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File: 00380dc81a3a7ba⋯.jpeg (38.17 KB, 680x338, 340:169, anti6.jpeg)

12ce32  No.324204

How come only twilight, rainbow, and rarity got evil clones? We had like 3 evil twilights, an evil wonderbolt, and an evil fashionista.

Where is the evil farmer? The evil zoophile? The evil party freak?

88c65a  No.324210

While I hate to bite the bait, we do have Anti Pinkie. We have had several, of a sort, though the most obvious is Maud. While Pinkie is fun, friendly and full of personality,

Maud is just a personalityless void of concentrated antifun.

Also baconhair isn't canon, its glimglam or moondancer who is the anti Twilight.

12ce32  No.324215


I think there's a difference between being someone's evil version, and being someone's opposite. Maud is pinkie's opposite, but she's good-natured and and not a randumb party freak. The closest thing to an evil pinkie pie is probably discord. He's randumb like her, but was once using that randomness for evil.

Maybe flim and flam could be considered applejack's evil versions. They aren't farmers like her, but applejack does run an honest business. As opposed to the shady business practices of f&f.

Still no evil version of fluttershy though.

>its glimglam or moondancer who is the anti Twilight

Twilight is a nerdy, magic loving, student of celestia. But her clones only touch on certain aspects of twilight's character.

Moondancer isn't evil, but she is nerdy like twi.

Starlight was an evil magic loving unicorn, interested in obscure powerful spells.

Sunset was celestia's prized student, but turned evil.

454b46  No.324216


>Sunset is anti-Twilight

nice forced meme

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