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File: de31fdfbb508f10⋯.jpg (93.09 KB, 700x683, 700:683, sadmachinegunmann.jpg)


Is this board active anymore?

I want to ask for advice regarding my relationship with my parents.

To put it shortly, I can't really talk to them about anything, not because they have ever treated me badly or whatever, but it's just because it feels terribly akward for me. I just don't understand where this comes from, it happens to a lesser degree with other family members too. I stil live at home because beautiful third world economy, even though I'm saving to move out ASAP. This situation makes me feel ashamed.

Has anyone had to deal with this before? What could be the issue?


-Not sure about the activity of this board.-


>What could be the issue?

You likely have an introverted personality.

Nothing wrong with that.

Are you wanting to talk with your parents about why you can't talk with your parents about advice?



>Is this board active anymore?

It was pretty dead for a while, but it seems to be active again all of a sudden. I can't complain, I've always really liked this board.

>Has anyone had to deal with this before?

I have. I never used to talk to my mum, in fact I don't think I had a real conversation with her until I was in my twenties. A couple of years ago, after realising just how utterly socially retarded and autistic I was, I made a concious effort to respond to her in greater detail than simple grunts, to ask questions relating to what she'd said rather than trying to kill the conversation as quickly as possible (not because I'm rude, but to escape the inevitable awkward silences brought about by my social incompetence), and to speak in a more emotive / less monotonous voice.

After a while, I managed to build up my ability to connect and interact with her, and now we have a much better relationship for it. As a bonus, it also helped improve my ability to talk with other people as well. God knows I still have a lot of room for improvement, but it's night and day compared to how I was a few years ago.

So you could try doing something similar; slowly bringing down the barrier you put up around them, adding a few more words than you'd previously use whenever talking with them, and trying convey that you enjoy talking to them through the tone of your voice. It'll sound completely artificial and forced to you at first, but with a bit of practice it'll become a natural part of your character.



>Is this board active anymore?

As active as most boards on this site.

>Has anyone had to deal with this before? What could be the issue?

A lot of things. Maybe you're afraid you'll disappoint them, maybe you just don't like sharing secrets with them, maybe it's too awkward for you.



Active enough to still get long-winded replies which is kinda the point.

Just level with your parents. It will make you feel better. They're not going to disown you or feel bad about you unless you really duck things up.

File: f7cd417f154e0c6⋯.png (21.36 KB, 357x313, 357:313, 1502756907084.png)


>tfw addicted to video games

>never done anything else in my life

>realise I'm a boring person

I never asked for this

how can I stop vidya

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whacha tellin em to play vidya for?



Act like the person you want to be.


>several gfs in highschool

>left home at 17 to go to uni

>met a cute tomboy there

>graduated with honours

>engaged to the tomboy

>job in my field after neet for two years

>work whatever hours I want

>play vidya and drink on my days off

>sex on the weekends

>still get paid much more than I spend

>still want to die

I feel like I've done everything right but still somehow failed.



Would you say anything in your life right now is challenging for you? Depression often starts to creep in when people have easy, effortless, no-pressure lives, so if you feel like you're just breezing through it all, you may need to turn up the difficulty setting for yourself.

The old saying "life is about the journey, not the destination" is very true. We do well when we're working towards something, and everything starts to fall apart when we're stagnating.



Find something you have to do and make it mandatory. Something that once you start you can't finish it.


Sounds like you're having a midlife crisis. Do what >>3138 says

Go out adventuring from time to time. Urban exploring, innawoods, anything that gets the blood pumping. Alternatively settle down with this girl and start a family.

File: 6a1c4c9e45dcc02⋯.jpg (83.91 KB, 376x671, 376:671, tmp_12945-8bd770683ff2800d….jpg)


Any good way of dealing with depression and self-hate that doesn't inbolve seeing a doctor or therapist? Preferably one that involves little to no other human interaction?

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They actually told me to live my life. To get a better job so I can live my life. I just take family very seriously, so I want to do whatever I can for them.



Your number one fear is disappointing your parents, you're selfless towards them to the point of completely neutering your own life and well-being, and yet you're actively ignoring their good advice and clinging onto them like a child? The irony of the situation is that your refusal to listen to their good advice is perhaps the only reason you might in any way actually be a burden or a disappointment.

