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File: a05a5af98d68974⋯.jpg (13.42 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 9646079_300x300.jpg)

File: 5ab2639041c7dde⋯.jpg (97.71 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DB-DjwcXcAIDwgP.jpg)

File: b36f6c4154d1171⋯.jpg (27.81 KB, 401x401, 1:1, DCCbGHhXoAEEnPa.jpg)

File: df1dcfd0eb92c60⋯.jpg (24.39 KB, 544x383, 544:383, DFF8qymUQAA6rE5.jpg)

File: f0a404f75ff3e64⋯.jpg (163.7 KB, 1871x1462, 1871:1462, untitled.JPG)

dddcf4 No.293515

dddcf4 No.293516

File: 24d3204ebbc629e⋯.jpg (207.7 KB, 2048x1468, 512:367, 10700580_325506154277284_1….jpg)

Despite the burden of proofs, this kid who threatened to stab people in a convention refuses to admit his mistake.

Therefore I'm going to get in touch with someone who could know him to at least clarify the situation and show him this video. If he recognize the kitchen ustensils or the sportswear/glasses.

His dad's a doctor. This is where he got that mask.

Ahmed Tarik Shinaishin MD

Specialties - Emergency Medicine Specialist, Pediatrics

(703) 369-8337

8700 Sudley Rd

Manassas, VA 20110-4418

dddcf4 No.293517

File: 24f82ff2be2632f⋯.png (518.89 KB, 681x1655, 681:1655, 45614265.PNG)

File: 4d545c1b3f15b17⋯.png (120.51 KB, 796x1147, 796:1147, 45614266.PNG)

I'd still like to be able to directly contact Ahmed Tarik Shinaishin, by other means than Facebook to make sure it was a joke and nothing else.

If you are located in the US and have some time in your hands…

d4cd69 No.293518

File: 0e855e4a556fbd3⋯.gif (422.53 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 1370620385478.gif)

File: 58a39f2f4d1fbef⋯.png (4.29 MB, 2560x2102, 1280:1051, 58a39f2f4d1fbef099042430d4….png)



>terrorist threats

dddcf4 No.293519

File: 177d2028713eecf⋯.jpg (268.32 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, deviant.JPG)


92d29b No.293521

So people have been trying to dox this creep on IMDB for YEARS and we, Horsefuckers dox this guy in a few hours!?

You guys are amazing.

3f529b No.293522


Who cares


>Not Telling


1e6b54 No.293524

as he should be. Scum like you deserve a good car bomb or chemical attack

d04b6e No.293525

how did you doxxed him?

8cca40 No.293528

File: be847b5df7e0b4d⋯.gif (16.3 KB, 645x773, 645:773, wojakfacepalm.gif)

Good. this dumbass had it coming for a long time. dude pissed off alot of people for a long time and it so happens it was horsefuckers who did his ass in…send the fucker some pizzas fam.

b09023 No.293529

File: c32a5d75ba0be9a⋯.png (29.18 KB, 2400x3200, 3:4, 641858__safe_bon bon_sweet….png)


Darkdoomer did all the job. Asking others like DT (Rizon chick) to post the dox on 8chan it seems.

I clearly have no idea what tools he's using, blaming Shinaishin for using Facebook/Google… Bulshit.

He's done a good job again, better not ask how.

bcab53 No.293530



Serious question, he did bust Neonbrony the same way but still ask others to get involved like "look! I'm helping!"

That's frustrating…. No wonder he's permabanned from 4chan.

b09023 No.293531


Seeking revenge from the Derpibooru SJW mod who leaked his IP on 4chan seems to be a good enough reason, even if it doesn't suits him much.


'I'm not in charge of anything'

lol. Poor filly.

Also why the fuck are you even asking, they exposed a sandnigger SJW acting like an alt-right fucko threatening to kill ponyfags.

there, case closed, move on!

