

Oh shit





Why do (((they))) think that IM and /polk/ are one in the same? Many people here do not even like IM.

>inb4 " 'trump is a kike!!!!!' shilling"

But he does have influence. He was definitely NOT one of us, just a slight tap in the right direction. Now with Syria and all this bullshit, I'm not too sure he's going to follow through with all of his policies or if he's going to act as we voted.


If >>20160 >>20163 are true and /pol/ agrees with most of this, then

>Trump is a white nationalist savior of our race




0396d8 No.20170

File: 3f1ab34f7ce0820⋯.jpg (12.01 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Imkampfy's Flag.jpg)



dc21d9 No.20173

File: 73b17cd38a36570⋯.jpeg (78.36 KB, 966x725, 966:725, imkikey's skin color.jpeg)



b1b4b7 No.20177




I wonder how many fags just look at these posts and take them at face value and assume this board is an iron march hub instead of actually coming here to check it out.

7a9cf0 No.20201


Good, I'll try to be more active no that things are stepping up.

685665 No.20445

File: 90d0e562026c0f7⋯.png (410.05 KB, 717x634, 717:634, 90d0e562026c0f74a5d23c3ec7….png)


6b6fd8 No.20461

/pol/ is a fucking shitstorm over there, and halfchan is even worse. It's hard to filter out the info from all the fucking noise, but it has something to do with some anon inside the DNC supposedly going to drop information at a specific time, and right as it got close to said time, halfchan got DDoSed and swarmed with bots afterward, and right now full/pol/ is a massive shitposting party that looks like a thousand epileptics all dumping their entire image folders at once.

I can't tell what the fuck is going on, but it's either so fast the mods can't keep up or there's so much shit they simply gave up trying. Crossing my fingers that we're relatively isolated here.

593847 No.20462


Hiding in plain sight works pretty well. We haven't been bothered by bots too much, but we did get a few schizofrenic threads but they were cleaned up.

685665 No.20463

File: ab7093ab97e9697⋯.jpg (390.22 KB, 1920x1434, 320:239, 71cca641.jpg)

Are banners working now?

76da59 No.20476

What's the difference between this and pol? Just curious.

dc21d9 No.20497


It's back up

706e41 No.20518

File: 7b97dc2a5c29f3d⋯.webm (6.28 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 7b97dc2a5c29f3d941fb558cd….webm)

I hope you all you good, non-faggot people have a good day and contribute to this board well.

47e522 No.20573


If we get the usual group of shills we'll get some quality posts in response to their antics, don't worry.


good meme

706e41 No.20603

File: 06fbd92563b121d⋯.png (15.03 KB, 527x100, 527:100, Screenshot from 2017-05-18….png)

File: 81d5ff78fb313c0⋯.png (382.38 KB, 979x549, 979:549, Screenshot from 2017-05-18….png)

File: 2926ed3df019d67⋯.png (254.11 KB, 794x533, 794:533, Screenshot from 2017-05-18….png)

File: f64e3d6546eb405⋯.png (91.21 KB, 1277x339, 1277:339, Screenshot from 2017-05-18….png)

File: 5d884ab62221361⋯.png (17.56 KB, 524x126, 262:63, Screenshot from 2017-05-18….png)

706e41 No.20605

File: ac5a0a4911d4df0⋯.png (32.08 KB, 1265x158, 1265:158, Screenshot from 2017-05-18….png)

593847 No.20621

File: 3dd85ac12800e4a⋯.png (22.28 KB, 673x249, 673:249, Screenshot from 2017-05-18….png)

BO of /4chon/ who used to come here and drumpfpost posting with an Anarchist flag on /leftypol/ about how mean we are for banning his idiocy, kek.

Post last edited at

a67bd8 No.20702


This is why the mentally ill need to be sterilized.

a67bd8 No.20704


>/polk/ is responsible for doxxing TRSodomites and d&c

>also they're TRSodomites

Can't even keep their own shilling straight.

How do you become this incompetent?

dc21d9 No.20710


>The same group of people behind the TRS doxing event and the /trs/ board is behind /polk/

>/polk/ is TRSodomites

I could imagine they might make that mistake thinking that /trs/ is a board for TRS to congregate and not a TRS doxing board, but still, consistency?

45e8c1 No.20838

File: 8092172d1f923c2⋯.png (44.62 KB, 1726x148, 863:74, ClipboardImage.png)

Shut it down goyim, stop exposing us!!


5434e4 No.20844


plz leave

b9277b No.20845


Shitting on the map does not change the territory, no matter how full of it you are.

dc21d9 No.20858


why do you think that the /trs/ BO being behind /polk/ is a bad thing?

1623e4 No.20876

Meant to post this in >>19702 but since it's locked and I believe it needs to be heard I'll dump it here:

It's shills shilling shills.

Everyone with half a brain knows there shouldn't be a "leader" to a board. A BO is needed for moderation and nothing else, and moderation should be kept as light as possible. For now /polk/ is the better board when looking at content and general post quality. And as long as it stays this way it will stay my home and likely many other's too. Does this mean we will be safe and secure for any and all shilling or subversion? No but if that ever were to happen we simply move on. We've already come here from several Exodus', so it ought to be routine by now instead of some big catastrophe on the horizon. Imageboards are all about anonymity, namefags needs to fuck off back to their facebook alt light groups where they can get Zuckerkiked for posting a meme and have their data collected. /pol/ (the group at large, not the board) is about discussion, research and planning possible ways to attack, weaken or otherwise destroy the enemy. That's what we ought to be doing instead of falling into bickering about bullshit personality cults and their behind the scenes drama. Current /pol/ seems to love to call out "muh e-celebs" but kampfy and all the other shits are just as big e-celebs as the ones on youtube. Once again showing that the eternal namefag is the root of the problem.

And as for "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", that's just total bullshit. At best they are useful idiots or a tool to achieve our means - and nothing else. To sum it up, all you fuckers calling for working together with other people/groups don't seem to get it. We have never "teamed up" with others unless maybe for /v/ and even that was only done because our combined hatred was bigger than the mutual hatred we had for each other. We don't have to like, support or otherwise work together with ANYONE. If we both have the same goal, as so many of these groups claim, then we will automatically work towards the same goal anyway. Pretty fucking simple isn't it? It's the original principle of the swarm after all.

4a110e No.20882

File: 7229e6e6e99ae78⋯.png (562.2 KB, 683x642, 683:642, 1440275977462.png)

Why exactly does this board exist? what is the difference between /polk/ & pol?

Is it just ideological differences with nazism that controls 8pol?

2d017c No.20884

File: 10b681688ef0c3d⋯.jpg (322.69 KB, 433x600, 433:600, 069e308ec8c40a36ab1a6e50c4….jpg)


>Why exactly does this board exist? what is the difference between /polk/ & pol?

It exists because Imkikey and his army of cuckchanners ruined /pol/.

>Is it just ideological differences with nazism that controls 8pol?

I don't get what you're trying to say. Nazism is a good thing.