Come on lad. It's time to put some change into your life, because what you're doing now is doing you no good at all. There's someone in your family that needs your support far more than your parents do, and it's you.



In all honesty, my life doesn't really seem to matter. I don't have any goals, ambitions, or dreams outside of helping my parents. Well, maybe to some day find a nice wife, get married and have kids. However, I sincerely doubt that'll ever happen anyway so I can just forget about that.

I wonder what i'll even do when I do help out my folks and they pass away after living their last years comfortably. At that point, i'd have nothing really else to live for.



>my life doesn't really seem to matter

It doesn't seem matter because you haven't made it matter, in fact you've rendered it almost completely redundant. You did that on your own when you made a decision to live as mommy and daddy's little helper, despite them wishing you would live for yourself instead of for them. You have the ability to create a fulfilling existence, but you're actively choosing not to at this point.

>maybe to some day find a nice wife, get married and have kids

That's a good goal, and the only thing stopping that from ever happening is you doubting yourself and continuing on the same path. Don't just automatically shoot down any possibility of a positive outcome, that's the only way you'll guarantee that these things will never happen.

>At that point, i'd have nothing really else to live for

Right, and a situation where you end up feeling like you have no reason to live is obviously a bad one, so it's time to come up with a better plan.



While anon in >>3125 is abrasive, they are right.

Meet people.

Network at work.

Take some classes at the local community college in a hobby/personal interest.

Join clubs, go to the gun range.

These are just examples based on recent posts.

Write down ideas that will make you happy.

Do a decision tree for each idea based on the benefits and expenses for those ideas.

It's all your choice, like everything in life.

If it seems hard, that means the reward is that much sweeter.

File: 147802346859cab⋯.jpeg (36.36 KB, 473x473, 1:1, pepe-estrogen.jpeg)


>be me

>be 11

>puberty is about to start

>really want to be a girl

>can't be because i'm male

>always hang out around female family members and friends, never had a male friend for more than 4 months

>haven't developed sexuality yet or seen porn so it's not a weird fetish

>neglect this anxiety

>wait a year

>anxiety is inescapable

>talk to parents about it

>they're hostile as fuck and say the internet brainwashed/indoctrinated me

>they don't believe in doctors and only take homeopathic medication

>my mom has PCOS and tried to cure it with a gluten free diet so that's probably why i was born fucked like this

>gender dysphoria was apparently created by big pharma

>i repress

>i find /pol/ at age 12-13

>i call everything i don't like degenerate

>i am an absolute asshole to everyone on the internet and real life

>i still have a bad reputation for it and i completely accept that

>my life is at rock bottom

>the house looks like /r/neckbeardnests and my parents are ready to disown me

>be me

>be 14

>realize that i only use pol/cringeanarchy/what have you to make myself look better than others by comparison

>thought i was saving the world from liberal degeneracy but i was actually just being a faggot

>bone structure is now unpassable

>clean myself up

>talk to parents again about dysphoria

>they roundaboutly accuse me of watching trap porn

>say tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 7f2d2f1f566455f⋯.png (879.93 KB, 1409x4383, 1409:4383, mtf postop.png)


same kind of thing in pic related. i feel terrible for this person actually.



Are you implying I'm a vile person for posting it?

I just want to know that if he mutilates himself this is what he will have to live with.



Before you try converting to being female, have you considered trying to build up your proper sex hormone?

I remember an anon that posted about how his lifelong friends was getting into the transgender quagmire and fixed him by taking him to the gym and helping him eat properly. His friend was low as shit on testosterone for whatever reason.

You might be the same. Switching genders involves going against the very foundation your body is built on.

Granted, there can be genuine cases for it, where someone has a biologically female brain in a male body or vice-versa.

But before going down that path, try working with the foundation you already have before trying to uproot and destroy it.