1c6b6a No.293532



ayyy goy, move on, (((we))) have nothing to hide, don't ask questions and accept (((our))) word!

bcab53 No.293535

File: 96ed1ab9db73329⋯.png (29.34 KB, 793x131, 793:131, halp anon.PNG)

File: 56e88c067724f86⋯.png (30.01 KB, 475x248, 475:248, notincharge.PNG)

File: 484c475c33bdfa8⋯.jpg (32.17 KB, 500x353, 500:353, 500x353_1398028127360378.jpg)


Oh shit, didn't notice!

c94e72 No.293538

wew lad

f87e96 No.293545

I'm insulted you think anyone here gives a shit.

ed4532 No.293547

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>You don't fuck with us.

ac59f0 No.293548

File: 75056d709ebf84a⋯.png (275.03 KB, 350x604, 175:302, ClipboardImage.png)

Ah, this brings back memories, when the internet was young, people were careless with their online information, and 4chan didn't give a shit about posting dox. Doxxers' abilities to dredge up useful info from seemingly unimportant tidbits of clues always amazed me. The one with Dusty the cat being the most memorable…

Anyway I'm rambling. The point is I'm very eager to learn how it was done in this case.

b60036 No.293554

File: d63c17566182bf5⋯.png (475.76 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 688082__safe_solo_flutters….png)

A coupler years ago Patachu also doxed, and took down NeonBrony, a SJW shill no one managed to hack. Phone verification, good anonymity. He phished his password using a subdomain on his website, revealing Neon being one of multiple back-up for SJW.

Guy was not trans or a brony at all, just a complete shill who watched a bunch of tumblrinas on Twitter.

He also got a few zoophiles V& from his furry fandom.

But this time I have to recognize it's been a hard case.

Joby Dimms did NOT had anything compromising on his FB.

Joby Dimms did a good job finding an accurate address to fool anyone who tried to get his ass for a while now.

Including Anons on /co/.

Getting this guy required comparing a LOT of members' photos to find a match for his eyebrows, window, voice, and perhaps some kind of unusual access, maybe an IP address, DeviantArt contacts…

Patachu might have compared an IP address to get a match like on Deviantart, something nobody can access.

OR MLPforums. Omar and his troll accounts both used MLPforums, but since he did not want to get banned, it's clear he used a proxy.

Nope, I'm on the wrong way I think. On thousands of users, it' an impossible task.

Congratulations on a job well done.

4d8a50 No.293558

File: 680a1834dc9eeb8⋯.jpg (51.06 KB, 552x629, 552:629, 5365391_dce872fac46739a979….jpg)

>bored 16 year old baits autists online in an extremely edgy manner

>autists begin falling for the bait and start going further by doxing him

>Brony twitter accounts begin mass tweeting this garbage in attempt to ruin his life

All you're doing is falling harder for this kid's garbage trolling. The most that will happen is he will delete his social media accounts and maybe have a police officer come to his house and investigate.

5ba234 No.293561

File: 910142bebeef102⋯.jpg (244.45 KB, 761x738, 761:738, 1420599333016.jpg)


It could have been serious. You know all kind of crazy shit can happen.

If the cops gets involved to investigate what will they find? Some teenage in need for attention? They wouldn't even move unless there's a real threat. If they did the media and every SJW would go on it because he's a shitskin and it would backfire at the whole community, with PurpleTranny and (((Popular voice actress))) calling all bronies to stand against Anonymous/Altbrony bullying and doxing this poor innocent kid for making a joke! Exposing the true intentions of the alt-right! Baaww!




Let's sum this up.

Neonbrony's been a shill LARPing as a brony, trying to get attention as a genderfluid brony, accusing /mlp/ and 4channers, also loved to pass as the victim at every possible occasion. Patachu did the right thing and took down xyr twitter with a dumb phishing link, then used it as a lolcow with a few friend to play with. Tinker and DiracDrynx spred the false rumor NeonBrony (Andy from Manchester, UK) an hero'd after getting doxed by /mlp/ which is what got cringe/sjw threads and a few members including Oatachu b& from 4chan.

So far doxing Patachu revealed one of his IP address, Ciaran Benson, an unconscious (ex) mod tried to get him V& realized at which point he done fucked up dumping the little info he got on 4chan.

But it's true, when Patachu is VERY shady. I'd really like him to check this thread and explain to us how he did for that big guy here.

dc9f9f No.293564

This is going too far, This kid's family is now receiving strange racist phone calls and death threats.

e9bbba No.293565

Delete this thread NOW. The kid's family is receiving threats.

Post last edited at

ed4532 No.293568

232dd2 No.293569

I still want to know how did you doxxed him

232dd2 No.293570

I still want to know how did you doxxed him >>293515

e9f8a7 No.293571

File: fbe15ab73029789⋯.jpg (11.67 KB, 245x318, 245:318, 1398463600417.jpg)

This thread to a curve to the weird.

