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File: 29a5eb8b3d2b9d9⋯.png (106.27 KB, 1594x832, 797:416, nice.png)

727631 No.18156

Not bad mods, not bad.

630d6b No.18159

Things were getting a little too hot in there for them.

cb27f1 No.18164

cb27f1 No.18181



727631 No.18189


TRS has a large following. It's not like those bans are permanent anyway, or not easily circumventable by someone as much an oldfag as you're making them out to be.

cb27f1 No.18190


>It's not like those bans are permanent

Many are. Go through the logs.

727631 No.18198


Permabans only last for like two weeks, no?

cb27f1 No.18207


Three months.

cb27f1 No.18208


And it doesn't matter, between that and other completely arbitrary bans, as well as their condoning doxing of WN figures, it is plain and clear what is happening. This is not an attack on TRS or even /pol/, this is an attack on anonymous political discourse as a whole. The same faggots are doing the same thing on 4chan, endchan and polchan. I haven't bother looking into the even lesser chans, but it's the same people, same images, same rhetoric.

03a248 No.18220



>Our ideology is white nationalism, the removal of all non-whites from our countries, and eventually from the planet.

BAIT.JPG, remove yourself from life.

8f3760 No.18234


that was a good thread, fucking mods need to stop this shit

67d2fe No.18240

File: ec640de9ffd7494⋯.png (169.51 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Screenshot 2017-01-09 20:4….png)


OP reporting in. I was permabanned by imkampfy.

4c05de No.18244


>oy vey stupid goyim why are you banning and deleting me for blackpill shilling

4c05de No.18245


Good riddance. Back to your namefag forums.

67d2fe No.18251

File: 9b3d2de3f621940⋯.gif (87.34 KB, 178x211, 178:211, who could it be.gif)



>Doxxing and warring with white nationalists has always been part of true /pol/ values goyim. If you are not willing to fight a war of annihilation against your own brothers, then you should be banned as a cowardly cuck.

Why does this sound so familiar?

602e2d No.18265

File: 2d704841ba328fd⋯.jpg (28.44 KB, 410x416, 205:208, 2d704841ba328fdcb82c41d25a….jpg)

>white nationalism isn't the ideology of /pol/

de8abc No.18266

File: 8f4fe214d75e7c1⋯.png (813.57 KB, 1812x1676, 453:419, 8f4fe214d75e7c1c6782e00638….png)

File: 73710480710c980⋯.png (8.13 KB, 747x523, 747:523, Screenshot from 2017-01-07….png)

03a248 No.18287


there's never been an official exclusive Ideology with a capital I, there's a general consensus on some topics

c0888b No.18290


>Y X is Y

old normalfag meme

Gentlemen, l rest my case.


>genocide all non-whites! Reminder jews and normalfags are'nt white.

>white master race, all whites united as the Imperium of Man purging the (((evil)))

>read mein kempf all day erry day

>hitler is a true hero, he did nothing wrong other than not making the holocaust real

>there's never been an official exclusive Ideology with a capital I, goy, /pol/ ideology can be ((anything)) "you" want

>TRS are'nt leftist

>stormfront are'nt posers

>daily stormer is relevant

7171a6 No.18294


"Removing non Whites from the planet". /POL has become a kosher deli.

281c40 No.18328


While I agree /pol/ is becoming too Kosher, it has no official political affiliation. Chaotically it just chooses whatever is most apropriate for our agenda. Trump was, for example.

281c40 No.18329


That's a fucked up ban. ((They)) have been trying to make /pol/ into controlled opposition for long and that's more proof.

But it has been like trying to tame a Wild Jaguar to do their bidding.

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