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File: 964ad0ad28b10e6⋯.jpg (19.29 KB, 393x393, 1:1, suit-vest.jpg)


I just can't bring myself to use a condom.

It just feels like a complete waste of opportunity for me. If I get a beautiful girl in my bedroom im not gonna degrade the experience with a condom.

So I always fuck them and cum inside them. They let me, too. I have dodged the babby bullet so far but I have only been doing this for 4 months I don't know how long I can keep going before I am hit with the 18 years curse.

plz halp

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wrap it or whack it dumbass





a while back an anon was talking it up a lot

I don't think its out yet though

you fucking degenerate



>i cant bring myself to prevent spread disease

>i cant bring myself to prevent catching disease

>i cant bring myself to not risk pregnancy

You're a particular breed of retard and I hope you get everything you don't want.



>plz halp

Just put on a condom, ya wank.

Seriously, it's not that difficult. It can be a lot of fun if she does it.



>They let me, too

you know it's hard to distinguish a 'No' coming from a moan than cold-blooded 'No'.

put on a condom, you retard

File: 29bf9e5e86a068c⋯.jpg (113.14 KB, 480x441, 160:147, IMG_0673.jpg)


I am 34 years old. Unemployed with no degree or job references. I still live with my fucking mother. I am broke and my social life has completely died as all my friends are busy getting married and buying houses like normal people do. I have been single and not had sex for over 3 years and still think about my ex all the damn time even though I know its impossible she will ever return now. I have no hope whatsoever in life.

Its fair to say, none of this has happened overnight. I dropped out of Uni many years ago and spent most of my 20s doing short term dead end jobs and battling with social anxiety, bouts of depression etc. I never had the foresight to see the damage I was setting myself up for. No matter how bad things were, I always had the weekend to live for as well as many fads and vague career ideas which I thought would one day lead me to a better place. I realise now that I have spent most of my life in a bubble of complete delusion and that 'fate' didn't quite work out the way I thought it would.

I have to try and get a job and move out. I've known that for years now. Until recently, I've been clinging on to hopes of somehow learning the skills to give myself a chance at a worthwhile career. Graphic design and web development are things I have some interest and basic experience in and the opportunity for self-study is there. The problem is that I seem incapable of sticking with anything, focusing or being productive. I can't explain it, the bane of my life has always been indecision and an inability to just get shit done. It drives me insane as I so want to be productive. I have accepted now that this is something that will never change, that I am a messed up failure and I have to accept the prospect of a life in menial work just to survive. I desperately want a girlfriend but I accept I have nothing to offer as well as being fairly unattractive and shy as fuck.

I've tried everything over the years; counselling (twice), meditation, self-help, you name it. But I always end up in the same place, completely convinced that life is meaningless and that all those things are just mental masturbation that only work for people who are able to successfully delude themselves. I feel sorry for myself and despise myself. I am able to put things in perspePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>chalks everything up to luck

no wonder you're miserable, you get what you give. you need to try harder for yourself.

or give up.

it's your life.



Say that shit to a terminal cancer patient in front of her family and feel what happens


File: cb33f9751654b1b⋯.jpg (54.87 KB, 620x806, 10:13, 1sss.jpg)


> and feel what happens


My personal opinion is that you should just accept that the University thing wasn't for you and move on. Going back now only for you to get out at 37 is just going to make you angry that you wasted more time and that's if you're lucky.

Get something short term while you still have your youth. Trucking license, a certificate from a community college, a 6 month trade school. You don't have the luxury of time or money so get something as quick and cheap as you can while you still have some of your youth still.



Dude. You just have to do something and see it trough to the end.

Whatever it is, finish it. Just one fucking thing, no matter what. And finish it. You'll love it.

File: 58bdf8c010ec321⋯.jpeg (140.52 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, image.jpeg)


>be me

>live in middle of nowhere

>hour commute to community college (that I get to go to for free because smartbux, they still haven't figured out that I'm a total retard)

>no car so I need my parents or friends to drive me everywhere

>no social life

>I don't even have a comfy farm to work at

>no job because I can't get anywhere

>living off my fucking parents

>I wish I could punish the elites responsible for this

>Not even just remove the bankers and CEOs and shit from power, but active torture them

>just wanna fucking slowly vivisect the shitheads that fired both my parents in '08 to make them pay for ruining our life

>waterboard the brass that gave my cousin PTSD in Afghanistan

>in /nofap/ because I flat out don't have sexual desires

>but they're just replaced by my urges to just tear apart the rich fucks that have stepped on me and my entire family limb by limb and organ by organ

>tfw I fantasize regularly about the mad scientist shit I would inflict on them

>tfw there's no way for me to actually do that in real life

What the fuck is wrong with me?

