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File: 16ab005365ce7b3⋯.jpg (59.07 KB, 750x686, 375:343, DFn8j-tXUAEb2Sc.jpg)

d1987c No.25627

Just a general for semi off topic blogposting, for when you're tired of jews, nigs, spics, fags, etc or like self improvement related stuff. Kind of a catch all for anything that's not strictly polkisch, or like an internet stress ball

previous blogpost thread


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c7570a No.25628


That dog looks happy but has an expression of "why are you taking my picture?".

d03b61 No.25637

File: baf6fc026bff0d9⋯.png (166.77 KB, 500x375, 4:3, why.png)


3bd852 No.25638


good thing you pointed that out anon, I probably wouldn't of noticed ops mistake

1e3c53 No.25641

File: c292939d5b1645f⋯.jpeg (44.3 KB, 371x375, 371:375, bolg.jpeg)

c7570a No.25642

File: 2a8874db48b2b1f⋯.png (115.68 KB, 434x413, 62:59, 20170620_171352-1.png)

d1987c No.25651


s-sorry I made the thread when I was super tired, I hadn't slept the night before

also tangentially related, what's polk's opinion on zoloft? I'm inclined to see it as a jew drug, but it really has helped me. I ran out a few days ago and had trouble getting a refill, so the past few days have been crap/10 and that's due in part to the "withdrawal", but even my baseline without zoloft withdrawal is really shitty. I don't use it as a magic feel good drug, more like something to give be a stable baseline to build upon through therapy/self improvement/work/etc.

I know lots of people will advocate diet/exercise/etc to fix depression, but it's not just the emo feeling sad type of depression, like it's hereditary seratonin deficiency or something. My mother, father, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc all have clinical depression and my Oma even went to the lengths of trying ECT to fix it I'm lucky enough to have found something that seems like it works. I don't see myself staying on it for more than a few years, then tapering off. My mother's depression peaked in her 20s, and I'm 23 so hopefully it'll just be a short term thing. Am I being jewed, or is there actually something beneficial to SSRIs?

I mean personally it's worth it bc it stops me from having nightmares every damn night and it lets me get some restful sleep, in addition to the primary anti-depressant effect

c7570a No.25655


Personally I don't like the idea of taking medicine, but that's just me. With that being said, it's just chemicals in a pill form you're taking - so take if you want (but I'm not saying that chemicals can't mess you up or that every chemical in there is "good." Actually, there's probably some in there that are to a degree bad for you [empthesis on "probably"]), but personally I feel that it's better not to rely on medication and or drugs and that most people could do without them as they're heavily prescribed for the littlest of causes and the far majority of the time they're not needed.

You will withdraw and feel depressed again when getting off of them due to your system being use to that chemical, though.

If it is hereditary as you said than you have two (2) options:

#1. Continue to take the medicine for the rest of your life or until as needed.

#2. Discontinue the medicine and learn to cope with your situation and the biological fact that you will be depressed.

And with all this being said, I would personally try to go with option #2., but that's just me.

5c0550 No.25656


>>25655 is right, learn to deal with it instead of using medication as a crutch.

bb088b No.25661


Let me drop some medical knowledge on you. SSRIs, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, operate by binding to serotonin receptor cites inbetween axons in neurons in your brain, thus increasing the amount of free flowing serotonin and thusly the 'good feeling' you feel you're lacking.


You're using a jackhammer to drive a nail here. This is an incredibly inelegant solution to this issue. Instead of increasing your serotonin forcibly, why not let your brain increase your serotonin levels? For most people, what they're lacking is precursor chemicals in their brain which leads to inadequate serotonin (also your life might suck, but that's different issue altogether), so the solution is to fill your precursor metaphorical gas tank instead of just blocking reuptake receptor sites unnaturally.

To this end, I would advise all anons to stop taking SSRIs (however quick or slow your meddoc recommends) and instead start taking 5HTP. Look up amazon reviews as its an OTC supplement, 5HTP is a serotonin precursor and operates as a way lighter serotonin therapy. As explained earlier, it's a precursor so it basically remains in your brain until your brain decides it needs more serotonin and then creates it from that easily. That means your brain regulates production of serotonin instead of letting your meddoc guess your dosage and fry your brain and make you a zog zombie.

Please anons, do not let the medical jew fuck you over. SSRIs are the jewiest of the jew drugs. I know things are bad, but 5HTP will make you feel good without making you feel like a zombie.

bb088b No.25662


Forgot to mention, do NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE MIX 5HTP AND SSRI. You could die, seriously. Don't touch 5HTP until you are completely off the SSRI jew. Again, talk to your med doc.

Here's a sauce that explains what I'm saying.


1e3c53 No.25664



fuck off tripfag

ef8b06 No.25685

File: 24ab0b8335a5f51⋯.gif (1.38 MB, 237x238, 237:238, 1497617115579.gif)



kys faggot

c7570a No.25688



What did that anon say that was wrong? I'm seeing what's in the wrong here…

28ad5b No.25691

File: 904b9c9295b87ec⋯.jpg (24.47 KB, 360x282, 60:47, In '88.jpg)


Have a strong opinion on the medical jew and a tripcode.

754c68 No.25693


>hey look guys this guy has an opinion (one that would help whites)

>better post a tangentially related image because that makes me one of you guise xDDDDDDDD


d03b61 No.25695

File: a7ba465093cb5f3⋯.jpg (18.14 KB, 480x360, 4:3, tired.jpg)


I despise tripfags with a passion but he has a good point about the pills

c7570a No.25702


Trips are good for threads in which you need to self identity yourself easily and that's about it.

Also, someone make a blogpost so we can discuss it.

9093d0 No.25710


>someone make a blogpost so we can discuss it.

I had some stuff on my mind about the different ways people can be confrontational when they have a problem with you (e.g. passive-aggressive, assertive, etc). Specifically, the difference between how it's handled in a right-wing way (i.e. by right-wing people) and how it's handled in a left way.

For background, some time ago, two friends and myself were having problems with some autist at work (it's a department at a university where we are postgraduates) who wasn't respecting boundaries.

To give examples of the right-wing style of confronting someone, at first, the way my friends and I handled the autist was to be very direct about it when we had a problem with him. We used only informal methods at the level of the four of us, instead of appealing to the bureaucracy or the HR girls or any other external/"official" source. We talked to the guy directly, stated our issues directly, with no power structure backing us up other than "keep acting like this and we'll choose not to associate with you". If he was acting retardedly, I would say to him "This is the kind of thing that makes me lose respect for you", and when he was hindering our ability to work on shit then we'd pull him aside and tell him that it's annoying as hell when he does XYZ, and to stop doing that. If the autist then got confused about why he was disliked and wanted to talk about it with me, then I told him how I felt, why I felt that way, and gave actionable information for him to stop the bad behaviour. He didn't stop, so we stopped being friends with him.

As for the left-wing style: Instead of assertive or aggressive, it's passive-aggressive. Instead of direct, it's indirect. Instead of informal, it's bound up in rules and protocols. When the autist continued to act up, we decided to appeal to the higher ups (not our direct bosses) as a last resort to have the autist dealt with so that he couldn't bother us anymore. In retrospect, we shouldn't have done that—the people in charge were worse-than-useless for resolving interpersonal problems like that.

The stuff that happened after we decided to talk to the higher-ups really exemplifies the left style of confrontation. We had a minority of other staff giving us the freeze (sudden behaviour changes such as dirty looks or refusing to say hello), we had vague promises from the higher-ups that something would be done, etc. etc., without any visible changes, and we had information silos for all (meaning we were kept in the dark and fed shit). After one conversation between myself and the higher-ups about the autist was concluded, I get "Oh by the way there's something I heard about a sexual harassment incident you may have been involved in, I'll look into it and get back to you eventually". All sorts of vague, passive-aggressive nonsense, soft threats, and nobody telling us to our faces what their problem was. The only way to get these faggots off our backs was for us to escalate the left-wing grievance politics bullshit and appeal to some other department in the place which took precedence over the higher-ups in my department.

Eventually, the issues stopped, more because the autist forgot about us than because anyone did anything about him.

848614 No.25832

>family gathering

>relaxing off to the side in a comfortable chair away from the conversation

>family starts talking about racism

>their all christ cucks and say racism was created by man and theirs no difference between people

>think about intervening but remember my family is unbelievable unreasonable and stubborn

>everyone is social signaling how much they love diversity

>gay spic (who is a neighbor) starts talking about the jews saying it's all their fault for not wanting to be around non-jews, and that everyone lived in harmony before the jews

>christ cuck uncle chimes in saying they didn't want to breed with the gentiles

>every starts talking about the jews being evil racists for starting discrimination

>walk inside

I don't even know what to say about this, besides the fact that no one in my family must understand anything about history or human nature. At least the conversation ended on a funny note.

d03b61 No.25834


Tolkien names are so weird

a493d1 No.25835


>their all christ cucks

78dc6c No.25836

File: 841a637bf0b7cc7⋯.png (13.75 KB, 232x265, 232:265, me.png)

Alright I'll spill my autism

>have negative experience with feminist at age 10

>become redpilled about feminists

>have negative experience with nigger at age 16

>become redpilled about niggers

My redpilling education took longer than most here due to the fact that I grew up in rural isolation

>start going to /pol/ around 2010

>slowly start to accept the facts about all non-whites

>learn the truth about the holocaust

>completely blackpilled by 2011

>the world is full of non-whites and they're all monsters

>"all is lost no hope"

>start to think I'm all alone, the only human among npcs

>almost literally die in 2012 due to serious illness

>drift aimlessly, go to college because that's what everyone does fuck it

>then mom gets cancer in 2014

>driving her home from chemo one time

>see "#white genocide" spraypainted on the freeway


>things start to improve

>get new job

>mom still cancer free 2017

>people on /polk/ actually meeting up

I just wish I hadn't voted for the kike puppet. Once again I fell for the democracy meme

c7570a No.25839


Probably has a lot to do with Left v. Right personality types, with the Right believing in social fixes and the Left believing in authority fixes.


Related and you'll find it interesting:



Glad to hear your ma survived, anon.

672229 No.25840

File: c7f262e005962be⋯.jpg (28.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, laughing journalism.jpg)


>Glad to hear your ma survived

Thanks man. The chemo was hard on her but it's all good right now. Two more years and it'll be considered complete remission.

I love my mom I tell you hwat.

>watching news on tv

>'darquarious niggilson is suspected in the shooting of his girlfriend lateesha dulong'

>'she was pregnant with her ninth niglet at the time of her death'

>my mom turns to me and sighs "niggers gonna nig amirite anon"


c7570a No.25848


How long did it take for her to go through chemo? If you don't mind me asking.

>nigs gonna nig

My ma was telling me the other week how she hated when her school got desegregated as a kid because the niggers ruined her brand new school kek

0c49f3 No.25852


SSRI rots your brain. It doesn't do shit about depression, it flattens you so you won't feel shit. A chemical lobotomy.

I'd take depression over being zombified any day. I sure wonder who would dream up destroying the brain as a solution to feeling like shit, instead of fixing the actual cause to the problem.

40b450 No.25858


Total chemo was six months. Really bad shit. Made her sick, her hair fell out, all that. And she had to have major surgery before the chemo even started. Was really traumatic for her, her own mom died from cancer

56d8ca No.25871

hey guys this isnt really a blog post but i just rediscovered this song from my childhood and its really fucking good


and i mean REALLY FUCKING GOOD, the feels that this fucking song brings back are overwelhming and its kinda giving me a fetish for schoolgirls




dont let these huge fags >>25685 >>25664 call u a fag just because ur a tripfag

u are a fag of course, but still, ur post was good. ur a good fag.

anyway, im just glad the government doesnt want to kill me anymore

c7570a No.25873


Sorry to hear that. Is her hair growing back yet?

d1987c No.25880


if they can grasp that jews are the problem, even in some twisted warped fashion, then there's still hope anon.


that's great to hear about your mum, cancer is fucked. My family has a history of melanoma, must be that white privilege everyone is talking about where we're privileged enough to get sunburnt enough to cause cancer if we're in the sun for more than like ten minutes a day

>I just wish I hadn't voted for the kike puppet

iktf, at least it's a stark reminder that even if a candidate says a lot of the right things and manages to get elected, most things stay the same as those who control the true levers of power are unelected. This was the first election I could vote in, so at least I got that lesson out of the way



your mums sound awesome, mine is a great mother but she's boomer/10 ideologically. We can't really talk about politics bc she get's upset at how "racist" I am when I say that it would be nice to live in a town that was 100 percent white

eaa789 No.25881


It's grown back some but I doubt it will ever return to the way it was

It fucked with her platelet count as well. Chemo can really fuck you up

eaa789 No.25883


Yeah man my mom is great. I mean she's literally a boomer but she's redpilled about a good bit. Not enough, but a good bit. I doubt I'll ever get her or my father onto my level but I love them anyway.

My dad actually had cancer as well but he only needed surgery, and no chemo. (and I had a few pre-cancerous removed, guess my family has bad cancer genes)

9218b4 No.25886

How to redpill my mom on the JQ? She's pretty redpilled in almost every other way…. anti-globalist, sees an attack on white/western traditional values, redpilled on blacks and crime, somewhat redpilled on corporations, but her main fault is being a staunch Christian and having the, "If you stand with Israel, you stand with the Lord!" kind of thought process. How do I de-program 50+ years of believing Jews are the good guys with her?

f115fe No.25888


just read the bible to her, maybe get a slide show together on everything jesus said about the jews no longer being chosen and Christians as his chosen people.

tbh she will probably just scream and yell so idk.

c7570a No.25889


Sad to hear that, anon, I know women can be prideful on their looks from time to time and I can imagine it has probably taken a toll on your ma's self imagine.

Buy her flowers and take her out to eat.


Redpill on different group behavior and how they evolved that way. Then slip in "Well, the Jews tend to be radically left wing which makes sense looking how they were high in the USSR. But they're left wing and high up in companies. Can't be good" or something along those lines. Just be logical when talking about HBD and make it make sense to them. Hell, read the paper debates between Phillipe Rushton and James Flynn and tell her about it Rushton btfo Flynn and how you've been reading research lately.

848614 No.25999

I'm tired of walking out side and only seeing a bunch of pussies. It's like theirs no fully developed/formed men in the world these days, and everything is going to complete shit because of this. Causing people not to be able to see sex differences in genders. Almost every guy now is fat, pale, weak, "trendy", and effeminate and I'm getting tired of having to see this bullshit.

c7570a No.26000


Workout and become übermensch yourself. Remember: breed more than them and the next generation will be stronger.

d1987c No.26004

File: 0246c06ac23168f⋯.jpg (53.78 KB, 454x640, 227:320, perfectbf.jpg)

>at work

>eat pork and beans in my car when out on delivery

>bring spoon in to wash when I'm done

>coworker asks if my pork and beans was good

>boss overhears

>asks if I really ate pork and beans with that spoon

>can tell he's ready to yell at me if I say yes

>play it off as a joke

My bosses are so anal about muh islam that I'm not allowed to even wash a spoon in their sink if it touches pork. I really hope I hear back soon from somewhere else so I can gtfo of there.


>talking with coworkers

>shitty metal blaring in the background

>ask boss if we ever play any good music

>boss complains at me

>somehow topic goes to suicide

>boss says it's super cowardly bc allah has a test and if you kys then it's bc you think you know better than god

>try and say something about how it might be selfish or at least that's what I tell myself when things get really bad, but it's not cowardly

>boss says no I'm wrong bc the islamic book says so

>try to say that some things are just too painful or too overwhelming that suicide doesn't look like the easy way out but the only way out

>boss says some allah bullshit

>go to the bathroom


>go back to work

>boss yells at me for taking too long of a bathroom break

fuck muslims


update, I asked my doctor about 5ht, and she was totally open to tapering down the zoloft and starting up with 5ht in about three months time I'm still recovering from an eating disorder and she wants me to reach my goal weight before we change any medications, and I can understand that. It's nice to know that not all doctors are jewed, though she does have a distincly german last name, not like jewish-german but like actual german, so it's not like I expected her to shill for zoloft, but still.



nice digits desu ne

It's not just a problem with men, women are mostly butch at least where I live, sporting short haircuts/unnatural hair colours/multiple piercings and tattoos, wearing only pants and t-shirts etc. It makes dating harder, because a good way to meet guys is through other women, but like if all the women are lesbian looking sjws then the guys they know are probably cucked to hell and back. Plus they still want tall, strong, handsome masculine men so they're competition without any benefit aside from being pretty easy competition.

idk, I hate being single so that's what's on my mind, but it's still frustrating to not find anybody of your gender who looks or acts like it. It makes finding friends super hard.

1ecbff No.26005


Can't you find another job ?

848614 No.26008


Implying I'm hypocritical and don't take care of myself.

c7570a No.26009


Your job sounds like hell. You're the anon who works at the pizza shop and is jumpy, yeah? Or am I thinking of a different anon?


Wasn't trying to imply that at all, m80. Just trying to give you some encouragement.

848614 No.26010


Modern women are less butch then they were in the past on a physical and mental level, since now everyone is pumped full of estrogen mimicking chemical or pro estrogens. Meaning they might talk and dress more manly, but they are objectively more effeminate on a hormonal level, so modern women are more shapely and emotional/illogical then ever. Throw a dress and some long hair on a dyke ( If she isn't fat like everyone else in the west) and she'll look noticeably better then the women of the past. Their is a correlation with estrogen and leftest thought after all. The same could not be said for men, since the estrogen laced shit that makes women more attractive, and thus more mentally unstable, makes men more effeminate/unattractive. Men today are physically inferior to men in the past, due to the fact they have 1/4 of the male sex hormone. This plus the added estrogen makes them develop high voices, slim shoulders, little dicks, and most importantly a much less masculine mind (a less developed mind much like a teenager for the rest of their life). Which isn't something you can changed with lifting or anything else Besides maybe steroids, since the damage was done in development. Lifting and advice can help, but it's throwing a new support beams onto a house with a fucked up foundation.

d1987c No.26011


yeah that's me


I'm working on it, not hearing back from anyone atm tho


perhaps hormone therapy, not like the tranny one but like biology consistent? So men would take testosterone?

Plus with women, iirc, excess estrogen can be reworked into testosterone. don't quote me on that though, it's just something I've heard. It would explain some of the more aggressive dykes. I will agree that people today are better looking than those of the past, but that's just the nature of humanity. attractive people have attractive kids, and they tend to have more kids, so each generation is incrementally more attractive than the last. That might end with millenials though, they seem to be embracing the whole dysgenics thing

f41678 No.26012


>she's still working for the dunecoons

>she hasnt covered the bosses cars with bacon

>she hasnt left ham slices in random locations at work

>she hasnt quit and found a decent job yet

Step it up m8

8590d6 No.26013


Also war. Your average combat-ready, gun-ho man has been slaughtered for generations now which is higly dysgenic. Good news though is that Conservatives, which are more masculine, have a higher birthrate than Liberals, the effeminate so we should see a turn around within some generations.


You still jumpy or did you get that sorted out?

d1987c No.26014


>burning bridges without a backup in place

not until I have another job offer lined up


It's calmed down a little, I worked with my therapist on it plus having been there a while makes it more familiar and therefore less threatening.

>Also war. Your average combat-ready, gun-ho man has been slaughtered for generations now which is higly dysgenic.

>hard times make good men

>good men make good times

>good times make weak men

>weak men make hard times

we've seen this all before, and we'll see it again. The only thing we can hope for is to temper the good times we make with enough adversity to keep our kids strong. Right now, we're in the era of hard times created by weak men boomers, gen x, millenials, and gen z the next few generations hopefully will make good times and in turn become good people. This is probably why jews are scared, they recognize the ebb and flow of history and know that when we wax they wane, and their plan has been to extinguish our light completely. They thought it was already past the point of no return, and they've gotten prideful. I just hope that we're not too far gone. All I know is that I feel something is going to happen soon, in the next couple decades. Tensions are getting high and I don't see a way for them to be resolved without war. I just don't know how it'll go down. Will the jews fake a nuclear strike on Israel to justify territorial expansion aided by American military aged men, leaving us defenseless against the hordes of non whites? Will Europeans realise they've had enough of the rapefugees and drive them out? Will there be a race war? What about North Korea? The only thing I know is things are going to get a whole lot worse before they start getting better. I just wish I could start a comfy little town in antarctica away from all the madness.

d03b61 No.26015

File: 99e7d2f89275cda⋯.jpg (19.57 KB, 400x400, 1:1, depressedlink.jpg)

I'm starting to become weary of political discussion, looking at the catalog of /pol/ just disgusts me, supporting all these kosher neocons and threads dedicated to facebook frog worship, etc. it's just tiresome

1ecbff No.26016


>I just wish I could start a comfy little town in antarctica away from all the madness.

There's a shitton of (((globalists))) hiding there, it's not safe.

1fd4a7 No.26017


>still going to /pol/

For what purpose

d03b61 No.26018


I go there every few weeks to see if the board has gotten better or worse, so far it's only the latter

c7570a No.26019


>It's calmed down a little, I worked with my therapist on it plus having been there a while makes it more familiar and therefore less threatening.

That's good. Hopefully your 'tism calms down to where you can at least be a high functioning autist.


I know that feeling, buddy.

d1987c No.26024


it's not autism, but thanks


I thought that was new zealand?


that's like putting your hand in fire to see if it's still warm

ad4eb6 No.26028

File: 9d070cc2e4e8ff3⋯.gif (1.37 MB, 200x254, 100:127, i like this post.gif)


I know what you mean. Mostly just hang around /r9k/ nowadays

f0f02d No.26029

File: c06d6b43a8db642⋯.png (174.97 KB, 381x365, 381:365, 1450528170454.png)


It's become really boring for me. I can't even bring myself to argue with them anymore.

d03b61 No.26030


Sometimes I like to think that kuntfy or coonman will slip up and post some CP or whatever and get fired, that's why I go there

c7570a No.26031


>it's not autism, but thanks

It was a joke.

28ad5b No.26063



Being strong both physically and mentally is more important than a thousand won internet fights.


do you even check 'em?

51d6d9 No.26064

Does anyone do IRL meetups?

30c800 No.26068


Like meeting your friends or the e-celeb hangout ?

848614 No.26081


I would want to go to some meet ups, but I feel like only the lowest of anons go to them. Driving a couple hours to meet up with some spergs doesn't sound like a good use of time. I'll still probably risk it though and go to some meet ups in the winter. If their are any good ones to attend. The chance to meet some high quality people is to much to pass up in my opinion.

a493d1 No.26085


Trust me you won't meet any high quality people

2000b6 No.26089


What kind of meetups? /k/ meetups are probably the only good ones

630e4f No.26094


For about a year, I was meeting with two lads I met off of /meadhall/. It was comfy until one of them decided he wanted to play Hitler and turn us into some quasi organization, which ended up meaning we suddenly were meeting with TRS faggots.

4fc499 No.26099

I've been studying haploautism lately and have been wondering about whether or not the Jews we see in cities such as Vienna, Prague, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Paris, Venice, Amsterdam, etc. have anything to do with the Jews of the Old Testament. While many of them have fair skin, some light hair/light eyes, they share a lot of features with Middle Easterners, especially nose shape, excessive body hair, lips, curly hair, etc.

30c800 No.26108


>which ended up meaning we suddenly were meeting with TRS faggots.

Why ?

630e4f No.26112


It's what he wanted, the other guy was formless, and I was curious enough to see what might come of it. Which was nothing good. This was before I even knew what TRS was, btw, I didn't have a clue on their fag parties. I ducked out after some nonesense in DC, the whole thing was a frustrating mess.

30c800 No.26115


Tell the whole story, I'm curious.

c7570a No.26122


What >>26115 said, it's storytime.

a493d1 No.26124



891d19 No.26130




Ever since seeing that post about the chan meetup where a guy bought muffins that he'd cum in, I decided that I'd never go to an anon meetup.

