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File: 61236939dcacd40⋯.png (1.17 MB, 936x1209, 24:31, 1507407863029.png)

e22810 No.297261

Looks like an employee over at DHX leaked everything from season 7, the movie and the full show bible, all because DHX was going to sell itself to the highest bidder

Now all we need to do is webm all the episodes including the movie and convert the entire show bible into a easily readable pdf file.

Of course most of this shit comes from cuckchan, but we can take the legs work and get more done.

e22810 No.297262

File: fa222af36f35398⋯.jpg (41.68 KB, 422x495, 422:495, 1507392878645.jpg)



yadi DOT sk / d / gkMqdDa33NQzgg

e22810 No.297263


S07E25 - Shadow Play, Part I (October 28)

When Sunburst discovers the lost journal of Starswirl the Bearded, Twilight becomes obsessed with

saving her magical idol from a thousand-year-prison.

S07E26 - Shadow Play, Part II (October 28)

With Starswirl and the other Pillars of Old Equestria back from limbo (where they’ve been trapped

for a thousand years), Twilight and her friends must work together to defeat the Pony of Shadows.

Finale written by Josh Haber and Nicole Dubuc

e22810 No.297265


Also, some other kindly Anon has put together a megapost, which I shall now paste without editing because I am lazy.








https://iwatchitfortheplot.romesilvanus.io/Pony/Videos/Official/Leaked%20official%20files/Opening%20Animatic.mp4 (embed)




>Main Movie folder, inlcudes everything below:


>Original leaked file meant for Hasbro partners. 129GB file. Bitrate: 185Mb/s


>x264 version for most device:


>x265 / HEVC version for more powerful devices:


e22810 No.297266


>Movie script:



>Movie Soundtrack:


And the Books and comics to go along with them:


>My Little Pony፡ The Movie፡ Adventure Awaits


>My Little Pony፡ The Movie፡ Friends and Foes


>My Little Pony፡ The Movie፡ Look & Find


>My Little Pony፡ The Movie፡ Pony Pirate Party!


>My Little Pony፡ The Movie፡ Seaponies Make a Splash!


>My Little Pony፡ The Movie፡ The Great Princess Caper


e22810 No.297267

08f7d7 No.297268

Neat, thanks OP.

61241d No.297269


>Of course most of this shit comes from cuckchan, but we can take the legs work and get more done.

>proceeds to copy paste neatly organised posts from /mlp/

>instead of mega or magnet links posts links to nor/mlp/erson's owned site

gee anon, riddle me this, if you hate them so much, why did you go on /mlp/ in the first place?

>convert the entire show bible into a easily readable pdf file.

but it already is a neat single pdf file, don't know what do you want to do with it.

e22810 No.297270


>why did you go on /mlp/ in the first place?

To get the information and bring it here, where else would I've gotten the info?

>but it already is a neat single pdf file, don't know what do you want to do with it.

Really? I kinda rushed all this with out really thinking but if you have any ideas go ahead.

8b7137 No.297271

File: d71f153a5213478⋯.jpg (114.04 KB, 484x480, 121:120, 1451820609491.jpg)







How do I know if any of this shit is safe?

61241d No.297272


>where else would I've gotten the info?


Which implies you must have been there beforehand, because you didn't find out about leak anywhere but there. Hence my original question, and of which you dodged the point. second option is that you browse ponychan

e22810 No.297273


>Which implies you must have been there beforehand

I found out through twitter from ZXInsanity. I didn't see a thread here so I went over there and brought over the links here.

61241d No.297274


>I found out through twitter from ZXInsanity

>No new tweets since september 2016

either i'm looking at wrong twitter account the one from youtube page, or you're just bullshitting me

e22810 No.297275


>either i'm looking at wrong twitter account


I found out through Pedant Czepialski.

61241d No.297277


i see, gotcha.

e22810 No.297280

eb6024 No.297283

File: 8592e883522ae82⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 399.22 KB, 1061x365, 1061:365, poni runes.png)

I think this is the first instance of a written language for ponies that isn't complete giberish.

