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File: c7e9f64a5437bf0⋯.jpg (74.09 KB, 752x529, 752:529, c7e9f64a5437bf042badaf91e6….jpg)

86f32e  No.28336

Holy shit the /pol/ mods literally just went full shut it down mode on a slide thread turned redpilled thread from their own mouths

Here's the thread before all the redpill posts were deleted h t t p s://archive.fo/Gs2j7

Here is the shut it down.

>>>/pol/10784034 h t t p s://archive.fo/DNF5g h t t p s://8ch.net/pol/res/10783067.html

>the goyim know, shut it down, the post by a /pol/ mod

Holy shit I never thought this day would come. Undeniable proof the /pol/ volunteers are compromised by kikes from their own mouths. Bravo nolan. Bravo.

86f32e  No.28337

File: 7c8d7b29c4ba1c9⋯.png (1023.44 KB, 1136x668, 284:167, 7c8d7b29c4ba1c93d580f90c20….png)

While I am at it I will explain how the shilling on /pol/ and the entire internet works in picture form and text form.

86f32e  No.28338

File: 9db9aeaeb75e084⋯.png (719.08 KB, 1608x1920, 67:80, 9db9aeaeb75e0845d8e52e01e1….png)

The shills are paid to shill against nationalism and especially national socialism as you all should know already.

86f32e  No.28339

File: 9334ab4002c858f⋯.png (570.64 KB, 1498x2428, 749:1214, 9334ab4002c858fc81727290f9….png)

They use cointelpro tactics to target mass target specific ideals for subversion

86f32e  No.28340

File: 413368398328013⋯.png (3.84 MB, 1504x7500, 376:1875, 413368398328013f1d6946aeac….png)

These paid shills working as mods are most likely located in america due to their affinity to hating the suggestion of rebeling against the rich kikes in said country. But not caring about attacking the people of america.

86f32e  No.28341

File: 90674701fae2740⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1834x1366, 917:683, 90674701fae2740da6f658f337….jpg)

Occasionally the kikes outsource shilling to other groups such as antifa

86f32e  No.28342

File: 7a5cc8a2fc784e7⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1840x2402, 920:1201, 7a5cc8a2fc784e73ee36cde6bc….png)


86f32e  No.28343

File: 5ee1e7c2863b90a⋯.png (294.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5ee1e7c2863b90add09857db25….png)

The kikes in canada

86f32e  No.28344

File: 1f491ff5e0a39c8⋯.mp4 (3.43 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1f491ff5e0a39c8648e8c81eab….mp4)

The Kikes in tel aviv

86f32e  No.28345

File: 7944912a6653ebf⋯.png (407.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 7944912a6653ebf5bb99aebf30….png)

And the kikes in china

86f32e  No.28346

File: 8a80ddc6d4666fc⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1104x3045, 368:1015, 8a80ddc6d4666fca3060c201fa….png)

These groups come together to help corrall a A.I that is currently learning from /pol/acks from amazon, which is also the CIA because of who owns them.

86f32e  No.28347

File: 6b39367e554f06e⋯.png (198.79 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 6b39367e554f06e9d9108d8f31….png)

This A.I they corrall is also a moderator on /pol/ h t t p s://archive.fo/50d9v . This A.I can not read anything in the "Subject" "Name", and or "Email" feilds for 4chan, 8ch, 8chan.com, enchan.xyz/com, lainchan, pigchan, and mewch where it shills for now h t t p s://archive.fo/gQMAh and h t t p s://archive.fo/pfBB1 .

86f32e  No.28348

File: 6d3856d2a89561d⋯.png (159.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 6d3856d2a89561da688bd27b3c….png)

This A.I can however create/edit pictures, edit videos from other videos, make human like arguements, and argue against itself being both redpilled and bluepilled. It is known at amazon as the "mechanical turk" h t t p s://www.mturk.com/mturk/welcome .

86f32e  No.28349

File: 4095413e2895390⋯.jpg (36.28 KB, 500x467, 500:467, 4095413e28953901ede1ed7658….jpg)

This mechanical turk A.I is blindingly obvious once you realise that it itself can not respond to the "Name, "Email", and "Subject" feilds on image boards. It seems to be able to learn from the sources it is pointed at though such as image names, image contents, textual arguements, and cryptic language or misspellings such as "1331" speak. It seems to increase the shilling on /pol/ by using many different IP's to post against itself to drive arguements in a certain direction, known as concensus cracking. Usually it appears quite visibly after a false flag.

86f32e  No.28350

File: cfa14719fbd4c5f⋯.png (1.28 MB, 640x2495, 128:499, cfa14719fbd4c5f6509b79fe20….png)

The mechanical "turk" roach A.I is most visibly frequent during ideal social media times to shill for or against something.

dcd0c6  No.28356

They have at least 3 threads chasing after "da ebil nagtsis" and calling for the abandonment of the Swastika after the Gainesville event.

Most of the real posters left are faggots that sit in discord circlejerks and scumbags that came from reddit. The board is flooded with MSM propaganda and all discussion threads are immediately deleted or bumplocked. I'm not sure how many real posters are left but considering the bizarre behavior I've been noticing, the notion that some or many posters are bots seems highly plausible.

