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File: 7a0a9dcd17d66ef⋯.jpg (13.61 KB, 301x167, 301:167, social media censorship.jpg)


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I2P -> https://geti2p.net/en/

Tor Project -> https://www.torproject.org/

Freenet Project -> https://freenetproject.org/

Beaker Browser → https://beakerbrowser.com/

IPFS -> https://ipfs.io/ | https://orion.siderus.io/

IPFS Desktop -> https://github.com/ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-desktop

Zeronet -> https://zeronet.io/

Tribler -> https://www.tribler.org/

Soulseek -> https://www.soulseekqt.net/news/node/1

Ares -> https://www.ares.com/

Ares Galaxy -> https://sourceforge.net/projects/aresgalaxy/

Fopnu -> https://fopnu.com/

Retroshare -> https://retroshare.cc/ (retroshare is full of decentralized image boards)

OpenBazaar -> https://openbazaar.org/features/ (p2p web with a crypto market place)

Super Simple Server -> https://www.supersimpleserver.com (decentralized web hosting)

qBittorrent -> Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: b4ce782632d8b6a⋯.jpg (52.13 KB, 735x400, 147:80, 73214981237.jpg)


Great OPSEC/security tips mirrored here:





I'll mirror most of the tips below. NOTE: there is no such thing as absolute 100% security/privacy while using any electronic device. The idea behind these tips is to make it as difficult as possible for your potential enemies to track, monitor and identify you. Anyone who has enough money, resources and time at their disposal could likely still find you no matter how hard you try hiding. These tips just help make it costly and difficult for them to do so.

Great tips for finding a trustworthy VPN service:



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all VPNs log ip addresses, you are taking a major risk. You can use a VPN OVER TOR. or vise versa or both

VPN over TOR -> vpn provider only see's the tor exit node address, tor only see's encrypted vpn traffic

TOR over VPN -> vpn provider sees your ip address but only the encrypted tor traffic inside of it.

How to set up TOR+VPN

–Tor over VPN

1. Connect to VPN

2. Connect to Tor (which will now route via VPN)

(this is simple)

–VPN over Tor

1. Setup 2 Virtual Machines, a gateway, and a workstation

2. Setup internal network between gateway and workstation

3. Disable NAT on gateway, firewall off everything that isn't a tor socks port your opening for the workstation ( or outgoing so tor can connect )

4. On the workstation, connect to a vpn, in the vpn config, specify the socks proxy port (the tor port you opened in the gateway ).

*You cannot do this on a single computer without massive iptables wizardry, because if you tell openvpn to connect via a tor proxy on the same computer, the moment it does, it will break the tor connection as the vpn successfully connects, and then routes that tor connection over the vpn ( which it used to connect in the first place), it will fail.

Alternatively you can use whonix


which is this idea in practice for niggers who are too lazy to set this up themselves

If using a vpn, make sure the VPN connection fails closed via a firewall

You shouldn't be using ONLY a vpn to begin with, but many VPN connections will fail on occassion, at which point whatever traffic you have going on will immediately dump onto the clearnet, and your burned (Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 77041a17f9703aa⋯.gif (1.12 MB, 900x760, 45:38, buckle up.gif)


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The basic principle of having kick-proof, batter-ram proof doors is this:

1) A solid (not hollow) wooden door with steel plating covering both sides (many doors sold intended to be front doors have this qualification, but not all). Preferably no glass window on the door. If it does, you can board that glass window up by mounting thick plywood around it with bolts and nuts.

2) The door jambs are the frames all along the door. Typically you have 1 or 2 2x4s side to side, and then the 1" pine wood (which is very weak). You must reinforce your whole door jambs with either another 2x4 pressed and screwed against the original (each side) or by utilizing long galvanized steel plates to cover each side of the door jamb (you may need a drill press to make holes for the galvanized steel screws you'll be using to secure this plating into place reinforcing the door jambs). Either option will do, both would be very tough, enough to mitigate about 1,000 pounds of pressure.

But that is NOT enough….