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seconding this OP. Please heed these words. I spent a few years this way and got real close to getting myself into trouble over some really dumb shit. Take a break, try to improve yourself or just find something that isn't political. The atmosphere is completely toxic. Life's too short to be pissed off all the time.



Nigga you just lonely


Get involved politically? To vent? I hate rich fucks too fam.



You're human. Welcome to the club.

Fantasies about slowly vivisecting millions of people over and over again for thousands of years, resurrecting them each time they die, are perfectly okay. I mean, they're the equivalent of psychological scar tissue. Ugly but ultimately harmless.





join a communist movement or something and meet people

you don't even have to join tbh, just say that you are a communist or whatever and you'll get some bonus points for being interesting, that's what helped me a lot

even if you're like >>1089 you can still find some people to talk to and improve your social life up to the point that you enjoy living

there is nothing wrong with wanting to torture the exploiters, many people want such things; however, you should try to make it something people want to hear and agree with

…also work camps are better than torture or murder since you get some productivity out of them

good luck op

File: 00c5207a69d14d2⋯.jpg (217.43 KB, 2832x2128, 177:133, db1d72851734db1babdd7f728d….jpg)


Part 1

>Be me

>"I could save a lot of money on food by raising chickens and rabbits"

>Buy chickens and rabbits

>4 months later

>"this is way too fucking expensive and labor intensive"

Part 2

>Quit job because Im tired of throwing away my life for a jack-shit paycheck from Mr. Feingoldrosenblatbergstein

>Decide to move back in with Dad so I can develop my own business without throwing away everything on rent

Part 3

>Buddy (former landlord) asks me to get rid of the animals from his barn

>I slaughter what I can for meat

>There are a few left, non meat worthy, that I need to rid of asap and dont want to have to deal with selling on craigslist

>Drive way out into the country

>Let rabbits go in a nice bushy area

>Sheriff rolls up OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE

>Didnt run, recollected rabbits, told to go to animal control and drop them off

>Cop says he sees conspiracy of animal abuse

>Reads miranda rights and asks a few questions

>lets me go, I head to animal control that is 20 miles away

>Calls and tells me meet with him at a parking lot for animal control to pick up

>Meet, and give animals to AC

>Get lectured about not making shitty choices like this

>Will have to pay bill for animal control pickup

>May or may not have to talk to detectives

>May or may not have to call saul

>Still have $5000+ I owe to other people

Why am I such a fuck up?

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I dont need help with anything. I just like to use the internet to extract the thoughts of random anonymous people. The point is It's just fucking shitty to have this shit happen when you are already dealing with lots of other bullshit, including my debt. And I might have to pay lawyers fees if the detectives want to chat me up.



Fair enough. Why do you need a lawyer?



Because the police represent the giga-kikes in the court system. Their goal is to land an easy prosecution and prison sentence so they can collect the tax money (and kickbacks) from being stored as a piece of cargo in their privately owned prison system. Paying a good silver-tongued jew to defend you at all meetings with the courts and police makes it much more difficult for them to land any sort of prosecution or even court date.

WARNING: If you are attempting to break the system through legal means, a silver-tongued jew lawyer will not represent you and if they do they will end up being your worst enemy. They are only useful for petty civil issues, and the local kikes dont hate you outright.



No no, I already understand all of that; what I don't understand is what problem the police have with you.



Mainly because the officer read my miranda rights and tried to accuse me of animal abuse. He said I might I get a call from the detectives and I might have to explain it in court. The detectives might call me but I doubt anything will come out it because this is in a county with a major city in it (west coast), and the cops are usually glad that you're not some nigger on meth driving a stolen car 120 down the freeway with a couple of underage prostitutes in the back.

File: b753e9ab8641afc⋯.jpg (42.4 KB, 625x468, 625:468, doghead.jpg)


So /qq/, this might be a bit long but there's a lot of ins and outs to my story. This is a story of how a man can become paranoid and psychotic to the point of an inability to communicate, how he fought his way back, and what he's left with. I'm looking for guidance on my way forward. I'll start off with where my path to mental hell began, when I lost my dream job.

I was 22, fresh from being an unemployed NEET, and I landed a job paying $17/hr as an IT help desk. I'm personable, I genuinely try to help people, but sometimes I make stupid fucking decisions. One of those stupid decisions was to try taking a piss behind the portable I worked at. I thought I was the last one out. but apparently the female employee wasn't finished closing up. She walked around the corner and saw me zipping up. The next day I went to apologize, but she wouldn't speak to me. Later I was told to go to HR. I was told by one of the fakest, WASPiest fuckers on the planet that I had to resign or I was fired. So I resigned with a "conflict of interest" as my reason. Oh, I should mention I worked on a school site so there's even more of a reason to fire my ass.