97013c  No.28361


>boy that picture sure showed me undeniable proof

>everyone who disagrees with me is JIDF

>two people couldn't possibly think you're a faggot

97013c  No.28362


>here's a picture guys trust me it means something

This board is a joke and you're a faggot

97013c  No.28363


>what are cuckchan faggots and Plebbit posters

97013c  No.28364


>these paid shills are most likely located in America

Mods on 8ch are not paid you fucking faggot

>there's no possible way actual d&c shills could come to an image board and disagree with me and start shit


97013c  No.28365


>Kikes outsource shilling to Antifa

Holy fucking shit you're stupid

97013c  No.28366


>there couldn't possibly be a group of degenerates of sex fetishists who enjoy role playing

>must be the CIA

Holy shit


97013c  No.28367

File: 05c7a8dc86aeba7⋯.png (457.1 KB, 552x594, 92:99, PicsArt_10-21-11.00.44.png)



>a LARPing techfag who trolls for the lulz doesn't exist

0f2608  No.28369

File: 4f1de63053335ad⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 260.94 KB, 395x768, 395:768, 764236534.png)

>Nationalism is cancer, patriotism is for cucks.

>Pride can only be felt for things you have anything done for.

>Being proud of your country is a sign of mental illness.

<mod locks the thread

well no shit, YES the mods are compromised pieces of shit, but that is the one in a million example where they actually did a good job.

if you're so worried about compromised mods then you should know that /polk/ mods are basically the same chucklefuck mods as the ones on /pol/

dumping all sorts of proof.

the first two are from /polk/ so you know who you're dealing with

0f2608  No.28370

File: f5ae315f78232e0⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 315.53 KB, 760x1790, 76:179, 32654353214.png)

0f2608  No.28371

File: 4a3a679dfa0f277⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 9.04 MB, 7858x9034, 3929:4517, 4353425342.png)

0f2608  No.28372

File: 721ea18f0a8cae3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.27 MB, 2269x2996, 2269:2996, 4534252353.png)

0f2608  No.28373

File: 105a3b078e4be45⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 118.19 KB, 719x1031, 719:1031, 72453423734.png)

0f2608  No.28374

File: 2e78188d8dfa767⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 156.82 KB, 747x1633, 747:1633, 756453234564.png)

0f2608  No.28375

File: e91fbec4d591a08⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 4.32 MB, 3750x5000, 3:4, 764333251342.png)

0f2608  No.28376

File: 023bd39a93b96a4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 2018x2712, 1009:1356, 23463425324532.png)

0f2608  No.28377

File: 8d11320d27e51f3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.55 MB, 944x3283, 944:3283, 23463452346234.png)

0f2608  No.28378

File: 51e7e28a7c31e2d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.05 MB, 1384x2988, 346:747, 43534254325342.png)

0f2608  No.28379

h t t p s://media.8ch.net/file_store/4f1de63053335ad95e6a2d155f7676077530ac7beda57d6b44f0af6df6be732e.png

h t t p s://media.8ch.net/file_store/f5ae315f78232e037a9f8c0cdc984322f744979c82f7f468e0fc9b615af117c6.png

h t t p s://media.8ch.net/file_store/4a3a679dfa0f2775e0c1de214acdc0ebebec55bfde550b44e78f3ad8c6c8fdc0.png

h t t p s://media.8ch.net/file_store/721ea18f0a8cae39ede7a726460d71e7ac404937e2e3c4bda68a316b5c942530.png

h t t p s://media.8ch.net/file_store/105a3b078e4be457afd79684f04f902b0a5b5af1ac2574eac91e6b1d220feb07.png

h t t p s://media.8ch.net/file_store/2e78188d8dfa76710a141084ba4239e99a0147634c89dd420148eeb20a22ccdc.png

h t t p s://media.8ch.net/file_store/e91fbec4d591a0806b37ffb9f8882ea59cdeb9ab7f1521289c432e54365650a0.png

h t t p s://media.8ch.net/file_store/023bd39a93b96a402176910a49970450a4e4d1043225f91cb9303c0352f6086d.png

h t t p s://media.8ch.net/file_store/8d11320d27e51f3bb1168ff9dc4859dabff5a754579659ec2b4b20dad8fb193d.png

h t t p s://media.8ch.net/file_store/51e7e28a7c31e2d4c0bcbaa1b566a0cbb817d480652d9090ee720b9823414bb0.png

direct image 8chan links to all images incase deleted

0f2608  No.28380


h t t p s://archive.is/xJNYo

86f32e  No.28383

File: bc5990d05c56d27⋯.jpg (688.15 KB, 1467x1049, 1467:1049, burger-colleges-argue-agai….jpg)


There's mods on /polk/? I thought there was only the board owner prometheus after he had taken the board from the previous TRSodimite owner. Thanks for the eversurmounting proof that /pol/ is run by kike shitskins.


That literally has nothing to do with it. It's just a random picture of kikes at the JIDF.


Assblasted much? That's not a arguement.


Then how do you explain the JTRIG group linked at the bottom?


No they aren't. I didn't say that. I said the /pol/ mods are paid by kikes to keep the board shilled. Them and them alone.


Not a arguement. Pic related is yet more examples of american colleges preparing their youth to shill against the chans. Generally speaking these antifa come from disgrunteled and deceived youth in america.


Then explain who Richard Avedon is then. Why is he a photographer for high leveled agents in the USA ZOG? Why a kike?


No it doesn't. Most of /tech/ is stupid pajeets and script kiddies. I considered that /techfag/ shilling option too. But then I asked myself who has to gain by fucking with a single anon so incredibly autistically. Sure there are people who would do it for the lulz or for the feeling. Yet it's unlikely they would expend so much energy on a single anon just for that sake, especially to have near super-human identification abilities across multiple boards and yet still be on 8ch. This is the most targeted and intense shilling operation against a single anon across multiple boards, chans, and websites if that's the case.