0bba1f No.20896

File: f658901ac268eeb⋯.png (509.69 KB, 1436x708, 359:177, 8624346576874676.PNG)

File: d186fcf426c9f36⋯.png (347.97 KB, 1035x829, 1035:829, 8624739584676.PNG)

File: 2c92d05da6814f6⋯.png (32.58 KB, 851x279, 851:279, 2c92d05da6814f6cf64c9a81b2….png)


/polk/ BO

>fucking imkikey ruined /pol/

>but hey mod-sama we need to comunicate to shit up /pol/ even more :^)))))


>Why exactly does this board exist? what is the difference between /polk/ & pol?

nothing, just controlled opposition


>It exists because Imkikey and his army of cuckchanners ruined /pol/


>banning people for the lego stuff

hi nattt

inb4 banned for pointing out the truth

6b6fd8 No.20901

File: ef05bf20421d87a⋯.jpg (481.46 KB, 686x1214, 343:607, 1375748988125.jpg)


this faggot again.

>inb4 banned for pointing out the truth

You're not pointing out anything. You're either severely autistic and don't understand what comprises an actual argument or you're a kike because you argue like one. You made some scribbles on some screencaps that don't make any coherent point, and I TOLD you this several times in the other thread, and you consistently ignored what I said and kept repeating your bullshit. You argue just like kampfaggot does, and you SHOULD be banned, but we all know that's what you want so you can screencap it and pretend to have been holocoastered for being nothing but a poor innocent jew.

You never made a coherent point and you never will because you don't have one. This board is controlled opposition? How is it that? How is the BO being behind the doxing of TRS a bad thing? You won't answer these questions because you can't.

52b6bb No.20905


I'm CIA. Email me at [email protected] to discuss your chance of surviving this false flag plane crash.

5434e4 No.20907

File: 123c708d77513d6⋯.jpg (93 KB, 1080x1190, 108:119, 6db4f6fba023da476efd618094….jpg)

2b583a No.20932

File: 3f90aa30cd645f9⋯.jpg (33.24 KB, 453x500, 453:500, 1465738903852.jpg)


too late for that kike


>you're a kike because you argue like one


>You argue just like kampfaggot does


>proof of BO of /polk/ colluding with /pol/ mods >/polk/ confirmed as total fraud

>no conuter argument

5434e4 No.20934

File: d1e1c58e10dfa0f⋯.jpg (74.71 KB, 750x732, 125:122, 1475878672659.jpg)


>no conuter argument


2d017c No.20935

File: 13fcd75e54d2466⋯.png (343.74 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 8e6a38513050ea3a3d0fcf48b1….png)


Why are you here? Fuck off, we're full.




You too, fucking faggot.

dc21d9 No.20941


First image

>>BO of /trs/ and /polk/ colluding with /pol/ mods

>>Fuck imkikey but hey we need a way to communicate!! ;^))

Not sure what this is trying to suggest, the thread was AGAINST TRS and the BO of /trs/ is AGAINST TRS. The mods of /pol/ are also against TRS, don't you think he could have just given him links to the TRS dox or something? What in your mind do you think he would have talked to him about?

Second image


Ask the BO about this, I'm not sure about the BO and Iron March

>Fuck imkikey but based mods amirite guise??

/pol/ mods are against TRS… of course he would thank them for banning TRS shills. It doesn't mean the mods are good overall you fucking kike

>/polk/ BO

>>fucking imkikey ruined /pol/

>>but hey mod-sama we need to comunicate to shit up /pol/ even more :^)))))

See my response to your shitty images, the mods hate TRS and the email was posted in an anti-TRS thread. Connect the fucking dots retard..


It's probably the same guy changing his IP thinking he's going to get banned or silenced or whatever

4a110e No.20959

File: 9f7daddea1e3aae⋯.jpg (25.4 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1471033385464.jpg)


>It's probably the same guy changing his IP thinking he's going to get banned or silenced or whatever

>It's probably the same guy

This delusion

dc21d9 No.20962


>>you're a kike because you argue like one


>>You argue just like kampfaggot does


>responding to something directed to someone else as if it was to you


1463d0 No.20967

>get banned for making a post in "trump general" because of "drumpfsperg" ie mod felt like banning me and used a vague feefee rule to justify it

How is this place any better than /pol/?

a67bd8 No.20972


Post proof.

It's already been established that drumpfposting and Trump cultist shit is unwelcome here.

1463d0 No.20977



It's right >>20485 here you lazy nigger.

>responding to a post in a Trump thread with an honest answer is drumpfposting because I say so

You can take your narrative and stick it up your ass you sick kike. This board is as bad as /pol/, just a bunch of fuckwits doing whatever they want with no responsibility for their moderation. Fuck you and fuck this board jew.


2d017c No.20981

File: ca0a02039598ccf⋯.jpg (17.55 KB, 236x348, 59:87, 001cf9e2727546477b8592967d….jpg)


It was mentioned in the OP itself that both drumpfposting and Trump worship is not /polk/ approved. You should of known that before you drumpfposted in that thread.

593847 No.20984

File: 06cd0d71d3302ea⋯.png (3.21 MB, 2836x1792, 709:448, 06cd0d71d3302eaf7239191000….png)


I said I'm Iron March to fuck with the sodomites because I knew they would take the bait. Little did I know they would swallow the hook and proceed to deepthroat the fishing pole.

Anyway, proceeding to banning them. I declare open season on rowdy sodomites once more.

6b6fd8 No.21006


>proof of BO of /polk/ colluding with /pol/ mods

you didn't prove anything.

>/polk/ confirmed as total fraud

you didn't confirm anything either.

>no conuter argument

There's no argument to counter. Also, learn how to spell "counter."

>You argue just like kampfaggot does


confirmed for kampfaggot, no counterargument :^)

Also thank you for doing exactly as I claimed you would. You never explained how the board is controlled OP or why doxing TRS was a bad thing, and like I said before, you won't ever do this because you can't and you're full of shit.


That's not proof of anything, that's just shitposting about Trump. How many faggots are we getting on this board now who don't fucking understand what "proof" means? The fuck are they coming from?

dc21d9 No.21016


>>Trump hates the Jews!

>>but what about his daughter Yael and her Jewish husband, and his son's Jewish wife, and all of Trump's friends are Jews, and he filled his cabinet with Jews, and he got into the business world with the help of his Jewish mentor and freind, and he met bibi with his Jewish son-in-law, and he has said he is a staunch Zionist?


This is just complaining about hypocrisy, it's the equivalent of posting a fucking counter-signal meme

706e41 No.21028

File: 2ce406ef22a4eeb⋯.jpg (67.55 KB, 500x740, 25:37, 7b6b8b8bb99f78c9ca7dc28f06….jpg)

>/leftypol/ is the third biggest board now

Where did everything go so wrong?

dc21d9 No.21033


Don't worry, most of those visitors are either bots or liberals who consider themselves as followers but aren't really because /leftypol/ loves to advertise themselves everywhere, even reddit. They get assmad all the time about not having enough people

a67bd8 No.21035


That was definitely drumpfposting.

Wean yourself off of /pol/, you've completely lost track of what quality posts look like.

a67bd8 No.21038


>the fuck are they coming from


For every non-retard that graces this board it's pretty much a given that there will be ten retards who come here just to shit up the place and screencap their bans while conveniently leaving out the low energy faggotry that got them banned in the first place.

6b6fd8 No.21047

To sort of get back "on topic" as it were, there is one thing about the board that's irked me of late: the quality and relative seeming lunacy of /x/-level posts.

