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File: 750c5935c7fbabd⋯.jpg (269.12 KB, 1797x1233, 599:411, pjvrlg.jpg)

23ec6e No.25473

Post in this thread every time you visit /polk/, whether it be news, personal ideas or anything.

Post last edited at

c89d34 No.25474

This board had such potential but the move to nextchan killed it.

23ec6e No.25475


What is it now, 20 people from 150?

d1ce3b No.25477



It could be worse.

fb3345 No.25478

low numbers are a problem only as long as recruitment isn't pushed

23ec6e No.25492

Gonna post this here since Nextchan is down.

So I was looking at a meta-analysis on IQ and child adoption gains and as it turns out the IQ gains are not g-loaded (this basically would be like me training you to take an IQ test and when you score higher me saying "OH! Look how smart you are now!" when all I did was put you in an environment that trains you by proxy). So, what does this mean? Well, taking a child in poverty and giving him to a rich family who can provide better education, environment, housing and resources doesn't raise the kid's general intelligence. Now, this is the only study I've seen (so far) like this outside of Aurther Jensen's (1998) and I was wondering if anyone has anymore and if they would be so kindly to post them.

Study in reference: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0191886914005248

fe5e17 No.25494

File: 1b8e48a3f2b90a4⋯.jpg (18.18 KB, 250x300, 5:6, 1358190555807.jpg)

Do we need another /meta/ thread outside of the /meta/ thread?

cfb0b4 No.25497


It's gong down from 350 people per day before the hack to now 40 people per day. We were 10 people per day a couple of days ago, but know that we got a new BO we should keep growing. Were in the top 50 today and will only continue to clime as long as nothing drastic occurs. I honestly don't see why we can't have 60 people per day in a week, after that were just going to snowball.

8cd49a No.25506

A small french newspaper interviewed me about my uss liberty sign and i told them i was unironic natsoc

d1ce3b No.25508


Tell us more.

8320a7 No.25509


>Is white guilt a genetic flaw thread? Can other races be guilted en mass as easily?

Also known as pathological altruism. Good idea for a thread. The circle of HBD (human biodiversity) bloggers has some ideas about this, starting with how the church's ban on cousin marriages reduced clannishness in whites. (Didn't happen with arabs and shemites.)

fb3345 No.25511


it's not really a meta thread, it's more of a conversation starter thread.

23ec6e No.25512


I know which paper you're talking about (HBD Chick's) but I think it's more complicated than that due to A. assertive mating, which would more than likely keep ingroup preference around (cousin marriages may of ended but the "I want someone who would be just like me, aka just like my cousin" would still be around long after cousin marriage. [Like, you DON'T NEED your cousin to assertively mate - people are going to seek out others just like themselves and if that person who is "seeking" is a favoritist, they're going to find someone to mate with and pass it on with] ); B. ingroup favoritism is quite heritable (.49-.79) in Whites; and C. when we do look at studies on Whites they show ingroup preference just like everyone else.

199fb1 No.25513

ideas for threads

- Nukes don't exist

- nuclear power subdued by oil kikes

- nicki minaj : wm,bf combo isn't happening cos white males don't find niggers attractive : so kikes pushing to make it fashionable for female niggers to make themselves look white, to try amp wm,bf racemixing

- kikcine awareness thread

- AIDS is a hoax cover for mass genocide by AZT deadly toxin give as medicine thread

- pedowood thread

- nigger thread

- 2 groups that work with kids thread, teachers and children's entertainers ( popstars - often niggers ). One group its illegal to nail the 16yo+ adolescents, the other group is encouraged to. Why do kikes push this?

- Is white guilt a genetic flaw thread? Can other races be guilted en mass as easily?

199fb1 No.25514


wtf, my post got gassed, but i wasn't banned? I thought it hadn't posted

8320a7 No.25515



I can see both of your ideas-for-threads posts at the moment, I assume it's just 8chan glitching up

199fb1 No.25516


oh ok. my 1st one is not showing

9c0ecb No.25517

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I need to spend some shekels on a VPN so that I can post images like the cool kids. Also, being the only Tor user on the board makes me feel like I'm namefagging. Which VPN is /polk/ approved? If the embed works, I offer you Hitler's 1934 Nuremberg speech as payment.


Thanks for starting the thread for me. I owe you one.


I think we still have potential. We haven't seen the kind of activity and enthusiasm that we have today since before nextchan went down.


At the time of writing we have 43 active users, which puts us back on the homepage at #49. We literally doubled our numbers overnight. It should be possible to double our numbers again very soon. It will bring us into the top 30.


We should consider how we should recover the users we had before the hack. If the non-retarded Anons post on the altchans, I wonder if it would be better to make it known that we are under new management and let them come to us. Our previous efforts on /pol/ were high risk, but high reward. We got a lot of good users, but a lot of lower quality Anons that treated /polk/ as the place you go when you are banned from /pol/ came with them.


Meta discussions should still go in the meta thread, and happenings should still go in the news thread. The other threads are mostly talking about digging ourselves out of the shit we're in, and if we focus on that exclusively it will come to define the board as a whole. I hope that this one can be more lighthearted and give Anons other things to think about, at least until we build some more momentum.


Go on.


>AIDS is a hoax

I haven't heard that one before. I'm curious.

199fb1 No.25518


>>AIDS is a hoax

>I haven't heard that one before. I'm curious.

Kikes often want to mass genocide people. 'omg out of control killer disease' is a good cover story.

There have been several newer vids , so I don't know which is the best one today, but for me, when i was exploring years ago, this one was the best red-pill on the AIDS hoax


d1ce3b No.25520

Why do people throw all logic and morals out of the window when pussy is involved in something ? I'm starting to have serious troubles dealing with faggot enabling bad behavior, they're everywhere.

199fb1 No.25522


brothers have oft killed one another over who gets to put their dick in a woman.

To a being running on evolution programming, nothing matters more than being the one to pass on your genes to the next gen, its worth killing all your own family over.

I'm the most introverted solitary neet on polk, but I've been in the unholy shitstorm that is the workplace of men mixed with hot young women, and its all out, no holds barred warfare. Every conceivable backstab and plot is playable.

d1ce3b No.25523


>but I've been in the unholy shitstorm that is the workplace of men mixed with hot young women, and its all out, no holds barred warfare. Every conceivable backstab and plot is playable.

That's what I would expect from leftards and tryhards but not from people on the right, right now on /pol/ there are people making excuses for some single mother who dumped her kids at her parents so she could do drugs with niggers and got killed. It should be used as propaganda not as some fucking "muh poor aryan womyn who dindu nuffin" when she clearly was a degenerate.

Sometimes I wonder if I should just dump my morals, go the way of the womanizer and try to fuck some powerful guys wives until I gain so much power and money no one can oppose me.

199fb1 No.25524


>right now on /pol/ there are people making excuses for some single mother who dumped her kids at her parents so she could do drugs with niggers and got killed.

Sounds degenerate, probably best that her genes were removed from the pool.

After thousands of generations of tribal life women have evolved to swoon into the arms of whoever is most alpha. Around alphas the fate of their own linage was not their's to decide.

Sticking some that acts as alpha as a drugged up nigger under the nose of a woman is a test for her, either she uses the little bit of sense that nature gives her, or she acts on her instincts and gets her linage downgraded by 50,000 years.

For the 1st time in history, there is more evolution pressure on white women than white men. Many otherwise decent ww will fail the test, some will be plucked out of the test by the white men trying to save the ww from themselves. When i see another white libshit woman with her throat slashed by a nigger, I lay some of the blame on her libshit parents, wtf where they doing letting the kikebox brainwash their child daughter for 18 years?

Evolution is cruel as fuck, but it works. However, every /pol/ SHOULD have some sympathy for cucks who defend these degenerate women. Why? Not for any betacuck reason. But because of a hard fact : Evolution can and will wipe out species. Natural selection can be very beneficial to a species, but too much is fatal.

Its up to every /pol/ack to decide how much is too much. Assuming that the kikes are going to let the white species continue, then as much as 90% of white women or more, could succumb to this test of degeneracy, and we'd still be ok. They'd also be a fuckton of miserable white males without partners, but at least the genepool would have been well cleansed.

However, if kikes are serious about extinction of the white race, then I have to agree with the betacucks, every white woman lost is weakening our fight.

For me, I'm guessing they are not serious, and also the fact our population, while small relative to the world population, is still massively bloated due to the industrial and agricultural revolution and the relative lack of recent war in white societies.

So I'm less phased by all these dumb white women genociding themselves than polacks who firmly believe kikes are trying to wipe us out. From a perspective : the turk \ arab \ jew \ byzantine empire was the longest in recent history, Arguably back to 200BC when it was the East Roman empire, to 500AD when it became the Byzantine empire up till 1918 it was a continuous empire that was always warring with Europe and mostly winning, wiping out the Whites from Egypt and North Africa, from South Spain, from the ports of the Mediterranean, from South East Europe. These places became inhabited by turk - hooknoses and their euro rape hybrids. States like Ukraine became known as Slavic because Byzantines took so many white slaves. Turk infiltration and influence in Europe was strong enough to organize mass child enslavement all across Europe - most notably the so-called 'Children's Crusade' where hooknoses rounded up kids all over Europe to be sold as slaves on the Byzantine markets.

Now with this going on for over 1500 years, the conquest and breakup of the Ottoman dynasty of the byzantine empire by the Brits can be seen as just a stall. Just 30 years after Britain won world war 1 against the turks, shitskins began flooding into Europe just as they had been for the last 1500 years. Except this time hooknoses had installed themselves in the seats of power in western Europe, so instead of meeting them with steel and gunpowder by the order of white commanders, invading shitskins were met with the vagoo of white women by the order of hooknoses - turks that generations ago were selected and ordered to infiltrate Euro because they had unusually white skin for a turk.

I can respect that point of view, and its a possible reality. In which case every white woman getting nailed or killed by a shitskin is a loss in an war of extermination of whites.

That's why the issue of betacuck defense of degenerate white woman is currently unresovable.

199fb1 No.25525


Just 30 years after


f4101b No.25529

File: ddbd843505ec5b4⋯.gif (238.64 KB, 500x370, 50:37, how embarrassing.gif)


are there seriously people on /pol/ who defend coalburners and other degenerate women just because they're white? talk about decline in quality

1768c6 No.25530

File: ce5b288c083a392⋯.jpg (26.56 KB, 323x326, 323:326, NEIN!.jpg)


>when this thread is bumplocked instead of stickied at kikepol

1768c6 No.25531


*the "Best of /pol/ thread"

fb3345 No.25533


>We should consider how we should recover the users

I have a few ideas for the subject anon, for right now though I want to work on /polk/ a little more and wait a little bit for some more threads to get made and fleshed out.

Want it to be more presentable for new anons that come here and see it.




I have a feeling more anons than ever will need /polk/ up and running seeing how /pol/ has declined.

fc1f8b No.25534


You should consider deleting some of the D&C threads from the previous BO. IMO all the nextchan migration threads need to go.

fb3345 No.25538


NEW: 3,810 JFK assassination documents. 441 never seen before. 3,369 now unredacted https://t.co/P9d8lqMX0F

wiki leaks has released some jfk files, that could make a interesting thread.

Post last edited at

f4101b No.25539

File: 9f1f0701d069b88⋯.jpg (53.86 KB, 600x337, 600:337, link and hyrule castle.jpg)


I can only hope we get more quality users here to be honest

9c0ecb No.25548

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Thanks, Anon. I'm watching that vid now.


>not from people on the right

The right is just the left twenty years behind the curve. Both groups are almost exclusively composed of liberals by the 1950s definition of the word simply because their personality is to conform to societal standards that continually drift leftward. George Lincoln Rockwell called this mass between the Communists and the NatSocs the TV watchers and comic book readers. Embed related. The people like us that put too much value on honor, truth, and morality to follow the crowd are a very small minority, but we alone are the ones that are capable of shaping the world for the better.


Yes. Browse /pol/ for ten minutes and you'll probably find at least one person defending or even advocating the burning of coal. The people that compare /pol/ to r/T_D aren't joking.

296b6a No.25557

Do y'all listen to podcasts? I've taken to Weimerica Weekly lately. Author looks at cultural trends in America and analyses them. A favourite theme of his is viewing Democratic party politics as an alliance of the high and low (i.e. the (((high))) and the mystery meat underclasses) vs the middle (White America).

The latest episode was pretty good, it was about the "drag queen story hour" project that got pushed in a lot of public libraries recently.


30f9e0 No.25559

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Reminder that the current government needs a complete overhaul before any statism is to be advocated for.

23ec6e No.25560


You would have to start over the entire government itself.

d1ce3b No.25561


God damnit, this vid is unavailable in my country.

I'm fucking tired of this fucking jew censorship, I can't watch a fucking thing that is not designed to kill brain cells.

d1ce3b No.25562

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Double post so sage but here's one that's not censored in case the one >>25548 posted is censored for you too.

ed01b5 No.25563

…Well I guess you can add +1 to the ranks now. Is there a desire to have a tech thread not for happenings but for ideas and projects to work on as well as how-to guides (like setting-up and using VPNs or getting into linux and OPSEC). This has been my one big complaint about /pol/ pretty much across all the chans I've lurked.

On a different note I have figured out the reason that almost all /pol/s have been trying to prevent ACTUAL gatherings. Due to the fact that we cannot be tracked and/or monitored we become a threat to (((them))). They have no way of knowing what information or plans are being worked/spread as well as no real way to (((infiltrate and subvert/destroy))). (((Their))) need to try to render us impotent or get us under their thumb is part of the reason that in half and heres /pol/ (((they))) want so desperately keep us divided and prevent our unity. Rounding us up while we are still Anon to each other is easy… If we each know a few others we can sound an alarm if/when (((they))) do decide to move against us. Just some food for thought.

fb3345 No.25566


I'm sure you could see it over tor, a proxy depending on it's location or a vpn.

There is a browser called opera, the icon is a red ring, that has a vpn feature you can activate, that could help you there.


good to have you

what do you guys think of the new 8chan mural coming up.It seems Zitrona-chan has been submitted, hopefully they place her in the front.

1768c6 No.25571


just replace you with hook, or tube with pak in the link and you can watch it.

e9e847 No.25578


The reason why people shy away from meeting with people from here is not because of that, it's because most of the time it's lead by guys like kike enoch and his cohort. Form groups with people you know in real life, not from here.

8747d7 No.25580

TRS put up their paywall >>>/scurv/ >>>/fs/ time when

e9e847 No.25587


I though Mike the Serbian Croatian Norwegian pure bloded Nordic from Hyperborea had removed it a while back when they received some backlash.

00e522 No.25589


Never leave shekels on the table

f4101b No.25590


peinovich doesn't even look that jewish, he just looks like a bloated balkanigger

88b236 No.25599

What the fuck happened to the homestead thread??

296b6a No.25600


Archive is linked here >>25565

23ec6e No.25602


Make another.

d47cd2 No.25603

Worry not men. We will win in the final fight. Of this I have no doubt.

c2ba5c No.25604


BO pruned alot of threads, he did archive them apparently though

1395d2 No.25613


why would anyone want to listen to that crap, let alone pay for it? FtN is really the only good thing to come out of TRS, and even then the last episode was bad bc it wasn't about politics, just muh eceleb crap.

Every now and then I try and listen to a recent episode and it's always low effort low quality crap, put on by people who think so much of themselves they talk about how they're pushing and leading a "movement". not to mention a lot of it seems to be picking on low hanging fruit like gays and trannies, pun not intented


I miss the blogpost thread, it was a nice outlet. It made working for muslims doable bc I could just sperg on the internet about their bullshit.

blogpost post, just so I can make a post in the make-a-post thread

>go out to run some errands today

>go to a thrift shop

>niggers and mexicans

>only like one other white person there


>go to walmart bc it's cheap and I'm poor

>only niggers and mexicans

>see two other whites

>both clearly cucked to heck and back

>one is lesbo skinnyfat pothead with short hair

>other is a numale

>pick up some ammo

>in check out

>hear numale talking to lesbo about how guns are scary

>try to understand how a white male could be in a store surrounded by niggers and yet manage to be afraid of a white girl buying ammunition

>can't even

>checkout person is obese negress with purple hair

>driving home

>see only mexicans walking on the streets

>pass elementary school I went to

>it's now a spanish and english speaking school

>literally advertised as dual language

>stop at yarn store

>it's full of boomer cat ladies who hate trump and white people

>one of them wearing a pink pig ear hat

>ask what it's about

>apparently it's anti-trump, maybe solidarity with rosie odonnel?

>stop by work to pick up paycheck

>muslim call to prayer plays over the loudspeakers bc of muslim bosses

>stop by walmart bc I forgot fabric softener

>walking through the aisles

>see the advertisments and brands and movies and all of the consumerist crap

>realise we're basically living in a cyberpunk world

>except instead of robots or samurai street gangs and cyber cowboys we just have niggers, spics, and jews

>feel like I'm a stranger looking into an artificial world

>mindless tabloids

>propaganda driven movies

>racemixed babies

>demonization of whites

>literally have a They Live kind of feeling

>see the people happy in their artificial world

>tfw intense sadness that I can't join them

>tfw felt super alone

>tfw it's exhausting having to deal with nonwhites constantly day in and day out while being told I'm terrible for being white

>tfw got home finally and just cried for a bit

>tfw no friends

>tfw no family nearby

>tfw no bf

I'm just so tired, every day feeling like I'm living in a completely different world than everyone else. I wish I could be a normie. There's this slice of life comedy show called The Office that I just kind of play in the background when I'm home just to kind of try and have something light to distract me. Are there any other slice of life shows out there? The Office has a lot of degenerate shit, but it's a show that was on when my parents were getting divorced, and it was something I'd watch for some semblance of escapism back then so it still kind of serves that purpose today. Like Fallout New Vegas, which again came out back in early high school when my parents were getting divorced and offered some escapism

idk what happened to this post, but whatever. a long post on a slow board that's dying anyway is worth it to get some sort of cartharsis out of just venting; even if only to internet strangers

9c0ecb No.25615


Welcome aboard. We do have an ancient /tech/ general at >>4442, but it was mostly a tech support thread for first time Linux users. I think it would be worthwhile to refine the raw knowledge in that thread into guides with all the basics people would need on various topics.


>>realise we're basically living in a cyberpunk world

I'm still bitter that we didn't get blue and pink city lights. It's all the shit with none of the aesthetic.

That aside, I know those feels very well. While I consider becoming a normal person a fate worse than death, I still would like to know what normalfaggotry feels like. Sometimes I wonder if they even have feelings at all or if they are just mindless NPCs following a script.

I have noticed lately that despite my area being theoretically majority white as of the 2010 census, I hardly see whites at all. The streets are filled with niggers and the stores are full of spics. Drivers on the road are about 55% white, 40% spic, and 5% other. I wonder where all the white people go when they aren't home or working.

e9e847 No.25617


Just open another blogpost thread.



>cyberpunk world isn't cyberpunk like in books, movies and video games

It would be predictable if it was and people would fight against it instead of enslaving themselves willingly and telling you which year we're in. It reminds me of what William Pierce wrote about the oathcucks in the Turner Diaries or Hunter, I forgot, once the govt started coming for the guns the oathcucks whined but in the end gave their weapon away without a fight.

6d9095 No.25621


>I still would like to know what normalfaggotry feels like.

I went clother shopping at a fairly high end store for someone of my social class and dithered for two hours, looking at shoes and pants, before getting some stuff. After some time my frame of mind slipped into a brainless normalfag mode where I felt a bit floaty and was using only my intuition/emotions to decide what I wanted to buy. Admittedly it was relaxing to be able to do that and for the day not worry about writing my thesis.

I think it's a little like that.

1395d2 No.25622


>I have noticed lately that despite my area being theoretically majority white as of the 2010 census, I hardly see whites at all. The streets are filled with niggers and the stores are full of spics. Drivers on the road are about 55% white, 40% spic, and 5% other. I wonder where all the white people go when they aren't home or working.

I've noticed that too, I think it's just how white people deal with all this. The town I live in is supposed to be 70% white, and in the small like city centre with the library, a few shops and restaurants it's pretty white, there's a large city that's 40% white about 4-5 miles east of there so if you go outside of the small white enclave it's like stepping into another country almost.


Are the turner diaries any good? I've thought about giving it a read, but I think it might just piss me off more than anything else. I asked my mum about that book, she said some guy who blew up a govt building was inspired by it.

23ec6e No.25623


Just go make another blog post thread. I'm sure people want to post in it.

23ec6e No.25624



p.s. FtN is shit.

8eb63c No.25626


It's a decent read.

e9e847 No.25629


Yeah it inspired Timothy McVeigh, both Hunter and the Turner Diaries are good.

8747d7 No.25658

File: 7afda48828f3523⋯.jpeg (149.35 KB, 748x949, 748:949, ROGER PION THE MAGNIFICEN….jpeg)

File: f4cf6c0bbe4c72f⋯.jpeg (117.42 KB, 848x960, 53:60, ROGER PION THE MAGNIFICEN….jpeg)

077296 No.25670


This man's a fucking hero. Didn't murder cops like BLM. Just hit them where it hurts. Time served won't even get them back all that money lost.

9c0ecb No.25676


I liked the Turner Diaries. I think it tends to romanticize the way things would actually proceed in some places, but it's a good read nonetheless.


From an economic standpoint, he's done a significant amount of damage to local law enforcement. Apparently, the damage is estimated at around $300k and they have to spend money and manpower to keep him in prison on top of it. The System runs on money, and one day it will run out of it.

536a50 No.25678

File: ad38c01411326a3⋯.png (524.59 KB, 1841x862, 1841:862, Post-Creative Critique.PNG)

I remembered posting in a thread about a month ago that I intended to experience the oneness of the Universe through telepathy and that I had a piece of string suspended inside a glass jar by taping it to the inside of the lid. Someone replied, saying that they would meditate whilst thinking of me. I wonder if he still thinks of me since I, for a long time, stopped practising. I've only recently restarted.

It was very strange, mind you because the day I felt motivated about learning it is the day PewdiePie uploads a ESP video where he mocks those that speak of it and attempt to learn it. It's also true that on the day when I felt motivated to practise dry fasting in an attempt to lengthen my longevity, Youtube recommends me a Thunderf00t video where he debunks breatharianism. This is after my unexplained experience where I went to bed one night with a sincere focus on weight loss and woke up the next morning being told by my mother that I'd lost a lot of weight very rapidly. I believe I lost around 5 kilos. Just as the lady that appears in Thunderf00t's video says, Breatharians are able to modify their body purely through intent. It could be argued then that the reason why the experiment failed is because the collective conviction of the experimenters was stronger than the woman's.

Nonetheless, the fact remains that ever since I started practising meditation, I've, at times, felt like the world is responding to both my desires and my fears and everything is being manifested (or at least, nudged in the direction I'm pushing). I briefly thought about me and my sister losing weight together and then low and behold, when I go to reddit, there's a married couple talking about how they lost their weight together. When I spend time resenting the fact that I didn't spend the past 18 months learning programming like I wanted to, reddit again, has someone that's spent that time doing just that. When I think about dream travelling, what's trending is a guy that runs a lucid dreaming website. When I fantasise about an AI-commanded chimpanzee army, low and behold, what's trending on reddit is the r/machinelearning sub and the topmost article on that sub? A paper that discusses how an AI may process visual data. Let's not forget all the times I went to bed lusting for a woman with a particular build only for her to appear in my life the next day.

This picture I've just posted? I spent a lot of time fantasising about the Amala Network of SMT: Nocturne. I fantasised about creating the equivalent of an internet anonymous discussion forum: a place where people are free to exchange their ideas without factors such as reputation or social status. Then, I go onto /pol/ and I see this. Unfortunately, I didn't respond in time to ask any questions but nonetheless, this really happened. The last time I posted this picture, I came back to /polk/ the next day and the whole board got wiped but I'll try again

9eeb5d No.25679

File: 7b9a9f575837009⋯.jpg (123.86 KB, 680x744, 85:93, 9ea.jpg)



>some faggot called Thunderfoot


536a50 No.25680


Ah. I think it's worth noting that I'm not subscribed to any of those youtubers. I like the Alice: MR PC game so I occasionally search it up on YT to see if anyone English is livestreaming it (more specifically, chapter 4) and PewdiePie did famously do a LP of it but that's it.