I get it. I fucked up. The thing is, I'm a gentle person. The last thing I try to do is to be a bother to other people. What's the worst thing a guy can be? A pervert. Was I flashing her? Did she think I was trying to flash her? I'm such an idiot, a straight fucking idiot. So I went back to being unemployed. I felt like I had done some great evil. I stayed unemployed until January of last year.

So now I'm 24. A friend has got me a job working at Wendy's. It's closing shift, but it's ten bucks an hour (minimum wage where I live) and the hours will be steady. This is it, this is my penance! I throw myself into it. Weeks go by and I learn the value of hard work. Eight hours of hard labor. Anybody who's worked in food service knows that closing shift is the hardest. If you work fast food you know it's downright exploitation. Still, I put myself there, right? Weeks turn into months.

Around November I get the chance to move out of my mom's. I'm going to finally grow up! I began living in a house with four of my friends. Or at least I thought it was going to be four. InPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>Days after I kept thinking about the fact that my fingerprints are on that fucking gun, and it's a block 18

There is no goddamn way a random ass gangbanger has a glock 18. If he does then that chicago conspiracist was right and the govt IS dropping crates full of autos in hood alleyways.

>Those guns aren't made in the US, they're Austrian, so I'm sure he has connections

Most european manufacturers have companies in the US fyi.



believe me, I got a real fucking good look at it. that 18C Austria stamp is blazed into my mind. remember what I said about multicultural shit in California? I wasn't talking about it because i think it's good or bad, I was talking about it because I wanted you to understand when it comes to money the races trade between each-other to profit off one another. He probably bought it from a white guy or a European connect. Things like this have been discussed in front of me. The people I'd meet weren't always some low life making a side buck, some were old school hustlers who know the way shit lurks. You have to sift through the bullshit, but that happens when you talk to multiple people to view different angles.

I'm a decent guy, people liked having me around at events because I never stole, I was always polite, and I was always respectful. I still am. What I've realized is that it means that, whether they honestly meant to or not, people could and did take advantage of me.

I can either remain salty about it, or I can learn from my experience and grow from it.




You got some hobbies? Visit places that have people with the same interests. Books, movies, table-top games, vidya, beer brewery, etc. Are you still living with your friends? They can still keep you on your feet while you get a job and such.



I had to move out of that environment. I'm living with my mother again. I love my friends, but I need to not live with up to six or seven people at a time. There's a lot of personalities to deal with and prescription drug abuse is a part of the equation. I have to do what's healthy for me.

I'm reading more, watching anime again, etc. I've never been a drinker, weed has been my go to chill substance but I'm not going to immerse myself into that world nearly as deep as I did before.

I've gone back to church as I've realized that I've spent years trying to seek the divine in other people through substances. I'm going to be getting more involved in a youth program we have there, I went through it when I was a kid and I think I have a good perspective on where the hard drug lifestyle can lead you. I'm not saying people who fuck around with them are bad, I just think if you want to take acid just to see shit move around you should not take acid. There's legitimate spiritual learning that can happen, there's healing that can happen, but it's not because of the drug, it has to be because you're trying to reach out to the divine for some kind of guidance.

If they're still sure, I can introduce them to a few people I know who have done harm to themselves with drugs so they can fully understand the risk they're taking. So I think some community service would be a good way to make new connections, surround myself with good people, and inspire me to continue putting my energy towards personal growth instead of figuring out where and when I can trip next.

File: ffeccf9a6aef6b0⋯.jpg (24.58 KB, 355x369, 355:369, tmp_ffeccf9a6aef6b00ebc231….jpg)


I have been in the white collar line of work ever since I got out of high school. I was a receptionist for four years until I moved onto my current job 6 months ago and let me tell you, it is the most soul destroying work around.

>get job as sales admin

>no real experience in the promotional industry

>think everyone likes me

>never done nothing like this before but okay

>barely figure out everything in 3 months

>they expected me to fill the shoes of the previous employee who had been here for years

>get call on third month from boss

>"anon, I want you to do whatever you need to do to become as good as other employee"

>no pressure right?

