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File: c6fc122107e40d5⋯.gif (913.18 KB, 552x159, 184:53, 1901812__safe_screencap_ap….gif)

8e68d5  No.320818

i request this to be a /pone/ banner

0767a2  No.320819


Not sexual enough for my taste

736c0c  No.320821

needs an "8chan" on there somewhere

f17b87  No.320908


Take the horn away and consider it done.

467358  No.320909

File: 3616b6cec903cdd⋯.gif (906.69 KB, 552x159, 184:53, chinese_hearths_twi_nohorn.gif)

b09076  No.320911


Can you remake it from the English version without the gook subs?

f17b87  No.320917

File: 9bb033c83d3fef2⋯.png (182.5 KB, 1029x1024, 1029:1024, earth_pony_twilight_que.png)


But why? It's part of the fun, the fact that the only character that changes is the latter.


*Sorry, I oughtn't to have worded it like I had any moderation power.

0767a2  No.320918


Can you put twilight on stripped panties and give her a bulge. Then just put the 8chan logo in there and we are golden.

5b592a  No.320950

File: e5e1180ffa4a775⋯.png (30.65 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner.png)

Can this be a banner too?

d532a4  No.320953


It needs the 8chan logo but otherwise it's fuckin' perfect

0767a2  No.320978



Add a sexy twilight overlapping onto this tweet and put the pone logo on there and we got gold baby

57d4b9  No.320981

File: 8607ccc03a9fbd0⋯.png (327.32 KB, 1251x417, 3:1, 1544847243_8chan_edit_01_l….png)

File: 2fc18bbf7e25b70⋯.png (350.1 KB, 1251x417, 3:1, 1544847243_8chan_edit_02_l….png)

File: 0de3609730143a7⋯.png (188.16 KB, 1251x417, 3:1, 1544847243_8chan_edit_03_l….png)




Tell me which one you like better or what I can do differently before I make it smol

57d4b9  No.320982

File: 0cee1719f181abc⋯.png (316.56 KB, 1251x417, 3:1, 1544847243_8chan_edit_04.png)

File: 10e9c633482f444⋯.png (314.53 KB, 1251x417, 3:1, 1544847243_8chan_edit_05.png)

nothing fancy

57d4b9  No.320983

File: 342f9ceee83f2a6⋯.png (281.6 KB, 1251x417, 3:1, 1544847243_8chan_edit_06.png)

File: 363acf0d83ad2eb⋯.png (310.93 KB, 1251x417, 3:1, 1544847243_8chan_edit_07.png)

I just like her face but you niggers tell me.

4f5d6e  No.320987

Dice rollRolled 1 (1d2)


Uhh fuck they're both good. Ill flip a coin.

d5b644  No.320988


Second one here is the best tbh.

dafcd6  No.320989


2nding the 2nd

57d4b9  No.320990

File: 2a6ab328df07113⋯.png (46.02 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1544847243_8chan_edit_02_l….png)

File: 76ba279ded68f4b⋯.png (43.3 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1544847243_8chan_edit_04_w….png)




Pick your poison.

d5b644  No.320991


The first.

20bdb6  No.320992

aight, I'll put these in when I'm not feeling lazy

dafcd6  No.320993

4f5d6e  No.320994


You are already on 8chan. You can get to the banner page in literally three clicks

0767a2  No.320995



Seconding. All 3 UID's deserve to see this banner up

dafcd6  No.320996


>1000 years later

c2f31b  No.321001


the first

20bdb6  No.321024

File: 54681c6351134b4⋯.gif (319.98 KB, 512x512, 1:1, floss-large.gif)


You can't make me

0767a2  No.321036


t.powerplaying fagit

21c4d4  No.321045


>is a mod

>refuses to do mod work

Then why you're a mod?

668e06  No.321047


because the BO is dead and can't remove him

21c4d4  No.321049

>it's added

I withdraw my post

cd33b8  No.321051


akshually, it's BO job exclusively, mods can't add banners

20bdb6  No.321098


Added them straight after my first post ^:)

d5b644  No.321100


Okay now this is epic.

0767a2  No.321133


Member' when the BO got cucked?

86ae43  No.321142


Wasn't the BO participating in MLPA anniversary stream?

dafcd6  No.321148



He's the acting BO since GEP left to die for Israel.

>>321133 (checked)

I haven't heard of this. What happened?

cd33b8  No.321174


wasn't GEP send to die for Israel somewhere in eastern Poland or something?

dafcd6  No.321175


Yeah. Something like that. Not sure if he's going to be deployed. But I still see him playing games on steam

1ea98c  No.321186


GEP was a dumb nigger and im glad he's die (ps GEP if your reading this im love you bro)

0ba378  No.321491

can I repost my old banners that where ignored previously? to boast my ego as a real horsefucker and a real an hero

20bdb6  No.321492


Show us what you got

80eb24  No.321520

File: 3d3767838a3f5ba⋯.gif (3.49 MB, 336x350, 24:25, 1546578628767.gif)

The fuck? Theee fuck? THE FUCK!!!

0767a2  No.321574

File: 4224736b370d40e⋯.png (246.36 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Princess_Luna_forgive_with….png)


The new BO got backlash for being an attentionfag and ended up getting called a cuck. Not long later the banner was changed to princess luna shouting 'your admin a cuck'. Faggotry that only a board this autistic can deliver. That said we need a new banner.

d69dba  No.321620


I request /pone/ to be faster but we don't get what we wish for.

Cap bump limit at 500 and thread limit at 150 and incentivise lurkers of the home board to crosspost here.

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