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File: 9ccb7d49a8cf635⋯.png (20.33 KB, 475x391, 475:391, skree.png)

a6122a  No.277167

So, we reached bump limit, which is very hard to do on this board, what with the inordinately high bump limit, and the fact that we're number 37 wtf. But that's okay, because this game is gonna change all that and put us back on the map. The demo is still scheduled for Inauguration Day, the 20th r-right? we're on schedule?, and anyways here's another thread. Expect those sprites I promised you to be delivered in a few hours or so, and yeah I love ponies.

Also I noticed last thread that some people decided to check out of the project, which is fine if you wanna be a pussy faggot or whatever, but before you go, if you want your name or an alias in the credits, you're gonna have to drop that info here. Otherwise you will be credited as Anonymous the way it's meant to be

a6122a  No.277308

File: 4b8c51f8988b633⋯.png (220.83 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)

Okay, I added two more armors in the laziest way possible, which is I just reskinned the one I had so there's a blue and a yellowish-brown version. I'd like to have unique designs for the light and heavy armors, but we don't have the time for now so these are placeholders. Just use your imagination to image that the yellow platemail weighs less, and the blue weighs more. Next on the list is resizing the control console and the portal for ya.

Also forgot to link the previous thread in the OP, here it is. >>246151

a6122a  No.277330

File: fbaba789d672591⋯.png (27.57 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, sketchy px face smile.png)

Neat, but also you forgot to paste the archive link


I gotta say can't wait to see that peaked cap on all the Pones.

a6122a  No.277429

File: d20c9f9a37d1bfd⋯.png (57.39 KB, 544x415, 544:415, 035.png)

Work on the 'demo' is coming to a close. There isn't going to be a butt-load of stuff to do right now, but at least we have something to show?

We're going to release more demos in the future as we progress just to keep everyone interested. More sprites and enemies will be added, as well as custom code for the game.


Good work!

a6122a  No.277645

File: 92b7437adf4d545⋯.png (136.09 KB, 1313x824, 1313:824, consentual hoofholding.png)


Hey, tomorrow is the day. Is everything gonna be ready?

a6122a  No.277658

File: 85fd913954eb2f2⋯.png (72.6 KB, 450x600, 3:4, 84702__UNOPT__.png)


The only thing we need to decide is which site to upload the game file to.

I'll make a post before linking the pre-alpha listing all the stuff you can do in the game.

Please, God. Let things go off without a hitch.

a6122a  No.277661

File: 2fb37e3cf06ee3b⋯.png (673.17 KB, 1079x843, 1079:843, 036.png)


Super special vacation resort island.

a6122a  No.277678


>only thing we need to decide is which site to upload the game file to.

https://mega.nz/ should do the trick.

a6122a  No.277679


Should we make a new thread when we've got pre-alpha out?

Maybe a mod can stickie?

a6122a  No.277709

File: 66918007e432b06⋯.png (424.21 KB, 1364x733, 1364:733, 037.png)

Preview is coming out today!

Are you moist yet, /pone/?

a6122a  No.277711


Am hype!

a6122a  No.277714

File: 688da7909092bc6⋯.jpg (29.19 KB, 383x500, 383:500, presdonald.jpg)

president dolan is apparently a fact.

Where be me pone game?

a6122a  No.277716


Will be uploading it in a few hours, fam.

a6122a  No.277735

File: 2c4b1565f820a46⋯.png (6.91 KB, 114x104, 57:52, 038.png)

You guys sure you want this preview?

I mean, It's fun and all…

a6122a  No.277736


Gimme it faggot!

a6122a  No.277737


Why are you doing such question?

Drop it already.

a6122a  No.277738

File: 526287bedad87f9⋯.gif (149.11 KB, 150x150, 1:1, 526.gif)




Please keep in mind that this isn't even close to the final version, more features will be added, more items, more boss', more dungeons!

>inb4 wow it's fucking nothing

a6122a  No.277739


The windows warning isn't anything to be worried about, just windows being a Jew.

a6122a  No.277740

Also Sketchy will be playable in the next demo. Sorry, we neglected her skillset. Also gas grenades

a6122a  No.277741


wow demo is here

I'll check it later

a6122a  No.277750


The pill salesman needs to sell a brown pill that lowers all stats by one

a6122a  No.277751

File: ee010bba604e2f0⋯.jpg (182.17 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1483950742376.jpg)

If we fantasize about ponies and even go to the point of making shows, games, movies, etc. do you think that it's feasible that in an alternate universe across the omniverse that ponies fantasize about humans and make My Little Human shows, games, movies and what not? Really makes you think….

a6122a  No.277752

File: c94c2f1e8d69254⋯.png (140.81 KB, 541x433, 541:433, doctors.png)


This is great.


D33P fam.

a6122a  No.277753

File: de73c565a5f28bd⋯.png (810.22 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 4cb.png)

a6122a  No.277755

Glupiec here again.

We're going to have get a consistent artist for our game. The current ones are fine, but using old images isn't going to cut it.

We still need a face for Redheart and Candyass, pretty sure there isn't one by the same artist.

What's a nigga to do?

a6122a  No.277756


That artist is still around. he was on the discord earlier you fag We can see if he wants to do more profile art.

a6122a  No.277807

File: ebe92323aa1c172⋯.png (28.66 KB, 384x256, 3:2, pone sprite sheet 1.png)

File: 9def31eaca4e5b7⋯.png (18.2 KB, 501x504, 167:168, happy merchant full.png)



Nice work.

You can walk through stuff you shouldn't be able to on vacation island.

You're using a outdated version of earth pony twilight (actor00012.png was correct and was just missing a minor detail on Octavia).

The ponies seem to always talk to Red regardless of which character you walk around with, somewhat annoying.

I think less frequent but harder/longer fights would work better. Also consider adding some safe steps from random encounters after a fight.

I don't like the original wide mouth look on Fluttershy so I fixed it, the attached sprite sheet should contain all edits.