>December rush comes

>can barely keep up, lots of mistakes made

>office manager gets progressively more angry at me as time goes on

>is constantly making passive aggressive remarks everytime I fuck up

>"you're making stupid mistake anon and that's just unfortunate"

>take up smoking because I got the shakes after work because I was so stressed

>honestly think it would be better to die than keep working here

>for some reason the boss still wants to keep me around at the 4 month mark

>move me into better office with view and

>feel like I'm getting more confident and making less mistakes

>at 6 month mark they replace me with a new girl, give me a shitty laptop, buy everyone new and nice things

>give my old laptop to girl replacing me

>tell me I'm going to be dedicated order entry specialist for all our online stores

>no talk of pay raise like at initial interview

>have to walk on eggshells around office manager

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: c545f75b16d2845⋯.jpg (65.51 KB, 475x476, 475:476, 1448393282977.jpg)


>it is the most soul destroying work around.

>I just feel like utter shit doing this work at times

Then there's really only one option, right? Try to find some other place with work that you think may be more enjoyable as soon as you can.

I hear a lot of stories about people who just work at places they would rather go to wearing a bomb suit than their working clothes, yet they keep working at that place or in that line of work and I just don't get it. I understand that switching jobs is a tough undertaking, especially if you realize you're in a field that you really don't enjoy, but what's the alternative?

Stay at a place you despise? Keep working a job you don't enjoy?

Then again, this is coming from a current NEET who only worked part time jobs, so what do I know. That's just what I think when I see stories like this.



>be me

>decide fuck office work go blue collar

>get job as in house general contractor

>spend my days doing either back breaking labor that isn't my job or fixing shit outside of my experience

>bosses don't understand that many jobs require specialists

>bosses expect magical fixes to everything

>bosses expect magical fixes to be free

>never have the needed supplies

>constantly bitched at if what ever hood ass solution isn't as good as imagined

>led on about pay and raises

>smoking just so I don't strangle someone

>going to college so I can have white collar office job

My body is trashed, I do ten times the work I'm paid for, and it is never enough. Sometimes a shitty company just happens. Each job has its ups and downs and some companies blow. If you feel it is killing your soul it is time to jump ship. Switch it up, find something that works for you. Also, your boss is an idiot.



how is the girl preforming?



Every blue collar job is like this. The good ones don't hire people unless you have Nepotism on your side (like two manchildren I worked with at my last job). I'll be lucky if night crew doesn't misplace my shit when I come in.


File: ea6930ae5845795⋯.png (11.6 KB, 501x386, 501:386, 1391552963878.png)


>Try to find some other place with work that you think may be more enjoyable as soon as you can.

As soon as I can, not likely. I am trying to aim at staying with this place for a year so that I have something I can put on my resume, anything less than a year typically says "I cannot stay with my current job, I am not content and will leave soon." Years however, say good things.

>Stay at a place you despise? Keep working a job you don't enjoy?

You as a NEET might have a bit of difficult time understanding this, or you may understand this fully. Work sucks. All work sucks and that is why we get paid to do it. Its not as much finding something I enjoy, as much as it is finding something that I can tolerate and be good at. This, I realize, isn't easy. But eventually I will find this by working said shit jobs.

I do appreciate your input.


>Also, your boss is an idiot.

Please explain friend.


So far? I don't know, she's new, worked at a car insurance place for years before coming here, she finds it hard to make heads or tails of a lot of things here but that may just be because she is just starting.

But her job will be easier, seeing as she is only taking over what was half my job.

You see, my job was to handle the main salesman's orders and manage these online stores we have. The boss decided to separate the two into specialized positions. I am dedicated order entry / managing the online stores. She is dedicated assistant to the salesman.

I plan on trying to shoot for a job in the University Health centers as an admin, seeing as its a government job and I will get paid better. Plus the woPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: e477d49610e49cf⋯.jpg (7.43 KB, 236x236, 1:1, angry-pepe.jpg)


I am always angry. I'm not angry when I'm with a girl though. I had a girlfriend for a week before we went our separate ways (we live far away). We would hug and shit. and I've groped and kissed sluts but I'm still a virgin. I can never find attractive women. I practically live in the ghetto right now. I'm white. I move out of my parents house in a few months once I land an apprenticeship. I just want a woman or ten. And a wife. Maybe a couple wives. I'd say I'm a 7/10 but with steroids soon I'll be an 8/10. I hate myself. I was born fucked up. I can never be a professional athlete. I cant join the military cuz asthma. Born a fuck up.

Im 18 and dropped out of high school. Im going to get a GED. Girls at school were all over me but I just wanted a girl who worked out as hard as I did. All girls just drink and smoke and whore themselves out. Theyve got flat asses and non existant tits. I just want a white girl with a nice tan and nice hair who is an alpha female. An alpha male needs an alpha female. Its so hard to find decent bitches. They gotta be 5'8 minimum, I love it when theyre taller though. Tall women, when they curvy and athletic, those women are PRICELESS> I love them! I can't get enough of them.

