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File: c36dd16a996a394⋯.jpg (85.27 KB, 600x488, 75:61, 1397500473040.jpg)


I know I could just try to fuck/date every new girl that comes around but 9 times out of 10 they're high-maintenance and bitchy pseudo-narcissists. I want someone kind and compassionate that isn't absorbed into social media. I hate having to put up that hard exterior, and a thot is just one more person I have to guard myself around.

I've really never tried to seriously date before now, I lost my virginity only a month ago to a 5.5/10 greasy beer-slut. How do I meet quality girls?

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It's a holdover from earlier times. Mating is far more demanding of women than men; compare blowing a load to being with child for nine months and then having to raise and take care of it.



The man would traditionally have to work hard to provide for both the women and the child though. If we are talking purely reproduction then fair enough. Although the situation changes when there is a surplus f women, rather than the modern western world where there is a surplus of men(and it's getting worse via refugee crisis as it's almost all young men)



You don't. Enjoy the ride that doesn't end, mane. Blackpill aside, I think it's really a right words in right place at right time deal. Unless you are in some reclusive Congolese village, you should have a better set of circumstances than myself.


Seems about right, but where the hell do you find those?



Marijuana is my crutch. Smoking socially or even by myself is all I look forward to, and if I go more than a day I get anxiety/agitated



your life was already shit before you started using.

File: dd7b4b7e8b8af57⋯.jpg (52.98 KB, 450x337, 450:337, cyberswim.jpg)


I am only speaking for myself here, I do not wish to defame any gays or lesbians who might be reading this. After a bit of introspection, I came to the conclusion that the only reason I am a homosexual is because I felt really shitty about myself back in middle school, and considered several more popular males to be examples of excellence to aspire to. At this time I recall having a highly abortive relationship with a girl, of the sort that is common at that age. However, my feelings about the people I looked up to gradually morphed until I had developed crushes upon them all. I went from desiring a girlfriend for the sake of the relationship itself, to desiring one to be like my idols, to being attracted to them more than any girls. I accepted that I was homosexual at age 13, and so I have remained for 6 years.

A sexuality based upon an inferiority complex, where feeling affection for another is always paired with feeling poorly about myself, always seeing them as better than I, cannot possibly bring me any measure of contentment in life. I would like to get my psycho-sexual development back on the course from which it was derailed all those years ago. I have already deleted all of my porn. How do I proceed, or should I just accept that the damage has been done and resign myself to a lifetime of unhealthy relationships? I could plausibly see a psychologist or something, but I expect that a professional might not grasp the nuance of my situation and just tell me to have more pride in myself.

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>Increase your own sense of self-worth

How do I go about doing that?

>Find the things that attract you in men, and look for them in women

I don't think that that quite reaches the root of the issue. I would still see myself as inferior to any partner I might have.




Apathy is one. But I recommend distancing yourself from what is seen as the "ideal" these days. What are you striving for in life, or rather, what are you trying to live up to?

Let that go and things will become easier.

>I don't think that that quite reaches the root of the issue. I would still see myself as inferior to any partner I might have.

It really starts with self-worth and seeing inferiority as a prerequisite for attraction. It's possible to admire aspects you would never desire yourself to have.

I like women that are emotionally shallow and not dependent on me. It's easy. But it's not a trait I wish to have. But I admire it nonetheless. You can too.


personal gay story: I remember seeing hardcore porn magazine Penthouse, which unlike Playboy had pictures of fucking including the men. This was the mid late 90s when internet was 28.8 to 56k at best and internet porn was rare and hard to get from your parents PC.

I remember seeing another man's erect dick for the first time and I honed in on it like a fucking magnet. No words. I even clipped out the pic and then cut out the dick itself, cause I didn't find the guy hot. I did this to a few other things where there was a hard cock, I'd save the pic and hide it and jack off to it. THis was around age 13. Come age 15 and I have a PC with 56k in my room and used thehun.net for easy free porn. But the images of nude girls did nothing for me. I kept going to straight porn and focused on the men and their delicious cocks. Eventually I tried to look at and get horned up by beautiful nude women but it wouldn't happen. I literally couldn't get hard off the image of a nude woman. I tried to train myself but it didn't work. When I actually went to a gay website, when my family was gone, around age late 14 early 15, I felt such sham,e and reluctance to admit it to myself. At the same time I knew I was kidding myself