This is either MuhammadHuAkbar himself or someone really close to him posting this. Either way this is only horse news in VA.

d93960 No.293573


good lmao

d93960 No.293575

File: 867d37b8e39b140⋯.jpg (27.35 KB, 428x391, 428:391, 799fd90c3950ae532195878d33….jpg)

9f208c No.293578

File: b913cc2139807de⋯.jpg (485.07 KB, 1600x2000, 4:5, DSC04007.JPG)




Hi guys, well, since you're all asking I'm going to do some kind of AMA about how to dox properly or get info you are not supposed to get.

depending of your target, it's up to you to change and improve. sure, i'll be honest it's not with a simple google search you can find what you want, even if now, if you just type a name, you get everything about people exposing their real life on Facebook and all kind of socialist networking crap.

Essentially,it takes a lot of investigation, you have a LOT of data, and have to adapt everytime and know who you are centered around, his point of interests, in his case what he's targeting, what he's using and where he's been posting. this case was actually interesting since we had images, format 480p, flat, no deep of field, taken with a phone.

so i'm hooking on a public wifi and try to break in Facebook, classic, forgot my password, etc. same for twitter, there's a phone verification. a few guesses for the emailpassword combo, no success. He's got no friends or anything so it's not like i'm gonna access anything, brought back my phishing pages on my page for a moment. This is why it's important to keep a SE toolkit.

the rare details he provided, the video of this guy, a location, a name (Andrew) from Farmington, Missouri.which is bait, this means he cares about his anonymity. I'm keeping the phone verifications for later.

Still know I can find Joby if I track his posts on lesser secured sites.


phpBB is usually a goldmine if we know where to look for, the admins did a decent job, it's hard to break or inject anything to open their database. Penetration tests, etc, I've been seeing gaping security holes on Oracle Payroll databases but this one is the work of a true autist. I like how this sucks. if i had the time and hardware i could eventually break it but i'm keeping it for later, and i wouldn't get a lot of intresting stuff.

Most site blocks proxies, and the way now to remain Anon is to use a phone, that's a first step. Phones are shit computers and usually are very good security holes, especially a little exploit i've found on wikos during a security audit on how to make some Oracle software work for managers on their mobiles like a client-terminal app. and explaining why it's a bad idea, turns out this exploit is small but that's all i need.

let's make a call. sometimes the best way to get a password is to ask for it to a responsible, administrator, and politely. here, i think it won't work because my guy is sleeping, but not his phone. it's always on. So I prepare my toolkit, ssh, metasploit. some homebrew scripts and tools from the Kool Kidz Klub, darknet shit, just keeping in mind i'm not with a limited bandwidth. 10:00 i'm ordering another café. anyways androids on 3/4g usually have an Ip that changes all the time, but as long it's connected, yeah.

Wit hthe little help of a …pricy tool, yet priceless, i'm getting to make sure if a given request on a cell network will reach its destination, and yes, thanks for it it arrived, and for the program i'm using it worked like a ping, now i don't care about the passwored reset, i know it's a lagdroid! and it's in Virginia. Well, okay let's go further. After fiddling with some SE exploits i finally get to ssh into a that terminal, something relevant to my interests, 96.255.something Verizon in Manassas. this means both wifi and 3G are on. From here, the whois gave me everything i needed. Streetview, satellite, searching for the name, Ahmed Shinaishin. From here I research this name. The rest is looking for info about him, classy with DDG, but less classy with requests especially schools, who keep tracks of every student since this guy got promoted with a ridiculous hat (seriously what's with those hats?)

Finally find a few videos of Omar in his kitchen, and recognize his eyebrows, surgeon mask he certainly got from his father, and windows's blinds.

Take a few screenshots, list everything, check, re-check again then confirm it's him, since it could be redirecting me to another target of his choice. but nope, all the elements are matching. asking others on crypto to confirm, and make the info public. i really expected something bigger, like a real loon, nothing really bad.


This guy was easy, and if really any of you have issues with this midget fraud, just hop on Rizon IRC.

Tiarannosaur is a good assistant, yet even more cryptic collaborator, it's also important to really know who you share info with. As for most of the techniques, it would be hard to list them all, mostly lulzsec and /ncr/ stuff, then KKK for the harder SE part and mods. i'm just putting the tools in common with the material and that's interesting.