The runes literally say "poni runes"

e22810 No.297286

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8b7137 No.297287

File: 882d960129010fa⋯.gif (141.27 KB, 582x400, 291:200, mlfw5712-10898.gif)

Did the (((CIA))) finally take it down?

90a8f6 No.297289

File: 53fa26327606c39⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, 343F01D0-6093-4934-8DF0-1D….png)

So that’s where that came from

Well, hasbro has a reason to fully replace them with boulder

97e44a No.297291

File: 32a0fa7076811c8⋯.png (145.05 KB, 780x463, 780:463, who needs sleep anyway.png)


Welp, I exceeded the download limit on Mega and now have to wait 5 hours until I can download the rest. Can somebody provide the same files in torrent?

e22810 No.297292


Try this-


e22810 No.297293

eb6024 No.297294

One thing I have to wonder now, is how the fuck does the timeline work now?

Starswirl raised and taught Luna and Celestia how to rule and use magic after the exodus that led to the founding of equestria

Discord takes over and rules for an unknown amount of time before Luna and Celestia rainbow laser him using the elements of harmony and become rulers of equestria

Starswirl sacrifices himself and the other ancient heroes and creates the seed that becomes the tree of harmony

So he sacrificed himself before the rule of discord, but after the founding of equestria, except the princesses where never mentioned in any of the old tales, nor in the Shadow Pony stuff, it must have been back when discord and Tirek knew eachother, but starswirl didn't seem to recognise their names and he made a spell specifically to manipulate the elements that didn't exist in his own life time, though he is somewhat excused by not having finished it.

Logic would suggest the ancient heroes where from before the founding of equestria, except at least one of them wasn't actually that old, they still had her wooden mask around, kept in her old house by her decendants, and that place didn't look 1000+ years old. Hell, her journal was written in modern enough a language that fluttershy could read it, so not old ponish.

Except several of those ancient heroes where defitnetly not from equestria. The sorceress was fucking around with some empress, and when did Equestria have an empress? And the pegasus with the shield was serving some king if my memory serves, so again, not equestria. And there was that pharao too. So where the ancient heroes pre equestria? But then how the fuck was starswirl around AFTER the founding of equestria to guide the sisters, when he sacrificed himself along with the ancient heroes to stop Sombrero 2.0?

When the fuck was this to suppoed to take place?

Also, why did noone ask Discord if he knew anything about Sombrero 2.0 or if he had safe access to the plane of Mambo. He has regular access to other dimensions after all and he's old enough that he was probably around at the time and powerful enough that Sombrero 2.0 would have gotten him involved.

e22810 No.297295

File: b946ef249f6394a⋯.pdf (5.88 MB, Official Show Bible.pdf)

099aff No.297296


Awesome, man, thanks a bunch! I'll try to seed as much as I can!

e22810 No.297298



49d757 No.297299


>What does it take to make someone fall in love with a brand? What makes a series of stories you heard in your childhood memorable for you entire life, so much so that you want to share them with your children once you become an adult? Think of The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter. These brands settle into the hearts and memories of their audience and remain there. Why? These brands are worlds. The possibilities within these worlds are vast, yet there is a defned logic and structure to these alternate realities, making them highly believable. Moving more inwardly, these worlds have limitless lands where limitless types of beings and characters can live in them.

Faust gets it. Now, some of her episode ideas may be crazy (Applejack giving herself concussions, gangsta dogs, Rainbow Dash letting Scootaloo shoot herself out of a canon she so would), but that tolkien-esque universe is what made the old show so engrossing. Well, that and plenty of bright colors to stimulate the malfunctioning cortices of autists everywhere.

90a8f6 No.297301

Was the SB made before she knew it would get a TV-Y and stuff?

882340 No.297305

>>297261 Jesus, did the movie really piss off DHX employees that much? I think there is/was some delicious drama behind the scenes.

e22810 No.297307


DHX is selling itself even though they're constantly working. They wasted all their hard cash in acquiring expensive IPs without generating enough income to sustain all their acquisitions.