Considering redpilling is come about by the questioning of presuppositions and exposure to new, genuine information you come to accept as true, /x/ stuff on a board like /pol/ or anyplace else that deals with the truth is to be fully expected and should be welcome. Sometimes, though, I feel there's a limit, an outer boundary that's pushed. /x/ tier stuff runs the gamut from "yeah that's pretty reasonable, I could definitely see that being the case" kind of things to "what the fuck, no way can you seriously be trying to claim this with a straight face" kind of things. I feel like I've been seeing more of the latter in the past week. It's irritating.

I suppose that might be okay if it's contained to a thread or something, but I've sometimes seen what I consider to be batshit wackjob delusion bleed into a couple of other unrelated threads, simply because someone mentioned something in passing that triggered the passion of a hardcore /x/ autist. I think it lowers the level of dialogue when that happens and it's annoying to see someone go full maximum sperg about something when it appears to be just barely a notch above shitposting about a topic that pushes the boundaries of being even slightly reasonable.

Just thinking out loud here. I'm not advocating for the removal of /x/ related stuff, I simply don't appreciate seeing stuff like "40 million years ago our ancient ancestors lived in the core of the Earth which is actually a hollow oval and the pyramids were an elevator system to transport hovercraft, and that's what Atlantis was." Maybe I'm not articulating it well but it leaves me with a bad impression.

706e41 No.21048

File: 1d5a5b30dc86d16⋯.jpg (45.41 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 3658b0c8732793ba8f1f2c88f0….jpg)


People should be free to post about that type of stuff no matter how crazy other people think it is. We're not niggers, we're open minded. Call me when it's constant spam in every unrelated thread and then I'll be concerned.

1f74e0 No.21071


/leftypol/ is a reddit gateway. They killed themselves and the board is mostly SJWs instead of commies thanks to the retarded advertising they did on cancer filled website.

c6d350 No.21137

File: 50ad55b5d7e74f2⋯.png (160.31 KB, 544x599, 544:599, 1483796515771.png)

File: 632c36f1e174ef5⋯.png (624.89 KB, 883x945, 883:945, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9abbd61fc130aa0⋯.jpg (55.89 KB, 500x500, 1:1, artworks-000178668043-bc7u….jpg)

File: 2c92d05da6814f6⋯.png (32.58 KB, 851x279, 851:279, 2c92d05da6814f6cf64c9a81b2….png)


>muh memes

do you feel like the true leader of the alt rigth now lego fag?

5434e4 No.21150

File: f576a3430aabc9e⋯.png (27.25 KB, 492x166, 246:83, 812f8fb529a50e3bec4fd72137….png)

0396d8 No.21193

File: 19394f2368ef3c1⋯.jpg (35.03 KB, 496x615, 496:615, 40e5dc34e99ae4bcbb013b47cf….jpg)


kill yourself, imkikey.

0396d8 No.21204

File: 17c00f8652e1f9a⋯.png (679 B, 42x27, 14:9, pol_mods.PNG)

0396d8 No.21221

File: 3a2c38856298c54⋯.png (13.49 KB, 600x300, 2:1, Blaze it.png)

Our bunker at nextchan is down again.

Here's our temporary new bunker in case.


5434e4 No.21229


What's going on with nextchan that causes it to go down?

0c7b30 No.21230


You know what I don't get about you (whether you're actually kukfy or not)?

The fact that you denounce TRS for being kikes while claiming this board is TRS kikes because the BO had a part in doxxing TRSodomites.

Whether you're paid for this or not is irrelevant at this point, because every post you make comes off as the ramblings of an insane person.

If there is a god I hope he has enough mercy on your horrible soul to reincarnate you as a non-retarded human being in the next life, because you obviously only live for spite in your current predicament.

0396d8 No.21233

File: 59a33046397691d⋯.jpg (81.68 KB, 450x306, 25:17, 4464.jpg)


Don't know, i didn't check to see what the Admin said when it was up

pls shitpost on blazechan for the time being.

731c84 No.21238

File: 3ae3ca1c649f778⋯.png (59.65 KB, 722x789, 722:789, 2017-05-20-191417_722x789_….png)

As much as 8/pol/ is shit, I never really got banned over the years (maybe once for a day I don't remember, a long time ago). There's that new "helicopter" thread kamphy spergout or userbase antagonization thread pinned. Pointed it out in the thread, BANNED. Posted the ban screenshot with a VPN, banned again and post deleted.

Anybody have any idea why they do this stuff? I go from the assumption that I don't really know who moderates /pol/ but that they are some team of people that does not have our best interest at mind. Why would they occasionally just decide to stir the pot by pinning antagonistic shitposting?

731c84 No.21241


And maybe they think they banned a shill because my original post was my first post in a long time (busy lately). And coming here to post this probably confirmed that I'm a "shill" in their minds. Maybe some of us just want the board to be better and are tired of this shit? I visit once a day, mostly to read, and watch the place get shittier and shittier.

5434e4 No.21243


screencapped for sheer brutality


>Anybody have any idea why they do this stuff?

I think that some of the /pol/ mods are just paranoid nutjob channers who post like that unironically and the rest are probably ironic nazis who think it's all a joke

6b6fd8 No.21268


>As much as 8/pol/ is shit, I never really got banned over the years

I was the same way. Until January of this year, I had never been banned for anything, ever, on any chan, for any reason. Then, out of nowhere, I got banned a couple times in one week for "reasons" that were extremely reaching in their "justifications," and finally I got permabanned a couple weeks later because some "anon" was defending imkampfy and I had the gall to point out that kampfaggot is the only one who ever defends himself. Proving me correct in my statement, my permaban came exactly less than one minute after I made that post.

>Anybody have any idea why they do this stuff?

I'm under the impression that they originally tried to subvert the board with whatever cunning and slyness they could muster, but that barely lasted a year before anons had collected enough evidence of their bullshit and started to give them a bad name. Eventually, every actual /pol/ack who was on the board fucking hated the mods and knew what kind of bullshit they pulled constantly, and the only ones that didn't know or care were the shills and newfags, which actually did seem to make a larger chunk of the board than really should have been allowed, because it was diluting /pol/'s culture. Obviously they WANTED the shills and newfags there to help wreck the board, instead opting to ban legit anons with actual concerns so the newfags couldn't see them. The mods effectively did what they could to cut off communication from the oldfags to the newfags, which meant the soul of /pol/ got lost in the noise and the redpills were weakened. Hence why book and self improvement threads were banned.

The thing is, kampfaggot's shit doesn't work on anyone in the big picture. Any time there's a thread of him or coonman being giant faggots, if they sit back and don't ban or delete anything, it becomes an entire thread of all the anons vs. the mods. The reason the mods keep trying their stupid shit even though nobody falls for it is because they have a captive audience and FUCKING JIM YOU STUPID GODDAMN AUTISTIC FAGGOT refuses to remove them despite outcry from the userbase. So it no longer matters to the mods that everyone knows they're massively compromised, because they're banking on the site admins doing nothing about it, even though those same admins hypocritically decide arbitrarily to give someone's board to someone else whenever they want to because they feel like it.