9f208c No.293579

File: 4aca598881cf974⋯.png (3.99 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, kkkwp.png)


sure that's discouraging when you go traditional "let's try to get his email, go with the old SE shit and ruin the last exploits we have one by one like limited ammo" most of people doing SE / doxing are focusing on either one, or too many details.

in my job, like, to find an issue in global payroll and absence management you really have to start from the source of eveything in the continuity of the data, the personnel. human beings. that's your main exploit. always. you must never get impressed by the veriification and security checkups but use them. the more layers of secu will be added the more gaping seciurity holes will be dug, and this is why windows users with huge Norton packs are tarded. my fav is when a session starts, the firewall services or software, with a shiny animated UI a la Symantec-Kaspersky takes a while to start up, just enough to inject a few kb of executable code.


>Darkdoomer did all the job

nah, i just use tools, there's not a lot of glory, gotta thank >pic related for the programs.

the rest, you guess is OPSEC and you know you can't have the details on a chanboard like this one. or at least not right now.

d78a1b No.293580

File: 2ae10914a622622⋯.png (335.79 KB, 650x487, 650:487, 1432890169162.png)

>Nothing but ugly and girly drawings hastily put together, complete with liberal propaganda and retarded songs. Pure cancer.

This guy has a point.

9f208c No.293581


it was not honest, Shinaishin is a pure example of butthurt libdem not managing to fit anywhere, and instead of be friendly, troll as a retarded christfag. like it's not obvious, but lib retards will believe it that's the point.

Oh did i mention thee people usually use their trolls to attack themselves and do their best to pass for the victim? Like a jew tagging a swastika on a synagogue and then cry in front of it "BWAH HAW HAW SIX MILLIONgib monesAAAWRRRH"

dddcf4 No.293582


Gotta admit I gave his bait a lick but it was just too huge, and reassured me it was just a troll. With murcans you never know.

9f208c No.293583

not going to say but there's still a few things that are not clear about this guy, and his intentions, not gonna spoil anything but these dox are all we know for guaranteed.

"this is as far as the development has progressed"

75e2f6 No.293585


That's amazing. So the first security issue really are:

- Facebook or Twitter's verification process allows you to obtain or identify a phone, a mobile phone!

- You're basically using law enforcement software to track a phone!

- Outdated AndroidOS is a security flaw you exploited

- Identification from metadata in photographs

- Teenagers posting anything on Facebook makes them potential targets

WOW. That's big.

8cca40 No.293587


Kid Had it coming. You dont just go about threating to kill people at movie theaters and conventions…fake threats or not the cops take that shit seriously these days. We arent falling for his garbage trolling…this is simply us teaching him a lesson about parading around like some fucking jihadist bent on mass murder.

9e29b0 No.293588

File: 61ed88963c7fe29⋯.png (448.69 KB, 789x763, 789:763, 1471138513935.png)

Im still going to see the movie

9f208c No.293592


Me too, this time not because it's some pony shit, but because Michel Gagné worked on it and visibly made a mad animation work as always. Then for the story I am very skeptical, but that's something else.


No, you… don't understand.

1ef0d5 No.293596


Is CCW allowed in theaters in the most conservative states ?

Is it only allowed when you're in the streets or at home ?

e9f8a7 No.293600


Where Im at its kinda understood that everyone has some sort of weapon to defend themselves. Thank you tn

Most states make you get a permit, which isn't much money wise but I think you have to take a gun safety course or something similar

ac59f0 No.293612

9e29b0 No.293619


Underrated post

6e0790 No.293620


Some theaters probably prohibit weapons, but they aren't going to give you a patdown. State and municipal ordinances are all over the board, but I imagine if carry is permitted, it is permitted in private establishments.

d78a1b No.293621

If dubs then I don't hang myself tonight.

d78a1b No.293622


Oh shit here we go boys

9e29b0 No.293624


>and /ncr/ stuff

I work for those assholes and I know you dont mean them. What is your ncr?

9e29b0 No.293625


Join linkin park please. You need to die

d2d227 No.293628


It's a Unix system!

So. You literally deployed all the means you and your friends had, including strictly illegal SE tools especially for this AndroidOS exploit, you know what are the risks for you to use this kind of stuff, I know this guy, he's confident no one, not even admins of communities he's got banned from could backtrace his IP or browser. You used heavy artillery here, this kind of stuff may get you in trouble.

dddcf4 No.293638


New Cow Republic. not NCR chips or tech stuff.

you know, /baphomet/.


in the end it doesn't even matter

df1a30 No.293658


I'm confused, can somebody please explain me

>After fiddling with some SE exploits i finally get to ssh into a that terminal, something relevant to my interests, 96.255.something Verizon in Manassas


What does SE here stand for? Social engineering? Sony ericsson?

