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Welcome to my new order.

File: 16ab005365ce7b3⋯.jpg (59.07 KB, 750x686, 375:343, DFn8j-tXUAEb2Sc.jpg)

d1987c No.25627

Just a general for semi off topic blogposting, for when you're tired of jews, nigs, spics, fags, etc or like self improvement related stuff. Kind of a catch all for anything that's not strictly polkisch, or like an internet stress ball

previous blogpost thread


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c7570a No.25628


That dog looks happy but has an expression of "why are you taking my picture?".

d03b61 No.25637

File: baf6fc026bff0d9⋯.png (166.77 KB, 500x375, 4:3, why.png)


3bd852 No.25638


good thing you pointed that out anon, I probably wouldn't of noticed ops mistake

1e3c53 No.25641

File: c292939d5b1645f⋯.jpeg (44.3 KB, 371x375, 371:375, bolg.jpeg)

c7570a No.25642

File: 2a8874db48b2b1f⋯.png (115.68 KB, 434x413, 62:59, 20170620_171352-1.png)

d1987c No.25651


s-sorry I made the thread when I was super tired, I hadn't slept the night before

also tangentially related, what's polk's opinion on zoloft? I'm inclined to see it as a jew drug, but it really has helped me. I ran out a few days ago and had trouble getting a refill, so the past few days have been crap/10 and that's due in part to the "withdrawal", but even my baseline without zoloft withdrawal is really shitty. I don't use it as a magic feel good drug, more like something to give be a stable baseline to build upon through therapy/self improvement/work/etc.

I know lots of people will advocate diet/exercise/etc to fix depression, but it's not just the emo feeling sad type of depression, like it's hereditary seratonin deficiency or something. My mother, father, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc all have clinical depression and my Oma even went to the lengths of trying ECT to fix it I'm lucky enough to have found something that seems like it works. I don't see myself staying on it for more than a few years, then tapering off. My mother's depression peaked in her 20s, and I'm 23 so hopefully it'll just be a short term thing. Am I being jewed, or is there actually something beneficial to SSRIs?

I mean personally it's worth it bc it stops me from having nightmares every damn night and it lets me get some restful sleep, in addition to the primary anti-depressant effect

c7570a No.25655


Personally I don't like the idea of taking medicine, but that's just me. With that being said, it's just chemicals in a pill form you're taking - so take if you want (but I'm not saying that chemicals can't mess you up or that every chemical in there is "good." Actually, there's probably some in there that are to a degree bad for you [empthesis on "probably"]), but personally I feel that it's better not to rely on medication and or drugs and that most people could do without them as they're heavily prescribed for the littlest of causes and the far majority of the time they're not needed.

You will withdraw and feel depressed again when getting off of them due to your system being use to that chemical, though.

If it is hereditary as you said than you have two (2) options:

#1. Continue to take the medicine for the rest of your life or until as needed.

#2. Discontinue the medicine and learn to cope with your situation and the biological fact that you will be depressed.

And with all this being said, I would personally try to go with option #2., but that's just me.

5c0550 No.25656


>>25655 is right, learn to deal with it instead of using medication as a crutch.

bb088b No.25661


Let me drop some medical knowledge on you. SSRIs, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, operate by binding to serotonin receptor cites inbetween axons in neurons in your brain, thus increasing the amount of free flowing serotonin and thusly the 'good feeling' you feel you're lacking.


You're using a jackhammer to drive a nail here. This is an incredibly inelegant solution to this issue. Instead of increasing your serotonin forcibly, why not let your brain increase your serotonin levels? For most people, what they're lacking is precursor chemicals in their brain which leads to inadequate serotonin (also your life might suck, but that's different issue altogether), so the solution is to fill your precursor metaphorical gas tank instead of just blocking reuptake receptor sites unnaturally.

To this end, I would advise all anons to stop taking SSRIs (however quick or slow your meddoc recommends) and instead start taking 5HTP. Look up amazon reviews as its an OTC supplement, 5HTP is a serotonin precursor and operates as a way lighter serotonin therapy. As explained earlier, it's a precursor so it basically remains in your brain until your brain decides it needs more serotonin and then creates it from that easily. That means your brain regulates production of serotonin instead of letting your meddoc guess your dosage and fry your brain and make you a zog zombie.

Please anons, do not let the medical jew fuck you over. SSRIs are the jewiest of the jew drugs. I know things are bad, but 5HTP will make you feel good without making you feel like a zombie.

bb088b No.25662


Forgot to mention, do NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE MIX 5HTP AND SSRI. You could die, seriously. Don't touch 5HTP until you are completely off the SSRI jew. Again, talk to your med doc.

Here's a sauce that explains what I'm saying.


1e3c53 No.25664



fuck off tripfag

ef8b06 No.25685

File: 24ab0b8335a5f51⋯.gif (1.38 MB, 237x238, 237:238, 1497617115579.gif)



kys faggot

c7570a No.25688



What did that anon say that was wrong? I'm seeing what's in the wrong here…

28ad5b No.25691

File: 904b9c9295b87ec⋯.jpg (24.47 KB, 360x282, 60:47, In '88.jpg)


Have a strong opinion on the medical jew and a tripcode.

754c68 No.25693


>hey look guys this guy has an opinion (one that would help whites)

>better post a tangentially related image because that makes me one of you guise xDDDDDDDD


d03b61 No.25695

File: a7ba465093cb5f3⋯.jpg (18.14 KB, 480x360, 4:3, tired.jpg)


I despise tripfags with a passion but he has a good point about the pills

c7570a No.25702


Trips are good for threads in which you need to self identity yourself easily and that's about it.

Also, someone make a blogpost so we can discuss it.

9093d0 No.25710


>someone make a blogpost so we can discuss it.

I had some stuff on my mind about the different ways people can be confrontational when they have a problem with you (e.g. passive-aggressive, assertive, etc). Specifically, the difference between how it's handled in a right-wing way (i.e. by right-wing people) and how it's handled in a left way.

For background, some time ago, two friends and myself were having problems with some autist at work (it's a department at a university where we are postgraduates) who wasn't respecting boundaries.

To give examples of the right-wing style of confronting someone, at first, the way my friends and I handled the autist was to be very direct about it when we had a problem with him. We used only informal methods at the level of the four of us, instead of appealing to the bureaucracy or the HR girls or any other external/"official" source. We talked to the guy directly, stated our issues directly, with no power structure backing us up other than "keep acting like this and we'll choose not to associate with you". If he was acting retardedly, I would say to him "This is the kind of thing that makes me lose respect for you", and when he was hindering our ability to work on shit then we'd pull him aside and tell him that it's annoying as hell when he does XYZ, and to stop doing that. If the autist then got confused about why he was disliked and wanted to talk about it with me, then I told him how I felt, why I felt that way, and gave actionable information for him to stop the bad behaviour. He didn't stop, so we stopped being friends with him.