Who knew cutting your penis off in exchange for a gaping wound was a poor idea. I all honestly though I do feel bad that we live in a world that tells these people that getting mutilated is normal.


fixing 404, sage post

File: 89007f85646b0b0⋯.jpg (134.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, AAEAAQAAAAAAAApYAAAAJDc4ZD….jpg)


I'm a graphic designer with no programming skills whatsoever. How would I have to proceed in order to make 100 dollaridoos a day for a year in the internet?

That's the amount of money I would need to keep a NEET lifestyle for another year.

Any and all advices are welcome. Also anyone needs anythig graphic design related?



Shameless self bump in le dead board


Have you tried all the go-to online freelance markets?

>teespring (t-shirt designs)

>fiverr (marketplace)

>maybe even facebook

You need to spread your work around to as many income sources as possible. This minimizes how much work you need to receive from each source, but it also maximizes your total income.

Try sending cold letters to local businesses who look like they could use new graphics for their website. Of course have some basic portfolio available for them to review if interested.



Makes me wish the business I was trying to start would take off so I could hire anons and help them.



File: b0cd4eab9d4ac58⋯.jpg (105.83 KB, 500x351, 500:351, IMG_1202.JPG)


/qq/ a couple of days ago I had a 6 hour masturbation session for the first time(my longest session I have ever had before was about 3 hours with no side effects). Soon after my head started hurting and I felt like crap. The headache lasted the whole day and into the next day. It's been about a day or two since and I only been sleeping about 3 hours.

Anyone ever been through this?

How mich did I fuck up my brain?

How long should I refrain so my brain can heal?

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So, I'm willing to bet you edged yourself for 5 hours, 59 minutes and 30 seconds and then masturbated for the remainder. It's a blood pressure dip because of your cock retaining a constant flow of blood. There's a reason doctors tell you to report an erection last more than four hours and it's not from the Viagra.

Take a couple of Tylenol and give your dick a rest. You'll be right as rain on a few days.


File: 6dd98a7298f0dc3⋯.jpg (738.54 KB, 3900x2600, 3:2, Alone on a friday at a nig….jpg)

>mfw I thought I was fucking up bad when I'd spend an hour a day masturbating to porn

I am outskilled here.




What are you, 14 y/o?


Wow can't believe my thread is still up.


No drugs, just mother daughter bbc porn. Shit is cash.


>Call a doctor and make a hormone check, you may have some imbalances that are causing high libido.

I really appreciate the concern, but I am pretty sure I just have a naturally high libido.

>Issues in other areas of your life maybe causing you to compensate the stress with masturbation.

Yes, I deal with a lot of stress. Porn is my only vice and I really can't and don't want to put in the effort to change my circumstances.

>And finally, you didn`t fuck your brain in any way, nausea and depression may be because of feeling of guilt and dehydration or an unbalance diet.

Thank you for the affirmation. :)

>Get a girlfriend m8

It's complicated.


>12 hours

Exactly 12 hours or do you take breaks?


Yeah I was edging. Thanks for the viagra tidbit. Very interesting.


Don't worry bud, you're golden. Keep doing what you're doing.






What do you take me for, some sort of wimp?

I once edged so hard over several days that there was blood in my pre.

File: ea106d9245a43cc⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1000x1415, 200:283, 60223956_p0.png)


27 year old KV here, never had a gf, been a waifufag for years now. After some recent events I wanted to try dating one last time before just giving in to eventual wizardhood. I don't really want to meet girls through coworkers, and I don't go out to bars or anything, so I'm considering online dating. Anyone have any experience with it? I'd be looking for an actual relationship. Random hookups aren't appealing to me.

Anyone been in a similar situation too?

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A lot of you NEETs start off with the wrong mindset in the first place. If a big titty gamer girl with a fat ass and her own income suddenly dropped into your life, you wouldn't know what to do. So instead of being a dog who chases cars, do this:

Make friends.

Make a shit ton of friends.

Have a crew you only drink with. Have a crew you only game with. Have a crew you only do sporting events and outdoors shit with. Your universe will open up immensely and there will be numerous women youll be able to talk to.

Also, dont whine about not putting in the work while expecting some shit to magically happen.



>Make friends

Not OP, but I've been stuck on this part for a good 8 or 9 years now. Being literally friendless while NEET-hikki appears to be a social death sentence, or at least it seems that way.