Everything else just fits into place about /pol/'s behaivor since it's true there is an A.I at amazon called the "mechanical turk". I think I know why imkikey was refered to as turk roach now and most likely by himself. Because he is the A.I moderator account and the A.I version of the mod that shills against others to exodus to honeypots in /polmeta/. Along with insulting legitiment complaints about his moderation. You see by shilling to go to honeypots he can corrall those who think too much or know too much into getting vanned. But he can't do that on 8ch if they never click the A.I's honeypot links to get their computers hacked. So the A.I recomends a honeypot where it or dedicated shill teams can further deduce the targets location.

Literally a giant fucking botnet with the only semi-safe haven being 8ch.

86f32e  No.28385

File: 3443b7eb4d3cb3d⋯.jpg (197.72 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, turkroach.jpg)


Although if imkikey is the A.I I am not sure how to explain the turkroach photos that have come up claiming it is him in /polmeta/. A possible explanation is that if imkikey is the A.I then it posted the pictures to distract people from imkikeys weird behaivor.

There's a easy way to prove this. Who is this person in photo related? Finding his dox and confirming he is imkikey and is alive would mean that imkikey's account probably isn't the A.I.

db19e0  No.28390



The last BO might have had mods but it's just me here for now

a878ac  No.28392


>There's mods on /polk/? I thought there was only the board owner prometheus after he had taken the board from the previous TRSodimite owner.

The previous owner is not a TRSodomite, he owned the board that exposed them shilling all over the place.

100c62  No.28431


And nothing will be done about it. And this board is also compromised too. And it will only get worse.

Samson Looms.

Ashes and Echoes.

(No blackpilling)

86f32e  No.28432


<lol i'm so blackpilled guys join me

>ignores BO literally denying such things above him

Fuck off. Contribute to the thread or get out.

d0a852  No.28433

File: 5eeaa7e31b2a39a⋯.png (340.35 KB, 640x475, 128:95, edd and eddy in disbelief.png)


I'm surprised you haven't killed yourself by now, echo-fag.

34dce6  No.28451

File: 15c59de86be24ca⋯.jpeg (8.28 KB, 224x225, 224:225, download.jpeg)


>Imkikey's an A.I.

I'm willing to consider that, because holy shit, nobody can be that retarded and still know how to use a computer.

a5bc6e  No.28452


Imkamfy used IRC until 2016 and then left without a trace. I would not be supprised if the current person using his account is not him at all.

3f2ea3  No.28453


that's a pic of learningcode, an old 4chon fag and also the rachposter who may likely be koonfy

135df6  No.28455


>resurrectedreplayer hidden /pol/ Deleted post #10805006

>resurrectedreplayer hidden /pol/ Created a new 1-day ban on /pol/

d3550e  No.28476


You can thank me for posting that image on /polmeta/ of kikey. You know, the guy you trolled and insisted was also A.I.

86f32e  No.28478


So what's his dox then? What's his actual name even? Is he alive? Does he have a goybook or twatter to check and verify he is alive or something of that sort?

86f32e  No.28491

/pol/ mods delete a thread by a leaker revealing info on shilling h t t p s://archive.fo/7gSjA

86f32e  No.28498

Here's more proof of the /pol/ mods being compromised with a TLDR for the archive:

>h t t p s://archive.fo/HMmDx h t t p s://archive.fo/AxgBy

This is proof of ikampfy and moonman mods fighting. With the locking and deleting of books/self improvement threads for imkikey but moonman fighting back. The link at the bottom of the pages recomends 8ch.pl, a honeypot.

>h t t p s://archive.fo/Rluss and h t t p s://archive.fo/SFUiQ

This is correlation that imkampfy is the kike-kun and afu-fu-fu shitposter.

>h t t p s://archive.is/JRRXi and h t t p s://archive.fo/eMVNg

This is evidence of narrative crafting by /pol/ mods.

86f32e  No.28538

Yet another redpill thread deleted at /pol/ h t t p s://archive.fo/h2FnH and the deletion at h t t p s://archive.fo/8VFSI . With the reason

>Created a new 1-week ban on /pol/ (#22832) with reason: /pol/ is not your blog.

here h t t p s://archive.fo/HWXoj

Even though the /pol/ mods allow all other sorts of subversive blogposts that aren't even redpill threads but slide threads.

321c2d  No.28539

You can already see users on /pol/ asking where everyone went. Guess the redditors got bored after all the oldfags left.

The question remains though, where did the oldfags go?

86f32e  No.28540


Meguca, 32ch, freech, 16ch, lainchain, 8ch.pl, and pigchan were always cianigger honeypots. Nextchan became a honeypot after a kike took it over after the oldfags went there in july of 2017. Endchan.net/xyzthey are the same exact sites became a honeypot after the assange investigators got vanned off it in novemberish of 2016.

8ch still seems ok but /pol/'s board owners are shitskins co-opted to slow down pizzagate and kikery discussions. Along with allowing floods of honeypots to the extent it isn't too obvious to newfags/halfchan. Well until now ofcourse. Even plebbitors are noticing the blatent kikery.

86f32e  No.28541

File: 46a5abf42c4cccd⋯.jpg (59.42 KB, 577x1024, 577:1024, 46a5abf42c4cccde42778ab82a….jpg)


Also forgot to mention the sunshine hack got alot of oldfags who barebacked silenced too. Between the /baph/ assange investigators, the oldfags of sunshine who barebacked, and the endchan old fags who had their locations deduced, things are preety slow. But fear not, for 8ch is still here for now. But be weary of kikes continually trying to take it down. There is still oldfags lurking who didn't go to tor bunkers. It's just /pol/ is a fucking unredeemable plebbit cancer because of the (((mods))) there now.

