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File: eb9ee9d7b8d8f0f⋯.png (362.9 KB, 780x661, 780:661, mlp__discord_by_yark_wark-….png)

File: efeed4a39f8fdc8⋯.png (259.43 KB, 800x450, 16:9, medium(3).png)

File: 0523bbcc4b45674⋯.png (869.8 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Shining_Armor___wonderful_….png)

File: 2a0cb0bf7eda690⋯.jpg (58.02 KB, 736x736, 1:1, f588cb3637643be038e85c1db4….jpg)

72015c No.297465

What kind of movie plot or script would you write, without the characters already in the MLP movie? What if it were a 2h30 CMC episode with Discord, Trixie, DiamondTiara, ShiningArmor and the CMC?

I'm sure we can beat Mike Vogel.

b74292 No.297475

I was going to write some long winded greentext, but to be honest, there's no way in hell I'll ever finish it so here's the short version.

>Trixie is trying a new spell, fails utterly and gets mocked by Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara.

>Determined to get more magical power so she can do proper magic right in the future, Trixie seeks out Discord in his home.

>Discord is bored out of his skull, since he doesn't actually get to do much of anything other than teaparties with Fluttershy any more. Fluttershy is good company and all, but he misses the good old days when he got to have some real fun.

>Realising that wielding the kind of power an alicorn is capable of without any of the restraint, discipline and skill that comes from hard work would end up causing no end of havoc and grief for everyone nearby, agrees to help Trixie with a mischievous grin.

>cut to mayor mare and shining armor wrapping up some contract work in the mayors office in ponyville when they hear a commotion outside.

>In front of the city hall Trixie is showing off big fancy spells, transforming whole buildings, teleporting others around and generally showing off some new magic she has never been capable of before.

>The CMC look on in amazement as Scootaloo's wings grow from a spell trixie cast until she can fly.

>A hogtied Ursa Minor lies on its back with a mesmerised look on its face while DT and SS look on in jawdropping amazement.

>When the mayor asks what is going on, trixie turns to her, unveiling her new wings and tells her she has an official proclamation for all equestria to hear.

>As Trixie is busy showing off, she opens a hole in reality by accident, the whole grows as trixie throws magic at it in a desperate attempt to close it, and everyone nearby gets sucked in, ending up in a ponyville shrouded in night.

From there the CMC, shining armor and trixie have to find their way through what turns out to be the the alternate timeline where Nightmare Moon won, with NMM instantly taking an interest in this new alicorn who just showed up. Throw in a confrontation between a discord who is enjoying the chaos from the sidelines when NMM sees him and calls him out. He has no idea who she is, having never met her before, while NMM demands to know how he escaped his prision before trying to call on the elements of harmony, to no avail.

Longstory really short, trixie realises that the kind of power she wants requires hard work to safely use, discord torments NMM after realising she's Luna, the CMC are mostly just along for the ride while shining armor has to work overtime to keep everyone safe.

Bah, that shit ended up way longer than I had hoped. Anyways, the theme would be that it takes hard work to get good at shit thats difficult and while it might seem fun to have unlimited power, its not as much fun when everyone expect you to solve all their problems for them.

Also, scootaloo has to give up the fancy new wings and go back to being a flightless chicken.

4c6b25 No.297477

File: f474704938cb849⋯.gif (4.1 MB, 735x540, 49:36, d19d12ee85cae0f80c5c3a1faa….gif)


I don't know about a movie, but an episode that I have long wanted to see is Diamond Tiara trying really hard to be nice but being frustrated by her spectacularly annoying and idiotic classmates. To make matters worse, all of the other kids know that she has given up bullying which emboldens them to be more openly themselves. Pip starts acting out scenes from Doctor Who with whoever will play with him (of course he tries to get Diamond Tiara to play while she attempts to suppress her disgust). Silver Spoon starts reciting godawful poetry. Snips and Snails spend all day trying to make each other laugh with disgusting acts and bad puns. Truffle Shuffle starts trying to answer all of Cheerilee's questions to the class, but all of his replies are ridiculously wrong. Featherweight keeps taking pictures of her. Alula becomes all mopey and emo.

After a week of trying to be supportive and fighting the urge to start punching kids, Diamond Tiara vents that being good would be so much easier if everyone wasn't so fucking stupid. Discord hears her lament and agrees wholeheartedly. Her imparts to her the secret of being good to annoying ponies, which is to teach them subtle lessons without them knowing that you are directly responsible for their suffering. Then they learn how to not be obnoxious without blaming you for any of it. Together they concoct schemes to get her classmates to tone down their autism. They incite some feminists into starting a letter writing campaign to make the next Doctor a woman thus ruining Pip's Galifrayan fantasy. They publish Silver Spoon's poetry in the Ponyville Gazette. They trick Featherweight into taking humiliating out of context pictures of Snips and Snails simultaneously calling Feathrweight's inclinations into question and making it impossible for Snips and Snails to tell certain disgusting jokes. They set Truffle Shuffle up to take the fall for a mean prank on Cheerilee so that she never calls on him in class again. They get Alula elected to head of the cheerleading squad.

The lesson is: you're only being bad if you get caught.

03e44c No.297588

File: 9cd6894b417896e⋯.png (221.7 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1422869293116.png)


>trixie realises that the kind of power she wants requires hard work to safely use, discord torments NMM after realising she's Luna, the CMC are mostly just along for the ride while shining armor has to work overtime to keep everyone safe.

That would be a nice plot, I like it… but now I found this thread I can't help but start a greentext without the usual boring crew.

(If it becomes boring poetry just halt me)

>intro credits. some kind of 80's film grain, perspective on a street, roads of Ponyville and villages around, buildings, countryside, aerial view over the Everfree forest.

>soundtrack playing : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sd0zY_DYxjE

>camera pans on the ponies living their life, gardening, wandering as usual. diving plan on Twilight's empty castle, with its door closing.

>scenes of the mane six leaving ponyville on a train heading to Canterlot with Derpy and a few others, ponies working on the road, fixing the disasters of some previous attack? nope, just the remains of what once used to be Ponyville's library.

>camera zooms out of some pony's home. a family, and goes upper, a room full of vintage, tape computer and a green phosphor terminal, with a gray filly with glasses smashing its mechanical keyboard.

>Billboards announcing some big event in Canterlot, next to a grumpy shopkeeper opening her business on the morning

>close plan on the computer tape winding, fast forward, then stops. Grey filly's picking the reel and put it on her saddlebag, then rushes outside;heading to school.

>camera steadily framing ponies with the sun behind the trees

>Scootaloo on her skateboard trying to go faster than the train going downhill, waving at Rainbowdash, then stops as the train goes its way, finally goes back in town

>some dialogs on a café mentioning some dark creature seen by a few ponies on a region close to Ponyville

>CherryBerry's having a conversation with the ponies, taking notes, doing her job, investigating a case of observations made by a few pegasus lately in the area of Ponyville

>CherryBerry: [ finishes sipping her coffee ] "I should've asked Twilight, she's usually behind this kind of stuff. Thanks Stig"

>SkyStinger: "That's natural ma'am!"

>she leaves a few bits as a tip for the service and leaves the café.

>SilverSpoon is crossing next to her, waves at CherryBerry with a smile and keeps trotting.

>She'd take some time chatting with her but her mind is on something else.

>She's walking close to an old, gray unicorn stallion, observing the streets and the walls of ponyville, silently. She never ever met him.

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