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Today: Filluquest ; Tomorrow: Leathercon
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File: a60440237de873d⋯.png (260.67 KB, 1245x641, 1245:641, sig-4084533.mlp_oc_fillies….png)

d3cde3 No.1186

In these thread thar be fillies. See the filly. Hear the filly. Pet the filly. Be the filly. Here is where you design your filly. Draw us a pretty picture and write a tragic backstoy. Make your stats once we decide on a ruleset.

19236c No.1187

File: f06c5d170c073b8⋯.png (643.66 KB, 756x931, 108:133, ddmZ9U1.png)

Luftkrieg reporting for duty!

fe6c63 No.1188

File: 112068a752f37fc⋯.png (572.3 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, oc.png)


Spark Chaser is here

fe6c63 No.1189


btw her colors are a white coat and a Crimson mane

d3cde3 No.1190

File: 90d35ca1847264c⋯.png (184.22 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, neon pain..png)

Name: Neon Pain

Location: Outer Heaven

Tragic Backstory: Sent to her room without dessert, denied a seat at the arts and crafts table, shunned by society, Neon Pain was reborn a creature of the night. Sworn to exact vengeance on all who wronged her, she made a deal with Satan himself, selling her immortal soul in exchange for supernatural powers. Just as all the pawns had fallen into place and Neon was ready to take her place as the rightful ruler of the land, her father grounded her and sent her off to filly summer camp in order to stop being so damn antisocial.

Post last edited at

2f4d99 No.1191

File: 80117bc6a689a0c⋯.png (34.64 KB, 509x388, 509:388, Screenshot from 2017-10-10….png)

Blue Corn

Named after the chips, Blue Corn helps her parents run a mexican restaurant in a little no-name mining town. She loves napping and sharing salsa with friends!

2510f4 No.1192

File: 9aa19cee90897d3⋯.png (216.14 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Frizzy.png)

Frizzy reporting for.. duty? Something I suppose. Tired filly standing by.

d3cde3 No.1193

File: b008047feaf8725⋯.png (141.05 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, neonflower.png)

Name: Neon Flower

Location: Ponyville

Backstory: Is gay

19236c No.1194


Health: 4/4 +1

Social: 4/4/ +1

Will: 4/4 +1

Magic 4/4 +1

Speed: 4/4 +1

Flying and Leadership

fe6c63 No.1195



Health: 5/5 +1

Social: 4/4/ +1

Will: 6/6 +1

Magic 4/4 +1

Speed: 6/6 +1

Qualities: Nimbleness, Repair

19236c No.1196


Health: 5/5 +1

Social: 5/5/ +1

Will: 5/5 +1

Magic 5/5 +1

Speed: 5/5 +1

I fucked up the Qualities are the same tho

d3cde3 No.1197


Health: 4/4 +1

Social: 5/5 +1

Will: 4/4 +1

Speed: 5/5 +1

Magic: 7/7 +1

Qualities: Green thumb hoof, extra fluffy coat

fa5394 No.1198


Health: 5/5 +1

Social: 7/7 +1

Will: 5/5 +1

Magic 4/4 +1

Speed: 4/4 +1

Special skills:



Blue Corn is growing up accustomed to entertaining and serving guests in her family's restaurant; she now enjoys a high degree of social grace as well as above average cooking ability.

Post last edited at

948e1b No.1280

File: c7781e73c8f675c⋯.png (72.7 KB, 2105x1520, 421:304, maybe a filly steve.png)


this is steve

it's maybe a filly

948e1b No.1283

Health: 5/5 +1

Social: 4/4 +1

Will: 5/5 +1

Magic 6/6 +1

Speed: 5/5+1

Special Skills:


Duck traps (and pony ones?)

Steve isn't called Steve, but doesn't like it's real name. Quacky is apparently a stupid name. Doesn't know what it's duck cutie mark is.

af4b84 No.1334

File: 3e704b53f673222⋯.png (148.05 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Silver spoon smile.png)

Lavender Gem

Unicorn filly a tad smaller than sweetie belle. Cutie mark is a purple diamond wrapped in bandage. Looks like Silver spoon but with a horn.

Health: 4/4 +1

Social: 6/6+1

Will: 5/5 +1

Magic 6/6 +1

Speed: 4/4 +1


1. Nurse - helped her Mom in the private clinic both in physical and magical healing

2. Sweet-talker - is naturally talented in getting things her way, either through cutesy talk or subterfuge. Can also use it to calm her patients.

850ed1 No.1422

File: fab761d07113e52⋯.png (177.98 KB, 1784x1621, 1784:1621, bluecr0n.png)


b1u3 cr0n

356be9 No.1430

Name: Pretty Pit

Location: Turnip horse farm

Backstory: Growing up without much supervision on the farm, Pretty Pit turned into quite a hothead. She's forward going and open about everything, except one thing. She has a secret nopony can know. A pit Fetish.

Health: 7/7 +1

Social: 4/4/ +1

Will: 4/4 +1

Magic 4/4 +1

Speed: 6/6 +1

Qualities: Flying, sniffing

79fd84 No.1525

File: 32268ee8d0c5791⋯.jpg (74.7 KB, 445x477, 445:477, templarfilly.jpg)

crusader sprinkles

Health: 10/10

Social: 1/1

Will: 8/8

Magic 1/1

Speed: 2/2

Faith and Capturing forts

79fd84 No.1528


backstory: after canterlot was taken over by the cloplim sand ponies crusader sparkles took up arms with fellow crusader ponies to retake the holy land

79fd84 No.1530


crusader sparkles

Health: 4/4 +1

Social: 4/4/

Will: 4/4 +4

Magic 4/4

Speed: 4/4

79fd84 No.1532


also crusader sprinkles has resistence to magic and heresy

19d8da No.1639

File: 8dc0df74352ee64⋯.png (2.17 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Ceres_4.png)

Name: Ceres

From: Outer Hayven

Why?: Because she got bored with life and Jews fucked her family over so she's on a little personal vendetta to deport the filly Juden.

Qualities:NatSoc beliefs, Close Combat,

19d8da No.1640


Health: 6/6

Soc: 7/7

Will: 4/4

Magic: 4/4

Speed: 4/4

08369f No.1696


plastic cutesplosive

freedom fighter of the dune ponies in middle eastern equestria

Alchemist and demolitions expert

Health: 4/4

Soc: 5/5

Will: 6/6

Magic: 6/6

Speed: 4/4

08369f No.1697

File: fc0d8457e72b841⋯.png (334.52 KB, 1588x1600, 397:400, Jihad Dash.png)

plastic cutesplosive

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