now that i'm a full blown adult I've kept my truth in th ecloset. I actually have vague romantic interests in women, I flirted with young love and understand its power, but sexually I only get off to sucking cock and seducing a man to ram his dick up my boypussy. Even now as a full blown adult of early 30s, I keep this hidden from everyonebecause what's the point? what's the point of 'coming out'? People only pretend to respect you and privately disgust yhou wich I fully respect and understand. At best you just find a boy or man you love and live oyur life and only 'come out' when you need to; not hiding, not loudly proclaiming it either. I may do this rout, but even now as an adult I find it more practical and arguably more reasonable to keep it secret and indulge in privacy



oh and to add to this I had intense crushes on a lot of my guy friends during ages 13-16, and boy were they fucking gorgeous (then and now) so I don't blame myself. I dunno how this relates to what you say OP, about idolizing cool kids and then sexualizing them. I was often the more dominant person socially in my friendships yet I craved their cock so bad, their hot asses and emergin pubescent bodies. I can't even begin, I almost came close to seeing if they would let me suck them off but always held back cause I knew it would end in a disaster.

I dunno OP I think it's possible to keep it secret and tell yourself "it was a phase" and try to move on to a typical/normal path. but maybe you're like me, who also believes that, but who also only looks at gay porn, only looks at straight porn focusing on the guy and imagining themselves as the girl…and though you love a pretty face and aesthetic female body, you just can't get off to a woman. Maybe we are straight up fucking gay in the end of the day?



I don't label myself because I like adults of both sexes. I find myself fucking a lot of transmen and transwomen though.

File: 9fb8d4c893757f0⋯.jpg (131.96 KB, 747x1000, 747:1000, Abhorsens_house_2.jpg)


Dear /qq/,

I am a 22 year old and have been extremely successful in life already. Right now I am on course for greatness in a few years time.

However last night I was hanging out with a couple friends who I haven't seen regularly in years and I realized how completely detached from their life experiences I have become. Discovering this board and reading through these threads I am once again shocked at how different my life is to the average anon. This makes my heart ache since it was only about 5 years ago 4chan's /adv/ helped me improve my life in many ways.

I do not come here to brag. What point is that on an anonymous image board? I only come in the hopes that I can help some fellow anons better themselves and set upon the path towards greatness as /adv/ once did for me.

Pic unrelated. It's a great series though.

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File: cba9ae49d271537⋯.png (154.39 KB, 329x426, 329:426, 79438e1dec8c83c73d931edace….png)



Now have you ever worked a day in your life, you trust fund kid?

I say that with minor contempt as you seem to be alright. I come from a lower middle class family where I had to buy my own vidya as a kid, get a job at 16, buy my own car and work my way up. With little education from my parents to top it off.

My question is, what is your real world experience?

Arbeit mach frei



>poor divorced couple

No, your parents didnt love you.



>your parents didnt love you

Yes they did, and still do. My parents were just about ready to split up when they found out they they were pregnant with me, but they decided to stay together once they found out, and they had another child two years later as well. However, when I was 7 years old, the constant arguing and the never-ending dire financial situation got too much, things got out of hand, and basically it ended with my dad leaving his own home in rage and tears and going back to his parent's house.

A couple of weeks later, my mum brought in her new boyfriend, who she'd obviously been seeing on the side before my dad left. Every Friday for the next 10 years or so, my dad would collect me and my sister and we'd stay at our grandparents/dad's house until Sunday evening. We mostly did fun things, played games, went out to places, but he'd also have us do our homework too although he couldn't really help us as he did very poorly in education as a kid. While this was great and all, obviously being away from home every weekend impacted our social lives as children. Additionally, as we were never allowed to play outside in the week or visit friends without my mum planning the whole thing with the other parents in advance, we both ended up socially retarded loners.

Did they do a shit job of raising us? Absolutely. You don't end up with two NEET children with a plethora of anxiety issues, one of which being a 25yo kissless virgin hikki, without being more than a bit shit at parenting. However, I do not doubt that they loved me, and I know they tried the best that they could given the circumstances. In more recent years, they've recognised and admitted to the numerous mistakes they made in the past. Now it's down to me to do what they ultimately failed to do, and teach myself the skills needed to survive in the world on my own, in hopes that one day I can become independent and fly the nest.



I get the idea that your advice should be judged on its own but that doesn't mean we can't assume you won't have much actual advice based on the way you describe yourself, especially since you're in school, and have apparently never been out of school.