053dc5 No.297314



>S7 of MLP

Pick one.

Also, that maintenance bunker thread was fun.

Wasn't it?

…Wasn't it?!?

696409 No.297318


But that's just germanic runes.

e77062 No.297320


Mega is the kike of filesharing, why don't you torrent or use at worse stuff like 4shared?

e77062 No.297321


oh, thanks Anon!

eb6024 No.297322


Exactly. Other letters used in the series, like the foal free press stuff, where its gibberish or regular letters and spelling so fucked up it might as well be gibberish. This was classic elder futhark.

e77062 No.297323


fdoes it has something to see with the fact these damned breezies speak some form of old gaelic?

e77062 No.297324

oh er, can someone reupload the bible pdf somewhere? watchitfortheplot.romesilvanus.io seems down here…

e77062 No.297326


ha nevermind found them. that's gonna e a really pony journey, and these are really a good source for episode translation/subtitles…


0c2d4b No.297327

Please say someone dled the movie and is willing to share. Please do. >>297261

f28a00 No.297337


>breezies speak some form of old gaelic

But they're Swedes.

e77062 No.297338

File: 687096022813cfd⋯.gif (550.95 KB, 500x281, 500:281, Proton_quark_strong_nuclea….gif)



This time I'm sure this is the correct link. phew.

0c2d4b No.297340


Thank you very much.

e22810 No.297349


Its here - >>297295

696409 No.297353


Their language is a mix of the most unintelligible languages of Europe.

eb6024 No.297364


I don't know, they didn't sound remotely like Finns or like they where from Wales.

To a scandinavian ear, I'd have to say they didn't sound remotely scandinavian either.

Not sure why you'd make your little fairy fuckers norse instead of say, Irish either.

8baba1 No.297366

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Have you ever seen "The Muppet Show" from back when Jim Hensen was alive? It had this bit called "The Sweedish Chef" which was kind of a play on Julia Childs' cooking show. The breezies sound like pitched-up versions of the Sweedish Chef.

eb6024 No.297367


Yes, I know that. The joke is though, that he doesn't speak anything that sounds remotely like actual Swedish. Its the difference between "Durka durka durka" and someone speaking arabic.

3bb65c No.297369

File: 19281630d2dc664⋯.png (570.74 KB, 791x749, 113:107, 30570cf000.png)


abe90b No.297370


That's pretty much just a purplish Trixie. It rather lends credence to the idea that Trixie is a bizarro Twilight like Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, and Moon Dancer.

abe90b No.297371


Yeah, and Zecora does not sound like any kind of African. Whatever. They are not going for realistic dialects. Breezies sound like the parody of swedes.

184c3b No.297383


They intended to get someone to write Zecora's lines in Swahili, but the deadline was too close.

3bb65c No.297384


Yeah I heard that story at Nightmare Nights last year. The Swahili translator didn't show up in time to record so they just had her rhyme instead.

696409 No.297385


Weren't there like one or two lines said by Zecora in some african language when she first appeared?

3bb65c No.297387


I think they said they made up gibberish.

9f950c No.297406


what he's saying is more like English with a Swedish tone garbled through it. if you pay attention, you can make out what he's saying:

"If we can't egg the chef, we're going to chicky, chicky the chef" (at 1:25)


>Hasbro throws DHX out the window

>hires that guy from that other thread

>feels good man.

252943 No.297412


If I remember correctly, there was one bit on The Muppet Show where Sam the Eagle called him on the fact that he was not actually speaking Swedish and demanded to know where he was actually from, to which the Swedish Chef responded in Japanese.

099aff No.297414

File: 9b02504665741df⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 449.17 KB, 800x450, 16:9, you dont want to eat rain….webm)

File: 4780c7baf9cdde5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 429.32 KB, 768x1616, 48:101, 246896__explicit_grotesque….png)

>Rainbow Dash hates washing

099aff No.297415

File: 5afc6988cb49697⋯.webm (666.38 KB, 764x433, 764:433, it took Sunburst 31 attem….webm)

421e13 No.297417

File: d13822a9854fa8f⋯.jpg (26.88 KB, 500x487, 500:487, 1344219169214.jpg)


>Pony Pirate Party

43efaf No.297421


>hires that guy from that other thread

let that go already anon, if they want him (which I doubt they will) they'll go to him and he clearly said he doesn't want autistic anon faggots going around like idiots. Its funny tho how he said the same thing Faust said. >>297299

e27d42 No.297440

does this mean we need to worry about season 8?

