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File: 79d5611440ba857⋯.png (672.54 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, vlcsnap-2019-05-15-17h37m5….png)

353357  No.324822


New episode will be broadcast on Saturday @ 11:30am Eastern (UTC -4) on Discovery Family. (Community streams may vary in programming choices prior to the episode).


"Grogar sends his legion of doom on a mission to become allies. Unfortunately, his plan works too well and they almost become friends." - Discovery Family


- This thread (duh)

- http://cytu.be/r/mlpanniversary (Official)

- https://qchat.rizon.net/?channels=/pone/ (Unofficial)

- http://bronytv.net/stream (Alternate)

Streams List:


- http://cytu.be/r/mlpanniversary

- http://bronytv.net/stream


- http://www.bronystate.net/

- http://equestria.tv/r/cmc_clubhouse

You know, I miss the days when bad guys (in any media) were actually competent and presented a serious threat to the good guys. I miss the days when you could scare the shit out of kids instead of making your villains relateable. If little Timmy didn't have PTSD and jump at shadows before reaching kindergarten, you were doing something wrong.

Eh, whatever. This ship is sinking soon.

Fuck Italy.


6bcfc9  No.324824


Might be good but I can see them fucking it up by making Grogar autistically obsessed with the line between alliance and friendship. It shouldn't really matter unless they start having tea parties and forgetting about their plan.

Unrelated note but why does Cozy act so sexual?

c1af8b  No.324828


>why does Cozy act so sexual?

because she knows what kind of people watch this show

0e48d8  No.324829

FIM has turned into something horrible and unrecognizable.

961ce7  No.324832


So it's now Game of Thrones?

ce243a  No.324834

File: f26842f42624d0e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.6 MB, 3486x2388, 581:398, 2710055_fearingFun_cozybar.png)


Or Vikings. Really, I'm surprised anyone here watches that schlock, given the show's popularity with normalfags.

"File already exists!" >>322874


>Unrelated note but why does Cozy act so sexual?

Because Shirley Temple has always given Hollywood an erection.


Shame Cozy Glow wasn't in the earlier seasons, since she's too good to be in the shitty new ones.

Anyway, cautiously optimistic for the new episode.

961ce7  No.324835


I don't watch it, I just know about the season 8 Last Jedi shitstorm.

0e48d8  No.324836


Yeah, it's a damn shame that a character who appeals to no one but pedophiles wasn't in the show when it was good.

ce243a  No.324837

File: fb191a36d5f381e⋯.png (610.15 KB, 607x515, 607:515, ___.png)

014b61  No.324838

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


…You realize anon was joking with the Shirley Temple line, right (though of course, she was supposedly partly based on her; many decent, average Americans adored Shirley Temple, obviously, otherwise she wouldn't be so well-known)? And besides, there's plenty to like about her character, even from my perspective, since I don't find fillies/colts sexy.

Second, vid-related.

0e48d8  No.324839


>there's plenty to like about her character

014b61  No.324840


Oh great, another retard who can't just accept when he's wrong, or feels the need to shitfling (which I've bitten hook, line and sinker) for "damage control", even though there's no harm done and not only do people generally not give a shit, but you just make it worse by bringing attention to it.

If you have a refutation, make one, instead of repeating what was said to mock, faggot. Maybe everyone will adopt your point of view, but we all know everyone is too arrogant nowadays for that.

Sometimes I feel that if IDs were removed, people who are too stupid to work a VPN/Proxy wouldn't feel the need to shitfling because they've been ousted as a tardlet.

ce243a  No.324841


What did TLJ have to do with it?

0e48d8  No.324842


What is there to like about her? You made a vague statement and begged the question, and then instead of clarifying when I asked for it, you went on a tirade against greentext like I just shat on your mother's head.

931625  No.324843

File: 63e6e8a710f3b67⋯.png (345.86 KB, 1024x578, 512:289, CozyGlow.png)

File: 60cd3b568833b75⋯.jpg (23.46 KB, 640x480, 4:3, CatsDontDance.jpg)


Cozy Glow feels more like an homage to Darla Dimple if you ask me. The whole "evil Shirley Temple parody" shtick started with Darla after all.

1caf26  No.324846


but Darla was just a reference to Shirley Temple anyway

f254f6  No.324849

File: 1201f368773f033⋯.jpeg (35.46 KB, 569x667, 569:667, 2041809.jpeg)

Best episode of the season so far. It was actually fun.

30bad7  No.324850

>pretty good song

>effective demonstration of how the prisoner's dilemma works

>Cozy almost went Dateline NBC on that old guy

>Chrysalis was the most competent and grammatically correct she's been since her defeat

>Tirek's greatest magic is having the most common sense

<doesn't really make sense for Grogar not to be able to get the bell if he's that powerful or for Gusty to have gotten past all the natural obstacles

<the tards decided to hide the bell from a villain with a scrying orb in his own lair

I'd give it an 8.5

1caf26  No.324851

Holy shit that was amazing. I like how they actually managed to keep all the villains in character throughout the whole thing e.g. how Tirek just sat and waited for the others to fuck up cause he's smart like that. All those pornbait moments were cool too.


>doesn't really make sense for Grogar not to be able to get the bell

They didnt say it explicitly, but I'm assuming that the defenses around the bell were put in place specifically to keep Grogar out. The magic may have been designed more for specificity than for overall strength, since they would have thought that only Grogar would have been able to find it and get to it. And even if someone else did get to it, it would still take a significantly powerful being to access it, since even a powered-up Tirek struggled to do it.

>or for Gusty to have gotten past all the natural obstacles

The legion of doom got past it pretty easily once they stopped acting like idiots. A presumably powerful magic user like Gusty would probably be able to do it herself. Plus, we dont know the details; maybe she had help too.