Here you also got the full resolution merchant, I noticed that the turbojew has a fair amount artifacts from resizing idk if it's intentional.

Also you can credit me as Anonymous88.

a6122a  No.277808


thank you for your contribution, comrade

a6122a  No.277814

File: 903579c47d19a40⋯.png (117.69 KB, 1415x790, 283:158, red look right.png)


Red also has red pixels stuck on her hoofsies when walking to the right.

Also her mane from the back could do with some work.

a6122a  No.277817

File: 8d45c5ec77e5e38⋯.png (41.17 KB, 188x294, 94:147, baron.png)

File: 61aef433018c5a4⋯.png (16.7 KB, 283x266, 283:266, red mane.png)

Also the baron is only mostly pixelated

a6122a  No.277820


i'd have really imagined pones with a greater resolution, maybe 64x64 at least, make characters more detailed.

or at least add some shadings and highlights so thy blend more in the 16-bit universe.

i'm still working on my little corner of a fork, modding Everfree Outpost with a more detailed character creation, but it's a clusterfuck giving me migraines.

otherwise i'll test this more in deep, it's a good going!

a6122a  No.277823


>Doctors Without Boarders

She's better off without them. Doctors aren't any good unless they also work with carpenters, home builders, and fence erectors.

Game seems cool but I'm not going to go out of my way to install a VM to run it. Wishing the project well.

a6122a  No.277836

File: 6a2c4bdbc4be23d⋯.png (4.08 KB, 177x246, 59:82, 039.png)


My best guess it that those are some red pixels from her mane. I'm sure our spritefags can figure something out.

I noticed that I left a chest in the middle of the Vol Guild while I was testing the quest. I've already removed it and might release a more polished preview in a week or so.

a6122a  No.277837

File: 672716a42c96dde⋯.png (4.28 KB, 184x167, 184:167, items to do.png)

File: af0f37910ccb8d7⋯.png (125.44 KB, 381x407, 381:407, 1048610__safe_solo_screenc….png)


Another note:

These armor items need sprite now that we've got the plate armor sprites done. The flask will function like a helmet and is a reference to second pic related.

What should we replace Ruby's magical wands and staffs with? Dildos?

Third thing is Rare Donks, we need an item sprite of a smug Octavia which will function like a ring or amulet in most standard rpgs.

a6122a  No.277838


Forget the paper hat, we've already got that one.

a6122a  No.277841


Ruby's staff could be horns, or horn rings. I don't know how she would go about swapoing out her entire horn but she's a unicorn and that's how unicorns magic. Plus one of them could be a dildo. I'll get to work the item sprites soon, and follow up by fixing Red. You need to get me a list of all the character profile pics we still need, and also, is the Bananna sprite supposed to say banana, or bandana? also also, I have an idea to make combat more flavorful, but it will probably require some scripting

a6122a  No.277843


>Ruby's staff could be horns, or horn rings. I don't know how she would go about swapoing out her entire horn but she's a unicorn and that's how unicorns magic.

Horn rings work better since Ruby is all about the jewelry.

Yeah, it's supposed to be a bandanna.

Some sprites for a mug of beer and wine would be good to since we need things to sell at the bars and pubs.

a6122a  No.277846

File: b5a06889c0adadb⋯.png (3.14 KB, 100x129, 100:129, luftkriegspritesfixed.png)


I made the Luftkrieg sprites in the last thread. A different anon fixed them up tho. You can credit me as Gary or Blitz, peeps over the /pone/ discord know me.

Someone should fixed when speaking to some NPCS they'll talk to the leader of the formation , like they'll refer to Red despite me having Aryanne as the current leader. But other then that, it's pretty good

a6122a  No.277852


20min into the game, but I'm work so I'm back outta the game.

It's a game. I got lost, then the memes attacked.

Guys, I gotta tell you all … this is the start of a game.

…I meant that as encouragement. Really.

a6122a  No.277877

File: 321b84c1269bd2e⋯.png (43.31 KB, 599x553, 599:553, 040.png)

Here's a new screenshot of the wilderness I'm making.

How do you guys feel about the tree placement right now? Should I go back to the smaller trees I used before, or maybe mix the two sizes together?

a6122a  No.277881


Should probably spread out the trees so we can walk among them. Also I still need a list of all the characters we still need drawn for dialogue.

a6122a  No.277896


I think Luftkrieg would be one

a6122a  No.277906

File: 56fe5374e12f178⋯.png (44.76 KB, 603x566, 603:566, 041.png)


>Should probably spread out the trees so we can walk among them.

How about now?

a6122a  No.277920

File: 31761f2a7496367⋯.png (74.29 KB, 645x551, 645:551, 042.png)

New dungeon nearly finished. I'm really getting shit done now.

A cute little torch puzzle for flare and a rare treasure that you must collect for the vol guild.

What kind of monster should we put in here?

a6122a  No.277937

Musicfag here. Since this didn't actually seem like it was noticed in the last thread, I'm going to repost this link. Hopefully it works.


Also, I can't really change this short of editing it in Audacity because the project file is corrupted. Along with my orchestral music template. If you want me to make another one or any other music in particular just ask.

a6122a  No.277978

File: e4572c4b19a1a40⋯.png (221.41 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)


Casual rug is done

a6122a  No.277979

Still need those lists fam

a6122a  No.277985

File: 1c3287c634a068c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 249.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, large_galaxy_of_terror_blu….jpg)


>What kind of monster should we put in here?

That rape monster from Galaxy of Terror.

a6122a  No.278063

File: 362b4d41c3c5841⋯.png (224.57 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)

White bed sheet complete. I phoned in the shading a little.

a6122a  No.278064


Keep up the good work!

a6122a  No.278065

File: bd288a6d404f0fb⋯.png (225.01 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)


a6122a  No.278066

a6122a  No.278192


Started playing today.

In term of gameplay, it's okay. Here's some comments about em :

>can escape anything except bosses

This need to be be changed. I mean, at least give a 60-41 or 70-30 chance to escape. I feel like cheating.