The last time I watched a Thunderf00t video was to watch him debunk "Solar Freaking Roadways", if you recall so yes, to me, it's very odd that YT would make these recommendations.

536a50 No.25681


Just to clarify, while I have clicked on PewdiePie's videos of the game out of curiosity, I didn't watch it because I don't really enjoy his content and he didn't even get to chapter 2, let alone chapter 4.

f9b16a No.25687


2/fringe/4me honestly

23ec6e No.25689

f4101b No.25692

File: 84acfdd92e573c2⋯.gif (1009.95 KB, 498x434, 249:217, confused luigi.gif)


speaking of fringe, can somebody explain to me who the fuck this "Smiley" figure is? I keep seeing this name brought up by the Spamfag on /sudo/ whenever anything /fringe/ related is mentioned

42ac95 No.25696


A delusional wizard who hoards boards, loses his passwords, and then spams / complains / cries like a little bitch.

e9e847 No.25697


What about fringechan ? I heard some people talk about it.

fb3345 No.25703


smiley is a disheveled wizard, he makes me laugh, one time he was sent to a mental hospitable and while doctors monitered him, he tried to explain green pill theory to other mental patients about the universe being mental.


first one was ran by smiley, the second was run by a satanist guy. both are down now.

cfb0b4 No.25706


Business brought me to the south side of Chicago not to long ago, and it was filled with nothing but blacks, Hispanics, and some old white boomers who must of refused to move. I never seen any white people there under fifty for the duration of the time. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the majority of people under 30 are currently nonwhite. Pretty soon American posters will be treated like Brazil or Argentina posters.

Anime is the best for escapism, since the quality of life in japan is absolutely horrible.



We live in a society that is a mixture of cyberpunk and brave new world, that's only going to get exponentially worse in the upcoming years. People aren't getting more conservative like some articles claim.

2fb73b No.25707


>Pretty soon American posters will be treated like Brazil or Argentina posters.

Now I feel sorry for them. Now it hit me. I'm Aus so I'm not one to talk though

f4101b No.25709

File: d3eea3d37354164⋯.jpg (21.08 KB, 270x330, 9:11, crying.jpg)


>Pretty soon American posters will be treated like Brazil or Argentina posters.

Please for the love of god no

2fb73b No.25716

The phrase "black people smell so cool" popped into my head this morning on the bus and I lold thinking about how the phrase contrasts their portrayal on the talmudvision with the reality of the situation.

black people smell so cool

f8acdf No.25721



>Capitalism is the biggest Jewish tool there is

CAPITALISM: an economic system in which private individuals, rather than governments, own property and businesses.

Eat shit commie.

2fb73b No.25723

It's the big footy game in the city! This means only one thing: some very culturally enriching experiences with some of australia's most vibrant diversity.

fe5e17 No.25725


Capitalism only works when it's kept under restraints, otherwise it mutates into Corporatism.

d988df No.25726

File: 250eee26e867d96⋯.png (96.81 KB, 1103x608, 1103:608, 1.png)


>CAPITALISM: an economic system in which private individuals, rather than governments, own property and businesses.

hangon so if this is true, then communism=capitalism, because in ideal communism there is no state.



i agree, both straight capitalism and marx-leninism are terrible

regulated capitalism, mixed economy, ancom and syndicalism are all pretty good in my opinion though

f4101b No.25728

File: 9be447ca1d1ed2b⋯.jpg (24.4 KB, 400x400, 1:1, liberator.jpg)



Please leave, Dugin

23ec6e No.25739


You're in the wrong place, bud.




Get rid of crony capitalism and divorce capital and state. That should get rid of policies being made in favor of companies and not the folk. Pragmatics markets is where it's at.

*For anyone who doesn't know what that is, it's where the state looks at each individual market and decides to use protectionism or free market policies in the matter of what is best for the folk. Aka, protectionism and freemarket is done by a case by case bases and not used as a blanket policy.**

27ef4a No.25741

File: 9e70b0a300c6347⋯.png (15.31 KB, 220x171, 220:171, tewi pillage.png)


>An idea from another slow board

Careful who you call slow. Nice to see that /polk/ is recovering after the nextchan debacle, most of us are still rooted deep here and posting on more than one imageboard at once is pretty tedious It's also nice to see that we have a (more or less) real off-topic thread now.

e9e847 No.25748

There was a daily reminder thread that seems to be gone and in it I said that we needed to write ou version of the protocols, what do you think about the idea ?

cfb0b4 No.25766


/polk/ is a hardy board and it will continue to grow as long as BO doesn't misbehave.


Make a thread about it, since we should have our own code to live by. Just remember the jews weren't the first group to have written code, and us having a written code is not us copying the jews. I remember seeing you in the thread.

85aebc No.25768

How does one convince relatives that honestly believe the jews are the chosen and that it's right for them to treat non-kikes like cattle how fucked up their views are?

85aebc No.25770


To top this question off in the case of an "abandon them and gtfo" scenario, I have a pretty decent amount of money saved up.

Probably enough to move to another state and still live off of the excess for roughly a year, maybe two depending on the state before I absolutely need to find a job (not that I'd be stupid enough to actually spend it all like that).

Where would be the best place to move? Alaska?

694167 No.25776

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


e9e847 No.25778


Why not use the cash and do another homestead operation ?

f4101b No.25787


There's no point in trying to reason with Shabbos Goyim, they may as well be considered Jewish themselves.

cfb0b4 No.25818


You convince them anything about such a cherished belief, unless you're a god tier word smith it isn't happening. If people listened to logic and reason the world wouldn't be the shit show it is today.


I wouldn't advise Alaska, since it's a hard place to live with little job opportunity. You would be much better off moving to a rural state in the 48. Join a good union for a trade then work it for a couple years. Once that has happened start taking only the best bids you can and work as little as possible.

aced23 No.25861

Glad to see this board sorta came back. Guess I'll stick around again.

943539 No.25891

File: 85905046e5af0f9⋯.png (29.31 KB, 413x900, 413:900, 140606803878.png)


we just have to rebuild ourselves anon

23ec6e No.25893


Welcome, nigger, enjoy your stay.

668e65 No.25894

I started lurking here recently, in addition to my usual /v/, /pol/, and occasional other boards. I almost never post, but I've been happily reading shit on 8chan for over 2 years. If this board is good I'll stick around. I need something to fill the void left by /n/ and /pol/ going down the drain.

On a less blog-posty note, I was just talking with some friends about how it might (not) be possible to remove universal suffrage. We don't think it could be done without something as severe as a military coup or installation of an authoritarian/militaristic government, as no nigger or woman is going to vote their right to vote away willingly. Thoughts?

4aa453 No.25895


Perhaps, what you could do however is simply force federal voter laws, those drive away minorities in general.

Next for the woman that is kinda harder, you could do cloud seeding in the liberal areas the day of the vote to discourage them, woman in general will be less likely to vote if the weather conditions are bad.

Mix both of those with propaganda and subtext campaigns to drive down voting for them.

That could work but it would have to be a big effort.

668e65 No.25896


I suppose that each successive removal would be easier, as you likely continue to improve the ratio of whoever was in favor of it against those who weren't. You'd just have to go slow and find a good starting point.

In any case it would be, as you said, very difficult. More possible than I was initially thinking, though.

4aa453 No.25898


Now if you really wanted to start hitting on minorities you could do biological and chemical warefare.

Target the drugs, such as crocodill and other ones, for biological simply start an effort to infect all black woman with diseases.

Mulatos would still be a problem but they will be taken care of later, once the voter and ideology views start to get massive gains from no blacks we can work on open removal.

2857be No.25899

hey guys just testing to see if im banned

is it just me or has the BO gone rogue?

4aa453 No.25901


What are you talking about, the BO has only given out one ban as far as I know.

It was for that faggot who was shitposting.

5cb68a No.25902


We just need a better system of determining who is able to vote. A concept: Instead of one vote per individual, we have one vote per HOUSEHOLD. And a household would count if it's a married couple where all adults living under that roof pay taxes and have been free of government assistance for x amount of time. That way it would force a family to talk to each other about politics, agree on the best choice for the family, and cast the vote. Ideally the husband would steer this conversation.

4aa453 No.25904


I think it would be even simpler if only white men voted, that seems like the best solution.

694167 No.25906



white tax paying married men

dc436b No.25908


How about getting rid of democratic elections in general? It's enlightenment bullshit that has done nothing but subvert countries

cfb0b4 No.25909


This >>25902 is a possible key to get rid of democracy, since no single mom would ever vote her rights away. If it fails at getting rid of democracy then you would still have a much better voting system. This is something we should get republicans to push, since almost the whole of that voting base would agree about taxes and being free of government assistance part. The house hold vote is a bit of a stretch, but the first part would significantly improve the situation of voting, so this is a narrative that needs to be pushed. Anyone here with a kikebook needs to mention it.

694167 No.25910


>since no single mom would ever vote her rights away

You underestimate based moms

2857be No.25918


You mean the australian making all those high effort posts? (not him btw)

Personally I think he was quite an asset to this board, he also had some top-tier bants and BTFOd our shitty new BO

0a4fc5 No.25919


>BTFOd our shitty new BO

Hows that, the BO didn't even waste his time talking to him. The anons shouldn't of either, people like that are a waste, especially the aussie ones. Australians can't even beat their local wildlife.

694167 No.25920


>Australians can't even beat their local wildlife.

They will never outlive that war.


2857be No.25922


>people like that are a waste

well i dont think you are considering the positive contributions that ausbro made. in fact you sound quite irrational, perhaps you were out-bantered by this particular australian and now are taking your anger out?

fd162b No.25930



>poor ausbro who is totally not me guys, I just happen to really like him and agree with him in a general sense, but it's totally not me guys, even though I'm bringing him up in a completely different thread - still not totally not me teehee

2857be No.25931


oh i would be very honored if i was ausbro, but sadly i am not him. i strive to be like him however, i believe he is the greatest poster on this board and should be BO


ab7374 No.25942

Gas cluster B faggots on sight.

f4b363 No.25952

File: 8d0743edca0d567⋯.jpg (99.38 KB, 1136x490, 568:245, 09b.jpg)


I made this, it's not very good but better than nothing.

23ec6e No.25954


Gave me a laugh there.

1395d2 No.25956



I can think of a simple solution, one vote one household and to vote you have to enroll in the selective service. Boom, problem solved

cc3c59 No.25958


Farmers and service men should vote on Things that concern them.

Limited voting and a emperor or king to handle the rest seems good.

73e1e8 No.25959

I understand that OPSEC is a big deal but I feel like whites need to be networking more. Not saying we need /k/ tier meetups or anything, and ideally we should all be making IRL white allies/friends locally, but we need to start contacting each other online too. the more the merrier. I would just go to /meadhall/ but its pretty dead. Anyway it's just an idea.

But I'll post my email in case anybody wants to talk mairead@420blaze.it

112d85 No.25960


Networking is important but this place is under surveillance, so network with people IRL and use this place as a way to brainstorm in order to keep your entourage clean.

aced23 No.25970


Start with your closest friends and family. Then expand it to your neighborhood. Do you even talk to your neighbors? It can be as simple as bringing up some random recent crime in your city, then playing the role of a concerned moderate conservative to test their level of redpilling. The more they respond, the more you can go. Some people are lost causes and you shouldn't waste your resources and time on then. Start close to home, get some conservative neighbors together, slowly guide them in the right direction while chatting/hanging out, and do that for a while. Get together, do something productive/fun, share redpills, have them invite their friends, keep the responsive ones, grow, repeat……

13d2b8 No.25973


it's breddy gud despite the subject matter because guy who hosts it isn't a maladjusted wanker or virgin with rage. definitely worth a listen.

8cd49a No.25978

Trump is making progress.

fe5e17 No.25980


The only thing he's done right was side with the military against faggots.

23ec6e No.25984


I agree with >>25980 He hasn't done too much outside of some deportations and the baring of trannies. He needs to get more things done. But then again, I haven't kept up with his presidency…

112d85 No.25986



It's mostly up to us to do shit.

cfb0b4 No.25998


<muh based single mother



It's always nice to see OC

112d85 No.26035

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b44376 No.26036

I was driving from my friends house and parked at a red light and couldn't believe what I saw. It was like the kikes had a bunch of movie set actors waiting for me to stage a scene of their depraved vision of the world to come. At the crosswalk I saw no less than three coalburners with their chimp escourts, an asian family, a fucking boatload of sand niggers and a couple of faggots holding hands with what I assumed was an adopted son.

Every day this is getting more and more commonplace and normalized by society.

I can't fucking take it anymore, I feel like I'm loosing my fucking mind.

84dd11 No.26037


Should've just hit the gas anon.

I heard /pol/ got a new BO, what's up with that?

d13774 No.26038


I get the feeling that this """"new"""" BO is probably just kuntfy in disguise

fe5e17 No.26039

File: e4e5dd3c1bf8c00⋯.jpg (47.45 KB, 283x323, 283:323, 1431800870858.jpg)


I call bullshit. When was this suppose to have happened? Seems like the same old /pol/ to me, same bunch of chucklefucks jerking off to their Zionist puppet.

23ec6e No.26040

What is everyone up to tonight?

07a1a6 No.26041


Working constantly get never seem to get done

Always always always more to be done

And how are you?

d13774 No.26042


Linguistic related stuff I've been studying Judeo-European languages like Yiddish and Ladino in order to understand how the Ashkenazis and Sephardic work

fdec3a No.26043


Trying to find the best allocation of my time between gym, art, dance, math and anime. Moving target.

23ec6e No.26044


Not bad myself, but could be better. What are you always working on? Or is the problem of always finding new work?


Be careful there, anon, they might think you're a kike too and give you banking job.


Are you in school or are these hobbies?

888313 No.26045

File: 5e2d59025b116e2⋯.pdf (1.77 MB, Franz Bardon - Initiation ….pdf)

File: f89b54eb81f803f⋯.pdf (1.44 MB, Kybalion.pdf)

File: 49f66a75f89d3b9⋯.png (1.76 MB, 759x1127, 33:49, ak.png)

Hey guys, just a reminder that magick is real, and that the global elites use black magick to further their goals. If you don't already, set aside a half hour per day to meditate. Start researching ancient occult philosophies to see which school of magick you would prefer to follow. I recommend Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Chaos Magic, or Kabballah. To help you start off, I included some very useful beginner's books.

Even if you don't believe in esoteric ideas, start meditating! The benefits far outweigh the time spent.


8f013a No.26051



I don't even come close to the bleached Arab look that Jews have

5cb68a No.26052

My parents took a DNA test and my dad (who didn't know about his background due to adoptions in the family) turned out 18% European Jewish. HANS, GET THE GAS.

The rest of his break down was 50% E. European (Slovak), 16% Greek/Italian, 11% W. Europe (German or French), and the rest was trace amounts from Asia. Mom's side was all from Slovakia, Russia, Hungary, and a bit of Anglo mixed in.

>I-I'm s-still Aryan, right guys?

112d85 No.26054


How jewish does that makes you anyway ?

23ec6e No.26056


Put fake tanning spray on you and just take the banking job.



That makes you/him 9% Jewish.

112d85 No.26057


He can probably score some holocaust money with that.

73e9ab No.26071

Have you seen /pol/ ? It's at 4chan's level when the first exodus happened (cuck shit, Germany never won a war israel never lost one).

23ec6e No.26072


Yup, I don't even have to look at to know it's mainly shitposting and bait.

73e9ab No.26073


I'm anxious everytime I click on the shortcut to go there.

ab7374 No.26074


>Are you in school or are these hobbies?

Hobbies except the math which is what I'm in school for.

f4101b No.26075


I've had more stimulating political discussions on krautchan than I have on nu-/pol/

73e9ab No.26076


I thought krautchan died.

f4101b No.26077


It's still alive despite the hysterical tranny cuckold moderators, I don't know how though

73e9ab No.26078


Why do they stay there ?

f4101b No.26079


Stockholm syndrome

8747d7 No.26095

File: 2881df841983ece⋯.webm (1.4 MB, 480x480, 1:1, a long way from texas.webm)

99c81f No.26109

File: 8ced2548df3970f⋯.png (399.32 KB, 480x480, 1:1, screenshot-8ch.net-2017-08….png)

73e9ab No.26110


This is not Texas anymore.

fb6b4d No.26126


I stopped visiting this board when I saw that you moved to nextchan. Just more fragmentation. I imagine it was the same for lots of people. Decided to check back in earlier today to see if it was still active– I assumed it was dead.

73e9ab No.26129


Only a few moved to nextchan.

cfb0b4 No.26133


Nextchan was a stillborn

ea1222 No.26148


Where else is there other than 8/pol/ or /polk/?

8eb63c No.26152

Trying not to be a blogposting blackpill here, but Jesus I have no hope at the moment. I really, really wish for a bright future.

73e9ab No.26154


What's wrong ?

bad406 No.26158


There's always hope m8. As long as you're alive.

What specifically, if anything, pushed you over the edge like this? Or is it just a general hopelessness caused by everything going on right now?

73e9ab No.26162


We need to colonize local politics IRL.

c4db24 No.26163


When nexchan went down, I moved over to /lit/ at halfchan. Now I am back.

8eb63c No.26167

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>What specifically, if anything, pushed you over the edge like this?

I was thinking about some recent stuff related to kids. Pizzagate, which I fear will never come to light. Muslim rape niggers in Europe getting away with everything. The straw that broke the camel's back was the sheer mass of computer-generated, poo-in-loo videos on Youtube (embed related) that are aimed at kids of naive normalfaggot parents to unknown ends.

a078df No.26170


I agree with that. I think we could definitely focus our attention on some local elections and impact the results.

ea4742 No.26177


I can definitely understand how shit like this can be demoralizing.The pizzagate shit, assuming it's true, means that some of these creeps are so deep in power and money that they're almost untouchable.

Possible solutions/advice: become a vigilante and hunt pedos(most unrealistic choice, but you could do it if you had nothing to lose), join anti-pedo group(these are usually just moms of victims who chase pedos around and hang "babykiller" posters at pedos house), only other choice is to simply keep opposing pedos in every avenue/format you can. Even if you're just telling pedos on twitter to kill themselves. And if you have any children, protect them.

No matter what you can't let yourself become blackpilled. Keep in mind that the anger and hopelessness you feel means you're still human and capable of morality. That alone should encourage you.

73e9ab No.26179


The real best you can do is outing pedos in power, just once little rumor can fuck someone's shit up really hard.

e880d9 No.26200


But you'll just be accused of "le conspiracy theory"

Also you'll commit suicide by shooting yourself in the back of the head nine times while your hands are tied ;^)

you're actually totally right

73e9ab No.26269


They expect one of us in the wreckage brother.

They can't stop all of us, and even if they manage to stop one, their reputation will be fucked forever.

f03deb No.26274


The asymmetry of the thumbnail is unsettling by design.

dedb07 No.26278

Politics has been weighing on me more and more lately. I tried talking to a friend about it, mentioning something small, and was reminded of what a huge gulf exists between autists like ourselves and normalfaggots. I'll have to look for extra-social means of managing these feelings such as working out :^)

73e9ab No.26288


William Pierce mentioned it quite a few times that if you talk politics with normalfags you sort of have to steer them in a certain direction rather than going full 14/88.

5cd395 No.26335

Any of you paid attention to the influx of christians on /pol/ ? We used to be able have discussions with each other before the deus vult faglords came in.

cfb0b4 No.26336


Pierce said that normalfags/lemons don't have any higher values and only care about there families/own stuff. What he said is 100% true. Try to push any message to them that has nothing to the previous and there think your a idealistic loser at best. Push the Mexicans will turn american into to Mexico narrative to convince some people. A lot of people still struggle with this one though, since they do not believe in race and cannot see the difference between second wave Germans and the Mexicans today.

357894 No.26338


Christcucks are fucking relentless.

Point out how their shit worship has fed and clothed so many shitskins and they just get triggered or worse

>Christianity used to be cool

>Jesus was a based jew

Fucking hell they don't even live in reality

5cd395 No.26356

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The ones I had to deal with were just threatening to torture people to death and quoting the bible. One replied to them that they would have to find him first and was told that he couldn't hide or something like that and when he replied "ok then what's my name ?" another one went full scale christkike movie crazy and started saying that the what's my name guy was terrified of him


You have to appeal to these people with selfishness, what can they gain from following you ?

Watch vid related.

694167 No.26375


>what a huge gulf exists between autists like ourselves and normalfaggots.

If this race, or even this species, wishes to survive, this gulf must evaporate.

9c0ecb No.26379


Social media was and still is the best way to try to bridge the Normie gap, but it's only going to get harder from this point on, because the people in control are tightening their ship and cracking down. We should be backing up our youtube shit for example. If push comes to shove, there are great alternatives. The darknet is pretty promising too. I've come across one site in particular that brings what I believe to be the /polk/ viewpoint across well, it's called Heidenwut. Has anyone come across it? If not I encourage you to go check it out. I think it's great and I think I've learned new stuff on it.

c69f48 No.26381

File: ffcb72eaf6dd8ef⋯.jpg (87.72 KB, 403x640, 403:640, 4e616ae556c3464d6d25266443….jpg)

File: de9094bc4d6e19e⋯.jpg (297.87 KB, 922x750, 461:375, 415258.jpg)

File: 184675e48f4e05a⋯.jpg (241.52 KB, 549x800, 549:800, 526787.jpg)

8747d7 No.26391

File: 0f2d345c776643e⋯.webm (3.18 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Быдло_ВДВшник_ударил_журн….webm)

5cb68a No.26393


I'm also trying out ZeroNet and using 0chan there.

Sorry for the double post

888d38 No.26394


it went down for me.

did lat do that on purpose?

0caf31 No.26404

Im mixed race and come to polk for current events.

0caf31 No.26405


Im also a faggot that cant sage apparently.

32dbf7 No.26414



Absolutely honorary, fam.

673527 No.26435

File: 52965fb25a2c8bf⋯.webm (8.4 MB, 452x360, 113:90, antifa_usa.webm)

8f3d29 No.26478

File: 664d076cb4a8a54⋯.jpg (489.54 KB, 898x1298, 449:649, 664d076cb4a8a54b0af55c92a7….jpg)

maybe we should try recruitment again

61024c No.26498


>come back after 6 months

>this attention whore schizo is still around

d35aa8 No.26499

File: 2513279e1d99e27⋯.jpg (413.6 KB, 1024x1200, 64:75, Sommer2.jpg)

File: a27d3534fd0cbd7⋯.jpg (504.05 KB, 1024x1200, 64:75, Sommer1.jpg)

Worldcup promo…

023c27 No.26506

Does anyone have the chart which compares the Roman Empire at the pinnacle of its degeneracy (shorty before its downfall) with modern society?

I can't remember how I named the image and I don't want to dig through thousands of unsorted files.



1445c4 No.26507

File: 6c8a70578856aff⋯.jpg (82.02 KB, 495x686, 495:686, 1466582498868.jpg)

I'm glad to see you all are still here. I figured /polk/ was gone after the Nextchan move.

My question is: Are there any oldfags even left on 8chan in general? The average IQ on /pol/ seems to have dropped at least 15 points since before the election, and the jews have successfully created a circlejerk of undying hero worship around Trump, and have created an atmosphere that stifles questioning and self-improvement. The board is total cancer now, almost unbelievable how low it's fallen.

In other news, has anyone here ever looked into Brendon O'Connell? I think the man a political genius. His main point is to beat the jew, you must always focus on the jew - turn Frankfurt School words against them and focus on the racism and hatred of judaism and what their rabbis actually say, focus on the crimes of israel against the Palestinians, focus on how dual American-Israeli citizens started the War on Terror, focus on how israel sells US high technology to Russia and China, and runs some of the most important tech in the world.

He argues that you can say these things to anyone, and that if you bring up white genocide to people, most are going to have violent planted reactions triggered in them and completely turn against you.

I think this is well worth considering and he's onto something. My only question is if what he's talking about flies over the head of most.

>Strategies to Fight the JWO


023c27 No.26511

File: 857d5dff2fa21bc⋯.jpg (25.61 KB, 759x353, 759:353, CIA tips.jpg)


>are there any oldfags even left on 8chan in general?