Have you ever struggled with severe anxiety? Have you ever been utterly cut off from any significant form of social infrastructure(especially school) for a year or more at a time? Have you had to leave your entire social circle behind and start over(outside of things like graduating)? Whether it's due to the money or not, your success comes from your environment, I doubt you'll have any idea how to help people trying to salvage shit in completely different situations from yours.


>OP is full of shit

>people still talking to him

File: 00196dfb81b955d⋯.png (66.73 KB, 350x338, 175:169, 00196dfb81b955de9c0b5ef34b….png)


I have some concerns with my relationship of ~2.5 with my girlfriend. We have opposing political views (Me being rightwing and she being left leaning) and everytime we talk about politics at all, we both end up getting upset. I have no issue with her having left wing views, but she has said that she would have never dated me if she knew that I had my beliefs. The current action I have implemented is to not talk politics at all, even if she starts it (mentions a news article or something) and we seem to be drifting apart. I need to change tactics and I need help.

Thank you in advance

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Dick her in a SS Officer uniform


Leftists are toxic. Do not let them into your life.


If you can't get her to modify her beliefs to match yours, you are the beta bitch of the relationship. She will eventually leave you for a more dominant male anyway, cut your losses and find a more conservative femdom.



You should become an anarcho-communist anyway



If the politics don't align then the relationship was never meant to be to begin with.

Arrange a date with her and call it off before things get worse is my advice.

File: 87b65053a353865⋯.jpg (48.5 KB, 640x436, 160:109, existential nightmare.jpg)


I could use some friendly advise, if anyone feels inclined to give it. I'll do my best to keep this short and sweet, though I'll likely fail like with everything I do.

Basically I'm a thirty year old NEET living in squalor with my aging mother. Our home is a rotting trailer, I think it was closed to fifty years ago when my grand-parents purchased it. It's bad enough we're fairly certain it would be condemned were it ever inspected, and we have no where else to go. No other family to speak of, and no friends who would lend a helping hand. I dropped out from high school due to extreme social alienation and anxiety, and that has been a problem I've had ever since. Our combined income all comes from Social Security-which I have little confidence in for the future. Most of this goes to property taxes which are very high since the land is still in my grand-fathers name, despite his being deceased. The rest goes to bills and groceries. Between the both of us we get by well enough, but the future is beyond bleak. I have no way to get a car, and no real skills to get a decent job. A minimum wage service job would be unlikely to improve things in any way, shape or form. I have no interest in going to college due to their infestation with SJWs and Marxist professors. I doubt I would do any better there than I did in HS at any rate, even if the environment did prove more hospitable.

So what I'm asking you is this: how can I escape from poverty? How can I ascend to some level of self reliance without making my situation even worse? How can I get a good job, applicable skills and a real LIFE? Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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>Have I said any lies?

Sure, here's a list of things you said that are not objectively true, and are pessimistic predictions at best:

>NO ONE will hire you.

>Good-for-nothings like you simply consume resources and leech off of productive people while contributing jack shit to the world in return

>even if you tried to contribute,what could you contribute? Nothing.

>You don't even have a skill set other than being a nigger and claiming benefits

Skills are learned abilities. He's not a teenager, but that doesn't mean he can't learn new skills now and into the future. You can't write someone off just because they fell off the track and into a shitty situation, you should only do that for those want to remain there. OP clearly wishes to improve things, and I say good for him.

>Do you think OP is in any term a productive human being?

To reiterate, just because somebody was not productive in the past, does not mean they are incapable of being productive in the present or the future. Yes it will be a rough ride for him, and there's no way it's going to be easy, but it can be done.

>Enablers like you are even worse, being apologists for social parasites.

I'd rather write posts that might help someone, even if only as moral support, than actively trying to bring them down. I view yourself as the social parasite in this scenario, feeding your own ego by trampling on others.



Lol dont cut yourself on all that edge, faggot


You can do great things if you learn to apply yourself. Keep your head up, ot5 will get better.



I see another white knight has entered the castle



>being decent is white-knighting

Wanna know how I know you're 13?




Thanks for the black pills, anon. I think I'll kill myself now. Seriously though- did you enjoy Atlas Shrugged or The Fountainhead more?