What terminal, a phone? Did he ssh to phone via cellular network to get phone's ip? I feel dumb.

fe9790 No.293708


>Seeking revenge from the Derpibooru SJW mod who leaked his IP on 4chan

that happened when?

57a907 No.293737

Darkdoomer, how did you do this? Can you tell us what info you started with and how you pieced the rest together?

I want to learn.

57a907 No.293738



Diamond - I'd also like to ask you this >>293737

I mean, a tutorial would be most helpful for future cases.

57a907 No.293740


Are you darkdoomer? If not can I ask you

what darknets you gon on, what the Kool Kidz Klub is, what homebrew scripts you use, and why did you go the others on crypto to confirm? I didn't figure there would be any point as you'd all be looking at the same data.

Also, what Rizon IRC chanel are you on?

What's 'crypto'?

Also, how do you use a proxy on 4chan?


Who's /baphomet? Link?

67ba84 No.293849



aa93a2 No.293871

File: b73197e2ecdd946⋯.jpg (132.71 KB, 1100x880, 5:4, project christine.jpg)


>>>>who's /baphomet/

d4fbba No.293891

File: 9401f184fd769ce⋯.jpg (54.96 KB, 564x704, 141:176, 1.jpg)


What an actual fucking mouse faggot he is.

Trying to blackamil us - straight white christian DChads that just enjoy Zack Snyder kinography.

>check his fllowings

>Hillary Clinton




>Kylo Ren from Force Engourges on his avatar

You can't make this shit up. Life comes at you fast.

Wtf I like bronies now.

4e33f5 No.293936


Yes Patachu is Darkdoomer's alias. Actually Patachu's one of his OCs. He did a tough job remaining anonymous, they're using a transgendered name on Facebook or other social networks. Not that legal but they can't do shit about it.

Darkdoomer's previously a member of LULZSEC, from what I've found, and a long time /g/ poster, who certainly got banned for -more or less- exposing allowed, unbannable shills on 4chan /g/ /v/ /tv/ and a few boards. Also certainly /pol/ stuff.


Look like I'm spoonfeeding more than investigating this case.


Ciaran Benson knows SJWs hate patachu and thought it would never backfire. He was stupid thinking he could get away with leaking his IP.

I found out that locates him in Biefmorin, which is anj old house he's renovating, as his apartment is in Dijon. All these info are available if you READ what he posts.

Diamond Tiara seems to have done the same things, reported a week ago with contact, it seems that they did the same thing. We're talking about a legal loophole in french law here.

For the Rizon channels you can find them both on #/pone/ #mlpfim #8chan #rizoncareers (Intresting) and #ncr (very intresting)

crypto means encrypted, a secure communication.

/baphomet/ is http://8ch.net/baphomet/


SE stands for Social Engineering. He apparently knows about an exploit in Adroid.

This kid used his phone/mobile IP to dissociate everything from his static IP related to his family and laptop and troll securely. Here, they managed vulgarly to

- force his phone to transmit a data packet, by forcing twitter/FB to send him a verification code

- TRACKING that text message (high tier) from the platform to the user

- detect his 3G/4G ip via some tool

- use that android exploit to SSH the phone and activate the wifi, they might at this point have turned on the GPS

- launch another attack to the LAN of this kid's home and family, doxing his father first and contacting him. Also certainly knowing everything about them.

They really brought out the antiterrorist artillery, not skiddie shit to bruteforce a password or just take down a youtube/facebook page.

About the Kool Kids Klub, all I got is this link http://koolkidsklub.tech/ A group of hackers, it seems like they're hanging on #tech

e62621 No.293946


thank you very much for your explanation


hey is it possible that that's the mentioned pricy tool?

0505d5 No.293961

File: ce7012240525766⋯.png (202.1 KB, 864x981, 96:109, 141800329786.png)



This is terrifying. this is truly terrifying. The fact this can be done, by government or police, and some hacker bronies have access to this kind of software or equipment is terrifying. It's no doubt you guys put them in use to get this guy.

Just tell me how can I avoid this? Should I throw my Android phone away and get something else? How can we be safe?