As for the left-wing style: Instead of assertive or aggressive, it's passive-aggressive. Instead of direct, it's indirect. Instead of informal, it's bound up in rules and protocols. When the autist continued to act up, we decided to appeal to the higher ups (not our direct bosses) as a last resort to have the autist dealt with so that he couldn't bother us anymore. In retrospect, we shouldn't have done that—the people in charge were worse-than-useless for resolving interpersonal problems like that.

The stuff that happened after we decided to talk to the higher-ups really exemplifies the left style of confrontation. We had a minority of other staff giving us the freeze (sudden behaviour changes such as dirty looks or refusing to say hello), we had vague promises from the higher-ups that something would be done, etc. etc., without any visible changes, and we had information silos for all (meaning we were kept in the dark and fed shit). After one conversation between myself and the higher-ups about the autist was concluded, I get "Oh by the way there's something I heard about a sexual harassment incident you may have been involved in, I'll look into it and get back to you eventually". All sorts of vague, passive-aggressive nonsense, soft threats, and nobody telling us to our faces what their problem was. The only way to get these faggots off our backs was for us to escalate the left-wing grievance politics bullshit and appeal to some other department in the place which took precedence over the higher-ups in my department.

Eventually, the issues stopped, more because the autist forgot about us than because anyone did anything about him.

848614 No.25832

>family gathering

>relaxing off to the side in a comfortable chair away from the conversation

>family starts talking about racism

>their all christ cucks and say racism was created by man and theirs no difference between people

>think about intervening but remember my family is unbelievable unreasonable and stubborn

>everyone is social signaling how much they love diversity

>gay spic (who is a neighbor) starts talking about the jews saying it's all their fault for not wanting to be around non-jews, and that everyone lived in harmony before the jews

>christ cuck uncle chimes in saying they didn't want to breed with the gentiles

>every starts talking about the jews being evil racists for starting discrimination

>walk inside

I don't even know what to say about this, besides the fact that no one in my family must understand anything about history or human nature. At least the conversation ended on a funny note.

d03b61 No.25834


Tolkien names are so weird

a493d1 No.25835


>their all christ cucks

78dc6c No.25836

File: 841a637bf0b7cc7⋯.png (13.75 KB, 232x265, 232:265, me.png)

Alright I'll spill my autism

>have negative experience with feminist at age 10

>become redpilled about feminists

>have negative experience with nigger at age 16

>become redpilled about niggers

My redpilling education took longer than most here due to the fact that I grew up in rural isolation

>start going to /pol/ around 2010

>slowly start to accept the facts about all non-whites

>learn the truth about the holocaust

>completely blackpilled by 2011

>the world is full of non-whites and they're all monsters

>"all is lost no hope"

>start to think I'm all alone, the only human among npcs

>almost literally die in 2012 due to serious illness

>drift aimlessly, go to college because that's what everyone does fuck it

>then mom gets cancer in 2014

>driving her home from chemo one time

>see "#white genocide" spraypainted on the freeway


>things start to improve

>get new job

>mom still cancer free 2017

>people on /polk/ actually meeting up

I just wish I hadn't voted for the kike puppet. Once again I fell for the democracy meme

c7570a No.25839


Probably has a lot to do with Left v. Right personality types, with the Right believing in social fixes and the Left believing in authority fixes.


Related and you'll find it interesting:



Glad to hear your ma survived, anon.

672229 No.25840

File: c7f262e005962be⋯.jpg (28.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, laughing journalism.jpg)


>Glad to hear your ma survived

Thanks man. The chemo was hard on her but it's all good right now. Two more years and it'll be considered complete remission.

I love my mom I tell you hwat.

>watching news on tv

>'darquarious niggilson is suspected in the shooting of his girlfriend lateesha dulong'

>'she was pregnant with her ninth niglet at the time of her death'

>my mom turns to me and sighs "niggers gonna nig amirite anon"


c7570a No.25848


How long did it take for her to go through chemo? If you don't mind me asking.

>nigs gonna nig

My ma was telling me the other week how she hated when her school got desegregated as a kid because the niggers ruined her brand new school kek

0c49f3 No.25852


SSRI rots your brain. It doesn't do shit about depression, it flattens you so you won't feel shit. A chemical lobotomy.

I'd take depression over being zombified any day. I sure wonder who would dream up destroying the brain as a solution to feeling like shit, instead of fixing the actual cause to the problem.

40b450 No.25858


Total chemo was six months. Really bad shit. Made her sick, her hair fell out, all that. And she had to have major surgery before the chemo even started. Was really traumatic for her, her own mom died from cancer

56d8ca No.25871

hey guys this isnt really a blog post but i just rediscovered this song from my childhood and its really fucking good


and i mean REALLY FUCKING GOOD, the feels that this fucking song brings back are overwelhming and its kinda giving me a fetish for schoolgirls




dont let these huge fags >>25685 >>25664 call u a fag just because ur a tripfag

u are a fag of course, but still, ur post was good. ur a good fag.

anyway, im just glad the government doesnt want to kill me anymore

c7570a No.25873


Sorry to hear that. Is her hair growing back yet?

d1987c No.25880


if they can grasp that jews are the problem, even in some twisted warped fashion, then there's still hope anon.


that's great to hear about your mum, cancer is fucked. My family has a history of melanoma, must be that white privilege everyone is talking about where we're privileged enough to get sunburnt enough to cause cancer if we're in the sun for more than like ten minutes a day

>I just wish I hadn't voted for the kike puppet

iktf, at least it's a stark reminder that even if a candidate says a lot of the right things and manages to get elected, most things stay the same as those who control the true levers of power are unelected. This was the first election I could vote in, so at least I got that lesson out of the way



your mums sound awesome, mine is a great mother but she's boomer/10 ideologically. We can't really talk about politics bc she get's upset at how "racist" I am when I say that it would be nice to live in a town that was 100 percent white

eaa789 No.25881


It's grown back some but I doubt it will ever return to the way it was

It fucked with her platelet count as well. Chemo can really fuck you up

eaa789 No.25883


Yeah man my mom is great. I mean she's literally a boomer but she's redpilled about a good bit. Not enough, but a good bit. I doubt I'll ever get her or my father onto my level but I love them anyway.

My dad actually had cancer as well but he only needed surgery, and no chemo. (and I had a few pre-cancerous removed, guess my family has bad cancer genes)

9218b4 No.25886

How to redpill my mom on the JQ? She's pretty redpilled in almost every other way…. anti-globalist, sees an attack on white/western traditional values, redpilled on blacks and crime, somewhat redpilled on corporations, but her main fault is being a staunch Christian and having the, "If you stand with Israel, you stand with the Lord!" kind of thought process. How do I de-program 50+ years of believing Jews are the good guys with her?

f115fe No.25888


just read the bible to her, maybe get a slide show together on everything jesus said about the jews no longer being chosen and Christians as his chosen people.

tbh she will probably just scream and yell so idk.

c7570a No.25889


Sad to hear that, anon, I know women can be prideful on their looks from time to time and I can imagine it has probably taken a toll on your ma's self imagine.