848614 No.26131


/k/ brownies

ef775a No.26137

glad you linked the previous one, I made a question there before going away for a while

ef775a No.26138

File: bad927b73bfc5c9⋯.jpg (7.53 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1390966287069.jpg)






funny how is the opposite for me, I am tired of falacies like cherry picking in order to make pol hate it's own.

the only thing we are allowed to like is Blacked, jews, and other things that destroy what I hold precious.

I want to call you jews but I know jews are more busy than you are, I know you are shills and I am tired of seeing your faces and reading your posts, I wish you all stoped being so jewish, annoying and so bluepilled.

738e30 No.26144



>reddit spacing

Oh boy, whatever. fuck off imkikey

You will never be white

c7570a No.26147


You're calling anons Jews for being burnt out and wanting to take breaks? Retarded.

4e2390 No.26150


Yes, but what is a Jew? The definition is so vague and we have very little discussions about what makes a Jew.

57721f No.26155


Kike blood, following kike religion, and having kike mannerisms make you a jew

You don't need all three to be a jew

630e4f No.26156

File: 47ee74556c20a78⋯.jpg (83.41 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 1b5801c82078536cdbc30db75e….jpg)



You mean a full storytime or just what happened in DC?

c7570a No.26159


Both please.

30c800 No.26160


All of it dude, I want to know the do's and don'ts of these types of situations.

d1987c No.26166

File: fb95410f12cac6c⋯.gif (26.57 KB, 350x225, 14:9, GNAA22S.GIF)

>at work

>end of shift

>forgot signature slips in my purse in my car

>bring purse into store

>get slips out of purse

>accidentally drop mini-revolver out of purse doing it bc klutz pic kind of related, not the same revolver but the same style

>carry it hammer forward on empty chamber bc I know I'm a klutz

>pick it up

>couple minutes later

>muslim coworker tells boss in arabic I have a gun

>boss gets angry with me

>explain that I don't normally have it in the store, I keep it in my purse and I needed to bring my purse into the store so the revolver came with it

>explain that dropping it wasn't dangerous bc it literally would have been impossible for it to fire given how I carry it

>one coworker chimes in and says he saw me drop it

>completely ignoring that I just said it literally couldn't have fired

>boss still yells

>coworkers all staring at me

>complete silence

>clock out


>feel super embarassed and like a fucking idiot bc now my coworkers think I'm some dumbass who doesn't know how to handle firearms

>get home

>still feel super embarassed and sad and shameful and angry at myself

fugg this time I'm the stupid idiot, I just want to disappear. I fucking hate this job and myself and everything reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

30c800 No.26168


You don't have to explain shit to them the second amendment is a thing and they should deal with it.

8c75e0 No.26169


Look on the bright side. Now they have reason to fear you. Embrace the power it entails.

f7e1c6 No.26178


Should have pumped those dunecoons full of lead

You retard

a2fdd3 No.26186

Shitskin saga part 1:

>shitty internet hasnt worked in 3 weeks

>decide to have it cut off

>call tech support

>literal retard currynigress answers

>she literally has the "downy voice"

>makes me wait for like 2 hours while she mumbles in a barely audible tone

>constantly telling me that I'm too loud when I'm literally a foot from the phone

>screech LET ME TALK TO MANAGER as loud as I can

>tard howls in pain as her eardrums burst

>another three days and five phone calls before internet is cut off

a2fdd3 No.26187

Shitskin saga part 2: the hunt for hygiene

>shitskins are incapable of carrying out basic hygiene and selfcare

>as stores see more shitskin customers, the bathrooms in the stores get worse and worse

>shitskins can't comprehend washing their hands

>they will walk around with feces and piss on their hands and feel no shame

>will wipe shit on any surface they can

>a female shitskin will spend 30 min on makeup but can't spend 30 seconds on handwashing

>shitskins will use sinks to wash babies and shoes, but not hands

>shitskins who work in good service especially do not wash their hands and will sometimes make food with "extra ingredients"

>shitskins can't comprehend toilet paper

>they think the tp is for nose blowing and prefer to use rough callous paper towels as asswipe instead

>they never flush. Ever.

>a shitskin will cover a bathroom floor with shitty paper towels, shit, or menstrual blood

>speaking of which, female shitskins can't comprehend tampon receptacles

>they will put paper towels, dirty diapers, and even half eaten food in the receptacles

>but no tampons

>tampons go on the floor

>trashcans places in stalls get stolen

>shitskins let their children play in toilets and dirty bathroom floors and then wonder why their brats get sick

>shitskins eat in bathrooms all the time

>kfc tubs, and taco bells wrappers get tossed in the floor as well as food

>shitskins don't always make it to the bathroom

>sometimes they just find a secluded area in a store and pop a squat

>piles of shit and used tampons begin appearing around the store

>shitskins will take books from the stores into the bathroom to read

>nice hardcover books now covered in shit, piss, and toilet water

And that's not even half of it

30c800 No.26189



I used to live in a neighborhood full of sand niggers and at one point the white family next door to us bought a house and fucked off. They got replaced by the filthiest shitskins I've ever witnessed, they fucking smelled so bad and I really mean bad. The day they moved in they made the whole building stink like rancid milk, rotten stuff, piss and body odor that they usually tried to cover with a lot of perfume. For the next 7 or 8 years I lived there I had to deal with that smell, it was fucking horrible, so much for the quran teaching them how to be clean before dem white crakkkaz wuz takin dem baths n sheit.

c7570a No.26198


This is why you buy land: so if one shitty neighbor comes in there's space between you.

43f29e No.26199


The smell is actually the focus of

The shitskin saga part 3: the odor among us

note that when I say shitskins I mean all kinds including nigs, beans, mudslimes, and more

>shitskins always smell awful


>sometimes they smell like shit or piss(see shitskin saga part 2)

>sometimes like rank body odor or rotten food/flesh

>shitskins can't comprehend deodorant

>they will use vinegar or perfume under their armpits

>they will sometimes cake themselves with baby powder or body spray to cover their rank smell

>why do they smell? Shitskins can't comprehend proper bathing

>a shitskin will take baths, maybe once every two weeks

>no showers, just baths

>now there is nothing wrong with baths, if you're white

>a shitskin bath is just a wet shitskin sitting in dirty brown smelly water for five minutes then jumping out

>extremely rare shitskins will shower, these are like shiny pokemon

>bath or shower they won't use soap or shampoo or body wash

>they WILL use conditioner or smelly greasy body lotion or ance medicines

>shitskins will spend thousands on potions,lotions, and makeup but won't spend a dollar on a bar of hand soap

>female shitskins LOVE to coat themselves in makeup

>if you ever want to get rich quick, open a makeup/hair shop in a shitskin hood(make sure to get insurance for when they inevitably rob you)

>fat shitskins are the worst, since they refuse to clean in their fat folds, which makes their stench worse than average shitskins

>the shitskin smell will hit you long before the shitskin comes into view

>and the smell will linger long after they've left

>do not let the shitskin touch you or any of your property, the smell will stick to you like skunk

43f29e No.26202


*food service


*acne medicine

Fug I need an editor lol

30c800 No.26204


I'm a poorfag.


>do not let the shitskin touch you or any of your property, the smell will stick to you like skunk

That's exactly the point I was trying to get across in my post, they are fucking terrible and their stench stays anywhere they go.

d1987c No.26207


>talking with coworkers the other day

>topic of how different races smell comes up

>consensus was that whites smell like dogs or pasta

>obese white muslim woman mentions there's a mexican girl in her oldest kid's class

>says mexican babies smell the best

>absolutely disgusted

>then says her oldest kid smelled the best as a baby and she thinks it's bc the kid is mixed race

>absolute disgust intensifies

>her husband walks by

>realise he's literally a cuck

>try to not laugh


>say I was just picturing my coworker going around smelling babies

>they will never know I was laughing at the maelstrom of degeneracy their lives have become

seriously though, I don't understand how non whites can live like that. Personally, I'm p messy if I keep to myself but that generally has to do with low self esteem. When I was in a relationship, I kept everything in tip top shape, and even when I'm not it never gets near what y'all are talking about.

unrelated, wtf is going on with this charlottesville rally/riot thing? Is the entire thing controlled op? bc it certainly seems to playing into the (((narrative))) that anyone pro white or national socialist is a violent KKK skinhead, what with the torches and running over antifa with a car thing. That's super disappointing, like couldn't they have had the foresight to not act like niggers or muslims? like not driving into people seems like the bare minimum for behaviour

545d74 No.26209


There are literally niggers and muslims in their numbers so no they couldn't stop from acting like that. Its an alt-kike march

ac097b No.26211

File: 8fe396e321da761⋯.jpg (134.4 KB, 592x768, 37:48, burn1.jpg)


oddly enough, implicit dickie & co were in the right this time

>got proper permits for events

>local officials decide to cancel permits for no reason

>go through with it anyway

>governor declares state of emergency, making gatherings illegal

>riot police force nationalists towards violent antifa mass in pincer movement

>widespread violence (blamed on ebil nahzis)

>enter j. fields, a likely part jew nationalist protester, and probable near-potato gets in his car to try to escape violence

>drives around corner only to find crowd of antifa

>antifa come from behind, and begin beating his car with bats

>he loves this car; he bought it with money from a trust made up of money collected (either insurance or a settlement) from his father, who was killed by a drunk driver

>he panics, accelerating into the crowd, attempting to brake, and failing, crushing an obese coalburner from minnesota, and injuring sundry niggers and antifa.

>still panicking, he reverses, mowing down the still batting antifas behind him

>meanwhile, 2 VA state police have unexplained helicopter accident, while on patrol on gov. maccauliffe's order

>dick, baked alaska, etc, are arrested, and later released

>commence oy veying about white terrorists and how it's like anudda shoah

891d19 No.26212


How fucking (((meddlesome))) of the authorities.

ac097b No.26214


did you expect different? they're not called ZOG for nothing.

630e4f No.26219

File: 9e99d787847c7df⋯.jpg (618.96 KB, 700x801, 700:801, 036.jpg)



Alright. Whatever lesson you think you'll learn, here it is:

>be several years ago

>get fed up with having nobody to talk to

>try /meadhall/

>lad from the next state over contacts me for an afternoon in Philly with one other lad at a bar

>go there expecting things to turn south quick, ends up being legit

>one is a natsoc, the other an openminded libertarian

>the afternoon goes really well for the distance i had to travel, we make plans for once a month

>after a few times, the libertarian starts asserting himself over the natsoc

>i have a thing for stated heirarchies, try to get the other lad to take back the lead, but he inevitibly caves

>the libertarian is now calling the shots, decides we need to be a quasi-organisation despite there only being the three of us


>try to get a charter going, naturally everything detracts to whatever he wants

>he gets the other guy to start fishing for more people, i'm half-hearted in the whole thing, just wanna chat over a beer or two with people

>they move off of /meadhall/ and into forums, start talking about TRS

>never heard of it before, go along with it

>end up with two or three dozen people plus their ringleader, somebody called Claus

>some of these people are alright, some of them are really fucking weird

>a few half-decent women, some well-dressed lads, but then one guy who came out of STALKER and some sloppy obese redheaded faggot who kept trying to speak and chew at the same time

>somebody at a later time would tell me that he was somehow well known and had leaked a video of himself masturbating something i would've liked to of known before i opened the vid, thanks asshole

>it went alright except it quickly became noticable how little planning there was and how little control Claus had over anything

>me memory's a little fuzzy around here, but there were other meet-ups

>the libertarian decides we should fully absorb ourselves into TRS, i'm not exactly smitten with them and try to get us to go back to how we started

But eventually..

>eventually, there's a conference down in DC that Claus wants us to attend

>Spencer, Ramzpaul, and McDonald

>the libertarian can't, but the other lad can

>i haven't been down to DC since i was a kid, so i get it in my head that we'll be making a day of it

>we were going to take one car down, a rental, which one of the TRS guys was going to pick up

>we were going to meet at a diner in Fishtown

>i didn't feel safe leaving me car there, so i asked them to pick me up in a smaller town i knew better, which was on the way anyhow

>no problems so far

>i get to town early in the morning, have a walk, when i start getting texts that the TRS guy is running late

>then i keep getting texts that he's running late

>then i get texts asking why i'm not at the diner

>hours pass and now i'm baffled and annoyed

>it's going on 2pm by the time they finally show up, leaving an hour for us to get to DC, find parking, and make it to the conference

>even better, everyone's dressed up while i'm in a sweater and slacks under no forewarning that there was a dresscode to this thing

>oh, and i have to help pay for the rental now never did

630e4f No.26220

File: de1d1811ad363e1⋯.jpg (62.04 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 052e338d769da28e9ce644b6a8….jpg)


>near dead silence the whole way down, what talk there is comes off as awkward and forced, so i sleep for the most part, the only part of the day left to look forward to is seeing Spencer/Ramzpaul/McDonald

>there were protestors, tho i never saw them

>the subground parking was alright, but as soon as we got in everyone seemed to scatter and i had to find my own way to the conference hall

>even then, the tickets weren't matching up at first, which caused everything to get delayed for twenty minutes

>bit odd how many niggers there were in security and waitressing

>good hundred or so people in attendence, plus decent food

>except the TRS people and my fella all got the same table while i got left out to go sit with some old timer, some pr guy, and a really weird, cringey fella who disappeared at one point

>after a meal, it kicked off with Ramzpaul, who kicked it off by playing on the "all Trump voters jerk to anime" meme

Now, let me say here, I like Ramzpaul. I don't love, I don't religiously follow him, but I do like him. He can be a funny guy. However, him doing his schtick here in a format longer than his five minute videos, surrounded by mostly well-dressed people, speaking in a conference about Identity Politics a bullshit term I hate but still a topic I was looking forward to hearing an argument for or against or even just a lecture alongside the likes of McDonald and Spencer prior to my understanding of Spencer's love of faggots and Jews. It didn't fit, he left a shit impression, and you could tell even he realized he was out of his element when he started stuttering over himself trying to spew out ebin memes in front of a screen with animu pics. Anyway.

>after a break, McDonald is up next

>the disappointment over Ramz and everything leading up to that point must've done something to my brain, because i remember nothing of this

>there is a break

>Spencer takes the mic

>runs his mouth on basic bitch rhetoric, at this point i just want to fucking leave, this guy comes off as a cheap, showboating liar and i'm confused as to how somebody with such a weak personality managed to put any of this together

>Q&A comes up, i only remember two questions

>one was of a girl who went into a tearful tangeant on how anybody can possibly have hope, gets bullshit wishy washy answers

>the natsoc i was with asked about how Spencer planned to advance "the cause"

>"uh, lolidunno, we'll keep doing what we're doing xxDDD"

Which cemented in my head how much of an absolute fraud this faggot is.

>after the questions, there's time to mingle

>i just want to leave already, go home, and sleep away the regret of all the months prior leading up to this evening of horseshit

>nobody else wants to go, they want to "network"

>the old-timer i spoke with left, i end up getting crowded by mishapen proto-Kekites

>however much time later, leave DC, arrive back, i'm the last one dropped off back to my car

>"don't forget to pay me back"

>go home seething

>never contact again

>here i am, still on 8ch

30c800 No.26229



It sounds exactly like what I imagined it would be, liberitarians trying to water down NatSoc beliefs for the sake of numbers and "the movement".

043307 No.26234

File: cc71a2f4f98d0dd⋯.png (183.55 KB, 497x439, 497:439, fag.png)

The shitskin saga part 4: trouble in trannytown

>minding my own business at work

>three male shitskins emerge around a corner, start approaching me

>oh boy here we go

>two younger males and their father, they are walking extremely fast for some reason

>suddenly I hear IT

>"wait up you guuuuys"

>it was the typical "gay voice" which all faggots employ


>the three males freeze like deer in the headlights

>the oldest one reacts with a full body cringe, he stiffens and his face contorts with pain

>and from around the corner IT emerges

>an extremely tall male shitskin, wearing the "daisy duke outfit"

>twisted shirt around its moobs, short denim shorts with a extremely visible bulge

>thick black hair all over its body, long greasy hair on it's head

>visible stubble

>fucking high heel shoes

>two young female shitskins are following behind it

>it truly is a sight to behold, like seeing an eldritch horror with my own eyes

>it looms over the three males and says "why are you walking so faaast?"

>they avert their eyes and the father says "w-we're ready to go"

>"well I'm NOT ready!" IT doesn't finish It's rant, as the females distract it

>"look Manuel, candy!" they point to the candy shelf nearby

>IT becomes excited and spies a candy that it wants

>it BENDS OVER and tries to pose "sexily"

>the three males recoil in disgust

>it looks over it's shoulder and says "teehee don't look at my butt you guys"

>the oldest male has his breaking point and starts for the door

>"hey wait we can't leave yet, I have to go to the ladies room"

>it, followed by the females, walks into the women's bathroom


ef775a No.26239


nice dubs.

I bet a lot of mudslime rapists, were FURIOUS with this new development.

ef775a No.26241


>oh, and i have to help pay for the rental now

unless you are not a wageslave, sure you have.

ef775a No.26243


unless you helped with the gas.

ac1132 No.26265


>Is the entire thing controlled op?

I've made it a habit of assuming that any major "right-wing" figure or group is conop until proven otherwise. Because if you truly cared about getting shit done, you wouldn't be making an ass of yourself and everything you stand for in front of the public eye.

30c800 No.26267


>Because if you truly cared about getting shit done, you wouldn't be making an ass of yourself and everything you stand for in front of the public eye.

True, too many attention whore/social media whores. What happened to getting shit done and never talking about it again ?

864803 No.26320


This is basically what James Mason concluded in SIEGE. It's also why nobody shills for Joe Tommasi. I suspect there may be others like him operating today that we've never heard of. There have been an uncanny number of high-profile men in finance who've died of unnatural causes since 2009. I remember reading about fiber and cell towers being sabotaged in California maybe back in 2007 or 2008 or so. AT&T put a huge bounty out for the vandals, but I never heard of anything coming of it (and it never made it past a local news rag). Frankly, the serious stuff might get reported in local news outlets, but the only things allowed to be talked about in national news are pointless circle jerks and narrative-supporting fluff.

a2aec2 No.26328

I'm suffering from panic attacks right now. Woke up from a nightmare where Jews were swarming my house and trying to claw at my flesh. I've got a bad feeling the leftist golem is going to really start killing lots of people later this month and next, and the media will lie and paint it as white terrorism, when in reality it's just White people fighting back. This will only bolster the leftists, then the body count will rise into the millions.

30c800 No.26329


That's part of my plan, I'd like to build some team dedicated to gaining as much money and power as I can by any mean necessary and start fucking shit up.


>I've got a bad feeling the leftist golem is going to really start killing lots of people later this month and next, and the media will lie and paint it as white terrorism, when in reality it's just White people fighting back.

It was always part of the plan. What I expect as a result is the united nations getting involved in order to stop the "nazi" uprising.

f0f02d No.26330

File: 1509ef37e794792⋯.jpg (97.3 KB, 435x435, 1:1, 1426914229028.jpg)

I'm feeling pretty blackpilled right now. I can't fucking stand how oblivious our people can be to their own destruction, and I'm starting to think about how useless such a people can be if they don't care about their own goddamned survival. It's like they completely disowned their children and decided to give a big fuck you to every generation descended from them, all for the sake of appeasing foreign tribes that want to fuck their daughters and kill their sons. Fuck these bastards, I can only hope they reap what they've sown. The kikes could not have taken away their will so easily unless they let them feed on them like the parasites they are.

e3418c No.26331

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


With strength, we can win this. People become redpilled through mere exposure to the real world like our Hungarian truck driver here.

28ad5b No.26332

File: 45d153ce4bdd82d⋯.jpg (67.67 KB, 701x407, 701:407, controlled chaos.jpg)


>It was always part of the plan.

There's been immense efforts to stem/corral the growing pro-White sentiment. In a bad case scenario of balkanization, powerful international bodies if they have the clout and capital might step in to control the many localized ethnic wars resulting from larger regimes.

0da271 No.26334


Right now they're in the book burning/removing history phase.

848614 No.26337


Theirs no reason not to if your an american like myself, since the average american cannot even comprehend that skinning his/her sons dick at birth is unnatural and disgusting. It's such a blatantly wrong thing to do, but it seems that no one here can see whats wrong with it. If they cannot see this they will not see, notice, how destructive immigration is until Americans set for the bloodiest balkanization in history.

0da271 No.26343


Redpill people around you, that the only thing you can do.

d1987c No.26344

File: fd2d8d1a4b0d056⋯.jpg (897.2 KB, 1440x1586, 720:793, compassoftruth.jpg)

>talking with mum about charlottesville and removal of confederate monuments

>she says they should come down bc they represent slavery

>point out the statue brought down in durham representing confederate soldiers

>she says it represents soldiers who fought for slavery

>ask what if there was a vote on letting it stay up that passed

>she said it's offensive to black people and yells at me for defending slavery

>drop subject bc she clearly won't change her mind

>try to say white separatism isn't the same as supremacism

>she says "why can't people get along and live with each other"

>human behaviour, irreconcilable cultural and racial differences, etc

>"but why can't everyone just choose to not fight?"

>bring up the idea of people having their own lands to live in

>"why do they need that? if all my neighbours were every different colour and religion I would love that"

>try and steer her away from that

>ask if I wanted to live in a white community and just keep to myself, would that be bad

>"why would you want that"

>quality of life for my kids and grandkids, cultural homogeneity, etc

>"that would be so boring"

>say it'd be safer

>"that's not true everyone commits the same amount of crime"

>go back to the idea of everyone just leaving every else alone

>say that we actually both agree, it's just that we have different ideas on human behaviour

>both want peace and people to live as they want, self determination

>"but it doesn't matter, eventually everybody is going to be the same race and the same culture etc"

>tell her that's not inevitable, and it'd be ultimately tragic to lose all the cultures in the world

>mixing everyone together would lower the quality of humanity

>"it's inevitable so why fight it, as long as I live my life as I want who am I to tell other people what to do"

>ask her about what she would want for her great great grandkids, if she'd want that world for them

>"it's a shitty world anyway, at least there would be peace"

>ask her about if wagner, ancient greek architecture, high german engineering, art, philosophy etc disappearing would be worth it for a dull dystopia

>she says those things wouldn't disappear

>don't fight her on that, point out that things like that wouldn't be again if europeans went extinct

>she says that's not necessarily true

>can tell she knows it's true


>point out the wonderful advancements derived from the european spirit that fought against the impossible

>our great great great grandparents worked their hands to the bone so that we way live our lives, and they worked knowing they would never see the fruits of their labour manifest

>people thought the world was flat

>it was impossible to circumnavigate

>europeans circumnavigated

>conquering a continent and creating a superpower nation was impossible

>but europeans did it

>the ocean was a great mystery, impossible to delve

>but europeans have been to it's deepest depths either in person or by proxy

>over 100 years ago, humans scoffed at the thought of flight

>then europeans flew

>and half a century later, europeans walked on the moon

>ask her if she ever looks up at the stars, and hears their calling

>ask her if the dying of the flame of the European spirit of exploration and advancement would be worth it for complete peace

>say that european history has been one of doing the impossible

>and keeping ourselves alive isn't too hard

>try to explain the lens of viewing the nation and the volk as a logical extension of the family

>ie family – neighbourhood – town – county – state – nation

>how the nation is akin to a household

>and one defends it fiercely not because you hate what's on the outside but because you love those on the inside

>you wouldn't want your family's line and history and nature to disappear, and if you change the demographics of a nation you fundamentally change the nation just as if you brought strangers into your home

>ask her about human nature and the relationship between evolution and man's self awareness, knowing about animal behaviour and natural selection should we not strive to push ourselves to be better, stronger, healther, etc each generation than the one of before?