Depending on what you call Oldfag, yes. Some Goobergaters still maintain their thread on /v/ and some months ago someone pretty much proved on /monster/ that he is a 04-05 fag with a not reverse-searchable screencap from that time. Generally, interest/hobby boards like /co/, /k/, /monster/, /fringe/ and /tg/ should still have a higher amount of older anons. Unlike political boards or boards that have a retarded BO like /v/ it is easier there to assimilate newfags, so they are also less inclined to leave due to deteriorating board culture.

9c0ecb No.26513


| [+] E-mail Found: jroot@tauntongazette.com

| [+] E-mail Found: scsmith@wickedlocal.comm

| [+] E-mail Found: scsmith@wickedlocal.com

| [+] E-mail Found: ttalbot@tauntongazette.com

| [+] E-mail Found: cwinokoor@tauntongazette.com

| [+] E-mail Found: nsimmons@wickedlocal.com

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| [+] E-mail Found: lsullivan@heraldnews.com

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e8e70d No.26515


Since when is /fringe/ anything but Smiley's designated shitting board?

89f0d0 No.26516



I honestly haven't heard of him for so long that I already forgot he exists

7391cd No.26517


Smiley isn't in control of /fringe/ anymore.

e63588 No.26547


Came here because I was b& from /pol/ for calling pro-afghan war posters kikes. I'm glad this place exists and I expect more anons to come here as the mask slips.

e63588 No.26548


/pol/ is becoming low quality and seems to be going in the direction of:

Endless Trump dicksucking, where any post less than praising is b&

E-celeb noise either pro/against

Aut-right noise either pro/against

/pol/ is only good for sourcing bodies to do online raids/aitistic digging, as even the newest of racemixing newfags can do this. What needs to be created is a separate thinktank that taps into this while actual productive discussion is moderated.

3d9638 No.26550


> His main point is to beat the jew, you must always focus on the jew - turn Frankfurt School words against them and focus on the racism and hatred of judaism and what their rabbis actually say, focus on the crimes of israel against the Palestinians, focus on how dual American-Israeli citizens started the War on Terror, focus on how israel sells US high technology to Russia and China, and runs some of the most important tech in the world.

Jewing jews is not a new concept.

43d484 No.26564

I am one of the anons who checks /pdfs/ and posts there only. Is this board still alive or has everyone migrated to somewhere?

fb3345 No.26565


we're here, just slow

8747d7 No.26566

File: 5929d9a8e3c1f2d⋯.webm (8.16 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Paddy_Tarleton_Charlottes….webm)


Activity seems to have stagnated a bit, maybe the shoahing of pro-White sites is keeping folks occupied.

dbaad5 No.26567

I like this plan

Also, keep the volk alive.

dbaad5 No.26568

Also, /meadhall/ could use this sort of thread, too. I keep trying to keep PA /Meadhall/ alive and it's just me shouting in the dark.

ba879a No.26570

>/pol/ threads:

>Just found this on cuckchan…

>Just found this on reddit…

>Just found this while on 4chan pol…

>Let's raid Assassin's Creed Steam Forum

>MAGA video taken down from youtube, youtube is literally nazis!… oh wait

>Dox thread that is nothing but arguing

>Liberals are literally cyborgs

>Thread about the hurricane in Texas


just venting, really. boards are always a trade-off between activity and quality.

3d9638 No.26571


Have you ever met any of them ?

f1ab53 No.26593

File: da4476f7c95890a⋯.jpg (17.36 KB, 157x153, 157:153, 1347152228212.jpg)

Is it better for a society to ensure that its criminals are punished and allow for the collateral damage of a few unfairly punished innocent men or is it better for a society to ensure that its good citizens are unpunished and allow for the collateral damage of a few unfairly unpunished criminals?

f1ab53 No.26595


Was I on /polk/ back in March or February? That seems a bit too soon. I remember posting about my desire to attempt telepathy back in April or so but yeah, that was mid-Spring. Are you sure you're thinking of me? What if you're thinking of the guy that actually created those threads that attempted to prove that /fringe/ was legit?

4c3605 No.26596

are you thinking about the message in hobbes leviathan?

bdf42a No.26602

We should change from putting most of our energy fighting Jews and promoting Hitler and the third reich, to ==fighting communism== and ==cultural marxism== and other values and ideas, as well as fighting for a fair debt-free currency (e.g. colonial scrip, green backs, Reichsmark).

Why? Because you need to be ==very careful== with people that are still brainwashed.

I know that I personally didn't take you guys seriously for years and years. It has made me not look into this subject and remain brainwashed.

We shouldn't be associating too much with Hitler and the Third Reich no matter how positively you may think of that.

We should stand for the values they stood for, and fight the fight they were fighting.


3f2a93 No.26603

>we need to figure out how to get the good people from /pol/ here

>while our mascot is literally #Resist-tier level of faggotry and our board looks like goon-tier shit

Have fun tbh. I checked this place out a while ago and I was disappointed. I still am. That said, I'm probably not going back to /pol/ either since that place has gone down considerably in terms of quality. I'll probably check there for digging and happenings on occasion though.

Good luck. You'll probably need it.

2f2ebf No.26605


Sure, but my post was asking which is a more viable tactic.

bdf42a No.26606

Tech companies changing European history

<Image results of "european people history"

Google @ 2017-09-01: https://archive.fo/zzjCt

Bing @ 2017-09-01: https://archive.fo/c5JIi

Yandex @ 2017-09-01: https://archive.fo/brCyT

DuckDuckGo @ 2017-09-01: https://archive.fo/Ou4jD

<Image results of "european people art"

Google @ 2016-09-23: https://archive.fo/oBGLT

Google @ 2017-09-01: https://archive.fo/y76Ku

Bing @ 2017-09-01: https://archive.fo/P9bs2

Yandex @ 2017-09-01: https://archive.fo/1KWoi

DuckDuckGo @ 2017-09-01: https://archive.fo/vqq2N


Agreed. Kill Communism & Cultural Marxism

bdf42a No.26607


Tech promoting white genocide

>Image results of "white man white woman"

Google @ 2017-09-01: https://archive.fo/QFlcs

Bing @ 2017-09-01: https://archive.fo/WCAcg

Yandex @ 2017-09-01: https://archive.fo/jRRvS

DuckDuckGo @ 2017-09-01: https://archive.fo/2Sygq

>Image results of "american inventors"

Google @ 2017-09-01: https://archive.fo/18Cj5

Bing @ 2017-09-01: https://archive.fo/DY9Np

Yandex @ 2017-09-01: https://archive.fo/QNOZ5

DuckDuckGo @ 2017-09-01: https://archive.fo/3CucL

bdf42a No.26608


Tech companies, not tech.

bdf42a No.26609


By the way this started happening at 2016-09-23 which is a very significant date because it is a year before 2017-09-23.

2017-09-23 is significant because on that date:

* Revelation 12:1-2 in the Bible will (likely) be fulfilled

(alignment of Virgo, the moon, and the twelve stars, which happens once every 7000 years)

* Also Revelation 12 talks about a "red dragon" which can be seen in near the leg of Virgo on that date as well.

* Also it is a day after the end of Rosh Hashanah (Jewish new year)

More here: https://archive.fo/b6f5W


bdf42a No.26618

How is /polk/ doing today? Did I miss anything important around here in the last month?


I would agree that one of the largest failings of the modern NS movements is how much they idolize Hitler. Rockwell got away with it because it was 1960 and WWII was still fresh on everybody's minds, but today I think that clinging to the bitter memory of a 75 year old defeat pushes more potentially useful people away than it draws in. This doesn't mean we should start PR cucking. We just need to change our focus from the old to the new.

f352b5 No.26621

Glad this place is still around, even if it is slow as shit ever since the move.

db2b34 No.26622

File: a397b36ae36115b⋯.jpg (79.47 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 21316444_114260522624974_7….jpg)


just arrived

Permabanned for making fun of /pol/s tinfoilery. I would suggest posting pics of one's arm with a timestamp to prove your ethnicity, but EXIF data can still be mined.

So I guess 8chan is run by freemason Jim BTW? Time to find a new spot.

db2b34 No.26623


plus, i mean, hitler is german not anglo

(i am a german american but… )

i think it is necessary to encourage more bonding between british americans and germans still at this point

f5067a No.26624


If you are so paranoid about being spied on why are you using google chrome?

db2b34 No.26625


ha true

and facebook (fake account)

was at le liberry to browse anon

844c29 No.26627


Not putting the / on /pol/ is a surefire way to come off as an interloper anon.

b66e48 No.26635

File: b36496e911c15ed⋯.png (244.78 KB, 769x437, 769:437, heretic.png)


>So I guess 8chan is run by freemason Jim BTW? Time to find a new spot.

Is there actually any evidence that Jim is secretly jewing us? While I don't entirely trust Jim about his intentions, Codemonkey seems to genuinely care about 8chan and its users. I honestly think that even if Jim originally intended to do something shady, he didn't went through with it because CM doesn't want it. I also don't think that Hotwheels would silently watch while Jim fucks us, it would go against his basic ideals


db2b34 No.26639



340f8c No.26640

File: 261cd85488e4cab⋯.jpg (44.14 KB, 552x480, 23:20, svwj4gc.jpg)

File: 93c1de3eae162e1⋯.jpg (116.82 KB, 650x433, 650:433, 20170903000026_0.jpg)

>wake up

>see news about NK h bomb test

>literally no photos or video

>despite NK probably being under constant satellite surveillance

>somehow everyone knows the yield

>pictures of the bomb itself exist

>but literally nothing of the test

>mushroom cloud supposedly 60k feet high

>no evidence at all that the test happened

is this another "assad gassed his own people" ruse to get us into a conflict with NK? I've already seen people using it to push for starting shit with Iran too, what are the chances that this test is just a propaganda piece on both sides?

bdf42a No.26642




I'm beginning to regard /pol/ like boards as disinformation.

Like the first post says, you have to be very careful with brainwashed people.

Knowing how average people react to Hitler or the Third Reich it is just stupid to associate so much with that historic figure or country.

I mean people seem to forget great historic figures like Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Andrew Jackson.

We'll just never be able to get the truth out there if you guys keep doing that, people who get on /pol/ like boards will just immediately take us not seriously, or leave.

Just stop spamming Hitler and Third Reich-related imagery every fucking where.

Talk more about the wars they fought, the ideals they stood for, and talk more about American history because it is damn interesting to say the least.

We have to shift our focus to fighting against communism, against cultural marxism, against corruption, against secrecy, for a debt-free currency. Et cetera.

Fight the good fight, but be smart.

bdf42a No.26643


>Talk more about the wars they fought […]

Should've been "Fight the wars they fought […]"

6e836b No.26644


You are so very very wrong it's not funny. This isn't even a meme, it's just a fucking 90's powerpoint style video.

a70c28 No.26648


These 3 are good but they can be used as a way to promote civic nationalism.

bdf42a No.26658


The core of the North Korea issue is rare earth metals. Rare earth is crucial to the survival of society as we know it because it is used in so many places and in so many ways, including as a critical component in the manufacture of both electronics and gasoline. At present, China controls >95% of the world's rare earth production, but they're beginning to restrict exports because it is destroying their environment. Recently, an enormous sum of rare earth was discovered in North Korea with a value of trillions of dollars. The benefit to both sides is that they can destroy North Korean agriculture instead of their own. The USA wants and needs the resources, but China wants to keep the status quo, or perhaps tilt it even more in their favor. This is why the media is trying to condition the population to support the upcoming war.

North Korea's nukes are probably about as real as Afghanistan's were in 2001.

Here's an article about it from an economic standpoint.



I'm going to copy-paste a list of videos from the description from a recent Varg video intended to remind people about this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KDbFS_9EHM The first on the list is probably the most informative. The second is a rant about how and why the USA is fucked. The third and fourth are more typical Varg videos where he mentions the issue as part of a larger whole.

>A video that explains this from a US (military) perspective: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxwF93wnRQo

>A video about how China has the USA by the balls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4oysLUcuRM

>A video about how the ship is sinking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFPAe1Rm110

>A video explaining why there will be war: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3t_8wKVAsXQ


I don't disagree with you. American history itself has been retold in a way that promotes civic nationalism for a long time, and it is probably more difficult here than in Europe to create a movement that resists civic nationalism. The issue with Americans trying to emulate the NSDAP is that it becomes International Socialism. It's fine if we maintain a healthy respect for German National Socialism, and it's fine for us to say that Hitler did nothing wrong when asked, but at least for Americans the NSDAP is something fundamentally alien. I'm >>26618 if my ID changed.

32df92 No.26663


What happened here?

443e8c No.26668

Capitalism is a cancer that Fascism must address. What is the general feeling here about Karl Marx's criticisms of (((Capitalism))) and Socialist economic policy in general?

e654e1 No.26669


Marx had quite a few criticisms. Narrowing it down to which one you are referring to here would be helpful.

443e8c No.26670


I mean generally anything he pointed out as flawed about Capitalism. Interpret that as you like.

2ac226 No.26671

EBT is down, and they are chimping all over the site.

e654e1 No.26672


Hmm, this did not leave me with a lot to go on, anon, but since left with the direction of the conversation I will choose Marx's most popular critique: that capitalism exploits the worker. Personally, I do and do not see this as a drawback. I do not for the reason that this enables those with higher IQs to accumulate additional resources, thos creating a eugenic affect via equipping those with higher IQs the ability to further breed than those with lower IQs. I do see this as a problem, in face of the fact, that resources can and may collect towards the top alone, creating undesirable living conditions at "the bottom". On the contrary though, this may be "desirable" too as substantial resources at "the bottom" may lead one to dysgenic breeding.

443e8c No.26675


Weak Jews are at the top so Capitalism isn't so eugenic as you believe. Besides, I don't see the benefit to Eugenics beyond the removal of those with mental or genetic defects, namely Down's Syndrome and the like. If you're White with a healthy mind and body, all is well. If you're born missing your frontal lobe, tossing you into a pit Sparta-style is the way to go.

e654e1 No.26677


Well, hailing Capitalism as the end all, be all to the eugenics-dysgenics solution is not what I was intending here, but to say there is no eugenic affect, to what extent is arguable, is dishonest. As for the solution to Jews being at the top, I'm sure we are in agreement here that Jews, and any nonWhites, will be removed: so I do not see them as a problem (assuming we are under desirable conditions) under Capitalism.

>Besides, I don't see the benefit to Eugenics… and so on.

Perfectly reasonable stance and I agree, but I do believe we should, at the very least, also stop the dysgenic breeding of those with a lower IQ and other various, undesirable traits. In which, I am of the question if Capitalism can be a "naturalistic" system that can aid in that quest.

443e8c No.26683


Capitalism is the opposite of naturalistic in any sense. It rewards nepotism (Of families - not Race) and punishes merit. We have the most intelligent, educated individuals at the bottom - even lower than the bottom because many are unemployed - and the fattest Kikes and Whites born with the souls of Jews at the top simply because of family connections. Hitler himself got to power by bringing up the fact that a system based around profit only works to gring our people's bones to dust. Our resources are squandered in the name of commodity, to the point where our planet's ecosystem is being destroyed. The abolishment of Capital, the power structure of the Capitalist machine, the theft of surplus value, can not be understated. Fascism must become the system to do that, because pure Communism can also be destructive.

443e8c No.26684




e654e1 No.26688


>Capitalism is the opposite of naturalistic in any sense. It rewards nepotism (Of families - not Race) and punishes merit.

Nepotism is probably one of the most natural behaviours out there: to show favor towards next of kin, going from family to ethnicity to race. And as a matter of fact, depending on who you are showing nepotism towards (i.e. your son or daughter or someone else's), it can be a quite good predictor of their performance as your parents are quite good predictors of your IQ and behavioural traits [note, what I am not saying is nepotism is the end all, but that it can be good in some cases]. For merit, you'll have to explain how capitalism does not favor merit.

>We have the most intelligent, educated individuals at the bottom - even lower than the bottom because many are unemployed - and the fattest Kikes and Whites born with the souls of Jews at the top simply because of family connections.

Throw the notion of kikes being a problem out of the window, as we are discussing this with the belief that they are already gone. As for the "the fattest Whites", what leads you to the belief that nepotism will cease to exist under your system? We know that ingroup favoritism is heritable. So under your eyes, what leads you to believe this does not extend to family and friends and that this is not part of our nature? To address unemployment, I would argue that this problem can be solved via protectionism and less immigration, driving the domestic demand for labor supply upwards.

>Hitler himself got to power by bringing up the fact that a system based around profit only works to gring our people's bones to dust.

Using Hitler for any argument is an appeal to authority.

>Our resources are squandered in the name of commodity, to the point where our planet's ecosystem is being destroyed. The abolishment of Capital, the power structure of the Capitalist machine, the theft of surplus value, can not be understated.

Yes, and we can regulate resources and environmental laws as not to destory our land and resources. As for the "capitalist power structure" and"surplus value" you'll have to explain what it is you mean here further.

>Fascism must become the system to do that, because pure Communism can also be destructive.

Fascism was not a system that appealed to race but "spiritual racialism". You're thinking of National Socialism.

443e8c No.26690


>Nepotism is one of the most natural behaviors out there

Then we must oppose the baser animal instinct to do so. It benefits the family if you put your kin in a position regardless of their competency, sure. But it benefits the Race as a whole to ignore preferential sentiment and put the one who is most capable in the position. There's plenty more to Capitalism than nepotism to make it unnatural.

>What leads you to the belief that nepotism will cease to exist under your system

If I'm to assume that we're talking about a homogeneous society with no Jews, you can assume the same. If every one is the same Blood, everyone ought to be given the same opportunity. Simple as that. I can find value in a hierarchy structure, but it can't be a caste system without social mobility because all are entitled to equal opportunity in this hypothetical society.


I support protecting the national identity with a strong borders policy. It's simply not enough to have a protection - you have to remove the (Capitalist) motivation from those illegals.

>Appeal to authority

I know but it's Hitler we're talking about. We can bring him up as we like.

>Regulate resources and environmental laws

Not enough. You're just keeping the Capitalist dogs around while giving them a great impetus to shoot you in the back of the head. (((Profit())) motivated exploiters of the environment simply must be put down, or they'll one day undo everything you accomplished - same as their spiritual brothers, the Jews.


Both seek the same goal of the unity of bllod and soil. Both must become the greatest enemies of Capitalism as well as the Jews.

443e8c No.26691




443e8c No.26692


Whoops, for the

>As for the "capitalist power structure" and "surplus value" you'll have to explain what it is you mean further

I insist you read more theory. I recommend The Principles of Communism by Friedrich Engels, Das Kapital by Karl Marx, and The Conquest of Bread by Peter Kropotkin (Despite the fact that he was an Anarchist, his theory was sound)

"The Capitalist power structure" is the current system including all its wageslavery and resource squandering, commodification of Culture, you get the picture. "surplus value" is something you can look into on your own but basically you're worth more than a cog in the machine.

e654e1 No.26693


>Then we must oppose the baser animal instinct to do so.

That… will require drastic genetic remodeling. In short, selection against people forming and desiring attachment to individuals and groups would need to take place. Which is highly not recommended as this would be counter to our cause and severely drop levels of social cohesion and altruism.

>It benefits the family if you put your kin in a position regardless of their competency, sure. But it benefits the Race as a whole to ignore preferential sentiment and put the one who is most capable in the position.

Yes, I agree merit should always come behand, but what I am saying is that nepotism can be good in some cases as your merit is highly a genetic product of your parents and these two do go hand in hand. In rephrasal, by hiring the son, to an extent you are hiring the man with merit as the son is the biological product of the man with merit (the father), but only to an extent.

>There's plenty more to Capitalism than nepotism to make it unnatural.

Mind naming some reasons?

>If I'm to assume that we're talking about a homogeneous society with no Jews, you can assume the same. If every one is the same Blood, everyone ought to be given the same opportunity. Simple as that. I can find value in a hierarchy structure, but it can't be a caste system without social mobility because all are entitled to equal opportunity in this hypothetical society.

Well, what is equal opportunity in your eyes: is it equal opportunity under the law? Equal opportunity by having been raised on the same socio-economic status? The former can be accomplished under Capitalism by separating capital and state. I support a hierarchy aswell but I too believe that nepotism is part of that hierarchy and natural order. I am not in favor of a caste system though as it may form into a country such as India: were each caste can genetically be counted as an ethnicity due to little interbreeding between them, with one caste being low IQ'd.

>I support protecting the national identity with a strong borders policy. It's simply not enough to have a protection - you have to remove the (Capitalist) motivation from those illegals.

Illegals? I am not understanding what you are trying to communicate to me here.

>Not enough. You're just keeping the Capitalist dogs around while giving them a great impetus to shoot you in the back of the head. (((Profit())) motivated exploiters of the environment simply must be put down, or they'll one day undo everything you accomplished - same as their spiritual brothers, the Jews.

Regulate. Shoot them. Either or. We can still practice Capitalism after removing TPTB.

>Both seek the same goal of the unity of bllod and soil. Both must become the greatest enemies of Capitalism as well as the Jews.

It's pretty important to properly communicate what it is you are saying.

443e8c No.26694


Read Marx and tell me Capitalism is an acceptable form of economy.

e654e1 No.26695



What is a system where there is no wageslavery? Each system has its own form of "you don't work: you don't eat". If you could please post some of Marx's critiques so this conversation can further that would be much appreciated because, as it currently stands, if I leave to read your recommendations, this conversation would be over.

443e8c No.26697


It's okay to take a hiatus to read. This is a slow board, and you getting learned about it would make the conversation more enjoyable. Truth is, I'm no good at explaining a whole lot.

8e0bbb No.26698


you also have to consider the natural selection effects that this will bring about. Do you want evolution to tend towards favoring exploitative and sociopathic people, that do everything in their power to accrue more wealth? or do you want evolution to create more hardworking, intelligent and healthy people.

any kind of political system must assess the kind of environment it will create in terms of what type of person is fittest to survive in it.

e654e1 No.26700


For my bit of honesty, I have no interest of an indepth reading as I am already using my free time to read things of my own interest. Do you have any links that gets to the meat of his critiques or any chapters you can point me towards?


Yes, that is correct. Hopefully under Capitalism either or would select against exploiters and undesirables by A. altruism being a better strategy for resources or B. boycotting said undesirables.

>do you want evolution to create more hardworking, intelligent and healthy people.

Any idea what system would select for that? If you have it, then I'm on board with you.

c2b1bb No.26703


>Any idea what system would select for that?

well, natsoc eugenics would come to mind. but to me, any kind of eugenics will be imperfect. the environment must be adjusted in such a way that this can happen. its largely something of culture, we must first have a culture that allows for the best to succeed to their full ability, and for these people to reproduce. It is hard to create or find a system simply because its hard to determine what is the 'best,' but once that can be determined then all it takes is the right supporting culture.

So for a system, capitalism is okay, not bad, but not that great. At the moment we are SEVERELY failing on the culture aspect though, you bring up altruism which would be valid, but we dont have anything like that in modern capitalism.

e654e1 No.26708


Any eugenics in our current state is favorable, but I wouldn't necessarily assign eugenics to just National Socialism alone.

>the environment must be adjusted in such a way that this can happen. its largely something of culture.

It's quite hard to change people through environment. Anyhow. The quest at hand is trying to select for A. intelligence, B. ingroup altruism and C. culture (which includes population health). So long story short: if Capitalism fails those three basic objectives, into the trash it goes. If anyone has a system that selects for all three, you're more than welcome to come forward.

c2b1bb No.26710


well, lets just address the elehant in the room here. Anarchism selects for all those 3.


this is about value, to be valued in anarchism you must (of many things) be smart. the smart people will have more followers therefore more wealth. more wealth means more kids

>ingroup altruism

if you do wrong by your commune, they kick you out. There is only survival in community so there is no reason to be selfish. and therefore selfish people dont reproduce


not sure if you mean by this the same thing i do. but the anarchist commune is centered around culture, if you dont fit into the culture you will be expelled and not be able to reproduce.

e654e1 No.26717


>well, lets just address the elehant in the room here.

Nobody brought up Anarchism, Aussiefag. Pretty sure at this point it's going to go back to the original argument I made: "yeah, it sounds good, but statism seems to be the genetic norm right now so no clue what we're gonna do about that." Should we just skip the Anarchy part? Because even under Anarchy, we still have to decide economics, law and system of leadership (depending on what community you choose). So, it's kinda pointless to talk about Anarchy when we still have to decide what community/system is best.

c2b1bb No.26721


>Nobody brought up Anarchism

yes, and thats exactly why is the elephant in the room.

ie the really significant thing that no one brings up.

