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File: d61f75b27ac7dd2⋯.png (113.2 KB, 250x250, 1:1, IMG_2538.png)


I can't seem to get myself to do anything other than what's necessary. Even then I'm a procrastinator. For example, I'll write a 1500 word essay two hours before a class starts, despite it being due for 2 months.

Do you guys have any ideas? I try all the stupid "set a timer" shit from wikihow to no avail. It seems to be the only thing holding me back in life tbqh because the rare time I actually do something early it feels like my life isn't falling apart, unlike how it usually feels.

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File: 59070075bfb862e⋯.jpg (102.07 KB, 720x589, 720:589, v just wanted to play vidy….jpg)


Just torture yourself into doing what you have to in the very beginning. Panic from day 1 not day 60. Cry and writhe in agony, slap yourself, beg God for mercy, all the usual stuff until you get a page done.

"I finally got 400 words down, now I can do something else! It's only day 1 and three in the morning!" So you jack off to anime porn shit and fall asleep soaked in the guilt and misery of the last sixteen brutal hours.

When you wake up you feel disgusting so you crawl into the shower to wash some of the self-hatred and loathing away, but make sure to scrub and not be too lazy to even use soap or shampoo! Scrub deep, but you'll never wash it out. You'll need all the chemical solutions in the world to prepare for the next 24 hours.

On day 2 it's the same thing, but now you're thinking about that idea you had yesterday of getting some more of your shit together, and think to brush and floss. You still feel like shit because you wake up at 2 PM on your days off, and wasted most the daylight already.

So you crawl into your chair and get comfy…

and do nothing, because you know how things are now.

You slouch onto the floor, realizing you have to brush, floss, comb your hair, put on pants (PANTS for god's sake!) and the rest of your attire, to feel like you're going to get shit done today rather than a pajama hobo.

You'll open your browser and distract yourself for a minute with coffee or food or whatever else, but tears will well up when the ANGRY BEES in your guts swarm up into your eyes and down to your balls and the disappointment you feel manifests as visions of [FATHER FIGURE] shaking his head and "Tsk!"-ing you, chiding your laziness. It'll only be half an hour before you brush and floss and get completely ready.

Now for that paper! Don't worry though, this time you're done being tortured by 9 PM and you can do whatever you want!

Except you wrote a bunch of plans for what you would rather be doing somewhere in the middle of all this and oh god do I have to– yes you do, you have to sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



I think the overall goal you're giving OP is a good one, but to me that sounds like the most extremely unhealthy way of going about it, and in my experience will likely only lead to him burning out and setting him back. Good habits and iron willpower both take time and repeated practise to develop; months, years, perhaps even decades. It's virtually impossible for anyone go from a lifestyle of avoidance and procrastination, to hardcore discipline and productivity, in several days or weeks. It will almost certainly end with him relapsing hard and becoming more demotivated, disillusioned, and depressed than he was before.

That said, cultivating a lifestyle of steady improvement and gradual progression will take him from where he is now to where he wants to be. Slowly incorporating good daily habits into your routine, and making an effort to practise willpower at least once a day will take you a long way in the long run, without having to go cold turkey on things like enjoyment or happiness. Relapses and setbacks always occur no matter what you do in life, but I've learned the hard way that diving into the deep end of deep ends leads to a far bigger problems than starting in the shallow end and working your way up at a steady pace does.



Weird advice. It's 8chan though so don't know what I expected.


File: 6a5a612f91c7158⋯.jpg (149.65 KB, 1148x860, 287:215, Yang Metal what I need.jpg)



To be fair it was all to write 400 words on a piece of paper three days in a row.

I'll make a pt 2: Bugaloo

Make sure what you're trying to have discipline/willpower for is fun. Then when you're writing or drawing or making games or whatever it is you're trying to do, it'll be fun shit, and the rewards will flow like sweet nectar straight into your liver.

Another thing, look for the element you need on this website:


It should say at the bottom after you enter your birthday and time zone. Click the Astro option. The element you ARE is the highest score or a hybrid if you have two highest scores, and what you need should say at the bottom.

Next, find what that element represents on this website:


And try to embody that element best you can. Also pay attention to what organs they correlate with, and attempt to stimulate these organs with your mind while "acting" like this element.