3) You need extra deadbolts installed into the door, preferably one six inches below the doorknob and one six inches above the doorknob. Keep them way apart from one another (that makes intruders need to break more of the doorjamb to get in). For those deadbolt locks, you need long strike plates with 3" to 4" stainless steel screws. The reason is twofold: a) you want the screws to be very tough to bust and b) you want them to penetrate very deep into the side of the doorjamb, going past the 1" pine wood into the 2x4 behind it.

4) Look into buying a katy bar and install it (NOTE: you may take that into consideration *BEFORE* you totally reinforce those doorjambs because you'll need to install those brackets for the katy bar.) Having all this done, plus the katyPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: d4ec76362f87a0c⋯.png (31.07 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1543327143605.png)


So there is a lot of good threads here so i decided to talk about land issue.

Anyone can own land.

If you are American, you can simply just draw some lines and thats it. No need for Gates.

But sadly U.S Federal Goverment and other goverments tries to take away liberties from the people. But you can still rip off a lot of land from the country. But sadly those land either non-cultivatable or small

So here watchu gonna do. This rule applies to everywhere ( even in China)

1. Call to your local county or state or some kind of representavises office

2. Give a fake company or organisation name, if you are too honest start your conversation with "we are small, independent group"

3. Tell them to give "X" acres of land for "Independent Research and Development"

4 (optional). If they want documents, you can follow the "small,independent organisation principle".

5. They will give some concracts to you. Pay attention to these details

a. Usufruct and Izufruct laws (must allow)

b. Allowance to build small barracks(must allow)

c. Time of inspection(must be over than 2 months)

If its all right for you then you can continue

6. Now you can enjoy the land

Do nots:

If you try to sell the land, you will be at the jail for at least 10 years for fraud.

Do not sell the land

Do not rent the land

Do not plant at very open places (make it in small baracks.

Do not be harsh to you neighbours. If you dont have neighbours but there is gate or some free land do not trespass it or steal sonething from the land. That land could be in rent or for the goverment uses.

Do and cans

You can take or "borrow" rusty steal beams or gate ruins (you can sell them)

You can take tires (most of thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>3. Tell them to give "X" acres of land for "Independent Research and Development"

>4 (optional). If they want documents,

Stopped reading here. This is insane.

1) Your local representative does not control Federal land reserves

2) They will not "pick up the phone" to speak with you

3) They are not going to just "give" you land. Of course you will need, at minimum, lots of paperwork explaining who you are, what your purpose is, why you are qualified, etc.

4) Not to mention that it will not be the secretary who decides what is legit or not you will get kicked around the bureaucracy until you find the right dept. then they will take 6 months to respond, then they will say "No."

This is LARPing childish bullshit.

File: 5ca7bc35b633825⋯.png (93.77 KB, 1052x370, 526:185, CANCER-CURE-002.png)


I came here with exalted knowledge to share.

The cure to cancer is Sodium Bicarbonate. Also known as your average table baking soda.

As stupid as it seems, I do not care whether you like it or not - truth stands for itself and I am not here to debate with mundanes lacking in stimulation.

If you're still with me you might ask for the dosage. I cannot prescribe specifics but you may start with 1/4 tsp (teaspoon) everyday - 1/8 tsp if anxious about it. Just mix it with water but make sure it is pure Sodium Bicarbonate, fresh, and sealed tight inside a container and stored with accordance to product guidelines otherwise the taste would degrade due to its ability to purify air and absorb bad odors.

Avoid taking in quite a lot of these as it may cause indigestion due to its ability to neutralize stomach acid and if you eat a lot of 'raw' meant you should probably avoid this.

A healthier choice would be eating cakes or doughnuts that aren't leavened by yeast - or any bread in general which uses the same leavening agent.

Avoid yeasty and moldy foods as they can be a source of cancer - especially those of the darker colored molds.

>inb4 you mention that guy who went in a tribe eating moldy rotten meat which cured his cancer

meme virus - funny how people believe in memes without a second thought. It might be true and miraculous to an extent but the effect itself might favor some people's interests. Eat that black mold while you can goyim.