>instead of resigning ourselves to grey mediocrity?

>p blatantly referencing eugenics, especially in terms of european stock being above others at least for us, bc we're european

>basically just going full national socialist

>mother does seem to pay attention for some of it

>finish long speech almost

>"why can't everyone just get high and be peaceful"

boomers are the worst, thank god for generation z I was born on the line between millenial and gen z, but I don't remember 9/11 at all or even the first half of bush's presidency really so I feel more like gen z but I was born before 2000 so idk if that makes me a millenial despite exhibiting behavioural/cultural trends associated with gen z.

d1987c No.26345


>the daily shoah

literally the daily shoah, or the daily show as done by some SA mischling?

>Do you think they're on to me /polk/?

they'll talk about it behind your back, then go back to talking about normie stuff. If you really want to fix things, bring in a laptop with a bernie sticker and try and act like one of those weird know it all bernie bros or centrists who think centrism is superior to actually having an opinion and reduce everything to nihilistic bs

if you want to try and wake them up, don't try to do it en masse. find the person who you think would be most receptive and just kind of start with them. It's easier to help others once that first domino falls, and then it's not just you

c059aa No.26346


>trying to redpill family

I literally don't know anyone who's ever had success doing that

But I still try

0da271 No.26347


I have the same discussion with my mom when I bother talking to her about muzzies, forget about even mentioning jews, some people in our family were resistants.


Who are you replying to ?

d1987c No.26349


>Who are you replying to ?

eh the post got deleted or removed, it was someone who thought they might've revealed their powerlevel too much at work

>I have the same discussion with my mom when I bother talking to her about muzzies, forget about even mentioning jews, some people in our family were resistants.

yeah she managed to slip in muh holohoax


it's at the very least entertaining to bait them with white privilege, get them to vehemently say that's whites always have an advantage over everyone, even in non white countries, that it's something you're born with, etc and then asking if they're talking about white genetics giving us the advantages

feels a little like those cucks who paint democrats as the KKK, but it's still funny bc they think that I'm starting to agree with them and really feeling that white guilt only to have it thrown back at them. That's mainly with my sister tho, she's full on art-school-coffee-shop-tattoo'd-cat-owning-highlighter-hair-vegan-antifa so it's not like anything I'd say would get through to her

0da271 No.26350


>eh the post got deleted or removed, it was someone who thought they might've revealed their powerlevel too much at work

I'm curious now.

>That's mainly with my sister tho, she's full on art-school-coffee-shop-tattoo'd-cat-owning-highlighter-hair-vegan-antifa so it's not like anything I'd say would get through to her

Does she take part in protests ?

d1987c No.26352


>I'm curious now.

if mods took the post down, then y'all can take a pic down if you need to but otherwise here you go

>Does she take part in protests ?

I don't know for sure, but I'd be surprised if she didn't. I don't think she would be violent though, she understands the non-aggression principle

d1987c No.26353

File: 1b30e6ea2e2fb7b⋯.png (96.02 KB, 1826x623, 1826:623, reeeee.png)


>make screencap

>forget it


0da271 No.26354


I doubt they're really onto him, he can probably play it off like he's not into politics.

a493d1 No.26355


>"that would be so boring"

0da271 No.26357


What about the food anon ?

c059aa No.26358


>tfw used to be the most bluepilled retarded family member that the others mocked

>now I'm the evil racist nazi family member that everyone else rolls their eyes at

it hurts like someone hollowed me out and then filled the empty space with ice

i know that sounds crazy but it's the best way I can describe it

0da271 No.26359

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Try that :

c059aa No.26360


Whenever anyone asks my opinion on anything even vaguely political I just say "I don't care about any of that crap" and don't even look up

Literally no one bugs me beyond that it's pretty great tbh

c059aa No.26361


Guy sounds like a cocksucker

Not sure if I can watch

0da271 No.26362


Just watch it, it's good.

a493d1 No.26364


That thumbnail makes me question this. Definitely not gonna watch.



a30093 No.26365

I wish I could just kill anyone, at any time, without anyone knowing who did it. All I'd use it for is to kill all these fucking plants sabotaging us. Throw a wrench into the gears, watch the machine tear itself to pieces. The left wouldn't know what to do. They wouldn't have their villains to whine about. And without their villains to sit there and act like strawmen, they lose their influence. The higher-ups might send more plants, but fuck it, I'd kill them too. And while I'm committing herbicide, the true opposition can move in and take power.

0da271 No.26366


Infiltrate leftard orgs and leak, make it look like some other guy did it and let them infight.

0da271 No.26367


>That thumbnail makes me question this. Definitely not gonna watch.

It shows two guys trying to convice a chick to get in their team, one supplicates and the other shows her what she can get by joining him and wins by appealing to her self interest.

e7bc96 No.26395

How can I put my computer science skills to use in a way that has some meaning?

It's my 9-5, I enjoy it, I'm good at it, but I don't feel like it's my calling in life to be building apps and feeding people

s degenerate lifestyles. I'd much rather be doing something that actually matters and doing my part to fight against the system.

How can I make align my career with my true passion in life?

0da271 No.26398


Code malware, sell it to skids, invest the cash into projects like the homstead project.

0da271 No.26399


I forgot to be more precise, don't do it forever, just do a PE crypter sell for a month and then disappear. And for the homestead project, I mean your own, not the one already made.

06f534 No.26403


>tfw mum is engaged to a "coloured" guy from south africa (I think originally from java)

>dad went full yellow fever and is married to a korean 10 years younger than him

>half sister is a greenie who recently completed a political science degree

>aunties are lesbian

I don't even bother telling them my views on anything

0da271 No.26406


At least you're not a fag like the rest of them.

630e4f No.26410

>visit /pol/ for boston event

>trump makes a comment supporting the rioters

>/pol/ has no idea how to react

How unbearably irritating.

4fc2ca No.26411


But muh chess

861297 No.26412


Work on decentralized applications to save the Internet. This project called Blockstack is working on a decentralized Internet in the spirit of Bitcoin. This has massive political implications, as if it becomes successful, will dethrone Google, and Facebook, and Amazon from being totalitarian middlemen.

848614 No.26413


/pol/ has the worst board management I've ever seen.

f0f02d No.26416


I'm sorry anon. My fat fucking cousin has a half spic that doesn't have any of her features. The interesting thing is she'll admit it, but she won't delve into that topic any further.

a6eeaf No.26440

I genuinely suspect that my father stole my XD sub-compact out of my car.

He's incredibly anti-gun and jewish, not ethnically, but in the sense that he likes to know what everyone is doing at all times & loves to have dirt on people.

There is no doubt in my mind that he knows my routine and has camped outside my complex to spy at least a few times

For the past, I don't know, five years I've always made for sure that the car is always locked before I go up into my apartment.

The one time I forget to lock it overnight, the gun is stolen. Nothing else, including the laptop in the back seat, was taken.

I've thought about it a lot, and the timing and motive makes perfect sense.

Should I confront him? Should I go straight to the police? Should I just kind of suck it up and try to be more covert? I really don't know.

3bd852 No.26441


Go to the police, if he stole it he should be arrested.

Hell, once he is out he should be publicly humiliated for being a thieving cunt.

a6eeaf No.26443


My thought process is that the police can't really do anything in this scenario. It's not like they can get a search warrant with just my testimony, all they'd do is ask him 'did you steal a gun recently' he'd say no, and that'd be the end of it. Same problem with me confronting him- there's no definite way to prove he did steal it.

375d1e No.26445


They can check cameras around the area.

375d1e No.26446


Oh and I'm pretty sure you have to report your gun missing anyway. whether its a law or not, you'd wouldn't want it getting traced back to you if it is used in a crime.

a6eeaf No.26449



>Oh and I'm pretty sure you have to report your gun missing anyway.

I know, I'm not that stupid lad. I appreciate your recommendation anyhow.

0da271 No.26457


Is there a way you can 3d chess him into spying on you and catching him in the act ?

7eb584 No.26484

I was going to continue the shitskin saga

But honestly it was started to get a little demoralizing

I had like 6 more typed up but it's wearing on me just typing them

I feel like I'm lost in the ocean and there's no land nearby

8aea95 No.26485


I have the same problems with my shitskin neighbors, I feel like there's no end in sight.

d1d20d No.26489



It's like I'm hoping I'll see a friendly face somewhere anywhere but no

Just shitskins as far as the eye can see

8aea95 No.26490


I know that feel, I lived in a neighborhood full of sand niggers from when I was 8 to when I was 15 and now there's two appartments in my normally all White/old people building being rented to them. The one above me tried to rent the appartment (double renting, I don't know how it's called in English) he's living in to a bunch of illegal niggers squatting in the dunkirk jungle. They were supposed to go from the north of France to where I live right now (not too far from the Swiss border). And when they're not frauding, they're screaming at each other or blasting prayer music all day.

d1987c No.26491

File: 2ac22838b1536ed⋯.jpg (47.74 KB, 394x415, 394:415, disdainforprebs.jpg)

>go to barnes and noble

>have list of books to try and find

>from /polk/ lit thread

>can't find any

>ask desk help lady if she can check a few books for me

>she starts of friendly and smiling

>after each book she looks less and less cheery

>by the time I ask for the last few books she's stopped smiling and looks almost mortified

and surprise surprise, they didn't have any of the books, despite having entire sections devoted to black """"""""history"""""""", communism, and the holohoax. I was going to check my local libraries in person bc I used to love going to them, but after this I just looked up their catalouges online and of course, they didn't have anything I wanted to read, but they had a few copies of the communist manifesto.

b954c1 No.26492


Shoulda gone to a used bookstore

I found a few in places like that

Or buy online yeah

3bd852 No.26494


amazon is run by shit people but thats where I acquired a few of my books, other than other online sellers I wouldn't think you'd have an easy time finding something specific in local stores.

630e4f No.26501

File: 52297e805e649a7⋯.jpg (16.76 KB, 251x250, 251:250, 1374302749818.jpg)

>/pol/ discovered they threw a tarp on General Lee in Carolina

>several anons keep yapping off about burning it off, ignoring that the thing is plastic and would likely melt itself to the statue

<can't point this out because banned again for (((ban evasion)))

<too lazy to work around it



Years ago, I went in trying to see if they had any Talmuds I could order. The only kind they would sell me were nearly $100. And now I'm in an area where the nearest bookstore is an hour's drive in any given direction. Isn't that funny.

850644 No.26502


>not driving an hour to get something

sure it's an hour, but if we let our lack of patience stop us, we won't get anything.

848614 No.26503


The plastic would melt right off the statue. Have you never burned plastic in a fire before? Plastic shrinks in heat and melts in flames.

1acc51 No.26508


Ebay is the best place for hard-to-find books at better prices than Amazon. All brick and mortar stores are pozzed, as well as the libraries. Only place I found some interesting books in a brick and mortar store was Powell's when I had the displeasure of being in Portland a few years back - they had some Evola and David Irving, but that was about it.

Your story made me laugh, btw. I did the same at that Powell's store I mentioned, but the Chinaman behind the computer didn't grimace at me and said he liked David Irving.

1acc51 No.26509


No, /pol/'s mods are simply paid for. There is no other possibility in my mind for the board to rapidly transform so much in the span of a couple years, completely spitting in the face of the spirit of anon, aka seeking the truth at all costs and questioning everything.

e8e6d1 No.26522


Paid for or (((paid for))) ?

221f7d No.26524


Yes, paid for by jews. Probably some Likud hasbara unit in Israel, or just Kushner's Project Alamo.

81ef16 No.26527

File: d8b4872699cbba4⋯.jpg (91.19 KB, 1024x818, 512:409, Can't handle this.jpg)

>gradually redpilled over the last couple of years

>begin to realize the importance of biology as it relates to quality of life

>understand that having lots of children is the best thing I can do for the white race


>have asperger's

>can't stand to be around most people, let alone women

>detest children

Broadly speaking, what am I supposed to do? Am I doomed to live an unfulfilling life or pass on my imperfections to my kids? I've felt like an outsider my whole life and when I discovered other people felt the way I did about politics and everything else, I thought that might change.

d1987c No.26532


here's a link that might help you out, it talks about heritability of autism spectrum disorders


891d19 No.26533


Earn to give. Make money at some autistic programmer job and donate that money to right wing causes.

8aea95 No.26534


Fake it until you make it, you will most likely gain resistance to annoyance by surrounding yourself by it. Also put your Asperger to good use and try to understand how to make people do what you want.


Even better, don't donate to random people who may pretend to be right wing and instead, try to build some kind of homestead project like the other guy.

60dcde No.26540


>Paid for

They do it for free, there's no denying it.

28ad5b No.26541


Autism is a meme.

b681d2 No.26551

File: 017d60d0c9a706e⋯.jpg (9.12 KB, 178x225, 178:225, 017d60d0c9a706e20432237ae6….jpg)

The sand niggers above me are making me go crazy, I'm having a hard time dealing with them. I want to strangle this paki manlet with some rope and beat his bitch to death.

1b4cfe No.26552

A friend of mine works the desk at the local tattoo shop. He told me that over the weekend a cop from a neighboring town came in and got a 1488 and a Celtic cross last weekend. Hopefully there are a lot more like him.

b681d2 No.26553


Cops are absolutely redpilled due to the daily niggatry they have to deal with but unless there's some countrywide unrest and the law can't be enforced anymore, I doubt they will ever help you get away with certain things.

630e4f No.26559



Trusting cops is a huge mistake. They aren't there to do the right thing, they are there to fill quotas and get paid. Don't get suckered.

d1987c No.26561

File: f15238cb1fe8d8a⋯.png (2.76 MB, 1917x1888, 1917:1888, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.png)

>been applying for another job lately

>no responses

>decide to get ready for any interview I may get

>try to look up professional hairstyles

>start with braids bc they seem conservative

>google gives me niggers

>phrase it for white women

>google gives me wiggers

screw jewgle, I'll just do a simple side braid and call it a day


on the bright side, he'll probably beat her to death anyway



nice, I always wondered what getting a tattoo like that would be like. Like, most tattoo shops are super liberal cesspools and I wouldn't think they'd do that


or maybe cops are just like normal people, some are good, some are bad etc

81ef16 No.26562


>using jewgle

>not using qwant

>not using startpage

You made your own bed, dude.


I always thought it was kind of weird /pol/ hated tattoos so much when they've been used by warrior cultures (white ones, no less) for centuries and have been associated with plenty of traditional lifestyles (sailing, being tradesmen, etc.) for so long.

d1987c No.26563


>You made your own bed, dude.

I use startpage for everything else, but the image search is crap in terms of actual user interface. each pic is a thumbnail and clicking on it brings up the page it's hosted on instead of the image itself.

>I always thought it was kind of weird /pol/ hated tattoos so much when they've been used by warrior cultures (white ones, no less) for centuries and have been associated with plenty of traditional lifestyles (sailing, being tradesmen, etc.) for so long.

I like some tattoos, but ever tattoo parlor I've been too has been full of very liberal cucks. maybe it's just my luck

b681d2 No.26572


Tattoos can be used to identify you in various "situations" we may find ourselves in someday.

3bd852 No.26579

File: 3b405454b49664e⋯.jpg (50.14 KB, 424x605, 424:605, 3b405454b49664e8f87b92ba9d….jpg)

All I want to do is spread some book charts on /pol/ and that faggot bans me for "low energy op"

For 3 days, stupid turk nigger, wish someone hacked the site again to get into /pol/ account and fuck the board up.

then at least anons would have to find an alternative.

956b28 No.26587


(((bing))) is the worst by far

>type beautiful white woman

>get currynigger wimmun

0f25d3 No.26589


Post the book charts

4ef21a No.26645

I'm bored with my life /polk/ and have no idea what to do. I currently have a good job, small bills, no hobbies, or any real ambition. A family isn't really an interest of mine. For the past few weeks I've just felt like I've been pointlessly going through the motions for the reason it makes sense. I can't see myself happy in any situation besides a wrol event. This isn't depression, since I don't feel sad or hopeless. Have any of you guys been in the same situation?

1e7ed4 No.26647



43db78 No.26649


If you don't have any ambition then search for a goal that makes you ambitious. Fight and struggle until this world kneels to your will. In ourselves we may not find "happiness" but in the world we build and leave behind we will find glory.

4f6abb No.26650

Is anybody else sick of kosher politics in general?

1d17e4 No.26655


Well I dunno, Anon. What would make you think that anyone on /polk/ would be tired of jews or jewish politics? What an irrational line of thought.

dff8af No.26657

File: 3be66d862809671⋯.png (218.4 KB, 500x685, 100:137, images.duckduckgo.png)


Every day a man must build. If he does not, he will succumb to instant gratification in the form of alcohol, drugs, meaningless sex, masturbation, video games and other foolish activities.

Some men build their career; some a relationship. Some build their hobby and others build their body strength.

Few build their knowledge. And fewer build a passion.

Many men go days, months, even years without building anything because they are waiting until they "feel like it".

Great men put feelings aside and start building Every Day.

Copypasta, but words of wisdom nevertheless.

I think we get complacent with out modern day lives and there is something deeply ingrained in our people that constantly pushes us to make ourselves better. The kikes have tempered our restless spirits with the introduction of superfluous simulations of self improvement such as video game progression, salary increases, that new car, new house, etc. It scratches the itch and keeps us distracted, but deep down inside we all know that it's just an illusion. None of it has any real meaning.

We're a race of builders, inventors, and conquerors. We were never meant to be wage cucks working a 9-5 as mere cogs in the machine. It's only in strife that our people can truly strive and show our true potential.

I think if there was a heaven, it would be hell for us.

386b5d No.26661


>I think if there was a heaven, it would be hell for us.

I agree completely. I came to this conclusion in almost the same words years ago.

The masculine spirit demands conflict to be happy. It needs to burn something to the ground, and to craft the ashes into something better than what they were before.

87aad0 No.26662

I'm starting to believe "The Eternal Anglo" meme more and more as I read up on history

bdcbe0 No.26666


That was interesting reading, but it's far from conclusive enough for my tastes. The researchers found that, in a maximum of 5% of cases, ASD could be the less serious manifestation of a potentially debilitating/deadly illness rather than the ASD itself being inherited. It's neat, but my family doesn't have a history of any Mendelian diseases or other shaky genetics, so I don't seem to have any reason to change my self-image from a guy with Asperger's to a guy who narrowly escaped Cohen Syndrome. Still, I appreciate the information being shared.


My plan is to get a good education (yes, that is an option where I live) in programming and move abroad. There have been 8,000-9,000 illegal immigrants walking across the Canadian border in the last two months, and the govt gave them beds and food, then fast-tracked them for work permits (even though the majority of them are Haitian and couldn't find work in the U.S. in the seven years they squatted there). I'm sick of living in a country where people break the law and are rewarded.

705d62 No.26667

File: 07a940a6a7d1f7d⋯.jpg (155.94 KB, 1024x923, 1024:923, 07a940a6a7d1f7d72de62be0a7….jpg)

>sister has new boyfriend

>stop by the house for a weekend to see a band

>anxious about meeting him

>her last bf was ok, but she has a bad history with relationships

>dated abusive negress

>dated some kebab

>dated a borderline psycho

>try and be neutral

>they arrive

>first impression

>the guy smells like an ashtray


>noticeably older than my sister by 12 years

>tattoos everywhere

>knuckle tattoo that says SITH LORD

>graphic t shirt that says "satan loves me"

>35 year old man who dresses like a teenager

>try to not vomit

I don't understand how my sister could think this guy is acceptable as a human being, let alone a boyfriend. I only talked to him a little bit, and he was talking about game of thrones. It was like I was talking to a stereotype.

I spoke with our mum about him, and she was getting angry for judging him on appearance, even though back when I had a bf who was a cop she was on my sister's side i.e. they didn't like him bc muh systemic racism muh dead cops fry em like bacon.

I decided to try and play some computer game to try and relax, I've taken up other hobbies recently but I'm still shitty at them so they're not too good for relaxing. I picked up some game called stardew valley I remembered hearing about, started it, and it seemed pretty fun. Like twenty minutes in, I go into one of the homes and the family I meet is literally a ginger wife, a nigger husband who's somehow a scientist, an emo son, and a mulatto daughter. Why is it impossible to escape this crap being forced down your throat? I just wanted to unwind playing some absentminded homesteading game, and I have to deal with racemixing bullshit, not to mention muh smart based black man and stronk womyn carpenter. it's enough to drive someone insane

>>26666 (checked)

650391 No.26682



You better not be a faggot if you catch my drift.

Well anyways you should try playing the classics more often if you really want to still play video games. DOOM and super mario world have a shit ton of really good hacks if you are into either genre. Just as a general rule don't play modern releases as they are typically pandering to retards who don't even play video games and are piss easy. Also isn't Stardew Valley just hipster Harvest Moon? If so just play that, I can't imagine that game being pos'ed (well the older ones at least).

Assuming you are not a faggot try learning how to sew, it's pretty fun honestly as long as you don't go head in on super complex stuff for a newbie. Also it will help save you money once you have children.

705d62 No.26686


>better not be a faggot

no worries, I'm not

>try playing the classics more often

the classics seem always to be on platforms other than a computer, which is all I have. DOOM isn't what I'd think of as a relaxing game, or at least what I've seen of it. The last shooter I played aside from replaying fallout new vegas was bioshock infinite, and it lost my interest after the idyllic intro part.

>Harvest Moon

don't have a DS, otherwise I'd probably have gone with that

>learn how to sew

>not having learnt how to sew before age 7

>not having to repair old clothes bc your parents can't afford new ones growing up

sounds like a nice life

82e834 No.26687


Man if you weren't larping, I'd wife you.

650391 No.26689


Why don't you just install zsnes muh freedumbs or literally any other emulator? Super Mario world is super easy to emulate and hack on a computer. Also if you have a wii well if you can get one in the future you can hack it to play literally every nintendo console but the ds and then some for free and its easy peazy as well. You can also do this on a computer with the right emulators if its strong enough but if my chinkpad from 2006 can run zsnes it should work for you.

Also Harvest moon is on a shit ton of platforms iirc, it should be on GBA and SNES which are easy to emulate.


https://archive.org/details/SNESNoIntro Every SNES game in one file (there might be some obscure ones missing but come on)

https://www.smwcentral.net/ Shit ton of Mario hacks, make sure to read the faq so you don't fuck up patching the game file and wasting time.

http://www.zsnes.com/ An alright snes emulator

1d17e4 No.26739

Why are there so many """women""" popping up out the blue who're completely redpilled. Really makes me think. Stop indulging your trap fantasies and take some testosterone supplements or something guys.

On another note, my local KFC has just gone out of business. Coincidentally, the percentage of blacks in my town has gone from 15% to >3% in the past few years. Time for a party.

650391 No.26740


Nigga all I did was give shitty video game advice. You don't have to tell me twice traps are gay golly gee anon.

4e4d16 No.26743


>Super Mario World romhacks


Jesus, this was my whole life when I was a primary school-aged autist. I can recommend The Second Reality Project 1 and 2 if you like hacks that are longer and more difficult than the original game. Both of these have "reloaded" versions which are a great improvement. SMW: Return to Dinosaur Land is also good, one of the rare ROMhacks that are easier than the original game. There's Demo World: The Legend Continues, which is more of historical interest than anything else because it was made by the developer of the principal SMW level editor and many early hacks drew inspiration from it. The yearly SMWCentral level design contest compilations also have good stuff.

4e4d16 No.26744


>since this is the blogpost thread

God, I miss those days so much. Being 10 years old, and the most weighty thing I worried about was internet forum drama. The barely-remembered time before I became depressed over women I'm better now. Being unaware of how precarious the situation of my people really is.