Average looking guy here with a decent job, a house, a nice car I owe nothing on, and several good non-creeper hobbies. I've been doing the online dating thing on-and-off for about 5 years now. I've tried Match, Eharmony, Tinder, and Bumble. I experimented a bunch; writing and rewriting my profiles, carefully selecting photos, had friends (both guys and girls) give feedback and even swipe for me. Online dating works like this:

>make profile

>go through thousands of profiles

>many profiles are shit like sjw feminists or landwhales

>of the "not shit" profiles only a very small percentage of these get to the conversation stage

>only a very small percentage of conversations make it to the date stage

>the few dates you manage to get go nowhere

Online dating straight up doesn't work and it's a huge waste of time and money. Your chances at success are extremely low even for the "above average looking" guys.



> I've never tried online dating, but from what I've read about it, I wouldn't recommend it. Especially if you're a man. The girls on those sites receive hundreds of offers from desperate guys, so their ego is huge and they have very high standards (despite the fact that most of them are just average or below average themselves)

this is the sad reality of online dating. the girls either just want attention, free stuff or they are disgusting roasties who want to have as much casual sex as possible.


> paying money to get laid on a dating site is pathetic.



I would not recommend online dating unless you are either really handsome.

The best dating app in my opinion is OkCupid, as it focuses heavily on your personality and hobbies more than looks.

Most people you meet on there will just look at your photo and decide from there, but there will be girls that look at your profile too.

As a girl using OkCupid, a funny profile goes a looong way.

And don't ever start a convo with small talk. No. Go balls deep.

For example on my profile I said that I like conspiracy theories. So this one guy once asked me "who do you think murdered JFK". I liked that shit.

Also, in case you are ugly and stuff, I have a few tricks for you in case you'd listen.

- shower everyday

- use deodorant

- take care of your skin

- wash your sheets often

- drink lots of water

- exercise

It really does make a huge difference.

And remember - the girls rejecting you are most likely boring normies anyway.

File: 7bb6e26d78eeb72⋯.jpg (107.92 KB, 803x688, 803:688, 1449892740301.jpg)


>be me

>in my early twenties going on mid-twenties

>live at home


>cannot summon motivation to apply for jobs and when I do, I inevitably get passed over

>study IT at uni

>completely suck at it and hate the subject with a passion

>fail repeatedly at subject simply because of laziness and lack of motivation

>plus I'm behind everyone else in terms of knowledge

>still must do it because my parents are relying on me

>reputation is down in the drains, everyone thinks I'm a loser/liar/asshole

>no friends whatsoever and I'm pretty sure the ones I "have" only stick around because I've known them since childhood and our families are friends, not because they like me

>no girlfriend ever, never touched, kissed or fucked a girl

>skinny as fuck, try to exercise and still skinny

>do martial arts couple of times a week, literally the only joy in my life

>have good imagination, try to be creative

>suck at art, can't write too long without being bored, and how can I even try music?

I'm really just contemplating ending it right here and now. I used to think that I couldn't do that to my parents, my friends and my loved ones because it'd break them. Now I'm convinced that they'd all be better off without me. I don't think I'll ever climb out of this hole. It's like there's a demon in my head that won't let me up. I can't fight it.

10 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



1) Maybe ask some others in your club if they want to catch up and do (club related activity) at (x time and place), without doing it directly through the club? Making new mates takes time.

2) >>>/fit/, read the sticky, etc.

5) Have you already implemented all the usual normalfag responses to this question? Haircut, shave, brush your teeth, hit the gym, take 6 gorillion showers every day, etc.



>1) Maybe ask some others in your club if they want to catch up and do (club related activity) at (x time and place), without doing it directly through the club? Making new mates takes time.

I dunno, seems a bit too direct for me, but maybe I'm just not used to it. It just seems like everyone else is able to get on and immediately become buddies from the get-go, talking and doing stuff outside of club hours, but I'm still mystified as to how to get into it. Probably just need to get up and fucking do it, I guess.

>5) Have you already implemented all the usual normalfag responses to this question? Haircut, shave, brush your teeth, hit the gym, take 6 gorillion showers every day, etc.