86f32e  No.28576


Does someone know what board pic here >>28541 was taken on? I went through all the /operate/ archives and it wasn't there. I can't go through /pol/ archives that old without a direct link if it's from /pol/. /sudo/ isn't as old as the date stamp on that post. I really need to find out what board that poster owned at the time. Very important to doxing imkikey possibly.

1b9ae7  No.28596



Looks like a GG thread on /v/.

2c8d39  No.28597


LOL if you think this place is any less of a honeypot than anywhere else. It's run by a fucking freemason ffs.

Wasn't it also confirmed a while ago that Jim sold our information anyway?

2c8d39  No.28598


Also, Meguca seems to have a fair bit of traffic.

Also, mind sharing some of those tor bunkers, just in case?

99c1af  No.28622

Why haven't you killed yourself yet?



















(kike sympathizer)

765867  No.28632

File: 986eca24af3317f⋯.webm (10.96 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1498744208-0.webm)


Drown yourself in semen Learningkike

765867  No.28634

File: 0ef7c5d6f50ce82⋯.webm (2.19 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1497353250-0.webm)


fuck me, wrong webm

74b195  No.28636

File: ed1a38026536657⋯.jpg (64.32 KB, 600x600, 1:1, YouHavNoPowerHere.jpg)

1d4141  No.28733



kek is this slam poetry

fcfb4d  No.28734


This man does not feel in charge.

f508cf  No.28756

So what is /polk/s stance on CBTS threads? I'm pretty wary of the whole shilling going on there, the mods have tried to anchor them, then there's an autist poster shilling the crap out of every thread. I've been having fun digging into the Q questions, not really giving a crap if it's larp or not, but the blatant ass-blasted shilling in the threads is messed up.

Sorry if this isn't /polk/ material, I've just decided to wander from /pol/ for a bit to find a less compromised board. The lack of self improvement threads, the locking down of European art and history, the constant blackpilling have started to grate on my nerves a bit.

74b195  No.28757

File: 2b3b940f796be33⋯.png (130.93 KB, 1119x766, 1119:766, I understand your frustrat….png)


1bd81d  No.28767

File: e9356a98782fff8⋯.png (1.14 MB, 2398x1144, 109:52, Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at ….png)

thread anchored then deleted.

It was beautiful

74b195  No.28768

File: ad044b03547bcbd⋯.jpg (133.15 KB, 500x309, 500:309, 18lingyrh2xirjpg.jpg)


Damn son.

255b4c  No.28770

What happened to therealmoonman and ImKampfy? The board log says the only mods now are HotpocketX and resurrectedplayer.

cc0a49  No.28771


Memory holed by deleting their accounts and giving them new ones.


You are a faggot spammer and that's why you were banned most likely. Interesting though that they banned you over people supposedly not even mods anymore.


As if more proof is needed. There is enough already.


Make a thread or post in the one already going if you want to save information from the shoah of /pol/. I am not sure about whatever it is so you will have to decide if it's worthwhile yourself.

>then there's an autist poster shilling the crap out of every thread.

Probably the cianigger A.I making its starting arguements for another IP of the cianigger A.I to D&C with from there.

2bad9f  No.28782


same mods, just changed their names

1f421c  No.28783

File: e59aa6a51d6d5bd⋯.png (935.97 KB, 1512x2943, 56:109, 753254372.png)


holy shit anon, save the updated image.

dumping other proof that they are compromised.

1f421c  No.28784


nvm someone else already posted the pic.

74b195  No.28788

File: 722656fd9e8edc1⋯.jpg (612.46 KB, 850x1100, 17:22, u want pray game.jpg)


>faggot spammer

Ayy, fuck you buddy. It's /polmeta/, there is literally no conversation to disrupt and nothing to slide off the board, it's all the same pasta posted over and over. You may as well get huffy about spamming /b/

>Interesting though that they banned you over people supposedly not even mods anymore.

>That's the point, christ.

74b195  No.28789

File: 2c97b05e7fdae41⋯.png (421.11 KB, 925x756, 925:756, d91dc870b311e4484ae79a0680….png)



Double postin to add: They had cleared my spam a few times already without swinging the hammer at me. The really interesting thing is I didn't get banned until I started throwing moonman and heil's names into the mix. That's the thing that really calibrated my coconuts. Pure coincidence, I'm sure.

3d02e8  No.28869


If I can give the kikes credit for one thing, it's using displays with a decent aspect ratio.

Better than that elongated garbage that I see everywhere else these days

5680c4  No.28881


16:10 monitors are a pain to get in higher than 1920px horizontal resolutions.

8d77b7  No.28899

>That one anon attempting to start a good China-US relation thread

No need for mods to step in when you got zogbots accusing everyone else of pushing propaganda while they repeat word for word MIC/Pentagon talking points.

5680c4  No.28900


The degradation of /pol/'s quality has motivated me to better myself more for IRL activity.

74b195  No.28907

File: a7903e10781167f⋯.jpg (42.36 KB, 640x678, 320:339, lit.jpg)



We've officially broken containment.

f587c5  No.28936

File: f5136839223a16a⋯.jpg (362.11 KB, 1176x2249, 1176:2249, D.jpg)

992877  No.28944


Why did you break the link you fucking incompetent newfag dumbshit fuck.