>even under Anarchy, we still have to decide economics, law and system of leadership

not really, in the case we are talking about natural selection and a system that selects positive traits, pretty much any system in anarchy will A. communes, B. leaders, C. followers

economics dont play into it, as long as its anarchy, and those 3 things exist, the environment will select those positive traits.

>statism seems to be the genetic norm

elaborate on this, in what way is statism encoded, psychologically? a desire for leadership?

e654e1 No.26723


>not really, in the case we are talking about natural selection and a system that selects positive traits, pretty much any system in anarchy will A. communes, B. leaders, C. followers. economics dont play into it, as long as its anarchy, and those 3 things exist, the environment will select those positive traits.

Makes no sense to ignore economics as it influences culture and culture and genes are a feedback loop. So no, not any system under Anarchy will select for those traits. By this logic, humanity is 100% biologically the same as all humans started in Anarchy. You still have to decide what system under Anarchy is best for selecting those traits.

>elaborate on this, in what way is statism encoded, psychologically? a desire for leadership?

Social conservatism is .65 heritable. Last I recall, conservatives are not Anarchist. Authoritarianism is upwards to .76 heritable and nor are they Anarchist. To an extent, there are biological behaviors predispositioned to reject Anarchism. My entire argument is 'how do you fix that? Because it currently seems that those behaviors, i.e. statism, is the norm currently'.

I'm going to sleep. Post those links whenever.

c2b1bb No.26725


>Makes no sense to ignore economics as it influences culture and culture and genes are a feedback loop.

it WOULD make no sense to ignore economics IF culture was something that is inflexible in anarchy. It simply doesnt matter due to anarchy being a conglomeration of differently cultured communes. Anarchy by its base definition, does not imply any specific culture. it only emphasizes the important of culture in stateless government

>By this logic, humanity is 100% biologically the same as all humans started in Anarchy.

hmm, not sure if this is the same logic. we are on different wavelengths here, same as last time.

>Social conservatism is .65 heritable. Last I recall, conservatives are not Anarchist. Authoritarianism is upwards to .76 heritable and nor are they Anarchist.

okay this is so fucking stupid, you are implying that the heritability of complex systems of psychological processes is equivalent to heritability of ideology (and INABILITY to have certain ideologies too). you are skipping a MAJOR logical step here.

you are going like this, "Social conservatism is .65 heritable, social conservatism doesnt mean anarchism, therefore anti-anarchism is .65 heritable"

Its the most jewish argument ive ever heard, you should probably institute eugenics right now by killing yourself if you unironically see no flaw in your argument. if that doesnt sound like your forte, please actually explain to me with proper non fallacious logic, how heritability of cognitive patterns means anarchy is impossible? and stop playing with absolutes you dumb cunt

also, fucking remember anarchy is not 'no rules,' nor is it 'no leaders', it simply means the lack of any central authority with coercive power.

im so mad right now, this is why i abandoned the last debate. nothing gets through to you, its like im talking to a wall

e654e1 No.26731


Yeah, it's going to be a wall with you so I'm not going to bother. The entire argument comes to this: to a certain extent, like all behaviors and traits, statism is to a certain degree heritable. As it currently stands, it seems to be the biological, predispositioned norm - how do you plain to fix this? That's it. This last sentence is all you have to address because it's the entire argument.

6144e0 No.26732

File: 6da18db080b7545⋯.png (93.43 KB, 368x420, 92:105, 6da18db080b75457d625bbe82d….png)

844c29 No.26734

File: 0697ec5a71e06d4⋯.webm (3.77 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, AHS 4chan guys.webm)

File: 469518d5813248c⋯.webm (6.03 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, American_Horror_Story2.webm)

File: bab76d616ebc190⋯.jpg (135.23 KB, 806x900, 403:450, salt_mine.jpg)

File: bec711b62f27e49⋯.jpg (400.76 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, somebody_actually_wrote_th….jpg)

File: 861b05bf5511d8b⋯.jpg (31.25 KB, 854x480, 427:240, you're already in one.jpg)

This was broadcast on the electric jew lately.

427947 No.26736

File: 98c1c3f8f809bdd⋯.jpg (66.92 KB, 600x1250, 12:25, 084.jpg)


I work in the video game industry as a programmer, and have been considering starting a politically incorrect game for some time. Ideally something revolving around the future SHTF happening. Probably FPS, but maybe RTS or grand-strategy.

We're undoubtedly going to be bombarded with more anti-white bullshit from companies like (((EA))) in the future. I figure we need some kind of platform to get a positive WN message out to young men.

Thoughts? Any developerfags on /polk/?

844c29 No.26737

File: bafe802c030d1f5⋯.webm (7.37 MB, 854x480, 427:240, American_Horror_Story0.webm)


Be a sick cunt and make an Ethnic Cleansing sequel.

e2578c No.26745


It's the same old "You've never met different people", "You are afraid". I'm French, I speak 4 languages and I was raised in a muzzie neighborhood, it was as terrible as most of you can imagine, and now that I moved away some of them moved in the appartment above me and they just won't stop screaming or listening to that shitty prayer music. Fuck them, White lands aren't for everyone, and if (((they))) weren't afraid they wouldn't throw the media machine at us evil gnatzees ! I just hope they push us to the limits and we remove them all violently.


Your big worry if you plan on having people play your game is marketing, you won't go too far otherwise. Maybe some kind of game where you have to build a civilization and some 3rd world trash try to bait you into letting them in and you have (((inside))) your govt helping them. Make sure it has sort of cute graphics so you can bait people into playing it.

b9de87 No.26747


watching this is physically hurting and its so awkward. We live in the same world but not really

65da96 No.26761

File: 768218e068aa27d⋯.png (316.67 KB, 1810x1163, 1810:1163, (Canada dropping the redpi….png)

File: 7b0b1f5e3b5cf60⋯.png (281.65 KB, 1873x1519, 1873:1519, (r9k civilization redpill….png)

File: e7eddee3cc236a9⋯.png (206.52 KB, 459x1451, 459:1451, all jews hate civilization….png)

File: 656f9e642f04152⋯.jpg (364.1 KB, 795x855, 53:57, why feminized societies wi….jpg)

File: 13600b04132e94a⋯.png (392.48 KB, 498x750, 83:125, (facism moderate tone down….png)

Robot here, do you guys know what telegony is? You should.

65da96 No.26763

File: cf070229dac0108⋯.png (11.13 KB, 919x460, 919:460, (Pau que nasce torto nunca….png)

File: 2a5d4fd4f56d145⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1795x709, 1795:709, woman are retarded, single….jpg)

File: 3cf4acefe8bcc16⋯.jpg (150.62 KB, 1148x462, 82:33, love weakness alpha violen….jpg)


> her genes were removed

>Be alpha male in old times

>live in a society the jews don't control

>become bandit

>raid village

>kill most, grab loot, rape some women but leave them alive

>leave, do not take the women

>women is rescued

>women lies and marry

>women's mens raise my kids thinking it's theirs

>kid is alph, like the father

>kid growns up

>becomes bandit

<kid is beta, like the mother

<kid growns up

<honest, upstanding men

<marry and has kids

<kids are alpha, like grandfather

<kids grow up

<kids become bandit

8712de No.26775


>right now on /pol/ there are people making excuses for some single mother who dumped her kids at her parents so she could do drugs with niggers and got killed

>no screencap

>no link


8712de No.26777

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


you any good at soldering?

just gotta get some tubes to focus it into a beam/cone and aim it at their radio shit

8712de No.26778

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



and another for good measure, but its hard to beat those trips

856e3c No.26781


Fuck yeah! Thank god jews arent being in-your-face about white genocide, as long as theyre in the dark they'll never accomplish anything!

1c2dc8 No.26782

File: 7ed8af709f9b25d⋯.mp4 (2.92 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2017-09-04 11-55-47.mp4)


I'm working on a futuristic stealth game, going to have lots of redpills.

6c92b2 No.26809

File: 5461e6e00bd8fa1⋯.png (1.27 MB, 700x2048, 175:512, Kaaba Golden Ratio.png)

File: fa3e309c00b8029⋯.jpg (474.48 KB, 554x1813, 554:1813, Quran Word Repetition.jpg)

File: 1971d9e5ac23b75⋯.jpg (2.08 MB, 554x8000, 277:4000, Quran Elements 1of2.jpg)

File: 8f885acf26ffefe⋯.png (422.19 KB, 638x1056, 29:48, embryo.png)

Islam is the true religion

dc9529 No.26825


This post + images have at least 3 different lines of thought all mixed up.

856e3c No.26834


they think babies are blood clots because women shit out blood clots once a month

they think babies are leeches because when women get pregnant they stop menstruating, and muslims think the baby drinks the blood

they also think moon is the largest star, because they fucked up copypasting zoroastran astronomy

10eb00 No.26839

File: 33d2cbcb04dbce6⋯.png (62.63 KB, 591x382, 591:382, cianiggers.png)


have some oc

6c92b2 No.26841

File: 5ea777c0383f8a1⋯.png (252.98 KB, 632x2616, 79:327, NSDAP Muslims.png)

File: 8b40ccccbab292f⋯.jpg (202.7 KB, 792x600, 33:25, Haj-Amin-al-Husseini-and-A….jpg)

File: f91a648add8db2f⋯.png (85.71 KB, 700x700, 1:1, HitlerIslamquote.png)

File: 871cdd36189643d⋯.jpg (103.07 KB, 1200x816, 25:17, Muslim members of the Waff….jpg)

0d6037 No.26846

File: c239ea271420359⋯.jpg (106.09 KB, 659x550, 659:550, c239ea27142035960324406160….jpg)

518ced No.26848

>Polk is featured

I can already hear Kikefy's jewish screeching in the distance!

dc3482 No.26849

File: 17d02e6ff6576e7⋯.jpg (10.11 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault (1).jpg)

Long live /polk/

e2578c No.26851


For how long are we going to be featured ?

ec71e6 No.26858

File: 03c5eba5472cc86⋯.png (474.78 KB, 953x640, 953:640, 03c5eba5472cc86b7b137e2747….png)

Just stopping by

834376 No.26860

File: cce57df8e973f3d⋯.jpg (258.67 KB, 800x858, 400:429, bestposter pill.jpg)

Did Imkampfy sperg out yet?

0f52fa No.26862


Why would he (more than usual)?

834376 No.26863

File: 9ebec73f208b93c⋯.png (45.06 KB, 443x267, 443:267, _pol_-_Politically_Incorre….png)

e11e0d No.26864


what even is this shitty picture

I was on board for loli asses but everything else is…well….like what

d9bf08 No.26865



Kill yourself ahmed

Shitskins and their shit religions are subhuman

All semite desert mongrels GTFO this board

4db50d No.26866

File: 0a0c01adaf0b58b⋯.png (85.91 KB, 237x361, 237:361, 1505087131377.png)



will we ever get a site to stay comfy on?

856e3c No.26867


Haha ha fuck you.

856e3c No.26868


Feudalism is pretty decent though.

c3e570 No.26879

File: 1f602854396b64c⋯.png (172.03 KB, 679x548, 679:548, Capture1.PNG)

File: 05492c749ca136b⋯.png (62.74 KB, 683x210, 683:210, Capture2.PNG)

File: f5ec69f0665b800⋯.png (79.29 KB, 655x257, 655:257, Capture3.PNG)

File: 76e17bad36dda35⋯.png (177.93 KB, 694x726, 347:363, Capture4.PNG)

File: 17183ada9b16d5c⋯.png (239.39 KB, 493x474, 493:474, Capture.PNG)

Just finished reading Hitler's Revolution today, and I can highly recommend it to everyone here. Particularly astounding were the details on treachery by the aristocracy, the ruthlessness and aggression of the Allies, admittance that the war was purely economic and that alleged German war-crimes were fabricated, and perhaps most amazingly, the pan-European spirit within the Waffen SS.

This book covers so much content, all of it sourced, that I'd struggle to discuss it in a day on here.

Download link: archive.org/details/HitlersRevolutionByRichardTedor_383 [look for the box on the right-hand side of the page]

bfe33c No.26919


Reading a book I found out about on natvan, Lothrop Stoddard, The Revolt Against Civilization, The Menace of the Underman

It's about the lack of natural selection and how without any kind of selective mechanism, superior racial stock will be degreaded by the physically and mentally afflicted. He estimated that around 30% of americas population had one defect or another, and that this need be taken care of to preserve the best stock. He wrote that in 1922



3708b1 No.26924


Have you played "Moon"

It's a moonman version of Doom

If you could adapt an existing popular modern game as a bootleg in a similar way that would be amazing.

I think there would be a huge opportunity, not for money, but for redpilling edgy kids through humor.

3825f9 No.26973


reporting in.

Fuck, nextchan was fun but it never worked and just split /polk/ up.

Fucking shit too considering we were not so slow at one point.

0326c9 No.26974

File: 2483cf38cfc081a⋯.png (364.21 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, Can't you see.png)

How're you doing /polk/?

c70e34 No.26977


I have been sick. Sucks that I can't lift.

b256c6 No.26978

File: 0b501007d2bb8f0⋯.png (147.1 KB, 1600x960, 5:3, nswarensign.png)


Just popping in to fuel the /polk/ war machine. Yep, this guy knows his shit. If you could read only 1 book about practical natsoc ideology, I'd recommend this one.


I'm doing alright my friend, just got a short run done, some meditation, 50ish squats, push-ups, jumping jacks. I've been sitting on my ass for a month with nothing to do and today I finally decided to step up and start working on myself again. How are you?


The nextchan /polk/ doesn't even seem to exist from what I've gathered. What happened to everyone?


Liberalism (the revolution kind, not the modern neo-liberal kind) was an obvious improvement over feudalism, allowing for the nation to unlock it's potential, among other things, being meritocratic in its selection of officers and other such posts. Feudal systems where an aristocracy ruled were simply out-competed by more vibrant, unified revolutionary countries like France. That said, Liberalism was not without fault as it declared all men equal both in law and in nature. The first made sense, however the second point is demonstrably false. National Socialism, in particular, strived to be the logical successor to Liberalism in this regards; all men, regardless of birth, had social mobility, based upon merit. Indeed it seems that this was an effective improvement in many ways over the liberal system. As I mentioned up above, this is all in 'Hitler's Revolution', the first section in fact, and is very useful for understanding National Socialism as it was in its time period. I highly recommend all /polk/ish to go read that shit.

2343d7 No.26984

I think change starts with a soap box and a megaphone, we need to be the change we want to see, we also have to tell it to the people.

5ac09f No.26990

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hi /polk/, bump.

Enjoy a flashback "awww, that sucks" moment

00a8e8 No.27016


>The nextchan /polk/ doesn't even seem to exist from what I've gathered. What happened to everyone?

Nextchan was always janky so it's probably completely dead right now. As for what happened to everyone, some seem to have went along with the homestead project, others probably went back to /pol/, as for me my goal is to get enough money to fund some type of permanent guerilla propaganda project.

0feb26 No.27037


On the nextchan /polk/ issue I personally really liked the board style and performance but it was exceptionally slow. I made a few high effort OP's and only got one or two replies each. I then went to meguca.org but that also died, so I checked out 8/polk/ but that was when it had 10 posters and it was dead, so back to 8/pol/. So then that turned to cancer again then /polk/ looked better and now I'm here.

3825f9 No.27092


Nextchan i think deleted all the boards and reformed totally.


bdf42a No.27100

It's time to shill this board on halfchan /pol/. /polk/ is way better with much higher level discussions and quality posters anyway. It's just not as fast.

b59374 No.27106


>halfchan /pol/

Don't you dare.

eb6268 No.27108


This better be fucking shitposting.

bdf42a No.27109


We believe in quality over quantity here. More users would be nice, but we dont need 200 newfags from 4/pol/ shitting the place up.

00a8e8 No.27110


Don't shill.

47059e No.27113

File: 2c6f4e56b422497⋯.jpg (58.33 KB, 601x508, 601:508, 1467400389840-0.jpg)


This is why everyone hates anarchists.

93681f No.27117

File: b3e64761ee4d1e2⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1834x1366, 917:683, 1503447052677.jpg)

File: 7beeeac9445ac22⋯.jpg (588.96 KB, 956x668, 239:167, 1503203539140.jpg)

ad0871 No.27119

Whats something that people say to you that pisses you off? (Hard mode no based negro nonsense)

Personally I hate it when people find out how much money I make and say "you make more money then your dad", since A it's not even and B I feel like their just making fun of my father. I don't get why some one who rub making more money then their father in his face, and almost everyone would finds my pay check tries to.

61fbdc No.27122


Something a boomer cuck said to me recently really got to me.

>They let you employees chew gum on the job?!

Talk about living in your own head

The world is fucking garbage right now and this piece of shit has the audacity to get triggered by me chewing gum

I want to give boomers/cuckservatives the benefit of the doubt but fuck me I almost dropped that old faggot right there

38b908 No.27128

File: 57f829115233bb1⋯.jpg (73.48 KB, 706x532, 353:266, 5 - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpg)

File: 0cb99e2cd06f287⋯.jpg (88.23 KB, 717x589, 717:589, 5 - Copy - Copy.jpg)

File: 35bb54f5ff2f638⋯.jpg (117.99 KB, 701x557, 701:557, 5 - Copy.jpg)

File: 646278e72dcbdba⋯.jpg (314.39 KB, 770x1592, 385:796, compro.jpg)

File: 9998d943aa7752a⋯.jpg (83.65 KB, 1004x546, 502:273, degen.jpg)

This is the absolute state of /pol/ in 2017.

>all dissent is either banned, deleted, anchored or all three

>talking critical about "muh zog emperor" is a ban and post delete

>porn and fur/monstergirl degeneracy stays up just fine

>anti-Trump threads taken down faster and with more regularity than interracial spam

>mods will correct in ban reasons why kind of degeneracy it is they are allowing if they get it wrong

>multiple random shit threads constantly stickied

432ec8 No.27195


I think we should advertise /polk/ in bumplocked /pol/ threads. That way we can get people who are already disposed against the fag mods of that place, and it also puts the advertising out of direct sight of shitposters and shills.


>grouping fur and monstergirls as the same degeneracy

You better be /nofap/.

4858d2 No.27196

File: 63f1a96f1478317⋯.jpg (34.66 KB, 600x315, 40:21, 9.jpg)


Monsterfaggotry specifically /monster/faggotry is a grey area, more related to anime and /tg/ than furfaggotry.

00a8e8 No.27202



Stop posting in /pol/, you will only make faggots whine about us.


"Enlightened" centrists and civic nationalists.

ad0871 No.27212

Why is /polk/ getting so much traffic all of a sudden? What happened with /pol/?

860325 No.27215


more and more people waking up and realizing Trump is not the answer and that there IS NO political answer

491391 No.27217


>still going to /pol/

What's wrong with you?

a2d6a7 No.27219

File: 08c02b1d388ab0c⋯.png (455.72 KB, 633x567, 211:189, 1505404528110.png)


I pray to God everyday that every single kike dies. I hate jews with a passion and wish to kill them all. That's it for the daily bump.

00a8e8 No.27220


We won the attention hungry games and there's a link for all to see.

38b908 No.27225


>grouping fur and monstergirls as the same degeneracy

I don't really care what specific "brand" of degeneracy jerking off to blue 2D girls with horns and tails is. Shit belongs in the oven eitherway.


Honestly only go there after major Trump fuck ups just to see how those cucks are rationalizing it. Doesn't hurt to see if I can wake a couple of people up as well.

5eb431 No.27247


>Created a thread about Trump in which we discussed the reality of his presidency quite amicably.

>wake up to 4 week ban, no reason given

And now I am here

38b908 No.27249

File: 4fd278859baa16b⋯.jpg (65.91 KB, 360x359, 360:359, why_pride.jpg)


Ha! You were clearly an intl, reddit, jidf, freech, leftypol, 4chan, b, and 9gag troll raiding!

Only cucks question the God Emperor!

52d7ae No.27253

File: 8489622aa3f2974⋯.jpg (276.37 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, wotan mit uns.jpg)

File: bdabfc6fce94cd7⋯.jpg (65.11 KB, 496x632, 62:79, ee7ac21d4a11dcdc05ddfd006d….jpg)

Greetings /polkish/ brothers, anon from megu/pol/ here.

I lurk /pol/ here on fullchan occasionally and have noticed that there's some extreme entropy afoot there, while /polk/ appears to be on the rise. How goes things going, /polk/?

We were discussing the slow demise of imageboard culture over at megu; ways to retain our culture and combat the entropy. How have your efforts been recently?

52d7ae No.27254

File: 9c77478f61320c8⋯.jpg (39.39 KB, 704x396, 16:9, suffering.jpg)


>How goes things going

what a nigger; I need to sleep. Please forgive the typing errors.

38b908 No.27255

File: 6406ae4bd692d1c⋯.jpg (218.61 KB, 424x600, 53:75, 1401038608208.jpg)


I haven't been to meguca since the syria incident (God damn has it really been that long already?) but honestly the situation here is pretty grim.

Im keeping hope this place can thrive but theres been a lot of unfortunate setbacks and stagnation. At least theres no banning for insulting the zog emperor and the recent DACA and WN terror resolution shit has caused some rifts to form.

52d7ae No.27256

File: 90cf475b15ba619⋯.jpg (238.16 KB, 1400x943, 1400:943, 90cf475b15ba619000780a7933….jpg)


>I haven't been to meguca since the syria incident (God damn has it really been that long already?)

Why so, anon? Don't you want to watch people correct typos in shitposts in the Meadhall in real time every day? It never gets old. The bantz are very good spirited, extremely comfy.

> but honestly the situation here is pretty grim. Im keeping hope this place can thrive but theres been a lot of unfortunate setbacks and stagnation.

At least you're holding it down. I'll drop by here now and again and see if I can add to the activity. At least I know I'll be around other national socialists and not some faggot 'fashy lolbergs' from Twitter or some other faggotory.

>At least theres no banning for insulting the zog emperor and the recent DACA and WN terror resolution shit has caused some rifts to form.

From what I've observed, nothing could be worse than fullchan and cuckchan /pol/ right now; the moderation there is insane; Kikey's still shouting about muh books and

I even saw an aryan nature appreciation thread bumplocked. A supposed national socialist locking a thread about man connecting with nature. Utter lunacy.

38b908 No.27257

File: abb9f380bbc6382⋯.jpg (94.87 KB, 918x640, 459:320, abb9f380bbc638287a7266a8cf….jpg)


>Why so, anon?

Honestly just the lazy desire for something familar that wrosk and at the time /polk/ seemed more active and thus legitimate.

Will probably take a look at meguca sometime.

>Don't you want to watch people correct typos in shitposts in the Meadhall in real time every day?

Surprised most people don't just write out what they're going to post in a notepad or something and then copypaste to avoid real time spaghetti spilling.

38b908 No.27259

File: 18c90e437282766⋯.png (15.77 KB, 512x420, 128:105, PATRIOT_Act_dindu_nuffin!!.png)

Also, these niggers can't be serious


bdf42a No.27260


>Why so, anon?

Not him, but I have never been able to get meguca's liveposting feature to actually work for me, regardless of what browser I use. Every time I visit, it's all frozen in time. I tried to post once a long time ago, but that didn't work either. I always give up and come back to /polk/.

I like the idea of meguca in theory, but it just doesn't work for me on a technical level.

ad0871 No.27262


as >>27255 said it's grim, and our grip is steadily fading. It's the end time of image boards, and I'm just glad I was around for it. I love all you guys.

844c29 No.27267

File: b2464dde7bd1259⋯.jpeg (198.3 KB, 1959x1469, 1959:1469, 1459040349001.jpeg)

>/polk/ - Struggle or Die

>tfw haven't struggled for too long

Some sudoku tier shit really but that's my lot.

844c29 No.27268


These kosher trumpcunts have fundamental disagreements on the legitimacy of the US regime.

348fc1 No.27287

Love coming here and daydreaming.

bdf42a No.27301

White only college scholarship fund crowd sourced using crypto

>Why are you proud to be white in 1000 words

00a8e8 No.27302


It's going to be abused if it gets publicized and the stuents will be discriminated against, we need a better way to find students without putting them on the map.