File: f53b8c55e16b359⋯.jpg (265.64 KB, 875x1228, 875:1228, 30u3287303720723-23.jpg)


I live in the basement of a house. There are 2 bedrooms. I rent on, and the other is currently occupied by a liar.

She moved in 3 months ago. Paid first months rent. Today I found out she hasn't paid Feb or March rent. She claims to have put the money in the mail slot of the landlord(upstairs). The landlord told me he did not receive it.

I have lived here for 5 years, and never had an issue with the landlord. When I was behind on rent, they always understood and worked with me. We have dinner together, and I am now like a son to them. I help them with their computer issues, etc.

They would not lie to me.

So what the fuck do I do? She is sticking to her story about having left the money in the mail slot. I do not want to live with a liar. I e-mailed my landlord explaining what is happening. They do not speak english well so explaining through e-mail is easiest.

Should I talk to the police? Talk to a lawyer? Ask landlord to write up an eviction notice?

I told her that I do not believe her, and that she is a liar. I know my landlord would not lie to me for a few hundred dollars. They are older and don't need the money. They are good people. This bitch is scum.

Any advice would be appreciated. I am thinking about changing the locks and putting all her shit outside. She did not sign a lease. I have never had an issue with my previous housemates paying the rent.

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Gook means Vietnamese right?



I used it for all asians, but she is chinese. So chink, I guess.

Also, please sage since this is resolved.



Korean, typically.



post some pics of your chink friend


File: b08bd6cc201b456⋯.webm (5.64 MB, 640x360, 16:9, file.webm)


Sorry, can't do that. Don't want some prick to reverse image search her and find her.

Instead here is a video of us on a vacation. I didn't know she can't swim, and while she was trying to swim back to the beach, she panicked and started to sink. I saved her life.

File: ae9671e299eb530⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, ae9671e299eb530c2aefd83193….png)


I'm trying to understand why it is so hard for me to start doing things.

Like for instance, I've recently began learning how to draw, and so far I've been reading the books and doing every exercice and such, but whenever I come to the actually doing it part I just block, and it takes me considerable time and efford to actually get started. I just stand there thinking god knows what. Maybe I'm thinking "it'll be hard" or "the exercise will take so long, I wonder if I'll have time to do it", but I already knew it would be hard and take long, and I certainly have more than enough time to do it; even when I know it'll not be fun I still feel absolutely motivated to go with it, but still I block. I don't know what to call it, maybe anxiety or maybe a fear of failing or of not giving it my all. It is tiring to say the least, and while part of me feels like I should just stop being a little bitch and press on, another part of me thinks that maybe life shouldn't be so horrible, and that maybe there's something else not helping that I can solve. This also applies to other things I'm trying to learn (I'm also learning how to write, and the same thing happens, exactly the same thing when exercises are concerned.).

I've noticed this usually happens with things I'm not used to doing, and I've heard something about "getting comfortable with being uncomfortable" before. Could I simply be feeling stuck because I'm not used to getting down and dirty? That'd classify me somewhat, to be fair. For example, if I need to read a 1000 page book I just do it, no biggie, but as soon as I have to draw the simplest fucking still life there it is again, that god damn block. Maybe it's because I get the feeling that once I start I can only stop and relax once I'm done, and I'm not used to that?

I don't know, I feel kind of lost here and I just want to fix this already. I just want to know what the problem is, and I'd really appreciate if you guys could help me find out, even if by suggesting some sort of book I could read about the subject or something. Once I know what the problem is I'm certain I can put it right on my own.

So yeah, what do you guys think? Is this a problem of lack of motivation, or a problem of me beiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Things don't have to be "perfect" in order to be valid or of value to others. All the masterpieces in the world have flaws in them, and things the creator(s) saw as imperfections. There's a skill in setting yourself a time limit, and forcing yourself to say "this is acceptable, I've spent a reasonable amount of time on this, it's time to label it finished and move on to my next project". The good thing about doing this is that your next project will almost always be subtly better than the last, as you've gotten more practise and increased your skill level, even if you don't immediately recognise it.



You're telling this to someone who already knows these things and who can't really stop thinking like that.

The closest I can get with this is describing it as a form of OCD which is also very illusive, which means it's hard for me to treat it. I'm obsessed with literal limitless possibility, which means I compulsively go through hoops of "I want to do this" and "it has limits so why bother". I know it sounds ridiculous, but it's genuinely how I feel right now, and I can't for the life of me understand why.