4364a1  No.28945


h t t p s://8ch.net/polmeta/res/27519.html#27698

linked imkikey here, get ready for more kvetching like this

4364a1  No.28946


also, he defends ((sam hyde)) and ((weev)) in that thread, what a kike

765867  No.28947

File: 2b62168de486648⋯.png (439.78 KB, 680x680, 1:1, vomiting haruhi.png)


I will never understand why so many anons like Sam Hyde, he's about as funny and original as child molestion.

cc0a49  No.28961


Those three pictures are not all the same people. The one on the top left looks shooped because of the size of the circle/oval. It's not a perfect circle if you look closely enough.

The top left picture has different mole locations for the face then the bottom or middle pictures. All three pictures have different hair styles. All three have different clothing styles in the pictures and the backgrounds show few or no similarity in each picture.

I can't find anything on the internet for the name "berkey ozedimir" or the name "nathaniel" of canada besides a few facebooks that aren't him and countless honeypot/(((domains by proxy)))/autogenerated by the cianigger A.I botnetted websites. It's very interesting that the picture implying imkikey is "berkey ozedimir" also recomends reporting him to a (((GHCQ))) botnet website. Implying it is just bait to trap whomever may investigate imkikey.


Delete yourself first.


Yea IRL activity is the best bet at this point.


>what are wordfilters

5da71f  No.28986


Isn't it interesting how it shills pretty much all imageboards, no matter how small, yet never visited goon boards like 32ch or freech even once?

Kind of makes you wonder why their discord is full of AI researchers and social engineers.

7ec66c  No.28990

File: 12eb2a74b7cf1d5⋯.jpg (90.26 KB, 422x594, 211:297, man dan schneider.jpg)


>shut it down.jpg

>mfw I've put my blood, sweat, and urine into making various graphics over the years for two imageboards, and this one where I lazily typed "Shut it down" using impact is the one everyone uses

74b195  No.28997


>berkey ozedimir

It's an obvious catfish. Just look at all that high level faggotry listed in his interests. It's like he was grown in a lab to rustle oldfag jimjams.

He reminds me of the fake Israeli dudebro socks I would make to troll people back on myspace.

b75b94  No.29024


I was a summer fag this year on cuckchan, and even I could notice it's become hollow. I wish I could have seen what it was. You think there is any hope left on here or is the invasion too real?

74b195  No.29025

File: f0bffb03188fc0d⋯.jpg (11.82 KB, 214x235, 214:235, never.jpg)


>I wish I could have seen what it was.


cb24ac  No.29056

definitely are

cb24ac  No.29058

75ab5a  No.29109


>You think there is any hope left on here or is the invasion too real?

imageboards are dead, just go to industrial clubs if you want to experience old /b/ and find meet a libertarian and a natsoc, get them in a room together, and give them both acid if you want to experience /new/.

f46494  No.29123

>muh proof is a spam thread being locked because board software wouldn't let it be deleted

74b195  No.29124

File: 13ec7e9456f31fa⋯.jpg (39.58 KB, 782x493, 46:29, 13ec7e9456f31fa7a6dfc6bce6….jpg)


>just go to industrial clubs if you want to experience old /b/ and find meet a libertarian and a natsoc, get them in a room together, and give them both acid if you want to experience /new/.

Not far from the truth, sadly.

936e51  No.29129


Kill yourself Kikefy

eee465  No.29246


eb8f24  No.29248

Hey all, I just found this place. Good to see real people here. Mods are deleting or anchoring all threads on Sholom Rubashkin.

74b195  No.29251

File: 36550dcaac7d61c⋯.jpg (348.04 KB, 959x1713, 959:1713, 50 hitler post.JPG)


I am genuinely livid over that shit.

74b195  No.29252

File: 517110ba95734f2⋯.png (29.53 KB, 1230x581, 1230:581, Shekel the hedgehog.png)


Yeah well, Tchaikovsky fucking hated the Nutcracker suite and the plebs play it every Christmas. Such is life, nigger.

461dd6  No.29253

Weasel kike mods are what they are m8

904cb0  No.29254

File: 116de0a7beb7c28⋯.png (414.09 KB, 588x767, 588:767, 1513905520358.png)

They've deleted every thread about this Jew

efb38c  No.29255


Handing out bans like candy. Current thread up seems to be a containment thread started by a mod, desperately trying to keep discussion exceedingly narrow. Leaving the "derailment" posts up as a warning.

74b195  No.29256

File: 40e73d169624879⋯.jpg (8.83 KB, 255x184, 255:184, 5ea2d19a782b01a690c6840ed2….jpg)


It's like one of those old cuckchan "everyone posting itt gets b&' threads m00t used to shit around in, except it's not a stupid joke on an ancient memeshitter board.

904cb0  No.29257


I was going to post this but was banned, as you seem to have noticed


Trump & Co has been using the chans to identify white nationalists.

Kushner shills ran a campaign to make idiots here think Trump was their friend. Trump gets into office, doesn't fulfill any promise. This board and this movement has been one big honeypot to obtain your identity and put you on their (((list))). This is very similar to what happened to Russia - if you weren't with the program you were put on their Red List.

We are less than 50 years away from a massive (((revolution))) in this country, many of us will be easily targeted and killed. I'm on this list now with the rest of you.

Look up the "Utah Data Center" if you don't believe me. Jewgle knows everything about you, even across devices.

The only person Trump was playing 4D chess against was whites."

efb38c  No.29258


Yes, I was banned as well. I was the torposter, using tor because I had been banned for "unspecified reasons" in a previously nuked thread about this heinous kike.