1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


Why do you expect to have a 10/10 when you don't even have your shit together?


You sound like a really shitty person.



This. Also don't do steroids you retard, you'll just be angrier.


File: a6e3ed5b47d74bd⋯.jpg (13.1 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Seriously, I know I sound like I'm your fucking parents, but don't do steroids. Any muscle you gain you loose as soon as you stop taking them.

And don't dwell on the asthma too much, as long as you use your inhaler you'll be just fine.



Excellent copy pasta m8

File: bbde87760ac99e6⋯.jpg (62.78 KB, 701x476, 701:476, 1487331094013.jpg)


I don't know if I should make black metal or dream pop.

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Listen to TRST - Shoom, ohGr - MaGik, or anything by Skinny Puppy, KMFDM, Ministry and Front Line Assembly. Closest thing I can think of as a combo. Darkwave and Industrial exist so theres hope.



I'm sorry, you must have replied to the wrong post. Reply to >>123 instead.


Black Metal is highschool angst tier shit. I don't even know what the fuck Dream Pop is, but it sounds gay too. You should probably just make like a tree and fuck off.



Like sunbather?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Black Metal is highschool angst tier shit

You've never listened to black metal have you?

>I don't even know what the fuck Dream Pop is

Teen angst

File: 8a49f722b435581⋯.jpg (144.15 KB, 500x341, 500:341, 1432699265127.jpg)


pls help me

ive been cucked like some of u say

I was dating and fucking a girl, an old girl 40s or something, and my best friend (childhood) took away from me, introduced to EVERYONE I KNOW

as HIS FORMAL GIRLFRIEND, (event they call him by her name as nickname)

i dont know what to do, i always laught for cucks and their histories, and, i feel like garbage, pls help me bros

>pic related my waifu


>dating a woman in her 40s


>western waifu



File: efb472656fe977e⋯.png (140.85 KB, 472x984, 59:123, 1489458411024.png)

hee twahumite, hee twahumite, he he he heeeeee


Doesn't sound like he was much of a friend, but I have a feeling the old slut you were banging is a narcissistic sociopath who probably came onto him knowing that he was your friend. Cut contact with both of them and move on with your life.

File: a54f6ba301bb8cd⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 1890x1063, 1890:1063, 12179.jpg)


I'll try my best to keep good grammar & punctuation, and this isn't in order because I already have enough trouble mentally tracking things as I once did, if I trust my self-perception, I'm aware this has become an egotistic blogpost.

Whenever I think of something it just goes away after a while if I don't keep on it which is something I never had happen to me before and it takes me a long time to write things now. I feel like my head fluctuates between shrinking and pressurizing as I try to manipulate into making me feel content than actually figuring out problems. My mind has been obsessed the past few months with old memories that only should be dug up for special occasions because in September I've accidentally started deleting memories on accident while binge-watching a TV show so this warped my mind because of the prolonged impression plus TV just being garbage. I met a girl in June and she infiltrated my head and sees me as a novel and has an obsession over me and she's painfully socially retarded and thinks she smarter than she actually is and doesn't understand which has led me to suppress myself because here I am with Jane Doe who I thought I loved but I don't fucking connect with her, I'm floating but locked at the same time in smog.

My self-confidence has only ever been stable for 5 months in my whole life, I felt unstoppable and happy but a reborn steel kind not a sentimental and saddening kind, and after that I fell into a slump of self-doubt that altered how I reacted to people and how well I could communicate with people. I always striven to be the absolute best in which some friends called unreachable uberman levels of nirvana & clarity which led to me calling many of my friends pussies whenever life got them down (typing this I wonder if it's the same down or they were really just fucking shallow and got upset over girls not liking them), I only had one friend who was on the same doctrine as me and he's physically and mentally solid.

I got in a fight with one of my old old friends in May and this is what he said:

>i had you around whenever i fucking could because we were bros but if someone you didnt like which was basically everyone but like 3 fucking people you would leave so dont goPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 29f12187a0145fe⋯.jpg (424.58 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1462841523278.jpg)

Lately I've been feeling bad because I did this to another friend in December and he was sick of me over petty bullshit like not adhering to certain rules in a video game so I humiliate him by telling everyone about the time he came running to me to patch things up with a Janey Doe we had a mutual crush on (I loved her a lot and she was the first person I had a real conversation with along with that being in another pit of disparity and pity, I probably creeped her out and deleted her but it was probably) because she wouldn't respond to his/(my) messages about video games/(misc.). At the time of this I just started shitting on him thinking I wouldn't regret getting rid of such a wet blanket but this was a mistake because he was a good friend who I had good times with in which we talked a lot and got vented often. I threw this away in a crisis in desperation to try and claw back to my previous state which I've become comfortable with because I don't want to keep crashing through floors into deeper and darker chasms of personal hell, this level being the beginning of loss of intellect i.e. vocabulary, and the loss of sanity and judgement.