0a480f No.26746

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If you want a game without diversity check this vid. It's a fan remake of tomb raider 2, so far it's just one level but it looks awesome.

4ef21a No.26753


If your talking about /polk/, it's the same two women that keep popping up. You can tell by the context and other things. In general though more people are acting less blue pilled today, and are becoming less blue pilled at an excellent rate. I know people who were in LGBT club during high school who laugh when I make fun of black people, and In a couple of months will probably admit to not liking them (This is without me trying to sway them).

371c43 No.26803










Jesus Christ, dude, relax.

1d17e4 No.26813










Talk about taking the blackpill, jesus christ.

3e68eb No.26816


What did he say?

1d17e4 No.26818


It was nine max-character posts ranting about how nothing matters, suicide is pointless because reincarnation, kikes have control of everything, we're all going to infinitely die, along with other christian themes mixed in with suicidal ramblings mixed with emboldened red-texted sentences to emphasize points. It read like he was legitimately posting from an insane asylum.

623716 No.26827


Was it the ashes and echoes fag?

abef37 No.26885

File: 85f25761fb782c3⋯.jpg (30.58 KB, 600x450, 4:3, pondering suicide.jpg)


Oh shit, I remember that guy.

I wonder if he finally killed himself.

fb7418 No.26886

File: d9ee1471e872698⋯.jpg (121.09 KB, 766x698, 383:349, tranny.jpg)


Was it the meguca tranny?

fefe5f No.26891


It's pretty much a waste of time trying to redpill women, they just get lost in idealism.

<But why can't everyone just get along

>Sure it'd be nice if everyone was friendly and there was no need for conflict but that's just not how the world works

<Well it should work that way

It never ends. If you date a chick she'll eventually come around and start to follow your politics, but trying to inform female family members is a lost cause.

4e51a8 No.26892


Get tested to see if you have the MTHFR gene (privately called the "motherfucker gene" by its discoverers).

If you do, treatment for your condition is as simple as taking a 15 cent pill every day.

fefe5f No.26895

>Blogpost thread


I just got out of a 5 year relationship with a tall, smart, beautiful girl with German ancestry, and we were both down to have at least 3 kids. She agreed with me about white genocide, the degeneracy of modern culture, etc etc. But she broke up with me because I was a depressive alcoholic.

Anyway, since then we've seen each other a couple times and fucked like rabbits every time, and she seems interested in starting another relationship with me since I've got my shit together, but I'm not so sure. I already had a couple hangups about her sexual history, 5 guys before we started (both 18) and lost her virginity to a Mexican guy, and has fucked more guys (prolly 2) since we broke up. She'd probably be a good mom and all, but she's kinda fucked up from her childhood with an alcoholic and abusive dad and a mom who did herself in when the girl was 10. She's good genes and all but I dunno if I should make the leap and start a family with her. Thoughts?

1d17e4 No.26896


Spoiler that, fuck


This is what really gets me caught up. Debating with women is like debating to a brick wall, they just can't seem to comprehend some topics. Not that they're dumbshits all around, but they have no capacity for critical thinking. Sometimes it just irks me, you know?


Sounds exactly like the type that'd 'lose the magic' a couple years into your marriage. Genetics matter the most but a history like that definitely seems like a gigantic, waving red flag to me.

fefe5f No.26898


I hear you man, debating chicks is a foolish endeavor.

But yeah I think you're right about dating her again and having kids. It's a nice idea, feels nice and cozy and all that shit, but I'm pretty sure it'd be a bad move.

e22bfc No.26911


>they just can't seem to comprehend some topics.

This. I have recently learned and established this as a sad truth from experience as well as recent lurking in /girltalk/, lolcow.farm, just lurking normal boards on 4chan and 8chan and watching the convos between femanons and anons, etc. I never had grudge for women and never really viewed them as inferiors, etc. Women are just women and men are just men. But I literally now feel like the female brain is seriously different somehow, scientifically; idk how or what but it's depressing. Tbh I don't even view women the same now because of what I've come across and been proven time after time after time. I still won't treat a woman as an object or inferior though. Like I still view them as fully capable humans, but it will always be in the back of my mind now that they are literally incapable of a "certain" higher and more lateral thought that I fail to see any woman online display. It's a weird depressing feeling but w/e. You can actually see proof of this certain "difference" in the real world such as a huge gender gap in STEM fields, how men tend to have more "autistic" yet complex, mechanical or scientific interests such as like how cars work, airplanes, computers, technology, guns, aerospace, history, world-affairs, economics, etc. Shit's literally just interesting af to learn/know about and even pursue as a hobby; yet there'a only this very rare obscure handful of women who get off on any of these things, or are capable of truly appreciating these things. The women I've only seen women into two things irl; and that's cars and guns. And from what I've seen, the only reason they're into these things is because they have a boyfriend/husband, father, brother, group of male friends, etc into them and they're probably just trying to be the cool girl that can hang.

e22bfc No.26913


Also, just going through the catalogs on the boards in places such as /girltalk/ and lolcow.farm; all threads fall under these categories; skin-care, embarrassing stories, ugh men, things tumblr has ruined, choosing the right vibrator, relationships, men get out, some drama, YouTube channels you like, drama, fashion, vent thread, artists you hate/like, etc.

This is why it's depressing to me when I lurk these girl-dominated boards because there isn't anything actually stimulating or complex, a lack of intellect and the use of cognition. Nothing is challenging or requires thought. There is little-to-no exchange of complex opinions/views/oppositions; the few that exist are usually from males raiding the board. There is no sense of "danger". Nothing that drives or stimulates you. Just the same grey, lifeless echo-chamber shit.

650391 No.26928


>lost her virginity to a Mexican guy


386b5d No.26930


I would friendzone her. She sounds like she could be a good friend, but even if she agrees with you on some incorrect topics she's still damaged goods. You will be dealing with the fallout of her childhood issues, degenerate past and present, and what sounds like very weak willpower for possibly the rest of your life.

>She agreed with me about white genocide, *the degeneracy of modern culture*

<5 guys before we started (both 18)

<lost her virginity to a Mexican guy

<has fucked more guys (prolly 2) since we broke up

She tells you she hates degeneracy, but she's had at least eight rides on the cock carousel so far and shows no signs of stopping. She either doesn't believe in what she says she does, or maybe she does but her willpower is too weak to follow through with it. Either way, it sounds like a pile of bad news with a pretty face to me.

fefe5f No.26932


That's basically what we are now, friends with benefits. It's hard for me, it's taken a lot of consistent and sustained effort in my mind to change her status from a woman I'd give my life for to some random cunt I'd watch die with no strong feelings. It hasn't been easy, took quite an effort, but I was dedicated.

705d62 No.26933



I think y'all are being too harsh on her, she sounds like a good person despite the crap in her past. It's stuff that either she didn't have control over or was young, naieve, and (((brainwashed))). And don't get on some moral high horse about her being with too many guys if you're actively encouraging her by being friends with benefits instead of not having sex with her unless you're dating.

>It's hard for me, it's taken a lot of consistent and sustained effort in my mind to change her status from a woman I'd give my life for to some random cunt I'd watch die with no strong feelings

oh boo hoo, it's probably hard for her to see a man she loved who turned to drink fight his way back only to become cold and uncaring to her through no fault of her own. Give her a chance, it's not like your past is so clean either.

fefe5f No.26934


Femanon eh? Look, I still love this girl. And it seems she still loves me too. She has a rockin ass and fantastic tits, broke up with me because I was a suicidal alcoholic. But now I'm good to go. Last time I fucked her for a few hours I told her I should be wearing a condom huh, because she got the implant while we were together but it hurts me sometimes because the bastard stabs my dick, fucker hurts. The joys of having a 9" wiener.

1d17e4 No.26936


Lad that wasn't even pertaining to what the 'woman' you responded to said. I assume you're like 25, not some teen, from your writing style, so you probably understand what I say when I tell you "You're thinking with your dick, not your head". She's going to fuck you over man, she admits she fucked two men after you broke up but that's what she's admitting to- I'd triple or quadruple that number if I were you. She's going to fuck you over if you ever get married. Stay friends with benefits at most.

fefe5f No.26938


I'm 23.

fefe5f No.26940


But anyway yeah you're right. I only found out bout these other guys because I was visiting her in Idaho, with my dog who I love, an Irish Wolfhound. Anyway I drove her to work and she left her phone in the car. I resisted it for hours but eventually caved, and read about her texting other guys about how she wants to "smooch their face" and getting angry at other guys for implying she's fucking other guys (which she was).

She suspected me of going through her phone but I told her c'mon, even when we were together I didn't do that shit.

705d62 No.26941


that's messed up dude, don't go through other people's stuff like that. If you don't have boundaries then you can't maintain a healthy relationship. Why didn't you just drive back to her work and give her her phone instead of snooping around and drawing conclusions about things without knowing the context for the conversations. Just talk with her like an adult ffs


>I'm 23



>muh dik

maybe you shouldn't have kids at all

fefe5f No.26942


Man look, I wasn't interested in looking through her phone, but I dropped her off at work and got back to the place she was housesitting and saw it. I brought her phone in and didn't fuck with it, just played with my dog, but I drank a bunch of beers she had and eventually went through it. She'd been banging these guys Chad and Jay, even as she told them about how good my dick was.

fefe5f No.26943

File: 8fe3a2c94f0c178⋯.jpg (381.93 KB, 597x800, 597:800, Rook0118_010326_0.jpg)


My dog. She's soft with him, but I keep him well trained even though its a 15 hour drive.

705d62 No.26944


>I was a depressive alcoholic … I've got my shit together

>but I drank a bunch of beers she had

pick one

fefe5f No.26945

File: 07e6215250c7a9f⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1728x2592, 2:3, Rook0055.jpg)


Whatever man. I've got room to improve but I'm far better than I used to be.

1d17e4 No.26946



>He was (almost) literally cucked by Chad

Ouch. And snooping through someone's phone isn't the coolest, but it's also not a huge issue if it was just circumstantial like you said.

fefe5f No.26954

File: a8eda6742eb9edf⋯.jpg (888.96 KB, 2592x1728, 3:2, Rook0005.jpg)

fefe5f No.26955

File: c964fb9b15dfad0⋯.jpg (819.08 KB, 1728x2592, 2:3, Rook0031.jpg)

File: df3553be8caac26⋯.jpg (994.67 KB, 1728x2592, 2:3, Rook0038.jpg)

1d17e4 No.26967



Well said.


Would pet/10

3e1d99 No.26969

what's happened to this board? i dont come here often but it was the best board on all the chans imo

has there been an influx of new posters? also, what happened with the plan for next?

1d17e4 No.26971


Nextchan and .pl transfer failed just as everyone warned it would. Maybe a third of the userbase moved, the rest didn't, ended up just dropping the PPH down to >.5 for a while. Still haven't recovered fully. I haven't noticed a significant drop in post quality, honestly. Not sure where you're going with that. UID count is growing, slowly, but there's no influx, as you put it, of newfags. As far as I know there's nothing really planned, but check out the meta thread if you like.

3e1d99 No.26972


thanks but that's a shame

it just seems that there is a lot more meme type pol threads and personal experience type stuff rather than condensed info threads

i only drop in once in a blue moon though

a825cb No.26981


Pretty decent video, good introduction to the subject of persuasion. Curious to learn more.

5f3442 No.26982

File: 942d7bd26be9aaa⋯.png (6.31 MB, 1075x4000, 43:160, ClipboardImage.png)

Look what I found on a Brasillian /pol/

a825cb No.26983


saved. Is that really by emily youcis tho?

6bcb9b No.27012


Looks like it t. newgrounds knower

b3b74d No.27015


>fucked a spic



Once again, trash. How many guys she actually fucked ?

Anyway the worst part for me is how she seem to not even have tried to help you with your boozing, everything points to her being a bit of a backstabber and a liar.

23cbfe No.27024

>>26166 (checked)

First of all get away from that mini revolver. Secondly get yourself a hammerless revolver in .380 or 9mm. Third, good luck with that shitskin, hope you are feeling better. Make sure to work out at least 3 days a week. You don't need much per day. (3 sets of 60 seconds of push-ups, pull-ups, and squats, changing grips) A healthy body is a healthy mind.

Also I'm in OH, if you ever need protection

1274d0 No.27027

File: 952d58ea9b87680⋯.jpg (296.92 KB, 1336x2303, 1336:2303, IMG_9889.JPG)


>decent dude I guess

>okay looking

>finished school

>university really screwed me up made me put on some weight

>working on lifting again to get 1488 /fit/sthetics like before

>not noguns; shoot every other weekend

>enjoy camping and just being outdoors, swimming in a lake is pretty much GOAT

>tbh somewhat autistic

>idealistic; INFJ

>prefer being alone most of the time but still crave social

>has lead to somewhat voluntary incel lifestyle; I've had girls interested before that I was just not interested back at all but nothing recent

>go to nice Conservative traditional church

>lots of decent qts, some feminists/lazy types too though

>not one to ever initiate much

>start putting myself out there anyway

>start getting to know girls better

>most are either vapid and caught up in the Hollyjew romance or just immature/young/autistic

>try to go for ones that seem more "normal"

>0 game because I hate insincerity, just try to talk confidently

>doesn't matter anyway because most girls already like different guys

>examine their choice of men

>have nothing going for them except attractive and can hold their spaghetti

>Literally NEET Chads who make their money flipping cars on craigslist and working out all day

>constantly talk about the cars they flipped or the weekend the spent on the lake with their jetskis they bought and sold right after because lolnoresponsibilities

>have the newest BMWs and the trendiest clothes because parents


>working 50+ hours a week (with school contributed to me falling out of most social circles)

>trying to find a job to start my career

>back at the gym because fitness/self-improvement is important and attractiveness IS a factor in a relationship (gotta play the game)

>have a large savings because all I ever really do is work

>trying to be the best possible me

>get invited to hang out by a friend and drive to the city (ugh) for a day trip

>a few girls come through too

>do absolutely tourist shit the entire time though

>drive 45 minutes across town to overpay for coffee and macaroons

>visit the tourist places and waste time just to take pictures

>only enjoyable part of the trip was when I forced everyone to go to the Roman statue/art museum

>only me and buddy actually appreciate the art

>go into a room with some beautiful extremely detailed statues

>"Bro, imagine how it must have been living then and carving this stuff"

>me and bud having decent time just appreciating the art

>finish up and head back to the car

>at this point pretty burnt out, not really feeling the group anymore

>kinda retreat to my friend and start talking about guy stuff like guns and cars, what we lifted last week

>girls in the backseat just being… annoying tbh

>keep trying to butt into our conversations or turn it into talking about some lame shit like the latest guy in some movie or x-series of TV show

>start talking about relationships somehow

>ask what I'm looking for, why I'm not married yet, etc

>"I dunno, it's not like I have high standards, I just want a traditional wife who wants kids and will let me be a man; none of that shitty female empowerment shit. Would love a house on a farm with a wife and kids, a simple life"

>"lol anon, that's pretty gay. Why aren't you FUN like the other NEETChads?? They have jetskis"

I hate this world

b3b74d No.27028


Why don't you use them for personal gains ?

1274d0 No.27029


Who exactly?

But plainly, I don't really take advantage of people; especially if there's romantic feelings involved. I'm not machiavellian in any sense of the word; that's pretty Jewish

b3b74d No.27030


The girls, and the reason you should is that there's no reason not to. They're low tier females, they'll never amount to anything and chance are, they probably cheated on some of their boyfriends at one point. Also :



1274d0 No.27031


Probably my altruistic and idealist nature; I'd rather not invest time and effort into something just to feel like I'm pissing it away

I'm also not sure what you mean by personal gain either. I've always felt like I can get a job done or improve much more by relying on myself than having to rely or manipulate people to do it for me; if you're talking about pump-and-dumping then that's pretty fucking degenerate anon

b3b74d No.27032


No, not cheap fucking. Build a cult of personality around you and use it to get what you want while you focus on the job that matters to you. It's pretty easy to climb the rank of whatever organization that you would like to infiltrate when the females in it all want to fuck you.

65cc37 No.27052



Go back to reddit

White men need to be marrying and reproducing, not fucking random sluts

705d62 No.27053


>Would love a house on a farm with a wife and kids, a simple life

that's what all white men have ever truly wanted, deep down

e0ec83 No.27056

File: b6944d2ed88fc9a⋯.jpg (50.21 KB, 484x720, 121:180, b6944d2ed88fc9a23d48128f6a….jpg)

Well, here it goes.

>Be me

>Be current year

>Be freshmen in highschools

>Highschool is VERY Jewish and VERY liberal PURE COINCEDENCE, GOY

>I have six classes English, algebra, physical science, intro to buissness, and Spainish (mostly for language credit and it's useful.)

>Go to writing class

>My class is festering with Juden.

>They stick out like a sore thumb

>The kid next to me is literally named Rosenstein for fucks sake

>Even the teacher is Jewish with the name "Shneider"

>We learn grammar in the beggining of the year

>Not so bad, I learn some new things and do well

>Then I enter the poetry unit

>we start by reading poems and analyzing them. Make a response of what we think the meaning of the poem is and then turn in what our response is. We do this for about a week.

> While this is happening, there is a walk-out to prostest Trump ending DACA even though he gave congress six more months to handle it. I asked one of the protesters about this and she had no idea that Trump gave it to congress.

>There is also a LBGTQRST@!BBQKFC+ club and a Jew club.

>Can't state my opinion in front of normie friends.

>Now, back to writing class.

>We have to analyze songs now. Not even poems. Songs.

>Our first assignment is The River bye (((Bruce Springsteen))).

>It's a shit song.

>Second assignment is What's Goin' On by Marvin Gaye.

>We have to apply the song to what is happeining today. So we have to talk 'bout some good bois hoo dindu nuffin

Sorry if this is too long, this is my first greentext story. More updates to come if you want them.

076bdb No.27059


>lazy, a bit chubby

>never took school seriously

>always thought I was smarter or better than everyone else

>never had much of a social life

>played video games instead, never became more than mediocre at any given game

>never focused on anything in life longer than a month at best

>work a dead-end job for a little more than minimum wage

>work 30-40 hours a week, barely keeping the job

>can't be bothered to do much of anything at all when I get home

>no hobbies

>no self improvement I actually stick to

>no friends to spend actual time with

>no family I feel comfortable around

NEET in spirit. I can't understand how people just do things. I'm at the point where I think it's about just doing it. Forcing yourself to do something. The idea that a habit is something easy once you've made it is probably a lie; you are still doing the same thing, expending the same energy. You just don't realize it anymore

e0ec83 No.27060


That sucks, man. I'll pray for you.

1d17e4 No.27061


>Be freshmen in highschool

Jesus. Have you been held back a few years or are you legitimately 14? How did you even find this website?

1fd1e3 No.27062

File: d99b374c984d59e⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1395961826506.gif)


>thats pretty jewish

sorry but you gotta remove that retarded shit from your mindset, those are some stupid words made for a stupid man.

an act can't be of any race, niggers and jews are living rent free on your head, and even if you think you are some special snowflake, you might just be ignorant.

4f767c No.27063


I second >>27061

How old are you anon?

1fd1e3 No.27064

File: 346adee7ae2810f⋯.gif (773.5 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1378388291300.gif)



>prays for the jew on the stick

no way he dropped out. G-d smite those who think for themselves

1d17e4 No.27065



Is this a bot? Or are you just very new to the English language? Maybe a retarded leftypol downie? Either way, fuck off.

076bdb No.27066


>be me

<implying you aren't you

>be current year

<not CY+2

>be freshman in high schools

<high schools

You could have just said

>Freshman in high school

And continued from there.

Some advice


Take school very seriously. Aim for the Valedictorian spot. Pick up a sport, avoid theater. Try Wrestling, Track, and Swimming. Make it a daily habit to read a book. Talk to people. Force yourself to socialize, even if it is with jews. Better to learn them up close. Lift. Your school likely has a weightlifting class. Take it, and of all the classes take that the most serious. Take Choir or Band or Orchestra. Anything that has you learning a musical skill. Strive for the first chair. Take Music Theory. Get into as many interesting AP classes as possible. Take the exams and ace them. Make sure you set aside an hour to study. Do every single possible assignment. Never miss a day. Get a part-time job and SAVE YOUR FUCKING MONEY. Don't bother with drugs. Don't engage in pre-marital sex. Don't watch or talk about porn. Wash and brush. Sleep solidly. Never lie or avoid an issue. If it needs confronting, do so

1fd1e3 No.27067

File: 80bc7708cb7c586⋯.gif (2.62 MB, 432x245, 432:245, 7f8aa8c08120e11ed27b1af1a3….gif)


>I will use my ignorance now to do ad hominem attacks


076bdb No.27068


High school is pointless and menial bullshit. Get over it. Understand that most of your life is meaningless, and become the best at the meaningless things.

Also, stop being a fag.

1d17e4 No.27069


Insults aren't an ad hominem attack and I'm not attempting to 'refute' anything you've said. All I'm saying is that your posts are nearly illegible and have strong undertones of TRSodomy. Once again, fuck off.


>Take school very seriously. Aim for the Valedictorian spot.

>High school is pointless and menial bullshit. Get over it.


>Understand that most of your life is meaningless


076bdb No.27070


Those two statements aren't a contradiction.



Stop being a fag.

1d17e4 No.27071


They aren't a contradiction, but you don't need a valedictorian-tier GPA to get into a decent trade school, and since anything is rarely learned from the material itself why should he go out of his way? Not that I wholly disagree, and I'm not saying he should slack off, but trying to maintain high GPA & multiple extra classes is a fucking pointless chore that only serves to stress.

076bdb No.27072


>it is too stressful

That is a terrible reason to discourage self betterment. I stated later that you should be honest and unafraid of saying what needs to be said, so I am discouraging lying and kowtowing to the teacher. It is better to learn how to manage this stress healthily and honestly in an environment like high school. It's the only use for education these days. Encouraging someone to not attempt a worthwhile personal achievement because it is "too stressful" is to make another useless NEET at heart. Allow me then to clarify; pursue the Valedictorian status as it was meant to be pursued. Not through cramming, or careful planning, but by actually forcing yourself to learn the information and master the subjects presented. If you are taught something wrong, you will learn in your own pursuit a little later in life.

1d17e4 No.27073


I have nothing to disagree with. Well said.

b3b74d No.27082


I clearely specified no cheap fucking, learn to read.

386b5d No.27104

This is a great thread to point all the blogposts on /pol/ to.

e0ec83 No.27116



I'm 14.


Thanks for the advice. I really apreciate it.

979a41 No.27121


>implying nu/pol/ would survive here

They'd get too triggered by the fact that /polk/ actually hates all non-whites and wants to save the white race.

Current year /pol/ is reddit shitskins reposting news headlines

b8e110 No.27123


The fuck? How'd you even find this place?

1fd1e3 No.27132


check the post you replied.

there is a link to halfchan, where a redditor like you can metamorphosis into a proper human.

4ef21a No.27146


Your not an incel if you can get a girl. Your a wizard apprentice, given your 20 or over and still a virgin. I get how feel about women though, since I have basically the same standards and have only ever met few women who meet them. Modern women seems to be completely useless as anything other then cum dumpsters. INTJ


I graduated from high school not to long ago, but looking back I can already tell you I wasted my high school years. I wish I would of done a lot things differently, so I'm going to give you some advice. Not everything I tell you was a mistake I learned the hard way, but a lot of it is.

1. Keep a gpa of a low 3. The bullshit of keeping a gpa in the mid to high 3s isn't worth it, but anything below 3 and your sort of screwed if want to go "higher education". At 14 you really can't know what you want to do in the future, so make sure to keep your options open.

2. Join some after school activities. It's a good way to get some exercise and meet new people. If your high school has 800 or above people in it I can guarantee that their are some people in it that are worth meeting. Track or cross country are good ones, since they both will force you into some mental toughness. I would recommend against football and swimming though. Football a bad idea due to concussions, and swimming a bad idea due to the chemicals in the pool.