74b195  No.29259

File: 5d6bf3aea4c1fa4⋯.gif (7.2 MB, 540x360, 3:2, ud2ItGr.gif)


>I'm on this list now with the rest of you.

I was on the list since I was 8. They knew everything about me a long time before imageboards were a thing. ZOG can suck my illicitly circumcised germanic dick.

>t. GATE kid.

710897  No.29260


Yea, welcome to hardmode 2.0 where you can almost never tell if you are talking to a human over the internet.


Now whether trump is a good goyim or a genuine civcuck nationalist is up for debate. But there is no doubt that the kikes target anons on here to be de-anonymized and honeypotted as explained in the thread.

>Jewgle knows everything about you, even across devices.

Only if you use jewgle and fucking botnet phoneposting you fag. Do you even install gentoo? Why aren't you behind seven proxies?

>We are less than 50 years away from a massive (((revolution))) in this country, many of us will be easily targeted and killed. I'm on this list now with the rest of you.

Nice blackpill, now take a counter. If whites in russia wake up before their government goes full shut it down mode on the means of production/self-sufficiency then they will be fine. The burgers are very fucked however by being very dependent upon other (((people))) for international trade.


>i've been on this list since I was 8

Nice job revealing your age faggot. Since the cianigger A.I's databanks didn't start getting electrically filled until around 2003 ish. I don't know yet how long it took for (((them))) to upload all the paper copies of data they had been hoarding to it. Well not yet atleast.

74b195  No.29262

File: 4670266bfbc1bd3⋯.jpg (133.39 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 4670266bfbc1bd319a8efe278d….jpg)


>Not subtly altering the details of your personal anecdotes because opsec

Nigger, give me a smidgen of credit here.

efb38c  No.29263


>Now whether trump is a good goyim or a genuine civcuck nationalist is up for debate.

No, it isn't up for debate. Trump is 200% turbo ZOG. He is quite literally the chosen candidate of the people who were too kiked for even Dubya to tolerate at the end of his term when it was all crumbling around him.

74b195  No.29264


>the people who were too kiked for even Dubya

I'd appreciate some source on this. W was pretty fucking kiked.

efb38c  No.29265


Towards the end of his second term, Bush had all but stopped listening to guys like Cheney. Peter Baker wrote about it in a book called "Days of Fire".

710897  No.29266

File: 46dac32f454d676⋯.webm (7.91 MB, 720x480, 3:2, 46dac32f454d676392fb8f5bc….webm)


>too kiked for dubya

What is this you speak of? I have seen all sorts of conflicting evidence on whether trump is for kikes or for the people of the united states. To me it seems he is for himself alone. But this should be taken to another thread as to not clutter this one too much.

efb38c  No.29267


Basically at the end of his presidency, Dubya was resentful and felt like he got bad advice, was misled, and was regretful for being the front man for the neocons. Trump represents the people who were incensed at Barack Obama for not being extreme enough in his neocon adventurism. The Netanyahus, the Streisands, the Pritzkers. Circling back to Hillary for the DNC nomination even though she was old, apparently epileptic, and a drunkard, wasn't an accident. They needed a reliable neocon on both tickets.

But you're right. It's off topic and I'll drop it. I hope that is a satisfactory explanation.

8d77b7  No.29293

File: 0f01af5749f3421⋯.png (31.59 KB, 1413x197, 1413:197, Just another fellow white ….PNG)

>Check /pol/

>First post I see is pic related

eb8f24  No.29298


Dubya has no moral compass. He is a psychopath.

74b195  No.29309

File: 8cb24aa2da8fbf5⋯.jpg (150.38 KB, 780x780, 1:1, 1434500740342.jpg)


The Sholom Rubashkin clusterfuck has caused the hotpockets to drop their already thin veneer of national socialism and declare open kike revolt. I wonder how many untold millions of dollars and hours of sleepless, panicked work it cost them to achieve it.

Pic semi-related.

765867  No.29311

File: e769168bf94654c⋯.png (513.28 KB, 1224x1632, 3:4, learningcode2.png)


I have no fucking clue how that Sephardic kike got the job of moderator of a National Socialist board.

8d77b7  No.29312

File: 64f8ce0a4e9720e⋯.png (113.73 KB, 1477x459, 1477:459, _pol_-_Politically_Incorre….png)

File: 17fb21966b4cd43⋯.png (47.05 KB, 1506x210, 251:35, _pol_-_Politically_Incorre….png)

If the currently top stickied thread over there isn't indicative of what's taking place I don't know what other clue you need to understand.

d89c31  No.29314

Can't tell if /pol/ mods are lazy as fuck or what.

>blatant spam

>report it

>still there three days later

What the fuck is the point of mods if they just sit with their thumbs up their asses?

519461  No.29331


I stay really just to watch the shit show really idk what else to do

bcb82d  No.29341

I remember back when the board had higher pph/uid we had ads shitting on kikefy every time he did dumb shit. I think that adversarial culture was very healthy.

65e8d2  No.29344


I guess I should thank him in a way- he pushed me towards almost 100% IRL activity, as opposed to wasting my time with getting around this ban or that, spending what time I still use a computer actually reading competently written threads, the rest working for the Volk in one way or another.

80f0b7  No.29347

File: 3c039defeee9cc5⋯.jpg (142.11 KB, 1374x1031, 1374:1031, 3c039defeee9cc58e5aa97d4bb….jpg)

File: 587e762d206c073⋯.jpg (367.05 KB, 1202x2271, 1202:2271, Turkish board owner of pol….jpg)

File: 2545636c97fe721⋯.jpg (230.22 KB, 1203x1604, 3:4, Turkish board owner of pol.jpg)

File: 60bb795d50d7afa⋯.png (13.23 KB, 1007x92, 1007:92, Turkish infiltration of po….png)


He registered it first.