Buy her flowers and take her out to eat.


Redpill on different group behavior and how they evolved that way. Then slip in "Well, the Jews tend to be radically left wing which makes sense looking how they were high in the USSR. But they're left wing and high up in companies. Can't be good" or something along those lines. Just be logical when talking about HBD and make it make sense to them. Hell, read the paper debates between Phillipe Rushton and James Flynn and tell her about it Rushton btfo Flynn and how you've been reading research lately.

848614 No.25999

I'm tired of walking out side and only seeing a bunch of pussies. It's like theirs no fully developed/formed men in the world these days, and everything is going to complete shit because of this. Causing people not to be able to see sex differences in genders. Almost every guy now is fat, pale, weak, "trendy", and effeminate and I'm getting tired of having to see this bullshit.

c7570a No.26000


Workout and become übermensch yourself. Remember: breed more than them and the next generation will be stronger.

d1987c No.26004

File: 0246c06ac23168f⋯.jpg (53.78 KB, 454x640, 227:320, perfectbf.jpg)

>at work

>eat pork and beans in my car when out on delivery

>bring spoon in to wash when I'm done

>coworker asks if my pork and beans was good

>boss overhears

>asks if I really ate pork and beans with that spoon

>can tell he's ready to yell at me if I say yes

>play it off as a joke

My bosses are so anal about muh islam that I'm not allowed to even wash a spoon in their sink if it touches pork. I really hope I hear back soon from somewhere else so I can gtfo of there.


>talking with coworkers

>shitty metal blaring in the background

>ask boss if we ever play any good music

>boss complains at me

>somehow topic goes to suicide

>boss says it's super cowardly bc allah has a test and if you kys then it's bc you think you know better than god

>try and say something about how it might be selfish or at least that's what I tell myself when things get really bad, but it's not cowardly

>boss says no I'm wrong bc the islamic book says so

>try to say that some things are just too painful or too overwhelming that suicide doesn't look like the easy way out but the only way out

>boss says some allah bullshit

>go to the bathroom


>go back to work

>boss yells at me for taking too long of a bathroom break

fuck muslims


update, I asked my doctor about 5ht, and she was totally open to tapering down the zoloft and starting up with 5ht in about three months time I'm still recovering from an eating disorder and she wants me to reach my goal weight before we change any medications, and I can understand that. It's nice to know that not all doctors are jewed, though she does have a distincly german last name, not like jewish-german but like actual german, so it's not like I expected her to shill for zoloft, but still.



nice digits desu ne

It's not just a problem with men, women are mostly butch at least where I live, sporting short haircuts/unnatural hair colours/multiple piercings and tattoos, wearing only pants and t-shirts etc. It makes dating harder, because a good way to meet guys is through other women, but like if all the women are lesbian looking sjws then the guys they know are probably cucked to hell and back. Plus they still want tall, strong, handsome masculine men so they're competition without any benefit aside from being pretty easy competition.

idk, I hate being single so that's what's on my mind, but it's still frustrating to not find anybody of your gender who looks or acts like it. It makes finding friends super hard.

1ecbff No.26005


Can't you find another job ?

848614 No.26008


Implying I'm hypocritical and don't take care of myself.

c7570a No.26009


Your job sounds like hell. You're the anon who works at the pizza shop and is jumpy, yeah? Or am I thinking of a different anon?


Wasn't trying to imply that at all, m80. Just trying to give you some encouragement.

848614 No.26010


Modern women are less butch then they were in the past on a physical and mental level, since now everyone is pumped full of estrogen mimicking chemical or pro estrogens. Meaning they might talk and dress more manly, but they are objectively more effeminate on a hormonal level, so modern women are more shapely and emotional/illogical then ever. Throw a dress and some long hair on a dyke ( If she isn't fat like everyone else in the west) and she'll look noticeably better then the women of the past. Their is a correlation with estrogen and leftest thought after all. The same could not be said for men, since the estrogen laced shit that makes women more attractive, and thus more mentally unstable, makes men more effeminate/unattractive. Men today are physically inferior to men in the past, due to the fact they have 1/4 of the male sex hormone. This plus the added estrogen makes them develop high voices, slim shoulders, little dicks, and most importantly a much less masculine mind (a less developed mind much like a teenager for the rest of their life). Which isn't something you can changed with lifting or anything else Besides maybe steroids, since the damage was done in development. Lifting and advice can help, but it's throwing a new support beams onto a house with a fucked up foundation.

d1987c No.26011


yeah that's me


I'm working on it, not hearing back from anyone atm tho


perhaps hormone therapy, not like the tranny one but like biology consistent? So men would take testosterone?

Plus with women, iirc, excess estrogen can be reworked into testosterone. don't quote me on that though, it's just something I've heard. It would explain some of the more aggressive dykes. I will agree that people today are better looking than those of the past, but that's just the nature of humanity. attractive people have attractive kids, and they tend to have more kids, so each generation is incrementally more attractive than the last. That might end with millenials though, they seem to be embracing the whole dysgenics thing

f41678 No.26012


>she's still working for the dunecoons

>she hasnt covered the bosses cars with bacon

>she hasnt left ham slices in random locations at work

>she hasnt quit and found a decent job yet

Step it up m8

8590d6 No.26013


Also war. Your average combat-ready, gun-ho man has been slaughtered for generations now which is higly dysgenic. Good news though is that Conservatives, which are more masculine, have a higher birthrate than Liberals, the effeminate so we should see a turn around within some generations.


You still jumpy or did you get that sorted out?

d1987c No.26014


>burning bridges without a backup in place

not until I have another job offer lined up


It's calmed down a little, I worked with my therapist on it plus having been there a while makes it more familiar and therefore less threatening.

>Also war. Your average combat-ready, gun-ho man has been slaughtered for generations now which is higly dysgenic.