38b908 No.27303

Trumpcucks on nu-/pol/ spamming smugs in response to anything they don't like has made me hate anime (especially moe/cutsie slice of life faggotry even more).

bdf42a No.27310


Good point. I am really interested in starting some sort of charity or fund for white people in need that could be crowd sourced and decentralized. Kikes give our money to every turd worlder but there is no money for our people who are struggling.

f58ddb No.27319

The state of /pol/ on halfchan and in here is absolutely dreadful. Some say that the elections brought a wave of potential comrades, but all i see is a horde of redditors who will blindly follow Trump no matter what he does. Good threads are few are far between and all you are allowed to do is suck Trump's dick without questioning anything. Presidential election was the greatest travesty that befallen chans in a long time.

bdf42a No.27330


A lot of the most recent dicksuckers are kikes trying to sell Trumps jewish agenda to normies. I would say many Trump supporters are realizing what we have known forever, electing a different ZOGbot doesn't change anything.

e7cad8 No.27333


It looks that way (that it's only hordes of trumpsuckers), but when a new story launches of him betraying his base, you will get the majority of posters berating him, followed by mass bans and then the appearance of a consensus.

This is for 8ch. I don't believe 4ch/pol/ does that. I've actually had okay conversations of late on 4/fit/ or /lit/ – better than 8/pol/ at least.

e7cad8 No.27334


Aye, I'm not sure many realize how big the astroturfing team is for Trump, plus the mods are bought by the very same.

bdf42a No.27339


I have to say I always knew they were doing it but now that real support for Trump has dropped so precipitously its becoming extremely obvious.

60996e No.27341

/meadhall/ is dead, long live the meadhall

2ec482 No.27360


58c124 No.27380

People like to post dating site metrics and marriage statistics to boost their own morale, but are these accurate representations of what young white men and women are actually doing?

Shills tend to bring up that those things aren't representative of what kids are up to. For example, dating sites are for when people are ready to settle down, but their use to target other white mates doesn't necessarily mean that those individuals didn't taste the racial rainbow in their party years.

Is there better data on miscegenation and interraciality?

bdf42a No.27382


The recent birth statistics data that came out put interracial children born at 2% of white births I believe. Far lower than the jew box would have you believe.

bdf42a No.27387



The birth statistics are more accurate than dating site stats. There are two basic demographics for dating sites: those that want a one night stand, and those that want to settle down. I would predict that there may be some differences between these two numbers, but if the statistics for these sites turn out to be similar, I would guess that they would probably be reasonably accurate for what they are. These statistics wouldn't take into account the large number of people that find their women the old fashioned way, and that would likely skew the results even more.

58c124 No.27391


Still too much. Not even accounting for the fecundity of browns.

On the other hand I've heard people bandying about some new stats that suggested that conservative whites have actually become the most fertile demographic recently.

I'm wondering if this may have a dysgenic effect on the white stock, but I might just be swallowing Jewish memes about white country hicks.

a70c83 No.27394


Yeah, this summer some article came out saying that White births were getting higher.

bdf42a No.27396


Are you really buying the conservatives are the trash people meme? Have you seen antifa recently.

e11e0d No.27401

is really hard for me to to use 8chan when a thread have a lot of webms.

is it like that for someone else?

aa9d6d No.27403

File: 8cfc39e4db1018d⋯.png (3.21 MB, 2048x1280, 8:5, RWDS.png)


I miss the 8/pol/ when I came as part of the first exodus. Quality threads ranging from self improvement, survival skills, good read threads, constant debates on a broad spectrum of topics from history, philosophy, and current events.

Ready and waiting, but still preparing for our da

236dd4 No.27409

Guys, I'm nervous. I recently founf out i'm 1/8 Jewish. I had no idea until my dad brought it up in a conversation. How am I supposed to make white children if I'm not what? Should not have kids, adopt a white child? I was thinking I should adopt to keep the poor white kid out of this hands of niggers.

2573ad No.27412


being an 8th jewish is nothing, and if you have a white wife then your children absolutley can't be considered jewish by jewish law.

adopting a white kid and haveing white children should both be done.

bdf42a No.27415


According to the Nuremberg Laws, you are considered fully white. In Hitler's Germany, you would be permitted to pass on your genes with another white woman. Yes, I'm redefining German as white for the purposes of this exercise. Use this as a set of guidelines rather than an absolute set of rules. I would attach link related, except that Tor users can't post images.


At this stage of our decay, having a few drops of non-white blood several generations up is not uncommon. It's something that we as a people are just going to have to grin and bear, for the most part. The only realistic way we can correct the mistakes of our ancestors is by diluting the foreign genes as much as possible. Natural selection will eventually run its course, and those less suited to survival in Europe will not be as genetically successful as those with more pure blood. In this way, foreign traits will fade over time, and we as a people will become closer to what we once were before all of this began. It's all part of the endless cycle of history.

507fd6 No.27417

File: 7b9f959918a62ec⋯.jpg (113.68 KB, 697x957, 697:957, 7b9f959918a62ec5c430e39a50….jpg)

Did anyone else occasionally lurk polchan? I can't seem to connect to it, I think it got shoah'd.

bdf42a No.27418


I used to a long time ago. The only thing thing I could find about it in a search was somebody on next/pol/ that said

>(or I'll just get v&, like the polchan admin).

It probably did get shoah'd.


aa7636 No.27428



/pol/ Free-for-all on the 18th.

52d7ae No.27438


>Trumpcucks on nu-/pol/ spamming smugs in response to anything they don't like

You mean the mods?


>bought by the very same.

new york kikes and freemasons.>>27334


>Did anyone else occasionally lurk polchan? I can't seem to connect to it, I think it got shoah'd.

Admin got v& is probably the only explanation. He disappeared in the middle of email chains to people and the site was suddenly taken down out of the blue.

5e9dc8 No.27445

Trump was a step in the right direction. Nothing more, nothing less, and frankly we should be trying our best to redpill others and organise to combat (((typical tricks))), stand up for our own damn rights and remove matzo.

a70c83 No.27450


The best thing to push against jews right now is the "My fellow White people" meme combined with their "one rule for me, one rule for you because I'm the chosen". They're really no different from muzzies.

5e9dc8 No.27451


Muslims are Jews without the snake cunning that defines them.

a70c83 No.27452


They try to be manipulative like jews but usualy fail.

236dd4 No.27454



Wew. Thanks, guys.

236dd4 No.27458

I was thinking of making a "Hitler Youth" thread where all of our Gen Z posters and lurkers can talk about stuff. Adults can join the thread and learn more from the kids on here and give advice. The only problem I see with this is that I'm pretty sure I'm the only one from Gen Z on here. Should I give it a go?

38b908 No.27459


Making a thread for non-adults and announcing you're underage is a pretty good way to get b&

cf809b No.27461


Can confirmed. Kampfy sagebombed the Syria general with multiple IDs, when this didn't work, he deleted the thread and started banning everyone who expressed anti-US sentiments when another was made, and editing their posts, which he proceed to reply to with his shitty arguments while posing as several other users.

He might be a turkroach, but he's a kike at heart.

5e9dc8 No.27482

How kiked are European colleges?

74195c No.27483


He doesn't even bother pretending he's multiple people, he's too autistic to make it work (see /sudo/). I really hope he makes enough people mad that they migrate.

74195c No.27484


The impression I get from /sg/ is that actually there are very, very few chesscucks apart from Cuckfy.

bdf42a No.27493


I'm guessing quite kiked considering Europe is even more liberal than the US. I can't even wrap my head around that considering the communist nature of American Universities.

52d7ae No.27494


>How kiked are European colleges?

Extremely. Learn a trade you faggot.

5e9dc8 No.27495


Why a trade? What are the benefits, exactly?

eb3772 No.27509

File: ba45f9269daa1e6⋯.jpg (525.83 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, t3_6ycchl.jpg)

Sure, have a bump.

958dc7 No.27516



>Europe is one nation

>more liberal than the US

You know nothing outside of propaganda, ameridumbs. Can't quite blame you, but nevertheless can't not feel contempt.


It depends where you are, which institution and what specialization you intend to follow. Learn SKILLS, not "knowledge" or "trades".


Nobody will want your knowledge, even if better than the hypothetical counterparty's knowledge - because nepotism, because nepotists don't like their egos challenged, and because of the idiocy of boomers (age/"EXPERIENCE" meme > rest)

Trades are obsolete, especially in Europe - conquered territories being imposed dependence on conquerors.

The only viable trades are the ones based on regional tradition - and not for long, automation will delete those within 15 years.

90b7fd No.27517

File: 7ff8212839099c9⋯.png (552.04 KB, 900x563, 900:563, 7ff8212839099c9b4fca3efb6a….png)

fuck this life I want out, I want to stop, I don't wanna see the same fucking person every day telling me the same shit like everyone else. I cannot look at anyone in the eyes anymore everyone is the same. God help me.

383d34 No.27518


The retard also word filtered "America" with "The Jews" for some reason

bdf42a No.27521


Good joke let me know how gun ownership or questioning the holohoax goes for you. I'll send you a post card when you're in jail for commenting that unlimited muslim migration might not be such a totally great idea.

8100fb No.27541


For all the lost souls on here wanting to check out, remember that you have a responsibility. You'll have all of eternity to rest when it's over.

b937c2 No.27550


And now the retard is wanting to ban Deutsch/pol/ because of their anti-ZOG sentiment

56ad74 No.27553


Just offer /polk/ as sanctuary to them if so, I don't know why anons still stay there even if not banned.

bb6586 No.27557

File: fe0818a5bf6c350⋯.jpg (247.52 KB, 1318x965, 1318:965, 4.jpg)

383d34 No.27559


You're that Trumpcuck from /polmeta/ aren't you? How does it feel to support a Zionist businessman?

bc1328 No.27573

First time here on /polk/, I don't go on /pol/ anyway because of the tinfoils and trump cocksuckers but this place seems chill. Will be lurking and maybe contributing a bit to get some activity going.

300dee No.27577


Enjoy your stay. I do think we should move out of this site altogether.

eb3772 No.27578

File: eb1a7e4aa0ef575⋯.jpg (124.52 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Complete Lack of Surprise.jpg)


>I really hope he makes enough people mad that they migrate.

I can't illustrate to you enough what a patient man I am, and how much bullshit I put up with. I stuck around halfchan up until the moment m00twent nuclear with gamergate, and likewise, I've been coasting on 8/pol/ for the past year even though I know it was fucked.

I guess what I'm trying to say that this weekend was the final straw for even a stubborn bastard like me.

You'd think these dumb kikes would appreciate the meaning of "containment board" and what happens when you carelessly break a quarantine. But then again, these are the dipshits who though kicking the hornet's nest of the NEET /v/irgin demographic would just be another round of frankfurt school takeover 101.

bdf42a No.27580


Jews want us to kill ourselves or degenerate into drunks or drug addicts due to the constant crushing propaganda and discrimination they subject us to.

The biggest fuck you to the jews is being a proud, successful white man with many children. Do not despair we will have our day and need you here with us.

175581 No.27670


Is it a poor reflection that this looks cozy as fuck? I may be late-night postan but this just looks comfy, and also would be fairly beautiful in a strange way.

900696 No.27672

File: b021083392c7d4f⋯.jpg (71.1 KB, 800x587, 800:587, 1466108063224.jpg)

File: 75bd66e00d92843⋯.jpg (81.29 KB, 430x640, 43:64, 1413859982596.jpg)

File: 7090c2f1419f064⋯.jpg (200.9 KB, 857x1134, 857:1134, 7090c2f1419f064337f7848da4….jpg)



Thank you

I am finding peace, but something is missing.

f7a1ed No.27674

I really wish I had something to contribute to this board. It really feels like i'm at the bottom of the Dunning–Kruger curve.

c3e570 No.27689


Sounds like the reading threads are right up your alley.

f7a1ed No.27692


I'm reading everyday. I'm currently working my way through all plato's works.

d3b6c7 No.27697


>What is it now, 20 people from 150?

I would rather be in a group of 10 that hunger for truth than a group of 2,000 who are fed what their "mods" allow them to see.

When I found out about Trumps ties to Roy Cohn, Epstein, and many others I shared this info on /pol/ and received a multi-week ban almost immediately.

I also don't trust the current owner of 8chan. /pol/ is probably just a big honey pot now.

e74184 No.27703

I came to /polk/ for the first time today, because the name rang in my head for some time and saw an ad on /pol/. I always thought it was a combination of /pol/ and /k/. I browsed some, and came in this thread. All I have to offer today.

But, I have a question for you all: why should I come back tomorrow? (I know /pol/ is in a bad shape, but still has a much larger base)

9f8456 No.27705

I remember when hot wheel was still alive, god bless his tires, pol used to get ddos'd and cloud flare connection problems almost every other day. We had intelligent discussions without the shilly noise interference. But now it's masonchan.

fe73eb No.27707


Stay on your containment board if you can't handle shit here

7a6866 No.27709


4/pol/ has even more users, and they're the same people that post on /pol/ in any case

f13867 No.27732

So what's the deal with dick spencer?

Is he just an eceleb or what?

a8a0c7 No.27762


Eceleb spook. Be very wary. He gets shilled to death but theres a few stories on here that makes me 100% convinced hes controlled.

cc4a9f No.27763


I know he has a bad rep and got punched on tv but I don't have any details. Most ecelebs are troublesome gloryhound assholes in my experience.

He'll probably turn out to be a faggot or married to a kike

ba5359 No.27775


No one cares if you come back.


The thing that makes me really suspicious of him is his association with TRS.

5061a3 No.27776



Anyone with traffic shouldn't be trusted, just take your truth and move from the kike

bdf42a No.27795


Always remember that the show must go on. Play your part through to the end.


I feel the same way.

Even if you don't have something worthy of its own thread, every little bit of feedback and constructive criticism you provide to other Anons helps us all grow.


Do you want to grow as a person? Do you want to help your family, your nation and your race to grow with you? If so, we have some threads here that may interest you. If, on the other hand, you are a degenerate with no desire to improve, /pol/ is just around the corner.

bdf42a No.27866

All you have to do is go to 4chan /pol/ and namedrop /polk/ and more will come. Isn't hard.

bdf42a No.27867


We don't want that kind of traffic. We'd rather have 50 high quality Anons than 500 shitposting newfags from halfpol.

bdf42a No.27868


A circlejerk isn't going to get anymore unless it accomplishes goals by redpilling others. The real question is, what is even the point of this board? It's average in quality, not even good at the quality found before the Trump election on 8/pol/

ea8e03 No.27873

Trump was a watershed moment but even before the elections /pol/ was already going down the shitter.

8f9f3c No.27874

I am looking for anons to start a reading club with where we chat at a certain time a few times a week on discord about the book we chose to read.

Send me pm on discord @ 403#8799 if interested.

bdf42a No.27881


Just to add to this, we can force quality. Just warn or give out very short minute bans to people who make low quality posts until they do and if they keep being disruptive maybe increasingly longer bans until they lurk and learn.

8c8402 No.27890


We might end up having shills become aware of us and ruin the board.

bdf42a No.27892


What's there to ruin here? Literally moves a cm a day and accomplishes nothing.

83fae3 No.27906

File: 2b59d5a64132e7f⋯.jpg (156.1 KB, 811x1217, 811:1217, sad chainmailed polizei.jpg)

Don't feel bad about /pol/'s decline. Every board comes to a halt once its subject matter has been sufficiently discussed and agreed upon. There isn't much to debate for us in a /pol/ context. This is the reason why the topic of discussion has shifted towards things like religion and the occult. Anon's just in his cooldown phase, building up momentum for the next thing worth discussing, breaking down and solving it.

b64e93 No.27907

File: 4ce400e877d3c35⋯.webm (6.17 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Persevere.webm)

Requesting any info about this video. I really like it but reverse audio search and video search comes back with nothing. I want to know the song name and if there's a higher quality version somewhere.

e9061e No.27912

Well that fucking turkroach perma b& me finally. /pol/ is truly dead. Wouldn't be surprised if it is the official board of civcucking soon. I should've just stayed here even though its slower. /polk/ is needed now more than ever.

On an unrelated note, Lockheed Martin has new "workplace ethics" they're pushing. It's going to be a required flow down to sub prime contractors. Will post more information after the seminar.

bdf42a No.27927


the mission is not complete. it has only just begun. the next thing to take on is big tech. they have more power than anyone has ever had on earth and are viewed through rose colored lenses as they censor free speech, cooperate with communists, dictators, and kikes. its time that the final boss, the boss of all information is taken on. the ride has only just begun my friend

3b6811 No.27930




Is that you turkroach-kun?

Try a little harder

75b508 No.27931


Not everybody with stupid ideas is the turkroach.


>Lockheed Martin has new "workplace ethics" they're pushing.

The femishits made it into aerospacial engineering ?

41f1d7 No.27934


This is fucking amazing. I don't know why but the Nords are able to make music that sounds really dire. I don't think it's Wardruna or Garmarna. If anyone can answer this anon's question, I'd like to know whose it is too.

bdf42a No.27943



I listened to a ton of songs, but I couldn't find a match either. I would be interested in a source as well.

5e9dc8 No.27944

What should an anon take as a job?

e9061e No.27945


Yes, that should be done in ones own community but I've made two good friends IRL from here so I think the answer is both.

76fa4c No.27947


I'm wary of discord tbh

So much degenerate bullshit on the servers I used to frequent

For example

>"le based nigger amirite"

>my Hispanic/Asian/whatever girlfriend is here and you must agree with her or get banned

>muh religion muh crusades

>gays and trannies are welcome as long as they're white

>the leader of the discord lied about his age but who cares it's totally not a problem if someone in a position of power lies about something in order to deceive others and gain their trust

e9061e No.27949


Yeah, there was two of them conducting the seminar. Part one was about hiring ethics and promoting "diversity". In short its exactly what you are thinking. STEM is getting pretty multiculty just like anything else. I can further elaborate if you'd like Anon, or you can also see some of it for yourself on their website if you go to the supplier portal.

e9061e No.27952


Before I started seeing more femishits this year, kikes were always the ones doing these seminars. Though its not like anyone here is surprised to learn that Lockheeb Martin is full of kikes.

adf906 No.27954

File: 80b722a7bc5f760⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 0012-1296974137090.png)

Just found this place. Normally lurks /pol/ but this place seems better. I will be lurking and contributing if or when i have something meaningful to post

c4dde6 No.27958

File: 4e996587034c434⋯.jpeg (190.93 KB, 788x788, 1:1, goback-to-reddit-smug.jpeg)



1d6027 No.27959


I wonder what they were talking about

5e9dc8 No.28157


Probably shitposting like us here.

ad0871 No.28161


The person in your family who was jewish probably wasn't pure jewish.

ad0871 No.28162

I've somewhat recently found out that the majority of my heritage, most likely, comes from the UK, and want to embrace my British ancestry. However I'm American and know nothing about British traditions/customs. What should every English man know about heritage?

Don't tell me to stick to traditional American customs, since it incredibly hard to find anything on them.

3d7cf3 No.28163


Just read books about British figures you're bound to find something in it.

>Don't tell me to stick to traditional American customs, since it incredibly hard to find anything on them.

Start documenting them.

a54cd0 No.28168

File: c5068cf3efc238b⋯.webm (5.38 MB, 320x240, 4:3, whatjimisdoing.webm)


CM runs the show now. Jim hangs out on a secluded island

b92739 No.28169

I'm more of a lurker than a poster, finally decided to check out this board. I just got frustrated when all the European art and music threads on /pol keep getting bumplocked. Sometimes it's important to just view your ancestors accomplishments, knowing that we and our descendants have the potential to become even greater.

Hopefully this board doesn't fill up, quality is better than quantity.

5e9dc8 No.28182

Posting because I can. Don't really have much to shitpost here, not much is happening apart from hurricane. Getting hurricane'd tomorrow.

5e9dc8 No.28235


Survived hurricane.

c3e570 No.28243

File: b0919e41676bc35⋯.jpg (10.27 KB, 255x204, 5:4, retarded frog approves.jpg)

427947 No.28250

File: 5a675d573fb4617⋯.jpg (116.5 KB, 924x600, 77:50, 568173642.jpg)

I want to engage in IRL activity, but I don't even know where to begin… the only people I've ever managed to personally contact on 8ch just turned out to be kekistan meemers.

Anytime someone advocates something on the /pol/s, it's immediately shut down with " is run by kikes", or " is a honeypot".

I tried making a meetup thread on /polk/ a while ago, but it got deleted instantly, for the above reason I presume.

/meadhall/ is dead as fuck.

SF is full of larpers who want shock value over actual progress, ala NSM/KKK.

Is the only solution to stop being a coward and organize things myself? Sorry for the blogpost.

302eca No.28254


>Is the only solution to stop being a coward and organize things myself?

Yes, you need people you can trust.

>Anytime someone advocates something on the /pol/s, it's immediately shut down with " is run by kikes", or " is a honeypot".

Because most of the time, it's the truth.

89e8c0 No.28255

I'm about to install gentoo on a brand new (to me) thinkpad x200 with libreboot. I'm switching from ubuntu. Pray for me, brothers.

5e9dc8 No.28264

File: 3c4012ca8eded91⋯.png (2.32 KB, 254x192, 127:96, winrar.png)

552e70 No.28296


>tfw contacted church

>tfw been to a few meetings

>tfw young people attempting the same thing as me there (tryna get they life together, doing nuffin in general)

ee279e No.28300


See if there are any Orthodox churches in your area; every Sunday after the service there should be a communal lunch in the church hall.

3f0c5e No.28301



Thanks friends, I'll look around. I was really hoping this Lutheran church near my house would be serviceable, but it turns out the pastor is openly gay.

I know of a few small Orthodox churches I could check it.

ee279e No.28302


No problem. Be sure to ask about youth groups as well.

h t t p s ://oca.org/

h t t p s ://www.goarch.org/

4f6b06 No.28303

File: 593c366171c7010⋯.png (63.21 KB, 625x626, 625:626, 593c366171c7010184d8ddef7a….png)




I ain't clicking that shit nigger. Just read a Bible if you are going to do anything of that sort.

678039 No.28306


>Worried about clicking on a broken hyperlink

>Not having a VPN and/or other protective measures if you're so worried

The Bible is the basis of the faith, but something tells me you're not going to find the address of your local church in it.

552e70 No.28325


>Is the only solution to stop being a coward and organize things myself?

Yes, pretty much. There are so few of us that if you want to see something done you really need to do it yourself.

My one suggestion would be to go to Iron March's regional section to see if there might be a group in your area already. If there is, exercise your due diligence to make sure you aren't walking into an alphabet meetup, and that you won't be doing or saying anything illegal if you do decide to go.

>Anytime someone advocates something on the /pol/s, it's immediately shut down with " is run by kikes", or " is a honeypot".

Like the other Anon said, this is true probably greater than 50% of the time, but there are exceptions. Whether you start or join a group, make sure you don't talk about blowing up federal buildings, shooting people in this general area, or enacting vigilante justice because those are quick ways to end up in prison. Your group should prepare for the zombie apocalypse instead.


Good luck. It isn't as hard as people make it out to be. The only thing that really requires experience is selecting the right kernel options if you choose to go the custom kernel route. If you do, you may wish to copy your Ubuntu kernel's config file so you have a good place to start from.

44efd8 No.28327

Is a VPN necessary nowadays? Are you really at that much of a risk?

4f6b06 No.28328



Tor + VPN is a bare minimum nowadays. But still don't give those cianiggers clicks because advertising shekels and browser exploits. Along with marking your exit vpn to be survieled. Granted visiting 8ch might mark your vpn already. But still, fuck off with the honeypots.

6cd634 No.28329


I personally don't spend the extra $5/mo on a VPN because 8ch is the only thing I would use it for. 8ch and my ISP don't know who I am, but a determined state level actor might figure it out. It's a calculated risk, but my threat model takes that into account.


He posted the official websites for the Orthodox Church of America and the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. It's not a honeypot.

a4ad33 No.28330


Thanks, I've been using just a VPN for some time now, Tor sounds more decentralized so I'll try that.

c80952 No.28331

File: c8f55d38d034d6e⋯.gif (747.87 KB, 320x170, 32:17, 1305523745376.gif)


>be barebacking imageboard

>make especially spicy post

>get helicopter flyovers

9cfc03 No.28351

I like this board much more than /pol/. Far less shills/blind fools.

f6b3ba No.28394


Less posts 9/10 times means more quality. Like the old ninja bullshit, where one ninja is deadly but an army is D-class.