3bb65c No.297441


Season 8 was already confirmed and is probably well into production. You'll never escape this wild ride.

9f950c No.297444



that is unless the investors are so pissed some of them leave the ride.

the movie being leaked cost them a lot in terms of potential netflix, dvd and ticket sales revenue.

69ad10 No.297447


Non-spoiler question: When does the movie take place in relation to season 7? Is there any indication?

54b078 No.297448




Nice job copying my post from /mlp, Anon.

Post last edited at

696409 No.297450


no namefaging please

c00919 No.297451


> assuming it's even canon

346b2a No.297453


yes, it takes place between 7 and 8

which makes sense since the griffins, dragons, changelings etc didn't help the Equestrians out



>trips of truth

Let's hope for the best

289339 No.297454


Read the thread faggot, I already explained why.

882340 No.297482


Did I miss something? What thread is this?

9f950c No.297485


its this one >>293066

7795dc No.297510

File: 1e175348703df73⋯.png (351.62 KB, 562x600, 281:300, 1e1.png)



44e6f2 No.297542

So with the substantial amount of DEEPEST LORE given to us in the finale, I have revised my working timeline of the history. Spoilers, obviously.


>a plague of Cutie Pox arises and later disappears

>the three tribes of ponies share an tentative alliance for the purpose of agriculture

>the arrival of the Windigos brings a perpetual winter fueled by the ponies’ negativity

>representatives of the three tribes are sent to find a new land for their people to settle

>faced with destruction, the three tribes put aside their differences and expel the Windigos

>the unified tribes found the nation of Equestria

Early Equestrian history

>the first flag of Equestria is created by Nimble Thimble

>Celestia and Luna are born shortly before or after the founding of Equestria

>Starswirl asks Celestia and Luna to become the monarchs of the unified nation; they are crowned the first princesses of Equestria

>construction of the Castle of the Two Sisters begins

>the unicorns fail to move the sun and moon; Starswirl’s hair turns white from the strain; Celestia and Luna move the sun and the moon for the first time; the princesses earn their cutie marks

>Cadance defeats Prismia and becomes an alicorn

>Tirek and Scorpan arrive in Equestria; Scorpan alerts the ponies to Tirek’s plans and Tirek is imprisoned in Tartarus

>Stygian assembles the Pillars of Equestria

>the Sirens are confronted by the Pillars and banished to another world by Starswirl

>Stygian attempts to replicate the Pillars’ power in order to aid them; they mistake his intentions and cast him out

>Stygian is corrupted and becomes the Pony of Shadows

>the Pillars imbue a crystal seed with their essences and plant it in a cave beneath the Princesses’ castle

>the Pillars banish the Pony of Shadows and themselves to Limbo

Later Equestrian history

>the seed planted by the Pillars grows into the Tree of Harmony

>Discord begins terrorizing Equestria; Celestia and Luna remove the Elements of Harmony from the Tree of Harmony and use their power to imprison Discord

>the Tree of Harmony’s power begins to diminish

>Sombra comes to power in the Crystal Empire, but is later overthrown; the Crystal Empire disappears

>Luna grows resentful of her sister and attempts to seize full control of Equestria; Celestia uses the Elements of Harmony to banish Luna to the moon

>Celestia relocates the capital to Canterlot

>the Protective Pony Platoons of the EUP Guard are established

>a team of aerial performers, led by General Firefly, commemorate the anniversary of the defeat of Nightmare Moon; the team are later named the Wonderbolts

Recent history

>Holder Cobblestone discovers a boulder in a dragon’s nest and builds a rock farm around it

