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File: a264ec798661050⋯.gif (161.62 KB, 321x288, 107:96, come on.gif)

107c49  No.321081

Why should I come to a dead website filled with nothing but cucks who get off on the idea of being superior to /mlp/, but never actually do anything to prove it?

3f746b  No.321083

because you just did, fag

d1b9cc  No.321085

It's the one sentence threads that really pushed it over the edge. So you're not helping.


>saging on a dead board

This thread isn't dying anytime soon.

5dbecb  No.321089

Did 8chan rape your dog or something? You seem upset.

107c49  No.321093

File: 390b5a7ff863839⋯.gif (1.46 MB, 330x185, 66:37, disguist.gif)


I just don't understand the culture. No one ever seems to make anything or do anything except shit-talk /mlp/, yet you all act superior somehow

a96cb2  No.321096

goddamn, boy howdy I sure do hate /mlp/

faaa4c  No.321102


I don't act superior, anon. I am superior.

ecb3a7  No.321103


Everything is superior to /mlp/.

t. /mlp/fag

863610  No.321104

File: e16ef8513768107⋯.png (15.64 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

Twilight agrees

836dc8  No.321106


1. We can post porn

2. We can upload webm+audio encoded in VP9/Opus, and have a 16MB file size limit.

That's what's keeping me on /pone/

6d9f2c  No.321107


>the users are superior because of technical improvements of the site

That's some next level mental gymnastics if I ever see one.

863610  No.321108


We dont have eqg generals. That's what makes the users superior

6d9f2c  No.321109


well, can't argue with that one

836dc8  No.321110


At no point did I claim the community is superior. I just like the features.

b924a7  No.321111

You shouldn't. You should leave.

faaa4c  No.321114


I claimed it's superior, but only me. The rest of you are all equally shit on either platform.

ad8815  No.321115


And here we can see a prime example of user type that ruined the imageboards.

b94281  No.321117



These and I love the board mascots.

8b5ae3  No.321119

You shouldn't come here. Please leave.

faaa4c  No.321120


Back to Reddit, newfag midgetnigger.

836dc8  No.321121

File: aaa087d45f8c5a1⋯.jpg (248.38 KB, 1954x810, 977:405, DI8AIynUMAAZuSQ.jpg)

aa3987  No.321125


Hmm… that is damn interesting. What if they erected a series of gamma radiation emitters to kill anyone who disturbed the site? IMO that would be the best option.

836dc8  No.321126


But the entire point is to stop people from getting killed.

Also, huge spoiler for the story, but I could never pass up the chance to plug this story based on the premise: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/42409/the-writing-on-the-wall

67ed4a  No.321127

File: a53faab33cd8f58⋯.png (675.25 KB, 1267x1062, 1267:1062, modern_imageboards_nutshel….png)


You would have had to live here for the past four years to understand. Please kindly fuck off.



863610  No.321139


No no no, you see, the radiation kills a small number of people to warn future civilizations to unearth the large waste deposit that devastates entire ecosystems.

121f41  No.321140

File: a04960f40f4f05c⋯.png (10.25 KB, 498x270, 83:45, Oekaki.png)


It's not our problem a grave danger happens this lately at the time for this and that to happen to this and that and this is this is this is this

160c4d  No.321146


Oh look the faggot goon from cuckchan is spamming is shit here after getting his ass banned from /co/.

67ed4a  No.321161

File: e1e7f271e26d332⋯.jpg (11.75 KB, 200x275, 8:11, okabe_what.jpg)

File: 6944b8b3506127c⋯.jpg (15.94 KB, 300x375, 4:5, suwako_what.jpg)


What the fuck are you talking about? See, this shit is exactly what is wrong with modern imageboards. You niggers judge the poster, instead of the post, without knowing a damn thing about who the fuck you're responding to, so it's all based on baseless assumptions, not to mention the arrogance and blind emotion, like I'm talking to a bunch of millennial children.

I got that image from ED.

56ffca  No.321168

File: 4e86609e4f9edfe⋯.jpg (67.11 KB, 500x386, 250:193, 0001285979_10.jpg)


>We dont have eqg generals

Ok, that's nic-

>have board discord server

oh wow

I honestly don't know which is worse. Ayyqgfags at least still use the board

6b53d4  No.321170


Thanks fam, that was a good read, although I feel like the amount of radiation absorbed by the workers and the effects thereof have been severely exaggerated.


>anime poster

>stop fursecuting me!

like a pottery

836dc8  No.321171


Oh yeah, no doubt. The author had taken some liberties in order to preserve the pacing.

2725b7  No.321172


Any faggot can make a dicksword and claim it's a "board discord", it doesn't mean that anyone but the undesirables are using it. There are probably "/mlp/ discords" too.

b94281  No.321173


Any board's """discord""" is highly gay, pure homo.

dfb6ff  No.321176

You shouldn't. Fuck off. I'd like more users as much as the next guy, but you talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded.

808f79  No.321177


We have a board Discord channel?

This is the first I've heard of it in all the years I've been a regular here.