Should I just kill myself to atone for my sins, it's selfish and laughable of me to ask for anything good when I throw away what's in front of in a now glitched dream of the uberman as parts of me come back to life therefore losing their value. I tried finding the energetic spark of high school years of higher learning but I was retarded then but I didn't care because "I'll only take the good parts". The only person that cares for me is my current gf who threatened suicide if I did so but I love the one that me and my former bud did but they might be together which if they are I'm happy for but they loathe me. I've always been a shitty person from the looks of it but a spark from 2.5 years ago told me otherwise that I didn't need to be a shrimp, there isn't a right way to be yourself but the feeling in your head is the same.

The main question is no longer valid because I didn't talk of myself if that's even possible because only action exists besides to yourself but did I just go through depression or did I mature, I haven't been happy since I was 8 in primary school if that helps. If you want to give me shit I'm used to it and I wouldn't blame you because apparently from Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



>I met a girl in June and she infiltrated my head and sees me as a novel and has an obsession over me and she's painfully socially retarded and thinks she smarter than she actually is and doesn't understand which has led me to suppress myself because here I am with Jane Doe who I thought I loved but I don't fucking connect with her, I'm floating but locked at the same time in smog.

Iktf well. You go for so long without a gf that when you actually find one, you find out she's retarded a little while into the relationship or before it actually begins.

File: 9ffcb8fe2d648bb⋯.jpg (38.89 KB, 480x469, 480:469, IMG_0735.jpg)


I want to ask this girl out in one of my classes, and I only have two more class periods to do so. . We talk all the time before class and stuff. I would've asked her out sooner but I didn't want to make class awkward if she said "no." So, I don't know how to do it. I didn't want to ask her for her number first because I feel like it is better to ask in person. I don't necessarily want to go on a date. I just want to hang out and talk because I enjoy talking to her. I was going to ask her to go out for a coffee, but this girl I know told me that is a "cringey thing to ask." I might be like "what's your fave food? Do you like pizza?" And then ask her if she wanna get a slice, but that might seem too datey. Please help me out, guys. I really need help.


"Hey do you want to hang out some time? I know this great (INSERT PLACE HERE) we could go to."

If you only have two more class periods that you'll be seeing her in, then what's the problem if she says no? How can classes be awkward if you won't have anymore classes with her?



I know you think people will overhear and you might be nervous. Forget all that shit. Be direct. Walk up to her after class and be like:

"Hey anon, I think you're a nice/cool person and was wondering if I could take you out to a movie/pizza/bowling/whatever this Friday? You free?"

If she says yes, awesome. If she says no but some other time, wait a month. If she says no, do not react salty. Just be like "Ok, that's cool. See ya round." And walk off without a care in the world. She'll respect the fuck out of you.

Also, if she says no, write her out of your life as a romantic prospect and if shes a friend, keep her in that zone. You'll be better for it. Hope it works out. Let us know what happens.



I would say skip the flattery, but the rest of this is solid advice.





OP here. Thanks!!

File: 38d44644c700dce⋯.gif (1.6 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1436764250371.gif)


I'm pretty much a NEET for right now but in about a year I have to move out of my house. I think that by that time it would be a good opportunity to start trying to get a girlfriend and live a more normal life then sitting at a computer screen being depressed all the time. I'm out of shape and my teeth are fucked up for the time being so I'm not confident I can get a girl to like me. I'm also worried I won't be able to find anyone who will click with me personally, in other words if I find someone who possibly likes me I don't know what to do if they just aren't my type or something like that. Any advice?

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>I'm out of shape and my teeth are fucked up for the time being so I'm not confident I can get a girl to like me.

Women don't care what you look like. If you have a well-paid job and you act with confidence, they will get turned on. If you are poor or shy, they will feel nothing but contempt for you. As much as women will deny it, most of the pickup-artist theory is quite accurate.

>I'm also worried I won't be able to find anyone who will click with me personally, in other words if I find someone who possibly likes me I don't know what to do if they just aren't my type or something like that.

It's purely a psychological confidence game. Apply the right psychological hacks and you can get almost any woman to find you attractive. Just find one who turns you on and go for it. If you fail, work out why you failed and try again on another girl. Eventually you will get better and start to succeed.



Oh yeah, absolutely. I feel hypocritical saying this because I need to work out more myself, but if you can bring yourself to exercise more than go for it. Women will find you more attractive that way, and if they do, then more women will find you attractive enough to want to date. It's all about passing a certain attractiveness threshold above which people consider you attractive enough to date, and anything you can do to make that better is great.

