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File: 1b88f515fa0f70d⋯.png (1008.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Twilight_reading_a_book_S5….png)

008041  No.324103

>"Hey Anon, did you know that despite only making up 13% of the population, earth ponies commit 52% of all crimes?"

4faf11  No.324106

File: bd14e066e3dd013⋯.gif (252.22 KB, 437x436, 437:436, ezgif-3-b32b45d569.gif)

I think you have those numbers reversed, sweetie

b2fd94  No.324108

File: 4cd8e58c4787ad7⋯.jpeg (175.86 KB, 940x300, 47:15, 4cd.jpeg)

Typical (((unicorns))). Always projecting their crimes onto others.

Here's a list of MLP antagonists/villains who are either an Earth pony, Pesasus, Unicorn, or Alicorn. Per capita, unicorns produce more dangerous and destructive criminals than all other categories.

[Earth pony]

Apple Bloom's Shadow (nightmare entity)

Dr. Cabelleron and his henchponies



Evil Applejack (Mean Six)

Evil Pinkie Pie (Mean Six)


Diamond Tiara

Silver Spoon

Filthy Rich

Spoiled Rich

Mane-iac's henchponies

Suri Polomare

Babs Seeds


Cozy Glow

Evil Rainbow Dash (Mean Six)

Evil Fluttershy (Mean Six)

Lightning Dust

Shadowbolts (Nightmare Moon's illusions)

Wind Rider

Hoops, "Dumb-Bell", and "Score"


Flim Flam Brothers

King Sombra

Evil Rarity (Mean Six)


Sable Spirit

Snips and Snails

Starlight Glimmer

Tantabus (nightmare entity)

Sunset Shimmer

Tempest Shadow


Chancellor Neighsay


Evil Twilight Sparkle (Mean Six)

Nightmare Moon


8e5a78  No.324109

File: 3b5c1ee393fe9fc⋯.gif (107.68 KB, 550x400, 11:8, 035c5b44b98f97f0b6353e051a….gif)

What about Earth Pony Twilight?

a95f08  No.324111


Based and mudpilled

08a1b9  No.324113


>Chancellor Neighsay

Did nothing wrong

>Tantabus (nightmare entity)

Not actually a unicorn.

>King Sombra and Tempest Shadow

Not even citizens of equestria.

>Evil Rarity (Mean Six)

Also not actually a Unicorn

You also left out other inbred and degenerate mudponies like the entire McColt and Hoffield families. Just like Caballeron and his henchmen, both families are made up of multiple, dozens even, of mudponies. Ahuitzotl also had a lot of henchmen, all mudponies. You could almost think there's a pattern there, with the way any villain in need of dumb muscle willing to break the law always end up recruiting lots of mudponies

Oh, and lets not forget all those apple family rednecks from Appeloosa who where busy trying to steal buffalo land and trying to incite the buffalo's to violence when they objected.

Your list is full of mistakes, omissions and blatant bias, trying to shift blame for all the bad things your fellow mudponies do onto upstanding Unicorns of impeccable legal and moral standing.

How about you take your lies and bullshit back to your zigger infested slum of a home.

e43b47  No.324119

File: 542e95c548e7f8f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 108.15 KB, 504x566, 252:283, delicious bits.png)

>all these retards arguing about which race's insignificant criminal minority is proportionally bigger compared to the rest while hippogriffs are taking over Equestria's shores, griffons are invading Equestria's mountains, changelings are infiltrating Equestrian homes, yaks are creeping up from the north and zebras are lurking in Equestria's forests

I wonder (((who))) could be behind this thread.

A reminder to all:


b2fd94  No.324135


Fine. I'll update it, just for you.

[Earth pony]

Mane-iac and her henchponies (theoretically)

Dr. Cabelleron and his henchponies

Ahuizotl's henchponies



Filthy Rich

Spoiled Rich

Suri Polomare

Hooffield and McColt families



Cozy Glow

Lightning Dust

Wind Rider


King Sombra

Tempest Shadow

Starlight Glimmer

Sunset Shimmer



Sable Spirit

Flim Flam Brothers


Nightmare Moon

Daybreaker (theoretically)


- I removed most of the kids. They're just minors and none of them managed to earn a prison sentence like Cozy Glow did.