>the tards decided to hide the bell from a villain with a scrying orb in his own lair

If you know somebody has the ability to see anywhere in the world, hiding something under his nose would be the best way to keep it hidden (see The Purloined Letter).

30bad7  No.324853


>hiding something under his nose would be the best way to keep it hidden

It sort of depends how it works. E.g. he can see any specific place of his choosing but has to spend a long time scouting to find something vs. if it can track specific objects/ponies but it's harder to deduce the location. In either of those cases though, he should easily notice the bell being moved. As long as they keep it ambiguous about how it works we can assume there's some other mechanism that prevents their plan from falling apart until the finale.

3e77ac  No.324854

8 to 9 out of 10

Defitnetly one of the best episodes of the last few seasons. Mainly because the villains actually had some chemistry and played well off each other.

Hopefully we will get another episode or two of badguys before pony dies entirely.

d5ac98  No.324855

File: 8c33d7e9b38b90b⋯.png (353.12 KB, 583x791, 583:791, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 88656a39ba05bd5⋯.png (25.73 KB, 583x146, 583:146, ClipboardImage.png)

>funny jokes

>good song

>characters actually act in chatacter

>we focused on a small number of characters instead of the bloated ensembles of the mane/young six

>some neat lore with a distinct visual style

>chrysalis was allowed to do cool stuff (this one in particular made me very happy)

>tirek was allowed to do cool stuff

<the trio planning to backstab their leader and go back to hating one another means they probably won't do anything interesting during the series finale

<<which implies they didn't actually learn anything, which implies they're kind of dumb

9/10, with special honours to the campfire scene. I thought the heist episode was the highlight of this season, but this one is great too. Skipping the bad-sounding ones has done wonders for my enjoyment of the series's twilight hours. Yes, I know it's stupid, but you couldn't pay me to care about the young six.

The worst part of all this was viewing Jim's twitter profile to find what the snake monster was called and finding child killers using pony gifs for political showmanship. Screw it all.


>I'm assuming that the defenses around the bell were put in place specifically to keep Grogar out

That was my guess, too. Equestria's history is intentionally vague, but I reckon the magic shield had something that prevented or deflected Grogar's scrying orb.

The real question, as you mention, is why he apparently wasn't watching the trio when they were travelling to or from the mountain and clearly had the bewitching bell with them. Perhaps it's just standard villainous arrogance, or he was too busy scheming with something else. It'd be really funny if he starts the betrayal first because he noticed this and overheard their plan, but pretended to play along with it, but I doubt the writers would do something that complex.

d5ac98  No.324856


Er, the real question, as >>324853 mentions.

23c6b8  No.324861


>hiding something under his nose would be the best way to keep it hidden

I'm convinced them brining the bell back into the lair is going to be their downfall. All it would take is for Grogar to peek under the couch by happenstance for him to know he's being had.

931625  No.324867


I think that in return, Grogar's downfall will be his mistake of turning these backstabbers into close buddies. The season 9 finale will probably be Grogar reclaiming his full power after discovering the bell, and him exacting his wrath upon these 3 liars. The 3 villains realize that an OP supervillain is a threat to them too, and they'll team up with the Mane Six to defeat a common enemy. They eventually defeat Grogar through teamwork and save the day. After that, Tirek, Cozy, and Chrysalis discover the magic of friendship and become reformed after working together. Not sure how Tirek and Cozy will look, but Chrysalis will definitely turn into her nu-form like Thorax did.

d5ac98  No.324874


>The 3 villains realize that an OP supervillain is a threat to them too, and they'll team up with the Mane Six to defeat a common enemy

That could be fun, provided they execute it well.

>chrysalis turning into a nu-changeling

You shut your whore mouth.

23c6b8  No.324885


>Chrysalis will definitely turn into her nu-form


931625  No.324890

File: 47529577dcc91cf⋯.png (376.04 KB, 520x590, 52:59, nu-chrysalis.png)



Oh, it's coming alright. Chrysalis almost gave into the "disease" of friendship during this last episode. If she's already starting to have these moments of weakness, she's clearly not immune to the magic of friendship and it's only a matter of time now.

Just don't be mad when I'm proven right about nu-Chrysalis. :^)

8d50e8  No.324898

File: 27fb6fccb44a90b⋯.gif (590.37 KB, 854x480, 427:240, ded pony.gif)


Fuck this. I'm done. I'm moving on to that new Care Bears cartoon, Unlock the Magic.

09025a  No.324903


When I put that image through SauceNao and found no results, I became very nervous. Fortunately I just needed to dig a bit deeper.

c94437  No.324918

File: c1cc2328fcd8867⋯.jpg (45.16 KB, 390x470, 39:47, 1426503146990.jpg)


>her hooves look like fingers


3a10f6  No.324950

File: c3cbbbafbedfd04⋯.png (477.14 KB, 1149x644, 1149:644, 29243.png)


Hooves are equivalent to fingernails.

85b693  No.324964

File: 34793518bbf912c⋯.jpeg (219.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1278920.jpeg)


I'll say this. Other than the fingernail hooves, that nu-changeling design looks way better than Thorax and the skittle-lings. God, I hate the show's "good changeling" design do much.

5c3cf5  No.325101

>Cozy was trying to be friends with Tirek and Chrysalis

>was the only one proposing cooperation at the outset at Mt. Everhoof, was disappointed when they ignored her completely

>actively encouraged the growing friendship between the three, seemed half-hearted about agreeing that friendship is bad

>even though she was explicitly eschewing friendship, Chrysalis said nothing of betraying Cozy and Tirek, just Grogar, and still acted like they're her friends

Holy shit my theory was correct, Cozy really is playing 5d chess to save Equestria. I knew she was a good girl who never meant to hurt anypony!

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