I would wager there are a number of us who have seen the shit kampfag has done over the years and it boils our blood to the point that if we ever correctly identified him and found him in the real world, we would hurt him pretty severely.

b5431c No.21287

File: 197c77302751b2f⋯.jpg (421.11 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1488024966851.jpg)


> while claiming this board is TRS kikes

ffs you cant be this idiotic

go here >>>/trs/ an you will see that that board is anti TRS you fucking retarded monkey

b5431c No.21289

File: 21c5435bd071ae5⋯.png (352.55 KB, 1070x808, 535:404, ClipboardImage.png)


> I go from the assumption that I don't really know who moderates /pol/ but that they are some team of people that does not have our best interest at mind.

being this new


b5431c No.21291

File: af165400190fce1⋯.jpg (18.01 KB, 428x469, 428:469, 1387921293003.jpg)


>Until January of this year, I had never been banned for anything, ever, on any chan, for any reason.

what a nice sheep you are, really

0c7b30 No.21294


I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you completely misinterpreted my post.

Read it again.

And again.

And then one more time please.

0396d8 No.21295

File: 170989d4402a5a4⋯.jpg (35.13 KB, 736x736, 1:1, e13fd8f49b894bf3cceb604389….jpg)


I've been banned by the hotpockets countless times. Am i a edgy rebel now? 2cool4u.

b5431c No.21300


>I've been banned by the hotpockets countless times.

at least that mean that you stand up for something if it was not just shitposting


i was well undertood, you are the one who is missing the whole movie

0c7b30 No.21304


Please explain, because I'm pretty sure I made it clear that I was explaining that TRSfaggotry is unwelcome here and complaining about being banned for TRS faggotry isn't going to garner you any sympathy from anyone.

I'm honestly confused as to why you think there is a problem and would greatly appreciate an explanation.

0396d8 No.21307

File: e39630b38e5fd74⋯.jpg (45.15 KB, 420x588, 5:7, 1439303570080.jpg)


It wasn't for shitposting, it was just bullshit bans like any other corrupt internet forum does.

b5431c No.21310

File: f658901ac268eeb⋯.png (509.69 KB, 1436x708, 359:177, 8624346576874676.PNG)

File: d186fcf426c9f36⋯.png (347.97 KB, 1035x829, 1035:829, 8624739584676.PNG)

File: 912b893fe4e94f6⋯.png (579.62 KB, 1415x806, 1415:806, polkikes.PNG)


>/polk/ BO claimss to hate /pol/ mods

>during the TRS fuckery /polk/ BO where working with /pol/ mods

/pol/ mods are compromised in the same level as /polk/ mods, there is no difference, /polk/ is controlled opposition of /pol/

this place is a fraud

b5431c No.21312

File: 964fc7cc50d26ff⋯.png (109.11 KB, 284x290, 142:145, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 73d10001bc7780d⋯.gif (2.92 MB, 400x220, 20:11, 65991e37629fbca97dcc6f53f0….gif)

dc21d9 No.21314


Why did you never respond to my post? Is it because you are a kike and have nothing to back up your claims?


0c7b30 No.21315


Oh, so you're the retard that thinks emails prove anything.

u got meh btw, prepare 4 doxxing u insipid cunt

6b6fd8 No.21317


he made three completely antogonistic shitposts in a row and you couldn't tell he was just here to throw shit around? it's the same faggot back again to shit up the board.

dc21d9 No.21318


The piercings are almost worse than the bandana

6b6fd8 No.21319


Also yes, yes it is. He won't ever directly address anything, he never has in the past two years at the very least, and probably his life.

b5431c No.21320

File: a9c350af36075c4⋯.jpg (21.54 KB, 522x327, 174:109, 14046123_10210272026422094….jpg)


>he made three completely antogonistic shitposts in a row

>he thinks i am imkikey so when i attacked imkikey i made antagonistic shitposts

>stop doint things that i cannot undestand!


0c7b30 No.21321

Hey goys, I totally own and distribute kosher material.

Also, I own this board and there's nothing you can do about it, haha.


I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt before I assumed shit.

Turns out he's a cunt, but sometimes it winds up being a misunderstanding, which is why I try to be open in my conversations.

6b6fd8 No.21325

Kek. I know you're trying to respond to me but you're filtered. I don't carry conversations with lying subversive insecure bitchy little kikes. I look forward to your next reply that I won't be able to read :^)

0396d8 No.21326

File: 08d04e1fe970ca2⋯.jpg (35.78 KB, 385x600, 77:120, nazbol qt.jpg)



>current year

>not wanting a nazbol qt



b5431c No.21327

File: 17daf038a1ab39d⋯.png (34.81 KB, 1809x127, 1809:127, ClipboardImage.png)


even your BO already admitted being the Owner of /trs/ you low IQ monkey


dc21d9 No.21329


I don't support kike ideologies


Do you even know what /trs/ is for?

b5431c No.21330

File: 9a9ebdbc35a41b7⋯.png (98.55 KB, 774x618, 129:103, ClipboardImage.png)



kek i knew antifa was involved in all this..

6b6fd8 No.21332


At some point you'll pick up the instinct for identifying him. The insufferable and bitchy way he posts is almost a signature. It's even easier when there's some "argument" to be had, the guy strawmans like it's his job.

b5431c No.21335

File: fa4382c6db8fd72⋯.png (88.25 KB, 950x506, 475:253, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 931abe31ef716ba⋯.png (372.3 KB, 1048x1554, 524:777, 1491147937926-0.png)


>I don't support kike ideologies

now you understand why i am telling you this place is totally compromised? including /pol/ /polk/ and whole 8ch?


0396d8 No.21336

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



dc21d9 No.21338


>now you understand why i am telling you this place is totally compromised? including /pol/ /polk/ and whole 8ch?

lol… nobody here wants to be at 8ch, we know it's compromised. it's just that we don't have another valuable alternative to go to besides maybe nextchan. why do you think we have a bunker there?

>the boogeyman freemason Jim retweeted to go to /polk/

kek, he was just bringing light to the board. he even said before(?) that that he had saw a board pop up for those who hate imkikey, when asked if he could remove him as a /pol/ mod

b5431c No.21340

File: 6a1695bef2c9615⋯.jpg (30.16 KB, 276x286, 138:143, 6a1695bef2c961587bc3032f16….jpg)


>why do you think we have a bunker there?

a bunker whit the same kike BO, nice bunker you have there

dc21d9 No.21342


how is the BO a kike?

you said it yourself, he was behind /trs/.

do you just not know what /trs/ was for or do you support TRS? or do you just not understand the reason as to why they were doxxed, without that whole "don't punch to the right" bullshit

5434e4 No.21345


Is imkamfy holding Jim hostage?