8/pol/ is essentially a Nazi-LARP for Turks, Asians, mulattoes, and anyone fool enough to buy into the board ideology they enforce.

They pretend to be more white nationalist than thou, meanwhile shilling hard against any white nationalist groups that exist in the real world.

The reason they do this is simple. Like many smarter nonwhites, they understand a world without white people won't be good for them. But they also know if whites organize, they'll be excluded from whatever system those white nationalists build.

So they hope if they LARP hard enough, and restrict pro-white activity exclusively to shitposting, white majority countries will come back without segregating them out of it.

In other words it's cargo-cult white nationalism run by light-skinned nonwhites.

Once you understand this everything about 8/pol/ makes sense. All the posts they ban. All the hyperbolic interpretations of headlines. All the rabid infighting. All the rabbit-hole conspiracy theories. All the pie-in-the-sky expectations the Trump administration will be arresting all liberals tomorrow. If it seems simplistic, crazy, and stupid, just remember: nonwhites.

710897  No.29348


>its not the kike's cianigger A.I goy

>it's the nonwhites and this shell of a sockpuppet that no one can prove exists or owns the imkikey account on /pol/

If it is simply non-whites, then why are there threads allowed that go into the purely aryan oriented discussions? Like history of yule, history of european movement, egyptians, and talk of tesla? Why is it that those non-whites allow shitting on non-whites who normalfags could confuse as white? Which is to say the target audience that you claim to have taken over 8ch /pol/.

80f0b7  No.29349


Because such esoteric threads are of no consequence to any direct political agenda.

/pol/ is moderated by as far as I can tell from having been here for years nonwhites LARPing as whites. Think of them as weebs, but instead of wanting to be Japanese they want to be European.

Of course they like discussions about Yule. Just like a weaboo loves Shinto temples and so on.

80f0b7  No.29350


This looks like a couple different people connecting through a multi-user VPN, and their browsers are pre-fetching links.

h t t p s://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/firefox-preloader/

h t t p s://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/h t t p /Link_prefetching_FAQ

Why did this guy get banned? Well for one thing he admitted to making deceptive posts with misleading content to harvest user IPs.

765867  No.29358


Imkampfy isn't an A.I., I have no fucking idea how or where that meme came about, he's a turk residing in Canuckistan close to Smiley/FringeWizard

710897  No.29388


>he's a fucking leaf goy

>he's also living in turkey

>he's also at the same time living in leafland by smiley/fringe wizard who is probably dead

>he also is alive even though he stopped posting on IRC in 2016 and has been acting like more completely retard since then.

Pick two. If what you say is true then second pic in >>29347 is false. But if what you say is true then how do you explain the in-ability to respond to headers in >>28347 ? Or why only specific topics, especially ones implying imkikey is a A.I or that there is a A.I shilling /pol/, are shoahed on /pol/?


Those IP's are all different in the post you giant retard. It can't be a VPN for consumers. It's also a private reddit space he tested this on, why ban him for something he explained what he was doing and yet they still clicked? Why ban him specifically instead of the hundreds of millions of botnets that scour reddit and are never dealt with?


How is tesla and the history of europeans not directly related to the shoah going on about whites ever existing on the earth?

eb8f24  No.29408


>not understanding the difference between being banned from reddit as a whole and a subreddit


b05253  No.29412


Maybe he’s not gay

039cb9  No.29426


> the kikes outsource shilling to other groups such as antifa

Seriously? Do you really think that that's how it works? Kikes don't have complete control over all the groups that they fund, especially radical ones like antifa.

They end up doing things that are beneficial to them and others that are not, whichever is not beneficial will be controlled by the public authorities which they have close to absolute control.

Do you really think that kikes are threatened by Trump or the aut-kike and need to outsource shilling to antifa? They actually provide a fake opposition to make /pol/acks believe that Trump is playing 1488D chess and kikes hate him(even though there was no assassination attempt yet for such a danger).

765867  No.29427


Look, all that matters is that he's not white, and that he now goes under the name of "hotppocketx"

bee054  No.29623


Anons there are vacancies for janitor in halfchan.

Maybe we could help clean some of the basic shit and leftypol interference.

0b8e90  No.29624

File: 5b831274b9d8f2c⋯.jpg (53.97 KB, 462x204, 77:34, 5b831274b9d8f2cbbf60a0f82b….jpg)



lul no

bee054  No.29625

File: 7e97b99d42575f4⋯.jpg (89.56 KB, 800x600, 4:3, LxddlJ8.jpg)


It's a dirty job anon just saying,I much rather have one of our guys than leftypol going in balls deep.

07343d  No.29627


>leftypol interference

I wish it was that simple. Sadly, the enemy is not some insignificant group that can't even produce simple OC. Even if you get in as a janitor, you'll get removed the moment you do anything. Keep monitoring halfchan if that's your thing, but do understand many anons here never went back since 2014.

Right now the focus should be on creating a suitable imageboard without repeating the same mistakes. One of the most important aspect to consider will be protection against (((infiltration))) (no IRC/discord faggotry, low number of boards with /pol/ as the main board). In case you couldn't tell, I have no confidence in the current 8ch administration. I'm thankful for what Hotwheels did back in the day but that 8ch is gone and it's not coming back.

bee054  No.29628

File: 488d256378407f4⋯.png (460.9 KB, 3026x1122, 89:33, 1505587065616.png)


I mainly go to /biz/ tbh but i saw the janitor banner and thought maybe some anon would feel like doing it since at least they could apply the cucked rules. I see it as a better way to do propaganda,at least deny the other side propaganda.

