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34c0d5  No.324799

First leaked episode of the season afaik.

Frenemies aired on italian TV yesterday, sadly I haven't been able to find any subs that aren't in pasta.

Link shamelessly cucked of cuckchan


f2dd0f  No.324800

File: b84127a72b5f300⋯.png (59.11 KB, 365x223, 365:223, lotsa-spaghetti.png)


Holy shit. Even though I can't speak spaghetti, the character interactions in this episode were so good! They really made the villains + their banter shine in this one. I thought things would go downhill after Twilight's Seven, but this has now become my new top favorite episode of season 9.

Easily a 9/10 episode, at least.

d1017a  No.324801

Fuckin' Spaghettis are ruining everything. We'll do the usual stickies for the english releases (as GOD intended), but it looks like they'll be up to episode 11 by the end of next week.

f2dd0f  No.324802

File: 0e2735f3ca00f72⋯.png (198.82 KB, 640x360, 16:9, another_early_episode.png)


No kidding. Looks like Italy is dropping another episode (Going to Seed) later today. At around 8:00 AM Pacific.


The fuck is going on over there at Italy?

562958  No.324809

File: 9b1ec225da2a0a1⋯.png (400.17 KB, 1616x908, 404:227, 1557937747420.png)



Dumb amerimutt, it's officially licensed airing

34c0d5  No.324813

d1dac8  No.324814


Jesus loves you

f2dd0f  No.324820


Wow... this episode has made my thread ( >>324778 ) aged pretty badly then. They retconned Fluttershy's racism out & she's no longer scared of dragons or visiting the Dragon Lands. She's now a full-on appreciator of dragon culture.

Also, Smolder's brother being a French hipster was weird.

6fe325  No.324821


What happens when he meets Zephyr Breeze?

f2dd0f  No.324833

another Italian early release.

Season 9, Episode 10 - Going to Seed


34c0d5  No.324845

Episodes so far, in english.

Download cap is reached, but you can still stream from the links

S09E08 - Frenemies


S09E09 - Sweet and Smokey


S09E10 - Going to Seed


7492bc  No.324858

File: 30e16ac93e72e5f⋯.png (297.08 KB, 582x468, 97:78, ClipboardImage.png)



06cadd  No.324860


Where are the English versions from?

34c0d5  No.324916

S09E11 - Student Coucil in english, no pasta here


Its a maude and student episode, Caveat Emptor


Its from a streaming channel called Loonex or somesuch. Italian streamers I think.


7492bc  No.324922



You mean Starlight Glimmer? You got my hopes up that we would see Maud giving monotone advice to spoiled rich kids.

34c0d5  No.324927


No, I meant Maude. You know, the lifeless void of anticharacter who drains anything good from anything she's in. Not sure why you'd mistake her from Glimglam. Glimglam's pure cancer, but but that is still not as bad as maude.

S09E12 - The Last Crusade


A CMC episode from the writing genius behind Uprooted from earlier this season. This one's going to hurt.

f2dd0f  No.324928



Bless you, leaker-chan. You're doing God's work.

f2dd0f  No.324951

Dailymotion embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Italian Season 9 Episode 13 "Between Dark and Dawn": https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x791nto

We might not get an early English release for this one, sadly. Hasbro apparently caught on to the exploit that gave us episodes 8 through 12 with English audio. Hopefully we'll get an early English episode 13 too, but at least we have the Italian dub for now.

Thankfully, it's very easy to tell what's going on in this episode, even if you don't speak Italian.

06cadd  No.324952


I'm still very curious about how the English audio stream was acquired. Do you know more about it?

f2dd0f  No.324953

File: 11d8639cbcb8a3f⋯.png (225.64 KB, 855x2153, 855:2153, how-we-got-early-english-e….png)


I don't understand all the details myself, but I'll tell you what I found.

Apparently, there is an on-demand video service in Italy that is called Sky. I guess in addition to offering the Italian dubs of episodes 8-12, the on-demand service also had the English dubs for some reason. That's how an italian streamer (who goes by the name of LooneX) was able to rip and download the english episodes from the service below.