3. Take some non honor classes, or whatever your school calls the black/Mexicans/white trash classes. Exposure to minorities and people on the lower end of the social economic latter is important. You can't understand how the world is if you only know one demographic. These classes will also boost your gpa and give a bunch of funny/redpill stories to tell people.

4.Get a job. It's good way to get a taste of the drudgery of the rest of your life, which is something you need to understand before you make any life changing decisions. Starting your life with money in your bank account is also nice, so make sure to save the money you make.

5. Exercise and eat properly. Your still in your developmental stage, so the choices you make know will effect your body for the rest of your life. Make sure to avoid surgery drinks, unless your doing some hefty endurance exercise, and eat plenty of fat and cholesterol and take vitamin d and magnesium. Both fat and cholesterol are important in the manufacturing of testosterone and other important things. Magnesium has also been shown to have an antidepressant effect. Another import thing is to keep your jaw shut and your tongue on the roof of your mouth, since it, over time, will make you look more attractive by your face being able to devolve properly. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4297308/


6. Get a girlfriend. Get a girl before shes been ruined by bunch of cocks and drugs.

Go back to reddit if you want to use the word normies

Lurk More

1fd1e3 No.27150

File: faf0f2d7475ddbd⋯.mp4 (5.42 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, adasdsaO.mp4)

>be exNEET for my whole life

>dropped of school and never left home

>go to 2013!/pol/ (way superior than anything I ever found since) once and realize there is something more in life so I fix my shit

[time lapse]

>now in second year of a engineering college

>A LOT of gaps in my knowledge from having drooped out school.

>still managing tho, as apparently 90% of what was in school is useless and I only needed the 10%

>also I study twice as fast because I know where to find the prime educational piracy, meanwhile other cucks stay desperately on youtube/asking the teacher for any crumble of knowledge

>often feel horrible for lagging behind but wont lose the opportunity, here in Brazil you need to beat a test to gain a full scholarship and I did it.

>my dream of making university political cells that should rise for a fascist coup in the next 10 years is crumbling as I have no money or time to party/network properly

I might have to get a job while I study, maybe do some graveyard shift, but then I will have the money.

but even if I have the money I will still lack the time to fuck work on making social connections. god dammit. as someone with attention deficit who doesn't plan on ever any psychotropic taking medication I always struggle to do everything I set out to do. makes me proud to know I have the "hunter gene" to pass on to my future kids (if I live that long/ don't go to valhalla before that) but it makes it kinda of hard to adapt to the modern society. also I don't regret avoiding school, I am sure my years reading books and generally avoiding doing the waste of time, removed from me any desire to obey self appointed authorities. I generally break the law any time without some ingrained fear that I see in those who went everyday. also being a white guy on a bad brazilian school was hell

1fd1e3 No.27159


I was venting and had no point in making this post.

there was no proof reading.

there was semantically confused sentences, sadly the typos make me look like a neanderthal.

expanding on the rule breaking advantage, just right now my project is making a faraday cage using aluminium tin foil to steal a book from the library. I used to borrow on the past but last time they fined me for delaying to return, considering it was a holiday they should have cleared my name, but they decided "there is nothing we can do. tehee. is the system." I will find a way to make justice with my own hands. sure I will pay the fine. sure. but I will consider it payment for the volume and I will study at home whenever I want.

this type of faraday cage is called a booster bag, and is used to avoid tags. I never bothered with it before, I find it kind of noble that I use it to take books, instead of getting myself some electronics or expensive clothing and other materialism people are supposed to give a fudge about.

1fd1e3 No.27246

File: 7db551cffaa8015⋯.jpg (56.45 KB, 225x286, 225:286, 7db551cffaa8015f8d48808f59….jpg)

not that I mean to make three posts on a row but hey anyway.

so it was confirmed by a teacher that this college which is engeneering only will open a history course soon, that is catastrophic beyond measure.

they are trying to take this only place where there is NO POZ into a pozzed source of degeneracy once again. I need to do something about it but I have no pull on this as a single student. it feels harsh that I am not only not advancing but I have to stand down and watch as this section fails and lose ground, I might still put a up a struggle tho.

96db7d No.27280

Not politics related, but I just wanna say that clowns aren't scary, and that stephen king is a horrible writer

1d17e4 No.27295


>there is nothing we can do. tehee. is the system

Don't get mad at the staff. That's about the stupidest thing you could do. They likely are not able to do anything, literally. The shitty electronic systems that libraries, warehouses, schools, hospitals, etc use often have the issue that they cannot make exceptions or introduce an oddity of any type period. If you get mad at the staff they'll actively work against you instead of possibly attempt to help you. Get pissed at the moronic pajeets who made the system instead.


He's skilled in the grammatical sense but his books are always just one long non sequitur string of bullshit. I remember when people would tell me about how ingenious x description of z scene was because a b and c, when in reality it'd read like you gave a barely-literate kid with downs a crayon and told him to write anything that comes to mind. I'd say 'This hardly makes sense. It seems like something out of the fever dream. How is this good writing?' and they'd give me shit like 'b-b-but when he says the blood looks like roses it's descriptive because roses are red!'. Reminds me of modern art, kind of.

b6cb89 No.27312



>the "stephen king isn't coherent" meme

Where did this come from? Ever since he started AA his books became more and more coherent. Hearts in Atlantis, barring the supernatural elements which crossover with the Dark Tower, is a perfectly cogent narrative from start to finish. Even something as early as The Shining doesn't do anything as weird as a Samuel R. Delany book.

>reminds me of modern art

Oh, fuck off. I don't expect everyone to be as obsessed with English prose as I am, but I can tell you rarely read any kind of fiction at all. King is a successful writer because is extremely good at writing flowing, easily digestible prose that still contains enough poetry and colour to garner emotions. If all you read is dry political and historical literature then I don't hold it against you (I imagine many posters on this board are primarily nonfiction readers, and I do not begrudge them their preferences whatsoever), but stay in your lane.

Read the opening few pages of The Green Mile and tell me if it reads like a fever dream. Read Joyland and tell me if it's ever incoherent.

1fd1e3 No.27313

File: 0644ae9c00ac9e8⋯.gif (93.37 KB, 500x447, 500:447, 1466640164556.gif)


> his books are always just one long non sequitur string of bullshit

so true. by god anything after the 3rd book of the black tower series is absolute GARBAGE. derivative btw, he goes increment stuff from wizard of oz and generally plagiarizing in order to cover for his shortcomings and you can tell he has no idea what he is even doing.

apparently this is due to his style of writing: he writes scenes he want way before than they have any context and he go through the process of writing much like a scrapbook with little to no structure or substance other than his compass of what constitutes the rule of cool.

1fd1e3 No.27314

File: 3a1001f49051953⋯.jpeg (694.78 KB, 2060x1236, 5:3, 1483182511871.jpeg)


read stephen king's the eyes of the dragon.

read the black tower fourth book wizard and glass.

the claim he is incoherent certainly holds merit. now I am not saying these works remove all the merit of his other works and his prose IS flowing, but the man is overated and his flaws overlooked.

1fd1e3 No.27315


>If all you read is dry political and historical literature then I don't hold it against you

but I am not that guy but agaisn't King I wouldn't put historical tomes. I would put Steven Pressfield and Coleen McCullough works, even them being a bunch of unkowns I found their prose just as good and their stories superior to many of Stephen king works. and I read even Stephen short stories.

b6cb89 No.27317


>the eyes of the dragon

That's the one where the child prince is imprisoned by Flagg, right? I remember partially reading it a long time ago, but I don't remember more than a handful of scenes. What was wrong with it?

>wizard and glass

>trying to lecture me about the dark tower when he can't even get the name right even though i wrote it in my post

It's a fucking flashback with a basic parallel narrative and an ensemble cast, with bookends at the start and finish. The sequence of events is no more complicated than an episode of Breaking Bad.

>anything past book 3 of the DARK tower is awful

Song of Susannah is a hot mess, but Wizard and Glass, Wolves of the Calla, and The Dark Tower are all fine. There are definitely scenes he pulled out of his ass, but they almost always flow from one into the other. Things don't simply happen without reasons.

Honest question: is there something about the book's translation that makes it awful? You said earlier you live in Brazil and English clearly isn't your first language.


>making three shitty posts instead of a single post

Anon, get a grip.

I haven't heard of those authors so I can't speak to their work, but I've read plenty of mediocre fiction in my time; the skill of writing high quality prose and dialogue is hard to come by, and King can do both. He is a good writer and his success is earned.

705d62 No.27318

File: cb9e3b4dccd9041⋯.jpg (35.98 KB, 385x599, 385:599, fd7e31278730677d6447270c05….jpg)


>the eyes of the dragon.

I remember loving that book back around when I was like 8 or 9. It had some weird art in it tho, this one reminds me of like pedowood or smth

0dde49 No.27325

stephen king is a crypto-jew. His father or grandfather was a polish jew and stephen's dad or grandad changed their last name to king.

It doesn't explicitly say he's a jew but his grandfather's name was a polish translation of a jew name and he did a typically jewish merchant sailing profession

i won't handfeed you it with sources because you'll just say im a liar or a shill so go follow the breadcrumbs yourself. BUT

anyone claiming stephen king's work is good is a moron. He's a Jew and he wrote many of his books completely fucked on alcohol and drugs and admits it in interviews that he's given in the past.

96db7d No.27331


Have you ever actually read his garbage? He's a horrible, godawful writer and is a prime example of why boomers need to be exterminated

fe9380 No.27337

File: a450cd69c93a829⋯.png (11.49 KB, 35x255, 7:51, ClipboardImage.png)

fe9380 No.27338


Oh shit the image is fucked up. I got it from this /tv/ post


4e614d No.27358


>Have you ever actually read his garbage?

Have you? I've read all the Dark Tower books, The Stand, Joyland, Hearts in Atlantis, The Shining, Doctor Sleep, and probably one or two others I don't remember. Mostly they're good books.

>He's a horrible, godawful writer

As I said, untrue. His characters almost always feel like real people and the actual prose and dialogue are evocative without being overly complicated.

>and is a prime example of why boomers need to be exterminated

I agree, but the problem lies with him being a nigger lover rather than anything to do with his ability to write.

56f6f2 No.27359

I'm of the opinion that there is a full, weapons - grade psyop being run on /pol/ to destroy every vestige of intellectual discourse and cool headed discussion on white nationalist mediums.

Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I feel like there's faux WN folks running around in our spheres and the internet at large spreading terrible rhetoric and intentionally retarded posts under the implicit banner of internet rightists.

Why this false flag tactic now?

Well I think firstly and most obviously we've garnered a lot of attention due to Trump and our numbers are swelling as reflected in the metrics( trs, stormer, YouTube, et cetera)

However, I don't know if many of you float around in "dirtbag left" circles, but I've noticed they've really cleaved to the ideas that Angela Nagle has been espousing and her book Kill All Normies.

I've read the book and the basic gestalt is that the groundswell of white identitarianism is a natural backlash against Tumblr idpol leftism. Now I wouldn't give this outsider's oversimplified luddite theory a minute of my time, but the quote-unquote alt-left is enamored with it. So my basic theory is that they picked up this idea of false flagging as us acting foolish to energize their own base and to mock us and cast aspersions on our intellectual bona fides.

However, I think we can easily apply this theory ourselves. Make a point whenever you can to shill as a really foolish anti-white bugman making foolish points(or whomever you need) and then knock your own sock puppet's shitty arguments down from another account.

b6cb89 No.27361


Autistic screeching on internet forums to spread yet more misinformation is an awful idea. You'll never match the sheer output of losers like CTR or whatever shilling company has been hired to massage facts into rebbit-friendly paste. If you do, you'll go insane because constant exposure to shit you hate + actively seeking to destroy the very concept of meaningful information and conversation is a losing combination no matter who you are.

This idea is so awful it makes you seem like a leftist shill trying to false-flag us and get us to waste time. If you ARE genuine, that's almost worse. Counterculture for the sake of counterculture is just as stupid as culture for the sake of culture.

56f6f2 No.27362


>a leftist trying to steal some of your attention away from yet another productive conversation on esoteric Hitlerism

b6cb89 No.27363


>tee hee how could you possibly enjoy talking about hitler amirite????

>tee hee everyone's so used to The Discourse by now, why bother having an earnest conversation with anyone?????

>tee hee wow why would you ever think someone who suggested giving up on the idea of conversation as a human construct would have untoward motives????????

Either you're a subversive agent or a retard. People drift to the political right every day and we should be able to answer their questions and show them the deceptions of leftism. This may come as a surprise, but deceit does not garner honesty.

1fd1e3 No.27364

File: d2aa87f59a0cf3b⋯.gif (83.52 KB, 241x119, 241:119, wolfarmy rolled a random i….gif)


this post may seems more aggressive than I wished it to be typed as.

>remember more than a handful of scenes. What was wrong with it?

is a long list of non sequitur.

isn't that is what we are talking about?

>3 posts

I will get a grip of myself, I was writing as I thought of it, didn't really account for the austisms it would rub the wrong way.

>trying to lecture me about the dark tower when he can't even get the name right even though i wrote it in my post

>he can't even get the name right even though i wrote it in my post […]

>[…] but Wizard and Glass

are you retarded? wizard and glass is written on my post and you write "wizard and glass" yourself 9 words after, that is the right name for the right book then what type of cooky rat hole are you digging for here.

is absolutelly nonsense, the train is crazy bullshit, the moment the train arrives is crazy bullshit, the using of wizard of oz is crazy bullshit. honestly the book it terrible.

>are you complaining about flashbacks

no? I am not. who is talking about complicated, seems you are struggling to understand that no one is calling his works complex or complicated. he is NOT the writer of the thinking man. at all. doesn't even try to be honestly.

the gunsliger flashbacks are the best thing even if they are kinda of badly made sometimes like the scene where the gunsliger gets laid with some strumpet on his flashback. but I want you to address the scene where they arrive their destination.

honestly the whole 4rth book reads like the script to a tv show, your breaking bad reference actually fits here, and books should be superior to that.

>the translation

nope, is an expensive book costing about 3 digits, these get some good treatment and trendy cover. also brazilian books have a better printing than american books, I saw american books have some cheap silky paper and are very light and have regular paper on the covers. not a single brazilian book is like that.

1fd1e3 No.27365

File: 99678de1e2e0520⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 291x227, 291:227, for buses only.gif)



mind explaining what you like about alt-right and alt-left buzzwords that make you actively sprout than and ingrain those therms within your thinking process? you claim to think you are some psyops sniffer. and the first thing you do is say those nigger ass zog tags.

1fd1e3 No.27367


"mind explaining" sounds like faggy therm.

just… don't do that shit. "alt-( )" takes legitimacy away from it.


there is no problem with culture for the sake of culture.

b6cb89 No.27370


>are you retarded? wizard and glass is written on my post and you write "wizard and glass" yourself 9 words after

The book series is called the Dark Tower. You referred to it as the Black Tower, you illiterate spic. That is what I was telling you.

>absolutelly nonsense, the train is crazy bullshit, the moment the train arrives is crazy bullshit, the using of wizard of oz is crazy bullshit

It's crazy, yes, but it isn't incoherent (are you sure you know what that word means? I do not think it means what you think it means). The train is introduced early in the book and the group only meets it late in the book, so the reader isn't surprised. The Wizard of Oz stuff is no crazier than the Dr. Doom robots wielding Harry Potter's golden sneetches and Star Wars lightsabers in book 5.

> I want you to address the scene where they arrive their destination

After disembarking the train before the flashback or when the group arrives at the emerald castle?


>there is no problem with culture for the sake of culture

You say that because you think of white European culture, which has many objective good qualities. Black culture in the United States is objectively pretty awful because it glorifies stupidity and criminal behaviour, and the blacks affected by it would have better lives if they stopped acting black simply for the sake of acting black. The same can be said of many primitive and tribal societies.

4ba446 No.27371

File: 0de4237adb2ad2f⋯.png (6.08 MB, 2550x3300, 17:22, Which way? Propaganda post….png)


I'm making this into a propaganda poster because I can't get this comic out of my mind. What should I add to the bottom to fill it up? I might just space it out and add the normal text that's at the bottom, but I would like some thoughts first.

4ba446 No.27372


Oh shit I'm retarded, it says trad trad or degenerate degenerate on both sides. Will fix that in the next version.

1fd1e3 No.27373

File: 7600e8bdf5ed816⋯.jpg (340.21 KB, 1280x1564, 320:391, rapier, Munich;Germany bef….jpg)

File: fb69ab0c40caa84⋯.webm (3.85 MB, 560x345, 112:69, intact culture.webm)


>are we talking about the flashbacks

I mean at the castle.

>the train

the train is hardly even used, no problem with the train. the problem is closing his work with plagiarism to the Wizard of Oz really out of nowhere.basically THE non sequitur moment I think would help you to see stephen king for the randumb tv show writer he is.do american book have synopsis? on mine over here he compared his work with classics like lord of the rings. are you fucking kidding Tolkien could fuck his ass.

>dude you are thinking of white culture which everyone should follow HURK HURK

let me tell you a story to illustrate how cultures are destroying themselves.

do you know the Gothic fashion? well it is ancient and has a rich appearance, design and aesthetic as well as a mentality of a more innocent society. japanese loving white culture went crazy after it and made a revival using it on their "lolita" stuff. now modernist white limp wristed CUCKS instead of keeping their own culture alive go full retarded fat weeabos for asian culture, which consists of white culture and TA-DA what do we have?

white western women, are dressing as derivative of a derivation of their own culture following the lolita style.

you can go to /cgl/ right now and find a lolita thread this is happening. is a humourless comedy, and you should have the wisdom to learn the lesson therein: always preserve your culture, don't assimilate, don't integrate. defend your culture your race and exterminate. your culture was made for a reason swaping cultures like you know better will make you some trend jumping CLOWN.

story over.

>heh tough luck pal, you said black tower not dark tower

you got to be smoking some wacky tabacky to think anyone really care about that.

386b5d No.27377


Fantastic work anon. Proud of you. Will fix the typo myself and start spreading it.

4088d4 No.27378

I'm pretty sure if I have to live further in this city/society I'm gonna become an alcoholic. God I want out.

16c85c No.27393

Hey, what happened to the woman who used to post her stories here ? She said she and her husband were moving away, did she go for good ?

b6cb89 No.27397


>I'm pretty sure if I have to live further in this city/society I'm gonna become an alcoholic

What happened to make you feel like snapping?

650391 No.27398

File: 3172836cd4ce3b6⋯.png (6.16 MB, 2550x3300, 17:22, Which way? Propaganda post….png)



Finished the image for the most part. I want to put qr codes on the top left and right sides of the image but I have no idea what to link to, if you have any ideas shoot. Should I resize the "Which way White Women?" part like I did with the bottom text? It might make it pop more if so but idk.

1fd1e3 No.27399


you still kind of glorified the sex with the nigger by making her have an attractive body [thin waist]

but is a nice job, I like how you did basically everything, appreciate the formatting as well. will spread it on my unrelated groups.

650391 No.27400


I'm not the original artist, I just autistically reformatted it to make it printable.

I got it from this post >>26982

b51714 No.27467

>In technical school programming in SoCal

>Eastern European friend recommended Engineering programming to me

>Class is very practically oriented, teaches good skills

>Decent classmates, single dads/former military men

>Main instructor is a good guy and a Christian, but he's also a bit naive


>Transgender bathroom

>Discussion and enforcement of 'proper pronouns' and 'misgendering'

> Whole class periods on 'diversity training' with indoctrination about how "Everyone wants to work in a diverse environment'

>'Harassment' unit that basically assumes all the guys in the class are serial rapists, if you extrapolated out the data.

But when I call attention to this, the other professor shuts me down.

>Hear a stat on harassment and rape in the U.S.

>Study is 'self-reported' from Cosmopolitan and claims 80% of harassment isn't even reported

>Ask how it's possible to know the data if it's not reported

>Also say that in my field, physics, this wouldn't comprise a scientific study

>single mother fellow student who is overweight but wearing a real low-cut tank top that looks pretty gross drags me outside.

>Triggered; offended; tearful; etc.

>she tells me " NOT TO CHALLENGE OR QUESTION statistics since they are 'sensitive' for some due to their life experiences…"

>Tell her that she doesn't need to worry about harassment now, since no one would do anything to something like her.

>Ha ha ha…

>As luck would have it, I'm in her group for the next project

>Well, shit

I hate California.


I'm sick of all the pandering to leftist persons.

We do need to organise, though.

And I need to get the hell out of California.

1fd1e3 No.27473


I am so glad you stood up to their shit. I always keep myself quiet for sympathy and a better grade, you are a good man. oppress that worthless crusty busted up crack whore and don't let her fuck with your work by bitching instead of working.

386b5d No.27486


Hey, look: a local. I've seen all of that shit before, just not all in one place.

>I hate California.


>I'm sick of all the pandering to leftist persons.

>We do need to organise, though.

>And I need to get the hell out of California.

I agree wholeheartedly. At this point, I consider it unethical to raise children in the state of California.

If you're serious about trying to organize, send me an email. If we're close enough, maybe we can get something started. As evidence that I am a real person, I've been a part of the homestead thread since April. You'll find a few of my posts if you look for them.

f7b876 No.27972

>mom borrows computer

>mcafee appears on my desktop

38f1ab No.27974


>I've been a part of the homestead thread since April.

Try and make the next meetup. It was just me and Dixie and his family last time. Still fun though.

fefe5f No.28003










So I'm the alcoholic in question in these posts. The girl is coming to visit my family, very near by me, for the next few months straight. She's been weird since she broke up with my over my alcoholic tendencies. Since then, I've gotten more fit, dropped the booze, making more money, and she's started getting weird communicating with me. But she's gotten very intertwined with my family.

Her mom offed herself when she was 10, named Carol. My mom is also name Carol. And a bunch of other coincidences. She broke up with me but he's acting like a needy ex trying to work their way back in. Fuck no.

1fd1e3 No.28017


her sheer presence and mom aura installed it

705d62 No.28044

>visiting father

>end up talking about my ex

>mention his family was irish

>get onto the subject of black criminality

>say that dating my ex was instrumental in the ideological shift I went through

>father asks if my ex was black

>accidentally let slip a "what the fuck?"

>father get's angry at me for being racist

>few days later

>telling therapist about this as an example of my father being a dick

>therapist doesn't understand why the question got that response from me

>specifically says I came off as contemptuous and disgusted pretty accurate tbqh

>say part of it was that I'd already said his family was irish

>therapist says that doesn't mean he isn't black

>try to not say anything

>say I could only date somebody of my own race, and that my dad didn't have any reason to think otherwise

>therapist starts lecturing about how it's problematic that the assumption I had assumed he would have had is that I wouldn't racemix

>ask her if it's sexist that I only like men

>changes the subject

What a world we live in that when I say I only want to date a white guy people act like I literally just gassed 6 million jews on the spot. If a black chick says she only wants to date a black guy nobody bats an eyelid, same for every other race except whites. I just want to move off to some distant place, far away from all this bs, and just have a happy family. I'd go back to Austria, or Norway, or England where my parents and their families are from but these days it's harder to get citizenship or work authorization in those countries if you're white than if you're a sub 80iq african.

abef37 No.28045



For what purpose? Also, I hope you're not on any meds.

69597d No.28046


>Since then, I've gotten more fit, dropped the booze, making more money

Congratz, you owe it to yourself not to destroy your own life and body.