Try to minimize sugar consumption (believe it or not sugar can get moldy) and throw all of it when you suspect dark parts as mold outbreak or if they smell bad.

Minimize starch consumption and don't buy that raw potato starch craze they tell you. If you have onset cancer or diabetes then feeding your bad candida yeast raw starch would drastically accelerate them and come out of your gut to cause cancPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 8241160f54e3b29⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1105x3874, 85:298, Study Finds Vaccine Alumin….png)

A comments:

"Fluoride and aluminum disturb neuronal morphology, transport functions, cholinesterase, lysosomal and cell cycle activities. Aluminum is the very metal which combined with fluoride bypasses the blood/brain barrier and wreaks havoc on your synapses." … …

"It's not just a neurotoxin. Fluoride is an overall poison, damaging throughout the body. I suggest Iodine supplements, nuts, prunes, honey, broccoli, bananas etc. (boron rich), Tamarind tea to cleanse your bones. Curcumin will protect your brain and kidneys, also preventing damage to DNA. Blackberry juice repairs fluoride liver toxicity and counters oxidative damage. Quercetin protects your heart, Selenium and Zinc will protect your kidneys. And then you need to drink fluoride free water daily to help purge the toxins. I buy this toothpaste regularly for all family members www.tomsofmaine.com/products/oral-care and put reverse osmosis filters on all faucets in the house. purewaterfreedom.com/filter-fluoride "

VIA: https://archive.fo/cNhYn

File: c695a792fe9c87a⋯.jpg (670.39 KB, 1070x1742, 535:871, 001.jpg)


There is a new map going around exposing the most expensive cities in the US to live. 4 out of 5 of the most costly places to live are in Commiefornia (go figure).

These are not ordinary "million dollar homes", but regular middle class homes that cost $1 million or more to live in. This is due to massive debt insolvency, unpunished corruption within the market place and local governments as well as too much beurocracy which kills industry and growth.

Here are the Top 10 MOST EXPENSIVE cities to live in the US today:

Rank | City | % of $1mm homes | Median home price

#1 | San Jose, CA | 53.81% | $1,069,000

#2 | San Francisco, CA | 40.03% | $891,000

#3 | Los Angeles, CA | 17.23% | $622,000

#4 | New York, NY |11.81% | $454,000

#5 | San Diego, CA | 10.55% | $563,000

#6 | Seattle, WA | 9.90% | $461,000

#7 | Boston, MA | 7.95% | $459,000

#8 | Washington, DC | 5.27% | $395,000

#9 | Miami, FL | 3.79% | $267,000

#10 | Denver, CO | 2.65% | $391,000



Comparing against incomes, of course, is important. It's surely easy to find places where home prices are at rock-bottom levels — in places with depressed economies.

In this case, however, we'll be looking at incomes in relation to housing prices, and it is not at all a given that places with good job markets must also have unaffordable housing.

Texas, for example, has for years had a substantial amount of employment growth. Yet according to the Brookings rPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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CHEAPER LIVING! Millennials Are Flocking To Rust Belt Real Estate To Save Money, Live Better



I fucking told you guys this was happening, especially the one who lives in the CA bay area where homes are 500K. Most people can't afford that shit anymore, way way too overpriced. Insolvency kills capital investments, remember that.


>LendingRE has listed a three-bedroom Victorian home in Mansfield, Ohio, with an asking price of $39,900.

WOW, thats cheaper than my area! I paid off my 90K mortgage for my home back a decade ago.


But for what? So that the kikes can drive you out yet again, while also destroying yet another cheap environment for the next generation?

A1 responds to A3

Thats the problem and it happens over time. The more the population grows, the bureaucracy and corruption will follow. But this is just the normal cycle… when they wreck the cities you got to look elsewhere to get away from it. Expect a decade or two of nice living around these areas and then the corruption and bureaucracy starts creeping in unwanted. This is why strategic re-location and planning is very important.

