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File: 43b8a82fe7895d3⋯.mp4 (730.52 KB, 480x480, 1:1, birdy.mp4)

c7ceff No.18302

The (((mods))) have purged the entire original user base of 8/pol/ in order to take control of the massive influx of newfags who recently took babby's first red pill, and lead them astray. Without the oldfags to keep the newfags in order, the (((mods))) can simply lead them in any direction they want and ban the few who commit wrong think.

61ba14 No.18304


We just banned obnoxious trsodomites

Really makes you think

f55a59 No.18313

The Jews leading stupid White men by the dick.

a9fc8d No.18325

This: they banned all le oldfags bullshit always comes from people who push pro-TRS and pro altkike talking points.

really makes the neurons fire.

f11046 No.18326

8pol is dead

c5da21 No.18327

Where did the oldfags disappear to?

857cbe No.18330


You would have to be retarded or a shill to have fallen for this nonsense, what makes you think anons thought this was a good way for the board to go. Do you think trs having one thread months ago about looking for users is a fucking problem to shit the board up and ban anyone with sense?

f9d9b3 No.18331


Left during the election

11f706 No.18333

File: f3722639e0dfa11⋯.jpg (38.6 KB, 304x304, 1:1, 1438351647731.jpg)


when the massive wave of newfags came in via the election they left. What you're seeing currently is a proxy war between TRS, IM, 4chan, reddit, and kike vols.

No one who actually used 8chan for longer than a year cares about this stupid shit. The ones that voiced this opinion were banned as "TRS shills" and most have either moved to different imageboards or just stopped posting entirely.

>le user count XDXDXD

I present you with /gamergatehq/. That board also had a large user count but thanks entirely to awful moderation the whole board up and vanished. That's the future /pol/ has if this kind of shit keeps happening. gghq took a little less than a year to crash and burn, /pol/ might take longer but the results will be the same. Newfags come and go, they won't be interested in retarded board wars for long.

>muh legacy board

is a meaningless term, there are boards on this site that are considered legacy despite never existing on 4chan. /tech/ sounds like its similar to /g/ but it really isn't at all. Obviously there is no /leftypol/ on 4chan yet there it is, at the top. The only people who care about legacy boards are people from 4chan who can't get over the fucking site, if you love legacy boards so much just go back there and get your fill.

You don't need a recognizable name to succeed, all you need is good moderation and a decent buzz.

6016c7 No.18335


Yet you are so sure we're compromised and that everyone of value has already left but you still come bitch on the meta page nonstop. If you didn't care or thought we had no value you'd just leave.

Really makes the neurons fire

11f706 No.18336

File: b8f324434f9d527⋯.gif (1.26 MB, 540x540, 1:1, 1.gif)


>didn't even read what I wrote


859cfb No.18337


>purged the entire original user base

Nothing of value was lost. For a year, /pol/ has allowed nothing but glowing praise for Trump. Purging those Trump-fags is the best thing to happen to /pol/ since Zimmerman.

11f706 No.18338


>implying they purged the trump posters

nigger the trump posters were reddit. The ones there now are the ones that care more about petty board wars bullshit than anything resembling politics. The only reason they even support trump is for the lulz. You retards purged the people you wanted to keep.

Seriously go ask one of those troglodytes to enumerate why the like Trump. You will never get an articulate answer. They'll say he's going to save the white race, if you point out how stupid that is you get banned.

6016c7 No.18340


Ah so the TRS cucks are the people shitting on Trump. Man we should do another round of these purges.

11f706 No.18350

File: 9d9c8296afacc80⋯.jpg (11.94 KB, 255x255, 1:1, bale.jpg)


>trs were the ones shitting on trump

you are legitimately retarded.

If you know so little about the website you've declared war on that you don't even know what their political alignment is maybe you need to put down the pitchfork and do some fucking critical thinking.

6016c7 No.18352


but my pitchfork is so sharp

859cfb No.18375


>b-but it wasn't us! I swear!!

/pol/ said the same thing when Obama was re-elected.

>n-no it wasn't us! It was outsiders praising Romney!!

/pol/ said the same thing when Ron Paul wasn't elected

>Ron Paulfags were outsiders!!!!1!eleven!!

Go brush your teeth with a 9mm.

d225ba No.18376


Trump = cuck

57bb81 No.18390


You = Jew

76e254 No.18398


it rhymes

11f706 No.18414

File: fdda537883da5cb⋯.jpg (32.66 KB, 546x566, 273:283, 1428117450230.jpg)



for fucks sake, just directly quote what I wrote instead of pulling a story out of your ass. I never said anything about Romney or Ron Paul.

638627 No.18415

Let's exodus to /polmeta/, we'll make this place our home.

ace3d3 No.18419


This anon is perfectly on point.

Electoral memes are carrying the board because everyone who wants to discuss policy is getting banned or having their threads locked.

For god's sake, some nigger bumplocked a thread about American infrastructure policy

/pol/ is becoming a politics-flavored /b/, and when the election is over and the 24/7 politics coverage stops, /pol/ will die.

It's not a grave, it's the future the vols chose.

859cfb No.18421

File: e8cfe33a753ea7d⋯.png (239.84 KB, 419x504, 419:504, 09.png)


>b-but it w-wasn't us!!

That's what you said, faggot.

cbe753 No.18495

File: 8a4dd22d51d0640⋯.png (426.57 KB, 696x755, 696:755, back to the ovens.png)


>The (((mods))) have purged the entire original user base of 8/pol/ in order to take control of the massive influx of newfags who recently took babby's first red pill, and lead them astray.

I think so, but it could also be the alphabet soup out to destroy us.


>We just banned obnoxious trsodomites

That's your defense?

You guys gave me a lifetime ban for defending jews, when i did not think Jews needed to die for Whites to survive.


PS. I have been here from the start, and have not been a member of TRS.

cbe753 No.18496

File: 436a82ac6fb5811⋯.jpg (33.55 KB, 300x388, 75:97, kek and moonman.jpg)


>and when the election is over and the 24/7 politics coverage stops, /pol/ will die.

And you don't think that is the intention?

bc1855 No.18560

Niggers and Jews

8ffc45 No.18576


>he's repeating this same lie again

Fuck off TRS.

8ffc45 No.18577


>defending jews

>saying they should be left alive to repeat what happened when the holocaust didn't happen

No wonder you got banned. Faggot.

ace3d3 No.18699


Whose intention?

I'm sure the mods wanted /pol/ to be great, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and their efforts have put the writing on the wall.

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