>hard times make good men

>good men make good times

>good times make weak men

>weak men make hard times

we've seen this all before, and we'll see it again. The only thing we can hope for is to temper the good times we make with enough adversity to keep our kids strong. Right now, we're in the era of hard times created by weak men boomers, gen x, millenials, and gen z the next few generations hopefully will make good times and in turn become good people. This is probably why jews are scared, they recognize the ebb and flow of history and know that when we wax they wane, and their plan has been to extinguish our light completely. They thought it was already past the point of no return, and they've gotten prideful. I just hope that we're not too far gone. All I know is that I feel something is going to happen soon, in the next couple decades. Tensions are getting high and I don't see a way for them to be resolved without war. I just don't know how it'll go down. Will the jews fake a nuclear strike on Israel to justify territorial expansion aided by American military aged men, leaving us defenseless against the hordes of non whites? Will Europeans realise they've had enough of the rapefugees and drive them out? Will there be a race war? What about North Korea? The only thing I know is things are going to get a whole lot worse before they start getting better. I just wish I could start a comfy little town in antarctica away from all the madness.

d03b61 No.26015

File: 99e7d2f89275cda⋯.jpg (19.57 KB, 400x400, 1:1, depressedlink.jpg)

I'm starting to become weary of political discussion, looking at the catalog of /pol/ just disgusts me, supporting all these kosher neocons and threads dedicated to facebook frog worship, etc. it's just tiresome

1ecbff No.26016


>I just wish I could start a comfy little town in antarctica away from all the madness.

There's a shitton of (((globalists))) hiding there, it's not safe.

1fd4a7 No.26017


>still going to /pol/

For what purpose

d03b61 No.26018


I go there every few weeks to see if the board has gotten better or worse, so far it's only the latter

c7570a No.26019


>It's calmed down a little, I worked with my therapist on it plus having been there a while makes it more familiar and therefore less threatening.

That's good. Hopefully your 'tism calms down to where you can at least be a high functioning autist.


I know that feeling, buddy.

d1987c No.26024


it's not autism, but thanks


I thought that was new zealand?


that's like putting your hand in fire to see if it's still warm

ad4eb6 No.26028

File: 9d070cc2e4e8ff3⋯.gif (1.37 MB, 200x254, 100:127, i like this post.gif)


I know what you mean. Mostly just hang around /r9k/ nowadays

f0f02d No.26029

File: c06d6b43a8db642⋯.png (174.97 KB, 381x365, 381:365, 1450528170454.png)


It's become really boring for me. I can't even bring myself to argue with them anymore.

d03b61 No.26030


Sometimes I like to think that kuntfy or coonman will slip up and post some CP or whatever and get fired, that's why I go there

c7570a No.26031


>it's not autism, but thanks

It was a joke.

28ad5b No.26063



Being strong both physically and mentally is more important than a thousand won internet fights.


do you even check 'em?

51d6d9 No.26064

Does anyone do IRL meetups?

30c800 No.26068


Like meeting your friends or the e-celeb hangout ?

848614 No.26081


I would want to go to some meet ups, but I feel like only the lowest of anons go to them. Driving a couple hours to meet up with some spergs doesn't sound like a good use of time. I'll still probably risk it though and go to some meet ups in the winter. If their are any good ones to attend. The chance to meet some high quality people is to much to pass up in my opinion.

a493d1 No.26085


Trust me you won't meet any high quality people

2000b6 No.26089


What kind of meetups? /k/ meetups are probably the only good ones

630e4f No.26094


For about a year, I was meeting with two lads I met off of /meadhall/. It was comfy until one of them decided he wanted to play Hitler and turn us into some quasi organization, which ended up meaning we suddenly were meeting with TRS faggots.

4fc499 No.26099

I've been studying haploautism lately and have been wondering about whether or not the Jews we see in cities such as Vienna, Prague, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Paris, Venice, Amsterdam, etc. have anything to do with the Jews of the Old Testament. While many of them have fair skin, some light hair/light eyes, they share a lot of features with Middle Easterners, especially nose shape, excessive body hair, lips, curly hair, etc.

30c800 No.26108


>which ended up meaning we suddenly were meeting with TRS faggots.

Why ?

630e4f No.26112


It's what he wanted, the other guy was formless, and I was curious enough to see what might come of it. Which was nothing good. This was before I even knew what TRS was, btw, I didn't have a clue on their fag parties. I ducked out after some nonesense in DC, the whole thing was a frustrating mess.

30c800 No.26115


Tell the whole story, I'm curious.

c7570a No.26122


What >>26115 said, it's storytime.

a493d1 No.26124



891d19 No.26130




Ever since seeing that post about the chan meetup where a guy bought muffins that he'd cum in, I decided that I'd never go to an anon meetup.

848614 No.26131


/k/ brownies

ef775a No.26137

glad you linked the previous one, I made a question there before going away for a while

ef775a No.26138

File: bad927b73bfc5c9⋯.jpg (7.53 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1390966287069.jpg)






funny how is the opposite for me, I am tired of falacies like cherry picking in order to make pol hate it's own.

the only thing we are allowed to like is Blacked, jews, and other things that destroy what I hold precious.

I want to call you jews but I know jews are more busy than you are, I know you are shills and I am tired of seeing your faces and reading your posts, I wish you all stoped being so jewish, annoying and so bluepilled.

738e30 No.26144



>reddit spacing

Oh boy, whatever. fuck off imkikey

You will never be white

c7570a No.26147


You're calling anons Jews for being burnt out and wanting to take breaks? Retarded.

4e2390 No.26150


Yes, but what is a Jew? The definition is so vague and we have very little discussions about what makes a Jew.

57721f No.26155


Kike blood, following kike religion, and having kike mannerisms make you a jew

You don't need all three to be a jew

630e4f No.26156

File: 47ee74556c20a78⋯.jpg (83.41 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 1b5801c82078536cdbc30db75e….jpg)



You mean a full storytime or just what happened in DC?

c7570a No.26159


Both please.

30c800 No.26160


All of it dude, I want to know the do's and don'ts of these types of situations.

d1987c No.26166

File: fb95410f12cac6c⋯.gif (26.57 KB, 350x225, 14:9, GNAA22S.GIF)

>at work

>end of shift

>forgot signature slips in my purse in my car

>bring purse into store

>get slips out of purse

>accidentally drop mini-revolver out of purse doing it bc klutz pic kind of related, not the same revolver but the same style

>carry it hammer forward on empty chamber bc I know I'm a klutz

>pick it up

>couple minutes later

>muslim coworker tells boss in arabic I have a gun

>boss gets angry with me

>explain that I don't normally have it in the store, I keep it in my purse and I needed to bring my purse into the store so the revolver came with it

>explain that dropping it wasn't dangerous bc it literally would have been impossible for it to fire given how I carry it

>one coworker chimes in and says he saw me drop it

>completely ignoring that I just said it literally couldn't have fired

>boss still yells

>coworkers all staring at me

>complete silence

>clock out


>feel super embarassed and like a fucking idiot bc now my coworkers think I'm some dumbass who doesn't know how to handle firearms

>get home

>still feel super embarassed and sad and shameful and angry at myself

fugg this time I'm the stupid idiot, I just want to disappear. I fucking hate this job and myself and everything reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

30c800 No.26168


You don't have to explain shit to them the second amendment is a thing and they should deal with it.