If you actually take my advice, remember to eat a variety of healthy foods and water, and try to have 60% of your attempts at discipline go towards something rewarding and fun. I'm writing a character for a /builders/ thread, which I've never done anything like that besides play a tabletop game for a few months one time, and was writing for 2.5 hours when it felt like 40 minutes, which generally never happens. Except when I was developing Spheres of the Aether (which felPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



And look where that kind of thinking got Shia: An Angry loner who shouts at a camera all day long.

File: a48843b413b0fc7⋯.png (143.1 KB, 800x480, 5:3, Asuna Wake Me Up.png)


I've got a personal issue

Codemonkey still hasn't fixed the filenames now I am having extreme depression from viewing my 8chan images folder


iktf very well



epic trips

farmer jim make codemonkey fix this



He's never going to fix them because he doesn't consider them broken.



He also spams threads about the filenames on /sudo/ with "it's not broken"




PS is codemonkey worth checking out? i've heard about it before

File: 74b0783aa6764fd⋯.jpg (32.74 KB, 650x279, 650:279, lost it.jpg)


So after about 3-4 years of under-achievement, procrastination, not getting a license and generally being slightly above average at everything i feel like college could weed me out. Thing is, i feel no drive do complete anything. Networking interests me, but i can't bring myself to do anything productive. The only times I've ever gotten something done that's benefited myself is because of someone else exerting pressure.

It's like the magical "will to live" simply wasn't given to me. I can fake being social, but "fake it till you make it" doesn't actually work and the lethargy forces me to just watch as my world slowly burns up.

I have debt,no money saved,no business in my area and all my friends left me with their middle income parents. I do have a job(1 day a week) though.

Does anyone else experience this? Who else can't bring themselves to live? Am i alone?

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Currently no. I live in the sticks and the only option possible would be my local ISP who already have everyone they need(found out from a work term there last year).

I could get in with my college in their IT office like a colleague of mine but he's a whiz and i'm barely passing.

I realize i should be showing up, but the fear really puts me on my ass. Even now i'm barely getting up in the morning. My mother has about 2-3K saved up to ship me off somewhere to look elsewhere in canacuck land if i pass, so i suppose anywhere i'd be willing to move to is possible.

I've kept my problems entirely secret from her so she does't force me to burgerflip for 40 hours a week + school just to "teach me a lesson" or something. She'd eliminate my only chance of passing just to validate her own work ethic. She's not a bad person entirely, just incredibly unable to understand any perspective but her own.



You live near any big cities? The way you talk about your town, it doesn't sound like you'd enjoy any prospects there even if they do arise.



Also, it sounds like your mother plays a large role in your life and decision making. Would you say that she's controlling?



I live on Cape Breton island, so the mainland has a few cities, and Halifax is an option, only a few hours away. I probably wouldn't adjust fast but i could make due.

My mother is quite controlling, and i can't honestly say it comes from a good place either. She'll give me a task, wait for me to attempt it, i get stressed and feel mocked, then she takes it away from me and does it herself as she wants it done her way. This is usually with cooking, cleaning the house and other tasks, but she's made big decisions for me too.

She pushed me into the military(1 1/2 years) and i hated everything but the pay. Felt like shit when i had to leave from stress and she's never let me live it down. She forced me to get a job whilst going to school else get kicked out, which is why i'm only doing 1 day a week at the moment. And before college i was in UNI doing a BA to get into teaching. She made me acknowledge that there's no jobs for that right now around so i changed my school path. She's right but was ultimately the catalyst for me giving up a dream of mine. That's dead now.

Only decisions I've made on my own were to leave her and try to run away with extended family and friends. They always failed or i couldn't hack it so i came crawling back. She's a pretty nasty alcoholic(verbally abusive) and when i was 10-18 all i could think to do was run.



Wow. I would definitely try to get away from her as quickly as possible. She sounds demanding and ultimately like she has far too much control over your life. I'm sorry that you can no longer pursue your dream of teaching, but I guess you'll have to make due. You can always teach English in a foreign country if that's something you're interested in though. You don't really have to know a second language and that achieves the goal of getting away. I know that's not for everyone though.