334793 No.28399

File: ac0fdde70030fec⋯.mp4 (1.74 MB, 640x352, 20:11, antifa_meets_Mr_Watercanno….mp4)




Whew lads. What a great way to learn more about linux. I went the custom kernel route, well worth it for the learning experience.

11/10 would bash head against keyboard again.




Going to be moving in January, once I settle in, I'd love to meet with some like minded folks. No plans, so while Mr. Alphabet can attend, he can fuck himself. Just want to talk with like minded goys; while I enjoy talking to my wife about these things, it's not the same.

Vid entirely unrelated.

803533 No.28405

Found this article which does a very good job explaining why fascism is shit. If you know a bit of NatSoc you will see how completely superior NatSoc is compared to fascism.

It's from a fairly legit guy (h t t p ://en.metapedia.org/wiki/James_Whisker)

h t t p s://codoh.com/library/document/2047/?lang=en

bb24dc No.28406


> I went the custom kernel route, well worth it for the learning experience.

You actually did Linux from scratch ?

c80952 No.28409

File: fd63cbb8a8083c3⋯.webm (826.72 KB, 672x504, 4:3, Go be a faggot somewhere ….webm)

6cd634 No.28411

>be yesterday morning

>work out for the first time in a week

>decide that i need to stop making excuses for not exercising and just do it

>decide to go out for lunch

>place my order

>"Thanks, you'll be number 88."

I take this as a sign that working out regularly is important.


Congratulations. It should be downhill from here.


Gentoo with a custom kernel is not the same as LFS. LFS would entail building both the kernel and userspace without a package manager.

f6b3ba No.28424

File: c21d201158b0a8b⋯.png (511.23 KB, 2015x2472, 2015:2472, Moon Man ChecKKKs Em.png)


Your doubles seem to agree with that sentiment.

f045be No.28427

Asia and freemasonry/nwo….How do vassal states like Japan and south Korea fit into the nwo schemes? Could we see a collapse of Japan and subsequent creation of a Chinese a Japanese intermarrige Asian axis against anglo-jews,or is China even further subverted than is visible on the surface?

8eba67 No.28434

could anyone tell me what military music is used in this video? thanks lads

h t t p s://hooktube.com/watch?v=OkMkC6bX0MM

f4914a No.28435


I believe it's Westerwald Lied

040199 No.28436

File: 91187e151af40dc⋯.png (656.96 KB, 800x502, 400:251, (You).png)

Just made this. Use for FBI posters.

c8dc56 No.28447



f6b3ba No.28502

File: 6dfe8159482f182⋯.gif (1.14 MB, 250x250, 1:1, sensible chuckle.gif)

>left calling shitskins POC




574515 No.28504

File: 61410f395d7ee7b⋯.jpg (36.61 KB, 466x700, 233:350, g4q8w2nmb2ay.jpg)

What if I don't want to have a wife and children? The mere idea of being intimate with a woman disgusts me at the most basic level. Love = weakness to me, and I don't care much about "happiness" as long as I can die proud of the life I had. I'd rather die gloriously fighting ZOG with rifle in hand than live having to worry about wives and children.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm straight and have no trouble getting women to like me and have nothing against them in particular, they just don't fit with my lifestyle of constant training and self-denial (asceticism). I don't fap or watch porn either. I keep hearing here and all over the internet about how semen retention gives you massive physical and mental benefits and can advocate first hand for them, which is why I don't want to lose them because of a wife I have to please every other day.

I plan to keep this up through all my life to reach my full physical and mental potential and become the best impression of a warrior-monk I can possibly make. Am I doing it right guys? I'm 19 and quite /fit/ so getting a girlfriend shouldn't be too hard in case I've been going full retard. I just feel like I was born a fighter instead of a lover, that's all.

ee279e No.28506


Are you the "family is weakness" autist?

f6b3ba No.28508


I know that feel. There is too much steel in me to have a normal family.

1a0c4a No.28509


You can knock a girl up and still die with a rifle in hand. Their's nothing niggery about abounding your children to fight for their future. It also doesn't matter if she divorces you or anything like that.

What changes have you guys noticed in normalfags? I live in IL, not in Chicago, and have noticed people are becoming more racially aware; however, I don't think they are actually going to become devoted enough to stop associating with based blacks or take away their rights.

f6b3ba No.28510

File: cbdd7e83382bdf5⋯.png (47.12 KB, 711x1099, 711:1099, single mothers.png)


>abandoning your children

>not niggery

Have you gone batshit, m8?

97d565 No.28513


> I don't think they are actually going to become devoted enough to stop associating with based blacks or take away their rights.

They may not get a say in the matter when the time comes.

1a0c4a No.28514


Widowed mothers are not single mothers. Also, the main problem with kids who grow up without a father isn't usually caused by the lack of their fathers presence, but the lack of quality genes. A nigger runs away from his kid to do crack, and then his kids grow up to do crack. Is the kids drug abused caused by the niggers sub par genes or his lack of presence? I would say the vast majority of kids raised by single mothers issues come from shitty genes (obviously the mothers genes also come into play). Not having a father would be detrimental, but not to the degree the stats would point to in the average white.


I hope everything keeps escalating, so everyone is on our side when the time comes.

f6b3ba No.28515


I shall grant you such a point. However, humans were designed to grow up raised by both mother and father. I highly doubt anything can so easily replace that.

97d565 No.28516


Do we really want everyone ?

574515 No.28517

File: 72a238736a179e2⋯.jpg (25.81 KB, 350x379, 350:379, 350px-NroL23W.jpg)


Well I don't think it's autistic to realize having a familiy is a huge hole in any warrior's game. It's fine if you're not a warrior, and necessary for the survival of your people, but you're not reaching full potential if you have to split your time, it's just a fact.

Tl;dr not degenerate just not for me.


My nigger. It's hard to accept love and happiness in your life when hate and struggle have been what drived you through all your life. I've reached a point where long periods of comfort give me a spiritual headache. The mere tought of having feelings for another person instead of an ideal makes me feel like I'm betraying myself.



It's not that easy. Unless you're an actual nigger, abandoning your family is extremely hard and even if you manage to do so, you're going to be thinking about them all the time because you already allowed yourself to develop emotional ties to other people. So even if you live without them, the feeling of separation and longing are going to hinder your training and performance.

This is literally a case of 'you can't have your cake and eat it too'. There is a reason most warrior orders enforced chastity vows upon their members.

1a0c4a No.28519


Kids should have parents, but it's better to have kids even if they don't grow up in an ideal environment. If we only had kids when they could be cared for, perfectly, then we would not exist, since life has only recently become easy. With life only becoming easy recently kids are still able to adapt. It would take thousands of years of complete decadents to change this.


I want every white person to be racially aware, and I do not see how this can be a bad thing.


Abounding them to defend their futures would make it a lot easier, but I understand what you're saying. Being a warrior is a career while being a solider is not.

97d565 No.28522


Do you really want race mixers to be a part of it ?

1a0c4a No.28523


If a race mixer wants to throw out all the dindus and stop race mixing I don't care if their part of the movement. Kicking people out of our movement for having a past isn't something we can afford to do right now, unfortunately. Also, I don't believe race mixers should have the same status as non-race mixers, so don't interpret what I'm saying as that.

4f6b06 No.28524


If you do that, don't forget that kikes can not be trusted even if half or even more then 1/16th of kike blood runs through them. History has shown such as true.

f6b3ba No.28525

File: ad37d2a3cf90136⋯.jpg (46.34 KB, 601x698, 601:698, the only thing we have to ….jpg)


>My nigger. It's hard to accept love and happiness in your life when hate and struggle have been what drived you through all your life.

97d565 No.28526


Race mixers will never do that, they will join when they know their side is losing and claim they were a part of us all along. Also race mixing is not "having a past", it's absolutely disgusting.

82e052 No.28562

File: 676dbdb8c714500⋯.png (1.1 MB, 854x1440, 427:720, gay away.png)

Does anyone have the pic from Göbbels speech about the morality spiral?

The one where he explains in detail how there is always someone who will try to ban completely harmless things in the name of combating degeneracy and how to prevent this from happening.

f68556 No.28567


Determation and hate are noble virtues. A warrior should not resent, but embrace them.

I am right now the strongest, fastest and most brilliant man I have even been, all of it thanks to the sheer spite I harbor towards everything related to the modern world. Without it, I would surely grow weak and fail at my purpose. There is no better fuel for the soul than pure, undiluted hate towards unambiguous evil.

And it's hard to hate the world when you have a woman and kids that love you. Train hard to become stronger, until the time for glorious battle arrives.

f68556 No.28568


Anime addict detected. Bet you don't even fucking lift.

4f6b06 No.28569

File: 28280709cec4d75⋯.mp4 (2.58 MB, 484x274, 242:137, 28280709cec4d755ca5d891c85….mp4)


You want to contribute to the thread or just sound like a retard?


Is this the one you meant? If not can someone re-encode this into webm? I can't seem to for some reason as it just stops randomly for some reason.

ac0be5 No.28575

File: 93e26a28fa172a4⋯.png (268.03 KB, 637x575, 637:575, 89712386712.png)


>You want to contribute to the thread or just sound like a retard?

ee279e No.28577

File: 8758104fc723365⋯.jpg (50.76 KB, 479x326, 479:326, hitler and his volk.jpg)


>And it's hard to hate the world when you have a woman and kids that love you.

Absolute horseshit; having a loving family to protect should make you fight harder and longer to protect them, not give up immediately. If having a happy home life is all it takes to make you stop caring about the world, then you're still thinking like a lemming and need to break free of your inadvertent solipsism.

ee279e No.28578

File: c6578edb152dcb1⋯.png (244.2 KB, 675x2526, 225:842, Joseph Goebbels - More Mor….png)



Also, here's what you two were after. Just please don't behave like the faggots who use this piece to justify their destructive vices.

93ea0f No.28584



Wasn't specifically the version I was looking for but it'll work perfectly fine. Thanks.

f68556 No.28587


>having a family to protect

That's precisely the problem. You have to look after your family which means precious time in which you're not training, not learning, and when the time comes you will have conflicting priorities. You will be weaker and less determined.

ee279e No.28588


Let me ask you then, if you don't fight for your people, what do you fight for? Is your family not part of your people?

f68556 No.28589

File: 8564411185282ca⋯.jpg (65.45 KB, 318x259, 318:259, beast-1.jpg)


>Let me ask you then, if you don't fight for your people, what do you fight for?

Who said I wouldn't fight for my people? I don't need a wife and kids dragging me down to fight ZOG. I give them up for the precious, irreplaceable time I need to train more, learn more, and thus become stronger.

That is the difference between a soldier and a warrior. The former fights to live, the latter lives to fight. I skip a day at the gym and I already feel like shit, I couldn't imagine wasting away at some boring job to support some weakling woman and kids that I'd be emotionally attached to.

Fuck that shit, let me grab a gun and kill a bunch of kikes and shitskins. I promise I will excel at it.

4ae971 No.28590


I agree. My stance on this subject is the same as your's for the most part. I don't want to be burdened with a wife and children to worry about when the time comes to finally fight. Does anyone want to worry about niggers or commies hurting their family while they're away fighting for our people? No. There will be time for families and procreation once the 14 words have been achieved. Now is the time for training and action.

0bf5f3 No.28591



d15699 No.28611

Destroyed 100% of my porn today.

d5d51b No.28612


Well done. I recommend 4 weeks of NoFap to reset your brain if you don't want desensitization to make you go back to porn in a week or less. No edging either.

34893b No.28613

File: 77a8cf2ff493a7f⋯.png (747.47 KB, 666x1054, 333:527, professor dan rubius.PNG)


Congrats friend. I just finished my first week of nofap myself. High T and Hitler-tier willpower to all of us.

2b01be No.28620


Good job lad. I fugged up and now restarting nofap for a full month minimum.

595575 No.28638

Am I the only one who started having sexual dreams literally every night? I get that Nofap makes you store your sexual energy but this is ridiculous.

a68c70 No.28639

It could be worse, at least you not salvaging at the sight of every young female.

21e554 No.28640


No, but I can't stop myself from flirtring with them. The worst part is that it actually works.

Your problem will fade away if you do heavy excercise daily, but it will turn into my problem.

fd59cf No.28647




Thanks lads.

In the meantime I also got a haircut, bought a new outfit, shaved, cleaned the house completely, and started lifting again. Overall feeling fucking great since nofap/noporn.

About to go out for the first time in a long time too. Channel for me.

8df88e No.28648

Kinda wishing we had a bit more of the /k/ part of polk around here

83a548 No.28650


Never hurts to learn a martial art and a few disarming techniques either.

1ee148 No.28652

File: 83b51f218cd7dda⋯.jpg (27.74 KB, 173x243, 173:243, boston gun bible.jpg)

File: 4c9dbe0be201357⋯.png (273.36 KB, 652x943, 652:943, fighting modern armies 1.png)

File: bf890cfdba6102c⋯.png (249 KB, 622x904, 311:452, fighting modern armies 2.png)


Take this gift.

h t t p s://mega.nz/#!dTpySayR!NSTfiPJb5TvKSuXgRaScK07CIQGDJDRfqLEiswOrrEo

991ca7 No.28659

File: 31b429b428688a5⋯.gif (650.11 KB, 647x363, 647:363, ZoCd1km.gif)

I FUCKING HATE THE LEFT. I hate their anti-white anti-freedom anti-fun anti-culture agenda. I don't even believe myself to be authoritarian, fascist or a natsoc, but I would side with almost anyone over the fucking left.

They destroy everything that I enjoy and want to control everything that I like. They try to create a world in which we cannot grow and try bully us into just giving up and accepting it.

I hate it, I want left to die. I believe that most if not all right ideologies, no matter if authoritarian or libertarian make some good points. But all that comes out of the mouth of the left deserves no mention. I want a world where the left is completely destroyed and only different right-wing ideologies remain which can discuss and argue between each other looking for a compromise.

Fuck the left.

c1a483 No.28660


And here we can see the left doing our job for us, and reaffirming that not taking an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you.


68de4b No.28663


Let me guess, SJWs ruined your favorite videogame franchise? Welcome to /pol/, I recommend you start sifting through a few redpill threads to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes, since you have merely scratched the surface. After we're done with you, vidya/movies/anime will be the least of your concerns.

579093 No.28666


As a "leftist" I'm offended by you grouping me with the idpol faggots, left is an economical stance, not about identity like every nigger in pol seems to think.

d14fb1 No.28668

File: f9117269e710094⋯.jpg (491.48 KB, 966x1948, 483:974, anon bros.jpg)


Welcome to /polk/.

Hope you enjoy your stay.

c72882 No.28669

File: 2a1fc656a74a490⋯.jpg (71.25 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 67b.jpg)


>that pic

This is probably the cringiest, whiniest thing I have ever seen. Holy shit grow a pair, or go back to /b/ with the rest of the human waste.

Oh right, /b/ is full of normalfags now, so either grow a pair or just kill yourself.

a68c70 No.28689


>implying left libertarians don't exist and vice versa.

Not to mention that you use the false left right dichotomy to describe your political points.

6c6a91 No.28690


that is gay as fuck.

37cbaf No.28695

File: f9a7c33f1b7a2aa⋯.jpg (5.22 MB, 4933x2628, 4933:2628, Die_Toteninsel.jpg)


> left is an economical stance

No it's not. You people never seem to understand that. Economic is so fucking irrelevant. It has never been about economics and it never will be.

935df8 No.28723

I haven't visited this board in a few weeks now. Typical issues with /pol/ aside, there just hasn't been anything important to talk about. I think we're just kind of locked in as far as politics goes until the 2018 primaries.

Just started a new job this week. It doesn't pay much, but I have my foot in the door, which is the important thing.

c1a483 No.28724


We need to use this time to prepare, to improve ourselves, to build networks, and to become the best we can be.

7ed5fc No.28764


cc2456 No.28769

File: 2a178e226868801⋯.jpg (109.11 KB, 500x725, 20:29, 2a178e2268688011625f340084….jpg)

e3ac70 No.28772

File: 8c0702a6ce005a9⋯.png (256.34 KB, 1148x584, 287:146, Mods = Weebfags.png)


Just popping in to say hello. It's nice to know that the one decent /pol/ alternative is still doing well.

d4b3ab No.28775

File: bcf436a485c40b9⋯.gif (1.19 MB, 250x231, 250:231, bcf436a485c40b91e579e1b786….gif)

So it looks like this place is picking up activity again.

Have a free Hitler.


There is much more to politics than the charade of American party politics.

07f701 No.28795

File: 893a86505b61315⋯.jpg (108.36 KB, 660x933, 220:311, tioTgtb.jpg)


These are the same faggots who will spam LotGH screenshots to show how "redpilled" anime is but outside of that they exclusively watch shows about little girls being dykes and posting smug anime lolis.

f07926 No.28799

What does /polk/ think of habbo raids?

Are they a part of imageboard, or at leasr /b/'s culture?

Should I participate in the next raid on December 1st?

7ed5fc No.28800


I don't think it's worth it. It's just a waste of time imo tbqfh.

07f701 No.28810

File: 63aa9e766a9cdc5⋯.png (297.04 KB, 441x649, 441:649, e06e2ced5f6ad3b8cb9f62f95b….png)


Considering it's no longer a niche thing and every random normal day knows about it thanks to reddit tier regurgitation of any 4chan in joke like that Internet Historian faggot, probably not. Unless you want to see a bunch of redditors spam "REEEEE" and other ebin and edgy memes.

a68c70 No.28821

What's the difference between this and the blog post thread? I'm been here since the beginning and I don't really see a difference between the two.


I fucking hate seeing normalfags reeeee in real life. Have any of you guys had the displeasure of hearing reeeee or anything similar?

cc2456 No.28822

File: 63f767b79b999f8⋯.jpg (76.39 KB, 599x627, 599:627, 1436139951310-1.jpg)

They killed /pol/ but not before I

-downloaded 1000+ relevant pdfs about history, and self-mastery

-fixed my diet and exercise routines

-stopped watching porn

-learned enough about (((them))) to make them lose sleep for the next 100 years

So if they want to turn that shit into /b/ with swastikas, they can go right ahead, becasue it's too fucking late.

7ed5fc No.28880


You mind uploading a mega.nz file of all those books for the rest of us?

6e4032 No.28882


>So it looks like this place is picking up activity again.

Seems that way. It's a good sign.

cc2456 No.28892

File: 52086dcb945ef1e⋯.jpg (116.51 KB, 572x507, 44:39, shield.jpg)


Half of that thousand can be found on >>>/zundel/, and if you actually read them all, you won't ever need /pol/ again becasue you will already know everything of value it could possibly teach you.

The other half is fringe-tier esoterica that would probably get me bogged, so you're on your own there.

07f701 No.28896

File: 5af8b88424b7ba4⋯.jpg (35.08 KB, 300x437, 300:437, gettyimages-454795514 (1).jpg)

I stopped caring about him long ago because he started constantly bringing his annoying pavement ape wife on his podcast but everytime I check up on Bill Burr out of boredom it's mind boggling how cucked he is. He married the personification of everything he used to talk shit about.

I guess when you drill the oil forever in hell your soul will toil.

cc2456 No.28897


Drill oil, know toil.

7ed5fc No.28917

What's the consensus of net-neutrality hear on /polk/?

8e21c1 No.28922


Maybe it's a Hollywood thing. This is how he keeps himself in the good books of those at the top. Patrice O' Neal seemed honest and he didn't get very far.

7ed5fc No.28934


a68c70 No.28935

I hope everyone here is having a good thanksgiving. Mines been pretty good so far, didn't have to go to work, got to see the family, got a good deal on a coat, and the qt cashier was mirin. Hows your guys thanksgiving going?

7ed5fc No.28937


Mine's was okay. I spent time with my family and watched a movie with them. The food was good but the movie was Jewish propaganda that my boomer dad ate right the fuck up. Whaddaya gunna do?

e5ddca No.28940


It would be interesting to see what epigenetic changes could be seen further down the line; ie: if two adopted children had children, would their children have higher iq?

Also one could make the assumption that the adopted children were born from inadequate wombs, affecting their brain development.

I'd really like to see a study of 3 generations of iq testing with these kids.

757cb2 No.28943

Now that I'm redpilled, what do I do? Nothing feels enjoyable anymore and just reminds me on the total kikery devouring every aspect of our lives. I wish I could just withdraw out of society into a village with fellow anons and no spies and just live peacefully until I die, but that's obviously impossible. I don't see any way out of this or how to combat the jewery. Nothing is cool anymore. Life would be so much easier if I was bluepilled and ignorant

a7afbf No.28949


>Nothing feels enjoyable anymore and just reminds me on the total kikery devouring every aspect of our lives.

There are still many things in life that can be enjoyed without their influence. A good way of finding things to enjoy that are not tainted is how natural it is (more specifically, something that is tied to true nature and not the general term).Find hobbies, interests, and skills you have that fulfills you physically, mentally, and/or spiritually, that gives you a sense of purpose, and helps for fellow kin.

>I wish I could just withdraw out of society into a village with fellow anons and no spies and just live peacefully until I die, but that's obviously impossible.

Perhaps not in our lifetimes, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't fight for a future like that for our descendants. A problem people have in general is that they tend to think of what they want and how things affect them and them only, not realizing how the issues we deal with today affect more than just ourselves individually. It's better to fight for someone or an ideal and die trying (though not pursuing death, as we don't have the luxury of doing that with how things are currently), than to live for yourself and despair about the world in it's current state.

>I don't see any way out of this or how to combat the jewery. Nothing is cool anymore.

Use what you've learned after becoming red-pilled and apply it in your life, and continue to pursue more learning and continue to search for the objective truth and accept it (all without putting yourself in a bad situation). A problem that comes from being red-pilled on an imageboard like this is that while you can have access to a lot of red-pilling material, you won't hear a lot about moving away from imageboards almost entirely, and using what you've learned to help improve your life and the community you are or want to be apart of (the mods of /pol/ seem quite adamant on preventing threads that discuss this, or ones that can lead to anons eventually moving onward, as they want to stay alive as much as possible, even if it sacrifices the quality of the board). It's not going to be that easy, but being depressed about it isn't going to get you any closer to what you want and what you know is the right thing to do.

>Life would be so much easier if I was bluepilled and ignorant

It is easier to be ignorant and unaware of the horrors of the world and reality we live in, and once you learn about it, you can never go back, but the reward for learning the truth, and pursuing a better life for yourself and those you care for is greater than living a happy life based on a lie. A lot of us have been where you are after becoming red-pilled, but you cannot let the despair that comes from it overtake you. Those that overcame it had their own way of doing so, so it is ultimately up to you on how to overcome yours. Something that may help is something I learned when studying Celtic culture and religion; Their societies were able to thrive due to putting a high value on individualism, but also a higher value of duty to the tribe/communities they were in. This allowed their individuality to flourish, which helped improve their societies as well. Discover yourself on a individual level (what your talents and skills are), and always improve one's self so that you can help not only yourself, but your family and community you are apart of so as to keep it good and healthy.

Something else to think about. Instead of being depressed about your current situation and waiting for someone or something to happen to make things better, become someone that can inspire others to be like you as well through what you've learned. Never give up.

7ed5fc No.28951

I know the Holocaust didn't happen, but does anyone have stuff on Generalplan Ost?

d53c41 No.28952

Anyone have the full story on the bundy ranch incident from begining to end? Seems all the links I could find from a quick jewgle were the shoahed versions.

07f701 No.28953

File: 8083d3f186141a7⋯.png (2.01 MB, 1000x1187, 1000:1187, 8UQKuFm (1) - Copy.png)

Maybe it's because my daily exposure to them is so much higher but sometimes I hate niggers more than I do jews but then I remember whose responsible for my seeing them everywhere.

bf9e06 No.28959


Just see them as brown jews. They want to leech off the white man but they're less sophisticated.

bf9e06 No.28960


*I just.

10c21e No.28962



No thanksgiving in my country.


They're not le sophisticated, they're plain retarded.