4ba446 No.28049

File: d629780743145bd⋯.png (257.41 KB, 1454x993, 1454:993, Meanwhile.png)


Therapists are useless for 99% of the population, the few that might honestly benefit from it would have been dead in years past or are literally insane. Even if this very small group got therapists it would be in vain because all therapists are shit and this small group of people are usually poor. If anything therapists are only good for indoctrination and isolation. They trick people into the mind set of not talking to your family or close friends and instead want you to finance an over payed jew that tells you everything that's right is wrong while everything that's wrong is right, Disgusting.

You should leave ASAP. Good luck with your other stuff though.

76ccf5 No.28070



Maybe now that you're not a degenerate piece of trash alcoholic she wants to give you another chance :^)

4179a9 No.28082

I just noticed something. Google wants me to commit suicide. When I use google to search for suicide or suicide related topics I would normally get a telephone number for the suicide prevention hotline and search results from websites about suicide prevention, that is until I log into my google account. After logging in the telephone number is replaced with news stories about people that have committed suicide and the search results are filled with articles about different ways to commit suicide. Needless to say, I fucking hate my life, and so does google, but this is just sick. Check it out yourself.

6bcb9b No.28084

File: c282e6453f1fd76⋯.jpg (80.02 KB, 388x520, 97:130, BOTULISM CITY.jpg)


I don't put Google a millimeter above personalized social engineering for death too but suicidal thoughts are for pussies tbqhwy.

076bdb No.28100

>8 years old

>father who I barely ever saw gets divorced from my mother

>spent the next >10 years avoiding it altogether

>finally learn how to deal with it

>lose half my family, move away somewhere by myself, cut contact with the remaining family

>tfw you experience everything for the first time

It's terrible, but it is great. There is so much I have been negligent of and never even knew. Shit like muscle control, body posture, social experiences, and even nice moments alone. Used to be crammed up in my room, desperately trying to escape my life. Now that I've dealt with my issues, I can move on. Trying go work on my social skills, but I'm not spilling spaghetti everywhere.

I sometimes wonder if it was the right thing to do. How could I consider myself natsoc if I divorced my family?

abef37 No.28101


Be successful in life and lead by example. Show them what you can achieve on your own.

c275ee No.28103


you should avoid people in general. you're an INFJ. you should be avoidant.

neet chads are ESTP clearly the opposite of you so they're magically attracted to you.

also they're atheist kleptos so be wary of them. if they hurt you you'll end up hurting more people around as an unconscious form of revenge (you won't evn know it). keep that in mind. don't let them ruin your kindness. You don't even know them personally but i can say I know ESTPs very well to even bother warning you.

c275ee No.28104


>NEET in spirit. I can't understand how people just do things. I'm at the point where I think it's about just doing it. Forcing yourself to do something. The idea that a habit is something easy once you've made it is probably a lie; you are still doing the same thing, expending the same energy. You just don't realize it anymore

Know how to value your resources. Play your cards properly.

Positivity and negativity are essential.

The point is to tell whether you're wasting or losing something.

losing is better, really.

c2543f No.28397

Sometimes I wonder if I am not self aware. People tend to avoid me, and I don't understand why. I am nice to everyone I meet, and I get the impression that people open up and are comfortable around me, yet I am all alone.

9847f5 No.28414


Try to approach it from their perspective. You can have difficulty being constantly self aware, but not lack the ability to be self aware. You have to play 4-D chess, always. Think not how you should react, but how the guy who hears about you from the guy who saw how the guy you reacted too reacts to you. If you fall short of that awareness, it's OK. It's easy for folks like us to get a bit caught up in the moment.

b6b7e1 No.28507


don't do it, btw.

i did. i died. i was 'miraculously rescued' the universe reconstructed itself around me, just a little bit shittier than before. for 7 years i had a voice in my head, riding me.

There's a spiritual aspect to your experience that doesn't let you escape through checking out.

7c8d93 No.28520

File: ee8748ad278ffb3⋯.jpg (55.33 KB, 530x530, 1:1, 2017 - 1.jpg)

I've always felt like the idea of happiness is extremely overrated. Allowing your spiritual well-being to depend on a set of circumstances that you can't fully control seems counter-productive.

Family members die. Friends change, take different paths, or simply die off. Even your children or wives can be taken away from you because of something as random as a mugging or a car accident. What then? Even if you are extremely lucky and pass away before any of your loved ones, you'll still suffer from the fact that you will never see them anymore, and they will have to be without you.

It is better to live a life you can be proud of, and die without a single regret in your heart, than spending your entire life chasing after some abstract concept of happiness that will most likely not last you long.

People are nothing next to ideals.

accad3 No.28521


That's some crazy shit. You should take some screen shots of it.

1483e0 No.28527


I second this. I would like to see proof of jewgle trying to encourage the suicide of people by their search and metadata history alone. That's some gnarly shit if you have proof.

ad1675 No.28552


>happiness is extremely overrated

Is this the new 'fun is a buzzword'?

1ec70b No.28558

52355a No.28560


Some meme from /v/

77e561 No.28665

Thought I'd finally give /polk/ a look after being disappointed with /pol/ ever since US Elections. Honestly, this place isn't the 2015 /pol/ I was hoping it would be. I thought there would be less topical discussions and more discussions about long-term topics. >>25500 and >>26543 have some interesting discussions, but they're quite dead and don't have as many recent posts as threads about the current state of /pol/. Seriously, five of the twelve threads currently on the front page are just about how much /pol/ is despised. I was also hoping for more diversity of opinions in here, it seems pretty definitive that National Socialism is the reigning ideology of this place. 2015 /pol/ had its fair share of NatSocs, Paleoconservatives and Ron Paul-type libertarians all united against the left, but once politics became fringe the extremists chased all the moderates off. I get that there's space for debate here but I think it should go without saying that debate is not the same thing as a discussion.

I was questioning whether I should post this in the bump thread or in this one, but that one is already at the top of the board and blogpost discussions are one of the other elements I'd hoped to find here.

86d59d No.28670


>Honestly, this place isn't the 2015 /pol/ I was hoping it would be

Nothing will ever compare to it; as much as I miss it too, we're only setting ourselves up for disappointment by trying to find it again. All we can do is try to keep the spirit alive.

>2015 /pol/ had its fair share of NatSocs, Paleoconservatives and Ron Paul-type libertarians all united against the left, but once politics became fringe the extremists chased all the moderates off.

I would say that many lolbergs and the like realised they'll always lose to authoritarians, by virtue of not having any strength through centralisation.

77e561 No.28691

File: 0fe69d307d6257d⋯.png (14.64 KB, 663x287, 663:287, FUCK.png)

So my new City Councilman is someone who received their entire campaign funding from their business in real-estate, and therefore my neighborhood is going to become flooded with people who will vote for him.

h t t p s://citylimits.org/2017/08/25/frontrunner-becomes-top-issue-in-west-bronx-council-race/

If you read the article, you'll see something of particular concern, something about a $500 donation from an owner of a building on 2800 Bruckner Blvd. That building is having its tenants and businesses illegally evicted so that it may be re purposed into a rehabilitation center. I don't think anyone would have voted for him if they knew his game and where he gets his money, but people are so stupid, they don't look into anything beyond the surface. They just see his name everywhere and think "Well that's the only name I recognize". Funnily enough my city district was the closest to electing a GOP candidate out of anywhere in major NYC. Probably has something to do with all the old Irish and Italians still living in the Bronx, but they're all be dying soon and their houses will be sold to people who my Councilman approves, since he gets all his funding from real estate, so fucking goodbye Throggs Neck. My district needs to be redrawn to exclude Morris Park, it's where Mark the Loanshark got most of his votes, City Island was dominated by his Dem. opposition, John Doyle, and Throggs Neck was pretty heavily decided on John Cerini. He probably would have won if Marky Mark didn't get than double the donation amount from his Funky Bunch as the next guy got.

d289a7 No.28758




So, I just thought I'd leave this here.

I haven't posted on here in a while, but I need to leave an update.

Anyways, a lot has happened.

Basically, though, I got EXPELLED from the Technical School by the director (a short little blonde lady who married a Japanese dude).

She said that they had received 'multiple anonymous complaints' from my classmates and that I 'lacked self-awareness' and my behaviour wasn't 'conducive to a learning environment'.

They even banned me from applying to any of their other classes like Welding or Machining, as well as from upgrading my OSHA training from 10-hour to 30-hour.

I asked for two others (the teacher and a coordinator who also teaches some) to join post.

That morning, the teacher had actually talked with me about the 'gold certification' requirements I was planning on doing (leading out in the review, inviting a guest speaker, extra work, etc.), so it was really jarring for me to be called in in the afternoon and expelled, halfway through the course.

Several of my classmates who I talked to before leaving because they were still around were very surprised, especially the ex-military guys.

The teacher that I got along with best, who came in in the afternoon, was shocked to hear that (he happens to be Jewish, ha ha! He's really into 'industrial precision measurement applications'). Ironically, he is a bit upset with the school too, because he wanted to teach welding, but a Black woman with less qualifications and experience got the position.

Some other things:

The director who expelled me never once sat in the class or lab and observed it!

I think that the administration wants me to feel paranoid about the friends and acquaintances that I made and think they're all against me (I thought that I got along well with everyone in the class, even the big Hispanic girl I 'offended' with my question).

d289a7 No.28759





Oh, and one time in class, towards the end of the day when just a few people were in the classroom (even though class hadn't officially ended), the Jewish teacher was talking to some of us about how he didn't vote for Trump (((Of course!))), but it's better just to stay out of politics and all 'get along'.

This somehow led to the front-row students and this Lesbian Satanist in the second row starting to bad-mouth both Trump and our country in general, and there was this Libertarian dude in the third row (one the best friends I'd made in the class; we'd play Smash Bros. Melee together on the TV in the break room) who became a part of the conversation once they continued going around the room saying, "You didn't vote Trump, did you?" He had told me he had voted for Trump, even though he didn't really like him, mainly due to how awful Hillary was, but he was trying to get out of it without answering, and then started talking about some 'free-market egalitarian principles', but they weren't having it.

So, at this point, I jumped into the discussion, saying:

"Look, I'm from Tennessee, and I voted for Trump, and honestly if you don't want to make our country great, then I don't know what you're doing here!"

That's the only thing I said, pretty much.

It also sort of ended that little witch hunt for Trump voters, because what are you going to say to that?

At that point the Jewish teacher was able to calm the students down and start talking about what TV shows they like to watch or something.

Honestly, no one got THAT riled up there, so I didn't think it was that big of a deal, but maybe that also had something to do with it.

d289a7 No.28760






The reality is that I didn't spend that much money out here (the class was free other than administrative costs due to grant money, and I applied while on a bike trip in Japan after I heard about it from my friend–the director also used that against me, saying that there were always 'concerns' about my 'fitting in' with the course, due to a lack of an in-person interview).

Due to that and the director firing me, I really don't think that there's much of an opportunity for 'appeal' (the director doesn't really have a boss as far as I know).

I did write a 'Statement' (I could put it here if you really wanted to see it) basically admitting to everything that I was officially accused of, but also stating the facts that I'm banned from applying to other classes, apologising for problems I caused, and wishing my classmates all the best in the future, and trying to end on good terms with them. The way I see it, either people will believe it (not likely), and hopefully see me in a good light due to making amends, or giving the 'official story' and not trying to defend myself at all will lead to the class seeing what cowards and liars the administration is.

Or, of course, they could censor me from even distributing it (I don't use (((Social Media))) and I wouldn't want it up there anyways, although I realise someone could scan it or whatever).

Anyways, the last couple days the plan has been to release it via a proxy, by giving printed off copies to a friend and having them put one facedown at each desk when everyone's out of the room at lunch break, so that I don't have to go back on the campus.

But so far, my friends have chickened out a bit.

Also, the Jewish teacher, when I showed him the document via a friend, apparently said that he thought it looked like I was trying to start a coup! (Oy, Vey! I was just apologising–literally… There is NOTHING 'defending myself' in there, but given that the first step in a Jewish revolution is always 'playing the victim', I shouldn't be surprised).

So, I'm probably going to have to just go back over there on my way back and leave the statement there myself, come what may.

(If anyone has a good idea, feel free to let me know).

So I'll be around for another month or so, due to my living situation, and get some of my things that I left with someone, and then go back to Tennessee to try and do grad school.

My qualifications are pretty much limited to teaching and tutoring, which has always annoyed me. I'll have to figure out a different way to gain some practical skills on my own time. Maybe shadowing or apprenticing on the weekends back in the South or Midwest somewhere with someone who has family connections, I guess.

It's a bit depressing, because I thought I was slowly getting better at building circuits and soldering over the last couple months.

But I guess you wouldn't be able to hear a story like this otherwise.

Sorry for the long blog post, BTW.

d289a7 No.28762

File: 2e5b2b7de420d77⋯.png (219.08 KB, 850x400, 17:8, ClipboardImage.png)


Hey, we've all been there, many great men included.

The point is to keep pushing forward.

Watch Evangelion again–original TV series, not the (((Rebuild)))–it's very therapeutic for some>>28082

d289a7 No.28763


Has anyone ever gotten in trouble for espousing Paleoconservative views here. We're not against Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan. I think both would have made better presidents than Trump, especially Buchanan.


Wow, anon. I share your frustration. I almost wonder if I have some undiagnosable verbal or facial 'tic' that people find off-putting but can't recognise.



I even got kicked out of a Technical school for having a lack of 'self-awareness', even though I made many friends.

5916fb No.28791


That's unbelievable. You should appeal this to the president of the college and require the director to admit she has no proof or disclose the reports she actually did receive. Being disruptive isn't grounds for expulsion.

85bb7a No.28792


>I almost wonder if I have some undiagnosable verbal or facial 'tic' that people find off-putting but can't recognise.

It's called not being a soyboy fag and being masculine. The female director felt extremely threatened just by your presence of not being a complete and utter nu-male.

6d5483 No.28793

File: dde381258118824⋯.jpg (8.86 KB, 142x213, 2:3, Sunny_Cooke.jpg)


Same guy, posting from different computer in hotel.

>11 People in Administrative positions

>10 women

>1 mixed-race asian mutt

h t t p ://www.miracosta.edu/officeofthepresident/index.html

Yeah, I don't think that appealing would go very well.

Also, I don't know any of these people, because I was at a different campus and it's the Director of the campus I was at (little blonde lady who married a Japanese dude) who expelled me.

By the way, I can give some examples of 'negative behaviour'.

Apparently, on a lunch break, I asked my friend if he was going out somewhere for lunch (I don't have a car), and when he said he wasn't, I remarked, "Looks like it's dry cereal for me today."

And THAT was an example of 'pervasive negativity'…

Yeah, ha ha… I don't think I'm ever returning to Commiefornia, needless to say.

Might be doxxing myself here, but I don't really care or have anything to lose anyways.

355385 No.28794

File: c54f456ddbbf851⋯.jpg (115.47 KB, 1024x795, 1024:795, kihrJn3.jpg)


>2015 /pol/ had its fair share of NatSocs, Paleoconservatives and Ron Paul-type libertarians all united against the left, but once politics became fringe the extremists chased all the moderates off.

Probably because being a moderate is faggotry worthy of ridicule.

77e561 No.28812



Well, that solves that mystery.

78d5bf No.28814

About a week ago I drank heavily, and I mean 'heavily' heavily

Put a frozen pizza in the oven with a plastic cutting board underneath it.

Of course, when the pizza finished the cutting board was half melted.

Pizza seemed completely fine, took no prying to get it off, so I just slid it off and ate it.

Next day, out of the blue, I start getting these intrusive gay thoughts. And I mean, these were absolutely intrusive. Also, and I know it's 'bad', but I have a dakimakura. Usually feel some measure of arousal or faux-love when I sleep with her, but absolutely nothing. There was no attachment whatsoever.

Next day I was legitimately thinking of getting a dildo, but I had enough self-restraint to know these thoughts weren't natural.

Lots of really shitty introspective shit that day.

Two days more of gay thoughts. On the second day I realize it was weening off a bit.

Two more days later and that's now. I no longer have any gay thoughts, and I'm legitimately fucking disgusted at myself for everything I thought.

Thing is, I bring this up because the pizza, and, guess where I'm going with it; xenoestrogens.

It's definitely possible, and likely, that some micro or macro pieces of melted plastic got embedded into the underside of the pizza. Pizza which I ate.

It's not some whack theory, but I suppose I just want to give my first-hand experience regarding this, and that they absolutely do effect your judgement and sexuality.

1bcba1 No.28815


Not that I necessarily don't believe you, but if you regularly eat frozen pizzas then you body may not exactly be a temple in the first place. Were you drinking while having these thoughts? Were you depressed from something else happening in your life?

355385 No.28816

File: 377fd630c24be2b⋯.jpg (210.54 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 377fd630c24be2b6f7ce00c715….jpg)


>Frozen pizza made me gay

78d5bf No.28817


Nah man, I know what you're saying but I'm telling you, it was not some depression thing or drinking side-effect. People don't go from fantasizing about bashing fag faces in to being a fag in the span of a day. This isn't some esoteric theory either, it's common kikepedia-tier shit that xenoestrogens are in a lot of plastics. And frozen pizzas are cheap and can usually consistence as two meals, and I eat plenty of healthier stuff too. Don't want this to turn into 'hurr you're a gay in denial', though. If I had some way of giving you hard evidence I would, but you're just gonna have to take my word that I am not a homofag.

78d5bf No.28818


Try, y'know, actually reading the post before replying.

d1a98c No.28872

File: d9107d9691c520a⋯.png (59.26 KB, 500x557, 500:557, 1510278544569.png)

So a few years ago I was redpilled pretty heavily after browsing 4pol for a while. I became blackpilled because was all just too much to handle at once but I'm feeling better now though, and over the last 8-10 months or so I've been listening to alt-right podcasts nearly every day. So, time for some recent good news I wanted to share.

>been getting out a little more over the last year or so

>have a female friend that I hang out with on the weekends

>known her for close to a year but recently became closer

>fast forward to last saturday and we're in my kitchen doing whiskey shots

>get into a conversation about politics and other deep stuff

>she asks me what my political affiliation was

>in my inebriated state I mumbled "national so-" and then just paused

>she said "did you mean national socialist, I didn't know you were a nazi!"

>thought for a minute that our friendship would be over until she said "me too!"

>pulls down her shirt and bra a little to reveal a swastika tattoo over her left breast

>we have a two hour long conversation about the jewish question and niggers and stuff

>she's basically at the 'hitler did nothing wrong' level of redpilling

>she browses 4pol 8pol

>couldn't believe it when I actually met another natsoc in the wild like that

>starting to develop feelings for her


>holding back spaghetti because the spaghetti is not ready

>mutual friend that I've know for like 10 years comes in but he's pretty politically neutral

>starts drinking with us and having a good time, starts bugging me about being single

>he says "we have to get you a girlfriend, anon" and she says "yeah, a nazi girlfriend"

>luckily he didn't notice (at least not that I could tell) and all three of us keep drinking

>he tells me that I should date my female friend, and I said I'd be cool with it

>she said that she'd date me before she'd date him and jokingly slapped him

>I think she likes me but I'm not really sure, I'm socially inept

>I driver her home and friend crashes on my couch

I really hope that she doesn't see this since I know she visits 8chan. She's probably coming over Tuesday. So polk, should I ask her out? I'm having some feelings of self doubt, and I feel like I'm not good enough for her. Maybe I'm just young and immature and I need to grow a pair, but it's hard.

1bcba1 No.28874

File: c1c2c154c219085⋯.jpg (11.68 KB, 300x94, 150:47, Enlightenment.jpg)


>getting drunk before dark

>drunk driving

>I feel like I'm not good enough for her

>>not knowing a woman's place is with a man

Well you're a faggot, but aside from that you just need to fake it until you make it. Ask her out or something and be direct.

f60810 No.28875


Listening to how ignorant alt-right talking heads were actually blackpilled me for a good year. Same with /pol/ becoming /trump/.

d1a98c No.28876


>getting drunk before dark

You what? This was at like 7PM.

>drunk driving

She lives like a mile or so away and I stayed off main roads. I'm also a big guy (don't you dare banepost) so I have a high alcohol tolerance.

>I feel like I'm not good enough for her

I have self confidence issues.

>not knowing a woman's place is with a man

This is why I want to be with her, dumbass.


It's better than nothing when you live around libshits.

f08539 No.28877

File: 7641bf1d0f14997⋯.mp4 (6.95 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Dear White People.mp4)

86d59d No.28878


>I'm also a big guy

I guess she started a fire in your heart

and maybe your loins

>I have self confidence issues.

Then improve yourself. Cut back on the piss, hit the gym, pick up a productive hobby, etc.

b7e2e7 No.28883

I don't know how to help myself /polk/. I'm 21 and I have no aspirations in life. Well, I'd like to own a self sufficient house in the middle of nowhere but that's about it. I've been through (((university))), did a degree in computer science, and graduated with a high grade, but I'm not great at programming and nobody want to hire me as a technician or admin. So I've been stuck in a call centre job since graduating and I fucking hate it. But I can't bring myself to change this fact. Every day I wake up and just plod along with no real direction. I'm not good at anything in life despite people saying "you're so smart anon", I'm not.

So my question is, what can a lost soul like myself do in life? And how do I gain the energy to be able to focus on something, and get good at it? I'm sick of being in a half-zombified state each day with no aim, goal, or enthusiasm.

ea37aa No.28884


Think of the father figure you would respect the most, and become him. I too am a 21 year old in the exact same predicament no university. The most progress I have made has been from this self-awareness. Practicing this self awareness. I am still guilty of falling into the same traps I always have; I haven't over come it. But this seems the most promising of my attempts. The only other option left is to cut all ties and move on. Reform myself, as it were.

a25183 No.28886


That seems like a good idea, though I do not know who to look up to. My parents split when I was young, father was an alcoholic and a general waste of resources. I will do some research. Thanks Anon.

ea37aa No.28887


It's a psychological archetype. You are more like me, so I imagine that the archetype of the mother and the fool are strong in you; most men without father's tend to rely on those to get by. The more violent rely on the brute archetype. This is to fill in for the father figure you never had. For many years, I had fooled myself into believing I was OK; that my father's failings had no impact on me. This façade came undone 4 years ago, and I have been straggling with it since. You must ask yourself; what's is the ideal for of a man? What makes that ideal so strong? For me, the ideal man is a father's; patient, stern, serious, wise, strong, and caring. A man who knows much, but as well knows his ignorance. A man who is honestly confident in his beliefs. A man who always speaks straight and true. A man who can thrive in any environment. A man who is unafraid of confrontation in all its forms. That is a man. All of what I have listed are inverted truths about me; I am impulsive, light hearted, foolish, weak, and petty. I speak, with a stutter and slur, dishonestly. I have no courage or certainty. I pretend I know more than I do. I am cowardly. I fail in any environment I cannot control. By what I recognize as admirable and righteous, I come far short. But practicing this self awareness, and not allowing it to control my emotions and rationality, I make steps towards becoming such a man. For that man has the very thing I lack; total self control.

d1a98c No.28888

File: 5f7d45c32ab2a27⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screenshot_2017-11-20_16-5….png)


>screw jewgle, I'll just do a simple side braid and call it a day

If you use DuckDuckGo and you type like a white person, you get less niggers.

ff634f No.28893


If your story's true, why is it even a question if you should ask her out? The only possible reason I could see not to ask her out is if she has poor genes. Remember that "redpilled" men are also hard to find, so she has a smaller dating pool then the average women. Lastly, why are you hiding your political views so hard that your friends don't know them?


I'm somewhat in the same boat as you anon. It's been awhile seen I've seen some one relate able even on a Chan I hate my job, and want to be a homesteader. Yesterday I was feeling pretty down, but for some reason I decided to go to realtor.com. I was looking around and found 80 acres for 30,000. Theirs probably no right away to the land, but it was all forested land, so theirs a good chance it has drinkable water on it. Anyways, the point of telling you this is for you to know that their is still affordable land out there, although a grand an acre is a lot more realistic. I hope this gives you some motivation. Do you have any debt?