File: 92d11eef0419dd5⋯.png (120.61 KB, 1107x1232, 1107:1232, Procrastinators-Matrix1.png)


Please feel free to share your story itt.

Don't know exactly what are we talking about? Google the sentence "I can't get myself to do anything".

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I can't say that I do, as I've gotten further from my teenage years, my imagination has pretty much died off, although I still dream and fantasise about things if I'm lying in bed tfw no qt wife.



That's very interesting. Because I've compared INTPs with and without this trait. Turns out those that lack the resilience to day to day stuff usually lack the inner world as a buffer. So they usually get ground down to a far more severe extent.

Truth is, we're not adequately designed for this age. There is no "path" for those of us that want to be away from people, and at the same time be able to subsist without sacrificing luxuries. Centuries ago, quality of life was not much different even if you were upper class, so being a hermit wasnt really a big deal. Now, it isnt really an option unless you're willing to make sacrifices. Which I assume you will not. I would to.

Most of the stuff I wrote above was for once you've learned ways to "cope" with lower brain dopamine levels and you've learned healthy ways to get your "fix", and are ready to form your bearings. But I see thats probably not whats needed right now.


I'm off to bed. Will check back tommorow.

If you want something easy to tackle in terms of solving your larger issue. Start with your body's natural needs. But dont do it all at once, i.e. if you're used to sleeping at 3AM, dont suddenly start sleeping at 10.30PM. Thats how you kill yourself. Change by tiny increments.

Anyway, night.



Goodnight mate, thanks for talking with me.


Outsider INFJ Master Wizard here, I love this feeling when I find a diamond in the rough, thanks for this illuminating thread to give a glimmer of hope to this exhausted old man, may you all who are reading and writing here find whatever are you looking for

File: 90fe69fb741e318⋯.jpg (55.24 KB, 500x369, 500:369, 1434265859110.jpg)


Why can't forget about her?

I can't seem to let go of the fact that she doesn't want me, i feel like i am delusional when i keep desiring her even though she said no, it's almost a state of limbo where i cannot accept or refuse, why can't i move on with my life and get over it, am i that lonely and wanting of Human connection, or is it some sort of obsessive mental illness?

Tell me.

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Your entire being is telling you to mate with this girl. Your body is telling you to do something you cannot do. If you could, this thread would not exist. Your body would tell you to mate with ANY girl within close proximity. Your waifu is nothing special and easily replacible.

I am really submissive but there is a difference between emotional pain you like and emotional pain that is EVIL. I have been in similar shoes as you. I still think about her nearly everyday, but I remember the anguish she has caused me. I am pretty sure if she were to throw herself at me I would find it difficult to refuse and would marry her in a heart beat.

Seeing as how she said no. She is basically calling you a fucking retard that she would let take a bullet for her and happily bang chad the next day. Cut all contact and remember that you are nothing to her. You will have bouts of warm feelings for her but you must remember that you are worthless to her. Find a peace in being the victim or become rich to attract her. The world is yours



I did that OP. I had a horrible GF and cut her loose and switched my number. Then I felt bad and re-contacted her, shortly after she set me up for the big fall and I ended up being the one feeling lost. Big mistake.



Do you have any friends OP ?

if yes then

1. Delete Her Contact or anything related to her

2. Spend some time with your friend

3. Do Crazy New Things

4. Try to look things from different perspective

5. Have Fun with your friend

6. Accepting The truth was hard but it was needed for greater good

if No , then

1. Delete Her Contact or anything related to her

2. Find Some friend with same hobby

3. Take It slow , it's not a race , having a friends for life is better than just once in a while friend , so dont rush on searching friend

4. Search New Song or new band that you like

5. Invest On yourself

6. After you get a friend , go to the have a friend section

it may look random , but there's a reason for all

good luck OP.



We have desires and these desires lead to grasping. When we are deprived of our desires and items of obsessions we feel broken.

You allowed your obsession to control you. Like a drug, you are now experiencing withdraw symptoms.

I had a terrible situation like this many many years ago. I would cry at work, cry at home, etc. I was a fucking wreck. The best thing you can do is stay busy-try to produce some sort of work of labor (mind or body: fitness, drawing, learning a new skill, etc.). These things help.