On one hand I feel it to be a problem of obsession, but the behavior itself is so illusive it's hard to log it and treat it. On the other hand I feel that it is an easy problem to catalog, but I'm just missing the true cause because of the "I'm spechul" syndrome.

I haven't finished a proper project in about 7 years, that's how severe this has become. I'm thinking of going to see my psychiatrist to see if she can help me. I've only recently really been focused on how debilitating this thing is to my life.


Shrinks call this an inability to initiate, and is part of the ADD spectrum of disorders. Adderall might help. It has helped me somewhat.



>can't really stop thinking like that

Just because you haven't yet done something, doesn't mean it's impossible. I'll tell you now, I know exactly what you're going through, I'd even go so far as to say all creators of any medium have gone through this same dilemma to varying degrees, it's far from ridiculous. It certainly takes some practise, and it's by no means easy, but it is absolutely possible to go from how you are now, to someone that can knuckle down and do what needs to be done. Like I said, completing projects is a skill in it's own right, and skills take a lot of discipline and practise to develop. Nobody "just does it" in a day, hell I still struggle with it myself.

I definitely recommend seeing a professional about it, not necessarily a psychiatrist because in my experience they just drug you up instead of working on the root causes, but definitely see someone. Keep us updated if you do, I'm interested to see what they say / give you and how things go for you from there.


I have this for many years now. I'm a NEET and I just sit on the PC all day. Most of the time nothing interests me and when it does it doesn't last long maybe a few days, and even then my interest just amounts to me doing whatever it is for maybe 20 minutes or sometimes 1 minute, then getting bored and coming back to the PC. I'm fucked when my parents die but even that doesn't motivate me and even when I'm on the PC I'm not doing anything interesting. Just clicking through lots of tabs I have open and refreshing constantly waiting for new replies on imageboards or a new video to show in my YouTube subscriptions that I'll half pay attention to.

File: c0f326e7d88e9ad⋯.jpg (47.03 KB, 625x417, 625:417, 8300c52a309bd3aa8129a99031….jpg)


>Past september

>First days on new job

>The company has free transportation

>On the bus I realize some girl keeps watching me and staring me

>My gut tells me that she's interested in me, but my insecurity keeps me from talking to her

>Sometimes I even catch her checking me out, but I still had doubts 'bout it

>End up acting really weird with her, the few attempts to talk to her end badly, or at least that's what I thought

>Some guy on the bus starts to cockblock me sneakily

>By chance they end up working together one day

>He starts sitting with her every day. At first she doesn'r care a lot

>But they seem to start to grow closer. I try to calm down myself thinking that she's just doing it to try to make feel jealous (because I had the paranoid idea that she did that at least 3 times before)

>But they seem to be real closer day by day

>My head tells me that she now has feelings for him, but I have never catched them holding hands or kissing

>But my fucking gut tells me it's just a fucking trap from her, as she still keeps checking me out and giving me glances from time to time

>"She's just pushing you, she's just playing with you, you've seen her talking to him in a suspicious way while pointing at you when she thinks you can't see her", that's what my gut says

>"Anyway, if she's actually now his girlfriend, it means shit, it wouldn't be the first time that some cunt tried to cheat her boyfriend or even her husband with you, right? Hahahahaha"

>Days keep going since, without knowing what is worst: feeling sad because she may now love him instead of him, or the uncertainty of not knowing what the fuck is actually happening, since I'm too scared to know the truth?

Pic related, I truly deserve a beating for doing this kind of stupid drama in my head.



You didn't care enough to approach her when she seemed exclusively interested in you, so why do you care that she's got a suitor?


I get it OP.

Hope you feel some comfort in knowing that at least you didn't spend any time on her.

I went out with a girl for a week and thought things were going really well, then I don't hear from her for a few days and she tells me she got a boyfriend.

It's that cucking feeling we all get when a woman chooses someone better than us.


OP, come on man! If she is checking you out and you caught her, it is because she wanted you to catch her and make a move! Your cock cannot be blocked if you never took the shot.



I sometimes have similar problems to OP and I just dont know how to break the ice. Otherwise I can carry a conversation reasonably well.

File: 2b6c33735eb8f5d⋯.png (59.65 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, wojak peeling off his pepe….png)


Why do you come here? Do you actually give a shit about what anyone else posts? I'm here because I enjoy breaking down situations to their constituent parts, I enjoy analysing behaviour, I enjoy helping people, and I enjoy having somewhere to post that isn't inundated with people obsessed with cultivating an identity.