Do any of you guys remember when I said american posters would be treated like Brazilian or Argentina posters? Well I was wrong, It seems like American posters are going to be treated even worse then them.

h t t p s://8ch.net/b/res/7545449.html#7545449

2b50e3 No.28898


It literally sounds to good to be true and you're making this shit up. But if true, go for it.

355385 No.28901

File: 6a90b9271a910cb⋯.png (653.27 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 19260679_1944406055835827_….png)


>pulls down her shirt and bra a little to reveal a swastika tattoo over her left breast


b10236 No.28904


>pulls down her shirt and bra a little to reveal a swastika tattoo over her left breast

That's hot bro. Reminds me of a girl I dated, except hers was behind her ear. As someone with a good bit of dating experienceprobably too much, reformed degenerate chad here I'd say you're good to go. Ask her out on a date. Be confident about it, like it's a foregone conclusion. Give her a wry smile. Don't take her to the movies though, that's shit tier. Take her out for a nice dinner and then somewhere interesting but where you can still talk. Depends on what she likes. Minigolf is usually good, or something active like that. Have confidence in yourself and above all relax and have a good time. Go make some White babies Anon.

c48a21 No.28908


Self control is one thing I struggle with too, through a combination of factors usually, but as Varg said in one of his recent videos it's up to you to change your circumstances. Pornography and junk food are my weaknesses, though I don't masturbare much or eat pure junk, I know I could do better. My test is low enough naturally without diving into degenerate acts.


The only debt I have is student debt, which is less of a burden in the UK than the US. I'm quite good with money, always buy second hand when I can, buy clothes very rarely, and I don't indulge in mindless consumer spending. I'd love to buy my own home or a bit of land but it's near impossible in the UK by yourself, a 2 bedroom semi detached house in the middle of nowhere, as in 20+ miles from any viable employment, costs at least £100k. And I live in a rural county.

d1a98c No.28909


>It literally sounds to good to be true

I know, which is why I made a blogpost about it here.



d1a98c No.28910


>why are you hiding your political views so hard that your friends don't know them?

Do I really have to explain that to you?

ff634f No.28916


Yeah, do you just pretend to be apolitical to your friends or a civic nationalist or what? I don't see how you could hang out with people weekly and never say shit to them about the propaganda you see.

9fb27c No.28921

File: 7a74d300420a8ec⋯.jpg (104.63 KB, 475x710, 95:142, dc1d98d0-9316-426c-ae02-6b….jpg)

As edgy as this is gonna sound I've found myself just increasingly becoming more and more mentally and emotionally volatile. Every Goddamn day it just seems like some new bullshit to piss me off, it's no doubt helped by personal stress issues trying to balance school, work, my relationship and a recently missing pet but I just feel surrounded by degeneracy and decay everywhere constantly. For every small glimmer of hope that humanity hasn't already reached it's Apex and we're now just in the final death throws of an already dead society there's a gorillion images of Jewish propaganda, race mixing on TV, on the internet, in movies, in games even books! Living in the Southern USA makes it even worse as I get to look around at crumbling infrastructure covered in multiple shades of brown with the occasional race traitors or degenerate meth head White trash. Animals and our environment are being raped as the rest of what's ours is at a massive rate. I'm just so fucking tired of it all, I want it to just fucking collapse already. I'm in absolutely pathetic shape and probably wouldn't fair well when shit (please God let it) hits the fan but it's much better than sitting on my hands watching everything die or something being defiled. There's just so many people who get to be alive and that's just a tragedy.

86d59d No.28923


>Pornography and junk food are my weaknesses, though I don't masturbare much or eat pure junk, I know I could do better.

Pornography should be the easiest thing for you to give up, honestly.

>Heavily owned and peddled by jews

>Getting off to other men fucking women is cuckoldry

>Instant gratification that short-circuits your sex drive

>Not being immediately disgusted by the thought of someone's daughter being degraded on tape

d1a98c No.28927

File: 9c84572b5cdadbb⋯.png (1.83 MB, 2880x1800, 8:5, 1505185695067.png)


>do you just pretend to be apolitical to your friends

Pretty much. I guess they all think I'm a Republican or something.

>I don't see how you could hang out with people weekly and never say shit to them about the propaganda you see

Because there's more to life than politics. That's not to say that politics aren't important; because they are. My friends aren't libshits, but I don't think they're ready to hear about my true beliefs, and that's fine. I don't feel that they'd respond well to it anyways, due to the amount of brainwashing they've been subjected to over the course of their lives.


Not him but I gave up porn and stopped jerking off for no-fap November. Now the month is almost over and I feel fine, and I think that I'm going to continue. I actually printed out an image of the happy merchant and stuck it above my computer display to remind me that when I watch porn, Mr. Noseberg wins.

d1a98c No.28928


You wouldn't think it but lots of other whites feel the same and are just too afraid to say something about it. It's important that you do little things like putting up the IOTBW signs in your community. If shit hits the fan, your brothers will be there to hand you a rifle and be with you every step of the way. Sure, a lot of us will lose friends and family, and maybe even our lives but we'll be serving our people. I believe that there is nothing more honorable and redpilled that going into battle to fight for the ones you love. Every step you take, think of the millions of women who have been violated, think of the millions of children that have been slaughtered, and think of the millions of heroic men before you that gave their lives for us and our way of life. Let the hate build up inside of you, and when that day comes, let a cry of the purest vengeance and hate rise from your throat that makes your enemies run in terror. Show them no mercy, and have no remorse.

Hail victory!

e268d2 No.28929

File: cfc4cb899931a00⋯.webm (3.82 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1510535156279.webm)

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. No matter how bad things seem, we all have things to be thankful for in life.

>dropped out of my last year in college two years ago since my department got entirely pozzed (poli sci)- serves me right

>worked shitting QA and call center jobs for a year before completely giving up on independence

>I had just moved back in with my folks around last thanksgiving

>I had taken a call center/quality assurance job ~3 months before which let me transfer to their Nor Cal office.

>got promoted a month later but had to commute from Nor Cal to Reno.

>useless nigger gets hired onto my team right before I take the lead promotion

>nigger worked OT without permission, and then insubordinately, would randomly disappear/fuck his time card and completed as much work in a day, and the average white employee would in an hour, except maybe 10% of his work was acceptable.

>tell my (pro trump) manager we gotta boot this dude but she ignores me.

>one day the director of the department shoots myself and the manager an email asking what said nigger was doing the last 1 1/2 of his shift.

>go ask the nigger the next day on the floor about the missing 1 1/2hr.

>Nigger said he as asking someone a question as he was relatively new. I asked him why he didn't take action on the question he had asked (ie logically he should have done something in the system after getting help)

>tell him management probably won't buy that

>next day I get written up by the manager for not communicating properly as company policy was to have that conversation in private (I never received that training, nor any documentation that would have informed me)

>its implied some SJW overhead the conversation and 'was made uncomfortable'

>quit on the spot, nothing good could possibly come of dealing with these cucks

>drive back to Nor Cal with a yuge weight off my chest but having no idea about my future.

>director of the department calls me personally the next day and offers me a transfer to another department in the Nor Cal office

>I insist on part time only but accept

>new department is only half as gay as the old one

>stick it out for ~6 more months until I'm competent in the new product (Appraisals)

>sign up for appraisal school and quit.

>finished the online courses just in time for the holidays

>now only ~2 years from complete financial independence in an industry that is short ~20,000 appraisers.

That company was quite the blackpill though. The only competition I had for the job was between a bitchy faggot and a pissy stoner. Most the young people I worked with were either part time in school, or already had their degrees, which of course made no difference when none of them bothered applying for the promotion because the raise was ~5%. I'm also nearly certain that that company is above average as far as corporate america goes. The person who replaced me was a single mom with two kids known for incompetence, and the next lead hire after, had been around for less than three months.

I genuinely empathize with anyone who gets stuck working someplace like that. Its cancer of the soul.

pic unrelated.

1555d5 No.28939


That though goes through my head each time. Problem is that I will see some suggestive imagery and that will stick in the back of my mind. However I'll try to stick it out, as in the past 5 years the longest I've gone without masturbating is 3 weeks, and at that point wet dreams were kicking in.


Call centres are the worst. So many regulations, and bullshit that goes on it's unreal. Then again I believe that applies for any job within a company that had more that a few dozen employees.

ba67b0 No.28956

File: ce6073cb4091a1d⋯.jpg (46.19 KB, 425x537, 425:537, 76.jpg)

I've been losing my mind, my voice, my thoughts, my logic, my humor, my love, my vocabulary, my skill in math, my grammer, my mental mechanisms, so on and so forth that I want to get this post out as quickly as possible before it loses shape regardless of how pseudo it is, I keep falling and adjusting to the regressive conditions ad infinite. I think I've probably come to the face of being unable to accurately portray how I feel with words or I've turned into a fucking pig with a shrunken brain, I don't think anyone can relate to this because nobody would let go of themselves like this but I managed to. What exactly does self-expression mean anymore because even when I try to get my spirit high I'm at a blockade with what my dictionary can muster, maybe it's even these mental mechanisms that have spiraled out of control and constrain my brain how to think; my ego has returned. It's an interesting idea but I don't know how many can relate, I don't know what to do anymore besides off myself and I don't know if this is remotely coherent but it needs to come out or maybe not. The things we keep close to ourselves are what keep us together right, if we let them loose then we are nothing because everything else has the emotional and spiritual/unique logic in your soul and mind. I've probably become too self-aware and lost the youthful energy that pushed me forward, either way I'm still a fucking autist but at least I was a confident and content autist.

ce10b5 No.28958

File: 1cd6dcdb555f721⋯.png (400.32 KB, 584x553, 584:553, 2137b07a66a5a5be6692a6203f….png)

I've come to the belief that the means of production ought to be owned by the workers that use them, but I still hold my hatred for Jews, immigrants, leftist faggots, homos, whores, and all the rest. I no longer feel like I fit in anywhere ideologically. It is an alienating and depressing predicament. All I can say is that property is theft and Jews are the criminals.

77e561 No.28968

File: cf9eb218607ab2b⋯.jpg (129.09 KB, 502x670, 251:335, Mikhail Bakunin.jpg)


"This whole Jewish world, comprising a single exploiting sect, a kind of blood sucking people, a kind of organic destructive collective parasite, going beyond not only the frontiers of states, but of political opinion, this world is now, at least for the most part, at the disposal of Marx on the one hand, and of Rothschild on the other… This may seem strange. What can there be in common between socialism and a leading bank? The point is that authoritarian socialism, Marxist communism, demands a strong centralization of the state. And where there is centralization of the state, there must necessarily be a central bank, and where such a bank exists, the parasitic Jewish nation, speculating with the Labor of the people, will be found."


Please, it's lonely being surrounded by leftists AnComs over there

2b50e3 No.28975


Shit, anon, you got some problems. Do you read and go to bed a good times?

e64a66 No.29004


I think it's the other way around, the things close to us (everything of which is basically part of the system or related to it) are what is keeping us enslaved and within the grasps of the system.

be311e No.29006


talk to lipless the herdsman he can help

2b50e3 No.29067

File: 6a0dfe404d436eb⋯.png (368.81 KB, 363x550, 33:50, ClipboardImage.png)



Enemies of the holy Tsar will be executed.

But, honestly, if he was more competent as a leader the Bolshevik Revolution would've never happened. In fact he was pretty unprepared to be a leader. His father died early on so he has to take control of the ship despite his lack of knowledge. I also head that the BR was started by Kaiser Wilhelm. Is this anti-German lies or truth?

86d59d No.29070


>I also head that the BR was started by Kaiser Wilhelm. Is this anti-German lies or truth?

Lenin was exiled from Russia and went to Germany instead; the Germans granted him safe passage and funded his return to Russia once it was over, in the hopes that he would start a revolution and thus pull Russia out of the war.

2b50e3 No.29071


Oh okay. So they were partly responsible then. Is there any literature on this?

86d59d No.29072


It's been a while since I've done research on this topic, so I can't list any books off the top of my head. However, you should have a look at the hyperlinks in this answer: h t t p s : //history.stackexchange.com/questions/14608/did-the-germans-purposefully-arrange-to-send-lenin-to-russia-to-start-a-revoluti

2b50e3 No.29073


Okay. Thankyou.

c6f4ff No.29130



They packed him into a sealed wagon and ensured he doesn't leave anywhere along the way

Polish government did a similar thing in 1990 when shipping jews off to Israel, and a special unit was created to ensure nobody leaves the train before reaching Israel

That unit is now known as GROM

355385 No.29131

File: a1b6d381cc9ade9⋯.png (35.56 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1200px-Black_Front_flag.sv….png)


You're completely wrong ideologically with your anti-property views but there is such a thing as NazBol and Strasserism.

c6f4ff No.29139

I lost hope, balancing diet and neither vitamin D nor Niacin/other vitamins help, i lost mental strength to work out.

>Fatherland doesn't have independence for 78 years now

>(((Criminals))) stole a billion dollars (when median salary was 20$) to fund propaganda and themselves, don't even know a single name of anyone involved.

>Constantly under attack by the (((EU))) and traitorous cucks shilling for them

>Kosher right party holds monopoly over >patriotism, bends over backward to a non-country for no reason.

>Constitution is the same as the one drafted by the soviets with addition "gommunizm is bad, ok? no pictures of stalin allowed"

>Conspiracy theory about the level of foreign espionage is not only proven true, but even gets updated and expanded.

>Can't sleep normally anymore.

>Will lose house to mining damages in the next 10~ years maybe It'll collapse on me in my sleep.

>Industries and companies with over a century of traditions have been sold off given away to foreigners for nothing.

c23077 No.29140


Usury and materialism is what's wrong here.

b99671 No.29221

File: 47481c81766101b⋯.png (172.6 KB, 853x930, 853:930, Capture.PNG)

How humorous. Didn't know where else to put this. I attempted to engage in honest discourse with them, but apparently Xir's reading comprehension is that of a second grader. Xie sees the subject line of "Censorship and the Left" then bans me. I remade the thread on /leftpol/ but it is a somewhat dead board (like here…)


2909d8 No.29225


Leftism is essentially a religion. They react in the exact same way that Christians do if you question their beliefs. So engaging with them is an act of futility.

It's interesting how they simply responded "you asked for censorship" when you were pointing out hypocrisy of the censorship.

e755a0 No.29238

So I finally got on vacation, found time to start cutting the grass and taking care of everything else in life, wew time sure flies


I would rather go to 4chan pol than leftycuckoldry. you are a cuck

0e3081 No.29502

File: 5ddba395f48244b⋯.png (46.64 KB, 300x253, 300:253, bed.png)

>hate grocery shopping because I'm forced to look at the shithole my town has become

>no job or money, but started going to the more expensive grocery store just to avoid shitskins and racemixers

>a week's worth groceries costs me a ball and a leg just because I don't want soyshit or other garbage in my food

>en route to the gas station some spic glares at me from behind the wheel of his piece of shit car

>kid that used to go to the same high school as me is the cashier because nobody leaves this town

>drive home feeling drained after completing only an hour of the most basic errands

72b536 No.29504


Look into the volkstead project I like the new name, haha- if not now, then soon- it is for all of us without exception.

ea37aa No.29508

Do you feel it anons? The apathy? All these recent posts, they hold true in my own experiences. there is a blanket of apathy avross the Western Nations All around us we see the horrors of apathy, and fall victim to its clutches. Fight! For it is better to die a man than a coward! And if you don't die, then you can live stronger with those who care. Fight the notion of apathy, the very poison we breathe every day. Take solace in the small victories, for they are greater than the greater victories in an untainted time! Stare your foes in their eyes and refuse to back down. Such beasts require primeval displays to remind them; like dogs in a pack, though less loyal and useful. To know that I am not alone in these struggles, the struggle of the day to day, is comforting and reinvigorating.

To the future, we do all we do.

cc08cc No.29513

File: a7a2cef523f2e77⋯.jpg (34.51 KB, 535x577, 535:577, 61853376451233.jpg)

>tfw trying to no grains, but relapsed and ate a pound of pasta

how am I supposed to outsmart the grain jew when I can get a pound of noodles for under $2?

7ee52c No.29515


Pork, chicken, and turkey can all be found for less than $2 even at normal grocery stores. So if it's just a matter of money, you're not starved for options. But anon, you really ought to get your food as close to the source as possible. Not only is it cheaper, healthier, and better quality, you can also screen to ensure only whites have touched what you're planning to eat.

Incidentally, for anyone looking to eat on a budget, full pork loins are some of the best eating to be had at $1.50-$1.75 a pound. Cut it into three and feed yourself for a week for about $12, goes great cabbage or potatoes.

59ba69 No.29543

Shooting the breeze with my mother when my father walks in with a copy of that new (((Dunkirk movie))). He leaves and we (me and my mother) somehow get into a discussion about the good 'ol holohoax. I end up slipping a little of my power level but manage to defuse down to "The numbers on the ovens/furnaces are blatantly wrong" and "There actually weren't that many jews in Germany, thus I believe some of the numbers to be a little fishy"; also managed to get in that a good chunk of anybody in holding camps were actually killed by allied bombers.

e5ba39 No.29892


I have a history of verbal/emotional/sexual trauma/abuse since childhood, it kind of messed me up a ton where I feel like a therapist is actually helpful


I've noticed the opposite tbqh, my therapist helped me ameliorate my relationship with my dad to some degree, and honestly I've thought about becoming a therapist or psychologist or neurologist or something to try and help other people overcome the psychological issues they have. Psych is overwhelmingly kiked, but that doesn't mean it has to be that way.


nobody is the perfect image of national socialism, don't let that stop you from trying to be the best person that you can be given your circumstances.


iktf, I feel like a dutch colonist in africa whenever I have to go somewhere that isn't the range, the library, or on a hike



>mother gets the movie Hidden Niggers

>feign not knowing about it

>ask what it's about

>mum says the american space program

>ask who plays Wernher Von Braun

>sister starts raging at me for assuming the movie was about a white male

>grandmother jumps in and says the only reason america or russia got into space was because of the wonderful nazi scientists

>sister literally cannot even


>everyone else is out shopping

>just me and grandmother

>she starts bitching about racemixing on tv

>totally agree

>end up saying europe needs another hitler

>she agrees

it's nice having someone else who has a powerlevel that's up there, even if I only get to see her once or twice a year

d29dbe No.29898

File: c907ff2c4f3f9a2⋯.jpg (75.6 KB, 1000x525, 40:21, extremely rare smiling Geo….jpg)



Ah, I see. Just be sure to keep your wits about you, and no matter what, NEVER TAKE ANY PILLS THEY GIVE YOU. The last thing you want is to become a pill-dependent zombie, and then suffer the hell of withdrawal when you try to wean yourself off them.

>it's nice having someone else who has a powerlevel that's up there, even if I only get to see her once or twice a year

If you enjoy spending time with your grandma, why not try and see her more often?

Keep your head screwed on tight, anonette, and never forget that struggle is what makes life worth living.

f9492f No.29899


This guy is right >>29898 don't take the meds and spend more time with your grandma, she's not going to be here forever m8.

38ab7c No.29906

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

On Sunday,

>have a qt3.14 thicc white gf I adore

>she's Conservative, loves the idea motherhood, being a stay-at-home Mom, has a photo of her with (((Mike Pence))) that she's proud of

>goes to church every Sunday, volunteers a lot

>talking about changes she's been making in her life

>she's been trying to learn nutrition and generally eating healthier, working on minimizing exposure to chemicals that alter hormones/affect fertility

>I'm pretty proud of her

>we get on topic of politics

>I (unwisely) monologue for a bit on cultural marxism and the shaming of white culture

>ask her if she thinks that sounds crazy

>she says she yes and laughs

She has a big heart and wanted to do mission work in India, so I know that she won't be super excited about white nationalism. I'm a little depressed; I know this would be a big stress in a relationship if we didn't agree on it. I wish I knew a way to gently redpill her on it.


>post #ReleaseTheMemo links on Facebook

>jumped all over by Progressive friend who used to be a Conservative lobbyist, of all things

>he came from a big family, homeschooled like me

>he married this "Christian" SJW feminist girl and moved to a liberal city, got a job working with soyboys

>tells me its fake news, manufactured by the Right

>strike up conversation on Messenger

>he asks how I'm doing

>I'm being polite and talking about person and family situations

>I bitch about Environmental Science I'm doing in college right now

>he says that's understandable, Conservatives don't normally understand science anyway

>sends me links to liberal garbage media

>sends a stupid communist gif

I have such a hard time retaining composure. Knowing him, he'd smear my name among others in my social circles if I spoke my mind, so I was polite and laughed everything off. I have complete and utter disdain for Leftists, though, and even though I'm not cuckservative, I want to jump to Trump's defense.

I'm feeling a little down today because of these; I know I shouldn't care about it, but it does trouble me when I see friends slipping towards Jewish Bolshevism or thinking of my gf being just another multicultural Christian Zionist.

300f6d No.29909

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


I think you should give her small doses of truth. Don't say:

>Hey, Jimbo!. Don't you think it's funny that it is illegal in over 13 countries to deny the Holocaust?! Golly Gee, ain't that just quacking funny?!

Or something like:

>Fuck niggers!

Try to be a little subtle. And being a little honest might not hurt It might actually. Proceed with caution . She's your fair maiden after all. But please, for the love of God, don't let her go on this Jewish Bolshevik path. Imagine when she's a stay-at-home mom and she tells sick neocon bullshit. And about your commie friend. Forget about him. He's gone too far to come back. If you reclaim his mind, congratulations, you just helped a white man in need. If you don't, no worries.

By the way, what denomination are you?

d29dbe No.29912

File: 990fb7d9e806134⋯.png (61.54 KB, 410x524, 205:262, saint benis of gondola.png)


>I wish I knew a way to gently redpill her on it.

I would suggest not arguing against the "other", so much as arguing for your own people and their right to existence. From what you're telling us it seems that your girlfriend has a lot of love to give, and you need to show her where that love is really deserved. It sounds like you've hit the jackpot, anon, and I hope it all works out for the best.

38ab7c No.29915

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>And being a little honest might not hurt

>Proceed with caution

I will anon, thanks for your advice! I certainly don't want her falling for (((neocon bullshit))), so I'll try to gently introduce her to works on foreign policy that aren't terrible.

Based lolbertarian Richard Maybury wrote a book on the Middle Eastern conflicts that I just recalled (pic related). I might buy it for her, and then, later, if she likes it, Mearsheimer's "The Israel Lobby".

>about your commie friend. Forget about him. He's gone too far to come back.

You're probably right; he apologized this morning for exchanging harsh words about nationalism, and said that his biggest concern is just about conservatives and racism, sexism, and abortion.

I'll try to guide him towards solid resources on race, gender roles, and abortion in our society. If he rejects it, I'll shrug and just hope he makes it to the Right place on his journey.

>By the way, what denomination are you?

Officially Baptist, but I have tremendous respect for Eastern Christianity, and am reading Basil of Ceasarea "On the Holy Spirit" right now. The Independent Baptist churches that she and I attend are the only socially conservative/traditionalist churches in the area that have solid discipleship.


>I would suggest not arguing against the "other", so much as arguing for your own people and their right to existence.

That's good advice! Thank you, anon.

>It sounds like you've hit the jackpot, anon, and I hope it all works out for the best.

I certainly feel like I have, too! She's far more conservative and redpilled than any woman I've met under the age of 40, so I'll continue to patiently work with her. She's done a lot for me, helping me get my life organized, and encouraging me to spend time with older, more mature men, so I feel like helping her see the truth of our current society would be a small way to repay that.