For anyone who just showed up, there's a guy here who just spams the same few images and acts like an ignorant retard

Just ignore him. He can't be reasoned with

dc21d9 No.21346


actually i'll say it anyways in case you think it was to support them and you think i'm some TRSodomite;

/trs/ was to dox TRS. there's extensive evidence on there of them being kikes, it isn't a place for them to congregate.

b5431c No.21348


>how is the BO a kike?

by siding with /pol/ kike mods

as simple as that

kike mods used the trs event to totally fuck up the boad userbase, it was a coordinated operation, it destroyed 8/pol/ credibility, not de doxxing of trs but the massive censorship against the userbase

dc21d9 No.21350


>by siding with /pol/ kike mods

the BO doesn't like the /pol/ mods though, he hates them. the only reason he was praising them in those screenshots you post is because that was in a thread against TRS where the mods had banned TRSodomites. of course he would thank them for banning TRS, whether or not he thinks they're good or not

>giving out his email for communication

could have just been working with them to get TRS' dox since /pol/ mods hate TRS. that's the only thing anybody appreciates the /pol/ mods for, that they're not on TRS' side.

if you actually feel like there's some conspiracy with them being involved in the moderation of /pol/ or anything that'd be a question to ask the BO of /polk/ as to what he gave his email out for

0396d8 No.21352

File: 553a323e2c5d14c⋯.jpg (267.18 KB, 1560x1440, 13:12, 553a323e2c5d14c9e81870438c….jpg)


>doxing TRS destroyed 8/pol/ credibility

>not de doxxing of trs but the massive censorship against the userbase

Your incoherent ramblings are not wanted here. Fuck off already.

dc21d9 No.21353


>kike mods used the trs event to totally fuck up the boad userbase, it was a coordinated operation, it destroyed 8/pol/ credibility, not de doxxing of trs but the massive censorship against the userbase

the /polk/ BO had literally nothing to do with the censorship, that was just because the /pol/ mods hated TRS so much that they purity spiraled for lack of a better phrase because they supposedly think they're fucking over all the TRS shills on the board

b5431c No.21354

File: 05670f36faea0da⋯.png (432.33 KB, 858x881, 858:881, 05670f36faea0dad1483095df0….png)

File: 2c92d05da6814f6⋯.png (32.58 KB, 851x279, 851:279, 2c92d05da6814f6cf64c9a81b2….png)


becuse the banned you, they banned everyone from ironmarch, /polk/ BO is natt from ironmarch

they are not even deleting all this because this was what they wanted, destroy everything, fracture /pol/ userbase

0396d8 No.21355

File: 298f0913cc57273⋯.jpg (205.8 KB, 936x936, 1:1, 4eff16f2816047a575d4b3f4fd….jpg)


>becuse the banned you

Speak English you retarded spic.

b5431c No.21356

File: 9abbd61fc130aa0⋯.jpg (55.89 KB, 500x500, 1:1, artworks-000178668043-bc7u….jpg)


>Your incoherent ramblings are not wanted here.


>Stop exposing us

b5431c No.21357

File: c283063e8a18a80⋯.jpg (68.06 KB, 720x529, 720:529, 1457807408238.jpg)

dc21d9 No.21358


>/polk/ BO is natt from IM

literally no evidence of this besides the second image which might suggest that he could be from IM but the /polk/ BO has already said that the natt thing was "just a prank bro"

>they are not even deleting all this because this was what they wanted, destroy everything, fracture /pol/ userbase

what in hell makes you think that the /polk/ BO had any influence on /pol/'s moderation? if /polk/'s BO is natt and the first image says that Natt unbanned them because he was part of /pol/'s moderation don't you think the /polk/ BO would have just talked with the /pol/ moderation himself instead of posting his email publically?

i mean, if he was apparently part of the moderation, why would he have to post on a public thread just to contact the /pol/ mods about something?

0396d8 No.21359

File: 8f632ec26523dcb⋯.jpg (74.74 KB, 700x517, 700:517, 1670152443069b517fbc299332….jpg)


So when are you going to be satisfied? What do you gain by doing this? Why not start your own /pol/ board if we're just "Ironmarch shills" then?

b5431c No.21361

File: 50ad55b5d7e74f2⋯.png (160.31 KB, 544x599, 544:599, 1483796515771.png)

File: 43fd4d099c48b7e⋯.png (274.11 KB, 661x716, 661:716, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4e65d0c7edc1d0c⋯.png (121.18 KB, 679x810, 679:810, ClipboardImage.png)


bascally they posted first pic everywhere and tried covering themselves by being super ironic naming themselves directly in the >>>/trs/ board

Also it was known that IM/Natt hated TRS because they baned them from their forums and podcasts, is that obvious

dc21d9 No.21365


you got me with that /trs/ tagline, you'd have to ask the BO, I have no clue about him and his connections to IM

i think saying he's literally natt though is a little outrageous though, probably just a supporter of IM or part of it

b5431c No.21367



>What do you gain by doing this?

85% of the people here is just the same people of ironmarch who know exactly what they did on how are they responsible for helping to kill /pol/

What i am doing is showing the 25% left that the people controlling this place payed a major role fucking up everyting and killing /pol/ when they engaged in their idiotic namefag drama

dc21d9 No.21368


>probably just

kek you know what I mean, it's a bit interesting but it's either just a meme or he is a supporter for or with IM

6b6fd8 No.21370


it's literally imkampfy here to try to degrade the board. His statements don't make any logical sense and trying to extract any actual arguments from him is a total waste of time and is utterly futile. He won't ever engage directly or honestly because he's full of shit. If he's using the same images he's been using for a couple days now, I'm willing to bet that everything he's throwing at you are just vague accusations with nothing substantial to back them up. And he won't ever give you anything substantial or ever make sense, he's here to talk nonsense and give the superficial appearance of /polk/ somehow being "compromised" and if he's ever rightfully banned he'll just screencap it and post it out of context in an attempt to make it look like it is.

In short, he's just shilling against the board. The idea of anyone from /pol/ heading somewhere else sends him into a panic attack.

b5431c No.21372

File: 70676f6be89f940⋯.png (250.36 KB, 1783x840, 1783:840, ClipboardImage.png)



see this from the TRS board >>>/trs/1785

the guy was "super" ironic

dc21d9 No.21377


>Thirdly, I am not Iron March.

>After being called Iron March for the nth time, last night in a fit of creativity i made a transparent Iron March logo to lampoon those who would label me Iron March

>t. Natt from Iron March (spoiler)


Seems like irony to me, did you read it all or just see the last part?


If it's actually a /pol/ user, I'm trying to see what his reasoning is. So far I don't see too much evidence and that little shroud of "well maybe he's IM" just got disproved by >>21372

dc21d9 No.21379


Just went to the actual thread, the spoiler is literally ;^)… really just seems like you're grasping straws anon kek

6b6fd8 No.21381


I know, I understand and that's reasonable, I'm just telling you you're wasting your time because everything you're doing I already did last night. Continue on and you'll see.

b5431c No.21383

File: d65838ebe76daee⋯.png (102.47 KB, 326x300, 163:150, 8388507bee5f371f66f0cb8b46….png)

File: cd95d4d87564d8b⋯.png (147.03 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, cd95d4d87564d8bd08526bbd54….png)

File: 07afdc4638ce288⋯.png (165.86 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 07afdc4638ce288473f807cc5f….png)

File: 6704d68167f4ae2⋯.png (169.29 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 6704d68167f4ae2e7123f4c2a0….png)

File: d8b4e3e9273edc5⋯.png (172.16 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, d8b4e3e9273edc5e25dd2a9352….png)


i read it, the guy cant just stop naming himself because of his huge ego, you have to see the conection on why IM and Natt hated trs, because all of them were banned from trs in the past