>Grub Hooffield and Piles McColt arrive at the Smokey Mountain Valley and begin their feud

>Granny Smith and her family settle near the Everfree Forest

>Granny Smith discovers Zap Apples and begins producing and selling Zap Apple Jam; Stinkin’ Rich establishes a store to sell the jam; the town of Ponyville grows up around the area

>the Feud between the Apple family and the Pear family begins

>Bright McIntosh and Pear Butter meet

>Cranky Doodle Donkey meets Matilda at the Grand Galloping Gala

>Bright McIntosh and Pear Butter are married

>Celestia takes Sunset Shimmer as a student; Sunset later abandons her studies and leaves to another world

>Bright McIntosh and Pear Butter die

>the Mane Six receive their cutie marks

>Cheese Sandwich receives his cutie mark after attending one of Pinkie Pie’s parties in Ponyville

>Daring Do begins publishing novels based on her adventures under the pen name A.K. Yearling

>Appleloosa is founded

Events of S1

Events of S2

Events of S3

Events of Equestria Girls

Events of S4

Events of Rainbow Rocks

Events of S5

Events of Friendship Games

Events of S6

Events of Legend of Everfree

Events of S7

Events of My Little Pony: The Movie

8204f7 No.297549

The only thing I got from all this is that despite the "success" of MLP, DHX is broke as a muther.

51f14b No.297551


Problem: Starswirl was Clover the Clever's mentor. He would have tutored Celestia and Luna before the unification.

90a8f6 No.297553


>Early Equestrian history

>>Cadance defeats Prismia and becomes an alicorn

Does Shining Armor know


Studio B's service work would have little to do with it

9f950c No.297555




8204f7 No.297556


Studio B was acquired in 2007 becoming part of DHX.

MLP started in 2010 and despite it's "success" couldn't stop a potential sale and falling stock value. That says something considering they just did a movie with a season 8 coming along.

It's not like the MLP toys sold very well, that's why EQ happened after all. Even then, was the show ever really profitable or has it been made at a loss all these years?

9f950c No.297557


>It's not like the MLP toys sold very well, that's why EQ happened after all. Even then, was the show ever really profitable or has it been made at a loss all these years?

from an article:

>Practically every single big problem the toy industry right now faces stems from the same issue; everything had gone so well for the past decade(s), that it is impossible to conceive that the situation changed and that alterations have to be made. (Or, worse, things have to be let ago). The golden age has been so close that most toy industry insiders don't believe it has passed. But it has; children spend far less time behind a TV and more on the digital realm. (Some people think this means "normal" toys are used less and less, but that isn't true - TV is just used less) Animated TV shows are working relatively less and less. https://archive.fo/6iLjj Toy industry companies want to "adapt" to this by uploading short videos on YouTube and making small apps that one is done with in 10-15 minutes. That is what the Dutch call "a napkin against the bleeding" - it's too little. It has to be a complete interactive system, not gimmicks.

293f08 No.297571


I dont follow your logic there. I was mainly going off of the Journal of the Two Sisters that said that Starswirl only met the princesses after the founding of Equestria.

c7ec32 No.297572


The disconnect is in "Hearth's Warming Eve" where Clover named Starswirl as her mentor.

c7ec32 No.297573


In addition, the Equesrtian flag that they raised featured Celestia and Luna.

90a8f6 No.297578


I was saying it would be Hasbro's award, since they actually pay for and profit from MLP. Studio B/DHX Vancouver is only a production partner.

293f08 No.297579



Yeah, I'm aware that Starswirl was a mentor to Clover, but that has nothing to do with him later acting as a tutor to the princesses. As for the flag, the one we see being raised in Hearth's Warming Eve is the modern flag of Equestria. The scene does not refer to the flag as being the original design used following the unification. The flag depicts the princesses along with the sun and the moon, which would have no meaning unless the design was created after the princesses took over the movement of the sun and moon, which didn't happen until after Equestria was founded and Celly and Luna had been made the princesses. The flag raising is most likely just the Mane 6 taking artistic liberties for the sake of the play.