84c491  No.321178


Dont bother joining. The owner Coinpo is a manlet who compensates for his height by being an asshole to everyone all the time.

a9c55b  No.321182

Can somepony hook a nigga up with that discord link? I wanna join Coinpo's Harem

fc5b08  No.321183


It's linked in the ponecast thread like two threads down

a59743  No.321185


>t. cuck

91d408  No.321189

Best part this all is, this thread is the most activity /pone/ has seen in a long time

0cede8  No.321190


Literally the only people who have ever posted that image template are cuckchanners and goons advertising their shitty 2pph site with 10 UIPs.


>t. faggot that got bullied off to the half/trash/ clop thread server

56ffca  No.321194

>poniggers already flocking to their discord and defending it

/pone/ irrevocably and eternally btfo

/mlp/ >>>>>> shit >>>>>>>>>> cancer >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> /pone/

5f71e0  No.321198

File: 229f492a86820c5⋯.jpg (142.73 KB, 372x372, 1:1, fhsdfh.jpg)

File: cf7b9c82e2ee90e⋯.png (219.77 KB, 385x385, 1:1, 3bd322832ad061b666489471ef….png)


I'm not short!

b74cde  No.321199



>never heard of it

>don't bother joining

<flocking to and defending it

Okay fag, enjoy your foot fetish generals.

56ffca  No.321207


Funny how discucks act all high and mighty mocking fetish generals and then crawl straight back to their cringy erp circlejerk chatrooms

863610  No.321209


Yep you're not projecting at all

d486d7  No.321210


I don't do discord or fetish generals, and am therefore the best poster on either /mlp/ or /pone/, prove me wrong.

a353db  No.321211


This is getting pathetic now. If you read the replies to your own posts, you will see that most /pone/ posters do not use or like discord. You are deliberately misreading posts because you're desperate to believe that everyone who doesn't post on /mlp/ must use discord.

e5c4db  No.321244


Based. Discucks btfo'd

67ed4a  No.322034

File: b716df9c1fe9b79⋯.jpg (105.76 KB, 770x599, 770:599, Comparechans.jpg)


Got it from ED (because it was a humorous spoof of the type of idiots who blindly blow 8chan's lemniscate-schlong, and was an edit of pic related; occasionally I browse when I'm bored), so make of that what you will (since the other idiot doesn't want to try to discuss on a discussion board, and instead makes nigh-baseless assumptions of other users like every other hugbox retard in this shithole). Either way, as a surprise to no one with a three-digit IQ, you fags missed the point of it, because it's not wrong. At the beginning, we knew this place was bound to encourage hugboxes (besides that it was already happening; see /leftypol/ and /liberty/, which broke off from /pol/), but it was the only real alternative I don't remember the reasons we didn't go to 7chan or something at the time.

Also, ED is being hit hard with redditfags; case in point, unless the article has been drastically altered, the DigiBrony article.


draw moar faget i liek u :3

67ed4a  No.322036

File: e0cc1f6e1ffe069⋯.jpeg (347.55 KB, 800x570, 80:57, ghostbusters.jpeg)


Actually, I should mention, I've never seen it posted except when I would do it.

67ed4a  No.322037

File: 3e421c54cc4af75⋯.jpg (173.22 KB, 775x620, 5:4, thinker-close.jpg)

File: c772ffb265b8054⋯.jpg (32.76 KB, 590x550, 59:55, drunk cat wants it to stop.jpg)


And I've never been banned from /co/ for it either. In fact the first time I posted it, the cunt from earlier in thread raged at me on /co/. Unless it was spammed during that period I stopped frequenting /co/ because it was virtually dead for a few months. I'm still rather curious as to what happened. First, /co/ was good. Then, they'd ban you for shitting on "Val" (John Craft, has a twatter page, calls himself "The French Critic", because he's a frog; no, I don't use social media, the information was posted in the Dumbing of Age threads back when edits were being done), then—and my memory's a bit fuzzy—they'd hand out a long ban for "/pol/" shit, and the board around this time began to slow down with rather shitty posts. Then some time ago it has been brought up to speed again, but is full of (underage?) newfaggot nu/pol/tards who may or may not have been posting on social media most of their lives, but are definitely roughly drinking age. Really mysterious. Can't stand the lack of connection between the staff and users.

Also, there appears to be this somewhat common misconception among an alarmingly sizable number of anons across the boards that 8chan grew out of the ethernet:^), and that there has never been a connection between halfchan and fullchan. Interestingly, despite there clearly being a change in userbase, the numbers have stayed relatively the same, almost as if everyone who did post left for alt-chans and these new niggers took their place.

The 8fag staff are stupid faggots who don't seem to realize/are under some contract to keep their hands-off policy going despite all the issues it's caused, and the boards' individual staffs are generally idiotic shitheads who either are completely hands-off or are the epitome of tyranny. Especially idiotic shitheads, if that recent vol or BO of /tv/'s vlog seems to suggest anything about the average staff member. None of the users are truly free. Ah well, I guess I don't really need to discuss things with anyone anyway. At least there'll always be the archives and alt-chans, even if they're generally slower than infinitychan's ever been. ;_;

/end shitty blogpost

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