>fire is highly damaging

I'm not so sure if it's supposed to be like that but damn, almost TPK. Got Red fallen once by it. Turbo Jew is the last boss, no?

>enters GEP castle's area

>volume to MAX

fix this



Would love to see more of the full game.

a6122a  No.278195


Yeah, we'll be rebalancing the combat eventually, and working out most of the other kinks in one or two updates.

a6122a  No.278242

Status Update:

>fixed all dungeon maps to make them match more

>fixed background music levels

>added new item sprites

>added pirate them (thank you musicfag <3)

>vol guild will slowly become less dilapidated as you retrieve funds for it

>two pubs and an inn added to pone city (and Rarity prostitute)

More work ahead, but we're doing good so far. We might actually have a more playable demo in a few weeks at this rate. Hopefully going to add the ability to run away from bosses and get ejected from the arena since someone is asking for it.

Things that need doing

Gotta get some decent faces for the conversation system. We currently need:

>Nurse Redheart (with a 'I don't get paid enough for this shit' look on her face.

>Princess Cadance (doing the 'HEY ANON!' face)

>Fluttershy (looking horny and ready to rape anon)

>Sketchy (make her cute plox)

>Vol (basically red anon with a black hood)

Basically make it like >>247617, but with the above. Also an improvement on Sketchy in the pic.

Item Sprites:

>Jizz Potion (small, medium, and large)

>Milky's Milk

>Cartoon Bomb (black orb with string)

>Porn Magazine

>Smug Donkey

Hopefully this isn't asking too much.

a6122a  No.278249


Hey, don't we have Sketchy's face already? Recheck the sheet.

a6122a  No.278250


Yeah, I guess she's supposed to look that way. Because god left her unfinished.

a6122a  No.278270

File: 604a5362ae52971⋯.png (827.78 KB, 1367x895, 1367:895, 043.png)

What do you guys think of the new and improved tutorial island?


fag upq

a6122a  No.278284

File: 11fec8c30b6c14e⋯.png (228.33 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)


Come along well, I see. Speaking of which, the bomb and the crotchtit milk are both done.

a6122a  No.278482

File: 5e4e2e5e1f3d7dd⋯.png (228.75 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)

Porn magazine added

a6122a  No.278533


>porn magqzine added

There is a gun that shoots porn?

a6122a  No.279379

File: 8251784d436fb73⋯.png (229.18 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)

I added a bandana, and started on a donk, as you can see, but I haven't worked out exactly how I want it yet so just ignore it for now.

a6122a  No.279770

So, an update on the sprites. School work is burying me, but we gonna get these finished and the project isn't dead. Can I get any estimate on the latest demo build?

a6122a  No.281948

File: 1ec63caa9c544da⋯.png (229.73 KB, 384x936, 16:39, intelligible.png)

File: 70ef90647411635⋯.png (230.05 KB, 384x936, 16:39, unintelligible.png)

>18 days since last post

>22 days since last update

Oh shit, sorry guys, I think I must muck cocks or something. Anyways, I did a top gun hat, but I need help deciding. Should I do the one where you can read the words but they look like shit, or where you cant read the words but it doesnt? Also, if we go with the legible words, what should they say? Currently I have TOP UNF there but any three letter word should fit

a6122a  No.281951

File: 970dc27bae748bb⋯.png (230.01 KB, 384x936, 16:39, revised.png)

Revised the shape of the bill since It looks retarded when you zoom out. Might change it more when I get a confirmation on which version to use

a6122a  No.281952

File: 3a3b1d17b7feff5⋯.png (229.97 KB, 384x936, 16:39, fixed.png)

And I left a bunch of white pixels in there like a dumbass

a6122a  No.281953

File: fb68d3de0647415⋯.png (468 B, 24x24, 1:1, Untitled.png)


Something like this?

a6122a  No.281989


very nice

a6122a  No.281990


Yes, I'll add that to the master list, but I won't post the updated version until I have something more to contribute

a6122a  No.282075

File: 139918968af274a⋯.png (466 B, 24x20, 6:5, sshat.png)

File: e11a87e08a10a29⋯.png (394 B, 24x16, 3:2, luger.png)

I also messed around with these 2 sprites if that's ok

a6122a  No.282083


I didn't make those sprites but it's probably okay

polite sage because I'm not posting content

a6122a  No.283648

File: 2ec13301919a127⋯.png (229.65 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)

Updated the hat, the gun, and the SS hat, also added a small jizz potion for health. What more needs to be completed to get the next demo up and running?

a6122a  No.283651

File: e370b729d197f62⋯.jpg (8.06 KB, 434x298, 217:149, easterncutlas.jpg)


A custom sword for Red.

Also move a bit some of the lamp posts around the main town so you can move around then.

a6122a  No.283738

File: 52e8016ffd5262f⋯.png (943 B, 32x32, 1:1, Large Jizz Potion.png)

I made a thing :D

a6122a  No.283743


>green jizz

Shrek pls

a6122a  No.283761

File: 2eec6ec7dd83b2e⋯.jpeg (56.28 KB, 704x640, 11:10, 276478__UNOPT__safe_twili….jpeg)


It's a fine start. But it also needs to fit in with the other sprites we made.

Glupiec here. Gonna post an update many hours from now.

a6122a  No.283764

a6122a  No.283943


So, how many hours is many hours?

a6122a  No.284068


> :D

Contain yourself.

a6122a  No.284738


So, how many DAYS is many hours?

a6122a  No.284743

File: 25b00c5c7666b39⋯.png (107.83 KB, 542x416, 271:208, 044.png)

Added all of the appropriate sprites, as well as some new items and weapons. Tweaked the quests to be less wonky.

I know I haven't been in the voice chat for a long time. So I think we should schedule a meeting to help finalize the main plot of our game.

a6122a  No.285013

File: dbd1142108563ea⋯.png (229.95 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)

Medium cum potion is done

a6122a  No.285014


Yes please finally. I've wanted to do that for like three months now. Fucking send me a steam message me or something

a6122a  No.285109


Great work! The sprites are cumming along nicely!