07f701 No.28964

Does anyone know if Hitler's second book is legit? The story of it being "found" by some American officer sounds fishy to me.

07f701 No.28974

File: d33bdbbda44f552⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1000x2690, 100:269, PZDo10Y.png)

This meme of Italian Fascist being race blind and totally different from National Socialist ideology needs to end.

784854 No.28978

Why did the Jew cross the road?

I emptied my car's ashtray

37cbaf No.28983


He uses race in the old fashioned way. Horatio F. Brown uses race for the Venetian for example. No way the same as NatSoc does. Of cource they would want niggers in Italy but back then no one wanted them.

07f701 No.28993


He still emphasizes the important of homogeneity and the superiority of the Italian race. I've seen plenty of people call Mussolini and Italian Fascism race blind. The difference between Italian Fascism and National Socialism is just rooted in the differences of it's respective people which is natural considering the nature of Fascism but as an ideological worldview they're the same.

37cbaf No.29008

File: 4a3946e8286ed89⋯.png (4.32 MB, 804x10100, 201:2525, Namnlös - kopia.png)

File: 987f9e763904e71⋯.png (4.23 MB, 804x9964, 201:2491, Namnlös - kopia (2).png)

File: 314abbaa31d4bf6⋯.png (178.72 KB, 1920x1281, 640:427, ladda ned.png)


That's not at all how i see it. If you read a lot of older literature they use race and ethnicity seamlessly. I mean just look at the racial make up of Italy and race from a NatSoc perspective wouldn't make any sense but ethnicity do. Fascism is strength through unity so of course a homogenous population is beneficial but what is meant by homogeneity for fascism is not the same as NatSoc and preserving the homogeneity of the race was never the end goal of fascism.

I'm not sure what you mean by colorblind? Of course they could tell you the difference between chinaman and a nigger, but that was never the point.

The later attempts to get somebacking from Evola was just clutching for straws from Mussolini imo. Evola is another subject.

07f701 No.29010


I'm a bit busy right now so I can't read all of what you posted in the images at the moment but as for

>I'm not sure what you mean by colorblind?

People cherry picking quotes like this

>"Race? It is a feeling, not a reality. Ninety-five per cent, at least. Nothing will ever make me believe that biologically pure races can be shown to exist today.… National pride has no need of the delirium of race."

To claim that Italian Fascist was CivNat in nature.

And I'm also not sure what you mean by homogeneity for Fascism being different than homogeneity for NatSocs? Same with the difference between the racial make up of Italy from a NatSoc perspective and the difference between "race" and "ethnicity".

The way I understand it racial homogeneity is not just beneficial but *key* to the all important unity of fascism.

c1a483 No.29013

File: ce9a3c0eb8db1da⋯.jpg (155.9 KB, 962x1290, 481:645, Hitler on a train.jpg)

Does anyone know where I can download "Hitler: The Unknown Soldier 1914-1918"? I watched it on BitChute but never found a way to download from that site, and now the video has been taken down.

37cbaf No.29016

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Cultured-Thug claim, falsely imo, that NS is fascism, but other than that i think this is pretty good.

37cbaf No.29017

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7ed5fc No.29023

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Can I get some anti-blackpill stuff?

91f587 No.29026

Are people posting here again? Would be nice to have some likeminded anons I could post with. /pol/ is completely gone.


Do you have the bitchute URL? I could try to youtube-dl it.

c1a483 No.29027


h t t p s://www.bitchute.com/video/xM3bkrZR593U/

The page is a 404, so good luck.

37cbaf No.29029


It would be awesome if we got this board of the ground. I visit it almost everyday to see if something new is posted.

8a4ed7 No.29031


Eh, I mostly just visit and post ITT to keep the PPH/UIP up.


We need more unique IPs to make the front page. 46 and we can start gaining traction.

a26764 No.29036


God, just imagine the weight on that man's shoulders. Wonder when exactly this picture was taken.

37cbaf No.29038


I can't recommend Hitler's war enough. That book took my respect for Hitler to another level. It really make you realise just how much weight he had on his shoulders.

91f587 No.29042


Heh I'm the original BO so I did really get it off the ground, even if I ran it back into it later.

What kind of threads would we want? Even if I'm not BO anymore I could start bringing back content.

37cbaf No.29043


>Heh I'm the original BO so I did really get it off the ground, even if I ran it back into it later.

I know. We had a hing going, but the migration attempt really made everything crach and burn.

>What kind of threads would we want?

That the problem from my part, im so passive and prefer to just lurk if it's not something that is close to my heart like philosophy, NS and ww2 history in general. News, geopolitics, happenings and self improvemt are topic I just stay in the background.

91f587 No.29044


Had other things IRL that prevented me from being a good BO. Now that I'm back on a better work schedule I feel I can contribute again.

Did they ever do a book club ever again? Getting people to read a book was so fucking hard, even when it was a fiction non-dry read.

37cbaf No.29046


No after the second one it stopped. Can't rememeber what book it was then. I tried camp of the saints but i didn't like it.

If you gonna do a book club or something similar and want it to work it has to be very short, almost like an article or you have to provide quotes and passages from the book to get people started/interested.

91f587 No.29047


>almost like an article

Then it's not a book ;^)

37cbaf No.29053


Ok maybe pamphlet is a better word. I'm thinking like Feder's breaking the interest slavery or Schmitt's the concept of political

91f587 No.29060


I'd be down to participate if you wanted to get that going.

51097e No.29082


fd07b8 No.29092

File: 894cda987857228⋯.jpg (185.68 KB, 1116x544, 279:136, pilsudski-dmowski CV.jpg)

Today is Birthday anniversary of Józef Piłsudski, First Marshal of Poland who saved Poland and the West from Bolsheviks in 1920, signed a peace treaty with Hitler, created a softer doctrine of fascism around the same time Mussolini did.

8bf6d5 No.29094

Anyone here has started their own business ? I'm thinking about becoming a language tutor.

07f701 No.29096

File: 77a30c960ccf88a⋯.jpg (639.97 KB, 818x4910, 409:2455, 7yYQD3p.jpg)


If only he had lived longer

7ed5fc No.29098

File: e5e6d8d6be7803e⋯.jpg (77.53 KB, 640x458, 320:229, 1512522517932.jpg)

File: 4824dc330c0fefd⋯.png (332.95 KB, 611x476, 611:476, Adolf Hitler.png)

I guess I need to participate in the thread.

fd07b8 No.29102


Real shame, Imagine world without (((communism))).

What could've been.

5898c3 No.29113

lmfao got to love all the support pouring out for some porn slut who rimmed nigger assholes that killed herself because she refused to do a scene with some fag and got bullied for it from "redpilled" alt-right faggots.

764de7 No.29114


/pol/ banned me for the use of the word Amerimutt.

07f701 No.29116


tbf "amerimutt" is D&C speak.

7ed5fc No.29127


But America is a mongrel state that should cease to exist imo Please don't ban me mods.

501397 No.29138

Anybody know what the deal with Hitler's childhood home? Last I heard it was going to be torn down but that was a year ago. Any anons got any info?

bf01c8 No.29145

Adding my IP to the pile.

6bdca9 No.29151

Started going to the gym again for 2 weeks now, running, stretching, body weight, big 4 compounds, and sauna. Feels fantastic.

Downloaded some light reading from /pdfs/, which I've been slacking off on since early this year.

Went on dates with 2 girls last month, but decided they weren't up to my standards. Another girl is texting me, but she seems like kind of a whore so I probably won't go on a date with her.

Got some good food at the grocer this morning - broccoli, carrots, onion, garlic, fish.

Going to have a busy day of work today, then I'm building a stand for my Christmas tree tonight.

Going to get my firearms licence this month (american).

f90ccb No.29182


That is a really interesting idea, especially as epigenetics is a relatively young field of study.

Previous studies have shown increases in mortality related to the diet of previous generations and lifestyle (e.g. smoking)

cadcb6 No.29192

File: 607f70299db3687⋯.png (466.17 KB, 923x718, 923:718, 16f63d261e76b3949ff34da997….png)

Feeling good about the end of NN

fd07b8 No.29193

File: 2f73213e1b29952⋯.jpg (81.75 KB, 720x797, 720:797, Niggers.jpg)


>illiterate redditors think their idol nigger saved internet and now ebil cheeto hitler will kill everyone's faceberg.

Pic related, it's fucking nothing AND it will allow ISP's to gouge goolag and faceberg.

728e6a No.29196

Anyone else traveling for work this winter?

66fa38 No.29208

A few weeks ago I was banned from /pol/ by the anti-White mods for making fun of the hollow earth theory

I asked someone talking about the hollow earth; "how can the earth be hollow if it's flat?"

Now the mods banned me for pointing out that Assad is not White and that his 90% approval rating is as suspect as "Hillary has a 90% chance of winning" and "Hillary Clinton got the popular vote"

I actually support Assad and stated this many times. I approve of his handling of the terrorist/rebel situation. I approve of his anti-Israel stance (although let's be honest, he could be doing a lot more to harm Israel and his father is responsible for losing the previous war against Israel. But at least he's trying.)

I approve of the Ba'athist party and of course I like the fact that he supports Hezbullah; the greatest direct threat to Israel.

However only an idiot believes that anyone has a 90% approval rating.

I suspect that anyone who displays any practical knowledge of any issue gets banned in order to cultivate the worst of the worst imbeciles. National Socialism is always a threat to the (((System))). However if you can isolate National Socialism from reality, you can severely neuter its threat level. Any ideology that loses touch with reality becomes vulnerable. It is this very mistake that caused the left to become so vulnerable.

This could mean that the mods of /pol/ are literally Zionist traitors who are laughing at us behind their computer screens every time someone proposes a childishly naive idea and help push it. Maybe they smirk as they ban anyone who displays knowledge of global politics or who proposes a good idea. Perhaps they are working hand in hand with the Jews to keep National Socialists divided, isolated, and weak.

Or maybe they are simply self interested shirkers who like running /pol/ and don't want /pol/acks moving onto greater things and building a sustainable IRL movement. They want everyone on /pol/ sharing memes and doing nothing because it makes them feel powerful.

The thing about the Internet is that it is anonymous. People can express their opinions about anything they want without anybody knowing who they are. They all use pseudonyms or nicknames. It's the perfect environment for cowards, for shirkers. They can shoot their mouths off and act like real men without being called to account. And like shirkers everywhere, they would like for everyone else to be a shirker too, so they are not shown up for what they are. They would like for their cowardice and irresponsibility to be regarded as prudence. They want to thought of as smart guys instead of as shirkers

675222 No.29213

Was trying to find somewhere better. Have been on 4/pol/ for 3 years. Never got memo of exodus to 8/pol/. I went to 8/pol/ and found out some of the mods there were corrupt and saw a link to here. This all happened tonight.

675222 No.29215

12 active ISP's

Either our boards have been compromised or have died. What should we do?

I tried getting 4/pol/ to get onboard with my idea of an invite only private discord but no one caught on. I still like the idea. Ill post it here since this board is so slow. Just send me a screenshot of my post.

I was planning letting 30 people in and monitoring making sure they arent spies then leaving it on invite only.

Never expires. 5 uses

h t t p s://discord.gg/kD3Kj3Q

cadcb6 No.29217


I would have banned you too

b99027 No.29218


The exodus was pretty spectacular, how did you not get the memo ?

fd07b8 No.29219


>discussing nonkosher things using identifiable names on an insecure platform that prefers to have epic reddit memes on loading screen instead of cyber security

>having the audacity to link to discord on an imageboard

It won't bother me if there will be 11 ISP's without you.

675222 No.29222


I was busy with school and stopped lurking. Where did they all go?


4/pol has done it many times

66fa38 No.29224


>I would have banned you too

>for being realistic.

7d9aa3 No.29284

File: 1bd46076f273e6c⋯.jpg (47.02 KB, 1024x1265, 1024:1265, 16eadca3ce63b5df1475288ef1….jpg)


b94c71 No.29291


d0ad64 No.29292


Gamergate happened and we all came here on fullchan.

b751f6 No.29294

File: 804cbfe1ca54c08⋯.jpg (341.23 KB, 1311x850, 1311:850, Antarktyda.jpg)

File: a4afd52d4c2abd9⋯.jpg (259.97 KB, 1440x586, 720:293, Agartha.jpg)

File: d000725b08307cf⋯.jpg (762.33 KB, 1754x1252, 877:626, pusta-Ziemia.jpg)

File: 596af15cbc1ea94⋯.png (2.24 MB, 1600x1142, 800:571, pusta-Ziemia2.png)

If Hitler was proven right about everything, what makes you expect that he won't be proven right about hollow Earth?

7ed5fc No.29300


Where'd you find this?

b751f6 No.29302

File: 2bda9763b071303⋯.jpg (104.45 KB, 433x539, 433:539, kryjówka.jpg)

File: 7fb4e3a35c4b374⋯.jpg (399.25 KB, 1600x1125, 64:45, mapy.jpg)

File: bcf5a3df23f8be6⋯.jpg (303.9 KB, 1388x842, 694:421, materiały.jpg)

File: 7fd9a87c6e7f4b8⋯.jpg (525.27 KB, 2954x1124, 1477:562, New-Swabia.jpg)


Floating around on halfchan.

6f6998 No.29306

File: 2f65f7b6780041c⋯.jpg (35.83 KB, 600x666, 100:111, JEWS.jpg)

File: f5d31c30fd9018b⋯.jpg (42.27 KB, 500x407, 500:407, 1459177942643.jpg)

File: ed7c203be04ce03⋯.jpg (54.42 KB, 469x480, 469:480, A monkey thing.jpg)

File: f155b9557e5b9e4⋯.gif (2.04 MB, 206x223, 206:223, besiege1.gif)

Dropping some memes I've collected while away. Merry Christmas, volk.

7ed5fc No.29319


Nice. Also, what are those two last diagrams in your first post mean? I recognize the left leaning and the right leaning swastikas from Serrano's work, but what's the rest of it?

d14fb1 No.29321


Frankly, at this point I wouldn't even be surprised. Everything else the Jews have talked bullshit about.

b751f6 No.29324



3rd picture appears to be a description of some artifact, or the Earth itself, and some kind of experiment. Either way I'd give away my ear away to have been there.

The 4th picture is about people leaving behind their families to go on the expedition to Antarctica. New Swabia is a place in Antarctica, right at the pole.

However much you want to go into this, make no mistake that you are being lied to about something. There is literally a Rothschild island near South America, in Antarctica.

Don't know much other than that. This stuff you could spend your whole life studying, unless you have the balls+money to go to one of the poles yourself.

a3ef08 No.29325

File: 57e8d2f3d56429e⋯.jpeg (63.92 KB, 637x423, 637:423, image.jpeg)

File: fb910aefc00534b⋯.jpeg (92.65 KB, 634x980, 317:490, image.jpeg)

Just got permabanned from /pol/ for calling imkampfy a fag and posting his picture ban evasion. which is odd because I wasn't banned before So I guess I'll be posting here from now on because using a VPN to post every time is a pain.

e9162c No.29328

Which is worse: Zionist kikes or Marxist kikes?

3e4850 No.29330

/pol/ has been circling the drain for the last year, but it is officially unbearable to me now. I'm going to hang out here more often.

fd07b8 No.29332


marxist are more vile.

d14fb1 No.29334


>Which is worse? Scylla or Charybdis?

9b21e1 No.29335


Same here. Too much noise.

b751f6 No.29340


Marxist kikes murdered over 80m.

Even Mao Zedong had regular connections with Jews.

a6a75a No.29356


I will admit, I do find Marxist kikes like Sanders and Stallman more repulsive than Netanyahu

9b21e1 No.29363


In your mind, is Netanyahu doing the right thing for the wrong people, while Sanders is doing the wrong thing for any people? Or is it something else?

I think it's a false dichotomy anyway. Any kikes who aren't zionist are just content where they are. And marxism is just one way that they seek their tribal security.

eae35b No.29364


nah i think he's saying that zionist kikes are more open with wanting to kill gentiles, while marxist kikes try and hide it under the visage of "equality"

b751f6 No.29367


Marxist kikes are evil psychopaths.

100m dead is not "seeking tribal security,"

It's the kind of pure evil described in the Bible that they said doesn't exist.

aca82d No.29368

Openly shilling for /bpol/, if you guys want to discuss things generally not covered by /polk/ or the like.

Also, glad to see /polk/ is still alive. /pol/ is getting more and more unbearable, and hiroshimoot seems intent on destroying any shred of dignity cuckchan had left.

5e9547 No.29370


/pol/ needs to die already. It's ran its course. It's terrible there right now. Sometimes j00ts pol is better in terms of discourse. Less spam, ironically, thats how bad it is. We had a good Self Reliance General on 4chan earlier today.

4f6da7 No.29381

Just launched h t t p s://8ch.net/fringeliving/ which will discuss living on the fringe of society.

Not for you varg type white waifu and family in a homestead posters, but for the blackpilled, the amoral, the people that see western civilization collapsing etc.

a68c70 No.29463


That happened awhile ago anon.

a68c70 No.29464

What's the easiest way to build a passive income for yourself? I'm already into the cryptos, so theirs no need to shill them right now. My current idea is to open a minecraft server that panders to children, since they have no problem spending their mums money. Large servers can easily generate 1,000$ a month.

We can also talk about the cryptos

b751f6 No.29467


Cryptos are more fiat than regular money.

Regular money at least exists.

Cryptos are backed by maths.

Maths which, if they are broken, it makes all your crypto money worth $0.

fdb228 No.29476


Make a /polk/ Minecraft server where we build concentration camps and burning crosses.

9b21e1 No.29501


No, he should drain other people's time and money. For instance with an LGBT pandering server.

4fb7f0 No.29511

File: 39565ba1cbe9fde⋯.jpg (154.23 KB, 784x1024, 49:64, Hitler_1.jpg)

dd02a3 No.29523

File: 83cca59baa5cf62⋯.png (263.3 KB, 500x381, 500:381, image.png)

File: f2d02e873948a6e⋯.gif (997.34 KB, 500x375, 4:3, image.gif)


If you're going to start your own board you should probably learn how to cross post like a grownup.


55d78d No.29530

Adding to the IDs

57d5c2 No.29532

I'm about halfway done with Hunter and so far it reads more like a giant redpill than an actual novel, but I really dig what I see. Essentially all the names and titles Pierce drops are worth their own separate research, so it's got an somewhat interactive element to it.

1065a6 No.29536


I can really recommend fame of a dead man's deeds. It's an up-close 'portrait' of Pierce. After you're done with Hunter you could just reada the chapter that is about Hunter to get some insight of what Pierce was thinking when he was writing it.

bcc961 No.29588

The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler

Search & watch the video on h t t p s://archive.org

It is a very interesting video with lots of references to books and documents which make it very clear that Adolf Hitler

- was funded until 1933 by Jewish bankers.

- had a very important role in the creation of Israel.

- had Jewish family members.

- had a Jewish doctor.

- demolished a graveyard near his birthplace.

- gave a large sum of money to a distant family member to cover up facts about his (Jewish) roots.

bcc961 No.29589


- Adolf Hitler's half-sister Angela Hitler for example was manager of Mensa Academia Judaica [1]

[1]: h t t p s://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angela_Hitler#Widow

fd2ba9 No.29606

File: 07a940a6a7d1f7d⋯.jpeg (155.94 KB, 1024x923, 1024:923, 1494155350410.jpeg)


>le Hitler was a gay black Jewish moslem with one ball who smeared his niece (who he was also in an incestual relationship with) with shit

bcc961 No.29607


I did not say he was Jewish, but that he has Jewish family members.

Whatever, you haven't watched the 2.5 hour video since his family history is only a small part of it.

84f37a No.29610


Real estate.

Buy up apartments, become a landlord.

Spend time vetting people so you don't get degenerate dope fiends instead of normal people who have their life together to a degree that ensures they won't destroy your apartment, and won't be late on payments.

36f43d No.29626

File: 3ab2abd934efefb⋯.jpg (129.02 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 1515209682990.jpg)

I'd like other anons to give their honest opinions.

What do you feel is the way to find a fuher?

How does a fuher appear or gets selected.

This is my main point of contention and my main problem with national socialism,in mein kampf uncle Adolf points out how the german nation will recognise a leader instinctively when they see one,and those stepping up to the position but unable to take the responsibility with their own life at stake won't be able to handle the pressure.

To me that seemed a bit like a kings Arthur myth,i often wondered had ww2 not happened what would have happened after hitler?wouldn't it have devolved into a political infighting in the party where some incompetent drugged up goering ends up in power due to backstabbing? And once in power how could he be removed with the propaganda pushing for him.

I always found this to be the weak link on nationals socialism,there ain't many hitlers in history.

I do think a system like national socialist germany would encourage the appeared centre of people that know how to become leaders while the current system guides and corrupts said born leaders to work for the kikes.

I'd like to hear your opinions.

66abdb No.29689


Frankly, it'd probably end up much the same way: some fucker would step up and utter a new word, we go and throw our lot in with him, we rise up and go gas the kikes. We don't want someone who had to be wrangled into the position, nor someone who couldn't attract enough followers to gain attention.

66abdb No.29690

Unrelated: can any snake-whisperers here tell me what shabbos means, as used in the phrase «shabbos goyim»?

66abdb No.29701

File: b333ce314081b7f⋯.jpg (257.49 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, hitler was technically fin….jpg)


>was funded by jew bankers

He was for a while, until they realised he was actually going to do what he said.

>had a very important role in the creation of Israel

Technically, yes. How far do you think (((they))) would have gotten without "muh six hundred gorillion" to kvetch and wail about?

>had Jewish family members

>had a Jewish doctor

>demolished a graveyard near his birthplace

>gave a large sum of money to a distant family member to cover up facts about his jew roots

How? Adolf, throughout his life, behaved nothing like a jew. He did things no jew would ever so much as think of, things which enormously benefited the German race, and all this for no profit to himself.

What jew would have made a law stating that business owners could only keep a quarter of their profits and give the rest to the business?

What jew would have abolished all taxes except for expensive luxuries such as jewellery and cognac?

And what jew would have banned usury?

Get back in the oven, Chaim.

3c0231 No.29702

I got my dad to read part of the intro to CofC, and he was skeptical of most of it, but said "I can't argue that" of the section on the xenophobia double-standard (where Israel is allowed to be a Jewish ethnostate, but whites aren't allowed the same).

Baby steps.

66abdb No.29704


CofC? I'm not up to date on redpilled literature.

2cd765 No.29708

I guess I'll post here since we need to get rid of the turkish board

3c0231 No.29714


The Culture of Critique. It is a book focusing on the ways in which Jews have influenced various movements in the 20th century.

36f43d No.29725

File: 83b80fe755cdbd0⋯.png (266.06 KB, 400x773, 400:773, 1515984547454.png)


You can search it but my guess is on sabbath the jews can't operate machinery or other things(the most common in ancient times being turning fire on or off,thus they had to keep a fire burning and make sure it stayed burning or else they wouldn't be able to cook or heat anything out of fear from the volcano god taking their foreskin all over again or some shit,so they used to hire a sabbath goy,some helper goy that could break the rules and perform those tasks for them,kind of like lassie or rintin tin would help their owners as all they'd probably get in return is a smile and a pat for being a very very good goy that will get a "rip off" deal in some credit loan ;)

So when someone is being called that your basically calling them a greatest ally of the jews,a servile retard that gets nothing for helping them,an archetypal Christian boomer that supports israel even if he would do anyways as US policy,yet thinks taxation is theft.

66abdb No.29738



Many thanks, anons.

20f8b2 No.29741

File: 0374a60a8e899ed⋯.jpg (27.54 KB, 625x361, 625:361, kosherswitchlol.jpg)

File: c3bb180577558e2⋯.jpg (32.47 KB, 300x300, 1:1, kosherphone.jpg)

File: 9d76bb8ca79bc42⋯.jpg (37.81 KB, 450x350, 9:7, oyveyphone.jpg)


>on sabbath the jews can't operate machinery or other things

They can't start an electric current, but they are allowed to stop one. They use that as a loophole and have weird devices that operate in the most retarded way possible but without breaking the letter, only the spirit, of their satanic law. All religions have their oddities, but jewry's "oy vey we can outsmart g-d!" is one of the most ridiculous.

d00329 No.29770

>Unique IPs within 72 hours decrease to 1950 and lower

>Better go full Maddow

0610b5 No.29772


This is a few months late but here you go. The first version is the best in my opinion.

h t t p s://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4ZnNP5qc_o

h t t p s://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lp0fkIqHBbQ

h t t p s://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLLB7hpvuZE

h t t p s://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSfoYjEWfm8

726135 No.29779

Is the hello FBI meme used by agencies to keep /pol/ inline? It comes up to unnaturally. If an anon says he's going to directly do something or others should do something it is always met with the FBI meme. It doesn't have to even be violent at this point just anything irl which might make an actual impact. Sad they are all cattle being nipped into line effortlessly.