In the past someone told me "In a pinch, love can be substituted for fun." I believe this fully-I have survived some heartbreaking moments with "fun".

Eventually, learn to find beauty in the world and your own works. You will find the one-do not give up on people or life. Difficulty makes the victory sweeter. Night is always darkest before dawn.

Maybe the next one is your star crossed lover?


Can't Comrade

File: 785a8408033529b⋯.png (87.11 KB, 720x520, 18:13, 1420347903323.png)


This seems like a decent place to do this. 2 years ago I was an inch away from being pulled underneath a car and suffering major damage. Instead I got through it with extensive second degree road rash to my flank after being dragged down a steep hill for about 20+ meters. Typical everything slowed down, miliseconds turning into seconds, adrenaline kicking in, that sort of thing. Ever since the Event seemingly innocuous things will trigger I hate that word but it's the only one I can think of a huge emotion response. I never know when it will happen or what will cause it and I get choked up. I'm empathetic, but before the Event very little could make me cry. I went through the death of two grandparents not shedding a tear because that's just how I am. For the death of the third last year I couldn't hold it back and wept like a child. They were all important to me but it just hit me harder this time and I'm not sure it was because of who it was.

When I start to tear up I have no idea why half the time. If I were to guess I would think I have some mild form of PTSD but no way in hell am I going to go get that shit diagnosed. I live in a Deep Blue State and a PTSD diagnosis can likely stop me from getting firearms. I feel more comfortable around those who've seen some shit and crack jokes about it then I do around normal people. I don't think I have any questions. I just wanted to share.

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I am in a situation similar to OP but trying to see a therapist just made it worse for some reason. Every time I talked about my history she just goes on about how i'm just "too scared to move on", even after telling her how I tried but life keeps shattering my metaphorical knees and prevents me from moving on. It also didn't help when they tried to find me a different person to talk to and I got a poo loo tier therapist who had such an accent I couldn't understand him half the time. He gave up and just tossed some pills at me. Fuck therapists. There might be good ones out there but I have yet to see one.



>Fuck therapists. There might be good ones out there but I have yet to see one.

Not him, nor do I have PTSD, but my experiences with therapists and mental health services in general have led me to the same conclusion. I am fairly certain that most of the people who recommend them have either never used them, or are in the industry themselves.



>implying I don't

I am stuck living in a TINY apartment for cheap due to the good graces of the land lady in exchange for keeping my mouth shut about her son's drug deals. I can't even leave the apartment if I hear her shit son doing deals right inside the fucking building. A friend said I am developing PTSD due to my reaction when seeing any of their family but I'm still not convinced.



I said that I don't have PTSD myself, I didn't imply that anyone else doesn't, or at least I didn't intend to. I read your posts in that other thread though, it sounds like you're in an all-round bad situation.


File: e98a9fc0ed8dc5d⋯.jpg (69.38 KB, 300x200, 3:2, That one thing memory that….jpg)


The real depressing part is that I made a promise to someone that I wouldn't off myself so the only thing that lets me sleep some nights is the fact that my change of lifestyle is so bad that I might just go in my sleep.

>tfw the biggest goal in life is to disappear cleanly from the world in my sleep

File: 755cc1d066f16a0⋯.jpg (483.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1487557177610.jpg)


6 years ago I made friends with a dope guy. We became best friends, I was going through a lot, he was there to lean. Likewise he did the same. We'd smoke, talk, hang out, good times, met a lot of people through each other. Basically brothers for a while.

Over the years as we left our teens, we went down different paths. There is too much history to explain. I know him well. He has a very dark side to him that emerged. It drove me away but there was always loyalty, I'd still help him if he had things going, it's in my nature.

Anyways I've came to fear that he may be a monster and that basically he talks to me because I briefly give him hope of change, easing his conscience before he just returns to it. I've spent so much time and ,metal energy trying to help once in a while. Long phone calls, serious conversations, long message chains. I'm not saying daily, I mean once every 6 months. Like a rolling update on his psyche.

He's admitted he's a narcissist. He has a violent side. He's got a good side, but it might be a lie. I've watched his sociopathic tendancies, I've seen how he only has emotions when it suits him. He can't accept being wrong, he flies off the handle into a rage. He has very little emotional development or maturity and has became increasingly dangerous.

