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File: 135086c91fb3a14⋯.jpg (13.37 KB, 255x244, 255:244, 1440038174314.jpg)

c814dd No.287518

pony porn game edition

c814dd No.287519


>OP: "I literally can't stop sucking cocks"

c814dd No.287520

Those animations aren't games though.

c814dd No.287524


For you

c814dd No.287530

File: c6ab25fd175765e⋯.jpg (631.27 KB, 2122x1415, 2122:1415, customer_suppt_149324476.jpg)


We're sorry. That joke is not applicable at this time.

c814dd No.287535


for you..

c814dd No.287544

A dating sim with high quality sex minigames.

But it never gets finished.

c814dd No.287549

File: 6c85a16251d51d7⋯.swf (1.87 MB, Drunk_coco.swf)

Not my thread but I shit you not if someone posts a good idea for one I'll make it. Flash file is something I made

c814dd No.287552


Suicide. Make it happen bb.

c814dd No.287554


And I bet you're one of the faggots that complain about there being no traffic on here too.

c814dd No.287558

File: 170fe7af1198164⋯.gif (141.45 KB, 226x252, 113:126, 1224643__safe_solo_flutter….gif)

c814dd No.287561


Better dead than red

c814dd No.287579


What the fuck?


I can't tell if the Next button is working or not.

Anyway make it human because I'm not a zoophillic and please make it a PvP multiplayer game about an alien and a human

The singplayer can have the xenomoroh/chupacabra kidnapping and raping women and gaining more upgrade points and unlockable sex quirks (a longer cock which changes the characters' expressions).

Make the alien capable of a human disguise.

I'd give you more details if you were serious/more talented about this.

c814dd No.287600

File: 0d035594b377317⋯.png (111.8 KB, 625x626, 625:626, 1381452023476.png)

c814dd No.287611


Coco looks more stoned than drunk.

c814dd No.287758

File: 852523d37b2b8c7⋯.swf (6.09 MB, 8minus fun.swf)

plot: twilight learns a spell to control minds, ends up using it for rape via proxy (when two people "are coerced to have sex by a third party."), or consensual sex depending on secret relations between characters

gameplay: rhythm game with dating sim elements,

character 1, scene 1: physical/non-physical sexual coercion

following scenes: progress through sex/rape, missing enough beats either breaks the spell and victim escapes gameover with splash page of twilight being raped by both characters as revenge or partner loses orgasm and figures out partner isn't themselves, gameover splash page of twilight taking 'lessons' on sex depending on +/- nature of encounter

9a5740 No.293234

Lol like what happened to this u guys xD? Like I don't know and I totally didn't know I'd necrobump this dead thread.

8bf0fa No.293433

File: b15f877c4bc7b4b⋯.png (1.18 MB, 7000x5600, 5:4, 4539__artist needed_safe_a….png)


You play as an changeling on a quest to collect love. You're not a convincing one though, so you'll have to go around sucking (love from) as many stallions as you can find while avoiding the attention of mares who'll immediately bust you if they catch you. Stealth-based gameplay, with minigames for extracting love from stallions as quickly as possible before anypony sees you two.

8bf0fa No.293434

File: a8e178bd806ad00⋯.gif (1.01 MB, 548x400, 137:100, 772836__suggestive_artist-….gif)


>minigames for extracting love from stallions as quickly as possible

Most importantly, a rhythm/technique-based minigame, NOT a button-mashing one. Hammering your keyboard is neither sexy nor entertaining, while something like needing to find the best spot and technique for each stallion would actually count as a game.

8bf0fa No.293436

File: 3e97d52a8833ce5⋯.png (134.35 KB, 894x894, 1:1, D-bag_Blueblood.png)

Another idea:

A stallion arrives to start a small business in a new town, quickly learning that it has even less stallions per mares than the rest of Equestria. Whatever his current plan was gets discarded quickly as he realizes what these mares are willing to play for a good dicking, and he decides to become a manwhorse instead. What follows is a time/resource-management game, where you'll have to increase your sex appeal in order to attract more and more wealthy and high-class customers, until you're hot enough to seduce a princess and live happily ever after.

Best of all, I just realized this would provide a perfect explanation to how Prince Blueblood got his title!

587371 No.293442


Why not just make it a pony based brothel management game? You could always use changelings as an excuse for why you need to collect love and to impliment a system where you can customise the look of your employees, since they are shape shifters.

dc718c No.293445


Is he still a very distant relative?

8bf0fa No.293447


This would be a personal improvement story rather than brothel management. Working your way up to more and more proper mares and culminating in a victory with a new title and easy life.


Has he ever been?

587371 No.293449


Rarity said he was Celestia's nephew in Ticketmaster.

Faust said he was her nephew 52 times removed.

So yeah.

The real question is who Celestia and Luna's unknown sibling, he decended from, is, or was. Unless Luna had kids back before the whole "Nightmare Moon" thing happened.

8bf0fa No.293494

File: 61fb563f07d3cb3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 235.85 KB, 1500x1192, 375:298, I think these reunions are….jpg)


Sexy horseshoe-toss?

96d5da No.293495


> Unless Luna had foals before the whole "Nightmare Moon" thing

This is my head canon.

eb0fb7 No.293496


Given how long Celestia and Luna have been alive, if those two are capable of reproducing the entire pony population should be related to them by now. Maybe they just stopped breeding a long time ago out of worry that the ruling class was getting too big to support. Faust's take that Blueblood is a nephew fifty-two times removed would make perfect sense if that were the case. Blueblood being Luna's great-to-the-fiftieth-degree grandson would also make sense given how a special talent for navigation would tie in with Luna's whole moon-and-stars gimmick.

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