I've got rather good hygiene and in terms of looks, I'm not actually bad looking (I've had some pretty hot girls show open interest in me in the past, I just usually failed to capitalize on these opportunities because I chickened out) although skinny. I'm more on how to create these opportunities, because I can't just wait for a girl to start blatantly flirting with me.




Dudes… I was like you one day. No motivation, no friends, no job, no nothing. I grew tired of myself and simply decided to stop lamenting and do something about it.

I convinced myself I was a secret agent or some shit and my mission was trying to pass as a normal human being amongst other humans. It fucking worked.

I'm employed, living by myself, fit and with a qt 3.14159 that does anal.

Weird things happen when you stop feeling sorry for yourself.



Have you considered doing a double major associates degree in Network Security and CISCO networking?

It's more of a "trade skill" field but it would let you find employment and is much more motivating with lab work and such.

Sauce: Electronics Tech who is getting his CISCO certs next year.


Saging this as not to derail the thread.


>Electronics tech

Does that mean hardware level technician?

Since you are getting CISCO certified, does this mean jobs in the hardware levels are getting tight?

Or are you diversifying your resume?

File: 6ef92d2b71991bd⋯.jpg (185.62 KB, 562x952, 281:476, image.jpg)


Is there any way to really relax? I've been nervous, tense, and anxious fairly often for a while. Tried to do some meditation, but just can't seem to relax enough to do it right.

Anything to help?

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Exercise is good. Wear your body down and your mind will follow.

Or, you might try benadryl. Watch out though, you can get addicted to benadryl.



try phenibut, it's legal and easy to take. can't take it 24/7 but maybe for three days a week, works wonders as a relaxant with little to no side effects/withdrawals so long as you manage intake properly. cheap too.



Music and a can of beer usually does it for me. Just don't depend on it too heavily.



That's a slippery slope to alcoholism right there.


Passiflorine. It's almost a herbal remedy. No ugly side effects. No addiction to it. Just don't take it if you got asthma

File: e6e40e83ed114b0⋯.gif (722.88 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, e6e40e83ed114b0cc0ebb58924….gif)


I'm always taking on too much shit. I can't seem to balance my life at all and then it all comes tumbling down when something happens, but I don't know how to fix this shit…

Right now my average weekday starting in two weeks looks like:

<4:30 AM: Wake up and get ready for gym

<5:30AM: Go to gym

<8:00AM: Go to work

<4:30PM: Get off work

<5:30PM: Go to class (CISCO or Russian depending on the day, studying inbetween work and then)

<8:00PM: Get put of class

<9:00PM: Go back to gym

<11:00PM: Gym closes, have to leave



I'm fat so I feel a constant urge to exercise to remove fat, and I'm also a workaholic (or rather a "chillaphobic") so I damn near get get anxiety attacks when I have free time/start ruminating on all the shit I have to do/shit I did wrong. During the summers I intentionally work a second job and try doing shit like writing a novel or making a game or learning code. It doesn't help that my whole family is super fucking lax and always late for everything/procrastinate on everything so they don't fucking get it. When something happens like my mother's car breaking down, she steals my truck (we work opposite shifts) and then I get stuck at home after work and I can't fucking stand it and weed/alcohol/bunge eating are the only things that keep the anxiety at bay. I know.my lifestyle is unhealthy nut I just don't know.what to do any more and can't get out of this shitty situation for at least another year…



Sorry, typing on phone and dealing with ma' who just got off work.



Ok. As I see it you need to take a rest. You say you are a chillaphobic. I get it, I'm sort of like that myself and what I've found is that I have to schedule my resting time. And take it as another chore. I even write it down. Like, "I'm gonna watch X or Y film and simply chill during 2 hours". "I'm going to take a nap during half and hour" or something like that.

I've seen that resting makes me be more efficient… So, yeah. Schedule your rest and see it as another chore that will make you more productive.

>t doesn't help that my whole family

You can't change people. The best you can do is love them as they are, if you can't, tolerate them. If can't, cut them off for good. Just don't let them drag you into their lazyness.

And take thing lighter. There is time for everything.