I've already established I can't be a part of it but it's difficult. I feel like he's anakin and I'm luke, that every time I share this good information he just uses it to develop a better mask whilst the true evil lurks.

A recent conversation made me realise that all this help I've gave him over the years may have been pointless. He's ne'er learnt anything. He maintains a public face while being a horror behind closed doors. He may be a monster, he is building himself up to a Big Bang I feel. He is obsessed with violence as a way to prove himself. He is manipulative, he is ruthless.

But also plays the role of conflicted soul very well. Says he wishes to be better. Says he can be good but sometimes he just switches.

I'm not sure, I'm venting. Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Perhaps your friend is subtly telling you to fuck off. It sounds like his life and your life have gone in very different directions and you are playing the saint, talking down to the fallen angel who might have suffered while you flourished.


Also, as a drug dealer he gets to enjoy seeing the worst people you have in your city. Dealers are known as scum who associates with other scum, he might realize the path he's taken and also realized he's walked so long there is no other road available unless it's behind bars or death.

File: fe104122f771b40⋯.gif (7.07 MB, 800x600, 4:3, 1-yFPDW9ESsm8oDpIHXuDAlg.gif)


i think i have an addiction to sex i constantly want to fuck almost every girl, but im too autist to talk to them

but sooner or later im gonna fuck someone, im not on maximum powerlevel, i can talk to other people

the problem is that i have a GF, and i want to be loyal to her, have a monogamous closed relationship

how can i stop thinking about sex?

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honestly if you live in South America that's your fate no matter what you do



Where can i move to have a nice marriage and rise a happy family?



you're better off investing in a time machine




Yeah, good luck with that. Seriously.


Monogamy is against human nature. This is a fact.

File: 9d4d2ae82dcc07c⋯.png (65.99 KB, 498x664, 3:4, Bad drawing.png)


>constantly asking myself if I am insane

>second guess myself, wonder if this is all just some delusion

>always feel like there's something off-putting about myself, like I'm deformed or something but it's also a mental disability so I can't recognize the deformation myself (like I see myself as normal when I look in the mirror or something)

>went to a shrink and tested positive for nothing

>really paranoid about shit like xenoestrogens and government spying, but never actually have the motivation to do anything other than low effort "solutions" to prevent things (I guess that's how I know I'm not like crazy paranoid)

>plagued about ideas that if I just put in x effort I could've been so much more successful

>always think of suicide but never consider it for real

>pretty well accomplished, got Bachelor's and Master's at 19, now working a somewhat lucrative engineering job, starting to fund my own business

>but always feel like I've accomplished nothing

>always think "am I retarded or a genius?"

>feel like everyone's accomplished all the "great" discoveries

>feel like I will never have a chance to really advance humanity, everything after the [current_year] will just be thousands of people etching away at the next discovery Basically, everything now is just too complex for one man (for example, plato) to make great strides in science by himself

>have some revolutionary ideas, it's just that I'm paranoid that I'd never be recognized if I published them

>feel like I can't relate to anybody, even when I've been past my edgy teenager phase

>nobody around me except on here understands my humor/line of thinking

>everyone repeats the same jokes, and not even that, they unironically repeat whatever phrases they've heard on tv or social media, nobody (around me irl) ever sounds like they have original thoughts anymore

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Associate with people who are not trying to deny that they are unhappy.



What does some article about math have to do with that?



You sound like a genius

>but always feel like I've accomplished nothing

>always think "am I retarded or a genius?"

>feel like everyone's accomplished all the "great" discoveries

>feel like I will never have a chance to really advance humanity, everything after the [current_year] will just be thousands of people etching away at the next discovery Basically, everything now is just too complex for one man (for example, plato) to make great strides in science by himself

>have some revolutionary ideas, it's just that I'm paranoid that I'd never be recognized if I published the



What kind of business do you want to run?



Going through this phase right now. Mewing by michel mew has helped me cope with the deformation aspect.

With the mental disability idea just figure that nothing matters in the end and we're all controlled by ego and the characters that we adopt from others and movies. The thought process loops a lot but you just have to stray from that line of thinking

Last and foremost:

Life is literally a huge "maybe." For example everyone on this board might be role-playing and baiting people. Maybe im the low iq heathen that takes everything too literally and doesn't read between the lines…

I don't know if I'm following a lie…Ever.

