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File: 4165ff860375285⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.44 MB, 1214x1280, 607:640, 5438c892c4a8d7b7a75a796065….png)

85f54c  No.318810

I just came to this image. That is all.

7aca2e  No.318811


Spoiler that shit.

b0273f  No.318813


>Being a fag

038b41  No.318817


Uh excuse me sir, this is a family-friendly board.

4f60e4  No.318818


This, no queers aloud. I'd like to gas queers more than anyone else

81112c  No.318819

File: ef08180e55060b8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.79 MB, 2300x4000, 23:40, 1-1-1.png)

So this seems like the best thread to post this in. I recently was sent this image and told that it's patreon exclusive. I dont actually like this image but i like that the artist gets mad when you post it so here ya go. Also i still havent finished season 8 is this a canon character? At first I thought it was a bad OC but now i see it too often to be ssure

4a9bc3  No.318821


That's a Kirin, a new race from most recent episodes.

Also shinodage is a little faggot, that cunt deserves anything bad that happens to him for cancelling Magic Touch 3.

6e5b8b  No.318824

File: 070d2c8af7ad9f2⋯.jpg (90.72 KB, 600x640, 15:16, QingQilin.jpg)


Story time?


Autumn Blaze's voice is fucking annoying. Rachel Bloom is annoying.

Shame such a majestic creature was wasted on this horseshit. I watched some season 1 episodes recently, and I completely forgot how normal the dialogue was, like any SoL anime, compared to the newer seasons, which generally have extremely childish dialogue. Not to mention the constant fucking background score, which is often distracting and rather irritating as a result.


9fbaaa  No.318828


nostalgia googles

6e5b8b  No.318831

File: 0106ba4595c85e7⋯.jpg (17.67 KB, 255x255, 1:1, bait_no_regrets.jpg)


Keep your head in the sand, and you will learn nothing.

a78026  No.318846



There's already a porn thread dumbass.

What's with the sudden influx of all the 'tard posts?

85f54c  No.318848


Good thing this isn't a porn thread, then.

f56e47  No.318849


Is >>>/mlp/ having a meltdown again?

6bf13a  No.318903

>wanking to mares servicing a big black cock.

Cucks like you will get the rope

207dcf  No.318905


It's a POV image. The least cucked kind of porn

b26a36  No.318911


>big black cock

You do realize it's a horse cock right?

4f60e4  No.318919


All horses are black, have you ever seen a white horse?

77fff9  No.318925

Pretty good

b625b2  No.318976

45883a  No.319281


fucking based

a0c8f9  No.319844


That's actually a really hot pic

67b265  No.319845


Look closer and realize your taste is shit.

a0c8f9  No.319847

3f221f  No.319864


Okay, now this is epic.

e00040  No.320912


I find myself coming back to this pic.

d97432  No.320954


More like… cumming back!

41f492  No.320969

>Harem porn

>Not wanting a single pony who loves you more than anyone else

>Succumbing to whores, sluts and assorted flings just to get that short-term dopamine rush

>Not appreciating the sheer beauty of having a waifu to snuggle every single night who has feelings for you beyond "muh clit"


85f54c  No.320970



>getting dabbed on by my bump

093def  No.320971


It's like you think you're limited to one waifu, but that's where you're wrong. Your upper limit is zero.

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