- I removed Apple Bloom's Shadow, the Tantabus, and Nightmare Moon's Shadowbolts. They're either nightmare entities or just illusions. Not real ponies.

- I removed the Mean 6 because they're technically just tree branches.

- I removed Chancellor Neighsay to satisfy /mlpol/, even though he was still an antagonist to Twilight and her friends.

- I added the following: Ahuizotl's henchponies, Hooffield and McColt families, and Appaloosans.

- I added the "(theoretically)" disclaimer next to Mane-iac and Daybreaker. Celestia's corrupted form has happened yet. And Mane-iac is just a fictional character from a comic book, but the magic to enter/exit a comic book does exist.

- I kept King Sombra and Tempest Shadow because they're still unicorns.

All that said, my point still stands. The unicorn race (due to their magical abilities) still produces more dangerous criminals than earth ponies, pegasi, or alicorns. King Sombra and Tempest Shadow are powerful enough to take down entire armies. Starlight Glimmer can brainwash a town and also fuck up the timeline through time travel. Even a regular unicorn like Trixie can become a threat with the Alicorn Amulet.

Earth ponies produce a good amount of antagonists too (mostly lowly henchponies). But besides Mane-iac, none of them are really that powerful in a fight. In the season 9 premiere, King Sombra singlehandedly brought the Crystal Empire to its knees. Where is an earth pony villain as capable of that?

And lastly, Pegasi have proven to be the most moral race of ponies, because they hardly produce any villains at all. Only rarely.

cff2bd  No.324136

File: 543d98104653f6a⋯.jpg (55.61 KB, 592x628, 148:157, a mare.jpg)

Pro tip, pegasi are not only the cutest and most huggable, but also the most redpilled. They have their own ethnocity full of pegasi mares that need be hugged and wings that need to be rubbed, whereas earth ponies are lame ass garbage and unicorns have a dick on their head and thus only gays like them. It is a simple and objective fact that pegasi are the most qtest and best ponies. Any dissent with this fact is wrong, and preemptively, if you have disagree you are stupid and your waifu is likely not a pegasi, thus you are double stupid and your life, opinions, experiences and everything associated with those are meaningless and null. As a bonus, this dynamic is an easy filter that enables the pegasi mares to only be waifu'd and loved by the most intelligent of men, and they deserve nothing less. Conversions or repentances are impossible, if at any point in the filthy existence of a "man", and I put man in quotes because they should not be called men, one waif'd a mare that was not a pegasi, they deserve punishment, punishment which will vary between sin. If one does not like pegasi, they will be shot. If one mildly likes pegasi, they will be shot. If one has a high opinion of pegasi, they will serve a sentence of hard labor proportional to the amount of which they do not love pegasi. Those who have or had promiscuous behavior with other mares besides pegasi, but still like or love pegasi, will have their sentence decided via severity, as it is an unavoidable fact that all mares are cute. This aforementioned fact is typically used as an excuse to love mares besides or other than pegasi; it is not valid, neither morally or ideally lawfully. Pegasi are, in addition to the other listed items, fluffier than other types of ponies, and their coats are thicker. This allows one to pet and hug the pegasus with greater satisfaction and ease. All in all, pegasi are very cute, very good, the best, and better than other types of mares. Refer to early statements if you have a problem with this factoid.

08a1b9  No.324137

File: 3f1dc6357762760⋯.png (2.15 MB, 2500x2000, 5:4, 1992611.png)


So your excuse for mudponies being objectively worse that Unicorns, is that they are too useless to do any real harm?

An innovative approach to standing up for your waifu's species…

Silly mudponies can't even eat like civilised people…

e43b47  No.324138

File: 6751870e0be918f⋯.gif (14.13 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1376874.gif)


While you sit with your earth-bound ass on the grass, your pegasus fillyfirend rides the cock carousel in the Great City ine the Skies.

Earth ponies are the real man's best friend. Cute, sturdy, won't fly off God knows where and won't gore you during fellatio.