8c75e0 No.26169


Look on the bright side. Now they have reason to fear you. Embrace the power it entails.

f7e1c6 No.26178


Should have pumped those dunecoons full of lead

You retard

a2fdd3 No.26186

Shitskin saga part 1:

>shitty internet hasnt worked in 3 weeks

>decide to have it cut off

>call tech support

>literal retard currynigress answers

>she literally has the "downy voice"

>makes me wait for like 2 hours while she mumbles in a barely audible tone

>constantly telling me that I'm too loud when I'm literally a foot from the phone

>screech LET ME TALK TO MANAGER as loud as I can

>tard howls in pain as her eardrums burst

>another three days and five phone calls before internet is cut off

a2fdd3 No.26187

Shitskin saga part 2: the hunt for hygiene

>shitskins are incapable of carrying out basic hygiene and selfcare

>as stores see more shitskin customers, the bathrooms in the stores get worse and worse

>shitskins can't comprehend washing their hands

>they will walk around with feces and piss on their hands and feel no shame

>will wipe shit on any surface they can

>a female shitskin will spend 30 min on makeup but can't spend 30 seconds on handwashing

>shitskins will use sinks to wash babies and shoes, but not hands

>shitskins who work in good service especially do not wash their hands and will sometimes make food with "extra ingredients"

>shitskins can't comprehend toilet paper

>they think the tp is for nose blowing and prefer to use rough callous paper towels as asswipe instead

>they never flush. Ever.

>a shitskin will cover a bathroom floor with shitty paper towels, shit, or menstrual blood

>speaking of which, female shitskins can't comprehend tampon receptacles

>they will put paper towels, dirty diapers, and even half eaten food in the receptacles

>but no tampons

>tampons go on the floor

>trashcans places in stalls get stolen

>shitskins let their children play in toilets and dirty bathroom floors and then wonder why their brats get sick

>shitskins eat in bathrooms all the time

>kfc tubs, and taco bells wrappers get tossed in the floor as well as food

>shitskins don't always make it to the bathroom

>sometimes they just find a secluded area in a store and pop a squat

>piles of shit and used tampons begin appearing around the store

>shitskins will take books from the stores into the bathroom to read

>nice hardcover books now covered in shit, piss, and toilet water

And that's not even half of it

30c800 No.26189



I used to live in a neighborhood full of sand niggers and at one point the white family next door to us bought a house and fucked off. They got replaced by the filthiest shitskins I've ever witnessed, they fucking smelled so bad and I really mean bad. The day they moved in they made the whole building stink like rancid milk, rotten stuff, piss and body odor that they usually tried to cover with a lot of perfume. For the next 7 or 8 years I lived there I had to deal with that smell, it was fucking horrible, so much for the quran teaching them how to be clean before dem white crakkkaz wuz takin dem baths n sheit.

c7570a No.26198


This is why you buy land: so if one shitty neighbor comes in there's space between you.

43f29e No.26199


The smell is actually the focus of

The shitskin saga part 3: the odor among us

note that when I say shitskins I mean all kinds including nigs, beans, mudslimes, and more

>shitskins always smell awful


>sometimes they smell like shit or piss(see shitskin saga part 2)

>sometimes like rank body odor or rotten food/flesh

>shitskins can't comprehend deodorant

>they will use vinegar or perfume under their armpits

>they will sometimes cake themselves with baby powder or body spray to cover their rank smell

>why do they smell? Shitskins can't comprehend proper bathing

>a shitskin will take baths, maybe once every two weeks

>no showers, just baths

>now there is nothing wrong with baths, if you're white

>a shitskin bath is just a wet shitskin sitting in dirty brown smelly water for five minutes then jumping out

>extremely rare shitskins will shower, these are like shiny pokemon

>bath or shower they won't use soap or shampoo or body wash

>they WILL use conditioner or smelly greasy body lotion or ance medicines

>shitskins will spend thousands on potions,lotions, and makeup but won't spend a dollar on a bar of hand soap

>female shitskins LOVE to coat themselves in makeup

>if you ever want to get rich quick, open a makeup/hair shop in a shitskin hood(make sure to get insurance for when they inevitably rob you)

>fat shitskins are the worst, since they refuse to clean in their fat folds, which makes their stench worse than average shitskins

>the shitskin smell will hit you long before the shitskin comes into view

>and the smell will linger long after they've left

>do not let the shitskin touch you or any of your property, the smell will stick to you like skunk

43f29e No.26202


*food service


*acne medicine

Fug I need an editor lol

30c800 No.26204


I'm a poorfag.


>do not let the shitskin touch you or any of your property, the smell will stick to you like skunk

That's exactly the point I was trying to get across in my post, they are fucking terrible and their stench stays anywhere they go.

d1987c No.26207


>talking with coworkers the other day

>topic of how different races smell comes up

>consensus was that whites smell like dogs or pasta

>obese white muslim woman mentions there's a mexican girl in her oldest kid's class

>says mexican babies smell the best

>absolutely disgusted

>then says her oldest kid smelled the best as a baby and she thinks it's bc the kid is mixed race

>absolute disgust intensifies

>her husband walks by

>realise he's literally a cuck

>try to not laugh


>say I was just picturing my coworker going around smelling babies

>they will never know I was laughing at the maelstrom of degeneracy their lives have become

seriously though, I don't understand how non whites can live like that. Personally, I'm p messy if I keep to myself but that generally has to do with low self esteem. When I was in a relationship, I kept everything in tip top shape, and even when I'm not it never gets near what y'all are talking about.

unrelated, wtf is going on with this charlottesville rally/riot thing? Is the entire thing controlled op? bc it certainly seems to playing into the (((narrative))) that anyone pro white or national socialist is a violent KKK skinhead, what with the torches and running over antifa with a car thing. That's super disappointing, like couldn't they have had the foresight to not act like niggers or muslims? like not driving into people seems like the bare minimum for behaviour

545d74 No.26209


There are literally niggers and muslims in their numbers so no they couldn't stop from acting like that. Its an alt-kike march

ac097b No.26211

File: 8fe396e321da761⋯.jpg (134.4 KB, 592x768, 37:48, burn1.jpg)


oddly enough, implicit dickie & co were in the right this time

>got proper permits for events

>local officials decide to cancel permits for no reason

>go through with it anyway

>governor declares state of emergency, making gatherings illegal

>riot police force nationalists towards violent antifa mass in pincer movement

>widespread violence (blamed on ebil nahzis)

>enter j. fields, a likely part jew nationalist protester, and probable near-potato gets in his car to try to escape violence

>drives around corner only to find crowd of antifa

>antifa come from behind, and begin beating his car with bats

>he loves this car; he bought it with money from a trust made up of money collected (either insurance or a settlement) from his father, who was killed by a drunk driver

>he panics, accelerating into the crowd, attempting to brake, and failing, crushing an obese coalburner from minnesota, and injuring sundry niggers and antifa.

