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File: 872661743cf6e14⋯.jpg (32.06 KB, 699x510, 233:170, 1.JPG)

fdf5ad  No.321646

does anyone have it?

dd9e6a  No.321650

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's a chat recording, but seems like it's not blocked.

f2dd2c  No.321654

File: a3df7cc3ed09cea⋯.png (155.88 KB, 498x498, 1:1, Damnit OP.png)


A thread died for brony faggotry.

77ccd8  No.321699

File: dddf84ccc6acf1b⋯.png (522.82 KB, 1300x1000, 13:10, 1435907.png)


>a thread on the brony board died for brony faggotry


307e81  No.321700

File: 4974499bde0b945⋯.png (198.96 KB, 632x618, 316:309, scowling pink.png)


This is a horsefucker board, bronies keep moving.

77ccd8  No.321701

File: 4d430711cb261fe⋯.png (176.81 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1515410207414.png)


>I'm speshul because I'm sexually attracted to ponies like the furry I am

7954eb  No.321703


Now THIS is ponyposting

307e81  No.321704


hey bro just because I fuck horses doesn't mean I'm sexually attracted to ponies

afc721  No.321705

File: 4f386bbd7fb55ca⋯.png (559.45 KB, 777x1887, 7:17, You wouldn't fuck a pony.png)

77ccd8  No.321706

File: 184f6973231f675⋯.jpg (116.88 KB, 500x607, 500:607, 1530234831.jpg)

c2a129  No.321707


This autism is why I still identify as a brony. You newfags will never win.

307e81  No.321710


>t. fresh off the boat from nu-/mlp/

afc721  No.321711


>Newfag calling the locals on a new board newfags and gets butthurt when they call him out on being a newfag

If it hurts that bad, why don't you just fuck off back to cuckchans >>>/mlp/

c2a129  No.321713



I've been here since GG in 2014, you little faggots. I'm calling you newfags because you are newfags, who came into my fandom four fucking years late and started trying to tell me not to call it what we called it before your ass was in it.

307e81  No.321720


>my fandom

Lol, I've been on the ride since season 2 and on 8chan since the first exodus, the "brony" word fell out of style by season 3 for a good reason.

0930b1  No.321722


Nigger i was still using "brony" late into the season 4 hiatus and I still use it at conventions. I fucking miss that word. It was simpler times when everyone was less jaded and more sincere

c2a129  No.321723


>season 2

So you're a newfag, gotcha. I could have told you that. In fact, I did.

0930b1  No.321724



>le oldfag

posting is cringey as fuck

afc721  No.321726


>Uses the term "brony" as anything other than an insult

>Goes to Conventions

You REALLY are a newfag around here. You may be used to getting goodboy points around >>>*mlp/ for doing these things, but they only serve to highlight how little time you have spent on >>>/pone/

Perhaps if you ditched the holier-than-thou attitude and put in a minimal effort towards fitting in, and you'd feel more welcome here.

c2a129  No.321727


To be fair, you're probably cringy as fuck. I'd take the odds on that any day. You probably squeak like chew toy when you talk, too.

c2a129  No.321728


Keep in mind that for my part at least I have no desire to fit in, I am too good for you rabble and only post here to remind you of that. You're probably right about him though, if he cucked to you and started doing what you wanted instead of spitting in your face and telling you to like it he'd probably fit in. He might even do it, he's a fag.

97ae41  No.321730


Are you just being belligerent purpose? All your posts read like bait.

7954eb  No.321731


>There is no pone convention footage

I guess they are literally to autistic to go outside.

97ae41  No.321733


There is a 2-hour long stream on the /pone/cast channel titled "Live from Bronycon"

77ccd8  No.321740

File: 63b305dd135912d⋯.png (48.45 KB, 823x554, 823:554, 221062.png)


Jesus Christ, that is some extreme gatekeeping. No wonder /pone/ is deader than it could have been, you are so afraid of these mysterious newfags (aka people who disagree with you) that you fucks scared everyone away.

>inb4 gb2 /mlp/

No, fuck you, I've been on and off /pone/ for four years, and my primary pony board before that was sosach's /mlp/.

7954eb  No.321742

File: 65ae99f2f5d9a13⋯.png (83.38 KB, 328x323, 328:323, Filly_Fluttershy_ID_S1E23.png)


When was that faggotry recorded



I hate to side with you after using his term. But yes this board relishes a sense of elitism mainly because we are an /MLP/ clone but with 30-300 active users. Closer to the former these days. Bolster through it anon we all all autistic here.