I've got a free weekend, so we should be able to take care of business Saturday or Sunday.

a6122a  No.285250

File: 4d29b83f20f6983⋯.png (868.91 KB, 842x634, 421:317, waaw.png)


At approximately what time will you be available for discussion?

a6122a  No.285666

File: 82a972a43752641⋯.png (40.26 KB, 143x151, 143:151, slimepony.png)

Okay. Made a slime pony combat sprite. I hope nobody ever stops to ask why all these sprites from the same artist have such wildly different aren't styles.

a6122a  No.285667



Satan has made me spell art wrong

a6122a  No.286183

File: 5a5d20199861c85⋯.png (21.9 KB, 96x126, 16:21, filly.png)

I made a filly sprite base that we can use to make the Applebloom sprite and any other fillies we might need. Ignore the colors, I just chose shit that contrasted well so I could see what I was doing.

a6122a  No.287387

File: 7c47fdc3963a5ed⋯.png (22.63 KB, 1064x375, 1064:375, f11913f4abca19001f97b75fe2….png)

Update since the board is so slow wtf guys we lost 15 users when the hiatus ended Applebloom sprite should be done later this evening. Are we gonna name this game or will it be called /pone/ game even when we publish it to steam and beyond?

cf2051  No.288938

Applebloom is almost done for real this time, and I only bring you this meaningless progress update to save this thread from page six and reset the timer till I start working on it again.

7dcdf8  No.288954


>Are we gonna name this game


The Adventures of Red and Friends


Mystery of the Data-mined Forest

/Pone/ - The Tail of A Dying Image-Board

Red and Her Fearless Foursome!

/Pone/tail(s) or /Pone/ Tail(s)

/Pone/tale(s) or /Pone/ Tale(s)

I'm just shitting out thoughts.


Fear 4

Equine Adventures (We should make a text adventure game.)

Red Dead Temptation


The Story of /Pone/

The Legend of /Pone/

The Legendary Tails/Tales of /Pone/

/Pone/ Legend

Legends of /Pone/

Red Legends

Legend of Red

Aisles of /Pony/

The Red Aisle(s)

Aisles of Red

The Chronicles of Red

Red Chronicles

The Red Legion

Red and The Rambunctious Recolors

I'm going to bed.


bb6d46  No.288955

File: a0119dff47daba0⋯.jpg (52.33 KB, 500x500, 1:1, laughing oc.jpg)


>Red and The Rambunctious Recolors

dec183  No.288969

File: a36cb902352c7a9⋯.png (547.65 KB, 1024x931, 1024:931, laughing whorses.png)


>Fear 4

>>Red and The Rambunctious Recolors

Anon stop I can't

821c03  No.292417

File: e3fe76890155dff⋯.png (22.15 KB, 96x126, 16:21, appleblem.png)

<3 kill me <3

5fffc9  No.293180

File: 038c38122f35201⋯.png (230.35 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)

I'm out of practice but here's a flask for head armor

5fffc9  No.293181


I think Imma redo it but make it smaller and slanted at an angle

ae1626  No.294830

File: 720a75d85acefaf⋯.png (233.61 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)

I am sick and fucking tired of this thread nagging at the back of my mind each and every day, mocking me, taunting me to finish it. You know what? Fuck you earth pony twilight, I will finish this game. No more breaks, no more distractions. I'm putting aside all fics, bots, programs, and drawings I was planning to do until this game is complete. I promise to reserve my meager free time to produce two sprites every day until the goddamn thing is done, or at least until there are no sprites and all we need is a story, at which point I will drag that leaf across the border by his maple syrup soaked hair and hold him hostage until all the dungeons are finished and we have a working game before the sun collapses. Anyways, today I reworked the flask and sprited a large jizz potion, so that's a piece of head armor and the last basic heath item that we needed.

ae1626  No.294831


Also, I like Red and the Rambunctious Recolors. It was between that and Fear 4 but Red is more /pone/ themed and really catchy.

ae1626  No.294884

File: c5c7dacc5756c60⋯.png (234.44 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)

Okay, french maid outfit and beret are done. You'd think, if anything, the hat would be easy and the dress would be hard, but you'd be wrong. I had a hell of a time trying to get the stupid sloped shape of those frenchy hats, meanwhile for the maid outfit I was dropping pixels into place like it was a 3 and up jigsaw puzzle. All that's left on the item request list is leather armor, and I plan to redo that bed comforter as well, but that means once those are done that I have to go back to doing character and monster sprites, which are a bitch but probably more important anyways.

df026a  No.294885


Fuckin'-A. I thought that this was another dead project.

ae1626  No.294892


Not today, motherfucker. I'm finishing this game if it takes my dying breath.

ae1626  No.294922

File: 0b5995981b647f7⋯.png (234.94 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)

Only one sprite today because this leather armor didn't turn out the way I wanted and it's pissing me off.

ae1626  No.294964

File: 2c4178c99d76df5⋯.png (52.31 KB, 384x256, 3:2, 082017spritesheet.png)

I started work on our dragon fucking furfaggot board owner, GEP. Character sheets take a bit more work than item sprites so I'll probably have this finished in four or five days at this rate, and that'll count as nine unique sprites. More importantly, by staggering coincidence, tomorrow marks the two year anniversary of GEP leaving to fight drive in the army. Haven't you paid your dues to Israel, yet? This board needs a nurturing hand to flourish and grow. Come home already, and bring Hotwheels with you.

ae1626  No.295030

File: e1733a6ffdf31f7⋯.png (52.61 KB, 384x256, 3:2, 082117spritesheet.png)

Trying to do a dragon body. If this turns out well it'll be the most original character sprite I ever did. Of course if the profile shot turns out the way I want I'll have to reshape the front face to match, and I am not looking forward to that.

fb1094  No.295062


Is that Chris-chan?

e8d3bc  No.295065


It's supposed to be yourfriendthetaxman but I just recolored a default sprite so it may be too fat to be recognizable. I'll clean it up later, make it thinner. Doesn't help that taxman lacks an iconic shirt or accessory for me to mark him with.

ae1626  No.295279

File: 10dfce59012349d⋯.png (52.71 KB, 384x256, 3:2, 082517spritesheet.png)

Still working on this

682879  No.295645


Taxman is in the game? What part does he have? As for lack of iconic imagery, you can fix it up by giving him the red hair and glasses, and I think I recall him wearing a panama fedora in some of his videos. Or just dress him up like a wizard.