>>21361 second pic

>>21354 first and seccond


b5431c No.21386


also the /polk/ BO already admitted it was true here



dc21d9 No.21389


second pic

>natt banned from TRS


>natt on nationalist review online


>muh extremism, ironmarch, TRS, and CF


>more IM v. TRS


second pic

>natt & IM



>NRO & Natt


>banned on TRS for lego factory & IM

none of this is incriminating towards the /polk/ BO except for the last one, you'd have to ask the BO for the context on that one

just get the point and put the BO on blast regarding IM and whatever, idc about Natt


>>20667 isn't /polk/ BO, he doesn't even write like him (he is referring to the BO as "he" instead of "I")

>>20668 is saying that the shit regarding Natt is true but he is not Natt or IM


I have time

5434e4 No.21390

File: d1457ecad81043b⋯.jpg (33.51 KB, 300x379, 300:379, 1470419011674.jpg)


>baned them

b5431c No.21392

File: 2b1b8d786556649⋯.png (75.86 KB, 1458x245, 1458:245, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9c470f9293ec6a4⋯.png (2.4 MB, 1920x866, 960:433, ClipboardImage.png)


you can be skeptic, but is clear as water, they were banned and then went for verndetta using any excuse they found, and turn out the guy was married to a kike, the whone namefag drama was used by /pol/ kike mods to finis the usebase


0c7b30 No.21394





Honestly what the fuck are you people even arguing about?

Is this a spat between two different samefags? Is it a spat between multiple fags? Is it just one guy stirring shit?

What the fuck is even the point of all of this regardless?

What is any of this proving?

Jesus fuck I hate you all.

5434e4 No.21395


It's just one guy. BO must be taking the day off, he already banned this fag at least twice in the last few days.

or did he bane him

0c7b30 No.21397


Well assuming it's one guy the BO needs to shoot him before throwing him out of at least two more planes.

dc21d9 No.21398


your images are saying literally nothing about the fucking /polk/ BO… just generic shit we already fucking know about TRS and other e-celebs

what about the fucking /polk/ & /trs/ BOs?


IDs exist for a reason, I am trying to get him to spit out what reasoning he holds

b5431c No.21401


The reasoning is already presented

dc21d9 No.21404


To you I'm going to seem like some sort of /polk/ shill or whatever, but feel free to come back when you get anything that is actually incriminating, the /polk/ BO seems to have nothing to do with the /pol/ moderation although he wanted to contact them (and wouldn't have posted his email publically to contact if he was with the /pol/ moderation) and the whole IM thing doesn't work because of the post in >>21372

I'm not buying it

b5431c No.21405


>is saying that the shit regarding Natt is true but he is not Natt or IM

So you think he will just accept it just like that?

dc21d9 No.21407



b5431c No.21408



There is a lot more threads to digg, the connection is thre waiting to come

as if is not already obvious the conclusion

0396d8 No.21418

File: 2ddfbca53178cd5⋯.jpg (46.88 KB, 800x450, 16:9, iris.jpg)

The hotpockets at /pol/ changed their usernames so the negative connotations and notorious faggotry associated with them would go. The name "Imkampfy" was tarnished as fuck.

6b6fd8 No.21420


that's not going to work because everyone knows it's still the same retarded faggots doing the same retarded shit. They're still going to be called imkikey and coonman, nobody is going to call them by their new names.

f1f222 No.21431

The entire moderation team on /pol/ is shit, kampfy might as well just be a sock used for antagonistic actions. Never let them just get rid of that character and move on. For some fucking reason kampfy is the only character that persisted from before the last supposed moderation change.

I really don't think the moderators are who we think they are, but it doesn't matter, they are shit.

95cfea No.21461


>The hotpockets at /pol/ changed their usernames so the negative connotations and notorious faggotry associated with them would go. The name "Imkampfy" was tarnished as fuck.

That may be, but they will continue doing the same behavior they've done for years and people will eventually notice it. This won't stop until imkampfy has run /pol/ into the ground or someone doxes him and ruins his life. Here is the recent thread people are complaining about: https://archive.is/BP3vs

Notice this post by ID 05ff93: https://archive.is/BP3vs#selection-14603.0-14603.20

This poster is most likely imkampfy given this post: https://archive.is/BP3vs#selection-14275.0-14279.20 and a few other posts in the thread where he the people he is arguing with get banned.

Notice how he names all these outside groups in that first post, including ones that are clearly bullshit. It's confirmed from the mod leaks at endchan that the mods here at /polk/ were heavily involved in /trs/ (an anti trs board) and making people aware of the Jewish connection in TRS. So to call /polk/ "TRSodomites" is clearly bullshit and this can be verified.

Why is this important? As I said above, it's similar behavior to his old self. He'll eventually ruin these new hotpocket names as well, because he can't help himself from being a buttblasted faggot. This is the exact behavior that has been noted for nearly two years that imkampfy does. Here are some old /politics/ threads documenting this behavior (including the notorious incident where either kampfy or moonman were caught using vpns to agree with the "based mods". Notice the similar behavior in that thread right now, and also how they eventually turned the vpn "ip shill" arguments around on the users. This has all but been forgotten by the userbase):

/politics/ State of /pol/ moderation #1 (dated 05/19/16): https://archive.fo/lbpE5

/politics/ State of /pol/ moderation #2 (dated 08/07/16): https://archive.fo/oWqZF

/politics/ thread about imkampfy (dated 10/23/15): https://archive.fo/XmTol

Regarding their modus operandi, it's even confirmed in the mod message leaks that imkike was doing something pretty similar behind the scenes when he was working against getting two other vols banned. The conversation between him and nacht on the irc, and the way it was handled in the leaked message is telling. imkampfy was working to subvert two separate vols (both of which had complained about imkampfy's modding style), and acted like a complete cunt when confronted on this. While one of the vols in the message (nacht) was being honest, critical of his weaknesses, and amicable. Then there is the other message in there with the 8/pol/ BO at the time saying, "I remember imkampfy telling me early on, when I first became a mod, that shills would likely try to fight against him specifically. I suppose that's what we're seeing here." That message should set off alarm bells for anyone. What sort of person tells people that others will shill against them from the very beginning? All this is verified and able to be checked, as well.

a67bd8 No.21512


You can easily use VPNs to samefag on an ID board.

b5431c No.21551

File: 1fad4587260c54e⋯.png (538.29 KB, 1043x790, 1043:790, ClipboardImage.png)


kek, more extrange coincidences keep comig

b5431c No.21553

File: 7a741b59df99bd0⋯.png (336.62 KB, 1284x631, 1284:631, ClipboardImage.png)

so all this is related to some #pegglekike group

b5431c No.21559

File: 7cbc31784e5074b⋯.png (305.49 KB, 876x276, 73:23, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 96ff9d6da4d0653⋯.jpg (116.73 KB, 774x809, 774:809, 96ff9d6da4d0653cd17d15fe3d….jpg)

b5431c No.21561



9487c5 No.21563





What is any of this supposed to mean?

c8319e No.21582

File: 6c3ade0ad784888⋯.png (206.38 KB, 1197x802, 1197:802, ClipboardImage.png)


kek, deleting a nigger gif

more shit keeps coming out from those threads

6b6fd8 No.21583


Lol good luck getting him to answer that question in any way that makes a lick of sense. I suggest you read a few dozen posts back in the thread if you want to appreciate the full autism of a well poisoner.

c8319e No.21584

File: f826591d04c11df⋯.jpg (5.29 KB, 250x240, 25:24, 1464935251964.jpg)


TRS debacle was just a namefag drama, IM/Natt vs TRS namefags, where the doxxing side was hiding behind the "we are /pol/ and demand an apology label"

0396d8 No.21585

File: 3823c53fa875698⋯.jpg (196.23 KB, 1000x766, 500:383, Weapon of choice.jpg)






Answer people's questions or you're going to be banned for spam, faggot.

dc21d9 No.21589


wow look, another screenshot talking about Natt/IM instead of the /polk/ BO… what a surprise considering that basically everything you have posted is either

A. Not talking about the /polk/ or /trs/ BO


B. Disproven or can't be proven/disproven ( >>21372 for example where you tried to claim that he was not being ironic about saying he was from IM, when the post in the image you gave shows the complete opposite).