File: 8a163c1de5de693⋯.png (1.19 MB, 960x544, 30:17, clubhouse.png)


I personally don't think it's a personal issue, but you might. I have a waifu. He's an 16 year old cartoon werewolf.

He's heterosexual, and I'm a man, so I had to make myself an avatar. She's a 3 year old cartoon bat.

I think about him all day. He's my security blanket. People can abandon me and I can have no money or food and I won't care because I have my waifu. I don't think unhappiness is even a possibility for me anymore.

I write about him here. http://8ch.net/eerie/index.html

Try and convince me why I should or shouldn't continue my relationship. Are there any arguments beyond "It's not real!"?

107 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 17aea2b332b0c2d⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, S1E23B_Jester_Luan.png)


I will never go back, is amusing I keep hearing about /mai/, I don't care if I get banned but I prefer to stay in 4chan's /trash/ board

I don't understand what does that post has to do with what I said, I didn't got banned I left. I rather deal with Maggie shipping than to awkwardly post among nothing but Anime girls.



>Are there any arguments beyond "It's not real!"?

Playing the role of a three year old female cartoon bat for the affection of a male cartoon werewolf might not be the best thing for your mental health.

Why does your waifu accept the bat but not you?


File: 86885ef570551c0⋯.png (503 KB, 722x598, 361:299, 13466431_1229085190437635_….png)


I think he would accept me.


i still choose to be the bat, he might be okay with looking at my horrid ugliness but i'm not


the /mai/ i was defending was tohno-chan's, not 8chan's. 8chan's /mai/ treated me like shit too, banned me on-sight unlike you



Sorry to burst your bubble but after lurking for a few minutes it seems they have weird ass rules that you cannot post images of western origin, I have no idea why they let you post though.

There is no difference between Tohnochan's /mai/ to 8's /mai/ oter than the type of people posting on them, the type of "waifus" allowed are exactly the same standard.



i made a thread about OP on /cow/

File: 3b660b7a7a5f1dc⋯.jpg (75.47 KB, 720x493, 720:493, b9953e638ac9c25ac0f105ea34….jpg)


Not like offing myself, just leaving, I live in Montana near the Yellowstone river, I've been thinking of buying a canoe and just leaving, leaving my friends, my bills, my useless life, just dropping it all, and floating down the river. It would take months just to get to st Luis, and I'm sure they would be the best months of my life, if I survived, but afterwards I'd be homeless with a ton of debt and a trashed credit rating. Anyone ever think of doing something like this.

I've always been an outdoorsmen, friends say I'm a different person in the woods, and I feel it, I feel alive, but somehow modern life got in the way, working all the time to pay bills for things I don't need. I just feel like running.

The only hitch is I really want to have a family one day, and what little I know about women says they really don't want to start a family with a guy living under a bridge. So it's play the rat race and hope to have a family one day or answer the call of the wild and become the lonely bitter mountain man I always knew I could be.

1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


You'll start regretting it big time as soon as you get hungry. You'll regret it again when you're shivering on the ground the first night. You'll regret it again when you wake up and realize you have nothing to do at all and feel like shit for sleeping on the ground and having bugs up your trousers. You'll regret it again when you have to wash yourself in the river without soap.

It's a romantic thought but sucks balls in reality.



This isn't my first rodeo, a few years ago I took a 2 week kayak trip with a friend down the same river. Most of our meals were dried peas, barley, or buckwheat, dried good last a longtime and pack well. Sure the river was cold to wash but you get used to it and a camping hammock is worth it's weight in gold.The basic surviving part I have down. I'm not saying float down the river in a bare canoe, I'd have a pack or 2 filled with all the gear I would need, infact I already have everything but the canoe. I'm just worried about injury or illness taking me down since I'd be alone.



>I'm just worried about injury or illness taking me down since I'd be alone.

If you're experienced in the woods, you have nothing to fear. But If I were you I would buy a first aid kit as a precaution.



Sounds like you're prepared and ready to go! Pack up some supplies and get ready to talk to a debt relief attorney when you're ready to come back into the city.

My uncle did this exact same thing two summers ago and he didn't even have to file bankruptcy. Since he was in the woods for a year and a half, nobody knew where he was, so the debt collectors couldn't legally serve him. He got it all reduced and paid it all off a month ago. He always talks about his experiences and people always want to hear another story from this man who became a cool role model.