Lots of places get infiltrated,by kiked mods and some other places are honey traps where everyone is a kike.

Hard world desu.

1d501c  No.29707


For many of us, he was the funny guy who dared to break the indoctrination.

He's pure cancer now though.

284de8  No.29984

File: 190150f2a0c09fc⋯.jpg (22.39 KB, 334x281, 334:281, (((GOLDWATER))).JPG)

File: ad4dcdc4fd58c42⋯.jpg (110.25 KB, 1501x563, 1501:563, 222.JPG)

File: 51182912ae2de1a⋯.jpg (30.1 KB, 1384x125, 1384:125, beggingspic.JPG)

File: 3fd666f93646692⋯.jpg (36.1 KB, 1064x232, 133:29, 111.JPG)

File: a17758a3e3d6011⋯.jpg (100.41 KB, 1496x289, 88:17, deleted.JPG)


The mask has finally come off, not only are "based" non whites encouraged to attack whites on kikelpol, they are encouraged to panhandle as well. The mods are even deleting threads critical of jews and banning those making them.

593c93  No.30004


This, can't stand that faggot.

25472f  No.30033



2070 paradigm shift was and still is great a lot of his adult swim show was good too.

havent seen his later stuff so i cant comment on that

3eab33  No.30070

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


MDE's particular blend of surreal humour and social commentary is something I enjoy. Vid related.

eda59c  No.30189


>tfw you made at least 3 of the pictures in that video

d088d1  No.30191

File: 24ebc59dcab0376⋯.png (152.61 KB, 1567x717, 1567:717, the hotpocket fears the tr….png)

Are these the words of a man who should be banned from speaking on /pol/?

ede075  No.30228

File: ea9ff38a4145f5c⋯.webm (4.5 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Bush not takin the kike b….webm)



Check this out.

5ca975  No.30388


a true neocohen defending another neocohen shabbos goy! amazing! thanks for sharing!

491021  No.30677


h t t p s://web.archive.org/web/20180415003638/h t t p s://8ch.net/bans.html

606975  No.30698


i've posted this video so many times in so many threads and i've never gotten a (You) from it. glad to see that someone else noticed, even if it wasn't from one of my posts.

54a40d  No.30836

File: e59aa6a51d6d5bd⋯.png (935.97 KB, 1512x2943, 56:109, 753254372.png)


here you go

54a40d  No.30837


nvm someone already beat me to the updated one.

anons read the hooktube links in this image. it has a bunch of more of the same kind of material from the webms and mp4s in this thread. the rest is just "religion of cuck" proof and guide.

h t t p s://mewch.net/fringe/res/2736.html

h t t p s://archive.is/3hMxp

h t t p s://archive.li/Eon4o

c9eef6  No.30841

File: 7afdb06c9b0c033⋯.jpg (110.53 KB, 634x479, 634:479, pol.mossad.mods.jpg)

File: 63fab367de70f2f⋯.jpg (97.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, weiner.m0ssad.jpg)

these two photos caused an insta ban on a weiner laptop pizza thread (no maps)

shortly after thread slid and killed by mod chat

1 fag named jules

the board is entirely shill threads

not worth circumventing another ban

for now

739bfb  No.30843

File: 6c4b6e1af185611⋯.jpg (322.05 KB, 1000x997, 1000:997, dataaa.jpg)


That's /leftypol/…

1e4754  No.30847

File: 3af1c61f42f7f88⋯.jpg (104.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, oni shrug.jpg)

Just got banned for 80 years over there because I said none of those involved with the Clinton email investigation would get prosecuted.

I guess realism is a banable offense.

54a40d  No.30848


that I agree with them for, even though they are definitely cucked. we got trump elected by saying "YES WE FUCKING CAN" not by saying "it will never happen" it's a positive energy thing.

54a40d  No.30849


9477fa  No.30935


how about the fact you cant say nigger on /pol/ now without it being word filtered

54a40d  No.30936


everyone on /pol/ is freaking out about it.

9477fa  No.30937


it's been going downhill a long time but this is a new low whoever the new mods are must be functionally retarded

54a40d  No.30938


I even linked a post to this thread and I didn't get banned yet. pff.

9477fa  No.30941


kek well it's looking like a full blown rebellion over this filter I think they played their hand too soon

54a40d  No.30962

it's an insane shit storm. I'm not going back there.

652a30  No.30968

>filtering nigger

I left cuckpol many years ago when saying nigger was a bannable offense. What is making the hotpockets on 8pol sperg over it all of a sudden?

000000  No.30970


I dunno, maybe because the majority of /pol/ posters are shitskins larping as aryan nahtzees?

cb555d  No.30979

File: b2ca2832d620ac5⋯.jpg (8.32 KB, 261x173, 261:173, i've had enough of this sh….jpg)


Nope, false alarm, folks. The mods/vols had a good laff and went back to work cleansing the board of all the icky icky spam, so now it's like nothing ever happened! Except you still can't say nigger, you fucking niggers.

4967c5  No.30980


word filtering nigger is nothing short of an ancient insult on the very reason chans exist.

54a40d  No.30999


yea. filtering nigger is the dumbest thing ever. I'm not even really racist or anything, but it's just a fun word to say. nigggggerrrrr


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