>still panicking, he reverses, mowing down the still batting antifas behind him

>meanwhile, 2 VA state police have unexplained helicopter accident, while on patrol on gov. maccauliffe's order

>dick, baked alaska, etc, are arrested, and later released

>commence oy veying about white terrorists and how it's like anudda shoah

891d19 No.26212


How fucking (((meddlesome))) of the authorities.

ac097b No.26214


did you expect different? they're not called ZOG for nothing.

630e4f No.26219

File: 9e99d787847c7df⋯.jpg (618.96 KB, 700x801, 700:801, 036.jpg)



Alright. Whatever lesson you think you'll learn, here it is:

>be several years ago

>get fed up with having nobody to talk to

>try /meadhall/

>lad from the next state over contacts me for an afternoon in Philly with one other lad at a bar

>go there expecting things to turn south quick, ends up being legit

>one is a natsoc, the other an openminded libertarian

>the afternoon goes really well for the distance i had to travel, we make plans for once a month

>after a few times, the libertarian starts asserting himself over the natsoc

>i have a thing for stated heirarchies, try to get the other lad to take back the lead, but he inevitibly caves

>the libertarian is now calling the shots, decides we need to be a quasi-organisation despite there only being the three of us


>try to get a charter going, naturally everything detracts to whatever he wants

>he gets the other guy to start fishing for more people, i'm half-hearted in the whole thing, just wanna chat over a beer or two with people

>they move off of /meadhall/ and into forums, start talking about TRS

>never heard of it before, go along with it

>end up with two or three dozen people plus their ringleader, somebody called Claus

>some of these people are alright, some of them are really fucking weird

>a few half-decent women, some well-dressed lads, but then one guy who came out of STALKER and some sloppy obese redheaded faggot who kept trying to speak and chew at the same time

>somebody at a later time would tell me that he was somehow well known and had leaked a video of himself masturbating something i would've liked to of known before i opened the vid, thanks asshole

>it went alright except it quickly became noticable how little planning there was and how little control Claus had over anything

>me memory's a little fuzzy around here, but there were other meet-ups

>the libertarian decides we should fully absorb ourselves into TRS, i'm not exactly smitten with them and try to get us to go back to how we started

But eventually..

>eventually, there's a conference down in DC that Claus wants us to attend

>Spencer, Ramzpaul, and McDonald

>the libertarian can't, but the other lad can

>i haven't been down to DC since i was a kid, so i get it in my head that we'll be making a day of it

>we were going to take one car down, a rental, which one of the TRS guys was going to pick up

>we were going to meet at a diner in Fishtown

>i didn't feel safe leaving me car there, so i asked them to pick me up in a smaller town i knew better, which was on the way anyhow

>no problems so far

>i get to town early in the morning, have a walk, when i start getting texts that the TRS guy is running late

>then i keep getting texts that he's running late

>then i get texts asking why i'm not at the diner

>hours pass and now i'm baffled and annoyed

>it's going on 2pm by the time they finally show up, leaving an hour for us to get to DC, find parking, and make it to the conference

>even better, everyone's dressed up while i'm in a sweater and slacks under no forewarning that there was a dresscode to this thing

>oh, and i have to help pay for the rental now never did

630e4f No.26220

File: de1d1811ad363e1⋯.jpg (62.04 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 052e338d769da28e9ce644b6a8….jpg)


>near dead silence the whole way down, what talk there is comes off as awkward and forced, so i sleep for the most part, the only part of the day left to look forward to is seeing Spencer/Ramzpaul/McDonald

>there were protestors, tho i never saw them

>the subground parking was alright, but as soon as we got in everyone seemed to scatter and i had to find my own way to the conference hall

>even then, the tickets weren't matching up at first, which caused everything to get delayed for twenty minutes

>bit odd how many niggers there were in security and waitressing

>good hundred or so people in attendence, plus decent food

>except the TRS people and my fella all got the same table while i got left out to go sit with some old timer, some pr guy, and a really weird, cringey fella who disappeared at one point

>after a meal, it kicked off with Ramzpaul, who kicked it off by playing on the "all Trump voters jerk to anime" meme

Now, let me say here, I like Ramzpaul. I don't love, I don't religiously follow him, but I do like him. He can be a funny guy. However, him doing his schtick here in a format longer than his five minute videos, surrounded by mostly well-dressed people, speaking in a conference about Identity Politics a bullshit term I hate but still a topic I was looking forward to hearing an argument for or against or even just a lecture alongside the likes of McDonald and Spencer prior to my understanding of Spencer's love of faggots and Jews. It didn't fit, he left a shit impression, and you could tell even he realized he was out of his element when he started stuttering over himself trying to spew out ebin memes in front of a screen with animu pics. Anyway.

>after a break, McDonald is up next

>the disappointment over Ramz and everything leading up to that point must've done something to my brain, because i remember nothing of this

>there is a break

>Spencer takes the mic

>runs his mouth on basic bitch rhetoric, at this point i just want to fucking leave, this guy comes off as a cheap, showboating liar and i'm confused as to how somebody with such a weak personality managed to put any of this together

>Q&A comes up, i only remember two questions

>one was of a girl who went into a tearful tangeant on how anybody can possibly have hope, gets bullshit wishy washy answers

>the natsoc i was with asked about how Spencer planned to advance "the cause"

>"uh, lolidunno, we'll keep doing what we're doing xxDDD"

Which cemented in my head how much of an absolute fraud this faggot is.

>after the questions, there's time to mingle

>i just want to leave already, go home, and sleep away the regret of all the months prior leading up to this evening of horseshit

>nobody else wants to go, they want to "network"

>the old-timer i spoke with left, i end up getting crowded by mishapen proto-Kekites

>however much time later, leave DC, arrive back, i'm the last one dropped off back to my car

>"don't forget to pay me back"

>go home seething

>never contact again

>here i am, still on 8ch

30c800 No.26229



It sounds exactly like what I imagined it would be, liberitarians trying to water down NatSoc beliefs for the sake of numbers and "the movement".

043307 No.26234

File: cc71a2f4f98d0dd⋯.png (183.55 KB, 497x439, 497:439, fag.png)

The shitskin saga part 4: trouble in trannytown

>minding my own business at work

>three male shitskins emerge around a corner, start approaching me

>oh boy here we go

>two younger males and their father, they are walking extremely fast for some reason

>suddenly I hear IT

>"wait up you guuuuys"

>it was the typical "gay voice" which all faggots employ


>the three males freeze like deer in the headlights

>the oldest one reacts with a full body cringe, he stiffens and his face contorts with pain

>and from around the corner IT emerges

>an extremely tall male shitskin, wearing the "daisy duke outfit"

>twisted shirt around its moobs, short denim shorts with a extremely visible bulge

>thick black hair all over its body, long greasy hair on it's head

>visible stubble

>fucking high heel shoes

>two young female shitskins are following behind it

>it truly is a sight to behold, like seeing an eldritch horror with my own eyes

>it looms over the three males and says "why are you walking so faaast?"