You were right, good luck on getting b5431c to say anything that makes any sort of sense logically

This guy deserves a shill of the week award

CoIntelPro Guide for Internet Forums


A second highly effective technique is 'consensus cracking.' To develop a consensus crack, the following technique is used. Under the guise of a fake account a posting is made which looks legitimate and is towards the truth is made - but the critical point is that it has a VERY WEAK PREMISE without substantive proof to back the posting. Once this is done then under alternative fake accounts a very strong position in your favour is slowly introduced over the life of the posting. It is IMPERATIVE that both sides are initially presented, so the uninformed reader cannot determine which side is the truth. As postings and replies are made the stronger 'evidence' or disinformation in your favour is slowly 'seeded in.' Thus the uninformed reader will most like develop the same position as you, and if their position is against you their opposition to your posting will be most likely dropped. However in some cases where the forum members are highly educated and can counter your disinformation with real facts and linked postings, you can then 'abort' the consensus cracking by initiating a 'forum slide.'

Technique #3 - 'TOPIC DILUTION'

Topic dilution is not only effective in forum sliding it is also very useful in keeping the forum readers on unrelated and non-productive issues. This is a critical and useful technique to cause a 'RESOURCE BURN.' By implementing continual and non-related postings that distract and disrupt (trolling ) the forum readers they are more effectively stopped from anything of any real productivity. If the intensity of gradual dilution is intense enough, the readers will effectively stop researching and simply slip into a 'gossip mode.' In this state they can be more easily misdirected away from facts towards uninformed conjecture and opinion. The less informed they are the more effective and easy it becomes to control the entire group in the direction that you would desire the group to go in. It must be stressed that a proper assessment of the psychological capabilities and levels of education is first determined of the group to determine at what level to 'drive in the wedge.' By being too far off topic too quickly it may trigger censorship by a forum moderator.

dc21d9 No.21590


also I should say, what b5431c is doing is posting multiple, random images to create the illusion of having a lot of evidence against the /polk/ BO but by actually looking at the images you can tell they have nothing to do with the /polk/ BO. he's trying to make it seem like there's an abundance of evidence against the /polk/ BO when in reality everything he is posting is against Natt Danelaw and IM, who he disproved himself to be the /polk/ BO from >>21372 .

either that or he's just retarded and doesn't look at what he's posting

c8319e No.21591

File: 4e9be4e55b32eba⋯.png (590.59 KB, 1330x752, 665:376, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fcafb8d124de03f⋯.png (555.9 KB, 1155x822, 385:274, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5edfc368e80fd40⋯.png (80.39 KB, 500x363, 500:363, 1468102570561.png)



kek, tun out that the >muh boooooooooooks idiot was siding also with the doxers..

And it was proven that the muh books idiot is imkampfy

pure coincidence goyim..

a2ab51 No.21595

File: 4f6afc0353b0605⋯.jpg (30.52 KB, 728x256, 91:32, 4a058f6d6223fc8427897890aa….jpg)


As if it wasn't obvious

>removes book and redpill threads for months

>bans everyone speaking out against his retarded moderation

>pins the 200 years together book thread

>see anons, all these MUH BOOOOOKs posters were just shills, the moderation team clearly isn't compromised as fuck by mentally ill non whites

dc21d9 No.21596

File: 18bb77364601c88⋯.jpg (133.6 KB, 618x852, 103:142, 18bb77364601c88285fa2b84e7….jpg)


/pol/ mods hate TRS and are not in support of them.

implying that only those who hate TRS are /pol/ mods and imkampfy is the black/white fallacy, especially since I'm guessing you're not a TRS faggot yourself

/polk/ has a fuckton of threads on books and literature

i still have no clue why you are against the /polk/ BO not supporting TRS, especially since the only reasoning for that I can see is because

>b-but /pol/ mods sided against TRS so the /polk/ BO is part of the /pol/ moderation!

how about you give actual evidence, kike?


did you just change IPs or am I missing something

a2ab51 No.21597

File: 75f077ad7ec9264⋯.jpg (659.47 KB, 2400x1600, 3:2, e4c9cc0403f5c804d5d6baa84f….jpg)


>am I missing something

My first post in the second meta thread onii-fam.

593847 No.21611


This is 100% imkikey. Same screencaps, same retarded talking points. He got really scared when Jim tweeted out a link to my board as if Jim was going to replace his turkish ass. I guess the existence of this board and its continuance bothers him since we have been pretty steady. Maybe we need some more ads? :^)

9e7751 No.21614


put the ad back up retard

0396d8 No.21616



c8319e No.21619

File: d6ef05e2238e445⋯.png (49.04 KB, 1080x652, 270:163, sgdfhg.PNG)

File: 0fb48bccaf22b8a⋯.png (257.71 KB, 1528x385, 1528:385, ClipboardImage.png)


idiot post inkampfy dox in 8/pol/ to piss him

And stop banning me fucker, you are just proving that you are from ironmarch

536e3c No.21638


I'll doxx u if u keep ban evading budy

af5c51 No.21697


get a load of this faggot kike

27d951 No.21724


Uh, excuse me?

Look at my email budy, I'm the BO and you're on thin ice


807510 No.21733

Can we have a general about migrating from this unstable shithole?

af5c51 No.21739


BO for /polk/? how am I supposed to believe you

e635c7 No.21741

File: 60ad38ce70ad9dd⋯.jpg (23.52 KB, 500x461, 500:461, Smug_123.jpg)


>being this gullible

af5c51 No.21742


I'm not believing anything. just calling out this LARPer for his faggotry.

e635c7 No.21748

File: c1043cdd2b29192⋯.png (36.13 KB, 250x331, 250:331, smug double.png)


You seem frustrated. Lighten up a bit, fam.

3a3017 No.21753

File: 93fad55905bbfab⋯.png (466.6 KB, 1336x767, 1336:767, ClipboardImage.png)



for fuck sake, is this kike everywhere?

e635c7 No.21755


Who cares? I saved it from /pol/ so it was probably named by imkikey.

a67bd8 No.21756


I'm gonna git u budy, b 'fraid

e62034 No.21910

consider reducing the number of stickies. In slow boards like this one, most people don't check the catalog, they just check the first page and maybe the second page. Valuable space is being wasted.

e62034 No.21921


you can move the rules to a static page and link it and the meta thread in the board header.

the mascot could be turned into an icon in the page corner. The thread could be linked in the meta thread. No need for a sticky.

e62034 No.21922

another advice: reduce bump period to 2-3 weeks. having old threads in the first page kills the board. people want fresh content to discuss.