Honestly, your teeth problem is up to you. Are your teeth really gnarly and bad? If so, you might want to wait and get them fixed. Are they just a little yellow though? Then maybe a girl can see past that and get to know you. If so, that probably won't be a deal breaker for them as long as your breath doesn't smell like death because you don't brush your teeth for weeks at a time.

A lot of this is about confidence. If you feel confident enough to go for it, jump right in. You can always take a photo where your smile is not very toothy and doesn't show your teeth as fucked up. This treads into the misrepresentation territory though, and I'd advise against this if your teeth are noticeably fucked up.



>Just don't be too bold about your misrepresentation.

Actually, there's really no reason not to lie through your teeth if you want to get in bed with a 10/10. Even in the worst case you haven't lost anything by trying, especially if you do it far from home.



okay thank you anon


yeah I do think acting confident is important, though the tactics you're describing are more the pick-up artist kinda way. I would prefer an attractive girl 100% but I really want a nice girl that shares the same interests as me so I'd rather not take that route.


yeah, though I'm not looking for just sex.



Those tactics work on all girls. Choose one who you like, then go and get her.

File: df9ae98f63eceed⋯.png (274.27 KB, 550x700, 11:14, 1351737247339.png)


How are you supposed to react when people start talking about sex and all of that? It happens to me so often, I'm around people who constantly have to inject dirty humor into everything. They're like NPCs who repeat the same thing over and over:

>at work

>hmm not sure where this item goes

>ask coworker where it goes

>"HAHAHA I'LL SHOW YOU WHERE IT GOES" (up my ass apparently)

>talking with a coworker

>"Yeah my computer is pretty slow now I think I'll need a new one soon"


>young woman walks by

>coworker: "…would you bang her, dude? Dude? Dude would you bang her?"

I'm so fucking sick of this shit. I don't want to hang out with these people but I have to work with them every day. If I speak up and say "hey not everything has to be about sex" I'm going to look like some shrill SJW or a mormon goob. The game I'm playing now is keeping quiet or giving very terse answers to whatever bullshit they're talking about but every day I'm inching closer to blowing up and calling them a bunch of goddamned disgusting degenerates. But that's just going to make me a target for bullying. "hahah oh anon, calm down. We didn't mean to ruffle your virgin feathers".

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That's some weird fucking advice. I hope you didn't actually do that for fear of you being "that guy."



Give them a look of disappointment, with a slight nose raise. Give a brief hesitation with this, and then smile and nod politely while otherwise ignoring the guy.

This is my method. People don't come to me with lewd shit any more. But, likewise, people still like me, because if nothing else, they think I am polite. The trick is to be quite brief with that hoighty look. Too long and they think you're stuck up. Too short, though, and they might not notice.



I was always "that guy". But being the most efficient, honest and reliable, also by having my boss on my side without sucking his balls i'm immune to most stuff. Normies can't even compete.


Just blow it off with empty nods and vague reactions. They're just saying stupid bullshit to desensitize themselves to cope with hating their jobs. That and they're probably a little uncomfortable around you and trying to lighten the mood.


Okay that's just fucked up.



give them a look of disdain and remain silent

then ask "well, where does it go" while looking them straight in the eye

File: c4d72637ffd206b⋯.jpg (50.59 KB, 500x500, 1:1, cover.jpg)


>be a brown person who grew up embracing american culture in the 80s

>see the culture deteriorate to what we see now

>spent my entire teen life rebelling against PC culture in the early 90s

>finally come to a head in the mid 2000s when I succumbed to the black pill and went full neet

>become a supreme shitposter and spread the destruction of the left

>tfw the people I helped now want me gone because wrong color

Is this what original sin feels like? Feels real bad when the nation the people you help want you to move to a nation of other people that will kill me for be beliefs and my lack of Spanish speaking skills.

36 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Original sin? If you think of it like that, sure. That's the problem though, you need to stop thinking of it like that (and stop going to a certain board so much). You have to stop feeling sorry for yourself over something that you never had a hand in deciding. That being who you were born as and what color your skin is. Hell, especially in a country like America.

You were raised with American culture and embraced it. You should know what it is that pisses people off about certain minorities. It's their behavior and them trying to change the culture of the majority.

The only thing you can do is set a good example and be a decent person to the people around you, and just keep on trucking shitting on leftists.


Don't be an idiot.


File: 3def2966e994555⋯.jpg (2.26 MB, 2859x4226, 2859:4226, Saint georges et le dragon.jpg)


They spammed a cooking board because of some wordfilters?