>they avert their eyes and the father says "w-we're ready to go"

>"well I'm NOT ready!" IT doesn't finish It's rant, as the females distract it

>"look Manuel, candy!" they point to the candy shelf nearby

>IT becomes excited and spies a candy that it wants

>it BENDS OVER and tries to pose "sexily"

>the three males recoil in disgust

>it looks over it's shoulder and says "teehee don't look at my butt you guys"

>the oldest male has his breaking point and starts for the door

>"hey wait we can't leave yet, I have to go to the ladies room"

>it, followed by the females, walks into the women's bathroom


ef775a No.26239


nice dubs.

I bet a lot of mudslime rapists, were FURIOUS with this new development.

ef775a No.26241


>oh, and i have to help pay for the rental now

unless you are not a wageslave, sure you have.

ef775a No.26243


unless you helped with the gas.

ac1132 No.26265


>Is the entire thing controlled op?

I've made it a habit of assuming that any major "right-wing" figure or group is conop until proven otherwise. Because if you truly cared about getting shit done, you wouldn't be making an ass of yourself and everything you stand for in front of the public eye.

30c800 No.26267


>Because if you truly cared about getting shit done, you wouldn't be making an ass of yourself and everything you stand for in front of the public eye.

True, too many attention whore/social media whores. What happened to getting shit done and never talking about it again ?

864803 No.26320


This is basically what James Mason concluded in SIEGE. It's also why nobody shills for Joe Tommasi. I suspect there may be others like him operating today that we've never heard of. There have been an uncanny number of high-profile men in finance who've died of unnatural causes since 2009. I remember reading about fiber and cell towers being sabotaged in California maybe back in 2007 or 2008 or so. AT&T put a huge bounty out for the vandals, but I never heard of anything coming of it (and it never made it past a local news rag). Frankly, the serious stuff might get reported in local news outlets, but the only things allowed to be talked about in national news are pointless circle jerks and narrative-supporting fluff.

a2aec2 No.26328

I'm suffering from panic attacks right now. Woke up from a nightmare where Jews were swarming my house and trying to claw at my flesh. I've got a bad feeling the leftist golem is going to really start killing lots of people later this month and next, and the media will lie and paint it as white terrorism, when in reality it's just White people fighting back. This will only bolster the leftists, then the body count will rise into the millions.

30c800 No.26329


That's part of my plan, I'd like to build some team dedicated to gaining as much money and power as I can by any mean necessary and start fucking shit up.


>I've got a bad feeling the leftist golem is going to really start killing lots of people later this month and next, and the media will lie and paint it as white terrorism, when in reality it's just White people fighting back.

It was always part of the plan. What I expect as a result is the united nations getting involved in order to stop the "nazi" uprising.

f0f02d No.26330

File: 1509ef37e794792⋯.jpg (97.3 KB, 435x435, 1:1, 1426914229028.jpg)

I'm feeling pretty blackpilled right now. I can't fucking stand how oblivious our people can be to their own destruction, and I'm starting to think about how useless such a people can be if they don't care about their own goddamned survival. It's like they completely disowned their children and decided to give a big fuck you to every generation descended from them, all for the sake of appeasing foreign tribes that want to fuck their daughters and kill their sons. Fuck these bastards, I can only hope they reap what they've sown. The kikes could not have taken away their will so easily unless they let them feed on them like the parasites they are.

e3418c No.26331

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


With strength, we can win this. People become redpilled through mere exposure to the real world like our Hungarian truck driver here.

28ad5b No.26332

File: 45d153ce4bdd82d⋯.jpg (67.67 KB, 701x407, 701:407, controlled chaos.jpg)


>It was always part of the plan.

There's been immense efforts to stem/corral the growing pro-White sentiment. In a bad case scenario of balkanization, powerful international bodies if they have the clout and capital might step in to control the many localized ethnic wars resulting from larger regimes.

0da271 No.26334


Right now they're in the book burning/removing history phase.

848614 No.26337


Theirs no reason not to if your an american like myself, since the average american cannot even comprehend that skinning his/her sons dick at birth is unnatural and disgusting. It's such a blatantly wrong thing to do, but it seems that no one here can see whats wrong with it. If they cannot see this they will not see, notice, how destructive immigration is until Americans set for the bloodiest balkanization in history.

0da271 No.26343


Redpill people around you, that the only thing you can do.

d1987c No.26344

File: fd2d8d1a4b0d056⋯.jpg (897.2 KB, 1440x1586, 720:793, compassoftruth.jpg)

>talking with mum about charlottesville and removal of confederate monuments

>she says they should come down bc they represent slavery

>point out the statue brought down in durham representing confederate soldiers

>she says it represents soldiers who fought for slavery

>ask what if there was a vote on letting it stay up that passed

>she said it's offensive to black people and yells at me for defending slavery

>drop subject bc she clearly won't change her mind

>try to say white separatism isn't the same as supremacism

>she says "why can't people get along and live with each other"

>human behaviour, irreconcilable cultural and racial differences, etc

>"but why can't everyone just choose to not fight?"

>bring up the idea of people having their own lands to live in

>"why do they need that? if all my neighbours were every different colour and religion I would love that"

>try and steer her away from that

>ask if I wanted to live in a white community and just keep to myself, would that be bad

>"why would you want that"

>quality of life for my kids and grandkids, cultural homogeneity, etc

>"that would be so boring"

>say it'd be safer

>"that's not true everyone commits the same amount of crime"

>go back to the idea of everyone just leaving every else alone

>say that we actually both agree, it's just that we have different ideas on human behaviour

>both want peace and people to live as they want, self determination

>"but it doesn't matter, eventually everybody is going to be the same race and the same culture etc"

>tell her that's not inevitable, and it'd be ultimately tragic to lose all the cultures in the world

>mixing everyone together would lower the quality of humanity

>"it's inevitable so why fight it, as long as I live my life as I want who am I to tell other people what to do"

>ask her about what she would want for her great great grandkids, if she'd want that world for them

>"it's a shitty world anyway, at least there would be peace"

>ask her about if wagner, ancient greek architecture, high german engineering, art, philosophy etc disappearing would be worth it for a dull dystopia

>she says those things wouldn't disappear

>don't fight her on that, point out that things like that wouldn't be again if europeans went extinct

>she says that's not necessarily true

>can tell she knows it's true


>point out the wonderful advancements derived from the european spirit that fought against the impossible

>our great great great grandparents worked their hands to the bone so that we way live our lives, and they worked knowing they would never see the fruits of their labour manifest