Remember that the kikes use insolvency to drive people out in the first place. One way to avoid this if for people to mortgage cheaper homes in low-taxed states and to pay it off over time and to never re-mortgage their homes: buy them with the expectation to live in them - not to make money holding on and selling thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 3a289eb7942487c⋯.jpg (146.64 KB, 1280x1811, 1280:1811, 1042.jpg)



The "Cure for cancer" thread caught my attention, and I would have asked this questions there had it not been locked, but as it is locked, I opted to create a new thread.

As mentioned, I have a few questions that I would like answered.

Isn't sodium bicarbonate slightly toxic?

How much should I take before this toxicity starts becoming significant?

Have you heard of calcification of the pineal gland, and does sodium bicarbonate intake has anything to do with it?

Thanks a lot.

Posting an anime girl because it's close by.

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>Isn't sodium bicarbonate slightly toxic?

No, not toxic, but it is corrosive. So you don't want to take too much for too long. Just for detox and/or if you have cancer. Use half a teaspoon once or twice a day, dissolved in distilled or filtered water. Within a couple days you'll be taking some nasty shits, but thats good because its flushing out all the nasty toxic crap leftover from your body. So do note you'll be taking some nasty craps if/when you do this detox.



So, you're replacing toxins in your body with corrosives? Well gee doc, guess you're fucked either way.




Does anyone by chance have anything like this regarding Psoriasis?



The difference is that something like sodium bicarbonate is only corrosive for a little while, until it's neutralized by acidity. If you want to super-duper ensure that you've been cleaned, but don't have any sodium bicarbonate left inside you, go squeeze out a lemon and drink the juice as your first drink after you're done shitting.

That'll neutralize the sodium bicarbonate and then you can go back to normal life. It's not like we're meant to live off of sodium bicarbonate. It's just a once every two months cleanse.

File: 1903b910a11dcb1⋯.png (78.32 KB, 1600x1215, 320:243, TIPS.png)


I'll take any good tips, if anyone has any tips to add for the three existing boards. Any good tips about other alternative media that was not included, prepping tips or other OPSEC tactics will be added to the exclusive boards. Must keep the boards locked to prevent spam, I've learned my lesson with this so don't ask. If you have a good tip, post it, and I'll consider adding it.


Anonymous 08/31/18 (Fri) 19:01:22 No.664884


OK, listen if you like, ignore if you wish.

1) Learn a trade, a skill. Its cheap. You go to vocational school (also known as a trade school).

2) You find a nice small town or area away from the major cities (make sure the taxes are LOW, make sure mortgages/rents are cheaper too!) and scope out all the businesses and jobs available to you. Find a place you can UTILIZE that skill, that trade you learned.

3a) Get a job, and tell the employer you will work hard. And DO work hard. Use what trade you were taught and learn from other workers too. Don't bitch and complain, just do what you need to do. Make some money. 3b) In the meantime find a low cost rental home, or apply for a cheap mortgage loan (something you know you can pay off!). Keep working and pay off your debts as time goes on, save some cash.

4) Cut down on expenses: purchase drive a used care, get rid of the cable TV bill, don't excessively spend on BS, go to Good Will (or some other cheap store) to buy your clothing (you do not need to dress fancy!), eat healthy, exercise and avoid med-pushers.

If you follow these steps you should do just fine! Our country isn't completely wrecked (unlike Hellinois or Commiefornia!)

Anonymous 08/31/18 (Fri) 19:05:51 No.664889


Also to save money, biggest ripoff of all time and you don't even need it! the iPhone! Ditch it and save big bucks! You can get a $20 per month phone bill with a burner phone or old flip phone, or a jitterbug phone! This will save your ass a TON of money!


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Vimeo banned alex jones, so they don't mind censorship. Might want to remove their link from alternatives to youtube. https://deadline.com/2018/08/vimeo-infowars-alex-jones-ban-1202444803/


They also censored Christian conservatives, see here: https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/vimeo-declares-war-on-websites-with-videos-on-unwanted-same-sex-attractions


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Someone recommends https://bit.tube/ which utilizes IPFS.


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Bitchute has begun blocking pro-Nazi material, can't confirm this is widespread yet, but one person reported a video ban for posting pro-Nazi content.


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Is anyone allowed to just post a thread here? I might post a few if you allow me to.


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