97ae41  No.321746


August 2018. At Bronycon. Duh.

307e81  No.321748


Ah yes, you must have started posting in MLPG when G1 started back in 1986. Please do carry on shitting up the board with fandom cancer, you've earned it.

c2a129  No.321749


I'm just telling you how it is.


>Ah yes

Hello Reddit.

307e81  No.321751

File: 11772e386479682⋯.png (54.67 KB, 679x500, 679:500, cuck.png)


>y-y-y-you're reddit because you disagree with me

Keep reaching you fat kike you might find your micro-cock.

c2a129  No.321759


I'm a 6'5" 215lb German/Pole with blue eyes, pitiable creature. Stop appropriating my culture. You will never be a white man, always a white manlet.

307e81  No.321760

File: a1524bc0d327f45⋯.jpg (1.53 MB, 2241x2569, 2241:2569, im german-polish.jpg)


>5'5" 215lb German/Pole


3f2d33  No.321761

I know 6'5" 300lb black guy who is 1/3 irish, 1/3 german and 1/3 nig and proud of it

733db2  No.321762

What are you retards even trying to prove at this point?

c2a129  No.321763



Little brown boy, are you hard of reading?

77ccd8  No.321764

File: 0f13af890df32cb⋯.gif (2.7 MB, 599x711, 599:711, 1540003274131.gif)

File: 0f13af890df32cb⋯.gif (2.7 MB, 599x711, 599:711, 1540003274131.gif)


>1/3 anything in ancestry

that is not how math and biology work

307e81  No.321765


Nope. Your post clearly states that you are a five foot muttlet. Cope muttlet cope.

c2a129  No.321766


Project manlet, project. I am so blessed in my genetic superiority to you that all you can do is hide in your lies and envy. I'm the single most impressive human being that would ever waste a second of his time with you, cherish these memories as you languish in midget misery.

3f2d33  No.321774





>1% error margin/mixed

How does it feel to have literally 50 IQ

77ccd8  No.321775


>he thinks he can ever obtain 1/3 by summing powers of two

I dunno, you tell me.

77ccd8  No.321776

File: ad4a894a3298398⋯.png (31.01 KB, 800x600, 4:3, dickhead.png)

>>321775 (me)

Scratch that, you totally can. Here's how.

932104  No.321777

File: 0c6d784d68eef84⋯.png (25.93 KB, 863x357, 863:357, sum.png)


oh no no no no mathbros…

77ccd8  No.321778

File: 56b446ea620817e⋯.png (598.42 KB, 791x634, 791:634, 849236.png)


How embarrassing. still, until >>321774 provides the correct sequence, my point stands

afc721  No.321780


If you go back to great grand parents, you can, mathmatically speaking, get fairly close, by dividing your 16 great grand parents into 3 groups of 5 with one to spare to get within 2% of having the 33%*33%*33% at 31.25% each. If you go further back you can get closer still.

However, most people don't know their own ancestrey anywhere well enough to prove something like that.

8b0a28  No.321782


Yikes. Judging by your posting style there is a 99% chance that you are a hapa. How does it feel to know that you will never be White except in LARPposts on 8chan?

1f1a7b  No.321785



Yuck. Only a larping mutt could post something like this

c2a129  No.321791



Back to Reddit

>99% chance that you are a hapa

top fucking kek nigger, I am an Aryan god.

3f2d33  No.321803



>He thinks genes work by going in powers of 2

>He thinks it's an even 50/50 split between mother and father

>He has to have this explained to him

97ae41  No.321804


It is a 50/50 split between mother and father. The real mix'n'matching occurs between granparent's genes, where it's possible for one of your parents to contribute more of one of their parents than the other.

0869ad  No.321805



>desperate samefagging

Lol, I can IP hop too, muttlet.

22892c  No.321806

HD copies of the Anthology videos can be found on yay ponies

c2a129  No.321812


Are you done yet? You're just embarrassing yourself.

3f2d33  No.321814


>It is a 50/50 split

No. This statement is so completely and retardedly wrong that I don't think I'd get anywhere by saying much more than 'no'.

Forget biology classes and punnett squares, have you never seen a 23andme test before?

6ca9cc  No.321815


>forget science have you seen a jewish meme test?

If you got more than 50% of your chromosomes from either parent you have what's known as down syndrome.

3f2d33  No.321822


>Genetics are wrong because 23andme is supposedly run by jews and I don't know what chromosomes are

Stop posting

307e81  No.321824


I can keep this up all year, muttlet.