I've written what is essentially my condensed life story but I don't want to post it, since I get the feeling that no-one cares enough to read several pages of green-text from someone they'll never meet.

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I'm here because I need help.


File: 3ff50dd633742af⋯.jpg (35.86 KB, 528x480, 11:10, sad skeleton.jpg)


>Of course not. Go for whatever won't ruin your children and their future. (hint: low genetic IQ does nothing for them. Knowledge, wisdom and speed of thought are different things although they complement each other and usually overlap as a result. Define "intelligence" accordingly here.) And don't forget that children tend to resemble their parents behaviorally, how does your wife integrate into your society?

These are all things which I think of, believe you me.

I think she's gorgeous, talking to her makes me feel fuzzy inside, and she's the first person to ever love me back in this manner… but at the same time, I can't ignore the fact that we're so different in culture and intelligence (defining intelligence as a combination of knowledge, wisdom, and speed of thought). I absolutely adore her, I really do, but I just can't see myself going the full distance in good conscience while diluting both of our bloodlines and cultures.

Here lies the problem: if I willfully accept that this is not to lead to marriage, should I view it as me stringing her along? As a temporarily mutually-positive throwaway relationship? As puppy love which will come to pass? I understand that love isn't something which can be plotted and predicted, but at the same time I'm unable to stop thinking about it; not constantly thinking and analysing is anathema to my being.



>a dumber wife

He clearly stated the girl he was currently having doubts on was "of average intelligence". Women in general have an intelligence that is close to average, while men often fill out the upper and lower ends of the spectrum. I was never suggesting he go for a complete dumbass that doesn't know a single word longer than "mascara", but simply that he shouldn't strive for a fellow autist or rule out any and all "average girls" when looking for a future wife. When I said "smart" girl, inverted commas included, I was referring to the idea of a women who's intelligence competes with that of a 130+ IQ man, or one that can hold her own in an intellectual discussion. In my view, that type of woman should be thoroughly avoided when it comes to building a strong family, as they will likely prioritise their education/career pursuits over being a wife or a mother.



What do you need help with?



I've only browsed here a few times, but I might start doing it more often. I'm coming here because it seems like it might be a good place to spectate to help me learn to understand social behavior better. I have little interest in giving or getting advice myself but I'll try to help in the rare instances I think I can.

File: 36f47c1f096c247⋯.jpg (110.18 KB, 499x582, 499:582, linehatch_grendel.jpg)


>Alienated growing up due to quirks and speech delays (Had a decent family though)

>Depression for ~15-20+ years (slowly started in my early teens)

>Depression builds up from what I've seen, heard, read, and experienced in life; a lot of this stuff really twisted my views and thoughts.

>I feel like I wake up to new nightmares on a daily basis

>Disgusted by everyone and everything around me, but also try to remember I'm just as disgusting as a psychotic/chaotic fuck up

>Sometimes I just want to cry, but I can't

>Sometimes I want to take it out on someone, but it won't do me any good even if they deserve it.

I see a therapist, but despite his efforts, I don't think things will get better in the long run (I'll be happy just to live peacefully with my depression if I can't get rid of it). I've also been reading Sartre's philosophical stuff to help me cope and understand what I'm going through. I want to let it out, hoping it would affect the world for better or worse (don't care how at this point), but honestly it seems pointless (sure, I could try to help people, but I lack the emotional and mental strength to help people/animals while I'm just not a supportive person these days).


Has Satre helped at all?


Be careful how you let it out. Don't take it out on someone else, you will just regret it in the long run and possibly have your outburst add to your depression.



Depends. Sartre went through a lot of alienation periods especially as a prisoner, so when he talks about Existentialism in "On the Philosophy of Existentialism," it clicks (He makes some good points). I'm reading this book first, so I can tackle "Being and Nothingness." Sartre got my attention when I found out he rejected the Nobel Peace Prize, and even called out the Marxism he supported (despite he pissed a lot of people off with his take on the Algerian War and other hypocrisies).

"Grendel" by John Gardner led me to Sartre's stuff when I did some research because it's his take on Sartre's Existentialism. "Grendel" is one of the few books I loved from high school because I could understand how Grendel felt about the society he saw and tormented (He wasn't even holy than thou about it; he knew he was an ass-hole).