I would probably try something like homesteading as they suggest on /pol/ etc sometimes, before going lone wolf. Where you find some remote land where you can farm, maybe even hunt/fish, learn how to build/repair your own stuff, and at least have a bit of a community for support.

File: 3ff50dd633742af⋯.jpg (35.86 KB, 528x480, 11:10, sad skeleton.jpg)


qt3.14 gf of six months dumped me over the phone yesterday night because she couldn't handle living so far apart and seeing each other so little. It's about 1.5 hours either way on public transport. I met her during wage-slavery towards the end of last year, and I still can't believe she took an interest in me. We were both each other's first everything.

I never treated her wrongly; she never reacted badly to anything I've ever done; I always took care of her; we never had a real argument before. We used to constantly play-argue both in text and in person about me always being right, as well as who loved who more; the fact that she meaningfully reciprocated gave my black little heart the first bit of real warmth I've felt in years. I asked her if distance was the real reason, and this is what she said:

>No there is nothing wrong with you, I'm sorry yes it was the distance, I guess I'm to weak for it, I guess that means you were right… I guess you did love me more

>I guess that means you were right… I guess you did love me more

I've already rationally made peace with it. If she made the call after having seriously thought it out then there's no point in caring about something out of my control, and if she made the call without seriously thinking it out then there's nothing stopping her from doing it again if we were to get back together. Despite this, the last part of her response has fucked me up. Does it mean that any of her love was false, or intentionally exaggerated? Does it mean that she just got sick of me and that's that? The only thing she ever showed for me was adoration.

Where and how the fuck am I meant to meet anyone now? I'm stuck living in multi-culti hell, surrounded by asians and brownies; my family finances and general circumstances are 110% fucked from years of reasons entirely out of my control, and likely will be until my youth has entirely wasted away; meeting good women at uni is virtually impossible, doubly so in physics and mathematics; what used to be my solace from the world (vidya) brings me no joy anymore, so now I feel more more miserable than ever, even if I keep a stiff upper lPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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She is still shit. She used one of the most retarded normalfag platitudes ever.

Fuck her women are the niggers of the gender


File: c54e882368f0253⋯.jpg (214.73 KB, 869x943, 869:943, c54e882368f02533b5d5212ddd….jpg)

Begrudgingly reading your messages and the replies you got, I have to say that you're getting the wrong advice here, OP. Your former gf's sounds like a typical roastie, while you sound like a slightly beta-ish dude. You never had a chance with her. Messaging her back was a fruitless effort; If I were you, I would've laughed at her break-up and confronted her the next morning with smugness.

Any advice like "be more open, find friends, be social, etc." is complete bullshit and can't help you unless you're already doing those things. Also I'm certain at least one retard itt has recommend that you exercise xD, don't bother, it wont make you feel any better. Best you could do is forget about it or hang out with friends (if you have any). In the end, you'll forget about her in a few weeks and continue on with your life like nothing happened.

Also, my condolences to you for living with a shit family.



>Your former gf's sounds like a typical roastie, while you sound like a slightly beta-ish dude.

I would say she's a 9/10 on the roast factor, with that point loss coming from me supposedly being her first boyfriend meaning that she hasn't ridden the carousel yet. Your appraisal of me sounds about right, but I'm trying my damnedest to improve.

>confronted her the next morning with smugness.

Did you miss the part about us living an hour and a half apart?'

>Any advice like "be more open, find friends, be social, etc." is complete bullshit and can't help you unless you're already doing those things.

Aye. Face > frame > height, with the caveat that you're already at least around 6'. Thankfully I'm 6' and carry my weight pretty well.

>Also I'm certain at least one retard itt has recommend that you exercise xD, don't bother, it wont make you feel any better.

I exercise for health, for enjoyment, and for general life improvement; the breakup has no bearing on this.

>In the end, you'll forget about her in a few weeks and continue on with your life like nothing happened.

Already there fam. The incel life is always waiting for us, even if we temporarily leave it.

>Also, my condolences to you for living with a shit family.