>people thought the world was flat

>it was impossible to circumnavigate

>europeans circumnavigated

>conquering a continent and creating a superpower nation was impossible

>but europeans did it

>the ocean was a great mystery, impossible to delve

>but europeans have been to it's deepest depths either in person or by proxy

>over 100 years ago, humans scoffed at the thought of flight

>then europeans flew

>and half a century later, europeans walked on the moon

>ask her if she ever looks up at the stars, and hears their calling

>ask her if the dying of the flame of the European spirit of exploration and advancement would be worth it for complete peace

>say that european history has been one of doing the impossible

>and keeping ourselves alive isn't too hard

>try to explain the lens of viewing the nation and the volk as a logical extension of the family

>ie family – neighbourhood – town – county – state – nation

>how the nation is akin to a household

>and one defends it fiercely not because you hate what's on the outside but because you love those on the inside

>you wouldn't want your family's line and history and nature to disappear, and if you change the demographics of a nation you fundamentally change the nation just as if you brought strangers into your home

>ask her about human nature and the relationship between evolution and man's self awareness, knowing about animal behaviour and natural selection should we not strive to push ourselves to be better, stronger, healther, etc each generation than the one of before?

>instead of resigning ourselves to grey mediocrity?

>p blatantly referencing eugenics, especially in terms of european stock being above others at least for us, bc we're european

>basically just going full national socialist

>mother does seem to pay attention for some of it

>finish long speech almost

>"why can't everyone just get high and be peaceful"

boomers are the worst, thank god for generation z I was born on the line between millenial and gen z, but I don't remember 9/11 at all or even the first half of bush's presidency really so I feel more like gen z but I was born before 2000 so idk if that makes me a millenial despite exhibiting behavioural/cultural trends associated with gen z.

d1987c No.26345


>the daily shoah

literally the daily shoah, or the daily show as done by some SA mischling?

>Do you think they're on to me /polk/?

they'll talk about it behind your back, then go back to talking about normie stuff. If you really want to fix things, bring in a laptop with a bernie sticker and try and act like one of those weird know it all bernie bros or centrists who think centrism is superior to actually having an opinion and reduce everything to nihilistic bs

if you want to try and wake them up, don't try to do it en masse. find the person who you think would be most receptive and just kind of start with them. It's easier to help others once that first domino falls, and then it's not just you

c059aa No.26346


>trying to redpill family

I literally don't know anyone who's ever had success doing that

But I still try

0da271 No.26347


I have the same discussion with my mom when I bother talking to her about muzzies, forget about even mentioning jews, some people in our family were resistants.


Who are you replying to ?

d1987c No.26349


>Who are you replying to ?

eh the post got deleted or removed, it was someone who thought they might've revealed their powerlevel too much at work

>I have the same discussion with my mom when I bother talking to her about muzzies, forget about even mentioning jews, some people in our family were resistants.

yeah she managed to slip in muh holohoax


it's at the very least entertaining to bait them with white privilege, get them to vehemently say that's whites always have an advantage over everyone, even in non white countries, that it's something you're born with, etc and then asking if they're talking about white genetics giving us the advantages

feels a little like those cucks who paint democrats as the KKK, but it's still funny bc they think that I'm starting to agree with them and really feeling that white guilt only to have it thrown back at them. That's mainly with my sister tho, she's full on art-school-coffee-shop-tattoo'd-cat-owning-highlighter-hair-vegan-antifa so it's not like anything I'd say would get through to her

0da271 No.26350


>eh the post got deleted or removed, it was someone who thought they might've revealed their powerlevel too much at work

I'm curious now.

>That's mainly with my sister tho, she's full on art-school-coffee-shop-tattoo'd-cat-owning-highlighter-hair-vegan-antifa so it's not like anything I'd say would get through to her

Does she take part in protests ?

d1987c No.26352


>I'm curious now.

if mods took the post down, then y'all can take a pic down if you need to but otherwise here you go

>Does she take part in protests ?

I don't know for sure, but I'd be surprised if she didn't. I don't think she would be violent though, she understands the non-aggression principle

d1987c No.26353

File: 1b30e6ea2e2fb7b⋯.png (96.02 KB, 1826x623, 1826:623, reeeee.png)


>make screencap

>forget it


0da271 No.26354


I doubt they're really onto him, he can probably play it off like he's not into politics.

a493d1 No.26355


>"that would be so boring"

0da271 No.26357


What about the food anon ?

c059aa No.26358


>tfw used to be the most bluepilled retarded family member that the others mocked

>now I'm the evil racist nazi family member that everyone else rolls their eyes at

it hurts like someone hollowed me out and then filled the empty space with ice

i know that sounds crazy but it's the best way I can describe it

0da271 No.26359

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Try that :

c059aa No.26360


Whenever anyone asks my opinion on anything even vaguely political I just say "I don't care about any of that crap" and don't even look up

Literally no one bugs me beyond that it's pretty great tbh

c059aa No.26361


Guy sounds like a cocksucker

Not sure if I can watch

0da271 No.26362


Just watch it, it's good.

a493d1 No.26364


That thumbnail makes me question this. Definitely not gonna watch.



a30093 No.26365

I wish I could just kill anyone, at any time, without anyone knowing who did it. All I'd use it for is to kill all these fucking plants sabotaging us. Throw a wrench into the gears, watch the machine tear itself to pieces. The left wouldn't know what to do. They wouldn't have their villains to whine about. And without their villains to sit there and act like strawmen, they lose their influence. The higher-ups might send more plants, but fuck it, I'd kill them too. And while I'm committing herbicide, the true opposition can move in and take power.

0da271 No.26366


Infiltrate leftard orgs and leak, make it look like some other guy did it and let them infight.

0da271 No.26367


>That thumbnail makes me question this. Definitely not gonna watch.

It shows two guys trying to convice a chick to get in their team, one supplicates and the other shows her what she can get by joining him and wins by appealing to her self interest.

e7bc96 No.26395

How can I put my computer science skills to use in a way that has some meaning?

It's my 9-5, I enjoy it, I'm good at it, but I don't feel like it's my calling in life to be building apps and feeding people

s degenerate lifestyles. I'd much rather be doing something that actually matters and doing my part to fight against the system.

How can I make align my career with my true passion in life?

0da271 No.26398


Code malware, sell it to skids, invest the cash into projects like the homstead project.

0da271 No.26399


I forgot to be more precise, don't do it forever, just do a PE crypter sell for a month and then disappear. And for the homestead project, I mean your own, not the one already made.

06f534 No.26403


>tfw mum is engaged to a "coloured" guy from south africa (I think originally from java)

>dad went full yellow fever and is married to a korean 10 years younger than him

>half sister is a greenie who recently completed a political science degree

>aunties are lesbian

I don't even bother telling them my views on anything

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