File: 643c999c4a38ce4⋯.jpg (38.76 KB, 777x455, 111:65, justin.jpg)


Im a good for nothing dumb fuck who cant even put his thought to words or write properly, how can i improve myself and to what extent? Is it even possible? Should i just kill myself? I need your help.


Read more. Your language skills will get better naturally.


Go to a docter and see what's wrong with you. Only a licensed psychologist can help you.



Psychology is a Jewish invention.

File: 0e016662d796495⋯.png (17.57 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, canada.png)


My 12 year old daughter is having sex with highschoolers but legally I can't do anything. I don't know what to do help.

8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



you sound like a pedophile



thats not an argument



It's still a good reason not to share personal details with someone on the internet.



it's not an argument it's an observation


File: df3b338b1bd1f00⋯.png (254.06 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 487136757916.png)


Unexpected power-kek

File: 9f7e9bbd7c22384⋯.jpg (9.16 KB, 256x173, 256:173, Manliesttears.jpg)


Is it possible to prevent yourself from crying even when you're really depressed/broken down? One thing I tried to do for the past 9-10 years is to prevent myself from crying because I realized tears won't fix or do anything beneficial for me; like crying is a sign of weakness to me. I felt sad when I lost pets, felt lonely/alienated, something horrible happened elsewhere, or some really bad shit happened to me/"loved ones," but I try to stop myself from crying about it.

That said, the last time I really broke down crying was almost two years ago, and I think 2007 or 2008 before that (Won't bore you with details; that'll be for another thread). When I try to stop myself, a tear or two will come out, but for some reason it burns.


2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


Sometimes it's best to let it out. You might save time by having a brief moment of catharsis rather than bottling up your negative feelings and letting them bother you for hours/days at a time.




Sometimes I wish I could, but then something just prevents me from crying when the depression really hits me hard. Today was just one of many days I really thought I was going to cry, but despite tears I stopped myself.

I've been seeing a doctor about my mental health/depression, and it seems to be helping me with my depression so far. He encourages me to cry when the breakdown periods happen in sessions, but again I put too much effort into stopping myself. The burning feeling sucks.


tear duct removal

you can get it at a plastic surgeon


Depends on the cause. If it's physical then grab some water and wipe your brow while gritting it. If it's mental then bite your cheek or tongue while trying to use your neck muscles to strangle yourself. The combination of those actions can snuff out the waterworks completely or at least cut it down to playing it off as your sinuses got fucked up all of a sudden. I only know this because of the depressing nature of one of my jobs.



I get that. It's good that you're seeking mental help. Maybe drink more water? I did a quick google search and the results for stinging tears are inconclusive.

File: f80dd03e47254c5⋯.gif (294.67 KB, 500x338, 250:169, [brazilian monkeys hue in ….gif)


I'll try to explain this as best as I can. I'd like to start from the beginning so you can get a better understanding of where I'm coming from.

>had rhotacism for first 18 years of my life

>couldn't pronounce my first or last name properly (world came out as "wode", bear "beo", etc.)

>didn't notice I had any troubles pronouncing words until I got to middle school and heard a recording of my voice

>get teased about it and feel embarrassed about my voice and how I speak; eventually, stop talking to people almost entirely

>this goes on through the entirety of middle school and high school

>finally find a speech pathologist with the help of my father

>18 by now and starting college soon. can at least say my name by now and more 'r' words, but have zero recent experience starting, holding, or ending normal conversations

Needless to say, I have never had a girlfriend and have only recently been semi-successful at building friendships. Luckily, I had gotten a job at my community college where I could hold some small conversations and get some basic things down. Even saying "hello" or talking a couple of sentences felt really difficult for a long time.

I'm 22 now and started university recently, so I've been trying to push myself to do better. I've been taking singing classes for a year, trying to talk to people in my classes or bus stops, doing karaoke, and I'm doing an acting class now to help get out of my comfortzone more.