Now that's a funny picture. The Apple family is a major contributor to Ponyville's economy and an important strategical asset to the greater Equestria. Meanwhile, Rarity makes overpriced dresses. In a nudist society.

Talk about useless.

08a1b9  No.324141

File: fe86c5ed66daf80⋯.png (796.8 KB, 1365x768, 455:256, 612483.png)

File: 2bb93284dbcb9cc⋯.gif (438.78 KB, 283x400, 283:400, 494042.gif)


>Muh Strategic Asset and major contributor to Ponyvilles economy.

>Can't even produce enough Cider for ponyville

>Regularly needs the her friends to pitch in with the work on the farm

>For free

>Can barely keep the farm afloat

Silly mudpony thinking she isn't useless…

>Muh Rarity can't sell anything

>Has build a chain of fashion outlets across equestria

>Is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry

>Has dozens of employees she can afford to pay

You have strange notions about how ponies can contribute to the economy and what useless means…

Then again, its not like we've had whole episodes about AJ being a useless idiot during harbest while a single unicorn could harvest most of sweet apple acres total crop in a few seconds.

No wait, we did have that episode…

64b631  No.324143

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e43b47  No.324144

File: 9fb72cdecae7a23⋯.jpg (2.18 MB, 1664x9898, 832:4949, 1513738642172.jpg)


You can't eat dresses. Your arguments are invalid.

b2fd94  No.324157

File: 11044bfc76d30ec⋯.png (376.1 KB, 838x1024, 419:512, AppleSolo.png)


>they are too useless to do any real harm?

Not useless. They're just "less destructive" than unicorns overall. Potentially speaking. I mean if Applejack turned evil, a good kick to the face would still render you in a coma or dead.

But to use an analogy, think of Star Wars. Han Solo (no Force powers) can cause some damage, but not as much destruction as Darth Vader (has Force powers) singlehandedly can. Your usual unicorn villains like Starlight Glimmer (has magic) can potentially wreak far more havok than your usual earth pony villains, like Dr. Cabelleron + all his earth henchponies combined (no magic).

>An innovative approach to standing up for your waifu's species.

Nice try, but my waifu is a pegasus. I'm just calling out your (((unicorn))) lies.

08a1b9  No.324158

File: 5a3c59d88b4880a⋯.png (973.09 KB, 1280x1662, 640:831, 1810714.png)


I agree wholeheartedly. Compared to unicorns, mudponies are useless and insignificant. That's what I've been saying all along. I'm glad you've come around to my point of view.

However, how dangerous they are isn't what we where originally discussing, but rather, how prone they are to be badguys in the first place. A subject that the filthy mudponies are by far in the lead on.

>muh waifu is totally a pegasus and I am totally not just trying to deflect attention from the way I I can't defend my position on earthponies in any way

Nice try, but everyone knows noone likes the birdbrained feather dusters. They are too irrelevant, they aren't as numerous as mudponies and still can't do anything a unicorn can't do better.

008041  No.324164

What about those Pegasi? Rainbow Dash committed an act of terrorism when she blew up the rainbow factory

b2fd94  No.324165


>how dangerous they are isn't what we where originally discussing

Yes it was. What we (you and I) were originally discussing was not which race produced "the most" number of criminals (relating to quantity), but which race produced "more destructive criminals than all other races" (relating to quality).

>My 1st post: "unicorns produce more dangerous and destructive criminals than all other categories."

>My 2nd post: "The unicorn race (due to their magical abilities) still produces more dangerous criminals than earth ponies, pegasi, or alicorns."

>My 3rd post: "[Earth ponies are] just "less destructive" than unicorns overall."

Consistently, I didn't argue that unicorns produced the most number of villains. I argued that unicorns produced the most destructive threats to Equestria. I'm more concerned about the Unicorn race that tends to produce 10 Darth Vaders over the Earth pony race that tends to produce 100 Stormtroopers. Again, just take a look at King Sombra. He had committed more crimes in a Single day than most earth pony antagonists do in their entire lifetimes.