0f79f2 No.293984


Patachu's always been a hardcore 4channer, but 4chan changed too much and he never wanted to see it becoming what it became. So far he's never really banned for doing anything illegal or almost against the rules

- Doxing people from cringe threads. Even if nothing happened on /mlp/ itself, it led to some drama in the staff when NeonBrony supposedly commit suicide after being raided, doxed, hacked on Twitter.This guy was a complete fake everyone knew it. /mlp/ mods wanted to make it a safer space since.

- Industria greentext/write threads escaped the no-nazi-stories unwritten rule of /mlp/ or 4chan in general, and couldn't be dealt with but considering it subtle /pol/-posting.

- Making sure /g/, /v/ and other boards aware about protected shills on 4chan. Yes 4chan makes money allowing shills to do their due on many boards.

- Betrayal when /trash/ came out, a place for furries and anthro drawfags to post without getting banned. A furry-friendly mod on #4chan encouraged him and a few others to post their art there. Being a furry/pony artist himself, Patachu's been a dick assuming /trash/ was derogatory for furry art, bragging about respect and acting literally like a SJWs. He refused to shill /trash/ >for free, especially when the anthro raids occurred on /mlp/, and encouraged furry drawfags to instead move to lulz.net or here on /pone/

I won't judge if he did the right or wrong thing but here's the facts. 4chan is a cancerous website now.

So maybe it's the right thing. He don't care about being banned, like he did with FA. He knows things will be fucked after him.

412f4e No.293985


> How can we be safe?

There really isn't much what a regular joe can do. The current world demands internet presence with your own face, address and phone number, making you doxable at all times. Unless you turn into crime or live off the grid as a hermit, there isn't anything you can do. There's some info on the KKK website above, just to see how tightly you have to keep your tinfoil hat on to keep at least some kind of anonymity on the internet.

The best bet is not to do anything stupid. That applies to real life as well.

dddcf4 No.293988

File: 9bb5b1d029f38c3⋯.png (373.39 KB, 800x800, 1:1, privacy.png)



Yes there is, and it's simple. learn to live offline.

Don't fall for simple, dumbed-down consumerism. Because refusing to be a part of the machine is the best way to control this machine, and the degenerates connected to it.

You don't need a smartphone. You can listen to your music on a good MP3 player or watch films on a off-line device.

For christmas I bet ypou'll still ask for the new shit. the newest console that will monitor and create stats of your profile, a new phone or a new laptop, watching dumb shit from online services like Netflix or Amazon.

You can take decent photos and videos with a proper camera, and don't miss a single pixel.

You can enjoy music on a decent stereo or a proper music player.

You don't need to carry a phone everywhere you go, as soon you get a GSM you are already tracked and connected. Make sure you can turn off your phone any time. Or get a cheap Nokia.

If you use an iPhone, Windows phone or Android, you're literally transmitting a flux of data anywhere you go against your consent, even when you turn the 3g/4g off, it keeps logging your position.

This is what you agree when you accept a service. Data will be collected and shared and commercialized, including private data, including keys supposed to protect your privacy. Because this is what you asked when you purchased these.

The way Apple embedded a biometric chip on their new iphone was supposed to improve privacy and security. Biometric data are collected instead, becoming ; like a lot of data you generate on these devices the property of Apple and are not stored in your device.

Windows since Windows 8 is designed with built-in backdoors, you can not opt-out from these telemetry services completely. Data collected are, according to the EULA their property. These data can be exploited by anyone, not just sold by Microsoft to their partners.

If you use "cloud" services, discontinue using these. Get a local hard drive. All the cloud data are stored on a computer you don't own and are monitored, and can be accessed.

Today, MacOS X, Android and Windows are gaping security holes today because corporations hire diverse but unqualified, clueless developers.

GNU/Linux distros are designed by mature men who knows what they're doing. Taking gigabytes of RAM for fucking nothing but bloatware, a galaxy of exploits available for governments, spies, datamining companies and of course hackers. You should switch to a proper GNU/Linux distro.

Finally if you just acquire anything that should not be connected, or one of these wifi speakers like Alexa, Siri, Google Home, Cortana, or any similar service, you ought to be euthanized.

if you use your proper, real life name on Facebook you will be doxed. Assume the consequences.

Think like a pone, Anon. poners are untraceable. poners are free.

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>Windows since Windows 8 is designed with built-in backdoors

Actually, since XP they have a backdoor. Windows 10 is the absolute worst OS for privacy. It tells you right in the EULA that they read your emails.

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