However, I find talking to people still really difficult. I often hesitate to start a conversation because I don't know where to take it and I often don't know how to end it or start it up again after a conversation dies. If I think someone finds what I'm saying uninteresting or boring, I either trail off or just let the conversation die out. I chop up my sentences and sometimes they turn into a convoluted mess that doesn't make a lick of sense. I always struggle with figuring out what to say next, even with friends I've known for a long time. Not to Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


Eh, most adults really don't give that big a shit about another person's quirk where you should feel ashamed or embarassed. If you feel it's really showing through in your speech on meeting someone, just get it out there that "Haha, yeah I have a speech impediment" and 99 out of 100 people will just acknowledge it as a bit of trivia about you. And you're probably going to find girls who find the quirk endearing.

I've encountered people with speech impediments and at least to me it's like "Oh, okay they're not fucking with me. Anyway, where were we?" and get on with the conversation.

More than focusing on eliminating the speech impediment, you should focus on not being overly self-conscious. Nobody cares if your r's are wonky except the odd asshole, but everyone has to deal with some variety of asshole in their lives that gets under their skin. Fortunately the overwhelming majority of people we encounter in our lives, at work and in public aren't actively petty assholes (unlike schoolkids)


Do you have a very good fwiend in wome?




What is all this insowence?!



That's why I'm working at a movie theater right now. It puts me in a situation where either I need to talk to someone or someone will come talk to me.


I'm thinking about taking improv lessons this summer along with dance classes. I'll plan on getting back to working out and improving my diet as well.


I realize you're right about most people not caring, but I find it harder to take that realization and embody it when I'm out there talking to people.


File: 8bdfdc4789a35e1⋯.png (26.52 KB, 319x365, 319:365, HomestarRunner_Character.png)

Just wear a red t-shirt and taped-on star.

File: d7ea89472136de0⋯.jpg (35.93 KB, 480x360, 4:3, IMG_0691.jpg)


It was ironic, I told myself that "I probably won't have an actual girlfriend until I'm 30" and I was okay with that. And then the very next day, I fire up tinder and match with a girl. We immediately hit it off, over the next three days we chat, I learn more about her, she learns more about me. It felt so weird, actually looking forward and hoping that this person would message me back. Having a slight disappointment when my phone vibrates and it's not her. I didn't have the feeling for years. I thought she was absolutely beautiful, inside and out. I was gushing over her, and I knew I shouldn't, and I didn't care.

I knew exactly why too. Through my life I learned quickly that, I was supposed to build a wall of stoic confidence. People admired me for it. I am the shoulder to lean on. I was already seeing with her, I wouldn't have to be that person. I could be vulnerable.

On the 3rd day, before saying our goodnights she gives me her number and tells me to text her tomorrow. I text her the next day, not really a conversation or anything, just a confirmation that it's me. The day after that, I ask if she wants to go meet in person. Dead air. no response. It made me feel 100% like shit. My confidence absolutely crumbled. That was yesterday. Today I've I can present my typical self, but I knew things were off.

Half of me is saying just wait a few days, and start talking to her again. The other half is just saying don't waste your time.

I understand, that when you enter the arena expect to take a few punches; but I can't deal with this stress. Is the answer just to build another impenetrable emotional wall?

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 4d6172527564490⋯.jpg (9.77 KB, 200x174, 100:87, 1471215602055.jpg)


I was in nearly the exact same situation but I didn't get as far as you did. I felt the best I had done in years because it seemed like my years of loneliness was about to come to an end. Sadly it looks like it's not going to get anywhere because she hasn't responded for a couple of days. But I feel motivated enough to try again with someone else. I'm sorry I don't have anything helpful to say - I have absolutely no experience with women.


I think it's easy to do this if you've been lonely for a long time. I obsessed a bit too much about her and I'm going to try hard to not make that mistake next time.



>I text her the next day

And that's where you went wrong. You should have waited a day or two. I know that sounds stupid, but women are not the logical sex.

In her mind, you have nothing better to do than to communicate with her. Eventually yeah that is fine, but early on, it makes you seem desperate, like you have nothing else going on.



>Sadly it looks like it's not going to get anywhere because she hasn't responded for a couple of days.

You are doing better than I am. I got rejected by a fat chick. Nothing hits you right in your self-esteem like being rejected by a woman who has very little sexual market value.