They may be incompetent, but I still love them more than anything else.



>I would say she's a 9/10 on the roast factor, with that point loss coming from me supposedly being her first boyfriend meaning that she hasn't ridden the carousel yet. Your appraisal of me sounds about right, but I'm trying my damnedest to improve.

If what you say here is true you're a better man than about 90% of the walking corpses you see on the streets. Being beta is not something you can improve from, it's part of your personality; you can change it, but not improve it. That said, there are girls out there who will love you for who you are, just have to find them.

>Did you miss the part about us living an hour and a half apart?'

I thought you were ready to go to her the same night she texted you. I don't know how far you two live, but I'm sure you could've spared an hour or two to get to her.

>They may be incompetent, but I still love them more than anything else.

I got the impression that they abused you as a child. If they're just inept at money, that's fine. Sorry for the comment and keep them safe.

Well anon I hope life treats you better than your former gf. Don't feel too weird about broken relationships, it happens to everyone. Good luck!


File: 7b8b0c612396b3b⋯.jpg (36.83 KB, 1107x1224, 123:136, skeletal thumbs up.jpg)


>Being beta is not something you can improve from, it's part of your personality; you can change it, but not improve it.

I meant that I'm improving my self overall, but your statement isn't wrong.

>I got the impression that they abused you as a child. If they're just inept at money, that's fine. Sorry for the comment and keep them safe.

No need to apologise, mate.

>Don't feel too weird about broken relationships, it happens to everyone.

And to me, that's a problem.

File: 748ce1ede990fde⋯.jpg (155.71 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, pic.jpg)


I have a lot of ups and downs emotionally, usually over the course of multiple weeks. When I'm at my lowest I think a lot about how I was raised and whether its even possible that I might recover from the social retardation I've picked up. One reoccurring thought is that it might be nice to have a girl to talk to this all about who isn't a girlfriend. Iv'e had one girlfriend before and it didn't go all that well and I realize that I wont be able to talk to a girlfriend about this stuff even if I got one, but this reoccurring idea is so appealing. I can't explain it but I was wondering if anyone else ever felt this urge to have a girl to talk to about life who is just a third party you trust to not screw with you

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2D won't listen to you though. You might as well fall in love with a wall.


File: 847354acf1423e1⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 1392x2360, 174:295, Beginners Game max.jpg)

File: ebf2a0ad4d31b49⋯.jpg (503.34 KB, 665x1589, 95:227, Mid Level Game max.jpg)


Have sex with cuteboys


File: ef944e9ddff9fe6⋯.png (6.75 KB, 166x166, 1:1, 2d6946ba2d28cfc0f22673b59e….png)


So you can work on your social anxiety of interacting with the opposed sex while not having the pressure of making yourself as a valid sexual partner? It`s funny I remember reading this article about some guys hire hookers but they end up only talking to them.

So…Having a friend that is female?



but that's gay, isn't it?

File: bce86cb85ddf7bd⋯.jpg (274.74 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 182743354.jpg)


How do you deal with teenagers or kids mocking you in public as a grown man? I'm talking about stuff like pointing at you and laughing behind your back, calling you a faggot, etc.

I'd figure that the most appropriate response is simply to ignore them since they're just being stupid kids and that you shouldn't give a fuck about every little thing. You can't hit them and you can't give them a lesson verbally. What would you do? Do you agree with me that ignoring is the best?

13 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



>Why do they laugh and point at you in the first place?

Yeah I think there has to be some sort of reason. Do you dress different to most people? Or have an odd walk or something? Otherwise it shouldn't be a common thing.

If it's just an occasional thing with a few shitstirring teens it is so not worth your time.


I don't know. This has never happened to me. You must be really fat, OP.


Rip off all of your clothes, and run straight at them while yelling "CUMMIES CUMMIES CUMMIES" over and over.



You've been listening to too much Common Filth.


File: 74afa687198c824⋯.jpg (49.63 KB, 400x624, 25:39, 0f8baaf7c627292aeb0fadf340….jpg)


Kids are cruel and insecure, that`s why they mock others.

Knowing that, the problem isn`t them, it`s you! You shouldn`t bother with that.

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