69c415  No.295646


The original joke was that he would sell health potions that were actually just bottle of his cum. To that end, all health potions are modeled after cum jars. He has since taken a more significant role in the story, namely he opens a portal to Equestria, causing Hasbro to seize him and the portal and begin a massive campaign to literally C&D the planet.

4b2ff7  No.295660


That sounds fucking metal. Good luck with that.

c32009  No.295665


>begin a massive campaign to literally C&D the planet.

That would actually happen.

682879  No.295706


Bottling cum is more like something Chris-Chan or Jin would do than our Taxman. It'd be more in character if those potions he was selling were robitussin spiked with LSD.

447336  No.295708


we can name the current taxman sprite chris and make a new one with a briefcase with a $ sign on it for taxman. Then we have the cumpotion saleswoman and the plot shenanigans walking macguffinman

72fa30  No.296286

I quit my job yesterday so I should have 300% more free time to work on sprites and I used to. It won't all go to sprites, but a decent amount will. Hopefully if glupiec ever hops back on we can finish this damn game

841393  No.299647

File: 422a4605f5836e6⋯.gif (1.01 MB, 541x403, 541:403, 918650.gif)

ded gaem

ded project

4f4701  No.299648

Not dead. We'll finish it, I swear

a94c54  No.299659


In total, how many anons are working on the game? Do you know?

4f4701  No.299663

fcf790  No.299799

File: 9b072e95f74d877⋯.mp4 (1.04 MB, 384x540, 32:45, ponka blender practice - 1….mp4)

File: 14fffb41af2a44a⋯.png (34.41 KB, 610x385, 122:77, twitter.png)


I want to keep believing


4e69a5  No.304590

please don't die

7bf2f8  No.304591


It's not dead. Work will resume once the Questing in Equestria >>304063 campaign is finally complete once and for all.

dcd481  No.311065

File: 94e526c3fa8d43b⋯.png (914.88 KB, 4000x5825, 160:233, 94e526c3fa8d43b462444dc957….png)


I want to see the meme horses killing eldritch abominations and like executives to save the ponyland.

7bf2f8  No.311074


Oh, hey. Thanks for bumping the thread that creeps into my head every time I try to relax and keeps me from sleeping at night. It seems the only way I'll ever have a clean conscience is to finish this dang thing.

42d89a  No.311080

File: ed1b3962283e08d⋯.png (337.23 KB, 1253x1500, 1253:1500, OCpone-donutsteel.png)



846a5f  No.311087

File: 922b9a625ccc58a⋯.jpg (263.83 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, crab with cigarette listen….jpg)

>mfw i finish my cyoa and have to finish another fucking project

Alright guys, we need to discuss the issues. Some things I want to make clear is that we keep this away from gay chatrooms and discord for the most part. This is a /pone/ project, and will be relegated to /pone/ until the end of time.

After a few days of thinking, I think we need to make an actual map one poneland. Give the players a boat/airship to navigate the world like those old jrpgs. This is the first game ever made by us, so we need to keep shit simple, until the sequel, that is.

>1 main mission

>20ish side missions

>1 guild



That should by a nice game plan. What we need to decide on is if we'll make a new tileset for the game. Generic tilesets for rpg maker look like shit, but we need to decide now, and commit to it.

7bf2f8  No.311091


Okay boy I'm here. You want 20ish missions, we'll do a map like pic related. We can have the main town from the demo that's the hub world, plus three worlds around, with a dungeon in each and six to seven side quests, plus a small bonus area that's basically that dead area east of town in the demo that serves as a gathering of end-game monsters so players still have something to do when it's all over.

We need to decide what kind of maps we want for the outlying regions. Classic elements from RPGs include big fields, haunted forests, lakes, mountains, deserts, and swamps. I personally think a forest wouldnt be too bad because it can be haunted by the spirits of dead projects, but if you can come up with better memes for other biomes I'm open to suggestions. Also, the areas we choose will influence the dungeons/bosses that go in them, and I dont mind doing custom tiles for heavily recycled assets that we get a lot of use out of, but I'm not making a whole bunch of one time sprites for shit like paintings.

7bf2f8  No.311442


Hey are you dead? Gib me orders, boss. I cant sprite without orders.

846a5f  No.311443


For item sprites:

>golden ring for ruby

>nazi knife

>jack Daniels bottle

>jar of mar cum

>generic red and white striped pill

>bucket helmet

>french maid outfit

Non-Spite stuff:

>more guns for aryanne to kill with (already have luger, ar-15, mk-5), and we need three more to give her. Each character will get six tiered weapons for them, plus a few joke/fun items. Make them amusing, or 'offensive' as possible.

Let's get back to action! Will power updates as I go!

6b22d8  No.311451


>jar of mar cum

Ayy lmao

846a5f  No.311458

Just as a teaser. Here's the current title card. We'll have to start making fancy numbers at the bottom (00.00.01) to let people know what version they're playing.

846a5f  No.311459

File: d1d353ff6994ece⋯.png (13.59 KB, 559x454, 559:454, 045.png)

7bf2f8  No.311460


We're at version 0.1.0

The first digit indicates the whole project. It's a zero since we're unreleased. The second digit indicates major updates. We released one beta so it's a one. The third digit is for minor upates and it's a zero cause we've collectively done fuck all since then.

846a5f  No.311472

File: 8bc57786c91a8df⋯.png (8.23 KB, 559x454, 559:454, map.png)


That's good information to know. I'm going to start things off by designing a world map for our game. If we just have players teleporting all over the map without guidance, it will just confuse them.

