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File: a9b29c2c5d50ac1⋯.png (308.03 KB, 489x494, 489:494, Screenshot 2019-01-25 at 1….png)

1a8dad  No.322052

Surely there's an anon with billions right? Let's just buy the IP from Hasjew and make our own episodes

4a9b09  No.322060


What was the original gif? Anyway, I tell ya what, I'd do animated slides (think RDP) if I could draw, and had a tablet to do it on.

96f31f  No.322109

File: fec485d1c3f205e⋯.gif (1.01 MB, 500x281, 500:281, neckbeard table flip.gif)

We don't live in a world where random neckbeards can just buy whole IPs at a whim. You might as well wait until death, then you can live with your waifu in S1 Equestria forever.

907b4d  No.322114

Working on it, fam. Only $320 million from my target goal

a38b16  No.322120

Who do we hire to lead the show? I doubt you want an autistic neckbeard, a NPC or Meghan McCarthy in charge.

4a9b09  No.322122


I'd rather an autistic neckbeard than a normalfaggot like you.

eb4d05  No.322124


>such wasted beautiful double 2 dubs

You should be ashamed of yourself faggot.

>>322120 is telling the truth.

But who should lead pone?

66ad0a  No.322125

71ca55  No.322126


Name one good reason why an autistic neckbeard wouldn't be the hero to save MLP.

d0be14  No.322127


Lucas Harskamp

69c4db  No.322128


Someone start a kickstarter or something. Name it "We are buying the My Little Pony Intellectual property because Hasbro is a dumb dumb pee pee head"

4a9b09  No.322132

File: 0cdb882f88e7d61⋯.jpg (156.71 KB, 800x800, 1:1, You, a fag.jpg)


>hurr muh digits durr

Fuck off.



4a9b09  No.322133


Or just make something like RDP (i.e. little actual animation) but with actual voice actors/actresses if you really want to be serious.

1a8dad  No.322135


RDP is cancer is the guy who runs it is a far left marxist.

6e31a8  No.322137

i remember this thread during s5

a38b16  No.322140


Fuck, forgot about him. What is he doing nowadays?



Why are these dubs wasted in this thread on shit? Guy's a Marxist.

a38b16  No.322142

A neckbeard would create cringy shit, like a Human-In-Equestria self-insert fanfic or some other cringe you see on FimFiction.net. The Powerpuff girls had a writer write himself in and had Bubbles fall in love with the self-insert (no joke). No thanks. Like it or not, you need someone got his shit together and not someone who just wants to insert his pathetic fantasies.

3c9d81  No.322149




This faggot is crap confirmed.



Definitely. Could be a good choice

4a9b09  No.322151

File: b02ef390ade9f21⋯.jpg (120.11 KB, 750x500, 3:2, bag o dicks.jpg)


Your mother is crap :%)





>hurr political opinions mean everything you do is bad


6fe5fd  No.322152



>he's a Marxist

Post pics or didn't happen. Also, even if Hoffman is a gommie faggot, so what? By that logic, you must hate MLP because Lauren Faust was always a feminist, you fucking idiots.


>A neckbeard would create cringy shit, like a Human-In-Equestria self-insert fanfic or some other cringe you see on FimFiction.net.

And as I thought, you're all normalfags. Great.


I'd call you a faggot for shitposting, but there's no point given everything else this thread has revealed to me. RIP /pone/

c417fa  No.322153


>The Powerpuff girls had a writer write himself in and had Bubbles fall in love with the self-insert (no joke)

That guy was a soyboy, which is the complete opposite of a neckbeard. A true neckbeard would meticulously keep track of the lore and steadfastly keep the tone consistent with the feel season one had, and anyone who dared to go against his vision would have to face his terrifying autistic screech.

3b3afd  No.322174


Lauren Faust wrote a PPG episode where the villain was literally a feminazi. There's a difference between first wave and third wave feminism… tard.

4eb868  No.322182


Jared Shapiro, and it was Blossom, not Bubbles. Get your fucking facts straight if you want to talk like you know shit.

147f43  No.322184


>autistic screeching

Anon, the point still stands, even if you get upset he got some details wrong.

Soyboys and neckbeards are rarely good material for making good shows. You need normies.

217e94  No.322191

File: 4b797de89ea4ea5⋯.jpg (119.87 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, StupidConsumers.jpg)


I have the money and I've already looked into it but they're asking too high a price for it. The returns I'd get from it wouldn't be worth anywhere near the investment made and I'm not going to do it for idealistic reasons.

You don't get wealthy by doing stupid shit

217e94  No.322192

File: 3efa3dcaaaf79e1⋯.gif (4.67 MB, 512x283, 512:283, PopcornGIF.gif)


But, but, self inserts are so much fun to fap to!

a38b16  No.322208


>you're wealthy

sure Anon. But let's humor it for a second; let's say you're rich. Hire this guy. >>322127

(doesn't any faggot here know what happened to him?)

cd111d  No.322217


I think the best bet would be some kind of copyright workaround, like how Patreon apparently manages to fund pony artists because they're not selling Hasbro's intellectual property, they're just drawing it for no profit and people give them money for it. Something like that would be ideal for pony production, since the goal would be to make episodes instead of using them to make profit.

Fans would definitely fund making the show, but how those funds would be collected and spent without lawyers getting in is the main issue. I'm not good at law or business, so maybe someone else can think of loopholes we could pass through?

a38b16  No.322238


Hasbro shoots down anything that hurts them making a profit, whether the creators make money of it or not. Any entertainment company does this.

5c0c4e  No.322290


Hasbro doesn't own the image of horse or the artstyle. If you avoid copyrighted characters and places, ain't nothing Hasjew can do to ya.

d5c4bc  No.322329

File: 446d84929dd5ac4⋯.png (115.42 KB, 750x643, 750:643, 876132[1].png)


There are loopholes. I know the lawyers would want to sue every fan project ever, but apparently there are ways to make pony art without giving them anything to grasp onto.


>Hasbro doesn't own the image of horse or the artstyle. If you avoid copyrighted characters and places, ain't nothing Hasjew can do to ya.

This is what >>301981 is all about. I'm not sure how far they can go because of artstyle alone so this is definitely something worth looking into.

217e94  No.322372


The price Hasbro is asking is 425 million dollars. I have the money to buy it (seriously) but the extremely low returns from that investment wouldn't justify the initial expenditure so you're going to have to find some other way to do it.

217e94  No.322374


Have you ever noticed that it says, "developed for television by…" That means that the person who's writing for the show didn't create or invent the show or the characters. That means someone else did (and it's a well known fact that Hasbro does NOT own the copyrights on MLP or the associated characters.) You'll have to find the original creator of the concepts and characters and negotiate with them to buy said concepts/characters out from under Hasbro (On Wall Street this is called a Hostile Buy-Out) and if you can generate the funds, it can be done.

d0be14  No.322392


What, are you retarded? All it means that Faust was the original executive producer but she was fired. Developed for Television just sounds a lot better than Former Executive Producer.

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