97ae41  No.321825


Genetics arent wrong but your understanding of them sure are. I dont know what part of dna testing company led you to believe it's possible to get more dna from one parent than another.

c2a129  No.321829


I appreciate your dedication to autistic anger, but it isn't really necessary. This was settled when I was born. I'm better than you.

3f2d33  No.321833

File: fb4d3c2b1875900⋯.png (30.37 KB, 395x587, 395:587, dihybridcross.png)


Do you understand even the concept of dominant and recessive genes? Jesus Christ. Here's a nice middle school visualization for you.

97ae41  No.321835


Dominant and recessive genes dont change how much DNA you get from each parent you fucking mongoloid.

307e81  No.321837


You mean back in 2007? Lmao underage muttlet.

a6f292  No.321839


I'm sorry you're so sick.

a07af8  No.321854

File: 910f6611375812b⋯.jpg (117.06 KB, 1024x1138, 512:569, 47332__safe_rarity_angry_a….jpg)

This thread encapsulates all that is wrong with 8chan. How did this site become such a insular piece of shit? It is no wonder 4chan is still so popular because this place actively drives away anyone interested in it, all the while complaining about how their boards are dead or dying!

This place is worse than 4chan. This is worse than reddit, funnyjunk, or whatever board this depressive circlejerk claims to feel superior to. I used to try helping this place but it is just so antithetical to anything fun or productive that it's impossible to make it enjoyable. If you're not gloomy about the future and want to do anything but wait miserably for the end, you are not welcome here.

Fuck this board. At least in 4chan only the mods are trying to kill the fandom.

77ccd8  No.321855

File: 6c542ad5f92ff2b⋯.png (279.04 KB, 837x615, 279:205, 1523033780.png)



I encourage all fun-loving horselovers of /pone/ to come spread the Holy Word on /tv/, the last good board on 8chan.

6991d9  No.321858




Oh yes, look how much better 4chan is.



>fetish general

>fetish general

>general for the topic the entire board is for

>eqg threads

>griffon general

>general general general general

>non-pony threads

>blue board so nopornlolz

This board site is dead as shit but you can't pretend 4chan is any better just because MUH SPEED and the lack of the insecure autist whose sole contribution on the board is calling people manlets and mutts who you can easily filter anyway.

c2a129  No.321859


My posts are the only valuable posts on this board.

afc721  No.321861


If you get this buttflustered from people disagreeing with you and not stroking your ego at every opportunity, I can't imagine you would have lasted long around here anyway.


> /tv/


The the fuck have you been smoking?

932104  No.321882

File: 867b397fad89247⋯.png (404.57 KB, 1019x910, 1019:910, 1539456779180.png)

>the absolute fucking shambles of shantytown formerly known as /pone/



Well yeah, so what? At least maybe I can jack off to that, unlike all that political screeching for sake of being angry that's participated here.

/mlp/ discusses ponies at least, and all this board does is

>political circlejerking

>screeching at /mlp/ an obsession coming off as doubly weird, considering the claimed superiority of /pone/

>complaining about being dead

>complaining about complaining basically posts like mine

And yes, you'll be screeching at me to go back to /mlp/, and I will go. Even though you should keep in mind that that's rich coming from the same guys who are obsessed over twitter SJW echo chambers and try to claim they're not anything like those evil trannies. Like a pottery, if you will.

In the end, I cannot tell you how to have fun, so have things your way. If that's what you enjoy then that's perfectly fine and I'm ok with it. Just a little heads up though, maybe consider that when more and more anons start saying that there is a problem, it isn't direct and personal attack on board identity that must be defeated at all costs, but maybe, just maybe, there indeed is something that isn't quite right.

4e4aa9  No.321884


Is this pasta?

4e4aa9  No.321885


> Even though you should keep in mind that that's rich coming from the same guys who are obsessed over twitter SJW echo chambers and try to claim they're not anything like those evil trannies

Lmao what the fuck are you even talking about? Go jump off a skyscraper you homo

307e81  No.321907


Would I be correct in guessing that you also post on reddit?

6a5363  No.321911

File: 9543e2129c344ff⋯.png (231.21 KB, 895x905, 179:181, Transphobic_reddit.png)


'Reddit' is the single most everused insult on /pone/. Is this just all the nu/pol/tards that came from r/the_Donald projecting, I wonder?

a237ba  No.321912


It's underused, Redditnigger.

e7cd39  No.321914


I don't use Reddit, but sure bud, don't let me stop you believing your choice of social media makes you superior to others. Whatever it takes to deal with the cognitive dissonance of other people having different tastes and opinions. Autists like you have it tough.