I try to remember this when I really struggle with my depression, anxieties, and anger. If there were nonviolent ways (beyond therapy), I'd try them.

File: 5218e4cfdb50a7b⋯.jpg (53.49 KB, 435x580, 3:4, 9500e95ccaf9fcadfa1ed4a467….jpg)


I have been dating a girl for over a year now and she has been steadily gaining weight for the duration of our relationship.

I think I love her and I enjoy her company but I am increasingly seeking other women in the form of porn.

At this point she must weigh at least 260 lbs and she is 5'7".

I am not exactly the greatest looking or most fit person myself so I am not exactly relishing the prospect of breaking up with her over this.

In my experience it isn't really possible to change people.

Am I a shitty human being? Should I just accept that this is my life now?

TL/DR: Fat girlfriend. Wat do?

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lel ok. You do you man.


Porn is warping your sense of attraction. If you love her, try losing weight together.



Warning: porn DOES creates a lot of problems but among the positives it is a preferable alternative to proper cheating.



Try yourself to lose weight and see if she can follow your example.



You can't help what you are and aren't attracted to. You're not attracted to landhwales, which she has become. Reassure her that you love her, but you're concerned about her health, and her weight gain is making her less attractive to you. If she really loves you, she'll understand and make an effort. If not, well, sorry.


There's a big difference between being fat for ages and consistently gaining a lot of weight in a short amount of time.

I think if it bothers you, and if she was much less fat when you started going out together, you should at least express to her your concern over it, or maybe start going to the gym and after a few times try to drag her along.

This would seem, to me, like the more logical solution to contribute to a healthy relationship.

File: 77e5a79e85e6dfa⋯.png (175.95 KB, 500x286, 250:143, i-definitely-want-to-have-….png)


Hi /qq/, I'm a huge faggot and I do not understand how women work.

I've been working in a group with this chick for a few weeks now, and the group work is going to be over next week. We went out once officially, for the rest it was mostly just working and talking.

I don't understand if she likes me. When we were working she was playful in that annoying way women are when the want attention, she keeps liking my pictures on facebook and she seemed really glad to spend time together.

But, when I found her while I was at a club with a few friends and tried to make out with her she didn't want to.

Now honestly, I know how that sounds, but it's not the first time I've met someone that doesn't want to make out while we're both drunk, but then the cynical part of me just tells me that I should stop trying and give up.

What should I do?

I know the best way to go about it should be just telling her that I like her and I want to be more than friends, but I'm a pussy and I have a really hard time doing that if I'm not drinking.

What does anon think? What should I do?

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Sorry to hear that. People can be cruel sometimes.



Just wish I knew what I did, being ignored for no reason at all feels even worse than usual



Yeah, I know it man.



could be anything nowadays. It probably wasn't even anything to do with you. smartphones make it easy to get distracted, and women are especially vulnerable to getting distracted by them.



Something similar happened to me

>get friendly with qt at work

>finally approach her and ask if she wants to meet up sometime

>says yes

>give her my number

>getting along well

>radio silence for a few weeks

i wouldn't have minded if she sent a text giving some bullshit excuse about being busy but its fucking rude

File: 7460f0017b8b994⋯.png (178.69 KB, 461x484, 461:484, tmp_7713-1482094161197-824….png)


So /qq/, there's this guy. We met online through Steam and it turned out we're in different departments of the same college. He confessed to me after a month of meeting me and I like him because he's nice to me and we share similar hobbies. He makes beautiful art and is a honors student but he vaguely reminds me of a savant.

The thing is, he's really shy. Like really damn shy. He told me he literally has no other friends and he never had any relationships. I always have to initiate conversations, or send him texts, because he wouldn't. I tried not talking to him for 3 days and he didn't look for me or text me back because he was too shy to approach me.

HOW do I approach him? He's a genuinely interesting and passionate person when it comes to his hobbies but I don't know how to handle him or make him open him up to me. It's a bit painful because I know he wants to talk but anxiety seems to get the better of him.

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What a terrible board.



Show me a self proclaimed "gamer" that isn't trash. Go ahead.