OP if you never want to be hurt like this again you will have to abandon all electronic ways of getting a girl. Otherwise you will be flipping a coin and at least for myself I don't want to leave anything to chance. I know the exact stress your feeling because I recently tried the internet to find a girl. I would imagine a future together and have her on my mind all day. Only to be ignored. No girl is worth the stress that comes upon you! You have to put your best interests first and stress ain't one of them. Our situation is hell in the current year. We were dealt a bad society. Put your head down, get to work and put yourself out in the real world. We were not built to function in a society of screens. Yes you need to guard your heart. No one can do it for you. I hope you find someone. Good luck.



man, you just need more social contact with people, thats it. No need to obsess about every person you match with on tinder, people don't care that much about people on tinder, you shouldn't either.

File: 3395bb076ccd8c2⋯.png (114.88 KB, 320x392, 40:49, IMG_0415.png)


So here I am drinking half of bottle of wine. I am completely destroyed! I met this guy that I thought would be my forever, my savior, my everything. My everything he was, I did anything for him and to him. He said he wanted a confident woman, when I was, he would shut me down making me feel like shit. He wanted someone that would be attentive, so I cooked for him prepared him snacks or lunch to take to work, give him and sneak in little love notes; it wasn't enough. He wanted great sex, so I did things I would never in my life do, I worked out more so I could be better, that to him was AMAZING. He wanted honesty, I told him every detail of my past, plans for the future and my present. He used my past against me, kept bringing past hurtful memories (like when I was raped and an abusive relationship) over and over. My future was always criticized and my present was always questioned. He wanted unconditional love, after 2 months together spent $1,000 on a trip for his friend's graduation (who I had never met) Would tuck him in to sleep (LITERALLY) I would sweet talk to him, sing (even though I really cant) to him, until he would fall asleep, it wasn't enough. He had skin problems and asthma, everytime he would get sick, I would make him soup, make sure he was taking his medicines, sing him to sleep or until the pain would go away. I would drive one hour and fifteen minutes every weekend to go see him (he did not have a car) it was not enough. He made rules of telling him everything I do during the day and whenever he would get angry at something I would do and I would tell him I didn't think there was a problem because he did it too, he would say that him doing it was different. He would tell me he would never do something and later tell me that why he told me that was because he did not want me to do it, and that he change his mind, and that he thought I was worth it. Thinking of all of this just makes me angry and sad with myself. I moved the earth for him, put myself second and it was never enough because, you know why? because he did not want me, that's why it was never enough. With his accusations, critics, and mind games he drove me into insanity. We finally let go of each other. In a 4 paragraph whatsapp message, he said how he wanted to rescue me and that he failed me. Two days later he texts concerned about the hurricane and how I was doing. I had hopes, like he had always given me, from the start. As if I was his rat in a Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



You feel cheated, that's pretty bad. But please don't use other men. You may or may not have a strong consiece(fug) but that kind of nigger tier way of life will lay hands on you either physically or mentally. Cut your losses and don't spread your legs without a ring in it for you. If youre here you already know about mgtow. God I wish I could have a glass of wine. Drink some for me.



I love you guys XD


>I will become the best maneater out there, I will not give myself like this again.


in fairness some men deserve that

i gave up love for money. i'll fuck around when i'm rich.


Thank God I am a manlet and I haven't to deal with this kind of shit. You people make me sick, men and women.

There is other stuff I have to worry about though, like never getting a decent Job or to avoid being raped.



>So here I am drinking half of bottle of wine. I am completely destroyed! I met this guy that I thought would be my forever, my savior, my everything. My everything he was, I did anything for him and to him. He said he wanted a confident woman, when I was, he would shut me down making me feel like shit. He wanted someone that would be attentive, so I cooked for him prepared him snacks or lunch to take to work, give him and sneak in little love notes; it wasn't enough. He wanted great sex, so I did things I would never in my life do, I worked out more so I could be better, that to him was AMAZING.

You are seriously going to make someone very happy one day. I can't give you any advice on what you wrote, but hell, other women could learn a lot from you.


File: 0d868858148b165⋯.jpg (141.06 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, That drink actually looks ….jpg)

>drinking half of bottle of wine. I am completely destroyed!

Pathetic. Learn to format your text and kill yourself, holy shit.

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