>mass enslavement of a kingdom

>holding the royal family (including an alicorn and a baby) as hostages

>mass destruction of public and private property (especially government property)

>installed a tyrannical government that abuses its citizens

It's shit like that'll get you banished to the moon or Tartarus, whereas earth ponies like Suri Polomare do comparatively minor crimes like petty plagiarism. And it's not just King Sombra either. Every other unicorn villain I listed had racked up quite the crime count when they went crazy with their magic.


>Which race produces the most destructive villains? Unicorns.

>Which race produces the most number of villains? Earth ponies.

>Which race has collectively committed the most number of crimes? Unicorns.

>everyone knows noone likes the birdbrained feather dusters.

Nice try, but I loved her since season 1 episode 1. Try to guess who.

>still can't do anything a unicorn can't do better.

How about maintaining a relatively crime-free society with few villains for starters. I rather live in a nice sky city and be looking down upon you immoral horniggers.

008041  No.324168

Okay, this is ebin

08a1b9  No.324169


>Per capita, unicorns produce more dangerous and destructive criminals than all other categories.

That sentence can be interpreted both as "unicorns produce criminals who are more dangerous" and as "unicorns produce more criminals who are dangerous". Your semantics and lack of ability to communicate caused this confusion. I guess that's what you get from mud ponies trying to talk.

Since you have been focusing your argument more on the quantity of criminals in each group, rather than their specific qualifications, ie, how much of a threat they are, logic would suggest your argument was about the quantity rather than the quality of the villains.

And you keep insisting on bringing in non-equestrian unicorns as examples of how dangerous equestrian unicorns are. If for example, you where to make a study, comparing white and black people in the US to see who where worse, and used people like Stalin and Ceausescu as examples of how bad white americans are, wouldn't your comparison end up highly misleading?

But if you want to talk quality rather than just the quantity, lets go over the list of unicorns you have.

>Flim and Flam

Con men, guilty of at most, fraud and shady business practices. Hardly master criminals or a threat to anything in a physical sense.

>Sunset Shimmer

She committed her crimes in a foreign country that isn't canon and no one cares about. Her crimes are theft and illegal immigration.


Mind controlled while he was committing his crimes.

>Sable Spirit

Mythological figure who's motivations are never explained, nor is the full context for her deeds.


While she's a braggart and rubs some people the wrong way, she hasn't actually committed any crimes herself. She was mind controlled by the evil amulet while she took over ponyville. She has also saved equestria.

>Starlight Glimmer

The only real villain who has done more than defraud or lie to others on this list without being mind controlled and thus not in control of their own actions when they did their villainous deeds

She has also saved equestria on at least Two occasions and tried to save it on a third.

Which brings up an interesting point, namely that some of the greatest heroes of equestria, who have saved it more times than anyone else, are unicorns. Like Starswirl the Bearded.

You could easily make a case for unicorns being more likely to produce great heroes than villains. The greatest heroes equestria has known ARE unicorns or at least used to be, anyway

I mean, just because 1 unicorn can do more damage than 100 mudponies don't mean all unicorns are more destructive nor that most of the crimes committed in the country are committed by unicorns. Thats like saying that white people are worse terrorists than muslims because people like Brenton Tarrant and Breivik got higher highscores than most muslim terrorists. Yet, the vast majority of terrorists are still muslim.

Meanwhile, many of the mudponies on your list are prone to violence, kidnapping and attempted murder as well as more mundane stuff like theft, fraud and extortion.

In short, you are more likely to be mugged, beaten or murdered by an earth pony than a unicorn, especially when we consider how much more common mudpony criminals are than unicorn law breakers.

And don't think I'm giving the bird brains a free pass either. Lightning dust had her compatriots, who where just as bad as she was, RD is a known terrorist and a cunt in general, right along with the rest of the wonderbolts, many of which can also add criminally incompetent to that list. The only moral standard we have seen from the feathered fucks is being assholes in general. Not a crime, true, but others have ended up on the list for less.

>Try to guess who.

Top cunt or the yellow one that was beaten by her father every day of her childhood. Doesn't matter which, since they are both terrible choices for waifu's.

8f3776  No.324171


Moderate pegasi just want to help with the weather, they are necessary if Equestrian society wishes to survive. Most pegasi disapprove of what Rainbow Dash did/does.

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