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File: df3579af22d8034⋯.jpg (2.01 MB, 1936x2592, 121:162, dicks lol.JPG)

a4dc03 No.18322

Hello /pol/ I was permabaned for making a joke about TRS. Tonight I was attacked on the way home from the bar and drinking with some old friends, I received a concussion, a broken nose,a missing tooth, and probably a broken bone for being white, My crimes as saying no to giving a person spare change.

But I am white so it was my privilege. I have ti go to court in a few weeks for public indecency and assualt for being attactcked from behind nad not defending myself as a shit skin rammed my face into the pavement over and over again,

I will not be defended by whites because I was a degenerate alcoholic. I will not be defended by anyone else because I wad white. Evidently I am the criminal in this situation.

I cant see out of my right eye and my hand is all fucke up. Pic related was after I cleaned myself up and washed most of the blood off. Thanks mods for not taking a joke and hating the people that use the board.

71d8d3 No.18323

Post your ban.

a4dc03 No.18339



Posting my face was more than enough and I kinda regret it. I know the /pol/ mods are vindictive little drama cunts and will use this to fuck with me in real life for stepping out of line and daring to offend them by having a sense of humor and joking around.

I am pretty much done with 8ch as /jp/ is the only good board on here and it is all but dead. I really miss 2015 /pol/ and how Tryptamine used to moderate fairly and honestly. He was a good guy and I wish I could have talked with him more before he quit the internet. I am done with this shit. I am old and tired and, frankly speaking, I don't like this retarded memeshit any more. I wanted to come home and make a thread about the disgusting double standard in America where a working class white guy who is attacked and beaten up by a homeless nigger is somehow the aggressor but my permaban prevented that. So I posted it here in the naive hope that it would help raise awareness for how bad things really are. I was mistaken like many things I believe in.

/pol/, and the internet in general, is a mistake. Instead of getting involved in our communities and expressing our displeasure face to face with people we know and care about we hide away in our home typing at computers. Our self segregation undermines everything we do. This post is a polemic that I hope will reach those who feel disaffected with modern life. If you want to change things you won't accomplish that by being keyboard warriors. The only way to make the world a better, and white, place is to step outside of your house and talk to people face to face. To honestly confront the corruption and decadence of the modern world and advocate for something better. The internet is a wonderful propaganda device but it will never ever replace sitting down with your bros over a few drinks and explaining the jewish problem to them.

I love my race. Everything about being white is amazing. Our culture, our art, our faiths, our foods. It is the most beautiful expression of earnest humanity that exists in the world. Instead of celebrating and defending that /pol/ is so paranoid that it thought polices it's own users out of existence creating a sterile and dead experience that has nothing to do with pride and love and everything to do with fear and jealousy. I love you /pol/ not for what you are now, but for what I know you are capable of. I honestly hope that one day you will stand up and become the righteous warrior poets I know you truly are. Until then I will be outside preparing the world for you. Goodbye and God bless.

Kek was a mistake and I never should have told you about him.

66e7dd No.18341


Yeah why the fuck did you do that anon?

It's probably real too, since reverse jewgle and tineye both had zero redults.

>/jp/ is good

heh come to endchan, we have actual japs.

66e7dd No.18342


>I have ti go to court in a few weeks for public indecency and assualt for being attactcked from behind nad not defending myself as a shit skin rammed my face into the pavement over and over again

Are you actually going to go? Fucking why anon. Don't participate in a system that will see you as the bad guy no matter what you do.

If I were you I'd GTFO of the states for a while, sounds like you're about to get screwed hard for getting attacked by some fucking subhuman ape, shit like this pisses me off a lot and makes me want to go on edgy rants.

>t. been v& before and know the jewstice system well

27b103 No.18343

post your ban or gtfo nerd

4f15d4 No.18345



I thought that was a pic of Anthony Hopkins at first. I'm only going to say thanks for posting this. You've expressed exactly how I've been feeling for a while now about the internet and imageboards in particular. Especially 8/pol/. I hope everything works out for you.

fe0270 No.18354


Dude, I really hope you get justice. How come you didn't go to the hospital for evidence and shit? Don't you have lawyers like Saul to help with this shit? I mean of course it's going to cost money which is super sad, but surely there are free (they get half of your pay out) lawyers where you are?

66e7dd No.18357




You niggers have too much faith in institutions that have long-since been marched through by marxist infiltrators.

The institutions have turned on the population, fucking nigger-ape retards

8425d9 No.18397

File: 2ace89881d26e58⋯.png (285.77 KB, 480x480, 1:1, kennedi dubs.png)


nice kennedi dubs

db6274 No.18461

Fake and gay.

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