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File: 1d411486e0f4dd9⋯.jpg (38.03 KB, 800x430, 80:43, joe lieberman.jpg)

13372e No.20740



Trump expected to pick Joe Lieberman as FBI director: White House sources

>President Donald Trump is expected to pick former Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman as the new director of the FBI.

>According to Politico, senior officials in the Trump administration have told sources in the last 12 hours that Lieberman is Trump’s top choice to replace former FBI Directory James Comey.

>A person familiar with Wednesday’s meeting said Trump bonded with Lieberman, and the president left leaning towards the former Connecticut senator, who retired in 2013. Trump has not signaled otherwise that anyone else is the favorite, aides said, and has told one adviser he wants to make an announcement before he leaves Friday on his first foreign trip.

>Update: Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs has also reported that Lieberman is Trump’s first choice.


ccbad4 No.20747


Not confirmed yet but fuck

>replace comey with a democrat jew

is this 88d chess too?

13372e No.20753

File: 44b74a169b41cb0⋯.jpg (318.28 KB, 2400x1800, 4:3, joe liebermann.jpg)

File: ca6763927a06230⋯.jpg (106.6 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, sheriff-david-clarke-1024x….jpg)


Yeah man, putting a nigger in Homeland Security and a Jew in charge of the FBI will totally help white nationalists! No way this will result in a million ruby ridges or anything like that.

ccbad4 No.20760

File: dbe28bd333a674c⋯.jpg (285.5 KB, 700x857, 700:857, Niggers-Jews-Bad-News-Ben-….jpg)


b-but they're BASED niggers and jews!!11

spoil your nigger pics

13372e No.20761


Shitskin FEDS is going to add a whole new layer to the meaning of zogbot.

374977 No.20764

OP tried this on /pol/ already and got exposed as the malaysian spammer.


13372e No.20765


Fuck off, Kampfy.

374977 No.20767


>Fuck off, Kampfy.

You really believe that will work here?

b2fd81 No.20794


It's 6 million dimensional monopoly


That OP isn't even formatted the same way

Fuck off


It probably is you

377dc5 No.20803

As we've seen with Trump before, the candidate the media expects might not be the final choice. Give it time.

984131 No.20820


I cannot fucking wait to see the chessfags defend this shit if he picks Lieberman. I live in CT, our senators are always kikes, and 60 percent of this fucking state is composed of absolutely braindead shitlib sheep who think they're all rebellious independent thinkers by regurgitating all the fabricated talking points the MSM tells them they should hold as opinions.

Anyway, that thread about Clarke being put in DHS was a shitshow on /pol/, where people were unironically defending BASED NEGROS, and I'm sure an actual fucking kike will somehow, somehow, make it into the "you are a kike shill if you oppose this" circle. Fucking watch. So many shills were screaming about being accepting of Clarke, I can't wait to see how they try to spin Trump looking at an actual kike for FBI director.

984131 No.20824

Wikileaks actually just tweeted about a filedump for Lieberman with 1,155 files. I'm assuming it's an older dump and not just newly created, but most of the info should only be a few years old.


7c849d No.20832

File: 7546158a6095dc8⋯.jpg (260.97 KB, 1075x1786, 1075:1786, mitt romney on knees.jpg)


Oh right, like how he was expected to pick Mitt Romney for Secretary of State? Or how about all the other bullshit assertions the media made about Trump is totally going to do at various points of the campaign and presidency? I'll believe it when I hear an official statement.

14fc3d No.20834


>I'll believe it when I hear an official statement.

No, you'll whinge and cuck out, and try to justify it like a beaten wife because you're too fucking scared to admit that the honeymoon is over and this latest fiasco of an election should have proven to everyone that we have either balkanization or NWO to look forward to.

7c849d No.20836


Why are you so sure it's going to be lieberkike? Since when have the media sources ever been right on these things?

6b30bd No.20837



14fc3d No.20840


Because since the inauguration no one yet has made money betting against trump selecting a kike or ZOGbot for a position.

6b30bd No.20841



Remember when /pol/ was horrified and though the media was lying? I do.

fd3e2d No.20842

jews at /pol/ are trying hard to meme two types of jew (nationalist and globalist) and that nationalist jews are good and can be our allies. The kike mods are protecting them of course. This was the goal all along. #notalljews

bc5ac6 No.20860


>the media made like 10 guesses, one of them was right

>the media correctly predicted this


dd0946 No.20873


What's more disgusting to me is that their UID count has only gone up.

This means they're either using bots or they've attracted a bunch of civic "nationalists" from other cucked portions of the internet, along with the obligatory shills that cling to such groups.

I really hope whatever eventually replaces /pol/ doesn't wind up under the control of turkikes.

