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772ce2  No.325139

What happened to all the art threads, the draw and write threads, and game threads? Back in the day, there were tons. Now, there's none. Is it because /pone/ declined in usership? Is it because those that use /pone/ are troglodytes, content to turn every board they inhabit into shitflingling hellholes? Is it because the show kind of sucks now? Did they go back to /mlp/? Is it a mix of the four?

Vid unrelated, just something weird I found.

b83d58  No.325157


>Is it because those that use /pone/ are troglodytes, content to turn every board they inhabit into shitflingling hellholes?

Yes, it's alot of fun :)

72de93  No.325158


>Is it because the show kind of sucks now?

>kind of

7226e6  No.325161

File: 9775d592edb5378⋯.jpg (15.79 KB, 288x288, 1:1, unnamed.jpg)

>is the fandom dead

e;r video on mlp when

95efb0  No.325162

File: 0bfa3922be8c37c⋯.png (88.94 KB, 539x311, 539:311, write and draw thread.png)


>now there's none

use the catalog newfriend

bd612f  No.325172

Go back to your own dead shithole you finnish faggot

f5d01c  No.325216


The post-2017 nature of the board drives off everyone that comes to use it out of a sense of superiority and cult-like initiation ritualism for a board about a cartoon meant for little girls. 8chan as a whole has shed users like mad after the sunshine hack, and you'd scarcely see more than a half of the active IPs on this site if it weren't for things like Q bringing in thousands of schizophrenic boomers following that LARP, large invasions of clearly non-imageboard users flooding the site, and codemonkey turning 8/pol/ into one blacked thread and one POL BTFO thread away from being cuckchan's /pol/. Everything's dead. Where else is there?


Epic neonazi larpers that talk about their fetishes and football between some politics and a little bit of pony.


They seem to be trying to recapture old /mlp/'s feel plus porn, but are a new place and have the stigma associated with having advertised themselves to other boards.


This has the most activity, but it's all trash. Dumb automaton question asking, generic generals, and a userbase of beta cucks that actually support the rules they've been hit with and a site that has more than 1 global rule.

4cbd35  No.325218


None of the above for me. I'm just lazy to do anything. Just drop by /pone/ from time to time to leave a one or two post and go.

def452  No.325222



For someone that hates the foreigners, you sure do enjoy using their terminology. :D

772ce2  No.325223


What you're doing right now is what Mexican-American normalfags used to do in elementary school. Just so you know.


I mean whole new threads. I don't think you were here before 2018.



95efb0  No.325229


>I don't think you were here before 2018.

<actually believing that /pone/ has gotten any new blood in the past four years

If you're whining that /pone/ doesn't have six billion generals for writing and drawing about various fetishes, /pone/ has never been big on generals.

def452  No.325230

File: cf1c5296c8487e9⋯.jpg (94.81 KB, 591x591, 1:1, lollookatthisfaggotholyshi….jpg)


He's not whining that, you utter fucking mong. Do you know how painful it is, to see idiots like you make baseless assumptions about others points? He never said that, kill yourself.

And yes, over the years, /pone/ has lost old users and gained new ones. How do I know this? Because of traffic/posting spikes and the quality that changed with those changes.

95efb0  No.325243


He clearly is. There is a writefag thread and a drawfag thread. If that's not good enough for him, then he wants more write and draw threads. Multiple all-purpose write and draw threads would be redundant, therefore he must be pining for generals. Thanks for sperging out, nobody fucking asked you to whiteknight some faggot who wants to turn this place into /mlp/.

def452  No.325252

File: 0a37fb917a34325⋯.jpg (72.99 KB, 500x366, 250:183, 1455858902940.jpg)


Defending other anons isn't "whiteknighting". It used to be common place back in the day when it was warranted.

I hope you're happy, you abhorrent beast.

7e2226  No.325284



No, he clearly isn't. Back in the day, while we had a general draw thread, writefags and gamefags had many of their own threads. Ironically, your complaint about /mlp/ is exactly how /pone/ is now.

Stop pretending you were here since the beginning when it's painfully obvious you haven't. I would tell you to lurk more, but there's no point to that anymore really, so I'll just say to stop pretending you know shit about things you really don't.

95efb0  No.325296



It's fucking sad that this started because a guy got mad that I told him to check the catalog before commenting on the threads contained within in it. I'm not gonna sit here and signal what an epic le oldfag I am because there's no way to prove it without attention whoring. You can go on believing that /pone/ actually got a newfag as recently as 2018 though, I'm sure it'll bring back the good old days.

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