(Sky's website link) http://guidatv.sky.it/guidatv/ricerca.html?query=my%20little%20pony

However, it looks like Hasbro realized how we kept getting english episodes early, and possibly told Sky to knock it off. The zero you see on the "On Demand (0)" tab of the Sky website means that they removed all the season 9 episodes from their service (and presumably all the english dubbed ones as well). And episode 12 was the last english episode we could get our hands on before the mass removal began. English episode 13 was never made available, I'm afraid.

06cadd  No.324956


Ah, thanks for the explanation.

34c0d5  No.324965


It seems someone from Loonex did manage to get S09E13 with english dub in time.


After this its the mid season hiatus I think, so no more new pony for a while.

7492bc  No.324999



>drains anything good

You should get your head checked. Maud was the only good part of that episode.


>the celestia and luna episode was saved

I swear, this had better be good.

Update: it was good.

>decent hook

>good song

>lots of distinct situations for the princesses

>simple story means no time wasted on lore

I'll talk about it more when the proper air date rolls around, but it was a great way to enter the mid-season hiatus. Thanks for leaking it.

34c0d5  No.325012

File: 0e7cf3148380874⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, That fucking cat.png)


>it was good.

>Celestia is an uncultured swine

>Celestia cares nothing for what Luna wants, despite their history

>both princesses act like retards

>Pic related

I cannot in good concious agree with that assessment.

f2dd0f  No.325017


I'm with you on this one. The episode was serviceable, but I came away liking the two princesses a little less. Trying to make them "relatable" by having them do and say dumb shit ("like how normal sisters would act. lol so randumb xDDD") felt really out of character for them. Especially when Celestia screamed zipline and ruined any sort of royal grace she once had about her.

478e0f  No.325103

File: 0981b43d41720f6⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1920x1090, 192:109, vlcsnap-2019-05-29-06h07m0….png)

Yet another "waaaah my sister doesn't understand my feewings ;_;" episode, eh? Anyway, the episode would have worked as a parody or spin-off, but this is the regular show. The Princesses are painfully moronic here just like everyone else ;_;

I enjoyed the visual gag with Pinkie Pie and the whisk. It was disgusting and I smiled.

Why doesn't Twilight know what the Royal Swanifying is?

Tabitha St. Germain has a very nice voice, and I really want to French kiss Luna. Her pulling the prickles out of her ass must have been fan service, there's no fucking way it wasn't. Top. Unf.

I like Celestia, but in this episode, Luna is clearly the Patrician between the two.

>"If we ask for help, it's like admitting we're not as good as the Princesses."


It's so frustrating. I miss old, competent, non-over-powered Twilight. Can you imagine how could of a ruler she'd be?

What, she didn't read the list already when she denied the advisors?

The song sounds very familiar… "Top of the World" "Bare Necessities" something from the Toy Story series of films? Not sure. Also, you know, the song in Frenemies was good, but it too sort of reminded me of something else….

The Princesses' petty dispute contrasts pretty painfully with the Mane 6's troubles. They look really pathetic, especially Celestia, because we've seen Celestia get her way more often than Luna here (ignoring when they behaved more formally, and the justified banishment to the Moon; both would have felt horrible lonely, even if Nightmare Moon mightn't have realized she felt that way, if at all after turning evil). While they're bitching, the Mane 6 are frantically trying to fix the problems in Canterlot. Though, it was nice to seem some pony politics (as opposed to IRL politics like the Season 8 opener) again with the strike, even if very minor. The issues were resolved pretty stupidly, though.

Naked Luna on the beach was also nice. Are they trying to make Luna into fap-bait? Why is she the only one moaning in pain this episode? Unf. And the way she turns around in the bed, while still naked… again: Top. Unf.

Wait, is Celestia afraid of chickens, or was she just still shaking from before she knew the object of her fear was just a chicken? I really hope it's the latter.

I laughed when Twilight said "So THIS is how you rule Equestria!", and not in a good way. She seems power hungry, and that's funny.

Did they really need to show us what they were referencing when the Sun and Moon were up together?

Admittedly, I chuckled when they noticed Twilight needed help, though dunno why they couldn't just do it from there. But it feels bad because Twilight is not incompetent. ;_;

>that fucking hipster pony

Made me physically recoil. Fuck this show. 5/10




Wow, good catch. Would rather have the furrybait than the wood-sculptor hipster faggot.

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