Of course Internet personalities who consider themselves "gamers" are attention whoring trash. I'm just talking about people who play video games. Not all of them are trash. Some just see video games as a hobby but otherwise have balanced lives.


if you're a woman, suck his dick, there's no way he can decline

if you're a man, commit sudoku



Ask if he'd be cool with a relationship. Seriously, beating around the bush doesn't usually get anywhere. In my experience, though, even platonic relationships with people like that can be difficult since there isn't the proper balance of give-and-take and it will wear on at least one of the parties to some breaking point unless some compromises can be established to make it work. If you're initiating everything all the time, and being the one to always put in all the energy and effort, you will probably eventually tire out and get sad or frustrated. Just be aware of that.


>My god this place really is crawling with newfags isn't it?

Everything about your post reeks of some histrionic dumbass trying to pretend they're an oldfag. That said, show us your tits or get out.

File: c3addee47f10859⋯.jpg (131.86 KB, 580x344, 145:86, spfrogc.jpg)


>be me

>oldfag, le midlife frog

>might as well be a 40 y.o. teenager

>went to college, couldn't help but notice it was more about conditionning and filtering than learning, left, fuck your piece of paper assholes

>get warehouse job

>get used to ask bossman permission to go piss

>spend my 20's smoking weed, watching TV and hollywood shit in the evening

>talk to my friends in simpsons quotes

>eventually notice patterns in hollywood shit, realize it's a waste of time and boring as shit

>talk about real stuff, find out i have no friends

>too much of a numale cuckfag to get a meaningful relationship with a gf, fap away to hitomi

>make some music, have some pride for a while, find out ceiling on my talent

>find out without weed i don't care or like music that much

>parents die

>some money in the bank

>fuck you bossman

>now get a delivery job any 16 years old could do

>no boss, enjoy it, don't need a big wage anyways

>dunno what to do with money, high savings account i guess, not investing before the next big crash you fucking kikes

>could buy a modest house/apt, feels like buying a prison cell to live in, would probably drain all my money, fuckthat.jpg

>now what

>grateful to be alive, sunset or beautiful cloud formation can fill my heart with gratitude sometimes

>is that really enough to keep going

>my gene pool had a good run i guess

>maybe it's time to wrap it up and just gas myself

>pope says to stop making children

>should i start a family just to spite him

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You really have no brain do you, in what part did I state or even imply alcohol was also OK?



I never said YOU think it's okay, I'm stating that society says it's okay. It will be an uphill battle to remove all of this but the double standards we see everyday when talking about this is staggering. I'm agreeing with you that it should all be removed but good fucking luck. You will have a better chance of convincing the general public of a race war than "prohibition 2.0".



Ah I apologize.The way you wrote that post made it seem as if your statement was directed at me.

I'm under no illusions of how stupid society is and of the double standards and mental gymnastics being pulled off to make weed look good. All I can say is that at least smoking is more lethal to people who are stupid enough to smoke it, while weed will progressively decrease the IQ of the general populace and lower productivity.



>implying alcohol isn't doing that right now



After working with normalfags, I'm 99% sure the main reason they smoke and drink is so they have something easy in common to talk about, and also because it's a socially acceptable way to escape facing their problems.

File: f7070cc36748c68⋯.jpg (8.69 KB, 302x225, 302:225, I hate this.jpg)


I really need to get my eyes measured, but I absolutely hate the idea of having to wear glasses.

I've been walking around with this for a good six years now, but my eyesight has been catching up to me the last two year to the point where I really need to get it done. As a result it's been kind of reinforcing my antisocial NEET lifestyle and already rock bottom self esteem, keeping me inside and I feel like it's something that's stopping me from improving myself.

Like a roadblock before I even get to begin.

The obvious solution would be to take lenses, but I honestly don't know if they're worth the hassle.

I'm sure to others this seems like a ridiculous thing to get hung up over, but it's honestly starting to piss me off that something like this is getting to me.


If you don't like the idea of wearing glasses and want to be more social, you could always get some thick rimmed glasses. :^)


i've been wearing glasses for about 5 years now, not an issue for me

my sister initially had glasses, then got lenses, and eventually just went and had surgery, and she's fine now. i don't feel like going to such extremes though, i'm content with glasses

i don't like lenses though, the idea of putting shit literally onto my eye makes me cringe


get lasik surged, i did it a couple years ago. 20/20 ever since


Mine are pretty much wireframe, and you can get ones without frames, too. I always hated the idea of wearing them but I've become kind of fond of them, just find ones that are light and work well with your face. Just avoid thick-rimmed Tumblr hipster faggotry that treats a handicap like a convenient fashion statement for attention.

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