307e81  No.321915


>guys look at how passive my aggression is I'm such a better person than all of you

Yep. It's reddit.

afc721  No.321916


>B-but I like muh fetish genruls

But you didn't make thread for your favourite brand of degeneracy, you made a post complaining that none else did, while also complaining about complaining.

>At least we talk about ponies on /mlp/

Another thing you complained about not happening here, instead of doing it yourself.

>muh political circle jerking

In one designated containment thread.

>Screeching at muh /mlp/

I don't suppose you've considered that this is an observer bias on your part, since you came here screeching at us for not being exactly like /mlp/, while many posters here have simply reminded you that we are not /mlp/, mainly because we don't want to be /mlp/ but instead want to be /pone/. Does it occur to you that we might not want your namefags and tripfags, endless circlejerking pointless generals, EQG shilling and appreciation threads, or your LeReddit mentality?

TL:DR Go back to your cancerous cesspit or try to fit in. We don't want to be /mlp/ and we don't care about your hurt feefees

e7cd39  No.321917


>my asspull about your being reddit is fact therefore your complaints are invalid

Yep. It can go fuck itself.

932104  No.321918

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No, you wouldn't.


>you didn't make thread for your favourite brand of degeneracy, you made a post complaining that none else did, while also complaining about complaining.

>you complained about not happening here, instead of doing it yourself.

Okay, first thing, if you're happy with current state of /pone/ then why should I change anything? Secondly, why me, a perceived outsider, should lead the change? Do you want your boogeyman /mlp/ posters to make new threads here or do you want to keep them out? Which one is it?

>In one designated containment thread.

The contents of the thread we post in beg to differ.

>I don't suppose you've considered that this is an observer bias on your part

Hm, maybe you do have a point on this one. I don't lurk all the threads, so I might have incomplete image.

>mainly because we don't want to be /mlp/ but instead want to be /pone/

Yeah, about that. You should try to be more /pone/ instead of constant looking up to your bigger brother in trying to be "not /mlp/".

>Does it occur to you that we might not want your namefags and tripfags, endless circlejerking pointless generals, EQG shilling and appreciation threads, or your LeReddit mentality?

>TL:DR Go back to your cancerous cesspit or try to fit in. We don't want to be /mlp/ and we don't care about your hurt feefees

Yep, there it is. Exactly what I was talking about in last part of my previous post.

Show me on the doll where /mlp/ has touched you.


Btw OP, the Anthology VI was recently reuploaded on YT

afc721  No.321919


I'm not asking you to change /pone/, I'm questioning why you keep posting the very things you're complaining about others posting.

We do get fetish threads here from time to time, we get character discussions, discussions about episodes and leaks and such. I doubt anyone here would bat an eyelash at it if you where to make such a thread.

But instead, you keep complaining that we aren't exactly like /mlp/, which only results in the same reply you keep complaining about.

fc4037  No.321924

>wtf there was shitflinging on the internet this community is way too toxic for me like I can't even right now

Lighten up, holy fuck.

6991d9  No.321992


You type like a faggot boomer with a vendetta against /pone/.


And you sound like a retard. These kike DNA companies have literally come out and admitted they fuck with results to "mess with those evil racist nazis".


>horseshoe theory

Hi Sargon.

3f2d33  No.322056


It was literally 1 sentence from 1 employee that went along the lines of 'I thought about adding a few percentages to a skinhead I knew but I decided against it because it might get me fired'. Did you get some mutt result and then go full denial mode?

c2a129  No.322057


I'm 27. You type like a Redditor, unnecessary linebreaks out the ass. I am /pone/.

6991d9  No.322079


>damage controlling this hard

>everyone who knows they fudge numbers is a mutt



>hurr there's a space between replies to separate posts muh reddit

Add thirty to that age and I might believe you. Boomer.

c2a129  No.322082


Add a bullet to your brain. Manlet.

3f2d33  No.322083

File: 35b2e1c2954ca7a⋯.jpg (52.13 KB, 600x453, 200:151, americat.jpg)


>I just KNOW they fudge results because how else did I get 50% sub-saharan, 25% irish and 25% indian? Who needs proof

6991d9  No.322129


>jew owned companies would never do anything untoward

c2a129  No.322130


Jews do everything untoward, that doesn't mean you aren't a nigger.

ec82c0  No.322415


Kek, grow thicc skin or get fucked

>Not being a hugbox =/= Being a closed circlejerk board

6991d9  No.322443


>if you know the truth about this kike company you're a nigger

nu/pol/'s spammers are less bad at this than you are.

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