95cfea No.21926


Fuck off idiot, this is what killed >>>/politics/ before the April hack. There were ongoing general threads that were bumplocked at the time, and before April nearly every thread in the catalog was bumplocked even though they were active and filled with content. Now the board is fucking dead due to the BO fucking with the board.

e62034 No.21931


/politics/ has been dead for a long time, dumbass. It only had the brit/politics/ guys creating brit/politics/ threads and occasionally shitposting in other threads. After BO purged them, the board died completely.

e62034 No.21932


and the general threads you are talking about were cancerous e-celeb threads being bumped by 1-2 obsessed autists.

e62034 No.21945

I bumped the last page threads to show you how easy it is to fuck up the board

95cfea No.21953



Clearly you didn't post there from the beginning, as I posted extensively there and it was very much like this place in the beginning. Your reading comprehension is also shit, as I said it is what finally killed it. While it may have been on the downslide, thanks to content-less worthless pieces of shit like yourself who don't add anything but being kike rules-lawyers, the rule you want now was the thing that finally destroyed it. People like you are garbage and shouldn't be on the chans. You add nothing. You are worthless. kys.


False, there was meta threads that set the foundation for what we know about imkampfy, there were book threads, there self improvement threads, there even for a time was better discussion threads than the shit board you just came from.


Reported. You call me a dumbass, yet prove my point for me. I stated, "were active and filled with content." Bumping a thread with random fucking gibberish isn't content. I hope the mods here ban your shill ass for being the worthless cunt that you are.

bf7342 No.21955


Proving what exactly?

2f3eb7 No.21961


not only you are a dumbass but you are also delusional:

> Your reading comprehension is also shit, as I said it is what finally killed it.

let's see:


>Fuck off idiot, this is what killed >>>/politics/

It's clear even to non native speakers that you are blaming the bumplock rule for the death of /politics/.

As I said, the only users left were brit/politics/ guys and he purged them and changed the bumplock rules probably in the same day. That's why you are a dumbass.

I've no interest in wasting more time reading your shitty post.

2f3eb7 No.21962


Never mind. There's no point making these changes with a BO as dumb as you.

593847 No.21963


The guy you're responding to isn't me. Spamming to 'prove a point' doesn't really help either. Of course bumping last page content is a problem, but the problem is the faggots doing it. A time out fixes it. I don't really like the bumplock rule, old threads can be revived. Since this isn't aiming to be 'racist /n/' like /pol/ seems to want to be, a month old philosophy thread is still relevant a month later. If there's renewed interest there's renewed interest.

2f3eb7 No.21965


Apologies. How about selective bumplocking? A month old story probably shouldn't be bumped. if there's an update, it deserves a new thread.

Take this for example:


>Donald Trump has said his administration will not label China a currency manipulator, rowing back on a campaign promise.

Don't you agree it should be bumplocked or even deleted?

Many users will whine but that's better than letting autists and spammers ruin the board.

593847 No.21967


I agree, but the problem is that the thread was made in the first place really. That's the problem I tried to fix with the current events thread. I'm not sure if the current events thread is working however but it is preventing smaller stories from getting their own thread and clogging up the board.

Yes, old, one off stories like that should be deleted/bumplocked. Thankfully though, we haven't really had a spammer problem. They realized it's much easier for me to clean up than it is to fill out a thousand captchas.

I'll take this into consideration. If it becomes a problem then we can take another look. As it is now, it's a solution in search of a problem.

d04e23 No.21968

File: 3ebd23e63567343⋯.jpg (54.67 KB, 604x504, 151:126, 3ebd23e6356734385367cddf53….jpg)

Just dont turn this into the same shithole that /pol/ has become and you are golden.

Dont cencor, dont ban for critical posts just because they dare to doubt the emperor(of course only if they got arguments) and you are doing everything right.

imkamfy will ruin /pol/ to the degree where this board will eventually become bigger than the original if he continues the current retardation.

593847 No.21969


Read the OP damnit, kek. I'm probably one of the most critical of Trump, within reason.

dc82e3 No.21984

File: a2690d9efabe3f9⋯.jpg (52.95 KB, 582x650, 291:325, 950.jpg)


BO, do you have much to do with the /pol/ guys over at .pl? I was over there during the April Fools hacks, and they seemed pretty decent.

/polk/ reminds me of the high quality discussions we had over there.

also best girl coming through

d9bcb3 No.21985


>bump a bunch old threads

>say this proves a point somehow

If someone does that kind of faggot shit just to be a faggot it's very easily countered by bumping threads that are still active.

What even was your point?

Bumplock old threads because of faggots? They can just bump the threads that aren't in the bumplocked phase yet, but are still past their relevance.

0be16b No.22023

Hello BO, I posted on the last thread but you never answered. In case you didn't see it: (I didn't see a reply)

I created a migration script for migrating /polk/ to Nextchan a long time ago. You can see some test threads I moved in https://nextchan.org/testpolk/. Should I move all threads on this board to /polk/? You'll need to increase the "Delete threads on page" count to 20-21 otherwise the current threads will bounce off. Please reply as soon as possible.

fd345a No.22082

wonder why someone went through the catalog and bumped a bunch of dead threads.

593847 No.22089


I was there looking for refugees when the site got hacked and shoahed, but other than that no, I haven't ever really browsed .pl. It was a lot more comfy than endchan, that's for sure. I'm glad you like the discussions! I do too, even if I don't pop my cap on every time I post.

One more thing is that the guy who owned the .pl/polk board emailed me the board login for the BO position so I could also have .pl/polk as well.


I thought I did respond to you. That would be great actually. It would be nice to have a full mirror. Nextchan is our official bunker for now.

6b6fd8 No.22094

Is this shit seriously how it's going to be? We have faggots like this >>22085 fucking retard right here that intentionally go around bumping threads over a month old with zero-effort posts that say nothing. This is at least the dozenth time I've seen it happen within the past week or two.

Anyone displaying such blatant displays of shit-stirring with undertones of "lolol i trol ur bored!!1" should be banned for such fucking faggotry. It should be a bannable fucking offense. No plausible deniability defense, or allowed such morons to play dumb by pretending they just wanted to bump a thread they were interested in; if some cuckchanner or plebbit tier /pol/fag comes here and bumps a thread with a nothing-post, and the last response in that thread was three weeks ago or longer, they should be banned.

593847 No.22107


I don't always see it. Just report it and I can take a look. You have to realize I can't keep track of everyone if people don't help out and help me keep an eye on the place. I agree his posting history was a little, shall we say, shallow for a place like /polk/.

6b6fd8 No.22113


My point isn't that you specifically should always catch them, but that it should be an added rule to the board. It's simply another logical step from the rule of "no shitposting, put effort into your posts," except this one has a temporal adjustment to it. It should be obvious if someone made a post on an old thread as an excuse to bump it, with the intent of trolling the board. They can get around that rule by actually putting effort into their post, and they would need to inject deeper discussion into something to give themselves the shield of plausible deniability, but at that point I'd say the joke's on them.

It may be prudent to have an exception to that rule here or there, since I can't foresee all situations, but as long as it's made clear that kind of behavior is bannable we shouldn't have an issue with the userbase reporting the retards.

593847 No.22133


Back in the good ol forum days we would call that necrobumping.

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