Like you can talk about pastas and stuff without saying nigger or faggot?

If we needed anymore proof chan users are broken autistic people

>But muh free speech



No kidding.


>Fuck the Nazis

>Try being friends with the libertarians




spider expert is a good one though

File: bb78502d85d0ad4⋯.jpg (107.74 KB, 500x825, 20:33, C6JTDUUUoAAUpZb.jpg)


So, /qq/, my life is a mess. I've tried fix it but to no avail. I still feel awful and I want to die again.

I'll start by giving you some background.

My relationship with my mother is not the best. She's a single mother, has a problem with alcohol and had constant relationships with shitty guys, yet she was really moralistic and hated gay people. When I was 15 she found out I was gay and threatened to kill any guy I was with. Needless to say, I was scared shitless, never attempted anything and focused on moving when I graduated out of high school.

I moved when I was 18, because I was tired of my mom's issues and her awful relationships. After that I worked and attended to college while renting a student room. It was not the best but I sort of had something of a life going on.

On 2015, when I was 20, I met a guy from another country on the other side of the world online (I know it's really stupid, but I was a kissless virgin) whom I hit it off really well; He became my best friend, we had the same hobbies (anime and shit), shared a lot of my views, and we started a LDR. It was something new and amazing, I couldn't describe these feelings but I was so happy everyday.

I realized I had to meet him, so I had to swallow my pride and go back to my mother's house to save money, over 2 years after leaving, and I met him 4 months into the relationship. I lied, of course, I told her I was saving money for the future, and she never knew about my secret relationship.

I went to meet him for a month, and it was the happiest I ever felt in my life. He really made me feel like my life was worth something. I could share everything with him, he promised me the world, and I was sure he was the man of my life. So with that certainty in mind, I came back with the certainty I could endure anything because the future was great.

7 months of dealing with the same bullshit I had left for (including one of her exes stealing money from my wallet, the police having to detain him after he left me with bruises after I prevented him from beatPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

13 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


OP I'm writing a screenplay about your life.

Not joking.

Will only pitch it to TV networks though, so don't let it go to your head.



Have you written successful screenplays in the past?



You're basically me, only instead of being gay I just couldn't find a job in the shitty economy, and came close to offing myself since my only measure of success at the time was being able to pay my share of the rent, compounded with more financial issues and several personal losses. Not sure what to say other than some people really suck. I know some gay people really do just wanna find someone to settle down with, but you'll find that fucking around with lots of people (and sometimes even bugchasing) are the norm and it takes a lot of time, patience, and searching to find someone after similar things. Maybe you'll find someone like that someday if you keep your eyes and ears open. Cheers.


File: f6d3531c4af0aec⋯.png (6.02 KB, 248x92, 62:23, index.png)


>Talk to a psychiatrist

Don't go to a psychiatrist yet. Psychiatrists only prescribe you with medication. Speak to a counselor, or undergo therapy, is my advice. Therapists will tell you whether you need medication or not.

Also, I just got this captcha. Not even shitting.


File: 2b442ecebe76551⋯.gif (803.73 KB, 500x715, 100:143, 1363813299507.gif)


>But everything feels empty, man. I've talked it out with friends and they tell me things will get better with time, that I will come out stronger out of all this but I don't really know.

I know exactly what you're talking about.

>I attend classes and nothing sinks in. I can't focus on reading academic texts. TV feels like listening to static noise. People talk to me and I feel like I'm in autopilot mode and sometimes I have to ask to repeat themselves again because I wasn't paying attention even though I was listening.

OP I've only experienced only a fraction of what you are experiencing right now, but my situation was quite similar to yours, with respect to family relationships and failing classes. You are going through the same depressive symptoms I did back then (and still am today, somewhat) and my best advice is to not hold it in like I did. It will eat you from the inside. Express your feelings. Talk to your friends. Try to cry. Write a story or a poem or a song - just anything. Make minor daily/weekly goals for yourself e.g. "I'm going to have a conversation with x today" or "I'm going to complete this vidya today" etc.

And EXERCISE. Even if you don't feel like it, you have to FIGHT this bullshit, anon. Motivation is the biggest threat for people who are depressed.

I see you are blaming yourself, but you really don't deserve this. You lied to your mother because you were afraid she wouldn't (didn't) understand. You did not do it to spite her. Just because you made a mistake, or a bad decision, doesn't make you a bad person. I suppose you know this deep down, but your guilt just won't let you accept these facts, right? When I was severely depressed, I was so impatient for things to change back, but this takes time. Like the other anons said, keep your mind off and slowly climb back up. Come back next week or whenever you feel like it and let us know if anything has changed.

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