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File: 208084b5c960642⋯.jpg (13.81 KB, 640x355, 128:71, mlfw7773_medium.jpg)

8050ad  No.323455

How do normalfags perceive ponyfags in modern times now that the show is no longer as popular and will die soon?

Link related academic paper on ponyfags talks about us making a community due to being failed males who fap to cartoons.


6a5d91  No.323456



>failed males who fap to cartoons

sounds accurate tbh

06fa87  No.323460

File: 6c172eb5196e75e⋯.jpg (75.38 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 1535198557.jpg)

In my experience normalfags usually say something like

<You like ponies? Lmao.

And then they either forget about it forever, or a few rare individuals might playfully tease you about it. if you aren't a low-t neckbeard, that is, but I can't comment on such a case


>Through ethnographic observation of the My Little Pony (/mlp/) discussion board on the website 4chan,

Made me giggle.

>these men build a communal sense of masculine failure and create discursive support for a politics opposed to progressive gender change. We thus suggest an important role that collective sexual desire, especially in online communities, can play in the emergence of reactionary gender politics.

Dropped right there. Yep, ponies turn you into a misogynist nazi, folks, confirmed by real feminist science.

8050ad  No.323463


They used some psuedo-intellectual terminology instead of failed males but that's the insinuation.


>Made me giggle


>Feminist science

Don't focus on that part just think about the fact that rule34 and other porn sites will have to be in the bibliography and their maybe will even be a screenshot of one of these sites homepage in there. Course we can't tell because you have to pay for the journal but I'm willing to bet having read a lot of papers like it that there is.

fc0b46  No.323469


I just don't know or care anymore. Imageboards are full of retards and normalfags, even on /pone/.

Image-related, fuck Codemonkey >>320166

ae0e49  No.323473

File: 7c5114b916337f0⋯.png (13.77 KB, 107x263, 107:263, marejuice.png)


The full thing was posted on /mlp/ when it was created and was absolutely ripped to shreds.

8050ad  No.323486


>Ripped to shreds

Now that a sign of problematic masculinity

a50187  No.323496

>falling outside of "normative heterosexual desire" makes you a misogynist


c4ae28  No.323505


>failed males

Reeks of the "incel" psyop.

8050ad  No.323549


What do you think (((feminism))) is?

623c4f  No.323565

File: 742418affef2dbc⋯.png (187.72 KB, 626x501, 626:501, 112889__safe_twilight spar….png)


I read the article. It's an "ethnography" of /mlp/, of course from some neo-Marxist gender-power-relations perspective. I barely know how these people think they are doing real academics. Maybe like a fish in the ocean not realizing they're in water is their relationship to their post-modern structuralist ideology through which they contextualize and analyze the world.

At least the piece had a couple of decent insights about the self-policing "politics" of /mlp/ around, broadly speaking, revealing one's power level, and around communal belonging deriving from a self-othering from mainstream sexuality. I just hate the ideological mold into which they try to force it regarding gender dynamics and the connection between the sexual failure of /mlp/ users and "reactionary" anti-feminist politics. That is not, and never should have been, the story.

e7a035  No.323578


It's post-structural theory. Power/knowledge couplet comes from Foucault who is more or less the most prominent figure or the French intellectuals. Feminist theories from gender academics such as Bell Hooks and the like More or less borrow from the idea that power relations are inherently problematic but re-contextualises it to be 'white males' as somehow having cultural dominance not taking into account of course wether they are rich and connected or working class. Bear in mind that a great deal of money goes into problematizing issues through the frame of gender relations due to all the money scurried away in grants for 'feminist research' couple that with a desire for the novel. I.e. there are not yet a thousand papers on the My Little Pony community due to it only having been prominent online for a few years. Everything these people do is done to get the next grant, the next chance to get published in a well regarded journal. Which is deeply ironic considering that Foucault's criticism of new forms of knowledge always being coupled with new forms of power. Wether these people have the self awareness to understand it they are enganging in exactly what they pretend they want to critique.

not post-modernist

6e42d9  No.323585


Whatever it is, I'm glad Hungary cut off state funding to it, and hope that we follow suit. As they said, it's more akin to ideology like Marxist-Leninist studies than to any kind of legitimate academics. It's all about trying to justify the ideological mold they begin with by forcing everything into it.

c57d7d  No.323600


Since you've got it, can you post it here? I checked the link but didnt want to get 300000 new accounts in order to read some misguided propaganda

0fd232  No.323606

File: d8dde868df61fb3⋯.pdf (202 KB, sexualities journal on :ml….pdf)


Let's see if ∞chan allows uploading pdfs.

56db0f  No.323615

>How do normalfags perceive ponyfags in modern times now that the show is no longer as popular and will die soon?

They're mostly just surprised people are still into it after all these years.

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