We can add things like 'the /mlp/ wastes' or 'land of shilling' as possible places, almost like an old pirate map.

Rough example:

77e5ec  No.311483



Wouldn't it make more sense for Aryanne to use German firearms? There's a ton out there to use.

846a5f  No.311484


The AR-15 is the racist weapon of choice, duh. Name more firearms to add for her.

30524b  No.311487


I can only name the Mauser C96 (with stock) and the luger.

77e5ec  No.311494



Do you even third reich?




Just to name three.

846a5f  No.311694

File: aefc75257a09ed7⋯.png (671.74 KB, 1541x916, 1541:916, 046.png)

The slums need to be torn down and rebuilt. Doing scavenging missions there and returning with sweet rewards would be ideal since it doesn't have a huge purpose right now.

What do you guys want to see working on the most for the future update?

66eab4  No.311695


More interaction between the meme ponies would be nice.

fac7ed  No.311715


is the link dead or am i being retarded somehow

5d834a  No.311719


Like what >>311695 says. More interaction. Maybe side quests to discover their background?

7bf2f8  No.311739

File: 15fa69ee9b78bf8⋯.png (237.87 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)


Gold ring - check, already existed

Maid Outfit - same

I started work on the pill because it's easy and I need to get reacquainted with pixel art. It's almost done. Just needs a few layers of shading and then I'll do the knife or something.

846a5f  No.311745

File: b3e04e0aa74a071⋯.jpg (150.42 KB, 540x900, 3:5, Bismarck_pickelhaube.jpg)


Great work!

We also need a Pickelhaube for Aryanne, as well as an icon sprite for; STG-44, MP40, and Kar-98k. That should cover all of Aryanne's default guns. I say we stick with the idea of her wielding an offhand melee weapon and give her a few knives and swords from WW1/2.

Ruby already has all her magic horn rings, and Red needs some cool weapons now. Probably some rapiers and a hookhand, possibly a giant boat anchor for heavy attacks.

People wanted Sketchy to be a berserker type, so we need some cool weapons to murder with. Any ideas?

7bf2f8  No.311750


Sketchy absolutely must have her iconic battle axe. I think a spiked morningstar would also be appropriate.

77e5ec  No.311787


That's some high quality shit, dude.

7bf2f8  No.311797


As much as I'd love to take credit for half of those, only the last two rows are original sprites. The rest are native to RPG maker

846a5f  No.311805


>battle axe


I already created a frying pan for her starter weapon. Now we just need four more cool weapons for her to kill with. How about we give her two gets of options? She can wield a set of heavy weapon (basically two handed), and a set of light weapons, that combo with a shield? She can either go sword & board, or full berserker.

829d87  No.312029

File: 2e07875967ae997⋯.png (237.98 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)

Okay here's your pill. Knife next.

829d87  No.312030

File: 5cb284114023ecc⋯.png (238.21 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)

Okay Ill try for Jack Danny next

829d87  No.312031

File: 774fe984dc8d99d⋯.png (238.43 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)

I guess next is the bucket helmet cause I'm still contemplating how to make the jar of mare cum recognizable

625daa  No.312032


A yellowish-white liquid filled jar?

I don't know the actual colour

Or a jar with a MARE sticker on it?

4695d2  No.312075

File: 4360e02a3953703⋯.png (209.04 KB, 384x936, 16:39, IconSet.png)

I made grog

dc4de3  No.312076

File: 68039e139c7f3e3⋯.jpg (37.31 KB, 426x639, 2:3, 426px-Kumys-bottle.jpg)

Add a bottle of kumis for more mare milk products.

d6b903  No.312081

File: c36f7cdaa43ec38⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 158.13 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1483911323819.jpg)





Good stuff Anon.


>jar of mare cum

I think it would look something like pic related

809cef  No.312101


It's a light to dark yellow, sometimes nearly orange I've seen but it might have something to do with hydration or season idk.

>I don't know the actual colour

Lazy lazy, you need to pay more attention to your horse porn studies young man.

4695d2  No.312102

File: c569e472a8920f5⋯.png (606.96 KB, 1100x900, 11:9, 68173__explicit_artist-col….png)


>It's a light to dark yellow, sometimes nearly orange

Kinda gross tbh. I wish life was more like hentai and spunk was pearly white.

d6b903  No.312111


>pearly white

drink plenty of water and eat healthy

6ff7cd  No.312113


I wonder if some of our guys who have deep, personal experience with real horses can shed some light on this.

809cef  No.312128


>kinda gross

It's really not, it's just a coloration. Go look up some maregasms and come back here and tell me you don't want to drink it. Be warned though, I'm going to call you a faggot the instant you tell me that. Something to think about.

12c172  No.312129


Ah yes the cumjar.

That thing's so fucking gross but you gotta hand it to him for his dedication.

a051e9  No.312131


It could also be a place to visit old forgotten and abandoned memes like Sketchy

4695d2  No.312132


The game starts off with just Red, so Sketchy could be picked up somewhere in the slums.

625daa  No.312141


I don't /zoo/ much

612c4b  No.312147


Uh oh, looks like Pinkie got icing all over her face again. Why is she such a messy eater?

6ff7cd  No.312166


Good. Because the only good part of that is horses.

d6b903  No.312230

I made something and I am fucking pissed so here ya go. Fucking bump.


4695d2  No.312254

File: 35231395c067d06⋯.png (209.59 KB, 384x936, 16:39, IconSet.png)

File: 0052619d37f3b47⋯.jpg (64.71 KB, 368x500, 92:125, little witch.jpg)

Might take some a moment to notice the change, but the default witch hat has been changed in coloration and a pin was added.

Reference is to the true successor to the pony empire.

Still waiting for those guns, so I'm gonna work on a bucket helmet and compose a list of equipment for each character, just so we can stay on the same page.

829d87  No.312286


Yes, sure, you'll have your guns as soon as I wake up.

and then I swear Ill work on the edits for the /pone/ book, believe it!

