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File: 928059ad6843fca⋯.png (380.32 KB, 1036x584, 259:146, 1970542.png)

e26696  No.323704

The consensus at mlpol is that no pony fan is put off their site because of the real life politics there. Personally I find that preposterous, so what's the reason you aren't using it?

82b3f6  No.323706

Because it's a collection of the most cringy and autistic people of both /mlp/ and /pol/. There's places were /pol/ is genuine and not retarded; /mlpol/ is not one of them. There's places where I don't have to constantly sift through unintelligible word vomit, retarded ramblings and general cringe; /mlpol/ is not one of them. If I want to talk about or with a monarchist, a fascist, a natsoc, a strasserist, anything along those lines, I will go to other sites, boards or chans dedicated to that, usually ones made up of people knowledgeable about politics precisely because they ditched the legitimate internet retard madhouses of /pol/s and fucking '/mlpol/'.

b6e608  No.323707

If you're gonna shill put a little effort into it

5123fb  No.323712

File: 53a2af5d6b97e07⋯.png (41.96 KB, 400x317, 400:317, 43109__safe_fluttershy_pin….png)

>please come to our dead site!

Pathetic tbh.

>The consensus at mlpol is that no pony fan is put off their site because of the real life politics there

>Users which came to the site precisely to discuss politics say that they aren't put off by political discussion with ponies

What a truly shocking revelation.

Somehow it doesn't surprise me that mlpol users can't see a selection bias even if it hit them in the face

5b5b56  No.323717


>finish fag cant into reality

just kys

ef8b90  No.323722

File: fb334c2b3ade4e9⋯.png (487.77 KB, 462x720, 77:120, fb334c2b3ade4e9818927bf1f6….png)

/mlpol/ is the epitome of Poe's law, and if you can not admit this, you are delusional.

Both sides are so watered down to somehow function, to the point where you guys fucking suck at both.

None of you can write, draw, think critically, or do anything of note. It's a complete travesty that you people still believe you guys are so special.

The political variety in /mlpol/ ranges from 16 year old ancaps sucking friedman's jewish cock, to mutts adoring a batshit insane bavarian.

Face it, you are all retarded. Fuck off.

e50fb8  No.324062

MLPOL is great but not much different from here tbh.

666793  No.324065

wasn't mlpol day just the pony version of goreposting on half/shill/?

99cb30  No.324072

File: 6e1774197a6d91b⋯.png (79.84 KB, 704x500, 176:125, pewds.PNG)

I use both /mlpol/ and this one. /pone/ is definitively more about the old /mlp/ art community, /mlpol/ is about politics and pony mixed, and in fact a lot of threads here should be crossed on /mlpol/.

2190de  No.324091

File: a8b197eacee5ab7⋯.jpg (20.17 KB, 624x416, 3:2, BBUNIdd.img.jpg)

Does /mlpol/ have a ponified version of Saint Tennant?

2190de  No.324093

File: 10064a7929b3d66⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 2894x2894, 1:1, 1552949293164-0.jpg)


eh nm, found it.

0e8f41  No.324094


It's intuitively understanding that pro-14/88 shooters will be transformed into anime girl versions of themselves that will then be made into marshmallow horse versions of those anime girls which gives me happiness in these dark times. Now I ask, where is the porn?

092c47  No.324329

File: cc7acb6a6fec9d4⋯.png (25.71 KB, 1317x159, 439:53, 1542950031877.png)

reminder that /mlpol/ is a fucking joke

82b3f6  No.324332


Nice reddit screencap

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