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File: 99120aeb0f53e8f⋯.png (343.22 KB, 964x587, 964:587, 145766.png)

4cedbf  No.321719

alright, this will probably be my only thread on here

>be me, 2011/2012

>family ended lease on house and went to hawaii for about 5 months

>both working at missionary campus so no time to homeschool me

>i've been homeschooled all my life and am a spoiled cunt

>gets sent to private school on campus

>makes a complete ass of myself and gets suspended

>friend who is also a rebel introduces me to internet culture

>old 2008 shit like youtube poop, mr. trololo, rage comics, etc. and of course the latest trend, mlp

>never been a part of anything like that before so i'm having the time of my life

>family returns from hawaii, now homeless and staying in friend's basements, hotels, campgrounds, you name it

>still having the time of my fucking life watching brony vids on youtube n shit

>very bittersweet time for me

>fast forward to today

>recently started reminiscing over stuff i was into back then to keep from falling into depression

>have practically stopped trying to make friends at this point

>can't be friends with normies because i'm not a normie

>can't be friends with most people online in my age group because they're pretty much just normie gamers that like memes and 90% of memes now aren't funny to me anyway thanks to the majority of the internet becoming a toxic corporate mainstream shithole

>don't use 4chan/8chan most of the time because i don't know the culture here well enough and i hear it's mostly just normie gamer kids now anyway

>one coworker of mine is from oregon and was into mlp back then but he's several years older than me and he's like an assistant manager or something so he has to scold me when i sperg out on the job so it's an odd friendship

>come to think of it most of the people i get along with seem to be several years older than me

>actually got to see my friend who got me into mlp in hawaii last summer but he's way more confident than i am and talks as fast as ben shapiro (he later told me he's never fapped which explains it)

>then there's me

>low testosterone from years of excessive masturbation (though I've cut down a lot)

>fairly soft spoken and i rarely talk to people about my interests because i've lost friends for talking about the same subject all the time

>always seem to bottle my emotions until i end up venting in an unhealthy way

>fairly good looking imo but that only adds to the irony

>pretty much vocel at this point anyway

>would rather have pony gf than irl gf though since i'm tired of people fucking me over

>i own a pinkie pie body pillow i bought from china, looks pretty bootleg but good enough

>all romantic feelings get 301 redirected to pinkie

>lay in my bed at night feeling lovesick for her

>my life is a fucking mess

what do i do, /pone/? my life is currently in shambles and i don't know what to do in the future. am i autistic for being like this over shit that happened less than a decade ago? should i just grow a pair and move on?

(p.s. sorry if this post is incredibly sappy, it's like 3am and i couldn't sleep so i wrote this to get things off my chest and i can't think straight. also probably the wrong board for this type of post but fuck it)

a4ca23  No.321732

File: ba45c363e7389ab⋯.jpg (64.66 KB, 728x546, 4:3, aid6903601-v4-728px-Find-H….jpg)




>private school

Was it a school on Oahu with the initials CA? If so, hey nigger, we were classmates. Also, if you've been keeping up with FiM for the last 8 years then you should know by now that friendship is magic so go make a friend even if it's outside of your comfort zone.

4cedbf  No.321734


nah, the big island actually, and you have a point but it's hard to keep friends that you have nothing in common with. starting to think it might just be my attitude towards everything but i have no idea how to change. i will say i don't feel like downgrading to a normie just to have friends

4cedbf  No.321735


one thing i failed to mention is that i feel a tremendous amount of guilt for getting myself suspended from school back then too

a4ca23  No.321736


Just find friends who have the same hobbies as you. Literally all my friends come from this board, I met them just by hopping into episode streams and game nights. Go somewhere where people behave like you do and then insert yourself into the conversation. And if you end up not liking them, hey, it's the internet. You can just disappear!

23369d  No.321737


The Normie solution is to develop some new interests. This will help give you more things to discuss with other normies.

A sport of some sort would also help you get some exercise while getting you socialised.

Bird watching is simple to get into and often results in a lot of time spent outdoors in pursuit of rare birds and shit. May overlap with geology or botany hobbies, that will bring you out to the same places.

Cooking can help spice up your life and many normie women love it when you can make a romantic dinner for them.

Maybe learn a martial art to get into shape and build confidence and self-discipline?

There's all kinds of normie crap like that you can use to resocialise yourself to become a normie.

If this doesn't suit you, you can either accept that you are a wizard and will never fit in with the normies and thus stop seeking their approval and company altogether, or, if you don't have the mental stamina to live like that, </life>

4cedbf  No.321738


thanks for the tip, i try this but it's hard when my interests are so obscure. for example i'm unironically into vaporwave stuff (early internet stuff from the 90s, vintage mall architecture, etc.) and about 90% of the people that are into that suck. i know beggars can't be choosers but i've tried talking to whoever's available and most of the time it just doesn't work for me

4cedbf  No.321739


i think you said it better than i ever could lmao

thanks for the support

773517  No.321741

Shit dude, did your shift key break? Capitalization is important.

6322c4  No.321873

I am a Pegasister, I had the experience of evolving from autistic shit to Socially Functional-Employed being, (Still pegasister) with many pone and normie friends, I know how it's to feel hopeless, to feel that nobody cares… I'll be your friend, I'll help you and listen to you. If you want a friend.

a0bdc7  No.321877


First of all, tits or GTFO. Second of all, roasties live on easy mode, you know nothing about true suffering. Third of all,



5d7d16  No.321878


Iktf OP. I was like 15 when the show came out, and it was right around that time that my parents got into an ugly divorce. Fistfights, cops, and the inheritance my grandparents left me was stolen to fund it. I fell in with a "brony" chatroom on the internet, and while it seems very cancerous now in retrospect, having a community within the show's early fandom was a very positive experience for a troubled teenager. Of course, that group fell apart before I turned 18, and today I spend all day wageslaving and come home to my empty apartment to blankly stare at 8chan til I finally decide to go to bed at 1 in the morning. But yeah man that early fandom really was something special.

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