4695d2  No.312458

File: 7f25f125d954b59⋯.png (2.23 MB, 2176x2376, 272:297, applejack smoking gun.png)


>Yes, sure, you'll have your guns as soon as I wake up.

Wake up, and smell the ashes. For every day I don't see those sprites, people will die.

a44c7c  No.312496

File: 45b1ea435a29cb5⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1596x1261, 1596:1261, Applejack - mercenario1945….png)


Me first, faggoth. Before they kill applulhorse



you are a fucking sain! I still can't put togheter anything decent for sketchy

829d87  No.312518

File: 6b172ec03b0a397⋯.png (238.77 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)


Ha! I said as soon as I wake up, I didnt say on what day! I'm gay I know, sorry

Here's the stg-44

829d87  No.312519

File: 16541450bd337c0⋯.png (238.78 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)


Oops it's in the wrong square

4695d2  No.312534


Great work!

829d87  No.312607

File: fd49d1f2232188a⋯.png (239.04 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)

I made the MP40. I'm concerned it might be hard to recognize and I might go back and redo it, but perfect is the enemy of good so if I correct it, it will be after everything else is said and done.

a44c7c  No.312611


I say is different enough from the stg to make it out.

>Perfect is the enemy of good

Well, just as far as you are satisfied, but yeah I wouln't recomend you putting 100 hours and burning yourself out just to get one sprite.

4695d2  No.312620


Nice work. There's always the option to go back and polish the sprites before the official release. Unless I'm forgetting any other pieces of equipment, a Pickelhaube should take priority next.

I'll get back to mapping the game world and adjusting some of the item and enemy stats. Going back and correcting some of the old maps will take priority once the tutorial is finished, cause I want the game opening to be ready before the next demo.

829d87  No.313006

File: d22ed49a3e70c6d⋯.png (239.28 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)

Finished your Kar. After how well I did the STG-44 I though gun modeling would be easy but it turns out no I suck at this. Also I need to merge this spritesheet with the one where that witch hat has been updated but I'm lazy and havent done it yet. Okay, up next is the bottle of mare cum and then I think I'll have checked all the items on your list and need more.

4695d2  No.313013


>I need to merge this spritesheet with the one where that witch hat has been updated but I'm lazy and havent done it yet.

Yes, do that next. We need to stay on the same page, pun intended. I've been working more on the tutorial, but I'm going to cut off a small section so that there's only one secret to uncover. Will update in time.

7b387e  No.314389

File: 6a0315ab45bd92a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 17.14 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

Dice rollRolled 884, 689, 520, 755 = 2848 (4d1024)

Bumps for the baby!

c8d25a  No.316788

File: ae485dfa6e291b2⋯.jpg (98.51 KB, 800x800, 1:1, .jpg)

In commemoration of that other guy bumping his story from page 12, I'm dragging this bag of trash up from page 7. I moved and got a job but don't think this project has been abandoned. /pone/ game will be finished if it's the last thing I do

01504f  No.318317

File: 68d3cbb78ff8de1⋯.jpg (42.88 KB, 371x433, 371:433, 242278.jpg)

Friendly reminder this project exist.

42dfca  No.318319


I know it exist, dammit. Just haven't heard anything for some time. I still have the game in my drive. Just waiting for it to be updated so that I can continue where I left off.

c8d25a  No.318321


Um, uh, oh yeah. My life is a mess. I had a brief moment of forgetting I was working on this. I'm meeting with the other designer tomorrow to play tabletop. I'll bring up the project and see what we need to move forward to the next demo.

c8d25a  No.318322

File: 80dfe21c97647fc⋯.png (152.99 KB, 729x499, 729:499, fefaeq.png)


Forgot a picture of a pony

927ca3  No.318344

File: c87a0bcac3757b7⋯.gif (1006.87 KB, 273x253, 273:253, typical bethesda laziness.gif)





Just dusted off the ol' RPGmaker. Might as well begin with finished the first dungeon. I assume we should just keep is slightly simple, with little backtracking?

I honestly don't want to make them like Nu-Bethesda dungeon where it's just a straight line with a few branching paths.

927ca3  No.318345

File: 18a325886905025⋯.png (110.26 KB, 542x412, 271:206, 047.png)

Feel stuck? Just looks around for a hint!

42dfca  No.318347

>>318344 (checked)

>little backtracking

That would be nice.

b686a5  No.318349

File: 1dd8e4a208790f2⋯.png (2.9 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1471871__safe_princess cad….png)


42dfca  No.318351


You're already in the game, you pink fuck.

c8d25a  No.318381

Reminder to write za list of what you want sprited

23034a  No.318382


So what were you made of before? Flesh, bones and blood?

162220  No.318384


She was made out of motion tweens and vector files.

23034a  No.318395


I should have know. However on forums like these, was she not made of pixels just the same? One could argue that vectors are also comprised of the pixels of the VDT but this is second degree. So is it settled then? She was and is made of sundry shades and colours of light units which go by the name of pixels, or is she made of ons and offs?

162220  No.318398


Either way, she's not real. None of them are.

927ca3  No.318399


Can you update it so the glass of grog and LWA hat are on the current sheet too?

Find them here:


The hat is on row 11 and the glass of grog on the bottom right corner. You replaced it with the machinegun.

c8d25a  No.318403

File: 66c5f422887286a⋯.png (226.78 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)


Done. Easiest task of this whole project.

e01bb0  No.318404

File: 7534188774dd83f⋯.jpg (9.45 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 3526363478.jpg)

What is going on here!?

927ca3  No.318405


Pone is making a game in rpgmaker vx.

23034a  No.318421


Get real?

927ca3  No.318506

File: b8f8dd2b8d26a1c⋯.png (167.13 KB, 400x359, 400:359, doom game sphere.png)

The tutorial is basically finished, save for the final boss fight. Question is; should I release the next demo so you guys can give me feedback on what the tutorial is lacking, or keep going from here?

a0497e  No.318513


It will be best if the whole tutorial level is finished so we can give you better feedback in the future.

a18bb5  No.318523



4e9274  No.318532

Tutorial boss has been implemented, but I probably need to add something special to make his boss battle interesting. Bosses need to be more than damage sponges, and even an elemental weakness adds at least some depth.