81cf0a No.20874


4chan got taken down a few days ago. Not surprising that many washed up there. There's not much difference anymore. I can't wait for the 'Can wyte bois even compete' and 'Why don't you supposed BASED israel?' threads on repeat.

3dcef3 No.20887


it went up because range ban stopped working after the recent changes. They can only ban a single IP. They can't see the hash or your IP range either (they used to look it up in the ban page to decide your punishment).

Ron intends to bring back range ban, but only with /24 (256 address) instead of 60k addresses.

3dcef3 No.20888


*the hash of your IP range

18ba3d No.20891


>What's more disgusting to me is that their UID count has only gone up.

It was hovering just about 2000 and then it magically bounced back up to 3400. If they're still shilling for Trump, I'd blame both 4chan as mentioned but also rdonald and trs sneaking back in to fill the void. They could be using bots, but why would Learningcode care enough to do that? The whole point is to make /pol/ the joke Moot intended. There will always be those cuckchanners and newfags available to chase that brandname recognition.

bdbce1 No.20892


>I cannot fucking wait to see the chessfags defend this shit if he picks Lieberman.

They're all still in denial. When it's officially announced, I hope the whiplash is so severe it snaps their necks.

4dde79 No.20895


Where was the whiplash for Pence? Oh wait, there was none. /pol/ is absolutely cucked, they will defend anything Trump does.

bdbce1 No.20908


Pence wasn't a literal jew.

797570 No.20913

File: 5adcf3edb3b5e41⋯.png (848.4 KB, 1398x1436, 699:718, screenshot-media.8ch.net-2….png)


Why did you get that thread deleted?

Is /pol/ officially run by jews now?

It certainly looks like it with each passing day and every thread cheering on kikes in control in world politics, always shutting down threads promoting genuine nationalist movements and only cheering on frauds like Tommy Robinson, Gert Wilders etc as well as the kike tool Trump and all his jewish picks for office as 4D chess goyim :D :D :D

5fb4c6 No.20961

File: 23c49e12a3b7ec8⋯.png (516.63 KB, 700x850, 14:17, Fuck You.png)



There are very few actually redpilled people with visibility, and they almost never get any attention. One of them is Seana at Odinia.org.

Also, enjoy my low-effort OC, anons. At least the memes are real.

383a09 No.20974


Trump FILLED his cabinet with jews, it was 4D chess. And carefulbposting anything anti-Trump the jew BO and his cronies here will purge you.

487610 No.20994


Mike Pence wasn't even on the list in most predictions, Tillerson was though, and he was a good choice overall. Wouldn't like Lieberman though, since I dislike Jews to put it lightly.

984131 No.21032


Haha you are still so buttblasted about that because you couldn't read, comprehend and follow a simple rule. None of us here need to be careful about posting anti-trump stuff because when we say it we explain ourselves instead of making


and we speak like adults with some semblance of maturity. I can be as anti-trump as I want and I know for a fact I won't ever be banned because I don't post stupid shit like a nigger. There's a minimum level of dialogue here and if you don't pass the threshold you get banned, especially when the BO tells you "don't do X or you'll be banned" and you do X anyway.

dce7d3 No.21043


I like how you're completely ignoring the myriad of anti-Trump posts all across this board because you're assblasted for making some shitty /tv/ tier post.

c09ad9 No.21086

B-but he has to work with those Jews you trans nazi dildos!

bdbce1 No.21098


I'm not sure you understand the point I'm trying to make. They're denying this is happening. When it happens, they'll be forced to instantly change direction and claim it's fine. Hence whiplash.

645300 No.21592

File: 74a2a5bcbce31f6⋯.jpg (151.6 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 81dc2e60fdb56b466fe02f2359….jpg)


I don't remember Tillerson even being mentioned as a candidate, it was supposed to be R. Money and look how that turned out. Also according to the media, a 600 person survey held out of a Starbucks says that Trump is the worst president ever!!1! The media is so trustworthy, right? So I'll believe Liebergman when it happens. Liebergman is a fucking piece of shit though, no argument here.

b17538 No.21725


>This is what's considered a bannable offense nowadays

Jesus Christ how low can /pol/ sink.

05e0ce No.21830


idk fam. Hes lost a lot of fucking points with me lately. Im going to give him until the end of this summer to do something fucking worthy but so far he all hes really done is waste perfectly good opportunities to lock up establishment fucks that have been committing high treason since he stepped into office. But if he keeps up this pace for the duration of his term(s) we wont even be able to call him our hindenburg.

It feels like taking the black pill but at this point in time all we can really do is hope and attempt to push him in the right direction when we have the opportunity to do so. Other than that its not like more than a very few people would nut up enough to do something.

05e0ce No.21831


keep an eye on the board log. hotpocketx has been going at it on work schedule hours. faggots definitely being paid.

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