38ab7c No.29916

File: e544c38ce5a8ad5⋯.jpg (35.71 KB, 323x499, 323:499, 51ZFSQJH0YL._SX321_BO1,204….jpg)


>Based lolbertarian Richard Maybury wrote a book on the Middle Eastern conflicts that I just recalled (pic related)

Forgot to attach.

5844f4 No.29922


Almost everyone gets redpilled over time with small drops of truth. You just have stick with what you believe and show absolute confidence in it, if what you believe in is somewhat sensible and if she herself has any sense then she will slowly converge to your point of view as long as you aren't forceful about it. Personally I wouldn't normally talk about redpill topics unless it's related to the topic or to something that's happening IRL, like for example, if we just witnessed niggers robbing someone on the street or something.

I've noticed that whitepilled normies agree with lots of redpills as long as you are polite, not too explicit and an overall decent person, this is what happened with my aunt and uncle, my cousin would casually tell them things like how niggers took over the oscars, how white women were getting raped by muslims, etc… and to our surprise, about a year later the old man is literally telling us that Hitler did nothing wrong.

h t t p ://bengtwendel.com/your-teacup-is-full-empty-your-cup/

5844f4 No.29923


Also, forgot about your friend, unless he is your brother or something there's no point wasting your time on every single liberal zombie out there.

300f6d No.29926

File: beb59b72acfad5d⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.09 MB, 480x360, 4:3, beb59b72acfad5d57b59aef53….webm)


Good luck, anon. Nice taste in music here's my favorite. It's the second movement of Beethoven's seventh symphony.

507aae No.29928


Date her you fucking idiot. You're meant to be together.

d29dbe No.29929

File: 63710905a28fcc1⋯.png (334.65 KB, 633x758, 633:758, crying wojak burning with ….png)

300f6d No.29939


I visited that website. It was weird.

>h t t p ://nogginclontith.co.uk/

cc0b3f No.29966


Wouldn't give that site my IP.

55d98a No.30074

Who /crisisoffaith/ here? I know I believe in something but I have no idea, in any capacity, what it is. Part of me is attracted to Christianity, if only because of the pragmatic desire to maintain a circle and frequent contact with non-degenerate people, while I'm also attracted to ethnoreligious practices, particularly reverence of ancestors. I have no desire to castigate ancestry who weren't Christian, and I have no desire to castigate ancestry who were Christian.

It also doesn't particularly help that the main centers for these faiths in America seem to be in a desperate race to the bottom to turn into self parody (with the constant cucking over who can denounce 'Folkish' practices faster or people pushing the upper limit to what Christ would tolerate, all in the name of sucking the fight out of people who notice something, deep down, is very very wrong). God only knows.

300f6d No.30089


I feel you. I'm tied between Christianity and Esoteric Hitlerism. They both seem so good to me and I feel spiritual with both of them and they both have good arguments which gets my noggin joggin'. Literally one day I say "Fuck Christianity, SIEG HEIL!" then the next day I say "Esoterism is retarded! Who came up with this gay shit?" I'm exaggerating on the time increments, of course, but my point still stands.

One day I wanted to see what religion Hitler was for some guidance and I did some research. I looked into it and he denounces Christianity, Neo-Paganism, and Occultism which is why I think National Socialism is a "Modular Ideology" because you can choose what you think is good about it and add your own "spin" on it as long as you keep the core values. There are some Neo-Pagan National Socialists, some Christian ones, and some Occult ones. But according to the big man himself, they're all wrong. Maybe Hitler wanted to make a new Racial religion? Maybe he wanted to keep National Socialism up to the believers and let them choose? Who really knows for sure.

d29dbe No.30091


>I think National Socialism is a "Modular Ideology"

Bingo. Remember the "National" part of National Socialism; as long as the belief of the people doesn't betray their national values and character, it'll fit.

bb40e4 No.30111

File: b63e93c36c37867⋯.png (531.25 KB, 1440x2880, 1:2, Screenshot_20180215-164050.png)

File: fffc5de29d209e0⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1440x2880, 1:2, Screenshot_20180215-163516.png)

File: 3320f101a722a70⋯.png (586.42 KB, 1440x2880, 1:2, Screenshot_20180215-160802.png)

File: 40b7a281605618b⋯.png (395.27 KB, 1440x2880, 1:2, Screenshot_20180215-160138.png)

File: e5fa426252fef87⋯.png (1003.11 KB, 1440x2880, 1:2, Screenshot_20180215-170727.png)

Just wanna make a quick test post, to make sure I won't be banned again. I've been talking about this stuff all week, my posts go down right away, and I get banned.

I'm blue blood on both sides of my.family, a "genius" , soooo soo much more, none of that matters. Only my theory does.

Theory will follow after successful post. Here's some pics of my ban and "reason"

bb40e4 No.30112


Keeps calling me a shill, saying I'm off track. Q clearly stated MKultra is legit today. Yet I still keep getting banned and my pants scrubbed…..🤔🤔 From never having any issue, to being two for two on bans when posting about the connections I've made. It's clear to see what's happening.

I'm proposing a irc or discord for those of us not looking to meme(no offence , appreciate the work fellas) and instead looking to bounce ideas off the head. Just made a discord server "qanon" my discord id is 6214. Don't give a fuk about being doxxed anymore, shits gotten too real. ——-

Putin is P

Controlled by families? Makes sense.

Hillary sells him uranium.

Snoden is a clown for him

Russia gets no terror attacks.

Putin always seem to be ok despite what said about his country.

There was talk of the ark of the covenant recently being found and brought to Russia.

Rothschild ties-

When the szar was killed, he was killed by Ashkenazi jews. They were sent from NY with tons of money, and the intent to impliment worldwide communism.

Stalin was an azkenazi Jew, from Georgia in Russia.

How did Putin go from footsolder to supreme leader essentially? Why's he still in power?

In regards to the 40k view from above that's "classified"

Dudes that's antartica. Total safe zone, and it's images from sats are clearly bogus.

Rothschild's have an island there, and no one country owns it.

Please for the love of God someone pick up on what I'm saying..

4f9ec0 No.30113


schizofag here. I ditched all SSRIs and antipsychs a few years ago, cold turkey, after a 20-year stretch

1. not a zombie anymore

2. I have my personality back

3. marriage/fatherhood is billions of times better

4. i don't puke all day

Too many benefits to list. I'm still crazy, but I handle it with my family

also, sober for 2 years now, no thanks to psychiatrists

4b024e No.30115


>When the szar was killed, he was killed by Ashkenazi jews. They were sent from NY with tons of money, and the intent to impliment worldwide communism.

Ruskie here, this is very true, from what I read the info on /qresearch/ regarding Russia seems to be correct. Russia is continuing its Soviet purpose of being a Jewish resource colony for the west as well as a boogieman to take away your freedoms and also act as a controlled opposition for those who still think it's some kind of "last bastion for the white man".

This whole "new Cold War" thing is just bread and circus for idiots, there will NOT be a Cold War or a WW3 between Russia and the US as long Russian politicians keep their property and children in the west.

cc0b3f No.30118

File: 443127782f7ac52⋯.jpg (272.52 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1447771762427.jpg)

59ab52 No.30122

File: 28d9452ee895dcd⋯.jpg (93.13 KB, 769x950, 769:950, pk feelin'.jpg)

is anybody else sick of the kek cultist shit? it was funny for the first 2 or 3 months, but it's getting tiresome

04dfa0 No.30145


No, I don't hang around cuckchan pound scum.

0b682f No.30153


It definitely lost its luster for me once Trump got elected. Nowadays it seems like people hardly sperg out over digits unless the discussion is highly autistic to begin with

3706d1 No.30170


It's like beating a dead horse with a stick.

82841a No.30177

Got banned from nu/pol/ for "chronic shitposting" again. This is what happens when weeb turkroaches run white board.

>>30122 (checked)

I do like to check for nostalgia, remembering how strong meme magic felt like during the election time but now it feels deflated and on life support.

1af37e No.30286


Kek was all too readily accepted by the masonic "alt-lite" crowd, I think it might've even been astroturfed from the start.

cbc81a No.30289

making a post here on this freemason owned glow in the dark collaborating site because there is literally no place else to post that's not pozzed or compromised.

I feel the darkness /polk/, and im tired. what society in the course of human history has actually prevented their downfall once acceleration phase is upon them? the moral decay is like a thick napalm jelly on nearly everyone and every institution. Deep down I want to be part of society but I can't muster the desire anymore because I know society is both evil and stupid. The powerful are arrogant, rich, evil and morally reprehensible above and outside the law and the masses are so dumb they would hunt down anyone who didn't tell them sweet fables.

I now realize the dream of an intelligent human society is impossible because centers of learning and libraries are defunded/destroyed/lost during times of moral and intellectual darkness. We have internet cell phones but who the fuck goes to libraries much anymore. I'm sure this has happened multiple times throughout human existence (Library of Alexandria for instance) and we are witnessing it on a global scale. The pursuit of knowledge and uplifting of humanity is implausible once you understand the cyclical nature of civilization erosion. It's all undermined by greed and power in the later generations before being destroyed during the final chaotic upheavals of the invading power or mass chaotic Venezuela-esque nightmare mode.

What good is intellectual hoarding in a vain, self-destructive, out of touch race of finite, short lived beings as man? The effort required on a per person basis is huge to attain knowledge and society cares not to "shepard the flock" unless it suites the civilization's government agenda as is the case with Socrates and Aristotle murder / fleeing from murder.

I want a break, I need to "pause the game" of life and step away but you never can pause as time keeps going. I despair at the short-sight and hubris of man who lives in denial. Man is broken and what he sees, in his eyes it is not the true state of it. When man reaches out to grasp it, it in turn becomes broken in the hands of man. True knowledge isolates oneself, pulls oneself outside of the meaningless hustle of society which is cobbled together from false dreams and inescapable mistakes.

I am sad and I am tired. All the pupils of plato, socrates and aristotle are gone and those who learn use it for greed and power becoming the very essence of those who killed their teachers. I honestly do love learning and do love knowledge but recently I am saddened because I am mortal and everything I learn will be lost to time while my race obsesses about likes or E-fame or gossip. The domestication and degeneration of your fellow people is hard to watch and even more wounding when many would laugh at you or see you dead.

I find it unpleasant to dwell on the corruptibility and finite weakness of man. There seems to be no alternative but to accept it, however it truly seems like man is either an unfinished being or out of place altogether.

b96350 No.30294


>no alternative but to accept it

Make lemonade

Mankind is obviously unfinished. Focus your efforts on those that prevent completion.

18137f No.30481

File: f0cc28cc8d3364a⋯.jpg (14.24 KB, 480x360, 4:3, f0cc28cc8d3364ab2d5f630a04….jpg)




So, what's the latest with you and your girlfriend?

941cf9 No.30524


>that's messed up dude, don't go through other people's stuff like that.

Fuck this lame ass attitude.

In a relationship where there supposed to be trust anyway, why should she hide anything at all?

If you don't want to be held accountable to a man, why be in a relationship with him?

941cf9 No.30525


I was the same. I hit 26 a a few weeks ago and things changed for me.

I think some people just mature very fucking slowly.

I started working out and watching what I eat, and starting a family seems like a good idea now.

A few years back everything seemed to be meaningless, and I did nothing other than becoming a literal Homm3/4 God.

What a waste of time. Now I have to lose the weight, get ripped study java/python, get a better job and start a family.

I honestly feel refreshed by this rush of motivations, and I wonder where the fuck they were before and why I didn't have them so far?

941cf9 No.30526


>jew is a race and only a race

No nigga, being jewish means that you are either spiritually or ethnically jewish.

Either of those things make you a jew.

On the other hand, being a white person is a higher standard, you have to be ethnically AND spiritually white. You need both of those, you can't get away with only one of them.

d16cb3 No.30536

To put it shorty and to avoid going on a long description, over the past couple weeks I feel myself involuntary becoming soylike. Symptoms include: having a harder time forming complex thoughts, sudden pangs of anxiety, trouble speaking up during conversation, sharp decrease in sex drive, and a generally more depressive and turbulent mood. A month ago I was comparatively much more extroverted and confident. I've figured to myself that something like this doesn't happen so quickly naturally, so it must be something I'm doing to myself. There's been no change in diet, although said diet isn't healthy in the first place and maybe it caught up to me. I've been hanging around my two cats more, maybe something to do with toxoplasmosis? I haven't gained weight. Temperature's been getting hotter, that could have something to do with it as well. What else could be affecting me like this? It's maddening. Shoot me some ideas.

83f5e6 No.30537


some ways I know to make sure your sugary diet is not making you into a soyim is to

>cut sugar or at least dial it down to minimum

>eat cruciferous vegetals to help your thyroid and to filter some of the phytoestrogens

also visit one of the not-blue boards that will get your willy to come back to life, you need to see more lewd in your life.

b0f831 No.30539


>Your brief story

Very similar to mine

But I haven't been diagnosed Schizo. Mine was more of a type of depression

Will be sober 16 years on 2 Apr '18

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

But seriously, why I came here today -

Is there a /polk/ bunker? I went to 8ch.pl and found the whole site dead. I went to overchan - nothing. pls help.

014ca2 No.30540

File: 03d7c70c5ae4da3⋯.jpg (17.23 KB, 214x317, 214:317, nic.jpg)


I thought this was the bunker.

60b986 No.30551

>be me

>meet this qt blonde girl

>great figure, plays lacrosse, wants to homestead, based af grandpa, loves the outdoors and children

>flirt and hit it off for about 3-4 months, but it eventually tapers off

>still chat from time to time, nothing super serious

>learn she's planning on moving to the Ocoee River to be a raft guide and go to community college in Chattanooga as soon as she graduates high school

>Feel like I'll lose her forever after that

What do, cause I think I've got oneitis for this girl. Granted the river is only an hour or two from where I live, but any chance of talking to her will probably decrease exponentially after she leaves.

dbcf01 No.30555


You know what to do faggot. There's two ways she might fuck off, with or without you telling her what you want. You only have a chance with one of these choices.

8cee55 No.30600


Trips of truth.


Talk to her Anon. Either she feels similarly and you both take it from there or she does't and you move on. Otherwise you'll wonder about if for a long time. Go get your woman Anon.

66477c No.30601


Do it.

60b986 No.30602




Thanks guys. Will keep you updated

66477c No.30606


Good luck and don't forget about that part :

>flirt and hit it off for about 3-4 months, but it eventually tapers off

You're probably going to have to reignite the flame a little.

785343 No.30608



Stop watching porn, stop masturbating. Avoid xenoestrogens and other poisons

60b986 No.30631







Update anons. Went better than it could have gone. Sent her a message telling about the feelings I still have, mentioned that I'm, "not trying to stop you from following the goals you've set for yourself" and how I would, "hate to just let ya go without saying something". She replied thinking it was, "very sweet and I appreciate you respecting what I want to do. But at the same time I am going off for the summer and I'm not really in a place where I need/want any kind of relationship with someone."

Chatted a little bit about her training after that. So as it turns out it's just for the summer since things messed with her trying to go to a community college nearby the river. She'll be going to the same one as me.

6d1057 No.30633


Move onto the next one.

dbba37 No.30647


> I'm not really in a place where I need/want any kind of relationship with someone.


eb37eb No.30669


That's some really weak game, dude. You shouldn't approach her as if you're asking her permission to start dating or something, you should approach with the mindset that she would already be down for dating you (and if she won't then she sure as hell will let you know) because if you come asking women for things, they automatically run this program in their head where they think of a thousand reasons to say no.

Learn from your mistakes and try again with a different girl.

60b986 No.30671


Looking back I think you're right. Came off as too beta. What do you think I should've said?

6eb65f No.30676


You tell us. She said she thought you were "very sweet" and "appreciated you respecting" her. Is that the kind of response you want from a woman that you would make your wife? Is that the kind of response you think a woman talking to a potential husband should give? If no, what could you have said differently for a different (better) response?

83cd0e No.30680

File: 5ef6060bcc749f2⋯.png (117.05 KB, 551x717, 551:717, Screenshot from 2018-04-15….png)

working on this.

d16cb3 No.30708


Reads like an autist wrote it, if I'm honest.

In my own words

>Dear President Trump,

>This thirteenth of april you, for the second time, approved a series of virtually unprovoked attacks on a sovereign nation's soil. I firmly believe that the United States, in the best interests of itself and its allies, should not involve itself in another offensive overseas war. I understand there is much politics behind-the-scenes that neither I nor the general public are aware of. Of course, you have the life of yourself and your family potentially at stake. The bigger picture, in the end, is that you must, as the figurehead of the United States, come clean. Our country- referring to both the general public and the bureaucrats- has been declining in international opinion due to a constant series of wars that we have no business in. The ISIS/ISIL conflict is coming to a draw, and without other interruptions, the middle east would come to a comparative peace. There is one nation in the entire global scheme that has interest in us continuing this destabilization; Isreal. We gain nothing. Not oil, not prestige, not even experience thanks to the dire state of our military. The public support for these attacks are non-existant; there is no push, as far as the public can see, on you. You do these things of your own volition. But the keywords here are 'as far as the public can see'. I don't doubt for a second that you are effectively under the control of someone or some group after the raid on your Lawyer's office. It would also explain the erratic nature of your public appearance as of late. Mr. Trump, no matter how much you personally have to loose, you must clearly and publically denounce whoever the puppeteer is.

31a421 No.30710



I don't think he reads his mail.

d87b67 No.30713


This is a silly but common mistake, don't go meta next. Don't try to get a girl to officially state "I'm your gf now" and refrain from doing anything alpha before that. You wouldn't ask a chick if you could kiss her before you do it, right? You'd just gauge her interest and go for it whether she's your gf or not, and by doing the act, you've basically demonstrated to yourselves that you're a couple even though you haven't stated it verbally. Everything else with women works the same way. Don't ask a girl if she'll be ok with being your gf, just see if she's a bit interested and go for it assuming she is. (and if she isn't then at least she'll appreciate your alphaness and you might have another shot with her, if she isn't a brainwashed feminist).

tl;dr, you shouldn't have said anything to her, you should've just asked her out on a date and depending on how much she's into you, progressively moved closer to her, it's all about show, not tell.

d87b67 No.30714


*next time

409ccd No.30719


If trump doesn't already understand what you wrote he's a dumb pawn, which I doubt.

1457eb No.30949

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I told my best friend of over 10 years how I felt about his older sister yesterday and he tried his hardest to let me down easy. Things might have been different if I hadn't been such a sperg when we were younger, but now she's in a serious relationship and there isn't anything I can do about it. I'm not in a good place right now.

51c403 No.30972

TRIGGER WARNING: Newfagish formatting style

It has been lonely /Polk/. My family is a bunch of Kosher-conservative racemixers (I'm all white, my nieces and nefews won't have the privilege). My few friends are a bunch of immature, man-children, materialists who do nothing all day. I've also been doing no-fap, however I've been cheating and edging myself when I have a stressful day, I think this causes me to desperately want sex, but I refuse to have sex with any woman that I don't share love with. This wouldn't be a problem if I weren't a no-gf shut-in. Is there any recommendations for hobbies (other than going to the range, which I already do) full of right-leaning or potentially red-pulled whites that I could befriend or marry? Lel

My personal issues are ones that encompass my entire being. Physically I'm low-T and always physically depressed. I've started taking supplements which have helped a lot, but I only feel a lot sharper/wittier, not more physically rejuvenated. I've been spiritually crying out to the gods as well, reading evola, trying to astral project, etc; but I believe that I am profane in my current state and unworthy of their consideration. I also believe that because I smoke the herbal jew, the natural tether I would have to the spiritual world (by the way of dreams) is gone. Any advice or suggestions on how to physically repair my emaciated body and find oneself and one's spirituality in general?

8e16ae No.31018


Many fish in the sea, anon. Some of the greatest societies and cultures the world has ever known had arranged marriages for political favour - marriage for love is a very recent invention.


First of all, stop edging, stop taking supplements, and stop smoking: eat healthy and go to the gym if you don't like the way you look; lifting iron is way better for you than any supplement and your body won't know how to produce the real thing if you live your life on pills. Your body is a temple and you should treat it as such. Your formatting reeks of being a reefer.

>dream gods and, like, spiritual links, man

Throw out all of this. If you aren't devoutly religious, the best thing you can do is adopt a more humanist or pragmatic philosophy like Zen Buddhism (personal recommendation) or Stoicism/Epicureanism (kind of a meme but still good). Life is what life is and you can either choose to be upset about things beyond your control or be happy about what you can control.

020a51 No.31019


Start eating properly and stop smoking. It's really the best thing you can do.

f09256 No.31020


Different anon here. Why do you prefer Zen Buddhism over Stoicism?

1543d0 No.31031

File: 19cb0f046d38bc7⋯.webm (10.65 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Mystery of Patrick Little….webm)

Remember to vote Patrick Little if you're in California, you might want to look into using paper ballots if you are.

1543d0 No.31032

File: afafe55d3642679⋯.webm (12.7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Take the Red Pill - with ….webm)

aebd05 No.31039


Buddhism had a pretty great model for imparting wisdom. Koans are nice little puzzles to be solved, as I realised upon reading the ones on catb.org

8e16ae No.31057


I'm not intimiately familiar with Stoicism, but I prefer Buddhism because it's still practiced. It's much easier to find books relating to Buddhism, its history, modern interpretations, etc. than to find anything mentioning Stoicism which isn't a history book or a shitpost by some alt-kike zog. Both are fine philosophies, but it's nice to be able to point to devout monks killing Muslims in Asia to correct someone who thinks Buddhism is pacifistic, or who commits the common Liberal fallacy of lumping "all that Asian stuff" into the same camp, mentally.

The Three Pillars of Zen is a personal recommendation for learning about the philosophy. Readable by human beings, and informative to boot.

1c84e9 No.31060

File: bb5ae1bedfd0613⋯.jpg (292.92 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, it's the war against giyga….jpg)

Time to get this place moving again, I can't bear another day on nu-/pol/

288bec No.31063


/pol/ went the same as all shiny havens; libshit infestation of mods. Classical vertical authority beheading, but we are formless. Time to build another haven, just follow the path of light.

ec8dba No.31064

bba52a No.31065


I'm a newfriend here but I might as well share my experience. I didn't get redpilled until I started taking SSRIs. My casual armchair psychologist theory is that I had previously been a staunch anti-natalist because my self-hatred manifested itself on a collective level, and the idea of feeling positively about myself and whatever cultural/ethnic identity I am attached to was simply inconceivable, and when I started meds this dissolved away.

I'll need to stop taking it at some point in the future so I don't give birth to deformed autists in my effort to create white babies. In any case I feel jewed when continuing to take it because it gives me a feeling of being trapped. I've been in the process of slowly tapering down for the past year. I already regularly take methylated vitamin B and other healthy things.

On another note skipping sleep is very very bad and it will give you brain damage.


Serotonin isn't the only neurotransmitter that contributes to depression and my understanding is that at face value 5-HTP alone may be strictly worse than SSRIs alone.

h t t p s://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3415362/

>While those strongly advocating the use of 5-HTP alone believe that depression is due to serotonin dysfunction, depression may also be associated with catecholamine dysfunction, including dopamine and/or norepinephrine, or a combination of serotonin and catecholamine dysfunction. Administration of 5-HTP alone facilitates depletion of dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine (see Discussion). When catecholamine neurotransmitter levels influence depression, administration of 5-HTP alone is contraindicated since it may deplete dopamine and norepinephrine, thereby worsening the disease and its underlying cause. This contraindication is not exclusive to depression, but extends to all other disease processes for which dysfunction of a catecholamine component has been implicated, including attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), seasonal affective disorder, obesity, generalized anxiety disorder, and Parkinson’s disease.

bba52a No.31066

File: efc56a423131315⋯.png (237.69 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, fuck-white-genocide.png)


Sorry my OC had a weird mistake on it but I fixed it.

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