Story continues with Red returning to /pone/city and speaking with the vols about her encounter.

c8d25a  No.318542

File: 4c851aef01f928a⋯.png (146.72 KB, 500x573, 500:573, hideo-kojima-originally-wa….png)


>add something to make his boss battle special

Make it last two weeks

4e9274  No.318543

File: 3cf03489f52adea⋯.jpg (44.96 KB, 720x540, 4:3, japanese anime waifu shoot….jpg)


The sniper fight with The End certainly would have been interesting, and kinda insane. I'm sure there's an audience for an actual Sniper Simulator, where you piss in a bottle and camp the same place for days.

4e9274  No.318650

Tutorial probably has another week before it is finished. Then I'll move on to finishing the opening, then make it so the player can wander around like in the last demo.

New Sprites Needed: In Order of Importance…

>Green Potion (for Gushing Granny Smith)

>Granny Smith's Cure All (Be creative as to what that looks like)

>Container of Mare Cum (Same as above)

>Bottle of Celestia's peepee (Sunny D)

>Bucket Helmet

>New Revival Bead Sprite

Will keep you guys up to date in the coming days.

4e9274  No.318762

File: 7f52b9764ff9ab8⋯.png (809.7 KB, 912x881, 912:881, racist rarity.png)


>simple tutorial and intro implemented

>player can now finish tutorial and exit Castle GEP before exploring the world

>Ruby and Aryanne are now possible party members, and can be found in Pone City

>party members in the future will require the player to play through the main story and assemble /pone/ idea four mare team

>new weapons with new sprites

>updated Jewish cackle to be more clear, and other SE's

>added Whiskey and Grog

>added sex scene with Rarity

10c127  No.318767


Can we talk about what characters can be in the game as possible party members or it will be too soon for that?

Still, is fine and everything to pla the whole with the 4 main /pone/mascots and a few internal meme horses from this board.

4e9274  No.318768


We’ll probably add extra characters before the final release. Earth Pony Twilight is already an option, but I’m not sure who else we can add.

As for NPCs; Nurse Redheart is a healing station, Milky is a merchant, Rarity is a ho, Fluttershy is a creepy stalker in a sidequest, Octavia sells magic “rings”, etc.

d7e228  No.318773

Glad to see the /pone/ game still being worked on

a18bb5  No.318774



Noice. I do wonder, where's the link or it'll be posted when it's ready?

48e819  No.318777


We should make a new thread to advertise the update. Anons probably skim over this thread thinking that it’s fags rambling over another dead project.

2215cd  No.318778

>>318777 (lucky checked)


2215cd  No.318779



Or, let the mod edit the OP? with


4e9274  No.318782


The trips have already proclaimed that we make a new thread for the update.

I’d rather not scorn the gods.

d2ac5d  No.318812


I promise a sticky for final release

c8d25a  No.318822

File: d2ab069847929e2⋯.png (227.02 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)


There's the green potion. I gotta go to work now so rest when I get home. actually I maybe be busy for the next two days which would lel really fuck up my sprite time

4e9274  No.318838

>>318822 (checked)

Good work so far.

c8d25a  No.319087

File: 9553c84b0916c22⋯.png (227.39 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)

Ok cure-all is done. If you squint really hard you can tell it's a meth pipe

8014a8  No.319088

4e9274  No.319093

c8d25a  No.319373

File: 07254ee3ff0b755⋯.png (228.71 KB, 384x936, 16:39, items.png)

Kinda phone this one in. I think im gonna redo it

e9e77e  No.319379


Redo what?

ae02ab  No.319381


Is that Sunny D?

4383bd  No.319382


Yeah the bottle of mare cum is just a recolored bottle of regular cum, and Celestia's pee is just a png of Sunny D. Both of them were kinda lazily done

4e9274  No.319383

File: 1da4acfe5767a9c⋯.jpg (195.36 KB, 668x600, 167:150, princess celestia right up….jpg)


'Laziness' is just 'effectiveness' with a few less letters. Great work!

72231c  No.319405

File: bffa36cda813f97⋯.png (43.69 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1540869942676.png)


4e9274  No.319418


Sure thing.

ac1c43  No.322749

Is it dead?

fbe80d  No.322767


better question, will the game reach gold / release version before the franchise that spawned it ends next year?

Of course, I'm hardly capable of offering help, so I sorta should shut up. But it would be nice to have more game to remember Gen4 by.

bb10c4  No.322806


Can we "advertise" on other websites? I know that sounds gay, but it would raise awareness.

01a9a8  No.322821

Can we get another link to the demo?

58f098  No.323338

File: 7114592683e5cb0⋯.png (217.95 KB, 500x358, 250:179, rude.png)

Is this project still alive or dear glupiec finally gave up on it and left it to die for good?

Just like the whole board lol

ac1c43  No.323504


One of the guys works for the USG now so the project is dead like this board.

ff7d82  No.323512


h'wut's USG

6cf296  No.323513

If we could have the source files we could just work on it ourselves.

0b69dd  No.325690

some thread claimed this project was open sores.

Is it so and if so, where be the code? I wanna grammernazi sourcefilesiy

1e6ce3  No.325691

File: e80714606fe5c74⋯.jpeg (73.21 KB, 465x465, 1:1, AJ_bepsi_drink.jpeg)

Shit, I completely forgot about this. Shame it died. I hope the same happens to /v/ (because fuck nu/v/; I'll still play their game though, heh), but it won't unfortunately.

ac1c43  No.325773


US Government.

This project's pretty much dead and half the crew went to make a different game that also seems to be dead.

df8be8  No.325787

File: 0afe47c6d8cc908⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 1730x973, 1730:973, secret horse file suggesti….png)

deb7e5  No.325789


The game is surprisingly hot, thanks.

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