86f20f No.297585


>Yeah, I'm aware that Starswirl was a mentor to Clover, but that has nothing to do with him later acting as a tutor to the princesses.

He would have had to have been younger than one would expect of a master when he began Clover's studies if that were the case. Otherwise, he would have been too old after the unification to raise two goddess children. I suppose that it is conceivable, but he would have been old as hell by the time that Celestia reached adulthood.

e6096f No.297587

File: 1494a4b1f311a91⋯.gif (13.17 MB, 576x324, 16:9, 465582__safe_solo_twilight….gif)

Does the bible mention anything about Twicorn? Was it never planned like many speculated?

90a8f6 No.297589


Nope, just those pictures of "graduated Twilight". A lot of the info is early development stuff, like "Queen Celestia".

293f08 No.297590


There's no reason to assume that Starswirl had to be significantly older than Clover. Twilight and Starlight are about the same age but that doesnt stop them from having a teacher-student relationship. Also, it was implied that Starswirl wasn't that old when he first started looking after the princesses. Celestia and Luna were probably adults, at least in terms of age, by the time Starswirl disappeared.


I believe Lauren said that Twilight was meant to be Celestia's successor, but she didnt say anything about making her an alicorn.

90a8f6 No.297591


Or princess

e6096f No.297592

File: 687ba25fc0cfc3c⋯.png (788.51 KB, 3159x4994, 3159:4994, 89838__UNOPT__safe_oc_vect….png)




I remember Lauren says that she might one day reveal what she had planned, though this was long ago at some convention.

90a8f6 No.297593


I wonder if she would, seeing how she doesn't like putting current crew members under the bus

e6096f No.297595


She specifically said that she'd do it some time after the show ends. I believe it was a Brony panel where they gave her the Fausticorn picture.

90a8f6 No.297600


I’m still wondering if it would give people an excuse to attack

Either way I wouldn’t want to hear, knowing it likely won’t line up with the direction I

90a8f6 No.297601



346b2a No.297606




d0ad07 No.297645


I want to hear it no matter what it does to my headcanon. It would be well worth it just to have a final word on everything that we have been arguing about for years.

90a8f6 No.297646


For some reason I really hate the idea of Twilight becoming ruler if that truly what it means, it sounds only slightly less dumb and childish than Twilicorn

858ce5 No.297648

File: 0ea02353b27ee49⋯.gif (5.03 MB, 810x648, 5:4, fe2016263bccacd7c64ea65fc9….gif)


I don't know about that. The sun goddess deciding that she has made her subjects ready to rule itself and placing the transition in the hooves of a prodegy that she has groomed (lel) since childhood and put to the most arduous of tasks without knowing why is a pretty solid way to tie up the story arc in my mind. It would keep the mystery and mythology intact while giving purpose to all that the Six have done. And hey, if they wanted to continue the series afterward, they could make the rest of the Six into ministers which would give them no end of things to do.

90a8f6 No.297653


I guess I'm just attached to the idea of Twilight getting a more humble and magic-related endgame

e6096f No.297655

File: 3965b83337546e0⋯.png (212.69 KB, 899x616, 899:616, samurai jack where do you ….png)


>dumb and childish

7bdf86 No.297659


That would be alright if it could give some greater purpose to the friendship lessons and adventures.

32452d No.297789


>the full show bible

>80 pages

i was expecting more

d94fc5 No.297790


What surprised me was just how unpolished it was. Did it have to be finished quickly?

90a8f6 No.297791


It is basically a pitch

3bb65c No.297804


I thought they would have been continuously updating it to keep it current on canon and make sure their lore was consistent. Even shitty sitcoms like Cheers and Seinfeld manage to do that. Do you think there's a longer version unreleased or are mlp writers just lazy? im leaning towards the latter

90a8f6 No.297811


Best to just follow whatever Hasbro says

d94fc5 No.297830


That's why it surprised me. I figured that something that was meant to sell a concept to potential investors would be at least proofread.

90a8f6 No.297854


It was dated 2009

d94fc5 No.297859


Right. So?

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