3f7a52 No.29784

What have you guys been up to lately? I just quite my job and totaled out my car not to long ago. Everything is going alright right now though. I've gotten back into lifting/running and have started to clean up my diet.

9b3311 No.29787

File: a340683a0f6df97⋯.jpeg (71.12 KB, 720x322, 360:161, 1468395345497-0.jpeg)


Been trying to get my life back in the tracks. I've been waking up at 7am every day, quit weed and alcohol, started both a dream journal and a normal one as a way to cement morning/evening routines, and have been focusing on reading non-fiction and technical books. The only things I still haven't started is a diet/workout routine and going back to learning german, but overall these last three weeks have been pretty good.

The bad news is that my friends seem to have been bitten by the leftist virus, twice already I've had to hear about the evil racist Trump and the sexism in requiring proof that a woman has been actually raped before starting life ruining witch hunts. I hoped I could avoid getting into retarded political arguments this year but if this shit continues escalating I don't think I'll be able to stay quiet.

f432e9 No.29795


Nextchan? I just came here from 4chan's /pol/ after getting sick of the janitors deleting the actually helpful threads, especially those on NatSoc. It's a bummer everyone is so splintered - I wish there was one community where I could lurk and learn.

fea0b9 No.29816


Glad to hear you picked yourself up after a couple of hard rounds. What's your diet setup like? I've been needing to lose a bit after Christmas. Do you drink kefir milk?

66abdb No.29890


They're alphabet soup agencies. They don't have to do much to get people to fall all over themselves to avoid traps. There are so many ways to screw over communities that they really don't even need to train their guys. All they need is to employ numale faggots to go and shit up the same threads.


Trying to learn how to do a traditional dance. Very hard on the legs, though. Recently made it past fap addiction.


I don't so much stay quiet in regards to political shitflinging. I try to seed in redpills under the guise of irony (can't think of a way to phrase this that doesn't make me sounds like a ledditor) and back up what redpills are already there.


There never was a single place where one could go to learn the secret to life. The closest things were different boards on a chan. That's why chan users still tend to drift around the internet, only coming back to here a little more regularly than anywhere else.

66abdb No.29962

postan for the sake of postan

379a93 No.29972

File: dcee8a5c061250a⋯.jpg (1.78 MB, 4032x1261, 4032:1261, 20180204_111024.jpg)

I'm joining a Christian organization that provides (non-military/combat) emergency response training and discipline for young men. It's not religiously affiliated, and is denominationally diverse, so don't fear it's some Branch-Davidian cult.

This was a paragraph in the application; I'm already largely trying to move away from degenerate forms of art and music already, and have been realizing (((who's))) behind much of the postmodern deconstruction of Western beauty and tradition in its music.

Can anyone point me towards research or writing on music from a NatSoc/redpilled perspective that discusses music, perhaps from a more scientific basis? I'm genuinely interested in understanding the issue and making my own decisions regarding it.

ebd3e2 No.29973


Are you sure you trust these people ?

5a218a No.29974

Vimeo embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I do; I've known dozens of young men who have worked with them, and know many of the staff personally. Without giving too many details, they they work closely with FEMA and non-profits with disaster response. They're well-established, and although they keep a low profile publically, are fairly well-known by their state government and authorities and trustworthy and reputable.

They are one of the least expensive roads, outside of the military, to get the discipline and technical skills I'm looking for. (High-angle rescue, dive response, wildland fire fighting, et.al.)

Here's their website, fwiw, if you're wondering if they're legit *h t t p s://*alertacademy.com/

They don't force me to embrace their view of music, only follow their standards while I'm on their campus/in their program, which I'll respect. I'd just like to form my own opinions on the subject.

19fd9a No.29994

File: c4e62af10f08f60⋯.gif (6.37 MB, 8944x6126, 4472:3063, c4e62af10f08f60c9afe955a69….gif)

Why does James Mason use the left-leaning swastika as his symbol. If he read a book he'd know why.

49ac57 No.30008

I hate waifufags so damn much,they're almost as bad as furfags,godamnit,everywhere they go they start talking about their waifus and how many times they have masturbated to a drawing of her.

Some of them look like they don't even realize that their "wife" is actually a drawing done by some fat nip that only cares about getting money for onaholes,it's fucking annoying,shit.

Sorry for shitposting here,i needed to get that out of my system

f608b8 No.30041

File: 37306ff7bc53df4⋯.jpg (292.24 KB, 900x671, 900:671, main_900.jpg)

File: 3948e6983762018⋯.jpg (664.53 KB, 1054x1348, 527:674, CharlesCouglinCraineDetroi….jpg)

File: 689f099b8f3b6fb⋯.jpg (45.75 KB, 504x792, 7:11, Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-R162….jpg)

>Berlin falls 2 May, 1945

>Thousands of miles across the world, a middle-aged man in a suit sits silently crying in a pew at the Shrine of the Little Flower

>Father Coughlin walks up behind him and puts a hand on his shoulder

>"It will be okay," he says, "we will have our revenge."

>The man silently nods, and wipes a tear from his eye

>He is Heinrich Bremerbach, formerly Gottfried Feder, whom the CIA had abducted in September 1941, in anticipation of a future American invasion of Germany, and the need to establish a Third Reich from the US

>Soon senior military officials, along with the CIA, and led by Patton, will unveil the Zionist puppet, Harry S. Trueman, and his treachery in rejecting Japanese offers of surrender

>The world will never be the same

f608b8 No.30042


Whoops, forgot to explain. This autism is a short mini-novel I want to eventually write, even if it's just myself that reads it. I know that I would enjoy the process of studying Feder and Coughlin thoroughly in order to get their characters down for a novel.

I'm imagining a state led by an autocratic Charles Lindbergh, a war for American religion between Bob Jones Sr. and Coughlin, and a Left-wing revolution in the cities, leading to a peaceful split of the United States, with the coasts becoming Cascadia and the United States of New England, and the rest of the country comprising the United States of America, with a capitol in St. Louis.

c25e67 No.30055

File: 10173cfcd2c665b⋯.png (2.36 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, NWF.png)


Siegeheads are very edgy and irrational people.

92c614 No.30059

File: d59a819f7094547⋯.jpg (77.08 KB, 466x525, 466:525, 1517205917266.jpg)


well, I would be careful anon. I would always be careful about handing yourself over to another person. YOU are your most precious possession after all.

I personally have had a lot of success in getting rid of the kike in assorted areas…no TV and the such, but music is one that I really have a hard time with. I've tried moving to classical and I really, really struggle with it, even though I have noticed after periods of silence (no music) I no longer get 'ear worms' or such from classical, that sort of thing only comes from SOME rock music.

But some jew-tier bands I really am having a hard time giving up. I think I'd rather take the silence but I feel I have to admit my weakness in the matter here.

6e3a27 No.30066


Real Estate is correct. The money I'm being paid in rent is twice what I pay for the very house every month.

729b77 No.30068


That picture reveals the agenda quite broadly.

8c3247 No.30072

File: fc18f690b913657⋯.webm (8.56 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Wolfnacht - På Vikingtog.webm)


That's one area I can't sympathise with. I would advise listening to your own race's music first, and then reviewing the jew bands to see how they compare within proper frame of reference.

8c3247 No.30073

File: f30ac2bb7d607a2⋯.png (65.2 KB, 1340x704, 335:176, anon on the magna carta an….png)

Can someone interpret this shit for me? What is he saying, how do I use this?

I can glean that:

1: By forcing them to abide by the Magna Carta, one can shit in (((law enforcement)))'s cereal.

2. The Magna Carta applies across the whole commonwealth.

0d55ad No.30075

File: ddc30f932715f16⋯.jpg (247.91 KB, 760x512, 95:64, A 1922 autorace in Grunewa….jpg)

Just stopping by.

0d55ad No.30076



19fd9a No.30086


What's the "New Awakening" reading list?

19fd9a No.30087


Just wondering because I haven't heard of it.

Polite sage for replying to my own post

19fd9a No.30096

File: 95cf6dbf78e7d79⋯.jpg (261.02 KB, 1406x1433, 1406:1433, Pure coincedence goy.jpg)

Check this shit out. Apparently Lee Harvey Oswalds childhood friend was a Communist Jew. (((Pure Coincidence))) am I right? If you look in the background of pic related, you can clearly see a poicture of Trotsky. And this came from O'Sullivan's kid so it can't be shooped. Can someone make an infograph of this?

>www.haaretz. com/us-news/ MAGAZINE-how-lee-harvey-oswalds-childhood-pal-found-himself-in-israel-1.5460610

729b77 No.30098



19fd9a No.30105


Thanks for the archive

92c614 No.30108


It is really sinister.

66abdb No.30123

File: d129723a493d409⋯.webm (2.13 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Das Panzerlied-misXSpU3rm….webm)

File: 012512da22a2296⋯.webm (5.14 MB, 656x480, 41:30, Im Wald, im grünen Walde ….webm)

Found these on YT.

cfbad3 No.30125

I asked some /pol/acks to meet me on /polk/ in an anchored thread. Any of you guys here?

3f7a52 No.30144


Remake the thread here dumb ass.

19fd9a No.30150

File: fc4c54857d6b5fc⋯.gif (53.25 KB, 132x140, 33:35, 1ca34d37004613bea897748c14….gif)

Got banned off /pol/ for making an Esoteric Hitlerist thread. Really gets that noggin joggin

66abdb No.30151


What is Esoteric Hitlerism as a religion? What is it, apart from the reverence of Adolf Hitler?

19f3e0 No.30152


Depends who you ask. Some see it as a pretty regimented thing, that Hitler is part of some long ranging process, Devi's point of view on it and the thing that can truly be called esoteric. There's an element of animism to it in most cases. But Hitler worship isn't limited to just that, there are those who see it as a kind of Imperial Cult, like what Caesar had going on, some even think the same soul was both people as well as a few others. Not to mention the people like the skinhead (music scene) counterculture, which is basically people who know nothing about natsoc, but understand that the kikes have basically made a god, or maybe a satan out of Hilter, so take up the iconography of "the enemy" to demonstrate their antipathy to the current regime.

But the Devi ideology which operates under that name is essentially a Mystery Cult, so the entire point is to defy easy explanation.

cfbad3 No.30154


It was just a thread bitching about the mods after they started censoring esoteric hitlerist threads. It wouldn't be quality enough to re-make the thread here. I just have a gut feeling that some of them will see this.

eb2d85 No.30164


Transcranial magnetic stimulation also has a lot of potential to be used for enhancing cognition. It speaks volumes about our enemies that they would choose to use technology that could make us all smarter for thought control.

h t t p s://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYAfmyMZe5g

c5accf No.30168


Thanks for this, saved. What's the 'New Awakening' reading list?

c25e67 No.30169

We should focus on the ethnostate, that needs to be our primary goal.

4ee318 No.30175

I've been too busy with work and school to do much lurking, let alone posting, so I'm just enjoying my Saturday doing nothing.


I know it's been almost 6 months since this post, but I had an idea a while back. A /pol/ game would be a squad based strategy game where you slowly conquer an area bit by bit. It would be one of those games like C&C where there is a 'good' and a 'bad' faction. In this game the 'good' faction is lolberg-vanilla-patriotism and the 'bad' faction is natsoc. Both factions would have to fight antifa/leftists/feds, and could have the choice to fight each other early, or fight later in the game once the other enemy factions are eliminated. While that isn't really special in and of itself, here's where it gets better:

Both factions have a 'Popularity' and a 'Cohesion' stat. Popularity represents how many civilian NPCs of the territory you have claimed approve and like you. Cohesion represents how well fed, content, happy etc. your civilians are. For the lolbergs, the popularity starts off high, but as the game progresses it gets harder and harder to keep cohesion and popularity up. What happens is because the lolbergs have accepted boomercucks, 'based' jews, 'based' niggers, 'model minority' gooks, etc. as civilians, there are constantly conflicts from each group pulling against the cohesion of the population. Furthermore with each racial group added there's a decrease in popularity as your faction's white representatives in the democratically elected government your faction supports. With more dissenting voices added, the available money and resources to supply your army dwindles. With all of the hits to cohesion and popularity your lolberg faction suffers, by the time late game comes you keep getting stabbed both in front and in back, making winning the game extra difficult.

For the NatSoc faction, the popularity bar is active, but grayed out, because you aren't a democracy. You have to spend the time and effort to purge your conquered areas, and because of it your popularity is dismal. However because there are no opposing racial groups, and no democratic factions you have to appease, the game basically starts off harder, and gets easier over time. This is also because your base population stat will be lower, and the available resources will be higher. With a high cohesion stat, your popularity begins rising, as your civilian population begins to like you despite you being an 'ebul notsee'. By the end of the game you only have to focus on taking the map, which is not as difficult because you only have to focus forward.

c98772 No.30182


Huge influx of new users to 8pol

The catalog is sliding around without any major shill effort, concept of QTDDTOT is unknown

I don't see this board moving fast enough.

You will need a few moderators and to seed knowledge of the existence of this board across the internet.

There is no use for a board with 50 or less weekly posters when they all crosspost elsewhere anyway.

69ef4f No.30186

File: e9b0b8fb5320441⋯.jpg (17.39 KB, 512x288, 16:9, bg_tn_zf39wr2g9r_100555.jpg)

How do we rewind time?

How do we go back to before we all became cucked >>>/soyboys/?

fdd6cd No.30190

File: 764a6afbf42a6b8⋯.jpg (63.81 KB, 720x540, 4:3, Elvis Presley gets offered….jpg)




>we all

cb1174 No.30198

It seems another splinter board from /pol/ has formed, /zenpol/. They seem to have come to a similar conclusion that /pol/ is a shill infested compromised mess. Shall we try to direct them here?

dfb17c No.30200


I just got here from the link posted on /pol/. The thread quality here compared to /pol/ is like the difference between pre-election /pol/ and current halcuck /pol/.

/pol/ has definitely taken a massive swing toward Trump worship. Was there a big TRS ban on plebbit or some shit that sent them all here?

bc9b55 No.30202

File: 65f4002cd823180⋯.jpeg (20.11 KB, 450x450, 1:1, serveimage.jpeg)


I still don't understand why no one has made independent films with western values overcoming subversion, or any /polk/ approved themes. It would take 200K and you could get a fantastic quality themes and filming techniques that would blow up. DSLR cameras give depth of field that rival professionals. Watch The Man from Earth. That looks like it was shot on a VHS recorder, with terrible acting, and wilfurb brumley. They are in the same room the whole time. It got 7.9 on imdb. The biggest hurdle would be a plot and good storytelling. Something with ideas and conversation. Not tanks and cape shit. The possibility is out there, and people are looking to dump Hollywood. They hate it. It would be so easy. People want aesthetics of ideas.

bc9b55 No.30203

File: 63dac74fc94b77e⋯.jpeg (303.71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, serveimage.jpeg)


If you write a game, and it has some storyline, which i'm guessing is your point, find some creative writing anons and follow something like The Story Grid or Save the Cat. I think The Story Grid is better. Implement as much into gameplay and keep it simple. I'd avoid cut scenes, because that seems like it would be a bitch to incorporate in between your gameplay. People just want to play. I'm the autist that wants the hear every word, concentrate on the whole.

19fd9a No.30208


I'm thinking selling our small board on another small board will make us look bad.

639e0c No.30224

File: c58f412d26e5483⋯.png (136.09 KB, 966x599, 966:599, HdID7cz.png)

File: 116a8164b33dce6⋯.png (40.37 KB, 759x327, 253:109, ig8BiaE.png)

File: 809151a62a69625⋯.png (49.97 KB, 803x391, 803:391, Screenshot from 2018-02-23….png)

Anyone watching the unfolding drama with Anglin?

66abdb No.30227


What drama?

639e0c No.30230

File: bf79590afc29831⋯.png (35.71 KB, 772x283, 772:283, FN5JhVY.png)


see pic 3

h t t p s://dailystormer.name/nick-fuentes-is-a-weapon-of-mass-destruction

used to say

>Understand this, friends: Nick Fuentes and Paul Nehlen are the future of the pro-white, anti-Jewish movement.

>I am officially declaring that.

Anglin got called out, then went into his "what is this I don't even know" spiel.

A lot of stormers came out as being okay with non-whites

a77045 No.30232


A lot of them haven't even considered a one drop rule system it appears. Possibly because such a system more than a (((23andme))) requires extensive knowledge of your own family tree, and those of prospective candidates to decide who is white or not. The absolute state of our race in the West makes this difficult to require in a mass movement, which the TRS crowd is trying to appeal to with their own methods.

7701ef No.30233


>The absolute state of our race in the West makes this difficult to require in a mass movement, which the TRS crowd is trying to appeal to with their own methods.

We shouldn't lower our standards.

66abdb No.30234


If <1/8th nonwhite was good enough for the National Socialists, it's good enough for me.

At least until we can settle in peace and start countrywide eugenics.

639e0c No.30235


h t t p s://thepurityspiral.com/?p=568

The Alt-Right and the Fallacy of the Nuremberg Laws

When you challenge individuals in the Alt-Right who claim to be part non-White or to have a part non-White partner or spouse, you will very quickly run into the claim that the Nuremberg laws, which were enacted by Adolf Hitler and formed the foundation of the Third Reich’s incomplete drive to create a racially-based state, allowed inclusion of mixed-race individuals and that therefore participation of mixed-race individuals in the Alt-Right is acceptable.

The problem with this position is threefold:

Firstly, the Nuremberg Laws of 1935 were an initial legal definition of who was to be defined as a German citizen and who was not. Specifically, the laws were targeted at defining the point at which an individual was defined in legal, not racial, terms as Jewish or German.

In other words, the Nuremberg laws were a legal document separating citizens from non-citizens based upon ancestry for the purposes of the law. It was not an endorsement of the idea that if someone had only one Jewish grandparent, then that grandparent’s Jewishness didn’t matter. It still made them mischlinge (i.e. mixed-race Jews), but the second degree rather than the first degree. This is what many of those using the Nuremberg laws as some kind of litmus test of who is and who is not White fail to comprehend. Mischlinge with even one Jewish grandparent were still mixed-race, but were treated in broad legal terms as German. There were therefore many requests for reinvestigation and reclassification from first degree mischlinge (two Jewish grandparents) looking to be classed as second degree mischlinge (one Jewish grandparent).

Secondly, the laws applied to the differentiation of who was legally Jewish and who was legally German, thus establishing who was a citizen of the country as a whole. They were not applied more widely because there simply were not many citizens of Germany at the time who weren’t either European or Jewish.

The most notable example of this were the Rhineland Bastards, who were the offspring of rape and/or sexual degeneracy resulting from the deliberate use of Black troops by the French to occupy the Rhineland in 1919. These mixed-race individuals were not dealt with under the Nuremberg Laws of 1935 but rather under the 1933 Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring. The Rhineland Bastards were not treated as German citizens, but rather as a racial danger to the state. They were arrested and forcibly sterilized under the supervision of the foremost German anthropologist of the time, Professor Eugen Fischer.

In other words, the Nuremberg Laws were to define at what point a phenotypically similar but genetically dissimilar small alien population that had a long history of intermarriage and interbreeding with the host population was classified legally as German or Jewish. Thus, they were not meant for nor applied to mixed-race individuals without Jewish ancestry who were German residents. These were dealt with separately as a threat to the German national integrity rather than being allowed to live and reproduce within the Third Reich, as many of AltRight wish to fantasize. They were arrested, sterilized, and subjected to intense social shame.

Therefore, citing the Nuremberg Laws to define who is and who is not mixed-race outside of the Jewish question is disingenuous and, in essence, a falsehood because the Nuremberg laws didn’t apply to such individuals, nor were they created in the context of a multiracial state. They were conceived as a way of rooting out and legally classifying Jewishness within an almost completely homogenous German culture and society.

In fact, if we are to take the Third Reich as our touchstone for defining who is and who is not White, it would mean that anyone who is mixed-race – ½, 1/4 or 1/8- should not only be treated as a non-White, but promptly excluded from society, arrested, sterilized and then probably deported back to their national home rather than being welcomed as fellow racial nationalists.

Thirdly and lastly, we have to understand that the Third Reich was operating in the world of genetics that existed before the discovery of DNA and used Mendelian inheritance to understand race. The Reich was thus more lenient in terms of definition that we can be today with our deeper understanding of inheritance and the relationship between genotype and phenotype. If we do not apply this deeper understanding and more stringent genetic framework to the question of race we are guilty not only of misrepresenting the inheritance of the Third Reich, but also denying the simple scientific reality that a mixed-race individual is a mixed-race individual, rather than a ¾ White person.

639e0c No.30238

File: fd855fdf276fd9e⋯.png (111.44 KB, 1042x662, 521:331, E0aiJAq.png)

h t t p s://forum.therightstuff.biz/topic/81028/rare-insight-into-aa-s-reasoning

They're eating each other

639e0c No.30239

File: faac26efd392db6⋯.png (466.57 KB, 939x796, 939:796, ZMxlWN2.png)

ae3db0 No.30242


>Post in this thread every time you visit /polk/, whether it be news, personal ideas or anything.

ur a nigger

ae3db0 No.30243


>They're eating each other

nah, dude, nobody likes ricky vaughn. nobody ever has, really. he's a huge douche. I can't believe he's even still around

66abdb No.30260

File: 07670bae5ea3c17⋯.png (99.11 KB, 500x500, 1:1, yotsuba with sagethrower.png)


Interesting, but how applicable is this to modern day, when every step we take towards better law is sandbagged by the Jews? I meant that mischlinge are a problem with low priority, not that they weren't a problem at all. Apologies if I didn't make so clear.

533c75 No.30261

File: 608f1519dcd67a7⋯.png (47.63 KB, 1198x481, 1198:481, armed revolution robot.png)

Where can I find a board that will teach me how to war?

>inb4 ask the cuc/k/s

66abdb No.30266


Why not /k/, if you don't mind me asking?

Anyway, the tl;dr is simple: improve yourself in any way possible, learn useful skills, get guns, knifes, stock up on supplies, then just go out and kill niggers once rule of law fails.

But if you want more, go to >>/wrol/ or >>/shtf/ if they haven't died already. Else, look in the frontpage's board search engine and pray.

533c75 No.30274

File: 8913a7c9df368d5⋯.jpg (98.93 KB, 640x480, 4:3, thanks white man this is w….jpg)


/k/ is too gay.

Thank you, anon.

639e0c No.30279


I think we should exclude them all upfront and just never cuck on the issue.

Allowing them to be fellow travelers is just opening up a way for them to claim

>but we did so much, you have to accept us

>my 12% sub-saharan ancestry doesn't matter

We're trying to save the White race. Mulattoes represent racial death just as much as the Jews. Brazil 2.0 without Jews is no victory.

43fcf6 No.30282


/k/ is great if you're into shitposting and getting into fights with nogunz. If you're serious about learning, pick up a copy of "total resistance" and start practicing individual skills. The FM manuals are fine and dandy, but are designed for a full scale military. Nothing beats plain old experience.

19fd9a No.30306

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Are Circassians hwhite?

639e0c No.30309


The people from the Caucasus are in a weird spot, because they have light skin, but aren't part of Europe. Also a lot of mudslimes.

639e0c No.30327

File: 28f9789390ba788⋯.png (96.97 KB, 1165x587, 1165:587, anglin3.png)

>gaslight trs by claiming that they're being gaslit by someone else

e29f9c No.30341


1b50c0 No.30610


04b617 No.30648

File: 28f841d4e616aff⋯.png (64.44 KB, 240x300, 4:5, dan - very angry manlet.png)


4f5eb5 No.30652

File: be2d188d3bec3d8⋯.gif (144.12 KB, 267x199, 267:199, 1441870352436.gif)